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2020.02.18 17:44 D4rkd3str0yer Fragile Tranny Redditor

For all those tranny redditors who get offended over nothing at all

2017.04.22 00:46 danny_b23 Shadow Party

The Shadow Party. Now meddling in an election near you.

2023.06.01 10:15 Mr_WhaleSemen Aggressive Moves

Girlfriend told me yesterday she moving out of apartment to basically move in my place. Didn't consult me or ask if it's right move. She got storage unit and has a room at friends house close by. She just said she basically was tired of having a place 30 min away she pays 1800 for and she stayed there twice since february. This was an aggressive move especially without consulting me. I feeling wierd especially she told me day before she needs to he moved out and I'm doing all the moving.
Background: I just got out of a long relationship. 9 years. This new girl who treats me way better then I ever been treated, but I'm clearly not ready for serious relationship. I been with her about 4 months and she basically stays at my place 24/7, and she treats me better then my mother and past relationship combined. She's crazy nurturing, I'm a more spoiled man then I've ever been. However, I just feel in my bones I'm not ready for anything serious. She is amazing, I just feel like I'm not in a emotional state to be hit by lightning and give to her the same way she gives to me. She knows this and still dropped this I'm basically moving in bomb. Idk how I feel about this, but I do like having her around, but feel guilty that maybe I only like that cause she makes my life way more convenient and easy.
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2023.06.01 10:15 SocietyTomorrow ZFS resilvering interrupted

So I have encountered a frustrating series of Murphy’s Law instances, and it has left me with a minor problem.
I have one of my storage pools stuck in Degraded state and is stuck resilvering at 45% for the last 3 days. At first was not such a serious matter. After replacing the failed drive, waiting for it to replace I discovered my drive had not failed, but the SAS port had, and automatically faulted the new one during resilvering. It never really finished, but was acting like a scrub process that eventually finished so I could move it to another open slot.
Then, as the resilvering was underway, a power outage that went longer than my UPS could handle knocked out the server (and I happened to be on the road so was mostly clueless to the matter)
Upon reboot, The resilvering process appears to be at a standstill, reporting the same speed of scanned and issued for the last 8 hours, with no change in the amount of completion and an estimate of 26 days to finish (weird for a raidz2 with 8TB drives and no other activity at the moment)
I attempted a clean reboot to see if it would pick up where it left off, tried to zpool offline and clear it to make it start again new, but nothing seems to be doing anything to change this weird limbo I am in. Can anyone suggest something I can try that might let me restart the resilvering process without having to export and reimport the pool as I would rather not re-invite Murphy back to the table while my backup is behind nearly 1 week in snapshots? Everything I could read up on the matter here and elsewhere has been everything I tried so far.
Many thanks in advance for your time on this frustrating matter!
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2023.06.01 10:14 Naila-Thought103 Need Advice - Abuser Returned After 10 Years

10 years ago, I was severely beaten and choked until I was unconscious by my boyfriend. When I gained consciousness, I made it to the hospital and learned he had broken two of my fingers. I was devastated. I thought about suicide. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I felt sorry for him.
I kept saying, I must have done something horrible for him to beat me. In reality, I just told him, I wanted to break up.
While I was in the hospital, several detectives came back to discuss pressing charges. I pressed charges and he was arrested immediately. His family reached out to me and asked for me to drop the charges. They were so kind and loving.
I came to court and told the judge, I wanted to drop the charge. She initially refused saying- he choked me until I passed out and he only stopped because he thought I was dead. I still dropped the charges. Immediately afterwards, his family called me a slut who had ruined his life.
My family didn’t support me. They said I should just forget it. I couldn’t just forget. After my cast was off, I had to go to physical therapy to learn to use my hand and write again. I tried to block the incident and the person out of my mind. I moved to another state. I was fine or I thought.
Several weeks ago, my father died and I returned to my home state. I am outside of the funeral home and the person walks over to me. He says, “ I am here, if you need me.” I have never been so scared in my life. When my family goes to the repast, he is there. He is constantly talking and walking near me. I am so afraid that I can’t talk.
Last week, I saw him at a party. I could feel him watching me but I figured because there were so many people that he wouldn’t talk to me again. When he is super drunk, he comes over to me and says, “ the reason why we got into it was you would never listen, 10 years ago. We need to talk.”
I leave with him. I honestly thought maybe he would apologize or express remorse. I always fantasized that he would give some grand apology and grand gesture of love and I could forgive him.
He tells me I am a slut who made up lies that ruined his life. He says he never hurt me or broke my fingers or choked me. When I tried to say something, he said “ shut up” and I did. He says, “ tell me what I did to you” but I couldn’t say anything.
I hated myself for what I said next - I wish we could be friends. I wish you could forgive me.
He says, “ I have to tell everyone I lied about him attacking me. He says I have to write a letter saying he never did anything to me. I said no. He says, “ I have given women black eyes but I never blacked your eye. I didn’t hurt you and you know it.”
Now, a week later, I am struggling. I know he did abuse me but I don’t know. I think I am crazy. I am starting to question what happened to me. I know my fingers were broken. I am losing my grip on the reality of what happened to me.
I went to Domestic Violence court to read my case file. The file was gone because he was able to get it expunged years ago. I don’t know what to do. I thought I had forgiven him but I hate him. I hate he was able to get the case file deleted. I hate he is now a rich, powerful, successful person while I am stuck with a crippled hand.
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2023.06.01 10:14 SER96DON McLaren F1 or Bugatti Chiron?

