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[Get] Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit Download

2023.06.01 10:40 AutoModerator [Get] Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit Download

[Get] Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit Download
Download : https://courseshere.com/download/get-aidan-booth-steve-clayton-123-profit-download/
The conversion rates are OFF THE CHARTS We spoke about this a little earlier, but one of the massive differences here is that you convert A LOT more people than you do with regular affiliate marketing. For instance, if you were promoting an ebook on golf let’s say, it converted at 3% and you got $15 in commissions per sale. For every 100 clicks, you make 3 sales x $15 = $45. With this system, you could be promoting a weight loss offer with a 20% conversion rate and a $50 commission per conversion. For the same 100 clicks, you make 20 sales x $50 = $1000. $45 vs $1000 – it’s a massive difference.
There are NO TRAFFIC ISSUES To begin with, you take advantage of a highly-effective source of cheap trafficto reach people who are looking for the exact offers that you are promoting. Then when it comes to scaling up, you use secret sources of traffic (both paid AND free) that deliver instant traction and conversions.
There is NO CONTENT CREATION If you’ve done any sort of affiliate marketing before, you may know that one of the downsides is that you need to create a lot of content. You know the type of thing… In depth product reviews, comparisons and so forth which can be time consuming (or) expensive to outsource. With this model you hardly need to create any written content… only a handful of words, if any at all… and most of the time NONE at all.
You are building a VALUABLE ASSET One of the big advantages here is that even though you are generating leads for other companies, YOU are also capturing their details as well (quite legitimately). Not only does this mean you can follow up with them, sell them other offers and boost your income… it ALSO means you are building YOUR OWN list, and therefore creating a real business with potentially huge value that could be sold on for a lump sum later.
You could get very RAPID RESULTS There is no digital content creation involved here. You can pinpoint an offer, throw your landing page online and start driving traffic in as little as 60 minutes… maybe even less. This means you could start seeing results exceptionally fast.
You can DO THIS ON THE SIDE As this system requires very little time to start, and as little as 5 to 10 hours a week to run, depending on how fast you want to hit the ground running, you can continue to work your day-job or current online business (if you want to). You don’t have to modify your life or give anything up at all.
The 123 Profit Training Program that reveals how we generate thousands of dollars per day, and how those willing to take action could use the same system to go from ZERO… to $500/day… to $1000/day (and beyond) …then keep scaling up from there!
Let’s run through the EIGHT components of the 123 Profit training to show you how this all comes together and how YOU can take advantage of this incredible system…
The first component of the 123 Profit training is “Mission Control”… your dedicated, private members area.
The members area contains a series of 100+ clear and concise step-by-step videos that’ll show you exactly how to get set up and running with this system, even if you don’t have any prior experience.
The actual value of what you’ll receive here is huge and I could spend hours going through all the details of what’s included… but for now, here’s a top level overview…
The videos cover each step of the process in precise detail and we’ll also hand you a large number of strategy manuals, process maps and other content that you can refer to as you watch and learn. We cover literally everything… from getting started, to picking offers, to building your web pages, getting traffic…then how to hit your first sales and how to scale up from 4 to 5, even 6-figures per month. The training will be delivered directly by me and my team of experts, all of whom have successful businesses in this field… and it will be truly comprehensive.
Along with these videos, your Mission Control area will contain the recordings of the live sessions we’ll do (more on this in a second…)
…and you’ll also be able to access all the software, tools and support features from here as well.
This is literally just scratching the surface of what you will receive within Mission Control.. The training you’ll receive will be truly world-class.
Over the past decade we’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to build successful online businesses and one of the key predictors of success is if someone has direct access to myself and my team… In other words, if they have the ability to ask us questions at key stages as they build their online empire.
Having the ability to be able to chat and communicate with us directly is so critical… And that is why we are going to be holding MULTIPLE LIVE SESSIONS every single week as you progress through the training, so you can push forward and build up your business as quickly as possible.
Here are some more precise details and a taste of how this is going to work…
Firstly, we will be holding a live webinar each week where we’ll be presenting the core step that is the focus of that particular week. It will be super-detailed and we’ll also give you a series of action-steps, milestones and checkpoints that’ll allow you to successfully complete it. There will be an extensive Q&A at the end of this webinar in case you have any questions… although do note that if you need any additional clarification you can always refer back to the core videos in your Mission Control area – and use our support network. In addition to the live webinar, we’ll be holding MULTIPLE live Zoom calls each week which will also have live interaction and chat. You can hop on and ask us questions if you are stuck, and we’ll do our best to give you detailed analysis and advice on what to do and how to move forward.
Plus, these Zoom calls will also contain additional training, powerful and inspiring case-studies and much more.
All these live sessions will be held at a variety of times, so there will be a time that you can join no matter where you are in the world. …and like I mentioned, the recordings will be posted to your Mission Control area soon after the session has finished.
Basically, you’re going to get a MASSIVE boost by taking advantage of our experience, expertise and infrastructure with the EXACT same systems and techniques that WE use to generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis in our own business.
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2023.06.01 10:20 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Pye – The Period Time Publishing Program Download

[Get] Dan Pye – The Period Time Publishing Program Download
Download : https://courseshere.com/download/get-dan-pye-the-period-time-publishing-program-download/

This is what you will get!

Hacks to stay productive under stress

A complete and actionable mindset game changer!

KDP Account set up and Optimization

Creating a solid foundation to build your business from!

Internal content production secrets

Unlimited book content, an editors course in one module

Uploading and Proofing to KDP like a Pro

Keywords made easy, categories eliminated!

KDP Full publishing process

Watch over my shoulder as it all comes together!

BONUS: Focused International Strategy

Eliminate the competition and go deep!

BONUS: Authoritative eBook Strategy

One-click conversions, double your profits!

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Hacks to stay productive under stress

  • Module Overview
  • Lesson 1: Understanding and mastering your brain
  • Lesson 2: Building a Strong Mindset to Play the Long Game
  • Lesson 3: Operating on an Effectiveness Scale
  • Lesson 4: Social Media is Your Enemy
  • Lesson 5: Using the Pomodoro Technique to Get it Done
  • Lesson 6: The Power of a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Lesson 7: Understanding Business Specifics and Why KDP
  • Lesson 8: Setting Expectations for Prolonged Success
  • Let’s Go Full Course Overview

Module 2: KDP Account Set Up and Success Optimisation

  • Module Overview
  • Lesson 1: Creating a KDP Account Fast
  • Lesson 2: Setting up Your Tax the Right Way.
  • Lesson 3: Linking Your Bank Account So You Get Paid
  • Lesson 4: KDP Dashboard Overview & Support

Module 3: Internal Content Production Secrets

  • Module Overview
  • Lesson 1: Laying the foundation for your business
  • Lesson 2: Downloading & editing Your Book Fast Like A Pro
  • Lesson 3: Optimizing your browser for publishing, tools, and data analysis
  • Lesson 4: Quality vs Quantity the Importance

Module 4: Uploading & Proofing to KDP Like a Pro

  • Lesson 1: Meta Data research and KDP rules
  • Lesson 2: Publishing, backend settings, covers & pricing
  • Lesson 3: Getting your books into the right categories
  • Lesson 4: Setting Progress Expectations
  • BONUS Lesson 5: The 13 Amazon Markets Plus targeting specific marketplaces
  • BONUS Lesson 6: Tackling the Kindle Market
  • BONUS Lesson 7: Metadata with Publisher Rocket

Support and Updates

  • IMPORTANT: KDP Permanent Cashflow Program Support
  • Not Logged In Issue – Resolved
  • Partnership Referral Program
  • Amazon Licensing Requests
  • Fixed – [376] [iv] Manuscript Formatting Issue
  • How to remove all images fast
  • How to place all chapter headings on a new page
  • Dealing with multi lined headings
  • Formatting Headings in your Manuscript
  • Fix manuscript text displaying vertical down the page
  • What to do after the top 100 books are published
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2023.06.01 10:19 agm_electrical-au Maximizing Electrical Convenience: Discover the Top 6 Spots to Install Power Points in Your Home or Office

Maximizing Electrical Convenience: Discover the Top 6 Spots to Install Power Points in Your Home or Office

Installing power points throughout the house when building or renovating is essential, both to make life safer and to save time and effort in terms of frustration. Extension leads or double adapters on single plugs may prove hazardous; installing them properly ensures no such hassles arise.
Locating PowerPoint shouldn't be hard if you take some time and consider all options carefully; here are six key locations where PowerPoint should be installed.

Electrical Power Points by AGM Electrical Supplies

Bathroom Power Points

Bathroom powerpoints must have enough capacity to support all necessary grooming tools such as straighteners, dryers, and razors - as well as be used frequently enough. Consider what appliances will be utilized within your bathroom space.
Clipsal powerpoints near a bathroom vanity can be useful, although slightly above the sink in case of leakage. For an uncluttered appearance, power outlets could be hidden within a cabinet instead. Use power point coves to reduce the risk of electrical shocks, especially in households with children or pets.

Power Points in Bedroom

Bedrooms can become power-hungry environments when filled with devices that require charging - iPads, Smartphones, laptops - plus bedside lamps, clocks, and televisions...the list goes on and on!
Installing multiple power points near the bed is the ideal place for charging, but if you prefer more discreet plugs, considers installing USB sockets directly into the wall instead. Don't forget power points for vacuum cleaning either - install at least one double socket in each corner of the room!

Sparkelec Double Power Point With Extra Switch 10 Amp - White - SGPO2X

Kitchen Improvement Project

For your own safety in the kitchen, more power points are always better. Think about all of the major appliances you use regularly before adding one or two extra points. Also keep in mind small appliances like a toaster, blender, and kettle that can all require separate power sources on a bench at once.
Island benches provide the ideal solution for adding additional Clipsal powerpoints for mixers or blenders when other power sources in the kitchen are being utilized. It is important to use power point covers that are specifically designed for the outlets in your region and meet relevant safety standards.

Power Points in Living Room

A living room should be used for relaxation and entertainment, which means a multiple power point is ideal. People will also use it to chill out; being able to charge devices for surfing the net or reading can come in handy here too. Lighting needs also need to be considered; installing a double power point will reduce space requirements considerably.
Clipsal Power points by AGM Electrical Supplies should be situated near or behind a couch for lamps and phone chargers; TV, DVD player, and game consoles can be located behind their cabinets/stands.

Clipsal Saturn Glass Range Double Power Point + Extra Switch 10amp - Pure White

Home Office

Addition of a spare room as an office is becoming increasingly common, but to make it sustainable you will require upgraded power points. Your computer, printer, Smartphone, and scanner all require electricity; one suggestion would be placing power points just above desk height so it is easy for plugging and unplugging portable devices.

Power points in Outdoor Settings

Avoid running an extension cord into your kitchen just to power fairy lights or an outdoor theater; be mindful of what Clipsal power points by AGM may be necessary for your entertainment area - even for just bug zapper use!

Clipsal Iconic Double Power Point 10A With USB Charger Horizontal - Vivid White 3025USB2-VW

Why to Choose AGM Electrical Supplies?

