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2023.03.30 01:02 AntigonesCrows Did yours also accuse you of making yourself into a victim?

On a few occasions when I tried to communicate my feelings to my expwBPD, he lashed out and accused me of making myself into a victim. (!!!???!) Now, the fact that I was sad or unhappy about something doesn't equate in mind to making myself into a victim at all, especially that I was always very careful not to assign blame. Never called him names, never said "it's your fault" or anything similar (I always assume relationships take two.) Never (obviously!!!) said I was the victim or that I was being abused or that he did something wrong.
But he'd just go on those hateful rants about how I'm a "manipulative liar" and how my "twisted mind" "always" manages to "make myself into a victim" instead of "taking responsibility". And about how I "always make him into the jerk". (I literally never used that word or called him any other mean names.)
All of that because, idk, I said I felt upset when he decided to give me silent treatment instead of talking to me about what he was upset about.
Like, it should be OK for me to say, "I felt A when you did X", right? Why do they read into everything like it's an accusation or an insult.
The level of projection and irrationality with those people. It's just mind boggling.
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2023.03.30 01:01 AutoModerator [Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint!

Get the course here: [Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint📷 What You Get: All of our Legal Agreements, Sales Scripts, Client Meetings Guide, and Much More! We have spent over $20,000+ a lot of time learning things the hard way. We are going to give you everything that we havewhen it comes to scripts, documents.. you name it!
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2023.03.30 01:01 EuphoricFortune9671 Can a college just throw away your Fafsa application without telling you?

I applied to a college in utah with time before registration and fafsa deadlines. But I just got in contact with the college asking when financial aid would come out. They said it had already come out and they were now just finishing late applicants financial aid. I told them I finished before deadlines and I haven't received anything. They went looking for my fafsa and said they had suspended it (for a reason they didn't say). When I asked if it was because I changed my name, they just starting holding onto that and basically almost said it's my fault(even if I never applied to anything before I changed my name). It felt like they started using that reason to shift the blame onto me, and for a while I did think it was my fault, but I did everything right. I applied before deadlines, they suspended my fafsa for a reason they didn't know, until I mentioned my name change. Every other college accepted my fafsa. I'm bamboozled
I'm a little upset that they suspended my fafsa and didn't tell me or have a reason, im upset it took me having to reach out to them to find my application. Plus they only told me til after the late registration deadline which means I won't get a ton of financial aid and my chances of scholarships through the school are all gone. To this moment I still have not heard back from them for financial aid:(
My question though- is that normal, does changing your name really affect you into college? Or should I start a legal battle with this college for not informing me they suspended my fafsa and taking away opportunities?
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2023.03.30 01:01 md28usmc Snowfall S06xE07 Charnel House Episode Discussion

The discussion/comments below assume you have watched the episode in its entirety. Therefore, spoiler text for anything through this episode is not necessary.

If, however, you are talking about events that have yet to air on the show such as future guest appearances / future characters / story-lines, please use spoiler tags (view the sidebar for proper spoiler configuration).

On top of this anything not directly related to SNOWFALL might be subject to being removed. This includes but is not limited to screenshots (FB, YouTube, Twitter, texts, etc), generic memes and reaction gifs.

**Feel free to message us moderators if you have suggestions or concerns about these**.
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2023.03.30 01:01 Jaiden_blessin M16

Hey my names cj I play apex dont starve together minecraft rb6 risk of rain 2 Honestly I'm just looking for like 2 or 3 people that want to just hang out play games or even just hop on to talk yk I'm looking for a friend group my time zone is est hmu okay
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2023.03.30 01:00 dotipthedeliveryboy [IC] Mechanical Keyboard Domain Names

Doing an interest check on two mechanical keyboard domain names that I don't think I'll end up using and therefore I'm liquidating them. They expire in ~30 days. The domains are:
They are currently listed on Dan for sale, but if anyone here wants them for a lower price, feel free to make an offer in DMs or on Dan. Price is negotiable. Domains sold as a bundle.
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2023.03.30 01:00 minzchaelis I suddenly have 2 graphics drivers

I was experiencing more lagging than usual when playing some games (I have optimized my graphics settings in game already), and after Googling quick fixes it said to check for Updates to your graphics driver. When I went to do it, I discovered I have two at the same time? I have dual monitors, and figured that might be why, but I checked and they both use NVIDIA. I Googled this situation (two drivers at the same time), and it said they could be conflicting sometimes. Can I delete the AMD one and still be fine, and is that what's causing lag for me? My PC came with NVIDIA, but the little tag on the front says AMD, so I'm completely clueless. I'm about as knowledgable as a grade schooler when it comes to this stuff, please help...
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2023.03.30 01:00 AutoModerator Throwback Thursday 2.0 - [2023/03/29]

