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Call of Duty: Zombies - Unfound Easter Eggs

2016.10.08 01:07 AppleGenius115 Call of Duty: Zombies - Unfound Easter Eggs

A place for people who still believe in a super easter egg or any other unfound easter eggs to come together to share ideas away from the hate of CODZombies

2011.01.26 05:21 Fedor1 Call of Duty Zombies Reddit

Call of Duty Zombies is a first-person shooter survival mode developed by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software and published by Activision. CODZombies is a developer-recognized community focused on the franchise.

2012.02.18 10:15 srdine /r/BlackOps3

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It is the twelfth entry in the Call of Duty series and the sequel to the 2012 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This is the Subreddit for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

2023.06.01 18:18 thelure2112 Petition: Please include the Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon, & Obelisk the Tormentor as Easter eggs in Total War: Pharaoh

Or at least give us millennium items as potential Easter eggs in game retinue options. I'm a nerd, that will be all.
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2023.06.01 18:04 sdsurfer2525 Love All of the Football/Soccer Easter Eggs in Ted Lasso

As a die hard Arsenal and soccer fan, I really do enjoy seeing all of the easter eggs in this show. This last episode made me smile when I saw Mikel Arteta's Heart/Brain/Fans drawing on the dry erase board when they were in the locker room against West Ham.
For those that are not familar with where this drawing comes from. It was from a pre-game pep talk against arch rivals Tottenham in the 2021/22 season. The club photographer that has been taking pictures for Arsenal for 30+ years and Mikel Arteta inspired the team to beating their rivals that day. This was featured in the All or Nothing Arsenal documentary on Amazon Prime.
Interesting enough, they used this drawing in the episode to show how important it was to beat West Ham.
I hope they find a way to contune the series. Little easter eggs like this for us soccefootball fans make this show that much more special for us.
Here is the link to the real pep talk for those that are interested in seeing it.
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2023.06.01 17:54 orangeblackteal Pink Floyd tribute image.

Pink Floyd tribute image.
I was going through old photographs and decided to start a portfolio of PF tribute images by recycling old images or taking new ones and making composites with Easter eggs. Here's my first one; it only has 2 Easter eggs. I hope you enjoy. Shine On!
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2023.06.01 17:38 fluf201playz as a [email protected] i know get this subreddit

now i get why 1. the companys who make them and the players ruin the 2. some of them are pure stupid
  1. the streamers and some yotubers ruin it
4.some [email protected] have satanic easter eggs before i gone on this subreddit i boycott them [email protected] anyways
5.just the mods and them crappy minecraft animations
problems i have with some users
[email protected] isnt a sin its what you play i personaly boycott or pirate them and refuse to support the [email protected] dev if they are satanic
2.again [email protected] isnt a sin its how you play and what you do in them
  1. some of the people here are brain dead
what i like about the users here
some just want to believe in god and i respect as someone who believes in god you guys just call all [email protected] satanic but they are not its what you play
the users here aint woke 99% of them
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2023.06.01 17:38 jmorf Ted learnt

I haven’t noticed anyone talking about how when West Gam scored everyone was so upset…except Ted who knew immediately a player was offside. He was the only one and didn’t even know the rule in season 1. Great little Easter egg at the end. Great addition to the ending
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2023.06.01 17:33 Rabbider Found an easter egg in this season's Eventlab

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2023.06.01 17:30 HWN_Makoto Out-Of-Context Quotes In Game

During my first NG+ playthrough for Ragnarok I got very caught off guard by a line from Kratos.
During a trip in Helheim right before opening a legendary chest, Mr. Personality said "too easy!" as he was opening the chest.
Especially out of context, I realize this may not be some huge discovery. However given Kartos' general monotone and even keel behavior the line surprised the hell out of me.
It was like the first time I heard "toasty!" in a Mortal Kombat game.
Is this a known thing? Did the devs just put in little Easter eggs like this for some surprise fun?
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2023.06.01 17:17 bundaboi362 has the easter egg ran out?

