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2023.06.01 10:01 TheColourOfHeartache In Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, a charachter asks why nobody from their neighbourhood opened a grocery shop before Korean immigrants did so. How much harder would it be for an African American to start a small business in late 1980 Brooklyn compared to a Korean?

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2023.06.01 10:01 Terrible_Basket3919 Tel

Bought this wine when i was in Haifa. Asked in a wine bashop for a little gift. Couldnt find much information online as i cant read hebrew. 100% Cabernet Frank.
The taste notes from what I remember: - painted our tongue and stained our teeth(soil with lot of iron?) -Not a fruit bomb(glad) -Not over the top oaked, really nuanced so i guess it was in french barrel. -Fine spice notes, tobacco -Herbal notes more noticeable than the spice -Some "pencil lead" notes that really added so much and gave it an elegant tone -Good mouth feel and medium to long finish -Tannin was very well integrated, overall very round and complex wine
Cant remember having a 100% Cabernet Frank before but this was a wine that i will remember and would definitely buy again. Everyone liked it except for those that dont drink wine(guess it was lacking fruity, sweet taste)
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2023.06.01 09:52 Puncake_DoubleG09 Funniest Phone conversation today

I serve as an assistant for my bosses and this includes helping customers in any way i can.
Today my boss had to run an errand and i was left in charge of the shop while he was away. A phone call came through and i answered, it went just like this:
Me: “Hello, this is ********* How may I help you today?”
C: “Good afternoon, I wanted a quote on a screen replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S21 as i accidentally cracked the screen.”
Me: “Ok no problem just give me a second.”
C: “Ok not a problem.”
At this point i looked for the pricing on our system and had him on hold.
Me: “Hello?”
C: “Yes i am still here.”
Me: “Ok, for the screen replacement it will be $250.00 and we don’t have the screen in stock but we could order the part and it will arrive on Friday the latest.”
The Customer sat in silence before taking a deep breath and said the following:
C: “Yo ass must be smoking dick!”
I immediately started to crack up because it caught me off guard the way he said and what was said i just couldn’t handle it since he was polite up to the point where he heard the price on the repair. In the years i’ve worked in retail i never once had a customer say this lmao
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2023.06.01 09:48 slutbutt_tgirl69 Being a fleshlight

Hmmm where am I? What happened, how did I get here? tries to move.
Hmmm why are my wrists tied together. Why is my ass sore?
wait why am I gagged? What's around my neck?
The last thing I remember is going to the bar.
Oh fuck I just felt my butthole get probed by something.
Oh shit I can feel something sliding in my ass.
Ugh its going so deep
Oh fuck I can feel them tensing up.
Oh fuck there's so much cum.
Ugh they just left me here.
some time passes
Random girl: is this the tgirl you found? She's cute. Sorry the fleshlight is cute. Hey fleshlight!!!!
Random girl: fleshlights don't talk. And soon you won't be able to.
horrified I try to look up
Random girl : awww the fleshlight doesn't know what's about to happen. Well here's the deal, my partner is going to have some more fun with your ass and before they cum again I'm going to chop your head off fleshlight so they can orgasm from your headless body clenching down on them. Won't that be fun!!!!
she giggles and walks around to my ass probes it
Random girl: mmm the fleshlight has such a cute dumper.
she spanks me with a paddle.
"i try not to cry. But I can't help to let out some pained sounds"
Random girl: aww you haven't felt pain yet. Mmm I can't wait to play with you fleshlight.
I hear the first person making their way towards my ass.
Random girl: Hey fleshlight!!! Check this out!!!
she holds up a basket and places it below my head.
Random girl: normally we'd use this to catch you. But.......
*she pulls the basket away. *
Random girl: I would rather see you fall and hit the ground. Hopefully you bounce a bit too!!!!
*tear's streaming down my face I try to look pleadingly at her. Begging her to let me go. *
Random girl: well now you're not going to get a final orgasm. You should have been a good fleshlight.
*she pulls out a syringe and injects it into my neck. *
Random girl: giggles oooo I can't wait for you to find out what that does. It's going to be so much fun!!!!
??? Fun? What could it possibly do? Shes planning on chopping my head off.
Random girl: are you ready yet????
Random person:
Random girl: mmmm soonnnn fleshlight soon.
I feel the mystery person spread my butt cheeks apart.
Oh fuck they are even harder than before.
My ass is throbing from their dick.
I can feel them thrusting. Oh fuck my ass is getting torn apart. They aren't even trying to be careful. They doesn't care if they tear something. I can feel them tensing up. Oh shit they're about to cum.
In a instant I feel a sharp pain in my neck. I try to scream. But I can't move my mouth. I see the floor coming closer.
I hit the floor and bounce. Fuck that hurt. I roll across the floor and underneath the girl. I try to scream but my mouth won't move. My neck hurts so much. I try to move my arms to rub it. And that's when I realize I can't feel anything below my neck. Omg omg omg omg omg oh fuck my head has just been chopped off. I've been decapitated. I can feel how bloody my neck is. I start crying even more from pain and from the fact that I know I'm just a head now.
The girl I landed under is looking at me with a massive smile. She's reaching down? Oh shit I'm being picked up by my hair. Omg why. It's bad enough I've been beheaded. But why is she picking me up by my hair.
Wait she's turning me around. Oh fuck that's my body over there. My torso is upright and my hands are reaching for my my neck. Oh shit it doesn't know I've been beheaded. Blood is gushing out my bodies neck stump. I don't see the other person anywhere.
She turns me around to face her. She removes the ball gag from my mouth. I try to scream but nothing comes out. I can feel my neck muscles trying. Omg she's laughing at me. Why???
Random girl: hey fleshlight!!! Missing something?
Omg why is she so cruel.
Random girl: you probably think it's almost over but we've got a surprise for you.
??? What??? What could they possibly have in mind? I'm just a head.
I feel her probing my neck stump. Oh fuck that hurts. Oh shit she's fingering my neck stump. Why???
Random girl: aww the fleshlights crying just the way we like them too!!!
Them??? They've done this before??? Why does she keep calling me a fleshlight???
Oh shit I can feel the other persons hands grab me. I'm being lowered down. Oh fuck shes smiling even more now.
Oh fuck I can feel something by my neck hole. Oh shit it's going in. Oh shit it hurts so much!!! Ugh it's going so far in. I open my mouth to scream. But nothing comes out. Wait it's still moving through my neck. I can feel it coming out my mouth. I try to look down. Oh no. That's what she meant by fleshlight.
Random girl: haha oh my fucking god it took you long enough to figure it out. You dumb fleshlight.
Ugh my neck stump is resting against the person., my stump hurts so much.
Wait what is she doing? Oh shit the other person is turning around. Why??? Oh shit she's going towards my body. Why??? Oh nooo...... She's pressing her crotch against my bodies neck stump. Whyyy? I can feel the other person start to move me up and down their shaft. She's going to fuck my bodies neck stump while I get used as a fleshlight???? Wait no she moving towards my ass.
Random girl: fuck..... you wrecked this thing.
Wait why is the person moving towards my body? Ugh they are pressing against my neck stump. Mmmmph they just shoved their dick into it. Fuck they are fucking bother my neck stumps at once. Worse yet I can see the random girl fucking my ass.
I can't watch!!! I try to shut my eyes. But I can still hear the sounds of my body being violated. Eventually the random person pulls out. I can see the random girl looking extremely satisfied. My head falls to the floor again with a thud.
I lay there sobbing, hoping this nightmare will end.
Everything is starting to get blurry.
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2023.06.01 09:47 Round-Bad6836 Gf of five years slept with “best friend”