AGM Electrical Supplies offers an impressive selection of superior power points to meet all of your electrical needs, from traditional outlets to more advanced ones. Their power sources are designed with durability and safety in mind to deliver long-term use and reliable performance, coming in various styles, colors, and functionalities to suit decor needs and electrical requirements alike. Trust AGM Electrical Supplies for all of your PowerPoint needs today - experience their convenience and functionality every time!
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2023.06.01 10:07 CheeseNPaint 2nd campaign game ever, disgusting win

2nd campaign game ever, disgusting win
Played my second campaign game against a bunch of Kislevites.
The scenario was Surprise Attack, and I lucked out on two things: first, I was allowed to choose attack or defense. Second, only half of his warband felt like showing up.
Us: stars of the circus show. Them: bears.
They were nicely spread out along the west side, and our boys went in on the south, which put them in range of two of their six.
On turn 1 we started by isolating a Strelets perched on top of a ruin by getting him surrounded by nurglings on two sides, two tainted ones on a third and plaguebearer and master on the fourth. Sadly neither the Stream of Corruption, nor the master's spell took hold. The other five performers charged a Cossack who fell on his face.
On their 1, their remaining four regrouped, the Strelets missed the plaguebearer from really up close. The Cossack turned face up.
On our 2, we put a Henchman, a Brute and two tainted ones to dance in a conga line, singing 'We're gonna come and KICK YOU, were gonna come and KILL YOU!' just within charging distance of both their four unengaged warriors and the remaining three surrounding the downed Cossack for a kicking. In the mean time, the nurglings all tried to charge the Strelets up high but only one managed to climb up. He was taken out by the Plaguebearer vomiting right between his eyes, as one does. The downed Cossack got his kicking and was taken out too, freeing up the brute and henchmen there.
In their turn 2, another Cossack and Strelets came to reinforce their buddies - from the North side, so not within action distance! Their central group tried to charge, but due to not being able to make it with my dancers in a conga line hampering unobstructed lines to the targets, his Esaul failed his charge.
The Druzhina Captain succeeded in getting close to his targeted Henchman, but, and this is big, failed to wound him. The Henchman returned blows, scored a crit, and immediately put the captain out of action.
The two youths, who were each targeting a different tainted one, both failed to hit them, in one case thanks to a successful parry, which was followed through by two attacks, one of which stunned the offending youth.
At the start of our 3, we had already taken out 3 of theirs and were yet to start! The standing youth was taken out with another crit, and the stunned youth graciously dispatched. We brought in the master and his small demonic horde from the rear in case, and the Henchmen who had beat up the Captain plus the unoccupied Brute behind him charged the Esaul, who was knocked down by the Brute.
The remaining Henchmen and Brute moved in to both threaten the Cossack and Strelets who had walked on and to give an intercept in case anyone wanted to charge the guys battering the Esaul.
They started their 3 five men down and decided to voluntarily rout.
The carnival got off scot-free and remains undefeated. It was a dicing, continued below.
His Captain got lasting hatred against my Master, was robbed of all his kit, then robbed again, presumably of his loincloth, and has to miss a game (6 on multiple injuries). His youth #1 was straight up dead, and his youth #2 also rolled 6 on multiple injuries, suffered two Move busts, a Toughness bust, became immune to fear (hardened), got an XP, and had to miss a game. He got retired at his young age.
On my side we found a suit of light armour, a set of jewelled blades and enough money to hire #13. We gave the Carnival Master a Brace of Pistols and the Mind Ficus skill. Goat Freak the Tainted One, the acrobat, got Leap to go with his Step Aside skill, so he's now extra nimble and will somersault across the first line to go after protected warriors. Brethren Shit Shoveler got +1BS and a bow, and Brethren Stage Hand +1WS and a sword.
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2023.06.01 10:01 SinfulAbsorption Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair In USA Available on Amazon

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair In USA Available on Amazon

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is a superb robotic vacuum cleaner that has made cleaning your home easier and more efficient. With its advanced technology and innovative design, this vacuum cleaner sets itself apart from other similar products on the market.


One of the most notable features of the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is its powerful suction. The device comes with a high-performance motor that delivers powerful suction, enabling it to pick up dirt, dust, and debris from carpets, hard floors, and even pet hair with ease. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner also employs a HEPA filter to capture allergens and other small particles, making it an excellent option for those suffering from allergies.
Another impressive feature of the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is its intelligent mapping technology. This vacuum cleaner uses lasers to scan and map your home, creating a detailed floor plan that it uses to navigate around obstacles and avoid collisions. This means that you can sit back, relax, and let the robot do the work while you focus on other tasks.
View on Amazon
In addition to its advanced mapping technology, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is also very user-friendly. The companion app that comes with the vacuum cleaner allows you to control and monitor the device remotely. You can schedule cleaning times, adjust cleaning modes, and even receive notifications when the bin needs emptying or when the vacuum cleaner requires maintenance.
Moreover, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni boasts an omni-directional wheel that allows it to move seamlessly in any direction, enabling it to navigate tight spaces and under furniture with ease. This feature helps to ensure that the vacuum cleaner reaches every corner and crevice of your home, leaving it spotless and dust-free.
Finally, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is incredibly adaptable. It uses AI technology to analyze your cleaning patterns and adjust its cleaning modes accordingly. For example, if you tend to clean your home at the same time every day, the vacuum cleaner will automatically adjust its schedule to match your preferences.


The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner that offers a range of advanced features and design elements. With its powerful suction, intelligent mapping technology, user-friendly companion app, and omni-directional wheel, this vacuum cleaner has made cleaning your home more efficient and effortless than ever before. Therefore, if you're looking for a high-quality robotic vacuum cleaner that can keep your home clean and tidy, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is an excellent choice.
View on Amazon

iRobot Roomba j7+

The iRobot Roomba j7+ is the latest and greatest addition to the Roomba family of robot vacuums. As a longtime user of the Roomba line, I was excited to see what new features the j7+ had to offer. And let me tell you, this vacuum did not disappoint.


One of the standout features of the j7+ is its advanced mapping technology. Using a combination of cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence, the j7+ can create a detailed map of your home. This allows it to navigate your space more efficiently, clean more thoroughly, and avoid obstacles with ease. It's truly impressive to watch the j7+ in action as it seamlessly maneuvers around furniture and other objects in its path.
Another fantastic feature of the j7+ is its ability to detect and avoid items on the floor. Thanks to its advanced sensors, the j7+ can detect everything from cords to pet toys and will automatically work around them. This means you won't have to worry about the vacuum getting stuck or damaging your belongings.
View on Amazon
One of my favorite things about the j7+ is its automatic dirt disposal feature. With a charging dock that doubles as a dirt bin, the j7+ can empty itself after each cleaning session. This is a game-changer for anyone who hates dealing with the mess and hassle of emptying a traditional vacuum. Plus, the j7+ can hold up to 60 days' worth of dirt and debris, so you won't have to empty it nearly as often as you would a regular vacuum.
Speaking of cleaning, the j7+ does an excellent job of picking up dirt and debris from all surfaces. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpets, the j7+ has adjustable suction power and brushes that can handle it all. Plus, with the ability to customize cleaning schedules and zones, you can ensure that your home stays clean without lifting a finger.
One thing to note about the j7+ is that it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. However, if you're someone who values their time and wants a high-quality, hassle-free cleaning experience, then it's definitely worth the investment. Plus, when you factor in the time and money you'll save on traditional vacuuming, the j7+ pays for itself over time.


I highly recommend the iRobot Roomba j7+ to anyone in the market for a top-of-the-line robot vacuum. Its advanced mapping technology, obstacle detection, automatic dirt disposal, and powerful cleaning capabilities make it a standout product in its category. So sit back, relax, and let the j7+ take care of the cleaning for you. You won't be disappointed.
View on Amazon

Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum

The Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is a powerful, versatile cleaning tool that has been making waves in the world of robotic vacuums. This innovative vacuum features a unique design that allows it to clean both wet and dry messes, making it an ideal cleaning solution for homes with pets or children.


One of the standout features of the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is its ability to clean both wet and dry messes. This is achieved through a dual-tank system that separates dirty water from clean water, allowing the vacuum to effectively deep clean floors and remove stubborn stains. The vacuum also comes equipped with a SpinWave Brush Roll that agitates dirt and debris, ensuring a thorough and effective clean every time.
Aside from its impressive cleaning capabilities, the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is also incredibly easy to use. With its intuitive touchscreen controls and automatic docking and recharging capabilities, this vacuum is perfect for busy households that need a quick and efficient cleaning solution. It also features multiple cleaning modes, allowing users to customize their cleaning experience to suit their specific needs.
View on Amazon
Another standout feature of the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is its advanced mapping technology. Using advanced sensors and mapping algorithms, this vacuum is able to navigate around furniture, stairs, and other obstacles with ease, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience every time. It also features a variety of sensors that help prevent it from falling down stairs or getting stuck in tight spaces.
In terms of performance, the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum truly shines. Its powerful suction and brush roll are able to effectively remove dirt, pet hair, and other debris from carpets and hard floors, leaving them looking and feeling clean and fresh. Additionally, its dual-tank system ensures that floors are left free of residue and streaks, making it an ideal cleaning solution for homes with pets or children.
When it comes to maintenance, the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is also incredibly user-friendly. Its washable mop pads and easy-to-empty tanks make it simple and hassle-free to keep clean, and its filter can be easily replaced as needed. This makes it an ideal cleaning solution for busy households that need a low-maintenance vacuum that can keep up with their hectic lifestyle.


The Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is a powerful, versatile cleaning tool that is perfect for busy households that need a quick and efficient cleaning solution. With its advanced mapping technology, intuitive touchscreen controls, and innovative dual-tank system, this vacuum is able to effectively clean both wet and dry messes, leaving floors looking and feeling clean and fresh every time. If you're in the market for a high-quality robotic vacuum that can handle all of your cleaning needs, the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is definitely worth considering.
View on Amazon
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2023.06.01 09:57 NoInchOnlyCentimeter Bull's rework concept: tweaking his Super

Have been seeing a lot of Bull's rework concepts recently, so I want to try as well. This should be a slightly short one.
My thought on one of his problems is that as a tank, his way of approaching opponents is kind of ineffective compared to other tanks. He is very obvious when charging and slow too. So the first change would be:
The next thing is that with even with it, Bull would still only be below decent because his ways of charging Super is very unreliable. The trait barely helps because of his lower health, and the range of his main attack is too short.
While trying to come up with the ideas, Fang came to mind. He can charge his Super using the shoes, which have longer range and can deal chip damage. Bull carries a shotgun, and I can be certain that real-life shotgun bullets don't just disappear when they have traveled for around 5 meters. Therefore it would still make sense that Bull's normal attack range be increased, plus 600 chip damage isn't going to be broken. The longer range means that Bull can act more as an obstacle that enemies would try to stray away, which kind of supports his playstyle and concept. Having said, here are more changes:
Also, regarding the Stomper changes which are around lately (the ones where the player can re-press the Super button when charging to interrupt it), I don't think it is a good idea. It would be strange to have such a unique ability for a Rare brawler. Increasing his rarity or something isn't good either, since his other aspects would be too simple for it.
What do you think? Sorry for any English mistake I may have made.
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2023.06.01 09:55 randomrove Sony Xperia V III Heating and Battery Drain

Sony Xperia V III Heating and Battery Drain
Hi all!
I want to report what has been my experience with this lovely device I've been using for almost 2y now.
Smooth, nice camera, awesome battery.....until last update I guess (?)
I'm experiencing huge battery drain (even when I'm not using the phone at all) plus an uncomfortable heating of the device when I'm normally using it (like right now writing this post).
Has anyone have any recommendations? Or are you also experiencing this?
I'm kind of disappointed because I used to have around ~15h of battery life in mixed usage but now I'm lucky if i get 9h.
About charging: I only use the original fast charger when I'm in a rush, overnight I use my old XZ2 charger (and most of the times I let the battery charge only up to 80% which was fine till some days ago as it used to let me go through a normal work day 7am-8pm with still around 20% at the end of the day).
Infos about my build in the attached images.
Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.01 09:55 stopleavingcrumbs New laptop battery calibration failing

