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2023.03.30 01:02 mamaMaeeye Is this a puppy scam??

Is this a puppy scam??
I would like to think I'm above being scammed, but I'm scared!!
I posted an ad on my local remote group asking for leads for a chocolate lab. Found one for $600 with half for deposit up front. Well, I paid the deposit and asked for vet info and references and this is what I received. Also, my friend thinks the videos and pics I got are fake. Help!! It's rather be out $300 than $600.
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2023.03.30 01:02 largestokie What info do i give?

I've been having trouble getting onto an app so i emailed the help team for said app to try and resolve this issue and when they got back to me they asked me to give some information like my device information, what version my phone is updated to, a screen recording of the full process of the error etc.
What I'm not sure about is what information about my device do i give. Do i just give them the model name or do i give them the model number aswell? I'm not well versed in what any of the information is and what significance they hold if accidently leaked
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2023.03.30 01:01 easylife500 how can I keep them from taking my phone numbers?

how can I keep them from taking my phone numbers?
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2023.03.30 01:01 Eliakon How to get rid of number next to iPhone name?

How to get rid of number next to iPhone name?
That (15) has been there for months and I don’t know how to get rid of it
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2023.03.30 01:00 ThenWeek1108 how to hack my husbands iPhone

[email protected] -------------------- If you’re wondering how to hack my husbands iPhone, then you’re in luck. There are a few different ways you can do this, and we’ll walk you through each one to choose the best method for your needs

how to hack my husbands iPhone

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If you want to hack a phone with a professional hacker such as [email protected]. This is the best service to use online to hack your husband’s phone.

how to spy on my husband’s cell iPhone without touching it

One way to spy on your husband’s cell phone is to use [email protected]. you’ll be able to see everything they do on their phone, including text messages, calls, and social media activity. There are hidden spy apps to monitor a cell phone.
Another way to spy on your husband’s cell phone is by using a tracking device. This can be placed on their phone or in their car, and it will allow you to track their location at all times. This is a great option if you’re worried about your husband cheating or want to know where he is at all times.
Finally, you can also use a reverse phone lookup service to spy on your husband’s cell phone. This service will allow you to see who owns any given phone number, which can be useful if you suspect your husband is hiding something from you. All of these methods can be used to spy on your husband’s cell phone remotely.

How can I hack my husband’s phone?

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how can I track my husband’s cell phone without him knowing

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Spy on husband’s iPhone with just the number

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In order to spy on your husband’s iPhone, you would need to have access to the phone itself and install a spyware app on the device. These apps are not available on the App Store and must be downloaded from the internet. This can include access to the person’s messages, call logs, and social media accounts, as well as their GPS location.
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Can my husband’s phone be hacked?

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to hack your husband’s iPhone, the short answer is yes. To successfully hack an iPhone, you would need to have access to the device itself and know the passcode. Even then, certain features and data would be off-limits without jail breaking the phone.

How to hack into husband’s iPhone

If you’re looking for a way to hack into your husband’s iPhone, there are a few different services that you can use. [email protected] offer iPhone hacking as a popular choice, as it allows you to read all of your husband’s WhatsApp messages without him knowing. You can hire a hacker service to hack into your husband’s iPhone.
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2023.03.30 00:59 nonselfimage In Flames, Fear is the Weakness -AND- Zen for the non discriminating palette - Salt of the Earth, State of Slow decay... Your head is all in it