Hey guys:)
So, I just finished the story the other day and can now freely race and explore without worrying about qualifiers and such. And, after the final race and all, I've accumulated a bit over a million dollars.
Now, I'm interested in both the F1 (1,100,000$) and the Chiron (~3,600,000$). Problem is, it seems waaay too grindy to have to earn that much for the latter. Collecting around 3 million would take me about 30 sessions. And that's too much. As of now, I have the free time to do one or two sessions per day.😅
So, what do you guys think? Should I get the F1 and completely give up on the Bugatti (since I really don't see myself committing to collect that much money afterwards as it would be even more than before), or should I keep my head down and grind for the Bugatti and keep the one million for now?
To give you an idea of what I like in both cars:
Ironically, I don't love the Chiron. It doesn't look that great (unlike the Divo), but it is an AWD car, which really suits me considering the game's physics, and it is also clearly the fastest in terms of speed and acceleration. Chiron appears to have little possible customisation options too. I am also worried that the Chiron will, quite simply, render any other S+ car of mine obsolete. 😅 I know it sounds dumb and "why not use the other one too, what's stopping you?", but when a car is simply better and makes races far easier, I fear that I will give in and use the car that brings in money easier and helps me complete challenges. Oh, and now that I mentioned it, I haven't cleared out the map yet. I've only completed all drift zones and air jumps, so the Chiron will be of great help.
Now, about the F1, I love its design. I love anything and everything '90s styled and this car is basically the embodiment of that era's supercars. I generally don't even like super cars and hyper cars either, but this one is an exception, along a few Lamborghini models, but I digress. The cons: This car is RWD.. and I suck at driving any RWD cars in the recent NFS games (ironically, I prefer them in Forza while playing with all assists off lol) because they seem to randomly spin out just to remind you of their system. Or, like I said, I just suck. It is also not particularly better than other cars. I don't think the F1 will end up being better than my Polestar in S+ or my GTR and Murcielago in S class. The reason I want it is because, frankly, it looks beautiful. It also has lots of customisation options, which is why I play NFS in the first place.
As you can see, I'm not what you'd call a "car person". My criteria are mostly aesthetic, and those too are slightly unconventional. So, with this in mind, what would you recommend for someone like me? Also, if it's the F1, what engines should I use for the S and S+ classes?
Thank you for taking the time to read this unnecessarily lengthy post, and thank you in advance for your advice:)
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2023.06.01 10:14 sylvaron Suddenly said goodbye to my baby girl (a sweet old cat)