I bought a new laptop battery from a reputable website for my xps13. I followed these instructions as the website said:
Install and leave on charge till 100% plus 2hrs more (I just left it on charge all night for this).
Use up all the battery (I got about 4hrs which I was happy with)
Leave the laptop alone for 5hrs.
Charge up to 100% (I left it on charge all night again for this)
Now that I've turned it on it is reading 0% battery and is not increasing. If I pull out the charging cable it shuts down after a few minutes.
What should I do?
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2023.06.01 09:54 troubleinspace SpacedOut UK PC 1PP 5MAN KOTH KEYCARDS AIRDROPS 400k Chernarus

Welcome to SpacedOut, a brand new PVP server. Focused on PVP and farming, we welcome all new players to join and have fun. We are a friendly community and are also thriving to grow and expand, we have a custom created SafeZone, Blackmarket, farming, groups, KOTH, Airdrops and much more. Why not join and see for yourself, we expect to keep growing and expanding.
- AirDrops
- Base Building Plus
- Body Bags
- Breaching Charges
- CodeLocks
- Cannabis Plus
- Collectable Items
- Dayz Expansion Bundle
- DNA Keycards
- Flip Transport
- Ford Raptors
- King of The Hill
- MMG (Mightys Military Gear)
- Forward Operator Gear
- Windstrides clothing
- Much Stuff Pack
- RedFalcon Heli's
- Rev Guns
- SNAFU Weapons
- CPB Weapons
- Trader Plus
- Unlimited Stamina
- SpacedOutCoreZ (Includes QOL extras, and Custom clothes)
- And much more
Server Restarts: Everyday at 02:00 UTC 00:00
Discord: Discord
Direct IP:
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2023.06.01 09:52 teekay61 Waiting at traffic lights with automatic car

I recently switched from manual to automatic when I got a new car. My car is a Skoda Kodiaq with an automatic/electronic hand brake and start stop, both of which I normally leave on.
Generally this has been fine but there are a few situations where I'm not sure what's best in an automatic as all my lessons etc. were in a manual and I may have picked up bad habits over the years in any case!
What's best practice for long stops (e.g. when you're stuck at traffic lights and a few cars back) vs. short stops (give way signs for example)?
At the moment I've been staying in D and relying on the hand brake (plus the car will often turn off when start stop engaged). This has worked fine but wondering if it's the safest option and/or putting any unnecessary wear on the transmission.
Should I actually be shifting into P or N? Have read lots of conflicting advice online.
Can't bring myself to sit on the foot brake unless that's absolutely the best thing to do as it always annoys me when cars in front of me do that at night.
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2023.06.01 09:52 lakings27 How do you define a “user” for billing purposes?

Hey, we are in a “renegotiation” phase with a long-time client. They use our complete services, managed IT 24/7/365, full MSSP, vCIO, multiple sites, etc. They are pretty significant, like 200+ “users.” They don’t like that we charge per user, and I am trying to understand how you combat that discussion and how you “define a user.” For background, we aren’t a break-fix shop and don’t charge by the device; it’s all by the “user,” we don’t care how many devices or the “level” of employment the user is. CEO to intern, same cost. How do you define a “user?” Our current definition is “someone with more than public access to a system,” anyone with an “Active Directory, GSuite, or company email account.” We don’t charge for people like janitors who only have a badge. We aren’t changing our business model because they started with 40 users and are now 200+; we scale our services to continue to support them and provide user discounts at scale. Plus, the solutions we provide are billed to us by the user. (Bang my head against a wall, ugh.)
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2023.06.01 09:49 Genprey Student File #47: Ako Amau's Really Bad, No Good Day

Student File #47: Ako Amau's Really Bad, No Good Day
So, uhh...I have a bit of explaining to do. First: this is not, infact, Miyako's section. However, unlike the previous Rabbit delay, Miyako's section is actually written.
So what had happened was: the next JP story section was announced for the 7th of this month, which will continue the Rabbit Squad's story. Naturally, this means that there's likely to be more revealed about our Rabbit girls, and while the previous 3 members' respective analysis had been posted before the announcement, I'd like to hold onto Miyako's section incase there are developments in her character that are worth writing about.
With that being said, let's go see what's bothering Ako.

So You've Had a Bad Day?

There's a lot to unpack about Ako here, and although it tempts me to do so, I will try my best to make any cow jokes...even if certain aspects of her design may call for it.
Upon first meeting her, Ako comes off as, for a lack of better words, overbearing, and for a good part of her bond story, she really lays a lot of her issues onto Sensei, at times becoming frustrated enough to link him with her daily troubles. Overall, Ako really gives the impression that everything is out to get her.
Beginning with Appearances, I'd actually like to start with Ako's main color scheme consisting of various blues. This is something that would easily be overlooked, but I believe it's a strategic choice in color given Ako's main character trait. The name, 'Amau', can be interpreted as a rainy/gloomy season, which, of course, is associated with the color blue so often that we often associate 'the blues' with troubles.
Next is a less obvious visual detail:
This is Ako's halo, which has a very distinct design that, honestly, took awhile for me to even get a clue as to what it's supposed to represent. At first, I saw it as an eye, which would make sense for the Abydos girls, less so for Ako and the Prefects. After looking at it closely, I made out a crescent moon and remembered something my uncle's fishermen buddies had always told me while I was just a tyke:
"Never stick your finger [towards] a [crescent] moon [if you can] still see the round part. It'll give you bad luck all the way until you get old."
As you can guess from me having to insert a lot of context, five-year-old me was not very good at paying attention, but that little saying managed to stick with me. Looking it up, it appears to be a superstition from sailors, who associated such a view with oncoming storms. Visually, said moon would look a bit like this:
It's not 1:1 with how Ako's halo looks, but it does seem to be a crescent moon encompassing the 'disc', with the former being far more pronounced than the latter. With that in mind, the outermost part of Ako's halo could be a pointer or compass, which would lend itself to the superstition.
Admittedly, this is a really weird reference that I'm not even sure is very well known, much less in other regions. But, at the very least, I think it's an interesting guess to bring up here that's somewhat fitting of Ako's main theme. Still, grain of salt. If that is somehow what's being referenced, it would fit along with Ako being superstitious/paranoid that everyone/thing has decided to bring her misfortune.
As a sidenote, the 'crescent' part of her halo has a notable fracture, similar to what would be caused by stress. Plus, if we were looking at a certain Mother Goose story about fiddles, a moon, and co- *Cough*
All of this points to Ako's main personality: a girl who is stressed out to the point of becoming superstitious. While, yes, it's crazy to see Ako take things like a regular power surge as a terrorist attack specifically targeted at her, it's really hard to blame Ako when Makoto repeatedly makes unreasonable demands, sends trash to the Prefect mailbox, sticks nails in Ako's slippers, and sends over her subordinates for 'inspection', along with having to stay up all night fixing Iori's messes.
To top that off, Ako has really poor stress-management skills, a point that Sensei brought up, leading to Ako mistaking her having someone (Sensei) to vent to about her stress with becoming more stressed out. Combine that with Ako's natural pride, and we get this little treat:
That is a scene that is most likely a good number of your guys' home screen. Aside from being a humbling punishment game, Ako's experience with a leash managed to cool her down, as she would...mostly apologize to Sensei for getting a bit out-of-control and become more reasonable.
Overall, Ako simply needs someone to talk to, given Hina is too busy (and not somebody Ako would like to burden, anyways), Iori probably isn't exactly the best girl to have lend an ear to Ako, and Chinatsu is usually off fulfilling her own responsibilities. As a result, we can assume Ako is often left alone as her stress builds up.
It may seem like Ako is antagonistic towards Sensei, but really, she simply uses him for stress relief without realizing it/that she needed someone to vent to. This is evidence by the fact that Ako remarks that she 'feels a lot better after talking to Sensei' and even worries about his own stress/work management. In that regard, the two have a unique relationship that can be likened to two overworked employees.
Moving onto Ako's other physical characterstics, she wears a cowbe-...err, on her left wrist is what appears to be a cuff/chain that are used on dairy farm ani-...the rings on her shoes....
Okay, no matter how much I try to avoid the reference, Ako has some similar qualities as a cow. Why that is I cannot pinpoint, but hilarious or tragic enough (depending on your PoV), cows are often stressed out by the chiming of a cowbell around their neck, to the point where they may experience fatigue or develop behavioral issues. Taking a look at the buckles of Ako's shoes, they have a similar appearance as the nose rings given given to bulls and cows. For adults, the purpose is to control their behavior, especially given that bulls are notoriously unpredictable and can get rather angry on a dime. For the young, it discourages teething so that farmers may give mothers a bit of a break or get them started on eating other meals.
It probably doesn't need to be said, but being bound by chains is also not something cows (or anyone outside unique individuals) really enjoy. I don't believe Ako is a direct reference to a cow, especially given her race isn't based on any animal, however, she does wear accessories that would cause irritation, which is tragic, given how much stress she receives already.
And, yes, I know what most of you are probably thinking about. Stop that, you degenerates.

Hina Adoration

Ako's final trait is her adoration for Hina. On one hand, this is mostly founded on respect, as Ako praises Hina as a perfect/hardwoker and aspires to follow in her footsteps. On the other hand...Ako gets a bit more obsessive. In comedic situations, it's noted that being referred to as 'Hina's dog' doesn't bother Ako, nor does she make any attempt to deny such accusations. As shown in the official comic and in the Summer PV, Ako goes full degenerate when presented with the idea of having Hina try on new swimsuits.
For serious moments, Ako goes full manic when Hina is missing or otherwise in danger, being ready to burn down Trinity after Arius's attack and doing everything she can to allow Hina some rest over the summer (at the cost of her own/the other Prefects' well-being). To add to all this, there's the text on Ako's Unique Weapon:
It is an important item that was handed to Ako when she was appointed as an administrative officer after a lot of painstaking efforts. She carries it with her all the time and takes very good care of it.
From that flavor text, we learned that Ako had apparently worked her bottom off to earn her position as Hina's secretary and, upon given her gun, she treats it with the utmost care and, despite being in a supportive role/not usually requiring it, carries it around everywhere she goes. Hell, even during Ako's bit of shame as she has been leashed, her gun rests safely on her back.
Put simply, Ako has a similar level of respect for Hina that Haruka has for Aru, except in the case of the latter, we know Haruka to be drawn to Aru as her very first friend during a time where she was repeatedly bullied. Ako's feelings towards Hina have yet to be given an origin point, and as far as we can tell, she simply views Hina as a really good rolemodel. Whether or not there's more to things than that isn't yet known, but it'd be interesting to see what Ako was like before joining the Prefects.

