Personal pan pizza pizza hut calories

Personal pizza is a crime against humanity

2020.05.25 05:19 CrabbyClaw04 Personal pizza is a crime against humanity

Welcome, we enjoy large pizzas only It is a symbol of freedom, America, and our right to good value meals.

2012.07.09 20:09 rdeluca Where the OP always delivers

Tales From The Pizza Guy, including *any* and *all* stories from the heroes of **food delivery!**!

2011.06.26 17:06 Woovie The Pizza Delivery drivers of reddit

The Pizza delivery drivers of Reddit

2023.03.30 00:39 InsideProfessional56 calories in a flatbread style veggie pizza

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2023.03.30 00:38 kittenwhisp3r How much in this personal pizza? Prosciutto, mushrooms, arugula, mozzarella, truffle oil

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2023.03.30 00:37 kevinpaulmyrick We've got video, photos and a whole story for subscribers to check out the groundbreaking at Pizza Hut this morning.

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So much drama, eh. The text is practically dripping with it. Well let’s depart this soap opera and propel ourselves forward in time. How far forward do you say? Oh, all of the two years that we cut back, while propelling ourselves across the land, to a fork in the road, where we find a familiar, military parade.

“Stop the wagon!” Maggie shouts from the window of the battle wagon.

The command passes throughout the body of the force until it reaches Erica who is in charge and rides at the front. She issues the declaration which is followed without a moment's hesitation before turning her mount and cantering to the back of the column where she finds Amelia already stopped in front of the fortified, mobile structure.

Maggie opens the door and hops down as she approaches Amelia. “It’s time, my dear,” she addresses the red knight while drawing to a halt. “My home is nearby.”

The red knight nods and starts her horse toward the other path which branches off of the main road. She rides with Erica who holds her place, as leader of this expedition she must stay with the main body. The green knight watches the formation of a new column headed by her sister with the witch shambling behind, she said she needs the exercise, followed by Mary Anne and a pair of soldiers carrying the litter with the Silent Man’s body.

The road is not a long one and they soon come upon the witch's cottage, standing by as though it waits for them. The red knight dismounts her horse while Maggie leads the way into the hovel followed closely by Mary Anne with the two, litter-bearing soldiers setting their charge inside before taking up guard outside.

“Now then, on to work” Maggie says as she rubs her hands vigorously. “Amelia my dear, stand there and get ready to catch whatever I throw at you.”

The witch enters a closet that’s a complete shambles. She rummages around seemingly willy-nilly and tosses random articles towards the warrior. First, is a crumpled, dusty pile of something. The next, a strange glowing orb. After which, is a small vial fixed to a chain. Next a strange, stubby, wooden stick with holes. Followed closely by a solid gold ingot. Last, is a large vial, with a strange liquid inside.

Amelia is barely able to catch all of the strange objects as they are thrown her way, but she's just able to juggle the contents while keeping them from crashing to the floor. Luckily, she doesn't drop a single item and she's able to lay them out on the table one by one, creating a proper display for the witch to peruse.

“Now then, let's get to work,” Maggie begins as she emerges from the closet and surveys the objects on the table. “First off, here.” She hands the red knight a knife and the small vial attached to the chain. “Cut the man’s arm and collect a few drops of his blood.”

Amelia does as instructed before returning.

