Erich and gabby still together


2021.09.13 17:16 Accurate_Tip7017 GabbyPetito

Gabby Petito, 22, was found deceased in Wyoming on September 19th 2021. She was reported missing on September 11th after Brian Laundrie returned home from a road trip without her. This community is a True Crime subreddit dedicated to the ongoing investigation of her death. The FBI has set up a national hotline to receive tips: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

2013.01.03 20:35 cbrandolino Blunder Years: pictures from a regrettable past.

Do you still cringingly remember "Fuck drugs and government", the hardcore hit of your 15 year self? Have you just found your old myspace picture, xXxLadyDarkness85xXx? Come and share your dusty treasure for the world - and you - to laugh and regret - *Together.* So come and tell us what the old you was up to!

2019.07.11 17:19 Cats and Dogs being bros

Cats cuddling/playing/goofing off with dogs

2023.06.01 11:58 Linkdigitalmedia Know How To Win A Game Of Modern Rummy

The game of rummy has been around for quite a few centuries. It has been played by crores of people around the world till now. Indians loved to play this game, especially during the festival days with their friends and family. It is one of the most popular card games today. Over the decades, Indian rummy has changed in terms of rules and gameplay. We can say that the rummy of old was comparatively easy to play and win. Whereas, the rummy modern game could be slightly difficult.
One reason could be that the rummy game of previous centuries was played offline and majority of players of rummy modern play online rummy. In the last decade, a lot of rummy platforms have emerged in the Indian gaming market and many people have liked this modern way of playing rummy for the benefits that new rummy modern offers over offline rummy. KhelPlay Rummy was started in 2012, and as of 2022, over 65 lakhs Indian rummy players have played modern rummy on our platform and still play regularly. Read more.
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2023.06.01 11:58 bsk001 First Hamilton!

Hey everyone! I've just got my first real watch and first Hamilton. The Khaki King Auto with the Champagne dial. I absolutely love it but not a massive fan of the strap. It's not particularly comfortable for me (although, I am conscious it's brand new still.) any recommendations of places to buy good replacement bands? (particularly in the UK)!
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2023.06.01 11:58 dreamygoddess7 How can i ask my friend to pay for a service im providing?

So my best friend is going to a wedding tomorrow and has asked me to do her makeup for her.
i am a qualified makeup artist but dont do it as a job anymore, in the past when we have been going out and getting ready together i have done my friends makeup for her free of charge.
She has asked me to do her makeup tomorrow which is a day i usually work, i tried to swap shifts but instead my boss has arranged cover for me meaning i will lose a days wages.
I dont know if my friend is planning on paying me, but since i will be using all my products, and taking a day off work... i really would like to be paid.
How can i mention this without sounding rude?
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2023.06.01 11:58 iamdonnigli16 since everyone is sharing their setup <3

since everyone is sharing their setup <3
i loved the variety of setups I've been seeing on this sub and thought to myself, "I'd love to add to this". So after a bunch of consideration, here's my setup, a bunch of jugaad has gone into putting it all together but it works great for me :)
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2023.06.01 11:58 whitejaguar [H] Spider-Man, F1 2011/2012, Watch_Dogs & removed games [W] TF2 keys, Bulk offers

