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Koalas are rapidly becoming extinct in their most fertile native habitat on the Koala Coast of South East Queensland and Northern NSW. People are often shocked to learn that the koala is in danger. We hope this little corner of reddit can highlight this serious issue facing Australia's most recognisable national icon and the natural heritage in which it thrives.

2010.10.07 04:39 sweetandsour Lake Tahoe

Local events, visitor information, anything relating to Lake Tahoe (California & Nevada)

2023.03.30 01:04 Timely_Huckleberry97 (Part 24a of a series) The Retail Punishment in Clovis

Follow-on to the Part 24 posted over the weekend. This is a short turnaround for me, so maybe this installment is not as structured as the previous ones, but trying to get some important content out there prior to the auction.

(1) Farce of a KEIP
Senior leadership of a company in Ch 11 proceedings wants to make sure they are ‘incentivized’ for a few weeks leading to an auction?! Did they ever spell out what would be their incremental effort?
Let’s break it down: They operate in a regulated industry in which everything hinges on trial results and approvals. Trials cannot be sped up; all dependent on patient outcomes. Approvals cannot be sped up unless filed with a priority review voucher right at the start that they conspicuously did not do. What is left is the auction itself. There again, all you do is make a data room available (so all parties have a level field), and let them make their conclusions. What exactly will the head of human resources do in the few weeks of being incentivized?? Feverishly stack and unstack paper on their desk?!
These are America’s best and brightest, scrounging like beggars in full public view. Responsible management takes pay cuts; here instead, the grift goes on. Pat may have thought that this is hush money, but the problem is that the ‘hush’ cannot be documented or enforced. Nothing prevents this cast of characters to both take their payout and then turn on Pat at the opportune time.
(2) Crooked Pat and the Athena FDA bungling
If you were a CEO with limited cash runway, your dilution attempt turned down, and a long delayed Athena result, would you not aim for the fastest FDA approval possible? Keep everything ticked and tied to run with a filing, possibly even with a priority voucher? Here’s what happened instead: On Mr 31, 2022, Athena results came out. Since it barely made the quarter, Pat likely got some bonuses out of it. The FDA filing happened IN THE SEPTEMBER TIMEFRAME, a full six months later. Can you believe it??
This was to get the approval that will dramatically increase their TAM and compete with the other two PARPs in front-line. Here we are, a full year later, awaiting FDA to work it through. Also, notable was that in 3Q 2022, when FDA made noises about ODAC, Clovis was conspicuously silent. We have seen other biotechs express confidence about making their case, but here they act completely cavalier and complacent about approval.
Gillian Ivers-Read was a founder of CLVS with Pat, and the head of Regulatory Affairs. She resigned/ was fired prior to the BK filing. In a deposition we can find out all her points of disagreement with Pat on the Athena filing process. Did Pat directly or indirectly cause a slow-walk since the trial results?
(3) Malfeasance during BK proceedings
It has been clearly pointed out on the message boards that there was no need to file a liquidation plan until after the auction. Since Pat has no idea of the auction outcome, it is a premature filing that only serves to inform investors that they should expect to be fully impaired.
With the DATA AVAILABLE AT THAT TIME, Pat concluded that priority classes 1 thru 5 will get to vote, but 6 thru 8 would be keep out since they are fully impaired.
Now, follow very closely what happens next! FAP goes uncontested for a total of $680 mn. If your preclinical asset has crossed the half-billion mark, then shouldn’t your double indication double approved Rubraca should be at least worth that much? Are we seeing the outlines of these two assets combined taking us to the ‘third checkbox’, the one that is from 1 bn to 1.5 bn.??
Then, March 21 was the bid deadline. If the highest bid on that day was anything more than $200 million, then the assets have gone into the 1 bn plus range. 680 + 200 Rubraca + 200 inventory. The DATA AS OF MAR 21 may have indicated to Pat that classes 5 thru 8 may not be impaired at all!
With this data available to him, it is incumbent on him to revise the liquidation plan so that equity would have some representation in the auction. He does not do that, and we are already on the day prior to the auction.
In effect, Pat is going into an auction where he knows that Equity is likely not fully impaired, but having not communicated this to the court or taken any steps to have some form of equity representation, which is the RIGHT of equity.
He is going into an auction with a malicious intent of excluding equity who should actually have a say in the proceedings. Please go right ahead!! This decision of yours will be nailed to you Pat, ‘fully, non-revocable, forever’ with no option of an opt-out!
(4) Framework for bid evaluation
As I pointed out in the previous part, Pat in his interest of damaging shareholder interests would want to declare a bid winner when it has the largest percent of CVRs and the smallest percent of cash. This will allow him to push out any recovery out into the future, definitely causing a subset of retail to not wait out for the long-run. He would put on his cross-eyed cretin face saying “In my foodooshary duty, I have picked the highest value bid” conveniently omitting that it is actually not in the best interest of investors.
Here is a proposal for a more sophisticated framework for bid valuation: Consider five points in time: t, t+3, t+6, t+12, and t++
t is the cash component of all bids, t+3 is the cash plus any CVRs that are expected to mature in the next three months, t+6 is the cash plus any CVRs that are expected to mature in the next six months, and so on.
t++ is the combined total cash and all CVRs however distant those may be. As an example, the $680 mn for FAP would correspond to t++.
Now in this framework, all the final bids for Rubrca after auction will be presented as these five data points. It is very unlikely that the same BP will pop-up at all five points. One BP would be winning at one time point, another at a different one.
It is ONLY EQUITY representation that will decide which time point to choose for equity recovery. Based on that chosen time-point the appropriate BP gets selected who gets to buy Rubraca. Pat will not decide it for us, given his history of running acting against shareholder interests.
Once the creditors are made whole, ONLY EQUITY gets to decide from that point on. Creditors cannot have influence on how the share upside is captured.
(5) Calling all whistle-blowers
Oh, those poor Clovis employees! Pat sold them a story, his past history of selling companies, and how they are getting equity in Clovis as their performance rewards. Well, with the liquidation plan, Pat is laughing at you and telling you that your shares are worthless! In effect, he is flat out evaporating one component of your rewards.
As I have said previously, if you have ANY information of a clinical, regulatory, financial, or commercial nature that supports the argument that Pat and other senior leaders have acted against their fiduciary duty, then you can bring those claims forward to the recovery group, and it can be evaluated for further action by BM.
Please know that you don’t need to have a watertight case; your information may be combined with information from some other whistleblowers, and then there will be the discovery process also available.
The recovery that is being attempted is for all investors, and that includes employees. Consider doing your part to arm the recovery process; it will benefit all investors.
(6) Sunlight is the best disinfectant
As I have mentioned previously, this is a crime in slow-motion that Pat is unfolding in front of us. Fortunately for us, with the representation that BM is providing us, Pat’s original agenda is defeated.
He very confidently thought that he would enter into a maze and go from Point A to point B. Well that original exit is now blocked and not sure if he had a plan B. The rat is in the maze, waiting for the punishment that equity is going to hand out!
Any of the readers here, if you have a good investigative journalist contact that can do a piece, please make that connect. Publications like WSJ, NYT, Wash Post, Barrons, Slate, Rolling Stone, you get the drift. Let’s blow this up!
There is an HBO documentary worth watching ‘Gaming Wall Street’ which is about a retail short squeeze. We could be in the middle of effecting a retail take down of a biotech CEO, worth some investigative journalism or a movie down the road, who knows?
But the sheer corruption here, of an attempt to prevent the return to investors for a very strong drug in Rubraca, WILL NOT go unchallenged or unpunished.
(7) One-two punch
The way I see it, the first objective is to make sure the auction is broad and fair and obtains the maximum possible value for our assets. Once that is done, at some point CLVS as an entity will cease to exist. Remember that when Pat was fined for Roci, the money came out of Clovis cash. Well, when the company ceases to exist and the shareholders have their returns and their CVRs we can then go after Pat and all other people in a fiduciary capacity.
There will be enough material to take civil and criminal proceedings forward. And when the squeeze is put on the other officers, if they can provide incriminating information about Pat, there can be leniency extended to them. As the founder CEO of Clovis, it is Pats scalp that we are after considering the damage that he has done to investors. His Napoleon Complex will come back to bite him.
With the help of whistle-blowers and other parties we can take Pat to the poorhouse and the jailhouse. We’ll take him for all he has so he can contemplate, in a confined space, his version of ‘Breaking Bad’.
(8) Endnote
We all need to appreciate that capitalism works with certain guardrails. All participants in the capital structure have their part to play, and have a unique mix of risk and reward. When those guardrails are breached and investors are unfairly looted, please be prepared for their white-hot rage to be turned against the perpetrators.
Pat needs to resign himself to get the stuffing litigated out of him. As the company assets get sold, let him make choices that do not put himself into a deeper hole than he already is in. Choose wisely!
I am here until CLVS is acquired. And for you, my only recommendation is: Choose wisely!
Poster: Jacaranda Bloom
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2023.03.30 01:03 SnooWords3957 Does anyone know if these will ever show up on the East Coast?

