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Vivillon GTS trading

2023.06.01 16:09 GaT0M Vivillon GTS trading

Is there any special rule for trading Vivillons in the GTS? I transfered some scaterbugs from GO to Violet so I could evolve then easily and trade aroun in home but I keep getting the "You cant trade this pokemon" message when I try trading or depositing then
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2023.06.01 16:03 Marie-thebaguettes Moving across country- Does anyone in Michigan, USA want a ton of native seeds/perennials? Or any of my plants? Landlords gonna rip them all out soon.

Moving across country- Does anyone in Michigan, USA want a ton of native seeds/perennials? Or any of my plants? Landlords gonna rip them all out soon.
I unexpectedly have to move back east at the end of this summer and my landlord is going to tear up my (mostly) native garden when I move :(
I’ve been harvesting seeds from my perennials since last summer. Probably even the seeds from summer 2021 are (hopefully like 70%) viable cause I stored them carefully for long-term: sealed in the fridge with silicon packets that were changed every 3-6 months.
Anyone in the area is welcome to also come and dig up my perennials before my landlord does. Sigh. They love that green grass.
The seeds are unlabeled (thanks adhd), but shouldn’t be hard for me to identify, especially once my perennials are all in bloom.
I can ship the seeds, cuttings, etc! In august, once I’m moved out but haven’t closed my lease, I can share the address to anyone interested (near Lansing, MI) who wants to come dig up a plant!
Flowering natives that I for sure have: 1. Asters. New England Asters? I think? 2. Sneezeweed. Haven’t sneezed yet though. 3. Blazing Stars. They’re blue-purple. Like a dark periwinkle. 4. Two milkweed plants that have fought off both milkweed beetles and aphids like champs (at least one is native, one was a gift so I don’t know) 5. Echinacea (my seeds are mixed, but the plant in my garden is definitely native)
Non-flowering native plants: 1. Mosses I replanted from around my apartment complex 2. Christmas Fern 3. Miiiight have some true morels popping back up among the moss. Initially harvested their mycelium from mowed areas of my apartment complex. 4. Weirdly have a white morel even though I didn’t put any in the slurry??
Non-native plants: 1. Lemon balm 2. Catnip 3. Honeysuckle (no idea what species, was a gift) 4. Lillies? I think? (was also a gift-they’re orange?) 5. Russian Sage 6. I have a giant bed of the wild sweet violets (my favorite weed) that I transplanted from mowed areas around my apartment complex 7. A massive purple climatis, my first plant in my garden, and rather attached to my patio fence, but I’m sure it’ll take well to a new home. 8. Random ground cover things. Some kind of stonecrop? Its done well in intense sun, little water, and hella poor soil.
Also, there are some natural areas around me infested with invasive spring ephemerals that I’ve been slowly trying to recover. I could get the bulbs of the invasive ones for you, but only cause I trust that y’all aren’t gonna make them invasive somewhere else! My favorite invasive fuckers I’ve found are the double snowdrops and the Siberian squill. Also a ton of daffodils. Always the daffodils.
If anyone around lansing wants to “inherit” the areas with the invasive ephemerals to continue replacing/removing them, I’d be happy to share the locations too
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2023.06.01 16:03 Nawr BEST Legendary RAID Builds for Pokemon Home Scarlet and Violet [video]

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2023.06.01 16:03 Nawr BEST Legendary RAID Builds for Pokemon Home Scarlet and Violet

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2023.06.01 16:02 Nawr BEST Legendary RAID Builds for Pokemon Home Scarlet and Violet

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2023.06.01 15:51 SwiSSz-_- FT shiny Iron Thorns

I have an shiny Iron thorns to trade for another cool shiny violet/scarlet Pokemon
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2023.06.01 15:47 SwordsOfAether Looking to trade to Complete Pokedex in Violet

Hello! I’m looking to trade all of my exclusive Violet pokemon plus Miraidon for the Scarlet versions. I also still need to trade Syther and Slowbro over as well to complete my Pokedex.
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2023.06.01 15:31 Boostedbonobo12 [US, US] [H] Sealed Chinese Pokemon Collectors Items: Eeveelution Gift Boxes, 3 Gods Gift Boxes [W] PayPal

Hey all! I wanted to liquidate some of my inventory on Chinese Pokemon card gift boxes. I started collecting them since they have really unique packaging.
Let's start off with bit of information about the Mainland Chinese Pokemon card market. The first products released in September 2022, and they were intended to be unique from global markets, not following the same booster pack designs. All products released are limited edition, discontinued after a certain amount, hence why for example, prices for Eeveelution Boxes have only been going up, especially the Leafeon box with the most limited produced quantities.
Timestamp & Eeveelution Gift Boxes
All items are sealed, prices are based off most recent sales on eBay (incl. shipping).
Eeveelution Gift Boxes: Contains 1 Eeveelution GX Card, 1 Eevee GX Card, 3 Sun & Moon 25-card booster packs, 3 Blacephalon booster packs, 1 Binder, and 1 type of card sleeves
Espeon: $150 (1 Sold, 1 Available)
Glaceon: $150 (4 Available)
Sylveon: $150 (1 Available)
Leafeon: $300 (1 Available)
3 Gods (Arceus, Dialga, Palkia) Gift Box: Contains 2 special Arceus & Dialga & Palkia cards, 26 trainer cards, 4 special energy cards, 90 normal energy cards, 18 booster packs of 5 cards each, 2 XL booster packs of 15 cards each
5 Available: $175 ea.
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2023.06.01 15:14 hideoushopeless Why cant I use my transferred pokemon in ranked?