Have - Steam gifts (ROW, unrestricted, if you can't see the game in my inventory, it is still available, so add me for the trade)
Game name Price Notes Stock Game Status
Borderless Gaming 5 keys Gift
Call of Duty World at War 25 keys Gift
Droplitz offers removed game subID 12638 Gift
F1 2011 offers removed game subID 11620 Gift
F1 2011 offers removed game subID 12677 Gift
F1 2012 offers removed game Gift
Faerie Solitaire 2 keys Gift
Fortified 1 TOD Ticket Steam key/add me
Hero Academy - Tribe Pack - Hatless Gift 4 keys Gift
Hitman Collection (ROW) 12 keys subID 49903 Gift
Iron Warriors T - 72 Tank Command 2 keys Gift
Lucius 2 keys Gift
Mount & Blade Complete 6 keys subID 38003 Gift
NASCAR The Game 2013 45 keys removed game subID 28448 Gift
PAYDAY 2 Gage Weapon Pack 02 1 TOD Ticket Gift
PlayWay's Sim Bundle 1 keys subID 51669 Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2012 offers removed game subID 15175 Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2013 offers removed game subID 28407 Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2014 6 keys Gift
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle 10 keys Gift
Saints Row IV - Child's Play Pack 1 TOD Ticket removed game subID 35488 Gift
Shannon Tweed's Attack Of The Groupies 2 keys Gift
Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Collection 10 keys subID 17095 Gift
SteamWorld Dig 1 TOD Ticket Steam key/add me
The Amazing Spider-Man 300 keys removed game Gift
The Holiday Express 4 keys subID 35154 Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Helm’s Deep Base offers removed game subID 32781 Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Quad Pack offers removed game subID 32775 Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Steely Dawn Pack offers removed game subID 18483 Gift
The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff 10 keys Gift
The Sims 3 Generations 10 keys Gift
Watch_Dogs Complete 25 keys Gift
Your Doodles Are Bugged! offers removed game subID 8256 Gift
Sending Trade Offers
Trade offer link:
Steam inventory:
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2023.06.01 11:58 NeuroticFear (HELP) Email Address Change

Hey guys,
I created an Ironman earlier this year with iOS and in order to setup Authenticator I needed an email address and couldn’t use the same as my iOS.
I no longer have access to this email.
I have submitted a support ticket however all the responses are going to the email address I have no access to.
Is there a way to receive replies alternatively? Maybe to my RuneScape account inbox or something of the like?
I am still able to access my account but I’m just afraid that I’ve lost my email address to someone somehow.
Thanks heaps!
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2023.06.01 11:58 slimyarrow15 I feel hopeless

I am a disabled trans woman who is unable to find work due to my disability. I still live with violently transphobic parents who would, at best, disown me if they found out I was trans. America is going to shit, and while my state is currently safe, it's terrifying to think it might not be one day. I just feel so hopeless, transition just feels so impossible right now, and I often wonder if there's even a reason to keep going at this point...I just want to be happy.
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2023.06.01 11:58 Kylechs I've been having reduced sensation to my penis and erectile dysfunction for almost 3 years that all began after a period of stress.

I am 23 years old. I went through an episode of intense stress, anxiety, and depression 3 years ago and ever since that episode I've developed complete Sexual Dysfunction. I lost my sex drive, I can't get an erection anymore, I lost sensation to my penis, etc. In addition to the Sexual Dysfunction I also became emotionally numb, I can't laugh like I used to, etc.
In addition to these symptoms I also developed chronic muscle tension, brain fog/head pressure, and a reduced appetite.
I know stress can cause muscle tension and this tension can spread to the pelvic floor. I thought perhaps I developed muscle tightness from stress that is reducing blood flow and nerve sensitivity to my penis.
I've been to 2 Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists. The first one I saw for 4 sessions did an internal exam on me by sticking a gloved lubricated finger into my rectum and she stated it was a little tight. We did some exercises for those 4 sessions as well as diaphragmatic breathing. After our 4 sessions were up we did a reevaluation and she stated that there wasn't much else she could do. She stated that it's a little tight in there but it's not THAT tight and she stated that she suspects something else is causing my symptoms.
I am currently seeing another Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. She also noted that she feels a little tightness, but it's not tight enough to the point where she would recommend devices to use for internal exercises. She stated that my muscles from her examinations are responding appropriately and she also stated that I am dealing with this symptom, but she don't think it's the ROOT cause of all of my symptoms.
I've also had a Pelvic MRI and a LumbaSacral MRI that both came back normal.
I am currently getting Ultrasound Guided Trigger Point Injections as well as taking a Suppository rectally that contains Diazepam-Baclofen-Gabapentin every night in addition to the Pelvic Floor Exercises. I've also been using a Foam Roller massage gun as well as taking Epsom Salt baths.
At this point all I can do is just continue exercising and trying these treatments and hope things can improve. I also just started seeing a Functional Medicine Practitioner as well as a Psychiatrist for help.
You may wonder what caused that stressful, depressive, and anxious episode I went through 3 years ago that caused all of my symptoms and I hate to admit that it all began from my own insecurities. I was dealing with Body Dysmorphia and I've always been insecure about my penis size. I always thought it was small and because of it I would never have a satisfying sex life despite being a virgin. I became constantly worried about this and I became depressed and anxious about it and I thought I could never be happy dealing with this issue. Shortly thereafter these symptoms began. However since then I have come to the realization that my penis is normal sized and I had nothing to worry about in the first place. It's 6.5 inches with a girth of 5.0-5.2 inches. I learned how to measure it properly and this is what the dimensions came out to be. I hoped this realization would reverse my symptoms, but unfortunately I am still dealing with the aftermath from that episode. I really think that episode caused inflammation to my brain chemistry and body that's been difficult to reverse. Now it's not even about my size insecurity anymore; it went beyond that and caused a cascade of other symptoms that I've been trying to reverse.
Sorry for the rant but I just wanted to get this off my chest.
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2023.06.01 11:58 Violet_Yellow What's your favorite way of spending some wholesome quality time with the bots?