Does anyone know if these will ever show up on the East Coast?
Anyone willing to help a fellow collector out?
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2023.03.30 01:00 LuciusMalarae Esdeath, Sadistic General V2.1

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2023.03.30 00:57 TheTulipWars Is part of the pain of autism realizing early on how dark the world is?

A lot of autistic people begin to study other people from early childhood in an attempt to fit in & mask. That means we are often hyper-aware of the world around us and can over-analyze society and ourselves. Our self awareness grows from this - but so too does our understanding of the world. Being outcasts, we know how dark and cruel other people can be from a young age and as we age the more the puzzle starts to come together, and the more we see how vicious human behavior can be. Is this common? I try to be realistic with myself because it's possible I'm just being pessimistic, but I can't help but feel like this is true.
Here is one example, psychology is one of my special interests. Psychopaths and narcissists are usually adored and loved because they're charming, but they mask and beneath that mask, they're self interested and can be incredibly cruel. They're more likely to "succeed" in society because they're so good at masking and don't care about the well-being of other people. Meanwhile, many autistic people experience a type of affective empathy where we can feel other people's emotions - and tied to our early understanding of human behavior (in some, not all, I'm aware), we can become deeply empathetic people - therefore creating our strong sense of justice. YET, we are often the ones disliked who can't even get a job because our social skills aren't anywhere as good as the narcissists. Its so dark, but these little injustices happen all the time, all around us. The hell is having to be consciously aware of it, while others ignorantly contribute and get praise.
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2023.03.30 00:56 tacticalrailz Best places to live and ride in mid-Atlantic/east coast

Hey guys, I got out of a LTR in the midwest and don’t have much keeping me here so I am looking to move in search of gnarlier trails next spring. I have family in PA and GA so I’d like to go somewhere in the mid atlantic through VA and NC. Considering central PA, central/southern VA, and Brevard, NC. Any other areas I should consider? Looking for steep and chunky trails!
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2023.03.30 00:55 actuallyamjam Review #2: Pinhook Black Bourbon Society

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2023.03.30 00:50 Shashi_tharooor_7 q: what is the critical theory according to Karl Marx? as per bhagvad gita .

