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This is made for Yagami Yato supporting server staff. Ban list updates, verification system explanation etc.

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A place by fans for fans of Obey Me! — Shall We Date? Series

2023.02.21 08:55 Persian-prime Who will be the voice actor

On your opinion,who do you think is the best voice actor for sung jin woo,cha hae in,yoo jin ho,choi jong in,woo jin chul
My opinion for the characters: 1)Sung jin woo => yuki kaji(eren,todoroki) 2)Cha hae in => kaede hondo(eiko tsumiki in ya boy kongming) 3)yoo jin ho=>daiki yamashita(midoriya) 4)choi jong in=>miyano mamoru(light yagami,dazai) 5)woo jin chul=>hiroshi kamiya(levi,yato)
What do you think?
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2022.12.20 12:38 WhataWorld2c My YouTube Recap

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2022.11.30 08:43 callaghan-aiden What are your thoughts on ASMR videos that include BSD characters?

Last night, I was on YouTube, trying to look for some ASMR to relax to, since I had a bit of free time. Not finding anything interesting, I just randomly clicked on a playlist, and i began searching for the videos that were contained in that playlist specifically.
At some point, I find a video from the "Yagami Yato" channel where a voice actor (presumably the owner of the channel itself) plays as Chuuya for what I presume is a comfort ASMR of some kind. Up until then, all normal.
Then, I start to look at the comments.
I didn't really understand what had happened, since a lot of old comments were either previously deleted by the users themselves or by the owner of the channel, but it seems like whoever made the video got into a lot of shit with the BSD fandom, mostly because they accused him of sexualising a real life author.
This got me thinking. Are you guys fine with the idea of roleplays/ASMR that include characters from the show? Keep in mind that I'm specifically talking about adult characters from the series, like Chuuya or Dazai.
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2022.08.22 15:43 BestMotorcycleShocks Is Yagami yato a guy or girl?

I'm interested in how to change a women's voice masculine after listening to Yagami Yato on YouTube. She is female, but I am amazed by how much she sounds like a male! If there is a program that can Tetsuya Yamagami mother help or any tips on how you can do one would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.08.22 15:42 BestMotorcycleShocks What is the meaning of Yagami yato?

Tetsuya Yamagami is a woman who makes popular anime asmr's of anime boys. They are all over the internet and once your aware of them, suddenly they're everywhere. You can't escape. Never watched them but people enjoy it.
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2022.08.15 01:46 cherry27blossom Can someone update Twinkle Audio,Yuzuya,Yagami Yato,and Jae audio on kemono party please? 🥺😭

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2022.07.06 02:02 MemoryAlternative VA's To Not Support

Professor Cal - allowed his server to be racist to multiple black women
YSF/Choke You Senseless -.manipulated, abused multiple women, told a black woman he wanted to bleach her skin. Proof Of Telling A Black Woman He Wanted To Bleach Her Skin
BoyfriendAudio - homophobic & transphobic, not dealing with racism in his community, didn't address trigger warnings properly, ignoring listener's concerns.
King Akira - stalked multiple women and threatened to rape Women and did more. Proof!
Tombanter & ShyguyVA - racist, manipulative and fetishized black women.
Harukiva - said the N word (I know he apologized, I don't accept it)
YagamiYato - mentioned molestation In her audios, aged up minors just to sexualize them and compared BLM to demon discrimination in a demon todoroki audio.
Samuelenderby - romanticized RvW recently
ROT - said the R slur
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2022.06.28 08:13 Odd-Island-1105 Do you remember your yagami yato phase-

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2022.06.19 05:15 NerdyFanFamGirl Best free/cheap Windows software for female to male voice acting?

