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2023.03.30 00:39 No-Scheme-3381 How urgent is eating behavior changes (still eating just not as usual)

11yr male (neutered) German shepherd mix 70lbs history of elbow dysplasia currently on carprofen 50mg+ joint supplement. Typically very high energy dog. Vet can’t do a proper assessment for joint problems bc he requires so much sedation he’s loopy. X-rays done under anesthesia showed elbow dysplasia in November. Before that he showed intermittent pain that typically didn’t last longer than a day. Beginning Sunday he is not eating as usual. He will eat rice, chicken, treats for medicine. Is low energy (relative to him), and clingy. Normal bowel movements and urination. No vomiting. Vet ordered adequan, the vet is willing to change pain meds over the phone as well. Should I bring him in? Are there other tests that should be done or should I try to rule out pain first?
Thank you!
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2023.03.30 00:36 helpmeiamkindadumb Puppy daycare v Rover. Help!

Hello, I’m writing in hopes of crowd sourcing some opinions. My 20-week-old puppy is super energetic. Everyone who meets him remarks on it, including his vet and the puppy kindergarten instructor. They are not mean about it, just like “wow, this dog is a lot” haha. He was by far the most hyper in his puppy class, to the point that I think it detracted from other’s experiences. He jumps and does not respect other people or dogs boundaries. I am signed up for more classes and I work on these things daily at home, including rewarding calmness, but honestly, he is not like this when it’s just me, only when he is in a group, so there’s only so much I can do to address these behaviors at home.
I got him from my local humane society at 8 weeks, and he was labeled as an Australian shepherd mix, although the more he grows into his looks, the more sure I am that the other half is a pit mix. No problem there, just letting you know the probable breed.
Two days a week I go into the office and am out of the house for 11 hours (the other three days I WFH). I have hired someone to come to the house twice a day for the days I’m out of the house, although once he is six months I would lower this to once a day. She is amazing and I trust her implicitly but I have felt bad about having my puppy caged for so long. I have been looking forward to having him fully vaxed so I can put him in a doggy daycare, both so he isn’t crated all day and hopefully so he can learn from other dogs to chill out a bit.
Today, he had his temperament test at my local doggy daycare that has rave reviews on google. They remarked, as everyone does, how excessively energetic he was. Didn’t make me feel bad about it and accepted him into their daycare but the report card was like this dog needs improvement in a lot of areas haha.
However! Here is where I would love some input. The daycare reeked of urine. I know they are dealing with a ton of dogs, but is this normal? The waiting room reeked, and when they brought me back for a tour it only got worse from there. When I got home I realized my puppy’s backside and his tail were completely soaked in dried urine, to the point that I wouldn’t let him sit in my house until I gave him a full bath. Also, his urine was dark yellow leading me to believe he wasn’t hydrated? They don’t have streaming cameras but they post pictures on Facebook at the end of the day. That said, the staff was very nice and all the dogs looked super happy.
So, entirely too long story short, I’m wondering if this is normal for a doggy daycare? I can’t be giving him full baths twice a week. Also, is the socialization he gets from the daycare better than having him crated for so long? I could go on, but I think you get the point.
Any insight you all have is much appreciated!
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2023.03.30 00:15 Acceptable_Degree156 Dosage for first time use.

I’ve tried to find it online but I can’t. I just want to know the correct ratio to remain safe and yet achieve the desired effect.
How much syrup should I mix with 500ml of sprite? (I’m Australian I use the metric system)
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2023.03.30 00:06 Acceptable_Degree156 Dosage for first time.

