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2021.10.09 01:00 JiveMonkey That 90s Show

Set in Wisconsin in 1995, That ’90s Show follows Leia Forman, daughter of Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon), who is visiting her grandparents for the summer and bonds with a new generation of Point Place kids under the watchful eye of Kitty and the stern glare of Red. Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll never dies, it just changes clothes.

2011.01.23 04:17 ihatepreggos infertility, pregnancy loss, and trouble conceiving community

Welcome to /infertility, a fantastic community that exists for shitty reasons. We're here for everyone, of all genders, who are dealing with primary or secondary infertility, social infertility, pregnancy loss after infertility, and/or recurrent loss. This is the place to be when it feels like everyone is easily pregnant, except you. We operate in cynical, compassionate mutual support, underpinned by evidence-based medicine.

2023.03.30 00:15 Chemia12 Fake Taxi to Fake Hostel - Hitchhikers Georgie Lyall big tits blonde and horny Mexican babe Frida Sante have hardcore high energy threesome sex with squirting orgasm right in the face

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2023.03.30 00:15 1my3 Hot young yoga teacher has sex with grandpa and gets facial

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2023.03.30 00:15 Smeeblesisapoo what is attraction exactly?

Is attraction the emotional pull toward a particular person, or the very desire or preference to be with certain people?
If I've never had a romantic crush and therefore haven't felt romantic "attraction," I would be aromantic, right? But would that mean that everyone who hasn't felt attracted to a person at least yet is aromantic or asexual at that point? Or is it determined by that persons own preference or desire toward who they would be with?
Aromantic and asexual people can desire relationships but don't feel some kind of attraction. If I have a desire for a same sex relationship, does that make me gay? Or still aroace because I technically haven't felt any attraction toward a person at this point in time despite the desire to?
Am I stupid? Am I looking to deep into this?
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2023.03.30 00:15 0ggiemack [OC] Even I'm Shocked

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2023.03.30 00:15 washstorm Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 (Complete Course)

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2023.03.30 00:15 Throwingaway4them Question about the Spicer app

For the unaware, Spicer is an app where you swipe on different sex activities/kinks. You share a code with your partner, and they also swipe and the app will show you which ones you matched on.
My question is, there’s a Yes and a Maybe category. If my partner does Yes but I do Maybe (or vice versa) does that count as a “match”? Or does it have to be Yes and Yes and Maybe and Maybe?
There’s definitely things I want to write Maybe to and am hoping that they’ll still show up if my partner writes Yes
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2023.03.30 00:14 throwaway9123145 Chances of her being pregnant?

Okay, this may be long, and sort of all over the place. There’s multiple factors that could influence the outcome, but I just need some input.
FWB got her IUD out (due to irregular bleeding all month) on 3/21. She said she felt like she had a period shortly after, and continued to bleed like a normal period bleed. On 3/27, she started the BC pill. Night of 3/27, we had sex with no condom, but I pulled out. We didn’t plan on having sex, but things escalated. She took the Plan B pill about an hour after having sex.
She’s not worried, but I am as this is the first time having unprotected sex, since the birth control pill isn’t effective after only one dose. She is confident she wasn’t ovulating, but I’m way too into my head to trust it. I know it’s just a waiting game until her next period or when we’re able to have her take a test, but I’d like some input on the chances she could be pregnant?
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2023.03.30 00:14 Iwoktheline 37 [M4F] Midwesterner throwing his hat into the ring...And I hate hats.

So, I am taking RueMint's form for myself and spilling it all out there.
I'll get the selfie out of the way first.
It's a wee bit outdated because I just shaved my head and it's at the "peach fuzz" stage right now.
Basics - Age is already up above, 5'8 (although looking at the doorway height signs stores put in, they say 6'0, so I like to steal Ron White's joke and say "anywhere between 5'8 and 6'2 depending on what store I walk out of) 215lbs. I have a job, a car, a home I bought, I try to keep tidy, and I make sure the bills are paid, although they slip my mind because I am a space cadet, and I make them get back to current. I am very reticent and much more of a listener, although I have moments where the dam breaks and I am a chatterbox. I guess I would say dreamer, and I want to and am slowly working towards my dreams.
Physical looks - Now, this may be the deal breaker due to my self-esteemed being in pieces and if so, it happens. No tattoos, eventually I want to get one when I feel comfortable as a memorial piece to my dog. I have minimal body hair (definitely the opposite of Austin Powers, that's for sure). Body type is, to be real, dad bod, am getting back into the gym to lift heavy things and put them back down. I do not feel right if I do not have a daily shower, unless I know I am getting filthy, then when it is done I am sitting under a fires of Mordor hot shower until I am clean.
Imaginings - I imagine being with someone who has that open line of communication, be it a silly thought or something that invites discussion. As an old friend once said, "what you ignore is priceless to me." A relationship is work, and it has to be maintained and upkept daily, else the wheels fall off. I believe that while we help our partners, even if we have to be the bad person to be kind at times, and they have an important role in our lives, ultimately we cannot set ourselves on fire to keep the other person warm.
My defense mechanism is my reticence, be patient and let me sort my thoughts when I get upset as they become a whirlwind and I need a minute to settle the storm.
There are plenty of times I am upstairs in my head and "wandering the halls", and those times it's usually elevator Muzak or the Mii theme going on. As was said in the game Bastion, "Not always something to say."

