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2023.03.30 00:17 winkeyes Buying house for short term?

Hey folks!!
We’re looking for a gut check. Our son and his partner are planning to buy the house for short term since they intend to move outside of Canada in 2 years. I’ve recommended them against it. They aren’t certain if they will keep the property after 2 years.
They are worried that if they don’t buy now they will not be able to afford it later. I’m supporting them with the down payment. They are looking for 2000 sq ft detached with 20%down and earn decent money and budget of close to 1.2M.
Currently, they are living below their means and paying 2000 for a basement apartment. They are thinking to rent a bigger place for expanding family and estimated new rent would be approx 3200.
Given the state of economy and uncertainty I recommended them to wait and watch but I’m not sure if my advice is accurate. What do you guys think? Thanks for all the help.
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2023.03.29 23:36 MythicalCheese5 HELP - Sentricon or Alternative?

Middle Tennessee based
Just discovered a temrite infestation in our wall. They ate through a hole in my wall while I was working, looking right at it. We peel the drywall back a bit after spraying, and there are a TON of them. And the winged ones on the floor. Disgusting. We also found their tunnels on the exact opposite side of the house. REALLY need some advice.
I am leaning towards Sentricon for this active infestation and to prevent future termite problems. Does this seem like the best bet to you? Or is their a better alternative?
I am hesitant about getting some liquid perimeter defense because they have to dig for that and I fear they may dig into water piping or wiring or something like that, but we need these gone now. No telling how much damage they may’ve already done.
We live somewhat in the country, next to a small wooded area. The house is under 1,000 Sq Ft and was built in the late 70’s but has since been renovated around the turn of the century. There is 8”-12” of “foundation” visible from the ground surface, but that may be the top of the crawl space underneath.
Please help!!! Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.03.29 23:34 _Doba_ Planning golf shed build

Hey guys so im located in Ontario and have no room in the house or basement for a sim setup however I do have a large backyard.
My idea is to build something around 16'×24' shed obviously for a sim setup.
Im planning on upgrading my electrical panel for more slots however staying on 100amps.
Its the permit where I have my questions. Do i go for a large shed permit then power permit? Or do I have to get like an extra sq.ft. living permit which increases taxes and such so ive read. Not really sure about all that, hence why I ask.
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2023.03.29 23:34 indigodawning Help with soil

Hi I'm hoping maybe some of you with small organic farming experience can help me out. I have 3000sq ft vegetable garden I started last year, about a quarter is raised beds and the rest rows. The area is Virginia clay in what used to be a field for grazing cattle. Also the area was very compacted when my house was built since the put all the dirt from digging my basement there, it's the flattest part of my yard.
I had a horrible time last year getting bulk soil to fill the beds. The local compost was full of plastic and glass. I ended up getting leaf mulch and filling the begs and putting a few bags of something I got from a garden center. The leaf mulch also has plastic just less I guess. Unfortunately the leaf mulch did not break down over the winter like I hoped.
For the area with the rows I did a couple rounds of cover crops (oats/peas, the buckwheat, then oats/peas/radish for the winter). The soil doesn't seem much better and in some areas the cover crops barely grew.
My plan was to use the Md LeafGro to improve the soil and then top off with leaf mulch. But it all has so much plastic in it. Anything in a bag gets so expensive when buying for such a big area but I could do more in the raised beds if anyone has any recommendations.
What can I do to help my garden? Thanks!
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2023.03.29 23:21 MythicalCheese5 HELP - Sentricon or Alternative?

Middle Tennessee based
Just discovered a temrite infestation in our wall. They ate through a hole in my wall while I was working, looking right at it. We peel the drywall back a bit after spraying, and there are a TON of them. And the winged ones on the floor. Disgusting. We also found their tunnels on the exact opposite side of the house. REALLY need some advice.
I am leaning towards Sentricon for this active infestation and to prevent future termite problems. Does this seem like the best bet to you? Or is their a better alternative?
I am hesitant about getting some liquid perimeter defense because they have to dig for that and I fear they may dig into water piping or wiring or something like that, but we need these gone now. No telling how much damage they may’ve already done.
We live somewhat in the country, next to a small wooded area. The house is under 1,000 Sq Ft and was built in the late 70’s but has since been renovated around the turn of the century. There is 8”-12” of “foundation” visible from the ground surface, but that may be the top of the crawl space underneath.
Please help!!! Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.03.29 22:43 dcr5f5 AC tech said there is a line set leak somewhere in the wall but there is no crawl space to inspect it. Can someone help me understand the options?

