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2023.06.04 06:56 That-Hedgehog472 LOOKING FOR CREDIT SCORE FIX

A bad credit score can make life very frustrating and a bit more difficult than it should be. Fortunately for me, I figured out how to fix mine months after looking for different means to fix it. Bad credit score causes a lot of roadblocks such as rejection of loans and lines of credit (including car loans, mortgages, student loans, personnel loans, etc.), difficulty in getting retail application approved, difficulty in getting a new cell phone contract, difficulty in making required security deposits, employee background check issues, higher insurance premiums in some states. Trust me, I used to face most of these roadblocks but thanks to a highly prolific hacker I hired, I was able to quickly increase my credit score and I’m still enjoying the benefit to date.
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2023.06.04 06:56 Plenty_Table_1751 What is the best time to move to Jersey City?

Hello people; I plan to move to JC after my lease expires. I have been told that the rents for apartments in JC (Newport, The Waterfront, Paulus Hook, Exchange place, etc.) are highest for the May-August range and reduced significantly (20% - 25%) for later move-in dates (September onwards to winter move-in dates). Is this true? Is the drop as significant as 20%?
Additionally, my budget is ~$2500 for 2B/2B, and looking for opinions on the following list of apartments. I do not own a car, so I would prefer living closer to NYC and the waterfront area, especially after reading about the inefficiency of PATH rails. The tradeoff is saving a couple of hundred dollars in rent but living in a relatively different place, leading to extra spending on transportation.
Newport Rentals
The Liberty Towers
Warren at York
Portside Towers (Heard about the legal action taken by residents, is it a strict no-no?)
70 Greene (Have heard negative reviews, is it to be avoided?)
Windsor at Liberty House
VYV Apartments
BLVD Collection
485 Marin Blvd
Modera Lofts
Columbus Collection
The Morgan
I know the list is too extensive, but I would appreciate your opinions.
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2023.06.04 06:46 offtopsocks College student with credit card debt and thinking about enlisting

College student here, have around $1.6k in credit card debt that I racked up this month like the irresponsible idiot I am. My credit score is 724 and I don't wanna mess it up but I have no income at all currently. Was thinking about enlisting because I also want to buy a car for (everything in mind) about $3k. I also really do want to enlist because I feel like it'll help fix my lifestyle, give me income (even if little), and have benefits for my future like tuition assistance. I took a practice ASVAB at a recruiting facility once and got a full score. I'm not even 20 though and completely on my own and I don't know what to do or how to set my life up without having anything. Any advice would be appreciated thanks and sorry if this is a common question.
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2023.06.04 06:44 Forward-Form9321 I’m afraid I’ll never find love after leaving because of all my trauma from Religion, domestic violence, and having depression to the point of attempted suicide.

