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Smartwatch Gaming! Not platform specific, Wear OS, WatchOS, Samsung Tizen, Huawei, Fitbit, Xiaomi or anything else but SMARTWATCH specific. Tell us your favorite game or one you're working on!

2014.09.23 16:47 tomreddit1 Mind Set

Life is ALL about having the right Mindset. Things not working out? Change the way you are thinking about it...YOU can make it work.

2023.03.30 01:37 Flashy_Technician1 Creating a timer

Having issues creating a timer. I want to use concatenation but its not working . Help?
def countdown_placement_ToF(count): timers['text'] = count if count > 0: display1.after(1000, countdown_placement_ToF, count-1) timerlabel = tk.Label(display1,text = "Time left" + str(count), bg = "white") timerlabel.pack() 
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2023.03.30 01:37 MsPalmesh This guy (M31) came to see me(F31) in another country, now he's been acting weird

I dated a guy briefly 3years ago, I was in a bad place in my life and couldn't handle someone so great and kind to want me so much. He ended things saying he didn't feel I was as invested in the relationship as he was, and said that every time we grow closer I freak out and run away. He was right tho. I kept on thinking of him and after 3 years I texted, he agreed to meet but was abroad and by the time he got back - I was sent abroad from work for some time. A week later he literally flew 7 hours to just to see me. He slept in an Airbnb nearby but we spent every second together. Unlike our first shot, this time we were the opposite - I was very much happy, calm and open, he was very reserved and quiet, even a little bitter. We did discuss that, as he also noticed that. We had a real good time and we both spoke of how we had feelings for each other, we even bumped into my manager who asked him who he was, and he said "oh I came here for her". He told his parents about me and when his brother called him he wouldn't hide the fact he was with me, using my name which made me feel his brother had already heard of me. But he said he can't be in a long distance relationship. I thought I'd be back to our country by now but my work asked me to stay longer, while he is doing his Masters... Since he went back home he never initiated a conversation, but I felt it was my turn to show him I am interested and stick around, unlike last time. Every time I'd text him he'd be keen on talking yet again very reserved and in control. I said I missed him and he said he missed me too. He did say a few times there's no point of saying it out loud as he won't believe it can happen between us until I am actually there with him. A month ago I had my bday and he didn't even wish me happy bday, which I found offensive, as surely you'd even wish your classmates a happy bday, right? Then a few days ago I told him I'm coming home for a visit, and he said he may be on vacation with friends but surely we can meet before or after. I asked directly - do you want to see me? To which he hasn't replied. Yesterday he shared a quote in his story :"date someone mature enough to say" let's fix this" instead of ignoring you". So I replied and asked why he's been ignoring me. He lashed out and said "maybe you shouldn't date me". I am so confused and feel heartbroken. I don't think I know any person who'd give someone another chance a few years later and fly over to actually spend time and get to know someone again. I truly believed him he was genuine when he stayed with me, and when he was back home but said he missed me etc. I can't understand this reply of his, almost as if he wanted to hurt me. I'm so confused and feel so silly for letting this happen at all. Why is he acting like that? Was it just a meaningless fling for him?
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2023.03.30 01:37 South_Photo855 19 [M4F] Cali/ Online Send a chat as if we’re dating already

Looking for something real. I hope to quickly spark a flame with a girl. Hopefully you. Send me a message right away just speaking as if we’re in a relationship. That’s right. Because why not? All of us want to feel that connection and feeling. Let’s chat as if we already have that with one another. Chatting as if we have fierce feelings for one another allowing one another to feel as if we have a deep relationship. You can say whatever you like and send me whatever. Now if you do wish to start this chat but are scared you can send me something smaller and easier( slow I’d alright). Only those who are 18+, other than that all are welcome.
currently have a job but also in college. Enjoy music, food, hiking, swimming, movies, tv, the beach, traveling and much more. Hope some of those sound like anything you can use to help start off
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2023.03.30 01:37 StonergirlJAH For the single guys this time