Why can't I use my transferred pokemon in ranked?
Transferred my team over from shield to violet, but cant use any of them online in ranked. It says they are not eligible. They are just regular pokemon like Hatterene and Slowbro
I also can't use a patterned vivillion I caught in violet during the go event
What is happening?
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2023.06.01 14:33 TeamYourNoobs A message to TiMi

Dear TiMi: I am writing to express my dissatisfaction on the current meta and the system.
I am a OG player playing since day 1 of mobile release until today, and enjoyed quite a lot of the activities. But I noticed some issues getting worse and worse this moment.
Firstly, the increase on prices of pokemon really made F2P players struggle. From the originally acceptable 10k coins to a 14-15k coin leap is really unacceptable. And also, the free skins are really limited and I already got by far everything and no update was made. I still have over 1k fashion tickets at this point.
Secondly, the recent unreasonable buffs on certain Pokémon and the release of overpowered defenders have really affected the meta a lot. The past Reign of Terror from Zacian and Espeon was barely acceptable, but GOD DAMN GLACEON GOT A BUFF JUST FOR A MF GEM SKIN WHICH RELEASED 2 WEEKS LATER! Also, Lapras and Umbreon are really breaking the game. THE LAST THING WE NEEDED IS A SELF-SUSTAIN DEFENDER WITH HINDRANCES AND DAMAGE ENOUGH TO SOLO A SPEEDSTER AND ATTACKER!
Thirdly, most players have really expressed their dissatisfaction on the matchmaking system. Bot matches are acceptable for me, but WE DONT NEED 1 GOLD BADGE AND 3 BLUE BADGE POKEMON ON THE OPPOSING TEAM WITH NOTHING ON OUR TEAM!
So, to fix the problems, I have these suggestions:
1.Lapras Water pulse: =Can only hit 3 times with Water Pulse+ =Reduced damage and recovery
Bubble Beam: =Reduce Damage =Reduce hindrance length
Foul Play: =Reduce Damage =Reduce Hindrance length
Snarl: =Reduce damage =Reduce hindrance length =Remove Hindrance Resistance Status
Mean Look: =Reduce hindrance length =Can be blocked by hindrance resistance and unstoppable
  2. Free holowear =Update the shop once in the 2nd anniversary
  3. Pokémon price =Remove gem lock and reduce price =Discount also available for coins
I, TeamYourNoobs, and probably at least half the community, sincerely hope you may concern these changes to make this game further developable and not wasting the great potential of this great game.
If any of the mods have he power to pass this message to the development team, please do, and I represent the community to thank you.
Sincerely TeamYourNoobs
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2023.06.01 14:23 Tanizion New SCARLET/VIOLET Bug (home update)

So i transfered my old mons from home into violet and at first everything was alright. I decided to give my pikachu(from home) some new moves with some hm that i crafted, and when i tryed to battle with him in online battles the game gave me an error sayng “There is a problem with one or more pokemon on your battle team” so i decided to delete the moves that he learned with hms. And surprese surprise he works in online again. I tried this with some other pokemons and still this happens…
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2023.06.01 12:49 GreaterBlueEvil [Event] Mountain Home Open RP, Year 6 of the Rule of King Artys VIII. Arryn

Starting 1st Month 7114 AL (After the Landing)/Year 6 of the rule of King Artys VIII. Arryn

The Eyrie

Floorplan of the Eyrie and the mountain below
Various additional information, including the Eyrie residents
The Eyrie is a unique castle, built of white stone on top of the mountain Giant's Lance. It is quite small, especially compared to seats of other Great Houses, and considered impregnable due to its location. The castle consists of seven main towers, each with a different purpose.
Summons and Petitions Thread
Previous Eyrie Open RP Thread
Dragonstone Open RP Thread
The Vale Calendar


Teleportation is currently allowed in the Vale, so feel free to stop by - but make sure to come in properly:
To get to the Eyrie, one must pass first the older castle, Gates of the Moon, and then navigate along a narrow mountain path through the three Waycastles, Stone, Snow and Sky, before finally arriving to the castle of House Arryn.
The journey can be RP'd, or doesn't have to be, but the appropriate people must be tagged.
Gates of the Moon: GreaterBlueEvil & t3m3rair3
Snow: GreaterBlueEvil
Eyrie (Crescent Chamber in Warrior's Tower): GreaterBlueEvil & lagiacrus2012
Only 10 MaA can be allowed into GoTM, no MaA can be allowed into the Eyrie. This doesn't apply if specifically given exception.
Access to Moon Tower, Smith's Tower and Maiden Tower is restricted to those actually residing in these towers. The Mountain Below is generally not accessible to visitors.
Arryn household guards (wearing sky blue cloaks) and Winged Knights (wearing white cloaks with stripes in the colour corresponding with their rank, and winged helmets) man the castle and protect the residents.
Rookery use is possible, but requires Arryn permission.

