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2023.04.26 22:38 NH-INDY-99 2023 NFL Mock Draft with Trades and Explanations (One Round)

Hey everyone,
This is my one and only mock draft for this year. I normally don't do trades, but I have a feeling a large amount of trades will happen in this year's draft, so I thought it would be worth it to include them in here.
Feedback on picks, trades, and explanations are welcome.
1.01 CAR (via CHI) Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
Despite all the noise on others being the pick here, it's clearly Bryce Young. If he was even 6'1", would this even be a debate? Young has the best shot out of all of these QBs to be a franchise QB for a long time. I applaud Carolina for trading up and getting their guy.
1.02 HOU Will Anderson Jr., DE, Alabama
The draft starts here. While I would've bet this was going to be a QB for months, it is now clear that Houston is looking at an elite edge rusher at 1.02. Coming from New England, I think Nick Caserio sees the ideal Patriots edge rusher in Will Anderson Jr. He's an incredibly safe prospect that new HC DeMeco Ryans will love to work with.
ARI trades 1.03 and 5.168 to IND for 1.04, 3.79, 4.106, and their 2024 fifth rounder.
It seems like every other article I read regarding the draft has to do with Arizona desperately wanting to trade down with this pick and collect some draft capital. The Cardinals move down one spot and get some nice picks in the middle of the draft.
The Colts get antsy and decide it’s worth it to move up one spot to get their guy at QB. They feared Tennessee would vault up to 1.03 and take their guy. While it cost them some decent draft picks, they only lose a net of one draft pick this year and one next year, and they still keep their second round pick. This trade makes a lot of sense for both sides.
1.03 IND (via ARI) C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State
Someone will move up for a QB in the draft, and I have a feeling the Colts will move up one spot to secure their QB of the future. Despite all the buzz about Stroud possibly falling for a poor S2 test, his tape is undeniably good. I struggle seeing him fall past 1.05, let alone 1.03. Colts get their QB of the future.
ARI trades 1.04 to LV for 1.07, 3.100, 5.144 and 6.204.
As mentioned in the previous trade, the Cardinals have spoken extensively on how they would like to trade down to collect picks. I still think they are uncomfortable being at 1.04, as I believe they are focused on getting an offensive lineman with their first round pick, and 1.04 is too rich for any of them.
The Raiders have a dizzying 12 picks currently in this year’s draft. While their roster surely needs a boost in young, cheap talent, 12 picks is a bit excessive. The Raiders will surely give Jimmy Garoppolo heart palpitations in trading up, but he will breathe a sigh of relief once the pick is made.
1.04 LV (via ARI via IND) Tyree Wilson, DE, Texas Tech
This will be one of the biggest "WOW" moments of the draft. The Raiders felt they needed to jump Seattle and Detroit to get possibly the best defensive player in this year's draft. Chandler Jones is 33 now, so his production could decline. Having a young DE to learn under both Jones and Maxx Crosby will pay dividends in the future. Vegas' pass rush is looking somehow even scarier than it was before.
1.05 SEA (via DEN) Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida
The Seahawks control how the rest of the draft looks, in my opinion. Whether they take a QB or defensive player here changes so much of what other teams will do. With Richardson still on the board and them not having to trade up, they're happy to get their QB of the future. Geno Smith was very good last year, but I think the Seahawks know that he isn't a long-term answer. Richardson can sit behind Smith and get promoted to QB1 when he's ready.
DET trades 1.06 and 6.183 to PHI for 1.10, 3.94, and their 2024 second round pick.
This draft is going to be packed with trades. I promise I am not trading for the sake of trading; there is a method to the madness.
There are too many high quality players available for Detroit to not trade down a few spots. Their number one guy available is Devon Witherspoon, but they worried that Las Vegas would take him if they didn’t. Good news! The Raiders have already traded up, so Detroit can breathe a sigh of relief. Brad Holmes loves the idea of improving his draft positioning this year and getting a day two pick next year. Very nice trade for Detroit.
The Eagles love moving up and down the draft board. Seeing that Seattle hasn’t taken Jalen Carter and the Raiders are not a threat to take Devon Witherspoon from the Lions, Howie Roseman calls up Brad Holmes and works out a deal to move up. Philadelphia only has 6 picks this year, but they keep the number of picks they have to move up. It’s a classic deal that Howie Roseman has become known for on draft day.
1.06 PHI (via DET via LAR) Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia
The Eagles move up to jump the Cardinals, Falcons, and Bears to get an elite defensive talent in Jalen Carter. Seattle was the biggest hurdle to Carter, and they cleared it. The Eagles love having an arsenal of defensive linemen. Fletcher Cox could leave after this year, and Jalen Carter would slide right in and be just as productive. Carter joins former Georgia Bulldogs Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean in hopes of recreating the magic they had in their championship run.
1.07 ARI (via LV) Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern
The Cardinals wisely traded down twice to get a stockpile of draft picks. Now that they've gotten those picks, it's time to protect Kyler Murray. Skoronski is arguably the best offensive lineman in this year's draft, and his flexibility at either OT or G gives the Cardinals options. A solid first pick for new GM Monti Ossenfort.
1.08 ATL Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio State
The Falcons only have three WRs under contract for 2024: Drake London, Jared Bernhardt, and Josh Ali. I know the NFL can't print the Jared Bernhardt jerseys fast enough, but the Falcons need to consider receiver with their first pick. Considering the last two first round picks where skill position players, it seems as though GM Terry Fontenot trusts his eye when it comes to picking receivers early in the draft.
1.09 CHI (via CAR) Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas
I'm seeing more buzz on this pick possibly occurring. I think it makes a lot of sense for the Bears, as they don't have anyone who can take on RB1 responsibilities. They also need to lessen the burden on Justin Fields in the run game. This pick drastically changes their offence and their projection this year.
1.10 DET (via PHI via NO) Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois
After wisely trading down, the Lions still get their guy at 1.10. The Lions have signaled they will go CB early by trading Jeff Okudah to the Falcons. Witherspoon is one of the safest prospects in this year's draft, and the Lions are thrilled with how they got him.
1.11 TEN Will Levis, QB, Kentucky
Tennessee, much like Seattle, will wait to see how the draft falls to them. With their limited resources, it isn't wise for them to trade up for a QB, but if one were to fall to them, they would take him. Tannehill's time in Tennessee will probably end at the end of this season. Malik Willis showed very little progress. Levis gives them someone to build around for the future.
HOU trades 1.12 to PIT for 1.17 and their 2024 third round pick.
Houston has a lot of draft capital this year, so they don’t necessarily need a big haul from Pittsburgh to move down. They still get a day two pick for next year, so they continue having a war chest of picks this year and next.
Pittsburgh, seeing the inevitable run on OTs about to commence, jumps the Jets and Patriots to get their guy, while not losing a draft pick this year. Smart business by the Steelers to help protect Kenny Pickett.
1.12 PIT (via HOU via CLE) Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio State
The Steelers had to wait until the Titans picked to trade up for an OT. Paris Johnson Jr. is the best OT left on the board and Pittsburgh is happy they finally have some adequate protection for Kenny Pickett.
1.13 GB (via NYJ) Nolan Smith, DE, Georgia
The Packers have an aversion to drafting skill position players in the first round, and they love the following three qualities about Nolan Smith:
Add the fact that Nolan Smith is considered to be the leader of the Georgia defense, this pick makes too much sense.
1.14 NE Mazi Smith, DT, Michigan
This feels like a Patriots pick. Much like Cole Strange last year, everyone will be shocked, but then slowly come to the realization that it's a decent pick. New England has gotten their fair share of Michigan defensive players in recent years, which is important, as Smith has had some off the field trouble that Belichick would want cleared up. Belichick must trust his intel at Michigan to determine whether Smith is worth the risk. Belichick is predictably unpredictable, and I see this as a manifestation of that.
1.15 NYJ (via GB) Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee
The Jets finally got Aaron Rodgers. Let's give him some more protection in his age 39 season. The Mekhi Becton experience is all but over. I could see the Jets trying to shop him this weekend. What gravitated the Jets to Becton was his frame, and they get that same frame in Darnell Wright.
1.16 WSH Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon
Washington stays put and gets the best value in the draft. With all the trades above, Gonzalez somehow slips to 16, where Washington ends his slide. This is a cut and dry pick for me. No debate needed.
1.17 HOU (via PIT) Lukas Van Ness, DE, Iowa
Doubling down at edge rusher? This is a DeMeco Ryans pick, through and through. This pick makes more sense when you see that the Texans do not have a DE under contract in 2024. The Texans need edge help, even with the addition of Will Anderson Jr. It also helps that Lukas Van Ness is an athletic freak.
1.18 DET Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah
With T.J. Hockenson now in Minnesota, the Lions pick their top guy at TE with one of their first round picks. Kincaid, while an older prospect, can single-handedly take a game over. Jared Goff will love his new weapon.
TB trades 1.19 and 6.179 to KC for 1.31, 3.95, 5.166, and their 2024 fourth round pick.
The Bucs are in full tank mode for Caleb Williams. No player at 1.19 is going to be worth all these picks they’ve accrued from Kansas City. The Bucs have many holes on their team and I think it’s best they opt for quantity over quality. They are not a couple of players away.
Kansas City, on the other hand, has lots of draft capital this year that they don’t need. 10 draft picks will not make the Chiefs roster, so they opt to move up a decent amount and get someone who fills a hole that was just opened this offseason.
1.19 KC (via TB) Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia
The Chiefs lost Orlando Brown Jr. this offseason, and they need to replace him early. The Chiefs bundle up a few picks and get Broderick Jones, who they're surprised to see still there at 1.19.
1.20 SEA Felix Anudike-Uzomah, DE, Kansas State
Let's not forget what a normal Seahawks draft looks like. This is the team that drafted L.J. Collier and Jordyn Brooks in the first. Felix Anudike-Uzomah is my pick for shocking Seahawks pick.
1.21 LAC Jordan Addison, WR, USC
The Chargers one of the most injury prone teams in the league, especially at WR. Imagine a trio of Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Jordan Addison? And Josh Palmer is your WR4? Not a bad collection of weapons.
BAL trades 1.22 to NYG for 1.25 and 4.128.
Unlike most years, the Ravens are quite depleted in the number of picks they have. Here they find a trade partner who gives them a decent pick only to move down 3 spots. Very good business by the Ravens here.
The Giants have sunk a lot of money into Daniel Jones, so this experiment needs to work. They are looking to improve his weaponry, and one name has screamed out to them above all else. Since they have 10 picks in this year’s draft, they’re more than fine to secure their guy and move up a few spots.
1.22 NYG (via BAL) Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College
The Giants move up a few spots to get their favourite remaining WR available. While they have a few WRs who have a similar build to Flowers, I think Flowers becomes WR1 by the time the season starts. Additionally, the Giants only have two receivers under contract for 2024. Zay Flowers will become a favourite in the Big Apple.
MIN trades 1.23 and 4.119 to BUF for 1.27, 3.91, and their 2024 sixth round pick.
These are two teams with not many picks, but Buffalo was clamouring to move up a few spots to get their guy. Minnesota is happy to improve their draft position later on, as there’s nothing on the board currently that screams value to them.
1.23 BUF (via MIN) Myles Murphy, DE, Clemson
The Bills have drafted a lot of edge rushers early on in the draft, but they’re one of those teams that wants that rotation of edge rushers to get after the QB. Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott stick with their blueprint and get a highly touted edge at a value.
1.24 JAX Brian Branch, S, Alabama
The Jags have very few holes on their team. Brian Branch can play either S or nickel for them, but likely nickel based on their current depth chart. This is one of those picks where the value and the team need are perfectly in line.
1.25 BAL (via NYG) Calijah Kancey, DT, Pittsburgh
Calijah Kancey is one of the more interesting prospects in this year’s draft. With his relatively small frame for DT, it is difficult to project what kind of defense he would excel in. The more I look at the Ravens scheme, the more I like his fit with them. He reminds me a little of Justin Madubuike, who happens to be a UFA in 2024. The Ravens keep stockpiling their defensive line while gaining a pick from the trade with the Giants.
1.26 DAL Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame
The Cowboys are thrilled to see one of the top two TEs still on the board for them. The offence won’t lose a beat from losing Dalton Schultz in free agency. Mayer could even be an upgrade from Schultz. This seems like a classic value pick that Dallas seems to get in most drafts.
1.27 MIN (via BUF) Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland
The Vikings were happy to trade down, because they saw multiple corners that they could take at this spot. Why Banks over Joey Porter Jr.? It’s close, but I see Porter Jr. falling more than most have him projected, and I’ve liked the fit with Banks to Minnesota for a while now. I am confident the Vikings go corner early, as they still lack their true CB1.
1.28 CIN Keion White, DE, Georgia Tech
This could be an unpopular pick, as the Bengals are pretty loaded at edge. I think the Bengals could either have White gain weight and move inside, or they can really lean into having an arsenal of edge rushers. Don't they have other needs, though? They have some needs, but my vision for this pick is to protect them from the inevitable cap situation they'll be forced into. Trey Hendrickson and Sam Hubbard will collectively make around $25 million in 2023 and $27.5 million in 2024. That's a lot money to have tied to two players. When the Bengals extend Joe Burrow, that'll be a king's ransom. Keion White gives them some cap flexibility and they could get rid of either Hendrickson or Hubbard if the cap forces them to do so.
1.29 NO (via DEN via MIA via SF) O'Cyrus Torrence, G, Florida
The Saints have shown that they are not afraid to draft interior offensive linemen early in the draft, and that they are comfortable being a year early rather than a year late to draft these linemen. Andrus Peat is getting older and Cesar Ruiz has been up and down. The Saints are always struggling to get under the cap, so I could see them cutting Peat to make room for the rest of their roster.
PHI trades 1.30 to LAR for 2.36, 5.171, 5.177, and 6.191.
The Eagles love moving up and down the draft board. They moved up earlier to get Jalen Carter, and now they move down to recoup some of the draft picks they lost in that deal. Good business by Howie Roseman yet again.
The Rams!? In the first round? What year is it? The Rams have not had a first round pick since Jared Goff in 2016 (oh my God), and it is a shot in the dark to think they’d trade up to get one now. Allow me to argue why it makes sense.
Their Super Bowl run was great. They did so by using draft capital to get difference makers like Matthew Stafford, Von Miller, and Jalen Ramsey. It’s safe to say the bill came due for the Rams this year. Their defense is a complete shell of itself and they need talent at all three levels. The one asset the Rams have is a lot of day three picks, so they use a few to get a talented defender who shockingly fell this far.
1.30 LAR (via PHI) Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State
The Rams are shocked to see Porter Jr. still on the board. The days of shunning first round picks has come to an end. Porter Jr. becomes their CB1 as they attempt to rebuild this gutted defense.
1.31 TB (via KC) Adetomiwa Adebawore, DT, Northwestern
The Bucs close out the first round with a freaky athletic defensive tackle to pair opposite Vita Vea. While the Bucs are fully in a rebuild, Todd Bowles won’t accept having a poor defence. Adebawore has all the tools in the world to succeed, and Tampa is one of the better spots for him to develop.
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2023.04.23 18:17 krotoff [FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 21. Season #5 25/26. Unexpected one season jump

[FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 21. Season #5 25/26. Unexpected one season jump
Hello FM Community!
Long time no see, huh?
I am finishing the season with Curzon Ashton and still dream about a squad that contains only trained in club players.
Here is my intro (and posts archive at the end):
[FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 1. My new career and old-new challenge.
Previous chapter:
[FM 22. Curzon Ashton] 20. Season #4 24/25. Pt. 11. Triumphant season review
We finished 2nd in our first ever (for the club) season in L2, so we will be for the first time in L1!


It was absolutely unstable season:
  • A fairly weak pre-season
  • Then Incredible start of the league season
  • Then an unnecessary draw against Newport Co in FA Cup leading to replay
  • Then another draw against Newport Co in FA Cup leading to knocking out from the cup and start of our bad run
  • Then Salford knocked us out from second competition through this season
  • Then we found our play and got an impressive February and pretty close to it March
  • Then an awful April, which led us to only 3 points leading from the 3rd place with 2 games in advance
  • And then we finally got this promotion.
An incredible September and pretty decent August and October
Salford knocked us out for the second time this season
4 games against Newport Co. And no win.
The greatest fixtures this season:
An unbelievable comeback after our DM was sent off when the result was 1:3.
Right after previous screened fixture was that. Almost a comeback, but not.
Some tough fight.
The craziest shootout this season.

Standings and Stats

A great achievement for our little club!
An attacking play is awesome, as usual
And defensive play returned to our first seasons, unfortunately.

Transfers In

We brought many interesting players this season (all of them were brought at the summer):
  • Ken James (DM, M/AM (C)) - 18y.o. from West Ham for free
    • Hardworking guy, already experienced in national team. Played a few games
  • José Nílton (DM, M (C), AM (RC)) - 18y.o. from Liverpool for free
    • Extremely hardworking, brave kid. Didn't play for us, and was sold at the winter
  • Max Dean (M (R), AM (RL), ST) - 18y.o. from Charlton for free
    • Fast spirited winger. Didn't play yet
  • Leo Diamond (D (LC)) - 18y.o. from Arsenal for free
    • Huge, brave and professional guy. Played pretty well, but missed a big part of the season due to injuries
  • Chris Doyle (D (LC), WB (L)) - 18y.o. from Man UFC for free
    • Absolutely brave and resilient defender. Played a couple of good fixtures
  • James Tricker (D (RLC)) - 18y.o. from Man UFC for free
    • Aggressive player with strong defensive skills. Played good, but costed us a penalty at least 2 times
  • Simon Thomson (M (C), AM (RLC)) - 18y.o. from Man UFC for free
    • Agile midfielder with good vision. Played a few games, but not so good
  • Ryan Miskimmin (AM (R), ST) - 18y.o from Man City for free
    • Strong and balanced giant with great finishing. I expected he will be a star this season, but he missed a pack of great moments, so I even concerned does he really have this finishing?
  • Andy McDermott (GK) - 17y.o. from Maidenhead for €2K + €2K after 50 league appearances
    • Technical keeper with great potential. Played a few decent games, but started with ridiculous own goal by DC
  • Carl Speight (M (C), AM (RC)) - 15y.o. from Bradford (PA) for €2.5K
    • Hardworking midfielder with good flair. Played a few not so good games
  • James Thompson (M (L), AM (RL), ST) - 18y.o. from Altrincham for free
    • Determined winger with decent crossing. Had some good and some bad days on the pitch
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Ken James 8(4) as DM 0 1 1 6.71 0
Leo Diamond 15(5) as DC 2 0 2 6.99 1
Chris Doyle 2 as DL 0 0 0 7.05 0
James Tricker 16(2) as D (RL) 3 2 5 6.93 0
Simon Thomson 1(6) as AM (LC) 0 0 0 6.46 0
Ryan Miskimmin 10(30) as AMR, ST 3 2 5 6.74 0
Andy McDermott 5 as GK -4 0 0 6.96 0
Carl Speight 7(2) as AM (RC) 1 0 1 6.58 0
James Thompson 11(4) as AM (RL) 3 3 6 6.70 0

Transfers Out

We made a good deal with our newbie, José Nílton, our last season arrival, Jason Jarman, and some youngsters without obvious future in our club.
So our summer deals:
  • Jason Jarman (DM, M (R), AM (RC)) - 19y.o. to Sunderland for €600K + €40K after 20 league appearances + €40K after 10 league goals + 50% of next sale + free loan back
    • Jason came to us a season ago from Charlton for free
    • Jason did a good job his first season at our club, so it was a tough decision. But this season he showed that the decision was good. He is not so stable and so effective as in the season before
  • Matt Challoner (D/WB (R)) - 29y.o. to Alfreton for free
    • Matt was at the club when I arrived
    • Matt stopped being a regular starter with stability of Allan and Waters, so last season he played only 4 times. And sure, he wanted more. So this was the only solution of our problem
  • Shane Hamilton (M (LC)) - 18y.o. to Hampton & Richmond for €2.7K + €500 after 10 league appearances + 30% of next sale
    • Shane is our youngster, arrived at start of 2024. He didn't play for our main team
  • Nei (D (L)) - 18y.o. to Guiseley for free
    • Nei is our youngster, arrived at start of 2024. He didn't play for our main team
  • Prince Mensah (AM (LC)) - 17y.o. to King's Lynn for €4.7K
    • Prince is our youngster, arrived at start of 2025. He didn't play for our main team
  • Tony Webb (D (RLC)) - 18y.o. to Darlington for €2.7K + €500 after 10 league appearances + 30% of next sale
    • Tony is our youngster, arrived at start of 2024. He didn't play for our main team
  • Bradley Clayton-Barlow (AM (C), ST) - 17y.o. to Blyth for €3.6K + €1K after 10 league appearances + €1K after 20 league goals + 30% of next sale
    • Bradley is our youngster, arrived at start of 2025. He didn't play for our main team
And winter deals:
  • Alex Chamberlain (M/AM (R)) - 18y.o. to Morecambe €2.9K + €3.5K after 20 league appearances + €0.5K after each appearance next 10 league appearances + 40% of next sale
    • Alex is our youngster, arrived at start of 2024. He played 3 fixtures for our main team
  • José Nílton (DM, M (C), AM (RC)) - 18y.o. to Huddersfield for €200K + 50% of next sale
    • José is our new arrival, he didn't play for our main team.
  • Challis Horrocks (D (RL)) - 17y.o. to Boston Utd for €18K + €4K after 10 league appearances + 30% of next sale profit
    • Challis is our youngster, arrived at start of 2025. He didn't play for our main team
  • Stuart Murray (D (RC), DM, M (C)) - 15y.o. to Maidstone for €18.25K + €6K after 20 league appearances + 40% of next sale profit
    • Stuart is our youngster, arrived at start of 2025. He didn't play for our main team
So we received €850K and potentially can receive a little bit more.
All time in club stats of our departures:
Name Fixtures Goals Assists G+A Rating POTM
Jason Jarman 48(9) as DM, AM (RC) 5 12 17 6.78 3
Matt Challoner 82(27) as DR 5 13 18 6.92 1
Alex Chamberlain 1(2) as AMR 0 0 0 6.43 0


Best Goalscorer - Will Lankshear (25)
Lankshear is an absolute leader again.
  1. Will Lankshear - 25
  2. Max Woodcock - 15 (in 38 games)
  3. Niall Wilson - 15 (in 49 games)
  4. Matty Waters - 9 (in 39 games)
  5. David Hibbert - 9 (in 46 games)
  6. Saja Manafa - 7
Just look at Woodcock and Manafa stats: guys started this season with impressive influence for our results and then made almost nothing.
Best assistant - Will Lankshear (17)
For the first time in this save, my best goalscorer is my best assistant. But anyway, pretty tough fight for the award!
  1. Will Lankshear - 17
  2. Matty Waters - 16
  3. Lucas Cooper - 10 (in 40 games)
  4. David Hibbert - 10 (in 46 games)
  5. Henry Cartwright - 9
  6. Max Woodcock - 8
Best by Goals+Assits - Will Lankshear (32)
A total dominance by Lankshear
  1. Will Lankshear - 42 (25+17)
  2. Matty Waters - 25 (9+16)
  3. Max Woodcock - 23 (15+8)
  4. David Hibbert - 19 (10+9)
  5. Niall Wilson - 18 (15+3)
  6. Lucas Cooper - 15 (5+10)
  7. Henry Cartwright - 14 (5+9)
  8. Saja Manafa - 13 (7+6)
Best by Average Rating - Niall Wilson (7,49)
Waters lose not only best assistant role
  1. Niall Wilson - 7,49
  2. Matty Waters - 7,43
  3. John Holliday - 7,39
  4. Will Lankshear - 7,27
  5. Ciaran Thompson - 7,20


This season, we received a few awards for our hard work:
  • Me as a Manager:
    • League Manager of the Month x2
  • Matty Waters:
    • Fan's Player of the Season
    • League Player of the Month
  • Max Woodcock:
    • League Young Player of the Month
  • Rob Allan:
    • League Goal of the Month
  • Will Lankshear:
    • League Young Player of the Month
  • Niall Wilson:
    • League Player of the Year

Record Breakers

  • Club:
    • Club Highest Transfer Fee Received (€600K for J.Jarman)
    • Club Most points in the league without title (84)
  • Niall Wilson:
    • The best average rating of the league (7,50)


Sure thing, we should prepare for our new challenge. I am as inspired as I scared again. But we will see, in the next season, what it brings.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading!
Share your thoughts, love football and win all games!
The new post is already here, check this out!
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2023.04.12 05:37 Careless_Bad_3365 Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Put on United Front in Family Photo

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2023.04.12 04:57 shynailgirl Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Put on United Front in Family Photo

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2023.04.04 02:29 autobuzzfeedbot 17 Celebs Who Shared Their Unusual Recipes And Food Combinations, Then The Entire Internet Judged Them