Grab yourself a knee rug and a mug of hot chocolate, it's time to reminisce those old time dramas from days gone by of pre-2019. Maybe you were around when they aired for the first time and want to take a trip down memory lane by watching them on the box. Maybe it's your first time through.
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Reminder, we advocate the use of legal streaming sources wherever possible. Any comments mentioning illegal sources will be removed and links will lead to bans as per our rules. As it is very hard to find many of the really old dramas rather than asking users "where are you watching?", we suggest you instead ask "did you find a legal source?". See our policies on streaming sites and VPNs here.
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2023.03.30 01:00 Gale-boy Do any of these mods affect default particles? Ive noticed that alot of the particles in my minecraft have been removed including Rain, Dust, Snow, etc

Do any of these mods affect default particles? Ive noticed that alot of the particles in my minecraft have been removed including Rain, Dust, Snow, etc submitted by Gale-boy to fabricmc [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 00:59 nonselfimage In Flames, Fear is the Weakness -AND- Zen for the non discriminating palette - Salt of the Earth, State of Slow decay... Your head is all in it

tombstone mentality; war soad
Preface: 99% of this post is notes from past week, I never got around to flushing out. Ideas that came and went at work and in meditation, that I was NOT able to convey into writing in a timely manner, and am now moved on to other projects. Just posting what I had without proofreading or error correction or "flushing out".
Lazy post. From notes. Lost meaning of it all. Just a submission to consider after. Maybe remember what I felt in it (great way).
Merged/Combined Post. Original Edited/Deleted Post:
This one written 29/3/2023:
In Flames - all turned cold no one cares for anyon[e]:
Empathy post a few weeks back.
No one has empathy.
Burning place reserved for devil and his angels.
Reserved or rsvp means claim staked.
Jesus adamantly says don't stake a claim he will make you get up and move.
Yesterday wrote another in flames post but didn't post it.
King lear in berzerk. Cold. He dies on a frozen throne.
Consistent theme. I even called empathy a hot potato the other day. Empathy is like warmth in a frozen universe. Frozen is a great album by Sentanced. Hell frozen rain.
Common theme. A lot more forgot it all.
Edit: inspired by the jungle post and the zen term nests in book of nothing
Edit 2: Too Late - Type O Negative. Also why the lie, earth is flat. At altitude, horizon rises, not fall away. Sun still sets... etc. What point arguing with liar.
endit nth: idk what this is saying but for sure maybe world does end in fake heat death of satan so called empathy he who tries to save it shall lose it style. Then hereafter (poop) is freezing. The hot lie. Thus the prominent and conspicuous the lie of empathy on reddit et al.
Edit: Apollo and Daphne day comment and common quote I've seen a lot lately means same thing as weaving spiders come not here (better to be nice than correct).
This one mostly written 28/3/2023
Zen for the non discriminating palette - Salt of the Earth, State of Slow decay... Your head is all in it
(half post, not finished, just posting from notes because lost the train of thought)
I'll probably bee busy this week. April 1 has always been a turning spot in my life.
Started the book of nothing. Hsing hsing. Lots of notes but on other (work) phone.
Bottom line who cares. What comfort. What comfort in "who cares". World looks after it's own. It's manufactured solutions to it's manufactured problems. Insurance and Marriage and Mortgage, oh my!
In Flames has always kept the pulse on my psyche through the decades. Music from the soul... or the nausea of/wafting from it at least. Not unsurprisingly I'm writing this while taking a shit. Nicklas got out while getting was good, because I think In Flames took a shit and called it an album as well.
Not all that bad just first album I wasn't crazy for. But it is what I've been thinking for years now. Salt of the earth. We are the salt of the earth. Salt was a preservative and wage in those days. So means literally our job to maintain the world (and it's double standards) for it; else it is spoiled and stinks to high heaven, goes rotten.
Which reminds me. I made a thing. An album [note 1] for A band that doesn't exist. Its "debut" album title would be Heaven is just one more place to clean up after or Your head is all in it (play on it's all in your head, a swirly, zodiacal lights). No music. Idk. Seen angels inspiration in the "wafting" sense of souls. Also had first explicit djinn/genie dream last night. Like literally blue people. Maybe because I listened to the bubble by same people who do I'm blue... ? Idk.
Yeah. Go figure. I declared war on djinn kind of something in the dream apparently. The prince or princess of some mighty djinn was trying to hide me from their father or some shit. I always saw the blue as black and white together, as like Aang/Kora to Vishnu to Rudra et al etc. Deva? Asura? Aesir? Vanir? Idk not looking up spelling. Don't care. Speculation. Definite all one illusion vibe. Story. All the puppets on the stage couldn't be in on it, all the dream characters in the dream couldn't be in on it, etc. World looks after it's own. Salt of the earth. Book of nothing pretty good. Also title of first book I tried to write back around 2008. Book about the logic of the term/idea "nothing" and "no one". Infinite infinite regresses.
Notes from Monday or Tue, I think;
Not the person
What is the person
What are we
Service to life
Let him who(m?) Would be great among you be a servant of all
There were some posts a few hours after these notes on same topics, here on reddit. How to stay ahead of what you are manifesting and recognizing it as it is... carrying nothing, looking for nothing outside...
Caught back up to NOW: Apollo and Daphne.
What is this about
What does this mean
What is the meaning of this
Der religious wacken (The religious essence). Nietzsche's "cold spots". The man whom is becoming religious astounds many as "hot" - he is icy hot, burns to the touch. It is not warmth but sheer cold that "burns". What I meant on devil and his angels comment. Hot and cold. Song of fire and ice. Like smelting a sword. A single distinction... and heaven and earth infinately set apart (holy means set apart) from one another. More on that some other time.
