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/Marathon is a **VIDEO GAME SUBREDDIT** about Marathon, Bungie's first First Person Shooter Trilogy and its newly announced Revival

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All about Destiny 2: The epic, online-only looter-shooter MMO from Bungie, which launched in September of 2017.

2023.06.01 17:49 Reddichu Tired of shitty abusing admins? Tired of RP cliques that aren't welcoming to new RPers? Tired of broken cities?! So are we!!!

SYLVYR DOT NET offers a unique roleplay experience. Development staff strives to meet your needs and wants in this online city.
We are a group of dedicated Roleplayers looking to create some awesome stories and fun times.
Whether you're new to FiveM or Roleplaying all together our community is here to help!
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Civilian Life


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Fire Rescue


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2023.06.01 17:48 officer_dog Sharing a great pain map / trigger point resource:

For those who aren't already familiar with it, is super helpful!
I know it's often hard to make sense of all the weird (aka bad) sensations we feel and how they relate to one another. This site has helped clarify a lot for me over the last few years, and is great for those in PT trying to understand their body better.
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2023.06.01 17:47 cstar4004 In my Vet Pharmacy: Concentrated Stomach Happy, and Concentrated Red Front Door

In my Vet Pharmacy: Concentrated Stomach Happy, and Concentrated Red Front Door submitted by cstar4004 to BadTranslations [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 17:47 Reddichu Tired of shitty abusing admins? Tired of RP cliques that aren't welcoming to new RPers? Tired of broken cities?! So are we!!!

SYLVYR DOT NET offers a unique roleplay experience. Development staff strives to meet your needs and wants in this online city.
We are a group of dedicated Roleplayers looking to create some awesome stories and fun times.
Whether you're new to FiveM or Roleplaying all together our community is here to help!
Want something added? Just ask! We’ll do whatever we can to tailor the city to our player’s needs.
Updated DAILY!
Join Our Discord!
Check out our promotional video on YouTube!
Coming Soon: Insane Drug Scripts. More custom clothing, custom cars, and custom MLOs. (MADE BY US!!!)
Civilian Life


Careers – Own Your Own Business



Fire Rescue


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2023.06.01 17:46 TryingToDoGreatStuff Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney+ (2024) [Alternate Casting]

Note: I got the inspiration and idea to make this post from this other post => I don't know if there are any Percy Jackson & the Olympians fans on this subreddit, but I'm really excited for the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series that's coming to Disney+ and that will be faithful adapting the "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" book/novel for it's first season. Now..., I'm pretty much fine with the cast we already have that's going to be in the first season of the series/show, but I would be remiss if I didn't ever give out what would've been my ideal dream cast for the live-action adaptation of the series/show. Since I'm pretty much fine with the cast we currently have right now, there will be a lot of actors or actresses here that I will not even bother to give alternative casting choices for and so to help compensate for that, I'll be giving some possible casting choices for characters that will presumably show up and appear in season 2 of the series/show when they eventually adapt book 2, "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters".
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney+ (2024) [Alternate Casting]
Alternate Cast:
Potential Cast for Season 2:
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2023.06.01 17:44 azrael2112 Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game [D&D 3.0e] [Paid $20 per session] [Campaign] [Weekly] [Roll20] [0/6 seats filled] [Online] [Wednesdays 9 AM GMT-4]

About the adventure This game is designed for new players to learn the mechanics of the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The adventure goes from level 1 and ends at level 3. You will be able to select characters from a human fighter, dwarf fighter, elf wizard, human wizard, dwarf cleric, human cleric, halfling rogue, and human rogue.
About me Hello! I'm Alex and I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over 25 years. I've been Dungeon Mastering for over 20 years and I'd like to continue to do so. I've run other games such as Star Wars, d20 Modern, the Sentinel Comics RPG, and more. I tend to run homebrew but lately I've been into published material.
I'm 31, I graduated with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing, and for someone who's never had a pet cat I've sure lived with a lot of other people's pet cats. I made my first D&D character when I was 6 years old. His name was Rage and he was a Tiger Man.
I'm willing to run games for people of any age and to be inclusive. But I will always stress the necessity of boundaries at the physical or virtual table!
My style I want everyone to have fun at my games. And as a secondary goal I love helping to foster character development whether it's from PC to PC or PC to NPC.
I tend do lean toward voices but am awful at accents! I love mixing a good balance of combat, social, exploration, and puzzle encounters.
Players can expect Combat/Tactics: Medium Roleplay: Medium Puzzles: Medium Experience Level: None
What I provide I will be using Roll20 as a virtual tabletop. I will be providing character sheets for the players to choose from. I will provide spooky dungeons, challenging puzzles, and devious traps.
How to prepare Microphones are necessary but webcams are optional. We can communicate further using Roll20's chat system. You can roll dice either in Roll20 or physically. I'll send the players the character sheets via Google Drive.
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2023.06.01 17:43 AnActualYeti Servers Down For Maintenance
I'm not one to complain about servers, but I'm genuinely curious why this game has been brought offline so many times in the last few months. I don't think I've ever seen a game taken offline so often before.
I know it's probably growing pains of Bungie attempting to help server stability or whatever, idk I'm not a dev. I'd just like to see Bungie make a more dedicated change to the game's stability.
People have wanted dedicated servers for a long time, I think it's time to revisit that conversation. Bungie's got the money to make it happen that's for sure. Hell, with all the Eververse updates, Deluxe Expansions, Season Passes, and Dungeon Keys I'm sure there not strapped for cash.
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2023.06.01 17:43 ThisIsTheRedditOf Euthanasia practice for cats. Can you help me process what happened?

I recently made the decision to put down my 18 year old cat, a few days after my vet had had the "quality of life" talk with me due to her cognitive dysfunction.
I have been in the room before when losing a pet, but this time was weird and I think it has led me to not wanting to go back or recommend this vet. But up to this point, I had liked going there. When I made the decision to euthanize my 18 year old, she was very lethargic and having trouble standing. But she was otherwise very out of it and calm (maybe because she was in pain?).
Yet my vet said she didn't want to stress her out and wanted to take her to the back for the first shot. But I don't understand that at all. I could hear her crying back there when she hadn't made a sound up to then. I think taking her back there made her more scared and stressed. I was a bit in a crying fog so I didn't even offer to get her out myself before then, but I did push back that I wanted to hold her as she passed, but I don't think they understood what I was getting at (I was crying at lot). I got to hold her when they administered the second shot though and they assured me they would bring her right back.
Could you all give insight as to why they took my cat in the back? Was it not really a shot but rather gas instead? I have seen the two-shot method in the past and so I don't understand. This also seemed to take longer than previous times I've witnessed. After the first shot to sedate her, they bought her back and said she would fall asleep within 5-10 minutes. It was not peaceful. She threw up green bile in her mouth and gagged a bit before the second shot.
Can someone explain what happened? What was the first shot? Why the vet would do this for the first shot? Thank you.
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2023.06.01 17:41 salmontunapoke taking in a stray cat

I'll be taking in a male cat today and it is mentioned that it was foster but has been let outside for a couple of days and was abused by the previous owners. Since I can't take it to a vet right away, I'm wondering if anyone can tell if there's any visible signs of broken bones or concerns. It will also be great if it anyone can tell if it's a young or older cat! This is my first time owning and taking care of a cat so any advice will be really helpful. Here is an image: Thank you!
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2023.06.01 17:38 throwawaywtfdoidoo WIBTA if I refused to take care of my roommate’s cat?