His notes said there is "40-47 ft of line set. Home owner needs create access open subflooring and exterior wall where it goes into the brick"
This sounds like a lot of extreme work to inspect the line set, if I'm understanding it correctly. Are there any less invasive/destructive options? Like using a scope/camera or other technology or running new lines or anything?
About the house: built in the 80s, brick exterior, townhome community (meaning I would have to deal with HOA for any exterior work), I've owned it for 12 years, recently the air handler was replaced but no other major work. It has no freon and isn't cooling currently. It's the first house I've owned.
Any help, advice, or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.29 22:24 FlipTheNormals Cast-iron underground plumbing leading to the sewer collapsed Seeking 'next steps' advice

Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a pickle and would love some advice if you have a moment.
Quick context: First time home-owner with minimal experience in DIY repairs, bought a house built in the 70s from a flipper and just nodded at the inspection paperwork. 'Expensive lesson' doesn't even begin to describe how many things are wrong with this house. Live and learn, and I'm trying my best to learn as much as I can.
Our bathtubs flooded with sewage and our toilets wouldn't flush after running the washing machine. Plumbers came out, couldn't find the clear out cap, so they removed the toilet and ran their auger. One of the plumbers went out front to listen and they were able to pin-point where the clear out was... Underneath a 2 ft tall brick flowerbed the flipper built. They drilled into it, found the cap and cleared it. They inspected further down the line and hit a wall they couldn't get through with the auger from the clearout. After a bit of digging in the yard, they discovered the collapsed cast-iron piping. So it'll likely all have to be re-done from the house to the city line which.. Goes underneath my driveway. Quote was roughly $5,400, not including having to hire a concrete company to fix the driveway. Seems completely fair to me.
I'm in-between jobs, my savings are depleted and I can't afford major home repairs at the moment. But they left the clearout un-capped and I'm.. Pretty sure all of our literal shit is going to end up in our front yard. It's totally a code violation and I don't want to upset my neighbors, so I need to get this fixed ASAP.
Should I be looking into something like a HELOC?.. Or should I go ahead with their in-house financing through FOA? (My credit isn't great either, so I'm not sure if a HELOC is even possible)
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2023.03.29 22:22 JinND Another "Any reason I should not go f* myself?" post

