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2023.06.01 10:50 PearBlaze Josh's 2023 Fire Red Randomizer Nuzlocke: Episode 3: Oopsie!

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2023.06.01 10:37 RainViewerCreator Tropical Cyclone Freddy is a powerful storm that formed in the Indian Ocean and affected Southern Africa multiple times.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy is a powerful storm that formed in the Indian Ocean and affected Southern Africa multiple times.
Ranked as a Category 5 storm according to the Saffir-Simpson scale during its first landfall, Freddy became the longest cyclone ever observed in the world. The first time it hit the south of Mozambique was on February 24, 2023, when 1.5 million people suffered from its consequences. On March 11 it returned, affecting the northern regions of the country and then moving to southern Malawi. Freddy caused significant damage to the coastal communities of Mozambique and Malawi, including the destruction of homes, buildings, and infrastructure. The tropical storm also resulted in widespread flooding, which can lead to long-term impacts on the affected communities.
According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the US Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the storm formed on February 6, 2023, in the Indian Ocean northwest of the Australian coast. It began to move west, and the wind force reached 167 mph (270 km/h) at its epicenter. On March 7, it broke the record for the longest-lasting cyclone since weather records began, according to the World Meteorological Organization. By March 11, the storm had already been on the move for 34 days. The previous record holder, John, raged for 31 days in 1994, crossing the Pacific. Freddy also crossed an ocean and thus gained strength. From its birthplace near Australia, it went from east to west across the entire South Indian Ocean toward Africa. In total, Freddy traveled about 5,000 miles (more than 8,000 kilometers). Via Mauritius and La Réunion, the storm finally hit Madagascar on February 21 and Mozambique on February 24.
See what Freddy looked like on RainViewer’s radar animation as of March 5-7. (attached)
Tropical Cyclone Freddy on the RainViewer map (March 5-7)
In addition to its longevity, Freddy also broke the record in the accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) index - 84.7. It is a metric that weather agencies use to represent the total energy that a tropical cyclone discharges over its duration. So now, as of 2023, Freddy appears to be the most energetic storm on the planet. The previous record holder was Hurricane Ioke in 2006, with an ACE index of 82. Finally, Freddy’s got the highest number of rapid intensification cycles as compared to other tropical cyclones - 7.
Read more about the storm's path and impact here:

Links to get the RainViewer app can also be found below. iOS devices: Android devices:
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2023.06.01 10:35 Maleficent-Log-2325 New 'quasi-moon' discovered near Earth has been travelling alongside our planet since 100 BC Live Science

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2023.06.01 10:06 Outrageous-League547 Interpretation of my Birth Chart, anyone? Pls. help. Thanks a lot.

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2023.06.01 09:53 YOUniversalSigns222 a letter I wrote, to my soulmate who ghosted me, as midnight hit on my birthday.

