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2023.03.30 01:11 DelGriffithPTA Two or three teams? Two or three team members?

I just recently discovered this show, and though it has faults, I find myself hooked. Am still just on the first season and wondering why most episodes have three teams but some have two? Is there any reasoning? Then the episode I’m currently watching has three teams, but just two contestants per team. Again, any reasoning?
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2023.03.30 01:11 GCS-16 Gf didn't get H1B for third time. Was planning to propose regardless of visa status. Fiance visa?

Basically, she didn't get her H1B approved and might have to leave the country. She has been here on a work sponsorship. I am a US citizen and was already planning on proposing soon. If we become engaged, is she still allowed to live here with me while we wait for her fiance/marriage visa to be approved?
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2023.03.30 01:11 IMVALTOR Should I sell my Shiba Inu Tokens for Bitcoin

When Shiba Inu tokens first came out, I ended up buying $350 USD which gave me close to 340 million Shibs. When the cryptocurrency rally hit about November 2021 I sold 140 million tokens making me a profit close to $6500 USD. Shib started losing value after it hit it's all time highs so, I didn't sell anymore and just HODL hoping it can rise in value again. It's been one and a half years and still no great rise in value. I see all these so called cryptocurrency expert on YouTube talking about that Shib will reach a penny soon, some say 1 dollar but, as i see it, i don't think it will go up in price. My question is, should I sell my Shib and buy BTC or another altcoin like ETH, ADA, XRP, etc or wait to see if it will ever rise in value? 🤔 What do y'all think I should do? Thank you
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2023.03.30 01:10 toxieboxie What type of lawyer should I be looking for?

So, my grandma has been paying on her house for 20+ years now, but a few years ago the home owner died. However the house is in desperate need of repairs. My grandma has been paying the insurance along with her other bills, all on a fixed income (they are in the U.S., Texas btw). However she has been told she can't use the insurance as she doesn't own the house yet, but she is having issues paying the bills due to increased cost in the bills she has, plus trying to save to get the repairs done.
I am trying to find out if there is a specific type of lawyer I can look for that would be able to help in this type of situation. She isn't looking to take ownership of the house (however if it's possible that would be a plus), she is just stressed about getting the house fixed.
If anyone knows of a specific lawyer (like how you can find lawyers for car crashes) that I can look for, that would be great. If you know something she can do that might help her situation, that would also be great. If you need more info or something let me also. But if it's a loss cause then I understand. Just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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2023.03.30 01:10 crispybark How is this Be A Pro mode at all acceptable

Forgive me if this has already been discussed to death but it’s unplayable with the repetitive voiceover and player “talks” with several grammatical errors. And apparently I’m still in the run for the Calder in my third year?? This mode is literally soulless not to mention it breaks more the further you get in to it. Zero effort was thrown into this copy and paste extravaganza, how does anyone get though more than a single year on this?? Even simulating is an insane slog
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2023.03.30 01:10 Scared_Mix_6174 Looking to switch branches into the army. How should I go about it?

For context I’m (M24) in a different branch. And I’ve been in for 5 years (6 in November, joined at 18). I really don’t like the branch, my job, or how my family is treated with “a family friendly service”. My father in law suggested the army years ago and now I’m really wanting to go for it.
I called a recruiter today, he sent me a form with the list of jobs. Right now I’m a damage controlman, I hate plumbing (shit especially) and I hate being the fix it guy on top of all my other responsibilities. (I have a lot, I feel very underpaid and there are never signing bonuses). Looking to do something like firefighting (12M). I’m colorblind, and wear glasses and that’s about it. I’m open to multiple options, just not infantry.
I know I have a lot to still look forward to in life, and while the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, the depression I have now with my current job and always deploying makes me not want to be in the military anymore. My end of enlistment is due April of 24’. I have over 60 days of leave built up. Looking for someone who can help me and guide me in the right direction.
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2023.03.30 01:10 AmyTheIllustrious 21tf Northeast USA Looking for other fem people to spend a lot of time with

