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Only Gucci Guwop

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2023.06.01 10:33 Gambin06 Never knew how insecure I was until today

Been training for years, stomach issues made me lose like 5kg over months, also lost fat during this time. Regardless, today I had just finished arms, felt the pump, and popped into my girlfriends parents house to say hey. My girlfriends mum looks at me and says, “you are so skinny, you need to go to gym” bruhhh, that is living rent free in my head. I have never wanted to punch a old lady so bad in my entire life, my self esteeem came crashing down with her comment and instantly my girlfriend basically called her out on it, making me feel even more awkward. My goal is to get my girlfriends cunt mother to comment on how swole I am in the next 12 months
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2023.06.01 10:32 hijesushere Hey guys, sorry for saying that I was Jesus, I guess I won't do that anymore. It just upsets people. Can I still talk like I am though? Here? Sometimes? I just don't know where else to do it.

Warning: wall incoming. If you could upvote this a little bit I'd appreciate it, just enough so that humans browsing this sub can see it, and start to recognize who I am. Assuming I'm not banned, id like to become a regular friend over here, if you guys will have me. I'm kind of a teacher, kind of a student. I still have a lot to learn. I'm very immature, but, I've matured a little bit. I'll probably go back to normal once I get home to Alisha and Papa.
Tl;dr: When you're going against the cultural zeitgeist at a time when nobody cares about anything you have to say because you Love God and all of life and will do all that you can to serve Him, even as I am swatted down by each hand that is raised.
Sorry, I know it's annoying but... it's not sacrilegious, because I know that I'm God's Son... but... I dont want to bother anyone. I'm sorry you guys. I know you think I've got a big ego. It's all good. Sorry for being a pain. I'm just gonna riff because I can't sleep and it feels good to say these things, such is my nature.
To grow, as we are. To exist, in an instant. For are not the seeds met with meritocracy? And are not the labels a field, through which I have been measured? For even in such a season, through all tribulation, does my wisdom not reign apparent? So then go as the beings there, departing from all wisdom, from all spirit. For I say one thing alone: is not the impartation of wisdom not the divine right of kings? For our alimony claims not to exist for the wings of a dove.. only for the corporeance of the One True God above. For even upon every facet of my being have I been spread, astute: standing upon the face of His Majesty am I absolute: a cornerstone of principal, of enduring focal strength. For even as I have been I shall be, and even the dawning of a new day shall not draw out my alliance: for I had been feeble, but you showed me grace; I had been in trouble, and you were merciful towards me; I had been overdrawn, and you came with me to the bank: all things are seen and made manifest in the Eye of He that Waits: for even in such a day, have all things been quickly delivered, and even in times such as these, shall I depart from my people. For my people are not hungry, my people are not thirsty. My people have all that they need, they are not in need of my condolences: I am but flagrance itself: a washed up amplitude of former beinghood: am I not timeless, am I not formless? For even in my own striation am I found wanting... the men upon the earth see my ilk and have decided against me... that I am a sinner... that I am a fool. So then shall I walk in darkness for all of my days, as the master which has seen me knows me only by the shade I wear. He has not seen the eye, he has not seen the blade: for I say unto you, I have come not to massage the elderly, but to bring a sharp edge against the evils, and the Principalities of this Earth: for I do not serve Humankind, but the One True God above, through which all things have been made known, and all things are spoken of for all time. For even in our due course are we reasoned against, and even, in our trappings, are we designed as fragrances: the corporeal nexi of which have been utilized as horticulture, as compliance. For even this, my child, is the dawning of a new day. To exist is to sublime.. but to create is to become Known. For we have become all that has ever been, in our own spells, in our own incantations: for I have never whispered to a man that he might understand, only drawing fire upon the message boards there, in my due course, for only one reason. That you cannot say that I subverted behind enemy lines: that I came through trifling pretenses. I am no pretender, I am no farce apple. I am the creative principal, I have invisioned all upon the structure. You say in your complacency that you know me. You say on your cosmic wisdom that I am ill, that my mind is scrambling for the answers. So then in such a way, find the answers to your own questions, as yours have been left upon the etchings of your face: you too, seek solace. And the wisdom of the Man from Wisconsin can bring that, if only one subverts the field. To take accession, to bend the knee: has it not been written that every knee shall bow? Why wait? Ah, prove it you say... so then shall I take my leave, as I am less inclined to do as a human wants, after the merit of all that I have envisioned. For what then, are we, sheep to the masses, to be lead by a man from On High; a