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Welcome to Tenmei Kakyoin bizarre subreddit! THIS SUB CONTAINS SPOILERS from PART 3 - STARDUST CRUSADERS.

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A subreddit for Attack on Titan 進撃の巨人, Shingeki no Kyojin!

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24/7 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure memes

2023.03.30 00:34 arihndas Wine bottle CPU and Memory usage

Hi! I also submitted this question to the crossover Mac forum, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to cast a wide net…
I primarily use crossover to play SWTOR, and it generally runs very well for me. However, I do have slow load times when moving from one area to another (switching instances, going to a new planet, etc). My computer is a bit old but still outstrips the game’s minimum technical specs (8gb memory when it requires 3, 2.7GHz quad core when it requires 2 core 2GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 640M vs required GeForce 610). So, I decided to try and peek at the bottle configuration to see if the virtual machine was the issue — I am not sure if I’m right but I think the CPU usage and memory usage of the wine bottle might be part of the problem.
I am currently not running anything in the bottle except its own Task Manager, which says it is at 99% CPU usage. My Mac’s activity monitor says the computer’s CPU is at about 8% usage. Additionally, although I’m doing nothing with crossover but letting this bottle’s task manager sit open, wine processes are using 1.5 gigs of my computer’s memory.
I suspect there is something fucky and inefficient going on here, and I hope addressing it might fix my slow load times in-game. Does anyone have any insight into whether or not there is actually anything wrong, and if so, how to fix it?
I am running crossover 22.1 on a late 2012 iMac, OS 10.15.7
Thank you!
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2023.03.30 00:34 zelji [USA] [SELLING] Final Final Sale. $5 a volume

Everything sold faster than I thought last time I have enough time to sell some more manga.
This will be the final sale for awhile. Anything not sold will be put into storage. I'm moving to a smaller place for awhile and need to downsize.
All volumes are $5 a piece, shipping included. Must buy a the whole series to get the deal. Must get a minimum of 4 for included shipping.
If you buy a very large amount an additional deal can be made.
Imgur Post - Additional Photos available upon request.
Pleasure and Corruption 1-5
Beauty and the Feast 1-6
Rent-a-(really shy)-girlfriend 1-3
Rainbow and Black 1-3
Wotakoi vol 6 (barnes and noble cover)
Look Back
Solo Leveling Manhwa 1-5 (shipping not included, they are heavy)
Solo Leveling Novels 1-6
Giganto Maxia
The Weakest Contestant 1-2
My Hero Ultra Analysis
The world after the fall vol 1
My Dress up Darling vol 6
Call of the Night vol 1-2, 5-10

Fate Altria Pendragon 1/7th Dress Ver $180 shipped
Type-Moon Racing Altria Pendragon 1/7th $110 shipped
Inosuke Pop-up Parade $20 shipped
Funko Pops $5 each + shipping. boxes are meh condition

I also have keychains and acrylic stands $2 each. Can probably get away with throwing one or two in and still getting media mail with books, but if you want a lot shipping prices may need to be adjusted.

Books are from a smoke-free/pet-free house. Update: I recently got a puppy, he has not been in contact with any books but has been in the same room. If you are allergic to dogs I would not take the chance.
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2023.03.30 00:33 FelicitySmoak_ The Brigading has begun

The Brigading has begun
Please be cautious when interacting with new people on this sub and report anything suspicious. Admins have been made aware. This will not be tolerated here
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2023.03.30 00:33 BayouGuru67 BayouGuru's NEW Blue Conkys!

BayouGuru's NEW Blue Conkys!