tombstone mentality; war soad
Preface: 99% of this post is notes from past week, I never got around to flushing out. Ideas that came and went at work and in meditation, that I was NOT able to convey into writing in a timely manner, and am now moved on to other projects. Just posting what I had without proofreading or error correction or "flushing out".
Lazy post. From notes. Lost meaning of it all. Just a submission to consider after. Maybe remember what I felt in it (great way).
Merged/Combined Post. Original Edited/Deleted Post:
This one written 29/3/2023:
In Flames - all turned cold no one cares for anyon[e]:
Empathy post a few weeks back.
No one has empathy.
Burning place reserved for devil and his angels.
Reserved or rsvp means claim staked.
Jesus adamantly says don't stake a claim he will make you get up and move.
Yesterday wrote another in flames post but didn't post it.
King lear in berzerk. Cold. He dies on a frozen throne.
Consistent theme. I even called empathy a hot potato the other day. Empathy is like warmth in a frozen universe. Frozen is a great album by Sentanced. Hell frozen rain.
Common theme. A lot more forgot it all.
Edit: inspired by the jungle post and the zen term nests in book of nothing
Edit 2: Too Late - Type O Negative. Also why the lie, earth is flat. At altitude, horizon rises, not fall away. Sun still sets... etc. What point arguing with liar.
endit nth: idk what this is saying but for sure maybe world does end in fake heat death of satan so called empathy he who tries to save it shall lose it style. Then hereafter (poop) is freezing. The hot lie. Thus the prominent and conspicuous the lie of empathy on reddit et al.
Edit: Apollo and Daphne day comment and common quote I've seen a lot lately means same thing as weaving spiders come not here (better to be nice than correct).
This one mostly written 28/3/2023
Zen for the non discriminating palette - Salt of the Earth, State of Slow decay... Your head is all in it
(half post, not finished, just posting from notes because lost the train of thought)
I'll probably bee busy this week. April 1 has always been a turning spot in my life.
Started the book of nothing. Hsing hsing. Lots of notes but on other (work) phone.
Bottom line who cares. What comfort. What comfort in "who cares". World looks after it's own. It's manufactured solutions to it's manufactured problems. Insurance and Marriage and Mortgage, oh my!
In Flames has always kept the pulse on my psyche through the decades. Music from the soul... or the nausea of/wafting from it at least. Not unsurprisingly I'm writing this while taking a shit. Nicklas got out while getting was good, because I think In Flames took a shit and called it an album as well.
Not all that bad just first album I wasn't crazy for. But it is what I've been thinking for years now. Salt of the earth. We are the salt of the earth. Salt was a preservative and wage in those days. So means literally our job to maintain the world (and it's double standards) for it; else it is spoiled and stinks to high heaven, goes rotten.
Which reminds me. I made a thing. An album [note 1] for A band that doesn't exist. Its "debut" album title would be Heaven is just one more place to clean up after or Your head is all in it (play on it's all in your head, a swirly, zodiacal lights). No music. Idk. Seen angels inspiration in the "wafting" sense of souls. Also had first explicit djinn/genie dream last night. Like literally blue people. Maybe because I listened to the bubble by same people who do I'm blue... ? Idk.
Yeah. Go figure. I declared war on djinn kind of something in the dream apparently. The prince or princess of some mighty djinn was trying to hide me from their father or some shit. I always saw the blue as black and white together, as like Aang/Kora to Vishnu to Rudra et al etc. Deva? Asura? Aesir? Vanir? Idk not looking up spelling. Don't care. Speculation. Definite all one illusion vibe. Story. All the puppets on the stage couldn't be in on it, all the dream characters in the dream couldn't be in on it, etc. World looks after it's own. Salt of the earth. Book of nothing pretty good. Also title of first book I tried to write back around 2008. Book about the logic of the term/idea "nothing" and "no one". Infinite infinite regresses.
Notes from Monday or Tue, I think;
Not the person
What is the person
What are we
Service to life
Let him who(m?) Would be great among you be a servant of all
There were some posts a few hours after these notes on same topics, here on reddit. How to stay ahead of what you are manifesting and recognizing it as it is... carrying nothing, looking for nothing outside...
Caught back up to NOW: Apollo and Daphne.
What is this about
What does this mean
What is the meaning of this
Der religious wacken (The religious essence). Nietzsche's "cold spots". The man whom is becoming religious astounds many as "hot" - he is icy hot, burns to the touch. It is not warmth but sheer cold that "burns". What I meant on devil and his angels comment. Hot and cold. Song of fire and ice. Like smelting a sword. A single distinction... and heaven and earth infinately set apart (holy means set apart) from one another. More on that some other time.
Partial poem, notes from The fiasco the other day:
Way of world, way of man, way of lost redditors...
Patchwork spunk, all directions and none; bound.
Truant escaping koan sharks and Dharma creditors,
Wayless ways and gateless gates;
Path to destruction? Can't be found.
Penny or pound of flesh
If you take a stab, be sure to give it back
Even lamer and more gay but sharing anyway. Say and mean, ofc
[note 1] The Album:
(Album) Form of the formless
Tibetan book of the woke
(Added) Beauty in a Bottle