Still reading? Awesome.

Kids - None. Now, I refuse to become the draconian Childfree person that the subreddit became. I can handle being around kids, the billion dollar answer is I don't want any of my own, I know nothing about parenting and I don't want to take the crash course.
Religion - Agnostic. I believe there's things out there that we can't explain, as long as nobody is trying to force their religion down my throat, I'm okay.
Politics? Pro-choice, pro-science, support the LGBTQ community, I hate Trump, and am vaccinated.
Drink? Smoke? Drugs? Don't smoke, the worst I've been in forever was a Malort with friends, and yes, the aftertaste is absolutely horrid. I don't like the smell of weed, I don't partake in it, I don't mind if someone does, just not around me cause again, I think it stinks.
Have you ever been in therapy? Yes. I have depression and anxiety and while I fell off the wagon in terms of therapy due to financial stuff, I am getting back on.
Do you want to get married someday? Honestly, I don't know, but I am keeping it as an option. I don't care to blow an easy 5 figures to get married, I am perfect happy with a small celebration among close friends and found family, and making memories.
Can anything be funny? No. Some people try to be edgier than Bismuth and while there are dark humor jokes that can make me spit my drink, I believe 1) time and place. 2) the company 3) subject. All three are equally important when it comes to humor. I am so so SO much more of a dad joke and pun guy, or even some adult humor.
City? Country? Somewhere in the middle please. I would like to not be near major metropolitan areas, nor do I want to be out in the sticks. I've done both, and am happy with where I can hide away from the world, and if need be not have to drive 40 minutes just to get something from the store.
Is jealousy a healthy emotion? It is normal, yes. Communication is King, Queen, and Their Eminence when it comes to handling this, however, as this is also something that comes up in a relationship.
Are you looking for someone local? Kind of, I am financially bound to my house for right now, if not then we can cross that bridge if/when we come to it.
Intimacy and sex? I can’t be in a relationship where sex isn’t an important part. I have an above average sex drive, but it does not consume me. Sex, like the relationship, is give and take. Sometimes I like to take control, others I let my partner take the wheel.
Music? I am a bit eclectic (and a basic bitch) and dabble in various genre outside of hip hop (unless you count Lotus Juice?) Or heavy metal, I like to understand what I'm listening to. If anyone knows of any good didgeridoo music, let me know.
Movies? I had been on a Marvel kick, and try to be open minded on various genre. I can live just fine without horror, although I will indulge in Chainsawman, and am happy to keep it away from a partner who isn't interested. Love a good animation, Pixar has wowed me with what I have seen of their works, and I like to watch some good sci-fi.
Shows? I watched a ton of Doctor Who, and most media I consume anymore has been games, outside of reading Fandom to catch up on things I missed, and I will sit with friends to watch anime like Buddy Daddies, Chainsawman (as above), or whatever catches our collective eye.
Games? Here is the big one for me. I’ve grown up on the NES, and consider the SNES to be the golden era of gaming. Of course, there are some crappy stories (I love a good story that will hook me, like Earthbound for its whimsical nature yet dark undertones) such as Lufia 2, but it’s what I consider as media “Fast food”. What I mean by that is that is empty turn off your brain fun, yet hits the itch you can’t quite scratch. I am still a huge fan of the 2D Legend of Zelda series (I love A Link To the Past), and if the trailer is decent enough, I’m willing to give it a chance.
Art? I love digital art. There is a lot of dedication and passion that artists put into their work and I respect the eye and talent that they put into it. Pixel art can be absolutely wonderful and the artists put in a painstaking amount of work to make everything pop. Game Design is something I've wanted to do ever since I was a little kid, and Super Mario Bros blew my mind.
I used to read, read, read as a little kid. That dream of a library sounds absolutely wonderful, and so comfortable at the end of the day. I think high fantasy and RPGs have helped solidify that is what I want to do at the end of the day. Anything with dragons will pique my interest, and if there is a good story, I will probably devour it.
What are some of your non-sexual turn ons?
A good long hug, where someone holds onto me like I'm about to disappear, as well as hugs from behind. Top of head or forehead kisses. Actively listening, or inviting further discussion on a topic, even if it's something that isn't easily understood. Compassion is a huge one for me, and when I'm falling apart showing patience for me while I slowly put myself together. Understanding that sometimes I need my own space and/or I'm going to stubbornly push on to work through something, because I know if I don't keep pushing forward I'm going to stagnate and I don't want that.
Do you want your partner to have the same hobbies and interests?
Absolutely, doesn't have to be everything I'm into, as having exactly everything match up is a cashew's chance at a squirrel convention. As much as I love a good long cuddle, I don't have to have someone attached to my hip, nor do I want that. If there is something one or the other isn't interested in, then it's okay to not be interested, just don't shit all over it.
I would love to see someone everyday, wake up with them or shortly before and get breakfast prepped or we do it together, or even if there's something that needs to be done by oneself, that's okay too!
If you want to talk more, drop me a DM, and to prove you are not a bot (beep boop) list in the title what game I consider crappy, yet hits an itch you can't quite scratch.
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2023.03.30 00:14 0Free1 Day with a Pornstar (Janice Griffith) Skinny brunette loves rough sex - BRAZZERS

