Cant stop loving you van halen


2021.11.22 05:43 inarasarah PlantAddictsAnonymous

A place for people who can't stop buying plants. No space for plants, but you buy one anyway? No money for plants, but you buy one anyway? Need help curbing your habit? Or addicted and loving it? If you're an addict, we want you here 😊

2010.07.09 06:13 B_Easy b

For when you find those ʟ's or ʙ's that don't have subreddits! Other letters like ʜ are accepted aswell :)

2019.03.26 22:23 Jebie77 Memes about FC


2023.06.01 12:09 greatguyirll Why was he so useless in combat during their journey through the Demon continent?

He's a Saint-class mage which should put him at about the top 5% of mages in the world considering Paul comments that you probably can count on one hand all the King-class mages in the world and that is disregarding his silent casting. Now, you might say that he's clearly being too much of a pacifist which is hindering his ability to fight since he can't bring himself to fight with the intention to kill but he was also useless in their fight against the giant red snake monster where the only thing he managed to do was land a single shot after Ruijerd stopped it's movements and Eris cut it in half (at which point it was probably done anyways).
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2023.06.01 12:08 evergreendazzed Why do i love despite all things and she just stopped

I just don't understand why did i managed to love you even if we have our differences, but your feelings just vanished... Vanished despite all the support, connection, hours and hours of trust and talks. And mine are still intact even if maybe i was the one who was more mistreated in some ways
It felt better yesterday, today i had the first real breakdown, sobbing and shit like that. I feel so weak. Why do i of all people get to be on this recieving end? Why do i have to live in this torn dow reality without you? It feels like death in the family almost... Why do people just stop loving? And why me... This is so painful that i don't even want to go on in a way...
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2023.06.01 12:08 Thanx4TheFish Silence after boundary text to JNDad

This is a throwaway account. I posted from my main before, but deleted the posts, as I was afraid my family would find them.
For context, I made posts in this sub about going NC with my JNStepSis and the amount of drama that it caused with my family. My dad insisted that I just make peace with her as it is "more convenient for them"
I believe this was a turning point for me, as it got me to see how much of a JN my dad is. Horrid behavior that I overlooked and dismissed for years because "that is just how he is" This sub really helped open my eyes about how being 'family' is no excuse for putting up with a POS human.
So I drafted a boundary text with some amazing input from this sub. I was nervous and had a panic attack as I was sending it, but I sent it none the less. As I deleted my former posts, find a copy of what I sent him below;
"Dear Dad, I also want to take this opportunity to lay out some of my boundaries to keep our relationship healthy and positive. I decided to do this over text, as I do not feel that I was heard when I brought this up in person. I have decided to cut SS out of my life. This decision is not up for discussion. If you mention my relationship with SS when we are together or talking, I will leave or end the call. Second, I have no interest in the current conflict between you and HS. I will maintain a separate relationship with her regardless of your conflicts, and I will not be used as a middleman through which to pass messages. I also do not want to hear any further details about your case against her. Again, if you bring these topics up at any point, I will end the conversation. I hope you can understand the reasons behind these boundaries and will agree to adhere to them. If this is unacceptable to you, I will have to reduce how often we interact. I look forward to continuing to have a positive relationship with you."
I sent him this text a week ago and have received nothing but silence in return. I predicted that he would be too proud and angry to respond, but it is kinda wearing on my mind. I have made my boundaries clear, but did not receive as much as an acknowledgement.
So ultimately I do not know if there is any way forward for us. Especially since he is trying to take custody of HS's LO for no reason other than having a "do-over baby" with Stepmom. I have tried staying out of this conflict for the sake of peace, but I can not do so in good conscience anymore. HS needs my support and assistance - not the POS trying to steal her child. It opened my eyes to the person my dad is. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants... even if he destroys his children in the process. If he is willing to send private investigators after her and try to take custody of her child, what is to stop him from doing the same to me and DH if we ever had children? The simple answer is nothing. I can no longer trust him and do not feel comfortable around him. I cannot remember the last time we had any interaction that did not leave me in tears by the end.
So I guess I am done. I will keep making payments to his account until my debt is paid off, but I see no other interaction between the two of us again. If he can't even acknowledge my boundaries, there is no way he would adhere to them. I guess in all of this I am just wondering when the guilt of making this decision will go away? If ever?
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2023.06.01 12:07 Changesand Relationship WLW

I'm in a worst case scenario relationship. A married, straight, coworker, bestie turned lover. Long story short, the honey moon phase is long over and all we do now is fight. I feel ugly. My self esteem is at an all time low. I get jealous over everything, yes a little jealousy is normal, but I feel she tests me. She sent me a break up letter and when I got it I was sobbing trying to contact her. Ironically I just discovered that day she was at a game with her other gay girl friend who is in love with her. what fu*& am I doing with my life? We've broken up 27 times (I exaggerate but it feels like it). I have no energy left really. I've started therapy last month. I know im in no place to judge anyone, but before you judge me the relationship avalanched to full on affair, never in my life have I done something like this. How do I just flip the switch and cut the crap? Just stop contacting her cold a drug?
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2023.06.01 12:06 CydonianPsycho Literally the worst phone I've had in years.