What's your favorite way of spending some wholesome quality time with the bots?
I love playing videogames with the bots and cooking together. Let me know what you guys like to do!
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2023.06.01 11:58 maximusaemilius The first intergalactic Olympics. Or the story how all human athletes suddenly were international superstars.

"Welcome one and welcome all to the 528th quadrennial summer Olympics! This has to be the most exciting day we have seen in the history of competitive sports."
"That's exactly right because this is only the second time in human history that the Olympics will be held off earth, and the first time that they are being held interstellar."
"Four years ago, some summer Olympics were held on Mars, but with the restriction to gravity, and some issues regarding respiration. However, after an agreement with the Galactic Assembly. The Rundi delegation has graciously offered to host the 4020 summer Olympics."
"And hosted they have. This stadium was built in under four years with consultations from human architects and with the original classic style of greek and roman architecture in mind. The Rundi really do know how to make a beautiful building when they want."
"This is honestly what the universe really needed after these last hard few years, with the Burg war, and the Gromm outbreak, and the Tesraki earthquake, a lot of people were just ready and waiting for some good news. Not to mention that after all of the issues with the LFIL and poor PR for humans across the galaxy, we all really needed a break."
"And what better PR than to share one of the greatest cultural achievements of human history? Historically the Olympics have been a time where countries set aside their differences and come together to show off their best athletes in competitions of human skill, fortitude, and perseverance. Now, for those non-human watchers, the Olympics were originally established in Ancient Greece. The word Olympics derives from the word Olympus which was the historical home of the Greek gods. Anyone who competes in the games is called an Olympian giving the implication that their feats of strength and power are almost godlike."
"Not to mention they originally required the participants to compete in the nude."
"Ha! Yes, let us not forget that. Luckily, or unluckily for us, things have been a bit more modernized since then, and men and women from around the universe will begin their competitions today. Today will be the first Olympics in history with representatives from interstellar colonies all across the Milky Way galaxy."
"Beginning in the next four years, Olympic officials hope to open the games up to non-human species for competition."
"Yes, officials say that it would be an opportunity for humanity to reach out a hand of peace and offer this great tradition of peace to the rest of the galaxy in hopes of fostering cooperation and understanding between all who live in the universe."
"That will be a great day indeed, and look here comes the Olympic torch, carried by none other than commander Adam Vir of the UNSC, Earth's golden boy."
"The Olympic torch had an intense journey this year, lit in Olympic greece and carried all across Earth, to where it was secured to be transported on the UNSC harbinger. Now it took some work as UNSC regulations do not allow open flames aboard an interstellar transport, but with some work from some fine engineers and a bit of finagling, the torch was secured lit but burning low in a specialized sealed, and climate controlled compartment during the duration of the flight. Oh, and here he goes, handing of the torch. This will be the first time in human history that a non-human has carried the torch and lit the cauldron. They debated long and hard about who would light it this year, and as a symbol of good will towards the rest of the galaxy, and to usher in a new age of the Olympic Games, the torch has been passed to the chairwoman of the Galactic Assembly."
"You know it really warms my heart to see us humans sharing such a rich part of our culture and history with the rest of the galaxy. It really is a symbol of everything we stand for at our core."
"And there she goes. IT'S LIT IT'S LIT!"
"A truly amazing day for humanity, the world, the galaxy and the universe!"
And truly amazing it was!
The galaxy had never seen anything like it.
Humans from all around the galaxy had come together and were determined to astound the watching crowds with feats of acrobatics and athletics, so intense, it would be unbelievable to anyone who watched, human and nonhuman alike.
In those days ahead, the galaxy watched with its jaw wide, as one man broke the world, now universe record, for fastest human sprint at 29 miles per hour (47 km/h). Facts and figures put up on screens above the heads of the crowd gave info’s about the human body, to put into perspective just how powerful these athletes were, as olympic sprinters put their muscles under pressure equivalent to 1,000 pounds (453kg) of force in a single sprinting step.
They watched in awe and confusion as a tiny Olympic gymnast, no older than sixteen, cleared more than twice her body height in a double air rotation, defying the laws of physics and gravity as she hung suspended in the air, for what seemed like an impossible amount of time.
