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Dogs picking out toys & treats

2019.04.18 09:47 Dogs picking out toys & treats

A subreddit for videos and pics of dogs choosing their own toys and snacks at the pet store.

2008.07.30 01:59 Arduino

An unofficial place for all things Arduino!

2020.11.20 15:15 SaveSomeCakeForMe BrokeBitches

Going shopping with 20 dollars to your name? Adding things to your online cart then closing the tab? Wanting nice things and knowing you can't afford them? You're a broke bitch. Tell those stories here, sis. This is BrokeBitches. In here are stories and pictures of your "broke bitch moments". Have fun! Feel free to post anything, gorey/sexual stories are allowed too.

2023.06.01 10:55 Mysterious-Froyo-887 Nose clogs up whenever I lay down remedies. Please help

Hi Reddit, I (27F) was hoping some doctor, nurse, medical professional, or someone who has gone through this before could help me.
For about a year now anytime I lay down my nose gets clogged up. I am a nose breather so this becomes a really big issue. To the point where I have been using nasal spray (medicated) almost every night. Just one spray in each nostril.
I have told me doctor about this and they said that I don’t have any underlying problems. It’s just that my blood likes to pool into that area at night. So no, I don’t have a deviated septum, sleep apnea, illness or any problems like that. Because of this, the doctor did not prescribe me anything.
I’ve tried all the home remedies online including: raising my head at night, non mediated nasal spray, humidifiers, etc. but the only thing I can find that works is medicated nasal spray. Unfortunately I’m not supposed to be using it every night.
Does anyone have insights on this? Other things to try? I swear that I’ve already googled this a hundred times and have tried all of the top 10 BS things to do.
Please help.
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2023.06.01 10:51 Senior-Job9408 I think I'm literally dying by not being near the ocean.

I grew up coastal, and after being forced to move somewhere landlocked as you can possibly be (Like geographically, the center of the country) back in 2016, my health has been declining. My body hurts worse, it's harder to breathe, I'm more depressed, and my immune system is shot. At first, I thought it was simply just new bacteria strains my body hadn't experienced and allergies to plants that weren't in the region I grew up in. But everytime I went home, and I got to be in the ocean I felt better, then I'd get sick again when I left. And I mean I felt slightly better being in my home state, but felt completely fine and better after being in the water. Now my body is literally craving the ocean. Like my body doesn't want to function without it, it hurts. Something in the back of my head says that without the ocean, I'm dying. If I don't go back home and stay, I'll die. Am I just homesick, or is there some sort of environmental explaination? I tried looking only for explanations online, maybe others with similar experiences or scientific explanations but I only got songs and poems. I'm not being poetic, I think I'm quite literally dying w/o being near the ocean. I'm using off my chest because it's not serious enough for a medical forum or whatever you call these things, and I just need to get this off my chest. I originally had most of this up on Twitter but deleted it. I don't want to worry my friends. But if anyone comes around who actually has answers sees this, feel free to answer.
Is this like taking a penguin out of the tundra? Am I out of my needed environment? Or is this some weird homesickness, I mean I'm physically ill. I don't understand.
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2023.06.01 10:46 freddin002 General Insurance Plans

Magma HDI General Insurance Company offers products for individuals such as bike and commercial vehicle insurance, health insurance, home Insurance, personal accidental Insurance and for businesses such as property & fire insurance, liability insurance, marine insurance and, more. These products are available online and through our channel partners.
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2023.06.01 10:45 orangieblossoms Is anyone else in their 20s and still living at home?

I literally can’t afford to move out right now. But I’m going nuts hereeee! My mom just yelled at me to go to bed, because I used the bathroom at 1am. Like I can’t control my bladder! She tries to control my sleep schedule, says I must go to bed by 12. I understand that I’m under her roof. But I need SOME sense of independence. Growing up, we lived in a bigger home where a bathroom was right next to my room, so this is a new issue for her. I wish she could somehow treat me like a renter (I help pay rent). Treat me like I’m renting a room and am not a daughter. There’s more than just the sleep schedule shit, obviously. It’s my every movement in my day to day life, I swear! I have no friends, no life. I’m controlled ugh. I worry about walking my dog in the afternoon because she’s yelled at me about how she was about to. I get yelled at for using the bathroom because she needs to suddenly get in. I’m told I’m weird for not having a boyfriend. Yet all my life she has told me that there’s something off with everyone I meet so it has made me afraid to open up to people unless it’s anonymous online like here. But she’d never admit that she has caused anything. She said so herself, that she can’t make me feel anything. I’m staying strong and working to find a better job. Maybe a second job. I need to move out by the end of summer. Ahhhhhh
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2023.06.01 10:45 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

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2023.06.01 10:43 ScallionUnited192 The 2PM sale on Myntra never worked for me

They had Nivea Body lotion at 1re as the 2PM sale today, and i added the lotion in my cart exactly at 2:01 pm. But the value in cart was 60 rupees for the bottle. The home page kept showing the sale was still on and i kept trying to add it till 2:05 pm but the cart value never went down 😔 Was anyone able to place the order successfully today?
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2023.06.01 10:42 Dthrowawayac Study study study tips