This is probably going to be an mini essay because there’s so much to unpack that I could honestly make an part 2. This isn’t to just to share my story to make myself feel better, but also, I want this post even after I leave to give strength to other PK’s to push past the stigma of not being able to leave because of generational ties. I’ll try not to rant, but I’m sure you guys are okay with that, so without further a due here it goes:
I was born and was diagnosed with heart disease at 2 days old. Eventually they inserted an pacemaker to help my left ventricle pump properly. I’ve had about 12 surgeries since then and I’m probably coming up on 13 surgeries in an few years. I also started college at 15 and now I’m graduating with my Bachelor’s degree at 19 years old in an month. So it’s amazing how much I’ve managed to accomplish in an short time. I’ll probably go into 911 Dispatching since it has good benefits plus I always wanted to do police work but my health issues stopped me from that.
Being Pentecostal, I got labeled an “miracle child” by my home church and I hated that spotlight so much. This faith goes back to my great grandmother back in the early 70’s so my roots are deep in this. I did everything you could think of: I sang in the choir, I sang an solo at 6 years old in front of 300 people, I helped stack chairs and clean the church, I ushered, and I even did bible quizzing for 6 years (I could make an post about that wormhole). My dad is also an preacher and now my pastor for 7 years since we moved to start our own church after he felt called to do so. Which spoiler alert, the church hasn’t grown at all plus we got kicked out of our building so we don’t even have an church.
Now that I’ve given my life story, this is where it gets fun and I delve into all the trauma I’ve had in order. Religion gave me trauma because there were days I would wake up, my parents wouldn’t be home and I thought the rapture happened. Then the double standard would show when I messed up, one time I got grounded of everything at 15 for looking at instagram profiles of girls from my school on my ipod, but yet other pk’s could sleep around being promiscuous and nothing happened to them.
I got depressed after we left my old church. Literally no one would come (no still does) and every Sunday that went by, I got more and more depressed looking at all the empty chairs. But if I complained, my dad was say stuff like “sometimes God’s will is hard” or talk about how many opportunities I had. Around the same time, I was starting high school and my first semester wasn’t bad at all, I had tons of confidence after buying some new clothes, my first crush at the time even showed some signs that she liked me. So despite my crappy situation, I felt like I was on cloud 9.
Then in the start of 2018, everything just spiraled downward and I experienced what I look back on as the darkest time in my life, I honestly don’t even know how I made it out. My grades started to drop to where I had D’s and F’s in essentially all my classes, no one was coming to church, and life just sucked. My parents though I was acting out and that wasn’t the case. After getting home one day, I was ready to end it and somedays I would ask God to take me off the face of the Earth. I grabbed an sharp pocket knife, prepared myself for the immense pain, but my parents opened my door and stopped me in time.
They then gave me an long lecture about how I would go to hell and whatnot so that was the end of that. But even after attempting suicide, I would have suicidal and depressed thoughts for the end of the year and even into spring 2019 where I was so mentally exhausted that I could do nothing but sob in the car ride home when my mom picked me up. That summer, I found an charter school that helped me fast track graduation and started college classes early which was great because my mom didn’t need to pay for it because I was an high school student. The downside is I’ve never been the same since, I’m also very quiet now to where I don’t like being around people. Meatheads online like Andrew Tate who say depression isn’t real are just one bad day away from being me.
My dad’s had mental illness for most my life and it runs on both sides of the family (one side is genetic and the other side got it after going to Vietnam). There’s been times he’s gotten physically violent with people during manic episodes such as assaulting an old lady in the hospital, punching my grandpa in the back of the head, threatening my older brother with an walking stick, and probably would’ve ripped my mom’s scalp out if my brother didn’t stop him. Then an couple years ago he tried to come after me and my mom when we were trying to hide from him during his manic episode. I’ve had PTSD nightmares of him screaming his head off ever since along with vivid
This gets to the title of my post. Because of all this trauma that I have, I stopped pursing Pentecostal girls since I feel like none of them would accept me because they don’t understand my trauma along the burden of carrying so many physical and emotional scars, not to mention being 5’6 because of my heart issues made me feel insecure going to conferences because every girl towered over me with heels. Especially with how much purity culture there is where some couples can’t even hug each while dating, I’m not going to be stuck in an marriage like that for 60 years.
Now that I’m closer to leaving, I feel a similar way about not pursuing non Pentecostal girls because I don’t feel like I can let anyone in, I got rejected so many times by Pentecostal girls who were also stuck up and that’s messed up my confidence. I’ve never even had my first kiss or first time because of the purity culture. But even without that and being so young at 19, I’m so screwed up and have so much trauma that I feel like no girl would ever want to love me or date me in the long run.
How do I get past all this trauma and navigate the world of dating once I leave Pentecost? Every time I’ve tried to pursue even an semi romantic relationship, they crumble because I suck at building relationships thanks to my religious upbringing and life long trauma.
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2023.06.04 06:38 Silent-Spot3305 Rental car insurance in Alberta

Hi guys,
We are looking to rent a car for 7 days in Alberta from Avis. We are 3 people who would be driving the rental car. Rest can’t drive.
Friend A and B - no personal cars, so no personal car insurance, both have credit cards that provide Auto Rental Collision/ Loss Damage Insurance.
Friend C - owns a car and has a personal car insurance with an OPCF27 endorsement (covers rental cars). Also has credit card that provides Auto Rental Collision/ Loss Damage Insurance.
We will add each other as Additional Drivers with the rental company regardless of who rents the car.
Questions: 1. Who would be better off renting the car in their name? 2. Should we opt for LDW/CDW from Avis even though our credit cards cover it? 3. How will it impact Friend C’s personal insurance, if s/he rents a car and something happens? 4. How does the Third Party Liability insurance works with rental cars?
Appreciate the guidance. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 06:37 imawestie Drucker - a walkthrough of Update 33 - Yeah, spoilers.