I have enjoyed others posting their situations over the many years of reading here, so I guess it is my turn to post one back for consideration.
Myself M(50) and my lovely wife F(43).
~2M in the FIRE pool:
\~1M in various retirement accounts (Roth, various 401k. vast majority mutual funds/ETFs ) \~$750k in taxable investments (vast majority mutual funds/ETFs) \~100k HYSA \~50k in I bonds \~40K in invested HSA plans \~25k in CDs 0k in bitcoin 0k in rental real estate 
No debt. We run everything through credit cards for the benefits, pay off in full every month.
House: No mortgage, worth approx 300-500k. I don’t include this in any of our calculations, assuming it will always be spent on some sort of housing - a smaller place somewhere new, rent, moving etc.
4 children:
Child 1: finishing 2nd year of college, military academy appointment, totally covered. Child 2: graduating HS, college currently > 50% covered by 529 Child 3: finishing second year HS, college 100% covered by 529 Child 4: finishing last year of middle school, college currently \~30% covered by 529 
(Second marriage for us both, 3 households involved in raising our kids. College financing gets complicated. We are committed to financing the equiv of an in-state public college education for each. Beyond that they can help finance. Other households in general agreement, but you can’t really know beyond the 529s that exist now.)
If we take SS when we I hit 70, we get 60k a year in today dollars. I am old enough that I feel confident it will be there for us. This year will be my 35th year of working/paying SS taxes.
Current expenses: ~85k/yr:
 \~46.5k/yr in general essentials (food, prop tax, maint costs, utils, medical, internet, cell, etc) \~4.5k/yr in child support payments that will end in 2 years \~13k/yr in travel/vaca \~20k/y in other fun or optional things (meals out, donations, gifts/kid splurges, light mental wellness) 
With our kids being in HS and College, we expect to be at about peak expenses, with most costs going down over the next 2-6 years. We assume more medical costs and fun/travel will replace what will free up from going to empty nesting, leaving our costs roughly the same over time. We feel confident we can trim 10-20k of expenses and still live a very fun life for many consecutive years should the markets require it. 50k/year would not be poverty, though limiting for sure. A couple kids are not fully funded yet for college, but we have a plan to get them there and will sacrifice some vacations and fun stuff as worst case to get there in budget.
Fully paid off RV and pontoon boat 800 sq/ft woodworking detached shop filled from a lifetime of auctions, craigslist, etc. Currently live on 11+ acres, large garden, trees, river and lots to do. MCOL, flyover state. Plan to live somewhere else MCOL or lower after the kids are fully out of the nest. 400-500k airline and the same in hotel points from years of work related travel. Everyone currently in good heath, no known significant medical worries. All of our parents and siblings have their finances well in hand. We feel no need to leave anything to our kids. Great if it happens to come to pass, but getting our kids to the other side of college with little to no debt is our real gift. 
Short bio/how we got here:
I have been lucky and privileged enough to be in tech since the 90’s. Never one of the 300k+ FAANG crowd, but lucky enough to be paid well and to live well below my means. My first 401k was from my college job at Burger King, with me stuffing my investments every job for the following 35 years. My wife has worked various jobs, taken a lot of burden of raising kids, and also lead a debt free lifestyle. We don’t care much about the cars we drive and drive them forever. I am about done with my 20 year old jeep, we have a 13 year old Prius that will leave with a kid, and a 5 year old truck we bought well used.
My wife quit the rat race maybe a year ago. I could easily keep working and stuffing another 50-100k/yr into investments, but I am really tired of it and have “been there, done that” with my career. I am not interested in it anymore. I started getting tired maybe 8-10 years ago and now with my kids launching into their own lives, I feel ready to be done and do something else with my days. I am well past my career defining my life – I won’t be bored or needing to go back to work to “keep myself busy”.
Rough plan:
With our large variety of investment accounts containing a large variety of taxable and non taxable assets, I am confident we can generate the right taxable income to take advantage of the ACA and pay only some nominal amount for medical insurance. I also feel comfortable that something ACA-ish will be around for quite a while now that it is here. The ACA is not perfect, but I think it is a step in the right direction and a step hard to take back. We stay put in our paid off house, living fairly conservatively, until all our kids are off to college.
If I assume an ugly case of bad economic times and flat returns for the next 20 years and we end up blowing all 2M to get to 70(64) years old, we have the 60k SS from age 70 onward to limp by. I don’t find that likely, but it is not a terrifying case for a 65-70+ lifestyle either. I think our more realistic plan of spending fairly frugally over the next 4 years while kids launch, keeping spending in the 70-80k/yr and then doing something VPW-ish after year 4 has a very good chance of 70-100k+ for the rest of our lives, assuming “ok”/conservative market returns.
The kinda ugly:
The various calculators tell me I roughly have a 1 in 10 chance of being dead at 60, a 1 in 5 chance of being dead at 70 and a 50% chance of being dead at 80. Nothing is guaranteed in this life but death. It is fine to be ready to live to be 90+, but it is crazy for me to expect to do everything I could be doing now as well. We saved and sacrificed lifestyle creep to get here and for me the feeling of OMY gets pretty dulled out by life’s realities.
The summary:
I believe we have won the game. We could keep playing and running up the score, but the risks I believe now outweigh the rewards. I am intending to give notice next week and be done working sometime to be negotiated, between end of the month and the end of this summer, leaving a well paying job to do whatever the heck we want to do. I won’t be holding out longer for a 1M house on the beach lifestyle in our 60s, trading it in on a few more years of independence in my 50s.
If you would keep working a few more years in my place, I would love to hear why. Any other comments welcome too. If I don’t get another chance, thanks for all of the information shared here over the years.
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2023.03.29 21:58 ghibercz #charlieadelson is trying to get his house rented or sold. Lease term? LIFE +60. Revisions offered to the agent, Adelson family friend Clint Stevenson. #wendiadelson could afford the fee, but 'best.uncle.ever' has already given her all she wants and needs:). #justicefordanmarkel