Hi! I’ve posted on another account in the past but I wiped and deleted that account. If you’ve messaged me before, meet my criteria, and would like to again, feel free!
I’m Amelia (I prefer Amy with people I like) and I’m 21 y/o. I live in northeast (mid-atlantic and new england states) America and would really love to talk to someone from around there. Even though I can’t drive, because of timezone and long term reasons, I think it would be better to be around the same region. I have pretty crippling depression and anxiety and a shitty home situation. I have no job and not much education either. If you can, um, look past those glaring points, I think I’m pretty cool! I’ve just had a hard time and got born with a kinda shit brain. I’m looking for feminine identifying and appearing people with dicks. Ideally I’d like a relationship but I’m also gjrkekjd rn so please don’t rush me. I started HRT in ummm November. I present feminine online, not in the real world yet but I also like have maybe gone outside like two or three times since November, my parents do not support me, I’m living with them and they are my transportation soooo yeah lol. I do have a bunch of cute clothes though! I just don’t really get to wear them much. I also heavily lean submissive but I like switching sometimes. As for what I like, I’m a big weeb who likes anime on the more obscure side of things. I don’t like saying that because it makes me sound elitist and I don’t even really think it’s that obscure but when everyone you end up talking to on Reddit ends up only liking Demon Slayer and doesn’t know a single anime you like, might as well embrace the status lol. Some of my favorite are FLCL, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988), and Land of the Lustrous. I like video games, some techy stuff, some vtubing (I’m a smol vtuber), looking at anime girls, stuff like that. I probably forgot some stuff but we can chat it out! Oh I’d be looking in like the 18-24ish range. Maybe 19-24, or maybe just don’t still be in high school please lol. Yeah, send me a chat if you’re interested, and we can chat a bit here and if you’re cool we can move to Discord! Oh also… I need a lot of attention. It won’t work if you only have a very limited schedule to spend time with me. This is very important and has been the reason a lot of my past relationships have crumbled. Please keep that in mind.
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2023.03.30 01:09 Realistic-Chicken-66 AITA for almost backing out of a trip?

I (19F) am in college currently. For winter break my parents decided to go on a trip to visit my grandma which is about an 8 hour drive. I asked if I could come along as I would like to see my Grandma too. I get very bad anxiety about long car trips, I have been working on it for awhile now and I am improving. Because I am in college (out of state) I’m not around my parents very often. I get a lot of anxiety from being around them as I did not have the best childhood. Since I haven’t been able to go on a trip with them in awhile my anxiety started spiking the day before the trip.
The night before we were supposed to leave, I started feeling very nauseous and I was beginning to worry that I was sick. I decided to call my mom because I wanted some comfort and support and I wanted to know what the best course of action would be. I asked if it was a good idea for me to visit my grandma as she’s in poor health and I didn’t want to get her more sick. I was expecting my mother to comfort me a bit but instead she told me to hurry up and decide. She continued to berate me and said that no one wants to be around me if i’m just going to be miserable and complaining the whole time. She said it was just my anxiety and to get over it. My parents then said if I choose not to go they would still go. I ended up going so that I wouldn’t disappoint my grandma. Am I the asshole for almost backing out of the trip even though they would’ve gone without me anyways?
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2023.03.30 01:09 whymethrowaway222 How does getting a parking permit work for someone living in Boston for 3 months?

Basically just the title. I'll be living in Boston this summer from June - August. I do have a car and there is street parking outside of my apartment. The only thing I could see being an issue is that my car is not registered in Massachusetts. Is there a way for someone to get a temporary parking permit of any sorts? I'm all really new to this so any help on parking temporary is much appreciated.
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2023.03.30 01:09 tharussianphil When buying a 100k mile+ 3.0T S4, is it better to just do the chains pre-emptively?