I don't regard myself as an expert at this game but I play almost exclusively on Lethal now.
I rarely pull any crew from my Legacy Pool, but I do "lean" on the Legacy Pool to overcome problems (call it spamming or savescumming or cheesing I don't mind) with getting from "launch" to having the Infirmary built - as you will see it is not in my gameplan to do that "super early" and I have typically eliminated 5+ hearts before establishing the Infirmary.
I don't use things like the firework gun thing and generally I avoid calling in the Impaler.
Below is Drucker County. This is at "pre boon mission" - and I will probably restart the map rather than do the Boon mission, as I have already done them all and they are boring.
For reference at the end of the game, I have survived 12 days: less than 2 weeks. That means killing 2 or 3 hearts a day. I'm pretty sure this time around I had no community deaths, although I did exile a couple of people and I think one might have been plague effected after getting a heart to a phase.
Here is my community having just killed the last heart. Nobody has maxxed all 5 stats yet, and only 2 have maxxed anything at all - Vasquez was recruited with Automechanic already maxxed... I have finished the game occupying Wallys Bar and Grill (the cafe type place in Santa Maya, the centre of the map). None of my characters are Sheriffs - so I have not been able to "finish" the Lounge.
For this walkthrough I used Builder and Sheriff boons. I find Trader and Warlord dump a bunch of stuff on you at the start which simply amps the starting difficulty without particularly providing a long-term benefit.
The image below shows what I do before I claim the Vogel House. Note I do make a fair bit of use of...
  1. A known location for a jerry can
  2. Using my whole team as pack mules
  3. Finding cars to load Rucksacks into, BEFORE claiming the base.
The new update has decreased item 3 quite a bit: I have learned through trial and error that waking a heart before claiming the starter house is a Bad Idea (tm).
Pre claiming Vogel
The diagram below shows the circuit I do before I claim Vogel House. But first, Ferals: I have found that with Update 33 I am running into more ferals than previously. My answer to this is in three parts:
  1. Honestly if it happens as soon as you start, go straight in. They seem easier to kill with 3 newbies who are not tired even if all they have is pipes.
  2. At the gun shop give your two partners whatever gun you can find, ideally a shotgun stuns a feral and that can solve a lot of problems when there are 3 of you.
  3. At least one of the characters having a Blunt heavy weapon.
When there are 3 of you these 3 tactics seem to get the job done.
Also, prior to update 33 - the hearts were the hearts. I am now finding I need to be a lot more timid to avoid things like screamers or killing plague zombies waking hearts up during this part of the game.
A: the starting makeshift camp where you can access your Command Centre, and drop off items which fit in a backpack.
1: where the car is at the start of the game. 2: by this point you should have found a petrol can. 3: a campsite where you can usually find something useful. 4: generally you will find one or two ranged weapons and maybe a workshop mod in the gun store in town. After clearing these out you will go to the makeshift camp. From the makeshift camp you return to your car. Note: the earlier you find a car then your journey might not change much but your approach to rucksacks WILL change. You want to have "all cars full" plus two of your 3 beginner characters carrying a ruck. In your car travel to 5. Here you can pick up fuel - both a jerry and a ruck - and materials. You should also be able to find one or two plague locations.
Don't hang around!
Travel to 6. Between 5 and 6 you should be looking for hearts while avoiding doing anything that will wake them up.
If you find a car, drop off the rucks you're carrying.
Go via 7 - if there is a chance, loot one or both the food locations here.
Back to the makeshift camp. Empty all backpacks. Reallocate rucks.
Head off to 8. I like to secure but not loot on the way north to 9.
9 is a checkpoint. More weapons and an ammo ruck. You might prefer to leave the ammo ruck behind because you will return to 8 where you will probably find more rucks than you can carry.
This is when I finally claim Vogul House.
Then the Materials World mission starts. Ideally by now I have found 1x heavy weapon - even a driveshaft club is good enough.
Generalyl there will be about 5 hearts in this south-west portion of the map. You need to be a bit cautious to work out which one/s you can do without waking any of the others. With each of your 3 characters - the goal is, pick up anything that isn't a material ruck from the previous step, while killing 2 hearts per character. Chances are if you are as bad as me you will get at least 50% plagued "by accident" - if this happens, head home. As soon as you can - call in an enclave. You need them for fuel, toolboxes, maybe stim items, maybe a weapon.
Don't hang around and loot if it seems dangerous: go back with the healthy character, and do it without taking risks, to manage fatigue.
By now you can think about...
the rest of the plague hearts on the west,
you probably have 2x heros,
and you should be thinking about claiming the cell-phone tower near Vogul House to manage crowds / prevent accidental waking of plague hearts.
Those hearts on the South of the map are usually close enough to trigger a chain reaction of wakening. What you really don't want is to accidentally trigger the ones clustered in the centre of the map near the hospital up there.
From there I went and did the isolated heart in the medical centre in the middle of nowhere.
I actively used the (new to release 33) Disruptor feature of the cell-tower, as well as, relocating which cell tower I claimed all over the map, to use the (new to release 33) "land mine" feature.
I moved my other outposts periodically as well, for the same reason, and to simplify character change-over while taking out hearts.
All this was done without accessing anyone from the legacy pool, or any military recruits.
I did recruit from enclaves to disband the ones with the sucky benefits.
I did recruit from the mechanics enclave, and wound up with a champion auto-mechanic (plus someone to exile).
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2023.06.04 06:27 exposedboner Do I have any way to protect my mother's assets from my father, who she refuses to divorce?

Long story short, my mom isn't in a good marriage but she refuses to get divorced. In addition, he has threatened to make the divorce difficult and "destroy her" if she tries. He does not contribute anything to the household expenses, nor the mortgage, and hasn't done so in since 2014.
My father lived internationally for the past 25 years, only recently returning to live in our family home this past year. He previously lived in Hong Kong for 16 years, then China, and is now retired in the US. My mother has no idea how much money he has, but he was a professor for 25 years, is extremely frugal, and sold his large apartment in Hong Kong a few years ago. I am pretty sure he has money. He refuses to disclose how much. Neither my brother or I speak to him due to past issues.
Both of their names are on the family home mortgage. My mother owns a rental property he is not on, and he has been trying to force her to add his name onto them. Same for the titles to the cars. I also suspect he has been trying to break into her bank accounts.
How do I protect my mom? She is extremely stubborn, so divorce is off the table. I also have no desire to get between the two. Is there anything I can do to protect her? I am worried my father will eventually wear her down and take everything she's been building for the past 40 years, especially since they are still legally married. I don't even know what kind of law this falls under.
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2023.06.04 06:02 SwanhildurStarship My husband’s brother and his wife and children are making my and my son’s life hell because they wish to live their lives using my husbands time and money as they were living be for his marriage to me. Aita for taking my husband’s resources from them?