I (23F) live with a friend from a previous job (24F), let’s call her Eva. Eva has a cat that I sometimes help feeding if she’s not around for whatever reason. Usually this is fine. I love the cat, she’s very sweet and is a wonderful part of my life so I don’t mind.
The problem started last week when Eva told me she’d be going on vacation a few weeks from now. I’ve taken care of kitty during her vacations before with no issues (the longest was just under a week and she asked if I’d be available beforehand). When I asked her for the dates, she gave me a timeline that’s 6 weeks.
To say I was shocked is an understatement. Six weeks?! I asked her why she hadn’t checked if I would be okay with taking care of the cat for that long before booking everything, and she said she assumed it would be just like every other time.
I told her that it was irresponsible to make these plans without asking if I would be good to take care of kitty or if I was even available the whole time. She said I didn’t have a problem before so why now? I pointed out how there’s a drastic difference between a few days and more than an entire calendar month.
I was trying to book stuff to be out of town during this time, but now I feel like I have to be home because of her poor planning. Would I be the asshole if I told her I’m not okay with this? I love the cat, but I feel like I’m being taken advantage of.
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2023.06.01 17:38 janetjacksonleftboob [TOMT][TV] I need help remembering a scene

There’s a couple on their way somewhere and they hit a cat, they’re kinda in the middle of nowhere. They see a house and figure it must be their cat so they knock in the door and the people who answer say it’s their daughters cat. They call their daughter out and she’s a big girl, in her teens I think, and she’s devastated. The people who hit the cat are just trying to leave but feel obligated to stay. I have no clue what I’m remembering this from and it will drive me crazy until I figure it out, please help!!
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2023.06.01 17:36 VW2001 Techniques for Efficient Note-Taking and Effective Revision

Hello, CSIR-NET aspirants!
Today, let's explore some valuable techniques for efficient note-taking and effective revision, essential aspects of our preparation journey. Taking organized and concise notes not only aids in retaining information but also saves time when reviewing concepts or clarifying doubts. So, let's dive right in!
Note-Taking Systems
My favourite: Cornell Note-Taking Method: One highly effective note-taking system is the Cornell method. Divide your paper into three sections: a narrow left column for cues, a wider right column for notes, and a bottom section for summaries. Use the right column for recording main ideas, explanations, and examples, while the left column serves as cues or keywords. The bottom section is used to summarize the entire topic. This method promotes active engagement and helps with information retention.
5 other note-taking systems:
Spaced Repetition and Practice Problems
Note-taking alone is not sufficient; efficient revision strategies are equally important. Here are two key techniques to incorporate:
  1. Spaced Repetition: Research has shown that revisiting information at spaced intervals improves long-term retention. Create a revision schedule where you revisit previously learned topics at regular intervals. For example, revise weekly by reviewing your notes, summarizing key points, and attempting practice questions related to the topics.
  2. Practice Problems: Actively engage with the content by solving practice problems related to the topics you've studied. Practicing application-based questions helps reinforce your understanding and boosts retention. It also allows you to identify areas where you may need further clarification or practice.
Remember, everyone's learning style is unique, so find the note-taking system that works best for you. Experiment with different techniques and adapt them to suit your preferences and subjects.
Lastly, while tools like ChatGPT can provide quick references, be mindful of how they impact your memory. Rely on them for clarification but avoid excessive dependence, as actively recalling information helps solidify it in your memory.
Feel free to share your favorite note-taking methods or any additional tips you find helpful in the comments below. Let's support each other on this exciting journey towards CSIR-NET success!
Good luck, and keep up the fantastic work!
P.S. If you missed any previous posts in the series, be sure to check them out.
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2023.06.01 17:36 pastel_boho_love What career ideas would you recommend for my skill set and my situation as a disabled person?

TLDR below ig.
Disclaimer: this is not a sympathy-milking post. I need to explain my situation thoroughly in order to receive relevant job advice. Thanks.
Background: I am a 30 yr old disabled woman and through years of grueling trial and error, I finally realized that I cannot manage more than about 20 hours of work per week, and will never be able to. I can only barely manage it now through sheer desperation and defiance, at the expense of my health.
My entire situation causes me to always fall through the cracks of the minimal social safety nets here in the US. Living off nothing but SSI is completely unsustainable and made my health decline even further over time.
I have exhausted all the resources within my knowledge and access, and the only solution that makes sense is finding a way to increase my income (unless there are "sponsor your local disabled person for the rest of their life" charities out there I'm not aware of).
TLDR: I desperately need to find a job that:
● has maximum work schedule flexibility so I can work around my flare-ups ● has sufficient pay and/or benefits, esp in relation to sick leave/paid time off I could use during flare-ups ● is local or has fully remote accessibility (I live in a rural area & have no reliable transportation access) ● has little to no education barriers that would make the job inaccessible ● does not involve profiting off human suffering or exploiting others in any way for profit (health insurance for example) ● fulfills as many of these criteria as possible for about 20 hrs per week.
My current skill set is as follows:
● music (currently a pianist/pipe organist + private piano instructor) ● design & crafting (visual arts skills and crafts) ● skilled writer ● enthusiastic & engaging teaching skills (despite no access to a college degree in education) ● excellent organizer, good at planning, highly detail-oriented ● great with kids (just not babies) ● good at learning, researching, & self-education
Other interests/passions include advocacy, permaculture, sustainability, spirituality, & just helping others/making a positive difference in the world.
My most passion-filled idea so far is to design & publish my own, customizable piano courses, with the mission of maximum accessibility and enjoyment for underserved/struggling demographics (neurodivergent, disabled, chronically ill, LGBTQ+, minorities, etc.).
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2023.06.01 17:36 MightBeneficial3302 Carbon Credits and the Future of Sustainable Business: Exploring Best Practices $SHFT $SHIFF

Carbon Credits and the Future of Sustainable Business: Exploring Best Practices $SHFT $SHIFF
The trading of carbon credits can help entities and the world meet their climate goals by cutting carbon emissions and practicing sustainable business. While some companies have various means to get rid of their footprint, many simply don’t have any at their disposal. And so using carbon credits is a necessity for them.
But how can carbon credits help promote the best practices that ensure the future of sustainable business? How can they be instrumental in advancing both corporate sustainability and global sustainable development?
This article will explain how by looking into best practices that can scale up the voluntary carbon market and help businesses achieve their climate change goals.

