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Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.

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2023.06.01 03:31 NoCryptographer1670 Moving to Long Beach & Pasadena and don’t know a single soul. Anyone down to meet up?

Moving to Long Beach & Pasadena and don’t know a single soul. Anyone down to meet up? submitted by NoCryptographer1670 to u/NoCryptographer1670 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 02:54 Natural-Bid-5847 Brothers Ex

I've had multiple of my brothers ex's that have hit me up in the past. I've only engaged once.
But my brother has a tendency to find these amazing, quality people. And then only dates them for 3~4 months because he gets thinking about a different ex. And it just pisses me off.
This girl is getting her masters (has her bachaelors), loves to cook, great relationship with her family. Goes ice fishing, looks amazing. We chatted quite a bit about weight lose as I've been working on myself.
Anyway, my brother broke up with her because he didn't want to move away from our dinghy degenerate home town and she was going to be on the move for the foreseeable future.
She hit me up asking if I would be able to hang out sometime. I never hid my approval of her, I was hoping by actually voicing my opinion this time I could sway my brother, to no avail.
But it's probably just a revenge tactic like I've seen before.
Edit: Oh, and uh, I forgot to add this since it's just normal for me. But we are twins.
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2023.06.01 01:49 TankerHipster CoD games recently got so hacked that it's unsafe to play them, what do you recommend CoD fans play instead?

Older CoD games are so hacked that it's unsafe for people to play them unless you want your IP address stolen and other things messed up. So let's recommend some games for CoD fans to play instead.
Here is a list i recommend CoD fans tryDestiny 2, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency, Deep Rock Galactic, Apex, Hunt Showdown, Ironsight, WW3, and Shatterline. Even Halo Infinite and BF 2042 have had positive updates and are more playable recently
Reason why I chose these games are because of their multiplayer focus since a CoD fan would want a new main MP focused game.
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2023.06.01 01:28 honeymarj I don't want to break off a friendship, but I feel like I might have to.

(Note: Me and Asher are twins. Jack, Kai and Jean are triplets and have been our next door neighbours since we were kids.)
Amelia (18F) hasn't been my friend for as long as everyone else, nor has she been as close, but I always thought she was nice. She became part of our group when our friend, Jack (18M) introduced her to us. Jack and Amelia have dated on and off for some time, but an argument they had recently - involving me (18F) and my brother, Asher (18M) - caused them to break up for good. Jack called Asher the day after the argument and apologised (summarised heavily, since the call was at least an hour long), and they were back to being friends as if nothing had ever happened.
My parents are away this week in another country, and Amelia decided the day they left (while I was busy preparing things for my little brother, since me and Asher had been left in charge of him) was the perfect time to come over and talk to me. I agreed, solely because I was hoping that she'd handle it they way Jack had and we could go back to how we'd been before that. Of course, no, that didn't happen. She retold the argument from her perspective instead. After she got upset at Jack for being friendly with Asher, and after Jack got upset at her for her double standards (because Amelia thought it was wrong for Jack to be friends with someone he had a crush on, all while she was actively flirting with me during their relationship), she decided that he wasn't going to sway her into being monogamous. They broke up and she blocked his number. I asked Jack about this a few hours after, since me, Asher and our younger brother are sleeping over at their house, and Jack clarified to me that they never talked about polyamory or anything of the sort. Our friend, Cory also confirmed this, since he and Amelia were really good friends, too, and she hadn't once talked about polyamory or even suggested liking the idea of having more than one partner.
I told her that I didn't feel the same way about her, and not only that, but I had been in an official relationship with my girlfriend, Bea, for three months. She started talking about polyamory again, and I clarified that me and Bea weren't polyamorous, nor had we ever discussed such a thing. She didn't seem to want to let it go, but she stopped talking for a moment. She left a little while after, and didn't say anything to me. I'm worried that our friendship is over, but at the same time, it feels like this was due to happen any time now. I don't want to drop her, but keeping her around doesn't sound too good, either.
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2023.06.01 01:12 Howl_Free_or_Die Trying to figure out how to make pressing two PS controller buttons and have them act as one keyboard button, but only finding guides for the opposite.