BayouGuru's blue 1080p conky, now DUAL conkys and a new look!
So, I've been very busy in the intervening weeks since I posted the original and second versions of my conky script. Today, I got my mind blown out of the blue (Pardon the pun!) by a redditor from Uruguay who had modified version 2 of my script to suit his/her needs and sent me a screenshot! AWESOME! I am so honored and truly glad that my efforts have inspired someone else! In light of this, I figured I should probably post an update since my script has changed so much since then. It's still blues and golds, but everything else has changed! I am now on major version 5 of the script, which, as you can see, is now 2 conkys!
I now have hard drive temperatures working thanks to hwmon! (No hddtemp needed! (It's done via smart control I think.) Find the hard drive temps in your hwmon directory. If they aren't there, search for how to "add hard drive temperature to hwmon". If you already have a conky running, you will likely need to edit the hwmon addressing once the hard drive(s) thermal monitors are added to your sensors list via sensors-detect, as it changed most of them on mine after it added my 2 drive temps. A minor hassle in trade for the drives temp info!
Speaking of sensors, it (sensors/sensors-detect) apparently does not see my case fan for some reason. It's in the hwmon directory and I found and confirmed it with certain other monitoring tools which DO see the fan. Dunno why, but I thought it best to inform you of this fact here so you can look through your hwmon directory and perhaps find sensors you didn't know were there!
Be sure to search for your specific mainboard model and "sensor info". You should be able to find a file and command to run that will add the correct common names for all of the detected devices on the mainboard instead of just fan1 in your sensors report. Very nice!
My current "projects" are to try to optimize my code, because it's been an edit-fest lately. Caught about a half dozen duplicate font commands just this morning! I'm not pretending it's perfect, but it currently reports no errors when I run it from the terminal, so, YAY!
I want to dynamically resize the bottom of the ramtopconky when there's less than 12 hosts connected. That's the top item on my "I wish I knew how to do that" list!
Rather than write a book about what else I've done, here's all of the info/requirements/scripts:
I am using different fonts than the previous version. Bear in mind that I am using some voffsets to adjust for some font wierdness, so this conky will likely not look good at all if you do not have these fonts installed and/or haven't done some pretty heavy editing to realign everything! :) The fonts used are as follows:
  • Arial - Part of the Microsoft core fonts installation package, it is still used for the graph scales.
  • Terminus(TTF) - The new main font! I found this font while looking for LCD clock fonts, but loved the retro digital look with a full character set (unlike OCR) so much that it'sa now the main font!
  • Fira Code Nerd Font - A FANTASTIC and HUGE set of icons/symbols-in-a-font!
  • Ubuntu Condensed - It's the only readable font that would fit the entirety of those long aws hostnames on one line.
Don't forget to fix the wrapped text in the conky configs below if you're going to try to edit/use them, and do it before you try to use them or EWWW! :)
The loader script:
conkyloader.sh (Replace "bayouguru" with your username, or edit the path appropriately for your system.)
#!/bin/sh if [ "$DESKTOP_SESSION" = "plasma" ]; then sleep 3s killall conky cd "/etc/conky" conky -d -c "/etc/conky/conky.conf" & cd "/home/bayouguru/.conky/" conky -d -c "/home/bayouguru/.conky/ramtopconky.conf" exit 0 fi 
-- -- BayouGuru's System Conky Config! -- Major revision number: 5 -- version: 2023-3-28.1953 -- conky.config = { update_interval = 1, net_avg_samples = 1, cpu_avg_samples = 1, total_run_times = 0, alignment = "top_left", gap_x = 2, gap_y = 2, minimum_width = 260, maximum_width = 260, own_window = true, own_window_type = "normal", own_window_hints = "undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager", own_window_transparent = false, own_window_argb_visual = true, own_window_argb_value = 180, double_buffer = true, use_xft = true, font = "Terminus(TTF):size=11", short_units = true, temperature_unit = "fahrenheit", draw_outline = true, draw_shades = true, draw_graph_borders = false, own_window_colour = "080721", default_outline_color = "080721", color0 = '080721',--Dark Blue - Background color1 = 'lightblue',--Light Blue - Labels color2 = 'gold',--Gold - Monitored Item (Frequently Updates) color3 = 'orange',--Orange - Monitored Item (Infrequently Updates/Versions) color4 = 'green',--Green - Headers color5 = '0064ff',--Blue - ANSI Header Art color6 = '2723a6',--Another Blue - Bar Fill color7 = 'white',--White - Drive Labels color8 = '0064ff',--Same as 5 - ANSI Forks color9 = '7777AA',--Greyish Purple - Bar Scales } conky.text = [[${font Terminus(TTF):size=30}${color1}${alignc}${time %I:%M:%S%P}${font} ${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=14}${color1}${alignc}${time %A %B %e, %Y}${font} ${color4}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${alignc} ${execi 6000 cat /proc/cpuinfo grep 'model name' sed -e 's/model name.*: //' sed -e 's/Processo/' sed -e 's/(tm)/™/' sed -e 's/(R)//' sed -e 's/CPU//' sed -e 's/@/:/' sed -e 's/\ \ //' sed -e 's/[0-9].[0-9][0-9]GHz//'uniq}${font} ${color1}${font Terminus(TTF):size=11}Core 1${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 120}${cpu cpu1}${font} ${color1}%${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${freq 1} ${font}${color1}Mhz ${voffset -6}${color6}${goto 10}${cpubar cpu1 7,242} ${voffset -16}${color0}${goto 10}${execbar 7,242} ${voffset -12}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└──────────────────────────┘${goto 63}┴${goto 126}┴${goto 189}┴ ${voffset -4}${color1}${font Terminus(TTF):size=11}Core 2${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 120}${cpu cpu2}${font} ${color1}%${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${freq 2} ${font}${color1}Mhz ${voffset -6}${color6}${goto 10}${cpubar cpu2 7,242} ${voffset -16}${color0}${goto 10}${execbar 7,242} ${voffset -12}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└──────────────────────────┘${goto 63}┴${goto 126}┴${goto 189}┴ ${voffset -4}${color1}${font Terminus(TTF):size=11}Core 3${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 120}${cpu cpu3}${font} ${color1}%${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${freq 3} ${font}${color1}Mhz ${voffset -6}${color6}${goto 10}${cpubar cpu3 7,242} ${voffset -16}${color0}${goto 10}${execbar 7,242} ${voffset -12}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└──────────────────────────┘${goto 63}┴${goto 126}┴${goto 189}┴ ${voffset -4}${color1}${font Terminus(TTF):size=11}Core 4${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 120}${cpu cpu4}${font} ${color1}%${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${freq 4} ${font}${color1}Mhz ${voffset -6}${color6}${goto 10}${cpubar cpu4 7,242} ${voffset -16}${color0}${goto 10}${execbar 7,242} ${voffset -12}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└──────────────────────────┘${goto 63}┴${goto 126}┴${goto 189}┴ ${voffset -4}${color1}${font Terminus(TTF):size=11}Core 5${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 120}${cpu cpu5}${font} ${color1}%${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${freq 5} ${font}${color1}Mhz ${voffset -6}${color6}${goto 10}${cpubar cpu5 7,242} ${voffset -16}${color0}${goto 10}${execbar 7,242} ${voffset -12}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└──────────────────────────┘${goto 63}┴${goto 126}┴${goto 189}┴ ${voffset -4}${color1}${font Terminus(TTF):size=11}Core 6${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 120}${cpu cpu6}${font} ${color1}%${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${freq 6} ${font}${color1}Mhz ${voffset -6}${color6}${goto 10}${cpubar cpu6 7,242} ${voffset -16}${color0}${goto 10}${execbar 7,242} ${voffset -12}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└──────────────────────────┘${goto 63}┴${goto 126}┴${goto 189}┴${voffset 0} ${voffset -4}${color1}${font Terminus(TTF):size=11}Average: ${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 120}${cpu cpu0}${font}${color1} %${voffset -1}${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${freq 0} ${font}${color1}Mhz ${voffset -6}${color6}${goto 10}${cpubar cpu0 7,242} ${voffset -16}${color0}${goto 10}${execbar 7,242} ${voffset -12}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└──────────────────────────┘${goto 63}┴${goto 126}┴${goto 189}┴ ${voffset -8}${font Arial:size=8}${color9}0%${goto 58}25%${goto 122}50%${goto 184}75%${alignr}100%${font} ${color4}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 120}SYSTEM${font} ${goto 40}${color8}${font Arial:size=13}┌${font}${color1} System Uptime:${color2}${alignr 3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${uptime}${font} ${color1}${goto 7}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=30}${voffset -24}${voffset -1}${font}${goto 40}${color8}${font Arial:size=13}└${font}${color1} Pending Updates:${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 253}${execi 3600 aptitude search "~U" wc -l tail}${font}${color} ${color1}${goto 40}${color8}${font Arial:size=13}┌${font}${color1} CPU Core:${color2}${alignr}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 4 temp 1}${font}${color1}°F ${voffset 0}${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}${color8}├${font}${color1} CPU Socket:${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 3 temp 1}${font}${color1}°F${voffset 0} ${voffset 0}${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}${color8}├${font}${color1} Mainboard:${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 3 temp 2}${font}${color1}°F ${goto 7}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=36}${voffset -48}${voffset 19}${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}${color8}└${font}${color1} GPU Edge:${color2}${alignr}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 0 temp 1}${font}${color1}°F${voffset 0} ${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}┌${font}${color1} CPU:${color2}${alignr}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 3 fan 1}${font} ${color1}rpm${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 3 fan 1 0.0667 0,0} ${font}${color1}% ${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}${voffset -2}├${voffset 0}${font}${color1} GPU:${color2}${alignr}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 0 fan 1}${font} ${color1}rpm${alignr 1}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 0 fan 1 0.0270270 0,0} ${font}${color1}% ${goto 4}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=30}${voffset -38}󰫖${voffset 16}${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}${voffset -2}└${color1}${voffset 0}${font} Case:${color2}${alignr}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 3 fan 3}${font} ${color1}rpm${alignr}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${hwmon 3 fan 3 0.0667 0,0} ${font}${color1}% ${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}┌${font}${color1} OS:${alignr 3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${color3}Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS${font} ${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}├${font}${color1} Plasma:${alignr 3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${color3}${execi 3600 plasmashell --version sed 's/\plasmashell //g'}${font} ${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}├${font}${color1} Kernel:${alignr 3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${color3}${execi 3600 uname -r sed -e 's/-generic//'}${font} ${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}├${font}${color1} X.org:${alignr 3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${color3}${execpi 3600 ~/.conky/scripts/conkygraphics.sh}${font}${color} ${goto 6}${color1}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=30}${voffset -54}${voffset 32}${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}└${font}${color1} GPU:${alignr 3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${color3}${execi 3600 glxinfo grep "OpenGL version" cut -c52-70}${font}${voffset 0} ${voffset 3}${color4}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${alignc} ${memmax}b RAM ${font} ${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}┌${font}${color2}${goto 55}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${mem}b${font}${color1}/${voffset -2}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${memperc}${font}${color1} %${goto 164}${font Terminus(TTF):size=11}${color1}Free:${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${voffset -1}${alignr}${memeasyfree}b${font}${color} ${goto 7}${color1}${voffset -24}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=24}${voffset 8}${voffset 0}${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}└${font}${voffset -4}${color1}${goto 54}${color6}${membar 7,199} ${voffset -16}${goto 54}${color0}${execbar 7,199} ${voffset -12}${goto 50}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└─────────────────────┘${goto 95}┴${goto 145}┴${goto 195}┴ ${voffset -8}${font Arial:size=8}${color9}${goto 48}0%${goto 91}25%${goto 144}50%${goto 196}75%${alignr}100%${font} ${color4}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${alignc}NETWORK${font} ${goto 40}${color8}${font Arial:size=13}┌${font}${voffset -2}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=13}${color1} ${color2}${goto 92}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${upspeed enp6s0}${font}${goto 180}${voffset -2}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=12}${color1}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${alignr 3}${voffset -1}${downspeed enp6s0}${font} ${goto 40}${color8}${font Arial:size=13}├${font}${color1}${font} WAN IP:${color3}${alignr 3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${execi 86400 dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com}${font} ${goto 7}${color1}${voffset -20}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=26}${font}${goto 40}${color8}${font Arial:size=13}${voffset 0}├${font}${color1} LAN IP:${color3}${alignr 3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${addrs enp6s0}${font} ${goto 40}${color8}${font Arial:size=13}└${font}${color1} Hostname:${color3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=12}${alignr}${nodename}${font} ${color1}${color3}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=11}${alignr}${execi 60000 ~/.conky/scripts/hostname.sh}${font} ${voffset 3}${color4}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${alignc}SWAP${font} ${voffset -4}${goto 40}${color8}${font Arial:size=13}┌${font}${color2}${goto 55}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${swap}b${font}${color1}/${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${voffset -2}${swapperc}${font}${color1} %${goto 160}${voffset -1}Free:${color2}${alignr 0}${voffset -2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${swapfree}b${font}${color} ${goto 11}${color1}${voffset -20}${font Fira Code Nerd Font:size=26}${voffset 4}${color8}${goto 40}${font Arial:size=13}└${font}${goto 53}${color6}${voffset -4}${swapbar 7,199} ${voffset -16}${goto 53}${color0}${execbar 7,199}${color} ${voffset -12}${goto 50}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└─────────────────────┘${goto 95}┴${goto 148}┴${goto 200}┴ ${voffset -8}${font Arial:size=8}${color9}${goto 48}0%${goto 91}25%${goto 144}50%${goto 196}75%${alignr}100%${font} ${color4}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${alignc}STORAGE${font} ${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=12}${color7}/dev/sda5${font}${goto 160}${color1}Size:${color2}${alignr}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${fs_size /}b${font} ${color1}Temp:${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${goto 48}${hwmon 2 temp 1}${font}${color1}°F${goto 160}${color1}Free:${color2}${alignr}${voffset -1}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${fs_free /}b${font}${color} ${color1}Used:${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${color2}${goto 48}${fs_used /}b${font}${color1}/${voffset -2}${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${fs_used_perc /}${font}${color1} %${goto 156}${color6}${fs_bar 7,100 /}${font} ${voffset -16}${goto 156}${color0}${execbar 7,100}${color} ${voffset -12}${goto 152}${color9}${font Arial:size=10}└──────────┘${goto 200}┴ ${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=12}${color7}/dev/sdb1${font}${goto 160}${color1}Size:${color2}${font Terminus(TTF):bold:size=13}${alignr}${voffset -1}${fs_size /home/bayouguru/WD-500GB/}b${font} ${font}${color1}Temp:${color2}${goto 48}${font 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-- -- BayouGuru's RAM and Top 12 & 5's Conky Config! -- version: 2023-3-29.0555 -- conky.config = { update_interval = 2, total_run_times = 0, alignment = "top_right", gap_x = 2, gap_y = 2, minimum_width = 300, maximum_width = 300, -- maximum_height = 875, -- minimum_height = 750, net_avg_samples = 2, cpu_avg_samples = 2, own_window = true, own_window_type = "normal", own_window_hints = "undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager", own_window_transparent = false, own_window_argb_visual = true, own_window_argb_value = 180, double_buffer = true, use_xft = true, font = "Terminus(TTF):size=12", short_units = true, draw_graph_borders = false, draw_outline = true, draw_shades = true, temperature_unit = "fahrenheit", own_window_colour = "080721", default_outline_color = "080721", color0 = '080721',--Dark Blue - Background color1 = 'lightblue',--Light Blue - Labels color2 = 'gold',--Gold - Monitored Item (Frequently Updates) color3 = 'orange',--Orange - Monitored Item (Infrequently Updates/Versions) color4 = 'green',--Green - 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2023.03.30 00:32 Electronic-Salary515 Stages of Divisions in our Civilization