I’m just trying to mix wok with sprite. I just am unsure of the correct ratio that’s safe but will still achieve the desired effect.
For 500ml of sprite, how much syrup should I put with that. (I’m Australian, I use the metric system)
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2023.03.30 00:01 millywyco MW Wyco Wednesday Inventory Update! ALL Orders Through 3/28 Shipped! First 20 Orders After This Post Score a FREE PE Hybrid Syringe and ALL Orders 3/29 ONLY get a FREE Vendor's Choice! JACK FROST Swabs in stock! Restocked AA+, APE Revert, Elephant Gate, John Allen, Leucistic Amazon, PESA, Z-Strain is the place to get the things!
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Welcome back my fungal friends! What a good day!
Keeping this one short and sweet today!
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***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.
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2023.03.29 23:50 w1tty1 8mnth old puppy overly excited around other family members but not me

hi everyone - a quick question about my excitable 8month old gsd mix melo. he has all the shepherd qualities you can think of, including excitable nipping and playing hard. when it’s just us at home though, he’s very relaxed and able to regulate himself surprisingly really well for a puppy that’s meant to be “high energy.” however he’s sometimes /way/ too hyper and excited around other members of my family that live with me, and i’m wondering if anyone else notices that with their puppy or knows how to help with that? do we think it’s cause i do 100% of the training and feeding that he almost thinks of them as guests who happen to live here lol? my other family members don’t play with him rough or encourage him to rough house in any way so we’re all lost. he /neve tries playing hard, nipping or anything with me anymore really so just curious. thanks!
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2023.03.29 23:23 Professional_Wave229 AITA for dropping my ex boyfriends dog off at his moms house?

I (18f) dated a guy (20m) off and on for a while. we lived together for about 6 months in an apartment where he adopted a PitBull/Terrier mix and i adopted a Blue HeeleAustralian Shepherd mix.
we hit a rough place financially and had to move into an RV for about 4 months which we ended up having to move out of because our job messed with our hours. we ended up moving into my moms trailer in a trailer park. my mom has a teacup Chihuahua who weighs maybe 5 pounds soaking wet and does not get along with bigger dogs at all. about a month into us living at my moms he ended up breaking up with me, when he came the next morning to get his things i asked him what he wanted done with his dog and he asked that i keep her until the next day and hed come get her then.
i agreed, well then later that day he decided not to take the dog and asked me to find another home for her. after trying for a couple weeks i came to the conclusion that i was not gonna be able to find a new home for her. i asked my ex boyfriend repeatedly to come get her before i had to take her to the shelter because my moms trailer park would not allow us to keep her. he never came to get her.
a couple days after i told him to come get her i was hanging out with a mutual friend of ours and he told me that my ex was saying i was withholding the dog from him and refused to give her back. so the next day when i went home i took the dog and dropped the dog off at my exs moms house (where he was living) and sent him a message saying "you figure it out" and then blocked him.
he has since been telling my friends and posting on Facebook that i am a terrible person for dropping the dog off and not finding her a new home.
so AITA for dropping the dog off at his moms?
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2023.03.29 23:16 ApprehensiveCloud793 What do you think he is? We got him from a rescue agency that brings stray dogs from Mexico. They told us retriever / shepherd mix. He’s 1 year old and 50 pounds, but the vet said he is underweight

What do you think he is? We got him from a rescue agency that brings stray dogs from Mexico. They told us retriever / shepherd mix. He’s 1 year old and 50 pounds, but the vet said he is underweight submitted by ApprehensiveCloud793 to IDmydog [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 22:58 Rainbow_baby_x Meet Frankie the rescued stray wigglebutt Aussiedoodle

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2023.03.29 22:57 yhrenaj What do we think?

What do we think?
Rescue says he’s a lab/shepherd mix. He’s currently about 17 weeks old!
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2023.03.29 22:33 mishalobdell Australian startup creates mammoth meatball using lab-grown meat technology

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2023.03.29 22:25 MyNameSpaghette I'm sorry, a what?!

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2023.03.29 22:18 Square_Dragonfruit83 Have no clue what the dog on the left is, but I did get a DNA test for the dog on the right (results are in the photos)

Have no clue what the dog on the left is, but I did get a DNA test for the dog on the right (results are in the photos)
Although they have the same color coat, I don’t think they are the same mixes at all. Erie (in the pink) is a very chill pit bull, but Percy (in the green) is amazing at fetch and his agility is next level. Any ideas? Here is a link to the Embark DNA test for more information on Erie’s mix.
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2023.03.29 22:13 lafrisee Best way to improve