Here’s to 23 years. It took 22 of them to figure out exactly what I want out of this life. I want whatever we have, every second of every day. You know what gift I’ve been hoping/wishing/basically begging the universe for today? That you’ll show up and fix everything. My head is at war, fighting over the thoughts of 2 fake scenarios. There’s the one where you don’t say anything to me today, just like any other day, and I continue feeling like someone is holding me underwater, only pulling me up long enough to take in one gasping breath before shoving me back under. Then there’s the one where you show up for me, and you fix everything and you make these bipolar fucking waves of being numb and this deep, genuine pain stop already. I want everything to go back to how it was, I want you to realize how much we were meant to be in each other lives, even when shit gets complicated or overwhelming, I just want it to be easy and comfortable and so fucking warm with you again. Remember when you rushed to my house to make it there by midnight for your birthday? I’ll never forget it bc I felt so fucking honored like I just won the Miss America and they put a big tiara on me while the crowd cheers. The fact that you chose to spend the first minutes of your one special day with ME? I’ve never had someone like me that way, never had someone who genuinely got to know and still wanted the real me. I’ve never had anyone do the things that you did for me, maybe that’s why I’m so fucked up over you. I don’t know what’s going on w you, I do know that you have a lot going on rn and I’m trying so desperately to give you the time n space that you want bc I get what you’re going through in a way. but.. what about what I want? I’ve been begging the stars to align and for the fog to clear, begging everything in this universe to just make sense again. I wanted to be looking at you next to me at midnight, I had this fantasy since you did that with me on 4/20, then eventually I added in the part where I ask you to make me a sparkler cig like a birthday candle. But somehow everything is fucked up right now and instead of getting the privilege of being in your presence, I’m sitting in my car in my driveway with my sleeping daughter, trying not to cry too loud so I don’t wake her up. I’m typing stupid, embarrassingly long and desperate messages to you, ones that I shouldn’t even send bc I look like I’m losing my shit, but I am. I can’t go inside the house rn dude, I can’t face the silence, or the memories that come flooding through as soon as I hit the doorway, I can’t go in and feel this pressure in my chest get 100X heavier bc it’s all fucking killing me, every day that passes by without so much as a word from you, it gets worse. Please be my fucking friend again. Please, give me even 5 minutes out of your day so i don’t go even crazier than I already feel. If you genuinely care about me at all, you wouldn’t keep doing this to me. If you have even just a tiny amount of feelings for me then tell me something. Anything. Idgaf if you send me a mean text, a nice one, a whole book, only one word, even just one mf emoji, I just miss you so much dude. It’s officially my birthday and I am falling completely apart, none of this makes any sense to me and it’s not fucking fair that the only thing I can think about is how much I want you here. And I can’t even find the moon tonight, the last thing I remember with you is when you lured me outside simply to see how beautiful the moon was and now it’s disappeared too. You said it looked beautiful just like me, and you’re the only one who makes me feel truly beautiful. You’re simply the only one, period. It’s so clear in my mind n my heart that you’re the one for me like dead serious. “everything about me is you”. I’ve thought those 5 word’s intrusively since the first night we spent together and it never made any sense to me until now. I think that phrase and it just explains how I feel so well somehow. Every single thing about me is somehow also you.
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2023.06.01 09:51 xStormze Brethren Moons "Interdimensional" origins theory

I read somewhere that the Brethren Moons could be "mortal projections" of 4th dimensional beings, beings which could not directly interact with our universe otherwise and whose true forms we could never begin to fathom anyway. So, these beings send the first marker through the fabric of "reality" or whatever, it hits it's first planet and begins the cycle that leads to the events of Dead Space. It would explain how such a cosmic horror came into existence in the first place, having originated from another universe entirely. Personally, I think that's an insanely badass origin. What do y'all think?
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2023.06.01 09:28 Pandithkumara Best Astrologer in Suryapet Black Magic & Vashikaran Astrologer

Guruji may be a known astrologer in Suryapet, who is resolute towards the betterment of the people that face problems in life. Vedic astrology may be a science of Vedas, stars, planets and cosmic and heavenly bodies. Astrology has answers to those questions that an individual is not ready to find by lecture people or by other means. When life closes all the doors of opportunity, then with the assistance of Vedic astrology, you will open new doors, can move ahead in personal and business life, and may achieve success. Best Astrologer in Suryapet is understood for his unmatchable knowledge and accurate predictions. From years of practice and therefore the gift of astrology best owed upon Guruji, he is ready to solve all the problems of life after having an in depth check out the horoscope or the natal chart. Best Astrologer in Suryapetprefers reading the horoscope deeply and can give his opinion after checking out the basis explanation for the matter. With time and continuous dedication and devotion, he has become the only psychic, best vashikaran specialist and best sorcery removal specialist.
Guruji in Suryapet uses his wisdom to not only predict future events but also to assist prevent any adverse effects. He is an astrologer who has a few years of experience in astrology and many related fields. As a famous astrologer and he has hearts of countless devotees throughout the planet. Almost every man or women have some venture or the other in their lives. We all undergo a day issues, some small, and a couple of large, to affect. When it receives overwhelming, a couple of seek God and few shun God. However, nearly all people is happy to listen to a voice that assures them that all is nicely and anything is happening is merely a neighbourhood. However, when the said phase is right, we trust it is getting to closing forever. When it is terrible, we hope it by no means happened. However, the reality stays that the entire lot is simply a phase, and therefore the batch will come to a neighbourhood. It is just a remember of your time. That is why, Genuine Astrologer in Suryapet is there to unravel your troubles.
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2023.06.01 09:18 audihertz New 'quasi-moon' discovered near Earth has been travelling alongside our planet since 100 BC Live Science