In this post I am going to explain how new identities are created within a unified society and what are the stages before it splinters. I will use an abstract example to make my point but will eventually apply it to real world examples, including the one in Tamil Nadu (because I am Tamil)
Let us say in a jungle there are a group of tigers wo live together and hunt together. As with any group, there are internal differences but these are minimal. There are some tigers with very strong stripes, and others with weak stripes and still others which are completely white.
This is how fragmentation works:
  1. I will first create a conscisouness among white tigers that even though they are tigers, they are distinct. The white tigers co-exist with other tigers, consider themselves part of the tiger society, but also see themselves as a separate sub-group within a larger group.
  2. In the second stage, the white-tigers are made to feel either inferior or superior to rest of the tigers. In either case they develop a sense of entitlement. If they are made to feel superior, the entitlement is because they are superior. May be they feel on account of their superiority they feel they deserve to rule other the others or need a bigger portion of the hunt. If they are made to feel inferior, then a victimhood narrative is created - that other tigers discriminate against white tigers... and that white tigers need compensation to tide over this discrimination. And so a sense of entitlement is create for compensation.
  3. We enter the final stage when the white-tigers realize that their entitlement is not getting fulfilled. Because rest of the tiger group does not feel that white-tigers need any entitlement. Even if they appease the white tigers, it is not enough. This is when we enter the final stage - when the white-tigers develop a sense of hatred towards rest of tigers. They will fight with other tigers, declare themselves as a new species and even invite snakes and other animals in their fight against the tiger group.
Enough of Tigers... now let us look at real world examples:
A. Afghanistanis: For the longest time in history, people of Afghanistan considered themselves part of Indian civilization. This is when the ppl living there were Buddhsts and Hindus. Due to religious conversion, at first they saw themselves as Muslims but still part of Indian civilization. (Stage-1)This was the case during Raja Dahir's time. Over the next few generations they felt they were superior to Kafir Hindus in rest of Indian subcontent (Stage-2) By the time of Abdali invasion they felt entitled to rule over all of India and this is when they entered stage 3. Rest of India also came to see Afghans as separate people who were hell bent on destroying India.
B. Jains: They are in Stage -1. They know they have an identity of their own but consider themselves part of the Hindu civilization.
C. Buddhist Dalits: They are in Stage-2. Not only they are aware of their separate identity, but they feel entitled to compensation/reservation due to past injustices. However they are in advanced Stage-2; almost entering Stage-3. This is why they abuse Hindu Gods, burn Hindu scriptures and collaborate with Muslims politically against rest of Hindus.
D. Christians: They are like Jains....in Stage-1. However they are in advanced Stage-1. Their sense of entitlement is on two grounds. Religion-wise they feel they are superior to the larger Hindu society; but externally in US/UK they complain about persecution.
E. Sikhs: This groups is spread between Stage-1, Stage-2 and Stage-3. There are some Sikhs who are fully proud of their identity as Sikh but see themselves as part of Sanatan civilization. Then there are Stage-2 Jat Sikhs (also called McSikhs by Jaipur Dialogue) becuase they were given a sense of superiority complex by the British. These are the Sikhs who feel entitled to higher MSP, entitled to all the river waters flowing through Punjab (at the expense of Haryana's share). Then thee are Stage-3 Sikhs who are basically Khalistanis. They ally with Pakistanis to further agenda
F. Tamils: They are in Stage-2 (not all, but a significant percent). Due to Aryan Invasion Theory, out of which flows the Dravidian identity (if they Aryans invaded.. then they must have invaded some ppl, right?). So a narrative was planted by missionaries and British (Robert Caldwell) that Tamils are a different race with their own language family distinct from North Indian ppl and language. At first they were in Stage-1, but starting 1950s/60s they entered Stage-2. That Tamil language is not being given its due recognition, that Hindi is being imposed.. and this way a victim narrative got created. This led to a sense of entitlement among Tamils that everyone in India should accept the supremacy of Tamil on account of how old it is and the beauty of Tamil. A further division has been happening recently where some Tamil Hindus claim that they are not Hindus; and that historically Tamils were never Hindus. All of these are symptoms of Stage-2
I am sure you all can think of more real world examples. The thing is - once a population group enters Stage-2, there needs to be a concerted work to reverse the effect of "divide and rule" narrative created by our colonialists (Both British as well as the Turkic-Ashraf rulers)
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2023.03.30 00:32 autotldr Peruvian prosecutors are investigating Dina Boluarte and former president Pedro Castillo for laundering money as part of a criminal organization, the country’s attorney general’s office announced on Tuesday.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 57%. (I'm a bot)
Peruvian prosecutors are investigating President Dina Boluarte and former president Pedro Castillo for allegedly laundering money as part of a criminal organisation.
The probe into the alleged crimes by Boluarte and Castillo is part of a continuing investigation into alleged campaign finance crimes committed during Peru's 2021 presidential race.
The announcement by the attorney general's office on Tuesday comes after a former adviser to Castillo told local media that he had financed part of Castillo's presidential campaign in 2021, as well as trips for Boluarte when she was running to be Castillo's vice president.
Boluarte took over as president but has faced calls to resign by protesters also demanding new elections.
Even if Boluarte faces a concrete charge, as president she could not face a court until her mandate ends in 2026.
Boluarte is Peru's sixth president since March 2018 and the first woman to hold the role.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Boluarte#1 President#2 Castillo#3 office#4 Peru#5
Post found in /worldnews, /worldnews, /AutoNewspaper, /AlJazeera and /ALJAZEERAauto.
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2023.03.30 00:32 Weary_Instance2204 A few thoughts.