Dad asked me if I needed an upgrade, I said initially I was fine, but absolutely decimated my iPhone 11 a few days later (In all fairness, they break if you look at them) and since he was still kind enough to offer, I thought rather than pay a lot of money I didn't really have for repairs, I'd just upgrade instead, and he showed me the Fairphone 4. I really liked the idea of a sustainable phone you could repair yourself, so I decided to give it a shot.
Worst mistake.
I don't know if it's just my device or if this is actually how the Fairphone 4 is, but it's USELESS. Hell, the cheap Motorola I had when I was 11 functions the same, and that was over a decade ago.
- Constant restarting over and over, for no reason, although always conveniently when I need it, I.E. to check maps, pay for something
- Horrible camera. I knew that was to be expected, but Jesus. It's so low in quality.
- Super slow interface that is constantly glitching and lagging. In 2023, I really don't think it's a big ask to have a smooth running new device.
- Constant errors displaying my notifications. I mean, come ON!
- 5G often stops working, and I can't get it to come back on, which is super annoying, especially as every time this has happened, I've needed internet.
- Not actually very robust at all. It's already managed to crack with a screen protector, the back is rubbing off... and the parts aren't exactly cheap! There's no point having the gimmick of repairing it yourself if it breaks just as much as the iPhone I had, which is what drew me to it initially.
I've tried reaching out to support, who have assured me that everything will be fixed in updates. Well, I keep this phone updated, and the same problems always persist. It's not as though I use my phone excessively. I don't use most social media, I don't have it running 329 different apps throughout the day. I mainly use it to reply to people, listen to music and watch the odd video, and it can barely handle that.
I honestly wish I'd never bothered and (I can't believe I'm about to say this) stuck with an iPhone. At the end of the day, it is only a phone, but in 2023 I didn't really expect to be using a phone that runs like its the early 2010s. Are these just problems we have to expect with a Fairphone? Or is mine particularly slow?
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2023.06.01 12:05 ThrowRAVermicell Has racism and ignorance destroyed mine (F20) and my boyfriends (M25) relationship.

I really need some help, as honestly I feel like im losing my mind. A few months ago I met my current boyfriend, and honestly for the first time in my life I honestly can say that I felt like I met the perfect man. He has shown me more warmth and caring than perhaps anyone ever had in my life and has never forced me into doing anything I've not wanted do to. He's the first guy that I feel normal around and makes me realise how toxic every boyfriend I've had before was.
Yet from day one my family have been against him, because he is from a muslim family. I never expected to see the foul things coming from my very mum and even my sister, the person I felt would always have my back have been against me and him. It started mild enough, with them saying things like people from his culture has different opinions on how to treat women, despite the fact he's literally spent his whole life in this country. Now its just gotten worse and worse, with them saying they just want our money or it'll be any day now until he forces himself on me. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. My sister is at least not overtly racist, but she feels like I'm taking things too fast with him and saying he's just a rebound bf. Even some of my friends have turned against me.
I had to get away , so I lied to my mum and said I was going to spend the weekend around my friends but spent time with my bf and his family. They treated me well to my face, but after going out to go down the shops, I could overhear them talking in the garden and I overheard some things which I tried to look past but it gnawed away at me. Bf's mum was questioning why her son would invite a "fat, blond" girl into our home. Bf's father joked that he might tell me to stick to the salads, but then said that he shouldn't because white people are too sensitive. Then the mother said its odd that he'd even be with me and hoping I don't go to the mosque with him, and the dad said it'll be ok once bf puts a muslim baby in me. After that I just spent the rest of the night at my bf's side and kept what I heard to myself and they didn't say anything to my face.
Later that night, my bf could tell something was wrong and asked me, and idk what happened but I just completely broke down. I told him i'm sorry im fat, I'm sorry that my family cant stand you, that my cousins would like nothing more than to see you deported, and im sorry your family hate me. We're been the target of slurs when together so I know his life cant be easy so im sorry for the ignorence of my race and i dont know what i can do to make it better.
And my boyfriend said I was right and ranted that most people he met in this country were stupid and ignorant, and hateful and it frustrates him to no end that most just wont let him be. And while he said he didn't know what he thinks i heard his family said, he agreed with them. And I don't really know why or know what to expect but like, i felt like he might have had my back at least slightly and i just felt overwhelmed. i said i needed to get some tissues but got a taxi home and now im just in my room spiralling. We've never really had a fight, and if we did it was clear why it happened or how to mend it but like i just feel so lost. I thought he was the one and even if my family hated him we could go it togehter, but if his family is also against us and maybe hes against me, i dont know what to do. Hes tried to ring me and if i can make it up to him I will but like, I love him but its not easy and hes not wrong but i dont know what i can do or what can I say to make it better?
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2023.06.01 12:03 KalliopeCleo Charlotte Tilbury, Mac or Bobbi Brown for bridal makeup?

I very rarely wear makeup (post pandemic) and have finally run out of my kit & need an overhaul of basics (chiefly foundation, concealer, lipstick, primer but some more eyeshadow & eyeliner wouldn't go amiss). I'm daunted where to start and am getting married in three weeks, so don't have capacity to figure it out to perfection, but would love to have enough to do my makeup for a Hen Party & the day after the wedding / honeymoon. Thinking I could go to a counter for a makeover redeemable against product in the first place, and wonder which you'd choose out of Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown & MAC?
(With Charlotte Tilbury they could also do my makeup on the wedding day, but the others can't - I have a potential MUA who can come for the day itself but couldn't do a trial beforehand).
Or should I ditch the idea & just give into some time wondering round different places in John Lewis seeking out the best? (I used to have Bobbi Brown but haven't used makeup regularly for a few years as I say).
Tl:dr: which brand do you rate best for skin makeup? And for a makeover?
EDIT: not sure the title is best summary but can't edit it!
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2023.06.01 12:02 undercover9618 Maybe the ''Best ending?''

With the game coming out with multiple endings, I thought about one that could potentially be the best in terms of how the characters would end up. During the events of the game what if the siblings met another pair of siblings that would despise at first but start to warm up to? Like they would be the polar opposite both in personality and design. They would end up all in 2 relationships. In the end, you would have the option as Ashley to cheat and ask Andrew for ''Just one time.'' If you as Andrew now agree then you would get the infamous incest scene and after that, Ashley would have a moment of ''I have learned to let go of what I love, I love you so much Andrew but I have to let you go so we can both heal what is left of us.'' meaning that she finally met someone that made her heal and understand she can't keep Andrew with force. Would that be a good ending? Would that be cliche?I am waiting for your opinions and suggestions :) I would really love this ending because I would want to see them legit happy.
submitted by undercover9618 to CoffinofAndyandLeyley [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 12:02 TheChumscrubber123 5.30.23 - Invitation to phone chat