Partial poem, notes from The fiasco the other day:
Way of world, way of man, way of lost redditors...
Patchwork spunk, all directions and none; bound.
Truant escaping koan sharks and Dharma creditors,
Wayless ways and gateless gates;
Path to destruction? Can't be found.
Penny or pound of flesh
If you take a stab, be sure to give it back
Even lamer and more gay but sharing anyway. Say and mean, ofc
[note 1] The Album:
(Album) Form of the formless
Tibetan book of the woke
(Added) Beauty in a Bottle
The rise and fall (this erection life)
Everything is a 4 letter word (no it's not)
This one (is called)
(No) MMI (hd)
Temperature in kilograms
My heart is heavier than that damn feather
Filthy do gooder
My advice
This heartache will go on
Not the (one)
Bonus track something like maybe cover of behind space in flames. Idk. Doesn't fit but that's the point. A joke.
Notes: this one and not the go together. My advice inspired by like shit msi. Heartache will go on titanic joke. Feather concludes what started in woke. Thought of KoRn Love song and The Evil that men do while pensive of names. Blood of innocents and all that. Hatred for the mortal earthbound. One sip. Tongue/Tounge like knife in cheek.
Not singing.
Anyway shizo diary out of the way... Seriously all these come from "meditations" at work I try to recall later while taking a shit. Doesn't usually go so well as I can tell by looking over it. The following isn't even notes, just a few words like "Apollo, witchcraft, Deutsch, warsoad, bon, ahkheem, etc". Hoping I'd know what I meant when I got "home".
That said, this was intended as a reply to this thread a while back but I'm not as lucid as I am at work or while meditating. I can't channel that state of mind (anger?) well when trying to type. The musician's curse. Close enough, as Nietzshe said, "it should have sang/sung, this new soul";
If you do not breathe through writing, cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it" - Anais Nin
Better to be "polite" than "correct".
Anyway that bit about cold spots and Nietzsche above. Make any distinction... need some of the Bon quote to proceed;
21 October 1974 am in Buddha Hall
WE WILL BE ENTERING the beautiful world of a Zen Master’s no-mind. Sosan is the third Zen Patriarch. Nothing much is known about him – this is as it should be, because history records only violence. History does not record silence – it cannot record it. All records are of disturbance. Whenever someone becomes really silent, he disappears from all records, he is no more a part of our madness. So it is as it should be.
Sosan remained a wandering monk his whole life. He never stayed anywhere; he was always passing, going, moving. He was a river; he was not a pond, static. He was a constant movement. That is the meaning of Buddha’s wanderers: not only in the outside world but in the inside world also they should be homeless – because whenever you make a home you become attached to it. They should remain rootless; there is no home for them except this whole universe.
Even when it was recognized that Sosan had become enlightened, he continued his old beggar’s way. And nothing was special about him. He was an ordinary man, the man of Tao.
One thing I would like to say, and you have to remember it: Zen is a crossbreeding. And just as more beautiful flowers can come out of crossbreeding, and more beautiful children are born out of crossbreeding, the same has happened with Zen.
Zen is a crossbreeding between Buddha’s thought and Lao Tzu’s thought. It is a great meeting, the greatest that ever took place. That’s why Zen is more beautiful than Buddha’s thought and more beautiful than Lao Tzu’s thought. It is a tare flowering of the highest peaks and the meeting of those peaks. Zen is neither Buddhist nor Taoist, but it carries both within it.
India is a little too serious about religion – a long past, a long weight on the mind of India, and religion has become serious. Lao Tzu remained a laughingstock – Lao Tzu is known as the old fool. He is not serious at all; you cannot find a more non-serious man.
Then Buddha’s thought and Lao Tzu’s thought met, India and China met, and Zen was born. And this Sosan was just near the original source when Zen was coming out of the womb. He carries the fundamental.
His biography is not relevant at all, because whenever a man becomes enlightened he has no biography. He is no more the form, so when he was born, when he died, are irrelevant facts. That’s why in the East we have never bothered about biographies, historical facts. That obsession has never existed here. That obsession has come from the West now; then people become interested more in irrelevant things. When a Sosan is born, what difference does it make – this year or that? When he dies, how is it important?
Sosan is important, not his entry into this world and the body, not his departure. Arrivals and departures are irrelevant. The only relevance is in the being.
And these are the only words Sosan uttered. Remember, they are not words, because they come out of a mind which has gone beyond words. They are not speculations, they are authentic experiences.
That's what I mean, kind of. Not really. It's Greek to me. The Greek thing. I've often called the "Greek Gods" the satans. You'd be hard pressed to find a single story of the Greek Gods that does not in some way have something to do with rape. Thus, preferences. The case I thought of was Apollo and Daphne in particular (or Heracles as well).
The Case As I knew it:
Apollo was boasting to Cupid, his bow of reason slew the Primordial dragon of Chaos/Madness. What could Cupid's little pathetic bow do?
Apollo made at least two distinctions; that between reason and madness, and between himself and cupid.
Cupid famously shoots Apollo and Daphne.
That's all really. Like with Arachne or weaving spiders, you can unpack as much as you want but I forgot it all, hey.
PS to self... before you have an aneurysm, the "flushed out" comment was on GR not reddit.
Bad religion: only entertainment. Msi: we want our money back.
Edit: "old" urls
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2023.03.30 00:59 harleennpam I'm not sure if this the right sub for this but...