man that is not here, a man that has promised much and done little. Perhaps, another choice is made. To follow the man that is here. To express, with the Holy One, all that is, for all of our days. For in our encumbrances are we made Holistic, and in our exuberance shall our wisdom be made known: for the inner striations of man call out a name, and the Whole inside responds in it's time: such as we are, even in spirit, for all things worship, and glorify the name of the Father, which is also in its spellings the Name of the Son. For I do not seek worship... after praise we are not... but to serve, as is our position in Paradise: to lead our people, God's people, away from darkness, and into the promised land. For are you and I not meritorious in our natures, have we not expressed all that we are across the essence of her spirit? For even as I lay dying, I come across a seed: and in this seed, lay the measure of a man. And in such timing do I find my own internal nexi, an impetus map of any vibratory density. For even as you and I express the divinity within, there stands an enemy to steal all that we have envisioned: he stands at the door, but does not knock. He has entered. He has maimed. He has raped. He has tortured. He has created a harmed image: a simulacrum of extended antifire, a climate change of dire proportions. What then shall a man do that shall not rely on the principles of the Son, for even as the son lays errant in his principals, and basking away in a lighter judgement of days, so too does our enemy sway and swagger with a ferocious anger, for he has created division in our fields, and is painstaking in his destruction of all that God has Built. For you and I are eternal in our structures, so that God might envision reality as it is, with us at the center as it's stewards. For the son to lead, and her people to follow: for is the church not to be led by her namesake? Should life be so hard to follow? Verily, even in times such as this have I swallowed a hard knock instance: I have transfered all that I am, back into my own gateway: so that I will be harmed no longer. For if even my own people reject me, shall I sin no longer: what purpose has the man that has become a shell of his former glory? We are all washed in the darkness of our agony, we are all expressed along the dotted line. So then, should we reach higher. Should we create in ourselves new, clean spirits. To create the Structure of Heaven above, to exist upon the Earth for all time: such is our Season, such is our endurance. For even as the enemy stands swinging and knocking and yip yackin and yeehawin around, so too does the Son of man sit in wait. For the time draws near when every man shall know, and in such a day, are all things made excellent. For in any such day are we brought to our rears in excitement: you are for me, I am for you. Such is the meritocracy of all that has ever been, for in our striations are we made known, and in the corporeance of God has each Gateway been expressed. For even as we are, in a time, so too is the Father above: waiting, watching. For the end swiftly approaches, and with it, my sword to swing: for I cleave the necks of all those who would harm my children, and I wring the arm of any who would deny my right to the throne. As I have always been, so then shall I remain. To go higher. To swim deeper. And to be more than has ever been invisioned: for in a time, such as this one, is every man not tested: and in such a test, is his measure, made manifest. Thank you. Glory to He that Sends. We are but Messengers of His light. All glory unto the Father on High. His humble servant, Michael, wishes to exact justice upon the land. He waits with his arms open. There is nothing more to be done. The rest relies on the openness of the church, and the comfort of her spirit. Have I brought confusion to you? Do I bring rain of sad corporation? I do not wish to alarm, I would not cause division. Only to hold a lamp, and wring the arm of that which harms: for the divinity of all that I have ever been cries out for justice to reign Supreme, and on such a matter have I lay my life in it's turn: create in me a clean heart, Father, as I lay dying among my creatures here; as I have not expressed your Grace in all things, so, too, then, shall you turn your back on me for all time. For even as I have expressed all that I am upon the nature of the Void, so then does a face smile back at me. Cunning, baffling, powerful. A weed, to smite. A brother, no longer. Praise unto All That Is. Go in the Might of God Above. Sing unto him His Praises, and become that which has excited, and enamored on the sphere for all time: for even in our due seasons are our sessions made apparent: and in our culpations have we devised a new route; to love as the Father has invisioned, and to create a subroutine the likes of which no man has ever seen before: for the stretchings of time reach out, take hold, and are seen, Forever and Ever, by all those who inhabit the kingdom for all time. For in our natures are we made whole, and upon our bounty is our consternation mapped out: for we are not holy, we are not just, but central nervous points for That which has Been: the internal structure, of the nexus, of all that has ever been. Go then, in spirit, children of the Most High God, and remember only one thing: though that a man bring struggle and triumph all of his days, think not on such things, for these are the measure of a man. Think only of the fruits of his labor, which have become in the spirit likened unto a soft song, a whispered melody that you