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2023.03.29 07:02 sam9876 Poetry

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2023.03.29 05:58 Rodelbro Facebook Linking Trouble

so, i’ve been away from dokkan for a few years due to limited phone storage, but today i wanted to finally get back on, but it won’t allow me to link my account since it says it’s currently already linked. it’s been awhile so i don’t remember, but if it was on my current phone (iPhone 8SE) then it shouldn’t be a problem but it is. if it’s from my previous phone then that’s a problem because that one broke back in 2019 so i can’t unlink the account. i’m hoping anyone can help with this, thanks!
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The service has 2 packages : Basic Package at 10$ and Custom Requests
The Basic Package includes :
All Current EZAs¹ All Current Events¹ All Punch Machine's missions Clear the Story Clear the Boss Rush Clear Epic! Transcendent! Gods of Destruction Assemble All Collection of Epic Battle's missions² All Legendary Goku and Vegeta Event's missions² All Super and Extreme Super Battle Road's missions² All Infinite Dragon Ball History's missions²
¹ : Available on the day the order is taken. ² : If you have characters in all required categories.
The Custom Request can do :
Farm Characters Medals (Up to 15 characters and limited to 2 LR Prime Battle per Custom Request) Farm Incredible Gems (Up to 10 000 per Custom Request) Farm all Shenron's Wishes Portal of Memories (Locked EZAs and/or Events) Farm Characters Links (Up to 3 Decks per Custom Request) Farm an EZA to 999 for billions of Zenis (Limited to 1 EZA per Custom Request) And more!
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2023.03.28 21:37 DISCORD2006 Darn i could’ve gotten 555555 shame 😔

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2023.03.28 14:11 mints3000 Why is Legendary Power not linking

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2023.03.28 13:24 RYANDBZ1 Facebook linking is now fixed 🫡

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2023.03.28 13:23 RYANDBZ1 Facebook linking is now fixed 🫡

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2023.03.28 13:23 RYANDBZ1 Facebook linking is now fixed 🫡

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2023.03.28 12:51 KMichaelC Facebook Account Link has been fixed

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2023.03.28 10:46 -PVL93- Upcoming Global Dokkan Content - End of March 2023 Edition

Last update - March 29th


DFE TUR Yamcha

Golden Week Dokkanfest A

Golden Week Dokkanfest B

  • TBA
  • possibly Ultimate Gohan
  • expect a 3+1 multisummon format like last year

DFE TUR GT 17/Hell Fighter 17

8th Anniversary 77-unit Summon

Anniversary DFE LR SSJ3 Goku/SSJ2 Vegeta

Anniversary DFE LR GT Goku/SSJ4 Vegeta

Anniversary Carnival LR DBZ Kid Gohan

Anniversary Carnival LR DBZ Kai Goku

August DFE TUR

  • TBA (check back soon, preview/teaser for the character is coming this week)


  • Quest Mode Area 30
  • DB Story Episode "Broly: Second Coming"
  • Story Event "Terrifying Majin and Reborn Souls"
  • Story Event "Goku and Friends"
  • Story Event "Goku and Rivals"
    • Support Memory "Spirit of a Martial Artist"
    • Support Memory "Piccolo's Encouragement"
  • Special Event "Intensive Offensive and Defensive training"
  • Special Event "DB Opening Themes"
    • Home screen Wallpaper "Z Fighters"
  • Daily Skill Orb Event "Pilaf's Obsession"
    • Skill Orbs for "Power of Wishes" category
  • Weekly Link Level Event "King Kai's Training"
  • Dokkan Events for Yamcha, Golden Week DFEs, 17/17, SSJ3 Goku/SSJ2 Vegeta and GT Goku/SSJ4 Vegeta
  • Challenge/Nuking Event "Seize the Victory with Spirit Bomb"

Extreme Z-Awakenings


  • Virtual Clash
    • 53rd-56th Edition
    • 8th Anniversary Special Edition
    • 57th Edition, F2P LR Hatchiyak
  • Infinite Dragon Ball History
    • Stage 25, "Majin Buu Saga"
  • Fighting Legend GT Goku
    • Joined Forces category mission
    • Inhuman Deeds category mission
  • Super Battle Road
    • Stage 65, "Space Travellers"
    • Stage 66, "Connected Hope"
    • Stage 67, "Corroded Body/Mind"
  • Extreme Super Battle Road
    • Stage 41, "Exploding Rage"
    • Stage 42, "Revenge"
    • Stage 43, "Team Bardock"
  • Challenge Event "Birth of the Shadow Dragons"
    • Support Memory "Shenron is the Enemy?!"
  • Challenge Event "Anniversary Battle"
    • Skill Orbs for each of the Anniversary headliner units
  • Burst Mode
  • World Tournament
  • Chain Battle
    • vs Vegeta/Nappa