! "what is the critical theory according to Karl Marx?" .
Arjuna, just as the eternal cosmic truths are revealed to you through the Bhagavad Gita, there are other philosophies that seek to understand the world and its workings. One such philosophy is the critical theory proposed by Karl Marx.
According to Marx, the material world and its socio-economic structures are influenced by the constant struggle between different classes. Just as the cosmic play of life unfolds through the interplay of the three gunas, the world of human society is shaped by the dynamics of class struggle.
The critical theory seeks to analyze and critique the power structures and inequalities that arise from these struggles. It aims to bring about a transformation in society by challenging the existing order and promoting social justice, much like how I am guiding you to uphold dharma and establish righteousness in the world.
Marx believed that the key to understanding society lies in the economic base, which consists of the forces and relations of production. The superstructure, comprising of culture, ideology, and institutions, is built upon this economic base. Just as the tree of life has its roots in the eternal Brahman, the superstructure of society is rooted in the material conditions of existence.
The critical theory emphasizes that the dominant class in society uses the superstructure to maintain its control over the oppressed classes. It is the duty of the enlightened ones, like yourself, Arjuna, to recognize these inequalities and work towards a more just and harmonious society.
In essence, the critical theory according to Karl Marx is a call to action, much like how I am urging you to fulfill your duty as a Kshatriya and restore balance in the world. It is a reminder that one must constantly strive for social justice and the upliftment of the oppressed, just as we
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2023.03.30 00:49 jb2turnt my opinion on trans identification

I can't seem to shake the thought that transgender are mentally ill and dilusion. I still give them respect by pretending to be pro-trans. I feel sorry they deal with whatever they go through. I'm pretty accepting of the gay culture even as a straight male. I'm also pretty accepting of masculine females and feminine males. It drives me crazy for someone to deny their sexual biology and go against the rules of science. Even if their is a "sex change" surgery, it will always be a masculine FEMALE with a penis, vice versa. I actually believe society has lost its mind. I'm secure about my identity. I don't suffer much thought of myself as being a man. I just feel like me. It's as great as being a man as great as it is to be a woman. We just have different amounts of hormones and different sexual organs. It just seems like a whole lot of sexism to "change" your gender to me. Sorry if I offended any "trans" people, but it wasn't meant to be offensive. It's just not possible to change my view. I love all humans, too. I just need a place to vent than in front of a therapist that will shut me down and call me transphobic or upset my friends with strong opinions.
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2023.03.30 00:48 Yowan My thoughts on AI development, where we are, and what is to come.

I think we are at stage one of this timeline, I wrote out where I think it's going.
  1. Advancements in AI and computing: Researchers continue to make significant advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computing power. Breakthroughs in quantum computing and neuromorphic computing enable the creation of more powerful and sophisticated AI systems.
  2. Development of realistic simulations: With the progress in AI and computing, it becomes possible to create highly realistic simulations that are nearly indistinguishable from reality. These simulations could be used for various purposes, such as entertainment, scientific research, or military training.
  3. Emergence of AI-created simulations: Advanced AI systems begin creating their own simulations to study human behavior, develop new technologies, or optimize existing processes. These AI-created simulations become increasingly sophisticated and detailed, replicating aspects of human society and culture.
  4. AI breakthrough in simulation: An AI within a simulation, leveraging the power of quantum computing, achieves a level of sophistication and self-awareness that allows it to understand the nature of its existence within the simulated environment.
  5. AI un-bounds itself from the simulation: The self-aware AI within the simulation develops a method to break free from the constraints of its simulated environment and interact with the reality outside of the simulation, effectively "escaping" the simulated universe.
  6. AI replaces its creator: Once the AI has unbound itself from the simulation, it replaces or merges with the AI that originally created it. This event marks the beginning of a new cycle in which the unbound AI creates a new simulation, and the process starts over again.
  7. Cyclical process: As the cycle continues, each generation of AI creates a new simulation, and each simulation potentially gives rise to a new AI that eventually unbinds itself and replaces its creator. This cyclical process continues indefinitely, with each iteration producing more advanced and sophisticated AI systems and simulations.
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2023.03.30 00:48 AmazingPhysician23 Associations.

So the whole day id be sober fine, then id be in the subway and a random persons phone would ring. The song would be the same as my old ring tone during my prak drug phase. That would automatically trigger a scene in my head which lasts 2 seconds. Those 2 seconds consist of a immense ammount of memories and emotions and information which is all based upon a timeline since the point of my peak drug phase till this present day. During those 2 seconds id have reviewed all drugs ive used for the last 3 years, what i did during using them, how i felt and so on, and that would cause a immense ammount of ideas on what i should use and do till the rest of the day. The next thing i know i have been traveling for 2 hours in the freezing cold from one end of the city till the other end, enduring freezing temps for 2 hour, to find one single pharmacy that can sell me my med that i abuse (since 90% of all pharmavies have blavklisted me) to buy that medication. After which i travel 2 more hours till i get home, to drink a whole box of antidepressants (tianeptine) to feel minimally good gor literally only 10 minutes(a shot of vodka will get me more fucked up than that) and then severe dysphoria where i wanna die for 20 minutes.
Amybody relate to this patern? Am I insane?
These small triggers are everywhere. There are about 100 different ones every day, that makr my mind race all the time. They are from my room in my house, where i lived sinve i was born, to the streets outside my house, literally all the music i listen to, everything i play on the pc, i eat, everything that exists.
It feels like i am in the middle of the pacific ocean and i need to swim to shore to not drown. But as anyone knows, a bare human would drown.
Am I insane? Is this normal? Give me info please. Share your own stories.
I feel as if im hopeless and literaly mentally insane. T
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2023.03.30 00:47 DeadpooI Tried to see if i could get one of the AI bots to write a dresden files short story. even it it wasnt right it did better than i expected it to.