I'm trying to set up TES IV Oblivion and the game has a hotkey system where you can quickly use items. It's a wheel of 8 slots, accessed by keyboard buttons 1-8 respectively. In the console version of the game, this is done by pressing Up, Up+Right simulatenously, Right, Right+Down simultaneously, and so on. I'm trying but I can't find a way to recreate that in in DS4Windows. I'm only finding guides that do the opposite, i.e. binding two keyboard buttons to do the action of a single controller button.
Is there a way? I've tried the macro method and the special action method. It just doesn't seem to work. I tried using an existing Profile on the Oblivion Nexus hoping it would be solved, but it's not included.
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2023.06.01 00:52 Mobile-Chemical-2741 6 years ago tmmrw I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy at the same time and was put under anesthesia Lmfaoo definitely wasn’t supposed to drink that shake 💀so funny that Ethan was just talking about this and it comes up in my memories

6 years ago tmmrw I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy at the same time and was put under anesthesia Lmfaoo definitely wasn’t supposed to drink that shake 💀so funny that Ethan was just talking about this and it comes up in my memories submitted by Mobile-Chemical-2741 to h3h3productions [link] [comments]

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2023.06.01 00:38 jreen05 how much do you think VIP will be for regular sale?

I don’t know if i can buy VIP tickets rn 😣 I’ve saved money up for outside lands and a SZA concert hajskwjsjd
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2023.06.01 00:30 SnooOpinions5508 I tried to fix what I did, and it bit me back harder. What should I do?

Hello all. Ill try to make it as short as possible. Last year when I was 20, I got caught up in drama between two 16-year olds at the time who were our close family friends (as in their parents). One badmouthed the other to me and someone else, and after a few times I ended up being alone with the one who got badmouthed. At the time I told her to keep her distance from number 1 since she was spreading rumors that were quite life ruining. At the time it felt right to warn her about it, god knows I want someone to do that to me too.
We went back home and she messaged me that number 1 spread a rumor that I am a lesbian. I am not, and not that I have anything against the LGBTQ+ at ALL, but I come from a conservative background where such a belief could quite literally ruin my life. I left it alone and before I knew she told her mom about this rumor, to make her own rumor seem less bad, which resulted in my mom finding out. She was furious and called number 1’s mom about this, and her daughter to tell them to not spread it further. A year has passed since then, and after my mom spend some emotionally intimate times with her mom, I felt bad about the fact that I did indeed kinda backstab number 1, even though it felt morally right at the time. The thing is that she ended up knowing that someone told number 2 about her talking bad, due to them confronting the situation. She just didnt know who it was. Since she knew that number 2 told me about the gay rumor, I figured that it would be a matter of time before she knew.
2 days ago I messaged her that I believe the rumor was said by her just as much as it couldve been made up by number 2, and that I’m not mad. I also told her that at the time things were emotional and I did badmouth her. She took it bad but we agreed to leave it behind us and move forward in separate ways, which helped me feel better about what I did, and could happen. I was wrong. Yesterday she told another family friend about whether she badmouthed her, to rule out that it was indeed me, and told her that there were lies about me being spread in the name of her. My mom panicked and told all moms about my gay rumor (for some reason), and begged them to keep it between them. She is now incredibly furious at me for “lighting up a forgotten candle”, and indirectly risking my reputation. Number 1 also is playing like the absolute victim after I confronted her about the whole situation spreading, enforcing that she will keep distance from all of us. I didnt reply back after that. Was I in the wrong? What am I suppose to do?
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2023.06.01 00:29 JoshAsdvgi The Fate of the Turtle