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2023.03.30 00:13 Bus6y Gorgeous blonde wife has intense morning sex with her man

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2023.03.30 00:13 ProfessorFlyPhD Thanks to the seahorse minion gifter!

I just wanted to say thanks, if you’re out there, to whomever gifted me a Tiny Tatsunoko minion. I had shown a screenshot of one to my daughter, with whom I’m playing, and I told her I’d try to get one. I was talking to her about it again and literally seconds later someone initiated a trade for one, waved at my green-haired miqo’te, and cast a healing spell on us before leaving. We were in Gridania to do Hatching-Tide stuff. It was just so wholesome and random.
If you see this, thanks! You made my daughter’s day - and mine.
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2023.03.30 00:12 Crazy-Ad-7415 Ever since i had an idea of making rugs about 2 1/2 years ago, my daughter has been asking me to make her a stitch rug with her name in it. After having more kids, I kept pushing the investment back to focus on my family. LSS. We’re finally on the move! Please follow my IG for more @i_DealRugs

Ever since i had an idea of making rugs about 2 1/2 years ago, my daughter has been asking me to make her a stitch rug with her name in it. After having more kids, I kept pushing the investment back to focus on my family. LSS. We’re finally on the move! Please follow my IG for more @i_DealRugs submitted by Crazy-Ad-7415 to Tuftingrugs [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 00:12 Alt-Punk_Duckling I get nauseous when me and my gf start to get frisky

So me (M18) and my gf (F18) have been together for like a year and a half, we had sex before, we love each other, but we had to take a big break for something. (I didn’t sleep with anyone in that time) and when I came back, when we tried to do stuff, I got a horrible feeling in my stomach and throat. I stopped for a moment, drank some water, and continued, but it got worse. I ran to the toilet and dry heathed for a bit, before throwing up a little bit. We didn’t have sex that night, and we both felt super bad. I find her very attractive, and I want to have sex with her. We both do. This has happened like 3 times, I dont know what to do
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2023.03.30 00:12 joselinecabaretfan Crazy Karen aunt won’t leave me alone!