My girlfriend and best friend slept with each other and now i feel like a fool. But let me start from the beginning of this episode. I was in a bad car accident in late February. Fell asleep at the wheel of the vehicle and went right into a tree. My girlfriend heard it all, for I was on the phone with her when all of this happened. The crash. Me calling out her name right before the crash. EVERYTHING. When found, I was found with my eye out of socket, a broken knee, a horrible head gash, and a popped out of place pelvis. Spent the next month and a half in the hospital with my girlfriend by my side. She was there (most of the time to keep me company) and apparently she is the only one who could calm me down and tell me what to do while hyped up on pain pills and being delusional. On to when I finally get to come back home. Im on a walker. Still have stitches in my head and just feel horrible. Can’t walk, can’t do anything. But at least I have my boo by my side. One week out of the hospital. I see she’s not near me; she’s being distant. (Not home) I can’t walk. I can barely do anything for myself. But I would try to find a way to stretch and move to get food. During this recovery period, her and my best friend started hanging out a ton. Two people who were crying for me not to die. Laid up with each other while I’m stuck inside barely able to move. I seen she was not feeling me much. So I suggested if she’s not feeling me. To break up with me. Don’t stay out of pity because I can’t walk, and going through a brain injury. I honestly did not expect her to leave. She said yes to break up. And I just lost it. Begging and pleading for her not to leave. The only thing I have in this world. My last five years totally. Didn’t even take a selfie without her in it. Well they hung out a lot. I asked if they were having sex. They both denied. I was acting a little crazy because mind you they both live 3 minutes from me. I pass his house while going to work. And her house also. They are on the main streets out of the neighborhood. Her car was there everyday. Every night. His car at her house. Every now and then. So naturally I ask if they were fucking. “No, do you think I would do you like that?” Making me the bad person. Like I’m wrong for asking these questions; says basically both of them. Fast forward January the next year and I talk to my ex. Under one condition. That y’all did not have sex. She said no. She even pinky promised me. I go through her phone. And find otherwise. They were sex buddies. And how he was going crazy seeing her with me while she has been coming over quite a bit. And he can pass my house too. He sees her car here. I feel so dumb and naive for believing her. But I honestly love her. But I can’t trust anything said now. They still text and call each other honey and baby. While she is laid up with me on most days and nights but will go to him and probably cuddle or whatever on some nights too. Swearing she not having sex with him. And that she is not manipulating me. He’s A friend. My head is so messed up. What does Reddit have to say ? Did i forget to mention, I got her every gift that year. Even though we were broken up. Anniversary, birthday, Christmas. Just cause flowers. And I didn’t receive anything. She complained of money problems and how my gifts will come “soon” I feel played and I wanna smack them both and tell them that it was low down and dirty. Gf says “people heal differently” and he was just a nut, but his messages of wanting her and him saying he’s going crazy seeing her at my house. Tells me other wise. I just texted him to see if he is man enough to tell me now. Since she won’t say. Even though I haven’t spoken to him in a year. Ex and I are supposed to talk about it tomorrow. But what do I really want to know? Just to get some details and be hurt all over regain?
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2023.06.01 09:46 MagnusJakobsson After drinking for 15 years and being a complete alcoholic my brain got rewired so I quit drinking overnight. Over 2,5 years sober now and will never drink again.