I'm looking at b8 S4 6mts. A lot of them in my budget seem to be for sale with around 90k-120k and no timing chains done. I know technically we don't need to be worried about random failures like the b6/b7 s4, but is it still better to budget for an imminent timing chain job?
Follow-up question, do some indie shops do it without taking the engine out? I saw some references to that here and there on forums/reddit.
Also, around how much would you expect an indie shop to charge (parts and labor) for a timing chain replacement?
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2023.03.30 01:09 HelpfulYesterday3 Coming to terms with it

I (25f) was diagnosed with RA in January. Once I got my diagnosis I started to really pay more attention to my body’s signals. Before, I felt like I couldn’t take breaks or acknowledge my pain because I felt like there was “nothing wrong with me” so I didn’t have any excuse. Now though, I want to take care of myself and figure out my limits and manage my illness. This means though that I have to really focus on managing my biggest issue which is stress from my job.
I feel like when I first told my employer and coworkers about the diagnosis they were so supportive and gave me hugs and told me they couldn’t even imagine what I was going through and to let them know if I needed anything. Now though it kind of feels like they want me to just “get over it”. Like their condolences were enough and now it’s time to go back to normal.
I’m doing my job as best as I can and honestly I’m still doing great. But when I get a bad flair from stress I stay home to relax. I can tell they are getting annoyed but I’m doing everything I need to do. I make my plans, use my sick days, get a sub, do all the things. I even get on my email occasionally when I’m at home just in case something happens.
Still it feels like they are looking at me like I’m faking it or that I am dramatic and need to get over myself. I don’t know how to deal with that emotionally while still trying to come to terms with my own diagnosis and what that means for my life and future.
How do you guys handle it? Do you experience similar treatment at work?
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2023.03.30 01:09 JPeezer909 GameStop has OFFICIALLY reached Milestones 1 through 3 in their agreement with Immutable X! So what's next?

GameStop, as many of you are well aware, has a pretty cool NFT Marketplace that is in beta currently. Even before an official release of the full marketplace, Gamestop has entered a partnership with ImmutableX where ImmutableX content is available to be bought and sold on the GameStop marketplace, and anything purchased or sold on the GameStop marketplace that is hosted by ImmutableX means ImmutableX gets a cut of the fees. Pretty good for both companies all things considered.
Well, in their agreement, which outlines the fees, there is also certain milestones (listed on page 28) that Gamestop must meet or pay a fine to ImmutableX (or ask for an extension.)
And we finally have some good news! In GameStop's most recent 10-k filing on page 52, under section 1`1, we get confirmation that GameStop has reach milestones 1 through 3! " In January 2022, we entered into contractual agreements with Immutable X Pty Limited (“IMX”) and Digital Worlds NFTs Ltd. pursuant to which the Company was entitled to receive up to $150 million in digital assets in the form of IMX tokens once certain contractual milestones have been achieved. Upon announcement, we achieved our first milestone under the agreement with IMX and recognized a $79.0 million noncurrent receivable and corresponding deferred income liability related to our entitlement of IMX tokens as of January 29, 2022. During fiscal 2022, we achieved our second and third milestones under our agreement with IMX, and recognized an additional $33.8 million of deferred income liability on our Consolidated Balance Sheet. The deferred income is recognized over the term of the contractual agreement. We liquidated all tokens received during fiscal 2022 and have no IMX token assets recorded on the Consolidated Balance Sheet at January 28, 2023. During fiscal 2022 we also recognized a loss of $7.2 million on the noncurrent receivable, impairment of $33.7 million on the digital assets, gain of $6.9 million on the sale of digital assets, and deferred income of $56.0 million in SG&A expenses in our Consolidated Statements of Operations. As of January 28, 2023, remaining deferred income liability related to our partnership with IMX was $57.3 million in accrued liabilities and other current liabilities on our Consolidated Balance Sheets."
Which means that GameStop, with the launch of the NFT marketplace on October 31st, 2022 has crossed milestone 3 while still in beta, and does not need to pay ImmutableX $25,000,000 as a penalty for the deadline. Hurray!
So what's next? Well, if my interpretations are correct, all GameStop has left is Milestones 4 and 5, which are essentially achieve $1.5 Billion and $3.0 Billion in "combined Primary Sales and Secondary Market Sales Transactions on Immutable X within twenty-four (24) months plus any Extension Periods of the Effective Date." I take that as, GameStop has two years to reach $3 Billion in sales on the NFT Marketplace with Immutable X content specifically or pay a fine. Also, that effective date? January 28th, 2022. Which means that unless GameStop files any extensions, they have a little less than a year to achieve this.
Oh boy...
What are my thoughts on this?
Well, I'm definitely excited to hear GameStop is banging out some milestones, and that we've got a great partner with ImmutableX spearheading the onboarding of millions of players to web3 and NFTs. My worry is that unless GameStop starts releasing some banging games on the marketplace, and starts advertising WAY MORE that GameStop NFT marketplace is THE MARKETPLACE for gaming NFTs, ImmutableX is gonna crush them cause currently they have all the hyped games, they have a new passport coming out to onboard players, and they have their own separate marketplace.
What's bringing people to the GameStop NFT marketplace then? A legacy name? Personally, I don't believe this is enough. I get that these things take time, and perfection can't be rushed, but currently I think GameStop is not innovating fast enough unless they want to get a slap on the wrist for it.
We, as investors, as shareholders, as gamers, need to support GameStop on ALL fronts. Some of us are leading the charge with DRSing amazing amounts of shares, others are buying tons of games or memorabilia from the stores, and others are creating on the NFT marketplace. But we also need to make the conscious decision that if we are purchasing NFTs on the marketplace for an ImmutableX game, we need to do it through the GameStop marketplace. We're supporting both companies by doing this.
What are your thoughts on the marketplace? How can GameStop improve their marketshare and become the place for gaming NFTs?
Thanks to [REDACTED] for their comment that inspired me to make this post! I've been waiting for this confirmation of milestone 3 and almost missed it in the `10-k!
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2023.03.30 01:09 daisysimmons my cat died and i don't know how to function without him