“Alright, listen very carefully,” Maggie speaks so as to claim the young woman’s attention. “To get to Tartarus you have to go due south from here. There, you will find a giant mountain. At which point, you will have to go alone as I have only enough to protect you, no one else. Also, you’ll have to shed your armor and weapons. They will avail you naught in the trials you‘ll have to face. You’ll have to climb the mountain, which will be difficult, but not impossible. When you make it to the top, there will be a door. You have to use all of your strength to push it open. Next, you’ll find a long, spiraling stair. This will take you to a gateway, guarded by two beasts, who only let the dead through. Wear the cloak.” She hands the young woman the folded, dusty garment.” She pours the strange liquid over it. “This formula will allow you to smell like the dead. Pass through the gateway and you will then be in The Land Of Death. Specifically, you’ll be on The Shore Of Lost Souls. Find the boatman on The River Of The Forgotten. Give him this gold ingot.” She hands the aforementioned object to Amelia. “Now, your next obstacle will be Cerberus, the giant guard dog that blocks the way to the castle, where the lord of death resides. Cerberus eats souls so throw the orb into his mouth and he’ll consume it. She hands over the object in question. “It contains a soul substitute, same great taste half the calories. I’ve added a little something, which will cause the overgrown puppy to sleep. Then you have to approach the lord of death and strike a bargain. This part is entirely on you as I don’t know what he will demand. So, be ready for anything. If you get permission, he will give you a key to set the soul free and send you to Tartarus.”

“What if he doesn't accept?” Amelia probes as she stuffs the gifts into a sack.

“Then I'm afraid your problems will only have just begun, but it's more likely than not that he'll just ask for a favor in return for your passage,” Maggie waves off the notion as she returns to the table. “Keep the cloak about you and make sure not a single inch of you is exposed, else the whipping wind will tear you to shreds. You won’t be able to see where you are going. So, keep the vial about your neck. The blood will pull the chain toward its master’s soul. Follow the direction it points. He’ll either be one of the unfortunates who linger about the desert, or on one of the many mountains that dot the landscape. Once you have his soul…” The witch holds for a moment. “Do you have a personal object that belonged to him, the more personal the better?”

Amelia thinks for a moment, she looks to Mary Anne who’s still holding the wooden trinket, which she stares at, from her place in the corner.

Maggie waddles over and gives the object a look. “Timothy,” she reads as she shifts her eyes from the object to the dead woman’s face. “Who is Timothy?”

“My son,” Mary Anne speaks as dead pan as her flesh.

“And you believe that your son, is the frozen man?” Maggie asks as she turns her attentions fully toward the corpse in the corner.

“I honestly don’t know,” Mary Anne admits as she stands from her seat. “But he could be.”

“Well,” Maggie starts as she holds out her hand. “I guess it will have to do.”

Mary Anne stares at the hand thrust in her direction. She runs her fingers over the inscription one last time, before surrendering her keepsake.

“Now my dear,” Maggie carries on as she makes her way back to Amelia's side. “You will use this object, which may, or may not be of personal value, to the soul. It should absorb it, making it easier to transport. Then blow this flute.” She hands her the small, wooden rod with holes in it.

“But I don’t know how to play,” Amelia admits as she gazes at the strange instrument in her hand.

“It doesn’t matter,” Maggie informs the non-virtuoso and waves it off with her hand. “It’s the sound the flute makes, not the notes that are necessary. When you play it, it will summon The Abominus One, a flying creature that carries a cage. Hitch a ride and it will take you back to The Shore Of Lost Souls. Here you just simply backtrack and you’ll be out of there and back home in no time. Now, did you get all that?”

Amelia thinks for several moments. “I think so,” she returns while looking into her sack.

“Well you’d better,” Maggie warns and points directly at her with perhaps the boniest finger to ever exist. “You won’t get a second chance at this.”

Amelia nods in understanding. The severity of the situation is not lost to her. “I suppose it's time we depart,” she imparts as she slings her sack onto her back.

Mary Anne rises from her place.

“Now, now deary,” Maggie breaks in and waves the corpse to sit back down. “I'm afraid you won't be any help with your sun condition. Best you stay here and help watch over the man in stasis.”

“But how did you know?” Mary Anne queries as she reluctantly sits back down.

“I'm a witch, I know these things,” Maggie remarks and as she waves the query away.