  1. In 2023, Bella Ramsey told the Hollywood Reporter about a breakfast meal they love — "cornflakes and bran with dried strawberries and with orange juice on top instead of milk."
  2. In her YouTube series All Things Adrienne, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton shared her tuna salad recipe with a "sugary surprise" — a can of tuna, a scoop of mayonnaise, some salt and pepper, and a big glass of fruit punch. After making a tuna sandwich, she dipped it in more fruit punch.
  3. In his infamously chaotic GQ interview, Robert Pattinson shared his "business idea" for "a pasta which you can hold in your hand." To make the "Piccolini Cuscino," he microwaved penne for eight minutes, layered sugar and American cheese slices on aluminum foil, put crushed-up cornflakes under the cheese, covered it in red sauce, dumped on the pasta, added more sugar and half a hollowed-out bun, branded the initials "PC" onto the bun with a lighter, squished it all together with more aluminum foil, then cooked it in a microwave (Or possibly toaster oven) for 10 minutes. The foil caused the appliance to shoot bolts of electricity then die.
  4. In 2018, Dove Cameron told Delish that, as a kid, she'd "take brownies and make them into little balls and dip them in ranch." When she re-tried the snack as an adult for First We Feast, she said it was still "so fucking good."
  5. Pickles and popcorn is a Texas thing, so it made sense when Selena Gomez, who was born in Grand Prairie, shared her own version of "Texas popcorn" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. To a paper bag filled with popcorn, she added a lot of Tabasco sauce and some salt then shook it up. Next, she poured it into a bowl, then she dipped each handful of spicy popcorn into pickle juice before eating.
  6. In 2023, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham shared a cute Instagram picture of himself cooking spaghetti bolognese with his puppy, Peanut, at his side. However, his eagle-eyed followers noticed an interesting addition in the pot — a wine cork.
  7. On a 2021 episode of Today, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham shared his great grandmother's recipe for an English breakfast sandwich. In a cast iron skillet, he cooked bacon, sausage, and a fried egg. Then, he piled it all onto white bread and squirted on a lot of ketchup.
  8. In 2022, Stephen King tweeted his creative dinner idea — microwaved salmon filet.
  9. In a 2021 Instagram Live, Adele revealed that she likes to eat "Ready Salted Walkers [potato chips] with loads of Worcestershire sauce on it." In an interview with BBC Radio 1, she explained that she pours the sauce directly into the bag, then "you hold it tight, and you clip it, and you shake it, shake it, shake it." She also advised listeners to "drink the bag juice."
  10. In a video Quavo shared on Instagram in 2019, Saweetie showed that she likes putting Hot Cheetos on pizza.
  11. In a 2020 Instagram Live, Saweetie shared her "secret recipe" — putting barbecue sauce, hot sauce, and lemon juice on oysters. She said, "It gives a little twang to it."
  12. In 2021, Saweetie's stylist shared a video of her putting ranch dressing on her spaghetti. The clip went viral.
  13. In a 2020 tweet, Gene Simmons shared that he adds ice cubes to the milk in his cereal.
  14. In 2021, celeb chef Jamie Oliver shared his recipe for "speedy sausage pizza" — which included grapes as a topping.
  15. On The Jennifer Hudson Show, Zach Shallcross, who starred on Season 27 of The Bachelor, shared a "really weird food combo" he learned from his grandmother — pancakes with mustard and syrup.
  16. In 2012, Tori Spelling shared her husband Dean McDermott's recipe for gummy bear salad, which is essentially a lettuce salad with a dressing made from melted gummy bears, apple cider vinegar, mustard, orange juice, and grapeseed oil. ​
  17. And finally, in 2014, Shailene Woodley told Into the Gloss about a health food that you probably shouldn't be eating — clay.
Link to article
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2023.03.30 22:39 shynailgirl Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Take Kids To Universal For Family Day With Her Brother Randy: Photo

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Take Kids To Universal For Family Day With Her Brother Randy: Photo submitted by shynailgirl to ThisCelebrity [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 04:18 autobuzzfeedbot 24 Celebrity Sex-Life Confessions That Prove We Should All Know Less About Each Other

  1. Diplo told Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast High Low that he's gotten blowjobs from men, saying that he's "not not gay."
  2. Kim Kardashian said she had sex with Pete Davidson in front of her fireplace to "honor her grandmother."
  3. Charlie Puth shared that he actually lost his virginity to a fan when he was 21.
  4. Puth also confessed to masturbating to the Maroon 5 song "This Love."
  5. Jennifer Coolidge said she slept with "over 200 people" after playing Stifler's mom in American Pie.
  6. Ariana Grande tweeted about the (potential) size of Pete Davidson's ding dong.
  7. Post-Zayn One Direction all admitted to being members of the Mile High Club...except for Niall.
  8. Chrissy Teigen confessed that she and her hubby, John Legend, joined the Mile High Club on their way to Thailand.
  9. Kesha doinked a ghost, apparently!
  10. Nick Cannon confessed that he and his then-wife Mariah Carey would have sex to her music.
  11. Tori Spelling admitted to "vajazzling" on her husband Dean McDermott's podcast.
  12. Pete Davidson joked(?)/admitted to thanking Ariana Grande every time they had sex.
  13. Cara Delevingne has also confessed to having a lot of sex on A LOT of planes.
  14. Kourtney Kardashian shared that her doctor suggested she drink her husband Travis Barker's semen four times a week to help her get pregnant???????
  15. Ricky Martin said he loves "giving the golden shower."
  16. Eva Longoria professed her love for having sex after a nice Brazilian wax.
  17. Adam Levine addressed why he wasn't always such a one-woman kind of guy, and SURPRISE! This aged poorly.
  18. Channing Tatum said he and sex "are friends."
  19. Christina Aguilera borrowed a wig from her hairstylist to ✨spice things up✨.
  20. Olivia Wilde said that she and now-ex Jason Sudeikis used to "have sex like Kenyan runners."
  21. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith did the deed in their limo on the way to the Academy Awards.
  22. Camila Cabello exposed her then-boyfriend Shawn Mendes' not-so-run-of-the-mill sleeping habits during an interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show With James Corden.
  23. Robert Pattinson admitted that he masturbated to completion on set for his role in the 2008 film Little Ashes.
  24. Lea Michele revealed that she showed her best friend (and Spring Awakening and Glee costar) Jonathan Groff her "whole vagina." Why, you ask? Because he'd never seen one before.
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2023.03.13 11:06 UberHansen 2023 32 Teams/32 Days: Buffalo Bills

32 Teams / 32 Days Hub
32 Teams / 32 Days: Buffalo Bills (2021)
Contributors: u/UberHansen, u/ashth3great31, u/ThisIsSportacus
Google Doc Version: Here

Team: Buffalo Bills

Division: AFC East
Record: 13-3 (4-2 Division), 1st Place AFC East
Playoffs: AFC Divisional Round Loss to Cincinnati Bengals
Season Summary
Roster Changes
Weekly Game Recaps
Roster Review
Front Office/Coaching Staff Review
2023 Buffalo Bills
Final Thoughts & Acknowledgements

Season Summary

Following a catastrophe in Kansas City to end their 2021 campaign the Buffalo Bills would enter the 2022 season as the overwhelming favorites to win the Super Bowl. With an already stacked team the Bills would go on to make the requisite additions to produce what many believed to be the best roster in the NFL. The story of the 2022 Buffalo Bills though, isn’t one that centers on football, instead it focuses on one of the most turbulent NFL seasons in recent history, and the perseverance to simply play through it all.
It began with the Bills doing everything right. They would bring in Aaron Kromer (OL Coach) and Rodger Saffold (LG) to significantly improve their Offensive Line. In one of the biggest splashes of the offseason they would add future Hall of Famer and legendary pass rusher, Von Miller, to close out games. They would enter the draft with little to no holes on their roster, and fill them with high potential players capable of making major impacts in 2022. And so, it was the beginning of May 2022 and Western New York was buzzing with all the hope and optimism expected of the home of a Super Bowl favorite.
May 14, 2022. A mass shooter, fueled by racism, took the lives of 10 humans at a Tops Supermarket in the East Side neighborhood of Buffalo, New York. All that buzz around the city quickly dissipated as people simply tried to comprehend what had happened. The City of Good Neighbors would rally together over this tragedy with the professional athletes that call Buffalo home included. Among them were Bills players who would attend memorials, volunteer, help comfort residents, and speak publicly on the topic. Said best by Dion Dawkins in a letter for The Players’ Tribune, “This is BUFFALO. In other words, this will not break us. This is our home.”
Still raw from the emotional events of May 14, fans and the team expected the summer months to be less devastating. Then, in June, news broke that Bills owner, Kim Pegula, was admitted to intensive care with the reason only recently revealed by her daughter, cardiac arrest. This was followed by news in mid-August that the brother of Bills Tight End, Dawson Knox, had passed away suddenly at the age of 22. Less than 2 weeks later, before the Bills final preseason game, it was made public that Bills rookie punter, Matt Araiza, had been accused of participating in the gang rape of a minor during his time as SDSU. He was released by the Bills on August 27.
A turbulent offseason would come to an end with Buffalo headed to California to take on the defending Super Bowl champ Los Angeles Rams. In dominating fashion, the Bills would prove Las Vegas oddsmakers right and down the champs in their own house. The following week saw an even more impressive performance by the Bills as they would beat the Titans by 34 points in their home opener. Win number two did come at a cost though as a neck injury sustained by All-Pro Safety, Micah Hyde, would sideline a key part of the Bills defense for the remainder of the season.
In Week 3 the injuries in the secondary would pile up with Buffalo down 4 of 5 starters in a critical matchup against the division rival Dolphins. Under a heat index north of 100 degrees the Dolphins would be the better team handing the Bills their first loss of the season and seizing control of the AFC East. Buffalo would rebound against the Ravens and Steelers and then take on the Chiefs in the matchups 4th consecutive game in Kansas City. The most anticipated game of the 2022 season would be a back and forth affair that came down to the final drive of the game, where Nickel CB Taron Johnson would intercept Patrick Mahomes to improve the Bills record to 5-1.
After an impressive win over the Chiefs the Bills would handedly defeat the Green Bay Packers and then head to New Jersey to take on the upstart New York Jets. The Jets would shock the Bills through an efficient offensive game plan and by applying relentless pressure on Josh Allen. The loss would drop the Bills to 6-2 but even more concerning was a Grade 2 UCL sprain suffered by Josh Allen on his throwing arm. This set up the possibility that Allen would not only miss the Bills home game against the Vikings one week later, but possibly an extended period of time. A game time decision Allen suited up for the Bills against the Vikings and played well in the first half. In the second half things unraveled as Allen committed a few egregious turnovers, Justin Jefferson made an electric play or two, and the Vikings handed the Bills their second consecutive loss.
In a bit of a slump, the Bills desperately needed a victory over the Cleveland Browns in a game that was set to be played at home on November 20th. Mother Nature had other plans and from November 16 to November 20 a storm would dump over 70 inches of snow on Orchard Park. The deadly storm would take the lives of 11 people, cause power outages throughout Western New York, and make it impossible to play a football game in the area. A last second decision was made to move the game to Detroit and through the help of fans and residents alike all players and staff members were able to make it to Detroit in time for the game. Despite the inability to practice leading up to the game the Bills were able to correct course with a win over the Browns. Just four days later they would return to Ford Field, on Thanksgiving, and beat the Lions in a nail biter which made Josh Allen the first Quarterback in NFL history to win in all three time slots on Thanksgiving. The win would come at a cost though as the Bills would lose their closer, Von Miller, to a torn ACL for the remainder of the 2022 season.
Buffalo would coax through their next 4 games which included victories over the Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, and Bears, the latter of which resulted in Buffalo clinching their 3rd consecutive AFC East Title. With Buffalo controlling the #1 seed in the AFC all eyes were set on a pivotal matchup between them and the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2, 2023. The game began as expected with both the Bengals and Bills exchanging scoring drives with Cincinnati driving on their second possession of the game. On a short pass to Tee Higgins, Bills Safety Damar Hamlin would come forward and make a routine tackle on the play. Hamlin would stand up. Hamlin would collapse.
The scenes that followed were unlike any we have seen in the modern NFL. With trainers rushing to help Damar Hamlin there were looks of fear and disbelief on every player and staff member on the field. Damar Hamlin’s heart had stopped, and trainers were attempting lifesaving CPR on the 24-year-old in front of an audience of millions. Hamlin would be loaded into an ambulance and rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center as his teammates and opponents would head to their respective locker rooms. In one of the more surreal moments in NFL history the Bills and Bengals made the joint decision to end the game out of concern for a player.
Over the next few days Hamlin’s family, Bills players, and Bills fans were joined by millions in holding their breath waiting for news regarding Damar Hamlin’s condition. Pseudo-doctors would pop up everywhere providing fictitious prognoses until 3 days later when Hamlin’s actual doctors held a press conference. In that presser his doctors confirmed that he had suffered cardiac arrest on the field, was saved by the on-field medical staff (Including Denny Kellington) and was slowly approaching stable condition. While in intensive care, a charity for a toy drive which Hamlin had started began to receive donations. He would ultimately leave the hospital on January 11, with that toy drive the beneficiary of nearly $9,000,000 in donations.
As concern for Hamlin’s health shifted to optimism, so too did the focus shift back to football. The NFL made the decision to cancel the Bills and Bengals game and put to a vote a new framework for determining home field advantage in the NFL playoffs. That measure was passed, though the Bills abstained from voting, prior to the Bills season finale against the Patriots. In one of the most emotional atmospheres in sports history the Patriots would kickoff to begin the game. In storybook fashion that kickoff would be returned by Nyheim Hines from his own end zone for a Touchdown. Later in that same game Hines would return a 2nd kick and the Bills would go on to win said game, setting up their 3rd game of the season against the Dolphins, this time in the Wildcard round of the playoffs.
That playoff game would begin much as everyone expected with the Bills jumping out to a three-score lead. A few Bills mishaps would make the game a bit dicey with Miami even gaining the lead briefly but ultimately the Bills would find a way to win. This would set up a replay of the game against the Bengals, this time in Buffalo. Damar Hamlin would attend that game and even make an appearance on the jumbotron from his box seats, but that would be the highlight of the game for Buffalo. From the jump the Bills appeared outmatched and whether it be a talent discrepancy, play calling, conditions, fatigue, or some combination of all, the Bengals would go on to end the Bills season.
By all accounts the preseason Super Bowl favorites failing to make their respective Conference Title game is a disappointment, Bills players and fans can attest to that. There were plenty of points this season where the on-field product didn’t live up to the hype and simply wasn’t good enough. It would also be unfair to simply disregard the undercurrent of negative occurrences that surrounded this team since day one, most of which were out of the team’s control. In movies stories of perseverance often result in fairy tale endings, in reality sometimes just playing through it all is the most you can ask.

