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2023.04.03 04:53 Rayo_Atlantic [Review] noemiexlili/ noemi lili/ cinnannoe Proof of purchase
Sorry if its long, its basically a detailed 1 to 1 Explanation seen her around on tiktok and Instagram reels and stuff and never thought about subbing to her onlyfans until I saw one of her cosplays and I was tempted to go sub to the onkyfans and i did, it was on sale so why not So I see some of her post and cosplay and I'm interested, but theres no nudes or anything close tbh its mostly selfies and cosplays maybe lewds at most on the feed but every post has "dm me " so I dm and asked if she does nudity she said yes so great then i also asked if she still sold photo sets of these a few cosplays I saw on the feed ,she also said yes so perfect. I asked how much are the sets , she just said "tip 40 or more and see what happens", since I just subbed and the onlyfans was on sale I decided sure let's give it a try and I sent 40 (againstmy better judgment) as you can see in the picture Then she said pick one of the sets I asked for so I picked one and I did hoping the sets had at least nudity and it wasn't just a $40 much worse
Immediately after sending the money she said "if you want nudity you gotta earn it" and that "she doesn't just send nudity to n.ew subs" if you remember she already told me she did do nudity so why is she not now?
So I ask "so what about the photo set?" She hadn't sent it and just told me she doesn't show nudity to n.ew subs so I'm worried
She sends me two pics and one 25 seconds video were...not much happens honestly She asks if I'm still there I say "yes" and but in my head I'm very suspicious I also say "what do you mean i got to earn 👀" I put the emoji to see what happens next
She sends me 2 more pictures (no nudityin any of the pictures or video they're borderline selfies) And then proceeds to say "let's play and spoil me if you wanna get it 😈down for it?" What? Spoil you? To get the set...I just payed for? I say "well you're going to have to earn my trust" She said "my page my rules" Your rules? Your rules are I have to pay 40 dollars for 4 pictures and a useless video and then pay more to get the rest? I say its "my money my choice" and that "I'm not asking for free pictures and that I just want the set of pictures I payed for" (at this point ive concluded im not gettingthe nuditypictures but at least AT LEAST i want the rest of the cosplay set) since yknow I payed 40 for them I continue to say "i payed 40 and you sent me 4 images and 1 video and you still trying to get more money out of me without completing the set on your end" I also said "not trying to be rude but its bad service like a bad taste in the mouth" because that's what it felt like she's said to spoil her and she hasn't even finished the one purchase I made
A little rant: I've delt with nsfw creators a lot ,like onlyfans and fansly and even here on reddit or even Twitter And by far this has been the WORST service I've ever received even a random girl on Twitter can do better than this . Rant over.
She says "Did i say im done?" Whatsever that means clearly you are (she doesn't send anything else after this) And also says "im not trying to get more out of you,only if you want more from me" ?? Yes you are ,you said "spoil me" and you haven't finished the sending the pictures, You should have saved that for after you're done sending the whole set because I would have payed more for the other sets I wanted and even more content At this point she's blocked me or whatever it is on onlyfans she's restricted me ,she hasn't texted or even seen my messages But guess what she's still sending ppv my way because of course she is No she never completed the set and I gave her like almost a week at this point 0 out of fucking 10
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