This is my first Reddit post. But I really feel the need to share this so maybe I know I’m not alone? But to explain my situation I am a teen girl who is mixed half asian half white my mom is the asian parent but toxic and attracts 90% toxic pieces of shits who are weird and psychopaths and many have nothing good about them. My asian uncles and aunties and grandparents are mature, smart, hard working, nice good people who are well off so they know not to associate with my mom (especially since my mom uses everyone including me her own daughter for money but never pays it back). So this Karen my mom put in my life is the sister of my white dad(and my mom and dad are 2 completely different stories with all the fucked up shit they’ve done and said and still are doing to me). But my Karen aunt who I call grandma fugly(because that bitch is in her 40s way older than all my parents and uncles and aunties and, everyone who is in there 20s and 30s is uncle and auntie to me)is the most stereotypical white Karen from the fact that ugly, old, fat piece of shit has the short blonde haircut to the other facts that bitch is the most hypocritical, self entitled, narcissistic, childish/immature, toxic, annoying, confrontational, aggressor, creepy stalker, wannabe the victim ass bitch I can tell so many stories about how this Karen is the biggest cunt in the whole world and universe. But I am the complete opposite of that Karen trash I am Buddhist, quiet, reserved, peaceful, nice(yes I am with my Asian culture and proud of it). So of course I am a easy target for my Karen aunt grandma fugly to harass me. So this post isn’t super long I will just tell this one backstory and then get into the main story but my little brother a couple years ago and me went to my white grandmas house he was 8 and nice and quiet but then my karen asshole aunt was there that bitch started to yell and cuss out my little brother for no reason trying to fight him. Of course me and my little brother had our mom pick us up but my grandma that Karen piece of shit’s mom lied and defended her(my white grandma is a fake ass bitch and a libra who lies about everything and, is really ignorant and stupid). Grandma fugly has always been a stereotypical Karen like this probably because her mom my white grandma allowed it. But now I’m really sick of that Karen asshole my mom has a bf(who once again is a ugly,evil,bum,dangerous psycho and is a whole other story too) So my mom is forcing me to live at my white grandma house because her bf keeps threatening me for no fucking good reason my mom really is a toxic bitch who associates with nothing but toxic,dangerous, psychos. But the reason why I been avoiding my white grandma’s house is because my old weird, ugly, psycho, bum bitch Karen aunt grandma fugly lives there with no job, no friends, no bf or husband, no life so that shitty annoying,toxic,cunt is always at “home” 24/7. I don’t understand why she’s a old ass grown ass bitch who is way way older than my parents and uncles and aunties but is still living with her parents and is such a lazy waste of space piece of shit but has the nerve to self project onto everybody else. So this is when my life started to get ruined because this Karen who won’t leave me alone it doesn’t matter how nice or mean or even if ignore that Karen cunt she always is stalking me and harassing me and her mom my white grandma always victim blames me and lies and denies for that Karen trash. This is where I lost it with this Karen bitch, me and her tried to talk it out even though I’m not a old ass grown ass woman like that Karen bitch and it should apologize and leave me alone. But what happened was this bitch was trying to say it’s not mean she’s just “honest” and doesn’t like to sugar code things which is the fakest shit I ever heard. And the whole time that Karen bitch kept lying on me and trying to herself seem like the victim and lying on my mom and would constantly talk over me and ignore everything I said trying to make me seem like I’m the aggressor. I went to my mom’s house for a few days after and I knew when I came back this Karen cunt was going to start some shit. Pretty much I got fed up and was telling my white grandma her mom how that cunt really needs to get out of life because I’m not a grown up like that bitch so I can’t leave. The Karen bitch was ease dropping per usual then I naturally snapped and went off on that Karen trash cussing it out giving it a taste of it’s own medicine. My piece of shit white grandma and that Karen bitch pretended like they were victims and wanted to call the cops on me. Now I am stuck in the basement and scared that Karen bitch is going to come down here like it has to bother since that last incident like for example tornado drills, or if something goes wrong in the basement. That bitch is the most stereotypical white Karen cunt in the planet and it refuses to leave my life I also think this bitch is secretly racist towards Asians making comments like “they’re stuck up because they’re quiet and non confrontational”.
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2023.03.30 00:12 myles2500 [IIL] what genre are these songs so I can find similar is there any sorta genre or subgenre they fit ?

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2023.03.30 00:12 Throwradeleteaccount AITA for accusing my Fiancè of cheating?