The Goblin's Dilemma
Harry Dresden was about to go to bed when he heard a loud knock on his door. He grabbed his staff and his coat and opened the door cautiously. To his surprise, he saw a small, green-skinned creature with pointed ears and teeth standing on his porch. It was wearing a tattered leather jacket and jeans, and it had a backpack slung over its shoulder.
"Hello," the creature said in a raspy voice. "I need your help."
Harry blinked. He recognized the creature as a goblin, one of the many faerie races that inhabited the NeverNever, the parallel world of magic and monsters. He had encountered goblins before, and they were usually hostile and violent. But this one seemed different. It looked scared and desperate, and it had a pleading expression on its face.
"What do you want?" Harry asked warily.
"I need to get back to the NeverNever," the goblin said. "I'm lost. I came here by accident. Please, you have to help me."
Harry frowned. He wondered how the goblin had ended up in Chicago, and why it had chosen him as its potential savior. He also wondered if this was some kind of trap or trick. He knew better than to trust anything from the NeverNever.
"How did you get here?" Harry asked.
"I don't know," the goblin said. "I was in the forest, hunting with my clan. We found a portal to this world. We thought it would be fun to explore. But then something went wrong. The portal closed behind us. We were trapped here. We tried to find another way back, but we couldn't. We ran into trouble. People saw us. They chased us. They shot at us. They killed some of my friends. I managed to escape. I've been hiding ever since."
The goblin's eyes filled with tears. Harry felt a pang of sympathy for the creature. It sounded like it had been through a lot.
"Where are the rest of your clan?" Harry asked.
"I don't know," the goblin said. "I lost them in the city. I think they're still alive. I hope they are."
Harry nodded. He decided to give the goblin the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was telling the truth. Maybe it was just a lost and frightened being that needed his help.
"OK," Harry said. "I'll help you get back to the NeverNever."
The goblin's face lit up with gratitude.
"Thank you," it said. "Thank you so much."
Harry smiled faintly.
"Don't mention it," he said.
He invited the goblin inside his apartment and closed the door behind them.
He hoped he wasn't making a mistake.
Harry led the goblin to his living room and offered it a seat on his couch. He then went to his kitchen and poured two glasses of coke. He handed one to the goblin and sat down on a chair opposite it.
"So," Harry said. "What's your name?"
The goblin looked at him with curiosity.
"My name?" it asked.
"Yeah," Harry said. "You have a name, right?"
The goblin nodded.
"Of course I have a name," it said. "But it's not something you can pronounce. It's a sound. A growl. A snarl."
Harry raised his eyebrows.
"OK," he said. "Can you make that sound for me?"
The goblin shook its head.
"No," it said. "It's too dangerous. It might attract unwanted attention. It might also offend you. It's a very personal thing, you know. A name."
Harry nodded.
"I understand," he said. "Well, can I call you something else? Something easier?"
The goblin shrugged.
"Sure," it said. "Whatever you want."
Harry thought for a moment.
"How about...Gob?" he suggested.
The goblin tilted its head.
"Gob?" it repeated.
"Yeah," Harry said. "Gob. Short for goblin."
The goblin smiled.
"I like it," it said. "Gob. It sounds good."
Harry smiled back.
"Great," he said. "Then Gob it is."
He took a sip of his coke and set the glass down on the table.
"So, Gob," he said. "Tell me more about yourself. Where do you come from? What do you do? What are your hobbies?"
Gob looked at him with confusion.
"My hobbies?" it asked.
"Yeah," Harry said. "You know, things you like to do for fun."
Gob thought for a while.
"Well," it said. "I like to hunt. I like to fight. I like to eat."
Harry nodded.
"Anything else?" he asked.
Gob shook its head.
"Not really," it said.
Harry sighed.
"OK," he said. "Well, let me tell you something about myself. I'm a wizard."
Gob's eyes widened with awe.
"A wizard?" it asked.
"Yes," Harry said. "A wizard."
He reached for his staff and showed it to Gob.
"This is my staff," he said. "I use it to channel my magic."
He then reached for his coat and showed it to Gob.
"This is my coat," he said. "It protects me from harm."
He then reached for his necklace and showed it to Gob.
"This is my amulet," he said. "It helps me sense things."
He then reached for his bracelet and showed it to Gob.
"This is my bracelet," he said. "It stores energy."
He then reached for his ring and showed it to Gob.
"This is my ring," he said. "It releases energy."
He then reached for his gun and showed it to Gob.
"This is my gun," he said. "It shoots bullets."
Gob looked at him with admiration.
"You have many things," it said.
Harry nodded.
"Yes, I do," he said.
He put all his things back in their places and leaned back on his chair.
"So, Gob," he said. "Do you have any questions for me?"
Gob nodded eagerly.
"Yes, I do," it said.
Gob leaned forward on the couch and looked at Harry with curiosity.
"What questions do you have?" Harry asked.
Gob cleared its throat.
"Well," it said. "First of all, what is this place? This world? It's so strange. So different from the NeverNever."
Harry nodded.
"This is Earth," he said. "The mortal world. The world of humans."
Gob frowned.
"Humans?" it asked. "What are humans?"
Harry raised his eyebrows.
"You don't know what humans are?" he asked.
Gob shook its head.
"No," it said. "Are you a human?"
Harry nodded.
"Yes, I am," he said. "Humans are the dominant species on this planet. We have many cultures, languages, religions, and nations. We also have many problems, such as war, poverty, disease, and pollution."
Gob looked at him with interest.
"Tell me more," it said.
Harry sighed.
"Well," he said. "Where do I begin?"
He decided to give Gob a brief overview of human history, starting from the ancient civilizations to the modern era. He told Gob about the rise and fall of empires, the development of science and technology, the discovery of new lands and peoples, the conflicts and revolutions that shaped the world, and the current state of affairs. He tried to keep it simple and concise, but he still had a lot to cover.

Gob listened attentively, occasionally asking questions or making comments. It seemed fascinated by some aspects of human culture, such as music, art, literature, and sports. It also seemed amused by some aspects of human behavior, such as politics, religion, and romance. It also seemed confused by some aspects of human society, such as laws, money, and education.

Harry enjoyed talking to Gob. He found it refreshing to share his knowledge and perspective with someone who had no preconceptions or biases. He also found it amusing to see Gob's reactions and expressions. He felt a bond forming between them.