Ako vs. Kayoko

Before closing, there has been an interesting interaction that was shown early on in the first arc of the main story. That is: Ako's relationship with Kayo.
Kayo, as many of you know, is a really laid-back girl who has a scary appearance, but never bothers anyone. Throughout Aru's antics, Kayo simply rolls with the punches, offering a bit of reason, but ultimately letting her friend go along with her wild plans. Kayo is, overall, of little words and never seems to get too agitated...
Well, except:
After waking up from having been KO'd, Kayoko would respond to Ako in a...not very friendly way. Earlier in the scene, it was revealed through Mutsuki that every other member of the Problem Solvers did not recognize the Prefects, implying that they had never had a direct run-in with them previously.
Given Kayo referred to Ako by her (full) name and recognized that such a reckless raid was something that Ako would do (and not Hina), we can assume that the two had been previously acquainted on less-than-positive terms. On Ako's end, she was, or at least presented herself as being, less aggressive towards Kayo, but made a statement implying that she knew a lot about Kayo.
All-in-all, the exchange was very personal, although as of now, we haven't had anything else elaborate on how/when the two were originally acquainted. This would be an interesting development that we'll hopefully be able to see in a (being hopeful here) Problem Solver origin story.
As mentioned earlier in this post, I want to sit on Miyako's section until after the latest Rabbit chapter, which may be a bit of time. Given that, the next analysis will focus on our beautiful, genius hacker, Himari, followed up by her friend partner and highly practical Eimi.
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2023.06.01 09:38 Candid-Storm Pension vs. Student loan repayment?

Hi all,
Some advice appreciated. Early 30s with family. I am currently in a pretty good situation earning in 40% tax bracket. Paying into pension to keep personal allowance/childcare benefits (<100k adjusted net).
I have a mortgage (3 products with varying rates of around 2-4.5% (thanks putin)).
I have various work pensions and a SIPP that I’m mainly going vanguard 80:20.
Emergency fund building up in Barclays blue 5% and first direct 7%.
My student loan plan 1 has increased to >5 percent interest and I will inevitably pay it off in 4 years just taking the usual 9%.
So now the student loan is a greater repayment than the mortgage and pushing my likely current returns on a passive tracker at the moment, I wonder if I should be trying to pay this off ASAP but was wondering if better continuing to just pay into pension (unless hit allowance which is unlikely at the moment) to get the tax relief (incl Higher rate) and hope to get 3-6% interest in the SIPP (plus building the pension as it is a bit lacking).
I haven’t started paying into a medium term ISA yet as not hitting pension allowance and using the high rate current accounts but will likely pop the resulting 6-7k emerg funds into one as they expire next year.
Any wise thoughts on saving vs getting the loan paid? Am I missing something obvious?
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2023.06.01 09:10 EccentricSage81 service fees in sydney australia how do they work?

So I dont go out of the house much due to poor health and when I do go somewhere its very interesting when a small newsagency store has a fridge behind the counter and I ask for a drink because i cant physically get it and they wanna charge a $3 service fee for a $2 bottle of water? or something like that and the service fee is not shown on the electronic digital screen the register had in the price she types that in separately after. I was wondering what service she provided me with and how it works. Also to order online some stores are exclusive to certain delivery places like ubereats.com is the only one with eljannahs lebanese chicken stores in my area. In store i Can see a menu choice about $50 for a meal option that gets you a mixed deal fried and regular chicken then go to order it online on ubereats and its $70 something maybe and has delivery plus a service fee on top and the service fees are making a very creative problem worse.
Its like somehow it has to cost MORE to have it delivered than for me to catch a taxi there and back. Its super mysterious that I as a disability pensioner wish to save on money and maybe physically CANT go and get my food and dont own a car I use photoID and dont bother with a drivers licence. So they're considerately saying its all not in stock online or in store only or pickup only and then charging lots to have it delivered. If i phone a taxi company and avoid the menu on the online ordering and have them drive the food over, would that be cheaper or the same and would there be a service fee on top of the taxi service fee i wonder. After all hiring a taxi is hiring a service so an additional service fee on top of a taxi service fee. Where do all these services come from and why arent beautiful women waiting inside the taxi to give me some extra extra special services for what im paying with every single transaction in this stupid land of sydney? Obviously Australia has some question marks after the word and gets everything completely arse backwards pretend make believe.
A good example are "shares and dividends" where you invest a bit of money in some business for a share in it and each year it pays you more than an employee working there earns and more than the business owner maybe received that year as they may have been bouncing back and forth on operational costs in the black or the red and the amount they pay yearly only seems to be expected to increase for shareholders. The thing about shares is in the recession in places like the USA money was tight and taxes were confusing as every 5 minutes driving you crossed a state border and had a different tax rates and system that maybe wasnt shown on price tags and receipts. Now is it illegal to not show taxes on receipts? -YES yes it is. There is no such thing as a hidden tax ever thats called THEFT. Since the taxes dont change everyweek and are a fixed rate is it a crime to just pencil them in randomly like uhh today its this much? YES yes it is too. And some stores in the recession would have criminals fight people over how much their tax is and argue over them paying it when everywhere had no money in the recession so employers who could not afford to employ people begged for charity from strangers and not wanting to collect every receipt and try and get them resolved and corrected and adjusted to the real tax rates by the tax offices and show every meal theyve ever paid for at tax time- they had the clever idea of "oh the taxes and stuff those are being paid for by the guy behind me" So its actually tax fraud forcing people to dodge paying their taxes at the same time as being an we cant afford to pay our employees.
But because some states businesses had lots of employees in high rise buildings that dont offer direct services that could get anybody tips and wages and incomes were based around expecting minimum wages to be higher than whats shown based on the charity of random bypassers companies in specific states promised people if working hard would do things the chinese way and get a share in the business they are employed by which meant that the employer would annually cover the amount expected to be earned in tips for minimum wage factory workers and other things where tipping was required by LAW yet their job would not get them any tips. every countrys laws state its against the law to invest in overseas businesses unless your business NEEDS that to function or its a business you are bringing to your country or its a very important or required business that you hope to see in your country. You dont just pour every dollar you have overseas because it looks like countries with higher populations businesses make more money or you expect to be given shares and dividends and returns on investment quicker thats not how investing works as then your country has $0 inside of it and you have no visible way to see if the money you gave them made any sort of difference or the business is actually doing well or not and whether you will get a return at all. Lots of investors were found to be pocketing investors money and pretending they invested it and people had to wipe it off as a loss.
When obama and chinese president forgot his name were both investing in each others countries businesses which had their hanger ons and followers then invest in chinese or USA businesses too causing a lei feng to appear all over the wall street stockmarket and china to own majority shares in most of everything. Many of those companies are in states where shares and dividends are a thing because of the taxes and laws in those particular states which may happen to be where a bunch of big high rise buildings that cant allow the public inside for security concerns like a factory that makes the newest highest spec phones wouldnt want every child on earth coming unsupervised without a scheduled tour or whatever and half their inventory walking off with sticky fingered children. The reason some businesses would be in a situation where dividends are possible is those are for the entire nation as its a government run and required essential service for the lowest minimum cost price possible with the highest quality possible like telecommunications water and electricity or other such things. If you live in a country you cant afford water food or electricity and cant call anyone to get anything fixed who could ever possibly live there? you cant. So the government does this governing thing and limits and regulates costs and runs and offers required services. For example if you keep all your money under the mattress your house will be robbed and your mattress flipped so the government is required by law to have banking services available and you as a citizen are required to HAVE a bank account and keep your money in the banking system of that country which is then called "the peoples money or the national treasury" amounts over something like $10,000 or expensive items require to be kept in safety deposit boxes at the bank else you could be out of luck and maybe get fined after being robbed for attracting crime you cant even insure your home or items unless you meet minimum security requirements and many car or other expensive items like jewellery if theyre more than a years income probably need security guards or monitored camera feeds or something. And the banks cant touch any of that stuff your money or your valueables and dont make a single dollar off your dollars in there its the all of countries money. If they rob the treasury its quite the treason -you dont want to publicly die a traitors death. Since telecomms and power and things are done at close to cost price they can often have profits expected which then get given back to the people not to overseas investors not to people who are not employed by the company in the state where laws make those situations the law. Its rarely a situation where you gain employee status for a small share in a business.
Now back to the newsagency and everything else i buy lately it seems and what have you- could i have jumped the counter and gotten myself a drink? did she pour it into a glass? no she handed me a bottle imagine if she gave me a can what sort of service fee would i be charged then? when do the service fees end and the services begin i wonder?
if theres such random nonsensical services we might as well all pay with random items and haggle with chickens and goats and other non legal not money things with zero equity no land oil buildings food resources and fuels such as crypto currency which is video game currency without the video games. But some games did seem to add it as a ingame thing. But yeah unless the government makes crypto currency into a promissary note based on their nations wealth and says "this guy is good for this much" then its not money and if someone hands me a bottle of water from a fridge and doesnt let me open the fridge and get it myself and doesnt pour it or put ice in there is it actually a service? If my food gets delivered by uber eats, did uber eats pay the service fee already in the menu listing?
its uhh very confusing. My sister thinks uber eats charges 30% to the store and that they are passing that cost onto us. So some stores menus may be similar or same as in store and others very not then theres delivery and service fees extra. But isnt the delivery fee a service and thats two service fees for the same service?
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2023.06.01 09:05 Dark_Ansem Warcraft 3 Units: Orcs (draft)