Throw away account so friends don't see.
So I'll try put this in a short as story as possible.
I have been with my partner for 8 years. I'll admit, I've done some horrible things. I have sent nudes to other women, But I have apologised and we tried to move forward.
I do have an awfully bad habit of getting angry at her or our childen and calling them names (Retarded, Stupid, Cunts, Braindead etc), I do know its wrong.
A few months back she organised a night out for us, Just the two of us to do something as I was stressed from work, But I also had other stuff planned to go out with a mate, So I went out with him instead as I had planned this with him first. She got upset and told me I might as well be with him since I always drop everything to do stuff with him, He's also my co worker so we spend everyday together plus also go shooting 2-3 times a week. So anyway after her saying that, I lost it with her and I did start the name calling again, Then walked out the door not coming home till about 1am in the morning.
Since then she has been awfully distant, We have probably only had sex 4 times in the last 5 months. She wont come near me. So, I accused her of cheating on me, I admit I did this everyday cause thats how I felt. I would text her everyday for months that she was cheating on me because she wouldnt come near me. She even carries her phone around in her back pocket so this is also why I thought she was cheating.
Shes now, Ever so distant with me. Won't hug me, Or kiss me. Ive asked her why, She flat out told me its because of what ive done. I've explained to her that this is both our faults, But mainly hers for being so distant, I blame our relationship for being so fucked now because of her distance.
I told her we need to try fix this, But shes so blunt about it and never really talks about it. I feel like she agrees with me to shut me up. I want to get stuff back to normal but I feel as though I'm not getting anywhere with it. I have apoligized to her, I still slip up here and there but I am trying. She's even spoke to a mental health hotline cause she is crying everyday about all of this.
AITA here or is she?
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2023.03.30 00:12 Voyager87 How do these plans sound for a play evening with a new play partner?

Hi all, I am visiting my friend's house for our first play session tomorrow and wanted to run my ideas past you and ask for some tips.
First off a bit of chatting/cuddling confirming undiscussed stuff and going through my kink bag and her kink kit,
Secondly some a quick and messy 3-4 rope futomomo or mermaid tie with overhead hand tie, sensation and impact play featuring some steel chopsticks, center punches, Wartenberg pin wheel, mild impact play with short sticks/rods/paracord flogger, bottle cap pain buttons(bottle caps beneath ropes that can be pushed)
After that I'd take off the ropes and her clothes and put on some leather wrist/ankle cuffs and get her to make me a drink and we'd then chill for a bit with me on the sofa and her at my feet, possibly with a little puppy play type stuff, after that I'd like a few ideas before we get to another chill/between care aspect before moving on to some anal play with her dildos, buttplug and prostate massager(she's MtF) and maybe some anal sex or a blowjob.
Any suggestions for the middle scene and 2nd transition would be appreciated, I'm considering using my Tens machine for some electro stuff and possibly an electro impact element as I have several steel toys and I coild put some pads on me and some on her.
Also any tips for what puppyplay stuff to do and any degregation stuff, because I'm not sure how naturally that would come to me.
N.b every aspect mentioned so far has been discussed and agreed to either be 'green' OK in a scene without asking at the time or 'yellow' on the table and agreed but to be confirmed during the scene.
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2023.03.30 00:12 hereforthecalamari Unprotected sex with a married FLDS woman.

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2023.03.30 00:12 coastraise Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 (Updated Course)

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2023.03.30 00:11 confidential__me health paranoia due to my mom

hey everyone,
I’m looking for advice related to my first visit to the OBGYN at 23. and yes, I live in the US. My mom does not know I am sexually active, since I turned 22 with my boyfriend of over a year. She would probably disown me. She does not believe in premarital sex. He is my only partner, and I am his. I need to go to the OBGYN for reasons unrelated to my sexual health. Since I am unable to move out (also due to my mom), I unfortunately live with her. I do not have health insurance so this visit will be paid for by my mom. I work but she insists she is paying. Any time I’ve visited a doctor before, not the OBGYB (again, first visit), I have included my mom on paperwork indicating she can view my health record. I will also add that my mom is a doctor so she is very knowledgeable pertaining to medical tests/diagnoses so I’ve always liked her having access to my health record. I am super scared about going because I do not want them to tell her about my sexual history. If they were to find something abnormal and attribute it to being sexually active, I would fear her knowing. I feel like I can’t get any tests done because let’s say for example they say let’s do an STD test she’ll say “Why did you get that? You’re not having sex!” We were talking about the appointment today and she said she did not know why they would do a PAP smear since I’m “not sexually active” to which I informed her that that’s often routinely done regardless of your sexual history. As sad as it is to say, I’d rather have something bad and her not know than to tell her. I’m so scared guys. What should I do?
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2023.03.30 00:10 03Ple Lesbian sex with hairy puss licking

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2023.03.30 00:10 ariielAm Why does iOS have this apostrophe ‘ and android have this one '

Also with quotes, on iOS it’s like “Sex” and on android it’s like "sex" yk what i mean right??
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