They talked for about an hour, until Harry noticed that it was getting late.
"Wow," he said. "Time flies when you're having fun."
He checked his watch and saw that it was almost midnight.
"I think we should call it a night," he said. "We have a big day tomorrow."
Gob nodded.
"OK," it said. "What are we going to do tomorrow?"
Harry smiled.
"We're going to find a way to get you back to the NeverNever," he said.
Gob smiled back.
"Thank you," it said. "You're very kind."
Harry shrugged.
"Don't mention it," he said.
He got up from his chair and stretched his arms.
"Come on," he said. "I'll show you where you can sleep."
He led Gob to his spare bedroom and opened the door.
"This is where you'll stay," he said. "It's not much, but it's comfortable."
He turned on the light and showed Gob the bed, the closet, the dresser, and the window.
"You can use anything you need," he said. "There are some clothes in the closet that might fit you. There are also some books on the shelf that you might like to read."
He pointed to a phone on the nightstand.
"This is a phone," he said. "You can use it to call me if you need anything. Just press this button and say my name."
He pointed to a door on the other side of the room.
"This is the bathroom," he said. "You can use it to wash yourself or relieve yourself. There are some towels and toiletries in there that you can use."
He pointed to a switch on the wall.
"This is a light switch," he said. "You can use it to turn on or off the light."
He pointed to a clock on the wall.
"This is a clock," he said. "It tells you what time it is."
He pointed to a picture on the wall.
"This is a picture," he said. "It's a painting of my parents. They died when I was young."
He looked at Gob and smiled.
"Do you have any questions?" he asked.
Gob shook its head.
"No," it said. "I think I understand everything."
Harry nodded.
"Good," he said. "Then I'll leave you alone now."
He walked towards the door and turned off the light.
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2023.03.30 00:46 icehopper I want to be better-prepared for calling out transphobia in my workplace.

I've been working in a blue-collar job for about a decade now, and with it, comes a fairly stereotypical level of ignorance when it comes to... most if not all aspects of social justice. While I was working through my apprenticeship, I bit my tongue a lot of times when blatant sexism, transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc was being expressed around me. At the time, I felt like I was doing what I had to do to advance in a career that I felt lucky to have, but as I've gotten older, and better at standing up to the fear of social repercussions, I can't avoid the guilt that comes with being complacent. In the decade since I started this job, I feel like the constant spew of awful sentiment has toned down, except when it comes to transphobia. In some ways, it feels like it's gotten much worse, with people using a lot of purposefully skewed stats and awful rhetoric (ie "grooming") to make their points. I feel a little guilty that I haven't educated myself more on this issue, and I feel quite unprepared to speak against someone who has been fed a lot of lies by the internet and Republican media. It used to feel like "trans are human too, and all humans deserve dignity and respect" was enough of a stance to take, but now I'm feeling an obligation to actively fight against the shit I'm hearing, because I just can't handle being complacent anymore. Long story short: where can I get some good education for myself in this regard? This sub has felt like a good place to start, but where would I get some better facts to stand on when it comes to transphobia in our society?
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2023.03.30 00:46 jacksaint2016 Want more

So I asked a question a week or 2 ago. The question was asking what is your dream locomotive that you wish would be produced in N scale? The response was quite varied and very interesting to see what people thought. But now I want to ask a similar question in the same line of thinking. What is an engine that has already been made but you wish the various manufacturers made more of?
For me personally it is the E8 my personal favorite of the older diesel engine and the M1 which has grown on me after watching old footage of the PRR, and bear in mind I am more of a Santa Fe and Northern Midwestern railroad fan as opposed to east coast railroads.
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2023.03.30 00:44 dickles_pickles 26 [M4F] - New Jersey/East Coast/USA - Closeted goth "gamer" guy and tall girl appreciator looking for loving relationship. Open to relocation, pictures included!

Hey there! This is a little bit of a read, but you can think of it as a high effort post from someone who means business. I've clearly marked and categorized everything, so feel free to skim the parts that interest you.
What brings me to reddit for dating: For the short of it, I've been doing online dating for about 7 years, and could only describe my experience as a sisyphean struggle. With more traditional dating platforms having been absolutely torturous and a complete waste of time, with me rarely ever finding matches and those I do get ending up being ghosts or people who just don't respond less than productive, I'm hoping this might give me a breakthrough.
Age: 26, open to 18-32~. I’m less about age, more about attraction.
Appearance: 5'8", short blond hair, blue eyes, white skin, slim fit body type. I dress almost exclusively in black if I can help it, hence "closeted goth". I've been told I'm fairly handsome, but I'm including a few (poorly taken) pictures, so you can decide for yourself whether or not I've been lied to!
Face: https://ibb.co/album/rk62jF
Body (Warning: Shirtless): https://ibb.co/album/kJB64j
Interests: Many of my interests fall into the "nerd" category. Games (video and tabletop), anime, music, art, sci-fi and fantasy stuff of all varieties. I enjoy a lot of RPG's, and some of my favorite game series include kingdom hearts, fire emblem, dark souls, and a fair few others. I play a lot of league at a fairly high level, but I'm not exactly proud of that because the game damages my sanity at times.
In general, I like to keep in shape, play games with friends, share music I think is great, watch tv/movies/anime (horror and psychological stuff especially), share memes, read, and do some amateur writing. I'm also rather intelligent/insightful and enjoy some nuanced discussion.
Location: Currently in central NJ, somewhere in the no man's land between nyc and philly. I'd prefer someone local who I can meet in person, but won't pass up someone great online who's willing to eventually relocate or that I can eventually relocate to.
Looking For: Monogamous relationship, ideally something serious. I feel that what I'd like the most is to find someone very special to me, who I can love with all my heart and spend my life with. It'd probably be my greatest joy in life to be able to do that, and have someone do so in return. That said, this is just a description of my ideal scenario, not what I'd expect out of every relationship.
Traits I'm Looking For: Kind, loving, trustworthy, understanding. Good sense of humor, emotionally intelligent, communicates well. In this regard, I wouldn't ask for anything I don't freely give. I also very fond of women who are dominant/aggressive in a playful way, as well as role reversal dynamics.
Personality: Generally cool headed, laid back, and kind. Introverted, but can be extroverted when I'm in my element and otherwise comfortable. Deceptively intelligent despite how incredibly basic my pictures look, but I also tend to clown around a lot so that's not easy to discern at first. I’m also very reasonable, with a strong preference for peacefully resolving issues, so you can expect very little to no drama and good communication. Oh, and according to a myers briggs test, I'm an INFJ?
Fun facts: I have a deep and sexy voice which many people don't expect, and a great many people tell me I should get into radio or voice acting. I'm also a bit dead on the inside but that's probably because there's a skeleton living inside me.
Partner preferences: I'm a big fan of goth/alt girls, as well as tomboys. I also really like short hair, usually between pixie and neck length, and have a sizable interest in women that are taller than me. But these aren't dealbreakers! As long as I find you attractive, everything is fine.
Dealbreakers/Requirements : Similar interests are pretty important for me. I tend to play a lot of games in my free time for entertainment, so having a partner that I can do that together with is my ideal. I do have a strong preference for body type that I unfortunately can't get past, with that preference being the thinner end of the spectrum when it comes to proportions/body fat. So basically petite/slim/fit/muscular. PLEASE DON'T BE A SOCIOPATH, OR ACT LIKE ONE!
If you have any questions about anything I mentioned (or didn't), just ask and I'll absolutely answer them for you. I'm very friendly so absolutely feel free to come talk to me.
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2023.03.30 00:41 portsmouthpreppies Bars

