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2023.06.01 00:55 Educational_Ad7054 More fun facts about my au

Let's start off with Michael fun facts
  1. Michael only bulled Evan mostly because he blamed Evan for what happened to Elizabeth
  2. Michael and the other bully's stayed friends after the bite
  3. Michael had forgiven molten Freddy for scooping him.
  4. Michael found out he was gay sometime around 2010
  5. After fnaf sister location Michael moved to another house
Now some Evan fun facts
  1. Evan only sees the nightmare animatronics only when he goes to visit plushtrap
  2. Evan's best friend was charlie before charlie died.
  3. Evan saw William kill 10 children. once in 1985 and then in 1987
Now Elizabeth fun facts
  1. Elizabeth only scooped Michael because she thought he was William.
  2. Elizabeth only wanted to make William proud to see if he cared
  3. Elizabeth doesn't trust William anymore after she found out what he did
Now MCI and DCI children fun facts
  1. The fnaf 1 and fnaf 2 animatronics don't hate eachother
  2. Cassidy was comforting Cindy/pigtail girl after the bite of 87 also Cindy possess mangle
  3. Charlie was possessing the FredBear plush to watch Evan to make sure her best friend was okay
  4. Dave(toy Bonnie) hates anyone who would try to insult withered Bonnie
Some random fun facts
  1. Funtime Freddy would preform with bon bon or bonnet
2.mendo had made an Endoskeleton for Michael (this is the stupidest one) heart Bonnie can tell when someone has strong feeling for another person
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2023.06.01 00:42 Ritmoking Things that are in a lot of AUs that surprise me, part 2

  1. William having a worryingly abusive childhood.
1b. William's father being a scientist that experimented on his family (like, why 😭)
  1. Jeremy x Michael (I understand it, but it feels like something out of 2016)
  2. Andrew and Cassidy as relatives
  3. Cassie/DLC girl being a relative of Gregory
  4. The only FNAF world character that matters is OMC, because he is the soul of another character
  5. The FNAF 4 town kids were murdered
  6. Pigtail Girl is named "Cindy" (I understand that it is from Bunny Call)
  7. Phone Guy is irrelevant
No hate if your AU has these, it's just that they are more common than I expected.
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2023.05.31 23:36 joker_from_p5 Who else thinks the ruin girl is actually cassidy?

Like,come on,cassie is short for cassidy,she was gray on the teaser(a fnaf telltale sign of ghosts)she is friends with gregory,which according to gregbot(that is likely to be true) is the crying child,sharing the fredbear suit with cassidy.
But what are your thoughts?
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2023.05.31 20:34 VideoGameChronology Why Golden Freddy Is Practically Unsolvable

This is gonna be a long one, so, prepare.
With the recent dump of trailers, I got pulled back into this story and wanted to take another crack at this story. I decided to try and solidify my belief on Golden Freddy, Cassidy, BV, TOYSNHK, and Andrew as they have always stood out to me as unsolvable but why?
Firstly, why are these characters even important? Well, that's a simple answer, because the timeline basically relies on what Golden Freddy theory you believe. There are tons of them, a lot of which have ended up mixing with eachother in weird ways. These theories effect how the story is viewed and how events happen.
So, let's look at Golden Freddy throughout the games and see the theory evolution.
Starting in FNAF 1, Golden Freddy was a rare easter egg where a Freddy poster would change to a Golden Freddy poster leading to him appearing in your room with a girl's giggle causing "It's Me" hallucinations and crashing your game. Another secret in this game would introduce us to the MCI, an event where a man dressed as one of the characters and lured 5 kids to back room, killing them and stuffing them into suits. There were 5 kids and 5 characters, so it was pretty obvious that the 5th child was Golden Freddy.
That theory stayed true in FNAF 2 and was practically proven by Give Gifts Give Life showing a 5th child in the final frame of that minigame before Golden Freddy's jumpscare. It continued to be believed in FNAF 3 with more proof being given thanks to Happiest Day showing Golden Freddy as connected to the other 4 kids, needing to give cake to the first 4 before freeing all 5 of them plus The Puppet.
It seemed pretty obvious that the 5th MCI kid was Golden Freddy, then FNAF 4 happened. FNAF 4 introduced a new character, the Crying Child/Bite Victim. BV was a young boy that saw an event that made him scared of the animatronics. He was constantly bullied by his older brother leading to his death at his own birthday party in the Bite of '83. Why did this complicate things? Because BV had a major connection to Happiest Day with his birthday essentially being a reflection of Happiest Day. Near identical table locations, same balloon colors, and same kids with masks. To many, it heavily implied that BV was Golden Freddy and Happiest Day was there to give BV the birthday he never had.
Just one problem with that, the 5th MCI kid was Golden Freddy. The first instinct was the rush to the idea that either BV was the 5th MCI kid or that the 5th MCI kid was actually The Puppet and they're closely connected to the other kids. There were two different arguments for BV5th at the time.
Argument 1: The Kids Disppeared, Nothing Definitively Stated They Were All Killed By Purple Guy
Essentially this theory went that no one ever told anyone what happened to BV, instead hiding his body technically making him a missing child. This theory had problems though, for one, the newspapers state the kids disappeared at Freddy's and the FNAF 4 location is clearly Fredbear's, there's not a single Freddy's character shown, even out front the mascot is shown as Fredbear. Secondly, we do see all five of the MCI kids died at Freddy's in Foxy Go Go Go.
This was a common rebuttal and was typically followed with:
Argument 2: The Puppet was the 5th Child, Nothing States That Golden Freddy was the 5th
This one was better, I mean, Golden Freddy has always been the odd man out, way more paranormal than the others, wasn't there in Give Gifts until the last frame, and was from a completely different era of animatronics, the springlock era. However, there were still problems, namely that Scott would go on to say that we pretty much solved FNAF 1-3 meaning the 5th child was likely Golden Freddy.
Another less common argument was the idea that BV died twice, once in the Bite and again in the MCI or the reverse depending on when they thought the MCI happened relative to the Bite. This one was out there, claiming that he somehow survived his first death (typically with people stating you can live a Bite to the frontal lobe or that maybe he wasn't stuffed in a suit) or that he did die but was revived by The Puppet known for giving life. Problem with the second one is that there was little proof of revival even being a thing at this point, the only time people came back to life were as animatronics. The first one was more likely but still a bit of a stretch to claim that a child would survive any of those injuries.
Despite the problems, the evidence towards BV becoming Golden Freddy was considered too solid for there to be another answer, having him literally be the birthday boy of a party mirroring Happiest Day where Golden Freddy was the birthday boy seemed huge. That's not to say there weren't other theories, there were tons of them, but him being Golden Freddy was the most largely accepted one with the main argument being that The Puppet was the 5th child.
FNAF World's release only further fueled the belief in GoldenVictim as FNAF World linked BV's death directly to Happiest Day, no one could really claim at that point that connections didn't exist besides just saying that FNAF World wasn't canon.
Silver Eyes in the other hand told us that Michael, a child of the MCI, was Golden Freddy which fueled the belief on the opposite side but when the book was confirmed out of universe and stated to not be used to the solve the lore, that evidence seemed gone.
Sister Location did nothing to help either theory but when Scott said that MatPat got his FNAF 1-SL timeline mostly correct people felt strengthened in their belief that BV was Golden Freddy while others pointed out that Scott never confirmed and it could be something Mat for wrong.
FFPS came out and Golden Freddy was only brought up in discussion about the hidden grave and a drawing people thought might be hinting to the Afton Family with BV as a bear. This just became additional pieces of evidence to each side's argument but BV was still prevailing.
Then the Logbook happened and things got messy. The Logbook was giving hints that the name of Golden Freddy would be revealed if you solved the "My Name" puzzle. When it was solved, the name was revealed as Cassidy. Why was this important? Because Cassidy was a character in the books, a character that was female with dark hair. BV was male with brown hair. Many GoldenVictimers were quick to defend their theory stating that Scott said the books should be ignored and that Cassidy could very well be a BV in the games, using name etymology to back it up by saying Cassidy is a unisex name. But the other was pointing out two things:
1: Scott has been adding more book stuff to the games in FFPS with Henry, Charlie, Susie, Remnant, etc. So, it isn't a stretch that Scott would make Cassidy the same as she was in the books.
2: The logbook has The Puppet giving cake to a girl with black hair on a page about Happiest Day
These came with rebuttals. For the first one, people pointed out that if Scott was using Cassidy like in the books, Cassidy wouldn't be Golden Freddy. For the second one, people claimed that it might not actually be an important detail and that it wasn't actually showing Happiest Day.
As time went on, more and more people became convinced that Cassidy was female while GoldenVictimers either went to believe in CassidyVictim or they tried to find other ways for BV to be Golden Freddy while Cassidy can also be Golden Freddy. The GoldenDuo we know today was a little different, instead of there being two souls in Golden Freddy, it was instead that there were to Golden Freddys, typically split up as FNAF 1 GF and FNAF 2 GF.
Thanks to the Logbook, another Bite Victim theory was gaining traction, MikeVictim, the theory that BiteVictim died and was revived either as a normal human or a robot becoming Michael. Unlike BV5th, this theory was believed by MatPat meaning, despite being very similar in content, this theory was more well liked than BV5th. However, people with different beliefs on who Mike and Bite Victim were started trying to debunk this idea with the idea of there being two ghosts inhabiting the Logbook, the questioner being Cassidy and the answerer being BV with Mike just being there. This argument still goes on today between the few that still believe in MikeVictim and those that don't and the Logbook has basically become the most tackled topic when conversating about basically any Bite Victim or Michael Afton theory.
UCN mixed the pot even further and problems for CassiShe, CassidyVictim, and GoldenVictim were arriving to the surface. In UCN we played as someone trapped in some kind of purgatory, stuck in here by someone who they shouldn't have killed, someone that is shown in OMC's minigame and the final cutscene to be Golden Freddy. The ideas were that we played as either William or Michael and who we played as was basically the deciding factor of whether or not Golden Freddy was Cassidy or BV.
GoldenVictim enjoyers had a lot more on their side this time around, Golden Freddy was constantly referred to as male, Bear of Vengeance seems to be connected to BV and FoxyBro, the references to FNAF World seemed to link back to BV, the OMC minigame where you drown in the lake being similar to an ending in FNAF World leading you to a Happiest Day with 3 figures that people though could be the Afton children.
People who believed Cassidy wasn't Bite Victim but was Golden Freddy were suddenly split into CassiShe and CassiHe. Because of the male pronouns, people switched to Cassidy being male only for GoldenVictimers who before claimed that the books shouldn't matter began claiming that Cassidy is a girl because of the books with CassiHe believers saying that the books and games are different continuities so that doesn't matter.
CassiShe on the other hand stuck with their guns and tried to figure out how the male pronouns and Male child face could be ignored or answered. The argument was typically that they were referring to the suit, not the actual child or that the references to gender didn't matter as it was supposed to be a mystery.
However, some theorists believed GoldenCassidy but thought Mike was the protagonist and some theorists believed in GoldenVictim but thought William was the protagonist. This led to them and other theorists coming up with the idea that TOYSNHK wasn't Golden Freddy at all but could maybe be another character.
This remained a major talking point until the Fazbear Frights series for three reasons.
Reason #1: Man in Room 1280
Man in Room 1280 heavily implied William Afton was the person being tortured by Andrew, the book equivalent of Golden Freddy as seen in The New Kid. This led to the community basically seeing WillHell as a fact leading to CassiShe, CassiHe, and TOYSNHK being someone else being the last theories when it came to UCN.
Reason #2: Multiple Souls In One Body
One of the epilogues showed that the Stitchwraith was inhabited by a kid named Jake and another kid named Andrew. Andrew had been torturing a man that did him wrong, not letting him die, latching onto his soul, similarly to TOYSNHK. This led to people comparing Andrew to TOYSNHK and Golden Freddy and also led to modern day GoldenDuo. In the book, it's described that if multiple souls inhabit a body, some of their senses are gone like how Andrew couldn't see anything but Jake could. This was compared to a line in the Logbook some thought BV said, "I can't see".
People took this to mean that BV was in an animatronic with someone else. This created GoldenDuo, the idea that both Cassidy and BV were Golden Freddy together.
Reason #3: StitchlineGames
Scott had said that the books would link to the games and some took that as meaning that certain stories would be in game continuity. This led to the theory StitchlineGames where the StitchwraithStingers and the stories connected to them were all in continuity with the games. This meant that Andrew was considered by many to be Golden Freddy and TOYSNHK.
These last 2 had their rebuttals. For the 2nd one, people had a problem with GoldenDuo because they felt it lacked any real evidence. Every time we saw Golden Freddy it has always been with one soul, not just in the games but in the books aswell, and the film also features only 5 kids with one of them likely being Golden Freddy. For those who thought Golden Freddy was a ghost, they also questioned if two souls could merge into one without the metal Endoskeleton for them to share in possession.
For the 3rd, some just didn't believe the Stitchwraith stories were in continuity, mainly because they felt like parallels. The events in the books all felt like they sorta rehashed things seen in the games as if to tell us something about those events through the experiences of non-related characters. There were tons of stories with similar topics like family, divorced parents, sibling relationships, toys to monitor kids, sick children, agony, etc. Some also felt that Andrew would be a completely pointless inclusion as his only role would be in the Stitchwraith stories and as TOYSNHK.
And that's kinda where things have left off and it becomes clear why a true answer is impossible. It seems mostly agreed at this point that Cassidy is Golden Freddy, that has kind of stayed true since the Logbook released with some exceptions. The problem is Cassidy themselves has so many different forms to them. Some think they're female, some think they're male, and some think they're the Bite Victim. Ontop of that, BV is very closely connected to Golden Freddy in ways that some can't really ignore. Some have said that those connections are to Happiest Day, not exactly to Golden Freddy. The problem with Bite Victim is that he never appears after FNAF World, it isn't confirmed he's even in the Logbook. Then there's Andrew which is a perfect example of Scott just not telling us stuff straight. Out of everything that needs to be confirmed, the canonicity of certain media needs to be confirmed, you can't just release 11 books of stories with questionable canonicity and then say that some of them may or may not be in continuity. Your belief in Andrew purely relies on your thoughts of Fazbear Frights being in continuity.
Golden Freddy is an impossible mystery because the candidates we're given aren't mentioned at all besides Cassidy. BV appears in one game where he's the focal point, is the reason you make the pieces in FNAF World, and then he vanishes off the face of the earth, reduced to references. Andrew makes only a few appearances in the FF books but he's never mentioned before or after those books. Not only that but BV and Andrew are practically pointless to the story if they are Golden Freddy because what does BV do besides maybe get freed in Happiest Day and what does Andrew do outside of Frights besides be TOYSNHK.
It might be simple to say Cassidy is Goldem Freddy and leave at that but even Cassidy has parts that don't quite make sense, specifically from UCN with the emphasis on TOYSNHK being male and CassiHe's only evidence is that TOYSNHK is Golden Freddy, Cassidy is Golden Freddy, TOYSNHK is Male, Cassidy is Male. That really isn't that much evidence.
Each and everyone of these theories require evidence to be removed or ignored, some of them require leaps in logic, some rely on retcons, and some rely on bad storytelling. This, to me, makes Golden Freddy, and his candidates, practically impossible to solve.
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2023.05.31 03:14 whynottakedownthevid Is the Chica girl an Elizabeth robot?