The rise and fall (this erection life)
Everything is a 4 letter word (no it's not)
This one (is called)
(No) MMI (hd)
Temperature in kilograms
My heart is heavier than that damn feather
Filthy do gooder
My advice
This heartache will go on
Not the (one)
Bonus track something like maybe cover of behind space in flames. Idk. Doesn't fit but that's the point. A joke.
Notes: this one and not the go together. My advice inspired by like shit msi. Heartache will go on titanic joke. Feather concludes what started in woke. Thought of KoRn Love song and The Evil that men do while pensive of names. Blood of innocents and all that. Hatred for the mortal earthbound. One sip. Tongue/Tounge like knife in cheek.
Not singing.
Anyway shizo diary out of the way... Seriously all these come from "meditations" at work I try to recall later while taking a shit. Doesn't usually go so well as I can tell by looking over it. The following isn't even notes, just a few words like "Apollo, witchcraft, Deutsch, warsoad, bon, ahkheem, etc". Hoping I'd know what I meant when I got "home".
That said, this was intended as a reply to this thread a while back but I'm not as lucid as I am at work or while meditating. I can't channel that state of mind (anger?) well when trying to type. The musician's curse. Close enough, as Nietzshe said, "it should have sang/sung, this new soul";
If you do not breathe through writing, cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it" - Anais Nin
Better to be "polite" than "correct".
Anyway that bit about cold spots and Nietzsche above. Make any distinction... need some of the Bon quote to proceed;
21 October 1974 am in Buddha Hall
WE WILL BE ENTERING the beautiful world of a Zen Master’s no-mind. Sosan is the third Zen Patriarch. Nothing much is known about him – this is as it should be, because history records only violence. History does not record silence – it cannot record it. All records are of disturbance. Whenever someone becomes really silent, he disappears from all records, he is no more a part of our madness. So it is as it should be.
Sosan remained a wandering monk his whole life. He never stayed anywhere; he was always passing, going, moving. He was a river; he was not a pond, static. He was a constant movement. That is the meaning of Buddha’s wanderers: not only in the outside world but in the inside world also they should be homeless – because whenever you make a home you become attached to it. They should remain rootless; there is no home for them except this whole universe.
Even when it was recognized that Sosan had become enlightened, he continued his old beggar’s way. And nothing was special about him. He was an ordinary man, the man of Tao.
One thing I would like to say, and you have to remember it: Zen is a crossbreeding. And just as more beautiful flowers can come out of crossbreeding, and more beautiful children are born out of crossbreeding, the same has happened with Zen.
Zen is a crossbreeding between Buddha’s thought and Lao Tzu’s thought. It is a great meeting, the greatest that ever took place. That’s why Zen is more beautiful than Buddha’s thought and more beautiful than Lao Tzu’s thought. It is a tare flowering of the highest peaks and the meeting of those peaks. Zen is neither Buddhist nor Taoist, but it carries both within it.
India is a little too serious about religion – a long past, a long weight on the mind of India, and religion has become serious. Lao Tzu remained a laughingstock – Lao Tzu is known as the old fool. He is not serious at all; you cannot find a more non-serious man.
Then Buddha’s thought and Lao Tzu’s thought met, India and China met, and Zen was born. And this Sosan was just near the original source when Zen was coming out of the womb. He carries the fundamental.
His biography is not relevant at all, because whenever a man becomes enlightened he has no biography. He is no more the form, so when he was born, when he died, are irrelevant facts. That’s why in the East we have never bothered about biographies, historical facts. That obsession has never existed here. That obsession has come from the West now; then people become interested more in irrelevant things. When a Sosan is born, what difference does it make – this year or that? When he dies, how is it important?
Sosan is important, not his entry into this world and the body, not his departure. Arrivals and departures are irrelevant. The only relevance is in the being.
And these are the only words Sosan uttered. Remember, they are not words, because they come out of a mind which has gone beyond words. They are not speculations, they are authentic experiences.
That's what I mean, kind of. Not really. It's Greek to me. The Greek thing. I've often called the "Greek Gods" the satans. You'd be hard pressed to find a single story of the Greek Gods that does not in some way have something to do with rape. Thus, preferences. The case I thought of was Apollo and Daphne in particular (or Heracles as well).
The Case As I knew it:
Apollo was boasting to Cupid, his bow of reason slew the Primordial dragon of Chaos/Madness. What could Cupid's little pathetic bow do?
Apollo made at least two distinctions; that between reason and madness, and between himself and cupid.
Cupid famously shoots Apollo and Daphne.
That's all really. Like with Arachne or weaving spiders, you can unpack as much as you want but I forgot it all, hey.
PS to self... before you have an aneurysm, the "flushed out" comment was on GR not reddit.
Bad religion: only entertainment. Msi: we want our money back.
Edit: "old" urls
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2023.03.30 00:58 Mr_Comedy69 Alex Mason When I ask him about his phone number [BO]