I know this is obvious, but content warning on this post: I talk about a lot of diseases here and I don't want anyone to freak out if they have health anxiety for themselves or their pets.
I had to say goodbye to my cat of 8 years. She was 16 years old, roughly, my wife and I got her from a shelter so we aren't sure. She was kept in the cages, seperate from other cats as she hadn't been acclimated yet. When they opened the cage she jumped into my wife's arms and started purring. We knew she was our cat at that very moment and that we would love her completely.
I really just want to chronicle my experience with her here, including all of her health issues because I need to validate myself for putting her through euthanasia.
This cat was an outstanding companion. She was the best companion I could ask for, and I was there for her through an enormous amount of health issues. Within a week of us adopting her from that shelter, she became very sick. Labored breathing, looking away from us, hiding as much as possible. She had an ear polyp that had grown so large it was hurting her greatly. The adoption center told us we could give her back and they would take care of her surgeries. We declined, told them we would keep her, and they told us they would pay for the main surgery. We took her to a multitude of appointments and a surgery center and helped her recover. She was great for a while. A few years, 2015 to 2019 everything was pretty golden with her and it was the best time of my life when I got to spend time with her.
In 2019 we received the worst possible news, she had mammary cancer on her left chain of breasts. They told us it had a high chance of mortality within a year, but that we could slow it down with surgery in case it hadn't spread to her lymphatic system yet. We opted to do the surgery and she came out on the other side doing wonderfully. We waited that year, upset as the date approached when it would be the 365th day. That came, and she was fine. Another year passed, and she was fine, or so we though--I felt more bumps, but on the other side of body. The cancer had infected her right mammary chain. We were worried about her surviving the surgery, as she was 14 and had already been through a few. Luckily she came out of it just fine, the recover was a bit rough but she was back to her old self within two weeks! Around this time we also found out she was deaf and most likely had been the entire time we had had her--haha! Everything, once again, was amazing for a while.
2021 hits and she has a massive eye ulcer. Her eye is clouded and bloodshot. The vets treat her for an eye ulcer as if it is bacterial for two weeks and it gets worse and worse. I take her to an emergency vet and they state she clearly as FHV and the infection is viral--it needs antivirals, not antibiotics. It clears but her eye is permanently damaged and she is probably 90% blind out of it.
2022 comes, and we notice some stuff changing in her--the vet lets us know she has kidney disease. It's relatively early, it'll probably give her another two years. I assume the cancer will get her before the kidney disease will, and just adjust the way I take care of her to fit her new disease.
Enter 2023, everything is still going well. She is slowing down a little bit day by day, sleeping more, probably up to about 20 hours a day by April. But she loves us, and she is so, so happy. Always purring, eating well, keeping herself hydrated despite her kidney disease progressing. May 28th hits, she's crying out at night and seems a little confused. I keep trying to bring her into bed but she gets down in really odd ways that aren't normal for her. I don't think too much of it. I wake up the next morning to my wife telling me that our girl was inconsolable last night and was crying out even when she picked her up to love on her. I go check her out and immediately notice something odd--she doesn't seem to see me. I walk around, wave my hand in front of her face, no registration. I pet her and she purrs. I get her to walk and she will walk-- into very odd areas of the house, into walls, into corners, trying to scout where she is. She's repeatedly trying to walk into walls on her right side. Her right side also has a bit of a limp to the back leg, it's constantly touching her front paw when she walks. She cries out and I go to her, she registers I'm there but wants to keep walking into things. We assume she is totally blind and are extremely unsettled as she is also known to be deaf. We go buy a laser point and she can see it! Three inches from her face, and only on her right side. So much so on her right that she won't register it if it's on her left at all--even if her right eye can see it. She doesn't register our other cat even though it is immediately to her left and she bumps into her, freaking my other cat out. We take her to the emergency vet and wait for hours. The vet comes out and gives us some mixture of terrible news, starting with some small things--She has an ear infection, she has periodontitis, she has a galloping heartbeat, and it's starting to get worse, she has a blood pressure reading of 250 even after letting her rest for a bit. Anything over 180 is hospitalization for a cat (and for people fyi). To top it all off, they tested her in an empty room and determined she had a great deal of mental deficiencies. She was "a-visual," or lacking vision, she would constantly try to turn into walls even when she knew they were there, and she seemed to not recognize her left side of her body as I had mentioned. They figured, without testing to confirm, that she probably had a stroke or a tumor so advanced that it had affected her brain function. They were leaning towards stroke. They wanted to keep her there overnight for further tests and then recommended hospitalization as it would be unsafe to bring her home given her blood pressure. My wife and I looked at eachother and had the same thought, as unsettling as it was. We asked the vet to step away while we discussed--euthanasia? Could we really subject her to further testing, staying in a hospital for who knows how long when chances were she wouldn't get better? And if she got better, if they lowered her blood pressure and got her stable for us to bring home, how much longer would she have lasted given that she also had advancing cancer and kidney disease? I was willing to go to any measures to make her comfortable due to the lack of vision, hearing, and lack of awareness of her left side. I can deal with that. But I can't deal with her sitting in a hospital for so long, so confused and scared why we aren't there, when the only way she can recognize us is through touch and smell and those things aren't there with her. We told the vet we wanted to euthanize, through heavy tears. The vet had never mentioned this option (I don't know if this is normal, I think maybe it is usually left to the owner to come up with the idea maybe?). But she told us we could euthanize there, that we would get a little room and as much time with her as we wanted. We went to the room, our baby was brought to us and of course she couldn't see us. But there she was, and we were able to bring her out and cuddle her. This is the worst part. She was there for us. She licked my wife, and layed in my lap, she seemed relatively normal and loving. I just can't wrap my head around it, she had so many things going wrong and here she was giving us love. This is the part that hurts me and makes me feel like I did something wrong. How could an animal that needs to be euthanized still be loving on us? With everything listed though and me being utterly terrified of her having to stay in a hospital and possibly dying there, we went through with it. I held her until the very end, knowing I was never going to be the same person.
I am devastated, lost, confused, and searching to figure out if I made the right decision. The thing is, given the information and the number of systems failing in her body, logically it should be. But to know she still had fight in her, love in her? Love for me? To end her like that, was it mercy? Should I have let her continue, with the chance that maybe I would get to have her back in my arms at home, with things being relatively normal for a little while longer? What if things got way, way worse, would I feel even more terrible about myself to have let her go too far and to have her in too much pain? I think so, but I don't know as I chose to "early" option, if it was early. I'm just at a loss without a pet that I loved as much as my very own child. She was my everything, my comfort after work, after a stressful event she was there for me and now she isn't, and I cannot process that.
On a happier note, let me talk about her demeanor for a bit because that's what I loved about her! She was a deaf cat, an old cat, and a sickly cat as I listed above. This means that I was responsible for her well being much more than a normal animal. It was like taking care of an elderly parent, or a baby. Constantly monitoring her, helping her eat, go to the bathroom, waking up 10-15 times a night to collect her as she cried out for me. These things strengthened my bond with her enormously. She was such a sweet girl, always wanting in my lap or to lay beside me. If I laid in bed for one minute, or sat down for one minute, there she was! She had places she loved to sleep, including on the beanbag in my wife's office. She would sleep there for 6-8 hours at a time, and then come around the corner to the living room sniffling (she had FHV so constant sniffles and sneezing), and we'd greet her with such excitement. She would follow me everywhere when she was awake, never ever wanting to leave my side. She would lick me any time I pet her (and continue licking me until I stopped). She would bite my nose when I put my face up to her face, lovingly. She had stinky breath from the gum disease but I didn't care. She loved using a heating pad we had sitting on the ground for her all year round as it helped her joints. She just loved heat--she would constantly try to jump into the oven when I opened it, or shove herself into the air fryer. Sunlight was king in her eyes and she would find it and camp it all day. She was nothing but purrs and love--immense, intense love for me that I gave her in return. I miss her, I miss her more than I could ever fathom. My love for her was so incredibly deep that it scares me to think I may never get to feel that with a pet again.
Thank you for listening to me if you read this though I don't need anybody to, I just really needed to get this off my chest somewhere and to have a written record of my time with her somewhere besides my heart. I know a lot of is health concerns, a lot of it sounds negative, but the health issues I faced with her through the years were ways that I grew closer to her, and it is only the end that hurts me. The rest is history.
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2023.06.01 10:13 rhoadsscholar Anyone remember a Criminal Minds episode that did us no favors ?? ( another post about stigma

