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2023.03.30 01:01 The_Reddit_Peasant68 What happens when you make toast in a bath tub?

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2023.03.30 00:05 Bus6y PASSION-HD Bath tub interruption fuck and facial with brunette Adria Rae

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2023.03.30 00:02 ActR40 Lesbian couple Jo and Eve Angel Bath Tub Sex - Viv Thomas HD

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2023.03.29 23:53 Dizzy_Guest7713 Summer Sublease

Hi everyone! I am looking for someone to sublease my room in a fully furnished 4 bed 4 bath apartment at Alight. The apartment will be available starting April 28, 2023 to July 27, 2023. It is $419 per month, not including electricity. It is fully furnished and has an in unit washer and dryer, as well as all appliances. The property has great amenities as well like: a gym, pool, hot tub, clubhouse, study rooms, free printing, and free parking. There’s also a bus that runs every 20 minutes to campus (21a) and a bus that runs to Lafayette every 30 minutes. Please message me if you’re interested!
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2023.03.29 23:39 purplepikachu890 What do you do when you're feeling low?

I know pregnancy is hard. Some days are good, some days are bad. Today is a bad day. I'm just entering my second trimester and the fatigue is decreasing thankfully, instead of being tired every day its now every 3 days. Today is one of those days. But today I received a text message from my ex, who heard through various people that I was pregnant (I just had my 12 week scan and posted it on social media) and while he congratulated me he wanted to say that clearly I "lied" when we were together and I said I didn't want kids. Furthermore, he wished I'd have told him personally because hearing through the grape vine isn't ideal. I told him we'd been broken up almost 2 years and I don't owe him anything. I know he's still hurt. The breakup broke his heart but I've moved on with my life.
Anyway, the text this morning has ruined my whole day. On the one gand I'm annoyed he has audacity to tell me I need to tell him, and on the other hand I'm sad for him because he's still very clearly hurt.
I'm tired, my mood is low, I'm behind at work because I'm napping throughout the day (I WFH), I'm moping around the house binge watching family guy and resisting temptation to not eat the entire pack of chewy sweets I have. I want to run a bath but it takes an hour for the water to heat up and I don't want to wait, plus my partner is in bed because he's up at 3am for work, so I don't want to wake him. I don't want to read a book, I don't want to play games.
Guess I'm just putting these out there because I wanted to get it off my chest. Maybe I should just go to sleep.
What do you do when your mood is low?
Edit to say the ex is now blocked!
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2023.03.29 23:18 kushVILLE416 Death Spiral Financing Explained

This post is speculation only and for educational purposes . I have spent some time trying to understand what death spiral financing means and how it may relate to Bed Bath and Beyond . Once again pure speculation but I think it’s important we all is understand what it means .
Death Spiral Financing is called Death spiral because it literally could be the death of a company via excessive amounts of dilution causing share prices to dramatically decrease to little or nothing. Eventually leaving the company bankrupt.
What is convertible debt in death spiral financing? Convertible debt is a way of paying off the balance of the loan with convertible notes that can be converted into common stock by the financier. This means that no matter where the share price is at the time a payment on the loan is requested, HBC can request to receive their convertible notes to make payment on the balance.
Hypothetical Example: Company XYZ has 20,000,000 outstanding shares and the Share price of company xyz is trading at $5.00 per share. ABC finance company borrowed XYZ company $10,000,000 and now requests payment of $500,000 on the loan that XYZ company took out. ABC finance company requests that payment in convertible notes to convert to common stock at time of XYZ trading at $5.00 per share. So now company XYZ issues ABC finance 100,000 shares of convertible notes to convert to common stock for payment. ABC converts those 100,000 shares to common stock leaving company XYZ with 20,100,000 shares outstanding. XYZ now has been diluted and outstanding shares have grown. Now lets say that ABC finance requests their next payment of $500,000 from XYZ company but share price is trading at $1.00 per share. XYZ company now per agreement has to issue 500,000 convertible notes to ABC finance since share price is at $1.00 per share. ABC finance converts those shares to common stock and XYZ company now has 20,600,000 shares outstanding. This cycle repeats itself until the loan is paid off no matter where the share price is at high or low.
Just a simple brain ape trying to make sense of all possibilities . Take it for what it is.
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2023.03.29 23:11 PCNKL Tenancy deposit scheme - bath tub advice

We are currently in dispute with the agent, and are preparing to provide our evidence to TDS. The agent amongst all their claims, is claiming £150 for the staining of the bath tub and pin size knicks here and there as damage along with graze like areas. We lived there for 6 years and the bath tub is fibre glass what they are saying is damage has been wear and tear but im finding it hard to state this as fact. Undoubtedly it would need resurfacing but seems ludicrus we would have to pay for it. Any advice?
Thank you :)
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2023.03.29 22:48 Angry_Cornflake Advice for 2 year old who has trouble at bed time

Hi everyone. UK couple here with a nearly 2 year old girl . Looking for any advice, tips, tricks, or even just someone to say "hey that's normal, it'll pass".
Firstly I'll just say I'm coming to Reddit to see if we can get some more specific advice, because everything online is very generic and based on the "average" toddler, which isn't a great help.
Then there's all the websites that talk about the dreaded sleep regression, which seems to be every bloody month! The presence of a regression suggests that there should be a PROgression sometime right?
Anyway...onto our little bundle of joy, who I'll call L. She really is a joyful little thing. Masses of energy and imagination.
The odd thing is that she'll nap easily. So so easily. We can have 10 minutes of quiet time with a book, op her in her cot and walk out the room, and she'll be fast asleep in minutes, and do a good 1.5 - 2 hour nap.
But might time is the problem. It seems the separation anxiety kicks in and she doesn't want to be left alone. Specifically she wants mummy. Me and my wife take it in turns to do the bedtime routine, but even when it's her turn, L still screams bloody murder when she leaves the room.
The bedtime routine is typically like this: - 17.30 evening meal - 18.00 play time downstairs - 18.30 head upstairs and run a bath. L continues to play while bath is running - 18.45 bath time. Tends to be quite active - 19.00 out of bath. Get dried and dressed - 19.15 read 3 or 4 books. Very low light - 19.30 we place her in her cot
At this point she's almost always yawning and rubbing her eyes. We have kisses and cuddles, say goodnight and sing a couple of lullabies and/or talk about her day in hushed soothing voices. Often she'll be calm at this point as long as we're in the room (though sometimes if it's my turn she'll already be crying for mummy).
But just when it seems she's asleep, we stand to leave the room and then the crying starts and takes ages to get her back to her previous calm state.
Eventually she will go to sleep, but seemingly only once she's tired herself out from all the crying. At the moment it's around 20.30 by the time we can successfully leave the room and she stays asleep. That's 1 hour of trying to negotiate with the non-negotiable.
Neither me or my wife are night owls. We like an early(ish) bedtime anyway, so this puts a real dent in what is meant to be our downtime after a day of parenting. It's not really an option to just stay up later, especially with L typically waking at 5.30am most days.
So that's where we are. We're considering taking bath time out, as that seems to be the only difference in routine between nap time and night time.
But any other helpful tips would be massively appreciated.
Yours sleepily,
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2023.03.29 22:31 DjentlemanDjay Crazy low volume today (11.82M) - Wednesday, March 29th