Original Credits to TaelonH for the work, years ago. I'm updating.
Blademaster, male orc Ftr-5/Gla-6: CR 11; Medium humanoid, HD 11d10+22, hp 82; Init +4; Spd 30 ft.; AC 20 (bracers of armor +4, ring of protection +2); Base Atk +11; Atk +1 speed bastard sword +16 melee (1d10+9/17-20); Full Atk +1 speed bastard sword +16/+16/+11 melee (1d10+9/17-20); SA critical strike 1/day, maximum damage 1/day, SR 15, strike like the wind, supreme cleave; SQ low-light vision, command, orc traits, rage 1/day, two-handed mastery; AL NG; SV Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +4; Str 16 (+3), Dex 18 (+4), Con 14 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 11 (+0). Languages Spoken: Common, Low Common, Orc. Skills: Acrobatics +8 (Dex), Animal Handling +2 (Wis), Athletics +7 (Str), Deception +5 (Cha), Intimidation +9 (Cha), Perception +6 (Wis). Feats: Cleave, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Improved Critical (bastard sword), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Weapon Specialization (bastard sword). Possessions: +1 speed bastard sword, bracers of armor +4, gloves of dexterity +2, necklace of spell resistance (15), ring of protection +2.
Far Seer, male orc Hlr-6/Sha-5: CR 11; Medium humanoid, HD 11d8+22, hp 71; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 (+1 leather armor); Base Atk +7; Atk +1 shock heavy mace +8 melee (1d8+1 plus 1d6 electric); Full Atk +1 shock heavy mace +8/+3 melee (1d8+1 plus 1d6 electric); SA spells; SQ low-light vision, elemental companion +2 HD, healing touch, orc traits, rage 1/day; AL NG; SV Fort +14, Ref +7, Will +18; Str 11 (+0), Dex 12 (+1), Con 15 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 19 (+4), Cha 14 (+2). Languages Spoken: Common, Orc. Skills: Animal Handling +10 (Wis), Insight +9 (Wis), Intimidation +5 (Cha), Medicine +9 (Wis), Perception +11 (Wis). Feats: Alertness. Typical Healer Spells Prepared: Cantrips - light; 1st - bless; 2nd - lesser restoration; 3rd - remove blindness/deafness; 4th - divination. Possessions: +1 leather armor, cloak of resistance +3.
Tauren Chieftain, male tauren Ftr-6/Hlr-1/Sha-4: CR 11; Medium humanoid, HD 11d10+66, hp 121; Init -1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 (ring of protection +3); Base Atk +9; Atk +1 large tauren halberd +16 melee (3d6+10/x3) or tauren charge +17 melee (1d8+9); Full Atk +1 large tauren halberd +16/+11 melee (3d6+10/x3) or tauren charge +17 melee (1d8+9); SA spells; SQ elemental companion, healing touch, tauren traits; AL NG; SV Fort +17, Ref +2, Will +10; Str 22 (+6), Dex 9 (-1), Con 22 (+6), Int 10 (+0), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 14 (+2). Languages Spoken: Common, Orc. Skills: Animal Handling +8 (Wis), Athletics +7 (Str), Intimidation +6 (Cha), Medicine +6 (Wis), Survival +11 (Wis). Feats: Endurance. Typical Healer Spells Prepared: Cantrips - light; 1st - bless water; 2nd - lesser restoration. Possessions: +1 large tauren halberd, belt of giant strength +4, ring of protection +3.
Shadow Hunter, male jungle troll Brb-2/Hlr-3/Swh-6: CR 11; Medium humanoid, HD 11d8+33, hp 86; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 (ring of protection +2); Base Atk +8; Atk +2 keen two-bladed sword of enfeeblement +12/+12 melee (1d8+4/17-20) ; Full Atk +2 keen two-bladed sword of enfeeblement +10/+10/+5 melee (1d8+4) and +10/+10 melee (1d8+3); SA rage 1/day; SQ darkvision 60 ft., fast healing 1, healing touch, healing wave, hex; AL CN; SV Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +11; Str 15 (+2), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 12 (+1), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 12 (+1). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Athletics +7 (Str), Intimidation +10 (Cha). Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting. Typical Healer Spells Prepared: Cantrips - light; 1st - detect undead. Possessions: gloves of haste.
Peon, male orc Com-2: CR 1; Medium humanoid, HD 2d4+2, hp 7; Init +0; Spd 30 ft.; AC 10; Base Atk +1; Atk light pick +0 melee (1d4/x4); Full Atk light pick +0 melee (1d4/x4); AL LN; SV Fort +1, Ref +0, Will +0; Str 11 (+0), Dex 10 (+0), Con 13 (+1), Int 8 (-1), Wis 11 (+0), Cha 10 (+0). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Athletics +1 (Str). Feats: Endurance. Possessions: Hammer, light pick.
Grunt, male orc Brb-2/Ftr-2: CR 4; Medium humanoid, HD 4d12+11, hp 35; Init +0; Spd 40 ft.; AC 12 (leather armor); Base Atk +4; Atk battleaxe +6 melee (1d8+1/x3); Full Atk battleaxe +6 melee (1d8+1/x3); SQ fast movement, orc traits, rage 2/day; AL NG; SV Fort +8, Ref +0, Will -1; Str 13 (+1), Dex 11 (+0), Con 14 (+2), Int 8 (-1), Wis 9 (-1), Cha 8 (-1). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Animal Handling +3 (Wis), Athletics +7 (Str), Intimidation +7 (Cha). Feats: Cleave. Possessions: Battleaxe, leather armor.
Headhunter, male jungle troll Brb-4: CR 4; Medium humanoid, HD 4d12+12, hp 38; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12; Base Atk +4; Atk javelin +6 ranged (1d6+2) or javelin +2 melee (1d6+2); Full Atk javelin +6 ranged (1d6+2) or javelin +2 melee (1d6+2); SQ darkvision 60 ft., fast healing 1, fast movement, rage 2/day; AL CN; SV Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +0; Str 15 (+2), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 8 (-1), Wis 8 (-1), Cha 7 (-2). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Athletics +5 (Str), Intimidation +1 (Cha). Feats: Power Attack. Possessions: Javelin x20.
Berserker, male jungle troll Bar-6/Pml-1: CR 7; Medium humanoid, HD 7d12+21, hp 66; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12; Base Atk +7; Atk masterwork javelin +10 ranged (1d6+2) or masterwork javelin +6 melee (1d6+2); Full Atk masterwork javelins +6/+6/+1 ranged (1d6+2) or masterwork javelins +2/+2/-3 melee (1d6+2); SA pounce; SQ darkvision 60 ft., fast healing 1, fast movement, rage 2/day; AL CN; SV Fort +10, Ref +4, Will +1; Str 15 (+2), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 8 (-1), Wis 8 (-1), Cha 7 (-2). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Athletics +5 (Str), Intimidation +8 (Cha). Feats: Cleave. Possessions: Masterwork javelin x20.
Shaman, male orc Hlr-6/Sha-3: CR 9; Medium humanoid, HD 9d8+16, hp 56; Init -1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 9; Base Atk +6; Atk masterwork orcish claw of attack +7 melee (1d6/19-20); Full Atk Atk masterwork orcish claw of attack +7 melee (1d6/19-20); SA spells; SQ low-light vision, elemental companion, healing touch, orc traits, rage 1/day; AL NG; SV Fort +10, Ref +2, Will +11; Str 10 (+0), Dex 8 (-1), Con 14 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 14 (+2). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Animal Handling +4 (Wis), Medicine +11 (Wis), Survival +11 (Wis). Feats: Improved Initiative. Typical Healer Spells Prepared: Cantrips - light; 1st - bless; 2nd - lesser restoration; 3rd - stone shape. Possessions: Masterwork orcish claw of attack.
Witch Doctor, male jungle troll Wiz-4/Wtd-3: CR 7; Medium humanoid, HD 7d4+14, hp 31; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 11; Base Atk +3; Atk Masterwork quarterstaff +5 melee (1d6+1); Full Atk Masterwork quarterstaff +5 melee (1d6+1); SA spells; SQ darkvision 60 ft., fast healing 1; AL CN; SV Fort +9, Ref +3, Will +9; Str 12 (+1), Dex 12 (+1), Con 14 (+2), Int 15 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 11 (+0). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Arcana +6 (Int). Feats: Scribe Scroll. Typical Wizard Spells Prepared: Cantrips - light. Possessions: Masterwork quarterstaff.
Spirit Walker, male tauren Hlr-3/Spw-4: CR 7; Medium humanoid, HD 7d8+14, hp 45; Init -1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 9; Base Atk +5; Atk Masterwork tauren totem +8 melee (2d8+1); Full Atk Masterwork tauren totem +8 melee (2d8+1); SA tauren charge; SQ healing touch, tauren traits; AL NG; SV Fort +9, Ref +1, Will +12; Str 12 (+1), Dex 8 (-1), Con 14 (+2), Int 14 (+2), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 13 (+1). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Animal Handling +4 (Wis), Medicine +9 (Wis), Survival +7 (Wis). Feats: Weapon Focus (tauren totem). Typical Healer Spells Prepared: Cantrips - light; 1st - bless; 2nd - lesser restoration. Possessions: Masterwork tauren totem.
Raider, male orc Ftr-5/Mow-2: CR 7; Medium humanoid, HD 7d10+14, hp 52; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 (studded leather armor); Base Atk +7; Atk masterwork warblade +11 melee (1d8+4) or masterwork net +10 ranged touch; Full Atk masterwork warblade +11/+6 melee (1d8+4) or masterwork net +10 ranged touch; SQ low-light vision, orc traits, rage 1/day; AL LG; SV Fort +9, Ref +3, Will +1; Str 14 (+2), Dex 15 (+2), Con 15 (+2), Int 10 (+0), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 9 (-1). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Animal Handling +9 (Wis), Athletics +5 (Str), Intimidation +5 (Cha). Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (net). Possessions: Masterwork warblade, studded leather armor.
Tauren, male tauren Ftr-8: CR 8; Medium humanoid, HD 8d10+24, hp 68; Init +0; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 (nosering of protection +2); Base Atk +8; Atk +1 tauren totem +14 melee (2d8+10) or tauren charge +15 melee (1d8+7); Full Atk +1 tauren totem +14/+9/+4 melee (2d8+10) or tauren charge +15 melee (1d8+7); SA tauren charge; SQ tauren traits; AL NG; SV Fort +10, Ref +3, Will +5; Str 20 (+5), Dex 10 (+0), Con 16 (+3), Int 10 (+0), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 8 (-1). Languages Spoken: Common. Skills: Athletics +9 (Str), Intimidation +5 (Cha). Feats: Cleave. Possessions: +1 tauren totem.
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2023.06.01 08:47 BabuWithNoName Rapier Rush mid dusa (not for the faint of heart, broken in 8k mmr games)

Tis only fit that a stoner plays the stone lady.

  1. Ban windranger
  2. Mark mid & last pick medusa
  3. Buy treads rapier
  4. Follow the rest of the guide
Regarding laning, level 3 you become strong, level 5 you become cancer. Level 3 you are strong because you have 2 points snake and 2 points mana shield, so you deal enough dmg that they cannot ignore you, and you are tanky. Before that, use mystic snake to ideally secure ranged & harass enemy mid at the same time if possible. Right click the guy you're laning vs when you are not securing a CS. Most trades are good for you because of how broken mana shield is. Heroes will run out of hp before you run out of mana. Medusa mid vs most melee mids (ember, voidspirit, storm, even pango) is a fairly free lane. The hard lanes are the lane dominators (SF, batrider, viper, huskar etc) that can sort of do infinite damage.

Once you get to level 3, for the most part, just turn your brain off, auto attack a creep down, and then use snake on the remaining 3 creeps + 1 hero. Try to make it so the hero is hit by the last bounce to maximize damage. If you use snake this way, it will cost effectively 0 mana, and do about 200 damage to the enemy mid after reductions. Try not to get range creeps denied while doing this though; ideally, right click the ranged creep so that it dies to snake + auto.

When you get to level 5, your skill build should be 0-3-3 (mana shield is weird, so you can have 6 skill points by lvl 5). Tanky as hell, and your snake will do crazy damage because you can use it directly on the wave now, and have it bounce to the hero (since now the snake bounces off 5 units). This is when you should start playing like a psycho. It should be around the 5 minute mark during this time, so place an obs, and start spamming snake on the enemy mid like there is no tomorrow. Per wave, the enemy mid should be getting snaked twice (one snake which bounces on the whole wave, and another snake just on the hero after most of the wave has died). You can even use glyph after pushing in the wave to try and pressure the tower with catapult since your hero is immensely tanky. A level 5 medusa has ~2k EHP, not to mention the wand charges you will have built up.

Now, it should be around 6 minutes. Push in the wave, and try to 50/50 the power rune. Don't try and chase the enemy mid on the power rune, just go to the one they are leaning away from. At this point, your hero will somewhat auto push the wave because of snake, which you usually want to happen anyway because the enemy midlaners level 6 timing is way better than yours, so you want to just start focusing on your own farm. Once you get atleast 2 points in split shot, you can start to jungle between waves, but before that, just try to ward your primary jungle so that you can find good camps to get mana back from (satyrs/mudgolems). In terms of GPM, the most effective thing you can do is to double stack the triangle every minute at XX:53, but it's good to farm some regular camps for neutral items & regaining mana.

Pro tip: Buy clarities on this hero every time you are missing about half your mana. A clarity regens 6 mana/sec, which is pretty good for dusa in terms of EHP. More importantly, once Dusa is out of mana, she has no way of getting mana back. But if she has even enough for one snake, and there is a satymudgolem camp, she can be practically full mana with 2 snakes. So you REALLY don't want to be in a position where you are at 0 mana, or you will be unable to CS, unable to jungle, unable to restore your mana by snaking, and unable to walk base because your hero is so pathetically slow.

*Also pro tip*: When killing mud-golems, try to time it so that both mud-golems die to snake, so that their spawns also get snaked. This way you will get an insane amount of mana back. Finding a random mudgolem camp to nuke can be lane-winning when you are low on resources.

