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2023.04.23 07:07 clarity_fury Tips for starting celery from seed?

I’m trying to start pink plume celery from MIgardener’s seed store. I haven’t had any luck in the past two months. Is there something I’m missing? Bad batch of seeds? I’m usually pretty good with germination.
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2023.04.12 01:36 lazybones228 What are these seeds?

What are these seeds?
Trying to plan for the season. I can plant a few to see what happens, but I figured I'd see if anyone could tell.
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2023.04.11 16:31 IamIambalue1855 They have finally arrived :)

They have finally arrived :)
I have been waiting for these to come back in stock. I hope they do well.
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2023.04.10 13:06 bredboii 1st grow starting nicely

1st grow starting nicely
65gal pot, MiGardener cover crop mix, buildasoil light for the majority of the components, added spent blue oyster sawdust into top layers. All 4 seeds up now :)
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2023.04.07 02:09 pachamamamg First there were two...

First there were two...
We keep a big rubbermaid tub of soil handy, mixed with some basic amendments like worm castings-- which we bought from MIgardener and happen to come with the warning that worm eggs might be mixed in. Sure enough, we discovered a pair of worms near the bottom of it when it was time to refill the thing! That was months ago and after a quick scramble here and on YT to figure out how to keep them alive, we made a basic worm composting set up in a smaller bin and this is what we have to show for it. Pics were taken the night before last when we did our first harvest and reset.
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2023.03.31 16:10 padriec I think I screwed up my seed potatoes

After watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1h0KHPzfj4 from MIgardener where he prepares his seed potatoes by painting the cut sides with honey as an antimicrobial agent I tried the same thing. Maybe I didn't do it right, but after a few days the honey leaked around the whole potato and now almost all my potato pieces are covered in honey. They still have a few days before I can plant them, but I hope I didn't just kill all my seed potatoes. Has anyone else had any experience with this? Also, if I did kill my seed potatoes can I just go to the store and get organic potatoes and use them after they chit? Thanks! (I'm in Central NJ, the automod told me I should put that here, so there you go)
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2023.03.18 17:30 meow-meow-meow5 Gonna start two of each of these tomatoes today! I love growing tomatoes 😍 They are so pretty!

Gonna start two of each of these tomatoes today! I love growing tomatoes 😍 They are so pretty! submitted by meow-meow-meow5 to gardening [link] [comments]

2023.03.16 22:26 CantSleepKaitlyn In my happy place. 🖤

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2023.03.14 02:12 brellalove Spring Refresh Advice

I started out my raised beds with bagged organic soil from the hardware store 2 summers ago. The first summer, I had decent success and was happy with my harvest.
Last summer, I had a baby in April and was not physically able to do much care for my garden in the spring. I just planted out some seeds and some seedlings and hoped for the best. I did spread some Trifecta+ fertilizer from MiGardener in the beds. My tomatoes, which I bought as seedlings from a nursery, did well. However, almost everything else was fair to poor. My root crops in particular were abysmal!
I clearly paid the price for not doing much to fertilize, amend, and top off my soil at the beginning of the season. I want to have a better year this year.
I have considered buying the raised bed soil again and topping off my beds with that. However, I am not sure that would add sufficient nutrients. What do you do to refresh your beds each year to add nutrients back in and increase the volume as the soil is depleted?
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2023.03.13 01:51 orbsofmoonlight ISO: Sweet Meat Squash Seeds

Hello Lovely Seed Swappers!
I'm searching for someone who might be willing to send me just a few Sweet Meat Squash seeds, like these ones from MI Gardener (although he isn't the only one who sells them, I don't care where they come from!) I don't need a lot, just something like five seeds.
Happy to send back anything I have in my collection in return! I've got a wide variety of flowers, tomatoes, peppers, greens...just let me know what you're looking for and I'll see what I've got.
Hope everyone's gardening seasons are off to a good start!
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2023.03.05 02:05 Maximum_Peach_6722 My indoor zone 5b starts for the weekend. More to come as warm weather approaches.

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2023.02.28 03:20 TableTopFarmer Orange Jerusalem?

I came across MIGardener's seven year old video, calling it the ultimate tomato, and one he intended to grow forever. But I find no information about it, so I guess he didn't.
Has anyone else ever grown it?
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2023.02.27 23:05 Britack Starting very late this year. Zone 9a, Louisiana

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2023.02.01 17:30 Similar-Bumblebee-93 Switching from pumpkins to watermelons question

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2023.01.26 18:25 Well_Endowed_Moose Show us all your seed haul!

Will post mine in the comments. It’s almost February and I’m shopping right now for local native seeds in my area in Texas. New to this so I’m learning about Baker Creek and MIGardener seeds so I only have Ferry Morse Seeds for now but am curious to see what everyone is growing or excited about growing.
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2023.01.23 22:02 viskoviskovisko I got some seeds today.

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2023.01.22 15:03 MayorCleanPants They’re Heeeeeere! 🤗

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2023.01.22 02:25 StrawberryRhubarbPi Is this too much? This isn't even everything!

Is this too much? This isn't even everything!
I'm a first year gardener and this isn't even everything I plan on growing! Is this manageable if I only plan on having one or two plants each of the bigger things? I have one raised bed and the rest I plan to do no dig with. My partner will be helping with the garden too thank God! I'm also planning on finding some mini cuke seeds because I just found out my son adores them! Recommendations for gherkins and all things gherkin adjacent very welcomed! (Also not pictured cherry tomatoes, marigolds, chives)
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2023.01.20 22:29 Teacher-Investor Seeds have all arrived :-) Time to start germinating cold weather crops!

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2023.01.19 01:47 boiler95 I thought I had a problem with seed hoarding. These photo cases still have some room though 😁.

I thought I had a problem with seed hoarding. These photo cases still have some room though 😁. submitted by boiler95 to gardening [link] [comments]

2023.01.16 23:22 mosoler What’s the natural evolution of seed starting methods?

I’m about three years into vegetable gardening and I’ve been surviving ok with starting seeds indoors/outdoors. I’ve been starting seeds in 6packs or cups and leaving them outside on my back patio in the sun as long as temps were above 50 during the day, and bring them in at night unless it stayed above 50, or 40 for some types. I saw this on YouTube (maybe rustic garden or MIgardener) and it made sense for the scale of what I was doing (and it still makes sense for scale, it can just be a pain in the rear, and it can clutter up the kitchen overnight or on a cold/too rainy of a day).
I’m thinking this year to upgrade or change my approach for seed starting. I’m in debate between one of those portable coat closet sized greenhouses and doing a grow light setup in the garage. I seem to be biased against grow light setup for some reason, probably because of cost and space (though space in garage is more forgiving).
Anyhow, I’m wondering if there is a natural progression. I know a lot of you folks have grow lights and I’m wondering if I’m going to end up doing grow lights anyhow in another few years, if I should just quit fighting it.
If it helps: 7A, Middle TN
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2023.01.15 03:10 front_yard_duck_dad so many peppers so little space 🤙

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