I woke up today with my heart chakra once again pulsating very powerfully. It was surging with Divine Love. It still is now. Fortunately that longing sorrow wasn't there today. I have to emphasize that my heart chakra completely stopped doing this after I left nearly 2 years ago (and I stopped feeling Divine Love). I didn't expect that. I thought once my heart chakra had been activated, it would remain that way and I'd be able to find the Divine Love on my own from within. But it's like it powers down to 2% in your absence, and then when I reconnect it shoots to 500%. It really does feel like been it's in overdrive. TF such a bizarre and strange connection. Seriously.
I texted you today for the first time in neary 2 years asking if you wanted to chat on phone/disc call. (My last text is shown as sent on Aug 5, 2021 lol.) My texting you was a big surprise to me. I had no idea if you would respond and/or agree to chatting. But as usual, I hold no expectations, so was free of anticipation/disappointment whatever the result. Surprisingly, you responded and agreed to chatting. I say surprisingly, but I would've been surprised either way, as again, no expectations. I asked if you were free tonight or else sometime when you're not streaming. You haven't responded yet, but perhaps will later.
There was a short window sometime after I texted where suddenly I could feel the intense pain and desperation of my soul arise in my heart chakra. "Please, my love!! I'm begging you!! Take my hand! Let us save you and set you free!! Please, my love, before it's too late, wake up!!" I used to experience this as me (and the only me) thinking and feeling this way. And it was intensely painful. But now, usually when this happens, HS comes in. And when that happens, deep peace arises, and the pain turns into just an intense surge of energy waves arising in my heart chakra (no longer waves of suffering). And then, "oh wonderful, more samskaras are arising to transmute." I'm still able to perceive/experience my soul going through his ordeal when this happens, and I still experience him as me, but more like just a part of me and not entirely me. Usually during these ordeals, I remain centered as the more expanded HS consciousness witnessing soul's experiences, instead of getting completely sucked into it. Soul and person are then immediately calmed when this happens, as if resting in the arms of their Divine Parent. The samskaras subsided / were transmuted within a half hr or so.
I also watched as some interesting thoughts, memories, and feelings arose in this person. I remembered the last (and only) time we spoke on the phone several years ago. It didn't go so well lol. I just wasn't nearly ready for Union. I had just awakened and was still very much the person, and the person still had a ton of baggage that I hadn't even begun transmuting yet (including Fred). Even at the level of the person, I was an entirely different person then.
I had all these grand, romantic ideas and expectations of what it was gonna be like when we finally connected. When they weren't met, I was greatly disappointed. I was so excited to finally chat with you, and I was expecting you to be as excited and intrigued to talk with me. But you didn't seem at all excited or intersted from the start, so I was pretty bummed about that.
This time around, if we do end up chatting, it couldn't be more different. I literally can't be disappointed because I have no expectations lol. I can't really even get excited anymore as most my emotions of excitement and disappointment have been transmuted. Meaning I literally am unable to even feel much excitement or disappointment anymore even if I try lol. I know that sounds terrible, and maybe I seem much more boring now to most ppl, but it's actually wonderful. In place of excitement/disappointment, I feel enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is similar to excitement (internally), except that it has no polar opposite of disappointment. Meaning that no matter how enthusiastic I become and how things turn out, I can't end up disappointed.
I have no idea what HS is planning, how we will interact, or how you will react (or if we will even talk at all). The only idea I have is the kinds of things I want to talk about (which is a lot), but ofc I'm totally open to just see where the conversation goes too. But no matter how it goes (or doesn't), I will find it fascinating. Even if absolutely nothing interesting happens and you seem completely bored and disinterested, I would find that fascinating lol. And anyway the "interesting" stuff has already been happening for me. Incredibly interesting stuff. The energy alone that I feel from my connection with you, and only my connection with you, is incredibly fascinating. Who needs words? But being completely serious here, I mean that. I could sit on a call with you without a single word being spoken and just be like, "whoooaaaly crap these energiesss...." That's how it is already when I say hi on Twitch. It's always a short while later it starts up, "Hoooly crap what's going on wth is this??? How and why does this always happen only with her???" I mean obv TF thing, but how and why does it work this way? I have no idea. TF = ????!!?! These energies again are not emotional energies like excitement, attraction, etc. They are higher dimensional energies that I couldn't perceive until my kundalini awakening. Mostly it's my kundalini and chakras that go into overdrive.
I also won't just be connecting at just the level of the person anymore, as I now have accesses to much higher consciousnesses. You may not be aware, but I will be connecting with your soul as well.
I am surprised (and not surprised) that Higher Self is allowing us to push for connection again. You may still not respond and we may never end up getting to connect, but even still, I do have to say that I'm at least very pleased that it seems HS is allowing a second try. The rest is in your hands, and ofc I will respect whatever you choose and never hold it against you, but if nothing changes, at least I'll know that truly nothing more could be done to try to help. I have to admit that our failed Union and "the nightmare coming true" was the one thing that had me questioning the Divine/Universe and the notion that HS always has me act to serve the highest good. "How could you let this happen?? My TF is going to be 'trapped in the nightmare' for the rest of her life?? How is that fair?? How could you expect so much of her?? How can you just abandon her and have me just abandon her like this?? Is there really nothing more we can do to help her??" It was very difficult to accept and I never could quite accept it. Yet I was unable to do anything about it, as HS again calls the big shots and prevented me from reconnecting.
So I admit that I am so pleased to see that there is still hope. And that a Plan B seems to be in action to help save you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe. I am so grateful. Whether or not this works out, I am glad you are at least being given a second chance. And I know the Divine and HS will do everything they can to help you. And so will your soul and team of guides if you allow them to. Open you heart and trust the Universe, trust in me, my soul and HS, and trust the inner calling of your soul, love. I know you can do it. I know you will make it. I believe in you. And I love you so much.
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2023.06.01 12:02 AmandaLes1234 What do you think about conditional love and unconditional love?