my family and i (i'm 18) adopted two kittens in october, after our childhood cat died.
i (don't hate me) definitely favoured the little ginger boy over his gray sister. i actually convinced my family to get him.
anyway. he was extremely affectionate, slept in my lap constantly, let me carry him around, wanted belly rubs, bit my toes, climbed up my body begging for pets.
he was my stability. i'm struggling with the stress of graduating school, anxiety, slight depression.
the first thing i'd do coming home every day is pick him up. cuddle him. breathe him in, bury my face in his fur. listen to his heartbeat. i know this might seem silly, but he was my comfort.
i carried him around all day every day. he stood in the sink when i washed my hands. he waited in front of my bedroom door every morning, as soon as he heard me get up.
he consistently stole food off my plate. he ruined all my hoodies bc he chewed through the strings. he ruined every pair of socks i own. every blanket. every curtain. every plant. every notebook i have has bite marks. my glasses have little tiny holes where he chewed on them.
he was absolutely dumb. he was perfect. all i ever wanted in a cat.
he got a head injury a few hours ago, probably getting hit by a car, stumbled into our yard, fell over and died.
caught on my dad's security camera.
i don't know what to do. i don't know how to deal with this. my eyes are red and swollen, i've been crying for hours. my entire phone consists of pictures of him.
i had to vent, but if anyone has any advice on how to deal with this pain, pleeaase tell me
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2023.03.30 01:09 ThisIsntHomeDepot Merchant of Death Trader Doesn't Work

I just recently passed the requirement for money and reputation (128,000/125,000 and 42,000/25,000) to increase the trader level for the Merchant of Death trader, but my trader level didn't advance and I still can't buy anything from his shop. I'm assuming that means that the Merchant of Death hasn't been added as an actual trader and the devs are still working on adding the items you can buy from the shop, which is understandable, although I think that they should add a warning for other players so they don't spend their time saving up Korunas and Reputation Points only to be disappointed when nothing happens.
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2023.03.30 01:09 CannibalHillbilly Is it supposed to be this painful?