Back ground: my husband is the youngest of three. The in-laws always treated their 3 son’s like investments to work for them physically or financially. They appear to be y close knit but are actually very dysfunctional. The show created for others benefit is big. The family is a orthodox one and wields the tradition’s like weapons. To control and suppress the daughter in law’s and to some extent the sons. The rules change to their convenience.
The FIL was a disgraced and dismissed bank employee. He swindled money in the name of his middle son(allegedly he didn’t know) and was caught and dismissed from work without pension or benefits. I’ve seen the secret court papers. The public story given is that he co signed a loan and was swindled by his friend. This friend eventually unalived himself. FIL is a misogynist, his favorite is the older brother.
The oldest son has been living with the parents always. Minimum effort towards education, jobs, family even children. He claims to be religious so always in the Pooja room or on his phone. His elder f17 considered her uncle- my husband to be more of a father. Husband m42 considered her as as daughter, (so much so that I wanted to get a dna test done) and his friends and himself would refer to her as his daughter. Leaving people who didn’t know the full details confused- like this guy in married for a few months but has a tween daughter. OB’ wife (S1)was the first dil and has gone through her own hell and still living with the in-laws. Has a reputation of being hard working good rule abiding lady. Very trusted and kind. But is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She too is minimally interested in her children but does her duties. The duties are divided up according to the typical gender norms. So men are not expected to do any house work. Or care for children. When it come to God related stuff women are not allowed to do anything cook clean etc. only the men can. And this family practices segregation during menstruation. Not allowed to bath, touch the tap or water supply, have to have one bucket of water for all needs. This bucket is hardly ever filled, mostly by my husband as ob is too lazy. Food is dropped onto your plate. You have to eat separately. Sleep on floor. Sit on floor or plastic chair. Not allowed to pass the kitchen door unless it’s closed as the Pooja room is in there. What ever you touch becomes dirty and you need to wash it separately then sometime else has to wash it again. At the end of 3 days all the clothes, utensils and your self will be washed. And then allowed to be back to normal only on the fifth day.
Second bil (sb)has middle child syndrome. He still laments that he is neither parents favorite. He has always Fought a lot. The middle brother (mb) got married and his wife was also out through hell. He claims to have been used the most by his parents. For money as a chauffeur, for expanding the house (with my husband’s money)etc and then thrown out of the house 6 months after the wedding for supporting his wife and not allowing them to torture her. He was named in my fil s scheme but was found to be not involved. I don’t know how they proved this. There is a toxic culture of never speaking to each other unless absolutely necessary. Nobody confronts or has a talk about boundaries. They just do things slyly behind each others backs.
The house is run by my husband’s money. He leaves his cards with the family so the older brother (ob) can withdraw money anytime. And they use it fully. The sb also claims to be contributing monthly. The parents in law have confronted fb but he just doesn’t engage and passively only contributes enough for his family’s needs barely. Appearing to be poor barely working, has a complex, saving money. He buys a car as soon as my husband is getting married. Drives sb bike till it needs to be repaired. Then used the scooter bought by my the three brothers for their father, till last month when I take the keys and start using it forcibly. But the truth is the scooter was only paid for by my husbands money. Sb reveals. So basically they have mooched off my husbands the whole life and can’t tolerate that he is doing those things for only me and my son. Sb foment have kids. Husband was single till 5 years ago. The only grand children was they daughter and son 7m. So they aimed all of my husbands money and the properties would go to them. The entitlement is deep.
So by the time we get married I realize I’ve been shown a Ferrari and sold an ambassador. I still marry k due to societal pressures So I get married I come in. Our wedding presents are opened by praveen and niece at the time around 12yrs. Rest of it has disappeared. We have never set our eyes on it. I get into fights as I’m nothing wearing Sarees daily and I’m not allowed into the kitchen even to drink water or coffee. But my sister in-laws are jealous that I’m not cooking. I’m expected to clean all the dirty vessels. People just dump their glasses and plated in the sink too. This is disgusting to me. Especially d the floor after food has been eaten. The”goma”. I’m expected to get on my hands and knees and clean the food fallen on the floor with y hand. It’s revolting especially is I find a hair. I’m not allowed to use squeegee. My husband doesn’t even buy me one. I refuse to do all this. And I fight back verbally. All the sisters in-laws have done this but act like they are angels who have never said a word to the in-laws. My husband is usually overseas on work so he claims he doesn’t know what goes on.
So I posted before I could finish. I’m just glad this did not get deleted. I couldn’t find what I was typing and if it was lost no way I’m typing again.
My husband and I are constantly fighting. So by husband moves overseas and won’t talk to me. I quit my job and follow him
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2023.06.04 05:39 bigmandave2x2 Things to do

Landing at LAX at 6am, but don’t pick up the rental car until 1:30pm.
Any ideas on what to do or where to go? Would love a shower but see there’s nothing available at LAX itself.
We will have big bags so ideally aren’t travelling far from the airport before 1:30pm.
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2023.06.04 05:37 Desperate_Ad8637 Which gondola to pick?

