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Personal loan or credit card?

2023.06.01 18:01 ineedcoffeeasap Personal loan or credit card?

Hello everyone it's my first time posting, long time follower. I’m in desperate times. I got a head injury from work and have been on workers comp for a year and a half now, and they only pay 50%. I’ve used my savings of 30k to cover the rent/food/essentials since then. I've always stuck to the budget. No debt whatsoever. Now I’m running low and still fighting to recover sooner. I'm worried about losing my apartment. I’ve been fortunate to live in an affordable/cheap rent-stabilized apartment with my little girl. I don't have a family to fall back on, and I've been doing this on my own for so long, always making sure I had savings and a roof over my little girl and my head. Do you recommend taking a personal loan from my bank or credit card to keep my head above water with rent/food until I’m 100% recovered from the injury? I am hopeful to return in August/September. Thank you for reading this🤍
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2023.06.01 17:57 sea_bee_tea Legal advice for an unconventional situation

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right sub to post this question. But I’m not sure where else on the internet to look. Any advice or guidance would be helpful. My Friend is in their 70’s and is housing insecure, after renting an unpermitted yurt in rural Hawaii for the last 20 years he’s getting evicted. We want to know what his rights are, if any.
For some backstory: My friend built a yurt on the property, started a garden, and maintained everything from the dirt road leading into his space and all the upkeep and maintenance. Including running water and electricity to his house/yurt. In exchange, my friend paid $800 a month in cash.
Landlord wants to sell the property and sent my friend an eviction notice via certified mail. He has 6 months to move out. The landlord wants the yurt, which is sizable, and all the infrastructure my friend built to be removed within that time. What rights does my friend have? The space is unpermitted, and we’re pretty sure the landlord has been insisting on cash payments because he’s not declaring the income. If my friend refuses to remove the yurt, (it would take considerable time and expense) does the landlord have any legal recourse? We also found out that part of the property the garden was growing on is actually the neighbor's lot and the landlord charged my friend an extra $100 a month for space he didn’t even own.
Thanks for any resource you can send my way. I just want to help this older gentleman navigate his rights.
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2023.06.01 17:57 EscCtrlAltGr How can I myself pay for things online with my Apple products when I'm a part of my dad's Family Sharing?

I'm an adult but my dad is nice to share Apple Music, Apple TV +, etc. with me through Family Sharing. Problem is I would like to buy my own streamingservice subscriptions, rent a movie on YouTube, get iCloud+, etc. but everything HAS to go through my dad so he gets charged money instead of me even though I have my payment information in Wallet and can use Apple Pay in stores. I then have to keep owing him money. Is there an easy way my dad can "release" me from him having to be charged for everything I wanna buy online with my Apple products? I would like to stay on his Family Sharing.
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2023.06.01 17:54 ineedcoffeeasap Credit card or personal loan?

Hello everyone it's my first time posting, long time follower. I’m in desperate times. I got a head injury from work and have been on workers comp for a year and a half now, and they only pay 50%. I’ve used my savings of 30k to cover the rent/food/essentials since then. I've always stuck to the budget. No debt whatsoever. Now I’m running low and still fighting to recover sooner. I'm worried about losing my apartment. I’ve been fortunate to live in an affordable/cheap rent-stabilized apartment with my little girl. I don't have a family to fall back on, and I've been doing this on my own for so long, always making sure I had savings and a roof over my little girl and my head. Do you recommend taking a personal loan from my bank or credit card to keep my head above water with rent/food until I’m 100% recovered from the injury? I am hopeful to return in August/September. Thank you for reading this🤍
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2023.06.01 17:52 Life_Corgi_8813 People who are paying houses 100k+ over asking , why?

I’ve recently moved back to family in Rochester and my wife and i are doing light house hunting as we would love to have our own place but are in no hurry, and dont mind renting for a while.
We’ve previously lived in Austin TX and are familiar with the current home prices there. The houses here being sold in the east side suburbs of Rochester are going for 100k+ making these houses close to being sold at comparable levels to what we saw in Austin. But Austin is a high price booming city so it makes it seem ridiculous if prices are even comparable. The taxes are also wayyyy higher here, the tax burdens in buying houses this high is equivalent to buying million dollar homes in nyc.
We recently checked out a house where a local appraiser appraised it at no more than 300k, was listed at 230k and sold for over 400k cash.
There is no money incentives when you buy this high, you’re losing money, you’d make more money renting and reinvesting that 300k+ cash. You can rent a large house in a nice neighborhood in the school district you want and make more money off your re-invested cash. Usually you’d rather pay for a mortgage and taxes than sink money in rent but in this case your monthly payments + cash lost makes it utterly nonsensical.
It just boggles my mind and would like to get an understanding why people feel pressured to pull the trigger on these crazy offers.
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2023.06.01 17:51 No_Entertainment6424 New to sub. Another day 1.

I just found this sub today and feel it’s time to get some support with my gambling habits.
I am using my non-main Reddit account as my main account is not anonymous. I want to be able to share freely.
I (F36) am a severe alcoholic in recovery (8 months sober today!).
Many other compulsive behaviors have taken over since quitting alcohol on Oct 1, 2023.
I’ve gotten support for the others, bulimia, habitual THC use, and compulsive shopping, to name a few. The online gambling is one that I haven’t been able to shake on my own and it’s time.
I started online gambling about 4 months ago. Mainly blackjack. I more or less have been gambling away my paycheck every week, which has resulted in late rent payments, no savings, loss of productivity at work and home, and just a general bad mood.
From what I can tell, I gamble to zone out, combat boredom, and in hopes that lucky wins might solve my immediate financial needs. It’s pure insanity.
I want to stop before I hit rock bottom. I know from experience with my alcohol problems that rock bottom is a long, hellish way down.
Today is my first “real” day 1, and the urge to deposit money and gamble is strong. I’m new to this and can use any tips or encouragement you all may have.
Thank you
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2023.06.01 17:49 aggressivelythicc Tips for a first time home buyer?