Eyes were wide and jaws had to be picked up off the floor, as a young human from earth cleared the pole-vaulting record, launching himself into the sky at 20 feet 3.⅕ inches (6,2m).
Feats of balance and strength, never before seen in the galaxy, were demonstrated as those same young adults demonstrated flips, cartwheels and feats of acrobatics on beams barely wider than the width of their feet. Gasps rose from the assembled alien crowd as a dismount brought one young woman off the beam at least three full rotations before landing.
There was no way that she could have known where she was going to hit.
But the announcers had been right, these humans had an almost godlike control of their bodies and some strange ability to know where they were in space at the optimal moment rotating on a single bar, or between two, flipping themselves around and around in ways that would have made others feel dizzy, only to land smiling a moment later their hands raised into the air in triumph.
And then came the marathon, the event that aliens had heard about, but never thought possible, preformed for the first time on a fiery death planet by a one legged, one eyed space captain in his boxer shorts in a little over four hours. The feat itself seemed unbelievable as a story, but when a young woman from a distant space colony preformed the marathon in a record breaking 2:22:53. Less than two and a half hours required her to be running at speeds of almost ten miles per hour (16km/h) for two full hours.
The stadium could not believe their ears when they had heard what she had done. Alien race officials watched her run through cameras, to make sure that the feat was really true.
But it was true, it was all true.
They could not believe their eyes.
Even in the water, humans could not be matched, pushing bodies that were not meant for swimming to speeds that could compete with one or two species running.
They put their bodies under strain so powerful it should have torn muscle and snapped bone, but when they came up smiling and grinning and waving to the crowd, all the stadium could do was to contain their excitement.
And when that wasn't enough, humans started adding obstacles to their events.
What was better than a hundred-meter sprint?
A hundred-meter sprint with obstacles you had to jump over!
At an average of 12.5 seconds, participants were reaching speeds of almost seventeen miles per hour (27km/h), as fast as car speeds within city limits.
If any of the humans had crashed, they would surely hurt themselves horribly in the process.
And the crowd absolutely loved it.
Nothing was better than watching the humans lift heavy objects, throw pointy sticks, or even leap to great vertical heights, sometimes throwing their legs higher than their own heads, which seemed impossible for aliens who had spent most of their time with average humans, if they had spent time with humans at all.
Regular humans couldn't do that!
So, what insane kind of humans were these!?
How did a human knew to release the weighted metal disk when they were spinning around so fast, and what made them decide to throw the weight of their entire body into a kinetic linkage of angular momentum that would send the metal disk nearly two hundred feet in the opposing direction?
It was the most viewed Olympics in the history of the event. Aliens watched to see the humans perform, and the humans watched to see the alien's reaction to the other humans preforming.
The Rundi home world grossed trillions of dollars, which expanded the universe's economy to soaring heights.
Tesraki capitalized on the idea, holding even more events for humans to compete in, even after the Olympics were over. From then on, alien planets would beg humans to come hold their games and competitions on their planet, didn't matter what it was… Soccer, football, baseball, you could be sure the rest of the galaxy was interested in seeing it.
The entire universe was giddy with the feats of strength and ability which had been demonstrated in those intervening days.
Humans, who only fell prey to praise once every four years, suddenly found themselves famous on distant moons, completely by accident. They all had alien companies begging them to endorse products they had never even heard of.
It was such a violent economic upturn, no one knew how to handle it.
There were those, of course, who realized something very different about humanity on those days…
They had met your average human, the lazy kind that likes to sit in comfy nests, watch TV and imbibe on excessive amounts of glucose. They had even met the average human who threw in some daily workout routine, so at least they could control their love handles.
Your average human scared them with what they could do, without even thinking.
But what did this mean?
It meant that it was very important to allow humans to nerf themselves, because if anyone ever convinced humanity as a hole what they could be if ninety percent of the population were at peak human performance...
It was simply better to keep the humans well-fed and sleepy.
Maybe then the universe would stand a chance…
Previous First [Next](link)
Want to find a specific one, see the whole list or check fanart?
Here is the link to the master-post.
Intro post by me
OC-whole collection
Patreon of the author
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2023.06.01 11:57 Shama-lama-ding_dong BUPRENORPHINE/NALOXONE 8mg/2mg will interact with KLONAPIN and XANAX?