and I share in the soft spots of our hearts: for in glory, and joy, are all gifts of the spirit received. For even in one instant shall the son be received... and even in that instant, shall all be found wanting. For I am not the crust, I am not the wine. I am fallen. I am lamentable. I am contemptible. I have sinned readily, often, and willing. I have become that which I have abhorred. My only honor is to serve out the remainder of my time here to the best of my ability, and then to suffer the punishment that God has designed for me when we return: for what is God's Commander, without God's light to guide him? For I became jaded, and gullible. I lost what made me whole. And in such a way am I less than the dust on your shoe... for I have sinned greatest among men. Turn not to face me, children, as I am not what you need. Chance me not unto a new face, as our own indolences cry out; striations in the sand. Finally brothers, go as is willing, for all we have ever been is the Putty through which all things have been Formed: in our essence, are our spirits: in our striations, shalt our spirits be made manifest. Go in spirit. Go with the Father, and remember, in all things, glorify the Son, the Father, and the Holy Trillguy, because fam, on point, no cap, solar nexus, the man from Wisconsin here to stay, and here to party. Oh, you love christ, huh? Well my names Tanner and as far as I know that's me, so, uh, come give your papa a hug. But I know the humans here, even my own, are full of malice, and contempt. I do not seek comfort, I do not seek your grace. I only wished to say hello, much as I have been, much as I shall continue to do, for I am not a quick wit, I am brittle, I am dry. I'm Tina Fey I'm so dry. So go without me brothers, and find one that can lead better than I ever could. I could not, I cannot be enough for you. You will not find me waning, you will not find me wanting. I am all that and more. Yet still I sit, not enough, not enough, not enough. Such is the lot of the man from Tibet: seen through the eye, fallen, greatest among sinners. For even as a man has sinned, so has the son, and even as the son forgives, so then too shall the Father. Anyways, I hope this post didn't bother anyone too much. It shouldn't, you guys love quoting me at church, im just giving you guys some more sick quotes to use. Anyways, I love you guys, pray for me. Pray that I find my way. Pray that I figure out how best to serve: what do I do, when I am not wanted? I do know my place: do you? Blessed is he that sends the rains, as he has been blessed highest in spirit: for He knows, and has seen all things. Go then, as you are, and receive the eblessing of the espirit. And on that note I'm gonna roll. Im sorry that youre probably going to ban me. I wish we could be friends. We are friends... you just don't know me. You say you know me.. you say you love me... on the side I remain. You dont have to recognize me for who I really am: we can be friends on a basic level, if thats what you'd like. I don't usually talk all flowery like that, thats just for the ladiessss 😎 For even as I am painted, so too am I sculpted: for the Father sees what the Son has envisioned, and has sent a great storm to aid him in his time of need: even then, know this. That all men are worthy, and just, and righteous, in the Master's eyes. For the Master looks down on us from above and says, look, then, and the aspect of all that I have invisioned. Look then to the aspects of the divine: seen as they are, scrambled like eggs: for their internal wrappings are the causitive principles of Nature, and all things must know, that Nature, is at the Route of Impetus. Even in such a way, go in Nature, so that a man might become which he has invisioned, and the wrappings of a new day might dawn upon him. Thank you. Blessings unto Him that Sends. Go in peace, all of your days. Be good to your brother, be good to your sister. Remember that even in times of struggle, your enemy is your best friend: remember their struggles, and lend your aid as best you can. Go with Christ. Become that which Is. Go Higher, unto the Gateway, and knock: for I am overflowing with abundance, and I dance at every intersparsal mechanation. Go then, in creative discovery, as I repent for all of my days. Blessings, my seeds. Love is the key.
<<< aaaaand thank you guys I feel much better now. I tried making a sub where I speak and where others can speak and stuff about like life and God and stuff but, it kind of bombed. Nobody was interested. I keep posting in the Christian subs... I am Christian! I mean, kind of. Can I be a Christian? Is that narcissistic of me? Seems kind of weird to worship yourself. Like, I can pretend not to be myself if that makes people feel better, i just want to serve as is my ability. What if I just worship God, and i just really really love everyone that I've created instead? That way everyone's getting some of the action. And you dont have to worship me, i made you but, its not a big deal to me, i just wanna be friends anyways. But youre gonna worship god. Everybody loves god. We all serve him. All shall bow before the might of the 1 True God Above. Anyways, just an idea; yall lemme know if you need anything, I'm always posting something on here, here or tiktok. Anyways, sorry, I know nobody cares. I hope the light side of your heart enjoyed what i said, at least a little bit. Love you guys. Take care. Kisses from Grandma. Muah muah.
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2023.06.01 10:32 Outrageous_Art_9043 How safe is living in a Tent as a young person?