Companies Ally in Conquering Climate Change

The number of businesses pledging to help put an end to climate change by slashing their own GHG emissions continues to grow. Yet many of them find that they cannot fully get rid of their emissions, or even reduce them as fast as they may like.
The challenge is particularly tough for entities with net zero emissions targets, meaning removing as much carbon as they emit. For them, it helps to use carbon credits to offset emissions they can’t eliminate by other means.
Voluntary carbon credits, also known as carbon offsets, are bought by companies for reasons other than compliance. These market instruments help direct private financing to climate-related projects and initiatives that won’t otherwise be developed or take off. More importantly, these projects also offer added benefits beyond just carbon reduction like job creation and biodiversity conservation.
Carbon credits also have the potential to bring down the cost of emerging climate technologies by providing startups enough capital. And most importantly, this market tool can help drive investments to places where nature-based emissions reduction projects are most viable.

How Can Carbon Credits Help Companies Reach Their Climate Goals?

Achieving climate goals seems to be the finish line among organizations these days. But what does it really mean?
Collectively, that means limiting the rise in global temperatures to 2.0°C above pre-industrial levels, and ideally 1.5°C. Putting that in context, it means cutting global GHG emissions by 50% of current levels by 2030 and bringing them to net zero by 2050.
More and more businesses are aligning themselves with this global sustainable development agenda. In fact, the number of companies with net zero climate commitments doubled in less than a year – from 500 (2019) to 1,000 (2020).
Among those businesses, reducing carbon emissions to be carbon neutral or net zero has major limitations. For instance, a big part of the pollution of companies operating in the cement industry comes from processes they simply can’t just stop.

So, how can they reduce their emissions without stopping their business operations? By buying carbon credits.

  • Carbon credits work like permissions allowing holders the right to emit a certain amount of carbon under the compliance market. Within the VCM, carbon credits represent the corresponding quantity of carbon that has been reduced or removed by an initiative.
Remember that each carbon credit is equal to one tonne of carbon removed or prevented from entering the atmosphere.
Carbon credits have been in use for years now, but their voluntary use has grown immensely only in recent years. As seen in the chart from Katusa Research, buyers have retired (claimed the impact of the credit) about 150 million credits per year since 2020.
And as global efforts to transition to low-carbon and sustainable practices intensify, demand for carbon credits will also grow. Based on industry estimates, annual global demand for carbon credits can go up to 1.5 to 2.0 gigatons of CO2 by 2030 and up to 7 to 13 GtCO2 by 2050.
That also means the VCM size can be between $30 billion and $50 billion by the end the decade, depending on various factors such as price.
Per McKinsey analysis, the supply of carbon credits to meet such projected demand will come from these categories:
  • avoided nature loss (including deforestation);
  • nature-based sequestration, such as reforestation;
  • avoidance or reduction of emissions such as methane from landfills; and
  • technology-based removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
While the future of sustainable business becomes possible through carbon credits, some challenges exist that may prevent VCM’s scale up. If not addressed fully, these roadblocks can bring down supply from 8-12 GtCO2 per year to 1-5 GtCO2.

Key challenges include:

  • Most nature-based supply of carbon credits is concentrated in few countries
  • Difficulty in attracting enough financing
  • Long lag times between capital raising and selling carbon credits
  • Carbon accounting and verification methods vary, making supply of high-quality carbon credits
  • Some confusions in the definition of the credits’ co-benefits (benefits beyond carbon reductions)
  • Long lead times in verifying carbon credits quality, which is crucial to achieve market integrity
  • Other problems include unpredictable demand, low liquidity and limited data availability
Though these challenges are indeed daunting, they are not invincible. By adopting best practices in using and integrating carbon credits into climate change mitigation measures, the VCM can help secure the future of sustainable business.

Best Practices to Scale Up the VCM

As we have demonstrated, carbon credits can help promote corporate sustainability by helping companies reach their climate goals. And as most of us know, large companies are the most guilty in dumping carbon into the air.
As long as they are making efforts in cutting their carbon footprint and bringing it to net zero, they can still continue doing business sustainably. But what can these big businesses and other market players do to ensure that the market doesn’t wither but grow?
Here are the top four ways that could further develop the VCM and scale it up for more carbon reductions.

Having Uniform Principles for Carbon Credit Definition and Verification

The market for voluntary carbon credits still lacks ample liquidity to transact efficient trading. What causes this is the fact that the credit attributes vary a lot, affected mostly by the project generating it. The carbon credit price depends on the specific project type and/or its location.
Each project also delivers a different set of benefits and added values, which value varies as well. This attribute makes the process of matching the buyer and seller quite difficult and time-consuming.
  • But with uniform features that define or describe the credits, the match-making process would be easier. One of these features would be the quality of the credit.
The recent release of the International Council for the VCM of its “Core Carbon Principles” is a good starting point for both suppliers and buyers to refer to. The principles provided offer a good reference in verifying the carbon reductions claim of the credits.
This is also important when developing reference contracts of carbon credit deals and their corresponding trading prices on the exchanges. In this case, it would make it more efficient for the market to aggregate smaller supplies to match the larger bids of corporate buyers.

Developing Flexible Trading and After-Trade Infrastructure

A well-functioning VCM requires a flexible trading infrastructure. That function is to facilitate high-volume listing and trading of contracts. In effect, this enables the establishment of structured financing for project developers.
The top carbon exchanges often have this infrastructure in place, enabling them to support and help scape up the market.
The same goes for post-trade infrastructure, such as registries and clearinghouses. They must support the creation of futures markets and provide the necessary counterparty default protection.
  • Carbon registries, in particular, should be providing necessary services and facilitating the issuance of identification numbers for each project.
These infrastructures can help promote transparency of data and information in the market, and so, increase trust among buyers and sellers alike. This is currently not the case in the VCM as access is limited, making tracking difficult. Issues in transparency are plaguing the market, putting some projects under query and further investigation.
Analytics and reports that put together accessible reference data from various registries, like how APIs do, can help advance transparency. This startup that developed the first API for carbon credits seeks to address this task, aiming to improve transparency.

