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Blithe SMP is an active and engaging whitelisted community running on Minecraft 1.19.3 and we are recruiting for new members to join us!

Why Blithe?

We have a very active and engaging community of over 250 whitelisted members, regularly seeing 10-15 players active at one time. We are a community that prides itself on engagement and fun, hosting weekly regular server games and events for prizes. We are a server inspired by the popular Hermitcraft SMP, taking some of the fan favorite features from this and implementing them in new and exciting ways!

We run on a super powerful server with 64GB ram, meaning that the server is always up 24/7 with minimal to no lag.

We use a mod pack that is totally optional to improve your player experience, including things such as proximity chat and a minimap/hudmod. These are totally optional though, and do not affect core gameplay, which we try to keep as close to vanilla as possible, only adding some plugins and datapacks such as multiplayer sleep and customizable armor stands to improve the multiplayer experience!

We also have a Creative server for everyone to freely use to plan and test builds and designs, and a Last Life server which runs sessions every weekend if you want to scratch that more competitive itch.

How do I apply to join Blithe SMP?

Great! We are glad you are interested in joining us! You can apply to join our whitelist and become a part of our community today by visiting our discord server

Any Questions?

Feel free to comment below or send a direct message to our account, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Some Server Rules

-16+ server

-No Greifing

-No Hacking / Xray

-No Hate speech

You can find full rules here:

Thank you for reading! Check out our fun Season four trailer! We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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2023.03.30 01:07 hyperwatermelon Turkish valor bundle price and other WHOLE GAMES you can buy with it. (Plus gold price in the country.)

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2023.03.30 01:07 Charl0tten I'm new at this gatherer thing, and I dont understand why I can't add more perception materia to my gear even though it seems to have the space for it? Does anyone know why and care to explain?

I'm new at this gatherer thing, and I dont understand why I can't add more perception materia to my gear even though it seems to have the space for it? Does anyone know why and care to explain? submitted by Charl0tten to ffxiv [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 01:06 Salty_Credit1213 I had the post earlier...

This morning I posted a picture of some red sores on my son's face asking what you all thought it was. I had to delete the post because (disturbingly) I got some messages like "Hi handsome" from some middle aged females... That pic was of my first grader. I have no words.
We did go to a walk in clinic after school and as most of you suggested, it is impetago. Doctor prescribed meds and suggested using antibiotic ointment+band aid to keep him from picking. My son is super self conscious about how his face looks right now so hoping it clears up fast. He also let me know a little girl in his class has red dots around her mouth that look just like his.
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2023.03.30 01:06 Actually_Viirin Greycore, Chapter 3