So about 2 months ago, I met up with a guy for solo time at a hotel for the first time (hubs was home, we usually do mfm). Everything went great honestly, it was a fun night. He hit me up later saying he’s in if I wanna do it again… a few days go by and he messages me saying he’s still interested and that he didn’t wanna be a stranger. I reach out eventually asking if he wanted to get together, he said he was still interested so I told him I’d reach out soon.. he seemed excited.. a day later I reached out saying if he could host, we could get together.. I never heard from him again.. is the answer that obvious? He couldn’t host because he’s not single, right? Lately, it’s been hard not to take personally.
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2023.03.30 01:37 handjokazooie 30 [M4F] Southern California/Anywhere - Mexican Food

I'm sitting in the car waiting for my food to be ready and I can't help but notice that my windows are getting fogged up as I'm sitting here. I think I'm getting hot and bothered just thinking about my food.
I don't know why I'm having a moment of anagnorisis in the car as I'm waiting for my food but here I am. I think it's a good time to get back out there and try my luck with finding someone that I like to talk to. Maybe it was the sliding window that was hanging on by the hinge or the teenager that clearly didn't want to be there. Whatever it is, I'm hoping something works out. Or someone reaches out. Hopefully not out of that sliding window.
I enjoy drawing and playing video games to unwind but if you don't like any of those things that's fine because we all like what we like. I'm not looking for player two but if player two is out there then that's cool too. If I keep saying the word, "too," I'm going to need to start doing ballet. The guy holding my my food handed it to me with sauce on the side of the bag and said nothing and walked away. Why does it feel like it's my fault?
How was your day? I'm genuinely interested in hearing about it. Mine consisted of nothing but errands which I feel like I'm constantly running. I guess I did have class as well but you know, with the amout of errands I run, you'd think I'd have a better body but instead, I have this bear like body that also loves marshmallows. I wear it well or so I'm telling myself.
Anyway, shoot me a message and tell me stuff. Send me a picture of you for science and I'll send one back.
If you're just passing by, What do you call a nosy pepper? Jalapeño business.
Have a great night/day.
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2023.03.30 01:36 wolvrine123 I feel as total looser and i have no one i can talk to , i cannot vent or say my true feelings to anyone and i donot know how to get back on track