Arryn PCs

King Artys VIII. Arryn (36)

The Eyrie
The monarch of the Vale, more comfortable on the throne as years go by. He had learned to rely on his advisors and his closest family in managing the affairs of the Kingdom, and once again found time for some more entertaining pursuits.

Crown Prince Aladore Arryn (16)

The Eyrie
The heir to the Kingdom. Quiet and pensive boy, Aladore prefers books to people, and does not enjoy the attention that comes with his prominent position.

Alisabeth Arryn (13)

The Eyrie
Young girl, first daughter of the King. Feels a little forgotten amongst her siblings, and often wonders whether she is invisible. Likes to paint.

Alysanne Arryn (10)

The Eyrie
Little girl, second daughter of the King. Cheerful and attention-seeking, and the favourite of her father. Collects crowns, or aspires to.

Oswell Arryn (6)

The Eyrie
Little boy, second son of the King. Named after Queen Myranda's father, he has a big legacy to live up to.

Ambrose Arryn (34)

The Eyrie
The King's younger brother, raised to follow and aid the eldest. Doing what he can for the Kingdom, taking up some of the duties of his brother and still hoping for a family of his own one day. Helping teach the Crown Prince.

Arwen Coldwater née Arryn (31)

Coldwater Burn
The only daughter of the late Queen Myranda, Arwen is a beautiful woman, stubborn and intelligent, ambitious, even ruthless if need be. Enjoying married life, Arwen is still most smitten with her husband, the charming Lord Criston Coldwater, and adores the pair's two children with all her heart.

Albar Arryn (21)

Heart's Home
Youngest of Myranda's children, Albar felt the loss of their mother the most. The boy focuses on playing his lute and taking care of his pet, a little red shoulder-bear called Scarlett. A squire to his cousin, the Lord Corbray, he is slowly learning how to be a knight, but his future plans include more dancing with bears than swordfighting.

Alyssa Arryn (54)

Adventurous, rebellious and rainbow-haired, Alyssa lives in Tyrosh, having refused to return to Westeros to a life at court she hated and husband she felt no love for. Instead, she lives with her lover, Lucas Ruthermont, and the only thing she regrets is the time away from her elder children, Shiera and Friedrich.
Or perhaps at some point, a mysterious woman by the name of Nalyssa could be found in Westeros, for whatever occasion that might happen. She is, however, most definitely Not Alyssa.

Shiera Durrandon (34)

Borrowed character
Daughter of Alyssa and Monfryd Durrandon. Adventurous and free like her mother, Shiera dreads growing old or having to act her age. Currently spending time on Dragonstone along with her best friend Meera Grandison. Shiera loves animals and bright colours and despises the very idea of marriage. The only relationship worth keeping is friendship... even if it feels like something more. She has a very grumpy cat named Barracuda and a brightly coloured parrot she taught to say "Help, I was turned into a bird!"

Alfrid Arryn (40)

The Eyrie
The only son of Osric Arryn, Alfrid is deeply religious, and strives to prove himself in the eyes of Gods and men, as a knight, and as man of the Seven. He had married lady Lorra Templeton, though still couldn't rid himself of thoughts of another... Which led to some rather curious consequences.
SCC'd by garintheadequate

Mylenda Arryn (10)

The Eyrie
Daughter of Alfrid Arryn and his wife Lorra. Little girl, talkative and bright.

Myrielle Arryn (10)

The Eyrie
Child of Alfrid Arryn and his lover, Cassandra Bracken. The girl was passed off as a trueborn daughter of Alfrid and his wife, as a twin to Mylenda. She is the gloomier of the twins, with a more negative attitude and a fear of animals.

Alicent Royce née Arryn (36)

Married to her complicated love, Royland Royce, and fiercely protective of her young Royce sisters, Alicent is doing what she can to help Lady Ayla with rulership, and lady Eugenie with courtship - one appearing significantly more problematic than the other. Raising her little daughters Roslin and Rowena, she wishes that Royland would stay in Runestone with them, or at least accept her choices that led to the pair leading their lives apart.

Amallia Corbray née Arryn (34)

Heart's Home
Once wild and rebellious, Amallia seems to have settled down with her marriage to Lord Lyonel Corbray, content to protect and raise their two sons and little daughter. After the loss of her first child, she is ultimately grateful that her children are safe and healthy.

Aveline Grandison née Arryn (31)

Beautiful and kind-hearted, Aveline might not be the brightest, but she does her utmost to bring light and cheer wherever she goes. Married to Beric Grandison, she couldn't be any happier - what more could she ever want for than having a loving husband and two wonderful children? A part of her little family is also her dog, Socks, named for a fondness of chewing people's clothes, and Periwinkle, the stubborn and finicky cat.

Garrick Arryn (70)

The Eyrie
Feeling the effects his advanced age is taking, not even his wife and children seem to make Garrick feel any better. His children were all grown now, soon to be married and gone from his life, and what then? He spends more time with his sister Cynthea, reminiscing of the old times and people long gone.

Septa Cynthea (34)

The only child of Garrick from his first marriage, Cynthea the Younger was sent to the Starry Sept in Oldtown when she was ten, and had since taken her vows upon the Seven-Pointed Star as a Septa of the Faith.