Building Guidelines for the Correct Use of Credits

Though many companies use carbon credits to offset their emissions, they’re not the automatic option in reducing emissions. Some skeptics said that they deter businesses to offset their footprint instead of reducing them directly. Others argued that they become a tool for greenwashing – claiming to be eco-friendly though the business continue to emit more.
This is why there must be clear and robust principles governing the use of carbon credits to eliminate doubts.
Specifically, offsetting should be an option for emissions that are too difficult to abate. They should not overtake other climate mitigation measures while ensuring more carbon reductions actually happen.
This best practice requires a business to disclose its carbon emissions first and create a baseline for it. From there, carbon reductions targets and strategies will follow. Only by doing so can the company know how much emissions it needs to offset and buy the corresponding credits.

Safeguarding Integrity of the VCM

Same with transparency, the VCM is also facing the issue of integrity. The main culprit is the wide differences in the carbon credits’ nature, making them plausible for fraudulent transactions.
One solution is to have a digital system in place that registers and verifies the credits authenticity before issuance. Verifiers must be able to monitor the project’s impact regularly to confirm their carbon reduction claims.
That won’t just safeguard the integrity of the carbon credits but can also help developers in cutting down associated costs. Digitization translates to standardization that lowers issuance costs while improving offset credibility in corporate climate commitments.
Ultimately, a governing body is critical to enhancing integrity by overseeing market players’ behavior and the overall market functions.
In sum, businesses and other organizations can reduce their carbon footprint by employing clean energy technologies and sources. Still, many need carbon credits to complement their climate change mitigation efforts while aligning them with their corporate sustainability goals.
By following the four best practices identified, a scaled up voluntary carbon credit market can help secure the future of sustainable business.
Article source >>
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2023.06.01 17:35 Still-Resort-2793 Fosters needed!!

Fosters needed!!
Want to help animals but don’t want the commitment of adopting? Animal rescues really really need fosters! Everything from food to toys to training from a professional to vaccines/any medical needed is provided by the rescue and all you have to do is house and love the pet. There is a huge issue in California of overpopulation at local shelters and animal rescues are getting dozens of messages everyday from shelters that are having to euthanize hundreds of great cats and dogs, and from owners who can’t continue caring for their pets and can’t bring them to the shelters because they’re full. People in Tijuana have been reaching out as well with abuse cases, hoarding cases, and more. Furballs Forever is a FANTASTIC rescue that wants to help as many pets as possible but is completely full until we get more fosters.
We have kittens, puppies, small dogs, big dogs, kid friendly dogs & cats, cat friendly dogs, dog friendly dogs, really whatever you prefer we need fosters for!
If you own a business we’re also always looking for places to have more adoption events. Please reach out if you can help in any way!
These are some of the pups that need fosters currently:
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2023.06.01 17:35 Ok_Lengthiness_6591 glnethack with isometric view

Hey, fellows! Recently I was watching nethack GUI compilation, when I met glnethack screenshot that made me crazy. But unfortunately, it is very old one (nethack 3.4.3) without any significant instruction how to run it. Or it's just my dumbness:) Maybe there is someone clever enough or old enough to understand to to make it work under Linux with isometric view. Any help will be awesome!
Here is the desired result:
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2023.06.01 17:33 quahog10 My neighbors recently moved and left their cat

A few days ago my neighbors moved out of their house, and later there were people cleaning the upstairs apartment. I'm not sure if they entered the downstairs apartment, but just today I realized their cat was apparently abandoned and hangs out by the window. It still seems healthy and I don't know if there's a food source (though I saw some dead mice in the yard,so I wonder if it's eating them.) Either way the doors are locked and I don't see a way for the cat to leave, and it's obvious the neighbors aren't coming back for it (they were scumbags anyway.) Since the doors are locked, I'm not sure animal control can help, so should I call the police? Will they do anything?
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2023.06.01 17:33 OwlCouncil23 Solar Sanctuary (Book 1) - Chapter 3

Previous Chapter Table of Contents

Sarah's Perspective

As I looked up at my boss, I could feel my heart racing with nervousness. No matter how much I do my job, whenever I’m asked a question, I feel like I’m back in school and didn’t do the homework. “Sarah, would you be so kind as to please explain what Dr. Shepherd’s report means in plain English,” my boss asked, bringing me back to the present moment?
I took a deep breath and looked down at the report Isaac had prepared, scanning through the pages to identify the parts my boss referred to as “not plain English.” As I flipped through the pages, I could feel my palms starting to sweat with anxiety as every pair of eyes bore down on me.
Finally, I found the section my boss referred to and started summarizing the key findings in my own words. “The object was observed for six months before reaching the heliosphere, which is the space we believe is the edge of our solar system,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady. I paused, looking for the next section.
“Then, the new telescope gave us good readings and measurements on size and speed. This thing appears to be very big,” I continued.
“Approximately two weeks ago, the object completed a turning maneuver and turned on the engines to slow down. In those two weeks, we have seen a measurable reduction in speed. The transit estimate time for the entire heliosphere went from approximately four months to two years, give or take one year, due to the margin of error in our calculations,” I finished, looking up to see the other diplomats and delegates in the room staring at me with varying degrees of concern and disbelief.
“Any questions?” I asked, hoping that someone would come forward with a reassuring response and take the focus away from me.
As I finished my summary, my boss looked at me and said, “Thank you, Sarah. Why is there such a large uncertainty?” I blinked, trying to understand the question and how to answer it.
After a moment, I slowly replied, “Because we don’t know what the object will do. It might cut its engines after slowing down 1% or increase engine power and slow down further. There are many factors that could come into play, and we are still trying to understand them.”
My boss nodded, deep in thought, and then continued, “In light of the clear images we now have, we know this will be some form of first contact. We must be prepared no matter the kind of first contact. We will be relocating to Texas to better coordinate between all the teams involved, science, diplomats, military, and others.”
I couldn’t believe it. I knew we were talking about moving, but now it was happening. I couldn’t wait to call Issac and tell him the good news. I was finally going to see my kids daily, not monthly.
My boss continued, “Anyone not transferred to Texas with us will receive new assignments over the weekend and need to report to their new departments. It was a pleasure serving with you all. For those of us moving to Texas, you have two weeks off to make it there without any issues. We will have our first all-hands meeting on the Monday after two weeks. If you have any questions, please address them to your coordinators.”
As the meeting ended, I felt a sense of excitement and relief wash over me. I said my goodbyes to the few colleagues I knew were not coming with us to Texas and headed toward the front door. The thought of being closer to my children was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
Once outside, I hailed a taxi and quickly gave the driver my address. I couldn’t wait to call Issac and tell him the good news. As I dialed his number, my heart raced with anticipation, but to my disappointment, he didn’t pick up. So, I decided to text him instead. I told him I had good news and asked him to call me back as soon as possible.
As we drove through the city, I pulled out my phone and looked up plane tickets to Texas. A flight was available on Tuesday morning, which would be perfect timing for me to finish everything over the weekend and turn in my keys on Monday.
The taxi dropped me off in front of my apartment building before Issac could call me back. As I walked up the stairs to my apartment, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of melancholy. The apartment was now nearly empty, with nothing but a blow-up mattress in the living room, a cheap chair I had picked up from a local store, and a single suitcase I had taken back and forth from Texas. No pictures, mementos, or personal touches would make this place feel like a home. All of that already moved, and I was here alone.
I walked to the kitchen and reheated some takeout on my only plate. As I sat down to eat with a plastic spoon, I felt a wave of gratitude. My “Bachelor Lifestyle” was finally ending, and I couldn’t wait to be reunited with my children. It was time to start fresh in Texas, and I was ready for a new beginning.
After finishing my meal, I washed the plate and decided to frame it as a bittersweet reminder of what I went through when I got home to Texas. I froze mid-wash, realizing this was precisely what Issac went through when we decided to move to New Your City. With a shudder, I resolved that I would apologize for what I had put him through.