Have I ran out of time to do the new easter egg,I think this because I can't find the radios and stuff I did follow a tutorial btw
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2023.06.01 17:17 Smoke-god Zestsu, Der eisendrache, Soe, and then revelations help psn Duhrealthomas

Need help got all the gobble gums
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2023.06.01 16:55 whimmies Got this as an early birthday gift ♡ Y’all have any tidbits or easter eggs for me?

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2023.06.01 16:53 C17per Lotus Casino

It would be a cool Easter egg if they were to show Nico and Bianca at the Casino when the trio shows up in the show, I know they aren’t introduced until Titan’s Curse, but I’m pretty sure the timelines cross up perfectly between them.
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2023.06.01 16:47 Systema-Encephale Yoooo, periphery easter egg at the bottom of the ocean???

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2023.06.01 16:02 HazemTheAssassin Small question about the gameplay in order to play the game Thanks in advance! :)

So, my religion prohibits me from acting out praying or worshiping whether it is irl or a game, so my question is: does my character pray or worship anything in the games?
I also read that there are Buddha statues in the game, is it just an Easter egg or is it talked about?
The philosophical questions about the afterlife and stuff like that is fine though
What about the ARK thing is it related to religion? How so? or is it just an Easter egg?
Please no "it is just a game" answer as it is important to me and I wanna know in order to play the game
Thanks in advance! Hope you have a great day! :)
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2023.06.01 15:07 Craft1000Grau The Flash Stephen Amell revela easter egg que ninguém percebeu

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2023.06.01 14:50 blueSnowfkake Deep, deep cut Easter Egg in final episode with Mae

You would have to be an old school Cheers fan to know this connection. For those that may not be aware, George Wendt is Jason’s uncle. George played the beloved Norm on the beloved sitcom Cheers.
A picture of Geronimo hung in Nicholas Colasanto's dressing room during the first three seasons of the show. Nicholas Colasanto played “Coach” and was Sam Malone’s oldest friend and confidant because he coached Sam when he played for the Red Sox and stuck by him during his drinking days. After his death, Geronimo was placed in the bar in honor of him. In the final episode Sam Malone straightens the picture to honor his Coach
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2023.06.01 14:35 A_Seductive_Cactus Subreddit Stats for May 2023

RomanceBooks Insights - Subreddit Stats for May 2023

Welcome to the monthly subreddit stats update! See this link for previous month's stats. Here's what we'll be sharing in this post:


As of 31 May 2023
Current Member count: 172,238

31 May 2023 Page Views Uniques (Avg.)
Past 7 Days 1.6 million 34,000
Past 30 Days 6.8 million 33,700
Past 12 Months 75.0 million 440,000

May 2023 Posts by Flair:

There's an issue with the posts by flair data and it is not including all posts for May. This section will be updated when we get the final numbers.

u/romance-bot Stats

The below stats for Top 20 Books Mentioned, Top 20 Authors Mentioned, New Sub Favorites, and Most Mentioned Books by Genre/Pairing/Steam are all sourced from the u/romance-bot and include the past month of activity. Ranking is based on the number of times a book or author is called by the bot (which could include recommendations, critiques, reviews, etc). Genre and steam tags are based on how a book is tagged on
May 2023 u/romance-bot activity:
  • Total number of books linked: 12,009
  • Total number of unique titles: 5,932

Top 20 Books Mentioned

Top Books Count
1 Soul Eater by Lily Mayne 41
2 In a Jam by Kate Canterbary 30
3 The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary 30
4 When She Belongs by Ruby Dixon 25
5 His Secret Illuminations by Scarlett Gale 22
6 Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid 22
7 Radiance by Grace Draven 21
8 Hot Blooded by Heather Guerre 20
9 Pucking Around by Emily Rath 19
10 Lola & the Millionaires: Part One by Kathryn Moon 19
11 Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez 19
12 Mile High by Liz Tomforde 19
13 The Maddest Obsession by Danielle Lori 19
14 Cold Hearted by Heather Guerre 19
15 Against A Wall by Cate C. Wells 19
16 Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews 18
17 Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas 18
18 A Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne 18
19 Bass-Ackwards by Eris Adderly 18
20 A Seditious Affair by K.J. Charles 18