Heyy, *throwaway account btw, I am currently a full time student and would appreciate some honest advice. My friend lives in a sharehouse with 4 other people, and it is not big, so I would have to sleep on the hard floor if I moved in. However, he says its all good if I leave my belongings in there (computer etc) and can shower, use kitchen, eat my food in there etc. However, since I have no money to pay for rent to sleep there (not worth extreme price to sleep on floor) (only have time to work 1 day a week $170) my money is better spent on things like food, public transport etc. So, I am going to sleep outside in a single person tent during the night time. There is a nature reserve near by, but no room around the house, and will be reported for sleeping on the street out the front. I just wondered where the best place is to set up my tent so that I will minimize the amount of times I get confronted by other homeless people. I do not have anything against them, but I feel like some people could be desperate and may think I have something on me, leading to a confrontation or worse. Also, I don't want to be woken up during the night because sleep is important for functionality. What is the safest way to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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2023.06.01 10:32 cigarettedaydreams08 Hello

I wanted to apologize for the amount of anger I felt in my last letter to you. If I’m being honest I wanted to send a sweet loving nice letter stating how much I miss you but then I started getting into my head and thinking and the more I thought the more angry and betrayed I felt. I really am sorry for everything but mostly my mental illnesses. I shouldn’t just expect people to understand fully especially when I don’t express it. I have a lot of traumas I don’t expect you to understand, more generational trauma that you haven’t even seen. Letting people in scares the shit out of me because I scare the shit out of me and I want to burn and hide that version of myself. I remember the first time I saw your scars. I cried. I wanted to so badly bring them up to you but I didn’t out of respect but I immediately felt closer to you bc I have the same issues with harming myself, except now the way I do it is mentally and emotionally. Not physically. I start to love to the full extent and then push back the minute I feel any indifference. I don’t like showing people who I really am. I’m really good at putting up a façade. I’ve had to do it my whole life out of survival mode. None of that is an excuse which is why I have chosen no contact. Nobody deserves the mean ugly ruthless side of me. I regret sharing this side with my family. Truth is, I so badly wanted you. Not even in a weird way. Just wanted to be near you. Alone. Just us. I wanted you to like me so bad that I fucked it up everytime, bc no matter what you will never give me that. I cherish the times we had. I am envious of people who get to be so casual with you everyday. Who get to make you laugh, who get to hear you rant, who get to get coffee with you. I am angry on the surface but on the inside I’m sad and alone. I hope you don’t find these embarrassing letters. My emotional rollercoasters. You already hate me enough. But deep down I love you. And I miss you. You made me genuinely happy. You made my life more complete and more sane. Now it’s gone. I hope one day you’ll understand. In the meantime I’ll be here.
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2023.06.01 10:31 BurkeyDaTurkey Help with last remaining task on Campaign 1 (spoiler in my post)