[URL=]Previous Chapter[/URL]
Jack walked back through the closed and stuck church doors, and got to work. Or at least he tried to. Upon touching one of the broken pew pieces, he got an annoying popup. Message? Voice? 'I have to figure this out', he told himself.
[Select Default Action for Item Type]
[Convert to Mana]
[Store in Stasis]
'What the hell? Uh... wait, stasis? Whatever I collect has time stop for it? That could be seriously useful', he said to the messages, which didn't react. 'Store in stasis', Jack said.
[Stasis Storage room not designated.]
[Dungeon only contains Core Room.]
[Collected goods temporarily deposited in Core Room.]
[Please designate Stasis Storage room.]
The pew that Jack had tried to pick up looked like it had been disintegrated and blown in a strong wind. Then, with a thud, it appeared out of thin air and clattered to the ground against one of the walls close to the front corner left of the podium.
It's not like it took any time really, so Jack touched each of the other pieces of seating present, each of them relocating themselves like the first one did, all landing in a pile on top of each other. Though, it wasn't a clean or organized stack like the lumber stacks you see in video games or even lumberyards.
"Did you hear that?" Mael said to Snyl, showing his scout's anxiety.
"Came from the ghost town, sounds like", Snyl replied in his nonconfrontational ranger way.
The men weren't old enough to be middle-age, but weren't young men anymore, either. They'd worked for the Exterminator's Guild for a few years now, but this was the first time either of them had heard anything except local wildlife in this area.
"Let's go. Be careful", Mael warned. He wasn't sure what it could possibly be, but it didn't really matter. You could never be too careful.
Jack went back around the church, and touched the chest again.
[Clear a space for the Dungeon Chest before Dungeon Chest can be relocated.]
'I did though', he answered the unresponsive message.
[Clear a space for the Dungeon Chest before Dungeon Chest can be relocated.]
'Okay, I'll go look around and make sure nothing's there, then.'
There was more than enough room to put the chest inside, as long as it was against the opposite wall of the pew stack once Jack looked. No, wait. He looked again at the floor, seeing that there was debris that came off the wood as it aged and rotted before he showed up. He tried picking up little pieces of splintered wood shards and flaked paint.
[Select Default Action for Item Type]
[Convert to Mana]
[Store in Stasis]
'Seriously? Fine, just store in stasis.'
[Stasis Storage room not designated.]
[Dungeon only contains Core Room.]
[Collected goods temporarily deposited in Core Room.]
[Please designate Stasis Storage room.]
'For fuck's sake. I need a broom or something. Doing this by hand is obnoxious. And not in the fun way like me.' The storage questionnaire message popped up with every little bitty bit that Jack tried picking up. 'Were these all different things? Why can't it just be the pile? You know what? I don't care.'
He got it close enough that it was probably fine, or so he thought, and he went back outside to check if he could move the chest yet.
[Dungeon Chest must remain near Dungeon Core.]
[Select new valid location for Dungeon Chest.]
'Jeez, finally', Jack said to nobody except himself as a simple exclamation not meant to be heard. Luckily, no one could hear him. Not even the two men that had started creeping closer, mostly hidden in the overgrown and wild plantlife. Their slow movement didn't even make sloshing noises in the water that went up to their waists, and the native insect life hadn't woken up yet to sound an alarm by lack of noises since the night was too young.
Jack stood in the church again, looking not pleased, but relieved that he had finally moved the chest. 'Good thing it didn't weigh anything! That foot in there weighed tons, literally. And the chest was made out of the most brittle wood there was. Heck', he thought to himself, 'those wooden airplanes that the Boy Scouts give away break their wings if they even bump a leaf. And that's what's containing the giant super dense, super radioactive, super heated, super heavy hardened blob of nightmare lava?'
What sounded like priority messages, now definitely audible to Jack at least, started sounding rapidly.
[Invaders in Dungeon!]
[Invaders in Dungeon!]
[Invaders in Dungeon!]
[Invaders in Dungeon!]
[Invaders in Dungeon!]
[Invaders in Dungeon!]
'Ahh! Shut up! Cancel alarm!'
[Cancel invasion alarm?]
'Yes, damn it!'
The messages were no longer being displayed, and the noise was gone. Jack was reminded of sitting at a booth in a fast food place, and feeling like someone was looking at him. He turned around, and someone sitting in the direction he felt being watched from quickly averted their gaze.
But the feeling was still there.
There was a noise outside.
"Shhh! Be careful!", Mael whisper-screamed at Snyl as Snyl slowly moved his foot off of the remains of the stair that had just given way.
Snyl beckoned to Mael, pointing at the church's door handles. The oversized double-door looked partially off its hinges, and didn't really look like it could be opened without applying force. But, scouts were better at stealthily entering somewhere than rangers were.
[Deploy monster to protect Core against hostile forces?]
The message just appeared. Jack was hiding behind the podium, not knowing what was coming in, but it obviously was. The system was even bugging out, so he was definitely in danger from whatever it was.
'Yes', he answered the message.
Snyl and Mael pulled the double doors open, with them creaking loudly.
[Monster appreciates high vantage points for ambushing. Deploying to top of Bell Tower.]
'Bell tower? This is a church after-'
There was a deafening crash combined with a loud church bell being rung right next to Jack's head, mixed with the sound of the same bell being smashed into uselessness, followed by a loud cracking of wood, a splash of water, and two high-pitched men screaming in unison.
But opening the door was no where near as loud as the giant stone monster's destruction of the church bell as it appeared out of no where above it as it crashed straight down. The door's creak also wasn't as loud as the as-of-yet unidentified monster, known only to Jack, with a face larger than either of the men were tall, crashing straight down and through the floor.
The door was very quiet in comparison to the two men screaming as they saw the same angry face staring at them as it rose up in the air of its own accord.
The scout and ranger saw more than enough, and without conscious decision, turned and ran.
[Congratulations on defeating your first adventurers!]
[Deploying Reincarnation Reward.]
'Reincarnation reward? Okay, that sounds good. What do I get?'
Something big, another something big, fell down from the sky. Though, it could have appeared from lower than that, but it wasn't like the party was looking UP... not outside, at least. Definitely inside from now on, they'd look up. Whatever it was that fell, it landed at the edge of what used to be the church's front, directly over an overgrown walkway. Right in front of the fleeing men.
Thinking it was someone that might need help, the plan was to grab them and drag them away so they could get help later from somewhere else. Here wasn't safe.
But that's when a cloud moved and more of the moonlight illuminated what had fallen.
It was a man, though he could have been of any age. He was simply too injured on every part of his body to be able to tell. Besides a lot of cuts and broken bones and large, dark bruises, the most notable thing about him was just how BIG he was. If the two men that were just forced to discover him stood on each other's shoulders, they'd maybe come to this man's own. If his legs weren't broken and he could stand. And if he was alive, which he very clearly wasn't.
[You've earned your corpse and everything in its pockets!]
The annoying message let him know he won himself. 'If only I knew', Jack said in his mind to himself, 'I'd have stocked a backpack before transmigrating.'
He went out of the now open door, and looked outside. The two men were really very small, barely half his own height, based on how big they looked next to the body. 'Is that really me?' he asked rhetorically.
Now alone again, he got closer and took a look. 'Man that guy's all jacked up.'
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2023.03.30 01:06 randomly771122 Negotiation strategy - sale by set date