Roster Changes


After former NVP Mitchell Trubisky signed with the Steelers the Bills were in need of a backup Quarterback. They would remedy this by trading a 2022 7th round pick (which became C Dawson Deaton) to the Browns for Case Keenum. Keenum didn’t see much playing time in Buffalo (for obvious short-wearing reasons), but in the 2 games he did see the field he would complete 2 passes on 7 attempts for 8 yards. Underwhelming, but he was a backup, what more could you expect?
A necessary trade for the Buffalo Bills. Cody Ford, a former 2nd round pick who performed well below expectations, gets flipped to the Cardinals in exchange for a 5th round pick. In Arizona Ford would receive an overall PFF grade of 41.2 while playing 350 snaps, allowing 3 sacks, and committing 2 penalties.
In a trade executed as close to the NFL’s trade deadline as possible, the Bills offloaded former 3rd round pick Zack Moss, an underperforming RB compared to his initial promise, and a conditional 6th round pick, which became a 5th, to the Colts for Nyheim Hines. Hines performed well for the Bills as both a punt and kick returner. In the Bills season finale he would return 2 kicks for Touchdowns including an emotional one on the first play of the game. Moss would see playing time for the Colts producing 365 rushing yards on 76 attempts, good for a 4.8 Y/A.
The Bills other trade deadline acquisition involved an old acquaintance making his return. Dean Marlowe, who played for Buffalo from 2017 to 2020, was brought back to the Bills in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons in return for a 7th round pick. Much like Hines, Marlowe saw limited action but made the best of his time on the field. He appeared in just 6 games but had a critical interception in the Bills wildcard round victory over the Miami Dolphins.


The Bills brought Rodger Saffold to Buffalo, after a Pro-Bowl season in Tennessee, to shore up a below average Offensive Line. He would go on to play over 1000 snaps and earn his second straight trip to the Pro-Bowl, but wouldn’t live up to expectations. The Bills line would struggle as much, if not more so, than it did in years past, ultimately collapsing in the divisional round against the Bengals. All signs point to Saffold continuing his career but whether or not that is in Buffalo remains to be seen.
Shaq Lawson was one of a couple retreads for the Bills. He returned to Buffalo to improve their pass rush, something which had been lacking in years past. He would produce, including a few massive sacks and major contributions on multiple goal line stands. His importance to the 2022 Buffalo Bills cannot be understated, especially after Von Miller’s season ending injury.
Jordan Phillips was the other Defensive Line retread for the Bills, and while injuries plagued him, he made his presence known in the trenches. On limited snap counts he would produce, putting up relatively decent numbers including 1.5 sacks and 4.5 stuffs.
Settle had an underwhelming 2022 for the Bills. Signed as a promising Defensive Tackle, he went relatively unnoticed against both the run and pass. When that occurs on a Defensive Line where Von Miller is commanding double teams it exacerbates concerns. Settle is still under contract for the Bills in 2023 and assuming that contract isn’t altered expectations will be that he significantly improves in his second season in Buffalo.
The prize of the offseason, Von Miller was brought to Buffalo to do one thing, close out games. On multiple occasions Miller would do just that and in the process make the rest of the Defensive Line look much better, especially Greg Rousseau. Despite missing a large portion of the season due to a torn ACL, Miller was worth every penny. Set to return to the Bills at some point in the 2023 season, expectations will be for him to continue the dominance he displayed this past year.
The O.J. Howard signing was one many thought was a major addition. 12 and 02 personnel packages were potentially on the table with the Bills now able to pair Dawson Knox with a comparable Tight End. Those ideas fell apart rather quickly though as Howard was cut after the preseason, leaving to sign with the Texans. Howard joins many players of the past in a group known as the “what could have been Bills Legends”.
Duke Johnson was brought in to compete for a role as a backup RB and/or return specialist. He wouldn’t win either job and would spend the season on the Bills practice squad being elevated and appearing in just one game for Buffalo.
Greg Mancz was signed to compete for a swing IOL role. While he wouldn’t earn an active roster spot, he would find his way onto the Bills Practice Squad and appear in 27 snaps for the Bills in 2022.
The Bills spent a fair amount of money in the 2022 offseason, the signing of DaQuan Jones may have been the best value. The former Titans Defensive Tackle was brought to Buffalo to shore up an interior Defensive Line that has needed reinforcements for years. As a 1-Tech, Jones dominated in the trenches for Buffalo appearing in 61% of the teams defensive snaps this past season.
Matt Barkley returned to the Bills as a reserve quarterback for approximately 29.5 bitcoin. He would spend the entire season on the Bills practice squad as a valuable asset in the locker room with no tangible on field impact.
In the wake of losing slot WR, Cole Beasley, the Bills looked to Jamison Crowder. Early in the season he filled the part well, but after breaking his ankle in Week 4 Crowder would be lost for the season.
David Quessenberry was brought to Buffalo to be a swing tackle/guard. He would appear in 36% of the team’s offensive snaps and play adequately during his time on the field.
Greg Van Roten was a similar addition to the Bills as David Quessenberry. Coming from the Jets, Van Roten was the Bills swing IOL appearing in 33% of the team’s offensive snaps this past season.
After a slew of injuries in the secondary the Bills looked at veteran free agents. This brought Xavier Rhodes to the Bills where he would appear in 2 games, starting 1, before being cut and signed by the Cowboys.
A little over 2 weeks after trading Roquan Smith the Bears would move on from another linebacker in A.J. Klein. The Bills would claim Klein off waivers as LB depth. He would appear in 169 total snaps for the Bills as a reserve linebacker and special teamer.
The Smokeshow made its way to Western New York due to the Bills WR core starring in the newest episode of NFL Grey’s Anatomy midway through the season. Isaiah McKenzie, Jamison Crowder, Jake Kumerow, and others suffered with injuries and with the Giants poaching Isaiah Hodgins the Bills were left with 3 healthy receivers in November. Thus an old friend made his return to Buffalo in John “Smoke” Brown. While not the receiver he once was, Brown still showed the speed to beat DBs deep, finishing the season with just 1 catch for a 42-yard touchdown in the Bills season finale.
Another receiver that made his return to the Bills mid-season was Cole Beasley. After a brief stint in Tompa Bay and an even shorter retirement Beasley was added to the Bills practice squad as an option at slot WR. When he saw the field Beasley did produce, and though he split time with Khalil Shakir, Beasley did shore up a position of need for the Bills.


Despite not playing the expected snaps of a 1st round pick, Kaiir Elam has a quietly impressive rookie season. With injuries affecting the entire Bills secondary all season, including Elam, he still put together a statistically significant season. This included a massive red zone interception of Patrick Mahomes and the game-sealing pass deflection in the wildcard round of the playoffs.
James Cook underwent the typical progression of rookies under the McDermott umbrella; limited minutes early, sloppy play at times, heating up at the end of the season. In playing a complementary role to Devin Singletary, the Bills use of Cook allowed them to generate an efficient rushing attack towards the end of the season. Cook had his flashes and is definitely a player worth keeping an eye on heading into 2023.
A puzzling pick at the time, Bernard would go on to have an unimpressive rookie season. He didn’t see much playing time on the defensive side of the ball and late in the season was even jumped on the depth chart by Bills waiver claim, A.J. Klein. Bernard’s potential does seem limited on defense but there does seem to be a plan for the Linebacker out of Baylor, providing an argument for why he was drafted.
Buffalo had a 4th round grade on Khalil Shakir and were able to snag him in the 5th round. The result was a slew of angry phone calls to Brandon Beane from other GMs, and a rookie who showed flashes throughout the 2022 season. Though he was provided limited opportunities, Shakir proved capable of getting open and hauling in receptions all over the field. The ability to play both inside and out increases Shakir’s potential and provides him an all but guaranteed spot on the Bills moving forward.
Moving on. (In hindsight, Ryan Stonehouse would have been a better selection…)
Surprise! The McBeane administration took a flier on another lesser known DB late in the draft, and he might be a stud! Levi Wallace, Damar Hamlin, Dane Jackson, and now Christian Benford, a 6th round pick out of Villanova who balled out from the jump. Unfortunately, his season would be cut relatively short due to a fractured hand, only playing 1 game thereafter. Still, Benford looks like the type of DB that both Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott covet, with a move to Safety not being out of the question.
Luke Tenuta’s tenure in Buffalo didn’t last long, despite him being Brandon Beane’s favorite style of linemen, an abnormally large one. He would be cut on the last day of cutdowns with the goal to bring him back to the Bills practice squad. That wouldn’t happen though as the Colts would poach him through waivers.
Despite his late round selection, Baylon Spector made the roster and performed admirably when he saw the field, primarily on special teams. His future projects to continue in that role though there is an outside chance he competes for the Bills currently open MLB role as an athletic, instinctual, undersized linebacker.


Raheem Blackshear became a cult favorite in Buffalo after an impressive preseason. Unable to crack the active roster, Blackshear was relegated to the Bills practice squad. He would last there for three weeks before being poached by the Panthers. Blackshear would finish the season with 170 scrimmage yards and 3 touchdowns for the Panthers as a player that clearly has a future in the NFL.
Kingsley Jonathan was one of many players claimed from the Buffalo Bills. The Bears were the ones to take Jonathan who later appeared in 5 games for them. He would make his way back to Buffalo later in the season and is currently on a futures contract. He’s a sneaky player to watch for that has flashed impressive talent. Don’t be surprised if he finds his way onto the Bills active roster in 2023.
In Week #3 of the 2022 season the Bills were so banged up in the secondary that Ja’Marcus Ingram was their CB2 at points. By no means elite, Ingram held his own when appearing for Buffalo and looks to be a fixture on their Practice Squad for the next few seasons.



Daryl Williams spent 2 years in Buffalo before becoming a cap casualty during the 2022 offseason. Williams was a consistent contributor at both Guard and Tackle even earning an All-Pro vote in 2020.
Jon Feliciano spent 3 years in Buffalo and like Daryl Williams was a cap casualty during the 2022 offseason. Feliciano played all 3 IOL positions during his tenure in Buffalo but upon his release seemed exceptionally critical of how the Buffalo Bills operate.
Mitch Trubisky came to Buffalo on a 1-year flier to rehab his value. A few teams were enamored with him after he spent a year in Buffalo with Josh Allen and Brian Daboll leading to the Pittsburgh Steelers taking a chance on him as a possible starting Quarterback.
Matt Breida’s speed was believed to be a potentially dominant asset in Buffalo. That never came to fruition. After an uneventful year with the Bills, Breida moved on to the Giants along with Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll.
Tension had been building for more than a year for Cole Beasley in Buffalo. Josh Allen’s pressure release valve asked for his release and was subsequently let go. Buffalo would have issues filling that role throughout 2022 and ultimately bring back Beasley after he expressed interest in a reunion.
After a solid season as the Bills WR2 in Buffalo, Emmanuel Sanders elected to retire as opposed to continuing his career. Losing Sanders was viewed as a blessing in disguise by allowing Gabe Davis to see more playing time. Whether or not that blessing provided benefits remains debatable.


A McBeane steal, Levi Wallace went from a UDFA to 4-year starter in Buffalo at CB. After consulting the color of his shorts Wallace elected to move on from Buffalo and sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
The long-armed raw Nigerian prospect was an integral part of the Buffalo Bills Defensive End rotation in 2021. In 2022 Efe Obada would sign in Washington and put together a solid 4.0 Sack, 24 Tackle season.
The longest tenured Bill heading into the 2022 offseason, Jerry Hughes would leave Buffalo and head to the Texans after 9 seasons with the franchise. Von Miller would be brought in specifically as an upgrade for Hughes but come the end of 2022 Jerry would finish with more sacks (for more than one reason).
Mario Addison joined Jerry Hughes on his move to the Texans. After 12.0 sacks over 2 seasons with the Bills Addison would have just 1.0 sack with the Texans in 12 appearances.
Maybe the biggest loss for the Bills on the defensive side of the ball, beloved Defensive Tackle moved on to join the Minnesota Vikings. A 3rd Round Pick in 2018, Phillips showed flashes of dominance in Buffalo with injuries hampering his progression. In Minnesota he continued to play well and was even a massive part of the Fumble Return Touchdown that arguably resulted in the Vikings beating the Bills during the 2022 season.
One of the bigger busts as far as signings have gone in the McBeane era, Star Lotulelei never lived up to expectations as a solid 1T-DT for the Bills. He would be cut in cap savings efforts after the 2021 season and not find work elsewhere. He has yet to formally announce his retirement.
Vernon Butler was another let down of a signing in the IDL for the Bills and left for the Raiders following the 2021 season. He would end up playing just 1 game in 2022, for the Giants, having 4 tackles in that effort.
A.J. Klein was a reserve linebacker during his time for the Bills but wasn’t in their plans for the 2022 season. He would become a part of that plan later in the season though as injuries saw the Bills claim Klein to hold down the fort while the Bills tried to bide their time.

Special Teams

Matt Haack struggled in 2021 for the Bills so Buffalo happily let him walk looking for improvements at a relatively unused position for the team. Haack in his own right played well in 2022 though, having one of the best seasons of his career for the underwhelming Indianapolis Colts.


Further details for both Team Stats and Individual Stats for the 2022 Buffalo Bills season can be found here.