Hello personalfinance
33yo, single. I'm closing on a house next week and furiously (and enjoying) playing with numbers and creating a brand new shiny budget. At this point, I've only looking for ways to increase my income and save money and quickly get to 20% equity. I think I can do this within a year with an extra $500 towards principal. So far, I can only think to get a part time job and rent out a room or two. I know have to increase my emergency fund from 2 months expenses to about 4-6 months worth.
A huge swing of expenses are coming my way like furniture, kitchenware, toiletries, utilities, and taxes, etc. (I own like nothing from living at home for several years).
Do you have any other strategies/tips/tricks on how/where to save money and budget? Any advice to your younger self when you were buying your first home?

Thank you!!!!!
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2023.06.01 17:47 AutoModerator Here’s Where To WATCH John Wick: Chapter 2 OnLine Free Here’s How

John Wick: Chapter 2 is by far the best of the four films starring K eanu Reeves as the eponymous hit man, the first of the cycle that I’d recommend—albeit with an asterisk. The new film (which opens

Watch Here<> John Wick: Chapter 2 OnLine Free

Friday) has many of the same problems as its predecessors; although these problems are interesting, they’re far more fun to contemplate in the rearview mirror of thought than in the real-time forward motion of viewing. But something happens, fairly late in the game, that converts the film’s merely technical displays of bloody murder into something suspenseful and romantic, if no less silly. The details are too good to give away, but there’s no harm and much pleasure in considering how the movie climbs, slowly but surely, to that light-headed summit.
One of the curiosities of the John Wick series is that, as an entirely original creation dependent on no prior properties, it has nonetheless given rise to an alluring and self-perpetuating mythology of its own. The premise of Wickworld is cleverly paranoiac, built around the tentacular connections between the crude underworld of contract killers and the shadowy overlords who keep them in action. That wicked authority is called the High Table; it dispenses orders to kill on pain of being killed, ratifies contracts for murder, and brokers the deals for bounty hunters. It commands John to kill, and it sets him up to be killed, but it also sets the tone of the movie. The High Table exemplifies a super-élite of secret societies with elaborate rites, deeply rooted aristocracies, a flaunting of mind-bending wealth, and the executive ruthlessness of a transnational shadow government that has the power to wreak havoc in public with impunity.

On 24th March 2023, Keanu Reeves starring JW4, is coming to your nearest theaters. This American neo-noir action thriller will be 169 minutes long and distributed by Lionsgate. Already, the official YouTube trailer is out, vibing fans' expectations!

If you are looking for online stream options for this film, you may get updates soon. Also, which platforms can you rely on to watch this newest chapter of John Wick? We will uncover the info here!

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2023) Release Date
John Wick: Chapter 2 will be out on 24th March 2023 in the US! However, this fourth installment of John Wick was initially scheduled to release on 21st May 2021. Nevertheless, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole shooting got delayed, which impacted the official screening too.

Also, the title cast- Reeves' had some agreements with The Matrix Resurrections (2021) at that period. In the meantime, John Wick: Chapter 2 (2023) official trailer was uploaded on YouTube on 10th November 2022 from Lionsgate Movies.

When Is John Wick: Chapter 2 Coming to Movie Theaters?
John Wick: Chapter 2 will first debut exclusively in theaters on Friday, March 24, 2023. It’s hard to believe that this is nearly two years later than its originally intended release date of May 21, 2021!

If you would rather wait to watch it from the comforts of home, keep reading below, so you can learn more about the movie’s streaming and home media release details.

Is John Wick: Chapter 2 (2023) Streaming or in Theaters?
John Wick: Chapter 2 will first debut exclusively in theaters on Friday, March 24, 2023. It’s hard to believe that this is nearly two years later than its originally intended release date of May 21, 2021!

If you would rather wait to watch it from the comforts of home, keep reading below, so you can learn more about the movie’s streaming and home media release details.

When Is John Wick: Chapter 2 Streaming Online?
Streaming release dates can be quite unpredictable at times. Each streaming service has its own different practices in regard to when a new film can finally be released online, which may also be influenced by a film’s production company too. While John Wick: Chapter 2 is likely to be available for streaming on one of the major streaming platforms, its release date on streaming is still a bit of a mystery. It's a guessing game for now, but keep an eye on this space for future updates!

Where to Watch John Wick: Chapter 2 (2023) Online?
As of now, the only way to watch Avatar: The Way of Water is to head out to the movie theater when it releases on Friday, Dec. 16. You can find a local showing on Fandango.

Watch Now: John Wick: Chapter 2 (2023) Online Free

Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, Apple, YouTube or Vudu, or available to stream on Disney+. Read on for more information.

Is John Wick 4 on Netflix?
The streaming giant has a massive catalog of television shows and movies, but it does not include ‘John Wick: Chapter 2 .’ We recommend our readers watch other dark fantasy films like ‘The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.’

Is John Wick: Chapter 2 on Hulu?
No, ‘John Wick 4’ is unavailable on Hulu. People who have a subscription to the platform can enjoy ‘Afro Samurai Resurrection’ or ‘Ninja Scroll.’

Is John Wick 4 on Amazon Prime?
Amazon Prime’s current catalog does not include ‘John Wick 4.’ However, the film may eventually release on the platform as video-on-demand in the coming months.fantasy movies on Amazon Prime’s official website. Viewers who are looking for something similar can watch the original show ‘Dororo.’

Is John Wick 4 on HBO Max?
No, John Wick 4 will not be on HBO Max since it’s not a Warner Bros. movie. The company previously released its movies on the streamer and in theaters on the same day. However, they now allow a 45-day window between the theatrical release and the streaming release.

Casts of John Wick: Chapter 2 (2023)
Can you imagine the very famous John Wick with Keanu Reeves? Expectedly, Keanu stars the title character- John Wick, with a bunch of other talented cast members, including Donnie Yen (Caine), Bill Skarsgård (Marquis), Laurence Fishburne (Bowery King), Hiroyuki Sanada (Shimazu).

You will also get to see the following:
● Shamier Anderson asTracker
● Lance Reddick as Charon
● Rina Sawayama as Akira
● Scott Adkins as Killa
● Ian McShane as Winston
● Marko Zaror as Chidi
● Natalia Tena as Katia
● Aimée Kwan as Mia
● George Georgiou as The Elder
● Jackey Mishra as Gangster

What Is John Wick: Chapter 2 (2023) About?
Remember the story when John Wick first got introduced? He searched for a man who invaded his home and stole his belongings in chapter 1. Then, chapter 2 portrayed John Wick's mission to assassinate a target. Finally, we saw him fighting his way out of New York in the latest chapter of John Wick back in 2019.