BUPRENORPHINE/NALOXONE 8mg/2mg will interact with KLONAPIN and XANAX? Hi I am hoping for some help if possible please! Previously my post was about trying to see if there would be some horrible interaction between the buprenorphine/naloxone 8mg/2mg med i take 3 times daily. I've been on for 4 years and now my new psychiatrist put me back on xanax after a few year break from benzos. I was then shocked and scared by the pharmacy when they told me there would be possible interactions when I picked up my meds, so I Googled the possible interactions and scared myself sh!tless to say the least. So I reached out on here, reddit because was so distraught about what Google told me and wanted actual opinions and was told that things would be ok bc the xanax dose im on was a low dose (0.5 three times a day)and I have high tolerance to both benzos and buprenorphine (or any opiate) since high school. So that was comforting and I felt fine after that.
But now my psychiatrist wants to switch me from xanax to klonapin. She said to take 0.5 klonapin in the morning and same dose at night and only take the 0.5 xanax if I have a panic attack. I'm still on the buprenorphine/naloxone 8mg/2mg three times a day. The Dr that prescribes me the buprenorphine and nalox script is not happy that I'm on the benzos. So I got a referral to a pain management Dr to see if there's anything more safe I can be switched to for my chronic pain. I dont understand why the Dr who prescribes the buprenorphine/naloxone refuses to take me off of it even tho she doesn't want me on both benzos and buprenorphine/naloxone together? And why is she trying to terrify me about taking the benzos that i desperately need to function and have been taking since I was a teenager? I've been on prescribed opioids and klonapin or some kinda benzo since before high school. Do drs get a kick back or something for prescribing buprenorphine/naloxone or keeping their patients on this med? I just don't understand and am trying to see if anyone knows what is going on here. I'm not an addict, I am on this med for pain management after numerous surgeries and chronic pain disorders.
I plan on being extremely careful when switching to the klonapin from xanax and starting with a half tablet and I'm going to try and not take any xanax prior to the klonapin. But am I ok taking all these meds together? I used to take actual morphine and hydocodone when I had knee surgeries and before that was on vicodin and a very high dose of klonapin when my family was very ill and passing away(I was the caretaker). I just don't understand why it's such a big deal now and this Dr is trying to terrify me about this? I just want to live my life not suffering in chronic pain and constant anxiety and panic attacks. Is that so much to ask from a dr? Anyway. Sorry to vent, but I had gotten great advice from here before and am just hopeing anyone could shed some light on this or point me in the right direction of what to do. Thank you!
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2023.06.01 11:57 DarennKeller Lueur Demo is out! Get ready for 3 hours of building cities and bringing back light to the world!