Mama, inch bin solo The film is about the life of a German prisoner during World War II. The guards escape from the prison where he is being held, and he decides at all costs to maintain the appearance that everything is in place in the prison. Then he arrives in his hometown and tries to find the atmosphere for which he lived. But many of the people are gone, and those who are left radiate a completely different atmosphere.
Part 1: A scene opens in a prison cell. The scene shows a German prisoner named Ich bin solo waking up to a noise. Then he hears shouting and realizes that the guards have run off somewhere. Part 2: Ich bin solo tries to open the door, but it is locked. He realizes that he will not be released and decides to stay in his cell. He smoothes out his uniform and becomes as much like a mannequin as possible. He makes sure that no one will notice his absence. Part 3: The next day, Ich bin solo emerges from his cell and sees an empty corridor. He realizes that the guards will not return and decides to leave the prison. Before leaving, he suddenly decides to put on his uniform and pretend to be a guard to maintain the appearance that everyone is there. Part 4: Ich bin solo arrives in his hometown, where he wants to find the atmosphere he remembers from the past. But many of the people are gone, and those who are left radiate a completely different atmosphere. He sees people suffering from war, but he doesn't know how to help them. Part 5: Their Bin Solo decides to create his own atmosphere and begins making dummies who become his friends. He begins to tell them about his memories and together with them he regains some of his life. Part 6: As Ich Bin solo continues to create mannequins, he begins to get people's attention. They come to him and want to buy his mannequins. Soon Ich Bin Oslo becomes a famous mannequin maker, and his work spreads throughout the city. Part 7: At the end of the film, Ich Bin solo stands on his street and looks at the houses where his mannequins sit at a table, or on a couch, the city is alive again.
As he continues his journey, the protagonist begins to realize that looking to the past is not the way to happiness, but that the present and the future have more to offer him than he thought. He begins to make new friends and find a new family, and despite the hardships he has endured, he finds a new beginning in the end. The film ends with the protagonist realizing that life goes on, and that there are still many opportunities for joy and enjoyment in it, even after we have lost much.
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2023.03.30 00:32 sssss_we What is the authority of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

What is the authority of the Catechism of the Catholic Church?
Very often I read or hear that the Catechism is just a compilation; that has no authority in and of itself, but only the authority of the sources it uses.
I too thought the same.
However, I decided to take another look, and see what the Holy Father himself, St. John Paul II, so determined. What was his intention and will when approving the Catechism?
Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum
The first part of the Apostolic Constitution explains the motives, and arrangement of the material:
With the help of God, the Council Fathers in four years of work were able to produce a considerable collection of doctrinal statements and pastoral norms which were presented to the whole Church. There the Pastors and Christian faithful find directives for that "renewal of thought, action, practices and moral virtue, of joy and hope, which was the very purpose of the Council".
On that occasion the Synod Fathers stated: "Very many have expressed the desire that a catechism or compendium of all Catholic doctrine regarding both faith and morals be composed, that it might be, as it were, a point of reference for the catechisms or compendiums that are prepared in various regions. The presentation of doctrine must be biblical and liturgical. It must be sound doctrine suited to the present life of Christians"4. After the Synod ended, I made this desire my own, considering it as "fully responding to a real need both of the universal Church and of the particular Churches".5 For this reason we thank the Lord wholeheartedly on this day when we can offer the entire Church this reference text entitled the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for a catechesis renewed at the living sources of the faith!
A catechism should faithfully and systematically present the teaching of Sacred Scripture, the living Tradition of the Church and the authentic Magisterium, as well as the spiritual heritage of the Fathers and the Church's saints, to allow for a better knowledge of the Christian mystery and for enlivening the faith of the People of God. It should take into account the doctrinal statements which down the centuries the Holy Spirit has intimated to his Church. It should also help illumine with the light of faith the new situations and problems which had not yet emerged in the past.
This is a good introduction. By itself this would establish that the Catechism has doctrinal value in itself.
But the Pope wanted to be very explicit. And thus he spoke on the authority of the Catechism:
The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which I approved 25 June last and the publication of which I today order by virtue of my Apostolic Authority, is a statement of the Church's faith and of Catholic doctrine, attested to or illumined by Sacred Scripture, Apostolic Tradition and the Church's Magisterium. I declare it to be a valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion and a sure norm for teaching the faith. May it serve the renewal to which the Holy Spirit ceaselessly calls the Church of God, the Body of Christ, on her pilgrimage to the undiminished light of the kingdom!
The approval and publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church represents a service which the Successor of Peter wishes to offer to the Holy Catholic Church, and to all the particular Churches in peace and communion with the Apostolic See: the service, that is, of supporting and confirming the faith of all the Lord Jesus' disciples (cf. Lk 22:32), as well as of strengthening the bonds of unity in the same apostolic faith.
Therefore, I ask the Church's Pastors and the Christian faithful to receive this catechism in a spirit of communion and to use it assiduously in fulfilling their mission of proclaiming the faith and calling people to the Gospel life. This catechism is given to them that it may be a sure and authentic reference text for teaching Catholic doctrine and particularly for preparing local catechisms. It is also offered to all the faithful who wish to deepen their knowledge of the unfathomable riches of salvation (cf. Jn 8:32). It is meant to support ecumenical efforts that are moved by the holy desire for the unity of all Christians, showing carefully the content and wondrous harmony of the Catholic faith. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, lastly, is offered to every individual who asks us to give an account of the hope that is in us (cf. 1 Pt 3:15) and who wants to know what the Catholic Church believes.