Wrote this on my Facebook when I passed one year alcohol free (now 2,5) , thought I'd share it here also for those that might need it.
Last year during a dinner with two of my closest friends, was the moment when I finally realized what a slave to alcohol I was.
I sat there with two people I love to death, and I hated every second of it.
Because we weren't drinking...
The entire evening was unbearable to me.
I felt so uncomfortable, unease, and couldn't for the life of me relax or stop checking my phone.
Even during a moment with two people I love, the situation was completely insufferable for me, with a constant internal nagging for a drink that would never stop.
"We can have just one drink tonight and then call it a day, so we don't fuck up all day tomorrow."
Sure. I don't know how many times I've heard that before.
The voice inside my head would "reason with me like a lawyer and then stab me in the back as soon as it got the chance." / Steven Pressfield
It would never be just one drink.
After the first, there was always a much better argument for the second.
And if I opened that door and got started with the first one, it was impossible to stop. I'd continue alone long after everybody else and most likely the next day as well. We both knew that.
The whole fight was about letting the first one in. Whoever won that round would win the battle of the day.
And until I took the first, the arguments would hit me from every angle imaginable and tell me ANYTHING to get started.
"Just one drink won't hurt."
"You have worked really hard lately, so you deserve to relax and enjoy yourself."
"You'll feel much better after a vodka shot."
"Imagine how good it would taste with a vodka diet coke right now."
"It doesn't have to be so boring here. You can have a drink right now and feel better within seconds."
"They have happy hour on this drink, so you can save 10€ on it."
"If you drink, you can probably get the number from that girl over there."
And on and on and on…
If this didn't work, it would show me fun memories I've had when I was drunk and how I could have the same now if I just took… one drink, which could be mine in an instant…
After hours of arguing and fighting "it", I would eventually get worn down and completely exhaust myself with no more energy to fight it. (Roy Baumeister talks about this in his book Willpower)
That's sometimes when I would get started, it was just a question of time…
It would never give up and stop trying.
From the outset, It probably looked like I just sat there miserable and hated everything. I might even have been considered anti-social, shy, or even insecure, or that I just didn't like talking to people when I was sober.
Internally, I was battling the darkness inside my head with everything I had.
Looking back at most social situations over the last couple of years, that's what happened every single time.
I hated all social occasions and couldn't for the life of me be anything other than absolutely miserable.
Even at a simple Christmas with my family, small birthday parties, or hangouts with only my closest friends were hell to go through for me.
My brain wouldn't let me enjoy them.
I couldn't do it without alcohol it was impossible.
By making me feel miserable, uncomfortable and hating every second of being sober - it would increase the likelihood of me drinking again. Because I'd want it more.
It knew exactly what it was doing. It was all part of the plan.
It's brilliant and absolutely terrifying. Because I'm so NOT in control anymore. The poison is consuming my brain from the inside and making my entire life dark, grey and miserable without any meaning to anything.
The only time I'll feel good and be happy, is when I'm consuming alcohol.
It's not just a belief or a mindset anymore. It's now who I am as a person down in the deepest level and the core of my entire personality.
Here's how it was making me feel inside:
Unless I'm drinking - I'm worthlessUnless I'm drinking - My friends don't like meUnless I'm drinking - girls are not interested and I shouldn't even try talking to themUnless I'm drinking - I can't have fun or enjoy any social situationUnless I'm drinking - I'm not charismatic or able to "let myself go" (I won't have access to that fun and outgoing personality)Unless I'm drinking - I always feel like something is missing.
And there was no escape from it. I was trapped living like this day in and day out. Drinking was always the solution to everything.
No matter how much I drank, how drunk I got, or how bad the poison was making my body feel...
I always wanted more.
The worst part of it is that it didn't matter what I did to try and feel better.
It didn't matter if I exercised, did a fun activity, ate healthily, took supplements, spent time in the sun, had sex, or did anything else to boost my dopamine, serotonin, or oxytocin.
It hit me on such a deep level that NOTHING I did would make me feel any better… I felt so incredibly powerless.
I don't know exactly when it got this bad, and I went from just being a party guy to becoming an alcoholic.
But I know it's entirely self-made, and it was a gradual step-by-step process that came from more than a decade of severe alcohol abuse, one drink at the time.
It started so subtly, I turned 18 in 2004 and I just wanted to go out and party and have fun with my friends. It's what Swedish people do. Drinking is heavily integrated into our culture and is something you do once you become an adult.
Fast forward to 2016 I can remember that I felt great and strong mentally. I was happy and optimistic all the time and had no problems going to social events or situations sober and be confident and happy.
One year later in 2017 I quit going out and was mostly drinking at home once a week or a couple of times a month. The glamour of alcohol was long gone, and now I was just consuming it out of habit.
I was even sober for 116 days without alcohol that year. But the damage had already been done. During my sober period, I can clearly remember that I hated socializing and couldn't wait for this period to be over.
In other words, nothing had internally changed. I was still an alcoholic who just happened to be able to resist it longer that time.
I kept telling myself I had it under control because I was only drinking once a week, a couple of times a month or could have a break at any time.
But it was what I needed to hear to rationalize it. I'd say anything to fool myself and not face the obvious truth.
On top of that...
From 2017-2019 I was battling depression, alcoholism, loneliness, struggling financially, and tried to run a business - all at the same time for about 2 years.
I also managed to crash my dad's 60th surprise dinner in March 2019.
My dad is and will forever be my hero.
He's such a kindhearted, selfless and straight-out great man towards everyone.
Still... On his 60th birthday at his surprise dinner, I turned into a drunk monster and more or less crashed the whole thing.
I didn't mean for that to happen and I actually never thought I could do that, especially to him whom I admire and love so much.
But I did.
And I will forever be remembered and associated on his 60th birthday for how I more or less ruined it.
Once again, I'm sorry dad, it was never my intention. I was in a very dark place then. And it might have been like you said "a cry for help", I don't know. Still, no excuses. I accept everything I did that day and I'm truly sorry.
It's the darkest period of my entire life and the only escape from the situation was drinking. It was something that could make me think of something else, or feel something else for a moment.
But it was always short-lived. It would make me feel good for about 4 hours only to make me feel absolutely terrible for 5 days, at least.
My hangovers have always been bad, even since I was 18 I have had to spend the whole next day in bed.
Fun fact: At the age of 33 I had spent more than ONE YEAR in bed, being hungover. Must be some kind of accomplishment?
15 years later in 2018 they became unbearable and turned life into a living hell.
One evening of drinking would result in me being completely exhausted in bed all day, the next with anxiety and a big feeling of emptiness inside me. Then for the next four days, the mental torture would start with overwhelming anxiety, suicidal thoughts, severe depression, and a complete meaninglessness of everything in life.
It's like living in a dark cloud for 4 days where there is no point in doing anything. Everything was meaningless and nothing I did would give any joy.
If I drank on a Saturday I'd feel okay again mentally on Thursday evening. I could time it with a watch.
Nothing would get me out of it. I tried everything.
Or there was one thing that always worked, that would instantly remove the anxiety and make me feel better immediately…
A drink.
One zip of alcohol would make me feel absolutely amazing right away. Almost like my brain got reactivated again in the area that generates positive emotions.
Even after a night of drinking and I'm completely destroyed, I would still crave alcohol over food and water the next day, even if it was the one thing that would make the whole situation worse.
Every single hangover was a battle, and I lost it more times than I can count because I couldn't stand the absolute hell in the days that followed (which would of course only reset the clock for another 4 days of mental torture to actually feel good again, and make the next hangover even worse).
And of course I didn't tell anyone how I felt or what I was dealing with.
My ex-girlfriend was the only person that knew how bad it really was. I don't think I would have made it through this without her enormous strength, love, and constant support.
But I even pulled away or closed myself off to her.
Sometimes I would mistakenly let my guard down and openly showcase how much pain I was in.
For a second, there was a window where you could see how much pain I was in, a moment behind the mask when I wasn't pretending.
But of course, I told her I was fine and didn't let her in.
Men don't talk about their feelings or show any weakness to anyone ever, even to their partners.
Feelings are something you bury as deep as you can and never speak about.
So why am I dropping this bomb out of the blue today?
Because today it's 1 year (now 2,5) since I quit drinking alcohol forever, and I became happier than I have been since I was a kid.
Because I have already lost 4 friends who were depressed, abused drugs or alcohol and eventually took their own lives.
And last year I lost another friend in an accident.
He texted me just a few weeks before he died out of the blue.
He said "he was good".
I mean, of course he did… What else would a depressed person say?
But I have a feeling he wasn't feeling okay and I should've asked more about it.
But I didn't and will never be able to.
It's so heartbreaking. We're losing these amazing human beings much too soon.
And my loved ones don't know how close the darkness was to take me down as well. Alcohol poisoned my entire brain and made me want to kill myself just to get rid of it.
That's what it does to you over time.
I truly understand my friends and other people who took their own lives, because I was right there on the edge also.
One step away from not being here today. (Making it 6 total close encounters with death so far)
In fact, thinking about committing suicide gave me a deep sense of relief and a way to make the pain stop.
I could imagine it and truly wish for it to happen.
"Imagine… to not be in pain anymore"
I can end it.
And the thought of going through with it felt amazing.
A gigantic sense of relief.
"But it's so selfish, think about your loved ones." Yes, but if every day is torture for you, then eventually you just wish for the pain to stop. That's all you want.
Not saying it's right, but it's understandable.
My point is this...
You never know who's dealing with depression, alcoholism, mental health or worse... is thinking about taking their own lives.
I have done my best to try and give you the brutal honest truth of the hell I went through during this time and what was really happening inside my mind.
It is really dark and absolutely terrifying, I know.
But do you want to know the scariest thing about this?
What me, my dead friends, and many other people who committed suicide all share together...
We (men especially) would rather kill ourselves than talk about our problems and reveal how we really feel.
We'd rather hide in the shadows than to tell our loved ones that we're going through something difficult.
That's why I have decided to step into the light and share this with you today. Regardless of how hard it is for me to write this, how it will make me look, or what people will say about me from this point onwards.
You don't understand how difficult this has been to write. I broke down crying right after publishing it and couldn't believe what I just did.
I'm an introvert who likes to be alone, and I hate to be in the center of attention. I have had problems opening up and expressing my feelings my entire life.
All year I have been dreading this day and tried to find the courage to finally start sharing my story.
For one reason only:
Because I believe it can help others who are going through what I did.
Getting help to beating my alcoholism is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life because of how deep in its grip it had me and how it affected my entire mental state deep down in my core.
I was absolutely terrified of letting go of alcohol and become a person that could somehow exist without it.
My whole identity was wrapped around this thing, and it's all I have ever known since I was 18.
Who would I even be without it?
Alcohol kills 3 million people a year and many others commit suicide rather than getting help.
And it's breaking my heart.
During my darkest times I never asked for help or spoke to anyone about it, because I didn't know how to do it as I have never opened up and talked about my feelings.
At the same time, I didn't want to bother anyone with it. Not even my loved ones.
In fact, I'd lie to them if they asked me how I was doing and knew exactly how I could maneuver the conversation away from the topic and into something else, so I didn't have to talk about it.
So I kept fighting it alone.
But after a few years I got so tired of being unhappy living every single day in darkness that it left me with only two choices:
I can't take this anymore.
Ether I get help, or I'm going to kill myself. There is no other ending to this.
And that's ultimately how I overcame it.
I got help.
I tried something called Ayahuasca.
What is Ayahuasca? Ayahuasca is a South American (pan-Amazonian) psychoactive brew used both socially and as ceremonial spiritual medicine among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin.
Here's what Healthline describes it as:
"May help treat addiction, anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, and PTSD. Some research suggests that Ayahuasca may benefit those with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and addiction disorders"
You can read more on Wikipedia if you are interested.
Long story short…
It's the best thing I have ever done and nothing short of a miracle. I still can't believe it worked as well as it did.
My deep unquenching thirst to drink and the voice inside my head that had such a deep grip on me for over 15 years disappeared permanently overnight along with my depression!
I instantly became happier, stronger, and more confident than I have been in years (Plus many other things that I might share with you some other time.)
I have visited many restaurants, bars and been around plenty of drunk people over the past 2 years.
What used to be a constant nag for a drink in my head is just now complete silence without any pull whatsoever to alcohol.
Gone. Permanently. Overnight.
How is that even possible? It's a miracle.
My friends instantly noticed my transformation as well.
"You have never looked better. You look 10 years younger"
"Before you were always miserable. Now you seem so cool, calm and collected"
"You never used to make jokes unless you were drinking"
Yeah, I didn't have access to that "charismatic personality" without alcohol. I couldn't even make jokes unless I had a drink. Read that sentence again. I got locked out of my own brain somehow and wasn't allowed to be charismatic.
It's insane.
So if you're currently feeling like shit because you:
Then listen to me very carefully when I say this.
It's not your fault.
It's the addiction inside you that that makes you want to drink.
It's not you.
You can notice this if you look within yourself and see if alcohol is controlling you, and not the other way around.
The voice inside your head will tell you the exact opposite though and that "you can stop drinking at any time", or that "you have it under control".
In fact, it will tell you anything to keep you from looking at it objectively and realize you have a drinking problem.
I used to absolutely hate myself and beat myself up over how weak I was who couldn't even resist a simple thing like the urge to drink:
"Why can't you stop after 2 drinks like everyone else".
"Why can't you stay sober for once"
"How hard can it be to just not drink?"
Well freaking impossible. Because of how badly it hijacks your brain and tells you everything you wanna hear.
But I had absolutely 0 understanding or compassion for what I was going through or that I was an alcoholic.
In fact, beating my alcoholism is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life because of how deep in its grip it had me, and how badly it affected my entire mental state deep down in my core.
I was absolutely terrified of letting go of alcohol and become a person that could somehow exist without it.
My whole identity was wrapped around this thing, and it's all I have ever known since I was 18.
I didn't even know who I would be without alcohol in my life.
It was my way to finally overcome it for good and it can be the same for you.
And let me be clear, I'm not suggesting that you must do Ayahuasca to stop drinking, but that you find the way that works best for you.
Whether that means talking to your parents, a friend, a therapist, or share a post on reddit... it doesn't matter.
Whatever works best for you.
But I promise you that you have a family who loves you that would glady help you to carry your burden and take some of your load off, if you'd just let them.
They are often more understanding, loving and helpful than you could've ever imagined.
As long as do just do something and decide to get some kind of support to help you.
Because you don't need to fight it alone.
You are already brave to have found your way to this stop drinking group.
So give yourself a pat on the back because you've already taking one action towards beating your alcohol habits.
As long as your heart is still beating, you can overcome it and come out happier, stronger, healthier and have a better life than you've ever had.
The only thing I want to end this book post with is this...
I'm just so incredibly happy and grateful that I can enjoy life again without alcohol. It literally brings tears of joy to my eyes sometimes when I think about it because I can't believe that I'm actually free of alcohol and will never drink again.
So now I want to share what I know and do what I can to help others do the same.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
Best of luck to you on your sober journey!
PS: If you are curious to know how good or bad your relationship to alcohol is, here is a very simple test you can do to find out exactly where you stand:
Go to an environment where you normally drink (party, bar or restaurant) where other people are consuming alcohol around you, and don't drink any alcohol for the first 60 minutes of arriving.
Set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes and just socialize sober. Then pay close attention to what's happening inside of your body and mind.
How are you feeling? Are you still able to relax, feel good and enjoy the moment? Or are you feeling bored, uncomfortable, and not able to "let yourself go"?
What are your thoughts telling you? Remember, it will say anything to get what it wants.
Can you even let 30 minutes pass without you having to constantly check your phone for how much time is left on the clock before you can drink?
Be honest with yourself. You are the only one who can know the truth.
**sorry for repost / update for community guidelines**
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2023.06.01 09:45 Misstish94 Murder trilogies.

