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2023.06.01 10:26 Aromatic-Knee498 Confused about currencies in printful + shopify

Hi everyone, I'm new here but I can't find the answer to this question in the web. So because I want Printful to bill me in SEK I changed the Store currency under Billing methods to SEK, that is correct right? So when I go and edit retail prices for my products all prices (printful price + revenue + retial price) are in SEK as expected. The price for one product is 187 SEK. However, when I go to shopify the price for that same product becomes 187 US dollars. The story currency in Shopify is US dollars because I sell in the US. I haven't yet set up payments in the payment settings so I haven't changed the payout currency but when I do I will set that to SEK because I want to receive money in SEK. So why is this happening (i.e. the retail price in printful is 187 SEK and in shopify 187 dollars)? I have read that currencies do not convert between these two sites, but then do I need to fix the price manually in shopify? Thanks a lot :)
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2023.06.01 10:26 metertyu Management promising me things but never delivering

Hi, I’m frustrated with a manager not delivering and would like to have your opinion on how to handle this.
About a year ago I clearly agreed with my manager to spend feb-July abroad for work. It was conditional for me accepting the offer. (I’m in Europe, would go to Asia)
Long story short, It’s nearly July and I’ve spent 3 days in a neighboring country. The manager keeps making promises, I keep communicating clearly and months in advance, but he keeps not coming through. I’ve spent the last 6 months hearing and believing that “next week” or “tomorrow”I’d hear when I’d go abroad.
Now I heard for the last time things are not happening (from other sources), and I’m frustrated. Basically my manager is simply not in a place to make the promises he has been making, and has me trying to make his promises happen.
I’ll be on vacation this summer, and will get a new contract from September on.
I’m frustrated, but want to handle this professionally. I have no idea how to. How would you: - Give a clear message about my frustration? - Deal with this all-together?
Thanks ahead.
TLDR; manager promised I’d be abroad this half a year, can’t deliver, but keeps promising it will happen week after week. How do I deal with my frustration?
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2023.06.01 10:25 5dPZ Farewell post - can anyone beat my bad luck here?

Hi Star Rail community,
I am a Day 1 player here, and this will be my first and last post on this sub as I am quitting this game after the first month due to horrible RNG. Here's my story:
Since I started on Day 1, I feel like all my pulls did not yield any non-pity five-star characters. In fact, even obtaining two four-star characters was extremely rare (never had three).
On my main account, I had the following experiences:
Newbie banner: 50 pulls - obtained Welt (pity)
Permanent banner: 111 pulls - obtained Bronya light cone (pity + 20 extra, no matching character)
JingYuan banner: 70 pulls - obtained JingYuan (near-pity and hit 50/50, the best pull I had for this game)
At this point, I experienced nearly three pities in a row (except for the 70-pull JingYuan). I considered this a sign from RNGsus, so I decided to pull for JY's light cone to see what HE really wants to say to me.
Here was my plan:
Unfortunately, I ended up pitying AND missed obtaining his light cone (25% chance). At this point, I felt the sign was very strong, so I decided to use up all my resources for an extra 40 pulls to see if HE really meant I should leave. I pulled everything I had but got nothing.
JingYuan light cone: 110 pulls - obtained Himeko light cone (pity and missed + 40 extra, no matching character)
At this point, I am certain that I am quitting this account.
After discussing with my friends, I decided to start a second account to continue playing with them and also to see if my luck would turn around. So here it goes:
Newbie banner: 50 pulls - obtained Gepard (pity)
Permanent banner: 41 pulls - obtained nothing JingYuan banner: 90 pulls - obtained Clara (pity and missed)
At this point, it is clear that my second account is even worse than my first one.
Summary for both accounts:
Almost six pities in a row (except the 70-pull JY), 522 pulls for six five-star characters, averaging 87 pulls per five-star. Counting in two newbie pulls (50-pull pity) and light cone pulls (80-pull pity), the average rate for these pulls was worse than pity. What sucks even more is that both feature banner pities missed the 50/50 or 75/25 odds!
So, this is the end of my Star Rail journey. I hope you Trailblazers out there do not suffer the poor fate that I had and have lots of fun!
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2023.06.01 10:25 Silly_Cable_1223 I (34F) feel so guilty that I couldn't stop a boy physically abusing a girl