There is no evidence of Elizabeth being back, but wouldn't it be weird for her to be the only one gone?
Afton is obviously back somehow, as the sprite in Princess Quest can't be Mimic since he says he always comes back and "its me". Maybe he's the new character in the Ruin trailer.
Mike is back as mftn. The MCI are back as the Blob. Cassidy is back in Princess Quest. Charlie is back in CharlieDoor. Everyone is back except Elizabeth. That's sus, she wasn't even super important to fnaf 6, so why would she be the one who died there? Why wouldn't she be in the Blob?
Someone pointed out in my last post about Chica Girl and Cassie that they can't be the same, since Cassie is associated with Roxy instead. But Chica Girl has to have some part to play in this, since she has the post it notes. So, what if she's another character, someone else who was there?
The notes are clearly talking to someone. It's likely that there were multiple people in the room. One if the notes says "you are Afton family". So the writer isn't an Afton, but they're talking to someone who is. Due to Cassie and Charlie's connection, Cassie has to be the writer of the notes, since we know the writer is a Charlie robot. Which means Chica Girl would be Elizabeth.
What do you think?
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2023.05.30 23:48 MyOpinionIsBetter123 Could somebody fill me in on FNAF 4?

Hey, so I've managed to catch myself up to speed with the current FNAF lore, but I have a few questions about FNAF 4 specifically. Still the game we know least about in my opinion.
Who the hell do we play in FNAF 4? I know that for the longest time it was Crying Child, but now it seems like it might be Michael? I really don't know.
Also, was it really a dream? I personally favor this theory because I think its what Scott wanted, and its what's in the box.
Finally, what is the difference between Fredbear and Golden Freddy? Fredbear is purple, and Freddy is black. I remember that distinction in UCN. So... whos in who? I know Cassidy is probably Golden Freddy because of the void cutscene in that game being Golden Freddy. And Fredbear killed Crying Child, so he's in Fredbear. So why do we see Golden Freddy when we're playing as Michael? And why does he say its me? Wouldn't that mean he's actually the Crying Child? Then there's the theory of BOTH being in Golden Freddy, I remember MatPat said that awhile ago.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for filling me in.
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2023.05.30 23:40 Flamefart3 Imma be honest, the theory with the mimic is kinda stupid

Ok so before you bite my frontal lobe off just hear me out.
From what I know the mimic was something that came from the books right? And wasn’t it a known thing that the books aren’t canonical to the games? In my opinion of events, assuming the mimic theory isn’t true, I’ll start from Henry’s speech at the end of fnaf 6
Everyone burns, but doesn’t die (except Henry), so they’re all trapped in the wreckage
William is tortured by Cassidy since he has nowhere to go and is once again on the brink of death
Fazbear entertainment uses the AI chips in the animatronics to expedite production of fnaf vr. What they don’t know is that William’s soul was on the ai chip that they took out of his corpse/animatronic, so William is able to escape Cassidy’s torture and manifest himself in the game as Glitchtrap
William uses the game as a means to possess beta testers to try to take over their minds, which he eventually succeeds in Vanessa.
Vanessa, under williams influence, takes over the pizzaplex and infects it with the virus, which makes all the other animatronics hostile. Vanny then uses the glam rocks to burrow down to the fnaf 6 location to recover his body. Vanny uses Monty to destroy glam rock Bonnie to use as part to repair william’s body, which would become Burntrap.
Meanwhile, when the fnaf 6 location was uncovered, Micheal’s soul managed to escape, finding a home in glamrock Freddy, where he lies dormant.
One day, Gregory comes along, trying to uncover the mystery behind 9 children’s disappearances (which we find out about in SB worst ending), but gets chased by Vanny/Vanessa and eventually hides in Freddy’s chest.
This when the events of the game take place.
Now with what we see in the Ruin trailer and assuming that the Afton ending is the canon ending, I think Gregory escapes the pizzaplex but Freddy gets trapped under falling rubble. Gregory eventually comes back to try to find Freddy but gets trapped (presumably by William and Vanny), and thus somehow calls Cassie for help, which will lead to whatever happens in the ruin dlc
This my personal take on events since I think there a lot of holes in the mimic theory, and I don’t want to follow something that is only a mimic of the franchises main villain. What are your thoughts?
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2023.05.30 22:37 EpicMazement Why Old Man Consequences might be Andrew

  1. Andrew wears a Gator Mask despite his implied connection to Fredbear. Old Man Consequences looks a lot like a GatoCroc.
  2. OMC is only ever seen in FNAF World and UCN, talking to Cassidy. He is then represented by the Old Man in SB, who talks to Cassidy. Andrew is implied to possess Fredbear, and mirrors Cassidy in many ways. It's also implied that Cassidy was also in UCN, further connecting Cassidy to Andrew.
  3. He is named Consequences. Andrew is a ghost kid who forces Afton to suffer the consequences of his actions.
  4. OMC is red, a color associated with anger. Andrew is very much known for his anger.
  5. Cassidy in FNAF World finds OMC deep within the code of FNAF World. This might represent Cassidy finding Andrew deep within Fredbear.
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2023.05.29 18:34 EpicMazement Why the FNAF 3 Happiest Day minigames, FNAF World, and the Logbook are most likely telling the exact same story

This is all the evidence for why Why the FNAF 3 Happiest Day minigames, FNAF World, and the Logbook all represent Charlotte having Cassidy help Garrett remember within FredbeaGolden Freddy.