I don't understand why I find unconditional love as worthless? I wish that people love me only conditionally... Because if I love somebody unconditionally, then I should go outside and love the first person I meet on the street. Parents love their children, because they are their children. Children love parents, because they are their parents. If they would be born in different families, then they would love different people... That is worthless... They don't love the real people and how they are at their core, but they love something that they call their children or parents... Just the concept of person and how they relate to them... Not who they really are...
I wish that people love me for my character, personality, behaviour... for what I like, for what I want, for what I do... For the things, that made me a ME. That is strenghtening my self-esteem and then I feel like a valuable person and I feel that my existance on this planet makes sense... because only I can do the things I do... and other people find it worth their time... And I don't care if they will stop loving me after some time... If I will change I will find new people, that will love a new ME.
What is the sense in finding a compatibile partner if we should love them unconditionally? Shouldn't romantic love be always conditinal in some way? Or should we just go outside and love the first person we meet for the rest of our life, because that would be a true unconditional love?
I've heard also that people can mistake unconditional love as 100% of acceptance of the person. I think I can love someone conditionally (because I love them for their charactepersonality/behaviour...) and at the same time accept them 100%, because their adventages are so strong, that disadvantages aren't important... What do you think about that?
Why people want unconditional love? Why I find unconditional love as worthless?
Does it have something to do with my enneagram 4?
What are your thoughts about that? And do you want to love and be loved conditionally or unconditionally? What love is more valuable for you?
submitted by AmandaLes1234 to EnneagramType4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 12:01 No_Talk_4182 I am not to speak bad of my parents

I am not to speak bad of my parents. They have always been there for me, been affectionate with me, told me they loved me. When I talk to them about the parents some of my friends have, who are absent or abusive, they say "it's a good thing you have good parents". They are. But they do not give me any space to be critical about them and everything that's the slightest bit serious is discussed in a joking manner. In our house we managed with though situations by making light of them and boy were we proud of that: it makes you look strong and helps you power through it.
At least, that's what I had always believed. Now I'm starting to think it just made me scared of my own true emotions. It made me scared that if I wanted to take things seriously, my parents would think I'd be weak.
Lately, I've been reevaluating a lot of things from my youth and one story keeps popping up in my mind. It's one of the treasured funny family anecdotes. I don't truly remember it happening myself, because I was very young, but I also loved this story. When I was small, my mom was away for her hobby for a few days. That did not happen much, we had a classic division in which she cared for the house and my dad worked the land. Now my dad had to cook and care for me the whole day in addition to his work. After his work, he had cooked for me and promised we'd go for a bikeride afterwards. I can't imagine I'd wanted to go for a ride because I never thought those were truly fun, but on the other hand it was quality time with my dad so I'd probably be pumped for that. So I had to eat something from the meal and I said it did not taste well and refused to eat. The funny story goed that my dad yelled he would not take me for the bike ride if I did not eat my food, so all the while crying, I ate my food. Then afterwards, the guy found out what I was eating had been expired for A WHILE. Like it had truly been inedible. Yet I did, as a good little girl so that we couls go biking because I thought my dad liked biking but the truth is neither of us probably wanted to. Because dad made clear he was actually done with the entire day and I did not like biking and was scared I had disappointed him.
The fact that this is a treasured story is because humor is our way of apologizing. By making light of the situation my family tries to explain that it was something bad, but also my dad has a short temper and that does not mean he does not care.
But now it just feels like a shitty excuse. Because these situations have been there for my entire life. My father loves me if I'm happy or minding my own business. I get sad or angry about the small stuff? He will angrily yell at me that I should not make such a big deal out of it. Nice hypocracy.
I remember trying to open up about this to an ex of mine who had a lot of issues with his own parents. He told me my father must've had a tough time in a household full of women. Right. Guess I shouldn't speak bad of my parents.
submitted by No_Talk_4182 to emotionalneglect [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 12:01 resurrective Chapter 19 - Gramgrim