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2023.03.30 00:57 Froxn7 NEED HELP !!!!

I'M building an ecommerce website in which i have made 2 checkout options buttons
  1. Pay online
2 Cash on delivery
when someone click pay online it navigates to payment page and in the payment page you have to insert card details and submit and if payment is successful the order gets created and stored in databse but I want to do the same for Cash on Delivery that if someone clicks on it the order gets and stored in database without doing payment but I don't know how to do it. Please help I'm new to react
here's the code of payment online
import React, { Fragment } from "react"; import CheckoutSteps from "../Cart/CheckoutSteps"; import { useDispatch, useSelector } from "react-redux"; import MetaData from "../layout/MetaData"; import "./ConfirmOrder.css"; import { Link } from "react-router-dom"; import { Typography } from "@mui/material"; import { useNavigate } from "react-router-dom"; import { createOrder, clearErrors } from "../../actions/orderAction"; const ConfirmOrder = () => { const dispatch = useDispatch(); const navigate = useNavigate(); const { shippingInfo, cartItems } = useSelector((state) => state.cart); const { user } = useSelector((state) => state.user); const subtotal = cartItems.reduce( (acc, item) => acc + item.quantity * item.price, 0 ); const shippingCharges = subtotal > 1000 ? 0 : 200; const tax = subtotal * 0.18; const totalPrice = subtotal + tax + shippingCharges; const address = `${shippingInfo.address}, ${}, ${shippingInfo.state}, ${shippingInfo.pinCode}, ${}`; const proceedToPayment = () => { const data = { subtotal, shippingCharges, tax, totalPrice, }; sessionStorage.setItem("orderInfo", JSON.stringify(data)); navigate("/process/payment"); }; 
const proceedToPaymentCod = () => { }
 return (    
Shipping Info
Your Cart Items:
{cartItems && => (
Product {} {" "} {item.quantity} X ₹{item.price} ={" "} ₹{item.price * item.quantity}
{/* */}
Order Summery
Shipping Charges:

); }; export default ConfirmOrder; Payyment.js
import React, { Fragment, useEffect, useRef } from "react"; import CheckoutSteps from "../Cart/CheckoutSteps"; import { useSelector, useDispatch } from "react-redux"; import MetaData from "../layout/MetaData"; import { Typography } from "@mui/material"; import { ToastContainer, toast } from "react-toastify"; import "react-toastify/dist/ReactToastify.css"; import { useNavigate } from "react-router-dom"; import { CardNumberElement, CardCvcElement, CardExpiryElement, useStripe, useElements, } from "@stripe/react-stripe-js"; import axios from "axios"; import "./payment.css"; import CreditCardIcon from "@mui/icons-material/CreditCard"; import EventIcon from "@mui/icons-material/Event"; import VpnKeyIcon from "@mui/icons-material/VpnKey"; import { createOrder, clearErrors } from "../../actions/orderAction"; const Payment = () => { const orderInfo = JSON.parse(sessionStorage.getItem("orderInfo")); const dispatch = useDispatch(); const alert = toast; const navigate = useNavigate(); const stripe = useStripe(); const elements = useElements(); const payBtn = useRef(null); const { shippingInfo, cartItems } = useSelector((state) => state.cart); const { user } = useSelector((state) => state.user); const { error } = useSelector((state) => state.newOrder); const paymentData = { amount: Math.round(orderInfo.totalPrice * 100), }; const order = { shippingInfo, orderItems: cartItems, itemsPrice: orderInfo.subtotal, taxPrice:, shippingPrice: orderInfo.shippingCharges, totalPrice: orderInfo.totalPrice, }; const submitHandler = async (e) => { e.preventDefault(); payBtn.current.disabled = true; try { const config = { headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", }, }; const { data } = await "/api/v1/payment/process", paymentData, config ); const client_secret = data.client_secret; if (!stripe !elements) return; const result = await stripe.confirmCardPayment(client_secret, { payment_method: { card: elements.getElement(CardNumberElement), billing_details: { name:, email:, address: { line1: shippingInfo.address, city:, state: shippingInfo.state, postal_code: shippingInfo.pinCode, country:, }, }, }, }); if (result.error) { payBtn.current.disabled = false; alert.error(result.error.message); } else { if (result.paymentIntent.status === "succeeded") { order.paymentInfo = { id:, status: result.paymentIntent.status, }; 
 navigate("/success"); } else { alert.error("There's some issue while processing payment "); } } } catch (error) { payBtn.current.disabled = false; alert.error(; } }; useEffect(() => { if (error) { alert.error(error); dispatch(clearErrors()); } }, [dispatch, error, alert]); return (     
submitHandler(e)}> Card Info
); }; export default Payment;
Please help
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2023.03.30 00:55 Difficult_Canary2507 Phone