Spouse and I are going to Jasper &Banff this August and have everything reserved pretty much- flights- hotels, rental car- shuttle to Lake Moraine &Louise and Maligne Lake cruise. What gondola should we pick? The Jasper Skytram, Banff Gondola or Lake Louise chairlift? Leaning towards Banff gondola but would love recommendations.
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2023.06.04 05:27 Initial_Solution1837 Costa rica itinerary

Hi everyone, i will be going to costa rica in 2 weeks for 8-10 days and really not sure where to go? My main purpose is to visit all the natural side (jungle, falls etc). I know not to stay in san jose. Anyone has an itinerary ? We will not take a car rental. We will use airbnbs, we are 2 male friends early 20’s. We will be travelling from Colombia. Thanks all in advance
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2023.06.04 05:22 B_Aran_393 SUVs should be Ban!

Large SUV, pickuptrucks or any off-road vehicle are impractical, bad for the city and to the surrounding. There quite a handful of blogs and YouTube videos about them explaining why they are so dangerous for pedestrians and other cars. Not to mention high centre of gravity and heavy fuel consumption and more CO2 emissions and taking more space than regular cars. Banning these deadly vehicles can be good benefit for the civil society as an whole. What your opinions about it.
Cross-overs are just downright ugly they shouldn't be made in the first place.
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2023.06.04 05:19 Localtouristmuine Private car Transfer from Tien Giang to Vung Tau and to Ho Tram

Private car Transfer from Tien Giang to Vung Tau and to Ho Tram
Renting a 4-seater car is a suitable option for those who have a small number of travel needs. NHIEUXE.VN Company is currently providing 4,7,16,29,45,limo-seater car rental service in Tien Giang with the following models: Mazda 6: The advantage of this car is that the car is quite large and has a rather luxurious appearance
. Toyota Vios 2020: This is a popular car that is chosen by many customers because of the price and comfort it brings. Honda Civic: This car has good performance and a sporty, personality and strong appearance. Kia Optima 2020: A luxurious and classy car that is very suitable for meeting partners or doing important work.
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2023.06.04 05:14 Octobersilly Is this a good deal? Laguna Beach, CA

I found a package through American Airlines for 3 nights at a hotel and round trip flights for two travelers for about $1,500. We are flying in from Dallas, TX. This is the first trip I’ve booked myself and I’m not sure whether or not this is a good deal. Thank you!!! Also any car rental recommendations that rent to 22 year olds would be appreciated
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2023.06.04 05:14 mr_novack64 Coworkers think I’m entitled and I need to work hard to get anywhere.

It ticks me off that I get told I’m entitled and that I have a chip on my shoulder because I’m a millennial. I mostly get told this by coworkers (older ones). Well, you would be too if you were me.
Went to college to get into debt because I wanted to work in IT and have a better paying job. Too many people are doing IT (IT is not the same as Programmers). Not a lot of businesses hire a lot of people for their IT department that’s if they even have an IT Department.
I just wanted a good life. Own a car that I don’t have to throw money at to get fixed every so often, own a house (not anymore), have kids (nope), take care of my fiancée, have a normal sleep habit, all that stuff.
Nope, I’m entitled. As some of my coworkers say. Also get told that I am still young. I’m 35, not getting any younger. Graduated from college over 12 years ago, still no job in IT, just in debt. Also moved around quite a bit to different cities and states just to end up with nothing.
Had a coworker (one of many that said I was entitled, but she bitched about engineers and want to become one without going to college, but she is not that far from retirement) asked me if working in IT was worth it compared to what I was making when I was working 7 days a week and getting double pay on Sundays. She knew that I worked 7 days a week, but thought it was about money. At the time I was making over $800 a week after taxes and benefits. Told her yes because I won’t be forced into working 7 days a week and I would get to do what I wanted to do. (Yea I know, I could quit, and I did after 3 years.)
(Fun Fact. Nebraska doesn’t have labor laws about working 7 days a week. Any place of work here can work you 7 days nonstop.)
Had a supervisor told me that if I wanted to be in IT that I had to work hard, put hours in and someday I would get a job in IT. Wow, this fucker here. Why did I even go to college now. He said that’s how the IT guys they have got their jobs. One was a maintenance guy other was a folk lift driver. Both didn’t know shit about IT. They got the jobs because they were not machine operators. 99% of the time you will not move up if you are a machine operator at this place.
Finally, an IT position opened. I applied for it. Waited. 3 months went by. I checked up on it a few times. Got told some bullshit on why it was taking long. Not enough people applying, head of HR gone on vacation, etc. Was talking to the plant manager one day. He went and told me that I was more useful to him running the machines than working in IT. Fuck it, done, I’m out. Found out a few days after I quit that they had someone outside of the company lined up for IT already.
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2023.06.04 05:12 casagrandecheese Owning pet in a no-pet rental lease