Hiya all!
I've been training for a year now (been dancing and grooving all my life, only started dancing for real last year), and I've had massive progress in that one year. Of course, when you start from not much, the only way is up, but I've really, really had exponential growth.
But now that I'm at that intermediate level, I'm plateauing a bit. Not looking to hit pro, that's unrealistic, but intermediate plus would be great.
Currently, I take 1 class/week for the style that I do (i would do more but they are at times that do not fit around work), I try to do a bit of body conditioning mixed in with some ballet exercises, as well as slowly going throw dance moves with weights at home, and try to have one solo session/week in a studio. I also organise training session/labs with my friends so we push each other.
What is the best strategy to get dance growth, effectively? The obvious answer is train more, but with a full time job and a chronic illness that affects my energy levels, there is only so much I can do.
I guess I just want to discuss, what is your training strategy/routine, what has worked and not worked for you, and just any thoughts and opinions you may have about training.
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2023.03.29 21:58 Parold_Westly Just joined the group / Need help

I got a mixed breed (lab, pitbull and maybe something else) about a year and a half ago. He was not a rescue but he had two owners prior to me (first and old couple who couldn’t handle his energy and second a college student who was moving) He’s 5 but still has a ton of crazy energy. Anyways, I have gotten him better about pulling on the leash but I have no idea how to stop him from being aggressive with other dogs. It’s always and all the time. On walks he goes berserk causing me to have to hold him in place which then he screams and barks loudly. Similarly, off the leash he’ll charge any dog and get in their face. Once a dog backs down, he’ll usually calm down and even play with other dogs, but if he they don’t, it can be nasty. I am not sure how to train him to get over this. It’s makes it impossible to go hiking and walks are always unenjoyable. Any help?
Someone on another reddit section helped me understand why my dog does this, and how once he is fully reactive there is essentially nothing to do but get away. However, is there any training techniques, youtube videos, or suggested dog trainers that may help?
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2023.03.29 21:53 DickSoberman This is a lab-grown meatball cultivated using the DNA of an extinct woolly mammoth. It was made by the Australian cultured-meat startup Vow.

This is a lab-grown meatball cultivated using the DNA of an extinct woolly mammoth. It was made by the Australian cultured-meat startup Vow. submitted by DickSoberman to DickSoberman [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:37 Frequent-Ebb6310 the room filled with smoke

I once had a group of students in my class who were very loud and always kept me up at night. One day, they came to class with different chemicals and beakers and were excited to conduct a science experiment for lab day, someones dad owned them. They thought they would do something in class.
As they mixed the chemicals, the room filled with smoke. The smoke cleared, and I saw my students had transformed into wild animals! There was a lion, a tiger, a bear, and even a gorilla! They ran around the classroom, knocking things over, and causing chaos. I was worried for their safety, so I called the school principal.
The principal arrived and quickly realized what had happened. My students had created a potion that turned them into the animals they admired the most. The principal reversed the potion, and my students were back to normal.
It was an eventful day in the classroom. My students learned that science experiments can have unexpected consequences, and I learned to watch their experiments carefully, no matter how harmless they seemed.
Obviously none of this is true. But I did let the kids use a new e-learning tool the front office email us about called KidsChatGPT, that the website too, just KidsChatGPT. It's a dot com.
I won't let them actually use ChatGPT but this has been a hoot. I've been teaching for years and my kids have been using it at home. They just like to talk to it. Anyways, just thought I'd share.
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2023.03.29 21:35 Sad_Kaleidoscope_192 Returning dog to shelter