**ALSO pro tip**: When killing satyr camps, make sure your mana is full before doing so. Satyr camps are probably a better source of regen for dusa than the goddamn fountain itself, so before you kill them, make sure you're pretty much full mana. Otherwise, just snake them twice, and voila.
Overall, medusa is an incredibly strong laner right now. I've even laned against batriders and come out on top because wand charges + snake slow + medusa's tankiness = batrider dies if he dives. Most medusa vs melee matchups are medusa favored enough that your networths should be like this after the lane:

Early Itemization: There are two options.

Lanes where you take a lot of damage: Sage mask, magic stick, branches -> basi + wand -> treads

Lanes where CSing is difficult: 2 circlets, sage mask, branches -> band of elvenskin rush (for damage) -> treads -> wand

After treads, you know the build. Straight demon edge into rapier.

Playstyle before rapier: Farm as much as you can, and get your rapier timing. Make sure you farm at least 1-2 creep waves per minute; many medusa's make the mistake of going from camp to camp to camp, and end up not farming creep waves, which is a way better source of gold. Ideally, every minute, you clear 2 waves and farm both ancients, or farm one, stack the other. The most optimal farming pattern on Radiant midusa is as follows:

Clear the mid wave when it meets the river at XX:15
Walk to the neutral camp that is near your mid tower and kill it


Walk to the neutral camp near the outpost & kill it

Walk back mid to clear the wave that meets the river at XX:45
And finally, either go to your triangle & double stack it, or have a support stack. Ideally, you stack the triangle and the support stacks the inner ancients. This way, you are farming 2 creep waves + 2 neutral camps, and with the stack, effectively x2 ancients and a hard camp. In other words, you're getting rich.

Provided you have a decent lane and go the correct skill build (0-3-2 into max splitshot, skip ult unless against windrangebatrider), you will have rapier before 16 minutes.

Playstyle after rapier: Make sure you ping your rapier as soon as you get it so that your team starts playing around you. As for the gameplay, just do roshan (should be sneakable as its night cuz 15-20 min is night time). If the enemy team is playing in the roshan lane, smoke to that lane with your team as 5 (or 4, sometimes people don't wanna 5 man smoke this early), take a fight, and go rosh. If they aren't playing in that lane, just smoke up with whatever heroes you need to tank roshan (usually offlaner) and go sneak it. It's pretty fast since the game is early & you have a rapier. In this stage, what is most important is to make good use of the surprise rapier factor. The enemy team will not expect the rapier, so you should try your best to have a good rapier reveal fight (pro tip: don't show your hero with the rapier on creep waves before you get this fight).

For extra safety, there is yet another method for the faint of heart:

While buying your 'rapier,' lock the sacred relic. Only unlock it once you have successfully killed roshan & obtained the aegis.

In games that you have mana sustain (IO/Pugna/Kotl) and they have no windranger, you can easily go highground with the aegis. If they have repositioning heroes/windranger (yes, AM does not matter), it becomes tricky, but you can still use the aegis to take out all the outer towers. But don't rush it. Don't just walk from top t1 to mid t1 to bot t1. Do something more like: push mid wave, take mid t1, push another wave, farm enemy triangle, backdoor top tier 1, farm enemy inner ancients, tp to your own triangle, clear ancient spawn, walk down bot lane and take tier 1 + tier 2. You want to make sure you're using the rapier for efficiency to the absolute max: 4 hitting towers, 3 hitting heroes, 2 hitting creep waves, all the good stuff.

At this point, you should be really farmed. Buy a good item, and win your team the game. In my games, I almost always go either hyperstone or butterfly after the rapier since it makes your DPS skyrocket with the rapier. Mask of madness is an item I haven't really tried, but it could be good. Butterfly rapier with aegis is just an insane timing, and with hyperstone, you can usually go something like hyperstone -> bkb or hyperstone -> skadi and just be unkillable + fast building pusher so you can end. In the game below, I went rapier hyperstone, got aegis, and we could just end the game because we have pugna + kotl, and pango isn't enough mana burn.

Finally, the most difficult question of all, which I have also figured out through theorycrafting & experimentation.
How to deal with Windranger: Rapier -> blademail -> aegis -> butterfly -> throne. This only applies if the windranger is smart and buys diffusal blade, otherwise you can just go rapier -> butterfly, windranger can't kill you twice with butterfly + aegis without diffusal this early in the game.
For reference, this is legit enough that I can play it at 8.9k mmr & win in 20 minutes (Match ID: 7168746931). I look forward to the day a competitive team does this. Enjoy.
https://www.twitch.tv/high_shaggy (at least one rapier midusa per stream)
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2023.06.01 08:47 Urion2419 [Rant] Switching to B&N because I can't deal with finding a good place with free shipping (and also because f*** you amazon).

Context: I've been an avid book depository shopper ever since I was in 9th grade (about 4.5 years ago) as English is not my first language and I wanted to practice reading English books. My teacher immediately recommend BD and it was amazing ever since. One time they forgot to give me a bookmark, sent them a message and not three days later I got a UPS package with at least 50 bookmarks. I thought everything was amazing, I pre ordered 5 books and was on my merry way. Then they closed.
I tried moving my list to amazon but they didn't have the right titles (plus, amazon, I do not want points to buy digital books. I don't want digital books. I read when I have a long train/ bus ride or on Saturdays when I can't use electronic devices! I don't care about points I get with every purchase unless they give me free shipping). Abe books informed me that they mostly do second hand so they didn't have a lot of the new stuff I wanted.
Then I tried Blackwell's, and my God they are the most predatory dishonest and slow book retailer I have ever used in any country. Here are some of my complaints: 1. Dumb dumb dumb way of charging you for a pre order as it's released, so if the currency I buy from spikes one day, I might not be able to afford it. 2. Terrible customer support (obviously whoever runs their chat and Email support is not a native English speaker I'm not mad at that, but they are so ill informed that I honestly prefer just not contacting them). 3. The very very long waits for delivery. 4. The way they write how long it takes for a book to get to you in business days, so it may seem like a short time to someone who's english is not the best like 10-15 is very short, when in turn it's almost a month and a half (and that's just for the starting time, because as you'll see they expect you to wait even longer). But all these are just small gripes. My BIGGEST issue is their shipping company: Trackmail.co.uk. They are without a doubt the worst shippment company I have ever seen. They don't give you any information on the package, they don't have support, and when I informed Blackwell's of it they just told me to wait up to a MONTH longer then what they stated on the website, and to contact my local postal provider, which said they never even heard of that shipping company, and didn't even get a notice of the packages (which the first thing any company does. Informs the receiving last mile shipper of the package).
All of this work and headache comes after having to deal with the last Book Depository order arriving to a wrong place and I'm honestly done with retailers with free shipping at least I know shipping costs will give me the reassurance of knowing it will be here fast and in one piece.
At this point I'm done. I don't care how much shipping costs from B&N. They have actual knowledgeable people who want to help, they work with UPS and FedEx for international shipping and they have a money back guarantee for late books (which I had to fight Blackwell's to even consider).
This whole rant just comes down to three sentences: 1. F*** you Amazon for closing book depository. 2. F*** you Blackwell's for being the worst. 3. Book Depository will be missed.
Thanks for reading my rant.
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2023.06.01 08:43 bromprom Needing to be liked/the best/ loving attention (as a 5)?

Without a doubt, I know I’m a 5. However, I mistyped as a 3 for a long time because of this weird (repressed, at that) desire i’ve always had to be “the best” in every situation. It took me a long time to accept this.
I find it so hard to accept faults in myself and others. I criticize the intelligence of others and myself relentlessly (emotional, wit, rationality, etc). It’s so hard for me to accept that to be human is to be flawed— especially in unflattering ways. I want to surround myself with emotionally intelligent and demanding people who embody perfection, and I want to live up to their standards.
I love to be praised, but i fear I’m only witty/smart/magnetic to “dumber people” (i know, who do i think i am?) OR because I only show myself when I’m fully prepared to be entertaining. Recently, I’ve noticed how much energy this costs and now i only spend time with people who “deserve” it— and due to my high standards— i’ve found very few who fit this description. I’m lonely but resentful of everyone because i secretly find them stupid. Plus, i’m too scared to talk to the people i find smart.
The more I learn and master, the more I feel inadequate. Instead of finding beauty/peace in this, I beat myself up the more successful I am. Thinking about being in better situations fills me with waves of anxiety. The pressure of finding better is killing me, probably literally. I don’t think ive had a single sober day for two months. I don’t enjoy much anymore. I waste away partying and now even partying is boring and unstimulating.
Have any other 5s dealt with this. I know I need to come back down to earth and what i’m saying is ridiculous— but i am lost in the sauce, advice?
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2023.06.01 08:40 kateSharma37 any suggestions for college consulting?

sorry i keep asking for advice from this sub but basically i want help with essay writing/editing plus creating a narrative with my application and deciding what majors to apply to at diff schools, etc. i met with a local company today and they charge about $4k, but i wanted to look into other options. does anyone have any recommendations for college consulting below $5-6K? or any good places just for essay editing, since that’s my main priority? tysm!!
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2023.06.01 08:06 Strengthwars Speculation on the Unknown Justice League Members

Speculation on the Unknown Justice League Members
Do you ever lie awake at night wondering who those missing Justice League designations are in Season 4? No? Just me? Well, anyway--
Young Justice: Phantoms told another satisfying story that reflected on and wrapped up threads connecting as far back as the first season while also doing some exciting new world-building (or galaxy-building on the cosmic side). One element of this included the expansion of the Justice League roster, which is a show staple and has happened every season. Invasion's five-year time skip added Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Black Lightning, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Zatanna, and Rocket, even if Ted was dead by the time the season began. As the galactic efforts of the team expanded, Outsiders' shorter two-year time skip brought about a much bigger expansion with ten members. Even though we never got to see Fire or Magog, even by Phantoms, we did learn about their place on the League by the end of the third season. Alas, the fourth, despite giving us some info and clues, did not reveal the full list of the expanded roster by the end of its run.
Here's what we know:
  • La'gaan is granted the title of Aquaman and invited to join the Justice League in "Leviathan Wakes" on July 3rd, 2020.
  • In "Death and Rebirth", during the wedding of Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz on September 16th, 2020, La'gaan/Aquaman is heard zeta-ing in under the designation 45.
  • Steel was designated 36 in Season 3 and represented the final member of those who joined between Invasion and Outsiders.
  • Metamorpho is seemingly folded into the Justice League during "Nevermore" at the end of Season 3 when Batman Inc. rejoins with the rest of the groups, including Metamorpho and Orphan -- who were recruited specially to Batman's effort and weren't originally members of the League or Team. We see in Season 4 that Orphan is designated B-36, after the last known Season 3 designations, meaning it's likely Metamorpho is 37 on the League front.
  • The "Foreign Affairs" tie-in comic set after Season 4 confirms that Cyborg is designated 39.
  • Series co-creator Greg Weisman has stated that the designation ordering for a batch of members that all join at the same time (as was typical for the aforementioned waves in previous seasons) is determined by those heroes' debut order. As seen in “Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!” during Season 4, Zatara joined the League alongside Captain Atom, Black Canary, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Captain Marvel, and Red Tornado. They were designated in that order because it is the order they became heroes, which is proven by how Zatara was one of the earliest, debuting the same year as Superman. And again, regardless, this has all been confirmed by creator comment.
  • We see Victor Stone become Cyborg in February 2019 and join the Outsiders toward the end of Season 3.
  • With the unusual exceptions of La'gaan and likely Jay Garrick, who seem to join at particular intervals, new Justice League members tend to join in collective batches, as exemplified with Zatara's wave or the other aforementioned ones. Though we do not have confirmation as to when exactly Cyborg joined the League, it is likely that he was recruited alongside another few heroes in the short gap between Seasons 3 and 4.
  • All this to say that Cyborg's placement as 39 in this new wave that goes up to 43 or 44 means that all new Justice Leaguers but one debut BETWEEN February 2019 and February 2020. We are dealing with a fresh batch of heroes that we would not have seen costumed in previous seasons... but that we may have already seen in civilian form.
  • If we assume Metamorpho is 37 for the sake of argument, as it's unconfirmed but seems likely, 38 and 40-44 are all unknown designations. But we know from Season 4 that Flash (Jay Garrick) and an unknown Green Lantern occupy at least two of them.
So... for anyone still with me, who might fill those remaining slots? I have a few thoughts:
Jay is probably 44 and joined outside the other six.
The first thing to acknowledge is which character has that mysterious 38 slot preceding Cyborg. That slot means that the first hero to join the League after Season 3, assuming they joined alongside Vic, was someone who had become a hero prior to February 2019. Obviously, Jay Garrick became a hero quite a bit earlier, in 1940 to be exact, and was a founding member of the Justice Society of America. We learn in Season 4's "Leviathan Wakes" that he has become a member of the more modern Justice League and see him on his very first mission nearly two months later in the next episode. These time discrepancies are odd, but Jay is a long-time hero and it's not unreasonable to hazard that he may have joined outside of the normal League recruitment schedule. They no doubt would have been happy to accommodate him at his own pace. This, plus the fact that his first mission wasn't until August 2020 when we know the main recruitment wave happened prior to February, leads me to suspect that Jay joined more recently compared to the mentioned episodes and that he is designated 44. It's possible that he's 38, but that would eliminate all the interesting possibilities of longer-standing heroes who may have become Leaguers by the fourth season...