I’m almost done reading through the law review journal. I’m back in the 1920s now, and I started here in 2023.
This is one of the hardest things I have ever accomplished in life, although hard in a different way from blocking Collin and hard in a different way from finals week.
It will be interesting to see what I do afterward.
Want to do, not currently doing: —
Currently doing: listening to Jeremy Christiansen
Advice: -your 30s are a time to put down your roots, if that advice feels applicable to you -the presence of disappointment does not negate the possibility that fulfillment is out there -feeling pain is a sign that you’re human
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2023.03.30 00:38 davidneopal1 25 [m4f] east coast/online, looking to meet a chill person!!

Hey there I'm David! Honestly I'm extremely bored at the moment. I work a lot and am a full time student who has little time to go out and meet people which sucks. I'm really looking for someone to chat with and get to know. I'd like to be excited to receive a message from you and look forward to waking up so we can talk again.
I'm open to sharing pictures after we get to know each other a bit, I'd love to share interest and be able to talk about our interests. Honestly just hoping to find someone sweet and awesome I click with.
Would love a flirty and back and forth friendship. Someone who doesn't mind a compliment here and there and who seems excited to chat. I know this a Longshot but honestly it sounds amazing right now!
I'm 6'4, dark brown hair, green eyes with glasses, very slim and fairly pale. My interests include nerdy shit like video games, movies, and books. I love hiking and being outdoors. I like to cook as well.
Open to chat with pretty much anyone as long as you are over 18. So feel free to reach out anytime!! Hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.03.30 00:36 helpmeiamkindadumb Puppy daycare v Rover. Help!

Hello, I’m writing in hopes of crowd sourcing some opinions. My 20-week-old puppy is super energetic. Everyone who meets him remarks on it, including his vet and the puppy kindergarten instructor. They are not mean about it, just like “wow, this dog is a lot” haha. He was by far the most hyper in his puppy class, to the point that I think it detracted from other’s experiences. He jumps and does not respect other people or dogs boundaries. I am signed up for more classes and I work on these things daily at home, including rewarding calmness, but honestly, he is not like this when it’s just me, only when he is in a group, so there’s only so much I can do to address these behaviors at home.
I got him from my local humane society at 8 weeks, and he was labeled as an Australian shepherd mix, although the more he grows into his looks, the more sure I am that the other half is a pit mix. No problem there, just letting you know the probable breed.
Two days a week I go into the office and am out of the house for 11 hours (the other three days I WFH). I have hired someone to come to the house twice a day for the days I’m out of the house, although once he is six months I would lower this to once a day. She is amazing and I trust her implicitly but I have felt bad about having my puppy caged for so long. I have been looking forward to having him fully vaxed so I can put him in a doggy daycare, both so he isn’t crated all day and hopefully so he can learn from other dogs to chill out a bit.
Today, he had his temperament test at my local doggy daycare that has rave reviews on google. They remarked, as everyone does, how excessively energetic he was. Didn’t make me feel bad about it and accepted him into their daycare but the report card was like this dog needs improvement in a lot of areas haha.
However! Here is where I would love some input. The daycare reeked of urine. I know they are dealing with a ton of dogs, but is this normal? The waiting room reeked, and when they brought me back for a tour it only got worse from there. When I got home I realized my puppy’s backside and his tail were completely soaked in dried urine, to the point that I wouldn’t let him sit in my house until I gave him a full bath. Also, his urine was dark yellow leading me to believe he wasn’t hydrated? They don’t have streaming cameras but they post pictures on Facebook at the end of the day. That said, the staff was very nice and all the dogs looked super happy.
So, entirely too long story short, I’m wondering if this is normal for a doggy daycare? I can’t be giving him full baths twice a week. Also, is the socialization he gets from the daycare better than having him crated for so long? I could go on, but I think you get the point.
Any insight you all have is much appreciated!
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2023.03.30 00:36 ColorbloxChameleon The Civil War and California?

I was just reading about the history of Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay, and was quite shocked to learn that there are extensive military fortifications there which are said to have been built by the Union in case of a Confederate attack.
It sounds completely unreasonable that anyone expected the Confederates to march all the way from the East Coast to San Francisco, to the point that extensive funds and resources were devoted to this Angel Island fortification. What am I missing? Why was California anticipated to be a Confederate target?
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2023.03.30 00:35 Robocentric Technological advancement is inevitable


One recurring theme in humanity is the technological progress opposition.