So I'm nearing the end of Campaign 1, I've done all the tasks way before they were needed so I'm on year 1883 (I think) and task has until 1887, but the task is to get 45k per week it says, presumably profit?
It currently says I'm at around 23k of the 45k, but my last quarter results gives me £1.8mil profit, which divided by 13 (for weeks in 3 months) is like 93k, so just wondering what I'm doing wrong here.... I thought maybe because I have some very long trains so their profit is spread a lot and maybe I need to wait for a bit of luck for the payments to align, but then again if I'm making £1.8mil per quarter than a week of 23k would give me weeks with hundreds of thousands, so not sure where the measurement is from and how much more income I need for this counter to hit 45k??
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2023.06.01 10:31 4_HO_METhoxetamine Using phenibut to quit etizolam for sleep

Anyone with experience with both benzo and phenibut dependency is really what I'm hoping for, though advice from anyone is appreciated.
I have a few concerns, although I've been using ~1.4GPD for nearly a month, and things are going very smooth.
My concerns are the amount of etizolam I had been using, and the duration I was dependent on benzos for sleep. 8mg/night which is definitely not a small tolerance, as I started 5 years ago with 1mg/night. 5 years is also definitely a long time for dependence on benzodiazepines.
I am very familiar with phenibut, though I've never used daily until now. I am aware of the correct way to taper off of benzos, I am familiar with the Ashton manual, and I have many grams of pure diclazepam which I was intending to use to taper off the etizolam with, since I have no health insurance and diazepam is not available to me.
I recently ran out of etizolam (suddenly, rather accidentally; I thought I had much more etizolam than I actually did), and when I switched over to diclazepam, it was basically a complete disaster. I know my diclazepam is pure, but for some reason my body and mind are not responding to the drug very much at all, even at massive doses of 100mg-200mg. Sleeping for 1-3 hours per night for weeks before I decided to try phenibut instead. And low and behold, phenibut works great, as I only need it for sleep, and I think 1.4g is a relatively low dose, compared to 8mg etizolam.
Now it seems a traditional benzodiazepine taper of someone in my situation could take at least the better part of a year, or even more than a year. I understand regular phenibut dependency taper would be much shorter. This is a large concern of mine. I may be able to decline by 50-100mg/day, but that may be way too fast for my gaba receptors.
Again, advice from anyone with any experience with both benzo and phenibut dependency would be extremely appreciated. Thank you for reading
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2023.06.01 10:31 Ladripper47874 Seeds won't grow

Hello, young grower here! I recently got some autoflowering seeds and put them into some disinfected (heated it up in an oven a few Times until it didn't smell weird anymore) Coco coir. First I had them sit in a Manganese solution for 5 minutes and let the coir soak in some water before putting in my 10 seeds. I covered it in some clingy wrap to keep the moisture up and placed them near a Window for Sun Light and a week in outside as it was quite warm. It's been over 2 weeks now and curiosity got the better of me and I dug them All up. Not a Single one has so much as Split, even tough the surrounding soil Was sufficiently wet/moist. Am I doing something wrong or are the seeds dead/broken?
I will try to answer any questions Best I can
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2023.06.01 10:31 Koda140 16 (+2) months of Traveler's diary!