Helena Prester née Arryn (28)

Eldest daughter of Garrick and his second wife, Helena is a confident young woman, stubborn and determined. Married to Triston Prester - a man she chose against the wishes of her family - she struggles between the girl she used to be, and the woman she is now, or at least that she feels she should be. The duties of a wife and a mother don't sit so well with her, even though she loves her two small children dearly.

Jeyne Arryn (27)

The Eyrie
Daughter of Garrick Arryn and Andrea Talon. Beautiful and curiously still unmarried.
Borrowed by banterisdrunk

Andrew Arryn (24)

White HarbouThe Paps?
Son of Garrick Arryn and Andrea Talon, doted on by both his parents. Squire to Ser Jayce Manderly, and perhaps visiting a certain island off the Vale's coast?

Cynthea Harroway née Arryn (69)

The Eyrie
The Dowager Lady of Harroway's Town is a kind, loving woman, who enjoys baking sweets and playing the harp. She cares dearly about her children and her grandchildren and various other kin, family always being the light of her life.

Waltyr Harroway (50)

Borrowed character
Waltyr travelled around the world only to find that what he desired most was home and family, which he found with the Princess Sylvia Stark. He couldn't be happier, married and with twin children.

Lucas Stark (Harroway) (15)

Waltyr and Sylvia's son, twin of Lily. Training with a sword, though he is still letting his blond locks grow long, and diligently shaving the few whiskers sprouting on his upper lip. It is getting harder to look like his twin sister (and best friend), but that doesn't stop him from trying.

Anastasia Manderly née Harroway (49)

Borrowed character
White Harbour
A beautiful woman in her youth, Anastasia finds it difficult to make peace with the fact that she is getting older, and her children are growing up so fast. She is content with her husband, Ser Jayce Manderly, and most of all wishes for more time with her family.

Alysia Harroway (31)

The Eyrie
The youngest child of Cynthea Arryn and Howland Harroway had never known her father, growing up in the Eyrie after her mother and siblings escaped from Lord Harroway's Town. She is raised as a noble lady of the Vale, serving as lady in waiting to the royal Princess Arwen Arryn.
SCC'd by dbone256

Meredyth Arryn (61)

The life of Meredyth Arryn was never short of dramatic twists and turns. After eloping with the love of her life who also happened to be the Crown Prince of Dorne, Meredyth gave birth in secret to his daughter. Forced to fake her death to escape the arrangements her family had planned for her, Meredyth watched over young Alarra under the guise of a mysterious Septa Marissa. When terrible news came about the death of Nymor, she had to suffer in silence. But when the time was right, Princess Meredyth Arryn re-emerged triumphantly from the shadows as she appeared at the court of Sunspear in the company of the heiress to Dorne, Alarra 'Silverdove' - or, as she is now known, Her Radiance Nymeria Nymeros Martell.

Sharra Arryn (49)

The only legitimate child of Prince Benedict Arryn, Sharra keeps many secrets, involved in an elaborate life-long scheme by her aunt Alerie. Former regent to her daughter, the convenient rightful ruler of Dragonstone, Sharra spends much time with her close companion and secret lover, Alayne Hunter, in their new home in the far South of Westeros.

Rhea Targaryen (30)

The Princess of Dragonstone took over her lands after the Vale's conquest. Presumed daughter of Sharra Arryn and Jaerys Targaryen, she rules the Island as her father's rightful heir. Married to her love, Nymos Dayne, who provides invaluable support as the young woman tries to balance the tasks of a ruler and a mother.

Jaenara Targaryen (10)

Daughter of Rhea and Nymos, heiress to Dragonstone. Owner of a blue-and-silver dragon egg that used to belong to her mother, and to her grandfather before that. Bright and inquisitive little girl. Staying in the Eyrie to learn about life at the Arryn court.

Daenys Targaryen (8)

Daughter of Rhea and Nymos. Owner of a violet-and-gold dragon egg.
Played by House Dayne of High Hermitage, ranger_from_th_north

Marq Arryn (55)

The Eyrie
A promising tourney knight in his youth, Marq's life was marked by misfortune and tragedy. He loves his wife and sons deeply, seeing them as his anchor in the storm of circumstances, but he still feels a crushing amount of guilt for the pain he caused, especially since his wife almost died giving birth to their second son. An excellent warrior - one of the best on the entire Continent - though he takes little pride or comfort in that skill, and rarely ever enters tournaments anymore.

Rupert Arryn (28)

The Eyrie
Marq's firstborn son, struggling to live up to the shining example of his sire and eager for his approval. Rupert had already proven himself capable in melees and jousts, and recently he was knighted and bestowed the right to bear the Valyrian sword Iridescence, and take his father's mantle as the famed Iridescent Knight.

Yoel Arryn (24)

The Eyrie
Second son of Marq Arryn and Ysilla Royce. Somewhat socially inept, but close with his elder brother.
Borrowed by thinkbrigger

Alannys Manderly née Arryn (54)

The Eyrie/White Harbour
Identical twin of Alerie, she was always the wilder, more adventurous of the sisters. Alannys was knighted at her wedding (by her husband, no less), and with Loras by her side she had gone through a multitude of adventures. She holds a resentment for her brother Marq for being respected for his prowess where she needs to hide. However, after her husband's death in the battle of Dragonstone, she had not quite been herself, her strong spirit nearly broken with the love of her life lost forever.