Looking at a place with a guide of 1.1 to 1.2 and is sale by set date - 20 april.
Comparables are selling in that range and a few are taking a bit of time to sell, better properties (flatter land, bigger house, bigger land) are selling around the 1.3 - 1.5 range.
Local agent who sold our house advised 1.2 is right from his perspectice, at say 1.15 we've bought well according to him - we'd be happy to go up to 1.2
Property was being rented out last year for $660 a week and is currently vacant i.e. a quick sale may be appealing for vendor
It's a small place, land is 600 and house is around 180sqm (almost half our current house), we'd be buying to live in for the next few years as we change course of lifeplans and the attractions is the location, condition of house and price point.
We'd be pushing our time limit by waiting until 20 April to submit our best offer, would make even a 30 day settlement for us a bit tricky with settlement of current house being early May i.e. gotta figure out storage, temporary accommodation etc. i.e. it's not a massively emotional buy that we fell in love with but more out of convenience / necissity i.e. if we can secure early April with 30 day settlement then minimises the movements on our side.
The way we see it, we have two options to potentially secure the property as follows:
Put in a resonable offer with a 24 hour time limit to test the waters at say 1.14 - I assume this will be rejected and magically another buyer will have also submitted an offer. Can then give a BAFO of somewhere up to or at 1.2 - even though I am bidding against myself because there's unlikely another buyer, I feel that the vendor needs to think they've squeezed me in order to accept an offer before the deadline and they need to feel they're unlikely going to get anything better i.e. take the bird in the hand
Submit around 1.2 on 20 April and hope for the best! Means a fair bit of disruption on our side as well.
What would you do? Any thoughts?
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2023.03.30 01:06 Anteater-Difficult Ted Talk: Why *I* think it's wrong to dislike Kinta

Before I get into this, I'm just going to say that these are my opinions and interpretations from the manga that we all love to read. I also will say I value everybody's stances and opinions on the various characters of the series and I hope that you'll offer the same respect for my opinions as I do yours.
Yes, I am open to discussion about this topic.
No, You aren't going to change my mind.
I am simply writing this because it's on theme with the latest chapter and also because it started as a reply to a comment in one of my recent posts and turned onto an essay.
There will be no TL;DR as I do not think a sentence will be able to convey all of my thoughts on Kinta aaaaaand it I'd also sorta in the title.
I am also open to discussing or answering any questions people have regarding my past or thoughts on the story so far; I can't promise I have any thoughts that are particularly profound but I enjoy the series just like everyone else and at the end of the day I enjoy hearing what my peers in the community have to say!
So, Without further ado:
At this point it's easier to say why one would dislike him, that of course due to the fact that there is far more to like about Sakata than there is to dislike. A lot of the hate for Kinta is due to the misunderstanding that he is a pervert. Kinta is not a pervert (Well scratch that, he may have a degradation kink) but overall Kinta is nowhere near as bad as Mineta from MHA (like those same haters compare him too; I could go on for hours on how Mineta is far worse but then if lose track of my answer).
So, to back track, Kinta is not a pervert, Kinta is- and I already know your gonna disagree with me- but believe me when I say, that aside from Okarun, Kinta is the second most normal person of THE WHOLE cast. (If you wanna see my list of characters thar are most normal to least and hear my reasons I can elaborate on that a bit later)
When we first meet Sakata he is thinking if how to simply approach and talk to Momo. It is very important that we all understand Sakata simply wanted to talk to Momo because a lot of people think for some reason that this is weird or creepy on Kinta's part and if that is the case then it was just as weird for Momo to talk to Okarun. It is never implied that he intended anything malicious by this. In fact it's quite the opposite, as he went out of his way to ask Okarun how he was easily able to talk to Momo. Contrary to popular belief this is a normal question, ecspecially for socially awkward teens in high-school.
From here I will cover the incident that seems to be the source of the split in our Fandom regarding Sakata. The infamous (and most iconic XD): 10- Gallon Weiner incident.
Starting from where I left off: A perfectly normal Sakata Kinta asked our protagonist Okarun a perfectly normal and harmless question as to how it'd be easier to speak with Momo. Sakata did this because (I don't know how it is with ladies) when a man wants to improve a certain aspect of themselves they seek out methods on how to improve. In this instance that aspect was communication and Sakata sought to approach someone he knew was experienced with talking to girls to improve himself.
Anyways; that explanation goes into my next point. Shortly after asking Okarun these questions Momo interrupts them and begins talking about Okarun's "Ball" in a wonderful instance of double irony Sakata, who was left without an answer by Okarun and therefore also left with no other option than to observe, overhears a seemingly lewd conversation.
Now to us the audience as well as our main characters, we know the context of their conversation with each other, while they are indeed talking about Okarun's family jewels there is nothing licentious about it, For Sakata on the other hand he is entirely unaware of the context, this is not by any means his fault. It were Okarun and Momo who chose to speak about that topic in the middle of a classroom where many of their classmates could potentially overhear them- it just so happened that the two that did were Main Character Kinta and NPC Class President (however I won't get into my dislike for the Class Pres during this Ted Talk.)
So while Momo and Okarun are having this entirely inappropriate conversation about Okarun's testicles in class, it is only reasonable to assume that Sakata would observe this and put his newfound life skill to good use, afterall it was working for Okarun. So, during a break in the conversation Kinta puts his newly learned skills to use hoping to make a friend out of Momo Ayase.
To this day, the only reason half of- no- most of the Dandadan Fanbase dislikes Kinta is because Momo chose to gaslight him, Perhaps not intentionally, but it was Momo who threw around the "saucy" language first!
Anyway, That's me explaining the truth behind Sakata's introduction. XD
As for why I (and possibly a handful of others like him)
  1. He is extremely smart! He's able to understand the nanobots as well as electro-luminescent camoflauge!camouflag! Smart people are badass
  2. He's reliable! Kinta on two occasions during the Kaiju arc helped the party against Vamola, in fact, if it weren't for Kinta, Momo and the others would have very well lost the fight since none of them knew how to control the nanobots. Hell! Even now Kinta is proving how reliable he is by rushing to everyone's aid! (Okarun totally stole Kinta's kiss)
  3. He's relatable! Ecspecially after this chapter I've been seeing most Kinta naysayers changing their mind about Kinta. Kenta is literally just your normal, run of the mill, high-school kid, the fact that he has no powers makes him even more normal than Okarun technically (but I promised my Discord community that I'd adhere to our "Most Normal" tier list XD). From a Literature stand point, the fact that Kinta is a normal high school kid makes him the most relatable (at least to most male readers).
  4. Kinta is seriously funny, I've never laughed harder in the series than when Kinta said 10-Gallon Weiner. Everytime Kinta is on the page I know I'm in for a treat!
  5. HE IS THE PILOT!! (More iconic line than Jennifer Lopez Anaconda)
In conclusion #KintaDidNothingWrong.
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2023.03.30 01:06 Visual-Internal2860 How do you guys deal with the roughness of 19 inch wheels?