I (originally from India) just got back from London to my smaller city, after celebrating my best friend who was getting married. I was waiting for a bus to take me home, at the railway station. It was 2 am and I was so tired after walking all day in the sun. I don't drink alcohol so I was completely sober. and Everyone around me was drunk except one other middle aged man (from Philippines) who seemed sober too. Now comes the issue that I will never forget and will always regret.
There were a bunch of kids (teenagers I suppose) who were so drunk and completely destroyed making a lot of Ruckus and sound. Kids being kids I suppose. All white British kids but didn't look posh. They definitely were bigger than me. 2 girls and 5 boys. One of those boys was the biggest among all and suddenly he started to kick one of those girls and the girl was giggling while being kicked. He pushed her onto the floor and tried to play stamp her on the head. When the girl stood up I could see bruises all over her legs going up to her inner thigh. He then took and ran away with her bag and she started to chase him. She was still giggling. He then asked her to pull the bag from him and while she did , he let the bag go. She fell so hard on the concrete and that's when I stood up. I saw the girl was giggling but I know she is doing it because she is scared. She is definitely not enjoying it, she is drunk, and so young.
When the middle aged man saw Me stand up, he came running to me..sat near me and said to not intervene. He was like, these kids might have a knife and you don't want to get stabbed. I got scared.
The abuse went on untill the bus came. The guy took photos of her on the ground and pretty sure some upskirt pics..the other friends didnt intervene. I should have called the police.
I am so sorry young girl. I hope you have a loving family who saw the bruises on you the next day. I hope he didn't violate you more. I hope you don't feel like you need to drink and let abuse happen to feel accepted. You are so young and there is so much life ahead of you.
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2023.06.01 10:25 42points DOGECOIN DAILY DISCUSSION

Hi Shibes,
Welcome to todays Daily Discussion post. YOU ARE DOGECOIN!
If you are looking to safely store your coins for the long term check the links in the "How to buy DOGECOIN" post at the top of the subreddit.
If you want to give someone else DOGECOIN on Reddit check out /sodogetip
You can also get the latest version of the dogecoin wallet (version 1.14.6) from
Here are some links and topics that people have wanted me to post here. Please take a look!
For more technical discussions about dogecoin please visit /dogecoindev
Don't forget to report posts and comments you think are not appropriate for the subreddit. If you want to discuss something specific please message the moderators
Do you want something added here? Send the moderators modmail to discuss. Do you want something removed from here? Well send modmail too. You all make this post together and your help is always appreciated.
You are loved,
Do Only Good Everyday
Just keep on dancing!
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2023.06.01 10:25 diddyece Overton's Near Me Promo & Discount Codes

Look at for Overton's Near Me Promo & Discount Codes. When you need the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the perfect spot to check. They also have current deals available.
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2023.06.01 10:25 Bitter_Composer_8292 sex shop near me

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2023.06.01 10:25 bellajennerjenner How to handle the thought of him still loving his ex