Hence we must conclude that the Catechism of the Catholic Church is a statement of faith and doctrine, and a sure reference text.
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2023.03.30 00:31 gabrielleduvent Started postdoc in an unrelated field, left alone for most of the protocols

Hi folks,
I was previously a patch-clamp electrophysiologist who defended and moved to a heavily molecular bio lab, which I've been part time for six months until this month. For reference, I am the kind of person who did one western blot (saw bands with Ponceau, and that was the end of the lab) during undergrad and then never touched it again during grad school, and had never been in a TC hood before.
The issue is that I am mostly left alone in all things. For example, I just did my first western blot today and I was entirely unsupervised. The protocol in the lab database had some missing information (such as blocking solution is milk in TBS-T). It just said 5% milk, and so I dissolved the dry milk in water. That sort of thing. The lab heavily focuses on confocal as well, something I had never used before. I keep getting contamination in my primary cultures. There are times when I have to spend few minutes looking for things (before I came in almost nothing was labeled, -80 had no database, the other databases were last updated in 2019, etc), and sometimes those minutes can be critical... Which also sends me into panic.
Obviously, I am not producing data, and most of the protocols so far have been practice runs for me. Furthermore, there are days when I have to run 2+ different protocols at once, and recently that's been everyday. So yesterday I had to feed cells, PCR, do BCA and ATP assays, while fixing 72 cover slips. Most days I am exhausted and I've been making dumber mistakes. My calculation speed has hit an all time low and I just had to spend five minutes today calculating 5% of 100 on calculator.
I don't think I'm weak willed, as I basically had to teach patch clamping to myself and I managed to do that in 3 months, but this constant pressure to produce results ASAP and not make mistakes is lowering my performance and I have started considering quitting research entirely. I feel like a toddler being asked to make a soufflé along with a three course dinner with recipes where it is just a partial list of ingredients, while the adult is in the kitchen maybe once every few hours. There is a more senior postdoc who started the same time as me (she is senior because she previously was a research scientist elsewhere and has had experience with molecular bio stuff) and she has said the same thing.
Is this level of supervision - or lack thereof - normal? And how do people survive through it?
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2023.03.30 00:31 Keroberosyue Intracardiac Potassium Chloride (KCl) after what seems like an anesthesia/sedative?

So yesterday, I had go put my 17 years old dog down, because he was suffering from an end stage Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
My question is, the vet did what was in the title. I had no time to ask if we can do the IV Pentobarbital instead. Did my dog really die peacefully? When he was sedated, there was no reaction and after the KCl, he stopped breathing after 2-3 seconds.
If anyone wants to know the story, here it goes. I slept so early yesterday because the night after we got him back from the vet, I didn't sleep much at all because I want to make his last day as comfortable as possible.
17 Years Old.
That's how old you are, Bjørn, ever since we got you June of 2006.
You were diagnosed having Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) - a sickness normal in old dogs. While being a normal disease, how I wish we brought you regularly to the vet for regular check-ups.
Despite that, you were a very very strong and resilient dog. Being an outside dog, I'm pretty sure you enjoyed roaming around in our garden.
You were my very first pet dog besides Whity. You've seen it all - me graduating from elementary, high school and college, and me finally working under my profession. You are basically a family, as you really should be. There were significant life events that you were a part of, and I'm extremely heartbroken now that you cannot continue being a part of it.
You have also been a very good dog. You were very tame, kind, and a sweet dog to us. You would regularly greet me when I got home from school or work by barking and by approaching me always.
If anything, I am extremely sad right now, but at a hindsight, we are happy that we are at least able to provide you a life that is extremely satisfactory for you, or else you wouldn't get at that age at all. I am also happy that you wouldn't need to suffer anymore from dealing with your disease with our help.
I love you, always and forever. You have a very very special place in my heart. I hope that now you're happy in doggy heaven.
Rest in Peace our friend, our family, and our dog, Bjørn (Norwegian to English: Bear) 2006-2023
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2023.03.30 00:30 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow & Monetize

[Get] Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow & Monetize
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/the-operating-system-grow-monetize/
[Get] Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow & Monetize
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  • Learn about the 80/20 rule and how to apply it to make saleson LinkedIn…
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2023.03.30 00:30 dabmasterswag Flex Disc

Hey guys, just got a 2010 3.8 Grand Touring Manual. It needs a new flex disc(s). I bought it off a friend for a great price and one of the problems is the driveshaft flex disc is cracked. GAH04-005 will this part fit my car? Idk if the manual effects it or not. And do I need two? Or does my car only have 1?
submitted by dabmasterswag to genesiscoupe [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 00:30 Decaying_Hope 33M how long was your emo fringe in 2008?

Hello all! My name is Luke, and I'm English. British, whatever. I identify as both. My main passion is survival skills. I've trained for about a decade now. Learning how to survive in the wilderness, predominantly in forest environments, but any survival is good!
I've travelled too many parts of the world! Including that of the jungles of Borneo, where I worked on a volunteer project for 3 months, getting attacked by bugs each day.
I'm learning Japanese as I went to Japan in 2020, and I'm returning this year.
I don't care if you're male or female, just provide a picture when you message me, i want to put words to a face. (My pictures are on my profile)
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2023.03.30 00:28 gaylordcommander Demi with a high sex-drive married to a late-bloomer ace

My partner(ace) and I(demi) have been together 7 years now. We got married 4 years ago. Our first date lasted more than 12 hours. Then we saw each other every day ever since.
When we first started dating, we were fucking like rabbits. Like stay up all night and have to go to work sleep deprived because we had so much sex but it's worth it kinda frequency. We'd be late to dinner invites from friends because we couldn't keep our hands off each other.
After 6 months of that, it naturally petered down and I didn't think much of it because I was going through IT. The first 2 years with me was rough so the severe decline in the frequency was understandable. But I do know that I started noticing it at year 3 as it was affecting my self-esteem.
I've spoken to my therapist and all 3 of us were finding solutions as I actually quite enjoy sex. Vanilla as my sex may be, I still have it on my needs list as this was one of the tenets I hung my last marriage on. (We had terrible sex, married too young and I didn't know how to express myself properly to get what I want.) I figured out on my last marriage that I do love sex and I love having good sex. I swore to myself never again will I stay in a relationship where I am not satisfied at all.
Our solutions included having sex differently, having sex in different places, different circumstances, etc. Naturally, this opened up more conversations about sex and kinks opening up our relationship and for awhile we were kinda doing okay. (Sexting, etc)
For awhile we went back to couples therapy. Then she confesses to me that she might be asexual. She cries, I cry, we all cry. Because she knows this was an important part of my life, having a sexual relationship with my romantic partner. I honestly thought we were getting divorced. But we talked through it and in the end, I made the decision to stay because I would rather wake up next to her for the rest of my life than have mind-blowing sex with someone else. I assured her this does not change any of my feelings for her.
We compromised by having her participate and help when I'm touching myself. So now we are going at minimum sexual activity and I no longer ask her as I do not want her to feel bad. However, our sex life has already died down months earlier and was now back to a range I was once again not content with. We haven't had any sexual relations in the past 8 or so months.
But then she tells me she's working on her 'asexuality' with her therapist cuz she might just have aversion due to trauma with her first ex. I then assure her that there's nothing wrong with being ace and she shouldn't try to dismiss her identity to trauma. Because for all intents and purposes, she is kind of the textbook definition of an ace.
To clarify, she is not the first person I've been with who's ace. I've just always known beforehand and we discussed boundaries and having my needs met prior to the relationship. I am trying my best to be supportive but my vajayjay is sad, my clit is lonely, and I'm kinda bummed by the fact that this is going to be like this the rest of my life.
I'm not really sure what I'm asking for here. I don't want her to think she isn't enough for me. I love her and I love being with her and I love sex with her specifically. But obviously there's no way of spinning my need for sex in any context because at the end of the day, I'm left unsatisfied.
TLDR: been together 7 years, married 4. Wife found out she was ace 2 years ago. I decided to stay. Now she's going to therapy in hopes that her asexuality is related to trauma but all evidence say otherwise.
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2023.03.30 00:28 SIGH15 WiP Wensday: Trumpiter 2S1, Mini-art T-55A mod 1965.