Stat Value Avg/Game 2022 Rank 2021 Rank
Total Yds 6361 397.6 #2🔺️ #5
Pass Yds 4129 258.1 #7🔺️ #9
Rush Yds 2232 139.5 #7🔻 #6
Points Scored 455 28.4 #2🔺️ #3
Pass TDs 35 2.2 #2🔺️ #7
Rush TDs 15 0.9 #15🔻 #7
1st Downs 367 22.9 #2🔺️ #4
TUrnovers 27 1.7 #31🔻 #13
INT Thrown 14 0.9 #21🔺️ #25
Fumbles Lost 13 0.8 #31🔻 #4


Stat Value Avg/Game 2022 Rank 2021 Rank
Total Yds Allowed 5106 319.1 #6🔻 #1
Pass Yds Allowed 3433 214.6 #15🔻 #1
Rush Yds Allowed 1673 104.6 #5🔺️ #13
Points Against 286 17.9 #2🔻 #1
Pass TDs Allowed 21 1.3 #13🔻 #1
Rush TDs Allowed 10 0.6 #7🔺️ #26
1st Downs Allowed 313 19.6 #17🔻 #1
Takeaways 27 1.7 #4🔻 #3
INT Forced 17 1.1 #4🔻 #3
Fumbles 10 0.6 #10🔻 #6


Stat Value Avg/Game 2022 Rank 2021 Rank
FGs Made 27 1.7 #16🔻 #13
FG % 87.1% #12🔻 #11
XPs Made 48 3.0 #2 #2
XP % 96.0% #15🔻 #1
Punts 46 2.9 #1🔺️ #6
Yards per Punt 46.7 #16🔺️ #31
Net Yards per Punt 41.2 #15🔺️ #31
Opp. Drive Start 27.9 #9🔺️ #17

Weekly Game Recaps

Weekly Game Recaps HERE

Roster Review

Roster Review HERE


Players of the Week/Month


Pro-Bowl Selections

Front Office/Coaching Staff Review

Front Office/Coaching Staff Review HERE

2023 Buffalo Bills


Tentative Key Roster Losses HERE



This may be a stretch but consider it with an open mind. The Bills have thrived off of extremely raw, underdeveloped prospects with high potential. If the Bills must go Front-7 for the umpteenth time, Nolan Smith may be the pick. The number one prospect in the nation coming out of high school he flashed at Georgia. He also just dominated the Combine, putting up inhuman numbers for a guy his size. While few Bills fans want to see another Edge rusher in the first-round, especially after all the other ones turned out so well, if they are going to do it, Smith is the guy to do it with.
O’Cyrus Torrence is currently the desired pick of most Bills fans, and on surface, it’s clear why. Seen as the best guard in the draft, Torrence is a 6 '5'' 347 lb. monster who is known to flat out ragdoll defenders as a run-blocking, mauling o-lineman. He didn’t surrender a sack in his 4-year career of over 3000 snaps. However, despite being a good pass protector, Torrence is susceptible to speed rushers, and struggles with Blitzes. If the Bills are really intent on protecting the 258 million dollar man, Torrence is definitely worth a look.
A lot of NFL fans seem to have a passionate stance on drafting running backs in the 1st Round. To the ones adamantly against doing so know that Bijan Robinson is the real deal. A powerful runner with every juke, truck, stiff-arm and spin in his bag of tricks, Robinson is a home-run threat from the moment he touches the ball. A somewhat close comparison is a more physical Saquon. Both dudes who could take on a full defense effortlessly. The major difference being Saquon was more of a get around or over you kinda guy, while Bijan prefers to go around or through you. Regardless, if he is the selection at 27, Bills fans shouldn’t be upset, because he is the absolute cream of the crop in terms of RB prospects.
With the Bills set to lose Safety Jordan Poyer this offseason, if the Bills really wanted to draft some more Defense, Texas A&M’s Antonio Johnson is worth considering. Johnson is a great run-defender, more than willing to engage RBs and others. He is a quick Safety with a high football I.Q, which is something Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott desires. His only real weaknesses are his troubles taking receivers deep and his known susceptibility to fall for double-moves. Johnson though could fill a need making him an option a pick #27.
An athletic, speedy receiver with great route-running skill, USC WR Jordan Addison possesses all the skills to dominate at the next level. Whether at his previous home in Pitt, or in USC with Caleb Williams, Addison shined in college, winning the 2021 Biletnikoff award as the nation’s top receiver. Addison is very undersized for the position at 5’11”, so he would mainly be a slot WR, but if the Bills managed to land Addison, their offense would look different overnight. Definitely a prospect the Bills should consider, as Addison in the Bills offense would be a home run threat
The second Wide Receiver to make this list, Boston College’s Zay Flowers is more of a catch-and-run receiver. Despite his smaller size, he is known to be a hellacious blocker and extremely physical, and adding a ton of muscle mass since his last college game will only add to that strength. Much like Jordan Addison, Flowers is still a little undersized. However, the two play two extremely different roles in an offense, with Addison playing the slot deep threat role, while Flowers would likely play more of a Beasley-esque safety blanket role for Allen, being able to run all different kinds of routes with some level of precision.

Final Thoughts & Acknowledgements

Writing this piece each year can be an arduous task, one that would be impossible if not for the team of writers behind it. For the third year u/ashth3great31 has provided an incredible Roster and Staff Review while u/ThisisSportacus is in their second year providing an insightful look at roster changes and possible 1st Round draft selections. I can’t thank both of them enough for taking so much time out of their busy schedules to contribute to something which provides little tangible reward.
I’d also like to thank the people who take the time to not only consume posts like this but also fan produced content in general. As someone who dedicates, far too much, time to producing content for NFL fans throughout the year I can say definitively that what makes it most worth it is the people who consume it.
As for this Bills season, it’s unlike any I’ve experienced before. On the one hand I really felt like “this is our year” while on the other I found myself just waiting for the next shoe to drop on what felt like a cursed season. While it was by no means a success for the Bills on the field, I take some solace in knowing that if even a few things hadn’t unfolded the way they did it could have been much much worse.
So to close this out I’ll ask one thing of non-Bills fans and another of Bills fans for the 2023 season. To the non-Bills fans please, I beg of you, sleep on this team. They are no good, they are regressing, they won’t win the AFC East, they won’t even make the playoffs, they will probably even have a Top-10 pick! For Bills fans my ask is that you heed a short and succinct suggestion from your Franchise Quarterback, Josh Allen.
Ignore them.
Go Bills, u/UberHansen
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2023.03.09 09:03 namtokmuu Oaks was President of BYU AND A Director of Union Pacific Railroad, At the Same Time (Hmmmmm??)

Oaks was President of BYU AND A Director of Union Pacific Railroad, At the Same Time (Hmmmmm??)
Rules for thee but not for me. -- and just a few short years later the invitation to the Q12. Go figure.
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2023.02.20 04:09 Hermes_Blanket Other couples besides H & M who have been widely publicly mocked and what happened to them

Am trying to think of other couples who have ended up being made fun of by almost everyone. Not just controversial couples -- couples where BOTH partners turned into punch lines and "oh no, not THEM again".
So far, here are a few that came to mind:
Rosanne Barr and Tom Arnold, photographed mud wrestling together, plus she had "PROPERTY OF TOM ARNOLD" tattooed on her body, among other things -- divorced.
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, infamous sex tape -- divorced.
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton -- wore flasks of each other's blood around their necks -- divorced.
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott -- just a train wreck generally -- still married?
You can probably tell my age from this list. Are there more of these couples besides H and M?
Edited to add: How could I have forgotten Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn? They wrecked a family too. Still married.
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2023.02.15 01:39 shynailgirl Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Share Passionate Kiss At Valentine’s Dinner In LA: Photos

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2023.01.17 23:04 ABaker4646 The ideal trade for the Cavs, how it can happen, and why I wouldn't make just any Caris LeVert trade (detailed post)

The Cavs are looking to make a trade at the small forward position, prioritizing (IMO, in this order): shooting, perimeter defense, and size. Most of the trade rumors involve Caris LeVert's expiring contract being used to acquire a player signed past this season. In this post, I'll explain the one (realistic) trade I would love and why I think shipping off LeVert may not be as helpful as many believe.
Many names available or linked to the Cavs aren’t great fits or major upgrades. The Cavs have no first-round picks to trade so the best options likely aren't plausible. Bojan Bogdanovic would be great, but he's 33 years old & the Cavs are just beginning their potential contention window. Plus, other teams will likely offer more than the Cavs are able to. Malik Beasley & Tim Hardaway are much more attainable & provide the shooting the Cavs are looking for, but little else. Doug McDermott & Josh Richardson could be very useful if their skills were combined into one player but unfortunately that's not possible. Evan Fournier & Duncan Robinson have bloated contracts & aren't the players they used to be. Jerami Grant would be fantastic but he's not likely to be available & even if he was, the Cavs don't have the assets. Luke Kennard is likely staying put. Eric Gordon is 34 & only 6'3".
The one player somewhat likely to be available that I think would be PERFECT for the Cavs is Kyle Kuzma. There are many complications that make it unlikely: The Wizards aren't a guarantee to sell and other teams have more to offer. He would be very sought-after if available. Kuzma has a player option for next season that he's sure to decline, and he probably wants to test the market this offseason & get a big contract. But maybe the allure of being the missing piece for this Cavs team & competing for a title would get him to accept an extension from the Cavs that's somewhere in the ballpark of what he's looking for as a free agent?Kuzma fits everything the Cavs need. He's a solid shooter, a big wing, a good defender, a great locker-room guy, 27 years old, and he's had experience playing a role on a Championship team. The Cavs could work a 3-way deal in which they trade some combination of LeVert & Windler's expiring contracts, Wade, Okoro, and second-round picks. They'd likely have to take on a bad salary from a 3rd team & the money situation would be complicated. The Wizards or 3rd team would have to have a high opinion of LeVert, Wade, and/or Okoro. Losing Wade or Okoro would be sad as a Cavs fan, but I'd do it for Kuzma. Other contenders have first-round picks to trade, so as stated above, it's very doubtful the Cavs could make a Kuzma (or Bogdanovic or Grant) trade happen. But dreaming on it is fun!
As for the other options discussed above: It seems that the prevailing opinion on this sub is that shipping LeVert off for any shooter would be a huge upgrade. It's absolutely true that the Cavs need a true 3&D wing more than what LeVert provides, but I don't think it would be a difference-making move to move him for a player of Beasley or Hardaway's caliber. Dean Wade will be returning (soon?) & I believe he is just as good as either potential acquisition. Beasley is too small to start at SF, not considered a good defender, and his 3-point % has fallen over the last 3 seasons from 40% to 38% to 36%. Hardaway Jr is also small for SF, not considered a good defender & his 3-point % has fallen from 39.4% in 19-20 & 20-21 to 35% this season & last.
*I am going to defend Caris LeVert. Please prepare yourself*
I think this sub is too hard on LeVert. It's true that last season & early this season he struggled to find his role and wasn't the impact player the Cavs hoped they were trading for. But last season he got hurt early in his Cavs tenure & this season Donovan Mitchell's acquisition caused LeVert to play a different role than he has before in his career. I think because we all love so many guys on this Cavs team, LeVert is an easy target when the Cavs lose. OF COURSE it would be great if LeVert was a better defender and shooter. But I also think his mistakes get magnified in a way that doesn't happen for other players.
I think LeVert has worked really hard to change the way he plays and try to be the player the Cavs need him to be. He's not a lockdown defender, but he consistently puts in effort and has improved greatly. Damian Lillard was roasting the Cavs a few nights ago, but when the Cavs dominated in the last 5 mins & Lillard was mostly shut down, it was LeVert that JB Bickerstaff had guarding him. He's also active after the shot goes up, jumping to tip rebounds to his teammates or box out. The end of the Jazz game was a disaster but I think we all agree that it says more about the way the NBA is officiated now than any mistakes LeVert made (that flagrant was ridiculous). He's never going to be elite, but LeVert has locked in and overall become an above-average defender for the Cavs IMO.
LeVert is averaging 14/4/3 on 46/34/67 percentages over his last 20 games (yes, it's an arbitrary time period). But to me, he's found his role and is able to contribute as a jack-of-all-trades. He can score, pass, rebound and defend. The Cavs core-four + LeVert has outscored opponents by 8.5 points per 100 possessions in 160 minutes this season. With Isaac Okoro it's -9.2 in 118 minutes & with Lamar Stevens it's -2.9 in 153 minutes. Maybe this says more about Okoro & Stevens (Ice has made progress lately and I'm a Stevens stan!), but it's a fact that the Cavs core-four with LeVert has been good this season.
It would be great if Caris LeVert was a knockdown 3-point shooter or elite defender, but he's become a solid piece for the Cavs. As we all know, the Cavs are very short on draft capital, having already dealt all available 1st-round picks. Second-round picks & LeVert’s expiring contract aren’t getting the Cavs a clear upgrade IMO.
One thing that's important to consider is that LeVert's contract expires this offseason, unlike many of the potential trade options. If the Cavs don't trade LeVert & or re-sign him, it doesn't give cap space. They'll lose that salary slot because of how the NBA salary cap works. So the Cavs should definitely trade LeVert if they don't plan to sign him to an extension this offseason. But, I think the Cavs may be able to keep him for about the same money that Beasley & Hardaway would make & I think that option should be strongly considered. He would still have trade value in the future on that type of contract. I'm not going to be angry if the Cavs trade LeVert for Hardway, Beasley, or a similar player. They need shooting. I'm just not assuming it'll be an upgrade because I think LeVert is better for the Cavs than most of us give him credit for. But if the Cavs can somehow trade for & extend Kyle Kuzma or get another impact SF? I'd do just about anything that doesn't involve the core-four.
I didn't plan on this being so massive when I started typing but thanks for reading if you got through it all. Go Cavs :)
TL;DR: I'm dreaming on a Kyle Kuzma or other impact trade, but the Cavs likely won't be able to make it happen. The names that will be attainable have major flaws & I'm not sold on a lot of them. Though he still isn't a perfect fit, Caris LeVert gets more hate & less credit than he deserves.
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2023.01.12 03:39 shynailgirl Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Have ‘Never Been Better’ As Reconciliation Has Strengthened ‘Family Bond’ (Exclusive)