John Cooper, 3 months after object turned on engines.

I spent my last day in the office at Langley poring over the latest images and reports from NASA. A sinking feeling grew in my stomach as I looked through the data. The eggheads have been geeking and writing report after report of all the wonderful and crazy things they were discovering. My job as the realist was to look at the worst-case scenario.
The images showed what appeared to be an alien craft, and the size of it was measured in thousands of miles. I prayed that the eggheads had made a mistake, that they had added a zero or two or misplaced the decimal point, but deep down, I knew that was wishful thinking. It would change everything we knew about our place in the universe if it was real.
Even more troubling were the tubes that the eggheads didn’t label as anything but suspiciously looked like launch tubes to me. They were estimated to be multiple miles in diameter. To put that into perspective, it was large enough to engulf a small Midwestern town and still have plenty of room for some cows. My mind raced as I tried to make sense of what I was seeing.
Pouring a finger of whiskey, I sat down at the computer to hammer out my last report from this office. Thankfully the eggheads have been adding “Layman’s Abstracts” as they labeled it, so my job was now to add the things their Utopian minds didn’t think of.
Still, I kinda felt offended by the label “Layman’s.” The first time I read it, I thought it said “Lame-man’s.”
As I sat there, sipping my whiskey and staring at the screen, I couldn’t help but wonder what the aliens’ ultimate goal was. Did they want to conquer us, or were they just passing through? Did they want to teach us something, or were they studying us like lab rats? And what did their presence mean for our future?
The fact that the aliens had brought about world peace was a silver lining but also a double-edged sword. It was true that no one wanted to waste bullets on each other anymore, but the new threat also had us all on edge. We were all just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I chuckled, imagining the aliens compensating with big guns for something, but I knew better. The reality was rarely that simple. The fact was were finally working together, sharing information and resources to prepare for the unknown.
Reagan was absolutely right. Nothing united humanity quite like a universal outside threat. We were shipping bullets and missiles to every country willing to build a bunker deep enough to hide it. We were basically treating explosives and ammo like candy on Halloween. And no one was complaining about budgets since there was a decent chance the banks would go away if the world ended.
I took a sip of my whiskey and leaned back in my chair. The idea of the aliens compensating with big guns for something still lingered in my mind. I wondered if they were as afraid of us as we were of them. Or maybe they were just being cautious. After all, they were the ones with the advanced technology.
As I finished typing up my report and printed out a few copies. As the printer spit out each document, I placed it in an envelope, sealed it with my stamp, and hand-wrote the date and time. One was for my official file. The next was for my boss. The last was for his boss.
As I walked over to my boss’s office with the two envelopes I had just sealed, I was already running through the list of things I needed to do next. This was the last time I would make this walk, at least until the next time I get stationed here. If the world doesn’t end at the next of this next assignment.
Once I arrived at my boss’s office, I knocked on the door and waited for him to call me in. As I entered, I handed him the envelope meant for him and explained that it contained my final report from Langley. I then gave him the second envelope, which was for his boss. As he took it from me, he thanked me for my work in this office and asked how my preparations for the move to Texas were going. I told him everything was in order and that I needed to pack my personal belongings and transfer my equipment.
He wished me luck and said he was sad to see me go. I said it was only sad if everything got blown to smithereens. Otherwise, we had more dances to have in the future. He nodded and ripped open one of the envelopes I delivered.
I left his office and walked out of the building to the car. All I had to do was load my single luggage case of clothing and momentous up my car and set off on the long 20 drive to Texas. Maybe longer if I got stuck in New Orleans again. In any case, I had to be there on Monday at a 9 am meeting as the new security advisor for future operations.