Crazy low volume today (11.82M) - Wednesday, March 29th
Last time volume was this low was Wednesday, January 4th 2023 (10.14M)
Both happen to be on a Wednesday as well
Something tells me we're about to move 🚀
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2023.03.29 22:28 LincolnAltAct Has anyone ever added a circ pump? (Master Spa TS) Could it be DIY?

My tub does not have the circ pump and uses Pump 1 in low speed to "poll" the water temp and to heat.
My reason for asking is that I plan to move the tub to a deck that will be tied into the house and the deck and tub will literally be right behind the bedroom headboard. I'm fairly certain that the pump hum will amplify through the deck>ledger>floor joists and be quite disruptive to sleep as it randomly polls for temp. I don't think any amount of cushioning will prevent this since the tub is basically held up by the same board as the bed.
The deck is not yet built so freestanding is an option but tying to the house would still be desirable for lateral support and there is sewer line right under the tub location so footings will be difficult to place.
I know the balboa controls have DIP switches that should allow for changing the config for circ.
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2023.03.29 22:04 ArcAngel98 Dracula: World of War (Chapters 15-17)

Dracula: World of War --- The Violet Reaper ---- Humans Don’t Make Good Familiars Book 1 ---- The Lonely World --- Discord ---- YouTube --- My Patreon --- My Author's Page --- ArcAngel98 Wiki ---- The Next Best Hero ---- HDMGF Book 2 ---- Jess and Blinx: The Wizard ---- The Questing Parties ---- Previous