How to handle the thought of him still loving her
I(24f) and my Husband (26M) are already married 6 years.Its was an arranged marrige. Not a problem for me cause i always knew about it and my religion doesn't let us to marry others (not even Men)and I trusted my parents more than anyone. I come from Asia and he was born and raised in Europe. Our parents grew up together and one day his parents contacted mine and asked for my hand. My parents made sure that they mean it cause once they gave their word, there was no going back. They made the agreement and their relatives near us came with gifts and engagement ring(They were not allowed in the country for personal reasons (enemies etc.)). After that we texted each other 1 year long everyday the same things like, how are you, good morning and how was your day? and good night. 1 year passed and I was already here and saw him in person. The nicest person ever. Always spoke politely , respectfully but in 1 year he lost crazy amount of weight and was often sad.After coming from work he ate a little and was gone..everyday.He didn't spend time with me. Our relationship was like work to him. He just wanted to make kids fastly.
After 1 year I exploded and opened his laptop with his old socials logged. I was so hurt. I will never forget that feeling.I started crying out of nowhere.
I found out that before our engagement he had a girlfriend 1.5 years long.they loved each other and had a future planned.Even kids names and how many names they wanted. From the chats I also noticed that they were often going out togheter, like 3 times a week. He was visiting her parents and they were often dining together etc. But the day before our marrige agreement he wrote that his parents were forcing him to marrige and they said if he married her than they will disown him and pretend they never had a son.And if he chosses their relationship, no one can guarantee him, that they will stay together forever. He also wrote 'that he will always and forever have a place in his heart for her and no one will ever take it from her and If she needs anything, she can always call him. (the text was really long I just wrote a short version)
They texted on social media for several months and when I came they switched to what app. And when I was reading all this they were still texting each other. When he came home and I was crying. He asked me what happend? I told him everything and started asked the questions'does he still love her? or when she now said" let's run away together "would he still do it?
He said his eyes full of tears" I still love her but I love you too. I am sorry to say this but I will always love her. She will always be somewhere in my heart. I will always care for her and have my most beautiful memories with her I have pics of her on my pc and cloud and I don't want to delete them, but I will delete and block her in WhatsApp and stop texting her. I want you to know that I never cheated on you, we just decided to stay friends. And I love you too, you will be the mother of my babies. We will get old together and enjoy this life together.Please understand that I will sometimes care about her and wish the best for her. My mother was more important to me than her. I couldn't abandon the person who bore me and did so much for me, but I am happy that you are here. And for the "running away togheter" 'If you asked me this question 6 months ago I would say yes cause the pain of losing her was too much. It was almost 1.6 years at that time but I was at the point of giving up. If you have anymore questions please ask I am ready to answer the" After that I closed my mouth and accepted the fact that he likes me cause I am obedient and the future mother of his kids. 1 year later we welced owr son and I found someone who will atleast love me sincerely. My son is now 4 and in this 4 years I found their hand written letters to each other (before our marriage)and that also was a heart break . They were written so beautifully and full of passion. He also stopped texting her after that day I cried. After 4 years the jealousy is still here but now I also feel guilty cause I can't make him happy. He always tries his best and does everything for us. DOES EVERTHING FOR HIS SON. But at the end of the day he is unhappy.He smiles at me but it's not a genuine smile.He started a boxing career and keeps himself busy. He sometimes says her name while sleeping or when we kiss. At this point I no longer crave for his love. I gave up months ago while he started talking about her after all this years. I just want him to be happy And I will be also happy, when he does and enjoy my youth raising son But that feeling of hurt kills me mentally
How to handle it??
Has someone an opinion on this??
tl;dr. My husband still loves his ex after 6 year and a kid. He is often unhappy. And the feeling of pain and jealousy does not go away. I am unable to make him happy even tho he is a perfect father and husband.
P. S sorry for my English. I speak 6 languages and English is not my mother tongue
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2023.06.01 10:24 kingpin212 New xmen movie idea (marvel call me)