  1. Fredbear Plush/Charlotte tells Adventure Freddy to leave bread crumbs for him. In the Logbook, Cassidy asks Garrett several things regarding his past, like she is leaving bread crumbs for him.
  2. Cassidy in the OMC minigame looks exactly like Adventure Freddy when he is in the OMC forest, implying Cassidy and Adventure Freddy are connected.
  3. They most likley don't literally talk in the Logbook, since their is no room in the timeline and the would have no reason to. And due to the basic rules of Agony, a lot of Garrett's essence would naturally possess Fredbear.
  4. Each of the FNAF 3 Minigames we play for Happiest Day connect to Garrett's past in the FNAF 4 minigames. Toy Chica = the Chica toy missing it;s beak, which Scott implied meant something. Mangle = the broken Funtime Foxy toy. Balloon Boy = the kid with the balloon. Fredbear = ... well, Fredbear. Shadow Bonnie = the shadow of Springbonnie. The fact that we play these same minigames in FNAF World supports this.
  5. If FNAF World represents Cassidy helping Garrett remember while in Fredbear, then finding Old Man Consequences deep within the code of the game might be meant to represent Andrew being deep within Fredbear. OMC is always tied to Cassidy in some way, is in the color associated with anger, is seen as a UCN entity, and is named after consequences, and looks like a Gator. Andrew is shown to possess Fredbear, he mirrors Cassidy in many ways, is known for his anger, is behind Ultimate Custom Night, and for wanting Afton to suffer consequences, and wears a Gator mask.
  6. Many people say the FNAF World map looks like a brain, which makes sense if FNAF World represents helping Garrett with his memory loss.
  7. The Logbbook shows Marionette showing a cake to a Cassidy representation on a page talking about Happiest Day. While many say this implies that Cassidy is Happiest Day kid, the fact that the FNAF 3 HD minigames connect to Garrett ,the HD memory is clearly the Fredbear's where Garrett died, and the fact that Cassidy is still around even when Afton is most likely gone implies Garrett is HD kid. The picture of Cassidy, Marionette and the cake might have been meant to show they both play a role in setting up HD.
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2023.05.29 14:59 TheoristDude101 Wouldn’t fnaf 3/6 take place in 2015? And NOT 2023? Hear me out all the way:

The “events” at Freddy’s equals the MCI: 1985, not the closing of Freddy’s in 1993 which 1993+30=2023 which is extremely wrong, HRY223 has no 0, and could very easily mean some date with no actual year and can’t be used as strong evidence after being disproven on this subreddit countless times.
1985+30=2015 (2015=fnaf 3/6)
2015+4/5=2019/2020=opening of pizzaplex.
“Pizzaplex opened at least 5 years” = 4/5.
We play FNAF security breach in assumingely 2024.
2024-2015 = 9 year gap.
9-5 = 4.
This has many possible meanings tho:
Fnaf 4 gameplay = at least 5 years before 2024. (2019 or below)
Four main animatronics : Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, their heads being shown at the endings of fnaf 3, meaning fnaf 3 takes place at least 5 years before SB. (2019 or below, presumably 2015.)
Or even meaning 4 characters: William, Henry, Michael, and Charlotte or Cassidy. Michael having to deal with the puppet in the events of fnaf 2, William being sent to hell by Cassidy, Charlotte being the child of Henry, Michael being the child of William, and Cassidy being TOYSNHK.
Or even four main locations: Fredbears, Freddy’s, Freddys Re-opened, Sister Location, and finally the Build Your Own Pizzeria to pretty much end the Afton Era aside from UCN but at that point everyone’s already like, dead. (fnaf 3 doesn’t count since it’s a horror attraction and not a pizzeria or anything, and security breach is just theories on who’s who and if some people are some people and if they aren’t.)
If this isn’t enough evidence I could give more.
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2023.05.29 12:59 Responsible-Log-2991 is Old man consequences henry or William? (Theorys)

ALR so me and my friend were trying to solve the Old man consequences and we gatherd theorys Im on henrys team and this is my theory
1: old man consequences only appeared in a single game which is my theory that he is Henry all of the souls will go to heaven while henry says in the ending "but one of you will be in the darkest pit of hell so dont keep the devil waiting old friend" which also OMC says that souls will rest and blah blah , what is old man consequences you may ask? Old Man Consequences is often associated with death and destruction. He is said to be the personification of karma, and as such, he represents the consequences that come from our actions. and William did get his karma many times. so if OMC is just karma from our actions or anything associated with death and karma then henry is OMC because henry did get revenge on Willaim and that is karma. that bear when we get to old man consequences is kind of golden Freddy or just Fred bear which is possessed by Cassidy and OMC says "leave the demons to his demons (which is apparently William) rest your own soul there is nothing else" he says that to Cassidy because Cassidy already got her revenge on William so is old man consequences henry? It'd match pretty well with OMC's name as:
Henry would be pretty old (likely in his 70's or 80's) by the time of FFPS.
The FFPS fire served as consequences for William's actions.
Another thing that could suggest this is OMC's whole schtick about freeing souls, as in UCN he has a role in freeing Cassidy and in FNAF World he has sort of a role of freeing CC soul too . Henry's mission in FFPS is literally to free all of the souls that became trapped because of William's actions.
And then there's also the similarities in dialogue between the two, both basically condemning William to Hell.
Although for one of you, the darkest pit of Hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don't keep the Devil waiting, old friend. -Henry, Good Ending Leave the demon to his demons. -Old Man Consequences, UCN
this is my friend theory that old man consequences is william
theory 1:the old man is FREDDY?!: if you set Old Man Consequences to 1 and the rest to 0, during gameplay, catching a fish will result in being sent to OMC's pond. You can move around, and you look like you're playing as golden Freddy because if you look at it, it looks like Golden Freddy (maybe because of the top hat). XD
theory 2:the old man is an animatronic: You see if you go & google "FNAF OLD MAN CONSEQUENCES" you will see lots of pictures of him and some show us that he's an animatronic that looks just like Monty from 'SB' mabey cuz he was released before monty so they took the old man & made him green?
theory 3:the old man is William [THIS IS A CRAZY ONE]: you see if in the game there is a hack that is triggered by setting all the animatronics to 0 and OMC to 1 then if you9 speed up the background audio sounds like somebody is screaming "MIKEEE, HENRYY, HELPPP, HELP MEE' yea something like that.

vote are you on henrys side or wiliams side?
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2023.05.29 04:09 Madness_Combat_man My Timeline (long as heck)