Issac’s perspective

Eventually, I saw my wife’s missed call and text messages and called Sarah back. She told me the good news that she was being transferred full-time to Texas. And I couldn’t be happier. It had been months of her flying back and forth. The thought of her finally being here with me was comforting. The next day I called my brother and explained the situation to him. He and his friend were more than happy to help with the kids while I picked up Sarah from the airport.
I arrived at the airport early, eagerly awaiting Sarah’s plane’s landing. As soon as she stepped out of the terminal, I ran up and embraced her tightly. It felt like the world had stopped spinning, and for a moment, everything was perfect.
We returned to the house, and Sarah asked about my brother’s friend after greeting the kids. I could tell by the look on her face that she had figured out something I had missed. My brother and his friend exchanged nervous glances.
They said they’ve known each other for a while. They met at work. But then Sarah dropped the bombshell question: “How long have your brother and his friend been dating?”
My brother and his friend froze, and I felt like the world had come to a screeching halt. I had no idea that they were even dating, and it never occurred to me to ask. I felt like a complete fool for not putting two and two together. And after the initial shock, everything seemed to work out just fine. My brother and his friend seemed happy, and I was glad they had found each other.
Life was going well for me. Working with Sarah and Miles in the same building was great, and I enjoyed my job. However, the looming thought of the end of the world was always in the back of my mind. Ignoring the reports and rumors of the aliens and their intentions took a lot of work. But I tried to focus on the positive aspects of my life and not let the fear consume me.
That didn’t stop the reports pouring in, each more detailed than the last. We learned that the object was much larger than we had initially thought. And it seemed to be dumping an unbelievable amount of energy to slow down. All the instruments and measurements showed that it was slowing down at a gradual linear rate.
Five months later, I was in Miles’ office discussing the latest information packet from the Mars orbital satellites. We repositioned them to get good images of the opposite side of the object, and what we saw was both fascinating and terrifying.
The object was covered in strange symbols and markings, and as we zoomed in, we realized that they were not random. There was a pattern to them, and it was clear that they were not of human origin. There were also tubes and what appeared to be doors, hatches, windows, and hangers in various places.
Miles looked at me with a quizzical expression and asked, “What do you think, Isaac? How large do you think those doors are?”
I shifted in my seat uncomfortably. “I’m not really sure, Miles. I don’t have a point of reference to make an accurate guess. Everything would be pure speculation and useless.” I said, trying to evade the question.
Miles pushed me further, insisting that I give it a guess. I took a deep breath and said, “Well, if I had to guess, gun to the head, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were at least a mile high and 10 miles wide for the large ones. But the smaller ones were squished into little pixels, so they’re probably smaller than that.”
Miles raised his eyebrows in surprise. “That’s roughly what I was guessing as well. That’s huge,” he said, his voice trailing off as he tried to process the scale of the object we were dealing with.
I nodded in agreement. “It’s almost incomprehensible,” I said, feeling a sense of unease creeping over me as we discussed the object’s sheer size and complexity.
Obviously trying to change the subject, He asked, “Issac, do you have the data on positioning for the object. We’ve been tracking its deceleration for the past 6 months.”
“Sure thing, Miles,” I said, looking up the data on my tablet, “I have the latest data on the object’s speed and trajectory.”
Miles leaned forward, his eyebrows raised with interest. “Great, let’s see it.”
I pulled up the graph I had been working on that morning, indicating the steady deceleration the object had been experiencing. I handed the tablet to Miles, watching as he studied the information. His face looked like he was checking my math as he absorbed the information.
“What about future projections?” Miles asked, looking up from the tablet, and handing it back.
I quickly changed files and handed the tablet back to him, showing him the potential trajectory range of the object. “If it continues on this path, it will be in planetary orbital speeds to match Earth and within 10 lunar orbits of Earth,” I explained, gesturing to the graph with my hand.
Miles furrowed his brow, processing the information. “That’s closer than I was hoping for,” he said, looking back at the tablet. “That will give us a very near-earth orbit opportunity for observation and samples. Maybe even drop a rover on it.”
I nodded in agreement, feeling a sense of unease growing inside me. “Yes, it’s a bit too close for comfort for me,” I countered.
Miles looked up at me pensively and asked, “What’s the highest probability path?”
I thought for a moment, took the tablet from him, and highlighted the data and trajectory predictions, “Based on our data, there’s roughly a 10% chance that the object will be just beyond the moon when it’s in the same place.”
Miles sighed, sinking in his chair, defeated and deflated, “That might cause some problems for sample gathering, and we could lose out on many imaging possibilities.”
Sitting up straight, he took out a pad of paper. He started scribbling down some project ideas, occasionally glancing at me for my opinion. “What do you think the chances are that the object will get caught in our orbit?” Miles asked, looking up from his notepad.
I hesitated momentarily, weighing my words carefully, “It’s not impossible. I’d say it’s a decent chance, but we have to be very careful with any attempts to capture it. If we get it wrong, it could crash into Earth and cause a mass extinction worse than the one that killed the dinosaurs.”


The following is an expert from the Blog The Illuminati Insider

Greetings, fellow truth-seekers. It is I, the Illuminati Insider, here to share with you some exclusive information that will blow your minds and shake the very foundation of your beliefs.
My fellow conspirators, listen closely to the words I am about to say. I have uncovered some information that will make your hairs stand on end and your blood run cold. The craft we’ve been tracking for the past 6 months is not what we thought it was. It’s not some puny little thing that will fizzle out before it gets close to our planet. Oh no, my friends. This craft is as big as the continental United States, and it has cannons the size of cities.
I can hear you gasping in disbelief, but I assure you, this is not a drill. The object we have been tracking is not of this world. It’s a behemoth, a juggernaut, a beast that could obliterate our planet in a matter of minutes. This is not going to be a peaceful meeting, mark my words. We are in the midst of the war of the worlds.
We must prepare ourselves for the fight of our lives, my dear comrades. We must gather our resources, our weapons, our courage, and our faith, for we are about to face the ultimate challenge. This is not a time for hesitation, for second-guessing, for doubting. We must act, and we must act fast.
I know some of you might think that this is just another conspiracy theory, that I am just some lunatic spouting off nonsense. But I assure you, I have seen the evidence with my own eyes. I have talked to insiders, whistleblowers, and other brave souls who have risked everything to bring us this information.
We are not alone in this fight, my friends. We have each other, and we have the power of knowledge. We know what’s coming, and we can prepare ourselves accordingly. We can join forces, share our resources, and strategize our attack. We can fight this beast with all our might, and emerge victorious.
So, my fellow Illuminati insiders, let us not waste another moment. Let us band together and prepare for the war of the worlds. Let us show this alien force that we will not be taken down without a fight. Let us be brave, let us be fierce, let us be victorious.
So, my friends, stay vigilant, stay alert, and stay strong. We are in this together, and together we will prevail. Let’s show the world what we are made of.
Yours truly,
The Illuminati Insider


The following is an excerpt from the blog

Welcome, fellow seekers of truth and knowledge. This is the Galactic Guru, and I am here to share with you some important information that could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.
As we have been tracking the strange craft that has been approaching our planet, it has become clear that this is no ordinary visitation. This is an invasion, my friends, and we must be prepared for the worst.
We have reason to believe that the aliens who are approaching our planet are not friendly. They are not here to make peace, to share knowledge or technology, or to be our friends. They are here to conquer us, to destroy us, to take over our planet, and to enslave our people.
We must not take this threat lightly, my fellow galactic warriors. We must be ready to defend ourselves, our families, and our way of life. We must stockpile weapons, ammunition, food, and seeds, and antibiotics to prepare for the coming invasion.
I urge you all to take action now, before it’s too late. Gather your resources, arm yourselves, and prepare for the worst-case scenario. We must be ready to fight for our survival, for our freedom, and for our future.
We must also remember that we are not alone in this fight. There are other like-minded individuals out there who are also preparing for the coming invasion. We must join forces, share our resources, and strategize our attack. Together, we can fight this alien force with all our might and emerge victorious.
We must also remember that knowledge is power. We must stay informed, stay vigilant, and stay aware of any new developments in this alien invasion. We must be ready to adapt to any situation, and we must be prepared to make sacrifices for the greater good.
So, my fellow warriors, let us not waste another moment. Let us prepare ourselves for the coming invasion, and let us fight for our survival. We can do this, my friends. We are strong, we are brave, and we are united. Together, we will defeat the alien invaders and protect our planet from harm.
Stay strong, stay vigilant, and stay prepared. The Galactic Guru is with you, always. And to get 20% off your next order please use our promo code. We will even give you free shipping if you do.
The following was left as a comment and promptly removed from the blog post above.
The has always been a source of knowledge and information for those who seek to uncover the truth about the mysteries of the universe. However, I cannot help but feel angry at the recent post about the impending alien invasion and the need to stockpile weapons, ammo, food, seeds, and antibiotics.
While the post may seem like a call to action for those who want to protect themselves and their families, it is also a blatant attempt to profit from people’s fears and anxieties. It is an exploitation of an emergency situation to make money off the backs of those who are genuinely concerned about the future of our planet.
Moreover, the post fails to address the elephant in the room. The elites, the ones who are truly in power, are not concerned about the impending invasion. They have already made arrangements to join their alien overlords and sell us all out.
While the common people are being urged to stockpile weapons and food, the elites are secretly building their spaceships and packing their bags to leave the planet. They have no intention of fighting for our survival or protecting our way of life. They are only concerned about their own interests.
It is time for us to wake up and realize that we are being manipulated by those in power. We must not fall prey to fear-mongering and conspiracy theories that only serve to divide us and distract us from the real issues at hand.
Instead, we must come together, unite as a people, and demand that our leaders take responsibility for their actions. We must demand transparency, accountability, and a plan of action that truly puts the interests of the people first.
The should be ashamed of itself for using an emergency situation to make money. It is time for us to hold them accountable and demand that they use their platform to promote truth, not fear, and to stand up for the common people, not the elites.