Top 20 Authors Mentioned

Top Authors Count
1 Ruby Dixon 155
2 Lisa Kleypas 117
3 Kate Canterbary 112
4 Kresley Cole 102
5 Tessa Bailey 96
6 Heather Guerre 93
7 Kathryn Moon 92
8 Lily Mayne 84
9 Mariana Zapata 82
10 Alice Coldbreath 77
11 Cate C. Wells 77
12 Katee Robert 65
13 Kati Wilde 59
14 K.J. Charles 57
15 Alexis Hall 56
16 J.T. Geissinger 54
17 Ilona Andrews 53
18 Eve Dangerfield 53
19 Tessa Dare 51
20 Emily Henry 51

New Sub Favorites

Data is obtained by the u/romance-bot for the past month of activity and includes only books released within the past 3-months or upcoming releases. This is intended to give a view into the hot / rising books being mentioned in the sub.
New Favorites Count
1 Pucking Around by Emily Rath 19
2 Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez 16
3 Finn Rhodes Forever by Stephanie Archer 12
4 Happy Place by Emily Henry 12
5 The Summer We Fell by Elizabeth O'Roark 11
6 Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros 9
7 The No-Judgment Zone by Ellie K. Wilde 9
8 Nevermore Bookstore by Kerrigan Byrne, Cynthia St. Aubin 8
9 Right Man, Right Time by Meghan Quinn 8
10 My Dark Romeo by Parker S. Huntington, L.J. Shen 7
11 Six Scorched Roses by Carissa Broadbent 7
12 His Curvy Rejected Mate by Cate C. Wells 6
13 Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld 6
14 The Favorite by Alice Coldbreath 5
15 The Coven by Harper L. Woods, Adelaide Forrest 5
16 The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur 5
17 Grim and Bear It by Juliette Cross 5
18 Champagne Venom by Nicole Fox 5
19 The Guy For Me by Marzy Opal 5
20 Visions of Scarlett: Cursed in Clayton Book One by Jessie Ellis 5

Most Mentioned Books by Genre, Pairing, and Steam

Contemporary Count
1 In a Jam by Kate Canterbary 30
2 The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary 30
3 Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid 22
4 Pucking Around by Emily Rath 19
5 Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez 19

Historical Count
1 Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas 18
2 A Seditious Affair by K.J. Charles 18
3 The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare 14
4 Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O'Connell 14
5 Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer 13

Fantasy Count
1 His Secret Illuminations by Scarlett Gale 22
2 Radiance by Grace Draven 21
3 Hot Blooded by Heather Guerre 20
4 Lola & the Millionaires: Part One by Kathryn Moon 19
5 Cold Hearted by Heather Guerre 19

SciFi Count
1 Soul Eater by Lily Mayne 41
2 When She Belongs by Ruby Dixon 25
3 Desire in His Blood by Zoey Draven 17
4 Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon 15
5 Strange Love by Ann Aguirre 14

MM Count
1 Soul Eater by Lily Mayne 41
2 Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid 22
3 A Seditious Affair by K.J. Charles 18
4 Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall 13
5 Moth by Lily Mayne 12

FF Count
1 The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur 5
2 My Lady Lipstick by Karin Kallmaker 5
3 And By the Sea She Came To Me by Naomi Piper 5
4 A Restless Truth by Freya Marske 4
5 Tryst Six Venom by Penelope Douglas 4

Low Steam Count
1 Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews 18
2 The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary 13
3 Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall 13
4 Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer 13
5 A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin 11

High Steam Count
1 Soul Eater by Lily Mayne 41
2 In a Jam by Kate Canterbary 30
3 The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary 30
4 When She Belongs by Ruby Dixon 25
5 His Secret Illuminations by Scarlett Gale 22