I moved into a townhome earlier this year as a rental tenant, with 2 other housemates who are rental tenants as well. Upon filling out the rental application, I was aware of the no-pet policy, but went ahead to sign the lease and had plans to move my indoor cat into the house, confining the cat solely to my room. Installed a cat-balcony ledge on the bedroom window upon moving in.
At the start of March, I received a text message from the landlord saying that she noticed there is a cat in the house and told me that I had 3-days to remove the cat from the premise due to violation of no pet policy in the signed lease. I figured it was due to the sighting of the cat on the cat balcony and took that installation down, while placing furniture along my window to prevent the cat from getting up against the window. Informed landlady that the cat was removed. Exactly 2 weeks later, she sent a text saying that she’s confirming that the cat was removed from the home by the stipulated 3-days given. I thumbed-up her message and said nothing else.
Months past, and just today - I received an email from the landlady with the subject “Unauthorized Pet- Final Notice” - that reads:
“Good afternoon xxxxxx,
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to address a matter of concern that has come to our attention again regarding the presence of your unauthorized cat at xxxxx, GA xxxxx.
As per the terms of your lease agreement (page 4 number 26) dated January 28th 2023, it clearly states that pets are not allowed on the premises without prior written consent from the landlord. Upon investigation, it has been confirmed that you still have your cat residing in the home.
While we understand the companionship and joy that pets can bring, it is imperative to follow the agreed terms outlined in the lease agreement for the benefit of all residents.
In light of this violation, we kindly request that you find a new home for your cat within the next two (2) weeks from the date of this e-mail (by June 17th 2023, the latest). It is crucial to ensure compliance with the terms of the lease agreement to maintain a harmonious living environment for all tenants.
This serves as a second and final notice with our text exchange regarding this matter in March of 2023 as the first. Failure to comply with this request will result in further action as outlined in the lease agreement which is termination of your lease.
In the event that you do not find a new home for your cat by June 17th 2023 or the cat returns after removal and/or you refuse a lease termination, we will be forced to seek legal actions and sue for damages.
We encourage open communication, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. And If needed, the signed lease is attached.
Please expect a letter in the mail with the same information within the next few days.
Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. We appreciate your cooperation in resolving this issue promptly.”
Should I initiate a conversation with her to request for amendment of lease to allow a cat? Or should I clarify and ask about what sort of evidence does she even have that “confirms the presence of a cat”? Or simply move out and request to sublease my room (to avoid losing my deposit)?
My cat only stays within my room, with the rare occasion of myself taking my cat out on the back deck (facing a forest) every other week.
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2023.06.04 04:59 winterspan Trip Report: May 9-25, Tokyo and Kyushu

Just returned from a 2.5 week trip in Japan.
I started in Tokyo, before flying to Kagoshima and making my way back through Kyushu. I was by myself, making friends along the way.

TOKYO (Kuramae)

Tokyo was exciting and overwhelming. I really enjoyed staying in Kuramae on the east side. It was really peaceful at night along the Sumida river.
The first night I got in, being totally delirious from sleep deprivation, I ran around Asakusa in the dark. With the day trippers gone, I had Senso-Ji almost to myself.
I stayed in a hotel/hostel with a popular, upscale locals bar and cafe on the first floor, which led to a lot of commingling between travelers and locals. (named Nui). Fantastic idea.
I found a few tiny music venues in the neighborhood which were exclusively filled with locals. Me and some new travel buddies I met were welcomed as tourists, and it led to fun interactions with the bands and random Japanese.
Ueno and the area around the national museum definitely deserve a visit, as does Asakusa obviously. But it’ll be busy. Save for a quick trip, I stayed out of Shibuya/ Harajuku which I didn’t enjoy.
The most interesting day trip was to Fukushima area. I used a legit tour outfit (Real Fukushima) run by the community and was able to go into the exclusion zone area, and make visits to areas that were devastated by the tsunami. We stopped by one of the few combined community centerestaurant/market centers that had reopened since the disaster. It had such a hopeful feel to it after hearing about the problems getting folks to return to the area.Was a great experience overall.
The food in Tokyo was incredible in general and the 24 hour conbinis and ubiquitous vending machines were awesome for drinks and late night snacks.
Out of all the izakayas I went to, only one server was annoyed to deal with English speakers. The rest were friendly and inviting. Always useful to know a handful of Japanese and get your phone translation ready so you don’t burden them.
By far the highlight of my time in Tokyo was being able to attend the Kanda Matsuri festival around Akihibara. I’ve never experienced anything like it. The mix of ancient and modern, with the mobile shrines being paraded while chanting in front of Akihibara’s high tech backdrop was wild.
If you get a chance to attend a local traditional festival — any festival — do it.


Kagoshima was a cute little city. You won’t need a lot of time in the city itself. The Sengan-en garden was beautiful, as was the ferry and bus around the Sakurajima volcano. I did both in a day.
I stayed in a really cute guesthouse called Hostel Tomal. It was a group of private Japanese style rooms in an old building that had been rescued by a sort of art collective group. The owner was very nice and helpful and spoke English.
At night, it’s a quick walk up to the observation point which has a great view of the city lights. (If using Google maps, keep going through the parking lot when you reach the top). This is really popular during the day for the view of the volcano over the bay.
The entire city was surprisingly calm and quiet at night, especially outside the entertainment district. There were very few western tourists walking around, but I did meet a few.
Food highlights: - western cafe called “CAFESHOP”. Delicious sausage omelette and croissant after eating Japanese style breakfasts for a week. - little curry place called “Friend and Bird”, nice old man running the shop.
If you are into table top games or just want a fun bar to drink and hangout mostly with locals, there is a place called “NEWGAME BAR” with a flat fee.