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2023.06.01 09:13 scienceresearch7 Scientists discover Second moon near Earth that is going to stay for at least 1,500 years

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2023.06.01 09:10 NewStGermain4356 Earth Flag Proposal

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2023.06.01 09:04 Pineapple419 Bedbugs at work?

I work in a guard shack and there are always at least two people here, I have found a bed bug crawling on me twice here, once nearly 4 months ago and another time tonight. The thing is, I don't have bed bugs in my home (yet, fingers crossed). Im not sure if its just the chairs in the shack that are invested or what but I don't have signs of bites or anything I just have found the odd one crawling on me. My work refuses to do anything about this issue and Im not sure if maybe it is just one of the other guards I work with thats bringing the odd one in or if my work place is infested, what do you recommend I do?
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2023.06.01 08:46 simmol AGI Extinction Fear Might Be a Red Herring Amongst Industry AI Leaders

So first of all, I am not saying that every one of the big names in AI feels this way but I just feel like AGI extinction fear might be used by certain industry leaders (e.g. OpenAI, Microsoft, Google) as a red herring to distract ourselves from a more immediate concern of job displacement. I feel like there will be a significant time gap between an AI model that can replace significant portion of white collar worker vs an AGI that can destroy the planet. With the former, clever usage of narrow AI would get it done whereas with the latter, you probably need a whole different architecture and a model. So basically, it seems like more emphasis should be put on some of the hypothetical scenarios in which job displacement is so severe that the entire system needs to be revamped. Because this will happen before the AGI extinction scenario.
However, the corporate industry leaders don't want to focus on that issue, because that actually implies that they need to take a stance that they don't want to take with regards to the new system. That is, when it comes to a world where most of the profits coming from few corporations, Google, OpenAI, Meta, etc. need to make sacrifices in new systems (e.g. UBI) where everyone can prosper without being able to work. But politicians and corporations do not want to think about this scenario as their existence predicates on exploiting the current system and making as much money as they can.
So what is the alternative for the corporate leaders? Well, they can latch onto a less immediate and much more abstract concerns regarding AGI extinction. Basically, everyone should recognize that this is merely a lip service to a concern that cannot be even formed coherently as there are infinitely many scenarios when it comes to potential AGI threats. So if the dialogues about AI are focused on AGI extinction, it can distract from the more tangible immediate problem of job displacement. And job displacement is actually a problem that Google, Microsoft, Meta, etc. can comment on because it is no longer an abstract scenario and everyone can visualize how this might play out. For example, as one possible solution, these companies can state that they will pay as much tax as they can when job displacement becomes so severe. But obviously, they don't want to put themselves into a corner and would rather prefer that discussions/debates on scenarios of massive job displacements be buried. Also, if you notice, the people who talk about concerns of AI extinction are just the type of people who are rich as hell, or are at the top of their research field and would be the last to be replaced by an AI if push comes to shove. From their individual point of view, AGI extinction is much more of a threat to them as opposed to job displacement.
AGI extinction is human vs machine problem. Job displacement is corporation vs workers problem. Thus, the corporate leaders can try to control the narrative by framing the main AI risk as AGI extinction, which can lull us into thinking that we are all on the same team here.
TLDR: AGI extinction is a debate without any answer. We can talk about it all day and all of the best AI leaders can talk about it all day without getting to any resolution on how to combat or even prepare for the nearly infinite number of ways in which AGI can take over the world. However, job displacement is much more tangible, more urgent. And potential policy changes and solutions can be formulated. This should be the focus of the conversations on potential risks of AI.
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2023.06.01 08:39 No-Cow4697 New 'quasi-moon' discovered near Earth has been travelling alongside our planet since 100 BC Live Science