Amelia nods her head and gives one last, lingering look to the body in stasis before heading out the door. She meets up with the soldiers on guard who also have hold of her horse. She mounts up and rides back to the main force, where she takes to the front and the battle train continues on with the journey.
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2023.03.29 23:37 GamblingBoi Hospital covering up, not releasing medical records

I walked in to my local hospital today and gave them a medical record form for records from the past two years.
The only records they gave me was from the one time I went to another hospital... I didn't get one record from my local "Union County Hospital". Which is who I requested it to and have been several times over the past two years. They instead gave me a record from the one night I went to a neighboring hospital. wtf?

Some very fucked up shit happened at this hospital. I went in because I was poisoned at a Pizza Hut on purpose, because it's a small town and people do dumb shit in small towns if they don't like you. It felt like a benzo or sleeping pill. Most likely a benzo. I then went to the ER in town, same night, where the doctor and nurse used to work with my "ex". They said my blood and urine tests were clear, which I KNOW this was a lie. And then they went on to use a catheter on me twice, (I would've been able to pee on my own but they wanted to use it, I was only there an hour and a half and just peed before I went) and there was a reddish/blackish line of what looked like blood, across the tip of my dick, before they used the catheter. The male nurse pushed all that stuff into my system. I believe it's going to be HIV when I get tested in a couple of days. The doctor and nurse know I gave my ex an std, on accident of fucking course, and then they put like I said, I believe will be HIV after I get tested. I had diarrhea for 3 weeks straight after, and no I'm not joking about any of this.

But now the hospital isn't giving me any records that I requested? wtf??? I need seriously need a lawyer. Any advice or tips?
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2023.03.29 23:35 Haydomon0001 They took away a promo then denied it.

They took away a promo then denied it.
Actually unlucky I guess :/
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2023.03.29 23:26 McMannBorgers 17 Looking for genuine friends to talk and game with! Europe

Hey there! I'm looking for online friends and buddies to talk to! I haven't had a lot of luck being social outside of the internet, as I have had troubles within the past when trying to make friends. I've insulated myself from others for a couple of years, and I feel like I'm finally opening up again. I have so many things to talk, vent, think about, and its almost impossible for me to do them alone again. I regret not opening up sooner, but things don't always work out the way we want them to.
I've got various hobbies, and I'm happy I invested enough time in them, as it paid off in the end. My main hobbies consist of Gaming, 3D Animation and Modeling, playing my Saxophone ( I've been playing for 6-7 years) among other tiny things. You'll be the judge of how interesting I am to you though... :)
Now the real stuff, I basically like all games, varying from fast-paced platformers such as Pizza Tower, Survival Sandbox games like Minecraft, 7 Days to Die and Terraria (Modded!), Co-Op Adventure games like Sea of Thieves, to FPS Shooters like OW2, TF2 and Apex Legends! I'm even open for suggestions, feel free to ask about other games aswell!
If you have read up to this point, I thank you for your time, even if you are not going to dm/comment. If you do still have an interest after reading all my senseless mumbling-about, you can dm me with an introduction if you're still feeling like you'd get along with me.
I am looking for genuine connections, not some chatting. I would appreciate it if you were 17+ and below the age of 22. European timezone is preferred, but I am suitable for EST as I am a night-person.
Thank you again for reading my post, have a good day!
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2023.03.29 23:03 devemu Some ideas for political parties to entertain

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2023.03.29 23:01 fatcatkafe My turn... Got left :(