Even small bumps in the road feel like my brain is getting rattled.
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2023.03.30 01:06 Blessed-Sergeant [CONSOLE][PS4][NA] The Gunpowder Disciples

Howdy guys, the Gunpowder Disciples is a pretty small clan (3 members as of posting this) and we are wanting to expand. None of us have done raids before so we'd love to find some more people to teach us. We mostly play on the weekends but occasionally we play weekdays. We don't care about doing good we care about having fun. We will die alot trying raids and pvp but to us it's about having fun not winning.
Please join if you're interested in just having a good time, and if you don't want to join thx for reading this anyway and I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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2023.03.30 01:06 WannabeArtistWriter The Adventures of Sir Maximus IV And The Sprout Mole Civil War Chapter 3
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2023.03.30 01:05 skinnyfaye I have hope for this pod again

Jamar's appearance on the show put a little pep in the girls' step & I feel like some of the magic that had dwindled over the past couple of episodes was brought back a bit. I think if they continued to have more male or dynamic guests while pushing themselves to be a little bit more awake & experimental, they can bring back the original dynamic of the show. I really want their views to go up too, so I'm hoping they can get their numbers up by the summer.
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Well that was a short trip, but then, we would have been bored had we stayed. So, let us go forward through time. How far? I’ll bet you’ve already guessed. That’s right, one whole year. Where, we’ll join a man on a mission. He slinks through the trees, as he can feel the power he seeks. It is inside a lonely old cottage, which sits in the middle of a forest, all by itself.

The familiar visage of Victor walks brazenly to the front door which he doesn’t even bother knocking on, but simply opens wide and walks right on through. He stops for a moment, to survey his surroundings, which consists of a homely looking room, an old woman, his son’s body and his wife, with the nail, still firmly embedded in her flesh.

“I’ve come for the nail,” the vampire states simply as he stares directly at the old woman seated at the table. “So leave me to my work and I’ll leave you in peace.”

Maggie nods her head. “If that’s all you want,” she returns while gesturing to the object in question. “Take it.”

Mary Anne can hardly believe what she’s hearing. The old woman is going to let her be destroyed? She stares wide eyed at her benefactor, then to the menacing man who with slow, deliberate steps, makes his way toward her. The distance between them shrinks with every step and with it her hope to see tomorrow.

Victor has a cunning look in his eye as he stretches forth his hand toward the corpse who has no means of retreat as she tries to meld with the wall. Suddenly, he is struck across the face, a blow which turns his head and just for a moment dazes him. The broom has done it’s job and is flitting about, congratulating itself.

“Don’t get carried away!” Maggie chastises the cleaning implement and fixes it with a serious eye.

The broom lowers its head.

Victor rubs his jaw and turns his attentions on the old woman.

“Oh dear,” Maggie says, feigning surprise. “It seems my furniture is not happy with your demand.”

The furniture indeed are not happy as they start to move forward and prepare for combat. They fly forward as one and attack with coordinated strikes. Victor, though inhumanly strong and resilient, is only able to halt one attack at a time, but he’s being bombarded by multiple opponents. He's simply out of his depth.

Again and again, they strike and he can’t avoid all the blows. He has only one course of action available, flee. Quickly, he ducks and dodges the onslaught as he makes his way to the door. The furniture begin celebrating, once the door is shut, and they dance about the room, with nary a word from their master, who has to agree they deserve it.
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2023.03.30 01:04 AnemoneMeer Playing Skies of Arcadia made me realize how bad tabletop ship combat design philosophy really is.