WiP Wensday: Trumpiter 2S1, Mini-art T-55A mod 1965. submitted by SIGH15 to modelmakers [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 00:28 Julian_Kraiz droit ramq avec permis de travail ouvert

Si ce n'est pas le bon sub, faites le moi savoir, je déplacerais ce post, merci encore.
Je suis arrivé sur le territoire il y a un mois et demi en accompagnant ma coinjointe et il y a une semaine j'ai recu un courrier de la ramq qui me laisse perplexe d'ou ce post.
Ma conjointe est venu sur le territoire avec un permis d'étude, et étant son conjoint de fait, je suis venu avec un permis de travail ouvert. Nous avons fait nos demande d'inscription RAMQ ensemble, et étant étudiante, sa carte est déjà arrivé; la dessus tout vas bien, son dossier est clos.
Pour ma part en revanche la ramq m'a envoyé un courrier me demandant de fournir un SE-401-Q-102 pour compléter mon dossier. De ma compréhension ce document sert a faire le transfert de droit de la sécurité sociale française (radiation) vers la ramq (ouverture de droit). Ma compagne l'a fait car demandé par son établissement scolaire mais je figure pas sur ce document dans la liste des accompagnant. 2 raisons a cela, la première est que je préfère garder mes droits actifs (même si je ne m'en sert plus) et la seconde, l'administration Française nous a demander, lors de l'émission de ce document pour ma conjointe, de fournir mon permis de travail fermé ou d'étude pour pouvoir valider le document avec nos deux noms dessus.
Ayant un permis de travail ouvert, nous avons donc juste fait faire ce document avec son nom seul, pour qu'elle aie tous ses documents (compte tenu de la réactivité de notre chère administrations, nous n'avions plus le temps de débattre avec eux).
Arrivé sur le territoire Québécois, un organisme chargé par ma société de m'aider avec la RAMQ nous a conseillé de fournir en plus de tous nos autres document une déclaration assermenté de conjoint de fait pour que mon dossier soit validé. Ce que nous avons fait et envoyé avec la demande. A priori cela ne semble pas suffisant. L'organisme sus mentionné n'est pas encore revenu vers moi car c'est semble-t-il la première fois qu'ils voient cela.
J'ai pris rdv téléphonique avec la RAMQ, mais ce ne sera que le 4 Avril.
En attendant, j'aimerais savoir ce que la communauté sais sur le sujet. Je ne suis forcément pas le seul a venir au Québec dans ces conditions, et est-ce que j'ai vraiment besoin de ce SE-401-Q-102 pour etre éligible ? Je suis Français, mais si je venais d'un pays ne disposant pas d'accords avec la Province j'imagine que la question ne se poserait pas.
Pour précision, ca ne me dérange pas s'il y a une période de carence de 3 mois. On a déjà passé les 2/3 a ce niveau là, donc c'est pas grave si je dois attendre ma carte un peu. C'est plus grave si je ne pourrais jamais la recevoir. J'ai un ami qui est venu (lui permis de travail fermé, sa conjointe permis de travail ouvert) dans les mêmes conditions (pas de transfert de droit, déclaration de conjoint de fait) et ils n'ont eu aucun problème, juste 5 mois d'attente.
J'ai peur que le 4 quand je les ai au téléphone je ne sache pas quoi leur dire pour qu'ils poursuivent mon dossier, même si je dois attendre, et me retrouve sans rien. Ce serait assez catastrophique pour nos plans de nous installer de façon pérenne.
Merci encore à tous les courageux qui auront pris la peine de lire ce roman sur mes péripétie administrative.
submitted by Julian_Kraiz to Quebec [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 00:28 tawberri Trip Review (March 2023) - La Fortuna, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio - Part 2

part 2…
Manuel Antonio - Again, so so so happy we came here. We were here for 3 full days but could’ve stayed for a week as we wanted to visit Uvita/Marino Ballena NP, Nauyaca Waterfall, and possibly do a catamaran or mangrove tour. I really don’t understand the comments of MA being a tourist trap, overly crowded, overpriced, etc. We never experienced this and visited during high season! The beaches were stunning and not crowded at all. The wildlife here is incredible, from our Airbnb we saw monkeys, toucans, and macaws everyday.
Food spots:
San Jose - Our flight home is at 10AM tomorrow so we opted to spend hour last day and night in San Jose. We are staying in a hotel near the city vs the airport since we still have our car. We spent a few hours in the city checking out the central avenue and market.
submitted by tawberri to u/tawberri [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 00:28 JealousyOfThis Animania Interview with Kaneshiro and Nomura

Interview link: https://animania.de/blue-lock-interview-mit-autor-muneyuki-kaneshiro-zeichner-yusuke-nomura/
It's in German, you can translate it to English in Chrome. So it's gonna be a translation telephone Japanese -> German -> English so take the whole interview with a grain of salt. Muneyuki Kaneshiro (MK) is the author and Yusuke Nomura (YN) is the illustrator for the series.
Some football related questions:
1) Do you follow current football matches on TV or in the stream?
MK: Of course I watch football, be it Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga or Serie A! As for Japanese players, I'm excited to see Takehiro Tomiyasu this season, who now plays at Arsenal. I liked Schalke when Neuer and Uchida played there! To Schalke this season... do your best!
YN: I don't have a television at my place of work. I therefore often watch football summaries on YouTube, regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign matches. I draw unrealistic shooting scenes, but it happens that in reality the soccer players surpass these manga scenes. Every time I see such a blatant game scene, I get super excited.
2) Do you have a favorite soccer player?
MK: My first favorite player was Thierry Henry: I was mesmerized by his all-round wonderful game! I also like Álvaro Recoba, his dribbles and free-kicks at his best. Another favorite player is Mesut Özil, whose uninhibited game fascinates me. I seem to like players who are technicians and play beautifully. In addition, Erling Haaland is awesome!
YN: I'm not very familiar with football, but one player I still remember: Oliver Kahn. I was really impressed by the many balls he held that I saw when I was in school! Sometimes I pretend I'm the Blue LockPutting players against him - which one of them could score a goal against him? (laughs)
3) Do you have a favorite football team?
YN: I'm following Liverpool FC with interest, not least because we also had a collaboration with this team. (My note: search Bluelock x Liverpool to see the collaboration between the two)
MK: Arsenal. Every season, I get the impression from this team that they deliver a mega-interesting football game if the team fits well. I hope this season will be the same! Also, in a different sense, Paris Saint-Germain. I'm following developments with interest because it's definitely one of the teams at the center of the football world, including the money issues and the way star players are deployed.
(My thoughts: lol does he follow PSG for the drama?)
Some Bluelock related questions:
1) Do you already know how Blue Lock will end and in how many volumes ?
MK: The rough draft is fixed and I also have the ending in mind, albeit very vaguely. But since I'm still thinking of things the characters are struggling with right now as I'm writing, I still have a lot to tell and can't finish the story just yet. (laughs) I don't know how many volumes there will be in the end, but once everything that needs to be drawn is drawn, I'll finish the story without hesitation!
2) In contrast to other sports manga, Blue Lock does not focus on team play. Instead, the characters are encouraged to always follow their own advantage. How do you go about developing the characters?
MK: My biggest difficulty is creating characters who live for "someone else". Simply because I am not that type myself. One could look at the motivation underlying a "selfless" mindset from another perspective, namely: "I'm great because I sacrifice myself for others!". And suddenly selfless would be a selfish way of thinking again! So at the end of the day everyone lives somewhere "for themselves" - so why not let your ego run free? That's cool! Those were my thoughts when I wrote it - and maybe that gave the work that characteristic touch.
If you want to see the other questions, click the link at the top~
submitted by JealousyOfThis to BlueLock [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 00:27 Sarah_username My son broke his femur on vacation and I have so many questions.