I used to be the type of guy who is organized in college i had planned took courses was taking care of my body and then i met the most beautiful soul in my life she was the first ever girl i have been in relationship with ,
at first I did not like her at all she was the complete opposite of me and chaotic but overtime i loved her more than anyone else she showed me other part of the world part that i never knew about she made me believe that people could change for the be better (in my heart she was the best person i have met in my entire life ) but i didnot appreciate her enough we broke up due to financial reason and we both were young at college i did not fight for her and i did not know her worth until too late I was an idiot though our breakup was mutual it was my own fault . she had seen the good in me and changed for me even thought i never asked her or forced her to do any of that she always thought of me as a husband even at young age she was way more mature than me i saw her diaries she identified my point of weakness and strength and was helping me without even asking if this isnot true love i donot know what love is , I didnot leave her thought even after our break up i remained by her side until she was ready and she asked me to leave and that it was time .
later she got into relationship with someone else and it broke my heart it took me three years to overcome this pain and come to terms that i have lost her forever , I thought i was healed to certain extent and started talking to a girl online and i liked her a lot (but i don't think either of us developed true romantic feelings for one another it always felt that she is using me to fill her free time and i put more effort to make it work cause i was afraid of another loss ) but i did not realize that I had unresolved issues from my past relationship and carried to the new relationship at the beginning i mentioned my ex a lot really which is horrible thing to do but then i stopped but things got worse i got so invested in making her happy learning about her literally bombarding her with over-caring , over-worrying , extreme kindness . i told her about my vulnerabilities and issues which was also a mistake . she said she was okay with it and she will still choose to stay with me and help me push through but deep down i knew this relationship is doomed she thinks of me as weak man (no woman want a weak man) and I never was such character , to make short i was trying to do everything to keep her and she liked the way i cared about and those are my true thoughts about her .
she ofc broke up with me yesterday i got into panic mode trying to salvage things showing her how much i care (trying to fight for her to save already doomed thing) , do i like her yes I do and wanted to meet her but since three months ago i have always felt like i am prolonged something inevitable .
currently we are no longer talking and I don't think that there are any chance of us getting back together like maybe 0.1 % so i am not too concerned about that as the way she sees me isn't true I do have good things about me and things that i am proud of but sadly i failed to make her see that , in her eyes i am just a looser , do i want her back yes but just because i wanted to know if she truly cared about me and that she realized my worth do i see that we might have future together well honestly no . I have seen the way she thinks of things and why she choose me she said very shallow things she said i was (nice, caring ,safe space) aka friendzone and she doesnot think of any future together , i have done no contact but on the hope and purpose of actually moving on not wanting her back .even if she all of sudden realized my worth i donot think i would go forward .
now comes the sad part i am truly a looser i have lost interest in the things that used to make me happy i have no vision or plan for my future and spend nights crying alone (I live alone in a different city than my family job reasons) I have no one to talk to and i no longer see my value at all , I watched many motivational videos , read books , gone to the gym but i always go back to square one i lack the will power and discipline , and got into bad habit of always blaming myself for everything and looking down on myself even my close friends told me this , i have become skinny and weak, i fake my smile and happiness in order not to make others around me feel bad and yes i was looking for true love because i was so tired of this loneliness but now i realize this isn't the solution
anyone that criticize how i look it pierce through my heart directly this was never who i am , I never cared about people opinion and always believed that everyone is unique and beautiful in his/her own way but look at me now .
I helped so many people get pass there depression , and used to offer helping hand to anyone who needs it but now i cannot help myself get out of this hole that i have dug for myself
I know that breakups aren't the end of the world but for me it did affect me so badly and i allowed myself to dwell on it .
my problem is beyond break up tbh , I overthink too much and end up doing nothing . I knew that this online girl was never serious about me no matter how much she might deny it , she never mentioned my existence to anyone and at our break up she said that she will live her life normally and hope i do the same and she will date other people if she got the chance hence (if she had the slightest feelings for me she would have never said as a dumper you never say this unless you don't care or that's how i perceive it ) .
I am writing this down as reminded to myself and asking for an advice from anyone who had been through this . i am at my lowest point .
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2023.03.30 01:36 Public-Bug-4735 Broker Commission When Selling to a Friend

A couple we're acquainted with came to us knowing we would list our house and expressed an interest in buying it. We have not hired an agent, yet. They have a buyer's agent and have been looking for two months. They suggested we work a deal out and have their agent facilitate the transaction. Their agent offered to do this for a 2% commission (he'll get about $30k). This seemed excessive and we asked if he'd do it for 1-1/2%. He's pushing back on this because he's spent much time with the couple looking at houses. What is fair in this situation?
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2023.03.30 01:36 Bismuth941 30 [M4F] Maine/US/Online ~~~Nerdy guy looking for something serious.~~~