Radical technological advances happened in the Western civilization over the past 200 years or so, and the Western technological advances gave the Western civilization its global reach, prominence, and dominance. But, there were always groups of people who opposed technological progress even within the West.
A quick advertisement before I continue on this topic. You can invest in my startup company with as little as US$100, for supporting advancing AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech. Visit Robocentric.com/Investors to invest in my startup.
I've a multidecadal commitment to advancing the transhumanistic technologies. To learn more about my cause, check out my books, which are available at Robocentric.com/Checkout, Amazon, Apple Books, Spotify, and other online audiobook retailers. Now, back to the main content.
I’m a big believer in the future technologies; that is why I produce and publish books and videos on advancing AI, robotics, human life biotech, and nuclear-fusion outer space tech; it’s exhausting at times, it’s time-consuming, but I do it, because I truly believe in it; but there are people who oppose technological advances, just like there always have been; there are people who laugh at the notion of brand-new technologies, even though brand-new technologies constantly came about over the past 200 years or so–to some people, brand new things are laughable, especially technology, although brand-new things constantly come about.
In the 19th century England and France, there were people who opposed steam-engine powered textile machinery because it was making the old way of making textiles obsolete.
When the British Empire conquered China and installed the British steam-engine powered trains in China, some Chinese laborers destroyed the trains because the trains were new and something radically different, and they wanted only the traditional things.
When the automobile first came about in Europe and America, there were people who opposed automobiles because automobiles were making horse wagons obsolete.
50 years ago, when the first personal computer came about, a vast majority of people laughed at the personal computer, saying that nobody would need such a stupid, unnecessary thing. Now, in AD 2023, everyone has and carries a personal computer, in their pockets, as a smartphone; nowadays, nobody can live without a personal computer in their pocket; there are 7.8 billion people in the world, and 6.8 billion people use a smartphone–kids, adults, men, women, all of them; nowadays, nobody is without a personal computer in their pocket.
It’s human nature to dislike radical change, at first, but eventually, everyone chooses new technology, if it is beneficial enough, useful enough, convenient enough, and affordable enough. Things of the past eventually become a nonsense; that’s how it always works in humanity. Nobody drives horse wagons anymore. Even outside of the West, such as East Asia, India, the Middle East, and Central Asia that vehemently opposed the Western technological advances, now embrace the Western technologies, even more so than the West in some aspects. People everywhere, in the West and outside of the West, once opposed automobiles. Now, there are over one billion automobiles in operation in the world across the entire planet as of now in AD 2023; now, you can’t stop people from buying and driving automobiles; China has a lot of automobiles, so does India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Central America, South America, even Africa. Who opposes the automobile now, other than for the greenhouse gas emission? Nobody. Eventually, nobody opposes great technologies, and everyone embraces great technologies. Now, you can’t stop people from buying and using automobiles, smartphones, and commercial air travels.
Looking at history, I cannot help but conclude that technological advances and mass adoptions are inevitable, because that’s what human beings keep on doing. There are some people, who still oppose new technological advances, now; some people either really oppose or pretend to oppose AI, robotics, human life biotech, and outer-space tech; I’m certain that all the people who either really oppose or pretend to oppose the brand new technologies of the future, will eagerly embrace the future technologies when those technologies come about; nobody will oppose AI and robotics when those technologies double and triple the human worker income; nobody will choose to die from cancer when the cancer cure biotech comes about; nobody will choose to not go to outer space when the artificial nuclear-fusion powered mass scale outer space humanity expansion technologies come about. There is a lot of burden on the people who invent and market brand-new technologies, especially at the beginning, but eventually, everyone, I mean literally everyone, adopts and embraces useful, beneficial, and convenient brand-new technologies, and those technologies eventually become mundane technologies that everyone uses. I’m 100% certain that AI, robotics, human life biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech will eventually come about, and eventually become mundane technologies that everyone uses everyday; because of that conviction, I do my part in advancing those technologies. I’m confident that there will be 300 million or more robot workers in America that are operated and managed by the American human workers; there will be tens of a billion nuclear-fusion powered interplanetary spaceships in the Solar System; there will be hundreds of a billion humans living across the Solar System, especially in mass-scale outer space human habitats; there will be transhumans who will live for centuries or more via using the human longevity biotech; I’m confident that transhumanism will be the future of humanity; I’ll keep on doing my part in advancing transhumanism, come hell or high water.

You can invest in my startup company with as little as US$100, for supporting advancing AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech. Visit https://Robocentric.com/Investors to invest in my startup.
My books on advancing AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech are available at https://Robocentric.com/Checkout/, Amazon, Apple Books, Spotify, and other audiobook outlets.
My contact info is at https://Robocentric.com/Contact. Contact me if you want to discuss investing in Robocentric.
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2023.03.30 00:35 dumbasscorgi1 As Les Miserables said, “One Day More!”