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2023.06.01 17:33 BakedReality Guide - Crowdsec, Nginx Proxy manager & Cloudflare tunnel in a docker stack

I was struggling to make a setup work whereby I could combine the functionality of Nginx proxy manager, Cloudflare tunnels and Crowsec. With some tinkering and using a combination of a few different guides online (for which I can't find all of the links I originally used to give credit, sorry!) I managed to get this setup working. It also includes Goaccess for a visual representation of the Nginx proxy manager traffic. I've tried to make the guide as simple as possible, so that even someone with very little experience should be able to follow.

CAVEAT - Please read
I've had this setup working for a month or so now. At the time I wasn't thinking about making a guide so I didn't document every step. I'm doing this guide by memory and from looking back through my config files. I don't really want to tear down my setup and do it again from scratch (if it ain't broke don't mess with it!), so it is very possible some minor steps or settings may be missing from the guide. If you have trouble leave a reply and I will try to help! If I realise I missed a step I'll come back and edit the guide.

A domain name and a Cloudflare account with that domain name already linked.


If you are using Portainer click Stacks then Add stack. Name it something like crowdsec-proxy and paste in the following. Make sure to edit the sections next to the #comments Also make sure that the same password is used where it says 'random secure password A' and a different one where it says 'random secure password B':

Docker compose here:
version: "3" services: nginx_proxy_manager: image: baudneo/nginx-proxy-manager:bullseye container_name: nginxpm ports: - '80:80' - '81:81' - '443:443' volumes: - /config/npm:/data - /config/npm/letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt restart: unless-stopped environment: PGID: "1000" SSL_CERTS_PATH: "/etc/ssl/certs/GTS_Root_R1.pem" TZ: "Europe/London" ADMIN_PANEL_LOG: "1" CROWDSEC_BOUNCER: "1" OPENRESTY_DEBUG: "0" DB_MYSQL_HOST: "" DB_MYSQL_PORT: 3306 DB_MYSQL_USER: "npm" DB_MYSQL_PASSWORD: " " # Random secure password A here DB_MYSQL_NAME: "npm" depends_on: - db - tunnel networks: crowdsec_proxy: ipv4_address: crowdsec: image: crowdsecurity/crowdsec:latest container_name: crowdsec expose: - 8080 environment: PGID: "1000" volumes: - /config/crowdsec/data:/valib/crowdsec/data - /config/crowdsec:/etc/crowdsec - /valog/auth.log:/valog/auth.log:ro - /valog/crowdsec:/valog/crowdsec:ro - /config/npm/logs:/valog/nginx:ro restart: unless-stopped depends_on: - tunnel networks: crowdsec_proxy: ipv4_address: db: image: 'jc21/mariadb-aria:latest' restart: unless-stopped container_name: npm_db environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: '' # Random secure password B here MYSQL_DATABASE: 'npm' MYSQL_USER: 'npm' MYSQL_PASSWORD: '' # Random secure password A here volumes: - /config/npm/mysql:/valib/mysql networks: crowdsec_proxy: ipv4_address: tunnel: container_name: cloudflaretunnel image: cloudflare/cloudflared:latest restart: unless-stopped command: --config /etc/cloudflared/config.yaml tunnel run volumes: - /config/cloudflared:/etc/cloudflared environment: TUNNEL_TOKEN: ' ' # Your unique tunnel token from Cloudflare networks: crowdsec_proxy: goaccess: image: xavierh/goaccess-for-nginxproxymanager:latest container_name: goaccess restart: unless-stopped environment: - TZ=Europe/London - PUID=998 - PGID=100 ports: - '7880:7880' volumes: - /config/npm/logs:/opt/log:ro networks: crowdsec_proxy: ipv4_address: networks: crowdsec_proxy: ipam: driver: default config: - subnet: 
If you're using docker compose CLI create a docker-compose.yml file with the above pasted in and run docker compose up
You can run and then stop this stack so that it creates relevant directories and files, however it wont work properly until all the settings have been amended.


You will need to set up a number of config options. Firstly open up a terminal and navigate to config/clouflared and run the following commands:
nano config.yaml
Paste the following in to the new config.yaml file:
tunnel: #put your Tunnel ID here (NOT the same as your tunnel token which we used on the previous step) this is listed on the tunnels section of your cloudflare zero trust dash between Name and Status. No quotation marks required. warp-routing: enabled: true metadata: headers: - name: CF-Connecting-IP values: - "$http_x_forwarded_for" 
Next cd to /config/crowdsec and run
nano acquis.yaml
Delete the current contents of the file and paste the following this basically just tells crowdsec where to get the log files and what typre of log files they are:
filenames: - /valog/nginx/*.log labels: type: nginx-proxy-manager --- filenames: - /valog/auth.log - /valog/syslog labels: type: syslog --- filename: /valog/apache2/*.log labels: type: apache2 --- 
Whilst still in the crowdsec directory run
nano config.yaml
the only info you need to check/change for now is the line
it should already be set to, but amend if required.
We should now be able to start the stack. Check the log files for any issues.


We now need to add the NGINX proxy manager bouncer, so in a terminal run
docker exec -it crowdsec /bin/bash
Which will give us a bash session inside our crowdsec container. Now run
cscli collections add crowdsecurity/nginx-proxy-manager
*Memory is slightly fuzzy here as I think the collection includes the bouncer as well. If you get given an API key here you can ignore adding the bouncer separately with the command below, if not run the following:
cscli bouncers add npm-proxy
This should generate an API key, which we will need. Copy this key and keep it safe.
Type exit and hit enter to leave the crowdsec container terminal.
cd to /config/npm/crowdsec and run
nano crowdsec-openresty-bouncer.conf
we need to edit the top few lines of the config file to match this:
ENABLED=true API_URL= API_KEY= # enter your API key from the previous step here 
We now need to restart the stack.