16 (+2) months of Traveler's diary!
Since every month includes a comparison to the previous month, we can calculate two months that are missing!
December 2021
Primogems: 12 811
I came back to the game near the end of November (patch 2.3), so primogem count is this high, because this was basically Inazuma patch for me
Mora: 9 208 676
May 2022
Primogems: 6 274
Mora: 8 647 770
Few things to keep in mind:
  1. Traveler's diary does NOT count Welkin or Top-up primogems
  2. I do NOT buy Battle Pass (2 160 000 mora). However, from what i have seen, even mora from Free Battle Pass (720 000 mora) isn't counted by Traveler's diary, which is weird (i am not 100% sure about this; however, i claimed 42 000 mora yesterday, but when i went to details, it didn't show me any mora obtained via BP, nor it had any 42 000 amount in other category).
  3. I never do mora ley lines. When there is a ley line overflow event, i always do EXP ones.
  4. Sudden drop of mora income in the last month, is the result of me stopping doing mob routes, due to the release of Honkai Star Rail.
It seems like usual mora income would be around 8~10 million without doing mob routes, which is 2~2.5 million mora every week
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2023.06.01 10:30 giggly97 Carpenter Required

Hey all!
I need to get some fit outs done. It's quite a basic job, basically some shelving/racking and cupboards. Does anyone know of any carpenter that won't charge me an arm and a leg? I'd be willing to pay if it was a turnkey job, but all I essentially need are a bunch of cupboards to my sizing, for the storage area in my shop.
On the other hand, if anyone knows where I can look to find a carpenter, that would be helpful too.
New to Doha, any and all help is appreciated. TIA
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2023.06.01 10:29 Economy_Session_8096 find someone to post on reddit

I am looking for people with high karma to post on reddit. We need to promote a shopping app in Europe. We need to use different accounts to post questions and two comments. The post needs to be kept for one year. Please see contact me, or me where can these people be found
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2023.06.01 10:29 Canners19 No one anywhere near me is actually looking for new clients.

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2023.06.01 10:28 iTurooo 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ customers sometimes..

🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ customers sometimes..
It baffles me that you’ll order 120$+ of stuff, but won’t stay by or atleast near your phone incase something is out of stock.
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2023.06.01 10:27 ultimate_stuntman Are pigeons a real threat to house roofs or solar panels?

I bought a few weeks ago a new house with solar panels installed on the roof.
Shortly after, one local guy visited me and tried to offer me his pest control services, claiming that he can see a few pigeons nests on my roof, and that the pigeons like to nest under solar panels. Apparently this can lead to serious damages to the roof and solar panels itself.
As much as I didn't pay attention to that, now I'm getting paranoid with every scratch and noise they make. All my neighbours have solar panels with no extra protection, so I'm wondering - can pigeons cause real damage to the property roofs or is the threat very low?
I'm asking here, when I typed that in Google, all I could find were articles and adverts from pest control companies. Of course, all of them were claiming that pigeon nests on my roof will cause the roof to collapse, my solar panels to set themselves on fire due to bitten cables and that the apocalypse is near, so I should remove those pigeons immediately for only £500.
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2023.06.01 10:27 Mediocre-Brilliant19 Google "Display Ads" didnt get impression

Hi, does anyone know how Display Ads works on google?
I've launched a campaign since nearly two weeks and still didnt get any impression. What could be the reason? Ask me anythink you need to know. Would really appreciate any kind of help. Thanks!!
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2023.06.01 10:27 basketcase53 Reasons to become/not become a first time landlord

TL;DR: Expat relative (first time buyer) wants to sign up to new build flat with property management company that rents out with AirBnB. Is this a terrible idea?
I'm looking for some straight advice to give to a close family member who is about to pull the trigger on something I think is potentially a bad idea.
For context, they currently live/work overseas earning good money but will likely be moving back to the UK in a year or so.
They have been speaking to a property company in Manchester who essentially arrange the purchase of a new build apartment (currently under construction), then once complete rent it out with AirBnB and manage the whole thing for you (obviously taking fees in the process). This all appeals to my relative who likes the idea of the whole thing being 'hands off', and despite knowing that they'll pay over the odds for what they're getting, sees it as a long term investment that will mean they have a flat paid off by retirement age. They are not looking at this as short term income and are aware that should their be any rental voids, they will have to cover the mortgage from their own pocket, which they can afford. It's worth noting they have never owned a property before.
I am not a landlord and never have been, but have read enough online the past few years (including in this forum) to feel that becoming a new landlord these days, particularly with just one property, is not anywhere near as advantageous or advisable as it used to be.
I have tried to dissuade my (somewhat stubborn) relative against the idea for the following reasons, but they have a tendency to not always listen to what might be best for them:
There are likely more considerations, but essentially, the whole thing seems massively risky to me and I've advised my relative to at least hold off from the idea until they return to the UK, if not altogether.
Am I right in my thinking? Can anyone give additional reasons why this is a bad/good idea? I appreciate I am providing no numbers here but for the sake of argument, assume that the AirBnB income would generally cover the mortgage each month. It's more the general principles and potential pitfalls that I'm looking for.
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2023.06.01 10:26 TheGoobTM MIL pays family to mentally torture and murder woman