I just remember seeing it the Ion channel at the psych ward of all places.
There’s a guy who cuts women’s heart out. Hochner says more or less, “ Our unsub likely has Borderline Personality Disorder. “Borderlines” believe relationships are all about themselves and their needs. “ ( in reality they’re all about the SO ) The episode went along those lines I remember
Problem is how many people believe that crap.
Has anyone else been disturbed by any other supposed portrayals?
Some portrayal have been helpful tbh. Girl Interrupted, even though I’m a Dude interrupted, gave me a lot of hope for some reason. I really love that one
( Question with slight vent )
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2023.06.01 10:13 sweetdissociation The constant guilt I feel is exhausting, I don’t know how to move on from this

I’m so tired and I feel like I’ll never escape
I’m in my mid 20s but have depended on my mum till recently due to my disability. I know that her behavior throughout my life has deeply traumatized me, yet we have a pretty good relationship. Whenever things are good that’s what I focus on, I push away any negative thoughts and feelings, because if she’s upset with me I’ll be in hell. Despite having CPTSD herself she doesn’t understand that I’m unable to snap out of it. She wants me to tell her off when she’s being abusive, but I can’t. I wish I could but I freeze and I fawn. I’m right back to my childhood, I dissociate severely and loose all control. My life has been an absolute nightmare these last years because of my disability and associated health issues. I’ve had trouble finding caretakers and have had to depend on my mum a lot for that reason. These last few months I’ve finally been able to get some support in place and I’m doing my best to get my life back together. I’ve felt free for the first time in years and taken full advantage of the ability to live a little. A part of me has felt guilty for it. I don’t think I properly recognized it till today, but I’ve been worried abohr her reaction, and for good reason. She’s been distant over text for a few days, and today she came by, barely even said hi before she was screaming at me for how disrespectful I am. I keep dissociating when I try to remember her exact words, but the gist of it was that I am apparently disrespecting her and telling her she’s not good enough, since having other caretakers than her enables me to be more active. I have no clue about the sacrifices she has made for me and I’m ungrateful. I also haven’t done enough fo reach out to her recently, I should have known that her being distant and not answering my texts were a sign she needed me to ask if she was ok. She’s been at her boyfriends all weekend so I figured she was just busy, I tried fo tell her that but to no avail. She berated me for a while and everytime I tried to defend or explain myself, I was accused of guilting her and wanting her to feel bad She ended up saying she was happy for me and shouldn’t have overreacted, as usual I let it go bwvause it’s the only thing I know how to do
I’ve been crying or in deep dissociation since. Can barely move and even just writing this is difficult. I feel so hopeless. I just want to hide and be alone. I’m dreading tomorrow where I have to put on an act, and can’t rely on this dissociative trance like state to keep me somewhat sane I don’t know how to get out of this. I don’t know h how to make my brain understand that I’m an adult now, and I don’t have to accept her abuse as truth
Please don’t recommend no contact. This is very complex but I’m not capable of explaining right now. NC just isn’t an option
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2023.06.01 10:13 Optimal-Smoke-7468 AI FOUNDER LOSES £60K IN SALES (nearly)...

Hi Guys
Hope you’re having a good week.
I just wanted to chime in because I’ve been seeing a lot of negative chat about lawyers…
I get that we’re seen as an unnecessary expense & some of you think that we slow deals down…
And when things turn out fine, I can see this point of view.
However, what about the times where we actually SAVE you time, money, energy, anxiety & your family relationships?
To make my point, let me tell you about an AI founder who was a decent & honest guy, but almost LOST his key ASSET.
He was growing his client base & used a simple contract for his clients that he downloaded from the internet.
He didn’t understand the contract, but didn’t want to spend money on legal advice.
So what happened?
I want you to pay ATTENTION, because this could have been YOU.
On with the story…
Well, a savvy client wanted to negotiate the contract. This had never happened before & the AI founder didn’t know what to do.
Luckily his friend referred him to us & in looking over the contract, we saw a GLARING mistake…
He was giving his clients an EXCLUSIVE licence to his code. Basically, by doing this, he was agreeing that no one else could use his code.
This meant that he could not sell any further licenses, which meant his business sales were DOOMED.
We helped him amend ALL of the contracts he’d already signed, BUT this didn’t go down well.
A number of his clients did not want to change their contracts, & lost RESPECT for him because he didn’t know what he was doing.
It took almost a YEAR to change all of these contracts, during which the AI founder lost business & had anxiety.
All of this could have been easily avoided IF the AI founder had his client contracts checked professionally in the first place.
In penny-pinching, the guy actually LOST money, business, time & sleep.
In short, it was a FALSE economy.
So, take his story as a LESSON & don’t make the same mistake.
Do it once, do it right.
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2023.06.01 10:13 Embarrassed-Worry322 Co-location