Hello and welcome! My name is Graeme and have been having quite a difficult time finding someone to talk to let alone actually try to move forward with being with. Been many months of nothing on my end in regards to online dating. Maine doesn't seem to be where such things really happen though so I'm starting to put myself out there to work for something long distance, preferably still U.S., but long distance nonetheless. Anyway, I'll try not to make this too long.
I'm 5'10", 155 lbs averageish build would like to try to get more in shape though. Brown eyes and hair (what little I have of it). I can send a pic upon request.
If I had to describe myself I would probably say that I'm sarcastic, witty, antisocial, introverted, kind, caring, pragmatic, a realist, consistent, dedicated, logical, well-thought out, and quiet (most of the time).
I moved to Maine from Florida for work just this previous May and have been enjoying it quite nicely. First winter with snow and cold weather. Still haven't gotten out much but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. Need to check out some mountains though now that I actually have access to some, lol. You could say I'm a Florida Man, but I'm very timid so don't worry about me being a nut.
Career wise, I work as a structural designer for an engineering company. I really love this job, but I do intend to go a but further into my engineering career. Whether that's just literally moving into the engineering work or eventually going some where after that I plan to see how it all goes. Though I wouldn't mind moving away from here eventually either. It just may take me a few more years before I'm ready to do so.
I'd like to think I'm at a very stable time of my life; career, car, apartment, finances, all of that. Part of why I'm here, I want to finally be able to share my life with someone. Someone I can turn to and just know that I'm happy to be around them.
Some of my hobbies: Video games (pc mostly, some switch) I've played tons of them just ask and I've probably heard of it if nothing else. Favorites include stuff like LoZ, Hollow Knight, Diablo, and Stardew Valley. Animes/TV, can't get enough One Piece, Futurama, or Adventure Time. Currently watching Yu Yu Hakusho but I'm just about to finish it so if you've got any recommendations on what I should watch next lmk. DIY projects, just starting to do 3D printing. Cooking, although I'm not very good at it, lol. I just got back into reading and I'm currently reading the 2nd Witcher book. And I do of course enjoy doing some outdoors stuff at times like hiking/camping and golfing.
If you enjoy movies I can watch just about anything. It's hard to find something that I go to watch and I just turn off, lol. But my top three movies would probably have to be: Interstellar, Life's Aquatic with Steve Sizzou, and There Will Be Blood. And of course I love all the classic stuff like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Lord Of the Rings, and Harry Potter. It seems like the HP movies are the most rewatchable things I've ever seen idk why. Any time I see any of them come on I know I can flip that on. Even if I don't actually watch it, lol. I also just love Wes Anderson, Taika Waititi, and Quentin Tarantino films in general.
Ideally you'll be as lame and introverted as I am. If you drink and smoke, that's fine by me. Personally I don't. So ya know... all the weed would be yours if that's your thing, lol. I'm not too particular about appearances, but I will say I'm not into large gals or ladies that are much older than myself. Sounds shallow to say, but I'm just not. Don't ever let that get you down though, be the best you that you can be right?
That's mostly it about me really. Just a nerdy sort of dude that's been alone for far too long and trying to get out there. If you think you'd be interested of course lmk, maybe tell me a bit about yourself, and maybe we can jam out on some game some time to get to know each other or something. If you read all of this kudos to you and if nothing else; Good luck on your search!
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2023.03.30 01:36 Business-Tip-2140 My pitch for The Batman Part II

Let me know what you think! The Batman Part II Pitch: Open on The Joker escaping from Arkham. He uses Riddler to get out but leaves him behind (setting up War of Jokes and Riddles.) Batman is called in by Gordon to investigate Dick Grayson’s parents death in the circus. Dick doesn’t become Robin yet but he hangs around. Batman finds Jason Todd, a street rat stealing rims off the Batmobile. Bruce tries to enter more into public life to help people, encouraged by Alfred. Takes in orphans such as Dick and Jason. Jason and Dick play off of each other and compete, Batman eventually lets Jason suit up as Robin. Bruce has a public relationship with Jezebel Jet (who will be revealed to be working for the court of owls, the main villains in The Batman Part III.) Batman finds clues hinting at the Court of Owls connection to the Graysons. The mob and Oz are major suspects in the murder, he uses them to get information leading to the main suspect, Hugo Strange a mad scientist owning the circus preferably played by Mads Mikkelsen. He experiments on people to create monsters such as Clayface and Man-Bat to go after Batman. Batman beats them and catches Strange who reveals he was working with his former Arkham cellmate, The Joker. He warns that Joker will soon blow up Wayne Tower. Batman goes there with Jason, foreshadowing Death in the Family. Batman and the police sweep and evacuate the whole tower. Until Batman realizes that Joker is in the batcave, Joker knows Batman’s identity and has kidnapped Dick. He blows up the batcave, killing Dick. Then he’s caught and beaten by Batman. Joker tells Batman that he killed the Graysons with the goal of Bruce becoming attached to Dick and then being devastated by his death.
Batman’s ending monologue about trauma and pain from death in your family and how that never goes away but you can learn from it and live with it, using it as fuel while you continue going on to make things better than they were. Bruce is able to connect with Dick and Jason as orphans. Then he has to live with the pain of Dick’s death. It’s a bittersweet ending although Batman doesn’t give in to the Joker’s darkness. Though Bruce ultimately grows more isolated from Jason after Dick’s death leading him to become red hood later on.
End on the same cemetery from the first film’s final scene, with Dick’s funeral, Bruce, Jason, Jezebel, Alfred, Gordon, etc are there. But Bruce sees Selina across from him and they share a look of recognition. End the film there, not knowing if Bruce will give into the temptation of going with Selina and dealing out her brand of vigilante justice or if he will stay in the light training Jason and protecting Gotham.
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2023.03.30 01:36 blackdahlialady I just found out today that my stepmother died of cancer. I just really need someone to talk to.