I'm sad and I knew you all would understand. I've commented here a few times usually with the mindset of-- chill, be patient, practice radical acceptance. My depressed partner was dodging me lately and I worried it was because he was much worse. Turns out he turned a corner for the better. But broke up with me without so much as a quiver in his voice when I called to say hello after work. Chill as ordering pizza. I had recently asked for a boundary around him meeting our shared expectations of communication, ie not ghosting me and communicating w me as usual, asking for kindness since he was rude and it hurt my feelings the last time I was at his apartment. I was afraid it'd made him defensive.
Other times he had suggested breaking up with reasons like he's "just not good enough for me" and "I deserve better" and I talked him down from ending things, saying he's enough for me and we can talk about whatever isn't working and resolve it within the relationship like grownups, and I thought we had. But this time he sounded lucid, decisive, and well, saying he wants to focus on his own growth and it isn't a good time for him to be in a relationship. I somehow had 100% loved him and trusted our connection as a unique once in a lifetime thing, and guess part of me thought I'd be rewarded with trust for my loyalty of steadfastly supporting him when he was sick, but he just doesn't need me anymore and... isn't into me. Seems obv in retrospect given that he kept suggesting he wasn't gonna give me what I was looking for.
I said that I felt like supporting him took away the sexy vibe and replaced it with this boring, stilted version of me, feeling like a teenager's worried mom, and I suggested that we just go on a date now that he's outta the woods/try resetting. He said no, and I respect his boundaries/lack of interest in me. I asked if he is self sabotaging again and he said he just doesn't have feelings for me and doesn't wanna "fake the funk." Seemed like a rough way to withdraw "I love you"
Later we were texting a bit more and he said "now" just isn't a good time and he "cares about me a lot"'s hard to know if that's warm feelings, the old "narcissists leave the door open," or just trying to make the breakup sound kinder (most likely). I also told him I have no regrets for choosing to stay and support him while he was breaking down and I'm so happy he's safe, and he said it had helped a lot/thank you.
I asked if we could talk more and sent him some emotional texts, not criticizing or guilting him but just saying basically help understanding would mean a lot to me, and this is a big deal to me, and he said I was being "ridiculous"... It's like I don't even know him. When he switched from "man I fell in love with" to "severely depressed" it was like getting to know another person. Now I'm like -- is he mad at me or something? Who is this? Has he been mean all along? This man told me he is an "empath" ? Am I just a contemptible loser for believing him and Tammy Wynetteing in this day n age? He's acting like he ended a casual meaningless fling but he told me he wanted me to meet his dad two weeks ago, he said I love you for the first time two months ago and has been saying it regularly since. It's not ridiculous for me to have thought we were serious and expected some breakup closure, is it? Are people really out here just throwing around "I love you"? We're in our 30s for gods sake
I feel gutted, broken hearted, and exhausted. I was doing really well with dating a severely depressed man as long as I could hold the trust that it was FOR something, and that our love was real, but now I think I was just a rope in a storm for him -- maybe what seems like his anger is guilt or something from dumping me immediately after all the support I gave, which he had so recently thanked me for, so recently said he loves me and said he wants our relationship to work. Idk part of me thinks he DID dodge me because I "created conflict" by raising a boundary around he was treating me--wondering if this unheard of unkind side is a symptom or just what it looks like when he's over me...keep wondering if something happened.
I probably wouldn't do anything differently because he is not only alive but sounds relatively well, and hey I said I love him so, I did, selflessly calmly and wholeheartedly. I get to know I did my best pretty well.
Might have nothing to do with depression, ie he brought up his ex constantly despite my asking him to stop (took that as a way to keep me at arms length too). Idk I just really loved him, spending time with him and doing nothing together. We had the best sex ever too, but the last time I saw him it seemed cold and empty and he pushed me away from snuggling him after. I cried all the next day. Is that "depression"? Like who did I love?
I'm finding myself jumping with anxiety every time I hear a neighbor open the building gate, cause I'm waiting for him to drop off some of my things and idk when.
I'm very sad now...and thanks for listening, :( any feedback or advice is welcome
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2023.03.29 22:49 goma_eye Greek-Style Pizza in LA?

Howdy y'all!
Canadian transplant here. Looking for a taste of home, namely Greek Style Pizza! Most of the pies I've had here are more new York or traditional style, hand stretched dough, though I've also had some solid Chicago Style (shout out Union Pizza Co in Manhattan Beach!).
Looking for some solid pan pizza with that crispy cheese layer; on the west side preferably! Dominoes/Pizza Hut don't count haha
Examples from home:
Varsity Pizza and Subs
Spiro's Pizza
Thank you in advance! ☺️
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2023.03.29 22:12 masters_ATCP_BOT Pizza Hut Japan Tops New Pizza with All the Cilantro — They are calling it the "Too Much Cilantro" Pizza.