My random thoughts:
  • Soul Eater has a firm hold on #1 most mentioned book for two months in a row now (and was #11 before that) - clearly the When She Belongs fan club is going to have to step up their game!
  • We had 5 authors break into the top 20 most mentioned this month: Kati Wilde, KJ Charles, JT Geissinger, Eve Dangerfield, and Emily Henry. A personal victory for the Kati Wilde rep, Eve Dangerfield's movement is not surprising given the great AMA she did, and of course Emily Henry had a new book Happy Place that some people didn't vibe with while others enjoyed the easter eggs. KJ Charles and JT Geissinger's rise is more curious though - any thoughts on what's behind their bump?
  • Without fail, every time I read "Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer" my brain only reads the beginning and immediately assumes Morning Glory Milking Farm - which then causes whiplash as I double check why on earth MGMF would be one of the top Low Steam books mentioned...
Hope you enjoyed this month's stats!
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2023.06.01 14:18 MrCrunchies [Console] Warface Day Event Now Live!

[Console] Warface Day Event Now Live!

Warface Day has begun as part of the seasonal update "Legends"! It includes a festive in-game event "Challenge", a new PvP game mode and map, and contracts!

In-game Event

"Challenge" Mode Mechanics

We'd like to present to you a festive in-game event "Challenge" with lots of rewards you can get for participating in it. Before rushing into battle, you'll have to choose which side to fight on — Warface or Blackwood. Choose wisely as it'll affect the rewards you'll get in the end. After making the decision, try and earn as many points for the chosen team and do your best, together, to get the unique rewards!
  • All the event participants that choose a side will receive a melee weapon as a reward after the event is over. Which one and in what colour scheme depends on the final event winner. So, if Warface achieves victory in the event, everyone will get a weapon with its symbols even if you chose to fight for Blackwood.
  • The members of the winning team will also get a unique victory achievement.
  • For a certain contribution to the faction progress, the player will be able to receive additional achievements.
  • The PvP battles will take place in the Team Gun Game mode on the "Hangar", "Gas Station" and the updated "Destination" maps.
  • PvE players will be able to earn the event currency and faction points by completing special contracts in the Special Operations "Earth Shaker", "Operation Blackwood", "Heist" and Hydra".

Modes and Maps

PvP mode Gun Game

Like in the previous events, you have to go through a chain of weapon models and score the maximum number of team points for eliminating opponents. The maps of the mode have dynamic respawn points (except for the "Hangar" map). After death, the character respawns in a random place near allies and is invulnerable for a short time.
The fight in the mode goes on an equal footing. All players have the same equipment, go through the same chain of weapons and start with the same guns. You need to make two eliminations to move to a new stage and to automatically get a new weapon.

What's new in the Team Gun Game mode?

  • The mode now includes the "Hangar", "Gas Station", and "Destination" maps.
  • The "Destination" map has got visual changes to fit the Warface Day stylistic. You'll see festive decorations such as screens with screenshots of important game moments, balloons, and a ton of Easter eggs that the oldies of Warface will surely appreciate.
  • Battles finish when a team scores 200 points (used to be 150) or when the timer ends if 200 points are not scored.
  • Eliminating an enemy with the last weapon of the chain will yield 10 points instead of 1, which will help the most skilled players to bring their team closer to victory.
  • Now users will see the next weapon in the chain. It'll help come up with tactics and plan your movements ahead.

"Destination" (Warface Day)

On the map "Destination" (Warface Day), the teams will fight against the festive background of the themed map. Every corner of the map is decorated with bright colours, balloons and many different decorations, reminiscent of Warface Day.
But despite the fact that the map is saturated with the celebratory atmosphere, players should not relax. They must constantly remain alert, ready for any challenge. Players will be able to discover many Easter eggs that add a special flavour to the map and add a pinch of nostalgia. Can you find them all?


In order to gain currency and faction points in PvE, players will have to complete contracts that are specific for each faction. The tasks include completing various Special Operations, and you can do them daily throughout the entire event!

Event Rewards

Faction Victory Rewards

In the event, you will have to choose one of the two opposing factions: Warface or Blackwood.
At the end of the event, you will receive the weapon of the winning side, regardless of the chosen faction. It'll be either the Warface Hunting Knife or the Blackwood Survival Machete. Keep track of the confrontation progress to increase the pressure and get the coveted reward!