PROLOGUE: This story begins with two families, the Emilys and the Aftons. William Afton and Henry Emily, the businessman and the engineer, two people who together formed an empire, an empire of happiness, an empire where fun and joy come to life. now let's stop nonsense, not everything is rosy. Afton, William Afton has problems, he is going through a divorce and several court battles for the custody of his children, but he is a liar, a cheater. he always lies in court and yet ends up winning custody of each of his children. His wife, the mother of his children, she couldn't stand being alone, being betrayed. unfortunately, she took her own life, she could not stand it.
MIDNIGHT MOTORIST: William was devastated, even being apart affected him. He buried the body of his wife near the house, but he couldn't stand it, he fell into alcohol to the point of being kicked out of JR'S, the local bar. William, drunk and blinded by rage, goes to fredbear's family diner, the restaurant that he and henry opened to get even with henry, but he doesn't find henry, but his daughter, charlie. William, having no one to take it out on and being drunk, made a decision, a decision that would torment him for the rest of his days... after the murder, William watched from his car and noticed that the security puppet left the restaurant to rescue Charlie, but it was too late. Upon noticing this, William ran away at full speed because they could see him, when he got home after passing the speed limit of the roundabout Michael, his oldest son tells him "he had a long day, don't bother him" but he doesn't tell him I was going to say what to do, he was just a teenager. "I told you not to lock your door" "OPEN THE DOOR" William yells "I'll find a way in from the outside" he whispers as he leaves the house, coming out and around the house to his youngest son window he realizes something "he ran away to that place again" the window of the youngest son was broken "when he comes back he will be sorry" he thinks in his mind.
THE BITE OF 83: William knew that his youngest son was running away, even with the bullying he received from his older brother wearing that old, dirty and butchered foxy mask was not enough to prevent his escapes so William thought of taking action more extreme... from his office in his secret "bunker" he was monitoring the cameras that he installed in his youngest son's room while talking to him through a walkie-talkie that he attached to his son's favorite stuffed animal , everything seemed "normal" until now, but his plan would start at night, monstrous versions of the animatronics that his son once adore began to hunt him at night, leaving him without rest from 12 to 6 A.M. His plan worked perfectly, for every night that passed was another day of pure whining. Michael loved it, from one day to the next his younger brother began to be afraid of him and to celebrate he planned the ultimate joke. The next day, michael and his friends were ready, they grabbed michael's little brother, they took him in front of fredbear, they picked him up and..."i think the birthday boy wants to kiss fredbear in 3,2,1... Michael said before his brother's skull was crushed. michael and his friends stopped laughing and began to stress, scream and cry, while the day shift guard called an ambulance. After that William and Michael became distant, with each passing day William became more distant, each day spending more time in his office. He didn't even bother drinking alcohol anymore, William was furious about what Michael did and he wanted him to suffer the consequences and that's when he remembered those animatronics he used against his youngest son that were supposedly nightmares, he's going to make Michael pay for it. what he did.
EPILOGUE: William returns to fredbear's after charlie's "incident", but william noticed something strange in the puppet, charlie's body was covered by the puppet that miraculously continued to work, because it was making a short circuit due to the rain that night, William arrived at the scene of the crime and immediately the puppet began to wave its malfunctioning arms while pointing at william with purple tears that he did not have before, but that did not matter too much to him because they were taking the puppet to the sister location of fredbear's, freddy fazbear's pizza.
FREDDY'S: Due to various springlock failures, the incident involving William's son and the murder of Charlie, the springlock suits and the puppet were removed to Freddy fazbear pizza to be remodeled and used in safer ways, henry was in charge of the pizzeria, even after the death of charlie he was taking care of his work, something that he does not share with William. While Michael suffered at night, William thought about the puppet, about how it was aimed at him, about its tears that were painted on his mask. "Is it Charlie?", he wondered, curiosity was killing him so he decided to do an experiment. William drove to Freddy's, put on the springbonnie suit and started telling lies "your dog is alive, follow me" he lured the kids into the safe room and killed them one by one although he went a bit too far with the fifth "I'll put a bag on the head and I'll hit him with a shovel" poor Cassidy, William put each body in a suit to test if it had an effect, he left the suit and left without anyone seeing him, or so he thought, because the cameras saw him with the suit, but the police let him off because there was no evidence of him being the one wearing the suit.
CBEAR: William knew he had to keep experimenting, but he couldn't go back to Freddy's or the police would eventually catch him, so he got down to business, William created animatronics with mechanisms to catch and kill children, so William could catch and kill children(duh). experimenting with this new thing he discovered called "remnant" but his animatronics didn't kill the right girl. "Daddy, but didn't you just make it for me?" When no one was looking, Elizabeth, William's daughter, approached the circus baby who was tempting her with ice cream, but that didn't turn out very well...
FNAF 2: Freddy's reopens its doors, even with the blood stains in his name he manages to sell pizza and merchandise, William, seeing that Freddy's reopened without him as co-founder, he will not let them take all the glory, if he could kill 5 kids then he can kill another 5, even though he didn't have his rabbit costume he still has the bear costume. This time William didn't even bother to hide the bodies, because the more obvious they are, the more popularity fazbear entertainment is going to lose. William took the night watch job, as he did not get the chance to see the results of his subsequent assassinations, his experiments turned out to be quite effective which led him to continue experimenting in his secret office.
EPILOGUE: After Jeremy's shift change and incident, a new security guard appears on orders from his father to manipulate the animatronics, Michael Afton.
FOLLOW ME BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ABOUT FNAF 1: A year has passed since the closure of Freddy's and William continues to experiment, he knows that animatronics can be possessed, but not how, so he goes to the now abandoned location of Freddy's to try different methods of experimentation in the endo skeletons of the animatronics. The first thing he tried was to melt the endo skeletons and inject them into the funtime animatronics, surprisingly this worked. On his fifth visit in search of more metal parts he found the souls of those children he murdered and we all know how that ended.
SISTER LOCATION: Of all the orders that his father had given him, this was the strangest "look for your sister on the ground floor of CBPW" but Michael did not question it twice and he listened to his father, he went to CBPW, he went to the elevator and there he was in some kind of secret bunker that he never knew about, blah blah blah as "baby" guided Michael towards the scooper, Ennard, this combination of funtime animatronics gets ready, michael arrives at the scooper, Ennard turns on the scooper and...
FNAF 3 AND 4: Michael wants to find his father now more than ever, William took his life and now Michael will take away everything that was important to him. A new Freddy's opened, but it wasn't a pizzeria, it was an attraction, a horror attraction. Michael heads to work there looking for his father and making him pay with his own life and business, and yes, he did find him, but not in the way Michael expected. What was once his father is now a rabbit? How low have you sunk William afton, Michael thinks in his mind. For every night he spent in that attraction hallucinations from his past come to life along with his nightmares, those monstrosities in the shape of Freddy's gang tormented him once again as in his childhood until he put an end to the attraction and to his father.
EPILOGUE: After the fire, fazbear entertainment auctioned off what was left of the ride, even with two people hoping to see and buy William afton he still ran away before the auction. These two people were Henry and Michael who met at the auction, thanks to the fact that the two share the same goal they put together a plan.
FFPS: Henry and Michael start their plan, while Henry informs the rest of the members of Fazbear entertainment to build a new pizzeria, Michael, with CBEAR technology and his technical skills, he creates small robots called RASC using technology of audios that his father had developed to attract the animatronics. Once the pizzeria is finished its construction, Michael attended as a guard to do the interviews with the animatronics and to finish this once and for all.
UCN: Michael and Henry's plan worked, William was dead and paying the consequences of his actions, being tortured by copies of his and Henry's creations, but, ironically, the one that was once massacred by William is now massacring William , Cassidy.
HELP WANTED: Fazbear entertainment was reduced from a corporate entity to an LLC entity. FE uses the little money they had left to make various VR games in an attempt to reverse Freddy's bad reputation, however, the circuit board of one of the endo skeletons they scanned infected the system and two people were possesed, Vanessa, the beta tester and Gregory, a boy who bought the game after Fazbear entertainment believed that the virus disappeared, but the virus is still intact.
In this part the TFTPPs occur that I am not going to explain because I am not here for that, Special Delivery would also go but it does not have much lore.
SECURITY BREACH: After the Storyteller infected the Pizzaplex and killed the CEO and Edwin Murrey, Fazbear entertainment removed the Storyteller from the Pizzaplex although the damage was done, with the arrival of Vanessa and the strange and unexplained presence of Gregory, evil dwelled below from the Pizzaplex with the intention of copying and imitating William Afton who had been dead for at least a year. END.
Here is a graphical version of the timeline:
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2023.05.28 12:57 EdgyLearner138 I made a FNaF Poster in Google Slides. It's supposed to be Cassidy showing up to Afton during the FNaF 6 fire. I think it's pretty good, considering it was Google Slides of all things.

I made a FNaF Poster in Google Slides. It's supposed to be Cassidy showing up to Afton during the FNaF 6 fire. I think it's pretty good, considering it was Google Slides of all things. submitted by EdgyLearner138 to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 02:41 EpicMazement Could Nightmare and the Mimic1 Program/Virus have eventually become one?

  1. The name of the Staff Bot Silo -which is implied to belong to the Mimic- is named Charliedoor.
  2. The lights above the Charliedoors match the colors of the Security Puppet bracelets.
  3. The Staff Bot Silo is filled with Nightmare Bot heads, who seem to still be functioning. If the Mimic1 Virus and the Endo became separate entities, this could be the Virus watching the Endo.
  4. The Staff Bot Silo has a sticky note with 7 people that says "friends", likely a reference to Charlotte and her friends, Susie, Jeremy, Gabriel, Fritz, Cassidy and Garrett.
  5. The backstory of the Mimic mirrors the story of Henry, Charlie and the Charliebots, while still being in the Gameline.
  6. The Mimic1 Amalgamation and the Blob -who are implied to be connected by PQ- have black tentacles, like Nightmare in the Stingers as Eleanor, and like Nightmarionne's tentacles in HW.
  7. The Blob has the mask of Nightmarionne, but with no tears, which would make sense if Mimic1 as Blob was meant to be like a dark Charlie, puppeteering everything in a similar fashion to how Marionette guided the animatronics.
  8. The Nightmare Bots seem to look the way they do because of Mimic1, which would make sense if Mimic1 were Nightmare.
  9. The Nightmare Bots have "In Your Dreams" written on their chests, which doesn't make much sense for Mimic1 or Vanny to do put on them otherwise.
  10. Characters in SD are given UCN lines. Nightmare is implied to have been in UCN with Andrew and Cassidy.
  11. Spring Mimic in the Pizza Place Ending has the claws of a Nightmare Animatronic, which are connected to Nightmare.
  12. We find the Nightmare Plushie in the Endo nursery, which both has references to FNAF 4 and UCN -both being games that have Nightmare in them. This same area hints at Mimic1's control over the Endos. When we collect this plush, the Glamrock Endo behind it activates. The plush is also in a Gold box, which is usually only given tot he gold plushies, hinting at it's importance, along with the fact that he is one of the only none-SB character plush you ca collect, along with Bonnie, Foxy and Baby, some of the biggest names in FNAF.
  13. In an arcade, we see some black cables with white stripes, possibly hinting at Nightmare being within the walls of the Pizzaplex.
  14. When we get too close to Agony when we collect Remnant in SD using the app infected by Mimic1, we get attacked by RXQ, who FF implies is Nightmare in another form.
  15. Frailty seems to hint at Nightmare being a part of the story.
  16. In SB FR, we see what might be Eleanor in Vanny's lair, like how Vanny had the Mimic Endo in the recharge station in the Pizza Place, where she has clearly made into her lair for a while, and the boss after Vanny is Dreamgeist, a huge FNAF 4 reference. FNAF 4 is a game where we see Nightmare messing with Michael's nightmares. This could be mean tto hint at Nightmare pulling the strings.
  17. The website for SB - Ruin shows a purple Steelwool logo with a green reflection. Green is associated with Charlotte. When you point your arrow to the green one, it says "shadows within shadows". This could represent Nightmare, a Shadow entity, possessing mimic1, who is like a shadow of Afton.
  18. Characters liek the Nightmares being in the game also adds up more if Mimic1 is Nightmare.
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2023.05.28 01:07 ur_local_weirdo_XD FACTS ABOUT MY AU!!!