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2023.03.29 22:08 CRAZY729 🌴 Project Oasis RP v2 🌴• 💯 Quality Roleplay • 🔫 Gangs & Businesses 🏢 • 🍂 Drugs & Jobs 👔 •

🌴 Project Oasis RP v2 🌴• 💯 Quality Roleplay • 🔫 Gangs & Businesses 🏢 • 🍂 Drugs & Jobs 👔 •
Chances are if you're reading this you are in need of a new home. We hope you choose Project Oasis as your new home.
At Project Oasis we take our role-playing very seriously. In order to give our players a pleasant and enjoyable experience, our server is run by a modified version of the well-known QBcore Framework. Project Oasis RP was founded by experienced role players and was developed over the course of over a thousand hours. Right now is the perfect time to join Project Oasis because we just recently launched Project Oasis V2 in January 2023 with a brand-new economy.
At Project Oasis we want to encourage individuals to roleplay in any way they wish, we want to create an environment that makes it fun to play any job or character in the city. Since opening in June 2022, we have experienced rapid growth. To provide the best service, Project Oasis has a great team of administrators, staff, designers, and developers who are here to help you enjoy your experience in the city.
Project Oasis RP - Values
Value 1 - Quality Roleplay
Above all, we value quality roleplay here at Oasis. We want you to create memories, be creative, and most importantly have fun!
Value 2 - The Oasis for All
We know you have joined our city to check it out and are probably looking for a new home. Our aim is to be everyone's Oasis in the desert. That one little golden place where you can seek refuge.

What does Project Oasis RP have for you?:
🏢 Player Owned Businesses
🚗 Custom Import Vehicles With Custom Handing
🚙 Street Racing
🤙 Gang Friendly RP
📈 Fresh and Recently Wiped Economy
🎽 Custom EUP
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly
👀 Tons of Fun For Everyone
😎 A lot of Scripts To Make Sure Nobody Gets Bored
🚔🚑🚒🧑‍⚖️‍ Always Hiring LEO, EMS, Fire, Lawyers, and DOJ
👓 Fully Optimized Server With Good Connection
🎉 Weekly Events

Civilian Jobs:
  • Taxi
  • Electrician
  • Tow Truck
  • Window Cleaner
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Delivery
  • Garbage Collector
  • Bus Driver
  • Builder
  • Post Office

Player Owned Businesses:
  • Burger Shot
  • Pizza This
  • Arriba Mexican Restaurant
  • Pearls Seafood Restaurant
  • Vanilla Unicorn Stripclub
  • Bahama Mamas Nightclub
  • Pacific Bluffs
  • White Widow
  • Weedlands
  • Redline Performance Shop
  • East Customs
  • Only Tow
  • Bayview Hunting Lodge
  • Luxury Autos
  • Real Estate
  • Plus More To Come!
If you have a business idea, submit a proposal and if it's something we like, we may bring it into the city!

Government Jobs:
  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas EMS Department
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • San Andreas Department of Justice

  • Mining
  • Gold Panning
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Lumberjack
  • Diving
  • Illegal Diving
  • Laser Tag
  • Go Karting
  • Bowling
  • Tenis
  • Pool
  • Recycling Center
  • American Truck Simulator Job
  • Plus Many More!

Illegal Activities:
  • Chop Shop
  • Car Boosting
  • Sign Robbery
  • Parking Meter Robbery
  • Grave Robbing
  • House Robberies
  • Store Robberies
  • Armored Truck Robberies
  • Lab Truck Robberies
  • Jewelry Store Robbery
  • Fleeca Bank Robbery
  • Pacific Standard Bank Robbery
  • Paleto Bank Robbery
  • Maze Bank Robbery
  • Humane Labs Robbery
  • Casino Heist
  • A Secret Heist
  • Plus Many More!