This newest edition of the story will show how John will uncover the way to conquering The High Table. Moreover, here is the twist- John already has his new enemy full of powerful alliances worldwide. Can he conquer them like before? Or is there awaiting more fun and incredible stories to witness? Let us share asap once you watch this Chad Stahelski directorial!
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2023.06.01 17:46 HotPatootie1011 Max out retirement savings or pay off HELOC quickly?

I'm hoping someone financially savvy can help to guide me in the right direction. First, here's my spouse (33F) and I's (34M) financial background:
I just started working as a medical professional, so this was my first year at full income. We bought a house after right after I accepted my job and put 20% down. We knew the house had an old roof when we bought it and ended up getting some water damage after a wet winter this year. Insurance is covering the interior damage repair, but I believe it's time to fix the roof before this becomes a recurring problem. I've gotten a couple estimates for the roof replacement, and it looks like it will be upwards of $50k for asphalt and $80k for steel.
I'm getting a 10% pay bump soon. My plan was to dump the new income into savings and max out my 403b, but given the urgency of the roof issue, should I try to pay off a HELOC/loan as fast as possible? I've shopped around and the best HELOC I've seen so far was at 7.5% for a $80k loan. It doesn't seem like my 403b gains would beat 7.5% but I also feel the need to save more after being in training for so long. I could balance the two out and squeeze my remaining budget more?
I appreciate any advice given.
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2023.06.01 17:42 Far-Chipmunk-3244 I(24F) have been talking about moving in with my Bf(28M) but he hasn’t said I love you yet. Is this a concern?

Background: I’m in a crazy situation, my bf of 4 months and I are taking about breaking my lease and is living together. I currently lease a very small part of a house( it’s one house that split into 3 separate apartments, we do not have a ability to go into different apartments in the house) I have a bedroom, bathroom and a utility kitchen( sink, mini fridge and 2 burners), no closet, I have no control over the AC, nor a washer or dryer hookup( as if it would fit) or wifi( I would have to buy my own set up. All of this plus utilities would cost more that 50% of my wage. At the time I leased it, I had no other option as I do not want to live in my current situation and didn’t want roommates. The lease doesn’t start till august, to break if I would loose my security deposit, and have to pay one month’s rent( 1,900) and then pay rent for it until it’s leased again. Talking to the landlord on the phone it usually leased within 2 months as it’s a college town. My bf moved here almost 2 year ago and lives with his brother, they gave him a hard deadline to move out by the end of June. He has been looking for houses since we started talking about, but hasn’t found anything in the price range( or doesn’t get out bid on) yet. Moving in together is financially is the smartest situation. Our options are that he buys a house and I move in( he’s yet to find one), we rent a place together( townhouse or house) and last option, I keep my lease and he rent somewhere cheap. We talked about finances and how it would be split, 40/60 roughly, depends on our salaries. We would come up with a contract on what would happen if this doesn’t work out so no one is taken advantage of with a lease.
Question/advice: Now with the background done, here’s the problem. We have only been together for 4 months, we both agree it’s fast. But how can I move in with a guy who doesn’t love me, he shows/ treats me as he does. He say’s everything but I love you. He told me he was close when it was brought into the conversation, he just isn’t ready yet. This is the one reason why I haven’t broken my lease yet when we are 99% going to move in together. How do I bring this up in conversation that I feel secure in the relationship and very okay with move on his timeline, but not having this one aspect in the relationship is giving me concerns. Or should this not be a concern and just take the leap? I think it’s a bit of a red flag, but I asked my friends and they told me to go for it, and it’s not a red flag( due to his prior relationship trauma). My friends and family have met him and like/love him and think he is a great guy. I’m rambling so to reiterate, is him not tell me a cause for concern?
TL:DR My bf and I will most likely move in together but my biggest concern is he hasn’t told me he loves me. Do I bring it up? how do I tell him this in a way that doesn’t pressure him?
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2023.06.01 17:39 StandIcy4150 Struggling to get proper tolietries

I just recently moved out on my own after being in a bad relationship for a few years. This is my first time really being on my own completely again since college and have just been struggling a bit to get myself back on my feet. I work full time, but barley make enough for rent and groceries and am scraping by to manage the rest of necessities. I usually went to the dollar store to get stuff if I was struggling in the past but I'm not even able to do that until my next pay period.
I'm not sure what to do. The local food pantries do give out toliet paper if you get there early enough. But no soaps or other hygiene products. I'm wondering if there's somewhere else I should be looking for help with this besides just the pantry
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2023.06.01 17:37 Frutsie I got laid off from my company after helping them grow (long rant sorry)

This was a few months ago and I have a new job now that treats me way better, but I have been reflecting on my previous job. I worked as a financial data analyst for a private investment firm that specialized in real estate (they did residential and commercial rentals) and got laid off unexpectedly because they hadn’t been acquiring anymore property since they couldn’t buy anything that could achieve the target returns they wanted. I started my career out of college there and spent the past 5 years working hard to help them grow and make their antiquated processes more efficient (the amount of paper these dinosaurs used and lack of functional software was astounding). I built multiple databases which allowed them to acquire more assets and access information quickly, switched them to another software which improved analytics, accounting, and operations, and their portfolio tripled under my time there.
I had issues with the job because they wanted me chained to a desk in the office even during the pandemic in April 2020 they made me come in and were able to finagle rules claiming I was “an essential worker”. It was taxing to say the least with no insurance plan provided by the company, no retirement plan until the end of 2022 with raises of about 2% each year and bonuses of 3%. I had to make my own IRA and pay $300 a month almost for insurance. They did not budge and any complaint I brought about it fell on deaf ears.
I had access to the company’s financials and despite the real estate economy getting crushed and interest rates rising, they were still performing very well with plenty of cash on hand to fulfill all their obligations. After all the work I had put in, with no warning, my boss calls me in and tells me I’m getting laid off and I’m getting 5 weeks salary severance after my 5 years of work that I had to wait over a month to receive.
After how much I built for them and improved things at their company this all felt like a slap in the face and really makes me not want to ever develop improvements for a company ever again because my previous company essentially took advantage of me and I got no reward out of it.
I was also the youngest guy at the company by maybe 20 years so I didn’t really have anyone who could relate to me. Everyone there seemed jaded and the way they talked about tenants was disgusting referring to them as drug addicts or bums. They had no problems raising rents for some single parent households $100+ per month because they could.
I know this is probably not a big deal, but it’s something that really bothered me and I wanted to get it off my chest. I don’t think I will ever be able to work in the investment sphere again, especially real estate.
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2023.06.01 17:37 Odd_Impress3138 I feel financially catfished…