Ok, so most of us trust our partner and have let them have privacy on their devices for YEARS. No obvious signals of cheating, they always do what they say are going to do, and by outward appearances they are reliable, awesome, and have earned the right not to be questioned or be checked on occasionally.
I would advise any person in a relationship to periodically, check their partners usage on the cell phone bill.
First, get a pencil and paper and look at texts or calls at inappropriate times and jot down the numbers.. Next, jot down the numbers that are most frequently texted or the numbers to which there are long phone calls during the times you are NOT around. See if you can detect patterns or trends with the information.
Google those numbers and be prepared for what you find!
If the number isn’t to an escort service person and the number seems legit, it might involve a little more effort in finding who it belongs to. Here is where you might have a friend call or buy a burner phone to call the questionable numbers to see who might answer the call.
In my dealings with this practice, the numbers belonged to out of town escorts where my husband would travel for work.
Devastating, but good to know.. Don’t confront once you’ve learned the details.. just keep a watchful eye and see what else has been going on this whole time you thought you were lucky to have such a wonderful partner to do life with. 🥰😩😭
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2023.03.30 00:54 Sad-Stand4229 A solution for privacy method

A solution for privacy method
Helly guys, like most of you here I've been disabled for two months for community guideline and I've tried AGs but it didn't work. The privacy method is my only option at this point. Each time I emailed them they'd give me the generic option "based on your information we cannot help you and will close the tickets" and at some point they even stopped replying to me at all.
But I think I cracked the code to get them to respond to you , here's what I did :
1) create a new email in case you've been flagged as spam or blocked
2) after you fill the form and get the automatic email , DO NOT TELL THEM YOUR ACCOUNT IS DISABLED, don't even send them your account information, here's what you have to write them back :
"Dear Facebook, Thank you for answering. I cannot log in to download my Instagram data. ( screenshot of your issues) I've tried all the links you provided and checked the help center for X" months it doesn't work. The help center is not solving my issues. So I'm contacting you. Please send me my data , it's very important. I need to contact my clients/some pictures and reels are important for my work. "
About 5 days later I got this reponse of them asking for my informations to confirm my identity. I still didn't get my account back and I'm waiting for their reply but It's a huge progress for me to see a reply like this from them cuz it's two months aince I've been facing a wall. Will update you on the progress meanwhiley advice is TO NOT TELL THEM YOUR ACC IS DISABLED at first , the AI will give close yout ticket. It's a war of words against Ai at this point.
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2023.03.30 00:52 ScottyExplosion Truth Bomb

There's only three tiers in Kengan and they are extremely malleable, with most of the cast switching to and fro between the three.
Characters with insane feet feats are outliers and should be treated as such - Edward, Fei, Yan, Shen and recently Gaoh are mostly on similar terms and could take out one another at any given time. These characters can also be taken out by the fellows that are one tier below them, though their opponents would struggle - but that's the point.
Characters with unimpressive feet feats are outliers and should be treated as such - Gozo, Kaneda, Nezu, Kokuro and the like are mostly on similar terms and can take out one another at any given time. These characters can also take out the fellows that are one tier above them, but they might struggle.
Ohma, Raian, Julius, Waka, Akoya, Kuroki, Seki, Kanoh, Hatsumi, Muteba, Saw, Gao, Adam, Karo, Meguro, .. everyone could take out the rest of the cast. Is it always a 5-5 matchup? Of course not. But most of the fighters have their average at a similar number, i.e. most are capable of taking out the same number of opponents and would be taken out by a similar number, under average circumstances.
This is why Rei spars the same with Hatsumi as he does with Himuro. This is why Ohma spars with Kaneda, challenges Masaki and wants Koga to be the Niko style successor. This is why Akoya challenges the likes of Raian, Waka and Koga. The examples are endless.
Lastly, character statements don't mean shit. Just because a character who's deemed strong thinks/says something about another proves absolutely nothing about either character. People thought unbeatable the Five whom Waka then beat. Then Waka got his ass whooped by Hatsumi. Then by Kanoh. Then by Ohma. Could have lost to Julius and still could. Could have lost to Muteba and still could. Would have probably lost to Kuroki and still could. Yet all of the matches could go in the opposite direction and this is true regardless of the fighter you choose to focus on.
The Deva King would have been one of Nogi's cards in the KAT, yet Nogi knew that Sekibayashi, Wakatsuki, Agito and many other "powerhouses" would participate. Hayami had both Nikaido and Julius in his entourage. Hassad was yeeted of the boat by a singular Bodyguard but then disposed several Guardians in one fell swoop. Kanoh teamed up with Akoya to fend off several Guardians. Lu Tian stopped Raian's blow without flinching and then lost to Akoya who was losing his edge. Nitoku had only lost to Agito, but was set to fight against Kokuro and then switched out for Ryuki. The examples are endless.

tl;dr stop powerscaling and making fucking tier lists, it's consistently inconsistent and inconsistently consistent, also compatibility bla bla bla
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2023.03.30 00:51 bonitapplebums Did I mess up?