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2023.01.11 16:40 shynailgirl Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Look So Happy With 6 Of Their Combined Kids After Marriage Issues

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2023.01.11 13:58 logisticsking83 REESE'S PIECES

Establishment Name DBA Business Address Business City/State/Zip Business Phone Applicant Name Applicant Title
Blystone Farm, LLC Blystone Farm, LLC 8677 Oregon Road Canal Winchester , OH 43110 614-833-1211 Joseph Blystone Owner
Carl Rittberger Sr., Inc. Carl Rittberger Sr., Inc. 1900 Lutz Lane Zanesville , OH 43701 740-452-2767 Andy Rittberger President
Don's Custom Meats Inc. Don's Custom Meats Inc. 7400 June Road Waynesburg , OH 44688 330-866-9692 Donald Pontones Owner
Peden's Meats, LLC Peden's Meats, LLC 6989 St. Rt. 88 Kinsman , OH 44428 330-772-6631 Terry Jones Owner
Kiko Meats, Inc. Kiko Meats, Inc. 1548 Union Avenue, SE Minerva , OH 44657 330-868-6439 Ron Kiko President
Bellevue Meats, Ltd. Bellevue Meats, Ltd. 616 Southwest Street Bellevue , Oh 44811 419-483-7884 John J. Daiello Owner
Hoffman Meat Processing, LLC Hoffman Meat Processing, LLC 157 South 4th Street Cardington , OH 43334 419-864-3994 Mike Hoffman Owner
R & C Packing, Inc. R & C Packing, Inc. 3836 St. Rte. 850 Bidwell , OH 45614 740-245-9440 David J. Graham Owner
Phillip's Meat Processing Phillip's Meat Processing 2790 Ridge Road Zanesville , OH 43701 740-453-3337 Dale Phillips Owner
M & L Farms LLC M & L Farms LLC 5463 Harrisburg Pike Grove City , OH 43123 614-493-1323 Othman Jallaq Owner
Dave's Custom Butchering, Inc Dave's Custom Butchering, Inc 400 Scott Lane Wellston , OH 45692 740-384-2340 David Sprague Owner
Cle-Mor Market Cle-Mor Market 26620 Main Street Rockbridge , OH 43149 740-380-6716 Oumarou Dondasse
Stan's Meats Inc Stan's Meats Inc 6108 County Road 201 Millersburg , OH 44654 330-893-2818 Stan Miller President
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Caven's Meats Inc Caven's Meats Inc 7850 East US Route 36 Conover , Oh 45317 937-368-3841 Vic Caven / Dean Caven President
Rospert's Market, LLC Rospert's Market, LLC 3675 Lehigh Road Norwalk , OH 44857 419-668-5425 Christine Riley
Amaysing Meats AMaysing Meats 80 E. Coshocton Street Johnstown , OH 43031 740-967-1860 Ernie Mays Owner
J-Mo Meats J-Mo Meats 400 Mulberry Street, P. O. Box 246 Barnesville , OH 43713 740-425-1973 John R Moore Owner
Heffelfinger Meats, Inc. Heffelfinger Meats, Inc. 469 County Road 30-A Jeromesville , Oh 44840 419-368-7131 Rick Heffelfinger President
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Kenneth E. & James R. McConnell McConnell's Farm Market 2233 St Rt 43 Richmond , OH 43944 740-765-4300 James R. McConnell Partner
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Robert Winner Sons Winner's Meat Farm 2259 State Route 502 Greenville , OH 45331 937-548-7513 Michael L. Winner Co-Owner
Guinther's Custom Cuts, Inc. Guinther's Custom Cuts, Inc. 105 Thompson Road Vinton , Oh 45686 740-388-9980 G.E. Guinther Owner
D & H Meats, LLC D & H Meats, LLC 400 S Blanchard Vanlue , OH 45890 419-387-7767 Jared Fry Owner
Harstine Enterprises Inc. Harstine Meats 42984 State Rt 154 Lisbon , Oh 44432 330-424-5051 Leonard P. Harstine President
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Daycare Catering Services, Inc. Daycare Catering Services, Inc. 2356 Wyoming Avenue Cincinnati , OH 45214 513-661-7200 David F Yeggy President
The Fink Meat Company The Fink Meat Company 2475 Troy Road Springfield , Oh 45504 937-390-2750 J. Douglas Minter President
Walter & Sons Inc Walter & Sons Inc 808 N Dixie Hwy Wapakoneta , OH 45895 419-738-9669 Charles J Walter Jr President
Dayton Public Schools, Food Product Dayton Public Schools, Food Product 741 Washington St Dayton , OH 45402 937-542-3950 Cathie DeFehr Interim Dir of Nutrition
Culinary Management Systems, Inc Culinary Management Systems, Inc 1655 S. Raccoon Road Austintown , OH 44515 330-953-1061 Roger L Parson CEO/GM
Cleveland Food Bank Cleveland Community Kitchen 15500 South Waterloo Road Cleveland , Oh 44110 216-738-2045 Ann Goodman
McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital 110 North Poplar Street Oxford , OH 45056 513-523-2111 Bryan Hehemann
Buehlers Food Market Inc. Buehlers Food Market Inc. 1401 Old Mansfield Road Wooster , OH 44691 330-264-4355 Daniel R. Buehler President
Tend-R-Lean Steak Co Tend-R-Lean Steak Co 7106 Lorain Ave Cleveland , Oh 44102 216-961-3435 Martin Kreinberg President
Chris's Meat Market Trumbull Locker Plant 3393 St. Rt. 534 Rock Creek , OH 44084 440-474-4631 Chris Kovacic President
Sky Haven Farms Inc. Sky Haven Farms Inc. 4871 Shepherd Creek Rd Cincinnati , Oh 45223 513-681-2303 Edward J Dreyer Owner
David and Brenda's Catering LLC Village Catering 3432 Rhodes Avenue New Boston , Oh 45662 740-456-3663 David G. Litteral President
Scott McMurtrie Herm's Sausage Shop 734 S Perry Street Napoleon , OH 43545 419-592-2771 Scott McMurtrie Owner
M & M Foods, Inc. M & M Foods, Inc. 3270 West 67th Place Cleveland , OH 44102 216-281-2188 Joseph Carrino President
Ritchie's Food Distributors, Inc. Ritchie's Food Distributors, Inc. 527 West Street Piketon , Oh 45661 740-289-4393 Joyce Lightle Owner
Tom Paige Catering Co Inc Paige Food Services 2275 East 55th St Cleveland , OH 44103 216-431-4236 Tom Paige President
Netty's Franchise Corporation Netty's Franchise Corporation 904 Clark Street Holland , OH 43528 419-720-3372 Jeff Long Owner
Golden Rule Catering Food, Flower & Fun LLC Golden Rule Catering Food, Flower & Fun LLC 38 East Main Street Amelia , OH 45102 513-753-3671 Carol Amrine Owner
C & B Country Meats C & B Country Meats 4443 Locust Grove Road Bucyrus , OH 44820 419-562-5715 Kenneth R Cramer Co-Owner
Weidle's Meats & Deli Inc Weidle's Meats & Deli Inc 749 Springmill St Mansfield , Oh 44903 419-522-8663 Karl Hassmann Jr President
Shreve Custom Meats Shreve Custom Meats 200 East Mc Conkey St Shreve , OH 44676 330-567-2142 Raymond E. Haas Owner
Beaver Wholesale Meats Inc. Beaver Wholesale Meats Inc. 539 East Main Street P.O. Box 376 Smithville , Oh 44677 330-669-2141 Richard Beaver President
Your Deli, Inc. Your Deli, Inc 395 Park Avenue Amherst , OH 44001 440-985-3354 Debra Dixon President
We Are Ribs McDays Enterprise 21 Wenz Road Toledo , OH 43615 419-537-9268 James McDay Owner
Winona Frozen Foods Winona Frozen Foods 4955 Whinnery Road Winona , Oh 44493 330-222-1112 Robert A Donaldson Owner
Malitaan, LLC Meat Packers Outlet 244 Federal Ave NW Massillon , OH 44647 330-837-9296 Marion Pacula President
Olde Catering, Inc. Kim's Kitchen & Catering Co. 10333 Northfield Road Northfield , OH 44067 330-908-3350 Howard Shafron Owner
Produce Packaging Inc. Produce Packaging Inc. 7501 Carnegie Ave Cleveland , OH 44103 216-391-6129 Gregory Fritz President
White Barn Inc. White Barn Inc. 853 Twp Rd 1102 Ashland , Oh 44805 419-289-9576 Dennis Gerwig President
Kiflis Restaurant and Bakery Kiflis Restaurant and Bakery 526 Graham Road Suite 9 Cuyahoga Falls , OH 44224 330-926-1999 Svetlana Udovicic
Aunty's Homemade Food Aunty's Homemade Food 401 Elliot Avenue Arlington Heights , OH 45215 513-226-1220 Tennel Bryant OwneFounder
Horst Packing Inc Horst Packing Inc 3535 Renkenberger Road Columbiana , OH 44408 330-482-2997 David Horst President
No Name Cowboy LLC No Name Cowboy LLC 549 Miamisburg Centerville Road Dayton , OH 45459 937-478-5032 David Buehrle Owner
IL Capo Foods IL Capo Foods 792 Ron Lee Lane Boardman , OH 44512 330-301-0452 Rinaldo Caimano Owner
J. B. Meats J. B. Meats 36 Clinton Springs Ave Cincinnati , Oh 45217 513-751-5626 Mark H. Wordeman President
Mary Anne Kettering Mary Anne's Meats, LLC 38 Church Street West (Rear) Lexington , OH 44904 419-884-0003 Mary Anne Kettering OwneManager
Ohio Valley Teen Challenge Ohio Valley Teen Challenge 1319 Florencedale Ave Youngstown , OH 44505 330-743-9030 Rev. Roy D. Barnett President
Royal Deli Foods Inc Stewart Sandwiches 112 West Front Street Perrysburg , OH 43551 419-874-7451 Nancy Avalos Owner
Club 300 Catering Inc. Club 300 Catering Inc. 3304 Collingwood Blvd. Toledo , OH 43610 419-244-0620 James C. Cooks President
Wesley Community Services 2091 Radcliff Drive Cincinnati , OH 45204 513-661-2777 Stephanie Tunison CEO
Jugo's Inc. Jugo's Inc. 5279 Broadview Road Parma , Oh 44134 440-554-3363 Jugoslav Vidic Owner
A Revolution in Nutrition Antones 8578 Market Street Boardman , OH 44512 330-726-2454 Ross Scianna Owner
Deepam India Deepam India 7406 W. Central Avenue Toledo , OH 43617 419-843-1552 Revathi Chillapalli Owner
Luke's Country Meats, LLC Luke's Country Meats, LLC 518 Mansfield-Lucas Road Mansfield , OH 44907 419-526-0018 Lucas D. Hockensmith Owner
Child Care Catering Services, Inc Child Care Catering Services, Inc 42 Harrison Street Bedford , OH 44146 440-439-5540 Michael Rocco President
Fred W. Gott Northern Foods 354 Third Avenue Mansfield , Oh 44905 419-522-4162 Fred W Gott Owner
Cater Tots Cater Tots, LLC 1702 Woodville Road Toledo , OH 43605 419-6932603 Pobert Ellsworth Owner
Thomas Lane Inc Thomas Lane Inc 2071 Midway Drive Twinsburg , OH 44087 330-425-7979 Thomas Lane President
Leonard A Bleh LLC Avril-Bleh Meats 33 E Court Street Cincinnati , OH 45202 513-241-2433 Leonard A Bleh Owner
Bower & Sons Meats & Sausage Bower & Sons Meats & Sausage 2560 Terrace Street Millersport , OH 43046 740-467-3800 James D. Bower, Sr. Owner
Feed Lucas County Children, Inc. Feed Lucas County Children, Inc. 1501 Monroe Street Toledo , OH 43624 419-720-1106 Tony Siebeneck Executive Director
Hayden Cullinary Group Scratch Catering 767 Miamisburg-Centerville Road Dayton , OH 45459 937-567-7850 Matthew Hayden Owner
Taste of Europa, LLC 5683 Pearl Rd. Parma , OH 44129 Dan Kovacevic President
Vocational Guidance Services, Inc. Vocational Guidance Services, Inc. 2235 E 55th St Cleveland , OH 44103 216-881-6077 Robert E. Comben, Jr. President/CEO
Hepner & Hepner, Inc. Al's Meat Market 740 West Main St. Newark , OH 43055 740-344-3130 John Hart President
Dorothy Lane Market Inc. Dorothy Lane Market Inc. 408 Lexow Ave Dayton , OH 45419 937-654-0672 Norman Mayne
Boss Bison Ranch 45701 Unionvale Rd. Cadiz , OH 43907 7409428726 Karen Sticht
JW Meats Sherwood Locker 200 S Harrison St Sherwood , OH 43556 419-899-2658 Jonathon Ankney Owner
Ely Chapman Education Foundation 403 Scammel St. Marietta , OH 45750 740-376-9533 Alice Chapman Founder
Mrs. B's Just Wonderful/Decorative Elegance 4555 Cleveland Ave Columbus , OH 43231 614-563-3117 Barbara Bingham & Sheila Smith Owners
Pettisville Meats, Inc. Pettisville Meats, Inc. 382 Main St Pettisville , OH 43553 419-445-0921 Steve McIntosh President
Breech and Sheila Enterprises LLC 10003 Sawmill Parkway Powell , OH 43065 614-2051497 Sheila M. Breech Owner
Investors United, Inc. Tiger Bakery 4215 Monroe St. Toledo , OH 43606 419-473-8942 Abdul Hammuda Owner
Kimmel Mountain Man Meats Kimmel Mountain Man Meats 16630 State Route 103 Mt Blanchard , OH 45867 419-694-8575 Terry Kimmel Owner
Pineview Farm Meats Pineview Farm Meats 1390 US 250 South Norwalk , OH 44857 419-668-3931 Mark Rospert Owner
Beavertown Food Locker, Inc. East Dayton Meat And Poultry 1546 Keystone Avenue Dayton , Oh 45403 937-253-6185 Michael Lakey Pres. & Treas.
Jackie A. Glassburn Glassburn's Meat Market 9106 SR 160 Bidwell , OH 45614 7404464769 Jackie Glassburn
Raiano Meats LLC Postiy’s/Tomasino’s Meats and Foods 3819 Columbus Rd NE Canton , OH 44705 330-454-4171 Steve & David Dipietro Owner
Tom K Straub Just Meats 846 Eastern Ave Chillicothe , OH 45601 740-773-7838 Tom K Straub OwneManager
Carfagna's Inc. Carfagna's Inc. 1405 Dublin-Granville Rd Columbus , Oh 43229 614-846-6340 Dino Carfagna President
Douglas Sprague Pine Ridge Meat Processing 4559 Anderson Road Fleming , OH 45729 740-749-3166 Douglas G Sprague Owner
Charlanne Farms, Inc. Charlanne Farms, Inc. 126 Erie St. Cortland , Oh 44410 330-637-8707 Wayne Plott Vice-President
Charlanne Farms Inc Charlanne Farms Inc 2785 Warren Burton Road Southington , OH 44470 330-898-2127 Charles Plott President
Countryside Meats Countryside Meats 67921 Mills Rd St Clairsville , OH 43950 740-695-4773 Roger Devore Owner
Lisbon Exempted Village School 260 West Pine Street Lisbon , OH 44432 330420-0056
Terry Orahood Piper Processing 430 N Main St Andover , OH 44003 440-293-7170 Terry Orahood Owner