Chapter 19 - Gramgrim
With the trials finally over, the party safely left the accursed valley. As Keyaruga and his girls did so, the white mist once again filled the mountain ridge, yet this time; it felt much less thick, potent, not so horrifying to look at.
“All things considered, I think we’ve done a pretty good job.” Freia spoke, looking back at the foggy veil. Barely anyone else would notice this, but it was damaged, breached, severely weakened. No doubt, it would take months, if not years, to completely restore the pocket dimension. Right?
“Ghh, yeah, right! I… OH FUCK!!!” Ellen snarled, once again tripping over herself. “Fucking pigeon! Fucking body! Fucking fog! Fucking birdies! Fucking! Fucking! Fucking! FUCK!!!” And just like that, she landed… in Setsuna’s arms.
“Watch where you’re going.” The she-wolf looked as phlegmatic as ever, but it was clear, that her patience was slowly coming to an end.
I’m trying, okay! I’m trying… Haa…” The apostle of Caladrius growled in painful frustration. Right now, she was at least six times as strong as she was before passing those near-impassable trials, and that left her senses in a state of complete disarray. How can you walk, when instead of just slightly moving your leg it twitches forward so hard, it almost rips your tendons? How can one do something with their hands, when their arms are frantically shaking from the sheer amount of force in their thin, underdeveloped muscles? Leveling was supposed to be a gradual process, so that a person could get used to their new physical abilities. Only heroes could instinctively jump through dozens of levels without any discomfort involved. But that’s the thing – Ellen wasn’t made one of those. “Damn, I should’ve just waited somewhere in a salty house. Maybe, I wouldn’t be cursed then.” The princess complained, sitting right besides Patty. The raptor seemed more than disinterested in her cathartic shock, and for that, the fallen warlady was more than grateful, really.
“I think we should be happy, that everyone is intact.” Eve said calmly, looking at everyone around. The shock from facing her past had already passed, but she now couldn’t help but stare at Keyaruga. Even now, he was at least one head taller, and yet…
I’m but a healer… Don’t worry. We’ll start all over…
She remembered her past, her two children, her… abusive husband, a crumbling state with nonexistent governmental structure, the sheer brutality with which Jioral razed her domain. Eve Reese saw all of that… and after her time with Keyaruga, that felt like a nightmare, which ended after waking up in this new world. Not something to fixate on, but to learn from and move on.
“Come on.” Right now, the lady in red looked at Setsuna, who extended her arm to Ellen. The latter struggled with her power, her normal ways of doing practically anything now contradicted everything she was and would be – her new body was blessed like no other person could even dream of. And yet, it was a change – a rapid, unwanted metamorphosis, forced by an outer force. Eve could really sympathize with that. Still, there was one more notion to take into account. “You’ll get used to it.” Such were the words of Setsuna, who, despite the princess’ brattiness, her emotional instability, dictated by her lack of a true purpose, still decided to sit near her. “I will teach you, how to…”
And so, a new chapter of their life started. A page of learning, overcoming… accepting. While Freia began to dig into her fancy pocket dimension, returning most of the stuff the party would much rather have ready at hand, and not in some cold void, the Hero of Healing just stood near the future queen, struggling with emotions he had forbade himself from feeling, but ended up wrapped up in them nonetheless.
“Thank you, Keyaruga.” Eve spoke softly; she felt it was the best moment to speak with him. And, as if to prove it, the lad smiled slightly with his lips. “Without you, I’d never have reunited with Caladrius.”
“Well, thank you for not killing us, Me-ua.” The man responded, checking on his saber. There was no trace of black blood on it, but the small dents, the parts he dulled when cutting bones and chopping meat were still there. He now just mindlessly walked back and forth. “You didn’t need me to succeed in the first place. We merely gave you a ride.” The hero added, grabbing a whetstone from Kelly’s saddlebag. He, like many others, needed a breather, something to occupy his hands in this time of relative calm.
“You’re much too humble, when you don’t need to be.” Eve analyzed while sitting next to the healer. Almost everyone had something to do now: Keyaruga sharpened his weapon, Freia munched an apple, and Setsuna helped Ellen to learn walking again. The potential Lady of the South, in turn, had nothing to pass the time with. “I want to repay you for what you’ve done for me, Keyaruga. So how about you tell me what you really, really want?” The dame in red asked, trying not to interrupt the man’s little indulgence. He found some form of peace in scratching his saber against a green rock, enjoyed wiping out the metallic dust, and liked the feeling of thin sharpness when he tested it with his finger. Only when the reddish blade was properly reformed to a serviceable condition, did the landless knight actually turn toward his pretty suzerain.
“Well, for starters, I’d like to pick out some pretty shoes for your little feet.” Keyaruga said somewhat dismissively. After all, those old worn down footwear that the girl owned before, had been forever destroyed by Caladrius. “Oh, and underwear. I suppose you don’t wear it now, do you?”
“Actually, I really don’t.” Eve replied, trying to keep up with the casual talk the hero had dictated with his seemingly relaxed voice. “A shame, really. But actually, I like this dress. It’s light, easy to get in and out of, it doesn’t get dirty, and it doesn’t allow me to get dirty. See?” The white-haired woman demonstrated her feet to him – even though she was walking on the ground bare-footed, there wasn’t even a single trace of mud on her pretty toes.
“How cute. Although, I’d much rather like to see you without this gloomy rag.” Keyaruga chuckled, wiping his weapon against his own trousers before returning the weapon to its dark-blue sheath. “Maybe, I’d even play with your new horns. I suppose holding you from behind would be much fancier this way.”
“Is that your wish?” Eve playfully wondered, rising on her feet along with the man. “I was being serious, Keyaruga. You were the one who helped me to understand what I am, and what I’m supposed to do and feel. So, like it or not, you’re not leaving unrewarded.” The woman said in a gentle, yet somehow shrewd manner. She grew up, not only physically – but also her tone, intonations, walking, gestures – all of that radiated enticing maturity. Still, when the red-haired lad looked at his companion, he didn’t feel arousal. He…
“Maybe… I simply want to be accepted. Just the way I am…” The man mumbled, almost whispering, in fact. Did Anna truly forgive him? Or did she just snap after witnessing, how little human life meant for her foster son? One would easily go mad after seeing something like their child surviving a decapitation. “Ah, forget it!” He ultimately shrugged it off, once again hiding inside an armor of feigned apathy.
“F-forget? But I…” That glimpse of Keyaruga’s true, softer nature didn’t escape Eve’s perception, of course. But even so, this prying attempt would be quickly shut down by…
“I just want to fuck you in this new body.” …this. The healer outright demanded another session of sex. He even grabbed his cute suzerain from around her back, pulling her closer to him.
“Oh… You just can’t stop being a pervert, can you?” The woman sulked, once again revealing that touchy, puffy child. Now, that she grew up, it looked both hilarious and cute at the same time. “Each time I start to like you, you’re pulling something like that…” Eve complained, remembering how she was about to be pushed away from the saddle, just in case Ellen was to be impaled right on the road.
“So you don’t like me now?” The man sneered, as his left arm moved lower and lower, up until it slipped underneath the dark dress she wore, and his hand grabbed the black-winged prodigy’s butt cheek “What? You think I didn’t notice why you wished to get older? That thick ass of yours!” The healed malevolently whispered, giving the kokuyoku scion an assertive kiss to her puffy lips. “So, will you have some fun with me?”
“I… Ugh! Damn! You!.. How can you be such a jerk, Keyaruga?!” And just like that, the lady in red pushed the hero away. It seemed like he had overstepped his boundaries, thus scaring Eve away. Well, relatively. She just moved a few steps away from the healer, before the girl stopped, turned back, and revealed her pretty face overtaken by a bright scarlet blush. “Ehm… Could you give me some time? Till the evening, maybe?”
“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! Oh, birdie! Who do you think I am?” Keyaruga mocked, catching himself on his own hypocrisy in the process. After all…
That’s a good question. Who am I, exactly?
“He-heh… Oh, you’re a kind boy, to me, to us… But your character is bad! You’re a cheater, a womanizer, who doesn’t even think cheating is something bad, an immoral pervert, a butcher… But, I still love you, for who you really are.” The queen-to-be spoke with a soft smile, which illuminated her man. A truly beautiful visage…
“You know, I want to draw your portrait now.” …deserving to be preserved for ages to come.
“Just… don’t paint me naked, alright?” The Me-ua kahul spoke with a little bit of embarrassment.
“However you wish, my queen.” Keyaruga said, dramatically taking Eve’s hand for a reverent kiss. That sure did embarrass the woman, but this time she took it with a graceful smile on her red face. “Well then, I think we should return to your grandpa, and…”
N-no!..” Of course! How could it be any different? Basically everyone in the group thought this day wouldn’t bring anymore tragedies, when the kokuyoku scion suddenly and severely slouched, as if someone punched her in the guts.
“Eve?! What’s wrong, Eve?!” Keyaruga asked, as his mood instantly changed from arousal to the deepest concern. “Did Caladrius do something to-?”
Tamsha! (the souls)” The lady replied, quickly jumping back on her feet. “Haa!.. Haa!.. N-no! Not now! NOT AGAIN!!! One, two, f-fo… Many!.. So many dying now! W-why?!” And just like that, the woman started running back and forth, trying to make sense of the gruesome tragedy that she was only now capable of realizing was happening, trying to suppress tears of sadness, panic, and rage. She thought she was ready for something like this, that the second loss of her parents and remembering the first world tempered the woman just enough to be strong in the face of cruelty; apparently, not.
“I see…” At the same time, Keyaruga remained stalwart as ever. He had to; the hero had the role of an unflappable leader, a function much more precious, than any other personality. Eve could store the souls of the kokuyoku kin right inside her wings, provided they refused to leave this world in favor of helping their princess.
“Girls! We’ve got a problem here!” Keyaruga yelled, getting the attention of his three other companions as he ran over to them.
I knew it! I knew that’d happen! Stuff like this always happens with everyone around me! Brin! Mayala! Mil!
“What happened, Keyaruga?” Freia asked, running next to Ellen and Setsuna. “A-a… Evy?” And just as she looked at the groveling girl, the magician lurched forward to help her.
“Oh, let me guess, Visou is under attack?” The Apostle of Caladrius asked, moving more like a ragdoll than a normal human being. The twitching muscles, the pain in her joints, desperately trying to adapt to this new form of power – all of that stole whatever grace the younger princess had.
“Freia, your magic. Send us to Visou.” Setsuna demanded, remaining the only reasonably calm person among the group. The demi-human girl shook the heroine’s shoulder… But no.
“I’m sorry… I can’t… Living can’t survive there…” The caster responded grievously, her pocket dimension was not meant as a means for traveling, much less an inhabitable place for a living, breathing being.
“It’s two days, if we ride on raptors. Not an option.” Keyaruga deadpanned, holding the queen-to-be together with Freia.
“I need to do something…” Still, the lady in red had some fight in her yet. She stood tall, and… “I’ll call Caladrius… That’s only one use, and Ellen got us two…”
“That’s…” For a second, the apostle of the aforementioned god thought about how she should dissuade the girl from spending that chance, that it was much better to murder a few thousand of her enemies than to save a few of her subjects. But… “Do it! Hate to say it, but we really need that pigeon!” … she still had some empathy in her, at the end of the day.
“Yes… No point in coming here otherwise…” And just like that, Eve Reese completely straightened her spine and walked a few steps away from the rest of her companions, when Keyaruga stopped the girls from following the kokuyoku scion. “Haa… Alright… Faruki koliabe shia tayi marunga! (By the power of the ancient pact!) Kalza ton salmukar wor habar ul-molla, mera tamsha pora harino, Caladrius! (O you, who carries wind and death, my soulmate, Caladrius) Oma, kuta de anwari! (Come before me, now!)
The words were spoken, the seal was marked. As Eve chanted what Ellen really wanted to say was ‘This is just a means to appease that pigeon’s overly bloated ego’, a massive illustrious circle appeared underneath her, as the woman levitated above the ground. A massive flux of mana broke out of it, overwhelming everyone, who could sense its presence, even the apostle of what was to come… Especially her, as she was unused to magic coursing through her veins.
Soon, the circle flew into the sky. It stopped at around twenty meters from the ground, and then, the breach between the words was opened. The massive white bird emerged from the rift, still carrying her accessories of gold and purple.
“It seems like our meeting had happened earlier than either of us expected.” The harbinger of plague mused, once again looming above the party. “How do you like my grace, Apostle?”
“It’s shit and I want nothing of it!” Ellen replied, accompanying her rant with a proudly upraised middle finger. “Now do your only job and help those magpies, anima-!”
Shut up!” Eve yawped, forcefully closing Keyaruga’s ‘sister’s’ mouth. “Please, we must reach Visou, before it’s too late!”
“Your temper never fails to amuse me, little one.” Still looking at her unwilling champion, Caladrius nodded. For some reason, looking at Ellen’s emotional tantrums reminded the creature of her own young days, the first millennia of a carefree existence. Alas, that didn’t hold too much importance right now. What did, though, was that everyone felt being pulled up from the ground. Everyone, including the raptors. Soon, they found themselves closed in a shining white sphere, presumably enclosed and protected from the entire world. The reptiles were nervous, Freia pulled out her staff, Setsuna covered her forearms with ice gauntlets, and even Keyaruga couldn’t help but grope the handle of his saber, while looking back to see, if the egg was still with him. “Just so you know, I was on my way to save them myself, and as such, this call is on me.”
“Haa… Thank you…” Eve spoke, stroke by fatigue from just the summoning. The Hero of Healing nervously glared at the woman, ready to step up, if the deity breaks her oath.
“Hold tight. This will not be a pleasant flight.”
And just like that, Caladrius lunged forward. And oh, boy, did she not exaggerate. Her speed was at least a few times greater than sound itself. Probably, without the protective sphere, no being lesser than a god could survive the trip. And the party? Well, they still had a long way to go before they could claim that particular label.