Okay alot of you wont like what im going to propose but i need a new xmen movie.
So we learn in logan that a bad science guy released something in the air which prevents new mutations to form. And the only way to create amutant is in a lab(like x23, rictor...).
In the new movie x23 and the 6 kids are grown up as 18 yo and are quite strong. They fight to stop the private oraganizations from creating new mutants and training them as weapons. Lets say x23 and gang call themselves new xmen.
Now this is the interesting part, we cut to a dystopic future(lets say year 2089/2099), to a concetration camp of mutant. There we see 4 mutants: rachel summers, hope summers,bishop and cable. These 4 are trying to use their psychic/energy powers to return to the past. Cut to them going to the year the movie itself is happening. Well call them x force.
New x-men are currently hiding in the sewer tunnels of new york with 100+ saved mutant children(there are also some adults). X force find these mutants , a little fight is hapenning and the when every one relaxes cable explaing the whole point of the movie.
Apperantly the new x men falis in the future. Mutants become no more than weapons to countries and ww3 starts. The earth is left toxic and radiation is high. All mutants are considered crimunals and sent to concetration camps. Rachel summers, and cable were hounds to hunt dowm mutants thet are also geneticaly cloned from jean grey. Until they were relesed from duty and sent to the camps. The last mutant they found is hope which can copy powers but also activate the dormant x gene( this ability is hidden from the captors). Cable heard legends of a mutant which can "alter reality for the prica of a body and a soul". X force travels to the past to stop the species control by humans and let new mutation create freely. By combining the powers of the omega level mutant and hope summers.
However, the human council including bastion, cameron hodge, reverebd stryker and hellva nimrods. Follow x force to the past in order to eradicate all mutants.
X force and new x men go to dallas in order to meet forge( which is a mutant disguised as a sort of human tony stark) he provides a cerebro which is able to locate the omega mutant. Right this second, cameron hodge and the Right robodudes break in and fight the mutants, they escape and teleport to scotland using forge's tech. He is left behind and dies.
In scotland they find the omega mutant is in a building owned by a genetic reasearch company. Stryker and his purifiers arrive to fight the mutants. Stryker and gang are winning until proteus whick looks like a corpse flies to the sky, says: "fok off" and turn all the purifiers to dust.
Proteus agrees to help the mutants but he needs a susteinable body. Gang agrees to let him stay in cables body beacuse aperannetly his genetic material had the potential to be "perfect".
After an emotinal scene proteus is in cable and transforms to this childlike vampire with whiteskin, red eyes and wearing a tuxedo foe kids( idk it cute okayyy).
X gang teleports to new york sewer base only to find it all burned and the children dead( r.i.p). They go up to street level to find bastion and LOT of nimrods hunting down civies which has mutant potential. We can see the academy x kids(rockslide, bling, mercury, hellion, anole, loa, blindfold, omega kid and more..) try to fight the baddies. BTW all the nimrods are coming fron a mother mold which sits on the empire states.
RACHEL SUMMERS says/yells psychicaly:TO ME MY XMEN. Heroic hype music plays as all the mutants gather around rachel summers , they cahrge the nimrods and a huge mutant vs nimrods happens. Rachel sees they are loaing and summons from across time: rogue, iceman, cyclops, jean grey, archangel, beast, kitty pryde, colossus, gambit,nightcrawler, new mutants crew, x factor crew, maybe deadpool, and magneto. Apperantly these dudes are also from adystopic future like xforce's, rachel psychicaly updates them on the situation. Anyway alot of epic scenes later the mutants destroy the mother mold and nimrods turn to nanobot dust.
However bastion is still active and super strong. In the break from fighting Hope, proteus and rachel hold hands inside a force sphere, they combine powers, do a hype light show which causes mutations around the world to form. Bastion is destroyed from the lightshow and nimrods are deactivated again.
Epilouge: Mutants are recognised as a new endangered species. They are given a huge tropical island near sinfapore by the name of "krakoa" to form their owm nation.
X corp is founded by almost unlimited founding of the u.n , x corp's mission is to help mutants find their way to krakoa. The soldier are called: x men.
Aftet credit scene: forge managed to survive but has a prosthetic leg and arm. He talk to amutant named cypher. Forge says: so what do you think?also show him desighns of danger room Cypher: yea the programing is a bit complex but i can make it work...btw do you hear it? Forge: hear what? Cypher: its faint...but the ground... i think it speaks.
the end idk how it works legally but all rights are reserved for me
feel free to leave feedback( im sure there is alot) i thought this plot during an accounting lecture so this is really not a special project or something
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2023.06.01 10:24 Equal-Breadfruit-548 Unable to enjoy masturbation

I have severe premature ejaculation and it makes trying to masturbate very difficult. I’ve been seeing a doctor about it with no improvement.
I want to be able to look at something arousing while I masturbate but i’m very visually triggered. As soon as I see something that is too much for me it’s game over, I don’t get to enjoy the experience and have to wait to try again. I can’t see porn or nudity/near nudity/overtly sexualised content. But I want to find something to look at that is arousing and sparks that feeling. Reading doesn’t do anything for me unfortunately either.
I don’t know how to find what i’m looking for without risk of exposure to seeing too much. When I’ve tried to search things like lingerie I still end up seeing things that are a bit too much for me, but on the flipside just a picture of a face or something isn’t exciting. And reading doesn’t excite me either. I want to be able to have a satisfying experience with a visual cue. I don’t know how to strike this delicate balance without being set off and having to wait and try again.
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2023.06.01 10:24 banana_schlong1 Is it sensible to buy a used 4a today?