My partner and I adopted Chief (8yr old male dutch shepherd mix) about a year and a half ago. I was 5 months pregnant at the time and we were motivated to get our current dog Zeus (8 yr old lab/blue heeler) a friend. We had had Zeus for about 6 years at that time and had always been an only dog but with a baby on the way we wanted him to have a friend to play with and keep him company so he would get some exercise when my partner and I would be focused on the baby. THey tolerated each other well enough but never really became best friends or played with each other.
Fast forward to today, our son is 15 months old and moving around all the time. He walks and runs everywhere. Chief does not like this. Ever since our son started to become mobile (around 6 months of age) Chief started to growl at him. He never lunged at our son, would just growl if our son got too close and then leave the room. Chief has now moved on to growling and barking when Liam gets too close to him and growling with Liam is in the same room and moving, even if he isn’t moving towards him.
Chief has also started to climb our chain link fence in the backyard and run off. On Sunday he was gone for six hours (we looked for him the entire time, he had been picked up by the police and they didn’t have a chip scanner so he was with them for about 4 hours). Last night he did the same thing and was gone for a little over an hour. It was pitch black and we couldn’t find him anywhere, animal control ended up picking him up and bringing him back to us. We had plans to replace most of the chain link with a 6 foot wooden privacy fence so he can’t escape but I feel like he’s trying to escape because he’s not happy.
I know he doesn’t get enough exercise, my partner takes the dogs for walks on the local hiking trails and they walk for usually an hour every day and Chief still tries to run off and is full of energy.
This combined with the aggression towards our son led us to decide to bring Chief back to the shelter. When we adopted him he had been a stray for at least the first four years of his life, he was picked up, neutered and then adopted out but the person who adopted him dumped him with a friend who ended up surrendering him to the shelter. He was then in the shelter for almost a year before we adopted him.
We are heartbroken because he really is the sweetest dog but they didn’t know anything about him. THey didn’t know how he was with cats other than him always watching the cats at the shelter, they didn’t know how he was with other dogs or with kids. Chief is great with older kids, he loves to snuggle and will lay on top of you and just be a warm fuzzy weighted blanket all night long if you let him. WE both love this dog and want him to find a good home and we both feel like failures for not being that home.
I guess I’m just looking to see what y’all would do in this situation? We did hire a trainer after we first got him because he didn’t even respond to his own name. He comes when we call now and responds to sit but he is still terrible to walk on a leash, doesn’t know any other commands besides sit and his name (that’s even iffy most of the time). My partner is more broken up about it than I am because they really bonded but I can’t help but be scared that he’s going to bite my baby one of these days if we aren’t fast enough and it’s not fair to keep him locked away whenever our kid is out and about and he isn’t safe in the back yard because he just climbs the fence and takes off.
TL:DR, Adopted a dog 1.5 yrs ago, started showing aggression to the toddler and running away. Decided to return him to shelter.
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2023.03.29 21:34 numberland [H] Lots of games, most with links + short descriptions [W] Wishlist games, diamond bundle games, paypal, non-violent games.

IGSRep - GameTradeRep
Have, a lot of games, see below.
Want, in rough order of preference:
Willing to be generous :D
From the Diamond bundle:
For trade for someone else:
Highlights of games you might have from my Steam wishlist:
Potentially 1-3 slots in the Diamond bundle - see above for the games I want
From the Humble Turkish-Syria Earthquake charity bundle
From the Mystery Star Bundle (both versions):
Humble (all unrevealed, unless clicked on by accident):
No longer on Steam/issues with Steam
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2023.03.29 21:32 mishalobdell Australian Startup Unveils Lab-Grown Mammoth Meatball at Science Museum in the Netherlands

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2023.03.29 21:17 21oo_xavier What makes a disposable "fake"

What makes a disposable
In my opinion if a disposable is considered fake it should not have any THC content and just Vape juice whether it's pure nicotine or propylene glycol or any other chemical that produces smoke when heated. Just because a disposable/cart was not filled up by a licensed vendor should not be considered fake there are many Street dealers who use homemade distillate and fill up their own carts/disposables and in other cases like mine I mix some of the legal cannabinoids mainly Delta 8 x thco mixed with a bit of terpenes and I get distillate that many people think is real weed the end product is shown and you would not be able to tell that it is not " actual weed" without a lab test I've only made 2000$ doing this but I had to undercut every street dealers prices in my city by half in order to gain more customers and not intentionally but many people have started selling my product and I have technically made more Street dealers and have gotten a name for myself in the hood with only being robbed once but that was only for $50 and that was also before I purchased a pew pew if yk what I'm saying
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2023.03.29 21:16 mishalobdell Australian startup Vow unveils mammoth meatball made from lab-grown cultured meat

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