Lueur Demo is out! Get ready for 3 hours of building cities and bringing back light to the world!
🌟 A Journey Fulfilled: A Game Demo Release 🌟
TLDR: Thank you so much for your help! This demo contains one playable level in 3 different game modes for about 3h of playtime. Can you beat all of the challenges? Don't forget to share it with your friends and let me know what you think. ❤️
Dear friends and fellow builders,
Today, I stand before you with equal parts excitement and gratitude as I unveil the long-awaited demo of my game. This moment represents the culmination of relentless dedication and the support of an incredible community. It has been an arduous journey, filled with sleepless nights and daunting challenges, but with your unwavering feedback and bug-spotting prowess, we have made it to this remarkable milestone together.
I want to express my deepest appreciation to all those who have contributed their time and expertise to shape this game into something truly special. Your feedback, enthusiasm, and unwavering support have breathed life into every line of code, every intricate detail. In the face of doubt and adversity, your encouragement has ignited a fire within me, propelling me forward even when the path seemed impassable.
Today, as the demo takes its first steps into the world, I invite you to join me in this adventure. Explore its depths, unravel its mysteries, and let its melodies resonate within your soul. This game is a labor of love. Your continued involvement and passion will guide its future.
Thank you so much, for being an integral part of this journey.
With heartfelt appreciation,
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2023.06.01 11:57 ILoveRice444 How to youtube-dl or yt-dlp config works?

I already did make yt-dlp config and my yt-dlp changed to application (exe).
After I open the yt-dlp.exe it's kept black screen for like 3 second, then display a text "provide link" and the app go closed.
But how does this config work? I still don't understand what the use of the yt-dlp config.
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2023.06.01 11:57 AfroGuy187 Headset is disconnecting from ps5 when playing ps4 games? Anyone know a fix?

My headset is the arctis 7 steel series and whenever I open a ps4 game it disconnects and reconnects immediately, but it lowers the volume drastically so I can barely hear the game or my friends on partychat. I'd have to turn the volume on the headset all the way up and it's still quiet. My current fix is just unplugging the little separate pod/router thing (I forget what it's called) for the headset from the back of the ps5 and plugging it back in and then everything works normal again. I'm not sure when this started but it was recently in like the last week or so. I've been using this headset for awhile now and never experienced this problem before. Any ideas on this?
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2023.06.01 11:57 bumblybree Will police help me?

Mom and I have an estranged relationship. She has ~borrowed~ a lot of money from me in the past and went radio silent (no, not the only reason for the bad relationship). Yesterday, she randomly sent me $400 on cash app for part of what she owed me. I told her thank you and that's it.
She has been HARASSING ME since yesterday, demanding some, if not all of it back. Started up again with name calling and petty stuff. I told her I am going to block her and did, however I can still see the blocked messages. She only lives about 1.5 miles away from me, and she said she is absolutely going to walk to my apartment complex and wait outside for me to come out and won't leave until I do and give her money as her "dog needs to go to the vet" (she has a history of drug use, her dog is FINE).
Please know, you are getting the full story. She is just this insane. I didn't poke the bear, she paid me out of no where and I am definitely not sending any back.
My question is, will the police do anything to help me if she does wait outside my door? She is crazy enough to wait out there forever. Her spiteful willpower is unmatched. This is incredibly distressing to me and scary.
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2023.06.01 11:57 SnooSprouts8969 PETE DAVIDSON PICKS UP NEW PUP ... While Out With Girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders

PETE DAVIDSON PICKS UP NEW PUP ... While Out With Girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders
Folks who work at Citipups tell TMZ ... Pete and Chase came through May 21 and left with a cavapoo puppy. We’re told the pup, a boy, was only 2.5 months old ... and he didn’t have a name, so Pete and Chase have a big decision to make. The puppy’s not a rescue or anything ... we’re told it was from a breeder.
Leading up to Pete’s in-store visit, we’re told Pete was in contact with Citipups and told them he fell in love with the cavapoo after seeing a photo of the pup.
Pete brought Chase along with him ... and we’re told they loved the dog and bought it on the spot.
Naturally, we’re told Pete and Chase are super excited with their new pup ... though it’s unclear if it’s Pete’s dog or if they got it together.
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2023.06.01 11:57 Rospait Advice for diet