Thirty-two seconds.
Keyaruga deliberately counted time, it’d take to reach Visou, and it took only half a minute! As if a few hundred kilometers were nothing at all!
“Holy gods…” The man muttered, looking down to the hell that was once a peaceful village. The wall was breached, the houses, old and new, were engulfed in raging flames, but even that wouldn’t stop the invaders from marauding whatever they might find inside the burning houses. They stomped the crops, they stole the livestock, burned the buildings just for fun. The brigade killed everyone in sight. Corpses… at least thirty corpses were lying around, completely untended, sometimes even looted, or outright defiled in the most gruesome manners. Cannibalism, necrophilia, gruesome rituals amidst the smoldering village. “I’m excited to present to all of you: Gramgrim, the most fucked up brigade in the whole of Tenanulic.” The red-haired lad muttered with an eerie glee of suppressed emotions.
Again! This fucking happened all over again! Because of me! Because I came here! Ah, to hell with it! Survivors! I must find someone, somebody! At least one! Please…
“There are no survivors, little ones. Only abominations, undeserving to live. I do not wish you to battle them, as your chances are slim.” Caladrius spoke with little to no regard towards the fallen. This was the formation that once almost ended the four heroes’ journey in the first world. By any sane measure, Keyaruga should’ve been terrified of them.
“I’m immortal, I don’t give a shit.” But he wasn’t. The Hero of Healing muttered, clattering his teeth with a desperate rage. He wanted to kill, to murder with every bit of cruelty he had inside of him, with no regard as to what others might see in him while doing so.
“Well, we aren’t, brother!” Ellen came down to the rescue. Her cold-blooded rationality greatly contrasted with everyone inside the magic bubble. Setsuna growled wrathfully, Freia was on the verge of crying, and Eve just couldn’t believe her eyes. Even raptors seemed distressed by the view. Visou, the village they all lived, worked, loved, grieved and rejoiced with was now lost forever. What was meant to be a refuge for all the persecuted… now became their cemetery. “Right now we must…”
Caladrius…” Eve uttered calmly. She was furious, hateful, disturbed, and disgusted, and yet, all that fire heated so much, it turned into a freezing cold.
“What is it, little one?” The divine bird asked, flapping her wings above the blazing ruins.
“Kill them.” The lady in red spoke calmly. Her morbidly red eyes were shaking in pain, but she couldn’t look away, couldn’t even blink.
“What is the point? Who do you aim to save this way, when everyone is dead?” The harbinger of plague wondered, more intrigued, than anything else. Yet, upon this being said, not only Ellen, but everyone else now shared the former’s disdain toward the deity. “Do you really wish to use one of…”
It was YOU, who was meant to protect them! YOU had to be there for MY people! But instead of that, you TORTURED US by making us meet those, who we could NEVER forgive! So now, YOU get your flappy ass above them and KILL WHO I TELL YOU TO KILL!!!” Eve Reese snarled frantically. She stopped caring about manners, decency, and practicality even. Now that the woman remembered her past life, she knew how useful this formation could be. But no, keeping them around was Cornar’s wish, and now that he was dead for sure, nothing prevented her from cleansing those cruel war-thirsty maniacs.
“He-he-he-he-he-heh… Oh, magpie…” Ellen shook her head, watching as the legendary creature now circled around Visou. As she did so, the white ash started falling from her wings. Freia and Setsuna looked on silently, as the cruel battalion began falling one after another, and no magic shields could protect them against the divine blight for too long. The Hero of Magic could do it herself, but the Me-ua kahul wouldn’t allow it. It was her rightful vengeance, her responsibility. Caladrius wouldn’t tax her mistress this time, but even so, a precious part of Eve’s soul just died within her.
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2023.06.01 12:01 Savings-Poet-222 My husband (55M), tries to tell me (47F) what to wear. Is this OK?