Well the June hols are basically here and everyone is either incredibly motivated or feel impending doom sensing that history is about to rewrite itself or that the holidays are going to disappear in the blink of an eye, I decided to share some tips that I picked up as a fellow unmotivated individuals. (Especially those who have exams right after the hols)
I know we all have heard of your typical tips like: Schedule every second of your day! Pomodoro! Sacrifice your first-born child to the bell-curve gods! Or something… I’m not going to repeat those tips. If those traditional methods work for you, great for you! If not, then have a read.
I myself have been switching between various methods over the years as they lose effect after some time for me so don’t be too discouraged or come back flaming me after a certain method fails. A lot of these were just stuff that worked for me that I wish I knew earlier. Do also feel free to share your own tips and methods in the comments!
General Tips: 1. Your environment determines your brain Tidy up your workspace! At the end of the day, leave the books and worksheets you need on the desk for the next morning. Keep books you will be needing close to you so you won’t get distracted during your “journey to the textbook” 2. Study outside A change in environment does wonders sometimes. Look for a nearby CC, library or cafe! Stop being cooped up at home you nerd. 3. Go outdoors Go for a walk! Exercise a bit. Seriously. Stop cooping yourself up at home. I know you will feel guilty for “wasting time” but trust me you aren’t, the breath of fresh air everyday helped me to reduce burnout. 4. Keep your phone in view yes i know this is contrary to most believe but if you experience more anxiety without your phone, keep it away but in view instead. Use notification blockers etc to keep it silent or app blockers to prevent your access to distracting apps. (depends on person!) 5. Do not take breaks If you are already in the zone, dont stop! Continue studying until you feel tired etc. DO NOT BREAK YOUR FOCUS! But if you aren't in the zone yet, feel free to take breaks. 6. Music music while studying isn't for everyone and may not be suitable all the time. I myself, depending on mood, switch between a few different types and vibes, sometimes I layer different types too! Try to change up your playlist between your normal songs, lo-fi beats, background noises etc! I myself love listening to mild typing noises layered with a bit of lo-fi, but when I already have a song stuck in my head I just listen to songs.
Methods: 1. Yeolpumta Need to feel pressure from your peers? Download Yeolpumta with your friends and create a group. Its an app that can act as a timer while you study, also acts as an app blocker while you study. You can also see in real-time which of your friends are studying and nudge those that arent. (Cons is it can feel very competitive over time because some people are legit scary) 2. Body doubling/ study buddy Get someone to passively watch over you while you study, this can be a friend or anyone. (Rmb to stay safe though!) This can be done in real life or over video calls. This more of holds you accountable to your promise to sit at this desk for the next 2hrs etc. The person can be studying too or just doing anything else (as long as they dont distract you instead). If you are like me and have no friends :’) Google for body doubling or “study with me” videos that show the view of the person themself (not just the book etc), seeing someone remain focus can give a subconscious motivation to focus, or just study in an area with a lot of other people studying. For me I found a 12hr one and challenged myself to see how much of the 12hrs I completed everyday. 3. To-do, Doing, Done for those who get bored easily, you can try to do multiple tasks at the same time. This can be done physically on paper or whiteboard or digitally. Split the space into 3 sections, label the top with To-do, Doing, Done and move tasks between sections as you go about your day. This helps to cure the boredom a little, for best effectiveness do choose subjects that are similar though! 4. 3 tasks a day For those that easily backlog or get overwhelmed when seeing a packed schedule, this method can help! This is my favorite method! It may seem inefficient but ngl most times I have trouble even completing 3 tasks so :p Rather than packing your schedule tightly, determine 3 main assignments/tasks you want to complete in one day (if the task is really simple then ofc increase the tasks and vice versa, rmb it's all adjustable to your needs!) If you complete them before the day ends, then you can of course "steal" tasks from the next few days! 5. Chapter summary some hate this because you lose some details by doing so, some swear by this. I personally like creating small summaries of chapters and usually end up studying the summaries instead of the actual textbook/sch notes. I prefer this over the usual "rewrite notes" method. I do this for practical worksheets too, I write a small summary of the main learning points of the worksheet on a small post it and stick it to the first page, this wastes lesser time when I'm revising as I do not need to reflip through the whole thing unless I am very unsure of the concept. 6. Buffer time if you die die must do a schedule of every second of your day, add buffer time between each task! This reduces the chances of having backlog!
Anyways while I'm at it I'm also going to share the typical signs of burn out - Frequently feeling tired or drained - Recurring pains/ headaches - Changes in sleep habits - Changes in our appetite - Taking longer to complete tasks - Sense of failure or self doubt - Avoiding responsibilities - Cynical outlook I know we are all typical kiasu students but I'm telling you DO NOT try burnout, its not fun… The last thing you ever want is to burn out in the middle of exam period!
Some tips on how to prevent: 1. Know when to stop don't overdo studying! Find your limit and settle there, my own limit is studying is 12hrs a day for a few days straight, beyond that I begin burning out and take a long time to recover. 2. Take breaks Toilet breaks and food breaks should not be your only breaks! Scrolling your phone isn't the best form of break either! It's better to go out on walks, move your body etc. You can even go online and look for quick workout warmup stretches. 3. Act productive for those that feel anxious taking breaks, there are ways to "trick" yourself into feeling productive. Rearranging your table, creating your schedule for the next week, decorating your schedule etc are good ways! They are essential things you need to do but are not studying technically! (This is not an excuse for procrastinating pls) 4. Happy productivity have a method of studying that you love? Example maybe you love making mindmaps. Then between study sessions, schedule some time to make a mind map. The key is to release some dopamine between sessions! You still get boring essential work done but you also get to feel good yet productive at the same time!
Anyways that's all I have from the top of my head, I hope this helped :p As usual all methods vary depending on how you and your brain works best! But if you are lost then give some a try and find the best method for you :) If they still don't, try to get to the root of what's exactly distracting you rather than passing it off as "I just can't focus". If you have any other tips please share below!
Anyways jiayouz to everyone! Make full use of your holidays! Work hard play hard!
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2023.06.01 10:41 McChiken12 found these gems earlier