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2023.06.01 08:20 kyseranvix An evil attachment to my mother's remains

TW: mentions suicide
I feel like enough time has passed to be able to talk about this. There is a dark, evil attachment to my mom's remains. This evil entity cannot be destroyed, only sealed away. Some may already know what I am referring to, for those that do not, the entity was a dybuk. For those unfamiliar with dybuks, they originate from Jewish folklore, it is an entity that was never human, and the longer it is allowed to feed, the stronger it can get, to the point where it can kill.
Some background information. My mom passed away from pancreatic cancer of the liver in early 2018, this was her 5th cancer. Due to where she passed and where we lived it was cheaper to have her cremated. At the time I was in the Army so my sister held on to the remains. After I got out in 2020, I got a place to live. In 2021 my sister and her husband decided to move to Florida to live near his parents, due to how they packed they were unable to take the remains with them and so I had taken for the time being since I just lived down the road. At the time I suspected nothing about the remains.
At this time I had been starting my path as a practicing witch. Strengthening my natural abilities, since I could sense spirits but not see them, slowly with practice I was able see after images of spirits. In early 2022 I met someone online and started to form a relationship with, in April of that year I had taken a trip to see how living with them would be. It's when I got back things went south fast. The night I returned, I was woken up in the middle of the night and above me was this black mass in the shape of a sphere dripping darkness. I was terrified, this thing radiated evil. I felt like it wanted to kill me but it couldn't. The next day I consulted my friend who is an experienced witch and she searched for it, the entity tried to hide from her and when she found it, it attacked her. My friend was able to confirm that it was a dybuk. She found that the dybuk was attached to my mom's ashes and it had been attached to her for a long time.
Looking back it explained so much. And going through my memories, the townhouse that we moved into when we moved to California felt evil. It where my mom got her first cancer and where I first started having suicidal thoughts. I remember seeing this darkness at the top of the stairs by my room and by my mom's room. I believe since my mom had more negativity around her the dybuk attached itself to her, since she was raising two kids, my dad left her for another woman, he also ruined her credit. And ever since that townhouse we had been plagued with misfortune and mishaps, some that nearly killed my mom.
After my friend discovered what it was, she gave me a charm for protection a temporary one until the thing was delt with, as it was trying to attach itself to me. We planned for a day to seal it, I believe it was on a new moon. Due to my friend being a lot more experienced, her and her partner who is also a witch took the reins. I can't go into much detail on what was done but I can say is that my friend lured it out and her partner sealed it away, creating a dybuk box. My friend reassured me that it was sealed and cannot hurt me anymore. The heaviness that was in my apartment was gone. Shortly after the sealing ritual my sister asked for the ashes back. While I wanted to bury the box so my family could finally be rid of the demon, but because the ashes were sealed away in the box I had to send it to her. I did warn my sister not to open the box as the dybuk wants to attached itself to our family. I don't know what she did with the box, if she unsealed it to retrieve the ashes or not she hadn't told me. Since then I also went no contact with my sister due to other past issues. So there really isn't a definitive ending to this encounter.
I do apologize that my story telling isn't the best, I don't have the best memory and of how events played out things went really quickly. Things played out over the course of a month, but most of the time it was waiting for my friend's preparations to be complete. Also there are details I am not allowed to share, like how the dybuk was sealed away.
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2023.06.01 08:16 anon05312023 Seeking dashcam footage of dog attack @ W 16th Ave & Heather St (May 31, 7PM)

Hi all,
My dog was attacked tonight at the NW corner of W 16th Ave & Heather St. The attack was unprovoked and my dog just came home from the hospital. He's got a week of recovery ahead of him, and I've got a sizable hospital bill and another bill on the way for a check-up.
I have the other owner's phone number and texted them about an hour ago - no response. Hopefully just because it's late and they'll respond in the morning. There was another person standing there throughout the whole incident, but he refused to be a witness in case it was needed.
My friend suggested I should post here and see if anyone was driving near the intersection and might have dashcam footage of the attack.
Location: W 16th Ave & Heather St Date: Wed May 31st Time: 6:50-7:00PM
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2023.06.01 08:12 anon05312023 Seeking dashcam footage of dog attack @ NW corner W 16th Ave & Heather St.