I’m a 27 single mom with a somewhat successful small business. My boyfriend is a dad of 2 around the same age with 2 kids. When we first got together he had all these plans of starting his own business. And lately he’s just given up. For the first half of our relationship I paid for almost everything. When we went on trips I paid for flights, hotels, etc and he paid for food. The annoying thing is I had no idea he was financially unstable until later. He was always bragging about how important his job was so I assumed he was successful. He also was a provider in his last relationship with his ex even before they had kids. After having a lot of discussions with him about him stepping up financially, he eventually did and started paying for a portion of the rent as well as groceries, dining out, and paying for my things sometimes. But when it comes to trips (flights+hotels) he doesn’t even try to contribute. I know he doesn’t make as much as I do, but I am tired of paying everything when we go out of town. I wouldn’t have minded if he was working hard towards a better future but he just stays at his dead end job. And also because he took advance of me financially at the beginning of our relationship, I feel wary that he might do it again. I do love him and he treats me good otherwise but when it comes to money, finances and even gift giving, he sucks.
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2023.06.01 17:33 Commercial-Routine49 Charged with careless driving in Ontario

Hi folks,
I would like to hear your opinion on a matter that has been happening for a few years.
Back in 2021, my friends and I (23M) went from Toronto to Saugeen Shores in Ontario for a summer day trip during Canada Day. We arrived at our cottage, dropped off our food and stuff, and made our way to Tobermory, as this was our final destination for the day.
We rented a huge fancy red Jeep, and it was my turn to drive as they had switched back and forth from Toronto. Midway to Saugeen Shores, we stopped at a gas station and removed the roof to be totally ventilated. I started driving, and just a couple of blocks away from our cottage, I heard some laughing, and I decided to quickly move my head to the side to see what was going on.
To my surprise, one of my friends (50 M) seemed to be standing in the back seat (he's only 5' 2" ish), apparently trying to record. I tried to slap him and told him to quickly sit down as he was not allowed to do so. As this was happening, I saw a cop in front of me, and I couldn't think of anything wrong happening as I was abiding by the rules.
As I approach him, he instantly stands in the middle of the road, yelling and waving at me. I came to a complete stop, and his yelling demeanour made me so nervous (as this was the very first time I had been pulled over). He kept yelling PULLED OVER! Bear in mind English is my second language, and I completely panicked. My whole English disappeared, and I honestly didn't know what was happening. My co-pilot quickly told me that pulling over meant going to the side of the road and waiting there for him to do whatever he was supposed to do.
When he stopped us, he asked for the usual licence and registration (I had a valid G2 back then). He went away for about 30 minutes; during that time, we could only speculate what would happen. I told the friend who stood up that he would probably get some fine or penalty, but never did it cross my mind that I would be liable for his behaviour.
Anyway, after he returned, he handed my friend a ticket for $100, citing that he was not wearing a seat belt, and then proceeded to me and handled me over a $5,000 fine and a careless driving charge. I quickly explained that my friend was old enough to understand this was not allowed and that I tried, to the best of my abilities, to stop him from doing so.
He then proceeded to say I could refuse it, and he would take me directly to jail, where everything would be sorted out. Of course, I did not want that option and decided to take the fine and deal with that later. -Just FYI, yeah, our trip was ruined after that.
Fast forward I had my first hearing appearance in 2022. The prosecutor portrayed me as a careless young adult who "permitted" someone to stand and take videos. As much as my lawyer tried to defend me and pull some laws and regulations, the judge and the prosecutor seemed firm on their decision. Therefore, the case was lost, and I was liable to pay legal fees, the fine, get seven demerit points and lose my licence for 30 days.
I still think it is utterly unfair that such high fines and penalties apply to me since my friend is way over the legal age and is a person that acts on their own. I have never had a ticket of any sort, and it is pretty frustrating to see how the system seems not to work for everyone, mainly (I'm sorry for this; it has to be said) for young immigrants that do not match their demographics.
With that in mind, I appealed to their decision as I truly and honestly feel I did nothing wrong but to have agreed to drive that day. At this point, it is more about the fact that I want my name to come up clean. During the appeal process, the judge agreed that there was no imminent risk for a "careless driving charge" but still accepted the original charge anyway.
I could potentially apply to the Ontario Court of Justice and see what happens. Still, not only is it more expensive (I don't really have the resources right now), but my lawyer then said to move on and tried to find a broker for my upcoming insurance renewal.
My questions would be, what do you folks think about this? Would it be possible/doable to fight it at the OCJ level? Would there be a kind of pro-bono lawyer that any of you know? And, of course, since this is Reddit, give me your honest opinion of the case. Would you consider I was wrong in the eye of the law?
Thanks, I'll be eager to read y'all.
Have a nice rest of the week, and stay protected during this heat warning.
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2023.06.01 17:33 SuspiciousSide9563 Anyone Else Concerned About the Future of the Bay Area?

I feel like if things continue the way they are going, the Bay area will eventually become a feudal society where only the upper middle class or higher will ever be able to afford a house unless they get help from family.
When I used to work a production type job, most of my coworkers either lived in houses they bought decades ago (they were older so they could do that), lived in houses they inherited, lived with their parents, spent most of their money on rent (and that often also meant having several roommates) or owned houses 50+ miles away. I feel like if things continue like this eventually everyone who isn't a relatively high level white collar worker will have to spend most of their money on rent or live 75+ miles away (as the previously semi-affordable houses in places like Tracy and Brentwood become unaffordable) with that number increasing all the time. I feel like it simply isn't sustainable. That is why before I moved away, I threw a good bye party at my uncle's restaurant and warned him that this was only the beginning and my cousins' (his daughters) departure would be all but inevitable considering that neither will likely land high paying jobs.
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2023.06.01 17:32 vullpii AITA for using the second common fridge we have to store my meat?