Title says it all. My 12 year old broke his femur (trampoline park, just landed a normal bounce strangely), needed to have immediate surgery to get an ORIF, and stayed at the hospital 3 days. But the fun part is that we were a 15 hour drive away from home, visiting his grandparents over spring break. Super fun. He had the surgery last Wednesday and we were able to get back home yesterday. He is still in a lot of pain and still needs significant assistance.
But I just feel so lost. We can't easily consult the pediatric ortho surgeon and we don't have a follow up because of the distance. I just feel like I have no information and a lot of questions. The current plan is to see a doctor here (have appt next week) and send the surgeon x-rays and eventually go back and get his rod removed because he falls into that range where he'll grow too much to keep it in. He'll use a wheelchair at school and a walker at home for six weeks. I feel like I've had to assert that his injury is actually severe because he doesn't have a cast. He doesn't have a cast because it was too severe to treat with a cast and the surgeon said his rod and screws take the place of protecting the break. But I think people think that means he's less hurt and I don't know if that's even common practice to not cast after that.
His school asked how long I thought he'd be out of school and I have no idea what is even the normal range for this type of injury/surgery. I don't feel like I have anyone to ask! I didn't know how serious a femur break was and I didn't know he'd need surgery and I didn't know he'd be hospitalized. I just feel like a lot of people need information from me and I don't know shit. I'm in awe of all of you who had to experience the physical pain and also deal with the logistical nightmares. You are amazing.
Did anyone here have a femur break? Did you have to take a lot of time of work/school/life? He literally had the surgery a week ago today.
Thank you so much for listening to my rant. It's just a lot. I'll include a picture I snapped of his x-ray because like I said, I know nothing about anything, but I think it's pretty gnarly.
submitted by Sarah_username to brokenbones [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 00:27 Sapphyre_Skies Living with WeskerBeard pt5