Jerry Hunt Hunt's Butcher Shop 2167 Ross Road Greenville , OH 45331 937-547-0710 Jerry Hunt Owner
Saum's Meat Market Saum's Meat Market 501 N. Vance St. Carey , Oh 43316 419-396-6905 Kenneth M. Saum Owner
Brother's Fresh Sausage, Inc. Brother's Fresh Sausage, Inc. 308 20th Street, NW Massillon , Oh 44647 330-833-1996 Michael A. Johnson President
PJs of Parma Signature Food Design 7380 State Road Parma , OH 44134 Perry Stancato
Fort Defiance Meats, Inc. Fort Defiance Meats, Inc. 1214 S. Clinton St. Defiance , Oh 43512 419-784-2982 Scott W. Heller President
AVI Food Systems, Inc. AVI Food Systems, Inc. 8040 Whipple Ave., NW North Canton , OH 44720 330-494-5900 Anthony Payiaulas Owner
AV Food Systems, Inc. AVI Food System, Inc./Girard Facility 1057 Trumbull Ave., Unit F Girard , OH 44505 330-494-5900 Anthony Payiaulas Owner
Wholesale Meats Inc. French City Food Service 69 Sycamore Street Gallipolis , OH 45631 740-446-7059 Larry D. Pyles, Sr. Owner
Pinzone Enterprises, Inc. Pinzone's Market Fresh Meats 6046 Broadview Road Parma , Oh 44134 216-351-0801 Anthony M. Pinzone President
Catering on Call, LLC Catering on Call, LLC 15268 Sheldon Road Brook Park , OH 44142 216-267-7937 Victoria Balogh President
Chief Supermarket, Inc Chief's Supermarket 221 Summit Street, P.O. Box 332 Celina , OH 45822 419-586-4268 Stephanie M. Skylar President
Ohio Penal Industry Meat Processing Career Center Ohio Penal Industry Meat Processing Career Center 11446 State Route 762 Orient , OH 43146 614-877-9418 Khelleh Konteh OPI Chief
Shearer Butcher Block And Deli Shearer Butcher Block And Deli 842 E. Miltown Road Wooster , Oh 44691 330-345-6906 Sam Patterson Owner
Haferd's Meat Processing Haferd's Meat Processing 6904 Twp Road 93 Carey , Oh 43316 419-595-2328 James Haferd Manager
Enos Allen Detweiler Geauga Farms Country Meats 14320 Main Market (St Rte 422) Hiram , OH 44234 440-834-8476 Enos Detweiler Owner
B & B Custom Butchering B & B Custom Butchering 55324 National Road Lansing , OH 43934 740-635-1810 Bernie Godaway Jr Owner
Walter Ketring Ketring's Locker Service 1500 S. R. 121 New Madison , Oh 45346 937-996-3172 Walter Ketring Owner
Sunnyside Meat Processing Sunnyside Meat Processing 505 Buffalo Street Vanlue , OH 45890 419-387-7812 Patrick Kinley Owner
M & S Bauer, Inc Border's Market 135 Trux Street Plymouth , Oh 44865 419-687-2634 Mike & Sandy Bauer Owner
Leap Meats Leap Meats 727 North Perry Street Ottawa , OH 45875 419-523-5560 Gregory A Leap Owner
Ramages Quality Processing Ramages Quality Processing 42610 Road Fork Road Caldwell , OH 43724 740-838-6121 Luke Ramage Owner
The Buck Stop The Buck Stop 23222 Road Q Ft. Jennings , OH 45844 419-453-3988 Deb Maag Owner
Larry Copenhefer J & L Farm 2342 South Union Road Medway , OH 45341 937-475-4584 Larry Copenhefer Owner
Carl Hunt Carl Hunt Custom Butchering 338 Morrow Street Greenville , OH 45331 937-548-6725 Carl Hunt
Joe Miller Buckeye Custom Meats 6772 Mt. Eaton Road Dalton , OH 44618 330-857-3337 Joe Miller Owner
Jenn's Custom Meat Processing Jenn's Custom Meat Processing 5311 Johnstown Rd NE Mineral City , OH 44656 330-343-9711 Jennifer L Brown Owner
Tom Ketchem Ketchem's Country Meats 17333 Avon Beldon Rd. Grafton , OH 44044 440-926-0440
Headley Meats Headley Meats 46233 Piatt Park Rd Woodsfield , OH 43793 740-472-0727 Marlin E. Headley Owner
Ted A Sigler, LLC Ted's Market 311 E Washington Street Pandora , OH 45877 419-384-3407 Ted A Sigler Owner
Garry Pasco Pasco's Custom Processing 7933 St. Rt. 231 Nevada , OH 44849 419-927-2420 Garry Pasco Owner
Sharps Custom Butchering & Deer Processing Sharps Custom Butchering & Deer Processing 7205 Pine Grove Road Amanda , OH 43102 740-969-4100 Larry Sharp
H & M Processing LLC H & M Processing LLC 7532 Cincinnti Brookville Road Okeana , OH 45053 513-907-7367 Nancy Herrmann Owner
Frobose Meat Locker, Inc Frobose Meat Locker, Inc 215 East Front Street Pemberville , OH 43450 419-287-4923 Bob Frobose Owner
Marvin D. Hege M & M Butchering 3420 Bogus Road SE Washington CH , OH 43160 740-335-9020 Marvin D Hege Owner
Buckeye Career Center Buckeye Career Center 545 University Dr., NE New Philadelphia , OH 44663 330-3392288 Scott Ripley
Goedel's Farmerstown Meats, LLC Goedel's Farmerstown Meats, LLC 2934 TR 163 Sugarcreek , OH 44681 330-897-7972 Jamie Goedel Owner
R & B Meats R & B Meats 122 South Main Street Continental , OH 45831 419-596-3690 Chad Okuley Owner
Steve's Meats Steve's Meats 14200 Stout Road Logan , OH 43138 740-385-5907 Steve Edwards Owner
J & M Meat Processing J & M Meat Processing 360 S Zuefle Drive McDermott , OH 45652 740-259-3030 R. Michael Graf Owner
Vonder Haar Meats Vonder Haar Meats 522 E. Boundry Street Ft Recovery , OH 45846 419-375-2876 Doug Bihn Operator
A-1 Zabiha Meat A-1 Zabiha Meat 1990 Center Road Clinton , OH 44216 216-904-8340 Saleem S. Syed CEO
Thatcher Custom Butchering 7961 St. Rt. 56 East Circleville , OH 43113 740-497-5725 Robert W. Carder Owner
Larry D. Barrera Barrera's Community Meats 230 Main Street Port William , OH 45164 937-416-5489 Larry Barrera Owner
Buehler's Meat Processing Buehler's Meat Processing 131 S. Sycamore St. St Henry , Oh 45883 419-678-3333 Jeff Buehler Owner
Heckler Slaughterhouse Heckler Slaughterhouse 8100 Weitz Road Celina , Oh 45822 419-586-3341 Mark Buening Owner
Saling's Custom Meat Processing, LLC Saling's Custom Meat Processing, LLC 16000 Archibold Road Caldwell , Oh 43724 740-732-4667 Pernell Saling Owner
Shearer Meats Shearer Meats 10670 Mapleton Street East Canton , OH 44730 330-488-2064 Beth Shearer Owner
Twin City Frozen Foods, Inc. Twin City Frozen Foods, Inc. 9650 Lancaster-Kirkersville Road Baltimore , OH 43105 740-862-4880 Robert F. George President
Mt Victory Meats Mt Victory Meats 26550 St Rt 37 Richwood , OH 43344 740-943-2417 Craig Powell Owner
Yoder Custom Meats LLC Yoder Custom Meats LLC 7508 Honeytown Road Fredericksburg , OH 44627 330-695-5312 John Yoder Owner
Pioneer Career and Technology Center Pioneer Career and Technology Center 27 Ryan Road Shelby , Oh 44875 419-347-7744 Greg Nickoli Director
C & J Meats C & J Meats 25670 Mountz Road Minerva , OH 44657 330-525-7702 John W. Schneider
Miller's Quality Meats Duane Earl Miller 113 North Main Street Christiansbur , Oh 45389 937-857-9273 Duane Miller Owner
Edwards Meats Edwards Meats 10836 State Route 374 Rockbridge , OH 43149 740-385-3025 Michael Edwards Owner
Lazy Acre Meats Lazy Acre Meats 1521 Twp Rd 128 SE Junction City , OH 43748 740-342-2677 Shiela Givens Owner
Gwirtz Foods Inc. Gwirtz Foods Inc. 5001 St. Rt. 39 West Shelby , OH 44875 419-342-6228 James F. Gwirtz Owner
Wenzinger Processing LLC Wenzinger Processing LLC 100 Main Street (PO Box 34) Miller City , OH 45864 419-876-3612 Robert J. Wenzinger Owner
Jeff D. Sager Sager's Meat Processing 346 East Main Ottawa , Oh 45875 419-523-4194 Jeff D. Sager Owner
Hermiller's Butcher Shop LLC Hermiller's Butcher Shop LLC 15076 Co Road G Ottawa , Oh 45875 419-876-3260 Teresa M Hermiller Owner
Ben A. Raber Miller's Custom Meats 5493 Co. Rd. 68 Millersburg , Oh 44654 330-893-1336 Ben A Raber Owner
Hartville Locker Service Hartville Locker Service 119 Sunnyside Avenue Hartville , OH 44632 330-877-9547 JD & Kelly Lucas Co-Owners
Circleville Fast Freeze Circleville Fast Freeze 161 Edison Ave Circleville , Oh 43113 740-474-2701 Paul R Nagel Owner
Duane Kinstle Kinstle Custom Slaughter 4935 Franklin Church Road Shiloh , Oh 44878 419-895-1371 Howard E. Kinstle Owner
Rudy's Custom Meats Rudy's Custom Meats 4630 Mansfield-Adario Road Shiloh , OH 44878 419-895-1089 Richard Rudy Owner
Timothy P. Leslie Leslie Farm Meat Processing 11877 Leslie Road Lisbon , OH 44432 330-227-3467 Timothy P Leslie Owner
Wayne's Meats Wayne's Meats 6991 Flenner Ave SW Navarre , Oh 44662 330-767-3995 Wayne King Owner
Family Market Custom Killing Family Market Custom Killing 46391 Main Street, Centerville Belmont , OH 43718 740-686-2288 Jamie Rowson Owner
Twin City Frozen Foods, Inc Twin City Frozen Foods, Inc 114 West Mulberry Street Baltimore , Oh 43105 740-862-4880 Robert F. George Owner
Kirby's Butcher Shop Kirby's Butcher Shop 6619 Arcanum Bears Mill Rd Greenville , Oh 45331 937-548-1907 Gary Kirby Owner
Walter Ketring Ketring's Locker Services 119 E Washington St New Madison , OH 45346 937-996-3172 Walter Ketring Owner
Stemble's Meats, L.L.C. Stemble's Meats, L.L.C. 18 State Route 273 East Belle Center , Oh 43310 937-464-6328 Joe LeVan Owner
Tracey's Meat Packing Tracey's Meat Packing 9391 Co Rd 296 East Liberty , Oh 43319 937-666-2131 Paul Tracey Owner
Kenny Bussard Bussard's Slaughter House 7593 Shimp Road Germantown , Oh 45327 937-855-3035 Kenny Bussard Owner
Daniel Ripley Camden Locker 52 East Central Avenue Camden , OH 45311 937-452-3223 Daniel T. Ripley Owner
Davidson Meat Processing Davidson Meat Processing 6490 Corwin Ave Waynesville , OH 45068 513-897-2971 Patrick Davidson Owner
Brenner's Custom Butchering Brenner's Butchering 850 Township Rd 31 N Bellefontaine , OH 43311 937-599-4435 Floyd Brenner Owner
Cotterman Brothers Processing Cotterman Brothers Processing 14076 Laurel Hill Rd Glenford , OH 43739 740-787-2922 Ted Cotterman Owner
Myers Brothers Custom Butchering Myers Brothers Custom Butchering 603 Bogart Road Huron , Oh 44839 419-433-2425 Charles E. Myers Partner
Melvin and Clara Yoder Yoder's Poultry 1702 Freeland Hollow West Union , OH 45693 937-544-9938 Clara Yoder Co Owner
Schroeder Chicken Cleaning Schroeder Chicken Cleaning 8082 Co Road 7 Leipsic , OH 45856 419-943-2793 Karen Schroeder Owner
J & J Poultry Processing J & J Poultry Processing 515 Richholt Street Holgate , OH 43527 419-439-5331 John Jacobs Owner
Larry Troyer Troyer's Farm 7291 Mt Aire Road Russellville , OH 45168 937-728-0310 Larry Troyer Owner
Landon Fraker Poultry Barn 6183 Houseman Rd. Ostrander , OH 43061 7402723481 Landon Fraker Owner
Nathan Manion Plucky Poultry Processing 1658 Cullison Road Utica , OH 43080 740-258-0968 Nathan Manion
Paul R. Rissler Spring Maple Enterprises 400 Baseline Road W Shiloh , OH 44878 419-896-2468 Paul R Rissler Owner
Brunty Farms Brunty Farms 2470 Martin Road Akron , OH 44333 330-594-7315 Jeff Brunty Owner
Amos Schwartz Plucky Poultry Processing 1658 Cullison Road Utica , OH 43080 740-668-4573 Amos Schwartz Owner
W. F. Longshore Farm W. F. Longshore Farm 1700 Longshore Lane Zanesville , Oh 43701 740-452-6539 Bill Longshore Owner
Lehman Poultry Lehman Poultry 2238 Beeson Mill Road Leetonia , OH 44431 330-427-2291 David Lehman Owner
Carl H Koch Valleyview Turkey Farm 4900 Yankee Road Middletown , OH 45044 513-313-3663 Carl H Koch Owner
Ebel's Chicken Coop Ebel's Chicken Coop 17146 State Route 114 Grover Hill , Oh 45849 419-587-3524 Debra Ebel Owner
LaDonna S. Henson Briarwood Valley Farms 504 US 224 Sullivan , OH 44880 419-736-2298 LaDnna Henson Owner
Chef's Cafe, Inc. Chef's Cafe 7250 Fields Ertel Road Cincinnati , OH 45241 513-779-2323 Jay Bettman President
Chely Broerman Broerman Farms 11729 Leedy Road Fredericktown , OH 43019 419-886-2141 Chely Broerman President
Pleasant Valley Poultry Pleasant Valley Poultry 3160 Pleasant Valley Road Baltic , OH 43804 330-897-0626 Aden Troyer Owner
Difeo and Sons Poultry, Inc. Difeo and Sons Poultry, Inc. 1075 Grant St Akron , OH 44301 330-773-7881 Robert A Difeo CEO
Tea Hills Farms Tea Hills Farms 269 Twp Rd 2450 Loudonville , OH 44842 419-685-1689 Cara & Jason Tipton
Just Natural Provision Co., Inc. Just Natural Provision Co., Inc. 4900 Crayton Avenue Cleveland , OH 44115 216-431-7922 Dennis C. Parker President
King & Sons Poultry Services, Inc King & Sons Poultry Services, Inc 8091 Horatio-Harris Creek Road Bradford , OH 45308 937-448-2448 Marilyn King Owner
Walter Johnson Johnson Farms 3936 Farmers Road Wilmington , OH 45177 937-685-2052 Walter Johnson Owner
Sid-Mar Foods, Inc. Perfette's Sausage 1481 South Avenue Youngstown , OH 44502 330-743-0112 Richard Seidler President
Springfield Poultry, Inc. Springfield Poultry, Inc. 2525 E High St Springfield , OH 45505 937-323-9779 Charles Mellott OwnePresident
Erb Poultry Inc Erb Poultry Inc 949 South Main Street Lima , OH 45802 419-222-9746 Lewis W Erb Jr President
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2022.12.16 01:23 shynailgirl Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott Are ‘Embracing Love' in New Holidays Pics