So i live witth3 other friends. The one in question, Hanna, I've known her for 5 years, lived together for just 4 months. We all pay equal rent., However she gets to have the basement all for herself (kitchen, bathroom and 2 rooms since they re a bit smaller than ours) where's we are 3 people splitting the ground floor (kitchen, bathroom, living area).
We have 2 fridges, one big with 2 drawers and a half in the freezer, and one of those with an upper freezer with 1 shelf (space above and beneath the shelf). The smaller fridge it's basically for her use only since it's in the basement where her room is, and we don't need to use more than one fridge the rest of us 3( but if we did need the space, we could use the basement one since it's common property). I, admitelly, have quite a few frozen stuff. I take up one drawer and a half in the big fridge. I also have a few things in the smaller one. However, if there is a need for space, i always make it (I've done it before a few times when asked). If i have to throw stuff out I will so that my other roommates have their fair share of freezer space.
The problem is that I had some minced meat that I had to freeze. I tried to make space in the big fridge, but i couldn't so my other roommate, Ania, went downstairs and put the meat down there since it fit.
Today I go to use the microwave and I just open the basement fridge and i see my meat thawed in there. So i text and the conversation goes like this more or less:
Me " Why is it there?"
Hanna "it fell out 5 times in a row, didn't have time for it, you have 3x times as much space in the big fridge " ( however, the big fridge is split for 2 ppl ATM, soon 3 so it's not that much then )
Me" wtf should have said something "
Hanna "didn't think about it"
Me" thanks for wasting my food"
Hanna" Sure. You can just eat the food in your own freezer if you need the space. So i dont get the issue, it was taken out yesterday "
Me " the issue is that I wouldn't have found out if I wouldn't have opened out of boredom the fridge myself"
Hanna " But if you wanna be sure - just dont use the freezer downstairs in the future"
Me" how would I know that you'd be so inconsiderate and leave it like that. Anyway, pointless having any sort of discussion with you"
And she has not replied since.
So AITA for having my frozen meat in the basement fridge?
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2023.06.01 17:30 sweetoko Need subleaser for 1yr lease on 4BR 2BA available July 3rd, 1400/mo

Signed a lease back in January but need to sublet. 4br townhouse at Willowbrook off Maple & 17th. 1400/mo, pets allowed with additional deposit. Fireplace in unit, back yard and patio deck, large bedrooms (2 upstairs, 2 downstairs.) Washer & dryer hookups.
I have already paid 400 for the deposit, you'd only owe additional depending on your own applicant approval (landlord said this could be up to $200.) Move in is $1310 for the first month's rent.
Really reasonable for a 4br near downtown! Bummed I can't make it work, but hoping someone else can! Let me know 😊
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2023.06.01 17:23 seaturtle8476 Guide to a 524 from an overstudier

Hello Mcat-ter's! I wanted to give my guide to how I got a 524 (132/130/131/131) last year (august 2022). I improved from my diagnostic which was a 497. This sub has been super helpful to me, and instead of writing secondaries I'm procrastinating by writing this post. So, lets get into it!

0) A bit about me.
I'm a mostly traditional applicant (taking a one year research year (like 95% of applicants these days)). I took the test between junior and senior year over the summer. I go to a t20 school where I got pretty good grades (~3.9 gpa). Majored in humanities (not bio) so was a little weaker on the science parts, but really good at reading. Have always been a good test taker (34 I think on the ACT, 5's on all the AP's I studied for et.c.). Tutored students in chem. Tutored my siblings in like every science subject / math. I also REALLY knew my amino acids.
1) Disclaimers
First, I want to start of saying that this technique may not work for everyone. I put in a lot of time into studying, which may not be feasible for non-trads, those who have to work full time, those with families, et.c. Second, as you will see, I bought a lot of resources (like a lot). This was NOT cheap. Fortunately I saved up a lot of money before / during college and had my parents to help me out. Third, I was really determined to get an 99th+ percentile score. While a 520+ score is not going to hurt anyone, the amount of time / energy it takes may not be worth it for your application (another 200-300 clinical hours or volunteer hours may be better for your application)

2) Non-Study Stuff that Set me Up for Success
My total study time was ~8 months. I studied part time during the spring semester, and then basically full time during the summer. I had a three day a week research internship (~20 hours per week). I basically studied 40-50 hours a week when I was studying full time. I deleted all social media. Blocked it on my phone (i think my total phone use per day went down to <2 hours a day (and that included using it for GPS to get places)). While this is probably not possible for most applicants, my internship was in a new city I had never been to / lived in. I therefore only knew like 2 people there (one of whom was my roommate). This meant I had to say no to basically no social engagements because, well, I didn't really have any friends there. While this was definitely super lonely at times, this also meant I wasn't getting pulled to go out and party (I'm usually pretty extraverted, so saying no to social events is hard for me). Obviously, moving to a new city is probably not in the cards for most people, but it was probably cheaper in the end than staying in my college town (where rent is not only higher, but the cost of going out / hanging out with friends).