  1. William was born in 1935
  2. Isabelle (Mrs. Afton) was born in 1938
  3. William was verbally and physically abusive towards his children and Isabelle. He also neglected them.
  4. Michael bullied C.C. after Elizabeth and Isabelle’s deaths.
  5. C.C.’s full name is Evan Garett Afton
  6. Elizabeth’s full name is Elizabeth Anne Afton
  7. Michael’s full name is Michael Terrence Afton
  8. Michael is gay and had a secret relationship with the Bonnie Mask Tormentor (Leslie). Only the other Tormentors and Mrs. Afton knew
  9. William is homophobic and transphobic
  10. There are three missing children’s incidents. Incident 1 happened in ’85 where Andrew died, the other 2 happened in ’87 the firsr being the MCI we learned about in FNaF 1 and the ither being Evan’s friends the FNaF 4 kids
  11. All of the FNaF 4 Tormentora died. Jamie (Chica Mask) was killed by William in 1985 (he was kidnapped and then was stabbed and strangled) his body was then put in the dumpster for Michael to see when he took out the trash. Leslie (Bonnie Mask) was Jeremy Fitzgerald (Bite of ’87) and he workes there because his younger brother was the missing kid Jeremy. Mei (Freddy Mask) jumped off of Jumper’s Cliff from the Fazbear Frights story the Cliffs after losing all of his friends.
  12. Mrs. Afton and Henry are step-siblings.
  13. William regrets nothing
  14. Vanny and Vannessa are not the same
  15. Cassidy and C.C. made UCN together
  16. All of the Missing Children are still vengeful
  17. Isabelle (Mrs. Afton) possesses Ballora
  18. All of the Funtimes are possessed.
  19. Ballora has 2 souls (Isabelle and a random kid)
  20. Michael is Glamrock Freddy
(feel free to ask questions)
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2023.05.27 20:00 jessicabob- How are the animatronics alive in fnaf 1 if they were dismantled?

After watching Matt pats theory vid I am extremely confused. He said that Afton goes to the establishment to find out the secrets of the moving animatronics and then says that is how Afton finds remnant. He then goes on to say that he melts it into one “silver goop liquid” and injects it into Funtime Freddy at sister location. since sister location takes place BEFORE fnaf 1 how is it that the OG 5 were dismantled and injected into Funtime Freddy but also seen in fnaf 1? Another point of confusion is the fact that Funtime Freddy is later molded with the other Funtime animatronics to create ennard. Ennard then turns into molten Freddy once baby leaves. In game 6 the fire you hear Cassidy telling Afton that his soul will be tortured, this is the premise of custom night. My question is with all of this how are the OG five back for fnaf 1 and how was Cassidy present for the fire if she wasn’t injected into Funtime Freddy?
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2023.05.27 17:48 0KiaraMinecraft Bite of 83' and Midnight Motorist Clear Up + Timeline Theory (Part 1)

Regarding my previous post, "Midnight Motorist Theory + Security Breach Ruin Prediction", I wanted to clear up what I was talking about when I mentioned that The Bite of 83' might be getting retconned and my speculation on who was sitting in the chair in Midnight Motorist.
(Once again, this is just a thought to chew on. Please do not get upset over what I have written)
It was Mike in the chair:
If the Bite of 83' is being retconned out of the story, then Mike sitting in the chair would make a lot of sense. And it would give an explanation as to why Funtime Freddy would exist at that point.
(I should have said this in my last post, but this is going to take elements from MatPat's Final Timeline and FuhNaff's video, "I Solved FNAF's BIGGEST Mystery".)
Timeline of events: Mrs. Afton dies during the time that both Fredbear's Family Diner and Freddy Fazbears Pizza were open. William could not handle the loss of his wife and was consumed by her death. Sometime later, he creates Ballora in his wife's image, hoping that it would be enough to bring her back to life. But William knew that was impossible. Once someone dies, they stay dead. So, he stores Ballora away in his underground bunker and tries to forget about her. However, at some point, he sees the possession occur. He was ecstatic to have his wife back, but something was off. She didn't speak to him, even though she had a working voice box. She wouldn't move, even though her body was functional. He didn't understand how the possession worked, so maybe something had gone wrong. He needed to experiment with this. So, he creates Circus Baby and a prototype version of Funtime Freddy, one with three toes. He then proceeds to lose his daughter to Circus Baby and becomes an alcoholic. With the alcohol fresh in his mind, William reflects on his past. He was humiliated by Henry and lost both his wife and daughter. Those deaths weren't Henry's fault, but William could've cared less. William drives back to Fredbear's in a drunken rage to face Henry and ends up killing Charlie. He then drives home Later That Night and Micheal, probably 18 or older at the time and distraught about his family's deaths, tells his father to leave his brother alone. William ignores Micheal and instead goes to The Crying Child's room, only to find the door locked from the inside. William goes around back and sees that his son had broken out and run off to Fredbear's. In his drunken state though, William failed to notice the three-toed footprints near the bushes. On his way to Fredbear's, however, William is greeted by the Prototype Funtime Freddy, and William is filled with grief when he sees that the animatronic had nearly killed his youngest son. After taking the animatronic to his bunker, he pulls out his son and takes him to the hospital. "Can you hear me? I don't know if you can hear me. I'm sorry." Mike was saying that he was sorry for not being there to protect him. However, William, after asking to be alone with his dying son, makes a promise to the child. "I will put you back together."
After his son's death in 1983, William basically abandons Mike after that, fully focusing on his work. Mike was an adult, after all. He could take care of himself. Fredbear's Family Diner had closed at this point and Henry had thrown Afton out of the company. Later, in 1985, William uses the Spring Bonnie suit to lure in 5 kids one by one. He told Suise that her dog was still alive and that he was with Willam. He then killed her and stuffed her body into Chica. Fritz gets stuffed into Foxy, followed by Gabriel getting stuffed into Freddy and Jeremy getting stuffed into Bonnie. However, with the 5th child, Cassidy, William goes too far. He brutally destroys her body, leaving her a broken mess. He then stuffs her into the old Fredbear suit. An investigation is launched and the place closes by year's end. Two years later, in 1987, Freddy Fazber's Pizza re-opened with the new Toy Animatronics, specifically tied into a criminal database to keep predators away from the kids. It was a good idea, but William was smarter. He had managed to get a job at the pizzeria as a Day Shift security guard and had tampered with the facial recognition so that it would ignore him. Wearing the Spring Bonnie suit again, he killed five more kids, leaving their bodies out in the open. On his way out, though, William did see something fascinating. The old Freddy animatronic that he had stuffed Gabriel into was moving around and was being led by the Security Puppet. Could this be the missing piece that William was looking for? He had to wait and see. Unbeknownst to William, though, Micheal was working at the pizzeria as a Nighttime security guard. Micheal had been suspicious of William since the beginning, so he was trying to find out the answers for himself. After the murder, Micheal was moved to the day shift position but got his frontal lobe bit by Mangle and became the Bite of 87' victim. While Mike was in the hospital, William finds out that Elizabeth had possessed Circus Baby. He still didn't understand how the possession worked, so he needed more test subjects. Henry had tried to reopen Freddy's again, but it clearly had failed. But this time, William had to lay low after his latest murder. He couldn't get anywhere near the place without drawing suspicion. So, he waited. Sometime later, Mike gets out of the hospital with some memory problems and William decides to send him down to the bunker where Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy were. Mike gets tricked and his insides get scooped out. Ennard uses him to walk around on the surface but abandons the body when it begins to rot. Mike, after being injected with remnant from the Scooper, reanimates and regains all of his memories. He vows to come and find his father. In 2003, Micheal takes a job as the security guard for the abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, only to find no trace of William. He leaves the job, but soon after, William does show up and dismantles the animatronics to get their endoskeletons. He had been in hiding for a while, so he had a lot of time to think, and he is sure that the metal is the key to the possession. However, doing so releases the spirits of the children William killed. They corner him in the safe room and William panics, rushing to the Spring Bonnie suit and putting it on. The spring locks snap shut and kill him. Henry returns to the pizzeria and finds William's corpse. He seals off the safe room and leaves the company. 30 years later, in 2033, William is found by the owners of Fazber Frights and is set free. However, William was not expecting to meet Micheal there. Micheal then proceeds to burn the attraction to the ground at the end of the fifth night, hoping that the remnant in William's body would be burned away. Despite that, William survives, and Henry decides that enough was enough. He opens up a new restaurant and lures all the animatronics back to the location. Micheal takes a job there and Henry then traps everyone, including himself, inside while the place burns to the ground. Cassidy takes advantage of the opportunity and creates a purgatory for Afton in Ultimate Custom Night, one where he can't die and where Cassidy can torture him forever. And then, years later, a newly created Fazbear Entertainment, LLC, scans some old Fazbear circuit boards into their VR game and Glitchtrap is somehow created.
(I'm not going into the whole Mimic thing, even though I think it provides the perfect explanation for FNAF after UCN. This post is already long enough)

Problems with this timeline:
Ballora's Song
Ballora's song in Sister Location is about Afton shutting himself in and refusing to be there for his family, with his wife trying to get him to come out. With my timeline, Afton built Ballora in the image of his wife after her death, so why would Ballora even be singing this song?
Answer: Either, the song is getting retconned out of the story as well, which I highly doubt, or, Mrs. Afton, after possessing Ballora, somehow learned of how William refused to interact with his family and created this song to hopefully call out to him.
Phone Guy's voice lines
We play as Micheal in FNAF 2, and this is also when we learn about the Bite of 87'. So how can we be playing as Mike in FNAF 2 while also being the Bite of 87' victim?
Answer: I'm willing to discredit some of Phone Guy's lines. After all, the first 3 games were meant to wrap up the story, but the community still had questions. So FNAF 4 was made, and people didn't like Dream Theory. So then, Scott had to actually make the story into a cohesive timeline. So, I don't really trust the information given to us in the first 4 games.

(Side Note 1: When Help Wanted 2 comes out, my entire theory could be proven wrong if it is Mrs. Afton that is sitting in the chair)

(These next two side notes are not meant to be taken seriously)
(Side Note 2: I didn't put this bit into my timeline theory for Micheal because I didn't want to change a huge section of it, but, what if Micheal was the one working the day shift when the 1987 child murder happened? Yeah, that is highly unlikely)
(Side Note 3: What if Sister Location happens before the gameplay of FNAF 2 and FNAF 1? That would explain the whole "odor" thing.
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2023.05.27 14:41 Al0neJup1ter My version of the fnaf timeline

My version of the fnaf timeline submitted by Al0neJup1ter to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 08:56 jessicabob- How are the animatronics alive in fnaf 1 if they were dismantled?