Honestly, after doing the first real naval bossfight in that game, and having done ship combat in tabletops. Starfinder's system tries to give every player a unique role and in doing so makes them all take very limited actions completely divorced from their character and ship. How do you "level up" your ability to raise the ship's shields over and over again anyway? How do you design meaningful upgrades for that? 5e made it "just board them lol" when it gives rules for it at all. The ship is a narrative device and little more there.
And yet.... apparently nobody has tried translating Skies of Arcadia's systems? Is it patented or something? I dunno, but well.... Building off it, here's a tabletop friendly skeleton I mashed together in like.... the time of writing this post.
At the start of the battle, players roll initiative. The enemy ship rolls initiative once per player roll, and these numbers are hidden. You can't exactly see the enemy crew after all.
Each battle round is divided into a series of timeslots representing points in the ship's movements. At the top of the round, players deliberate and declare what they want the ship to do. This is a narrative phase, meant to illustrate what both ships are doing and define the next phase. Once the players have decided, the game master explains what both ships are doing.
Each round is then divided into a series of timeslots of equal number to the playercount. based on the events transpiring. For example, if the players ship is slowing down, and the enemy ship is choosing to turn and get behind them, with a big gun mounted on its bow, they're going to exchange cannon fire at first, get an advantage while the enemy ship turns, and then they are in the sights of the big gun. If there are 4 players, we can represent this as neutral, advantage, advantage, advantage/enemy superweapon, as we have a constant stream of positions where the players ship would be shooting an easy target, but they also got the players ship in their sights. Conversely, if the players had instead chosen to advance to full sail, it would have resulted in neutral, disadvantage, disadvantage, critical disadvantage/enemy superweapon.
This can easily be visualized with two directional tokens, like little boats or whatever, to visually show what's happening. General rule of thumb is simple, if both sides are pointing guns at eachother, it's neutral, if one side isn't, they're disadvantaged, and if one ship is in a position the other can't attack, it's critical disadvantage. Likewise, if one side's main gun/superweapon/etc is able to fire, that's a special scenario distinct from the above.
Once the turn's flow has been decided, players each get an action. Any player can take any action onboard the ship, with the restrictions that no two players can operate the same equipment, and no two players can act in the same timeslot. It is generally assumed that ship crew is doing whatever tasks need to be done/helping the players operate things like cannons that take multiple people. If there is an argument, higher initiative wins, but ideally it shouldn't come to that.
Fixed weapons can't be used in disadvantage. Enemy fixed weapons can't be used when players have advantage. Superweapons can only be fired when the players or enemies are in a position to shoot them. Turrets/deck weapons/magic/etc can be used freely. Actions that don't use ship equipment/stations are exempt from the 1/round rule. Players can choose to switch their action for certain basic actions (fixing the ship, bracing for impact, etc) but cannot switch to anything that would use ship equipment.
Once things are set, the turn resolves. The GM assigns the enemy ships initiatives to timeslots while the players are deliberating, and the actions are played out. Player initiative is checked against assigned initiative value to determine who acts first.
As a sample example, going back to the first combat scenario from before, the first player, playing a mage, chooses to cast magic and wins initiative, then chooses Shield, which deflects the oncoming cannonfire, protecting the ship. Then, because they know they are in advantage, the second player chooses to let loose with the broadside cannons. The enemy ship can't shoot back, so it braces. The third player can't follow up with a second broadside, so they instead choose to try to steer the ship out of the way of the oncoming danger, while the enemy ship fixes itself. The fourth player tries to brace, but their initiative is too low and they're stuck acting after the enemy superweapon, but due to the third player's maneuvering, it's only a glancing blow, so they instead choose to fix the ship. After this, the players may deliberate on a new course of action to deal with the giant cannon pointing right at them.
Obviously you can attach a ton of extra rules via equipment, unique superweapons, etc, or balance it with action points or whatever. Not a professional game designer, but looking at this compared to say, Starfinder's rules, it would easily give far more room to personalize a ship and for players to feel like they're constantly doing things and making decisions instead of busywork.
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2023.03.30 01:04 YouSmellFunky Daily Releases (March 29, 2023)


Game Group Store Score (Reviews)
Innchanted TENOKE Steam 89% (27)
DROP - System Breach TENOKE Steam 100% (19)
Reclusive TENOKE Steam 75% (8)
Johnny Chainsaw TENOKE Steam 100% (6)
Faraway Proximity TENOKE Steam -
Farmer's Father: Save the Innocence DARKSiDERS Steam 60% (10)
Tchia RUNE Steam -
Update Group Store Score (Reviews)
Resident.Evil.4.HD.Project.v1.1 ELiTE Steam 92% (60k)
World.War.Z.Update.v20230327 TENOKE Steam 83% (12.6k)
WWE.2K23.Update.v1.05 TENOKE Steam 77% (1.1k)
FATAL.FRAME.PROJECT.ZERO.Mask.of.the.Lunar.Eclipse.Update.v1.0.0.2 TENOKE Steam 90% (753)
WW2.Rebuilder.Update.v20230324 TENOKE Steam 88% (674)
Second.Front.Update.v1.192 TENOKE Steam 80% (387)
Disaster.Band.Update.v1.11.2.0 TENOKE Steam 86% (332)
Artist.Life.Simulator.Update.v1.1.5.incl.DLC TENOKE Steam 86% (87)
The.Last.of.Us.Part.I.Update.v1.0.1.5 RUNE Steam 34% (12.5k)
Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Rulers.of.England RUNE Steam 55% (1.8k)
The_Life_and_Suffering_of_Sir_Brante_v1.04.6 DINOByTES Steam, GOG 92% (4.9k)