After many years of being a stay-at-home mom, I recently landed myself a job I love. Since I started working there, my husband tries to tell me what to wear. Mind you, I’m a classy woman who carries herself with respect. I’ve also never given him a reason not to trust me. I’ve told him his behavior is suffocating. I’ve also told him I already have a father and don’t need a second one. This doesn’t deter him. He told me yesterday that I should respect his feelings as my husband. I don’t want to change the person I am to appease his ego. I’ve told him I think the problem has to do with his insecurities, and nothing to do with me. Is this behavior ok?? How can I put a stop to it once and for all?
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2023.06.01 12:00 Automatic_Guest1281 What is giving you joy while you are pornfree?

Like many here my main problem with porn is that i barely get joy out of anything else. Drugs give me a good feeling which obviously can't replace it. Just an occasional high here and there. Other than that i only get like a filtered 15% of dopamine from anything else in my life.
Good weather, being with friends, watching netflix etc, games, good food, gym and music what brought fun in my life don't do the cut.
The last days i am just sitting around having this brain fog. After i found the right strategy for me i feel like i will make it. MO and cut most internet usage which wasn't necessary. Also found back to my faith (yea among some other stuff the desperate attempt of getting pornfree brought this mf back to god). This made me feel much more aware of the bad situation people get dragged through in this industry which made me want to stop participating. Also MO if possible only with very vanilla thoughts and getting it done as fast as possible.
So what do you do in your freetime?
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2023.06.01 12:00 Responsible-Drag1214 What ironic is Galactus players telling those whose tire of playing against that card TO learn how to play the game. WHEN YOUR literally using and waiting on that ONE CARD to gain cubes GALACTUS should be IF YOU PLAY this card and lose YOU LOSE double the cubes whether you snap or not.