I don’t know how to explain it so I will try my best. I will have a dream about murdering person A. I will have a few dreams in between the murder before I have another dream which picks up where the other left off, ish and normally has to do with people realizing I am probably the individual who committed the murder. I will then have a dream about murdering person B. A few dreams will go by and I will murder person C. The next dream will pick up from the murder of person B, again, normally in the investigation portion of the murder. I have already had a set of dreams for the murder of, let’s just call them, person 1, which has reached a conclusion where I end up in prison. I have not had a single dream about this, since it has reached a conclusion where I am in prison.
This doesn’t just happen with dreams pertaining to me murdering somebody, but for some reason this has been a common theme lately. My dreams occur in sequence or chronological order and in my dreams I always remember the last one and where I left off, like putting a VHS back in after you stopped at 3/4 of the way through. Some nights if I wake up and go back to bed, my dreams will just resume where they left off and if they don’t resume where they left off, they will resume in the same dream universe where the same things are happening if that makes sense.
I’ve never really tried to make sense of then as I’ve always had really odd dreams. Most people call them nightmares, but I’ve been having them since I was so young they don’t bother me.
Honestly, I don’t think there’s really any sense to be made. I just wanted to tell someone about these dreams because they genuinely fascinate me.
Do you experience some thing similar? I’d love to talk about it with people.
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2023.06.01 09:39 Ordinary_Homework550 What set up would you use for custom carpet business?

Hey everybody! What set up would you use for custom carpet business to target just Czechia?
Would you use adv + shop campaign, broad targeting and dynamic creatives and let Facebook do the work? When I tried this before, the cost per result was about 4x than when I targeted specific interest groups and didn’t allow dynamic creatives… Would this number get a lot lower over time when Facebook learns from the data?
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2023.06.01 09:36 MilkweedStars Oc’s for my FNAF inspired thingy bc I’m getting my FANF phase back-

Oc’s for my FNAF inspired thingy bc I’m getting my FANF phase back-
Dead girl: Autumn (She/Her)
Security Guard: Annabelle (She/Her)
Dead but evil woman: [email protected] {Name is hidden for some reason..} (She/Her)
Tall, creepy ass animatronic: Ghost (It/Itself)
Black haired animatronic: Jester (Any pronouns)
White haired animatronic: Void (Any pronouns)
{Note: Never relate Ghost to a individual person, it has done…horrible things..}
Heres some fun facts but some aren’t so fun:
•You see Milkweed here, which means that it in her planet (Planet Ursa).
•Ghost has done traumatizing things to adults and children, don’t sympathize it.
•Jester and Void act like siblings sometimes-
[email protected] killed Annabelle’s kid (Autumn)
•Annabelle works at the place to look for her daughter because she’s in denial that she’s dead (she also doesn’t know that she has died-).
[email protected] is the definition of “I support women’s rights and women’s wrongs” as she did some amazing things but again, killed Annabelle’s child.
•Jester is the crazy one in the band, it don’t know how to control themself-
•Void zones out when Jester is doing it’s shenanigans as they don’t want to even interact with them.
•These are inspired by weird core shit, that’s why it cute and creepy mixed to it’s traumatizing.
[email protected] will never get redemption, she is evil just for the fun. She didn’t care about unaliving Autumn as she then hid the body in Void, which made a horrible smell come from Void. The restaurant closed not even a month after its opening.
•Do you know who killed [email protected]??? It was Ghost, you would probably expect Void since Autumn’s soul is in her but no, it was Ghost. Why? It has teeth, sharp teeth, and bit [email protected]’s head. That’s why her complete head doesn’t show, she lost her mind (literally)
•I will make nightmare versions of them and Victor will have nightmares of them 😍👍
•These aren’t my first time making FNAF inspired animatronics and storylines, I’ve done some in the past but I don’t want to talk about that-
•Annabelle works as a security guard there btw, and she doesn’t die lol-
•No one knows why Ghost bit [email protected]’s head, it’s literally a lifeless animatronic, it got no reason to bite its owner’s head off. Though, it might be that it fell on [email protected]’s head and bit it off….she still deserved it tho-
•Last one, Autumn doesn’t have her antlers bc she was killed before she could grow them.
That’s all, now to make the nightmare versions of them as my slots in Gacha Club are full 🥰🥰🥰👍👍
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2023.06.01 09:33 yagirlbmoney TE and curly hair, products and styling recommendations?

I've been dealing with TE for 2 months now. Before this I had long, thick, curly hair.
Without something to hold the curl, my hair tends to be pretty flat and frizzy. And TE has my hair looking dull and lifeless. Using mouse or curl cremes left my hair feeling sticky and seemed to be doing more harm than good, so I haven't been using any products other than It's A 10 (leave in conditioner) and hair oil to help fight frizz.
I miss my curls but I don't know what products to use anymore. I'm afraid to use any kind of heat styling or even non-heat styling as I've been trying to be extremely gentle with my hair.
Is it okay to use heat on TE hair? What about those bendy no heat hair curlers? Any products I can be using to style my hair?
Open to any tips and recommendations. Thanks in advance!
submitted by yagirlbmoney to TelogenEffluvium [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 09:24 RoutineConcentrate91 hey i need help

hey i need help
so i pre purchased the ultimate edition but when i check on the battlenet game luncher it says expected release on 6/6/23 why is this? am i not getting the 4 days early?
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2023.06.01 09:21 ImANuckleChut The feelings of guilt from defending myself years ago are starting to come back