Hello guys, i have a question about my diet. i have allways been an athlete (Rowing) and becouse of my very demanding training i was at more or less 4300kcal for mantenaince, 2 years ago becouse of very heavy trauma to my hand i had to stop training, during my pause i gained a lot of fat, i was still eating like an athlete but doing non of the work, after full recovery i started going to the gym about 12 months ago, when i started training and diet again i was at 1800/2000 ckal and losing steady weight and gaining back my stenght and muscle for about 6/7 months and i went from 92kg to 80kg (202lbs to 176lbs) but for uni reasons had to stop again for 2/3 months, still with a healty diet but not counting calories anymore, 2 months ago started again with diet with about 1800/2000ckal and training weights, but my weight stagnated at 82/83kg (180/183 lbs) and its not going down at all. As allways i count every calorie and have a very good macro split with about 180g of protein a day.
I train 6 times a week, 5 of them are weightlifting and a little bit of cardio afterwards and the 6th is still going out rowing or maybe hiking.
Still with 2k calories im very hungry all the time but its manageable and going down would be very hard to maintaing, should i stick with this calorie range and keep going or change something?
TL;DR : 83kg/183lbs 186cm/6'1 at 1800/2000 ckal not losing weight with daily exercise and lots of protein
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2023.06.01 11:57 RedQualify-7212 Renovations gone wrong?

My wife and I bought a small house April of 2022. The recent owners purchased the property to renovate it. Brand new plumbing, electrical work, kitchen, bathroom, and the low ceiling concrete basement. We were never home much due to work until the past couple months and noticed some issues with the basement and the bathroom that weren’t here during inspection. The concrete walls in the basement are crumbling and breaking off. While underneath the bathroom area is completely crumbling and falling apart in massive chunks.
I still have all the paperwork from closing stating that the plumbing and electrical were all professionally done. As well as the concrete in the basement (floor and walls) were completely replaced/fixed. All receipts show it was around November 2021-February 2022.
What can we do?
Edit: The caulk in the bathroom shower is now falling out and the shower wall tiles are starting to move out of place.
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2023.06.01 11:57 Emotional-Pace9399 what i really want

  1. All food in Minecraft
  2. All redstone
  3. bow and arrow
  4. crossbow
  5. All cherry blossom items
  6. stone armor
  7. trading with villagers
  8. All mobs in Minecraft
  9. emerald
  10. trident
  11. Portion
  12. scythe
  13. weather
  14. bookshelf
  15. book with wings
  16. enchantment
  17. enchanted book
  18. name tag
  19. music disc
  20. Fishing rod (including carrots and twisted mushrooms)
  21. Ocean
  22. clock
  23. map
  24. compass
  25. neck strap
  26. horse armor
  27. recovery compass
  28. ignition agent
  29. flint and steel
  30. lava bucket
  31. powder snow
  32. powder snow bucket
  33. Mobs in buckets
  34. progress
  35. chunk border
  36. Coordinates, Day, etc. What F3 displays in Minecraft Java Edition
  37. produce
  38. Glass Bottle, Bowl, Fermented Spider Eye, Eye of Ender, Ender Pearl, Blaze Rod, Blaze Powder, Dragon's Breath, Glowing Watermelon,
Baked chorus fruit, flag pattern, fruit crystal
  1. Flint, Gravel, Snowballs, Sugar, Paper, Sugarcane, Bricks, Rabbit Skin, Leather Armor, Leather, Feathers, Eggs, Ink Sacs, Glowing Ink Sacs, Bone, Bone Meal, Gunpowder, Light, Spider Eyes, Slimeballs. , Ghast Tear, Magma Cream, Nether Star, Honeycomb, Echo Fragment, Disc Fragment, Phantom Membrane, Elytra, Shulker Shell, Shulker Box
  2. All sea related items
  3. All Minecraft blocks
  4. Lapis lazuli, enchantment table
  5. Netherite
  6. amethyst
  7. command block,
  8. All Minecraft commands
  9. All the items that come out with the command,
  10. Observer, lightning rod, skalk sensor, skalk shrieker
  11. rail system
  12. jukebox
  13. obsidian
  14. cauldron
  15. beacon
  16. barrel
  17. Furnace, drafting table, fletching table, smithing table, stone cutter, millstone, loom, smoker, composter,
Conduit, Respawn Anchor
  1. Stone, lectern, bell
  2. Bonfire system
  3. spawner
  4. All Undersea Temple items
  5. All items in the ancient city
  6. prop block
  7. end portal frame
  8. end gateway portal
  9. All items in the Nether
  10. All decorative blocks
  11. All favorite blocks
  12. stone block
Coral, spider web, beehive, beehive, sea turtle egg, changing light, sea cucumber, dragon egg
  1. fungal items
  2. all botanical
  3. peeled log
  4. peeled bark
  5. non-solid
  6. all the soil
  7. Boss Mobs (Ender Dragon, Wither, Warden, Elder Guardian, Piglin Brute)
  8. All stone items
  9. Mixing stand (brewing stand)
  10. Arrow of light
  11. arrow
  12. bed color
I want all of these added.
Simply put, I want to make it look like Minecraft, align it with the Minecraft 1.20 update, and try to catch up.
1.20 is June 8th.
Please implement all this by then.
Together with Minecraft, goes even further.
Align with Minecraft!
Add all of these!
Arthur, please.
I'm begging you?
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2023.06.01 11:57 bumblybree Will police help me?