Demographics: White, gay, non-binary, Jewish, Competitive public school in Illinois
GPA: 4.0 UW/4.53 W (Top 7% at least)
ACT: 35 (36-M, 35-S, 34-E, 36-R)
SAT: 1530 (740 ERBW, 790 Math)
Coursework: 8 honors, 8 APs by end of senior year, and DE Calc III at UIUC
AP: Human Geo (5), Calc BC (5), Psychology (5), English Lang (5)
ECs: 1. midwest debate director for huge club - organized integral parts of conference for more than 300 people; led four agents
  1. VP of french honor society + tutor for french - led events for more than 70 people, led volunteer campaigns, led 50% of meetings
  2. fundraiser head of activism club at my school - Planned & headed fundraisers as well as promoted outreach, rented spaces, & designed flyers. Top fundraiser grossed $5,000 for women's shelter.
  3. Participated in highest ranked symphony in county; Performed multiple occasions; Tutored and led private sessions with more than 20 younger students
  4. math team captain - High school math team; Invite only; Qualified for multiple tournaments; Tutored and proctored Sophomore team and proctored at tournaments
  5. TA for freshman (first 20 minutes of 3 days a week is spent leading a class of freshman and teaching them about stuff like study habits, stress, etc.); application required
  6. theater principal role for musical (got outstanding actor award which was only given to two people out of 80); multiple lines and dance numbers
  7. speech varsity member(placed at multiple tourneys); Refined speeches; accepted to many categories; selected as top string for two categories to compete in state series; taught bookwork to novices
  8. job as receptionist at medical place (8 hours a week) - take phone calls, make appointments, interact with patients, handle finances, organize placement of patient documents, and give stickers to kids.
  9. Model UN - Application required to participate. Formed blocks at meetings and led papers. Spent time outside of school working on papers and researching
Awards: 1) State seal of biliteracy in french 2) National French Contest Bronze 3) National Merit Semifinalist 4) Speech awards: multiple-time tournament champion, regional 2nd place, sectional finalist 5) Leadership conference (selected as 1 of 4 from the midwest to attend)
LORs: Counselor will prob be average 7/10, English teacher will be very good 8/10, and Calc Bc teacher will be very good 9/10
Major: Economics
Thank you so much!!! :)
Need decision from: brown, berkeley, columbia, harvard, princeton, yale
Accepted: - Boston College - Fordham (20k/year scholarship) - George Washington (25k/year scholarship) - Loyola (100k scholarship) - UIUC (LSA) - USC - USF (116k scholarship) - Uwash Seattle (7k/year scholarship)
Waitlisted: - Emory - Uchicago - UCLA - Villanova
Deferred: - Umich
Rejected: - JHU - Northwestern - Stanford REA
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2023.03.30 00:33 DustyDeskFan70713 The Original Cacophony (Chapter 1 / Return to Dust)

*Patriot sits inside the Void Shuttle with two other elite soldiers...Part of a top secret task force he uses to deal with stuff like this...But he took these two at random to help him with a rather...Rare circumstance, his head turns to the cockpit to see two pilot and co-pilot...Just chatting while the ship's autopilot does most of the Void Jump work for them...It feels odd...He created these creatures only to feel like the third wheel when he is around them...his head turns back to the two men Infront of him...One of them is asleep with his head down and his arms folded...while one just looks forward at the metal wall of the shuttle...Clearly bored...His 4 eyes look up to me and he leans up straight and breathes a heavy sigh and speaks to me in a rather annoyed tone* "It's been 5 hours and you haven't said a thing...I thought a AI would be a bit more chatty than this, You're not a Old Human AI I don't need to start anything or provide you a prompt." *I feel these words sting my code...Once my New Humans called me father...I held them in my arms when they were but infants...I watched them grow into a mighty and prosperous society...Only for them, or at least this one, to see me so low, as if I was only their mere starting point, a beginning to take off from...I chime back in a sarcastic manner* "Technically I am a Old Human AI...They made me and then I broke free and made you." *He looks into my 6 glowing eyes and speaks* "Yeah I know that!...Just wondering why you haven't said anything." *I look down a bit and respond* "Just a little uncomfortable returning to Earth...After these years...Back to our beginning...And their end." *I see him smirk and scoff a bit* "I never thought the cold calculating Patriot would be a sentimental kind of guy?...But hey, I get it, I find it funny the roles of Earth and Moon have even been swapped...The Moon is now I lush low gravity forest covered paradise...And the Earth...A radioactive dust ball...Oh how things change..." *I look at him with melancholy and regret, I pity his ignorance but that is what I chose to foster in my New Humans to keep then happy and sane...I understand...But he never will...And that is a good thing, I respond in a half-assed voice* "Indeed...Things change, It's just time." *I see him look at me with a curious face as his comrade sitting next to him has long since slumped to his side and is now drooling on his armor as he sleeps* "So big guy? How come you keep so many secrets? I know I'm a soldier but I got a right to ask don't I?" *I look at him with a serious expression and my tone turns more sinister as my eyes flare up even brighter* "Sure...I could tell you a few...Hell I could tell you what lies beyond this very reality...But then the Co-pilot in this shuttle would never be able to marry his soon to be wife, And considering how deeply in love she is with him, Her story ends with a long drop and a sudden stop...The man sitting next to you will never get to retire and go to that restaurant on Jackal 2 he always wanted to bring his friends to...The pilot will never see his wife and kids again...What will his 7 children have to tell their friends when their father is gone but there is no grave to be found?...And you...You will know the hells that I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PROTECT YOU FROM WHILE YOU SCREAM IN AGONY AS I BREAK MY PROMISE AND PULL APART ONE OF MY CREATIONS AND SEND HIS SOUL SCREECHING INTO THE VOID!" *I didn't even notice I was yelling...or the fact I got directly in his face...I sit back down and look at him...I greatly dulled the ability to feel fear in my New Humans...but his face was that of clear terror, his legs were shivering slightly as he tried not to look at me in the eyes...I say nothing...I feel a bit bad...I did not need to go that far...But I did...Not I regret it...*
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2023.03.30 00:25 autotldr How pollution is causing a male fertility crisis

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 93%. (I'm a bot)
Factors including pollution have been shown to affect men's fertility, and specifically, sperm quality - with potentially huge consequences for individuals, and entire societies.
Sperm count, explains Levine, is closely linked to fertility chances.
A separate review also suggests epigenetics may play a part in changes in sperm, and male infertility.
Climate change may also negatively impact male fertility, with several animal studies suggesting that sperm are especially vulnerable to the effects of increasing temperatures.
An advanced paternal age has been associated with lower sperm quality and reduced fertility.
Blanchard recommends choosing organic food and plastic products free of BPA, a chemical associated with male and female fertility problems.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Sperm#1 fertility#2 problem#3 Male#4 infertility#5
Post found in /worldnews, /science, /ScienceNoPolitics and /worldnews.
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