The card Literally changed the dynamic of the game SO IT should BE high risk If you use this card... every other deck I'm playing is Galactus and EVEN when I have two counters in my deck I CANNOT get them in my hand all the time, that SHOULD show you that this card NEED to be nerfed 3ven more show... knowing that the card IS coming and not being able to stop it is insane, the only people who will come in here and see defend that card is those WHO are using the card ..cuz they can't play strategically.
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2023.06.01 12:00 JesusSwag Is there a way to have a consistent amount of space between lines of text despite differences in size? (Image attached)

Is there a way to have a consistent amount of space between lines of text despite differences in size? (Image attached)
I've attached the image in question so you can see what I'm talking about
Essentially, I want the distance between 'Change' and 'is the only constant' (as well as the distance between the lines of the bottom text) to be the same as the distance between the repetitions of 'Adapt!'
I can't figure out how to do this easily as the leading/vertical spacing of the text seems to be based on the size of it, even if I actually choose a number instead of 'Auto' - which is a problem when I've got text with several different sizes
The only way I can think of is to convert each line into an individual smart object, and manually line them up using a tiny grid, but that seems very inefficient? I really hope someone can help me, I would love to have a more consistent look for my text on this and future designs
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Let’s make sure that the GOP knows the true power of grassroots action!
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2023.06.01 11:59 Makylz War Idea

As you are probably aware, there are multiple wars all around the world. The most "popular" one is in Ukraine and now Russia (Moscow). I understand why politicians are fighting over, but that's not a good reason to put your people and people from other countries in danger. Indeed, these citizens are innocent, they're just living their life, going to work or school etc. Life is not a Minecraft game: you can't respawn.
Instead of threatening each other with a nuke or AWP's, you should resolve your problem like adults, not kids. Punching is sometimes a solution, but not in this case. Adults usually teach to kids that they can solve their issues with words, without fighting. Take this example as a reference.
Now, I came up with an idea: if you want to solve the problem, you should both attend a therapy session made for politicians. if it doesn't work, play chess. It's also a strategy game that doesn't involve people's life. Perhaps you don't like these endings, in this case, there's only one solution left: fighting in a MMA cage until someone gives up. No guns allowed, no kitchen knives.
Listen to me, I may sound dumb, but I just hate wars. Everything can be solved, every solutions can be found in the nature. Even animals don't invent torture techniques.
Hear me out, politicians of beautiful countries, people's live matter. Bearing a weapon must be forbidden. Why aren't you busy with killing pedophiles instead ? If your mother was in the opponent's country, you may kill her accidentally. Accidents happen, but this was your choice.
Please, we are all humans. Act like a human. Peace & Love. #nowar#love#people#nohate
Source: me, myself and I.
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2023.06.01 11:58 Big-Exam-4164 kutaisi airport transport

Hi, do you know how to get from Kutaisi airport to Kutaisi city? We will arrive at night on Wednesday and I have no clue how to get to my airbnb. I know there's some private vans that start from 40 GEL, but I'd rather use a bus (cheaper). And also I'd love to get some tips from locals (what to visit, eat, etc). We're doing Kutaisi- Gori-Tbilisi)
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2023.06.01 11:58 Independent_Cod_6474 My [29F] partner [27M] refuses to pay rent after 11 years. I am disabled. Should I be more sympathetic or move on?

My [29F] partner [27M] refuses to pay rent after 11 years. I am disabled and don't know if this is acceptable?
I'll preface this by saying I am a disabled person (my partner knew this early in our relationship when I got diagnosed.) So I have been on and off on UK benefits for a while. I guess that's why I've lived this way because I feel bad that I can't contribute more.
He works full time and he lives with his parents, he doesnt pay them rent and most nights he wants to stay with me, if I didn't stop him he would be here every night but I refuse to let him while doesn't pay any household rent or bills. Apart from the occasional electric bill and I have to pester him multiple times for it sometimes. He refuses to make it official and live together because he can't seem to save enough.
He earnt £1900 this month after tax and complained that he thought it would be more. (New job, emergency tax etc)
My household rent is currently £450 and will probably go up to about 600-650 if someone with a full time job moved in. (This is insanely cheap where I'm from) I also get benefits that are non-means tested meaning I can still contribute around £500-550 a month which isn't much but still something.
I am trying very hard to be open minded as I know times are tough, but I see our friends and their partners struggling together, which is not something I want don't get me wrong, but I guess I just don't feel secure with him anymore. I've been incredibly communicative about all of this. He tells me. "I'll move in when you need me to."
What do you think?
Any thoughts appreciated.
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2023.06.01 11:55 zakisuko What about Sleep Token resonates with you the most?

I think many of us can agree that their lyrical prowess resonates with almost all of us because of how emotionally relatable it is. But I’d love to hear your other thoughts as well! For me, I find these elements to resonate with me the most (I’ll TRY to contain my thoughts and keep this post as short as possible, lmao):
  1. Story-telling: This is something I absolutely LIVE for. The story+lore surrounding Sleep Token is so enigmatic and thought-provoking that I can’t stop thinking about how fucking genius it is. There isn’t a single, sure-fire interpretation of the band’s lore or chronology, and this is exactly why I’m so intensely invested in exploring their lore even further.
  2. Musical Distinction: From the day I was born until now, I have NEVER—NOT ONCE—come across anyone with a voice like Vessel. In fact, the skill of the entire band greatly surpasses anything I’ve ever heard before. They explore and easily master the fusion of genres like it’s NOTHING, and it honestly makes me question if these guys are even human.
  3. Relatability: I touched on this a little bit earlier, but I MUST reiterate that the level of personal relatability I have with Sleep Token is unparalleled. I say this because my first ST song was “The Offering,” and initially, I simply found the song to be weirdly eerie yet sexily captivating (I added it to my playlist automatically though lol). But when I started listening to ST more and more, I found myself identifying with their lyrics on such a profound level. It was like listening to something crafted just for me (like in Chokehold when Vessel says “even if it hurts me, even if I can’t sleep, show me the way.”) And I like that each and every one of us can form our own connections to these lyrics despite our different experiences with love, hate, anger, sadness, etc.
  4. Screamo & Beat Drops: I had to put this here lol. I’m truly a metalhead at heart, and hearing Vessel’s screams in super heavy songs makes my mind go DHDJSJSJFHJEIQLAKDJEK. He’s so fucking good at it, and he always does it at just the right moment. UGHH. And when the band enters or exits a song with those NASTY instrumentals I lose my SHIT. And by NASTY I mean INSANELY BREATHTAKING.
OKAY… this is definitely a lot longer than I expected lmfao. Thanks for reading my little rant guys, and thank you all for making this community so goddamn sweet and lovely.
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