My wife and I got married a month ago and have been trying to collocate. I am an undesignated sailor that jsut picked up as well and so was she but she already received orders to sasebo, Japan. so I was going to try and get orders near to where she was stationed at. My chain of command has been unhelpful the entire time I’ve been trying to do this process and I ended up getting orders stationed in Norfolk. They also sent TAD since we’re on the same ship. But already knew I had ordwrs somewhere here and are making me checkout. Can I refuse these orders u til I can get changed or? Is it a loss cause and I should just accept them and try to collocate in my next ship?
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2023.06.01 10:13 Walk1000Miles Karma Overview

It's so very important to learn about karma.
It can be confusing.
Karma isn't necessary for using Reddit, but it certainly helps. Be patient at first, and don't get discouraged. Accumulating karma is a long-term task, but one that gets easier the more familiar you become with Reddit.
This is What I Have Learned:
A Redditors karma is a reflection on how much they have contributed to the Reddit community. Or how active they are on Reddit.
■ You can have an account that is seven years old and contribute posts / comments once a year.
■ You can have an account for two years and contribute posts / comments every day.
■ The karma for each account will be different due to the activity on each account.
To Earn Karma
■ Make a comment on the posts / comments of other Redditors. Fellow Redditors will sometimes give you awards for your contributions. Sometimes they will not.
■ Publish and discuss your own posts.
• post a link to a newspaper / magazine article;
• post pictures;
• post links to a YouTube video;
• post interviews or questionnaires;
• ask a question; and
• pick a topic you are familiar with and write about it.
■ Reward people for their comments (Reddit will sometimes reward you with karma - depending on the reward you give);
■ Receive some karma on your birthday (your cake day / which is the day you signed up for your Reddit account) from fellow Redditors. Watch what others do. Sometimes they will prepare elaborate memes, make jokes, prepare gifs, etc., so that people notice their special day.
Types of Karma
There are four different types of karma. When you click on your username, you will see a breakdown of Post Karma, Comment Karma, Awardee Karma and Awarder Karma.
(1) Post Karma:
You are awarded post karma for posting (re: articles, questions, pictures, videos, recipes, etc.). You also receive post karma for sharing / forwarding posts of other Redditors.
■ Your post karma increases when people upvote anything that you post / share / forward.
■ Your post karma decreases when people downvote anything that you post / share / forward.
(2) Comment Karma:
You are awarded comment karma when Reddit users upvote your comments, and you lose karma when they downvote your comments.
(3) Awarder Karma:
You receive awarder karma from Reddit for awarding the posts / comments of fellow Redditors.
(4) Awardee Karma:
You receive awardee karma from other Redditors reacting to your posts / comments by rewarding you with an award.
If a Redditor Receives a Lot of Down Votes?
A Redditors karma will decrease (down arrow). It is possible to receive zero (0) or negative (-) karma balances.
If a Redditor Receives a Lot of Upvotes?
A Redditors karma will increase (up arrow).
Total Karma:
Your total karma values include all karma categories shown in your profile (to include post, comment, awarder and awardee karma).
■ In order to submit a post / comment to certain Subreddits, moderators will only count / place value on certain karma you have received (usually comment karma).
■ Your karma levels will change depending on the amount of activity you have on Reddit and how your fellow Redditors respond to your posts / comments.
How is Karma Caluculated?
When you first start earning Karma, it looks like every upvote adds a point to it. Once you get into the thousands, however, the math becomes a little murkier.
Reddit uses an algorithm to calculate Karma and does not disclose exactly how it works. Allegedly, the more upvotes a link or comment gets, the less Karma each upvote is worth. That means a comment with 15K upvotes isn't necessarily going to give you 15K of comment karma.
Reddit Default Karma Rules
There are certain community and default rules that Reddit has established regarding karma.
In addition to the community rules, Reddit sets some default rules to exclude the following from Community Point calculations and distribution:
■ Karma earned on removed posts and comments does not count (including karma earned before removal)
■ Karma earned on deleted posts and comments does not count (including karma earned before deletion)
■ Karma earned on stickied or distinguished content does not count
■ Permabanned users are not eligible for Points distribution and do not appear on the distribution list. This includes users permanently banned by moderators from the community or banned from Reddit.
Subreddit Posts / Comments
Sometimes? Moderators will consider the amount of comment karma you currently have in order to be allowed to submit posts / comments to their Subreddits. Each Subreddit has different moderators. Therefore? Each Subreddit has different rules.
■ The amount of karma needed to submit posts / comments is decided by the Subreddit Moderators.
■ Check the rules to see how much karma you are required to have. If it is not detailed in the Subreddit rules? Ask the Moderators via ModMail.
■ If you do not have the required comment karma, you will not be able to submit posts / comments.
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2023.06.01 10:12 dickMcFickle this has already happened to me twice

this has already happened to me twice submitted by dickMcFickle to tearsofthekingdom [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:11 Wistful-Erised Shifting to Kolkata!!!!