My bf (28) went through my phone while i was in the shower, saw a text message conversation from December when we were broken up & he broke up with me because of them. The backstory of the texts: i went to a show, got drunk because i was sad we were broken up, i met someone there danced with them exchanged numbers & we only texted that night, turns out i was trying to hang out with them & told them I wanted to cuddle & that was it. Nothing went further than that. But my bpso swears I wanted to sleep with the guy which isn’t true & i was clearly drunk. Did i mess up?
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2023.03.30 00:47 SpencerEntertainment Repaired iPhone 14 - How to get new eSIM verification code?

I've been through the app multiple times, and it keeps asking me for $3 to get a new eSIM. Pretty sure I only did it once in the last 12 months so it should be free, but whatever.
When I authorize the payment, I get to a screen that says "Enter verification code to confirm your eSIM order. We sent a 6-digit code to (###) ###-####"
Umm... If the new phone isn't activated, how the hell am I supposed to receive that text? I tried calling the number to speak to a real person, but the first one just sent me to an automated menu asking for my CC info without telling me why or how much would be charged. That system failed against 3 valid credit cards, so I asked to speak to a human again and while verifying my info the line disconnected.
For all the praise Mint Mobile gets, this eSim experience sucks. A repaired iPhone shouldn't be this difficuly to reactivate.
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2023.03.30 00:46 itotallydontdodrugs Summer/Spring Sublet King Street Towers 2 Private Bathroom $850

Rent: $850
Address: 339 King St N - unit number will be shared if messaged for tours/signing.
1bed/1bath available out of 5bed/5bath during summer in an all male apartment.
No lease takeover fee, just need to sign some papers and we're set. DM if interested.
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2023.03.30 00:44 angriest-tooth Salty at DePaul

This is basically just a name and shame, but
I reached out to DePaul admissions prior to my application being sent out. I was told I was a shoe in for their $127k scholly because my gpa and lsat was above both their 75ths. I genuinely was really invested in DePaul as they have a dual degree program I want and as part of it, they send their students to Spain for international moot court. DePaul was one of my top choice schools and I made that clear in my application essay.
I get in with a low scholarship. Okay. Whatever, I’ll still pay a little bit extra. I call and email to discuss scholarship negotiations. I never get an email response and theres no answers to my questions when I call the phone number they gave me. A few weeks later I get a letter saying they don’t negotiate scholarships. It’s addressed to the wrong name. (At least they got the name right on the envelope!)
I get a couple automated emails. They’re all addressed to . I make a few more phone calls asking about dual degree programs. No one has answers to any of my questions. I ask about travel stipends and get no response. More automated emails addressed to prefix, last name about how I can call or email any time with questions.
Genuinely confused about so many things with DePaul. I got a couple better offers from schools without Spain. I sent my withdrawal today.
Automated email. At least it wasn’t to prefix, last name.
Annoyed. With bar pass and employment rates as low as theirs… the audacity.
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2023.03.30 00:42 swayapple Could my bf be cheating

So me and my bf have been together for a year now, in september I went through his phone and found text between him and one of his female friends, they said they missed eachother which was ok because their friends ofc. But what caught me was he lied to her about having a job working and that was why he was busy , he also told her he was looking for an apartment? I never said anything He doesn’t know i know but it’s just weird to me. The time he lied about that he had recently moved in with me and was with me everyday. Also before one of his brothers friends asked if he dated her which he replied “No my friend dated her” and asked the friend which he confirmed. It seemed odd but i brush it off. Recently she has gotten a new number and texted him it which they started texting, I don’t know what they were talking about but i seen paragraphs being sent .. he was also laughing. He usually mentions things like that to me but he didn’t tell me what it was about this time. I thought it was really weird and now i wanna go through his phone but he always has it, except when leaving the room sometimes. I wanna trust him but idk i’ve never caught him cheating before. I love him but what do I do?
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2023.03.30 00:42 itotallydontdodrugs Summer/Spring Sublet King Street Towers 2 Private Bathroom $850

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2023.03.30 00:40 pgcfriend2 I want help to find the version of the HomeKit architecture I have on my Apple TV.