There are millions of other ways to do illegal things in the city, all of which are hidden under the surface which you must roleplay with citizens to get more information on!
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2023.03.29 21:51 YTreddit986 Acho que ele não gostou do emprego...

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2023.03.29 21:49 whatzyours Only 1994 - But.....

Only 1994 - But.....
I work at a K8 school and this was on the discard table. I thought it was pretty cool. 😍
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2023.03.29 21:42 Melancholy_girl3 Tried to make pan pizza, just set my kitchen on fire.

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2023.03.29 21:40 kaleuhsalads calories per slice for 14inch margherita pizza?

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2023.03.29 21:33 thebigcabidge Anyone have their own seasoning mix?

I really started picking up on cooking about 2 years ago on my own and I’m trying to compile some different seasoning mixes. I love making my own rather than buying the mixes from the store but was really impressed with some Cajun mixes I bought recently.
I’ve tried to copy stuff on my own like Pizza Huts breadsticks or KFCs Nashville Hot recipe but always end up missing something.
Hit me with what you got and I’ll be sure to try it out!
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2023.03.29 21:17 OkFaithlessness644 Getting shit talked behind my back by a crazy co-worker at my wedding

Not using real names.
I (26F) just married the love of my life (29M) 3 weeks ago. Now this will be a long-ish post as there are a few things that happened before the wedding that should be noted.
My co-worker Betty got out of a toxic relationship. I gathered a group of people including hubby to help her move out and my workplace found accommodation for her that was fully paid for. We all did our best to help her out and even took a few of her shifts at work. Everyone from my workplace is not originally from the city we live in so we do our best to treat each other kindly. We checked in on her multiple times and went to her place to see her and would constantly ask her is there was anything we could do for her.
Fast forward a month. As mentioned, we all get on pretty well. I especially get on well with 2 co-workers Ashley and Bruce, they hang out with me and my hubby a couple of times a week. We consider each other family. For my hen-do, I decided it would be fun to go away for a few days. I only invited Ashley and Bruce as we needed other staff to be working during that week. I spoke to my manager and he could only approve 3 of us to be away at any one time. Because of this, I did not bother to invite anyone else.
Around this time, Bruce gets offered a new job, and Ashley and I were offered a promotion. We spent our trip celebrating my soon-to-be marriage, our new jobs, and our friendship.
We return from our trip with 3 weeks to go before the wedding. As Ashley and Bruce get on well with hubby, they were both quite involved in the wedding day. It was a small Town Hall affair. We only invited family and a few important people to the ceremony. However, we did invite all of our co-workers and friends to the reception.
Hubby and I are not super traditional so we decided not to have groomsmen or bridesmaids, but we did have 2 witnesses on our special day. A week before the wedding, Ashley tells me that Betty has decided that she and all of my female co-workers would be my bridesmaids and that they should buy matching dresses for the occasion. I found this odd but did not say anything about it as Ashley (my witness) had already picked out a dress to wear. All of my female coworkers found this strange as well and told me and also proceeded to pick out different dresses and not follow along with Betty's idea. Thankfully.
Bruces' last day at work was set to be 2 days after the wedding. As per work tradition, we gave him a card, and a gift and did a leaving party for him. This was all done the weekend before my wedding as all of my co-workers agreed that the week of the wedding would be hectic and would not be the best time to do his leaving party.
That same week of the wedding, Betty gives a week's notice at work. Our contract strictly states that we are to give a month's notice. This would cause disruption, as it would push my and Ashleys, start dates for our promotion so we could train in new staff as well as cover shifts for Betty. As Betty has taken more holiday than she was entitled to, due to her giving notice, she was asked to come in for just a few hours to work off the holiday days she had taken. She accepted.
Now we get to the day before the wedding. I had sent out 2 separate sets of invitations. One for the ceremony and reception and one for just the reception. All of the guests that were not invited to the ceremony understood that it was due to a lack of seating available at Town Hall. So, the day before the wedding, Betty announces to the whole staff that she was so sorry she could not attend the ceremony as she had a prior commitment. Everyone went quiet as it was understood that all of my coworkers were only invited to the reception, including Betty. Awkward silence. Again I didn't feel the need to say anything as it was still according to the original plan anyway.
The ceremony goes perfectly and we get to the reception. We ordered pizza to feed everyone and it was all gone about 2 hours into the reception. We also put a couple hundred on the bar, so the first few drinks were paid for everyone. Then, shows up Betty. She complains about how there is no food left, and that she had to pay for her own drinks even though she arrived 2 hours late to the reception. She proceeds to get wasted and starts asking Bruce to come home with her because he is such a great guy and stable and so respectful. All of which is true. She was loud and obnoxious and was asking everyone for drugs the rest of the evening. She's always loud and the center of attention when she gets drunk. I was over it and didnt even bother being upset about it the rest of the night because I was having the time of my life with my new hubby.
I had a whole week off for my wedding so I had no idea what drama had happened at the reception. At the reception Betty, had started telling another coworker Isabella about how none of us were good friends to her because we did not get her a leaving present and organize a leaving party for her. She started talking about how she had been so loyal to us and we never gave her the same in return. She was upset that she was not invited to the hen-do or the ceremony. She said that she didn't owe any of us anything and that she would not be showing up for her last week at work. She also said that one of our other coworkers Erik was an awful person because he never asked her about how her relationship ended. Now I know Eric quite well. He is a true gentleman. And I was there when he asked her how she was doing and she told him she didn't want to talk about it. Being the respectful guy that he is, he didn't ask her again.
Keep in mind, she has not even done her last shift at our workplace. It is customary to give the gift on the last day, and we were already making plans on what to get for her and where to celebrate her leaving party. This soured everyone's feelings toward her and none of us were interested in participating. We all decided that we would take the high road and as she had been there for a year, we should acknowledge her time with us by giving her a card and a gift.
During her last week here, she did not even acknowledge any of the other staff's presence. She was making major mistakes and was not very professional toward the customers. I would have to come in the next morning to correct all of her mistakes. That is on top of training new staff and trying to be trained in my new role. We asked her not to come in on her last day as it would only cause more work for us due to her bad behavior. I come in the day after her last shift to find her card in the bin and that she had left behind her gift.
And that was the end of Batty.... I mean Betty ;)
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2023.03.29 20:33 Esac90 [33/F] Friendship, art, gaming