<< March 28, 2023


Q: When will [insert game name here] be cracked?
A: STOP! CrackWatch members are not psychic. Games get cracked by completely ANONYMOUS SCENE GROUPS who don't disclose their progress or plans to the general public so NO ONE knows WHEN and IF a certain game will be cracked.
Q: What are all these NFO thingies? Where do I download?
A: NFOs are text files included with game releases which contain information about the releases. CrackWatch only informs which games have been cracked. To download look for the releases on CS.RIN.RU's forum or torrent websites. Useful websites can be found in The Beginners Guide or PiratedGames's Mega Thread.
Q: WTF is Denuvo?
A: Denuvo is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology used to protect games from being cracked. Games that have Denuvo are harder to crack and usually take much longer. See Pinned Post for a list of Denuvo games.
Q: An update is out, but it includes the base game as well! Can I only download the update without redownloading the entire game?
A: Yes. CS.RIN.RU is your friend.
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2023.03.30 01:04 Mom2surprises I was told I was going to have 1 baby with ambiguous genitalia ended up having 2 normal baby’s

I’m a new mom to 2 amazing kids 1 boy 1 girl I gave birth 2 weeks ago. The pregnancy was difficult not just because of being pregnant but people around me. My SIL tried to steal our baby names so we gave her fake ones she still hasn’t figured out she’s called her son Jackass in Lithuanian (I’m Lithuanian) we just told her it’s a double barrel name and she believed us. My husband had a cancer scare at around 3 months and then my Obgyn got cancer he beat it but is now travelling Asia with his wife which I honestly think is quite cute and sweet. But the most challenging thing of all was that I was told throughout my pregnancy that I was having one baby not twins.
My new obgyn was very dismissive of all my concerns she’d roll her eyes a lot and explain everything matter of factly like me and my husband where both idiots. We where told that our baby would have ambiguous genitalia, where they show signs of being both genders it was heartbreaking but we came to terms with it and that they would need corrective surgery as they grew up, aswell as the possibility of needing hormones. We where told that it was most likely a girl with male deformities.
I went into labour at 36 weeks early for a single baby but pretty much full term for twins. When my daughter was born I was over the moon the doctors where all surprised as she was born fully female me and my husband cried. 20 minutes later I started having contractions again my doctor told me it was just phantom contractions and they would pass but they got more often and longer eventually after demanding an ultrasound she relented and did one it showed another baby her face went as white as a ghost before she started shouting for labour and delivery to come back to our room. She kept repeating everything was going to be alright but by this point I was in tears I just wanted her gone somehow 10 or so people had missed one whole kid for like 6 or 7 months (I’m not sure when you can tell if it’s twins on scans) I asked for a different obgyn, she started to refuse and I was too panicked to fight back before my husband shouted “she wants a different doc get her a different doc, your so incompetent that you would call for a c section cause you can’t see the head all while looking in her ear” she stomped her foot and then proceeded to storm out in the most unprofessional manner I’ve ever seen a few moments later a young man walked in. When I seen him at the start I wanted another obgyn because he was stuttering and stammering while he asked questions and looked at my chart before he clapped his hands together and said “right let’s get this bad boy out” it was like a different man appeared he was calm stern but had a sense of humour to keep us calm extremely professional and didn’t stutter once. I was in labour for an hour with my son, who was thankfully born happy healthy and screaming. THE AMOUNT OF HOSPITAL STAFF AND ADMIN THAT VISITED drove me insane they weren’t concerned with me and my kids as much as they where concerned with if I was gonna sue for malpractice for missing a whole baby and misdiagnosing it as ambiguous genitalia which is an incredibly rare defect. (I still don’t know that much about it)They’ve offered me a substantial amount of money to settle but legal action hasn’t even crossed my mind.
Me nor my husband want to do anything concerning legal action, we just want to spend time with our kids and enjoy our first few weeks as new parents to 2 surprises. I’m honestly tempted to ask for a high sum and settle just to get them to back off. We had to come up with a boys name pretty fast but we settled on one eventually we named our daughter Enrika after my best friend (she’s still alive and I just really like her name) and my surprise of a son is named Severide (not sure where we heard it from but we really like it) I just feel so depressed and frustrated from my whole hospital care during my pregnancy and my labour it should have been a magical moment afterwards but instead it was ruined by constant pestering by lawyers and admins. Although maybe that magical moment is just on Tv and movies and I was living in a world of fantasy. Has anyone else ever had this bad a hospital experience. Apologies for the really long post I just REALLY needed to rant to people who wouldn’t know me in the street just cause it’s simpler.
I know being a mother is stressful but with everything that went wrong even if it worked out in the end it just makes me want to cry my babies had to share a cot for the first 2 nights we at least managed to get a second baby carrier before we left the hospital. I feel like a terrible mother for not pushing back on my crappy care earlier, I should have felt that I was having twins. Everyone keeps congratulating me on my second surprise and wanting to know the details but I just don’t want to share, all I want is to be left alone with me my husband and little enrika and severide, but I feel terrible for ignoring everyone else.
Am I going mad or am I just a horrible person?
(Sorry if I don’t respond babys are sleeping so I might try taking a power nap)
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2023.03.30 01:04 john972121 Does the Nashville shooting seem too “convenient“ or “sloppy” to anyone else?