So I'm from Eastern Europe and I'm in need of a "new" phone. I don't like big phones and I don't need the latest-fastest-greatest, etc.
I need my phone to be reliable for calls, messages, some internet browsing, 4G data, and occasional photo/video. I'm not interested in gaming or watching videos on the phone. I don't do banking on my phone, I use PC for that.
I can buy a used, unlocked US version (G025J) Pixel 4a in good condition for ~110€ from US eBay (trustworthy seller). There's only 2 Pixel 4a's in my country for sale with broken screens, so buying from US is my only option. I've checked the differences between US and EU versions regarding network compatibility, and it seems that US version should work fine because it is only missing one 4G band (32), which isn't used in my country anyway. I would also like to replace the battery with iFixit full kit (~55€ shipped), while it is still available for purchase. I have done a couple of phone repairs in the past, so I'm confident in doing it myself.
So, all in all, the phone would cost me ~165€ total. My budget is 150-200€. I've checked what new phone I could get for that price in my country, and the options are disappointing. All of the phones are 6.3" - 6.7", with 4/64 GB and worse CPUs. The only viable option could be Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S with 6/128 GB configuration, but it costs ~230€ and its CPU performance is more or less the same as 4a. I could also maybe consider Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 4/128 GB variant which is ~190€ here, but it has less RAM, worse CPU than 4a, and no 60FPS video.
I would consider a used Pixel 6A, but I rarely see it go below 250€ here, and, what's more, I wouldn't be able to use 5G, since my country is not in Google's 5G Europe whitelist.
If I were to get 4a, I would try to keep it for 1,5 - 2 years. I know that 4a is approaching 3 years already, and it won't get security updates anymore soon, but I'm not too concerned about the updates, because, as I mentioned, I don't do banking on my phone, and I only use a couple of apps which all come from Google Play Store. I'm more concerned about the hardware going bad.
Anyway, what are your thoughts? Do you have any advice or suggestions?
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2023.06.01 10:24 Tigermountaindjzebra Need pointers on painting my pathfinders

Hello. New to the hobby and was looking for some clarification on how to get started painting my pathfinders. I went into my local GW store and the guy gave me some painting advice as well as the required paints to get started on the colour scheme I want. However I only made a note of which paints were to be used for each part of the model as I was in a rush, not HOW they were to be applied and using which techniques. The colour scheme I'm going for is similar to the classic tau colour scheme but more light brown/beige than yellow, with the under Armour parts to be a lighter Grey than the usual black. I have blue for the visors and weapon glow. If someone can advise me as to what I'm actually supposed to do with these goddammit paints, that'd be great. I will list them below. Thanks for your time!
Skin colour - the fang, null oil, russ Grey, fenrisian Grey
Armour - zandri dust, agrax earth shade, karak stone, corpus black, eshin Grey, dawnstone
(I cant remember which part of the model these paints were for) Corax white, soul blightgrey, white Scar
Eyes - coraxwhite
Blue weapon glow paint (can't remember the name right now)
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2023.06.01 10:23 AutoModerator Biaheza - Dropshipping Program (Updated)

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Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
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Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.01 10:23 Stepho_62 Wage Theft?

Gday All,
I had a shit fight today with the stupid woman that runs the auto store I work in over unpaid time. Inevitably we all get caught with a customer right on our knock off time. I got caught a couple of weeks ago and didn't tell her. Consequently she didn't pay me and now refuses as its "to late".
I worked back an additional 10 minutes in good faith that I would be paid. The new timekeeping system sends her an exception report that tells her who didn't scan out or in greater than 8 minutes in terms of after shift start time and shift end time so there is no doubt she knew.
IMO this is flat out wage theft, it makes her a thief no different to the scumbags that steal shit from off the shelves.
The money doesn't bother me but its the principle.
Is this wage theft and is wage theft in Australia a criminal offence or is it in contravention of industrial law?
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2023.06.01 10:20 Elx37 I betrayed my dogs trust