I'm looking for something? Honestly I don't even know anymore. I'm kind of a low maintenance friend, but at the same time I like just sharing the same space with people. I've been told that I am easy to get along with people, so maybe there's some truth to that.
I LOVE learning random things, currently teaching myself piano and re-learning Japanese from my college days. On the art front, I love making original characters and writing. I was an avid roleplayer when I was younger (lots of action and romance, lol) and I still do that kind of stuff, but sparingly. I still would love to publish my stuff some day. I do write a bit and started taking a non-fiction class (for me it's a little challenging). The things I like writing about are a little complex, but I seem to always come back to the fantasy genre, so elves, werewolves, knights, big saving the world stuff. I like losing myself in fantasy worlds and daydreams some times.
I love antique shopping, coffee friend-dates, eating pizza and drinking hard cider. I love art museums, museums in general. I value honesty, so please be upfront with me if I say something that offends you, I can't read your mind. Right now I am okay with online friendships. I live in the PST zone.
A big dream of mine is to be a character designer, or just be like a writer or something. I used to play DnD a while back but stopped, I'm not really a big group people person (plus the vibes were off, but I'd love to play with the right people). Something that i'm really into right now is playing FFXIV (I started new characters on Jenova). Haven't played FPS stuff in a while, but I played the Killzone series a lot when I was younger. For FFXIV, I play on Aether and if anyone wants to play with a sprout that's never completed ARR, it'd be nice :)
Besides that I started taking like a film aesthetics class, and it's been a lot of fun! I love stuff like that, since my background used to be art history and just art in general. I'd love to try to get into fiction writing and maybe even tv/film writing classes. I just want to keep myself busy and have more opportunities to try new things that I enjoy.
Anyways I've talked to much haha. This is ME
If you want to spam me with cat pics, or funny memes, or want funny tiktoks sent your way, just beep me, lol. Honestly I'm just looking for friends with the same kind of mindset and a level of maturity. I'm a little out there with my brain, so I'm sorry in advance. Also please note I don't use the CHAT function. Tell me who you romanced in Mass Effect! Why was it Garrus? I mean Liara is cool too. Also werewolves or vampires? I pick werewolves anyday.
As a last thing, I am an agendenon-binary person (AFAB). I dress a lot more, masc? I just wear what I like. Pronouns are they/them sometimes dude/bro/boi. I get coded still as a woman, which is fine too. I'm just asking for respect, that's all.
If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
disclaimer: I'm the kind of person that likes doing activities with others. Sometimes I don't want to talk, I just wanna hangout and do something like play a game together or just watch something, doodle. That's how I bond with others.
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2023.03.29 20:14 Daja_Kyun I need help with shopping list