I made an overnight stop at Mt. Aso, which was a quick express train from Kumamoto. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the cities. It was incredibly peaceful, I just biked around all evening.
The guesthouse I stayed in was lovely. It was run by a Japanese guy who had worked in California for a time, so he had all this American memorabilia and a big flag flying which I thought was cute.
There is also a great “red beef” restaurant there called “あか牛丼専門店 ごとう屋阿蘇店”.


Fukuoka was probably my favorite place, and I stayed for 4 nights.
I was in Hakata, at Webase. It’s sort of a cross between an upscale hostel and a hotel. My private room was equivalent to a business hotel, but had the benefit of a shared kitchen, common space and rooftop patio.
Walking around Hakata, Nakasu, Tenjin at night was beautiful and a lively experience. Similar to Tokyo in that way, but more relaxed.
I ended up at a local music festival out at Uminonakamichi Seaside Park over the weekend. I was one of very few western tourists at the show, and this led to meeting some locals which gave me a ride back and took me to dinner. We went to a local izakaya that looked like an abandoned building on the outside (intentionally) and had a secret doorway. They called it the “ninja house” which was just a joke I think. (The place was called “Chinpunkampun Haruyoshiten”). They did get a chuckle out of making me try to find the hidden door. This experience was easily the highlight of my entire trip. Google voice translate works very well and really makes these experiences possible.
I also took a day trip up to Kitakyushu to see the Sarakurayama Observatory via cable car. It’s a quick trip and definitely worth the detour. Nanzoin was also beautiful to see, but I think I had more fun just stopping at random train stations out that way and walking around.
Food highlights: - really cool Izakaya called “Takenoya Kawabata” - modern Yakiniku place with great beef that will serve a single person called “Yakinikutokasudon Tatsunosu Nakasukadomis”


I only had a short time in Hiroshima, and did the typical route of the Atomic bomb dome/museum and Miyajima/Mt. Misen.
The Atomic bomb museum and surrounding area was a very somber and emotional affair, but important to see.
Miyajima and Mt. Misen were as spectacular as everyone says, but be prepared for lots of crowds. I think I most enjoyed the ferry ride over the most. Absolutely beautiful.
One major food highlight to point out:
“Hakushima Brunch”. The most adorable cafe you’ll find in Japan. Run by a lovely older couple who opened it when they retired. They were so happy to see tourists and interact. The French toast was fantastic and very cheap, and they gave me free home made matcha.


When I got back to Tokyo, I headed to Yokohama the night before I flew out. I didn’t have much time to see everything, but the harbor around the Gundam factory was absolutely stunning at night. Train ride was worth it just for the view.
After two weeks of almost exclusively eating Japanese food, I found an American style BBQ joint (including wagyu brisket!) there which was fantastic. In fact, some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had period. Place is called Midtown BBQ Yokohama.
Overall, I had a wonderful trip. Be polite, greet people in Japanese, don’t fear the trains, get off the beaten path when you can, and get ready to walk like you’ve never walked before.
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2023.06.04 04:52 Itsmylifemoreorless Who can afford hotel, airbnb or vrbo in Worcester area?!

Invited to a 50th wedding anniversary in November; between hotel, flights and car rental, I don't know if I can afford the trip. Suggestions on where to stay please. Willing to stay 30-45 minutes beyond the city.
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2023.06.04 04:48 MasterpieceNo1260 Rental car & insurance- Phoenix, Az

Hi everyone
Which is the best & cheapest company to rent a car from in Phoenix. Planning for a roadtrip & would like to get the best deals. Also, any tips on best insurance?
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2023.06.04 04:46 queen_clubs How to develop self worth ?