After watching Matt pats theory vid I am extremely confused. He said that Afton goes to the establishment to find out the secrets of the moving animatronics and then says that is how Afton finds remnant. He then goes on to say that he melts it into one “silver goop liquid” and injects it into Funtime Freddy at sister location. since sister location takes place BEFORE fnaf 1 how is it that the OG 5 were dismantled and injected into Funtime Freddy but also seen in fnaf 1? Another point of confusion is the fact that Funtime Freddy is later molded with the other Funtime animatronics to create ennard. Ennard then turns into molten Freddy once baby leaves. In game 6 the fire you hear Cassidy telling Afton that his soul will be tortured, this is the premise of custom night. My question is with all of this how are the OG five back for fnaf 1 and how was Cassidy present for the fire if she wasn’t injected into Funtime Freddy?
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2023.05.26 07:39 GiganVsZilla2018 Facts about my FNAF AU Part 2

Here's part 2 of the Facts about my FNAF AU.
  1. After The FNAF 6 Fire, and UCN Charlie became a sociopath, feeling no empthy for people other then those she's closest too.
  2. The Funtimes physically, meantaly, and emotionally abuse Circus Baby. Her only friends are Ennard, Noah, Loblit, Cidny, and Elizabeth.
  3. Mrs. Afton knew Eggs Bendiect was Michael, and wanted to kill him.
  4. When the other Funtimes learned that Circus Baby let Michael escape they tortured her, and Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy took her into a closet and really hurt her.
  5. Circus Baby has PTSD.
  6. Elizabeth is not afraid of Ice Cream.
  7. Loblit is Non Binary. When Cidny is posessing them they are female, but when they are their own entitey they will switch between male, and female as they please. Though they prefer female.
  8. Charlie, Susie, and Cassidy all became murderers after the events of UCN realizing they enjoyed inflicting pain on others.
  9. Of the three of them Charlie is the most brutal with her kills.
  10. Vanny, and Vanessa are the same person.
  11. The Glitchtrap cult is a thing that exist in my AU. It's members are William Afton, Michael Afton, Chris Afton, Charlotte Emily, Cassidy, Susie, and Vanessa.
  12. William made Cassidy promise to torture him in hell. In turn Cassidy asked William to do the same to her.
  13. Michael had a childhood friend named Jenny who was Blind. She was murdered by a random man on the streets when she was eight.
  14. Everyone is from a different part of the world.
  15. The Aftons are from Southampton England.
  16. Charlie is from an island of the cost of Scotland.
  17. Cassidy is from Mexico.
  18. Susie is from Sweden.
  19. Fritz is from Pureto Rico.
  20. Jermey is From Italy.
  21. Gabriel is from Irleand.
  22. Vannesa is from Austriala.
  23. Gregory is from Japan.
  24. Jenny is from Switzerland.
  25. Noah is from Germeny.
  26. After the fire Henry erased Michael's memories and made him think he was an Emily. Charlie restored Michael's memories, and banished Herny to UCN after Cassidy took it over.
  27. Henry, Fritz, Gabriel, Jermey, Their Parents, Charlie's Biologcal Parents, Cassidy's Biological Parents, Susie's Parents, Susie's Brothers, and the FNAF 4 Bullies are being tortured in UCN.
  28. The Nightmares are real.
  29. William's favorite drink is Soda.
  30. Charlie owns the house they all live in.
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2023.05.25 22:13 Tiny_Butterscotch_76 Sire Squawks is wrong about the princess(I think)

So Sire Squawks recently made his video about his thoughts on the Princess. And why he felt the princess was not Cassidy. There are a couple things in the video that I do kind of have problems with, but the thing I want to talk about is the more objective thing.

In the video he seems to suggest that there is nothing actually supernatural about princess quest at all. Rather its just the thing Gregory is using to defeat Glitchtrap. Asking things like 'If they are capable of killing Glitchtrap why do they need Gregory/' and such. He confirms this viewpoint in a reply to a comment.

"So wait, the Princess isn’t meant to be anyone? Just our avatar to freeing Vanny? "

"Basically. Maybe it is Vanny but it’s a same difference kind of thing."
This is the thing I want to bring up, because this is the thing we know is just flat-out not true. In the messages we find in Security Breach its stated how there is something going on with the arcades. And that the princess entity was trying to find someone 'worthy'. Its also sort of implied that there is not supposed to be a PQ arcade machine at all? Sense its questioned 'why port to Arcade' and the fact that apparently the pizzaplex had no record of a PQ3, the implication might be that these machines were just manifested into reality by the entity. But lets not get into that too much.

Here is a compilation of the messages we can find.

MAINTENANCE LOG - There's a Princess Quest 1 machine somewhere in the building. An actual standup arcade! I guess the devs pulled it from that old mobile game. Why port to arcade?"
MAINTENANCE LOG - Princess Quest 2 - Won’t boot properly. No idea why! Shuts down when i try to play? Like it’s personal. Doesn’t matter anyway. I still haven’t found PQ1"
INVENTORY CHECK - There is no record of a PQ3 arcade, yet there is a cabinet tucked away in Fazerblast. Won't work though. Sometimes I hear it in attract mode, but I have never seen a single image displayed. Too creepy. Leave it where it is. At least until I play part 1 and 2."
MAINTENANCE LOG - I did it! I did what you wanted! I beat parts 1 and 2. Why won’t you turn on? What else is there? Tell Me!"
EXIT INTERVIEW - They are working together. The arcades. They are hiding something. The glitches. Glitch them all at the same time… then the Princess will recognise me. She’s testing me. I am not yet worthy. The others are protecting it. Let me stay! I am so close! Just one more night, please! I can save the Princess!"

So regardless of if it is Cassidy or not. There is absolutely some kind of entity within the Princess Quest and seemingly other arcade machines who is actively warring with Glitchtrap within the pizzaplex. They just needed someone who is, to quote, 'worthy', to play the games to be able to defeat Glitchtrap. Gregory is just the one who was truly worthy.
Yes, the implication these arcade machines work under the same logic as Thor's hammer is weird but, its FNAF are we truly shocked?

This is one of the few things we know for certain about these games or that Security breach is clear about.

I do not...personally think its Vanessa for a few reasons(I do not think Vanessa is trapped in a virtual thing at all, I think its just that Vanessa is forced to do whatever he says under threat of abuse and such. But also Vanessa's removed dialague states that she was trying to find an arcade machine Glitchtrap wanted her to find. "Look I don't know what it is, do you know how many arcade games there are!?" and "Ill find it eventually". The best answer is that it is the PQ games. So I think at least at one point it was going to be explicit that Vanessa and the princess were separate entities. So I do think its either Cassidy or just a new character that we will find out more on in either Tales or Ruin.
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2023.05.25 20:59 Remote-County-2903 Welp, I got a FNAF theory... It's my first time... I did the best I could! O_O

So, let's start cold...


Yeah I know, you most likely heard or read that one a billion times before but, if you could indulge me...

This is gonna be long, and pretentious, probably, and, well, most likely wrong!

But I can't shake the fact that I AM right about this one!
Can't find a hole anywhere...
And I'm just obsessed with this and I need to puke it out somewhere for people to read,
and then most likely get insulted because I'm so full of it! O_O

ALSO, this is gonna be going all over the place, welcome to my mind!

And it will seem, at first, that I have a whole lot of filler but, if you see this as a story,
which it is, then you will see that everything will fit and make sense by the end, regardless if I am right
or not!

I'm also going to make sure that I have as many links and explanations
about pretty much everything that I put down and I will try
to be as detailed as possible, because of that, I will be
making important words and names obvious by capitalizing them
and sometimes over explaining things, but, that's how I like to do things,
I just like to be, well, just thorough!

ALSO, I'm sure most, if not all of the things in here have been figured out by other people!
But all I can say is... I'm new to theorizing, my first time, actually...
and I'm only aware of what popular Youtuber theorists have came up with in the past...
So, if it seems like I'm using other people theories, I do apologize...
But at least it came from me and me only... And it is in my own words!

And one last thing... My grammar and spelling might not be perfect as English is not my first language,
I apologize for the annoyance in advance!

So, without further ado, let's begin!

From the first time I ever saw the mini-game, and then played it myself,
I always had one question in mind, the same as everyone's, in fact...
Who do you play as in MIDNIGHT MOTORIST?

I'm gonna be quite honest, I think saying that you are WILLIAM AFTON is a little lazy...
Why, oh why, would a creator that made a character purple for so long change him in a

Well, cuz he didn't...

Alright, so who are we playing as in MIDNIGHT MOTORIST then?

Well, let's look at the colors I previously mentioned!
But first, why did I choose those three colors specifically?

Welp, that's because I'm old... O_O

... Let me explain!

For you see, when I was but a wee child, my father owned an ATARI 2600...
And you learned pretty fast that that console didn't have much of a color palette...
And each colors didn't have many shades per either...

Which leads me to...

In FNAF WORLD, you do find a purple sprite that explains all of this...
That all flashbacks, or most of them anyway, are in, what I like to call, ATARI VISION tm...
And in ATARI VISION tm, some colors won't be completely representative of its actual color.
Like PURPLE can be used to represent the color BLACK, for instance, as explained by said purple sprite...
As in...
MICHAEL, in Sister Location, is seen to be purple, that's because he actually IS purple...
As his skin begins to rot after his death, his skin turns a purple color...
As for WILLIAM AFTON, he seems purple because he is usually shown against a black background!
If he were to be black, all you'd see is two eyeballs floating in mid-air...
Therefore, SCOTT had to make him purple, the next, deepest color that the ATARI 2600 had in its palette next to black!
So, he's either black skinned or he is wearing black clothes...
Seeing that all his children seem to be Caucasian, then I would suppose that
he is wearing black clothing, like a black security guard outfit or some type of business man outfit!
And seeing that he is both, it could easily be either or!