3) The Resources
As I said above, I used a F*** ton of resources:
  1. Princeton Review 513+ Guarantee Course (ok, I know people are probably going to think I'm a troll for this, but I really found it helpful (for the most part). Personally, I found their cars strategy to be super helpful (again I know people are going to think I am a troll, I promise I'm not). I also found their science videos / the biology classes to be super helpful (I knew actually 0 anatomy before studying). Our physics instructor was great, the psychology one was kinda meh. This class included all of the princeton review text books + online quizzes + vides + all the AAMC resources+ a couple other things I'm probably forgetting. If I had to do it again, I would probably have done a slightly slower paced class ( I did the five day a week, 3 hour a day class (probably would have done 4 days a week)). I also would NOT have gotten the 513 guarantee .
  2. Princeton Review Science Workbook (This was also from Princeton Review course). This was probably in the top 2 most helpful resources (besides AAMC). This book is probably 1000 pages of pure practice passages. I legitamately did every single bio / biochem passage and I credit it for 5 points on my MCAT. If you can only get one resource (besides AAMC) this is what I would get.
  3. Kaplan Review Books. Pretty Self Explanatory. I would rotate between reading these and the Princeton. These are less dense than the princeton ones and are pretty good if you already have a strong foundation. These also came with a qbank and some practice tests which I found super helpful.
  4. Kaplan quick sheets. This was included in the Kaplan Review Books, but also deserves its own line. This does a great job of summarizing all the major topics. In all honesty, if you are good at test taking and have this thing memorized fully, I truly think you can get minimum 508 on the test
  5. Blueprint full lengths + qbank. I found this one super helpful. I probably wouldn't have bought 10 tests in retrospect (they were having a sale), but I found that you could do sections of the tests to be super helpful for practicing sections of the test I was weaker at.
  6. Blueprint half-length diagnostic. It's Free! and a great place to see what your baseline is (don't waste an AAMC test on that)
  7. Berkeley Review (I got these for free from a friend). I found their cars practice to be super helpful. Their explanations are super in-depth which are really good if you are not getting a topic. I found their physics questions to be super good practice. I leafed through the biochem book a couple times, but otherwise didn't use them too much (mostly because I had so many other resources).
  8. Khan Academy. These have good videos for when you are not understanding something. The practice questions / passages are also pretty good.
  9. JackWestin Cars Pretty good to get a hang of timing, but the logic is not super reminiscent of AAMC. I did them for the first couple months of part time studying, but stopped for the most part once I got to full time studying
  10. AAMC content outline and Jack Westin Content Outline. Probably most underratted resource. The content outline gives you everything that could be on the test. You should at least look at it. Jack Westin has filled the entire thing out for you. It is SOOOOOOO clutch (literally this made up the other 50% of my success on B/B.
  11. Anki / Flashcards. I used milesdown. Thought it was good overall (didn't get through all the cards). Milesdown also has a review sheet that is REALLY good. 100% recommend. I also used an amino acid deck to really drill them (this I finished, and probably reviewed all the cards 5-10x). I also did a physics / chem equations flashcard deck.
  12. 100 page psych doc. I thought this was good overall. 300 felt too long / too detailed for me
  13. AAMC resources. All of them (except for ¾ sections of the sample, but that was because I was too tired, and found resting to be more important for my success). I also reviewed every answer.
What I didn't use:
Given the gigantic list of resources, you all are going to laugh, but probably the only thing I didn't use was UGLOBE, lol. Mostly, its because I ran out of time + I felt really good about my level of prep. A lot of people like UGLOBE but it wasn't for me. YMMV and it probably is a good resource, I just didn't use it.

Study Methods:
I studied about 700 hours total (a lot, I know).
about 1 year before start of studying I took the Blueprint half-length. I got a 497 on this (125/126/121/125). I hadn't taken all the pre-reqs yet so I was pretty content with this score (ngl), but I def needed more content review.
Start of Part Time Studying:
I started part time studying over winter break. I started with a diagnostic test (Kaplan). I got a 506 on this (127/127/125/127). From there I started by reviewing the Kaplan books (reading them through and writing notes). I would take the end of chapter quizzes. I would make a flashcard for any question I got wrong. I also did the Kaplan science assessment which gave me a better idea of my areas of weakness in the sciences (my scores were between 8/30 for biochem and 25/30 for psych). I also did daily jack westin CARS.

When I went back to school, the pace of studying definitely slowed. I studied less. I took another kaplan FL in feburary and got EXACTLY the same score again, which was disheartening. I pretty much took all of march / half of april off, and then restarted studying end of april. I then restarted studying in april, still part time. During this time, I continued reading kaplan, doing Khan academy practice questions, and anki.

Full time studying:
I started full time studying May 1. On average I studied 5hours a day on the days I had work, 8 hours a day on the days I didn't, took a practice test on Saturdays (reviewed half of it that evening (I really think you should review cars right after you take it, otherwise you loose understanding of the reasoning you thought). I would usually review the second half of the exam the following day, and only study 3-4 hours on Sunday.
This was a very succesful strategy for me. The PR class has you take an AAMC practice test as your baseline and I scored a 513 on this (130/129/127/127) which obviously I was stoked about and gave me a ton of confidence.
When my princeton review class started, I did the 3 hour class, the majority of the reading, and about 50% of the suggested practice. Occasionally, during parts of the class I really understood (like gen chem), I would practice other sections. During this time, I took a full length every week, did flash cards, read berkely review for the stuff I didn't understand, did KA practice questions, did the Kaplan / Blueprint Q-Banks. I did this for about six weeks.

For the last 6 weeks of studying, I finished up the PR class, and started AAMC. The other important things I did (which are kinda unique?) which I truly think helped me succeed are 1) I wrote out every single word of the Kaplan quick sheets by hand, 2) I wrote out every single word of the Miles Down quick sheets by hand, 3) I looked up the weirdest mnemonics for everything and texted them to my long distance SO / told them over facetime; Laughing over them and sharing them really made them stick 4) I read every single word of the JW content outline aloud. My roommates definitely thought I was crazy ( I definitely sounded it) but this definitely helped like 1000%. Legitimately, the bio question I am 100% sure I got wrong (and likely the reason I got a 131 and not a 132) was from the one sub-sub-sub section that I said screw it, this isn't going to be on the test.

I continued doing a practice test each week. I reviewed all of the AAMC materials.

For the week before the test I took things pretty easy, I reviewed everything super leisurely. Bio was still what I was struggling with so the only thing I did practice test wise was take the Sample Bio (which I got a 58/59 on so a 132). I didn't do the rest of the sample because I was feeling kinda burnt out.

A note about full lengths:
I took full lengths almost exactly in testing conditions: no referencing notes, wearing the same outfit (down to the socks), eating the same meal, same time of day, same weird whiteboard thing, wore a mask (you had to when I took it, not sure if its still the same) et.c. However, I did practice with certain (distractions). I tried to mimic, what happens if I had five minutes fewer due to a malfunction, what if my pen doesn't work, what if a loud alarm goes off, et.c. This allowed me to prepare incase anything went wrong.
My Practice Tests (in order, including ones where I only did a section):
Blue Print Half Length Diagnostic 497 125 126 121 125
Kaplan Science Assessment N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Kaplan Practice test 1 506 127 127 125 127
Kaplan Practice test 2 506 127 127 125 127
Blueprint Practice test 10 126 127
AAMC FL1 513!!!! 130 129 127 127
Blueprint Bio Only practice test 1 129!!!
Princeton Review FL 1 512!!! 127 129 127 129!!
Princeton Review FL 2 508 :( 126 127 127 128
Blueprint Chem/Phys Only practice test 1 129!!!!
Blueprint Cars Only practice test 1 128
Blueprint P/S Only practice test 1 129!
Blueprint Practice test 2 517!!!!!!!! lets go! 131 (WTF, how????) 128 129 129
Blueprint Practice test 3 515 129 128 129 129
AAMC FL2 519!!!! 130 130! 130! 129
AAMC FL3 519!!!! 130 128 130 131!
AAMC FL4 524!!!!!!!!!!!!! 132!!!!! 132!!!!! 128 :( 132!!!!!
AAMC Sample, biology only 131!!!!!!!!