Hi all,
My dog was attacked tonight at the NW corner of W 16th Ave & Heather St. The attack was unprovoked and my dog just came home from the hospital. He's got a week of recovery ahead of him, and I've got a sizable hospital bill and another bill on the way for a check-up.
I have the other owner's phone number and texted them about an hour ago - no response. Hopefully just because it's late and they'll respond in the morning. There was another person standing there throughout the whole incident, but he refused to be a witness in case it was needed.
My friend suggested I should post here and see if anyone was driving near the intersection and might have dashcam footage of the attack.
Location: W 16th Ave & Heather St Date: Wed May 31st Time: 6:50-7:00PM
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2023.06.01 08:11 MCKtheMan How hard is it to sell a damn microwave??

I've had several interactions that have gone nowhere. I'm selling a microwave for $30 that I don't need anymore. It's still in great condition. I figured I'd get interested buyers. But here's every interaction I've had with this microwave.
#1: Wanted it for $25. I said yes and we had a time and location set up. But an hour before we were supposed to meet, she backed out saying she got a microwave somewhere else.
#2: Guy wanted it full price. I propose a location and suddenly he goes silent.
#3: Same thing. I propose a location. He goes silent.
#4: Guy wants it for $25. I say yes. He says he needs it tonight but I'm at work and can't get it to him in time.
#5: Girl wants it and asks for my address. Obviously, I'm not gonna do that so I pick a local business near my place and she stops responding. I have a sneaking suspicion she was planning to rob me.
Am I doing something wrong here?
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2023.06.01 08:01 Standard-Pizza5419 Does this nosebleed warrant trip to ER?

Age: 27 Gender: Female Race: white 5’4”, 133lbs duration of complaint: two years medications: none, just got off Prozac a about a month ago for PPD. History of nosebleeds, especiallly near menstruation.
HEAVY nosebleed tonight about an hour after a minor nosebleed. Third nosebleed of the night. First one began at 7:30 pm, second at 11:30, and current one at 12:35 am. The last two occurred during sleep. This current one has a Heavy flow of blood until I passed a clot the size and width of my thumb. It’s slowing down since passing the clot, but still bleeding. It’s been 16 minutes.
I only get nosebleeds out of one nostril, and had it cauterized last year. My ENT told me to spray a few squirts of Afrin into a tissue and put it in my nostril to stop bleeding. Did the Afrin trick with the 7:30pm one
Nosebleeds started pretty consistently after my dog and I collided and she hit my nose a few summers ago.
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2023.06.01 08:01 ShankarNarayan10 Best Astrologer in Kadur Genuine Astrologer in Kadur

Best Astrologer in Kadur Genuine Astrologer in Kadur
Astrology is a science of planets, cosmic and heavenly bodies that influence the good and bad in our lives. Astrology may be a crucial a neighbourhood of our lives as there are things and circumstances that happen in our lives which we don’t have a reason for it.Want to marry together with your loved one. Get your all dream becoming true with the help ofBest Astrologer in Kadur. They will help the people to unravel all the hurdles and make their love marriage. No matters either problem is in marriage life or love life. Now just with the help of astrology your all wishes come true. Many of us take the help of astrology to form their wish come true. Make everyone agree for your marriage. Make every situation possible to your love marriage with the guidance of Guruji.Guruji helps only those who have problems in life and makes life cheerful. He helps the couples to marring with parent’s approval. Making parents agree for the love marriage. Solves the additional marital affair and never let any person to interfere in your relationship. Number of couples is taking the help of Best Astrologer in Kadur to form their married life happy. He makes everyway smooth to the loving couple.We human beings everyday goes through many problems. We cannot make yourself free from worries. Lives of all the people depend on the movements of the sun, moon, planets and stars. If we settle down its movement, we will keep ourselves faraway from troubles. Genuine Astrologer in Kadur is an astrologer who helps the people to form their life happy. He has experience of the many years in astrology. Number of people meets him and gets easy solutions of their problems. He has good experience in palmistry and horoscope reading etc.Guruji is most reputed, knowledgeable and trusted Genuine Astrologer In Kadur offering best astrology services like palmistry, love problems and astrological problems solutions. You can consult him at any time regarding astrological consultation services, kundali making and birth chart creation, accurate face reading services, marriage problem solutions, family problem solutions and best solution for astrological problems
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2023.06.01 08:01 ArmyofSpies Cardano Rumor Rundown June 01, 2023