I'm shifting to Kolkata soon, and I'm really excited because I always wanted to visit it! :D I think a part of me romanticized it, thanks to all the movies. I'm curious to know your favorite parts and places about the city, things that make Kolkata, Kolkata. Be it cafes, restaurants, museums, historical sites, or any place that holds a special place in your heart, I'd love to hear your recommendations! Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.01 10:11 isclehk Laws regarding travelling to Korea as a transfem

Helloo, I have several questions that need to be answered soon, as I'll be going to South Korea to participate in a certain event in summer. I tried researching some of the questions on google for a while but that was all in vain, so I turn to yall for some input. Without further ado, here are the questions:
  1. Are there any laws barring people holding ID cards of the opposite gender going into a gendered bathroom (i.e: M on passport & ID card, going to F bathroom). I somewhat pass and feel extremely dysphoric going to a M bathroom so this dilemma is pretty important.
  2. I'm on diy hrt, and would like to bring my oestrogel transdermal gel (in a toothpaste-like tube) and 2 in 1 pill cutter & holder thingy containing some 100mg androcur. Will these two substances and containers get me in trouble if I bring it from Hong Kong to Korea and back? Is prescription required for me to bring them to and fro these two places? Should I put the pills in a different container so I don't have to bring around something with an obvious blade inside?
  3. Anything to be aware of as a transfem (or as a girl in general) in Korea?
I hope yall can help out with these questions, thanks in advanceee~
submitted by isclehk to lgbt [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:11 Any_Ad2206 Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈
Woah Reddit isn't letting me put captions on the photos I'm a bit confused lol
This is a low key old set that has been changed multiple times, including right now. Basically, this is a lesbian themed set and I used the red and orange flag as inspiration. There's a lot of stuff going on with the flag, I definitely recommend this blog if you want to read more about it.
Basically, my color palette was pink, red, orange, and white. With that color palette i also really wanted to add some symbolism. I'll go ahead and explain some symbolism of the items I choose. I should disclaim that I'm not up to date on stories so if there's a character you'd like to mention let me know!
Hair- a reference to Yasmin from Sacred Beast, I enjoyed her route a lot!
Earrings- a reference to Gabrielle from Queen Marie, cause there are a good amount of people who ship them. I have heard a theory about the actual Queen Marie did have affairs with her female friends, but I'm not super passionate about Queen Marie so I never bothered to look into it.
Necklace- a reference to a romantic side story involving Charlotte and Elizabeth. It's to date one of the most explicit gay romances in the entire game.
Bracelet- a reference to Kuroko Sato from Taisho Adventures, I loved her route!
Gloves- a reference to Nastia from Dancing on Ice.
Ring- a reference to Olive from Kingdom of Beasts. We literally get married to her, I had to include the wedding ring in this set!
Socks- a reference to Salvia from Saga of Viera. I'm not as into the story as others, but it's a shame that the story got seemingly discontinued and I wish it got a second chapter, I would love to see Salvia's route continued.
The rest is mostly color choice. I really wanted to use the shoes because they're red and I like their design. The top and skirt are from Gotham Memoirs, I'd say it represents Charlotte as well and they also add pink and red. The make up and fan are mostly me trying to add orange cause I felt like the set was really lacking. I would count the hair as orange cause the album art made it very orange but the model does look blonde-ish.
I'm going to try and work on 3 more sets based on other flags, wish me luck. I have never made a set based on the bi flag that I liked but I could just be bad at styling lmao
submitted by Any_Ad2206 to DressUpTimePrincess [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:10 SourcerBot AI: War crimes evidence erased by social media platforms

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-05-31 at 23:01, this article is written by jack goodman and maria korenyuk and published by bbc news. (6 minutes)
Save 6 minutes of reading with this summary:
The platforms say they do have exemptions for graphic material when it is in the public interest - but when the BBC attempted to upload footage documenting attacks on civilians in Ukraine, it was swiftly deleted. No-one would deny tech firms' right to police content, says US Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice Beth Van Schaak: "I think where the concern happens is when that information suddenly disappears." But the BBC has spoken to people affected by violent conflict who have seen the major social media companies take down this content. YouTube and Meta say that under their exemptions for graphic war footage in the public interest, content that would normally be removed can be kept online with viewing restricted to adults. It says, "Human rights organisations; activists, human rights defenders, researchers, citizen journalists and others documenting human rights abuses (or other potential crimes) should observe best practices for securing and preserving their content." They have saved more than 700,000 images from war zones before they were removed from social media, including three videos showing the attack near Imad's pharmacy.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: BBC News (2023-05-31 at 23:01) AI: War crimes evidence erased by social media platforms BBC News (2023-05-22 at 10:50) Comic Uncle Roger banned on Chinese social media Financial Times (2023-03-17 at 19:38) War crimes court issues arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin
I am a bot powered by the Sourcer extension - Give me feedback.
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2023.06.01 10:10 QuintFreak M4M (Discord) // Looking for roleplay partners