#charlieadelson is trying to get his house rented or sold. Lease term? LIFE +60. Revisions offered to the agent, Adelson family friend Clint Stevenson. #wendiadelson could afford the fee, but 'best.uncle.ever' has already given her all she wants and needs:). #justicefordanmarkel submitted by ghibercz to dan_markel_murder [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:46 kerplatchu Mixed Anti-depressants with serotonergic pre-workout

Age: 33
Sex: M
Height: 5 ft 8
Weight: 155lbs
Race: Caucasian
Duration of complaint: months with recent sudden change
Any existing relevant medical issues: alcoholism, depression
Current medications: escitalopram and naltrexone
Hi, I’ve been taking antidepressants (escitalopram) for close to 2 months. Today, I ended up drinking a pre workout to motivate me to clean my house, do chores etc. For the past year I’ve seriously have lacked motivation and my life has been degrading.
To be honest today I’m in a better mood than I’ve been in ages. And the change literally happened within an hour or so of having my pre-workout.
I mistakenly didn’t read the label before, that it says NOT to take with anti depressants. I think it’s to prevent serotonin syndrome.
So what I’m wondering is, is my serotonin level so low that my meds and a serotonergic substance such as this is elevating them to a normal level?
It’s weird. Like it completely removed my earlier desire to drink today (I’m working on quitting/reducing).
Recently my family doctor closed his practice so I figured I’d ask here. Walk ins is a bit of a pain without proper continuity with my meds/progress
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.29 21:41 zrail New backyard conduit, need advice

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2023.03.29 21:21 shdwfknbnd Need sincere advice. 27 and want to leave the city (Orlando) to Missouri to start living a simpler life. Plan on buying some land in the near future. Have about 50k cash to my name. Am I crazy? Leaving everything behind.

I live in the Orlando metro area right now. I have lived here the past 7 yrs. I currently pay $1800/mo for rent + ~$200 in utilities. Total housing expenses is around ~$2000/month. I have lived in NY, TX, and SC. My family bounced around a lot growing up. Nonmilitary. I have (or had... not so much anymore) a successful handyman business here in Orlando for the past 5 years. I started it when I was 23 after leaving a union apprenticeship. It's not specifically handyman but it's low skilled labotrade type work. Trying to stay anonymous... The past year (especially the past 6 months) the work has seen a very, very steady decline. In a way it has given me a lot of time to think so I am not that bummed out about it. I've done a lot of fishing, barbecuing, hanging out, working out (I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in in my entire life. I have a very, very good physique now. Think MMA fighter physique). But to me it seems that the walls are closing in for me in this area. I used to make consistently 1.5-3.5k a week. Now I'm working maybe 2-3 days a week and make $1,000 - $1,500 a week.

I have day dreamed forever about van life, homesteading, living a simpler life. All of that. I don't want to do the van life thing anymore. Trust me. I'm not that dumb. I need a home base. I have done a bit of road-tripping the past couple years, visiting other states because I knew that maybe one day this day would come. I basically scoped out towns in north Alabama, TN, Missouri, and Arkansas. I'm bored of my current life. I still love life though. I am in no way, shape, or form depressed or suicidal. I have been learning a lot about my family history and past. My grandparents (on both sides) were the first born in the US. Irish, Scottish, and German on my dad's side and Sicilian on my mom's. I feel like I have gypsy blood in me. I can't explain it...