Chapter 15: A Vile Night for the Living and the Dead

I injected some extra venom into the three dead bodies of the German soldiers before bounding over the wall and injecting venom into the nearest guard. He was standing by a metal building urinating when I quickly slammed my fangs into his neck and pumped venom in. He fell to the ground frozen but continued urinating for another few seconds. I fought off the urge to feed and instead let him live. He remained still, ten minutes passed, then twenty, then forty, until finally he stated to move again. Slowly he curled up into a ball and started clawing at his head. I watched as he hissed and rolled in pain for several minutes until finally stopping and lurched from side to side until he stood up in a hunched position. He stood, no longer a man, but a mindless beast, growling and snarling. Foaming at the mouth he turned to me and lunged like a rabid dog.
I let the power flow through me and raised a hand, “Halte.” (Stop) He fell to his knees and his face plowed into the dirt and gravel. Slowly he stood up, calm, just like the three men from earlier. Aside from his pants around his ankles, a new set of fangs, and blood red eyes, he seemed like any other fellow. “Mach dich anständig.” I commanded. (Make yourself decent) His head tilted to the side, as if to think about my order, then he reached down and pulled his pants up as well as fixing his belt and tucking in his shirt. This time I spoke in English, “Raise your right hand.” He did nothing. “Hebe deine rechte hand,” this time he followed orders.
“So, you follow my orders, but you have to understand them.” I said to him, even though he had no idea what I was saying. “Kannst du sprechen?” I asked. (Can you speak?)
In a low growl, the creature’s voice strained and twisted out a single reply, “Ja.” (Yes.) His cognitive abilities were limited but still there. In this state, thinking must have been rather difficult for it. It would never be a scholar, but it might make a fine warrior. Its muscles pulsated with every movement, but I heard no heartbeat.
“Ich möchte sehen, wie geschickt Sie als Krieger sind, gehen Sie und töten Sie so viele Leute wie möglich in diesem Lager.” I told it. (I want to see how skilled of a warrior you are, go and kill as many people in that camp as you can.) In a flash, it turned and ran towards the nearest group to us. It was not a quiet ordeal, it snarled and howled as it tore into their bodies with it hands and fangs. It didn’t fight like a soldier, with skill and trained techniques; it attacked like an animal. I heard their screams, and the confused shouts of others who witnessed the carnage, but they were quickly silenced too. Gun shots and yells polluted the air, until a few minutes later an eerie calm settled on the camp. A lucky shot had caught the beast in the heart, but the damage was already done. I counted thirty-three mangled remains. “A single monster is worth over thirty men.”
I left the camp and found the three dead men I had injected with venom fighting with one another as if they were rabid dogs. “Genug davon,” I used my power on them. (Enough of that.) They froze, one’s mouth was around another’s neck and black blood dripped from it. I looked them over, they were so different from the other one that someone could have honestly questioned if they were ever even human in the first place. They were shriveled up, like the creature in the morgue. Their greyish skin had become dried and cracked. Their eyes were a pale grey, with narrowed pupils, even though it was dark. I reasoned that they were either currently blind or hypersensitive to light. Their clothes had been torn to shreds from the fighting. One by one they let go of one another and faced me. “Kann einer von euch sprechen?” (Can any of you speak?) They all growled, but none said a word; like they understood what speaking was but were unable to actually do it. They truly were different from a living specimen. I looked at their bodies, each was covered in wounds, but none of them was healing like I would.
“Time for a test. Geh ins Lager und töte alle.” (Go into the camp and kill everyone.) Unlike the living one, these three were slow. They didn’t move anything like it did; instead, they scrabbled around on all fours like some kind of demonic dogs. Their fangs bared, they charged into the camp.
By the time the sun rose, I had performed several tests of this nature and had fifteen total creatures, seven created from the dead and eight from the living. The camp was in ruins, parts destroyed from battle, other parts were aflame. What was left was covered in blood and severed appendages; these creatures were viciously thorough. I could see unbridled malicious behind each of their eyes, so much so that it unnerved even me. They had my unsatiable hunger, but also a roaring fury. I don’t know how to describe myself, maybe as broken or vile, I know I’ve certainly been called worse, but them… they were evil. I knew they wanted to kill everything they saw, even me, but my abilities kept them in check. I couldn’t help but wonder… if I was a monster, what did that make them?
“How many beasts like you have I unknowingly released on this world?” I thought aloud. I decided that once the war was over, I would need to search everywhere I had been throughout my life and make sure I didn’t leave any behind. I may be long lived but I try to stay in the same ten countries; those are the countries whose languages I understand and speak. Which would be Romanian, Spanish, English, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, German, Polish, and French.
I watched the sun just begin to peak over the mountainside and took shelter in what remained of one of the barracks. “Only one test left to perform.” I had given orders to all of the beasts, in fact I gave them all the same order… not to move, no matter what. The sun crested over the top of the mountain’s snow-capped peak and the light bathed the creatures. At first, smoke rose from their exposed flesh, then blisters formed, then each and every single one burst into flames. To my surprise, none of them moved, or even reacted to the fire and burns. I began to question if they could feel pain. The ones made from the living held out the longest, twice as long as the dead in fact, but within minutes all of the monsters were ash, not even the bones remained. A part of me was mortified at such a violent reaction to sunlight, another part of me was fascinated. I had spent time in sunlight before, it definitely has an effect, but nothing like that. I become weak, too weak to move if I stay in it uncovered long enough. Once during a test of my endurance, I even suffered blistering, but nothing like what I had just witnessed. “I must remember to run tests on this.” I told myself.
I turned my attention away from the ashes and corpses and towards my current situation. I was days overdue to meet up with the rest of the team, my partner was dead and rotting in the forest, and I have to explain how I managed to singlehandedly wipe out an entire German army encampment. I had at least half a day to think of a lie to tell that would be believable; that’s how long it would take me to rendezvous with the others. Since I was in the barracks, the was plenty of materials to wrap myself in, although some of it was burned it was still better than what I had now; a bloodied and bullet hole ridden German army uniform. I found a spare beige shirt and some light grey trousers; I traded the boots I had for a nicer pair of black, officer’s boots that had a much better fit. I also found gloves that went about halfway up to my elbow to protect my hands. For good measure I also put on a black button-up trench-coat and an old patched grey cloth hat; it reminded me of the type a newspaper delivery boy would wear.
Once I was as covered as I could manage, I set out and began my trek up the mountain to my comrade’s position. With blazing speed, I ran up the cliff, leaping over boulders and going in as straight a line as possible. I stopped only twice. Once to feed on a passing moose and again on a deer. By nightfall, I had the meet up location within sight. We had agreed on a signal that let them know that we were coming. If they were still there, they would see it. I was hopeful I had moved fast enough to meet the original deadline, but I was fairly certain I was still at least a day late. I pulled out a small square mirror from my pocket and aimed it towards their position. I placed my hand in an L shape and flicked the mirror up and down three times, then paused before repeating it twice; that was the signal that it was me and not an enemy. A few seconds passed and I saw a flash repeat the pattern from their position; that was the return signal. I walked slowly now, or at least at a normal human speed, and arrived at the campsite an hour later.
As I approached the camp, I smelt Reynolds and Baker before I saw them, one was in the camp and the other was behind me. I heard the chambering of a bullet into a rifle then, “hands up, and turn around.” It was Reynolds’s voice. I did as he instructed. As soon as he saw me, he lowered his gun and sighed. “Dang it, Alucard; you nearly gave me a heart attack. What are you wearing, and where is Akerman?”
“It was this or a German officer’s uniform that was a size too small.”
“Okay but where is Akerman?”
“He didn’t make it; he was shot in our escape. He’s dead.” I explained.
He lowered his head, “dang, that’s too bad. Was the mission a success at least?”
“More than expected, we took out the entire place, not just the artillery.”
“Whose there?” Baker called from the camp and poked his head around the entrance to the small cave.
“It’s Alucard,” Reynolds told him then slung the strap his rifle over his shoulder.
“Just Alucard?” Baker wondered.
“Yeah, Akerman didn’t make it.” Reynolds explained. Baker shook his head and performed a catholic cross, then pulled a cross neckless from inside his shirt and kissed it. “Alucard, you mentioned that the whole camp was destroyed, but how?” Reynolds asked as we walked over to Baker.
“I’ll explain while we pack up, let’s get out of here.”

Chapter 16: A Hero’s Welcome?