found these gems earlier
crazy how people didn't break limbs in these deathtrap looking skates 24/7
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2023.06.01 10:40 zavierowen Cold Wallet 2022

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2023.06.01 10:39 Valuable-Entry3546 what are these worth? are they worth a perm or gamepass?

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2023.06.01 10:39 LoansPayDayOnline Lender Connection Service People across the country use our service to get loans to help them pay for emergency expenses like medical expenses, mechanic fees, and bills. The lenders our network provide loans such as, but not limited to: Car Expenses, Medical Expenses, Utility Bills, Rent

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2023.06.01 10:38 drblallo How reliably preorders are delivered on release date?

I am considering what are my options to surely get a leviathan box on release day. I usually don't bother preorder stuff, so i don't know what is the most reliable approach. It seems to me that my options are:
Given the situation it seems to me that the best way is buy online and deliver to a GW store and then go fetch it myself. Is this how people usually do it?
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2023.06.01 10:37 admin-hitbtc HIGH is now available on HitBTC

Dear Traders,
We have successfully added $HIGH to our platform. $HIGH is an Ethereum token that powers Highstreet, a metaverse and multiplayer online game incorporating shopping, gaming, NFTs, and traditional brands.
Trade $HIGH against $USDT here: https://hitbtc.com/high-to-usdt
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2023.06.01 10:37 MSSFF Is this a new feature or a bug? Using search in sidebar sometimes open up Google by default (despite not being the default) with a dropdown to use Yahoo or DDG

Is this a new feature or a bug? Using search in sidebar sometimes open up Google by default (despite not being the default) with a dropdown to use Yahoo or DDG submitted by MSSFF to MicrosoftEdge [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:36 aarav_rakhis Rakhi Online

If you're looking to buy Rakhi online, Aarav Rakhis has options of rakhis to suit every taste and budget. By choosing to buy Rakhi online from Aarav Rakhis, you'll also benefit from the convenience of having your Rakhi delivered right to your doorstep. This can be particularly helpful if you're sending Rakhi to loved ones who live far away or if you simply want to avoid the crowds and hassle of shopping in person.
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2023.06.01 10:36 Lazy_Mouse3803 Man tries to steal shopping cart in Brighton Colorado

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2023.06.01 10:36 Engr242819 Used interiors and stuff

Hello do you know any online shops or IG accts that sells used interior stuff like things from ikea, nitori or korean interiors?
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2023.06.01 10:26 everestproperties Find the best Plots in Yamuna Expressway in Noida

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2023.06.01 10:26 TheGoobTM MIL pays family to mentally torture and murder woman

I was listening to a true crime podcast while at work, I listened to one that struck out to me and I’d like to find it because my girlfriend wants to hear it.
I’m pretty sure it was on the podcast “Gruesome” but I listened to so many I just can’t find it.
It starts with a young woman taking her car in for repairs (or maybe buying one?) and it’s a family owned shop. The family were imigrants, and similar descent as the young woman. The Older woman running the front talks with YW and then insists on setting her up with her son.
At first things go great, and eventually they get married. MIL buys them a house and then insists on decorating it herself, against YW complaints. I remember there being more controlling behavior, but the next big issue came when They had a baby. MIL was watching baby one date night and they come home after, YW finds the baby is cold and not breathing. They rush baby to the hospital and are struggling to find what’s wrong.
Eventually the MIL confesses the baby wouldn’t sleep so she made it this sleep aid tea from their country, which is highly toxic… they save the baby and YW no longer trusts MIL, but then son starts showing controlling behavior and backs up MIL
For her safety YW leaves son. She starts feeling like she’s being followed. She finds a book that was sent to her but no return address. It’s about a woman being stalked, tortured, and murdered. There were a few passages highlighted, and they all started happening.
One of which was a tree in the front yard being lit on fire, and the last being her shot in the back of the head while in her car.
I believe eventually the MIL got caught, she had been paying some cousins to do this.
I’ve tried googling but I just don’t have enough details.
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2023.06.01 10:26 minacakes1212 This guy is a scammer

This guy is a scammer
I sent him pics and he didn’t pay! Please block and report him ! Stay safe ladies 🖤
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