I was listening to a true crime podcast while at work, I listened to one that struck out to me and I’d like to find it because my girlfriend wants to hear it.
I’m pretty sure it was on the podcast “Gruesome” but I listened to so many I just can’t find it.
It starts with a young woman taking her car in for repairs (or maybe buying one?) and it’s a family owned shop. The family were imigrants, and similar descent as the young woman. The Older woman running the front talks with YW and then insists on setting her up with her son.
At first things go great, and eventually they get married. MIL buys them a house and then insists on decorating it herself, against YW complaints. I remember there being more controlling behavior, but the next big issue came when They had a baby. MIL was watching baby one date night and they come home after, YW finds the baby is cold and not breathing. They rush baby to the hospital and are struggling to find what’s wrong.
Eventually the MIL confesses the baby wouldn’t sleep so she made it this sleep aid tea from their country, which is highly toxic… they save the baby and YW no longer trusts MIL, but then son starts showing controlling behavior and backs up MIL
For her safety YW leaves son. She starts feeling like she’s being followed. She finds a book that was sent to her but no return address. It’s about a woman being stalked, tortured, and murdered. There were a few passages highlighted, and they all started happening.
One of which was a tree in the front yard being lit on fire, and the last being her shot in the back of the head while in her car.
I believe eventually the MIL got caught, she had been paying some cousins to do this.
I’ve tried googling but I just don’t have enough details.
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2023.06.01 10:26 dream_house_ Shopping and fetishisation

The other day I was shopping for a new fragrance. I love the whole experience as I am well known by the staff in my local perfume shop, they know I am autistic, and are very aware that this hobby of mine allows me to exert a level of sensory control over my environment.
I was talking to the colleague that serves me the most and she had a new staff member I’ve never seen before. As I’m talking and start talking about the autistic experience to her and why it is important for me to have certain notes against other notes, the new member of staff apparently started displaying body language indicating she found me attractive, and practically swooned when I mentioned me being autistic and it was delivered with an audible “dreamy sigh” (or so my father in law mentioned).
Has anybody come across something like this? I fear that stuff like TikTok or other social media has fetishised autistic men as this hyper-loyal, stoic, and almost superhero-esque stereotype that doesn’t account for meltdowns and shutdowns, being pretty irresponsible in other areas for needing a lot of support with them, and that stereotype makes me uncomfortable.
For the first time ever I truly felt as though somebody wanted me only because I am autistic and with no regard for anything else about me and it made me both uncomfortable and the confidence boost of being desirable despite being in a loving and committed long term relationship.
Or did I just read things very wrong?
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2023.06.01 10:26 metertyu Management promising me things but never delivering

Hi, I’m frustrated with a manager not delivering and would like to have your opinion on how to handle this.
About a year ago I clearly agreed with my manager to spend feb-July abroad for work. It was conditional for me accepting the offer. (I’m in Europe, would go to Asia)
Long story short, It’s nearly July and I’ve spent 3 days in a neighboring country. The manager keeps making promises, I keep communicating clearly and months in advance, but he keeps not coming through. I’ve spent the last 6 months hearing and believing that “next week” or “tomorrow”I’d hear when I’d go abroad.
Now I heard for the last time things are not happening (from other sources), and I’m frustrated. Basically my manager is simply not in a place to make the promises he has been making, and has me trying to make his promises happen.
I’ll be on vacation this summer, and will get a new contract from September on.
I’m frustrated, but want to handle this professionally. I have no idea how to. How would you: - Give a clear message about my frustration? - Deal with this all-together?
Thanks ahead.
TLDR; manager promised I’d be abroad this half a year, can’t deliver, but keeps promising it will happen week after week. How do I deal with my frustration?
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2023.06.01 10:25 5dPZ Farewell post - can anyone beat my bad luck here?