The lie I had decided on was simple, the artillery was close enough to the munitions that when they detonated the explosion took out half the camp. In the chaos Akerman and I had stolen two high caliber rifles and picked off as many as we thought necessary. Once we had done so we started to run, but one of the soldiers that remained shot Akerman as we fled. They seemed to believe me, and only asked a few follow up questions. “Why not run after blowing the artillery, why stay to pick off stragglers?” Baker wondered.
“We realized that there could have been someone who knew how to repair them, so we thought it was worth the risk… I still think we made the right call.” I said.
“Even with what happened to Akerman?” Reynolds asked. “We both took one look at the camp and knew it was probably going to be a suicide mission. Honestly, I’m amazed I survived.” After that they were satisfied, and we left the cave to go back to base. Just like last time, we traveled only under the cover of darkness, at least for the first half. Once we had left the danger zone, we felt it was safe enough to travel during the day too. That took a day off of our journey. Three days was all it took, and we were safely giving our after-action debrief to the captains and majors in their tents in the trenches. The fighting had stopped for the time being, but I could tell from the smell of hormones that tensions were still high.
Our debrief was given to Captain Lance, the man who originally gave us the mission, as well as Major Blanchet. We sat around a table, each giving our version of what happened. Once the others had finished, they were dismissed as they didn’t need to be there for the rest of it and were ready to shower and get a full night of sleep. Only The major, the captain, and I were left. I detailed the mission exactly as it happened up until the detonation of the artillery. I made sure to tell them the same thing that I told Baker and Reynolds, including the slightly altered details of Akerman’s demise.
“Perhaps we can locate Lieutenant Akerman’s body for a proper burial once we march through there.” Major Blanchet stated.
I was surprised to hear this, and it must have showed on my face because Captain Lance felt the need to explain. “With everything you have told us, the destruction of the artillery as well as most of the encampment, we have a clear shot to take the enemy by surprise.”
“They will be expecting an attack from the front, not the flank.” The major added. I was slightly worried, the camp was in ruins, but I neglected to do away with any of the bodies that I didn’t turn into undead. If they were inspected then it would be obvious that they were not killed by bullets or explosions, but it would seem as if they were mauled to death by animals. I even feed on some of them and allowed my creations to feed as well so I could observe, meaning many of the corpses would be without blood.
A soldier walked in and announced, “Major Blanchet, a letter has arrived for you sir. It’s marked urgent.”
“I can handle the rest of the debrief major,” Captain Lance said.
“Thank you, Captain,” the Major said and excused himself walking out of the tent.
Captain Lance turned to me, “tell me Alucard, is what you have told us today the truth?”
“Yes sir.”
“Then please explain to me why I keep getting the feeling that you are lying. Not about everything, but as soon as you and Akerman go off on your own I feel like that’s when the lies start.” He said and stood up.
“It’s the truth sir, every word.” I lied. The captain walked away from the table and turned his back to me to look at a chalk board with pictures and diagrams hung up on it by strings and clothespins. He removed several pictures and brought them back to the table.
Pointing at them as he spoke, he said, “these are stills taken by scouts of the camp you were sent to. Here is the artillery and here are the munitions building that our scouts spotted. They are nowhere nearly close enough to have detonated due to the TNT we gave you. So, something doesn’t feel right.”
“Sir, the scouts were wrong, or they moved the munitions building.” I told him. He was getting too aggressive, and I had decided to use my abilities to make him believe me. I didn’t want to as I prefer to only plunder around with enemy minds unless absolutely necessary. But then something I never expected to happen… did.
His eyes flashed a pale green and he spoke, “tell me the truth, tell me what happened at the enemy camp.” My brain felt foggy, and I began having thoughts enter my mind that I did not think, but I never lost control of myself. I fought and wrestled control of my mind back from the captain and his unforeseen power.
I was in control, but not of my emotions, “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I bared my fangs and slammed the table, breaking it in the process. Captain Lance quickly stepped back and drew his pistol, pointing it at my head. He lost his concentration, and his power left my mind, allowing me to regain my composure.
“What are you?” He asked. The captain reached into his pocket and pulled out a small silver cylinder. I watched as it melted and reformed into a long thin metal stick of some kind.
“Apologies,” I said and retracted my fangs, “I did not mean to yell, but if you attempt to use Mind Magic on me again, I will be forced to hurt you… badly.”
“You are not human, and you know of magic, I will ask again… who, or what, are you?”
“My name is Vladimir Dracula, and I am what you may know as a vampire. Now you will answer my question; did Merlin send you?”
His eyes widened, “you know of Merlin?”
“You didn’t answer my question.” I said.
His gun was still aimed at my head, “no, Merlin did not send me. I haven’t seen him in a very long time.”
“I take it that means you are one of his knights then, yes?” I asked.
He nodded, “I didn’t think vampires were actually real.”
“Well until a few years ago, I didn’t think that Merlin and King Arthur were real either, so no hard feelings.”
“If I put my gun down, are you going to try and eat me?” He asked.
“I don’t eat my allies; I do have standards.” He put his gun down and we both sat in our chairs at the destroyed table.
“So, what really happened at the camp?” Lance, who I found out later was really named Lancelot, asked.
“Up until the artillery, everything I said was true, but the explosion didn’t destroy the camp.”
“And Akerman?” He wondered.
“He really was shot and killed, but it didn’t happen like I said.” We sat there for an hour, I no longer had a reason to hide the truth, so I told him everything.
“So… you created undead monsters to destroy the camp, then you let them be killed by the sun?”
“Did you do that to Akerman?”
“Of course not, he was an ally.”
“How did you get these abilities?” He asked.
“I don’t particularly feel like telling you my life story, just ask Merlin when you see him.”
“Speaking of which, when did you see him last, and where? I have been searching for him for a few years now, ever since my memories began to return.” He questioned.
“The last time I saw Merlin was in Italy back in the 1910s, and he was old then, so he has probably reincarnated by now.” He seemed disappointed to hear that. “Aren’t there supposed to be quite a few knights, where are the rest?” I asked.
“I haven’t located any of them yet.” He said. We talked a few more minutes about the mission, and what I knew about Merlin.
“I think that’s everything Aluca- uh... Dracula.”
“Just call me Alucard, in fact… forget you know anything about me. It’s what’s best for everyone.” I told him.
He took a deep breath and stayed quiet for a moment, “fine, but I’m keeping an eye on you.”
“Fine, but if you insist on watching me then I have a request. I work better at night, you’re a captain you should have the ability to switch me completely to night shifts.”
“…Fine, I’ll see what I can do.”