AAMC average (519)

Test Day
The day before test day I slept in a motel Literally in the same strip mall as the testing center. I went there the day before to ensure that I knew where it was and to ask them a couple of questions. While you only need one form of photo ID I made sure I had two just in case. I woke up early, did a couple jumping jacks, chugged an iced coffee (big mistake, I had to pee SOOOOOO badly during C/P (but maybe thats the reason for the 132, who knows)). Got to the testing center early (was the first one). I had pretty good timing for the test (except cars, had only like 4 minutes for the last passage). I finished P/S 40 minutes early, because I was tired and just done. However, I thought I FAILED when I came out of the testing center. No lie, I almost voided (THANK GOD I DIDN'T). I went back to my hotel, cried my eyes out, and went home.

Score result day:
Again, I thought I failed, I was very pleasantly surprised when I got my score back ( I also cried). Was super happy to NEVER have to take this stupid test again.

whew! That was long. Super happy to answer questions you all might have on my (insane, ngl) study schedule.

Wishing everyone 528's
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2023.06.01 17:22 perappsvenicali Musikkology

"Tim McGraw" Hint: blond guitarist with yellow jacket and red shorts on occasions
He said the way my blue eyes shined
How are her eyes? Needing sleep? So worried for her, she needs to eat more warm food. When she went to Vegas she was panhandling with song and she got $21 or so with her mom after throwing trash on the fountain like Detti soaped the fountain with a bar and got quickly bailed, and after the first girl scolded the security guard after the littering event. But what she earned with her mom that night was for 1 buffet that night. Not for breakfast. How is her mom? How is her makeup supply? She smeared her guitar with kohl from her tears?
Put those Georgia stars to shame that night
What do you mean? No more singers or celebs from Georgia could come to Nashville then/anymore? Or they were blinded by the LED light? Or the constellations put on a veil?
I said, "That's a lie"
Do you really have blue eyes? Or sunflowers are coming? You uplifted the homeowners of Georgia/ I heard real estate was quite affordable there. But your penthouse is $15K a month - does that include Lisa's 1800GOTJUNK services?
Just a boy in a Chevy truck
How old? Legal to drive? Tall enough to drive that truck? No limb fractures? Eye health OK? Is he wearing his mascot costume, eg Banana SLUG? Sun Devil? Blue Devil? Cardinal?
That had a tendency of gettin' stuck
How? Elmer's glue? Gorilla glue? Uhu?
On back roads at night
Oh, did you have special car lights on like according to the DMV book? And where did the back roads lead to - the stones?
And I was right there beside him all summer long
Why do you expect me to be with my date 24 hours all summer long? How can one date practice swimming in the pool when I am singing a duet with Alicia Keys or Beyonce on my phone in the gym nearby? How can another date earn money for us by Uber Eats while I'm at the office for Uber? How can a third date play tennis while I bargain with the sports store salesman about getting Penn balls vs Onix balls? How can a fourth date record his song in the studio while I coordinate the concert venue? How can fifth date comfort a downcast kid - not her own - with a Happy Birthday song while the peer circle arrange the audiovisual equipment on stage called Rhino Co.?
And then the time we woke up to find that summer gone
"When September Ends" was a cool song? Are you Sleeping Beauty? Who fought the dragon and the thicket for you? Who woke up the castle crew for you? Did you eat pufish? Who almost found a cliffhanger for you? So... what are you going to do in the Fall (Sem.)?
But when you think Tim McGraw
So you had his EP like Goodbye, Norma Jean single in CD? Cool. On Autoloop? What do you like about his songs?
I hope you think my favorite song
Which one? What do you love about it?
The one we danced to all night long
How many hours of dancing? How many calories burned? Was it like with Ed Sheeran for Perfect? What did you wear? What did he wear? Where did you dance? How many stars were in the sky that night? What styles of dancing did you do? How was "Loki" and "...Wonderland strummer"?
The moon like a spotlight on the lake
Cool poetry. Who do you think is worthy of performing on stage? Of having the spotlight? By the way, which lake were you talking about? Do you want to get an MFA degree and upon the conferral, you can write/perform for Equine Therapy Ranches where kids with sadness may go?
When you think happiness
Do you like Gretchen Rubin's work? Do you like Pharell's song, which is on Wii? What do you think of the emoticon deodorant?
I hope you think that little black dress
Do you know Jomaire Studio's sister in a little black dress and black stilettos for weddings? What do you think about Meghan Markle in a little black dress at a baseball game? I liked the white belt a lot.
Think of my head on your chest
Got the ALS challenge? How long did you have to wait for it? I thank Coleman too for supporting the neighborhood around Galleria, which had a cafe and their version of Sparkletts.
And my old faded blue jeans
Can anyone help her get Wrangler jeans? Or Rock Republic trousers? Or jeggings eg from the pharmacy? Or Old Navy blue denims?
When you think Tim McGraw
How often do you think of his name/face? Why? Do you pray for him?
I hope you think of me
Do you like Phantom of the Opera? What do you think if her dress? What if there was a modern version for Jabbawockeesz?
September saw a month of tears
What kind of tears? Was it because of first day of school again?
And thankin' God that you weren't here
Oh, what were the advantages of him not being "there"?
To see me like that
Were you wearing makeup in September - and what brands if so? Did you lose much weight in the summer(s)?
But in a box beneath my bed
Is it from ULine? Was the bed from Ikea or from Sleep Number?
Is a letter that you never read
I remember I had letters foregarding different people, like one of the top human/child traffickers of China and one on a cover for a football player and some for a farmer and some for a colleague and I regret one which was like under hypnosis (I praised his enumeration of "Crayola") - which I sent to someone whom I wanted to say goodbye and I found him as a storekeeper who shooed me away, as a guy who hung around the doorway of my bedroom at 3 am or so, as a guy wanting to know how to get a Peruvian passport, as a guy who bragged abou eating cat dumpling, maybe trying to gain 9 lives (is that the canned cat food?).
From three summers back
Oh you met him at around university? Thanks for your loyalty.
It's hard not to find it all a little bittersweet
You like Dove dark chocolate like fortune cookies? The Ghirardelli dark cocoa squares? The dark chocolate bars by the checkouts of dollar stores? The dark chocolate at the airports? Do you like black coffee? Like Colombian coffee? Do you like Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"?
And lookin' back on all of that, it's nice to believe
How often and how long do you go into nostalgia? Did you do Throwback Thursday posts?
When you think Tim McGraw
What do you share about Tim McGraw?
I hope you think my favorite song
What is your favorite song, if it's okay to ask?
The one we danced to all night long
Was it a country song? Fast? Duet? With banjos or fiddles? Any props when you danced?
The moon like a spotlight on the lake
What was the phase of the moon then?
When you think happiness
What three things minimum would you do today to be happy?
I hope you think that little black dress
How is your weight (I am concerned with your photos, and you look like a politician in a Christmas green dress in front of a mic, with empty row before her)? When did you buy that little black dress (the song's topic) for yourself? Waist size? Do you think Lululemon or Walgreens leggings would go well with it, like a ballerina?
Think of my head on your chest
Did you have to sanitize the Coleman? What was in it?
And my old faded blue jeans
What brand? When did you buy it? Was it fashionably torn?
When you think Tim McGraw
Someone said he has an MBA - would you be inspired to get an MBA degree as well?
I hope you think of me
What are your three hopes before the weekend? And when someone remembers you, what are the top three qualities of yours that people can publish/televise/discuss/promote action about you?
And I'm back for the first time since then
Where did you return? How?
I'm standin' on your street
What have you been wearing on that street? How long/what time have you been standing there?
And there's a letter left on your doorstep
Can you summarize the letter in a Tweet? What's the color of the envelope? Does it need the HMat?
And the first thing that you'll read is:
What is the first thing that you think of every morning? And every sunset?
"When you think Tim McGraw I hope you think my favorite song Someday you'll turn your radio on
What is your favorite radio show and your favorite radio channel? Your favorite song on the radio? Who is your favorite DJ? I hope it takes you back to that place"
What place? How does it look like?
When you think happiness I hope you think that little black dress Think of my head on your chest And my old faded blue jeans When you think Tim McGraw I hope you think of me
Oh, think of me Mmmm
He said the way my blue eyes shined Put those Georgia stars to shame that night I said, "That's a lie"
Whom do you accuse to be lying?
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2023.06.01 17:21 Emergency_Zebra_5972 Are there many small businesses that end up buying their own building to have their small business out most still just "rent" the space? Renting in either..a part of a bigger building, or, a whole building on a property?