The Fate of the Turtle

The Fate of the Turtle

In a very hot summer time, far away to the east, was a beautiful little lake where two wild ducks made their home, and passed their days swimming and playing in its clear waters. They had it all to themselves, except for a turtle, who was many years older than they were, and had come there before them, and, luckily,
instead of taking a dislike to the turtle, as so often happens when you have only one person to speak to, they became great friends, and spent most of the day in each other’s company.
All went on smoothly and happily till one summer, ‘when the rains failed and the sun shone so fiercely that every morning there was a little less water in the lake and a little more mud on the bank.
The water-lilies around the edge began to droop, and the palms to hang their heads, and the ducks’ favourite swimming place, where they could dive the deepest, to grow shallower and shallower.
At length there came a morning when the ducks looked at each other uneasily, and before nightfall they had whispered that if at the end of two days rain had not come, they must fly away and seek a new home, for if they stayed in their old one, which they loved so much, they would certainly die of thirst.
Earnestly they watched the sky for many hours before they tucked their heads under their wings and fell asleep from sheer weariness, but not the tiniest cloud was to be seen covering the stars that shone so big and brilliant, and hung so low in the heavens that you felt as if you could touch them.
So, when the morning broke, they made up their minds that they must go and tell the turtle of their plans, and bid him farewell.
They found him comfortably curled up on a pile of dead rushes, more than half asleep, for he was old, and could not venture out in the heat as he once used.
‘Ah ! here you are,’ he cried; ‘I began to wonder if I was ever going to see you again, for, somehow, though the lake has grown smaller, I seem to have grown weaker, and it is lonely spending all day and night by oneself !’
‘Oh ! my friend,’ answered the elder of the two ducks, ‘if you have suffered we have suffered also.
Besides, I have something to tell you, that I fear will cause you greater pain still.
If we do not wish to die of thirst we must leave this place at once, and seek another where the sun’s rays do not come.
My heart bleeds to say this, for there is nothing — nothing else in the world — which would have induced us to separate from you.’
The turtle was so astonished as well as so distressed at the duck’s speech that for a moment he could find no words to reply.
But when he had forced back his tears, he said in a shaky voice:
‘How can you think that I am able to live without you, when for so long you have been my only friends ?
If you leave me, death will speedily put an end to my grief.’
‘Our sorrow is as great as yours,’ answered the other duck, ‘but what can we do ?
And remember that if we are not here to drink the water, there will be the more for you !
If it had not been for this terrible misfortune, be sure that nothing would have parted us from one whom we love so dearly.’
‘My friends,’ replied the turtle, ‘water is as necessary to me as to you, and if death stares in your faces, it stares in mine also.
But in the name of all the years we have passed together, do not, I beseech you, leave me to perish here alone !
Wherever you may go take me with you !’
There was a pause.
The ducks felt wretched at the thought of abandoning their old comrade, yet, at the same time, how could they grant his prayer ?
It seemed quite impossible, and at length one of them spoke:
‘Oh, how can I find words to refuse ?’ cried he, ‘yet how can we do what you ask ?
Consider that, like yours, our bodies are heavy and our feet small.
Therefore, how could we walk with you over mountains and deserts, till we reached a land where the sun’s rays no longer burn ?
Why, before the day was out we should all three be dead of fatigue and hunger !
No, our only hope lies in our wings — and, alas ! you cannot fly !’
‘No, I cannot fly, of course,’ answered the turtle, with a sigh.
‘But you are so clever, and have seen so much of the world – surely you can think of some plan ?’
And he fixed his eyes eagerly on them.
Now, when the ducks saw how ardently the turtle wished to accompany them their hearts were touched, and making a sign to their friend that they wished to be alone they swam out into the lake to consult together.
Though he could not hear what they said, the turtle could watch, and the half-hour that their talk lasted felt to him like a hundred years.
At length he beheld them returning side by side, and so great was his anxiety to know his fate he almost died from excitement before they reached him.
‘We hope we have found a plan that may do for you,’ said the big duck gravely, ‘but we must warn you that it is not without great danger, especially if you are not careful to follow our directions.’
‘How is it possible that I should not follow your directions when my life and happiness are at stake ?’ asked the turtle joyfully.
‘Tell me what they are, and I will promise to obey them gratefully.’
‘Well, then,’ answered the duck, ‘whilst we are carrying you through the air, in the manner that we have fixed upon, you must remain as quiet as if you were dead.
However high above the earth you may find yourself, you must not feel afraid, nor move your feet nor open your mouth.
No matter what you see or hear, it is absolutely needful for you to be perfectly still, or I cannot answer for the consequences.’
‘I will he absolutely obedient,’ answered the turtle, ‘not only on this occasion but during all my life; and once more I promise faithfully not to move head or foot, to fear nothing, and never to speak a word during the whole journey.’
This being settled, the ducks swam about till they found, floating in the lake, a good stout stick.
This they tied to their necks with some of the tough water-lily roots, and returned as quickly as they could to the turtle.
‘Now,’ said the elder duck, pushing the stick gently towards his friend, ‘take this stick firmly in your mouth, and do not let it go till we have set you down on earth again.’
The turtle did as he was told, and the ducks in their turn seized the stick by the two ends, spread their wings and mounted swiftly into the air, the turtle hanging between them.
For a while all went well.
They swept across valleys, over great mountains, above ruined cities, but no lake was to be seen anywhere.
Still, the turtle had faith in his friends, and bravely hung on to the stick.
At length they saw in the distance a small village, and very soon they were passing over the roofs of the houses.
The people were so astonished at the strange sight, that they all — men, women and children — ran out to see it, and cried to each other:
‘Look ! look ! behold a miracle !
Two ducks supporting a turtle !
Was ever such a thing known before !’ Indeed, so great was the surprise that men left their ploughing and women their weaving in order to add their voices to their friends’.
The ducks flew steadily on, heeding nothing of the commotion below; but not so the turtle.
At first he kept silence, as he had been bidden to do, but at length the clamour below proved too much for him, and he began to think that everyone was envying him the power of travelling through the air.
In an evil moment he forgot the promises he had made so solemnly, and opened his mouth to reply, but, before he could utter a word, he was rushing so swiftly through the air that he quickly became unconscious, and in this state was dashed to pieces against the side of a house.
Then the ducks let fall after him the stick that had held up their friend, and which was of no further use.
Sadly they looked at each other arid shook their heads.
‘We feared it would end so,’ said they, ‘yet, perhaps, he was right after all.
Certainly this death was better than the one which awaited him.’
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2023.06.01 00:23 Key_Pineapple_6393 Just another day, hoping for change