Chapter 17- 1915

Everything went back to normal after that, I was issued a new weapon to replace the one I lost and for my actions and the success of my mission Major Blanchet gave me a promotion to Lance-Corporal. Captain Lance was able to get me moved to night shift as I requested, and true to his word he kept a close eye on me by also joining night shift. He had me switched to his platoon so that he would be my superior. We stayed out of each other’s way as much as possible, as long as I followed the orders I was issued by my Sargent, he seemed happy. Although I think having me around still worried him, but he seemed to trust that I wouldn’t eat any of the men.
The enemy had been attacking sporadically, short bursts to test our defenses. I was patrolling one night, not getting ready to hunt just watching for enemies, when I heard a few officers talking about news from all over the world. It was the first time in a while we had gotten any news at all, and most of it was bad. Zeppelins were dropping bombs on England’s coast, a submarine blockade had been declared by Germany against British shores, Britain had responded to a call of air from Russia against Turkish attacks, Russia suffered heavy losses after the battle of Masurian Lakes, and Germany had released hundreds of tons of poison gas against allied French and Canadian troops.
“Can you believe this, it’s only July and the world’s already on fire?” One of the men said.
“It’s been on fire, we are only just now hearing about it,” the other man replied.
“You two realize we are in the middle of a war-zone in a foreign country and have been for nearly a year right? We already knew the world was on fire because we have been in the middle of the flames.” A man, who was not a part of the conversation and simply interjected, said.
The other two stayed quiet for a moment, “…good point.”
I walked over to them, “where did you hear about this from?”
“I heard I from Captain Lance, and he said he read it from a stack of newspapers that got shipped to us.”
“Thanks,” I said and went back to my patrol. After my shift finished, I went to find these newspapers. I was just as interested to read what was happening as everyone else was. If Captain Lance had them, then they would probably be in the officer’s tent, or the communications tent. I checked the officer’s tent first. Captain Lance was there drinking coffee and reading a letter. Things weren’t as tense between us as they were at first, but that didn’t make them comfortable. “Captain Lance,” his eyes lifted from his letter, and I noticed he gripped his mug slightly tighter.
“I was told that a shipment of newspapers arrived, are the men allowed to read them?”
He relaxed a bit and loosened his grip, “oh, yes, but they were taken to the mess to be put on display. We figured that was the best way for everyone to get a chance to read them without having everyone coming and going from the tent all day.”
“Thank you,” I said and left. The “mess” was at the back of the trenches. Really it was just a shack that cooked everyone food and handed it out on steel trays. I walked there and next to the shack was a wooden fence that was not there the last time I was here. It was about shoulder height and over twenty feet long. But the biggest eye catcher was that every inch of it was covered in newspapers. They had been nailed down at the top and sides so that people could flip them over and read the backs. A crowd of five or six people was gathered around the fence, some reading the same page, others were reading alone.
I’m not one for sentimentality, but there was something I wanted to know: how my home was doing. I was born in a small Russian village that I later learned became a small Polish town called Osowiec. I had heard that Russia was having a hard time against the Germans, and I wanted to know more about it. “Anybody see anything about Russia’s front?” I asked.
“Over here Alucard,” one of the men said and jerked a thumb at a page next to him.
“Thanks.” The article was about how the Germans had been trying to take several key positions over the last few months. The Eastern front was apparently nothing like it was here in the West, there were no fights ending in stalemate, no truces, and nothing even close to civilized combat. We had heard that the Germans were employing chlorine gas attacks in mass, but no one here had ever experienced it. It was commonly employed on the Eastern front, as well as other unsavory tactics. Then I read it:
German forces are still attempting to take multiple forts across Russian provinces. Retreats have been ordered from many areas, but some still remain. Most surprisingly is Fort Osowiec in Russian Poland. This fort has held its ground longer than anyone has expected it to, German troops try almost daily to take the fort but to no avail.
My home was under siege. It was surprisingly distressing to read; everyone I knew from there has long since died over a thousand years ago. Yet, those words bounced around in my mind, I couldn’t seem to let them go. Days passed, and I grew more anxious the more I thought of it. Perhaps it was some long dormant territorial instinct passed on from the beast that transformed me, the Bestia Krwi, or maybe it was some flicker of my former human life crying out. Either way, no matter how I tried, I simply could not put it out of my mind. I needed to act, lest I lose my sanity thinking about it. I decided to talk with the only person I could about it… Captain Lance.
I went to his private quarters and knocked on his door, which was a privilege the officers had that the rest of the men did not. Most of us made do with old blankets to keep our privacy, and to keep the bugs out. “Enter,” his voice called from inside. I opened the door and walked in. His quarters were bare, except for a single bed and trunk at the foot of it, as well as a desk laden with paperwork. It was a small and dimly lit room, but being so empty, it did not feel claustrophobic.
He turned and seemed rather shocked at seeing me, “Alucard? Did you need something?”
“I need to talk to you about something.” I said seriously and closed the door behind me.
“What’s wrong?” He asked and spun his chair around to face me.
“I think I need to leave for a while.”
His eyes widened, “What happened?”
“Nothing, I just have business I need to attend to.” He relaxed, perhaps he thought that his worst fear had been realized and I had eaten one of his men.
“What kind of business?”
“My home, where I was born, is under siege from German forces. I feel I must go and do something.”
He scoffed, “what do you plan on doing against an entire siege?”
“I don’t know, but I feel I must at least try to help them.” I felt like a sentimental fool; I knew I could do nothing against an entire army, yet every cell in my body screamed for action. The captain looked at the pile of paperwork on his desk and sighed.
“A soldier cannot simply leave his post… however, you are not a normal soldier.”
“I imagine if I were you would never even consider such a request, but let’s be honest… I scare you.”
“More accurately, what you might do to my men scares me.” We looked intensely at one another, as if daring the other in some way. “I will approve it on one condition.”
“When you leave… don’t come back. I will tell everyone who asks that you grew ill and were rendered unable to fight and were shipped home. So, when you leave, stay gone.”
I thought for a moment, “…agreed.”
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2023.03.29 21:54 FordNY Trailhead/East Austin 2 Bed Apartment Available (May move in but can be somewhat flexible on date).