TL;DR - A homeless man threatened me with a knife and I feel guilty for beating him to a pulp.
Years and years ago I (32M) used to live in a larger city and would go hang out at the gas station cattycorner from my house late at night when I couldn't sleep (I've always had insomnia) and talk to my now girlfriend's brother when he was working (I met him when he worked there long before her and I got together). Fountain drinks were usually less than a buck, so I'd get a few drinks and stay up talking to him late at night before having to go home, grab my stuff, and head off to high school or just go home and sleep if it was the weekend.
This story took place when I was about 16/17ish. I was planning on heading to the gas station, so I got dressed and grabbed this wooden nightstick I had before heading off. I've always been super paranoid of other people, and at that time I wasn't very strong, so I used to carry this police baton on me and kept it tucked in my belt against my back whenever I went out at night, whether it was a nightly excursion or just for a quick drink run and back to the house.
To get to the gas station you had to leave the back of my house and hop the fence before making a sharp turn to walk through an alleyway. There would be a drug store on your right as you walked towards the main road, and diagonally from that drug store across the street would be the gas station. The walk there was uneventful that night. It was spring and kinda chilly, but just an uneventful walk there.
I stood with my girlfriend's brother and talked with him for a few hours. Some people came and went, but we mostly just stood around shooting the shit while he did his gas station attendant duties. I had (I think) three bucks on me and that was it. Around 2 in the morning I decided to get a final drink before I walked home, so I refilled my cup, paid for it, and started the less-than-five-minute walk home.
This is where the story starts. I was walking through the alleyway back to my house. It was quiet like the walk there, with no car noises from the roads, no random cats or other animals, just the hum of the lights from the store. However, when I approached the end of the alleyway I looked to my left and saw this man sitting on the ground leaning back against the dumpster. He was slouched against it, but his head was drooped down and looked like he was sleeping. It was weird because, when I left the house around 10, there wasn't a sign of anyone around and he CERTAINLY wasn't there before.
I got nervous as I went walking past, but I kept looking at him until I was about level with him. He then rolled his head back (NOT just moved his head to look at me, but he ROLLED it along his shoulder and looked at me with his neck bent at an angle) and looked at me and I just about shit a brick. I slowed down a little bit and almost stopped from how bad this dude spooked me, but I tried to not show it by giving him a "sup" nod and saying "Sup?"
He looks at me and goes "Hey man, y'all got any money?" I shook my head and said "No, I spent the last of it on my drink here" and pointed to my cup. He then pushes himself up from the ground. He was a few inches taller than I am, about 5'10" to 6 foot, his clothes were all dirty but not holey or raggedy looking, and his hair was all matted and dirty and stringy looking. He started walking towards me and he yelled "Gimme your fuckin' money". I started backing up a little bit and I told him "I swear I don't have any money on me, man".
I couldn't run toward the end of the alley. I could see it, but I fucked my position up so now my back was facing toward the fence that separated our yard from the alley. It was a tall, wooden plank fence and there was no way in Hell I could have climbed that without him grabbing me. He just kept walking towards me and I was still locked up in fear. That's when he pulled a busted steak knife out of his pants and pointed it at me. He yelled at me again "I SAID GIVE ME YOUR FUCKIN' MONEY!" I'm not really sure how I was able to, given how pants-shittingly terrified I was, but I hatched this plan in my head. My soda was in my left hand. As he was walking towards me with the busted steak knife, my right was slowly making its way to the handle of my nightstick. I don't know if he saw it or thought I was reaching for my wallet or what, but I death-gripped the handle in my palm and chucked my soda at him.
Thankfully the soda cup made contact with his face/chest/chin/SOMETHING and splattered all over him and blinded him. The next part was kind of a blur, but somehow I whipped my nightstick out and busted him in the side of the head with it as he was wiping the Diet Mountain Dew out of his eyes. He crumpled to the ground and dropped his weapon (which I could now clearly see was a busted steak knife in the light of the parking lot), but he kept trying to get back up and I was terrified he was going to hurt me if he did, so I just stood over him with the nightstick and just wailed him repeatedly. Any opened part I could reach, I'd hit it. I don't know how many times I hit him, I don't know how long I hit him for, but I do remember busting his head a few times, busting his hands and arms and shoulders and elbows, I think smacked him in the ribs a few times... I don't know how long I stood over him and beat the shit out of him, but I know I was tired and drenched in sweat when I finally stopped... And he wasn't moving. He was breathing, but he wasn't moving.
I don't remember running and jumping the fence back into my yard, nor do I really remember much of getting back into my room, but I know when I got back upstairs I locked my bedroom door, I was soaked in sweat, I was shaking really bad, I was hyperventilating, and I didn't realize it at the time but I clearly pissed my pants out of fear. I couldn't sleep well for weeks after it. Every time I'd close my eyes I'd just see his angry face screaming at me for money and him waving that knife at me. At that moment I thought I killed this guy and now I thought the cops were going to come after me, but nothing ever really came of it. No dead body in a parking lot, no cops, no follow-up in the news, nothing. When I did sleep, I had nightmares about it for months and I didn't leave the house at night for a long, long, long time.
I could justify everything in that moment. It was all from a place of primal fear. I really thought he was going to hurt me or kill me. I should have just given him what little pocket change I did have (it was somewhere between a nickel and thirty cents, I really don't remember how much but it wasn't a lot at all). I should have just ran away. Maybe if I just hit him with my soda to blind him and took off... I don't know. It was either me or him, and I guess I decided I didn't want to be gutted in a CVS alleyway. Thanks to him I've been even more paranoid of people, especially at night, and I refuse to leave my house unless I'm armed. Recently the memory resurfaced and that guilt I'd felt when I was a teenager came welling up again and thought I should come to confess.
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2023.06.01 09:18 http_freakinweirdo I'm so disappointed

This started as a comment on another post but I just have so much to say I decided to make it a whole post
It feels like she just doesn't give a shit about her audience anymore and just uses us as cash grabs. Before you take your pitchforks out let me explain.
1) Her merch prices are INSANE, and they can't even handle their fucking orders, like genuinely how fucking hard can it be to ship orders first that came first, people still not getting their pre-ordered stuff and they still keep selling more and putting new stuff on the shop.
2) They can't even produce that absolutely overpriced merch (and I pre-ordered a box set, don't get me wrong, when the stuff dropped before everything went wrong that could go wrong I was absolutely fine paying too much for a shirt and CD) to THEIR OWN STANDARDS, the difference between the two layer and moth shirt and their pictures on the store were so huge that they couldn't just ignore it, but instead of Melanie actually fucking opening her mouth and apologizing to us they just switched the picture for a pic of the lower quality shirts that people were receiving. The people who were scammed with this bullshit can't even get a fucking refund????? Which I'm pretty sure is illegal.
3) The fucking bloodshot vinyls???? I get that the coloring is different and okay, if some people don't have any "blood" in their vinyls and that was the only problem it would be fine-ish but with all the other things AND the fact that some of them just play fucking fall out boy?! People ordered Portals not a fall out boy album, now idk if you got refunds or could send them back to get new ones, but I'm just assuming you couldn't because why the fuck could you do that, people getting their money's worth clearly isn't important to her anymore, only that we stuff her pockets (my opinion)
4) The rushed concert, now I wasn't there so I can only go on what people said. I just don't understand how these tickets can be double the cost of her K-12 tour tickets and people who were on both tours say the quality of the K-12 tour was way higher, she sang a few songs from crybaby - yes, I know she said she wouldn't sing any now, I'm just comparing the two- and the VIP package had actual wearable merch. Now she just rushed through portals, some people even said light shower was SPED UP (wtf?), and the VIP package that was posted here was just embarrassing, a cheap ass keychain, a signed poster and a tote bag which wasn't even an exclusive design. No one seems to have received their promised digital part of the VIP package. I get it, she doesn't want to be perceived, but that doesn't mean that we should get less for our money's worth.
5) Them not saying anything about any of this. I'm just so fucking disappointed, again I get that they don't want to be in public, but they are a public figure and when her team fucks up it's her job to say something about it and apologize to us. And I can already see the comments of people going "omg you are so ungrateful" grateful for what? What is there to be grateful for? She is an artist, she is a performer, we pay her money to perform, she isn't doing us a favor with free shows or anything. We don't owe her gratitude and at this point the only feeling I have towards them is deep disappointment, I've listened to their stuff since crybaby and they were always my safety, their music was something I could always turn to, I've looked up to her my whole life (that I can remember at least) and I'm just so deeply sad that she just doesn't seem to give a single shit about us anymore. What happened to "art don't sell" with these ridiculous prices and next to no quality?
Thank you for coming to my TED talk😭
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2023.06.01 09:16 wassernaime I think my marriage is over

My (34F) husband (36M) and I have been together for about 13 years, we have a 14 year old son from one of his previous relationships and a 2 year old daughter. To me it seems that after getting pregnant and quitting my job he stopped respecting me or maybe he never really did and I just didn't really pick up on it until then. He tends to blame it on our different backgrounds. He's a white dude from divorced family and I am Mexican from a Catholic family, I am not a practicing Catholic. I buy less and less into his theory. We live in an area that has a lot of field mice outside so there's a tendency for one or two to break in every year. I am very determined not to let this happen, especially with an infant in the house. He tends to mock me about this, " Oh, you are just afraid of small little mouse" I have to beg him to help with traps and its just no big deal, I've found out in the past he's seen them in the basement and just ignored them for weeks until I finally saw one and all he said was "Damn, you found Stuart Little". He's gotten better about helping me with this but every time I start talking about mouse proofing the house before major temp shifts he just starts smirking and I call him out on it he just starts talking about how differently we were raised. Our home was built in the 60s and they are very sturdy homes but in the last five years 3 houses next to ours have burned down so I've developed some anxiety around this. We have an old wood burning stove in the living room he has a tendency of sitting in front of and falling asleep with it open and the embers crackle onto the wood floor. So when he does this I tend to not sleep so I can close it when he passes out which has gotten old quick and he started doing this more when he's upset about something with me. The last straw was trying to go grocery shopping and leaving him with my daughter for 2 hours only to come home to find him passed out drunk and her running around the house by herself. Later finding out he took her by the trails by our house while he was drinking and at some point exchanging phone numbers with some of the junkies that hang around there. I don't have a support system there, my family lives in Houston almost 1000 miles away and if I could have left that night I would have. The only reason I didn't is because of our 14 year old, this was at the end of April and he was still in school and I was his only way to get around. So I told my husband as soon as he was out for the summer I was leaving, that I needed to clear my head. He eventually agreed and promising that he would go to therapy, quit drinking and go to AA, I don't believe any of it at this point. Kept saying he doesn't want to lose his family, okay. Everything has been pretty calm the last month, he's been pretty consistent with me and the kids. Then the day before my flight I can tell something is off, he seems anxious and I get it he doesn't want me to leave but I let it be. At one point he tells my son they should go on a walk so I could pack and get the fuck out of there. Which was like dude what the hell? That's pretty aggressive, he immediately apologized. My 2 year old daughter is the only one coming with me to Houston so I'm trying to let them hangout and they had been outside for a while and as I am packing I just hear her crying non stop for about 5 minutes straight and when I look at the clock I realize it's past her naptime so I go outside I see him and my son pulling out their dirt bikes and I ask what they are doing and to bring her inside so I can put her down for a nap. I went back inside trying to get the bed ready but he never brings her in. So I go outside and my son is standing there alone and I ask him where his sister is and he tells me with his dad. I asked with your dad where? And he said with my dad on his bike. I lost my shit. I walked down the driveway as he was pulling up with my daughter and I just kept screaming what the fuck is wrong with you?! I took my daughter from him and I punched him twice in the face. He told me to get the fuck out of his house, I went back in the house to try to calm down my daughter, after about 5 minutes he went into the room and I told him to get out, he punched the door over and over and looked at me and said "that's how I was raised" I just picked up my daughter my purse my keys, got her in her carseat and left. I parked around the corner and called my son and he walked up the street and we left. I ended up dropping off my son at his nana's house and driving around for while my daughter slept. He eventually called me crying saying that we were just raised differently and however true that may be this will never be okay. You took my 2 year old daughter on a dirt bike, she was in shorts, tanktop, crocs and no helmet, through a neighborhood. I know it wasn't at slow speeds because he's on our ring camera with her, whoever raised you to think this was okay raised you fucking wrong, I don't care anymore. We talked calmly, I was able to go back home finish packing and got to Houston safely. I am still struggling to process everything and I honestly believe he thinks we can get past this but I don't think I can ever go back. I am just so angry.
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2023.06.01 09:11 duallytransit Specifically Aussie question