"Crater" Weapon Series

"Crater" Weapon Series

The weapon series "Crater" is inspired by the Special Operation "Earth Shaker" and Warface Day. Each item carries the number 11 as a symbol of the 11th anniversary of the project. In addition, the whole series is decorated with elegant and stylish patterns.

But the external qualities of "Crater" weapons are not their only advantage. The series includes the SA Hellion, Benelli M2 SP, Taurus CT9 G2 and the Kel-Tec RDB-C. They're a perfect choice if you are looking for weapons that will also be effective in combat.

Charms and Achievements

At the end of the event, all participants will be rewarded with achievements of their faction. If the faction you selected wins, the participants who fought for this party will receive a unique victory achievement. Be on top and prove that you are a real hero!

Event Currency, Black Market, and Showcase

The game now features a Black Market and a showcase where players can purchase weapons and parts! You can also purchase charms, skins, and Black Market coins in dedicated sections of the Market. You can see the full list of items available in the showcase by clicking the "Showcase item list" button at the bottom of the screen.

How does it work?

  • Use a special button to refresh the items in the showcase. The button is activated with the event currency.
  • The showcase is automatically updated every day.
  • The amount of re-rolls is unlimited, but the offers are finite. If you manage to purchase every weapon off the showcase, you can still purchase parts.
By opening cards, you will receive discounts on items that were previously hidden, and purchase them. And if you were looking for something special, but didn't find the right item, you can always update the cards. Keep an eye on the showcase and don't miss out on the best deals!
If you don't have time to accumulate the required amount of the event currency, there is an opportunity to purchase it. Packs of 300, 800, 2,200 or 5,000 Black Market coins are available in the event store to help you get the coveted new articles.
Once the event is over, all Black Market coins will expire. Don't forget to spend your savings!


Each side has a unique chain of main contracts that yield the event currency and faction points. They have different tasks, but the ultimate completion time is the same. The contracts will be unlocked one after the other, as well as daily. That means that the player will have one contract available at a time, by day five — a chain of 5 contracts, and by day 21 — of 21 contracts. You can see an example of one of such contracts for each faction below.
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2023.06.01 13:30 krisworld1806 I love all the Easter Eggs on this CatCo cover.

I love all the Easter Eggs on this CatCo cover. submitted by krisworld1806 to Arrowverse [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 13:19 Wee-BeyandPartlowLLC The finale’s small nod to Cheers’ finale?

One small moment I loved in the finale is when Mae and the super fans are looking at their Richmond stock. One of them mimics hanging it on the wall where Mae has a picture of Geronimo hanging. She stops them, and then quietly adjusts the picture. This is the last act Sam Malone did in the Cheers finale as an homage to Nicholas Colasanto who played Coach. (The picture of Geronimo was his and in his dressing room and became part of the bar set decor as a remembrance to him after he passed.) Just curious if this was a small Easter egg to Cheers.
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2023.06.01 13:07 yufie76 Tally at Last Minutes

Tally at Last Minutes
I was missing Red, Yellow, and Purple Sneaker Pikmin. Toward the last hours I managed to get 4 gold seedlings (3 from roulette, 1 from clearing stage) and they resulted a Yellow (!), White, Purple (!), and White Pikmin (this golden seed was obtained at 23.59 local time 🤣).
Could've been an epic comeback had the last one granted a Red Pikmin. Yet another event set missing one variation from completion.
In the end I yielded and purchased the accessories for Red Pikmin, but it does take the satisfaction & joy of collecting Pikmin out of the system knowing you could just pay your way in & solve everything with money 😮‍💨.
In conclusion: not a fan of this double-layered-RNG roulette system. I was getting anxiety over something that is supposed to be fun.
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2023.06.01 13:00 Alpha-Nexus-007 Remembering And Respecting Technoblade On His Birthday