Posting for a friend as they don't have Reddit.
They are having to go back home and have their huge 2 bed 2 bath (1331 sq foot) apartment becoming available in May (9th May earliest).
It's one of the most popular ones with great layout (2D layout) as it has the extra wrap around private yard. Great for a couple, sharers or a family.
One bath has a soaking tub, the other walk in shower. Two large walk in closets in each bathroom. The lounge has built in blue tooth speakers and the kitchen a large island, counter space and loads of cabinets/and a larder. Comes with a great private yard too with artificial turf and patio that runs the length of the apartment and wraps around. It's at the Trailhead complex on Shady LN. Pets allowed (fee).
Landlord is Greystar and they will do a lease assignment/application for occupation to replace my friend as tenant. Normal application process/fees apply (the website is https://livetrailhead.com
Current base rent is 3,010 USD.
If interested, feel free to DM with your contact details (can get them to send pictures and schedule a showing (you will need to bring ID)). This is not a brokesales listing just posting for a friend who needs to move due to family.
Some of the features copied below if helpful.
Apartment: Wood-like plank flooring throughout, no carpet in the home Integrated Central Heat and Air (smart stat to control) Stainless steel appliance package & farm-style sink Washer and Dryer with Laundry Closet Pull-down shades on living room windows/door Light-blocking shades included in all bedrooms Key fob entry to apartment and common amenity areas Smart video call box system at designated entry access points Non-smoking community environment Pre-equipped with AT&T Gigabyte Fiber if wanted
Extensive amenity package: Tri-level pool with cascading water features, 2 outdoor grilling stations and ample lounging space Direct connectivity access to Gov:alle Park & Southern Walnut Creek Trail 24-hour fitness center with designated yoga/spin studio Expansive clubhouse with business center, co-working tables, game area and dual-sided fire place Outdoor entertaining patio with TV’s, USB working table, and lounge space Designated pet park with pet washing areas Reclaimed water filtration process for community irrigation systems Bicycle storage with repair area Trash valet service for recycling and regular trash
submitted by FordNY to AustinHousing [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:42 SpookyLittleEgg 12 Days Itinerary check - Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka/Hakone - Would love some help on a few logistical questions and any Showa/Kayokyoku/Retro recommendations you all have!

Hi all,
I've been planning this trip for a while and was really hoping to get some feedback on my itinerary. I have not been to Japan since 2000 and was a kid, spent most of that trip doing more low-key areas around where my aunty lived in Fujisawa (Yokohama, Enoshima, Kanagawa etc.) so now I want to do a classic golden route. It will also be my boyfriends first trip.
I recently had to stop taking my ADHD medication so my brain has become incapable of getting my shit together on this, so more than anything would love if people would kindly help answer the logistical questions and request for recommendations at the bottom of my post!
Trip is from 17th May until 30th May 2023.
Day 1: Tokyo
7.30am Arrive at HND, Collect JR Pass/top up Suica etc.
Travel to hotel (Tokyu Stay Shinjuku East side) to drop off luggage
· 10.30am - Shibuya (Circa 4 hours)
· Return to check into the Hotel for 3pm
· 4.30pm - Harajuku area (Circa 3-4 hours)
· Shinjuku for the evening/night
Day 2: Tokyo
· Ueno Park
· Akihabara - Arcades & Gachapon!
· Asakusa – For Sanja Matsuri - Daigyoretsu Parade
Day 3: Tokyo
· Central Tokyo/Ginza - Imperial palace, Tokyo station area and shops (Muji, Itoya)
· Ikebukuro - Sanrio, Pokemon Center, Animate, Moe Garden
Day 4: Tokyo
· Early visit to Meiji-Jingu if did not have time on Day 1
· Shimokitazawa
· Nakano Broadway
· Odaiba – Gundam, Daiba Itchome Shotengai, Seaside park, view rainbow bridge
Day 5: Kyoto
· Travel from Tokyo to Kyoto as early as possible
· Half-day in Nara (Circa 6 hours) – Nara park, Todaiji, Kofukuji,Toshodaiji and Kasuga Taisha.
· Check into Park Hotel Kyoto (Downtown area)
· Nijo Castle
Day 6: Kyoto
· Travel to Arashiyama (Circa 8 hours):
- Togetsukyo Bridge
- Bamboo Groves
- Okochi Sanso Villa
- Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street
- Rakushisha Residence
- Tenryuji Temple
- Daikakuji Temple
- Gioji Temple
- Adashino Nenbutsuji and Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple
- Sagano Scenic Railway (If time)
· Kinkakuji
· Pontocho
Day 7: Kyoto
· Fushimi Inari
· Tofukuji
· East Kyoto/ Higashiyama/Gion areas:
- Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) > Philosopher’s Path > Taiho shrine > Eikando Temple > Nanzenji Temple > Okazaki Shrine
- Ishibe Alley
- Kenninji Temple
- Kodaiji Temple
- Kiyomizudera Temple
- Yakasa Pagoda
- Yasaka Kōshin-dō (Kongō-ji) Temple
- Shorenin and Chionen Temples
- Yasaka Shrine
Day 8: Kyoto > Osaka
· Travel to Osaka & Drop off bags at hotel (Namba)
· Kuromon Market
· Check into the Hotel at 4pm, then Umeda/Tenma areas
Day 9: Osaka
· Shittenoji if up early/or just skip depending on energy levels
· Shinsekai
· Namba area – Amerikamura, Dotonbori, Ema-Den, Rikuro’s
Day 10: Osaka > Hakone
· Check into Ryokan at 3pm - Explore, Bath, Rest
Day 11: Hakone > Tokyo
· Hakone loop
· Return to Tokyo for dinner, and check into hotel and chill eve/pack
Day 12: Tokyo
· Disney Sea
- Day’s 6 & 7 are nightmarish and I’m struggling to plan/prioritise. What is achievable? What should be cut if needed? (Definitely keen on seeing more cute, odd, mossy shrines too as well as the beautiful main ones though if possible)
- Sanja Matsuri – Could anyone help me on how I best experience this? Where to be and when for the parade? How late do festivities usually go on this day after main parade?
- Is it better to travel direct to Hakone from Osaka, or travel back to Tokyo and transfer to Hakone to use the Hakone pass? Would like to book a romance car for return to Tokyo, when and where is the soonest I could do this?
Showa aesthetic/Kayokyoku music/cream soda’s – Anyone got any recommendations for some retro spots? Murals/buildings with this aesthetic? Cute café’s/Kissaten? Bars/clubs with this kind of music/vibe?
Would love people’s best Gasha/arcade/photobooth recs other than GiGO chain/Purikura (Harajuku) /Gashapon Kaiten (Akiba)
submitted by SpookyLittleEgg to JapanTravel [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:31 throwawayhotwifetdot Seasons of Life and Sex with Husband