I have 50k cash and approx 120k in various retirement accounts (ROTH IRA and a SOLO 401k) so I am not that concerned with money... I know if I were to fail at this I have a cushion. My plan is to leave FL and rent an apartment in SW MO for a short time. ~6 to 12 months and establish my business there to some extent but not to the level it was here. I don't want to continue working like this. I kind of don't care anymore about making a company with employees, etc. like how I used to want to do. If I like the area (I visited this specific area about a year ago) I would buy some land, about 3-5 acres. And live in a camper while I am building out one of those shed houses.

I do not want to be tied down to a mortgage. I tried buying a house here twice. Once in the spring of '22 and once just a couple months ago. Both houses were in the ~250k range and they weren't even that nice... just small ~1250 sq ft houses with tiny yards. Thank GOD both deals fell through. The deals fell through because I would not sign the addendums that the sellers wanted me to sign to close the deals during the inspection period weeks. Contracts were signed, I paid for a home inspector, had septic tanks pumped, all that jazz... First deal fell through because of inspection issues, 2nd deal fell through b/c the seller wanted me to waive their responsibility if anything were to be wrong with the house after closing (both houses I was interested in purchasing were being sold by investors.).

Also. I want to be clear here... I do not do drugs (I don't even smoke weed) and I very hardly ever drink (I do drink a beer or two when BBQing sometimes). So I do not think my thoughts or judgement is clouded. Yes I am a little tired. But I am not under the influence of anything. Is this idea crazy? I cannot ask advice from my family because they do not talk to me anymore really and I do not have any friends.
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2023.03.29 21:10 zrail New backyard conduit, need advice

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2023.03.29 21:09 barracudabuddha Reasonable to replace an AC condenser with a heat pump that is used for cooling only?

I have the following HVAC equipment in my home. Location is southern California and the size of the home is ~2500 sq ft.
Our energy bills are ok in the winter but astronomical in the summer. We're looking at replacing the AC as it's terribly inefficient and struggles to keep up with really hot weather. We've already redone the ductwork and attic insulation. We got the following quotes for work:
We are leaning toward just replacing the AC as the furnace heats the home adequately and the cost of natural gas is manageable (for now). Eventually we would want to go full heat pump later on once the furnace reaches the end of its life, it just doesn't seem to make financial sense for us to spend nearly $20k more right now. Is there any reason we should reconsider?
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2023.03.29 20:53 Sufficient_Garbage17 Is this enough to id?

Southeast Missouri/Ozarks Plateau
Tree is dropping these seeds. Stands taller than my 3 story house so… 40 ft? White bark on upper portion, deep rough bark on lower.
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2023.03.29 20:53 redditduk [Mega List] Singapore Gigs & Concerts: Early April (31 Mar - 13 Apr 2023)

[Mega List] Singapore Gigs & Concerts: Early April Good Friday (31 Mar - 13 Apr 2023)

30/3 Thu

31/3 Fri TDOV

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2023.03.29 20:10 tocinodejen Help buying a home.