G'day all.
I've recently bought a 10ton Pantech from Queensland, with a national heavy rego.
Nothing has been done yet about change of ownership.
It's currently in the shop getting it's Victorian rwc items fixed and certificate.
The rego is up next week.
What is the best method of getting it into my name from here? Do I let the rego lapse then go to VicRoads and register it here starting anew? It's a motorhome conversion, Vic based, so no immediate needs to go interstate.
Or do I pay the rego acting as oldmate I bought it from (using his licence number) and only change the ownership of it using said rwc and signed forms when I get the truck back?
Or any other methods. Haven't done anything like this before, hell, had to get my truck licence 2 days before flying up to drive it back. So I'm all very new to this.
Cheers lads
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2023.06.01 09:01 AzureLaneMod Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (06/01)

Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (06/01)
Welcome to the Daily Question Megathread!
Here you can ask questions/seek advice about Azur Lane, help each other and grow together!
Helpful Resources
Azur Lane Wiki
Azur Lane Official English Twitter
Azur Lane Community Discord Server
Azur Lane Official English Discord Server
English Community Tier List (PVE Tier list, New player guide, PvP fleets)
Nerezza's Gameplay Help Picture Guides (Gear Tier list, Shops and Crafting priority)


  • JP players can bind via binding code or Twitter account.
  • EN players can bind via Twitter account, Facebook account or Yostar account. Recommended to use Yostar Account due to uncertainty with Twitter and Facebook. These options are in Settings.
  • Use at least one account bind option; use multiple if you want to be safe.
  • If your device is lost, damaged, or a game update breaks the app and forces you to reinstall you could permanently lose your account.
  • EN accounts are easiest to recover with an account bind; make sure to bind your account in the settings and only use the login screen binding buttons to reconnect your account.
  • Using the login screen buttons without a bound account will create a new account for you and effectively erase your progress with no way of recovering it outside of contacting customer support. JUST DO IT.
  • Make sure you are selecting the correct server and method of binding when using a new device.
NOTE: It's also a good idea to remember your server and take a screenshot of your Profile Page so that customer support has an easier time recovering your account.

Detailed In-depth FAQ can be found in here.

Please read through it first before asking a question in here as the FAQ covers lots of topics.

Other Megathreads
Weekly Lounge Megathread
Guild Recruitment Megathread VI
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2023.06.01 09:00 aPoliteCanadian 2023 Themed Painting Contest - Four Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Details inside! Sponsored by Duncan Rhodes Paint Academy and Two Thin Coats Paint

The 2023 Themed painting contest has now begun, and you have until July 31st to paint your minis! Read on for more details, and please read the stickied FAQ comments before asking questions.


Duncan Rhodes Paint Academy and Two Thin Coats Paint
At the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy they have one simple aim. To give you the skills to paint any miniature you want. They believe that anyone can paint and get a result that they are happy with. The only thing it requires is patience and someone to point you in the right direction.
With a plethora of free tutorials on their Youtube channel plus members only videos and their Two Thin Coats line of paints, you’ll be painting in no time!

Guest Judges

Along with some of the contest organizers, we try to have talented artists join as guest judges. Please say hello and give a big thanks to our guest judges for this contest:


This contest will have a theme that you should aim to have your piece fit in some way. That theme is:
Four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air
Your piece should embody one or more of these four elements in some way. How exactly is up to you!
During the community vote, entries will be scored on Theme. Any entries that score below the average overall Theme score will not be able to continue as a finalist, regardless of how high it scores in other areas. After finalists are decided, the judges will not rate Theme.
Part of the challenge of this contest is interpreting this theme. For that reason, unpainted entries and final submissions will be accepted with no comment or regard to if it is on Theme or not. Contest organizers will not answer questions on if something is or is not on theme.


There are three skill levels covering five categories. You may only have one entry for this contest, which means you can only enter one category. You cannot enter both the small and large categories.
  • Beginner - Small format
  • Beginner - Large format
  • Intermediate - Small format
  • Intermediate - Large format
  • Advanced - Both Small and Large format
Skill Levels
Examples of each skill level can be found below:
The skill categories are based on general skill level and no techniques are restricted to a specific category. This means Beginner and Intermediate entries are welcome to try advanced techniques such as non-metallic metal (NMM), object sourced lighting (OSL), or any other technique that might be considered “advanced”. This also means they are not required at any level (even if they are more likely to be used at higher skill levels).
Small format and Large format
General size details are listed below. Please see the stickied FAQ comment for more details about small and large if you still have questions.
Small format: this is for entries that are essentially a single character. Either one character, one character on a mount (like a horse or motorcycle), one character with some smaller secondary characters/creatures (eg. animals, few smaller secondary characters, a corpse, etc).
Small format pieces are usually on more traditional bases, like a simple flat base, a display plinth, or even no base at all. Small format pieces can also include some more elaborate bases or diorama elements if you would like, but it is not required and a very large/elaborate display base/diorama may move you into the Large category.
See the below album for some examples that fit the Small format:
Large format: this is for larger single figure pieces, entries that feature multiple characters of the same size, or more complex/larger scale dioramas or displays. Large format also includes busts.
The Large format category is not for a unit of single figures on separate bases. If you are painting multiple figures, they need to all be on a single display base or diorama.
See the below album for some examples that fit the Large format:
Enter whichever skill and size category that you feel your work most closely matches the examples of. Do your best to enter the correct category, but know there is no punishment if you accidentally enter the wrong one and we move you later on.
Organizers have final say on which submissions will end up in which skill and size category. At any point during the contest before the community vote, the organizers reserve the right to move entries to a different skill and/or size category if they feel the entry is miscategorized (even accidentally). Only your final contest piece will be considered while doing this, and not any previous work. When you submit your final piece, you will have the option to opt out of being moved to a lower skill level, but you cannot opt out of being moved to a higher skill level or a different size category.
Special thanks to everyone who gave us permission to use all of the above examples for the skill and size category examples!


To enter this contest, you need to fill out the form below before the end of July 17th:
This entry form includes a section to submit your unpainted entry picture(s). Unpainted entry pictures must include the following clearly visible and not be edited/photoshopped in:
  • Your Reddit username
  • The date (any standard date formats is ok)
  • The word “surprise”
  • Your chosen unpainted mini(s)
Here are some examples of unpainted entries that would and would not be accepted:
Entry pictures need to be posted to minipainting using the post flair “Unpainted Contest Entry”.
If you need more than one picture for your unpainted entry, like if you have multiple minis in a large entry, please make a gallery post that includes all your images and not make separate posts for each image. When you make this post, automod will send you a message explaining what to do next!
Entry pictures do not need to include the base, basing materials, or extra bits you might add during the painting process, but everything in your piece should be painted during the contest, base included. It is also fine if you add a few extra bits to your piece during the painting period that were not in your original unpainted entry. Adding simple bits like pouches, weapons, or a simple headswap are fine, but your unpainted entry picture should represent about 90% of what your final piece will be.
Do not use pre-painted/pre-finished bases or minis. Everything in your final painted entry must be painted during the contest, after you have made your unpainted entry.
“Unpainted” is not completely literal, and there is some flexibility in what your unpainted entry can be (including primed, based, etc). See the stickied FAQ comments for what “unpainted” actually means!
Note: Banned users cannot enter this contest

Rubric and how entries will be rated

The full rubric for this painting contest can be found here:
This rubric will be used for both the community vote, as well as by the judge panel when rating the finalists.
During the community vote, entries will receive a total score made up of four parts:
  • Composition
  • Execution
  • Palette
  • Theme
The five entries in each category that receive the highest total score during the community vote will advance as finalists to be rated by our panel of judges. During the final judging period, finalists will not be rated on Theme.