My husband and I have been together since we were teenagers. We were each other's first sexual partner and only partner. So as you can imagine, there was a lot of growing and developing into our current sex lives.
There has been highs and lows. Child birth SUCKS! But my husband was there during recovery and never pressuring me for sex. He looked for other ways to maintain intimacy like, bathing together, massaging me and (DISCLAIMER weird) oddly while I was pumping milk (for my sons who wouldn't breastfeed) he would help massage my breasts when they were sore or clogged and would often breastfeed to get the clogs out. All of this, led to us finally having AMAZING sex after waiting one year postpartum.
We continued to have amazing sex for years after having children but things naturally slowed down as our kids take up a lot of time. We decided to take a parent's only trip to the Caribbean to get some alone time and privacy to have sex lol. This trip propelled us into our next Season which I call "Kink Time" LMAO.
This trip, my husband confessed that he likes to see me dance and flirt with other men. It really brings the heart flutter back when I get to do so and my husband would be insatiable after getting back to the hotel room. One night, I danced with two guys at once, really grinding against them and letting them get handsy with me. I don't think my husband and I slept much that night lol.
We are chatting about what next steps were really willing to take. I don't think I can be intimate with another guy but I didn't think I wanted a grown man to suck milk out of my boobs either. I don't think I can be a hotwife yet but I do consider myself a Hotwife Light lol
If you take anything from this ramble of a post. Be open, be communicative and look to grow with your partner. I am sure it would be amazing.
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2023.03.29 21:16 greyacademy I'm waiting...

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2023.03.29 20:46 Instaplot SD7 is suddenly very concerned about weight. How would you handle it?