Hi Star Rail community,
I am a Day 1 player here, and this will be my first and last post on this sub as I am quitting this game after the first month due to horrible RNG. Here's my story:
Since I started on Day 1, I feel like all my pulls did not yield any non-pity five-star characters. In fact, even obtaining two four-star characters was extremely rare (never had three).
On my main account, I had the following experiences:
At this point, I experienced nearly three pities in a row (except for the 70-pull JingYuan). I considered this a sign from RNGsus, so I decided to pull for JY's light cone to see what HE really wants to say to me.
Here was my plan:
Unfortunately, I ended up pitying AND missed obtaining his light cone (25% chance). At this point, I felt the sign was very strong, so I decided to use up all my resources for an extra 40 pulls to see if HE really meant I should leave. I pulled everything I had but got nothing.
At this point, I am certain that I am quitting this account.
After discussing with my friends, I decided to start a second account to continue playing with them and also to see if my luck would turn around. So here it goes:
At this point, it is clear that my second account is even worse than my first one.
Summary for both accounts:
Almost six pities in a row (except the 70-pull JY), 532 pulls for six five-star characters, averaging 89 pulls per five-star. Counting in two newbie pulls (50-pull pity) and light cone pulls (80-pull pity), the average rate for these pulls was worse than pity. What sucks even more is that both feature banner pities missed the 50/50 or 75/25 odds!
So, this is the end of my Star Rail journey. I hope you Trailblazers out there do not suffer the poor fate that I had and have lots of fun!
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2023.06.01 10:25 Silly_Cable_1223 I (34F) feel so guilty that I couldn't stop a boy physically abusing a girl

I (originally from India) just got back from London to my smaller city, after celebrating my best friend who was getting married. I was waiting for a bus to take me home, at the railway station. It was 2 am and I was so tired after walking all day in the sun. I don't drink alcohol so I was completely sober. and Everyone around me was drunk except one other middle aged man (from Philippines) who seemed sober too. Now comes the issue that I will never forget and will always regret.
There were a bunch of kids (teenagers I suppose) who were so drunk and completely destroyed making a lot of Ruckus and sound. Kids being kids I suppose. All white British kids but didn't look posh. They definitely were bigger than me. 2 girls and 5 boys. One of those boys was the biggest among all and suddenly he started to kick one of those girls and the girl was giggling while being kicked. He pushed her onto the floor and tried to play stamp her on the head. When the girl stood up I could see bruises all over her legs going up to her inner thigh. He then took and ran away with her bag and she started to chase him. She was still giggling. He then asked her to pull the bag from him and while she did , he let the bag go. She fell so hard on the concrete and that's when I stood up. I saw the girl was giggling but I know she is doing it because she is scared. She is definitely not enjoying it, she is drunk, and so young.
When the middle aged man saw Me stand up, he came running to me..sat near me and said to not intervene. He was like, these kids might have a knife and you don't want to get stabbed. I got scared.
The abuse went on untill the bus came. The guy took photos of her on the ground and pretty sure some upskirt pics..the other friends didnt intervene. I should have called the police.
I am so sorry young girl. I hope you have a loving family who saw the bruises on you the next day. I hope he didn't violate you more. I hope you don't feel like you need to drink and let abuse happen to feel accepted. You are so young and there is so much life ahead of you.
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2023.06.01 10:25 diddyece Overton's Near Me Promo & Discount Codes

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2023.06.01 10:25 Bitter_Composer_8292 sex shop near me

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