Anaya is a beautiful double-coated long haired Caucasian Shepherd and is a rescue dog.
For background info: previous owners were a sack of fun. By fun, I mean the owner’s boyfriend hit Anya with a broom for whatever fucked up reason.
To that end, our dog is a bit bitey. So far, everyone she has come across she has managed to nip. She nipped her next owner, Tina, took an ear of Tina’s dog Gwen (happily able to re-attach) and hospitalised Tina’s mother, who is now missing part of her leg (she can still walk, missed major arteries, she’s fine) due to a fight with another dog Arthur.
I won’t explain how we now have her. However, as you can see at this point we have a dog with a bite history and giving her to anyone else would be irresponsible and lead to her to cross the rainbow bridge. She also doesn’t like strangers because of her breed.
She is honestly the loveliest most cuddly dog and she laps up attention. Anaya loves her belly rubs and it took a me a couple of months but she trusts me to touch her paw, allows me to open her mouth when she eaten something she’s not supposed to, bathe her even tho she hates it, trust me enough to introduce new people to her so she won’t eat them.
For the last 6 months, I have gained Anaya’s trust. She has not even attempted to bite me. From previous accounts of her bite history, she snaps with no warning. She will nudge my hand away or move herself away if she doesn’t like something and I have learned to respect that.
Prior to my fuck up, the worse she’s done is growl due to resource guarding but I taught her that I won’t take away her toys or bones and if I do, it is to replace it with something safer for her to chew.
So my fuck up begins when I was brushing her. A pastime we both happily do together and something I have done since we got her. She’s double coated and Tina’s shaved her previously so I suspect her matting is due to her undercoat not being able to grow properly.
She has always been very protective of her behind so I have tended to not go near it, but over winter, she’s grown a thick coat and now it’s summer and non stop sunshine I know she’s struggling with the heat. After giving her a bath a week ago, I saw a hand sized clump of fur on both her back legs. As she’s not fond of being touched there, I know I would have to get rid of it slowly.
As I’m working on it with various different brushes, I realise the extent of it. Her skin, which is normally white, is pink where the clumps are hanging from. I’ve been getting her use to the sound of a razor prior to this, while she’s not keen, she was relatively chill. I should have watched out for the signs.
She has already moved away twice and sat facing away from me. I was so determined to relieve her from the matting that I thought she trusted me enough to let her roll her over to face me again.
She yelped-barked at me.
She’s in pain and I forced her. I have always respected her space and wishes but I took her trust for granted, I thought she would just let me. She also fell a while ago and now due to my error there’s no way to go near her leg. She can’t see a proper vet. She doesn’t trust anyone else. If she needs to be sedated she might fight it. I have broken her trust and I don’t know how long she’ll will hold a grudge for. She’s happy to see me but then when I go near her, it’s like she remembers the pain. If she’s hurt, she’ll lash out more and next time there might not be a warning.
Tl;dr I forced my dog into a position which has exacerbated a leg pain not noticed before and now she’s suspicious and feels betrayed. I lost my dogs trust.
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2023.06.01 10:20 Key_Confidence5016 Best Dermatologist & Skin Specialist Doctor in Faridabad Best Skin Doctor near Me - Revyvecare

the most trusted and Best Dermatologist and Skin Specialist in Faridabad. Given to its world class dermatology treatments with highly professional and and best dermatologists in faridabad.
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2023.06.01 10:20 Pomojema_The_Dreamer Is there a fix for the "unavailable videos are hidden" problem in a "watch later" playlist?

I've seen people ask around about this before, but I'm asking in hope of there being some kind of an update.
On a "watch later" playlist of nearly 750 videos, I have about five unavailable videos that I can't seem to remove, in part because the mechanism that would help me remove it ("show unavailable videos") no longer works. Is there a fix for this, or am I stuck with those five missing videos just being somewhere in the void?
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2023.06.01 10:20 ttrashcat do some locations make bread from scratch?

my bf used to work a jimmy johns briefly, and he told me they made their bread from scratch. they’d make it and roll it out right in the store, which i thought was crazy bc at mine we’ve always just used the frozen sticks. do some locations make it from scratch?
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2023.06.01 10:20 sreglov Claiming Clash rewards at a strategic moment... means you can't play for a few hours 🤣

So atm in my club it's more strategic to claim our clash rewards at the start of the new Club Season, because it's not useful now. But if I start A9, I have an option to... Claim. But I can't skip the screen. If I use the "back" button of my device it says I can't go back at this stage. So the only option left is: wait until 12:00 CET 🤣. Well, fortunately for me I've finished MP1, MP2, all SE's as far as possible and just cleared out my tickets (although I don't really have to grind since I cleared my "gold max all Legend Store cars" earlier this week 🤣).
It's not a biggie, but it would be nice if I just could skip it and claim at a moment that suits me.
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2023.06.01 10:20 dohansohn AITA for setting a boundary with my roommate?