I am on my 5th day and it is so painful, the pain tend to switches sides comes and goes but when it’s there it’s miserable. I still feel like I’m bleeding and tasting blood and I have no clue if that’s normal
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2023.03.30 01:09 gothiccells Put in vacation months in advance - now I might not be able to go

For context, I’ve worked here for 6 months. I obviously don’t have time, but you can get unpaid vacations which managers have granted people before, including me who took one a week ago for a little trip and some mental health. I still live with my parents so bills aren’t really an issue, I know not everyone can afford unpaid vacations. My coworkers and I made a calendar to put in the backroom so we know when we’re all taking time off, also so nobody takes our weeks, we respect whenever we’re going and put in the week before or after if we absolutely have to go around the same time. Seniority obviously matters, and I don’t have much, just some over the new hires. We all told my manager that it’s there and to check it so he knows when we’re going to be on leave. He checked it last month when I wrote my date in July, seemed to be no issue. I came across him yesterday and I reminded him about the vacation since I know a lot of people are going to be going on them for the summer. He told me that it wasn’t a guarantee I was gonna get it as he may need a vacation that week, and if he does, he’ll deny me as we can’t leave at the same time.
I was a little floored. I thought I had given enough notice. 5 months was surely enough time, none of my coworkers were trying to take my week so I assumed I would be okay. It’s my mother’s birthday trip in Cali and it would be my first time out of state. Airbnb and everything we’re doing there with the rest of our family is booked. I already told her I would go as I was certain I’d get approved - maybe that’s my mistake. You don’t get approved for time off here until like two days before, which is why you kind of have to plan ahead of time. I know all of my coworkers do.
I mentioned to him I would be out of state that week as everything was already bought. He told me I shouldn’t have bought anything until I knew I was approved - I reminded him again I wouldn’t be here that week and that hopefully we could work something out. I’m absolutely bummed to hell about it because I’ve been looking forward to this, and I’ve never been to California and we had so many nice plans. I was told I shouldn’t even be taking vacation time since I have no time, but that confuses me because why is it an option in the system when we’re asking for time off?
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2023.03.30 01:08 Distinct_Horse993 LOTD questions and issues

I would consider myself relatively new to modding. I started just after AE came out in 2021, but mainly used retextures and player home mods. I recently started a save with Legacy of the Dragonborn, and have had some issues with it, along with some questions.
I started a new game for this mod as a lot of what I had read said you couldn’t add the mid mid-game. I have entirely amended my LO for this mod, but noticed I was still crashing when trying to enter the armoury in the basement. I’ve since started a new game again but am worried to start collecting things in case this happens again when I’m significantly far into the game, I’m not sure if this has something to do with my LO or not. (LO in comments)
Question wise, it has more to do with Cheat Room and the fetch quests you’re sent on throughout the mod. Both times I’ve started a new game, Auryen has given me fetch quests for items that are far along in quest lines, such as the eyes of the falmer or the aetherial crown. Is there any way I can avoid bigger quest lines until further in game? As I’m not about to get any other quest off him until I complete what he’s already given me. Also, if I tell him I’m “having trouble locating the artefact” will that lock me out of that quest for the rest of the game?
Finally, is my using the cheat room for collecting items to display likely to crash my game? I don’t want to take from the cheat room if I’m more likely to crash/ lose progress this way.
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2023.03.30 01:08 giltwist Hermes Cloak Redux: An SMG infil main's review