Ok, back down the rabbit hole. I feel like every mass shooting has enough inconsistencies in it for conspiracy theorists to poke holes in it, but to me this one is just ridiculous. Mentally ill or disturbed person, trans on top of that, at a Christian school, armed with 2 AR15’s. You’ve got a shooter from the community that the left is trying to protect, mowing down kids in a school where the religion that the left hates is taught, using the “assault rifle” that the left wants banned.
On top of that, you have the lady jumping into the news broadcast to say that she and her son were victims of the Highland Park shooting, only to be “conveniently” 500 miles away the same day a shooting occurs where they ended up. I don’t know, it feels like it’s just getting obvious now. The shooting was real, not saying at all that it wasn’t. But there’s a lot more to the story. I will say, from the Bodycam footage I saw, great work by Nashville PD
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2023.03.30 01:03 8bitmachinegun Woes with old house after relocation

After an extended period of unemployment, I finally got a really good offer on the West Coast. (I was formerly in the Southeast.) I got an apartment in my new city though the rent is on the high side. I had a buyer for the old house lined up, but the home inspection turned up several issues and the buyer bailed.
So now I’m stuck with a house 2500 miles away that is in need of repair before it is sellable or rentable. Repairs that I cannot afford in my present financially overextended state. The house is most likely underwater and my credit is shot from unemployment and moving expenses, making a HELOC or other loan (most likely) impossible.
And since I now have to cover a lease, a mortgage and two sets of utility payments, I’m basically living paycheck to paycheck. Thanks to that fact, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to afford repairs, and the house will keep falling more and more into disrepair.
It seems the most obvious options are to sell, rent, go into voluntary foreclosure or do some sort of bankruptcy. Selling is difficult because the house is probably underwater and I can’t cover a loss. Renting also seems unlikely because it has to be livable, and the necessary repairs look to be >$3000 altogether. I could do a bankruptcy, but my income dictates that it would probably have to be Chapter 13 (or maybe 11?) Foreclosure is starting to look more and more attractive. Yes I know I won’t be able to buy a house for years but I’m about done with the whole homeownership thing. I’m just not suited to it. I’m not handy with tools or home repair, and I loathe yard work.
A few other options that might help…sell my car and commute. Except mass transit would take 2 hours to work - each way, though I might be able to get away with going to work twice a week. Ditching my current lease and getting a cheaper place would be nice, except my credit is now shot to heck and I can’t afford $3k to break.
Any suggestions on which path to take? Am I missing anything?
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2023.03.30 01:03 RKConsultants On March 29, 2023 Constantly Growing, Inc. filed for chapter 11 protection in the Eastern District of California (Case No. 23-20992). The Debtor reports Liabilities of $500K-$1M. The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors.

On March 29, 2023 Constantly Growing, Inc. filed for chapter 11 protection in the Eastern District of California (Case No. 23-20992). The Debtor reports Liabilities of $500K-$1M. The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors. submitted by RKConsultants to Ch11Bankruptcy [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 01:03 Somali-Pirate-Lvl100 WSB-05-10 Vote Moment of Silence in Schools Act of 2022



Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Republic of Fremont


(1) This legislation shall be known as the “Moment of Silence in Schools Act of 2022.”


(1) The Assembly of the Republic of Fremont does find that:
(a) At the beginning of the day, children in schools deserve to have a moment of silence to do what they will, including work, clearing their minds for the day, etc..


(1) “School day” means the hours of school operation as established in elementary schools pursuant to sections 46112 to 46117, inclusive, of the Education Code and in junior high and high schools pursuant to section 46148.


(1) Article 14 (commencing with Section 32445) shall be inserted into Chapter 3 of Part 19 of Division 1 of Title 1 of the Education Code to read:
ARTICLE 14. Moment of Silence in Schools.
(a) At the beginning of each school day, there shall be a moment of silence observed for sixty seconds wherein each student shall sit silently and perform any action they wish, including pray silently, think, work, or any other activity that is not overtly disruptive to the silence and to neighboring students.
(b) Any student, or a parent of a student, may be able to petition the principals or other administrators of the school to opt out of participating in the moment of silence.
(c) Teachers shall ensure that each student remains silent and does not act in a manner that is likely to interfere with or distract any other student.


(a) Severability.—Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, if any provision of this section, or any amendment made by this section, or the application of such provision or amendment to any person or circumstance is held to be invalid, this section and amendments made by this section and the application of such provision or amendment to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby.
(b) This Act shall go into effect 90 days after the passage of the act through the Fremont General Assembly.
Authored by u/NAME
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2023.03.30 01:03 stormingsteel Does this appear normal?