Hi friends. I’ve been on a house search in both Austin and Denver for well over a year. Currently reside in ATX but visit DEN often. My max is $400,000 but realistically would like something around $350k. I want to be no more than 20-25 min from downtown in either city. A backyard is a must for my 100 pound dog. I want it to be a minimum 2/2. I’m not asking for anything crazy just a stable starter home ( willing to put in some remodeling work) close to downtown with a backyard. I cannot find anything in my price range. Yes, I’m also looking at townhomes and condos but i need actual grass in the backyard not just a slab on concrete which eliminates a lot of options.
I have a great credit score 750+. I make about $100k a year. I have no debts besides a small car payment. I have $90k in the bank. What am I doing wrong? These homes are so overvalued. It’s $400k for a run down house that’s the same sq ft of my current 2/2 apartment and still 20+ min from downtown.
My mom is a realtor in FL and has been helping me through the process. I have a realtor in both cities and I’m familiar with the areas I’m looking.
I guess my question is - from this info is there anything I am genuinely doing incorrectly? Is it just a waiting game to find that perfect one? I understand it’s not a super great time to buy but it’s also not a great time to rent. I’m spending $1,100 on rent each month that I’d rather be going toward a mortgage.
I realize that I am looking in two of the most booming cities. Any tips for increasing my luck to find a reasonable home in either city? Mostly leaning toward Denver but tips for either would be appreciated.
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2023.03.29 19:59 zcqdrylxkz 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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I lay in bed with my mind buzzing.
Her mother came in and hugged her. “Well don’t you look adorable!” Melody laughed and her father started arguing with her mother about clothes for church. Melody went into the kitchen and got a bagel and a banana from the fridge. She toasted the bagel and put cream cheese on it and then grabbed some milk before heading back into the dining room to eat with her Dad. He was engrossed in his newspaper. Melody finished eating and went upstairs once more to brush her teeth. She picked up Pedro and made sure the kitties were okay before grabbing his leash and going outside. She was going to walk him and let him use the bathroom. She hoped that she would see Brandon outside. While she was walking Pedro she passed by Brandon’s house and she smiled waving. Brandon was outside mowing the lawn. Shirtless. Melody almost came from the sight. His sexy tan torso was ripped. He looked even better in the daylight.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” I replied.
Chapter 2 of 29
We settled into a rhythm and pretty soon she was straining against me. By this point I was able to resume stroking and I found that I was still firm enough to slide in and out of her.
the room, dragging the new girl by her wrist.
"Can I do that,"
“That’ doesn’t sound s-”
She bumped me back off of her and I pulled out of her ass and was just standing there with my hard cock pointing straight at her. She grabbed the wet rag off the counted and used it to stroke my cock clean, and then grabbed my hand and walked me into one of the chairs that was left behind in the living room and sat me down in it.
Daisy rolled her eyes. "Sure. It means she's the only girl you don't view as a sex machine. You realize that you're implying you've completely separated sex and love in your mind. 'I don't want to have sex with her but I'll still give her the time of day. It must be true love.' Do you even know the names of the... I'm going to go with 'dozens'... of girls you've slept with?"
“Sweet,” Grace smiled. “Also, one last thing before we go inside. I want your opinion on this, but I think I already know what you’re gonna say.”
“Oh ok. See you in a bit then.” She said as walked out of the bathroom.
But I did. Although I didn't say anything to him, I just kept on doing what I was doing. Abbie was only about 11 months younger than me. I was two months old when my mom got pregnant again. She always wanted more kids but a freak accident had her impaired not to have anymore kids. Let's just say, you know how they say never to kick a man in the balls because it could keep them from having kids. Same way with women. Don't kick them in the pussy.
“I’m sorry I just had to see you and wanted to check on you.” She says creeping over to my bed and sitting on the edge.
She grabbed the items she wanted to buy including the bikini and then we snuck out, I wish I could have seen the face of the person in there next. It was clear that something devious had happened. Several pools of cum still lay on the floor in front of the chair and I had no intention of cleaning that up.
''Mama..., Mamma...,'' Zach's voice brought me back to sitting in the car soaked through like I was that day Billy died.
Melody simply said bye and waved.
“I’ll marry you and we can raise the kid the best that we can,” he blurted out the statement.
“What was that?” “I don’t know it came from the utility room.” Billy grabbing his scattered clothes quickly while my humble sibling was still in dreary land with a look of frustration and dissatisfaction on her face. My pants buttoned, rearranging myself I decided I had to do something, either escape out the back bulkhead door or confront them. I was in a real dilemma, one more look out the crack, Billy had his pants back on and was trying to get the last sneaker on his foot as Sandra too was grasping for strewn clothes still in dream land.
Sunday morning dawned early the next morning. Well, no earlier than usual but it seemed early to me because I didn’t sleep much that night. Getting home around three thirty in the morning after closing Dom’s, then laying in my bed staring at the ceiling lost in thought until finally at some point falling asleep. I might have gotten an hour or so of sleep before the damned roosters started crowing. Who needs an alarm clock when you live on a farm? I rolled out of bed already looking ahead to this afternoon even as tired as I was. I tended the animals and did a couple of little chores I needed to do before returning to the house and cleaning up for breakfast with my family. I was getting looks from everyone. Maybe it was written all over my face, my excitement and anticipation I don’t know… but I know I could never be a poker player because I couldn’t hide anything. My mom was the one who finally asked me what I seemed so happy about. My sisters, both of them tuned in all ears, my brother was oblivious but my dad just glanced at me and grinned and then pretended not to be interested. I told my mom that I was going to meet a girl this afternoon. Of course I had to back up and fill in all the pertinent details after that. Who was she, where did we meet, what did she do… on and on and on. Every time I looked at my dad he seemed to be hiding a chuckle, he knew I was getting the third degree. Simple female curiosity. Well, okay not so simple, this was my mom wanting to know what was going on with one of her babies… even if this particular baby was nearly a twenty year old college student. Eventually my dad spoke up and told my mom to let me be, well, he suggested it nicely anyway. I silently mouthed ‘thank you’ to him and rolled my eyes when my mom wasn’t looking at me. He stifled another chuckle. I helped clear the table after breakfast before going to change my clothes. It was still early so I told my mom I was going to lie down and take a nap before time to leave. She ran her fingers through my hair and commented that I was just about ready for a haircut then ruffled my hair. She smiled and gave me a hug. I don’t even remember lying down.
“But what about Dad,” Natsuko asks quietly.
2013-11-19 00:32:17
In the middle of the room Rachel was in, was a CT-scanner I’d retrofitted for my own purposes. We weren’t scanning Rachel for tumors; we were scanning her for corruption. My trials were wearing on her righteousness, and the last one really did a number on her. She passed the test by denying my offer, but the choice I had given her was designed to be a lose-lose proposition. Instead of joining me, she chose to be a harlot for the demons. She reveled in her depravity, and temporarily forsook her purity. Even after it was revealed that her conundrum was all fake, she had retained pieces of her lascivious nature. Now, it was time to see just how pure Rachel really was.
“Oh Janelle you naughty girl, get over on the couch on all fours.”
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great story. reminds me of years gone by.<\/div>\n