TL;DR - It's a placebo. You feel fast but you don't really get any mechanical benefits. If you are in a hurry to point, use the pocket flash.
I tested this during the campaign and I largely still can't recommend Hermes Cloak for regular use now that it's back for certs. Special shoutout to albatrossoftime for these calculations. For the record, I'm an SMG infil main with over 30,000 kills with the Canis, so I'm already a pretty aggressive player. I started testing with a pure speed loadout (hermes, adrenaline pump, athlete, sidewinder), then sorta adjusted from there trying things like catlike and springstep before ultimately landing back basically my standard loadout of ammo belt + sensor shield + avoidance.
Positive: * If you've got lots of cover where you can pulse cloak, you will probably cover the same distance about 3 seconds faster as if you'd been running Hunter Cloak. * It makes Sidewinder marginally more effective, even fooling some pretty veteran players. * I was able to catch a couple people who would have otherwise been able to get behind cover and pop a stick * Sidewinder + Catlike FEELS fast with Hermes, but you HAVE to do the diagonal run thing and only circle strafing works (no ADAD).
Negative: * The duration on the lower ranks is brutal coming off of Hunter, but NAC users won't mind. * You have 10-15m less total distance you can travel per cloak cycle, which will matter a lot on towers and bases with minimal cover, but is negligable in heavy cover bases. * You cloak cycle a LOT more, which makes you more noticeable. Also, the FASTFASTFAST playstyle negates much of the benefit of Sensor Shield. * You won't be able to push any doors/stairs/misc choke points that you couldn't already push with Hunter if there's someone actively watching the choke point.
It doesn't need all of the following, but it definitely needs at least one of the following: * Adrenaline Shield type recharge on kill. This would further encourage the pushpushpush gameplay. * Hunter cloak duration XOR recharge speed (not both, though). Either would mean it's a better long-distance cloak than Hunter. * Swap the integrated Safe Fall 1 with integrated Sidewinder 1. I hardly ever take fall damage as an infil, and if I'm going to be high up I want Catlike 5 + Safe Fall 5 anyway. * Make it work like Wraith's void jump tactical from Apex. Basically, a fixed duration you cannot disable mid-cloak, but MUCH faster. This would let you push actively guarded chokepoints in circumstances where an EMP grenade or smokes or whatnot just aren't gonna cut it.
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2023.03.30 01:08 Competitive-Ad-6555 The three suicides that stick with me

I’ve worked in the past as a guard at a multi story car park.
we were six stories high.
This all happened in London
I’ve seen this happen far to many times (I can proudly say we stopped 99% of these people but inevitably we fail at times)
the first was a middle aged man. He jumped headfirst off the top level. I was on the ground floor at the time outside having a cigarette, the poor soul had in the space of three minutes entered the building sprinted up all those stairs and jumped head first off the top.
he landed three feet in front of me. I can say with absolute certainty that he died instantaneously. His head burst like a balloon. It was horrible to see.
the second was again a man. He jumped off the fifth floor but landed on his feet. He was still conscious when I got to him. He was in a lot of pain. I called an ambulance and did what I could for him (which was not a lot) he died holding my hand and crying for his mother.
the third was a young woman. I saw her in camera hit 999 for police and sprinted to the roof. I managed to keep her talking for a good twenty minutes but in the end she jumped. She landed in a large metal bin but unfortunately her neck landed on the edge. Decapitating her. She must have died instantly too. The police arrived five minutes later and we had the unpleasant job of finding her head (it had rolled under a van) had she landed completely in the bin she may have lived as it was full of paper and cardboard boxes.
I’ve seen some truly horrific things over the years but it’s these three that stop me sleeping at night.
To be so lost, in so much pain that this feels like the best option. I can only imagine their anguish.
I wish with all my heart we could have helped the ones we failed. But I am only human. But I live with the guilt of failure every day. And I do wonder some nights if I may one day end up joining them.
(if anyone I know in the real world is reading this please note that I am not referring to my current place of employment)
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2023.03.30 01:08 Positive-Court-6687 I need some advice

It's about school and it's a bit of a vent.
Hey so I'll just get to the point, I'm failing school and idk what to do. I've always been an honor student until the new grades and I just can't bring myself to try. I don't understand any of the material despite studying for hours. I'm not that smart but I never thought I would be a complete idiot. I'm only 40% complete with my math class and 17% for English. All my other classes I was dropped out of because I had 11% or even 0% complete. Usually I'm able to catch up on all my work in at most a week but it's taken me months and work keeps piling up. I have 2 days to get to 50% finished. For math I would do it but I nerd to call my teacher and I'm to scared to do it. If I fail the DBA my grade will drop. I'm not sure what to do, I'm sure I'm gonna fail my classes and I have noone else to ask about this. My mom will just take away my phone and force me to sit infront of a tablet and do this material I don't understand if I bring it up with her. I don't have any friends to bring it up with and I only have 2 younger brothers who cant help. My dad is out of the family. I still have chores I need to do while doing the school work but I tried to turn in a project to my English teacher and all she said was she couldn't accept it and English is at a D now. I've been laying in my bed trying to figure out what to do after making an attempt at doing the work. I feel like a bad person for going on about this because it probably doesn't matter that much, but if anyone has advice on what I could do please tell me. I don't think anyone I know has my account but if you do please don't tell anyone about this.
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2023.03.30 01:08 DoomElephant A few questions on upgrading my gaming PC to AM5 sockets