Therefore, we have a character that is most likely either GOLD, or ORANGE, or YELLOW...

OK, well, I do think that you're playing as the father of a family, that much seems clear for everyone!
But I do think you're playing as the father of the character that represents said color,
so... Let's find out who it could be, yes?

Well, we can throw ORANGE out of the way right away, seeing that there aren't any characters that represents said color...

So we go to gold...
We got either CASSIDY, or the CRYING CHILD, which I will refer to as EVAN from now, just for shortness sake,
Seeing that they seem to both inhabit GOLDEN FREDDY!

I don't think it can be CASSIDY, for the only reason that we don't know much about him!
Think about it!
Why make a side mini-game about a character that nothing is known about?
How do we connect anything back to anything if there's nothing to be connected to?
Especially considering when the game came out!
Nah, not him, can't be!

So, EVAN? Is it EVAN?
Well, no, cuz EVAN's father is William Afton and now we're back in the same boat I refuse to step in!

So, what? Yellow?
Well, it's the last color so... Let's dive in!

Are we talking about CHICA? ... Seeing that yellow represents CHICA!

So, am I saying you're playing as SUSIE's father?


... And I got so much proof that your heads will spin!

So, let's try to connect it all, shall we?

Let's start by rethinking about how we can even play MIDNIGHT MOTORIST in the first place...

For those who can't remember, the mini-game is in the 6th installment of FNAF...
In that game you own your own restaurant and have to fill it with games for the children to play with, amongst other things! O_O
One of those games is an arcade cabinet named, MIDNIGHT MOTORIST, would you believe?
And you have to do something "Special" to get to the LORE bit of MIDNIGHT MOTORIST.

But is there only one Arcade Cabinet you can buy and play?
No, there is two!

The second one is called FRUITY MAZE...
In this one, you play as a little girl, her name is SUSIE (More on that later)...
and she is playing this little MAZE game where you have to find all the fruits before the timer runs out...
But what happens in that game? Is there LORE?
Why yes, indeed, there is!
In the mini-game, after you beat it once, you'll start seeing DEAD DOGS instead of fruits every now and again.
And near the end, you will hear a REALISTIC CAR HORN SOUND in the background.
While all of this is happening, you can see SUSIE getting more and more depressed and agitated being reflected on the arcade's screen.
What story does this tell us?
Well, one day, someone ran over her DOG with their CAR, and SUSIE decided to go to FREDDY'S to play
some arcade games to occupy her mind, but nothing seemed to help the child.
And then... WILLIAM AFTON comes in in his GOLDEN BONNIE suit and tells her...
"He isn't dead, he's back there, follow me so I can kill you and stuff you in a chicken suit"
I'm paraphrasing....

Now, how do I know that this is SUSIE and her death?
A few ways...

First, in ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT, one of CHICA's death line is...
"I was the first, I have seen everything!"

Hmmm, compelling, but not enough!

What really made it clear to me is the costume that WILLIAM AFTON is wearing in the scene!
That suit was discontinued after his own death, evidently not right after EVAN's...
Which goes to show that this murder had to happen after EVAN's death, and, obviously, before WILLIAM's!
The only small window in which he could've been going around killing children in that suit, in that restaurant
would be during the original killing spree that made up FREDDY, BONNIE, CHICA, and FOXY!

Therefore, as a short recap, in FRUITY MAZE, you're playing as SUSIE the day her DOG died, which in turn
leaves SUSIE vulnerable for WILLIAM to lure in the backrooms of the restaurant and kill her!

So, why all of this explanation?
Well, ever thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, there are TWO, and ONLY TWO ARCADE CABINETS that you can play in the game?
And both have secret lore in them?
One is about SUSIE and in the other one you play a game where the main character is kinda yellow?
And maybe we should link both of those games because the creator
obviously wanted us to link them both?

Hmmm, I mean, maybe... But still not enough!
So we should try to find more connections then!

Now, let's talk about the alternative title to MIDNIGHT MOTORIST, "LATER THAT NIGHT"

I have seen a lot of theorist theorize that "LATER THAT NIGHT" references the night that
WILLIAM AFTON killed HENRY's daughter, which I shall call CHARLIE for short from here on out.

But in reality, in the phrase "Later that night" the point of origin doesn't have to be at night.
The point of origin only has to be in a 24 hour span, but can be at any given time of the day.
I think that's quite important because what if "LATER THAT NIGHT" references what happened to SUSIE?
And that you're playing as her father... "LATER THAT NIGHT"?

And now I know what I'm about to say is going to sound extra crazy but...
We're ready for a timeline/story time with Peupui, which is me... Peupui! O_O

Here's what I think happened on the day that SUSIE died... Which will encompass both

So, let's begin!

Early one morning, WILLIAM AFTON, on purpose, sees the family DOG and runs over him.
Yes, I think WILLIAM AFTON killed the DOG, and he had motivation, more on that later!

Mommy and Daddy sees the dead dog, or more likely, hears about the dead dog (you guessed it, more on that later!)
and decide to bring it back to bury it!

Honey, we need to bury the dog, we can't let the kids see it like that!
But we can't bury it in the front or back yard either, that would be so cruel for the kids,
having a constant reminder of their dead dog every morning as they go to school, or heck, even look out the window!

So what do you suggest?

Bury the dog a little ways off in the woods, that way, seeing the kids always go play there and go
through the woods to go to FREDDY'S all the time to go play with their friends, they'll be able to go
pay their respect to him whenever they feel like it!

And so, the husband listens to his wife and does as she wishes and bury the DOG a little ways off the house
that way the kids can go and see where he is buried whenever they decide to...
Which would explain the strange DIRT MOUND you can find in the mini-game...
It's the DEAD DOG we hear about and "see" in FRUITY MAZE!

I realize that most people, or at least, the YOUTUBERS think that
the DIRT MOUND is from the fact that there's an animatronic that likes to hide
under the dirt during the day and come out at night...
Which they got from a FNAF book...

But let me ask you this... Which theory makes more sense?
The one where there's a bunch of new animatronics that
we don't see anywhere else in the mini-game,
or anywhere else in any other mini-games of FNAF 6,
or anywhere else in FNAF 6 period either...
Hell, we don't see, or hear, or hinted that said
animatronics exist in the entire game franchise's world,
animatronics that were in a book or two that only, like, 3 people read?


Is it a dead dog, that was referenced in another mini-game of FNAF 6, FRUITY MAZE,
where you play as SUZIE, who's known to represent the color yellow...
And that she's in a game that is accessed through an arcade cabinet...
And that the game we're currently playing, MIDNIGHT MOTORIST,
Which is the ONLY OTHER arcade cabinet, has the main character being yellow?
And that the alternative title to it, "LATER THAT NIGHT" could reference
that exact incident... Followed by SUZIE's death, but that's neither here nor there... O_O

I don't know... Not to toot my own horn but... One makes a whole lot more sense to me than the other!

But of course the parents weren't done, they had to tell the kids, which they did, early that morning.
And as expected, the kids were devastated...
The boy, which will remain nameless for now, went and hid in his room...
Too manly to cry in front of his family this young man is!

But SUSIE, she needed to go out of the house, do something to occupy her mind...
So, she asked her mom...

Mom, can you give me some spare change?
I wanna go to FREDDY'S and play some arcade games... I don't feel like staying here right now!

Sure honey, but don't tell your dad, you know he hates that place!
Just go through the woods as per usual, be back before dinner though, you hear?

Yes mom... You know I never miss a meal! (More on that later)

And SUSIE went off, out of the house, around it, and into the woods she went, with a heavy heart and
a little bit of spare change in her pockets, she went off to FREDDY'S, to never be seen by her loved ones again!

Now, to specify something about FRUITY MAZE!
I don't think SUSIE sees or hears all the strange things about the game, like the DEAD DOG or the CAR HORN...

Because if so, then WILLIAM AFTON is also a wizard, because in the same day that the DOG died, he
reprogrammed the game to have DEAD DOG graphics and was able to change an old 1985 arcade machine
so it can play REALISTIC CAR HORN SOUNDS? From its old 1985 sound card?
Yeah no!
That was made by SCOTT to tell us the story of what happened to that girl and, I think,

Now, what did happen between both games?
Well, I would suppose that...

The family just went through their day, slowly, and without a single smile on a single face...
The son/brother mostly stayed in his room, while dad worked outside or something and mom watched tv, I don't know... O_O

But then dinner came and went... Still no SUSIE...

Hours passed, darkness came... Still no SUSIE!

The mother, starting to panic at this point, asks her husband for some help!

She's not back... We had dinner and my baby's not back!

She paused, probably shook a little by the idea that her daughter, who's known to have an appetite and a half
hasn't been home for her daily warm meal, and now it's dark... And her young little baby
is scared of the dark...

(Now to explain the appetite thing I talked about now and earlier, this might sound silly but...
Ever thought it was weird that FAZZBEAR ENTERTAINMENT would go and program every
iteration of CHICA to be wanting to eat so much?
Especially knowing that CHICA is a machine, and therefore doesn't have
a brain or digestive system to even be hungry to begin with?
And yet she goes around eating stale pizza... And even trash!
So, what if, seeing that the original animatronics were given life
through children souls, and not agony, that maybe a trace of the child
infused itself with the machine, and therefore that's why
original CHICA needed to eat so much?
And then maybe the children thought it was cute and THEN
FAZZBEAR ENTERTAINMENT programmed that in future iterations of CHICA?
I know, I'm pushing with this one, but hey, just a thought!)

Please, I didn't want to tell you but...
just... Get in your car and go to FREDDY'S and please ask around if anyone as seen her...
Please find my baby girl!

That place... I hate that place...
"Dad, can we please eat over-priced, crappy pizza?"
"Dad, can we have spare change to play some game?"
"Dad, can you buy me that chocolate bar?"
"Dad can you buy me that plushy?"
"Dad can you buy me that action figure?"
GOD that place will RUIN us!!!