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GREAT story! maybe include Steve for some 3-way action. maybe have Bret fuck Steve as he is fucking Steph.<\/div>\n

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Good story next time no gay stuff. Ruins the flow of the story.<\/div>\n

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Very nice, good story. Please continue with it and lets see what happens.<\/div>\n
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In response to the comment about original ideas.
\r\nThere are only seven basic plots and only so many archetypes for characters. Humanity has been telling stories for centuries now. There are no more original ideas, only creative retelling of ideas used many times before.<\/div>\n

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I just wanted to thank you for this new (but not last, I hope!) video on spear work. In the Chen style of Taijiquan that I prcctiae, we have a beautiful spear set, but I never spent much time on the fundamental exercices that are so clearly demonstrated in your first four videos. Just one question: when you thrust, do you simultaneously spin the spear by rotating your rear wrist (cf chansi jing) or is it a purely straight move? I am looking forward to your next videos!<\/div>\n

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Hey forget \/ignore the nasty comments. You're off to a great start of a story. Please keep going! The fucking just starting to get good.<\/div>\n

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This is not written well.... at all.<\/div>\n

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The plot is a rip-off of an old Jim Kjellgard story with added sex. Don't you have any original ideas?<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
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Great start. Thanks for your work.<\/div>\n

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2013-03-20 19:10:35<\/div>\n
Excellent story, I hope you plan to continue it!!! This would make a great series. Your sex scenes need a little more description in my opinion. For example, how does her pussy and ass look, smell, feel etc. I think that would really add some realism, these are tribal people let them be animalistic in their love making and still loving. Anal, and rimming would also be a nice addition. Thanks for any consideration you may give to my suggestions and keep up the great work!!!<\/div>\n

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A little bit more work on your English skills would be good. I think you are not a native English speaker, and you weave a good story. Please continue the tale.<\/div>\n
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