my current PC is about nine years old (expect for my GPU) so I decided that it's now time to upgrade my CPU. I decided that I want to build on the new AM5 sockets to be able to upgrade my CPU in the future without having to replace the rest of my PC. I plan on keeping my current GPU and upgrade that at some point in the near future. My current plan looks as follows:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600X CPU cooler: be quiet! Pure Rock 2 Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING B650-PLUS RAM: Kingston FURY Beast DIMM 16GB, DDR5-5600 CL40 SSD: Crucial MX500 1TB SATA
I have a few questions about this:
  1. I'm not sure if I can use my old PSU (be quiet! Pure Power L8 600W) for this. When adding the power usage of my current GPU (120 W) and the CPU (142 W PPT) that's way below 600 W. Obviously the motherboard, fans, SSDs and HDDs (I still have an additional SSD and an HDD that I want to keep using) and the PSU itself draws some power but is there something I'm completely getting wrong when deciding what my PSU needs to be capable of?
  2. Do you think the parts listed above will be able to support a better GPU in the future? I'm probably never gonna get a super expensive one and spend 300-400€ max on a GPU. The motherboard only support PCIe 4.0 but I guess that shouldn't be a problem for quite some time?
  3. Does the build look like it fits well together? I'm really bad at judging this, but I've found that each individual part is around the best you can get for my budget.
  4. Is it still feasible to use a case that has built-in fans that would provide enough airflow? My guess would be that custom built fan setups only matter if you really go for a high-end PC that needs a lot more cooling. I'm still not sure if I want to keep my old case (Zalman Z11), because that might still just work fine.
  5. The part I'm least sure about is my motherboard. I've decided for the one above because its audio codec is a little better and the heatsinks seem to be a little more future-proof than on the cheapest B650 motherboards. Is my thinking correct or am I overpaying for something I don't need?
I already put quite a lot of time into this but there's just some questions I found really hard to google so I had to ask here. I hope some question can be answered, thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 01:08 Dank_Yeeter69 How did I play this hand?

I just sat down at this table at $1/$2. This is only my second session overall after a pretty good first session and I was feeling pretty excited after winning ~$70 on my first table. I decided to buy in for $200 and stick to my plan of playing tight.
On my second hand, I end up getting stacked after shoving KK into 77 pre flop and losing to quads (the guy also left immediately after stacking me). After rebuying for another $100, on the very next hand, I’m on BTN with K❤️Q❤️. I guess I’m still an amateur so I’d love some critique on this hand.
Action folds around to me and I raise to $8. SB folds and BB looks at his cards before asking if I was steaming, and that he’d love to snap me off (he has me covered). I just smile back and he calls.
Flop ($17):
Villain checks. I c-bet for $12, villain calls.
Turn ($41):
I now have top two pair and a flush draw. I really like my hand now and when villain checks, I bet out $25. Villain looks up at me and asks if I have a set or if I’m just “tilt-betting”. Again, I don’t respond and he reluctantly calls.
Now I’m thinking, what could he possibly have here? Flatting a 4x raise pre flop, the speech, then calling two streets? Maybe he has a middle suited connectoone pair? I’m almost certain I’m ahead though and I want to make it look like I’m steaming or triple barrelling a flush draw or ace high and plan on shipping the river if a blank hits (I have ~$55 behind).
River ($91): Q♠️
Villain checks. I instantly shove for $55. Villain sighs before looking at me and asks if I would like him to call or fold, and saying he’s not very strong. I don’t respond. He tanks for a little while before, very reluctantly, calling.
I instantly say “full house” and show my K❤️Q❤️, and he flips over …
I end up losing $300 in 2 hands at a $1/$2 table and decide to leave. I know I was unlucky on the first hand but this hand was really something. Should I have picked up on his comments and maybe responded? Would that really have changed the outcome of this hand? Feel free to critique how I played this - thanks folks.
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