My budget is about £100 a month. I'm struggling to buy enough food to last, and I'm looking for some help figuring out how to stretch it. (It's only for one person)
I don't tend to do lists since I usually just get the cheapest things I can find, but my shop usually includes pasta, pasta sauce, gravy, tinned and frozen vegetables, tinned beans, freezable bread rolls, dried noodles, microwavable rice and veg packs, butter, soy milk, cereal.
I always check the discount areas, and can sometimes find pizza and garlic bread and stuff like that going for pennies, which feels so good to find, but the sales aren't reliable. I'll sometimes get flour too, so I can make pastry and have a bit of variety instead of just pasta or rice.
I also get some multivitamins to last the month, so I don't really need to worry about deficiencies.
Sometimes I have extra food from a food bank, but I think the college man worker who normally issues the vouchers is fed up with me needing one all the time, and has stopped giving them to us
Some more info that might be useful is that I am able to cook, I think we have a slow cooker, but I'll have to Google instructions to use it, I have a microwave, and a an oven with a grill and stovetop.
The things I buy can normally make a fair amount of pasta dishes, homemade soup, and vegetable pastry cups, which is what I eat most of the month. I get free meals at college three days a week.
I also struggle to visualise how much of something I need to buy, so I normally do two or more shopping trips instead of one big one. I guess I'm just bad at math?
But yeah, I get my money in a week, but I'm ready almost out of food, and the last shop took up all my money. I want to be better prepared for next time, maybe there's a recipe people know that uses cheap ingredients, and can be frozen? Or maybe people who are more experienced at shopping for themselves can give me some advice?
Idk, I feel really frustrated that I'm struggling so much to manage my own finances, I fought so hard to get this opportunity, I don't want to be deemed incompetent and have it taken away.
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After going to homecoming with Danny and spending more time with him this past week, she felt their relationship was at a point of no return. Either she would begin dating him, or she would need to convince him to move on. What she had told Mitch at the movie theatre last weekend had been the truth. She intended to remain single, meaning she would turn down any advances Danny made in terms of becoming an exclusive couple.
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Mark had some business to do concerning the move to his new home and town. He could have done it all by phone and online. He usually preferred to do those things in person, however. And, though he denied it to himself, he also needed to put off his Spanish tutoring of Valentina for a while. He didn't quite know how to handle dealing with Val. She had taken their relationship down a path that he had tried to keep his imagination away from. She was a charming, bright, sweet girl blossoming into young womanhood. He adored her. He had experience at loving, caring for, and protecting a daughter. Val was like having a second daughter who would never get to meet the first one. Now that Val had changed the playing field, Mark didn't know exactly how he was going to handle it. She was part of the family next door. They were really good people and had become good friends, almost an extended family. Mark was not oblivious to the fact that most people would be glad to have him drawn and quartered for what he had done already, not to mention what had crossed his imagination.
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