So DH and I both maintain reasonably healthy weights without a ton of effort. We both have active jobs and hobbies, and while we like to indulge, we generally eat a well balanced diet. We work hard on modelling these habits for SD and making sure we don't engage in negative body talk with her. We talk a little about how different foods fuel our bodies (carbs for quick energy, protein for long-lasting energy, etc), but always approach it from a function standpoint.
BM and her husband are both incredibly physically fit after both being seriously overweight. They met in the gym while they were both trying to lose weight. They have a home gym and eat a very strict low-carb diet. BM specifically is sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian. I'm all for people being healthy, but SD has made a few comments over the years that make me wonder if she's learning some less-than-ideal things about diet and exercise.
I just had a baby, and SD7 made a point of telling me throughout my pregnancy that I would need to make sure I exercised lots after the baby so I wasn't fat anymore. I just maintained that my body was doing what it needed to to stay healthy for the baby, and as long as I took care of it after the baby was born I would be healthy. She seemed pretty satisfied with that, and that's basically what's happened.
Now my DD is 5 weeks old and starting to chunk up from a month of exclusive breastfeeding. Every time SD7 sees DD undressed (diapering, baths, general baby naked time), she comments on how fat she's getting and tells me we need to make sure she doesn't eat too much. The chunkiness is adorable and a great indicator that my body is producing what my baby needs, but I'm worried about how negatively SD7 is viewing the baby's growth.
On top of that, we asked my FIL for some baby photos of SD because he's a photographer and I don't have any baby pics of SD. For context here, SD was probably the chubbiest baby/toddler I've ever seen. Incredibly healthy, growing well, cute as a button. And cheeks so big she couldn't quite open her eyes all the way. When SD saw all the pictures of herself, her first response was "Ew, why was I such a fat baby?" followed by "I wish I wasn't such a fat baby, that's gross". It absolutely broke my heart that she was thinking of herself that way.
How do we begin to approach this conversation? I know there are a ton of external influences that SD is exposed to, especially because she has unsupervised internet access at BM's (another issue entirely). BM has also been known to be very vocal about other people's bodies in front of SD, so the "gross" comments aren't particularly surprising. We try so hard to teach her healthy habits and self-confidence, it really sucks to hear her speaking this way about herself and her baby sister.
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2023.03.29 19:58 lhsoiqiemv 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif 0sewzms5wpqa1...
Joan was not a virgin, but she had only been with a couple of lovers prior to Bill. However, Bill was, by far, the biggest man she had been with. She was amazed at how Bill made her feel so full.
I moved my tongue towards her love button, and lightly flicked the tip of my tongue against her clit. I heard her moan in ecstasy, but she continued working on my cock. What with the sexuality of it all, and the fact that she was expertly gripping me with her lips and swirling with her tongue, it was taking a lot of willpower to keep on lasting. But I persevered, and dived back into her pretty pinkness.
“Mr. Carlton Mallard I am District Attorney Wright, I was told that you have information in exchange for a deal you wish to make with my office,” D.A. Wright says sitting down at the table with me.
“Yeah, no problem man.”
“Trust me, I’m working on it.” And that was the truth. I had been thinking about what to do, I just hadn’t exactly gotten any good, concrete ideas yet. But she didn’t need to know that.
A new sense of power arose within me and I gently licked her pussy through her thong, evoking small electric waves within Brooke, causing her to shake and moan violently.
She chuckled intently. “Oh boy.” She murmured. “We’re gonna have a conversation, aren’t we?” Without waiting for me to process what she said, let alone respond to it, she opened the door and waltzed in.
“See you at school, Big Hero Dick.”
"Naw! I wanted to see if it's alright if I came over to your place! You know if it's okay with Mrs. and Mr. Burns?" He throws his arm around my shoulder and reaches out with his other hand out to grab my books out my hands.
Jade was giggling at the fact that Tommy had just rambled on and on. It was part of his charm at times.
I tried to think of Sharon’s cousins. I had met some at her pool before. The only boy cousin I knew, Timmy, was two years younger than me, making him 12. “Timmy?” I asked skeptically.
He laughed as he slowly moved his hands up and down her arms. “Yes I’m sure,” he said.
Authors note- sorry I haven't posted for a LONG time but my lifes been chaotic and busy but without further delay here is the second chapter of crazy ass life. And remember I like feed back so comment!
Harry pushed his entire length into her ass. With some work from all three of them, they got a nice rhythm working. They were all panting and sweating with little moans from each of them. Harry reached around and fondled the breast Ron did not have in his mouth. After seeing the sex a little bit ago, Harry could not hold out much longer with the tight ass wrapped around his cock. Harry pushed his cock in as far as her could before making a deposit. Harry, now exhausted, climbed off the bed and squeezed into his own. He fell asleep before they had even finished each other off.
in the words of bret"the hitman"hart this series is "the best there is,the best there was and the best there ever will be." great job dude amazing series
“Okay,” I replied, walking to the counter.
I looked over at Mom and Ronnie. She was in the same position but she had lifted her top up so that he had her nipple in his mouth. Then I watched as Mom slipped his hand in between them to give him access to her pussy.
I considered waking Brook, but figured she would need her energy to deal with her parents. So, I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind.
Even in his last class he felt Professor King’s eyes on him. She wore clothes that weren’t as baggy as usual, yet still hid her features. She eyed him here and there and he felt racked with guilt for making her reveal herself to him. “With great power come great responsibility.” How he thought that line cliché, and yet he wondered how much Stan Lee actually knew how deep it rang true.
I can tell she’s confused but I head off to get a shower when I see a pair of very muscular legs head into a bathroom on the second floor and I start to get an itch again. I take my time heading up the stairs and do a quick check in on my room. Katy is lying on her stomach with an icepack on her ass while Kori, Rachael and Natsuko are watching TV with her. Katy is the one that sees me and all I get is a wink before I head back down the hall and creep into the bathroom where I hear Mathilda showering. I am as quiet as I can be slipping inside and closing the door. After I get out of my shorts I wait a moment before pulling back the curtain and slipping into the shower behind Matty. She has her head in the water and I’m wondering how to play this when my other head tells me to go for it. I slide my hands around Matty’s waist and press my body against her back.
"Please mom, just this once" Mia begged. She really wanted to go, and she was sure mom would say yes.
He felt Daniel slowly slide his long, member outward and then slip all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flex, wiggle and then lunged deeply back into the depths of Allen's rectal sheath. Daniel adjusted his position behind Allen's wide spread thighs. The angle of his penetration changed and the head now pressed against the lower lining of his rectal sheath. The thick gland started a slow back and forth dragging motion until .. something electric bolted throughout Allen's body. An intense wave of pure joy surged throughout Allen's rectal sheath and across his loins. The flexing head slipped over his prostate's excited tissues again and again and Allen screeched in ecstasy.
“What the fuck bitch” Kelsey screams as she holds the back of her head.
"Thank you so much, Mom." I said. "You are definitely the best mom alive." She smiled. I went to hug her as a way of saying thanks, but she put her hands up and said, "Maybe later. When you've cleaned up."
Victoria laughed softly. “You’re right, sorry for being selfish.”
This was when she was at her most honest, I thought. After I'd stripped away everything else, her will, her dignity, everything that she presented to the rest of the world; after she'd submitted to me entirely, and lost herself in it. She was left so raw, and so vulnerable. The way she clung to me, still shaking, just begging for this warmth, no trace of shame at displaying such a desperate desire. It was like the extreme embodiment of "cuddling afterwards". It was her consuming need to just feel some sort of contact, physical and emotional .My chest swelled with a new kind of understanding of her.
When Jackie pulled her hand out from my swimming suit. It was just then that I noticed the massive amount of seaman I had shot into her palm of her hand. As she lifted her hand up from my short I noticed that my massive load had started seeping out from her palm and fingers was starting run down her arm this then I suddenly got kind of worried about how was she was going make to bathroom with out anyone catching her with that massive amount in her hand. She give me an quick wink and turn around walk to bathroom and few minutes later return to me licking her lips so I guess she had lick the entire load as she said she would. By the time she had returned my cock had softened and she lend in give me an French kiss and could slightly taste my own seed in her mouth which didn’t taste to bad if you ask me.
John thought about how completely different Lisa was from her mother. Jan had never urinated in front of John--at least, not while she was sitting on a toilet. Jan had always insisted on having total privacy in the bathroom. But on the other hand, Jan had never seemed to mind letting John see her squirt during their sexual encounters together. That struck John as being pretty strange behavior on Jan's part.
When Jane went over there, she took off her bottoms to reveal her nice little ass. I couldn’t help but peak over here and there. After that, she pulled up her bottoms and jumped in the water. Then it hit me; I’m looking at my sisters, they are my blood, but I couldn’t help it. It felt so wrong but it felt so good.
"We should," she said. "Let's get out of here. I'll go, you stay a minute. It'll look better that way."
“Honey I will be there to help, we all will. Things are going to get better, I promise,” Mom says and I want to believe her.
“Give it to me.” Lissa stated as she increased the intensity of manipulation of the panting girls clit. Karen blankly raised her right hand to Lissa to display the dark green vegetable. “I mean in your pants please.”
“OK, well move over I need to brush my teeth” she said with an irritated tone, feeling that uncontrollable feeling building again. She started brushing her teeth, aware that her brother was just standing there looking at her. she attempted to ignore him without success as found that she was enticed by it.
"Great. You suck. You probably go to East."
“Do you want to hang out at my house or not?”
“Points are points!” Lexi protested, sitting back down, snuggling up to me. “Back me up here, Quinn.”
“And he just went for that?”
“ Well from what I have heard from my friends who aren’t a virgin anymore what you experienced is known as Subspace.” I told her as she gave me this weird look “ Mac whatever it was it felt so damn good … I love you mac !” Sally told me as she slid her hand down to my cock and started to stroking my cock. “ Sally you were mumbling in you subspace unconsciousness that you’re ready… are you?” I ask her as I gently plant kiss to her chest “ mmmmmm I did Mac I don’t remember it but yes I can’t take in anymore please take me and make me a woman .. I wanted your incestuous seed in my tight virgin fertile womb… please Mac I can’t stand it anymore please Deflower me Mac!
“Yeah but it’s going to be my first year with you in high school. We’ll get to have lunch together and there’s cross country team to look forward to. It should be great.”
“Okay, but if it’s too much, just say so,” Mom encouraged.
“Is there something wrong with how long we shopped, Chris?” Rita asked suspiciously.
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