Vrchat erping

Vrchat erp

2023.05.15 06:44 ander2008 Vrchat erp

I need a erp world that have sex toys or that just has some beds dm me plz
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2023.05.09 22:54 NotEnoughTime64 Hey Everyone! Been dabbling

Been in VRchat for a few weeks now and getting the hang of it. I been really curious to dive deep into the ERP world of it. Ive had two pretty good experiences lately while in a female avatar. id love for someone to show me the ropes and teach me more, maybe even trade avatar or two? I have one thats nsfw. Shoot me a dm. love to make friends
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2023.05.09 21:48 GamingDemon_4776 How tf?

Hey, I'm new to VRChat and the entire concept of ERP just confuses me. I'm not actually asking for someone to do it with me but my slow brain refuses to comprehend this. I'm 21 so I'd prefer it to be 18+ and I am bi so I don't mind guys but it's more towards feminine than masculine.
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2023.05.02 18:42 ghost666219 Looking for avatars

Im looking for some erp avatars for quest I’m willing to trade but I can’t speak in vrchat seeing as my mic broke last week and I didn’t repair it yet
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2023.04.30 17:03 AdMore6404 This guys is hosting FAKE events, plus Fucking guys as a guy but telling them he’s a mute girl… wow hope this erp Reddit can keep a eye out and ban people like this

This guys is hosting FAKE events, plus Fucking guys as a guy but telling them he’s a mute girl… wow hope this erp Reddit can keep a eye out and ban people like this submitted by AdMore6404 to VRChat_ERP_ [link] [comments]

2023.04.29 02:42 Nigel_Fink ERP/RP саб

На реддит есть сабы типа pets_and_ownwers, HentaiAndRoleplayy и VRChatERP. И я подумал... а почему нет саба для русскоязычных любителей проявить фантазию и свой великолепный писательский талант в рамках окна чата... ну или неравнодушных дрочить воздух в виртуальной реальности)))) Что же, если заинтересовался, то вперëд в erotic_roleplay_ru клепать пост со своими фантазиями и искать таких же извращëнных энтузиастов как и ты сам. И да, говорю сразу, в комментах не RPшить, делайте это в личке плиз.
Paywall - против правил. Строго 18+
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2023.04.24 05:00 Vinny_Katalents O Iceberg do VRChat

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2023.04.22 01:18 Nigel_Fink Немного глупый и личный вопрос, но не кажется ли вам, что мой ник слишком формально звучит?

Прифф. В последнее время я заинтересовался идеей ERP (как текстовым так и в VRChat), и посмотрев на свой ник... я просто боюсь кому либо писать... Причина? Мне кажется что мой ник слишком формален! Реально существующее американское имя и немецкая фамилия. Особенно страшно писать англоязычным людям, потому что это для нас это просто красивый псевдоним, звучащий так же нейтрально как для меня звучит... Саманта Картер к примеру. Для них же мой ник по моему мнению, равносилен тому, если бы я назвался Петром Сергеевичем в русскоязычном сообществе.
Придумал я этот ник к слову в свои 12, тогда я люто горел по вселенной игр Portal/Portal 2 и модификций к ним. И я нагло спиздил имя модуля из модификации Aperture Tag. А фамилия была взята уже не помню откуда, как то с YouTube связано))))))))
И ещë, мне интересна история ваших ников, было бы интересно услышать.
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2023.04.08 10:49 AceTheButlert My name is Ace i'm transF. Looking for people to erp with, i'm a half body questie and a mute. dm me your vrchat name <3

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2023.04.05 16:59 reelayr Looking for anonymous interviewees for thesis on intimacy in VRChat !

Hi everyone!
I'm a grad student studying different forms of intimacy in VRChat, including ERP, as well as other forms of intimacy that aren’t necessarily physical or romantic. I'm looking for anonymous interviewees who use VRChat to hear about experiences of intimacy on the platform.
The interview can be done in VRChat, or alternately via Discord, Zoom call, etc. Your responses will be confidential and used solely for research purposes.
The aim of the study is to better understand how people use social VR, and to explore how different kinds of intimacy can be formed in virtual spaces. If you're interested in participating, send me a private message on here.
Thanks for considering helping out with my research!
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2023.04.05 06:44 Commander_Twitchie looking for avatars is so hard :/

Hey everyone is it just me or is it really hard to find cute male avatars. I have been hunting for weeks now for a cute soft boy aesthetic male avatar that has dps and gogo loco for getting into erp. So I have come to you all for aid. I'm looking for a less edgy male avatar then what is so common on vrchat. So femboy andro and soft boy avatars please help me find them!
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2023.04.02 19:18 Hexent_Armana VRChat becomes full dive, what is the first thing you do?

For those who don't know the term "Full Dive" and don't watch anime it's a similar concept to the VR we know today but for more than just your sense of sight. Full-dive tech will in one way or another project the other senses into your brain as well and create a virtual experience more immersive that any other. They're already working on it but it will be a VERY long time before its perfected to the point that we see in science fiction media like Sword Art Online or The Matrix.
Anyways, if VRChat were to become full-dive compatible and someone bought you the appropriate VR system to use it, what would be the first thing you'd do?
I know a lot of you will say or think ERP...and duh...who wouldn't try full-dive erp at least once? But I'm more interested in your non-erp related response.
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