Hi everyone! I recently found an interest in voice acting (similar to Yagami Yato type things) but my voice is shit and I have no abilities whatsoever. I don't necessarily want it to become something I do professionally or anything, just captured my interest as something I'd like to try and maybe become a simple hobby of mine. Can any of you recommend any Windows software that would change my young female voice into a man's well enough for ASMR? Preferably free but if it's cheap I don't mind trying it out! Thank you all very much!
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2022.05.12 18:58 BitterSweetSis Note To Self: Never say this again lol

I brought up the thing Yagami Yato did in the past where she gr**med someone (idk much tbh, I don't even know if it's true) in the yagamiyato subreddit and I got a bunch of down votes... either they didn't know, they don't care, or they just didn't like how I fraised it. Seriously tho, wtf? Pls explain if it's one of the things I listed so I know if I should refraise it or smth, I don't even mean to be rude I just want to knowwwwww!
(Repost cause the other one got banned...unless you can see it now, I forgot to censor a certain word...)
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2022.05.12 03:14 BitterSweetSis Note to self: never saying this again lol

I brought up the thing Yagami Yato did in the past where she gr**med someone (idk much tbh, I don't even know if it's true) in the yagamiyato subreddit and I got a bunch of down votes... either they didn't know, they don't care, or they just didn't like how I fraised it. Seriously tho, wtf? Pls explain if it's one of the things I listed so I know if I should refraise it or smth, I don't even mean to be rude I just want to knowwwwww!
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2022.04.17 21:24 No-Ad-9329 How can I deepen my voice?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've been trying to make my feminine voice deep and masculine (kind of like yagami yato does on youtube).
My friends say I sometimes have a relatively deep voice for a girl (especially when I speak in french, maybe because I grew up with mostly male teachers and friends for them), but it's still unmistakably feminine. I also unfortunately have a very petite stature; I don't know if that influences my voice or not but I feel like it makes voice deepening difficult.
I've been practicing for about 10-15 minutes a day. But even though I'm pretty careful I feel like I'm still damaging something. My throat gets really strained and scratchy, I end up coughing a lot, and speaking afterwards is painful for a while.
I was wondering if there are any good methods/tips for deepening my voice safely? How long should I be practicing maximum every day?
I've also noticed that a lot of people sound masculine without having necessarily deeper voices, so how would I masculinize my voice without having to get it too deep?
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2022.04.05 01:06 MemoryAlternative "Remember your yagami yato pha-"

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2022.03.27 13:04 otaku_slayer_420 please get me some yagami yato im broke lol

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2022.03.12 15:19 ToryKunSenpai i was going to be like oh wow i found a goldmine of the male listener audios because they’re so rare

and it’s from yagami yato…..of course it is from yagami yato
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2022.01.21 04:24 SufficientRefuse8629 So..slightly dumb roleplay request with hawks from mha (mxf)

Okay I will say right off the bat, I have only seen 5 episodes of MHA so far as my depression and shit makes it hard to focus on anime as much as I used to..but I have the URGE to do a roleplay with Hawks/Keigo..which I know is dumb. But he's such a comfort character, the amount of stories, asmrs and cosplays/tiktoks I've read/seen of him have me loving him lol. I know a lot of people will judge me or make fun of me for this but I wanna do a romance roleplay with someone playing him how he is kinda in Yagami Yatos asmrs(if you know her on YouTube)..and I wanna play myself as a quirkless human perhaps he saves or bumps onto. I'm really desperate for this as a comfort to myself for my depression, so if anyone is willing pls pm me or comment. Please be semi-lit
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2022.01.17 12:14 Ev1L4ngel yagami yato

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2021.12.21 23:36 PeanutandStocking1 QUIZ #1

Who is Pancake Cookie's voice actor?
A. Inquisitormaster
B. Yagami Yato
C. Taylor Swift
D. Snoop Dogg
put your answer in the comments
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2021.12.20 19:24 magenta_rdt Requesting to moderate r/yagami_yato. It currently has no moderators

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2021.12.06 06:44 Lucas39_ Requesting to become mod of r/YagamiYato as the the two mods have been inactive for over 4 and 11 months, neither have been answering dms and the subreddit has recently been changed to "trusted members only" and no one bas been trusted, preventing everyone from being able to post.

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2021.11.15 18:13 NothingGreen5141 help me (i’m at my limit)

hello. i’ve spent months searching for my favorite audio of all time. it’s yagami yato’s ceo shoto todoroki one (both parts). it must be on the patreon but it got taken down everywhere else. i’ve looked everywhere and now i’m resorting to this. does anyone have access to it in any way? if so, can you please send it to me. i’m practically begging. this has been a huge loss for me.
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2021.10.23 23:48 SunStrange5472 Yagami yato patreon

Does anyone have the Yagami yato kuroo train ride patreon audio
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