Rocket Red (Dmitri Pushkin)
Dmitri is a Justice League member in the comics and we saw him don his Rocket Red armor for the first time during Season 3's "Leverage", set on November 17th, 2018 -- a few months prior to Vic's becoming Cyborg. Now, the Rocket Red Brigade in YJ is a Russian superhero organization and Dmitri especially doesn't take kindly to American espionage/intervention. He wants to rival the Justice League, not join it... at least at that time. Could he have changed his mind in the following year or so? Perhaps. I'll circle back to this for my next idea, but in the credits scene of “Beyond the Grip of the Gods!” in Season 4, we see Black Lightning and Superman discussing the forthcoming Justice League Reserves and a screen displaying potential recruits. In addition to this, Superman notes that "Russia has more Rocket Reds" as an idea for further recruitment. His use of more is interesting, as it potentially signifies that there is already a Rocket Red within their circles. However, given Dmitri's characterization from what little we saw of him and what we know the Rocket Red Brigade's nationalist goals seem to be here, it's equally possible and perhaps more likely that the "more" simply refers to the membership beyond Dmitri and his superior, Olga Ilyich, whom all the heroes would have learned about in Season 3, given that it was a Team mission reporting to the League. Perhaps a Rocket Red or two made it into the Reserves, but I'm betting the 38 designation actually belongs to a different character...

Many of you may know Cliff Steele/Robotman from the acclaimed Doom Patrol show, and he made his first true appearance in Season 4's "Emergency Dive" after an illusion of sorts in the third season. In YJ, Robotman was a founding member of the Doom Patrol in 2011 and died with the rest of his crew in 2015. In Season 3, during an episode set in 2018, Beast Boy's dream sequence seems to indicate that he still believes Robotman to be dead. But Robotman is a living human brain stuck in a metal body, and we learn in the fourth season that said robot head was recovered and that Cliff has slowly been working himself out of the depression stemming from losing his team and spending years at the bottom of a river. Whether that's the exact timeline of events is a bit in question, but we know that by Season 4, Robotman is up and running and ready to help Gar despite still facing struggles. Cliff is not typically a Justice League member in other mediums, but neither is Zatara, Rocket, or Magog. One of the best things about YJ is how it remixes and reimagines typical continuity, and in the world of Earth-16 where the League is the premiere superhero organization that it is, it makes sense that they'd properly take in Robotman. We know that he's able to utilize Black Canary's mental health services, as he is a key example she brings up in "Death and Rebirth" as to why she wants to organize a proper sanctuary for struggling heroes who need to work on themselves. Given his ties to the hero community in 2020, I find it strange that Cliff would not be featured on this screen:
The pictured Justice League Reserve candidates in “Beyond the Grip of the Gods!”
Black Lightning and Superman conveniently cover up two of the slots, but it seems far more likely that was done to avoid showing characters the creative team didn't have designs for rather than the ones they did, don't you think? So my question is, if Robotman is so connected to the superhero community as they support his recovery, why would he not be on speed dial for the next crisis via this Reserves setup? Or at least be in contention? I think a very likely answer is that Robotman cannot be a Reserve member because he is already a regular member of the Justice League, specifically under designation 38, as he debuted in 2011 and would have joined alongside Cyborg. While he's still on a journey of recovery, Robotman seems up and running enough (pun intended) by Season 4 that I don't think it's too much of a stretch to propose that he's joined the team proper. But beyond that elusive 38 slot, I do have one more guess to propose as to another member of Cyborg's wave who could have become a hero after him...

In Season 3, we are introduced to teenage interview show host Courtney Whitmore. Sometime during 2019, she acquired a Cosmic Staff and became Stargirl, as we see her as a member of the Outsiders during Season 4. For anyone familiar with Courtney's DC Universe/CW show, you'll know that Courtney is a legacy hero and that her uncle, Pat Dugan, is a critical part of that journey. Pat was a sidekick back in his younger days and, in the comics and Stargirl show, suits up in a robotic suit of armor as an adult to aid Courtney as her sidekick. Thanks to the recent Young Justice: Targets tie-in comic series showing us Green Arrow flashbacks to 2010 and the time frame of Season 1, we know that Pat Dugan and his old mentor Sylvester Pemberton exist... as Star City traffic reporters rather than heroes (at least at that time). It seems like Courtney's E-16 legacy may be more of a media one than a heroic one, but her Stargirl persona persists and so it's not impossible that her uncle may have his suit as well. While it's far from assured, Pat is a character we now know is around, and given that he'd be becoming active after Cyborg and that he and Courtney are often a package deal, I think it would be interesting if S.T.R.I.P.E. was one of the members who joined the League between Seasons 3 and 4.
If anyone out there was courageous enough to read all of that, I commend you for your patience and appreciate your shared interest. I love this world and its rich characters, history, and mystery, and given the sub's rising subscriber numbers, I know I'm not alone. So if you're mighty curious as to who else may have joined the Justice League between seasons, I would love to hear your thoughts below. Remember, most of them are likely newer heroes, so your answers are welcome to range from why a new character like Vixen might work well in the current context of the show, to why a deep-cut Season 1 cameo like Pieter Cross may have only recently become Doctor Midnight and joined the big League. You don't have to read all of the above, I'd just love to hear your thoughts!
tl;dr: In addition to Cyborg, a fourth Earth Green Lantern, Jay Garrick's Flash, and La'gaan's Aquaman, there are FOUR unknown Justice Leaguers who joined the team before or during Season 4. Based on the points above or your own theorizing, who do you think those heroes might be?
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2023.06.01 08:03 navarajpokharel How genuine is this apple charger

I recently bought 14 plus and I got this charger for free is it good or shall i go for new one usually it takes around 3 hour for full charge
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2023.06.01 08:02 Lordofthe305 CPWA Octane 5-31-23