Alerie Waxley née Arryn (54)

The Eyrie
Identical twin of Alannys, Alerie is the more delicate of the sisters. Deaf, but sharp of mind, Alerie was able to find her niche, prospering in the shadows and manipulating events of the world without being seen behind the schemes. She is married to Willam Waxley, Keeper of the Gates of the Moon, and cares for their son, whom she considers the perfect little boy, though she worries he will grow apart from her as he grows older. In addition to manipulating the events of the world, she also found herself able to control animals to a certain degree, and works to gain more control of this ability.

Harold Arryn (40)

The Eyrie
Eldest son of Luceon Arryn and his second wife. Functioning alcoholic and once a child soldier, Harold is maybe a little disappointed he didn't die in any war. Married to lady Jowenna Egen, Harold might be starting to find a place for himself in the world with the help of his wife and children.

Alaric Arryn (38)

Longbow Hall
A knight in service to House Hunter, Alaric had forgone his royal title to marry a girl by the name of Sybell, a commonborn daughter of a merchant, whom he had loved dearly ever since he saved her from some bandits many years ago. Serving as a Marshal in Longbow Hall, he is determined to earn his place.

Matthos Arryn (33)

Formerly warded in the Stormlands, Matthos returned to the Eyrie to marry lady Alyssa Azure. He was not happy with the arranged match and the control the head of House Arryn exerts over his life, but he does genuinely care for his wife and their little daughters.

Argella Arryn (4)

Daughter of Matthos and Alyssa, little girl.

Aemma Arryn (1)

Daughter of Matthos and Alyssa, little girl.

Alester Arryn (32)

The Eyrie
Lonely, stubborn and somewhat spiteful towards his family. Married to Mya Finch, but in love with her brother, Ser Mychel.

Martyn Arryn (28)

The youngest of Luceon's many children, he is perhaps the only one to have truly loved and respected their father. Squire to a western knight, he is not quite sure where his home lays and where he would feel at peace.

Petyr Stone (38)

Former squire to Prince Marq Arryn, who tried to remedy his older brother's misdeeds, now a promising warrior and a knight in his own right. Petyr serves as the Captain of Guards on Dragonstone.
SCC'd by klrpizza

Arielle Stone (35)

Daughter of Prince Benedict Arryn and Gwen Storm. Sent to Strongsong to be raised and tutored by lady Ursula Belmore, along with her half-sister Deidre. Astonishingly beautiful and appropriately arrogant. Occasionally following around her aunt Alerie.
Played by House Toyne, principality_of_pan

Beric 'Blackmoon' Storm (33)

Son of Prince Benedict Arryn and Gwen Storm. Benedict was unaware of his existence, as Gwynevere left him before he could learn she was pregnant. The boy lived in Braavos with his mother, terrified of her drunken excesses, before lady Lucinda Grandison saved him and took him with her.
SCC'd by ranger_from_th_north

Elyse Greywing (29)

Daughter of Benedict Arryn and Olivia Prester. Utterly disappointed by her mother, she and her brother Edrick had ran away from their family, and found refuge on Bear Isle in service to Queen Talia Stark. They followed Talia to Winterfell, only to be kept there for reasons they don't quite understand. What is even happening in her life these days, where is she heading?

Celene Featherfield (29)

Daughter of Benedict Arryn and Margret Snow, a Woolfield bastard, though legitimised through the kindness of House Grandison. Celene stays in Grandview and learns from her aunt what it means to be a proper lady. Close friends with Edmund Prester, a person who shows her kindness not usually seen towards one of illegitimate birth.

Nathaniel Stone (26)

Son of Benedict Arryn and Ella Ryston, along with his cousin Alec Stone sent to Gates of the Moon to be raised after his mother joined the Silent Sisters. Formerly squire to Ser Petyr Stone, whom he admires greatly, Nathan was recently knighted for his service.

Vorian Blackstone (26)

Son of Benedict Arryn and Cissy Blackstone. Staying in Gulltown with his mother.
Played by lagiacrus2012

Myranda Blackstone (24)

Daughter of Benedict Arryn and Cissy Blackstone. Somewhat rude and blunt, Myranda is taking after her mother in many ways.

Steffon Storm (18)

Last of Benedict's bastards, son of the Stormlander lady Joy Redaxe. Staying in Grandview with his mother.
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2023.06.01 12:09 catcgoddard haunter tradeback

looking to trade my haunter to evolve it into gengar in pokemon violet, anyone able to help?
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2023.06.01 11:54 Efficient_Pace_4040 Pokemon Violet - Unusual Blackscreen after loading in

Pokemon Violet - Unusual Blackscreen after loading in
Its like this on every Yuzu version and i can't switch to Ryujinx due to TERRIBLE fps on it
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2023.06.01 11:50 Liinder Every transfer-only Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet using Home

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2023.06.01 11:33 Efficient_Pace_4040 Pokemon Violet - Unusual Blackscreen right after spawning in

Pokemon Violet - Unusual Blackscreen right after spawning in
Its like this on every Yuzu version, i can't play on Ryujinx because i have max 15 fps there
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2023.06.01 10:25 vythathin Trip report: 12 days in Japan as vegans (Tokyo, Yudanaka, Hida Furukawa, Kyoto, Hakone, Tokyo)