Hey Everyone!
Let’s go….
Newly Covered Today:
  1. Lace is now open source!
  2. Binance is back and apparently they don’t care if someone had that ticker first.
  3. Summon is now allowing for multichain swaps of ADA & ERG.
  4. Charles did a Twitter Space with World Mobile.
  5. Here’s an easy infographic on CIP-1694 Voltaire governance from IOG.
  6. Apparently, Cardano sushi is a thing!
  7. This kind of sums up the problems with central bank behavior over the last 20 years.
Previously covered, but still interesting:
  1. IOG wants you to know about the advantages of native tokens on Cardano.
  2. Cardano Movies!
  3. We really need to primary some members of the U.S. Congress.
  4. Wow! Not surprised at what’s being said here back in November. Just surprised it’s being said publicly.
  5. Here’s the longer video of that FDIC meeting for context.
  6. Looks like Western Alliance is up next.
  7. The weekly development update from IOG is out.
  8. It’s not hard to make a meme coin on Cardano.
  9. Still a crazy amount of mark-to-market losses that haven’t been absorbed by the system.
  10. Warren Buffet gives a not too comforting answer to a question about the status of the dollar: “America…we’ve got everything going for us…but…you can’t print money indefinitely as debt.”
  11. …and then everyone remembered what fee markets look like in busy times.
  12. …same for Bitcoin.
  13. Cardano hit 94% load.
  14. he MEV game is getting out of control over on Cardano’s biggest competitor chain. Convince me this shouldn’t just be called “theft” or “fraud”.
  15. Cardano Native Assets are vastly superior to BRC20 and ERC20 tokens.
  16. Rumor: SEC is going to make a move against Binance. Will the DOJ also?
  17. At the end of Q3 of last year, 722 banks reported unrealized losses greater than 50% of capital.
  18. Wyoming is inching closer to a state stablecoin. IOG’s significant presence there may turn out to be a huge advantage.
  19. Paypal disclosed almost $1 billion in customer crypto in its latest 10-Q.
  20. MiCA is shifting the balance of crypto investment to Europe.
  21. Today (May 10) will be a joint hearing of the Agriculture and Financial Services Committees on Crypto. The CLO of Kraken will testify.
  22. This is a legit point about centralized L2s: the best ones are called Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance.
  23. There’s already a new version of Lace Wallet out.
  24. A nice thread on the many strengths of Cardano.
  25. Remember, lobster traps are a thing.
  26. Today (May 11 at 1pm EST) there will be a Messari Cardano Analyst call with Charles & Frederik.
  27. I think we all love it when they start making our case for us.
  28. Ethereum is lamenting many of its poor design choices that Cardano already fixed.
  29. Drunkenmiller says this is the broadest asset bubble he’s ever even studied let alone seen firsthand and we’ve only had a few soft landings since 1950.
  30. Live footage of meme coin investors accepting their ROI.
  31. Here’s the Messari call from today with both Fred & Chaz.
  32. People really seem to be enjoying the CF’s Blockchain Education Alpha Program.
  33. The US Chamber of Commerce brief in the Coinbase case is calling out the SEC for acting “unlawfully”.
  34. About that whole self-custody thing we’ve discussed…
  35. The SPO poll on K and minFee starts today (May 15)! You should redelegate if your stake pool doesn’t vote the way you would vote!
  36. There are also a series of forum topics for discussion of the various options in the forums.
  37. Coinbase spotlights Empowa! May be the first time they’ve ever given such a spotlight to a Cardano project. Tides are turning.
  38. Wow. Leaked “Key Messages” document for the joint committee meeting in the US House last week. Best part: they basically complain about separation of powers in point three.
  39. Dr. Vanishree Rao on ZK-Rollups.
  40. Here’s a new Decentralized Identity article from IOG.
  41. There are reasons we’re in a hard capped cryptocurrency like Cardano.
  42. What is a dRep? This video is for you. There will be additional categories of default dReps that vote abstain or no confidence on every vote.
  43. The US Dept. of Justice is officially saying they are targeting exchanges. Great. Great.
  44. Wow! Ledger just made what is possibly the greatest PR blunder in the history of crypto. Trezor will be poppin’ bottles tonight.
  45. People are claiming that the hysteria is a misunderstanding of cryptography. But, that’s not what’s going on here if Ledger plus one of the other two shard custodians can reconstruct your private key without having to use your private key.
  46. The Ledger Recover FAQ seems to support this understanding as it suggests you use a brand new device for recovery.
  47. Wow. Unfortunate timing for this.
  48. Ken Kodama will be doing a Japanese language interview on CardanoSpot on May 18.