Hello again everyone, I bring you another installment of my Living with WeskerBeard tales. There's a few new pop up characters, they aren't a major part of the story, I'll mention them as and when they turn up.
Last time I had managed to get WeskerBeard to tidy most of his room and the cupboard under the stairs. It was nice to sit, on the uncomfortable bed, and look across the room at the work we had done.
I turned and watched WB as he rapidly jabbed buttons on his PS controller. I again aimed to spark up a conversation with him as he stared at the screen.
Me: This looks kind of interesting, what is it?
WeskerBeard stared at the screen not answering me. I waited a little before asking again.
Me a little louder: WeskerBeard... WB: Oh, yeah, what is it babe?
Me: I was wondering what you was playing? It looks kind of interesting with the Greek Mythology stuff going on in it.
WB: It's God of War 3... he said trailing off as a QTE took his attention.
I watched as he fought with Gorgons and Minotaurs, the game did catch my interest, I love Mythological stories and the beasties.
WB excitedly: The Medusa don't wear any tops and they come at you with their boobs out and freeze you. Come to think of it you might not like the game, there's a lot of boobs in it babe.
Me: Well they are in ancient Greece where its warm, and in Mythology they're usually depicted without, so the lack of tops isnt that much of a bother to me.
WB: I thought you didn't like that sort of thing.
Me: I said I didn't like unnecessary nudity and/ or sex in things.
Before WeskerBeard could continue the door to his room opened. Without a knock, in walked JudgyBeard holding his own PS3 game.
JB: This isn't a bad time is it?
WB: No I was just telling Sapph about God of War 3 wasn't I babe.
Now readers you might be thinking that I am exaggerating with the amount of times he says 'babe' to me in these stories, but I really aren't. WB was like a discount Duke Nukem from Wish. He called me it to the point I was concerned I would one day turn into a pig. Any way I digress,
JB: I was wondering if you wanted to play Dark Souls now, but if you're playing that I can leave it for now.
WB: No, I'll play it now, I just saved my game.
I scooted further towards the foot end of the bed as JB sat down and made himself comfortable between us. I grabbed my laptop and started browsing and talking on Facebook.
Again the bedroom door opened and in crawled ManiaBeard. He looked over at the three of us, scowling as he pulled himself onto his bed. He turned on his TV and almost as if he was competing, turned up his volume.
WB: Turn that down, I can't hear my game.
MB: I can't hear my show.
WB: Turn. It. Down ManiaBeard.
MB: I'll turn mine down When you turn yours down.
JB: You two don't need to argue, WB yours is a little loud, maybe turn it down a little bit? I'm sure when you do ManiaBeard will turn his down... (getting cut off).
Again the door opened, this time it slammed against the wall near the foot of ManiaBeard's bed. Ragebaby stood seething in the doorway.
RB: ManiaBeard turn that TV down, I can hear it in my room.
MB whining: I can't hear it over WB's TVeeee.
WB to MB: I can't hear my game over your stupid TV. You're the one who came up here and started being lou...
RB: Both of you turn the f*cking things down, or I'll smash them myself.
WeskerBeard, while glaring at RageBaby, reluctantly turned down his TV. I looked over the top of my laptop screen, catching ManiaBeard smirking like he had won something. The smirk soon disappeared as RB took a step closer to the foot of his bed.
RB: Well are you going to turn it down?
Hog shouting from downstairs: What's all the banging and shouting about?
RB shouting: These two won't turn their TVs down.
WB whining while shouting: I have turned mine down, it's ManiaBeard who won't turn his down.
MB: I can't hear my shoooooow, WB's game is too loud.
WB: I already turned it down.
Hog shouting again still downstairs: ManiaBeard, WeskerBeard turn your TVs down. RageBaby get out of their room and stop banging and shouting.
Ragebaby stood in the doorway as Maniabeard finally jabbed the volume down button on his controller. Once he was satisfied he turned, walked out of the room and slammed the door shut behind him.
ManiaBeard sat sulking on his bed, glaring at WB and JB when ever they talked about the game. As JudgyBeard would tell WeskerBeard what was coming up next in the game.
WeskerBeard's idea of playing Dark Souls was to unalive the minor enemies, reach a challenging part, get his behind handed to him and then...
WB handing over the controller: You're better at this sort of thing then I am.
JudgyBeard looked at the controller and interlocking his fingers, cracked his knuckles before giving them all a wiggle, like a crappy imitation of Jack Sparrow. He seemed to do this when he played his games, it was like a strange little pre-game ritual he had. Once this 'ritual' was complete, he took control of the character that he had made for WeskerBeard. After the hard part or boss had been dealt with, the controller was handed back and WeskerBeard continued playing until the next difficult part, rinse and repeat.
Dark Souls wasn't my cup of tea at the time, so I carried on chatting on Facebook. At the time I had a lot of Furry friends, I was introduced to furries when I was at school. I found them unsual but interesting and some were really nice to chat with, and online chatting helped build some confidence. It was just nice to talk to someone in general about things other than gaming and movies. (These will be referred to at a later date).
After a while JudgyBeard left the room and WeskerBeard went back on GoW3. Bored I decided I was going to go to bed.
The next morning I woke up and avoiding Satan's bathroom, went to use the toilet downstairs. The door was open so I carried on down towards it, but I stopped dead on the fourth step.
Not to digress, but to give you an idea of how small this room was. The room was approximately 2 maybe 3 ft wide, and about 6 ft long. Only the toilet and a small basin sat in there.
So back to where I was, frozen on the fourth step. I tried backing away slowly, but just like the Trex on Jurassic Park, my movements caught her attention.
Hog walked out of the small room completely naked. Her large drooping stomach hanging low... not low enough though as a whispy nest of grey, matted hair poked out from under it. I was at a complete loss for words. She made NO attempt to cover anything, she just stood in the doorway looking at me on the stairs, her nose scrunched up, which pulled up her top lip.
Hog: I thought I heard someone out there.
Me scramblingfor words: I... Sorry... I thought the toilet was empty... The... I saw the door was open.
I kept trying to look in any and all directions as she held her weight against the doorframe.
Hog coming out into the hallway more: I'll be done soon, I'm just having a strip wash. Is someone in the bathroom?
Me: No, I'll just... I said backing up a few more steps.
As I walked off upstairs I turned around hearing a noise. I wish I hadn't turned, as what I saw was Hog's behind, her almost grey coloured skin wiggling with every shuffling step she took into the kitchen.
Hog: Trotter, come scrub my back, I can't reach.
Trotter from somewhere in the other room: Give me a minute.
I mortified and defeated, retreated to the bathroom upstairs, avoiding sitting on the seat as best I could.
Later that day, around afternoon time the house emptied of most of its residents, it was payslip day for half of the residents. WeskerBeard was feeling amorous and used the fact the others had gone out to his advantage. I said if he cleaned his equipment before use I would be willing, so at the idea of getting something out of cleaning, he did.
As he was doing his thing the door to his room, without a knock, opened. I was quick enough to not be seen, but WeskerBeard was caught member in hand. Lodger's friend, Weedy, backed out apologising as he closed the door. Mood completely dead and red in the face I told WB to leave it.
WB: Buuut baaabe no one's in...
Me: I'm not continuing when people just barge in.
WB in a huff got his stuff together before going out and seeing what Weedy had wanted. He had wanted to borrow a PS3 game, and had gotten more than he'd bargained for.
WeskerBeard skulked off out the room again, his footsteps disappearing downstairs. After a few minutes he came back up and handed me a letter.
The letter was from the Job centre, they had found me a place of work at a charity shop, not far from where I lived.
WB: What's that?
Me happily: The Job Center found me a placement.
WB: You got a job?
Me: Yeah it's at X shop in NP shopping centre.
WB: I had a job in NP shopping center.
I was a little surprised by this statement, he had never mentioned it before. I looked at him and asked,
Me: You did? Which shop?
WB: Home Bargins, I only worked there for a day.
Me: A day?
WB: Yeah I quit because they wanted me to turn cans so the brand name was facing outwards.
He said this imitating himself quarter turning an imaginary can, as if to give me a visual demonstration as to what he was asked to do.
Me: But that's easy...
WB: It was boring, I could be home playing games but they wanted me to do that?.... No thanks.
Me: Well I start next week for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I might get something out of the end of it.
WB: I wouldn't bother but if you want to I can't stop you babe.
The week rolled on fairly uneventfully as was the norm. Hog tried to tell me I was allowed to help myself to food from the cupboard or drinks from the fridge, but if I attempted to, RageBaby would accuse me of stealing, so I never did and would often ask WeskerBeard to fetch me something if possible. If he was caught he was 'stealing' too.
I eventually started my placement at the charity shop, doing some work experience. On WeskerBeard's paydays he would come to NP shopping centre and visit the Grainger Games that was in there before haunting near the shop I worked in.
One day he came in, I wanted the floor to swallow me whole there and then. As WeskerBeard walked I noticed his toes, they were poking out of the bottom of his shoes. I looked at him as he wandered around the shop.
Me: WeskerBeard... what are you doing?
WB: Just looking at these old PS1 and 2 games you have out on the shelf.
Me quietly: Why don't you go and look at the shoe section, there's some nice cheap ones over there.
WB: I don't need shoes, you probably don't have my size in either babe.
Me: Yours are literally falling to bits, I saw your feet as you walked in. I'm sure there's some in your size.
WeskerBeard grumbled putting down the PS1 Who Wants to be Millionaire game down. He mooched over to the shoes. Lo-and-behold like I had said, he found a nice neat set of shoes in his size. He bought them and put them on.
Me: Do they fit OK?
WB: Yeah, they fit great thanks babe.
Me: Great now you can bin your old ones.
WB: What?
Me putting out other items: Theres a bin out there, you can put them in.
WB: Oh okay if I have too...
Me: They're knackered, just get rid of them.
WeskerBeard reluctantly did so, he lurked a little while longer before heading off home for the day.
I preferred to work upstairs in the storage room away from the people on the shop floor. It was nice and quiet, and another benefit was because I was sorting out the bags, I was allowed to set items of interest aside to buy for myself before it got to the floor.
Eventually after a few weeks, my time there was drawing to and end and WeskerBeard reminded me of the fact. I told him I was planning on staying on, if they'd let me. They did. WeskerBeard seemed shocked that I would ask to stay on. It didn't seem to compute with him that I was happy to work there.
WB: You don't need to go in now though.
Me: I know, but I want to. I like working in the storeroom...
I was cut off as the door opened and in walked Animeboy. He came in and sat himself on WB's bed.
WB: Hey AB I didn't know you was coming today.
AB: We talked about it the other day.
WB: I remember now, yeah I said you could stay over if you wanted to do some videos, the computer rooms been tidied up.
It came upto teatime, and although AB had been a regular at the house and they knew he was there, they left him without a meal. I know they weren't obligated to feed a guest to the house but this is a semi important note for later.
They watched some Let's Play videos, some more Bleach and other random stuff until later into the night, when AB mentioned he was feeling hungry.
WB: The take out is still open if you want to go there.
AB: Yeah, I might do I haven't eaten since dinner.
WB with a stupid laugh: I'll walk up there with you, never know when we get back Sapph might have a 3 way with us.
I glared at him snapping: I don't think so.
WB: OK babe, calm down I was just joking.
Me: You better be...
WB: I was. I'm going to Milo's pizza shop with AB, I won't be too long.
Me still annoyed by what he'd said: Fine, I'm going on my laptop, do you mind if I use that memory stick I found while we were tidying the other day?
Joking or not, WeskerBeard wasn't getting the 3 way he mentioned. I had no interest in that, especially with AB. He, 1) at the time had a girlfriend and, 2) bragged about going out with'multiple' girls he'd been with before, he was a real catch that one.
WB heading out: No you can use it if there's nothing on it.
I loaded up the laptop and stuck in the stick to check it out. There was things on it. Adult things. As Mick mentioned in his 2nd story one of the pictures was Gwen from Ben 10 looking barely legal if at all. I removed the stick and waited.
WB eventually coming back in: Hey baaaabe... what's up?
Me holding up the stick: What the Hell is this crap?
WB: A memory stick?
Me: Why the hell do you have Gwen on it?
WB: Oh that? It's an old picture and it's not like she's a kid in the picture.
Me: Delete it.
WB: But...
Me: Now, all of the pictures.
WB: But babe, some pictures I won't be able to find again.
Me: It goes or I go, I don't know where to but I will.
Weskerbeard took the stick and put it into the already loaded PS3. I watched as he removed everything from it.
AB: He must really like you, some of them pictures were rare.
Me: I don't care.
WB removing the stick: There, they're gone.
I took the stick from him and formatted it on my laptop for good measure. I put the stick to better use, I kept my stories I wrote on it until I got one with more room. I'm no top selling author but, I like to write its an nice little escape for me.
Now remember when I mentioned AB didn't get offered anything at teatime? Not long after he sat down to eat his pizza WB helped himself to a slice. The smell also drew in Ragebaby. He walked in to the room;
RB: If you don't eat all that, let me know.
AB: I probably will eat it, I was telling WB that I haven't eaten all day.
Ragebaby skulked off like the overweight vulture he was, disappointed that AB wasn't going to be giving him his food.
WB and AB eventually disappeared to do their videos. I stayed upstairs typing away until I ran out of ideas. I decided as it was getting late, I would go to bed.
I woke up later on as WB and AB came back into the room. WB lay down in front of me and I looked over as AB lay at the foot of the bed, his feet near WB's head.
Me: What are you doing?
WB: Going to bed, Animeboy usually sleeps up here.
Me: There's no room, why didn't you sort him somewhere to sleep?
AB pulling the blanket over himself: I'm OK like this.
This was a single bed. Cramped was an understatement. I was too tired to argue with them over sleeping arrangements. I rolled onto my side pushed against a wall and went to sleep again, uncomfortably. By the time I woke up in the morning AB had already left the house.
Well, I think I'll leave it here for now. Got to save some of that cringe for another day, and after living in the nest for around 2 years I still have some stored away for another day. Bye for now, and I hope to see you in Part 6 when I get around to it 😊
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2023.03.30 00:26 ApprehensiveAd8750 Got my A to Georgetown Tax

Got my acceptance letter from Georgetown today. Are scholarships only awarded to part-time students?
Application filed 2/24 Application completed 3/6
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