I found lurking on this forum really useful for planning our trip, so thought I'd return the favour by posting about our trip here - with some extra tips for travelling as vegan or vegetarian! We just got back a few days ago and I'm already itching to go again. I think our interests generally align with what many people want when they go to Japan - nerdy stuff, food, temples and pretty locations. I hope the below is useful to someone, and happy to answer any questions (whether on food or just something we visited!).
**General tips:*\*
1) Learn some basic Japanese: I've seen this one come up quite a few times and can only echo it - while there certainly are Japanese people with excellent English skills, it will smooth the way so much more if you learn to speak some Japanese. Any attempts at Japanese were always met with a much friendlier response than tourists we saw speaking English, and it was especially helpful in the two ryokans we stayed at, where we had much more conversation with our hosts and they seemed much more comfortable communicating in Japanese (also we got some free apple jam!). Personally I taught myself from the basics because I had time/that's how my brain works (hiragana, katakana, then learning vocab + grammar) - but learning some modular phrases will help, e.g. '____ doko desu ka?' (where is ____?), '____ arimasu ka?' (is there ____?), and 'kore wa hitotsu/futatsu/mittsu o kudasai' (one/two/three of this please).
2) For dietary requirements, do your research and book in advance: There are quite a few helpful guides online for vegan diets, including the IG account 'tokyoveganguide', the website 'isitveganjapan' (, Vegewel ( and some articles on matcha-jp ( We ate really well while out and about and could pick up certain street snacks - but again, being able to communicate in Japanese helped a lot here (see tip 1). As you probably know, vegan diets aren't well understood in Japan, and they're often shocked to find out you won't eat fish OR fish-based dashi. I've mentioned some of the standout places we ate at below. At conbini/kiosks, plain rice and salted onigiri, as well as the salted ume (plum) onigiri are typically vegan. Mochi are also often a good bet, as are jelly sweets (tend to use agar rather than gelatin). It can be helpful to know the kanji for fish (魚), meat (肉) and eggs (卵). Milk products are often listed in katakana as cream (クリーム) or similar, but could be listed as cow's milk (牛乳). Translate apps can be helpful but it's about 50/50 helpful versus 'hilarious result'.
3) As a vegan, don't expect your western-style hotel to provide breakfast (but a ryokan will!): We generally found that big western style hotels just.. did not provide anything viable for breakfast. You might have been able to negotiate a bowl of plain rice and a piece of fruit, but ultimately we ended up eating breakfast elsewhere (but see tip 4!) and in the future I wouldn't bother opting in for breakfast unless I could verify with the hotel in advance that they had options. However, ryokans were very accommodating so long as you communicated with them in advance, and the two we stayed at provided a list of dietary requirements at the start of our stay that we could tick to indicate what we could eat.
4) Most coffee shops/food places won't open until 10am: It was a bit of a struggle to find places open early enough for us to have breakfast before heading out. We did bring a few cereal bars for this eventuality! But if you research you can find a few places that open at 7am (in Tokyo we went to Komeda Is in Ginza, in Kyoto, the IMU hotel).
5) Always have some cash: We didn't need a phenomenal amount of cash on our trip, although we were also not skimping on spending (we took out 70,000 yen, or about £400, and that was about right) - many taxis, shops and restaurants took cards if needed. However, cash-only purchases did pop up unexpectedly - for example, in one of our very nice upmarket hotels that 100% had a card reader, sending our luggage by takkyubin for some reason was a cash-only purchase. A lot of smaller shops and little cafes will take cash only. If you want to use a card, you can check at the till with the phrase "caa-do wa ii desu ka?" (is card ok?).
6) Be prepared to walk: I know this one is said a lot - it depends what you're used to. We did in the range of 15-30,000 steps a day, and I was fine with a pair of foldable ballet flats and a pair of Vans. However we did bring blister plasters and a blister stick just in case! We also found lots of fun little shops/places by simply walking instead of taking transport, so if you have time it's highly recommended. As you will see below, we broke up the two major destinations (Tokyo/Kyoto) with smaller, slower-paced places. That helped a lot!
7) Build in extra time for navigating public transport: Yea, you probably think you're used to big transit systems - we certainly did. However it's just not always clear which exit you want to get to or how to get there, especially if you're not familiar with the station and surrounding area. Whenever we were pressed for time (for example, when transferring to shinkansen or needing to grab snacks before getting a train) we looked up a map of the station first to plan our route. You probably already know this, but I promise you are NOT ready for Shinjuku station.
8) If you're worried about temple fatigue, collect goshuin: This has been written about extensively elsewhere although I'm happy to share my experiences. Goshuin are a stamp/calligraphy combination you can get at many temples and shrines. They're a very beautiful memento. You need a special accordion-style book (goshuincho) for them that you can buy in advance (I did) or at your first temple (usually 1200-2000 yen). Collecting a goshuin usually costs 300-500 yen and a couple of minutes of your time. You should only collect a goshuin after paying your respects at the temple. Generally the process is just to approach the desk (it's generally quite obvious, and there may be pictures of goshuin on the window of the booth - in some places you choose which one you want), and present your book with both hands, open to the relevant page, asking 'goshuin o onegaishimasu'. They might take your book and give you a number (in which case, you need to wait), or they might do the goshuin then and there - it depends on how busy the temple is.
9) You probably won't be able to check-n early: Of all the places we stayed, only one allowed us to check in before 3pm. However, you should be able to leave any bags with them - just be prepared! If you want to drop off your bags, you can say the following: "Nimotsu o azukatte mo ii desu ka?" (more or less: May we leave our luggage here?).