I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 16.4. My HomePod is still running 16.3.2. I’m waiting to update my HomePod to 16.4 since 16.3.2 is working well.
I also upgraded my Apple TV HD to tvOS 16.4. Thankfully HomeKit is still working well after the update.
I want to know the version number of the architecture on the Apple TV but can’t find where to look on the Apple TV. When I go to iCloud in my iPhone settings I can view my HomePod and see the version number. There isn’t a HomeKit version number when I view my Apple TV in iCloud.
I’m a fairly new HomeKit user. I don’t know of an option to update HomeKit on the Apple TV. If there’s an option I’m sure I would see the version number.
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2023.03.30 00:40 desnyr Is anyone interested in buying $119 gift card?

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2023.03.30 00:37 Accomplished_Art_724 Boyfriend lost 120k worth of cellphones

My boyfriend became a victim of holdup-robbery yesterday. He was supposed to meet a buyer of phone who contacted him, ang sabi nakuha number niya sa carousell.
He was not able to see the profile nung carousell account and wala silang any chat or proof na nagtransact kasi thru text lang nga and hindi naman niya tanda yung number.
Anyways it happened around 3 in the afternoon sa marikina riverbanks. Nasa mall siya and tinawagan siya ng buyer niya and ayun nagkita nga sila. May car yung buyer niya and mukha daw decent. Parang chinese. Pinapasok siya sa kotse niya. Mali yun ng bf ko kasi nagtiwala siya agad. After niya pumasok, may pumasok na dalawang lalaki and tinutukuan siya ng baril.
Nagpakilalang PDEA kuno tapos kinuha both iphones niya. Pina reset sa kanya yung phone na supposedly bebenta nya pati rin yung isang personal phone nya na iphone din nireset nung guy. Kaya wala din way to trace the phone kasi burado Appleid and off yung Find my. Pinicturan din yung ID niya pa.
All the time nakayuko siya sa kotse. Kaya di niya rin alam kung saan dumaan daan yung kotse at hindi rin namukhaan yung buyer kasi naka-mask. After some time, binaba siya sa marikina pa rin pero malayo na sa riverbanks. Walang katao tao kung saan binaba and damuhan. Kaya wala witness din.
My boyfriend is in shock rn. He lost 70% worth of his savings. Pero sabi ko nalang, buti nalang walang nangyari sa kanya. Kasi mas malaking problema yun. Pero ayun, umiiyak siya kasi pinaghirapan nya yung 2 phones na yun. Yung pera para mabuo yun. I took him years pero in a snap nawala. Sabi niya pa kagabi na nag iipon nga daw siya para pangpa-ayos ng bahay.
Whats so sad pa kasi wala siyang ibang maaasahan. Their family is poor. Mother niya senior na and nakaasa sa kanya. All gastos sa kanya. I just cant imagine yung burden nya all while grieving sa lost ng pera nya.
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2023.03.30 00:35 Standard_Towel_1500 Relationship trouble

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 9 months and we have good times, but there is constant arguing between us about petty things or the past. As much as it hurts, I like opening up and sharing my feelings so he knows how I feel. And I live in the moment, so I don’t think about what I say. And it may lead to a break. I also have major anxious attachment between him, so if he does decide to have a break then I cannot cooperate. However, for the past 5 weeks I’ve been improving and working on myself. I’ve reconnected with friends and loved life more then ever. However, his friend is always creating us having debates and tears are made. I despise his friend, let’s call him X. X is rude, he kicks my boyfriends shins randomly throughout the day as a joke. Even after my boyfriend pleads him to stop. X also constantly uses my boyfriends hotspot (Which is money being wasted, not to mention my boyfriends dad is a newly single dad and his income isn’t so great) and not getting anything in return. My boyfriend also provides and feeds X, and he doesn’t receive a thank you or anything back. My boyfriend reassures me that they’re just boys, but surely there’s greed and selfishness between them. I worry for my boyfriend and I try to supply him with things he may want, but I’m not so great with money either.
I see my boyfriend every Saturday, and he’s a whole different person. He seems more serious and affectionate about our relationship. We’re both alone in our own world. He isn’t what he’s like around X, and I like that. I know that’s selfish, but if you understood what I have to deal with then you’ll have an idea. But, you see, it isn’t always happiness on the weekends. We usually argue over the phone, messaging. But when it’s something big, we talk face to face. I say what I say but he doesn’t talk at all. In fact, over the phone he becomes selfish and rude. But he’s never able to say it to my face. I worry that he has a lot more to say, but can’t say anything yet. Or scared to. I just don’t want to force him into a relationship he isn’t happy in, so I try to tell him that but I’m other words. However, once again… arguments. Somehow it always leads or mentions X a few times, not always but from what I remember. I try to leave him alone whenever we argue but I always have to share my thoughts and reply. I can’t not do so. Not to mention, my boyfriend shares our information between X and him. So I need to stop and be careful with what I say about X.
However, fortunately X has recently got a new girlfriend. They’re still in the early stages but I hope once they’re out of that X understands what it’s like having a girlfriend and leave me and boyfriend alone. Or, able to be with each other more. Maybe my boyfriend will realise how much of a selfish idiot X was to him, X may also possibly change throughout his relationship. I can’t wait, but unfortunately from how it’s going between them it might not be that long. Especially with what I’ve recently done…
Me and his girlfriend were friends, we bunked school a couple of times and tried to speak regularly. This was because my boyfriend persuaded me to be friends with her. But all our conversations lead to X and her asking the same questions about him. It came to the point where I couldn’t speak to her and wanted to become deaf everytime I hear about X. I came to the conclusion where she was using me for information, and I was right. A few days ago I was scrolling through my gallery looking at my boyfriend and came across a photo with X and my boyfriend in it. They both were making a funny face and X’s girlfriend saw it and told me to crop out the photo with just X. And I did, would you? After I cropped it, I sent it to her as she wished and told her to not tell X she got it from me.
A couple days past and X finds out I sent the photo, X involved my boyfriend and told him to message me saying why. Although X has my number. I tell my boyfriend why and he obviously chooses sides, which was X. I told them both X’s girlfriend thought it was funny and cute which is why I sent it but apparently I was in the wrong. I apologised to X and my boyfriend, and aired X’s girlfriend. I told my boyfriend that this is why I have no friends, since nobody is trust worthy. But he gaslighted me and said he told me to speak to her not become friends. So I got upset. Not only did I lose a friend but my boyfriend was also mad at me for sending the photo.
And I despise my boyfriend airing me all morning because of something so small. I just want to become a rock and hide away. I only tried bonding with X’s girlfriend so my boyfriend can have a life. But obviously not.
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2023.03.30 00:35 dumbasscorgi1 As Les Miserables said, “One Day More!”