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2022.12.15 23:43 shynailgirl Tori Spelling Proves She & Dean McDermott Are Very Much Together With Family Gingerbread House

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2022.12.15 17:13 Half_baked_prince [OC] My top-100 role players

I put this list together on a whim, after going through the ringer top-100 players, thinking about my favorite less-heralded players in the game. So here are my top-100 “role players” in the NBA. A few qualifications:
That’s why you won’t see guys like PJ Washington, Kevin Huerter, or Trey Murphy III, their stats were outside of the criteria.
Here’s the list:
First Tier
1 Mike Conley (Uta)
2 Alex Caruso (Chi)
3 Herb Jones (Nop)
4 Ivica Zubac (Lac)
5 Grant Williams (Bos)
6 Jarred Vanderbilt (Uta)
7 Kevon Looney (Gsw)
8 Tyus Jones (Mem)
9 Derrick White (Bos)
10 Seth Curry (Bkn)
11 Maxi Kleber (Dal)
12 Nicolas Batum (Lac)
13 Davion Mitchell (Sac)
14 Markelle Fultz (Orl)
15 Jalen Smith (Ind)
16 Tari Eason (Hou)
Second Tier
17 Grayson Allen (Mil)
18 Larry Nance Jr (Nop)
19 Clint Capela (Atl)
20 Jevon Carter (Mil)
21 Austin Reaves (Lal)
22 PJ Tucker (Phi)
23 Isaiah Stewart (Det)
24 Bruce Brown (Den)
25 John Konchar (Mem)
Third Tier
26 Yuta Watanabe (Bkn)
27 Isaiah Hartenstein (Nyk)
28 Jose Alvarado (Nop)
29 Dean Wade (Cle)
30 Luke Kennard (Lac)
31 Nic Claxton (Bkn)
32 Doug McDermott (Sas)
33 Nick Richards (Cha)
34 Andrew Nembhard (Ind)
35 Terance Mann (Lac)
36 Santi Aldama (Mem)
37 Thaddeus Young (Tor)
38 Steven Adams (Mem)
39 Ayo Dosunmu (Chi)
40 Justise Winslow (Por)
Fourth Tier
41 Walker Kessler (Uta)
42 Obi Toppin (Nyk)
43 Kyle Anderson (Min)
44 Aleksej Pokusevski (Okc)
45 Moses Moody (Gsw)
46 De’Anthony Melton (Phi)
47 Monte Morris (Was)
48 Mo Wagner (Orl)
49 Jeremy Sochan (Sas)
50 Charles Bassey (Sas)
51 KJ Martin (Hou)
52 Immanuel Quickley (Nyk)
53 Isaiah Jackson (Ind)
54 Damion Lee (Phx)
55 Brandon Clarke (Mem)
56 Josh Green (Dal)
57 Onyeka Okongwu (Atl)
Fifth Tier
58 AJ Griffin (Atl)
59 Jaden McDaniels (Min)
60 Payton Pritchard (Bos)
61 Cedi Osman (Cle)
62 Delon Wright (Was)
63 Patrick Williams (Chi)
64 Jalen Williams (Okc)
65 Cam Thomas (Bkn)
66 Georges Niang (Phi)
67 Jalen McDaniels (Cha)
68 Naji Marshall (Nop)
69 Shake Milton (Phi)
70 Jordan McLaughlin (Min)
71 Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (Okc)
72 Patty Mills (Bkn)
73 Jaylen Nowell (Min)
74 Dennis Smith Jr. (Cha)
75 Joe Harris (Bkn)
76 Jalen Duren (Det)
77 Goga Bitadze (Ind)
78 Chris Boucher (Tor)
79 Andre Drummond (Chi)
80 Shaedon Sharpe (Por)
81 Jamychal Green (Gsw)
82 Quentin Grimes (Nyk)
83 Dyson Daniels (Nop)
Sixth Tier
84 Keegan Murray (Sac)
85 Javonte Green (Chi)
86 Troy Brown Jr (Lal)
87 Drew Eubanks (Por)
88 Dalano Banton (Tor)
89 Marvin Bagley III (Det)
90 Edmond Sumner (Bkn)
91 Luke Kornet (Bos)
92 Oshae Brissett (Ind)
93 Corey Kispert (Was)
94 Sam Hauser (Bos)
95 Goran Dragic (Chi)
96 Landry Shamet (Phx)
97 Jordan Nwora (Mil)
98 Isaiah Joe (Okc)
99 Wenyen Gabriel (Lal)
100 Jock Landale (Phx)
A few notes: I know I have a few Clippers really high. I love them (especially Zubac) so give me a break. I know a few guys (namely Mike Conley) don’t fit the traditional definition of a role player, but they fit the criteria I’d established so I put them in anyway.
I first and foremost valued things that make “winning” players, which I feel is some combination of shooting/playmaking and defensive versatility. If there was any one skill a player excelled at (paint protection and really high-efficiency 3pt shooting mostly), I took it into account. If they had a history of leading a team to victory or being a contributor to a winner, I took that into account too. This list is up to date as of this point in the 22-23 season.
I have a few rookies on here that have really surprised me. Tari Eason most of all, I can’t believe how well he’s started his career as just a glue guy and incredible defensive energy at all times. AJ Griffin is someone else who I know was supposed to be a good player coming out of high school but I also know slipped in the draft. Jabari Smith Jr would be on the list but he plays .5mpg and scores .1ppg too many (and he was also so bad to start the season I don’t know if I can trust the production yet).
Finally, I spent the last few days reading other teams’ subreddits to try and get a vibe of each player I had trouble ranking but wanted to include on the list. There are some (Jock Landale, Marvin Bagley to name a few) who are controversial among their own fanbase, so there’s a chance that several of these players are not liked by their fans. I try to watch games from every team so I think I have a pretty good grasp of who and who isn’t contributing to winning, but I’m sure I’ve missed stretches for some players. Anyway, this is all in good fun and I had a good time putting the list together. Thoughts? Guys who you would include? Insane guys who I included? I’d really like to hear other perspectives on role-players.
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2022.11.27 15:06 autobuzzfeedbot 21 Ex-Celeb Couples That Were Engaged That Are Honestly Soooo Random To Me

  1. Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan got engaged in 1998.
  2. Tate Donovan was also engaged to Sandra Bullock at some point during their relationship that started in 1990.
  3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mary-Louise Parker got engaged sometime in late 2007-ish.
  4. Laura Dern was engaged to Billy Bob Thornton during their relationship from 1997-1999.
  5. Laura Dern was also engaged to Jeff Goldblum. They got engaged in 1995.
  6. Rashida Jones and Mark Ronson were engaged in 2003.
  7. Rhys Ifans (who now plays Otto Hightower on House of the Dragon) and Sienna Miller were engaged in 2007.
  8. Lea Thompson and Dennis Quaid were engaged in 1984.
  9. Julia Roberts and Dylan McDermott were engaged in 1989/1990.
  10. Which brings me to Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland getting engaged in 1990.
  11. Minnie Driver and Josh Brolin got engaged in 2001.
  12. Chrishell Stause and Matthew Morrison got engaged in 2007.
  13. David Moscow and Kerry Washington got engaged in 2004.
  14. Robin Wright and Ben Foster got engaged in 2014.
  15. Magician David Copperfield and supermodel Claudia Schiffer were engaged sometime in 2004-ish.
  16. Katie Holmes and Chris Klein got engaged in 2003.
  17. Ben Stiller and Jeanne Tripplehorn got engaged in 1993.
  18. Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette got engaged in 2004.
  19. Cameron Diaz and Jared Leto allegedly got engaged in 2000.
  20. Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore got engaged in 1984.
  21. Kyle MacLachlan and Linda Evangelista got engaged sometime around 1995.
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2022.11.24 01:22 shynailgirl Dean McDermott Praises 'Hot Wife' Tori Spelling Amid Split Rumors

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