  49. The stake pool operator poll on network parameters of K and minPoolCost is live. See the results here. The re-delegation phase will begin on May 25th.
  50. Cornucopias dropped some new in-game footage. As expected, Solace is beautiful.
  51. Wow….the Ledger shards are encrypted with “a master key that is contained in all devices”. Wut?
  52. Sadly, the Ledger CEO seemed to be denying exactly the above just a day ago.
  53. Here’s why 340 ADA minPoolCost promotes multi-pools.
  54. Numbers are emerging on the benefits of K=1000 over K=500.
  55. Here’s the latest on the Stake Pool Operator poll.
  56. Rep. Tom Emmer is trying to help crypto by cutting crypto assets out of the definition of a “security”. He creates a new non-security asset category called “investment contract asset”.
  57. Prof. Wadler (co-inventor of Cardano’s Plutus) has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society joining the likes of Einstein, Darwin, Hawking, and Isaac Newton.
  58. Huge amount of voting for economic self-interest by multi-poolers in the SPO poll. Earlier today (May 21), 84.73% by stake of the vote for K=500, Min Cost 340 ₳ was multi-poolers. Only 15.6% of the vote for K=1000, Min Cost 170 ₳ was multi-poolers.
  59. Large pools also voted heavily for economic self-interest with the K parameter. 70.02% by stake of the vote for K=500, Min Cost 170 ₳ was pools with delegation over 35 million. Only 30.57% of the vote for K=1000, Min Cost 170 ₳ was pools over 35 million.
  60. Apparently Cardano has its own wiki now! Probably better given our previous treatment by the big wiki group.
  61. Rep. Tom Emmer is getting some reactions on the bill he sponsored with Rep. Soto.
  62. You’re really gonna hold up a debt ceiling deal because you hate crypto so bad?
  63. Looks like a few big multi-poolers have voted in the poll since yesterday. Pretty easy to predict what they didn’t vote for.
  64. Reports coming in that DCG has defaulted on the payment owed to Genesis.
  65. Ledger Recover would allow governments to confiscate crypto assets by subpoena? Called “not a real concern in the end.” Really?
  66. Frederik Gregaard on DeFi and regulation.
  67. Don’t Forget, the May Cardano 360 will be on May 25th.
  68. Here’s the daily check-in on the status of the SPO Poll. We have surpassed 590 pools voting (as of May 23).
  69. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong has decided to get our hopes up with a proposed regulatory framework for crypto exchanges that could mean more trading for coins like Cardano.
  70. Here’s an IOG thread on the latest out of Atala Prism and Self-Sovereign Identity.
  71. Here’s an IOG article on Cardano native tokens.
  72. The difference in decentralization between Cardano and Bitcoin is still…laughable.
  73. Ledger is finally caving (a little) to the backlash. It’s reported that they will focus on open sourcing parts of their code and only release the “Recover” firmware after that open sourcing is finished.
  74. Looks like the Hong Kong announcement yesterday might have been a hint of what’s coming.
  75. The Cardano Layerverse is coming to life.
  76. Wow! Incredible! Thank you for voting in favor of decentralization, 1PCT!
  77. Federal Reserve report debunks claim that crypto is not useful to people in the US.
  78. The SPO phase of the poll is over. Nearly 800 pools voted. Now it’s your turn to see how your pool voted and re-delegate if you think they voted against decentralization and for their own pocketbook.
  79. The May Cardano 360 is out!
  80. Charles dropped an update today.
  81. Sen. Cynthia Lummis declares her opposition to the 30% tax on bitcoin mining.
  82. Lots of volume being transacted on Cardano recently!
  83. Recent subpoenas to the Python Package Index don’t bode well for those hoping to store seed phrases with third-party custodians.
  84. Transaction volume is looking very interesting right now.
  85. JPG Store has now launched Android and IOS apps.
  86. It’s true. Cardano is straight killing it on the security leg of the trilemma.
  87. Just checked. Yep. The centralization in ETH is still staggering.
  88. There’s a documentary about a 2022 Plutus hackathon in Argentina.
  89. Pavia is testing NFT gating. This could get very interesting.
  90. Marlowe is on mainnet! You can now code Cardano smart contracts in javascript or blockly via Marlowe! This is an amazing leap forward.
  91. Don’t forget! We are still in the re-delegation phase of the CF Poll. See how your stake pool voted! If they were voting for their pocketbook instead of decentralization, you should re-delegate!
  92. Wow! Cardano projects are doing big things these days!
  93. The CCP has dropped a white paper on how it will develop Web 3 including NFTs and the metaverse.
~Army of Spies
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2023.06.01 08:00 EightFolding Setting your camera to recreate the film experience. Which settings would you change?