Are there many small businesses that end up buying their own building to have their small business out most still just "rent" the space? Renting in either..a part of a bigger building, or, a whole building on a property?
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2023.06.01 17:20 LavishTru555 AITA for asking my oldest daughter and her kids to move out?

Fake Names
Backstory - I have 6 kids, 4 have been living by themselves for over 10 years which are from my previous marriage. And two daughters, that still in high school from my recent marriage. I have been a widowed mother for 5 years and raising two teenagers on my own because I promised I will be there all the time for them, and not work, because he wanted it to be all about the girls. My Oldest has two kids, a 14M from her previous long-term relationship and a 10F from her current/recent marriage. Within 6 years, when Sammy first got a great new job, she dropped off her kids every morning so me and my husband could walk them to school. And since November 2018 I moved which now has me driving the kids to school (12-15 minute drive). In August of 2022 my oldest, Sammy(34F) left her husband Jack(36M).
I live in a bungalow with only 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and Sammy was given the basement to share with my Oldest daughter (18F) which she has the room in the basement
Throughout August 2022 to May 2023 I was asking her for $460 a month which included water, electricity, groceries, etc. When she moved in, she promised to save her money, pay the rent money, drive all the kids once in a while to school because I was getting older and would like some help from everyone who is a parent of the grandchildren. Sammy only paid the rent once every three months and sent some grocery money because I could barely afford anything with ESP’s, death benefit, and other small income from the government. She mainly spends her money on partying and going on trips with her friends and recent boyfriend. She was mainly out and about, making me take care of the grandkids. I love them to death but it was too much for me to be taking care of 4 kids at the age of 54 when I’ve been taking care of them for over 6 years, and continue to do so. We’ve gotten into multiple fights about all this because I was more concerned for the kids and I wanted to be appreciated which she never gave me. When she did apologize, she would go right back to being/doing exactly what I was angry at her for.
With my daughter going into post secondary in September, floating my eldest daughter and grandkids would be too difficult for me to manage. With 6 people living in the house, the bills were tripled then what I payed originally with 3 people. I was in a great amount of debt from the college tuition, the bill expenses, and trying to pay for groceries. And with Sammy not being able to pay her amount forward, I had no choice but to ask her to leave because I could not float them anymore. I made a promise to my deceased husband that our daughters come first.
After she moved in, the days I drove changed weekly and I like being planned or else I get super stressed. I spent more time with my grandkids than anyone else, which also put a strain on my relationship with them. So now am I an asshole for asking them to move out?
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2023.06.01 17:18 emilyannhayes Do I have enough to move out?

30F living with parents but circumstances are changing and may have to move out on my own. Cheapest rent I can find in Central NJ is about 1600, and at minimum I only make about 2400 a month. I have about 30k saved between two accounts, and usually I keep 6k-7k in my checking (obviously that would not stay for long, but I don't pay rent or groceries at my parents at the moment). My car is older and paid off, and I do have student loans but they are deferred until October. (there's a slim chance for loan forgiveness but not banking on that, and also a slim chance my dad might help me pay it off if I am moving out on my own)
I know that rent should only be 30% of my monthly income. Just looking for advice because in the next two months or so I might not even be able to live in my parents house anymore. I'm torn, and scared, tbh.
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