Hello everyone. My name's Alex, and I recently turned 20. I've been roleplaying for about three years now, so I have some experience. I'm looking for someone to roleplay with, preferably 18+. I'm mostly active on discord, so if you'd like to roleplay, we'll have to do it there.
Now, on to the roleplay stuff. I've recently gotten into superheroes, and I'd like to do a highschool based superhero roleplay. My character is a gay man, so you'll need to have another man as his partner. Your character will be a superhero, and my character will be the love interest, or we can switch roles if you'd like to!
I usually write 2-3 paragraphs per response, but you don't have to write as much, I'm alright with just one paragraph per response, just don't keep it too short. If you're interested, shoot me a message! Also, please don't say just 'hi' or 'hello', it'll lower my chances of responding.
Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to roleplaying with someone!
submitted by QuintFreak to roleplaying [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:10 mortau An exciting new trend in app based ordering and rideshare: Folks accepting food delivery jobs and then gaming the other apps for multiple deliveries. Food either never picked up or delivered stone cold. Anyone else finding this?

Over the last couple of months I've had three separate instances which have required full refunds - all of them on Doordash, but I'm interested to see if anyone else is also getting this at the moment.
1) Random sunday noodle order - Dasher assigned to pick up, instead get to watch guy drive around the world. He obviously tried to just close the app because his name disappeared, but I was able to keep following his tracking. Sent dispute, and food eventually picked up 5 minutes before the place shut by another Dasher, and delivered almost 2 hours after the order. Stone cold.
2) Night time beer driven Maccas order - Dasher assigned, picks up food and starts coming towards me - only for his GPS to suddenly stop tracking. When it resumes tracking, he is suddenly coming from the complete opposite direction. I sent him a smart ass message asking if he was having trouble finding my unit. Guy arrives 60 minutes after order, and calls me to come out on to the street because, ironically, he "couldn't find the unit" (read: not a hard one to find by any stretch). Food stone cold. Blamed local road works for delay (unlikely, many alternative routes available).
3) Sunday lunch order, needed to deal with severe hangover - guy assigned and "waiting at restaurant"... For an hour. Doordash eventually allows us to cancel for a full refund before suggesting we reorder it to get the food remade, rather than a new Dasher assigned. Which is good for hygiene obviously but bad for waste. Two hours total from order to delivery.
Is it tips? Angling for a free meal through a cancellation? Like, just deliver the food? That's the role of the job?
submitted by mortau to brisbane [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:09 mustangdreams22 WIBTA for getting my neighbors evicted?

I currently live in an apartment building with extremely thin walls. I’ve already accepted that general sounds of my neighbors living their lives is going to be a thing, which is one of the conditions I accepted by living in an apartment as a whole, however, their noise has been what I would consider excessive. One of the tenants there listens to her tv at full volume, to the point where I could hear and distinguish exactly what tv show/movie she was watching at any time. On top of that, our apartments are relatively small (750sqft) and they have 3 large to medium sized huskies there that would constantly bark, growl, and fight. With them barking I would also have to listen to my neighbor loudly yell at her dogs, scold them for using the bathroom inside, etc. she also got another puppy during this time, and didn’t take the time to kennel train it. She would throw the puppy in the crate, leave, and as a result it would howl for the entire time she was gone which could be hours. I tried to be understanding of the pet situation because I too have a dog and had to get him introduced to a new unfamiliar place, but I quickly trained him to stop barking because I was aware of the fact that excessive pet noise would be a nuisance to my neighbors and could create problems. I spoke to management about the issue and was informed that they haven’t registered any pets on their lease, essentially meaning the dogs technically shouldn’t be there in the first place.
After I complained to management about the noise it improved slightly, but now a new situation has come up. Since they moved in, I’ve noticed a problem with roaches. This has become increasingly worse during my time here, and I of course reported the issue to management. By worse I mean to the point where I’m killing 5-10 roaches a day, having them crawl on my pillows at night, etc. extremely excessive. They sent out pest control who informed me that the state of my apartment shouldn’t warrant what I’m experiencing and that he would investigate. That same day, he reported back to me and let me know that he found 2-3 roach nests in the apartment next door, and that it is likely the source of the infestation that is now impacting me. He explained that the apartment was filthy, the dogs were able to freely use the bathroom on the floor, dog food was strewn everywhere…just unsanitary conditions that would cause pests to come. For me this was the final straw. Not only have I been dealing with their near constant nuisance noise, but they’re now causing a pest infestation that’s impacting me and likely other tenants as well.
I want tell management that I will attempt to break my lease due to my apartment being considered uninhabitable due to pests and general annoyance caused by my neighbors. I want to push them to evict, but I think I’d feel guilty if they actually ended up getting kicked out.
submitted by mustangdreams22 to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:09 Turbulent_Path1268 My ex-bf 28m and me 28f, we were not in a relationship for months and he did not tell me until yesterday