Question: Has anyone ever made a list of all the settings you could change on an X series or other Fujifilm camera to make it as much like shooting film as possible?
The ones that came to mind right away are:
  1. Turn off the LCD screen.
  2. Change the EVF to Natural Live View.
  3. Turn off the EVF if you have an OVF.
  4. Set the ISO and don't change it until your next roll of film.
  5. Change to manual focus.
  6. ...?
There are so many more settings... and questions...
What settings would you change to get closer to the film experience? Which ones would you leave alone?
Do you shoot in RAW only or in one film simulation/recipe only?
Do you set a small pile of cash on fire for every 24 or 36 or... photos you take?
Do you set the SD card aside for a few days before looking at it, or do you set a larger pile of cash on fire because you're going to develop and print them yourself?

More for those who are curious what made me think about this:
I thought of this because I was taking some photos tonight in Acros of the moon and evening sky outside, the sky and silhouetted trees were framed by the bright white paint of the window frame and the old luxo lamp on my desk was black against the white wall - and shooting in black and white made me think of when I first learned to use a camera that wasn't a point and shoot, in the 90s in school, when we would develop and print our photos.
I was thinking about how incredibly different it was to take a photo while imagining what it was going to look like and trying to superimpose those film characteristics onto the image you saw through the viewfinder, and hoping that you got your exposure right, and it wouldn't just be blown out or all black when you developed it.
So vastly different. And it didn't so much make me nostalgic as it made me think about the way the intense current nostalgia for "filmic" photography with digital cameras doesn't always embrace those real aspects of it. It focuses on the simulations and recipes, the physical design of the camera body, but not the actual process of taking the photos which was so different.
Obviously some people [ billionaires ;) and pros ] still shoot film, but most of us can't afford to do that the way we once did. And a whole generation, the same generation that has driven the X100 and retro camera/film/photo obsession, didn't grow up with film at all!
So it made me wonder, what would it really take... beyond just recipes and simulations... to make an X series as much like shooting film as possible. Like it really was back then?
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2023.06.01 07:46 EasyVader A new picture - from Uranus

A new picture - from Uranus submitted by EasyVader to ThePPShow [link] [comments]