So me (19F) and my roommate/bestfriend (21F), "Christine" have been living together for less than a year, but have been friends for 3+ years. We decided to move in together when I got into a college near hers. When we were buying the things for our apartment, me and my parents ended up buying most of the common area stuff that we share (kitchen utensils and living room furniture and other things as well). It has been going pretty great, up until now. She has been seeing this guy and they have had a sort of friends with benefits relationship for a little bit, and have mostly been hanging out at our apartment. This is totally fine with me, doesn't bother me one bit.
But... I was going home one weekend, and she had let me know that she was planning on having him come over to hang out, and had been excited to have more freedom for intimate things in our apartment (implying they'd have sex on our couch). When she told me this, I got uncomfortable and laid out a boundary and explicitly told her to not have sex on the couch. We argued about it for a while, but she eventually gave up and we both agreed to just making out, and once things got heated she'd move it to her room (which is what she would do when I was home anyway, but I had no problem hanging out alone in my room).
I went home, thinking that my clear boundary wouldn't be crossed, because I trusted her. And didn't think about it anymore.
Until... a few weeks ago me, her, and our other best friend were hanging out. We were talking about random things and chilling. I don't even know how it got brought up, but Christine started talking about how her and her friend "did it" on the couch. I was livid, I blew up on her and asked her why she crossed my one and very clear boundary on the couch that ME and MY PARENTS bought. She explained that they were making out and things got hot and heavy and she told him that they had to take it to her room becaused I asked them not to have sex on the couch, and he said "she'll never know" so Christine went along with it. I got very angry and asked why she brought it up and told us, when she knew I would get angry. She claimed she thought it wasn't that big of a deal, and asked why I cared anyway. I told her that wasn't the point, my boundaries shouldn't be crossed, no questions asked. She continues to think it isn't that big of a deal and says that I am being childish for being so upset about it. I've been icing her out since and she hasn't apologized or anything once.
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2023.06.01 10:19 GGAllinPartridge Game of Throw-Ins Finale: EPL's shitty alternative league, Round 38

Here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for - the finale of Game of Throw-Ins 2022/23! It’s been a tense season across the table, but the results are in, and Manchester City take the trophy home. It looked like Liverpool very nearly had it for a moment there, but a loss somewhere along the way gave Man City the 3 points they needed to secure the title. Frustrating for the Anfield crowd, but that's football.
Outside of the title fight, a huge congratulations has been earned by Bright & Hove Albion, who have put on show after show for the fans to take 3rd place. Manchester United will be joining them in the Champions League, while Fulham sit just one cruel point behind in 5th place. Those two will make for a must-watch rivalry next season.
Outside of the top five are West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur, nearly 10 points away from the Europa League. Despite some moments of brilliance, both of these teams have been dogged by late-season inconsistency and will need to make some changes over the offseason. Brentford have had similar issues, but at least their highs-and-lows weren’t quite so jarring.
In a huge contrast, Newcastle United will be partying hard - after almost an entire season in the relegation zone, they strung together a five-match winning streak to take 9th place on the table. They’re a long way from the top, but the Magpies are a real contender for the story of the season, and they walk away with serious bragging rights. This is what Game of Throw-Ins is all about.
Crystal Palace got a last-minute win to take 11th place away from Bournemouth, settling in just behind Leeds United. They also round out as the only team with a perfectly balanced throw-in difference, after a 763-for / 763-against season. Is this significant? Hard to say, but you can tuck that one away for your next trivia night.
Next up we have Leicester City in 13th, Wolverhampton Wanderers in 14th, and everybody’s second-favourite underdogs, Southampton in 15th. The Saints’ escape from the relegation zone was as admirable as it was late, but they were unfortunately overshadowed by Newcastle’s even more stunning change of fortune. Nottingham Forest and Arsenal manage to stay in the Premier League too, but not by much.
Finally, we have the bottom of the barrel: Aston Villa, Chelsea, and Everton. Aston Villa and Everton have known their days were numbered for a while, so hopefully they already have plans in place for the EFL Championship. Chelsea were full of bravado in 3rd place after Round 5, so I’d be lying if I said it didn’t tickle me somewhat to see them relegated. I’m sure they’ll be back soon enough though, they just have to spend more money.
Well, that’s a wrap on Game of Throw-Ins. I have to be honest, it became a massive headache trying to keep up with this nonsense in recent weeks, and a big part of me is glad to see the back of it. The other part of me is happy to have seen it to the end. Thanks for playing, might see you again for the 2023/24 season. Might not.
Remember, there’s only one stat that counts - and that stat is throw-ins.
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