Mom and I have an estranged relationship. She has ~borrowed~ a lot of money from me in the past and went radio silent (no, not the only reason for the bad relationship). Yesterday, she randomly sent me $400 on cash app for part of what she owed me. I told her thank you and that's it.
She has been HARASSING ME since yesterday, demanding some, if not all of it back. Started up again with name calling and petty stuff. I told her I am going to block her and did, however I can still see the blocked messages. She only lives about 1.5 miles away from me, and she said she is absolutely going to walk to my apartment complex and wait outside for me to come out and won't leave until I do and give her money as her "dog needs to go to the vet" (she has a history of drug use, her dog is FINE).
Please know, you are getting the full story. She is just this insane. I didn't poke the bear, she paid me out of no where and I am definitely not sending any back.
My question is, will the police do anything to help me if she does wait outside my door? She is crazy enough to wait out there forever. Her spiteful willpower is unmatched. This is incredibly distressing to me and scary.
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2023.06.01 11:57 ADE-TEMI What should I do in this situation M28 F 24

What should I do?
I f-24 and my bf m-28 have been dating for 6 years and he laid his hands on me for the fourth time and I retaliated back causing him a tear in head and jaw and getting a few stitches and he said he won't marry me. We had a very serious argument and he took the phone he bought for me and told me to accept that I am wrong and he is right for cheating on me, 1 month after I lost our baby because I didn't give him sex and was always crying. When I said no, that I had every right to cry and refuse him sex because I could not bring myself to give him pleasure, we started arguing and I said very hurtful words then he started hitting me and I starting to fight back breaking his head and jaw, which I know was wrong but I couldn't stop myself. And his brother was in the other room hearing me scream but did nothing about till I fought back. And we got him treated but he said he won't marry me and I said okay but I didn't have another living option till 3 months time and we have to stay together, he started seeing other girls and it hurts me but I had to push through, sometimes I cry but I started making friends and I was happy and he saw me laughing with a friend and saw I was cheating on him and he's disgusted on how fast I moved on. I got a new phone after he collected his own. And he told me his affair on the death anniversary of our child. But I can't leave the apartment for about 30 days And I feel shitty and he's telling everyone that I'm cheating and I feel the people look at me especially our neighbors and his brother. What should I do in this situation to not feel hurts but the words he said? The actions he does?
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2023.06.01 11:56 molensloot Tesla Model 3 one of the most reliable cars in Germany - ADAC Germany
According to the reliability study conducted by ADAC, it turns out that electric cars tend to break down less often on average than vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines. If we look at the data from 2020, only 4.9 electric cars out of 1,000 experienced breakdowns, compared to 6.9 for petrol or diesel vehicles. However, the ADAC does note that this information pertains to recent figures from relatively new models, so the balance could still shift in the coming years. But what about the reliability (or lack thereof) of the Tesla Model 3? According to ADAC's data, the electric sedan can be considered one of the most reliable vehicles on the German market, with only 0.9 breakdowns per 1,000 cars for the 2019 model year and 1.1 breakdowns per 1,000 cars for the 2020 model year - each time ranking within the top 5.
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