Does this appear normal?
I'm a dad of 3. This is a poem written by a mother (adoptive) to 2 foster children from my kids school. One of them is also in my twins class. She sends this boy to school in dresses and girls shoes. 6 years old. Yeah it's difficult having to have this conversation with your six year olds when they're asking questions as to why, as I shouldn't be having to at that precious age. That's not my .02 cents. The problem arises with the fact that the mother is encouraging these kids to disrupt, harass, intimidate, assault other children, including sexually groping the teacher until she's in tears begging for him stop but he keeps doing it. In front of other children when even the little girls are crying watching it. We've been to the school board, had meetings with the school principal AND superintendent. Not just us but other parents as well. One of the other families we have now befriended , their daughter is often crying and terrified to go to school and has pee'd herself in class because she is scared to go to the bathroom. The "mom" of these adopted problem kids is a militant activist to the LGBT and is fully aware of what she is doing to other people. Now in the wake of what has happened in Tennessee this week I'm even more so concerned. I've attached an edited screenshot of a "holiday poem" that was put out by this gem. It was one that I had my wife screenshot to me. There's been a lot she has posted that raises many red flags to this woman's mental state. But I don't do FB because I refuse to make Mark Z any richer as he is tearing this country apart with his platform.
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2023.03.30 01:03 jhymesba Passed c726, thoughts on the course!

So, I finally passed the course! It took me two tries for Task 1, and one for Task 2, and it was a lot of work. Thanks to everyone who posted on this class. And so to help the next group of people, my take of the tasks!
I found the reading didn't really help for this class, like many of the other posters who have gone through this class. I would have rather had case studies of other similar situations and explanations of how things worked when they worked well, and why they failed when they did fail. Once I started realising that this wasn't building up to me completing the tasks, I gave up on the reading materials and moved on to analysing the case study we were presented with.
First thing. Read both the case study and the analysis CAREFULLY. They can and will ding you for something as simple as using the wrong payment processor, so be aware of that. Everything you need for this class is in those two documents.
Don't get too bogged down in the details. Feel free to extrapolate from the material given for your solution. Don't feel like you are limited to any one thing -- for instance, I used cloud services, but I felt like you could have gotten away by updating everything (with one key exception) to modern software running internally on the network.
Task 1
This post helped a lot! (1) MSCSIA Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering – C726 Task 1 Writeup : WGU ( . Here's my particular takeaways from Task 1:
I turned in a 19 page paper. The first try was returned because I missed something key and assumed just replacing the payroll system with an online version would be sufficient. The second try passed when I actually READ the Case Study!
Task 2
Task 1 is more of a strategic level paper, while this is a bit more tactical. First, understand you'll be doing a DREAD analysis on your proposed-state. This will be uploaded with the task, so don't forget to send both the .docx and the .xlsx in your submission!
Task 2 didn't seem to have as many guides on it, so I'm going to include a full breakdown of that class.
Task 2 was a 16 page document and was accepted on the first try. Had I known that reading the material wasn't needed for this course, I might have passed it before I took on the CEH. Both classes are passed! I am happy!
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2023.03.30 01:03 passa117 Living the amor fati life is so liberating

I was inspired to post this because of u/ReachAccording6658's post yesterday.
I've been reading and following Stoic teachings for the past 4 years (just before pandemic hit), when I was given some less-then-stellar health news, as well as dealing with unemployment and depression.
It's the only thing that has given me this much clarity in life. Fast forward to now, and I'm running a successful small business. Made decent money last year and on track to do okay this year. Won't be a millionaire, not even a 6-figure earner, but my bills are paid and I never have to worry about not being able to pay for all the groceries in my cart.
Recently, I felt like I've taken it up a notch. I've been listening/watching a lot of videos from the Einzelgänger YT channel, and it's given me so much more clarity.
I'm completely on the amor fati train. I take everything as it comes and no longer put hopes and expectations on the future. It's led to a state of calm that I've never experienced before in my life.
My anxiety is completely gone. I have all the patience in the world now, and I give people around me a lot of grace.
Today, my wife took 2hrs to come pick me up after I returned after a trip overseas. I was standing the whole time, I was physically tired, but I wasn't even marginally annoyed. I had in my earbuds and was just vibing out to some music.
I had a few unexpected expenses while I was on my trip. Normally, they would have triggered anxiety over all this money spent, and savings depleting. Instead, I just shrugged it off as "it's only money". I remember when I had none (back during my unemployed phase, I had $19 in the bank with an ATM limit of $20, so I couldn't even withdraw anything), and now I have enough that these events won't break me. I just smile and know that things will work out, one way or another.
The next thing is that I am living fully in the present. I'm hugging people tighter now, because there's no guarantees that I'll get to do it tomorrow (or next week, or next year). Every time I see someone might be the last time I do, so I do my best to completely immerse myself and maximize the now that I have with them. This has made me interactions so much more fulfilling.
I have to credit Stoicism for providing so much more clarity to my life. The air is fresher now, the sun feels amazing on my skin, food tastes better. I'm smiling more and feeling so much more at peace.
Is this what Equanimity feels like?
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