Today (June 1, 2023) Alexander, also known as Technoblade would have celebrated his 24th birthday with his family and friends. Happy Birthday to a legendary icon! I was trying to figure out how I could make Technoblade's birthday special so I decided to make a present to always remember Technoblade. The present that I made ended up being a Minecraft Memorial Statue that I made on my Minecraft Creative World. I decided to upload a YouTube video of my Minecraft Memorial Statue dedicated to the legend himself Technoblade. I just want to share my Minecraft Memorial Statue with the community. I want to show my support to Technoblade's family and friends. I tried my best and I think that it turned out fine. I hope that you all could take a moment to check it out and see what you personally think.
When I heard about the tragic news regarding what happened to Technoblade last year I was really devastated and depressed. When I watched that so long nerds YouTube video I was crying so much to the point that I just couldn't stop. I have been recovering ever since then but I will always remember Technoblade. I have been thinking about what Technoblade's family has been going through all this time and I just hope that they all know that we will always be here to always support them. I decided to go on to my Minecraft Creative World to make some type of present which ended up being a Minecraft Memorial Statue dedicated to the legend himself Technoblade. I just wish that Technoblade was still here with us to be able to witness it himself and I just wonder what he would have said about it. I am so deeply sorry to hear about the loss of a legend. It is really hard to lose someone who meant so much to each and every one of us. He touched so many lives in the very best ways. Technoblade has done so much for so many people, and he felt how much we all truly loved him. I am going to miss Technoblade a lot, but he will always be remembered as a legendary icon. I wish that Technoblade never got cancer. I also wish that Technoblade could still be alive today uploading brand new YouTube videos for all of us to watch and to entertain us all as well. He deserved to live a long prosperous, and happy life. He was one lucky guy to have all of us in his life. My condolences go out to Technoblade's family. I am so very sorry for what Technoblade's family had to experience. No family especially Technoblade's parents should ever have to experience something like that at all. Techoblade will always be remembered, and will forever remain in all our hearts and memories. Technoblade is great, amazing, terrific, wonderful, generous, incredible, special, interesting, caring, courageous, determined, enthusiastic, friendly, intelligent, kind, passionate, brave, calm, confident, creative, fantastic, inspirational, magnificent, pleasant, spectacular, splendid, unique, outgoing, brilliant, mature, fascinating, polite, fabulous, legendary, marvelous, phenomenal, superb, amusing, helpful, motivated, loyal, and the funniest man ever and many other things and he always will be. May Technoblade's family always be comforted by the outpouring of love and support from all of us. I am sending lots of love, thoughts, and support to Technoblade's family. We are all praying for Technoblade's family and take comfort that he is at peace and watching over us all. He will be terribly missed. May he rest in peace.
The first ever YouTube video that I watched from Technoblade was that prank video where he had one of his siblings call him Dave. I can't believe that I fell for that prank but now that I am thinking about it that was such a lighthearted prank. I really enjoyed watching Technoblade's YouTube videos and watching Technoblade participate in those Minecraft Monday events as well. Technoblade always made me laugh, put a smile on my face, and was really entertaining to watch his YouTube videos. I was always looking forward to watching his YouTube videos. Technoblade was the reason why I started playing Minecraft, and I will continue playing Minecraft because I am sure that is what he would want all of us to do. Watching his YouTube videos taught me lots of things about Minecraft that I never really knew about, and I wish that I could thank him so much for doing all of that. It has been upsetting going back and watching his old YouTube videos. RIP to a legend.
I had an idea and I am not too sure if somebody else already had this idea. But what if we could dedicate June 1st as National Technoblade Day or a day to remember Technoblade?
Another idea that I had and I am not too sure if somebody else already had this idea. But what if we could get in contact with Mojang and ask them if they could do like an easter egg special type of event dedicated to Technoblade on his birthday every June 1st?
Thank you very much for understanding.
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2023.06.01 12:54 10241206chicken I love the game sm and it’s because of it’s Easter eggs

Just a couple of examples but I fucking love the small details they link back to our own media’s lololol, esp the ‘Mandela Effect’ one cuz it references skinwalkers LOL
Another thing I rlly like about the achieves from the memories we share is that you cannot see how many there are in total but rather you have to go around and talk to people
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