Final submissions

Final submissions will begin being accepted on July 18th and end on July 31st at 11:59 pm/23:59 PST. If you did not submit an unpainted entry that was accepted, you cannot submit a final painted piece.
Once final submissions open, a new announcement will be made with links to the final submission form for your final pictures along with full final submission details. You do not need to timestamp these images, or include your username/surprise. If you finish early, take your pictures and hold onto them until July 18th!
Final submission requirements:
  • Must be posted to minipainting with the “Four Elements: Final Submission” flair (this flair will become available on July 18th)
  • Must not be posted to minipainting before July 18th (WIP posts are fine before this date, as well as posting final images to other social media platforms or subreddits)
  • Must include a picture of your entry from the front*
  • Must include a picture of your entry from the back*
  • Must include one picture of your entry next to a standard bottle or pot of hobby paint (ie. vallejo, citadel, army painter, etc) or a ruler for scale placed vertically next to your mini
*If it makes more sense to photograph your mini from the left and right sides instead of the front and back, you may use those angles instead. The important thing is we see as much of your mini as possible.
The paint pot/bottle may be included in either the front or back photos, or be a separate photo.
You may include more pictures if you would like, but you must include the above at minimum.
Final submissions cannot include misleading lighting, filters, image editing (beyond basic coloulevel adjustments), AI adjustments, etc.
Once your final submission is accepted, you cannot change or update it in any way. Make sure your piece is finished and your pictures are good before you submit it! Links to submit your finished piece will be included in a new announcement post on July 18th. Remember not to post your final pieces to minipainting before this date.
The first picture in your gallery will be used as the preview image during the community and judge voting. You cannot request another image be used instead, so make sure to arrange your images correctly when you post your gallery.

The Community vote and finalist judging

From August 6-12, the community will be able to vote on all the finished submissions to determine the top five finalists in each category. An announcement post will be made when this starts that will include a link to the voting survey.
Voting will be open to all members of minipainting, even if you did not enter the contest. In this survey you will rate each entry (with a rubric provided to explain the rating system), and the entries with the highest overall score will go on as finalists. This process will be very similar (if not identical) to our previous contests. If we detect cheating during the voting period, we will not hesitate to disqualify an entry.
After the finalists are determined, the judge panel will review all finalists and rate them with a slightly expanded rating system following the same provided rubric. The judging period will go from August 16-22.
Winners will be announced on August 26!


  • Two randomly chosen winners will get a Two Thin Coats paint starter set! Each entrant that submits their final painted mini will get one entry for this draw
  • Winning entries will be eternalized in our Hall of Fame
  • First place in each category will be shown off in our sidebar
  • The highest scoring entry for each of the four elements will also be noted in the hall of fame! (Even if it did not become a finalist or otherwise place)
  • Optional special user flair for Finalists, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as the user(s) voted most helpful in the WIP megathread and users with the highest scoring for each element (even if you weren't a finalist)
  • Bragging rights!
The dates:
  • June 1: Contest starts
  • July 17: Last day to enter your unpainted mini
  • July 18: Final Submissions open
  • July 31: Last day for final submissions
  • August 6-12: Community vote
  • August 16 - 22: Finalist judging
  • August 26: Winners announced!
All dates start at 12:01am/00:01 and end at 11:59 pm/23:59 Pacific Time
Please see the stickied comments for frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ, please ask it below!
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2023.06.01 08:55 snack217 This was one of my favourite childhood games, and the remake destroyed it. I prefer MGS3 to get a 1:1 remake, than have some idiot team ruin the experience.

This was one of my favourite childhood games, and the remake destroyed it. I prefer MGS3 to get a 1:1 remake, than have some idiot team ruin the experience.
The announcement of the RE3 remake was the most excited Ive been for a game in a long time. It was one of the first 3d games I ever played, I was like 8 when my brother managed to emulate it on our PC, and I played it for hours and hours even when I was terrified of it. Nemesis was like a nightmare that I had to challenge myself to beat.
Got the remake on day 1, and it was the worst dissapointment Ive ever had in gaming, Nemesis turned into a weak puppy, and everything else became a shadow of its former self.
So, the more I hear that they will respect the original MGS3, the better. It was a perfect game and theres no need to risk that just because it worked for other remakes.
Besides, theres still a lot of room for surprises thanks to this new console generation:
-Will areas still be divided by loading screens? Or become seamless? If thats the case, then there is room for new places, roads, enemies, etc. -How will codec be handled? What about some spots where they call you ingame for a quick tip without having to open the codec screen? -Will CQC be overhauled and get some features from MGS4 and V? -Will it go back to Snake having a bottomless backpack that can fit weapons, items, animals, and outfits, or will it find a way to adapt to MGSV's style where you can see at least some weapons on the character? And how would that affect camouflage? Maybe the backpack will still be bottomless but you gotta think of what you take out and how it affects your camo. -What about weather changes? Or a more dinamic day-night cycle? That could really change the gameplay (trailer hinted at a storm). -And about voices, ill just always prefer consistency, and The Twin Snakes is proof that rerecording can go very wrong sometimes.
So bottom line, im happy they are keeping it 1:1, and I feel theres still room for surprises that will bring the experience into the new generation. And this game will decide the future of the Metal Gear franchise, so I also rather them showing they can do well playing it safe, before they go into a game like MGS1 that DOES need a LOT of changes if it wants a chance to work in this generation.
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2023.06.01 08:48 Adviceonwtfhappened (California) I need advice on how to proceed. An employee at a major chain of pet supply stores called the police on me, and my child- and it has been traumatic and confusing. This is long. Apologies in advance

Two weeks ago, we stopped in at a pet supply store we had frequently visited often, while our cat was ill. We hadn't been there in a bit, as he unfortunately passed away, and it was too sad to go in anymore. We decided to stop in that day though, to see the guy that helped us a lot, and get treats for our other cat. Some women working the front asked if we needed help, to which we said no, but I asked if they sold bottled water, and they said sorry, no and I asked if they knew the closest place that did, since it was mainly clothing stores and restaurants- but a nice upscale shopping area. That was the only interaction, no issues or anything. About 5 min after we walked in, he came up to us from the back room, started chatting - said it was super good to see us and we caught up for probably 4 or 5 minutes (complained about inventory night, which was going on), then we picked out a bunch of kitty treats, and food, then went to the check out line. While checking out, a cop walked in, looked around right by the doors, then walked out. My kid said something like "thats weird, why is there a cop here?" And I said maybe there was an accident or something. We got about $30 worth of stuff, then walked outside. Immediately, the cop- who was RIGHT next to the front doors, stopped us. My kid is under 10, btw. He said they got a call, from one of the employees and I asked why. He was not very forthcoming with me, and eventually, he said that they "said we were spending too much time in the store". I asked him if they asked how long we had been there, and he said no. I turned around, and looked at my car, parked right in front of the door, and the car that was there before me, was still there. The woman was just then starting to load it with her stuff. I looked at my receipt, and saw we had been there about 16 min.. not very long. Then he said they had some concerns for my daughter(??) And said it looked like she wasn't being taken care of. I said how so, and he said he wasn't sure. He said they also had concerns about me. At this point, 2 more cops showed up, and he asked for my ID. My daughter was EXTREMELY uncomfortable, and looked like she was about to cry. People kept staring at us as we were about 2 feet from the front doors, and I asked him what we did wrong, and why we were being stopped, and he wouldn't tell me anything else. He just kept asking me questions. He asked for my phone number- and if my address was current, and at that point i was pretty annoyed, but I stayed calm, and said I wanted to leave. I said we didn't do anything wrong, my daughter is well taken care of and he said we could go. He apologized for upsetting us, and I apologized that they got a call for no reason, and told them all to have a safe night. It was apparently a welfare check?? I am SO confused.
I spoke with the police station to try to figure out why that all happened, and they said I would need a subpoena to get the record about the incident. The only information they would give me was the name of the officer that showed up, and the time of the initial call from an employee (which was 2 min after we walked into the store) and the only note was "concerned for welfare of the child" I went back in to the store when we were done talking to the cops and spoke to the employee I knew, and he said he had no idea who did that, or why, and that was super weird and messed up.
My daughter won't go into stores now. She feels like people are staring at her. And my neighbors said cops were sitting outside of our house 2 different times now. Early in the morning..while we were asleep.
I then spoke to the district manager for the pet store chain, and she apologized profusely - admitted it was "a newer employee" who did the wrong thing, based on seeing some bruises on MY legs (wow. Way to fuck up someone's day because they have a couple small bruises on their legs. Good call) and assured me they would work on training them not to call the police on people like that. She said she would follow up, and didn't. I called her again, and she hasn't responded. I told her I really didn't want to escalate this, but I need to know exactly why this happened. I also requested that the video footage be preserved, and asked her to find out the process for requesting it. Another week has gone by, no response. Besides her admitting how wrong it was, and how sorry they are- nothing.
I told her that's not good enough. This whole thing could have gone so sideways. I have major medical issues- and my daughter has been through enough this year, not to mention, is not NT. So if someone has a disability, or disorder that causes bruises easily- cops are getting called at their store? What if they have a kid on the spectrum and they "get a feeling or concern" and some cop ends up shooting them or using a taser. It happens too often for it to be on my mind. Do I need to wear a shirt saying I have cancer, please don't call the cops on me?
I have just never heard of something like this, where an employee calls in a welfare check, erroneously- on a customer and their kid within MINUTES, especially when they are clearly not in distress, or an altered state, and I want some answers.
I also want to know why the cops keep coming by our house. How do I go about getting the info? Can I do this on my own or do I need to get a lawyer?
The district manager told me that the employee who called the cops on us "had some personal stuff happen in her life that made her think that we were maybe in trouble or being abused" and I said it sounds like SHE needs some help- and now I'm wondering if she does this often or has done this to other people.
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2023.06.01 08:38 NewWorldExperiences Weird but exciting news