Just another day, hoping for change
I don't know what to. I'm trying to fight the manic so hard right now. I can't get out of work, they won't give me time off. I have a safety sensitive job that requires me to be very attentive, it is classified as one of the top five most dangerous jobs. I can't quit, I have so many responsibilities and my financials are very underwater right now. I'm there by myself 10 to 14 hours a day alone. I don't have much for friends, I've reached out everywhere I can multiple times. My daughter is 17 years old and severely bipolar, she just got out of the psych ward, I'm having the hardest time I've ever had being a dad. You can't really call me a bad dad, I love her, look out for her and protect her, but she has seen me at my worst. I feel like I failed her, I didn't protect her, I didn't break the cycle of mental illness. My wife separated from me last week, because we had been fighting a lot. I try hard to communicate and be the best husband I can be, despite my mental illness. She is being as understanding with me as could be expected.... I'm having a very hard time leaving her alone. We were able to have pizza together last night at the park and talk normally. She said the plan is that she'll come home Friday as long as things are calm and things feel good.
I'm scared. I'm really scared, I don't know how I can stop this from happening again. I've done a lot of introspective work on myself, I'm very damaged due to my childhood. I'm trying to learn to love and be loved, no one ever taught me how to do that. I go to therapy twice a week and we go to couples therapy as well. I take the strongest medications I can, but my job does limit the options. When we first met, I was doing much better. I was an amazing partner. I loved her because she was the first person to show me true, caring love. She also became the best stepmom turned into Mom for my daughter.... She changed my daughter's life. She changed my life. We've been through so much together, I don't want to lose this, this has been one of the most meaningful things that's happened in my entire life. I need a break so bad. I want to be better so bad. I want my happily ever after.
I should add that the psych ward isn't really an option. My schizophrenic father was hospitalized sooooo many times, it did no good. My daughter has been churned and burned many times as well. They don't help. I'm not necessarily not suicidal, but I don't have a plan. I cannot EVER take that option tho, my daughter's birth mom has attempted suicide in n front of her twice ... If I did that, she could never recover.
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2023.06.01 00:23 zhannasbro 25[M4F] Boston - Korean guy looking for long conversations over voice and anime watching and gaming sessions

Hey all! My name is Sungmin. I made this post because I want something long term, where we can learn about everything about each other, and finish each other's sentences. I want someone who puts effort and can hold a conversation. My preferred communication is over discord, and I'm basically available there all the time I'm not doing something or sleeping.I love dark humor! I believe anything can be joked about in the right environment, ImFinnaGoToHell has a lot of good ones lol. Send me your most fucked up joke or meme
My main games are league of legends and apex legends, but I'm willing to try other games too! Sion is my most played champ in league and I basically haven't played ranked for 2 seasons after getting close to masters but I just finished my 10 placements to get diamond. For apex I played a fair share of FPS games but I'm always missing 90% of my bullets lol, my main is bangalore, I got lucky and got the heirloom for her!
I have a lot of catching up to do with anime, but I just haven't had the time lately. Last anime I finished were Spy x family S2 and chainsaw man. My favorite character is probably saiki from saiki kusuo, and my favorite villain is by far Askeladd from vinland saga.
I graduated with a neuroscience degree, and I'm looking to go to med school to become a psychiatrist! I'm currently working at a psych inpatient unit, and unironically playing league for over a decade made me develop the patience and mental fortitude to work in this field lol.
I'm an open book so if you have any questions for me or curious about anything ask away and I'll answer the best I can.
****Please provide a picture and a short intro about yourself! I will ignore posts without a picture or just saying Hi or hey.
Here is a picture of me. https://imgur.com/a/nC5eLl8
I hope to meet a lot of you! :)
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2023.06.01 00:21 ScintillatingSiren20 Earn £20 completely free (UK only) no T&C's, no hidden catches.