**Brief trip report:*\*
Day 0: We got our flight to Tokyo (14h). We flew Japan Airlines - the vegan meals were.. ok? But the snack was the infamous (iykyk) banana. Everyone else got an interesting snack, so it was sad to just have a banana. I would pack my own snacks next time!
Day 1: Land in Tokyo. Staying in the Ginza area. We got in to the airport relatively late (6pm) so we grabbed a snack locally once we got to our hotel (2foods Ginza) and went to sleep!
Day 2 Tokyo (~26,000 steps). Breakfast at Komeda Is, Ginza. Kokyo Gaien National Gardens (near to our hotel), then walk around the Yanaka Old District, bought some tea/crackers (often vegan but check), train to Asauksa to see Senso-Ji (there happened to be a festival on while we were there so it was packed, but I got a special goshuin!), then across to Akihabara. It started raining but was mostly ok as we were running from indoor shop to indoor shop. We had lunch at a shojin-ryori place in Akihabara station. In the evening we went on a vegan ramen tasting tour (highly recommended!) in Shibuya/Shinjuku.
Day 3 Tokyo (~25,000 steps). Breakfast at Komeda Is, Ginza. Then to Team Labs Planets (we had tickets for the earliest entry). Despite some of what I've read on here, we really enjoyed the experience (happy to say more if asked!). Then we headed across to Shibuya, wandered around, went to the Pokemon Centre and Nintendo store in Shibuya Parco, had lunch at Izakaya Masaka in the basement of Shibuya Parco (highly recommended) and headed over to Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu and walked up through Harajuku. We continued walking up through to Shinjuku and walked around there for a while, including going up the Tokyo Government Metropolitan building (free) for a view over Tokyo. We had dinner at Wired Bonbon.
Day 4 Yudanaka (~12,000 steps). We sent our bags via takkyubin to Kyoto, and then got the train over to Yudanaka (we had breakfast at Komeda Is again - honestly, great menu! and picked up onigiri in the train station for the train ride). At Yudanaka, we travelled over to the Snow Monkey Park, and then back to our ryokan to chill in the bookable private onsen. Our feet needed the rest! We stayed at Seifuso in Yudanaka, which was lovely and inexpensive - our host drove us over to the park (we got a bus back). The food was excellent.
Day 5 Nagano and Hida Furukawa (~11,000 steps). We travelled from Yudanaka through to Hida Furukawa, stopping off at Nagano on the way to visit the Zenko-Ji temple. For lunch we picked up oyaki from Irohado in Nagano, which were delicious (there are 3 shops - one in the station, one in a mall outside the station, and one by the temple)! By the time we got to Hida Furukawa it was relatively late, so we just had dinner. We stayed at one of the Iori Stay apartments, which provide dinnebreakfast (vegan if specified in advance).
Day 6 Hida Furukawa and Takayama (~15,000 steps). We went to Takayama in the morning to visit the markets and see a few temples, as well as pick up some traditional sashiko for my mother-in-law. Then in the afternoon we chilled and walked around Hida Furukawa (shrines, shops and so on) - we had lunch at Sobasho Nakaya in Hida Furukawa, which has clearly marked vegan options. A number of other traditional soba shops have vegan options. There was a little sweet shop near the main street with the koi carp that sold yam-based mochi-type sweets and had a full list of ingredients you could look at.
Day 7 Kyoto (~20,000 steps). We arrived in Kyoto at about 1pm (picked up onigiri and snacks on the journey), and walked from our hotel (located on Shijo Dori) to Nijo Castle and then to the Imperial Palace gardens. We had dinner in AWOMB Nishikiyamachi, which was excellent (sushi).
Day 8 Kyoto (~30,000 steps). For breakfast today we found out our hotel couldn't accommodate our diet (whoops) and we ate cereal bars and mochi from the nearby Life supermarket. We mostly stayed around the Gion area this day and visited a lot of the temples and shrines there - Yasaka Jinja, Kyomizyu-dera, Kodai-Ji (picked up some dango here), Kennin-Ji and others. There is a little bamboo forest at Kennin-Ji which is much quieter than Arashiyama and in my opinion, nicer. We ate lunch at Uno Yukiko (vegan and gluten-free ramen). We also went to the Pokemon Centre in Kyoto! In the evening we ate dinner at the IMU Hotel (you had to book via instagram), and then headed over to Fushimi Inari at night. It was very quiet and highly recommended. We walked up to the first viewing point where you can see across Kyoto (my phone registered this as about 40 floors).
Day 9 Kyoto (~25,000 steps). For breakfast we headed over to the IMU hotel who alternate Japanese/Western breakfast by day. It was only 1000 yen, and really good. In the morning we headed to Arashiyama, and did the usual - the bridge, the bamboo forest (it was fine, very busy even early on) - and had matcha shaved ice with mochi for lunch nearby. Very healthy..! In the early afternoon we had a calligraphy class. After that, we went to Kinkakuji, then slowly walked across to the Kyoto Imperial gardens, stopping off at shops and for coffee on the way. We had dinner at Kanga-An - our most expensive meal, but delicious. You have to book in advance.
Day 10 Hakone (~12,000 steps). We sent our bags by takkyubin to Tokyo. We had breakfast at the IMU hotel and then travelled over to Hakone. It was not a clear day but we saw about 2/3 of Mt Fuji out of the window (you need to be in seats D/E on the shinkansen). Based on conditions we decided not to go down to Lake Ashi. We went to the Open-Air museum which was honestly a lot of fun, then hung out in our amazing ryokan (Fukuzumiro). We had our own private onsen and I wish we had spent another night here! It was not a cheap stay but it was wonderful.
Day 11 Tokyo (~23,000 steps). We arrived in Tokyo at about 11am, and went to our hotel to drop off our backpacks - and were able to check in early! To note, this is the only time we could ever check in before 3pm, although we could always drop off our bags. We were in Ginza again, and had lunch at Ain Soph Ginza (expensive compared to everywhere else, but tasty - you must book, it's very small). We visited a little shrine and then walked to Hamarikyu gardens were we had matcha and wagashi in the tea house. Then we walked down to the Tokyo ToweZojo-Ji to have a look around. Finally we headed back to Shibuya to wrap up any shopping and sightseeing, have dinner at Izakaya Masaka (so good we went twice!) and then did a little karaoke at Joysound by the station - a great end to our trip. On our way back we stopped off at Don Quijote Ginza for any final bits.
Day 12 Fly home. Because of changes to flight paths, our flight home ended up being much earlier than it was when we originally booked (moved to 9am). So we couldn't do anything that day but go to the airport. We flew with Japan Airlines [edit - from Tokyo Haneda airport] and everyone can go into the Sakura Lounge who flies with them as long as you don't have a discounted fare - nice and quiet, with a few limited vegan options for food (pasta). The vegan meals on the flight back were much better than the flight there - our snack on the way back was a sandwich, much better than a banana!
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2023.06.01 09:48 thrbasayou Pulls from Costco tins with the wife