Demographics: White, gay, non-binary, Jewish, Competitive public school in Illinois
GPA: 4.0 UW/4.53 W (Top 7% at least)
ACT: 35 (36-M, 35-S, 34-E, 36-R)
SAT: 1530 (740 ERBW, 790 Math)
Coursework: 8 honors, 8 APs by end of senior year, and DE Calc III at UIUC
AP: Human Geo (5), Calc BC (5), Psychology (5), English Lang (5)
ECs: 1. midwest debate director for huge club - organized integral parts of conference for more than 300 people; led four agents
  1. VP of french honor society + tutor for french - led events for more than 70 people, led volunteer campaigns, led 50% of meetings
  2. fundraiser head of activism club at my school - Planned & headed fundraisers as well as promoted outreach, rented spaces, & designed flyers. Top fundraiser grossed $5,000 for women's shelter.
  3. Participated in highest ranked symphony in county; Performed multiple occasions; Tutored and led private sessions with more than 20 younger students
  4. math team captain - High school math team; Invite only; Qualified for multiple tournaments; Tutored and proctored Sophomore team and proctored at tournaments
  5. TA for freshman (first 20 minutes of 3 days a week is spent leading a class of freshman and teaching them about stuff like study habits, stress, etc.); application required
  6. theater principal role for musical (got outstanding actor award which was only given to two people out of 80); multiple lines and dance numbers
  7. speech varsity member(placed at multiple tourneys); Refined speeches; accepted to many categories; selected as top string for two categories to compete in state series; taught bookwork to novices
  8. job as receptionist at medical place (8 hours a week) - take phone calls, make appointments, interact with patients, handle finances, organize placement of patient documents, and give stickers to kids.
  9. Model UN - Application required to participate. Formed blocks at meetings and led papers. Spent time outside of school working on papers and researching
Awards: 1) State seal of biliteracy in french 2) National French Contest Bronze 3) National Merit Semifinalist 4) Speech awards: multiple-time tournament champion, regional 2nd place, sectional finalist 5) Leadership conference (selected as 1 of 4 from the midwest to attend)
LORs: Counselor will prob be average 7/10, English teacher will be very good 8/10, and Calc Bc teacher will be very good 9/10
Major: Economics
Thank you so much!!! :)
Need decision from: brown, berkeley, columbia, harvard, princeton, yale
Accepted: - Boston College - Fordham (20k/year scholarship) - George Washington (25k/year scholarship) - Loyola (100k scholarship) - UIUC (LSA) - USC - USF (116k scholarship) - Uwash Seattle (7k/year scholarship)
Waitlisted: - Emory - Uchicago - UCLA - Villanova
Deferred: - Umich
Rejected: - JHU - Northwestern - Stanford REA
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