So I wanted to post this here as only you guys would understand why I kinda feel weird about this as our parents wanted us to stay an age where they can control us forever and tbh part of my brain is telling me that I should not be happy about this but I am so onto my little excitement rant.
In thirteen hours I'm going to pick up my little brother from his first day at freshman academy (he is a high schooler now) and I can't wait for him to tell me all about it, if he enjoyed it, if he didn't, what he did, any friends he made, teachers he likes. I'm so excited for him to be moving onto high school, I'm looking forward to school supply shopping either with him or for him, I've tried to get him to come along in the past but he finds it boring so I try to get him things he likes, but also are good quality.
I'm excited for him to join the marching band as he is really good at tuba and I hope I'm reading this right and not projecting but I think he generally enjoys band. The day before the concert he was messaging me trying to get me to guess what songs they were going to play and after the concert he asked me if I liked it and told me his favorite piece to play and why but then he stopped when our mom came up and interrupted him by saying "this thing is stupid let's go home." She's been calling so many things that he may be interested in doing stupid or boring or she lies about them to him.
Like I tried to get him to do middle school band night so he can just get the experience see if he's interested in band as at the time I couldn't tell I told him I would be there all throughout the night (high school football game, parents/adults had to buy their own tickets if they wanted to stay with their child of course my mom saw it as a waste of money when it was my time for middle school band night. But I told him no matter what I would be there the whole night and we could find something to eat before or after. And he was so on board, but then my mom started her shit saying "oh she's lying, the first chance she gets she's going to run, she won't be there to watch you play, she doesn't wanna spend any time with you, she will leave you in a crowd of strangers and make you find your own way home" so he got scared which was reasonable and didn't wanna go anymore I tried to convince him otherwise but she was stuck in his head so I didn't force him.
For freshman academy she called it stupid and boring and she lied about how it's just going to be him doing senior level class work which was a lie. It's all just games and walking around campus so you get used to how it's laid out and don't get scared your first day. He was iffy on it so I bribed him, I don't know if you should bribe a kid or not to do something but I really wanted him to experience something with her flying around him. I also bribed him to get good grades as our mom would always call him stupid and lazy and pathetic which makes him not wanna do his homework or pay attention in school and when he came to me bragging about how he got over 100% in one class as he did so much extra credit to not only catch up but go over and he turned in all his late assignments as well.
He was so happy and giddy and I felt so proud of him showing off the grade to me "look look what I did look" are etched into my brain and it makes me so proud of him. He is so smart, but I don't know if it's adhd making him struggle, our mom or a mix. I also bribed him to do marching band as he was iffy on it, but I told him I'll give you x dollars if you do it he was in. I have a feeling he is going to hate the first few weeks but I'm going to try to have him go until his first game or competition whatever comes first before he makes the final decision to leave or not and I want to do my best to see him every game or after and support him the best I can.
My little brother is growing up and I am so proud of him, I can't wait to see the kind of person he turns out to be.
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2023.06.01 08:35 Unlikely_Raspberry51 5 Tips for Successful Cricket Betting on cricketbettingid

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of fans tuning in to watch every match. With the rise of online betting, cricket betting has become more accessible than ever before. If you're new to cricket betting, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But fear not, we've got you covered! In this post, we will share five tips that will increase your chances of success when betting on cricket. From understanding the different types of bets to researching the teams and players, we'll provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions and place winning bets on cricketbettingid
  1. Understanding the basics of cricket betting
Before you start betting on cricket, it's important to understand the basics of cricket betting. First and foremost, you need to have a good understanding of the game of cricket. This means you should know the rules, the players, and the teams. It's also important to have a solid understanding of the different types of bets that are available, such as match winner, top batsman, or total score. Additionally, it is important to understand the different odds that are offered by bookmakers. These odds determine how much you can potentially win based on your bet. Another important factor to consider is bankroll management. This means that you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Finally, it's important to keep a detailed record of all your bets. This will help you to identify any patterns or trends in your betting, which will help you to improve your overall performance. By following these tips and understanding the basics of cricket betting, you can increase your chances of success and enjoy the thrill of betting on one of the world's most popular sports.
  1. Researching teams and players
Researching teams and players is one of the most important tips for successful cricket betting. Before placing a bet, it’s important to understand the current form and performance of the teams and players. You should be aware of injuries, team news, and any other relevant factors that could impact the outcome of the game. It's important to analyze the playing conditions, pitch, and weather conditions as well. This will help you get an idea of how the match is likely to play out and which team has the upper hand. You can also look at past performances of the teams and players to help you make an informed decision. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with cricket news and expert opinions, as this will help you make more accurate predictions. Additionally, it’s important to compare odds from different bookmakers to find the best value for your bets. By doing your research and keeping up-to-date with the latest news, you’ll be much more likely to make successful cricket bets.
  1. Analyzing odds and choosing the right bet
Analyzing odds and choosing the right bet is a crucial aspect of cricket betting. You need to be able to read and interpret the odds accurately to make an informed decision. The first step to analyzing odds is to understand what they mean. Odds represent the probability of an event occurring. The higher the odds, the less likely it is to happen, and the lower the odds, the more likely it is to happen. Once you’ve understood the odds, the next step is to look for value bets. A value bet is a bet where the odds are higher than they should be, giving you a better return on your investment. To identify value bets, you need to do your research and keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends in cricket. You should also consider the form of the teams and individual players. Another important tip is to avoid betting on your favorite team or player. Emotions can cloud your judgment, leading to poor decision-making. Finally, it’s important to manage your bankroll effectively. Always bet within your means and avoid chasing losses. Stick to a betting strategy and never place bets on impulse. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success and make a profit from cricket betting on
  1. Managing your bankroll
Managing your bankroll is key to successful cricket betting.It is important to set aside a specific amount of money for your betting and stick to it. This means that you should only bet what you can afford to lose. Betting can be addictive, and it is important to remember that you should never chase your losses. You should also set a budget for each bet, so you know how much money you can afford to lose on any given wager. Another important aspect of managing your bankroll is to track your bets and your winnings and losses. This will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in terms of betting. It can also help you to know when to take a break from betting if you have lost too much money. It is also essential to shop around for the best odds. Different bookmakers offer different odds for the same event, and it is important to find the best odds possible to get the most value out of your bets. Lastly, it is crucial to have the discipline to stick to your betting strategy. Don’t get swayed by emotions or change your strategy based on a few losses. Stick to your plan, and remember that successful betting takes patience and discipline. By following these tips, you can effectively manage your bankroll and increase your chances of success in cricket betting.
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