Pulls from Costco tins with the wife
Centering on Espeon and Arceus is poor, but I’m happy to get any full arts 🥲
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2023.06.01 08:35 alal8707 [H]SV event code (Birthday Flabebe, PC 25th Pikachu, Bronzong) , paypal USD [W]KOR Tag Heart Shaymin , KOR tag All-Star Diancie , KOR tag Eeveelutions set

I want a picture or video of A-Button proof. If possible, I want KOR tag up to OT. Please give me an offer at a reasonable price :D
We will not accept events using tools such as CFW or JKSM.
I'd like to exchange it for Pokemon Home. (I'm using a premium plan) A small amount of PayPal remittance is also possible.
Looking forward to a good deal offer. I wish you all good luck
Birthday Flabebe code : 2
PC 25th Pikachu : 2
Marcus’s Bronzong : 5 (If it is not a wish list, you can only provide 1 or 2 codes.)
[180501 / 마음 / Shaymin] - approximately 25$
[08136 / 올스타 / Diancie] - offer
[170715 / 포켓몬스토어 / Sylveon , Espeon , Umbreon , Leafeon , Glaceon , Vaporeon , Jolteon , Flareon] ( Eeveelutions set ) - offer
Let me know if you have any other KOR Tag events! If it's an event that I don't have, I'm thinking of trading.

My Ref
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2023.06.01 08:16 Cupid_wolffurry Why can't I send my Groudon and rayquaza to pokemon violet?

Why can't I send my Groudon and rayquaza to pokemon violet?
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2023.06.01 08:12 Its_Raymans "You're cannot join this rain due to problem with the pokemon in your party."

No matter what I do I can't join any tera raids, this only started to happen after pokemon home finally could be used for scarlet and violet, I transferred few pokemons, and I suddenly can't do tera raids. I need to get herbs for sparkling sandwiches and I don't know what to do if the game won't let me tera raid, I tried switching pokemon on my party, I tried removing pokemons from my party, I tried even the changing lead pokemon and nothing, what do I do?
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2023.06.01 07:55 RuneQuicksilver FT: Aprimons (On-Hand and Breedables) LF: Aprimons, Apriballs

I've got some extra on-hands Aprimon and Shop Ball mons in Pokemon Violet for anyone interested (breeding now that I've got more space to do it, and when I have time haha).
My current On-Hands and Breedables can be found HERE:
I will trade at this rate:
Me:You Me You
1:1 1 on-hand or breedables 1 apriball or shop ball mon
2:1 2 on-hands or breedable if one is either Charcadet, Scyther, or Slowpoke with their evolution items 1 apriball or shop ball mon
3:1 3 breedables 1 ability patch or apriball
4:1 4 on-hands 1 apriball or ability patch

I can also breed any of the mons from my list (see below). Checkmarks mean I have it available to breed. I will also update it after every trade with new mons. (Ask if you have any questions about my self-made sheet). Priority goes to on-hands trades since those are easier! All trades are currently in SV only but can be for any compatible mon and ball combo.
Feel free to comment with any questions. Hopefully everything is understandable :D
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