Earn £20 completely free (UK only) no T&C's, no hidden catches.
Temu are now giving brand new users £20 completely free. No terms or conditions. Free shipping. No games to play. Literally just free money.
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Sign up for free, no catches! https://temu.comykvfXjMXcwZuE
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2023.06.01 00:10 seenunscene what the f**k is this?

felt like ranting about some bullshit disposable i bought today. thc-p. supposed to be the shit right? nope. $42 pissed away that i could have put towards an 8th. see, i live in a state where its ok to get so drunk you piss yourself at a bar, but light up a joint in a public place and see how nany cops tackle your ass. so instead, people like me with chronic pain resort to this shit and im just so fucking done with it all. thc-o, thc-p, thc-a, hhc, delta 8,10,11 and blah blah blah its all BULLSHIT. im done. good old dank green from now on and all these garage cart fillers can go eat a dick you know who you are.
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2023.06.01 00:01 LessImplement9400 How to know if skincare is hydrating enough?

I'm 24 & recently noticed a faint line on my forehead & that my frown lines are a little more noticeable. Obviously this could just be aging, but I have always heard that not having enough hydration can cause dehydration lines / make wrinkles deeper.
Well I thought my routine was super hydrating as I was using literal oil. But I read a few people say that oil itself isn't actually that hydrating, it just helps lock in moisture from other products.
For nearly a year I have been using a couple drops of Environ derma lac lotion & a couple drops of Environ body oil as moisturiser. I have no idea how hydrating either product is, but these lines I've developed have shown up over the past year + there's vitamin A in the oil which my aesthetician said can be drying (even though she's recommending the product?)
I switched to continuing with the derma lac lotion but using a couple drops of MCT oil instead as I have fungal acne so that oil is better for my skin.
But over the past year I've also noticed my foundation goes on horrible as it separates a bit and looks quite flaky.
I have switched to Curel intensive moisture cream yesterday in order to try to have more hydration. Today I did notice my foundation no longer looks flaky and just went on generally better.
But I still don't know if this is actually hydrating enough & wanna know how to tell if it is or not?
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2023.05.31 23:58 Yolink_3 How long can a landlord hold your application fee and how long do they have to make a decision on your application ?

I’ve applied for a unit with one other applicant and we have a service animal. The person I originally applied with is no longer working in the leasing office and passed on the application to another coworker. When I originally applied, it was explained to me that it would take 4-5 business days. I originally applied on May 8, 2023. It is now May 31, 2023 and I still have not received an answer whether a decision was made or not. I have made numerous calls and wrote multiple emails to the leasing office asking if there was any other information they needed from me, and the lady who is helping me out, told me that, she has all the information she needs for the application. I have been very patient with the leasing office with this whole application process, but we are approaching 3 1/2 weeks to a month before a decision is made. I have called and tried to speak with the manager, but the person who answers the phone in the leasing office only takes messages for the manager. Whenever I leave my name and number for the manager to call me back, I never end up getting a call back. I currently live at a privately owned apartment building where I am moving out by the end of June. I have asked multiple people how long it usually takes to hear back and I was told that it usually takes a week at most. Also, to make it clear, both applicants backgrounds are clean, and we have more than quadruple, the monthly income requirement that they stated on the application. Am I entitled to get my money back for the application fee and also the background check fee because at this point, I think it’s time to look elsewhere.
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2023.05.31 23:55 autotldr Biden approves a new $300M military aid package for Ukraine

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WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden has approved a new package of military aid for Ukraine that totals up to $300 million and includes additional munitions for drones and an array of other weapons.
The Biden administration has said it has made clear to Ukraine that U.S.-made weapons should not be used for attacks inside Russian territory.
The new aid package provides munitions to boost Ukraine's air defense capabilities to fend off Russia's air assaults on Kyiv.
Russian officials say the West, which throughout the grinding war has sought to keep the conflict from expanding beyond Ukraine, has not adequately condemned the attack on Russian soil.
The Defense Department has given Ukraine a variety of unmanned aircraft over the last year, for both surveillance and attacks, including at least two versions of the Switchblade, a so-called kamikaze drone that can loiter in the air and then explode into a target.
Including the latest aid, the U.S. has committed more than $37.6 billion in weapons and other equipment to Ukraine since Russia attacked on Feb. 24, 2022.
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2023.05.31 23:51 freshschampoo Got "workstyle" to show icons, how do I add all mising icons?

I got this little add-on to sway to show icons for all windows that are in a workspace: https://github.com/pierrechevalier83/workstyle
It works well, but it comes pre-configured with only a few icons. Icons for many applications that I use are missing: qutebrowser, 1password, keepasss to name a few.
Is there any commnity project I haven't found that lists more glyphs? Or is there some other project that has glyphs for more applications pre-contigured? Or is there an easier way to find suitable glyphs than I know of - I just searched for "qutebrowser icon glyph" and came up empty handed.
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