Hello All, I am in my late 20s. I had been in a complicated (on and off) relationship for over 10 years. I had not dated anyone else except my ex in the last 10 years. I made up my mind that I wanted a healthy fullfiling relationship and a marriage and I was ready to settle down.
I recently went on a date with a guy I barely knew through a mutual family friend. We talked over the phone on wednesday and had planned to meet up on Saturday. He spoke very well for about an hour. I felt he was liberal and had no male entitlement. We planned to hike and have lunch close by. He did not call/text me at all. I called him up on Friday night to remind him to get a jacket coz the temperature was dropping the next day. (It was also my way of checking if we were still meeting). He spoke well and said he ll pick me up Saturday morning.
He picked me up, we hiked and had lunch. We talked a lot. He said he doesnt talk a lot usually and is a selective introvert. He mentioned that he is not very good with the lovey dovey talk over phone and text. I liked that he was honest with me and gave him the benefit of doubt for not texting/calling me. I asked him if he was ready to settle down and believed in monogamy. He said he belives in family and wants to settle down. Later in the day, I was forthcoming and said that I like him. He said he liked me too. He asked me about moving in and I thought it was too early but said I would be willing to move in at some point if we go through this. It was also his birthday and I was excited that he wanted to spend his birthday with me. We extended the date and went for a movie then to a mall for some window shopping. He complimented my eye brows and earrings. Held my hand now and then. Put his hand around my shoulders. I ended up spending the day with him. I kissed his cheek while saying goodnight. He asked me if I wanted to kiss. I said yes and we kissed in his car before he dropped me back home. He got down from his car and gave me a really tight hug. We planned to meet at his place next time. He lives few hours away and we decided that I would spend the next weekend at his place in a conversation where one thing led to another. I asked him to text me after he reached home.
I did not get any texts or calls. I texted him asking if he reached and he said he did and had never felt good about being tired. I called him and we spoke for a few mins. Next day, I was expecting him to call but he didnt. I called him twice (AM and afternoon). We spoke both times. He gave me mixed signals saying we might be going too fast. I said that I was ready to take it slow. Then, he asked me to visit him on Friday instead of Saturday so we can spend more time together. I was a little hesitant and asked if it was really ok staying at his place. He said he had a couch and wouldnt judge me.(I told myself that I didnt like what he had just said). He then said he ll treat me like a friend which was very misleading since we had just kissed the night before. Inbetween the conversation, he told me he would be ok to have a wedding at the end of the year. I called again in the night (8PM) to say goodnight and he didnt pick up. He texted me next morning saying he had slept off.
Monday, I waited him to return my call but he didnt. I was very upset and texted him saying something came up at work and that we should call off the weekend plan. He texted me back on Tuesday saying "ok, no problem" and nothing more.
I couldnt understand what had just happened and I thought I missed a nice guy for expecting too much from him when he had already told me he is an introvert. I still had mixed feelings about him. Few of my friends told me he was a narcissist and did not have any good intensions. I called him again 3 weeks later and we talked about what happened. He said it was moving too fast and he was at some point planning to move closer to his family (which was away from where I lived) and is leaning towards not having kids. He said he wanted to talk about these things during the next date which I had called off. I didnt know him well and he didnt make me feel liked/loved and I was not ready to tell him that I would move countries for him. I did tell him that I liked him. We spoke for a few mins casually and hung up.
It has been 5 months since this has happened and I still think about him. Deep down I know that my friends might be right and he never had good intentions fowith me. I also think I have very less self worth and value to begin with. I struggle with establishing and maintaining relationships in general. I have the urge to call him again to see if he wants to start fresh. I cry a lot.. day and night with these conflicting thoughts. I feel ashamed of myself for being this way as an adult. I do not know how to help myself. Please advise.
Thanks in advance for reading my story and for all your support.
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2023.06.04 04:30 Itsmylifemoreorless Who can afford hotel, airbnb or vrbo in Worcester area?!

Invited to a 50th wedding anniversary in November; between flights and car rental, I don't know if I can afford the trip. Suggestions on where to stay.
Edit: early November
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2023.06.04 04:20 Cephalomagus 2023 Season 3 Release Notes [Pre-Release Version]

The Release Notes for 2023 Season 3 have been posted on the iRacing Forums!
Find them posted here:

Or read them below!

2023 Season 3 Release Notes [Pre-Release Version]

This is the iRacing 2023 Season 3 Release! This release contains both content and upgrades for 2023 Season 3, which officially starts on June 12th! This season update includes three new cars: Cadillac V-Series.R GTP, Ligier JS P320, and Porsche 911 GT3 R (992). iRacing also expands its track offerings to include MotorLand Aragón (7 configs) and Willow Springs International Raceway, as well as a new 2023 Cup config for Chicago Street Course.
Our Dirt Taskforce has completed their work on the Dirt Refresh Project shared with the community back in February, and we are excited for you to experience the fruits of their labors. The Spotter System has received a Race Control-focused set of updates and new calls that will liven up your racing and keep you better informed about what is happening on the track and in the race. New challengers approach - you will now have the ability to add AI Opponent Rosters to your Hosted Sessions that utilize the Heat Racing format! We are excited to announce we have been investing time into saving you time, loading time to be precise, and this Season Release includes a first phase of loading optimizations that should get you into the driver’s seat just a little bit faster. Willow Springs International Raceway is proud to pioneer a new 3D Foliage System that automatically populates the environment with grasses, shrubs, and other creations of Mother Nature. USB Audio Hot Swapping is now fully enabled and supported by iRacing for all of your headset and speaker needs. A new Graphics Option has also been added which controls the display of all cockpit obstructions instead of this parameter being car setup specific.
The New Damage Model has been put into practice on eleven additional cars. And last but not least our AI Drivers have mastered eight new cars and twenty-four new track configurations. Welcome to iRacing 2023 Season 3!
Season highlights include:
Visit our 2023 Season 3 features page here:
Full 2023 Season 3 Release details are below.



Hosted Racing

AI Racing



Paint Shop



Windows Support

Race Servers


Dynamic Track

Race Control

Qualifying Scrutiny

Dirt Racing

AI Racing

New Damage Model

Auto Fuel



3D Foliage System

Visual Effects






Force Feedback



Official iRacing Sporting Code

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