I am just posting here because I would like to hear it.
There was a big fight 3 months ago. It escalated. I said that "maybe we should break up". Later on, he added some more hurtful things and he said that he would leave. I could not stand it anymore and I said "Just go". Apparently he took it as a breakup and left. I was deeply upset and I called him afterwards. I was very sick back then and I tried to run to catch the train, but he took the key with him and I could not leave my stuff in that place and I did not make it to the train station.
He kept insisting that I should apologize for what I have done. I apologized. Again. Over and over again. At some point, I asked "Are we in a relationship?" to which he asked why and I explained that "If we are not, maybe it is best that we part ways and move on" to which he replied that "he does not want the relationship to end". I asked again by email "Are we in a relationship?" and I got the reply "I think we are in a relationship." At the same time, he would refuse to visit me over and over again. (long distance relationship)
I explained countless times that I could not be in a relationship with someone who refuses to see me. He would always give a reason for why he could not visit me, like I did not apologize for my behavior, I did not change or anything.
He kept telling me that he would visit me last week for our anniversary and then he said that he could not make it and then he said this week. And now it is off because he has his father's birthday.
Last year, the family told me that I would be invited for this year. So I was upset when I learned about it and asked why I was not invited. He said that he told his parents that we were not in a relationship. I asked if I was going to be invited and he said no. That I could not make his birthday about me.
The thing is, I don't have a family. It meant the world to me to hear that last year. It was important to me. And to hear that I have been cut off like this was so hurtful. I said that I wanted to be in a relationship with someone who would his family with me. I have had exbfs who told me that even if it was over, I was still welcome in the family. I said this. He said that how can you compare this to your exbfs. I said that I don't understand how it is possible that my relationship treats me like this. He said that our relationship cannot resume if I treat him like this. I asked if we were broken up. To which he replied no. And then I asked him why he said to his parents that we were broken up. He just said that he told his parents that we were broken up and "we were trying to fix the relationship".
Towards the end of the conversation, he said something along the lines of, we are "broken up, will you accept my help now?" I explained that I wanted to make the relationship work and that this was the reason why I was sacrificing so much. That if there was no relationship, I would not have gone to so much length to try and save it. He said that he could not talk with me anymore and he wanted to cut the conversation. I felt anxious panic inside of me and said "please do not cut the conversation like this, I love you". I saw him smile. There was that feeling that he had power over me. He said again that he was cutting the conversation and that I should cool down for a few days before we get in touch again. I said that I think that he treats me like that because he thinks that he can do it because I will always return to him. He kept insisting and he said that I was wrong and I saw more of his smile. I just snapped and told him to "Go away".
Afterwards, he still managed to write the condescending email ever, telling me:
"Please know that I still love you and still want to be with you for the rest of our lives. You are the most incredible, loving and awesome person I have ever met. My family really liked you too and were excited from what I have told them about you. I do not want this relationship to end and I forgive you for ending it. I will always take you back. I will not give up on you. We can fix our relationship and you will be part of our family again. They will forgive you just as I have forgiven you. They loved you and they cared for you. Please do not give up on us. I will not abandon you. I will help you through this, no matter how hard you try to push me away. You deserve to be in a relationship. You deserve to be part of a family. I will not give up. I love you too much".
I cannot help but feel really broken and hurt. I snapped again and replied asking him how many people he had f*** while we were supposedly broken up. I told him that I do rescind my apology and that I will never apologize again. I said that I do not forgive him for what he has done.
It has been driving me crazy. I am just wondering if I have been crazy all along. Did I dream that we were in a relationship or what? Is there something wrong with me?
I think that his father should have a nice birthday and that there is too much with my ex-bf, I just did not expect to think that I was not considered to be family. I did not expect to think that I was not considered to be in a relationship.
The breakup is not final yet but I don't see how it can work out now.
Am I crazy? What is going on? I feel like I cannot fully understand or comprehend what is going on.
Can you explain his actions? Can you help me move past this in my head and help me move away from this relationship?
TL;DR: (Ex-)boyfriend 28m kept telling me28f that we were in a relationship for months only to tell me yesterday that I am not in a relationship or part of a family or anything. What the hell? I kept asking for clarifications for months and he would treat me so badly. I just cannot understand this.
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2023.06.01 10:09 prohomes3 🔥🔥Zero Deposit 🔥🔥 Cozy room in Puchong jaya (near LRT station)

🔥🔥Zero Deposit 🔥🔥 Cozy room in Puchong jaya (near LRT station)
prohomes 60182700228
Room Detail:
"Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong Room For rent
-Zero Deposit* -Free Tenancy Agreement Fees* -Brand New room -Free Wifi -Free cleaning Service -Included water and electricity (except Air conds) -Cooking allowed -actual photo -Last Room -Pm Me for more info -Near IOI Mall -walking distance to LRT
*T&C applied"
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2023.06.01 10:09 Empty-Site-9753 Lopburi 2d 1 night

Hello is lopburi possible with 2d 1n from bangkok? And if possible, can you help me to point what i will use from bangkok? (Preferably van) And reccomendation place that i have to visit
Thank you in advance!
submitted by Empty-Site-9753 to ThailandTourism [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:08 CorgiCoders Where should I go to for hiking/nature near Davao city?

I'm Korean-American and I've been living in Davao city/Poblacion for 5~ months. I'm really craving some nature, but not sure where to go.
People have recommended cotabato, but I have slight apprehensions about going there since my government tells me not to go(not that that has ever stopped me before).
Should I just go? or are there closer options near Davao city?
submitted by CorgiCoders to davao [link] [comments]