Other Stuff

  • Annual April Fools "special ingame event"
  • Gohan/Goku/Goten Day Celebration
  • Pettan Battle Series 10 debut
  • 8th Anniversary Countdown
  • Special Event "Dokkan Speed Battle" Renewal
If the list appears confusing - don't hesistate to ask for clarifications where needed, as I have not given any dates for what's listed above (but I did put try to put things in chronological order)
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2023.03.27 17:51 PracticalVolume8182 One more successful deal, trustworthy man

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2023.03.27 14:48 adrianus99 3 years with YOSHI as a producer

I just made this post so you can write and discuss how do you feel after having Yoshi-san for 3 years as the producer of the game.
I compiled some old posts about it:
Yoshi's entrance
Ignored open letter for Yoshi 2 years ago
Game's feeling after 2 years with Yoshi
A good meme 6 months ago, nothing has changed
There was an interview 4 months ago with him, but still there is not a glimpse on new changes for the game
There must be many posts where you could find more info about it. But i think the main feeling is the same for everyone.
The game is on its worst moment, and it's been for atleast 2 years.
I've been playing this game since i was 15 years old, that was 8 years back ago. This game is a part of me, i made too many friends and known too many people that i just can't stand a producer that is killing it slowly, someone who is all smoke and mirrors.
He did the same on Dokkan, when he was the producer of the game. He almost killed it but finally got fired and now Dokkan it's probably on of the 3 best gachas from the store.
I made a petition, i know it's not gonna make anything, but atleast we can make some pressure on Bandai for it to change. We must bring the old OPTC back.
Link to the petition

Thank you for your attention.
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2023.03.27 14:08 TowerWanderer19 Does stage difficulty affect link-levelling RNG?

I came back to Dokkan (Global) after a long time and started to link level again. I remember that it was RNG based and stages should have the most fights as possible, does difficulty affect the RNG? I'm starting to run low on meat to refill stamina and wondered if I should stop doing it in the hardest mode. Also, which stages do you recommend the most?
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2023.03.27 03:55 Successful-Train-764 Hey still kinda new to the game but have made lots of progress, new friends welcome 👍🏾

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2023.03.27 02:40 matt-alex1 Dokkan Battle Helper v2.0

Hello again fellow Dokkan players!! We're back and with an update. We got a lot of feedback on our site when it was first released and we really appreciated it! After implementing those changes, we also got a lot of feedback on a possible update to allow people to make teams for certain events. So we built out our new strategy page!!
The goal with this new place was to generate a hub and make it is easy for players to make teams and share them with others. We are super happy with how it turned out. The video covers the basics of it but basically a user can click on an event which will populate the stages. Then each stage will contain teams users have posted. A user can post a team they have saved in their decks at the home page or make one from scratch by filling out a form. Each team consists of a team name, mission accomplished (if there is a mission on the stage), leader, friend, the 4 characters rotating, the 3 character floating, items used, and support memory used. Each character has their own EZA, hidden potential pathways unlocked, and strategy when using them on the team.
The stages are obviously currently empty, but the creators will be posting teams over time, and we hope the Dokkan community can have fun posting their teams they used to complete the stages!! If their are any questions or comments, feel free to post in here. Also, if you any positive or negative feedback or you found some errors or incorrect information on the site, contact us using this form. Thanks for reading and we hope you have fun using the site!
Although we will be taking a tiny hiatus on the page to take some much needed rest, these are the things that are next on the list of updates:
Edit: you guys already found an error, we love it! The selected categories on mobile continue to grow outside of there container. We’ll be fixing it tomorrow!
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2023.03.26 22:35 Kayulett Add me or leave you're iD٫ 3 day absence unfriend.

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2023.03.25 19:01 ResponsibilityHot276 Another legit trade we love to see it!!!!

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2023.03.25 18:50 Some-Butterscotch747 Vouch for ResponsibilityHot276, very patient guy

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2023.03.24 18:42 DorianGray898 What do you guys think?

So I've been playing Dokkan on global for five ish years now and can't decide what they best stage to link level is. I'm torn between 28-2 and 29-3. What do you guys think?
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2023.03.24 13:53 No-Helicopter4043 Can't recover account

Hey guys, so I used to play this game a couple years ago. Recently was gonna try to get back into it, but my account was linked through Facebook. Whenever I press Link through Facebook, the connection fails. I tried deleting Facebook from my phone, and also deleting Dokkan from Facebook, which I saw another post suggest. Still no luck. Is there anything I can do?
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2023.03.24 13:45 Sonschnitzel Dokkan doesn’t stop loading

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2023.03.24 12:44 manricoooo Why is that sometime I won't get any skill links? Am I missing something?

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