So I recently received a sample of Vanilla Woods. I tried it on and immediately had to wash it off because I felt a bad...vibe, for lack of a better word. I just gave it a sniff again and remembered why. It reminds me of this shimmery body cream from mark. by Avon. It literally smells EXACTLY like it. I used to use it in high school...when I was horrendously bullied. However, I would like to know if anybody knows what I'm talking about and could tell me the name! It used to come a shimmery brown jar with a red lid.
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2023.03.30 00:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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2023.03.30 00:58 peegeep small element not allowed as a child?

The following is the error I'm getting on my console after pressing the submit button.
" cannot appeaer as a child of   
); }; export default Payment; Please help
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2023.03.30 00:57 dissipates mail

got it in the evidence bag and wrote gross on the box
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2023.03.30 00:57 Hour-Definition189 Just my thoughts

She is a weak “woman,” that so desperate for love, attention and affection. She has no constitution or self worth. She role plays and skin walks other people. People that she wished she could be or akin to. She lives everyday of her life off of the high she gets from views and likes. She gets glam in order to make herself feel pretty and worthy. She is going after us because we outnumber her fans at this point. She thinks that we are the problem, but in reality, when she is staring into the camera every minute, she needs to look deep and self reflect. I realize that most of what she has done has been for money and views, but for me, the Mr. Raney lies and false accusations really rubbed me the wrong way. She used her career to make herself look like a victim of something that woman aren’t taken seriously enough about as it is. She contributed to perpetuating the notion that woman that come forward are not to be believed, and they are to be scrutinized and doubted. This is sick and it is unacceptable. I don’t know much about the pedo that she dated, but I read some of it here. I cannot speak on that, but it seems that the issue was problematic enough to bring others here. Then we have Moses. The fact that she set the bar so low for her husband and father of her child. She jumped into a marriage with a man she knew nothing about, out of spite. I don’t know if she was aware of the Stealthing before she married him or not, but she did know that he was trying to hook up with minors. She did know about his stealthing at some point, and when we addressed it on this sub, neither one of them wished to comment on it then. True redemption does not occur because you need more money. True redemption does not occur because you afraid your husband will leave. Going after people that call you out on your bullshit is not redemption. Adjusting the playing field in order to make yourself look better, that is not redemption. There are many other things that others have touched on, but these are my top issues. I feel like she profited off of a dead man, and she smeared his good name. How many views and how much money did she get from those videos? A good start would be to give his family the money she made off of those videos. Since she is so into Judaism,maybe she can read this and take it to heart. “According to Jewish law, a person may not expect forgiveness unless he undergoes a sincere effort to perform “teshuvah,” meaning “repentance” or “return.” The elements of teshuvah include rigorous self-examination and require the perpetrator to engage with the victim, by confessing, expressing regret and making every effort possible to right the wrong that he committed.” Buddhism, “ Even an apology crafted by the Buddha himself is not complete unless the recipient accepts it with grace and offers something in return.” Christianity, “redemption is a metaphor for what is achieved through the atonement.” Not a religious wifey, but redemption comes at a price no matter what religion she chooses to hide behind.
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2023.03.30 00:56 FlyingMute Who of you was it??

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