He sighed
I'm sorry, of course I will... I promise...

He sighed once more

Just promise me you won't drink... Not until you found her and she's back safe and sound here in this house!

He grunted a little at that but went outside, to and in his car and drove directly to FREDDY'S!
He asked around about his daughter's whereabouts... Probably even asked WILLIAM himself.

But they all said the same thing, either they said she was here earlier and then she was just gone,
Or, they didn't see her at all!

So, after leaving the restaurant, SUSIE's father spent hours upon hours
driving everywhere his daughter could've went, places she was known to hang out at,
even stopped at some of her friend's places and talked to their parents... Nothing!
And let's not forget something... This was 1985, they didn't have cell phones back then!
No way to text... No way to call, not while you're driving anyway!

So, he drove around the small town, and he drove... Until... MIDNIGHT!

At Midnight, he told himself that she was most likely back home by now anyway,
so he can safely just drive back home himself...
Hell, maybe even stop at JR'S and get himself a drink,
after all, he's the only man of the family and he had one hell of a bad day,
I mean, his damn DOG DIED...
Then he had to BURY the damn thing,
then his daughter went missing, for a while, anyway, he wrongly thought!
He sighed
"What a crappy day it is"
But then, he remembered, vaguely anyway, what happened last time he went to that bar
and he knows they won't let him back in any time soon...
This day is just getting better!

So, he finally gets home, however empty handed, hoping for the best.
Because, in the end, in his heart...
As aggressive as he can get...
He does love his daughter!

Right before he entered the house though, a thought creeped in...
"What if she ain't back home?"

In the meantime?
The SON/BROTHER has thoroughly hidden himself away in his room, refusing to leave!
And the MOM?
Well, all she can do is wait!
No way she can sleep on this stressful night!
And again, may I repeat...
No internet, no cell phone, no way of knowing where her daughter, or her
husband too, for that matter, are!
So the only thing she can do to kill the time in 1985 is to just sit down and watch tv, waiting for her
husband to come back home, with hopefully her daughter.
But when she saw him come back, indeed empty handed, she couldn't even muster to ask him questions.
To be fair, what do you ask the man?
"Did you find our daughter?"
So, all she could muster...
All she had in her mind, was the mental health of their other child and said,
"Please go easy on him, he's had a rough day!"
And indeed, indeed he had!

But daddy wasn't in the mood to have to talk to his son through his stupid door
of his stupid room and started banging on it, demanding for his son to come out,
but not only he didn't come out of his room, he didn't even reply to his own father!

That was it!
Pissed off, he stormed out of the house and around said house to the back, just like how his own
daughter SUSIE did that morning...

And he witnessed the last thing he wanted to see!
The window of his son's bedroom, broken...
Tracks of his son's feet... Going into the woods!
What he didn't notice was the tracks belonging to someone else.
A giant rabbit perhaps?
And there was something else he missed...
Or should I say, something SHOULD'VE been there, but it wasn't!
There's no GLASS on the ground...

So, here I am thinking, if there's no glass on the ground, that would mean
the kid didn't break out, WILLIAM AFTON broke the glass FOR the child, so
the child could escape into the night with AFTON.
Because, if the GLASS isn't outside, on the ground, then
it is inside the room, so the BROKEN WINDOW had to be broken from the outside!

And then, I couldn't shake the idea that I heard that scenario before...
I couldn't remember...
Until it hit me...

On the surface, those mini games are about TOY CHICA, being in high school.
We hear her inner thoughts as she talks about her new crush...
Which she seems to have a new one every day...
Then, she talks about how she's gonna LURE the characters and make them fall in love with her!

Well, I think we can all agree, that in this case...
CHICA is a stand-in for WILLIAM AFTON, and that he's telling us
how he LURED the original children to their death!

But when he, WILLIAM AFTON as CHICA, talks about FOXY,
He says something along the lines of...
"I'll just drive to his house and throw a rock through his window!
Once he comes out I'll tell him his house is on fire.."

Rock through a window, huh?

I think, that in this case, FOXY is the stand-in for the boy in MIDNIGHT MOTORIST!

Now, do I think that it happened exactly like that?
I mean, think about it, if WILLIAM AFTON showed up at their house, unannounced,
In the middle of the night...
threw a rock through the kid's room just to tell him that his house is on fire,
when all the kid could have done is turn around, open the door and yell...






WHAT? NO!!!!!!!!!



I mean, I don't know about you but...
That sounds quite silly...

So, I think it went a little more like this...

AFTON approached the house and threw a few pebbles at the child's window to get his attention!

Hey kid, it's me, BONNIE, or, you know, WILLIE, you know me, I'm your
friend's dad (More on that later)

Yeah? What are you doing here?

Well, I'm just surprised you're still here and not with your sister at the restaurant!

My sister's still there?


Of course, and your dog too! She thought he got ran over this morning!
Now, who would go and tell such an ugly lie like THAT!?!

My dog is still alive?

Of course, and your sister too, *Ahem*
They're waiting for you at the restaurant!
Can you sneak out of here and join us?
We have cake, and pizza and games and balloons!

Maaaaan, I wish I could but, I can't!
My dad is gone, still looking for SUSIE but,
my mom's home and she'll never let me out at this time of the night!

Well, get out the window!
She can't tell if you go out the window,
I mean, listen to that tv, I can hear it from outside...
She won't hear you, even if I have to break it!

The kid paused and didn't know what to do... But WILLIAM was there with a purpose, he wanted to kill this child,
specifically this child, and tonight was the night, all the stars were aligned and there was no way
that he'd let this opportunity slip out of his little furry hands!
So he said to the kid to step aside and he threw a rock right through the child's window!

By his surprise, out came the kid, unhurt and uncut!

The two grabbed each other by the hands, and with a smile, the child walked, unknowingly, right to his death!

I know, I'm sorry...

I got to think...
If CHICA is there to be a stand-in for WILLIAM AFTON...
She can't obviously talk to herself...
So, is there a stand-in for CHICA herself?

I would like to say yes!

All the characters you see are as follows and in no particular order...
And even the POOPET!

But there's one that stands out...

So... Is it possible that the WOLF is a stand-in for CHICA?
Well, let's see what she has to say about the WOLF!

Oh look at that... It's about running over some dog in front of their house,
and calling the owner to come and pick it up and then letting them in their house...

Welp, sounds like we have a winner, here... Don't you think?

But that ALSO reminded me of something else...

In the DAWKO interview that SCOTT gave, he said that
when the fans don't understand a part of the lore in one game,
he makes sure that he doubles down on it in the very next game...

I talked about the CHICA line earlier...
"I was the first, I have seen everything"

Feels to me like SCOTT tried to shove CHICA down our throats
in the very next game that MIDNIGHT MOTORIST takes place, huh?

But I digress... Where were we?

Oh yeah...
Now, I know what you're thinking...
SUSIE was never said to have a brother... Or CHICA for that matter!

Well, think of it this way, children very often hang out in groups of friends, from what I can remember anyway,
and quite often you will have siblings in said group, a friend has to have their brothers or sisters tagging along,
things like that!

So, what if SUSIE DID have a brother?

Well, is he someone we know?
Oh yes, indeed, indeed he is!

His name... Is...
I actually have two answers for that one!

Personally, I think this is the weakest point of my theory...
And I seriously don't know which of those two choices I believe in the most...
I DO think I am right on either of those, because, if the rest of my theory is correct...
Then one of those has to be the right answer...

So, let's start with the weakest one of the two...

So his name could very well be... FRITZ!

the story that is attached to the child in MIDNIGHT MOTORIST is told with
FOXY as the stand-in...

That's it, that's all I got... Not much but hey, I tried!


It could very well be... JEREMY!

For you see, I always thought it strange, that in most, if not all the FNAF games that has CHICA in it,
there's always a counterpart to her,
someone, or something, that always replicates her every move,
someone that is always paired with her in every games...
... As if they were related, or even twins...

Because, logically, if I am right, and MIDNIGHT MOTORIST is linked to FRUITY MAZE!
And that you are indeed playing as SUZIE/CHICA's father...
Then the boy is SUZIE/CHICA's brother...
And they both died on the same day...
Therefore, the boy had to have been killed during the original killing spree...
And RE-therefore... He had to eventually possess one of the animatronics...
And RE-RE-therefore, it has to be either...
FREDDY, which I can't find any conncections to.
FOXY, which we have one, a weak one, but one nonetheless...
And BONNIE, because of the pairing between he and CHICA!

And let's remember the good ending of FNAF 3...
What do I mean by that?

I mean something that not a lot of people are talking about!

When you finally give EVAN his perfect birthday, you can see him with his friends, and his friends are...
Gabriel (Freddy), JEREMY (Bonnie), SUSIE (Chica), FRITZ (Foxy) and Charlie (The Puppet)

Yeah, they were all close friends!
Which is why the parents and those children knows of WILLIAM AFTON!
Of COURSE the father of a young child would know of his kid's little friends and their parents!

And that also explains WILLIAM AFTON's motivations!

It's revenge!
Revenge for EVAN's death!
As some of us as suspected for a while!

But he can't kill his own child MICHAEL for what happened!
So he goes to the next best thing!

His kid's friends!
The ones that were there when the incident happened, and didn't do anything to help him!
They shall pay!
All of them!

And he started by luring SUZY to his restaurant, by running over her dog one morning!
By calling her dad to come and pick up said dog, who's most likely dead in front
of the restaurant, begging SUZIE's father to come pick the dog before opening hours
so random kids don't get to see the gruesome scene!
Then luring her in a backroom to kill her once she made it to his restaurant...
And then?
Well, it's easy!
He'll go to their house, which he knows about being the father of a kid who's friends with the children of said house!
Probably had to drive EVAN for a weekend sleepover once or twice!
And lure JEREMY/FRITZ back to the restaurant and kill him too...
Two birds, one stone!

Two down, three to go!

And I guess CHICA was telling the truth...
She WAS the first... She has seen EVERYTHING!
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