I'd recommend generating a wildcard SSL certificate by going to the main Cloudflare dash, selecting SSL/TLS then Origin server. Click create certificate. Leave it as default RSA (2048) and add * Set the certificate validity to 15 years and click create. Open a text editor and paste the contents of the origin certificate box. Save this as Do the same for the private key box, this time saving it as Under the SSL/TLS overview menu you should now be able to set the SSL encryption mode to full (strict).
In your Cloudflare zero trust tunnels dash click on your tunnel and then configure. Click public hostname, then add public hostname. Add any subdomains you wish to expose externally (e.g. or
With all of these you want to set service type to HTTPS and the URL to This just throws all traffic at Nginx proxy manager to route internally. I also set the origin server name in TLS settings to the subdomain (e.g. or


Once you're finished adding all the subdomains on Cloudflare head over to the NGINX proxy manager dash which will be on localhost:81. It will ask you to sign in with the default login [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and password changeme. You will be prompted to set your own admin account here.
Firstly we need to set up the wildcard SSL cert we got from Cloudflare. Go to SSL Certificates then click add SSL Certificate, then Custom. For name just go with For the Certificate key browse to the file we recently created and do the same for Certificate (selecting the file). Intermediate certificate can be left blank. Click save.
Now head to Hosts, then Proxy Hosts. Click add Proxy Host. (I'll be using Vaultwarden as an example here, so amend the details as required) enter the domain name The scheme will likely be http (unless you've set up local SSL).

Forward Hostname / IP for containers running on the same docker network
If you connect any other services to the crowdsec_proxy docker network, you can simply reference by container name i.e vaultwarden and the forward port as whatever port vaultwarden is running on. In my case 8005.

Forward Hostname / IP for containers running on a separate docker network
You will need to specify the gateway IP of the docker network the service is running on. If you're running a management software like portainer you can go to networks to see all the networks running on the node and their relevant gateway IP addresses. To see this info from the terminal run docker network ls and then docker network inspect networkname (replacing the networkname with a network from the list) under config this will list the gateway IP. Add forward port as whatever port vaultwarden is running on, in my case 8005.

Check 'Block common exploits' and 'Websockets Support'
Under SSL select the SSL certificate from the drop down list. Check all the options here.
Lastly under advanced paste the following in to the 'Custom Nginx Configuration' box:
set_real_ip_from; real_ip_header CF-Connecting-IP; 
This will ensure that the logs show the origin IP addresses of traffic coming in to the server, rather than logging all traffic as originating from the local IP of your Cloudflare tunnel.


Visit and you should see the login page for your service.
Next we can ban our own IP address to make sure Crowdsec is working, so grab your external IP address
Open a bash terminal inside the crowdsec container:
docker exec -it crowdsec /bin/bash
cscli decisions add -i youripaddress
If you try to visit again you should get a 403 error message.
cscli decisions remove -i youripaddress
You should now be able to access again.
The following are also useful:
cscli metrics
cscli decisions list
cscli collections list
or just cscli to see a list of available commands


Head to localhost:7880 to see the all the graphs from your Nginx proxy manager logs.


I would recommend visiting where you browse collections, parsers and bouncers to Crowdsec specifically for other services.
User Ciphermenial who gave me some great info
You can connect your Crowdsec instance to their web GUI and add some blocklists of already flagged IP addresses.
I would also recommend checking out particularly around the setup of reCAPTCHA
Techno Tim did a great video on Crowdsec, although he is using Traefik rather than Nginx PM as a reverse proxy, so whilst the info is good the setup process is different.
Thanks to user who pointed out the formatting errors in the original post and for directing me to hastebin!
I hope this guide helps and sorry if I'm forgetting any steps. If you have any ideas on how to improve this stack, or any other additions that would be useful it'd be great to hear some ideas. Once again this is done from memory and was a long post to type, so apologies if I have made any errors (very likely)!
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2023.06.01 17:33 That_Kitten_Lady I'm back! Little kitten boy needs a home.

I'm back! Little kitten boy needs a home.
Hi vegas! Long time no see. Between the covid situation and trying to get my floors done I haven't been fostering. But nature decided it was time and one of the small colony of kitties I feed got pregnant. She's only a kitten herself so she only had 2 babies. Most people don't realize that cats can get pregnant as young as 4 months old. I'm guessing she was about 5 months old when she had them in one of the cat cubbies I have outside. Mama is sneaky and fast! The day I saw them they were one or two days old. By the next morning she had already moved them. Took me a while to find out where she hid them. Of all places, she decided that the eaves of my roof in the back of my house was a good place. It's dirty, nails sticking out and she kept them just out of reach. It took another 2 weeks and the help of my awesome neighbor to get the little girl. Then another week to get the baby boy. He was thin and had goop in his eyes from the dust. Because I had to work and they were still too young for wet food, my brother helped out and has been fostering them. They are now old enough to be spayed and neutered. This is a different situation than when I was fostering before. We are working on getting the surgery done for free. So the only thing an adopter would need to cover is the vaccinations. Heart's Alive Village has low cost vaccinations. We ended up naming them Evie and Rufus since they were "roof cats" Evie worked her magic on my brother so he is experiencing his first foster fail. But Rufus is still available. He is a bit of a scaredy baby regarding loud, unexpected noises and new things. But he is very people oriented and dog friendly. When he gets scared all he wants is to be cuddled. He's going to be a baby all his life, which is not unusual with kittens fostered from such a young age. He's got a funny, crackly little meow. Is very playful and will definitely want to sleep with you or with your dog if you aren't available. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Rufus pm me and I will arrange for you to come and see him in person.
TLDR: Special kitten needs a home.
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2023.06.01 17:27 Gloomy-Chair7869 Nursing/Mama Cat Needed ASAP

I have a less than a week 4 kittens that badly needed a mom cat. Unfortunately, d na umuwe yung mama cat and very bad timing na nanganak sya while may minor construction sa bahay. Possible kayang other mama cat ang magfeed sa kanila? Tried to feed them manually and ang hirap 😭😭 Also walang available na magpapakain sa kanila every 2 hrs since may work ako. Im so hopeless n maextend yung life nila since newborn pa lang sila and needed extra extra care.
To those who can extend/suggest any help Im from Molino 3 Bacoor Cavite baka meron ditong nearby 🥲🥲 or baka pwede magfoster for the meantime and knows how to take good care of them.
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