CPWA Octane 5-31-23

We open with a recap of last week's main event featuring Keith Yang and the Jordans (Elijah, Deron "Ron", and Cedric) taking on "The Number One Pick" LeJuan Jones and Ivan Markov. LeJuan announces the names of the other competitors for his team, who are revealed to be General Wade and Guerrilla God, the Soldiers of Misfortune. A brawl ensues throughout the main event, leading to a low blow from Ivan Markov and Brother Julius running a distraction, allowing LeJuan Jones to win the match with a Game Winner on Yang. After the match, General Wade and Guerrilla God double-team Keith Yang and double-powerbomb him through a table. General Wade, Guerrilla God, along with LeJuan Jones and Ivan Markov stand victorious over the prone Keith Yang.
The moment of silence ends and we open with a 30-second intro highlighting all of the stars of CPWA as The Roots' "BOOM" plays in the background. The intro ends with Shelton Jordan holding the CPWA Heavyweight Championship belt over his head. Pyro goes off in the arena for a few seconds, followed by cheering from the crowd.
Brian Kinsley: We welcome to CPWA Octane! We are coming to you live from Seattle, Washington! Brian Kinsley, Anthony Harris, and Sir Samuel Stewart, and we have a fantastic show for you tonight! We continue with the Super Junior Carnival, plus The Mortician will be in tag team action, and our main event, Shelton and Deron "Ron" Jordan take on General Wade and Guerrilla God, the Soldiers of Misfortune. Let's get right to the action!
We cut to the ring.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for...
Crowd: ONE FALL!
GACKT's "Redemption" plays in the arena
Announcer: Introducing first, from Osaka, Japan, she is Shiori Yoshimura.
Brian Kinsley: Shiori Yoshimura won the CPWA Women's International Championship from "The Iron Maiden" Mary Addams at Fatal Alliance in what seems to be the end of their rivalry.
Sir Samuel Stewart: Just because you say it's the end of something, doesn't mean it won't pick back up. I'm sure "The Iron Maiden" will be waiting to get her shot again, even if she has her sights set on going for the CPWA Women's Championship.
Johann Sebastian Bach's Air on G String plays in the arena.
Announcer: And her opponent, from the posh hills of the Hamptons, she is Priscilla Pierce.
Brian Kinsley: We haven't seen Priscilla Pierce in a few months, and that's because she was touring Japan and Puerto Rico.
Anthony Harris: She could've sent us a postcard or two about her time away from here, but now she's got a big test ahead of her.
Match 1: Shiori Yoshimura vs. Priscilla Pierce
A decent, if not solid opener that saw Priscilla Pierce get some offense early, but Shiori shrugged it off, went on the offense herself, and didn't look back. Give Priscilla credit for weathering the storm and even trying to fight back, but it wasn't enough as Shiori ended the match with a Spinning Bison Bomb.
3 out of 5 stars.
We cut backstage and we see Kevin Meyers interviewing Rory Irvine. Rory says that his first-round victory against Kelly Lawton was no fluke and he plans to go all the way just to prove that he belongs with the best in the Cruiserweight division. Rory then heads out for his match.
We cut to the locker room area and we see Brother Julius approaching the Soldiers of Misfortune. Brother Julius tells General Wade and Guerrilla God that he has the plan to eliminate the Jordans and Keith Yang altogether, courtesy of "The Number One Pick" LeJuan Jones. General Wade tells Brother Julius that he and Guerrilla God are all ears.
We cut back to the ring.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a quarterfinal match for the CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament.
The O'Reillys and Paddyhats' "Barrels of Whiskey" plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, he is Rory Irvine.
Brian Kinsley: Rory Irvine has been riding a high wave of momentum ever since beating CPWA Kelly Lawton in the first round of the Super Junior Carnival.
Sir Samuel Stewart: The young lad definitely is feeling himself as the youth would say, but let's hope it doesn't come back to bite him.
80s Synth Track Nightscapes plays in the arena.
Announcer: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, he is one-half of StarrVice, Mark Starr.
Brian Kinsley: Mark Starr and MAGNUM Koyama had a decent match but it was ruined by the interference of Silver Eyes.
Anthony Harris: Then after that, Silver Eyes and MAGNUM Koyama were brawling thereafter. I'm sure these two are gonna bash in the ring again.
Match 2: CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament: Quarterfinal: Rory Irvine vs. Mark Starr
Another decent match that saw some high-flying, technical holds, and a lot of hard-hitting striking. Mark Starr had control of the match, keeping Irvine grounded. Irvine started to make some offense of his own, but Starr kept him at bay. As the match ramped up, CPWA Cruiserweight Champion Kelly Lawton looked to get even against Rory, only to knock out Starr by accident. Rory would get the upper hand on Lawton, knocking him out and hitting the Celtic Crucifix Pin on Starr to win the match. Rory Irvine advances to the semi-finals where he will take on Money Mark or Owen Benoit-Jericho.
3 out of 5 stars.
We cut to a graphic hyping the other quarterfinal matches of the Super Junior Carnival Tournament, including "The Korean Idol" Han Sang-Hoon taking on Steve Odenkirk, Ricky Vice taking on Devon Gatlin-Tyson, and Money Mark taking on Owen Benoit-Jericho, which is next.
***Commercial Break***
We come back from commercial break and we see Kelly Lawton groggily walking backstage. He bumps into Lord Phillip Byron IV, who scolds him for not getting his payback on Rory Irvine. "The Iron Maiden" Mary Addams approaches Kelly and tells him better luck next time.
We go to the locker room area and we see Shelton and Deron "Ron" Jordan getting ready for their main event tag match. Shelton says that he wants payback for what the Soldiers of Misfortune did to Keith Yang. Ron agrees and says that the Soldiers of Misfortune will get beaten up tonight.
We cut back to the ring.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a quarterfinal match for the CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament.
Almighty 3's "To The Other MC's" plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, from Opa-Locka, Florida, he is Money Mark!
Brian Kinsley: Money Mark pulled off a miracle against Adam Odenkirk last week on Octane. He managed to survive the onslaught from the first round.
Sir Samuel Stewart: Unfortunately, there is more onslaught on the way, and it's not gonna be pretty.
Blood Brothers' "Replica" plays in the arena
Announcer: And his opponent, representing The Commonwealth, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he is Owen Benoit-Jericho.
Brian Kinsley: Owen Benoit-Jericho had one of the best matches, if not the best match of the first round as he defeated Angel Vega.
Anthony Harris: That was a hard-hitting match and it could've gone either way. Let's see how this match pans out.
Match 2: CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament: Quarterfinal: Money Mark vs. Owen Benoit-Jericho
This was the match of the night so far, and perhaps the best match of the quarterfinals. Owen took control of the match, using his amateur grappling and technical skills to ground Money Mark. Owen then used his submission holds to weaken Money Mark, only for him to survive and reach the ropes. Owen's relentlessness continued with German suplexes, but Money Mark managed to flip out of the fifth German suplex, leading to his offense. Money Mark was flying all over the ring, hitting Owen with a series of dropkicks, hurricanranas, and head scissor takedowns. Owen tried to go for the cross-face, but Money Mark hit the Moneymaker to get the win. Money Mark advances to the semi-final to face Rory Irvine.
4 out of 5 stars.
We then see a one-minute hype package for The Mortician. The hype package ends and we cut back to the ring.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 25-minute time limit.
An organ cover to Runaway Casket plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, from Resting Peace Funeral Home, he is the CPWA Television Champion The Mortician!
Brian Kinsley: The Mortician made quite a surprising return at Fatal Alliance when he not only challenged for the CPWA Television Championship, but also won it!
Sir Samuel Stewart: I knew I felt an eerie chill in the arena for some reason and there he was.
Hp Boyz - Engineers. plays in the arena.
Announcer: His tag team partner, from Maui, Hawaii, he is Kahuna Maiavia.
Brian Kinsley: Kahuna Maiavia has kept busy in his native Hawaii, training local wrestlers and touring New Zealand.
Sir Samuel Stewart: He told me he found some promising trainees in Christchurch and Auckland. Hope to see them in CPWA one day.
Nu Breed's "Florida" plays in the arena
Announcer: And their opponent, introducing first, accompanied by his alligator Sunshine, from the Sunshine State, he is the CPWA Television Champion, "Florida Man" Gary Strange
Gary Strange takes out a microphone.
Gary Strange: Now before I go in that ring and make mince meat out of the both of you to feed Sunshine, I have a tag team partner that I think you are familiar with, Mortician, and just like me, he's seeing red.
The lights in the arena suddenly turn red as Aka-Manto Chase Theme plays in the arena. Aka-Manto rushes through the crowd and attacks The Mortician.
Match 4: The Mortician and Kahuna Maiavia vs. "Florida Man" Gary Strange and Aka-Manto
This felt more like a tornado tag team match rather than an actual tag team match as all four competitors brawled all through ringside. Gary Strange would isolate Kahuna Maiavia away from Mortician, allowing Aka-Manto to beat the living daylights out of him. After an utter brawl throughout ringside, Aka-Manto won the match with Redrum on the Mortician to get the win.
3 out of 5 stars.
After the arena lights go out and we hear an ominous female voice.
Ominous Female Voice: Pretty Boy...oh Pretty Boy...punish...them...all!
Glitter Wasteland's "Cold War (Nightcrawler Remix)" plays in the arena as Pretty Boy makes his way to the ring. Pretty Boy glares at Aka-Manto and then at the prone Mortician. Pretty Boy and Aka-Manto viciously assault Mortician. Pretty Boy then performs a chokeslam and tombstone piledriver on Mortician.
We cut to a graphic hyping the other quarterfinal matches of the Super Junior Carnival Tournament, including "The Korean Idol" Han Sang-Hoon taking on Steve Odenkirk, Ricky Vice taking on Devon Gatlin-Tyson, and the main event between Shelton and Deron "Ron" Jordan taking on the Soldiers of Misfortune.
***Commercial Break***
We come back from commercial break and we see Elijah and Cedric Jordan talking to each other as they are on their way to meeting Shelton and Ron. Brother Julius approaches them with a "message" from LeJuan Jones. Brother Julius slaps Cedric as he and Elijah chase Brother Julius. The Soldiers of Misfortune ambush Elijah and Cedric, knocking them out.
We cut to the ring.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a quarterfinal match for the CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament.
Rain's "It's Raining" begins to play in the arena
Announcer: Introducing first, from Seoul, South Korea, he is one half of the CPWA Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, "The Korean Idol" Han Sang-Hoon!
Brian Kinsley: "The Korean Idol" Han Sang-Hoon put on a stellar match against Mexico's El Colibri in what was surely a high-flying battle.
Sir Samuel Stewart: I swore if I blinked even once, I would've missed something crazy. Those two put on a tremendous match.
Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" plays in the arena.
Announcer: And his opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he is Steve Odenkirk.
Brian Kinsley: Steve Odenkirk put on a masterful performance against Sharnaz Khan in the first round and looks do so again.
Anthony Harris: He's got skills on the mat, and he can even surprise you with his high-flying. Watch out for him if he makes it all the way.
Match 5: CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament: Quarterfinal: "The Korean Idol" Han Sang-Hoon vs. Steve Odenkirk
There were lots of technical exchanges between the two competitors, a bit of anything you can do, I can do better. It was evenly matched early in the contest, but "The Korean Idol" took over the match and didn't look back. Han Sang-Hoon hit the K-Pop Drop on Steve to get the win. "The Korean Idol" Han Sang-Hoon advances to the semi-finals where he will take on either Ricky Vice or Devon Gatlin-Tyson.
3 out of 5 stars.
Backstage, we see Shelton and Ron getting past several referees and road agents as they look at the prone bodies of Elijah and Cedric. Shelton and Ron ask the referees and road agents what happened, to which none of the referees and road agents knew what occurred. Unbeknownst to everyone, "The Number One Pick" LeJuan Jones and Brother Julius were standing in the background, watching everything unfold.
We cut to the ring.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a quarterfinal match for the CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament.
80s Synth Track Nightscapes plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, he is one-half of StarrVice, Ricky Vice.
Brian Kinsley: Earlier, Mark Starr could not reach the semifinals, but Ricky Vice may have a chance to do so.
Anthony Harris: I think he has what it takes, but so does his opponent.
Leo Arnaud's "Bulger's Dream" plays in the arena
Announcer: Introducing first, representing The Olympians, from Jacksonville, Florida, Devon Gatlin-Tyson.
Brian Kinsley: Devon Gatlin-Tyson is still making a big statement that he belongs at the top of the Cruiserweight division. He defeated "The Hi-Fli Kid" Jerome Evans in the first round, albeit with help from Miles Orozco and Chip Day.
Sir Samuel Stewart: There you go speaking hearsay, Brian. Jerome Evans got distracted and that allowed DGT to get the victory. He does allow me to call him DGT right?
Match 6: CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament: Quarterfinal: Ricky Vice vs. Devon Gatlin-Tyson
Earlier in the night, Money Mark and Owen Benoit-Jericho had a stellar match, but this one stole the show. Both Ricky and DGT were pulling off hurricanranas, poison ranas, headscissor takedowns, and even diving planchas on each other. The intensity was truly ramped up by the number of striking and counterstriking attacks both competitors were pulling off. Ricky looked to have the match won the Vice Lock, but Miguel Sandoval Jr. distracted the referee on behalf of DGT. This allowed Gatlin-Tyson to comeback and surprise Ricky with a cradle pin attempt, leading to a split-second DDT to get the win. Devon Gatlin-Tyson advances to the semifinals, where he will face "The Korean Idol" Han Sang-Hoon.
We cut to a graphic hyping the main event between Shelton and Deron "Ron" Jordan taking on the Soldiers of Misfortune.
***Commercial Break***
Brian Kinsley: Next week, CPWA will be in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for Octane. The semifinals for the CPWA Super Junior Carnival Tournament are set as Rory Irvine takes on Money Mark, and "The Korean Idol" Han Sang-Hoon takes on Devon Gatlin Tyson. Plus, The Mortician will be in tag team action as he teams up with Mangod against Pretty Boy and Aka-Manto.
Announcer: Our main event is scheduled for...
Crowd: ONE FALL!!!
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's "The Creator" plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, the team of Shelton, Deron "Ron" The Jordans.

Shyne's "Bad Boyz" plays in the arena.
Announcer: And their opponents, from the Trenches, the team of General Wade and Guerrilla God, the Soldiers of Misfortune.
Main Event: The Jordans (Shelton and Deron "Ron") vs. The Soldiers of Misfortune (General Wade and Guerrilla God)
As great as the rest of the card was, this match was a blemish in the form of a not so good, but not so terrible match. All four competitors beat the living crap out of each other. At one point, the Jordans had the upper hand, only for Ivan Markov interfered in the match, taking out Ron. This left Shelton at the mercy of the Soldiers of Misfortune as Guerrilla God pulled off Guerilla In The Mist (Modified Gun Stun) on Shelton, leading to General Wade to get the pin.
2 out of 5 stars.
After the match, the Soldiers of Misfortune, along with Ivan Markov assaulted Shelton some more and put him triple powerbombed him through a table as "The Number One Pick" LeJuan Jones and Brother Julius look on in approval as Octane fades to black.
Results from FedSimulator.com
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