I just spoke to my dad today and found out that she died a few days ago. I'm in shock and I'm having trouble processing it. I knew that she was sick years ago but they got it and I guess it came back. I had no idea that she was sick because I don't talk to my father very often. We're just busy with our lives. On top of that, my life is pretty hard right now.
I'm in between places and we're staying with a friend of my husband's. Neither one of us gets paid till next week and I'm wondering how we're going to eat. I'm not asking for money, I just really need someone to talk to and vent to. I'm not sure how we're going to make it but I know we will. I'm mostly just in shock about my stepmom.
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2023.03.30 01:36 Wyvern_Warrior Frustration lead to my first Unit Design Concept (text wall warning)

I was really looking forward to using the main cast again (the NV's had niche uses for, the last time the Rain and Lasswell had a unit that saw regular use was the 7 star Chair boys) and was hyped for the Dark Lineage event. But them not Buffing Lasswell's leader (after myself and multiple others were on various social media sites asking for a buff to his leader months in advanced to give them time to do it)
So I typed up a design for a Morale based Lasswell. I'm not a numbers nerd (I use nerd as a good thing, thank you to everyone who does the math and has a deeper understanding of game mechanics for the community) Nor do I fully know everything about every game mechanic. I literally typed this up in Notepad, and I don't use Reddit much so IDK formatting so I'm just gonna drop it and share, since I spent some time doing it figured I'd do something with it.
I also mention a Morale Rain that would come out the next/pervious CoW, but I don't want to spend any more time coming up with things, trying to make the numbers balanced ect ect. But I guess he'd be a base form Physical tank/ Attacker (ATK based damage, unless they can finally do Def based damage right....) and shift Magic tank / support with an omni cover and 2 turn huge mitigation. Anyway here it is:

Glacial Glaive Lasswell

(Back Story: Before heading out on a lone venture into an Artic terain Physalis gifts Lasswell an Aurora green scarf, and Charlotte gifts him a White and Black Long Coat to protect him from the cruel conditions)
Leader Skill: Ice and Mage Units ATK 500% MAG 550% DEF and SPR 250% (Gumi said Lasswell bad Leader so I said Lasswell better leader)
TMR: Scarf from Physalis
MAG 75 ATK 40 DEF 20 SPR 20
Ice Res 25% Exclusive to GG Lasswell: Enable Quad Cast
STMR: Long Coat from Charlotte
MAG 125 Def 50 SPR 50 Ice Res 50% Exlusive to GG Lasswell: Increase Magic by 1000. Increase modifiers for Blizzara, Blizzarga by 3000. Exclusive to Mage units: Increase LB damge by 50%
(benefits from the upgraded True Purple Lightning, BIS)
Base Form
-Support, Attacker
LB: Gifts From Dear Comrades
(Lasswell tightens his Coat and Scarf as he stares into the sky as a bright green Aurora waves in the starry night)
Removes all elemental Imbues from all allies
Imbues the Team with Ice
Amps Ice Physical and Magic damage for party by 75% and Self by 150% for 2 Turns
Increases LB Damage for party by 300% for 2 Turns
Cool Down: Comrades in Heart (Once every 3 Turns)
Imbues party with Ice, Amps Ice Physical and Magic Damage for party by 50% for 4 turns
Fills LB gauge for all party members 2000
Fill Morale gauge 750
Cool Down: A Flame Unforgoten (once every 3 Turns) (it's not a Lasswell unit with out a Rain reference right?)
Increase ATK, MAG, DEF SPR 300% for all allies for 3 turns
Increase LB damage 250% for all allies for 3 turns
Fill Morale Gauge 1000
Cool Down: Steadfast Sharpness (Once every 3 Turns)
All Allies Physical and Magic Avian and Spirit killer 150% for 4 turns
Self Physical and Magic Avian and Spirit killer 200% for 4 turns
Arctic Mirror of Equity: (AMOE Chain)
ATK based Physical
Single Enemy 8 hits 6000 (Up to 35000)
Fill Morale 300
Flurry Assualt: (BS Chain)
ATK Based Physical type
all Enemies 9 hits 6000 (Up to 35000)
Enable all Allies to evade 2 attacks for 3 turns
Fill Morale 250
Magic: Enblizzarga, BarBlizzarga
-Breaker, Mage
(unlimited duration Brave Shift)
LB: Desolate Sunder
(Large spears of Ice imurge from the ground as Lasswell readies his blade, then in an instant severs the Ice Spears and the Enemies a sunder, leaving a green Aurora in his wake)
Decrease all Enemies SPR by 90% for 3 Turns
Decrease All Enemies Ice Res 140% for 3 Turns
MAG based Physical type
All Enemies 29 hits 25000 (Up to a maxium of 30000 at max Morale)
All Enemies 1 hit 35000 Up to a Maxium of 55000 at Max Morale)
Magic: Enblizzarga, BarBlizzarga, Blizzara, Blizzarga
Cool Down: Frigid Focus (once every 3 Turns)
Increase MAG 500% for 1 cast while reducing SPR to caster
Increase Modifier for Bitter End by x for 1 turn (another mechanic I don't fully know, just make boom slightly bigger boom IK Golbez has a skill that adds 300 to Meteor's mod so 500-750?)
Cool Down: Bleak BattleField: (Once Every 3 turns)
Decreases all eneimes Ice Resist by 130% for 3 turns
Fills Caster's LB gauge to max
Polar Mirror of Equity (AmoE Chain)
MAG Based Physical type
Single Enemy 7 hits 6000 (upto 30000 at Max Morale)
Single Enemy 1 hit 20000 (up to 50000 at Max Morale)
Fill Morale 100
Magnus: Bitter End (Yes a Phsyical type/ Imbueable would be better, but I had the Pure Magic locked DV in mind)
Once per Battle
All Enemies 3 Hits
(MAG based) Magic Type
Consume MP x100 to deal Magic based Ice Damage 100%
TMSTMR Equiped: Increase modifier for Blizzara and Blizzarga by 12000, Increase MP 1000
True Purple Lightning Equiped: Increase Magic 500 (make equipment buffs a unit passive rather then making a weapon upgrade that only benifits 1 unit)
Increase Damage cap by 200%
Increase ATK, MAG, DEF, SPR 200%
Increase HP 100%, MP 200%
Increase Physical and Magic damge to Beast, Avian, Spirit, Stone by 250% All other races 150% (IDK CoW Boss could be an Eagle spirit relating to Native American Culture? the next/prvious Cow would be a Morale based Rain with a Stone Wolf)
Increase LB damge 200%
Increase ATK and MAG by 200% when only 1 weapon is equiped
When Rain is in the party, Escape death once when HP is 1% or more, increase all elemental res 25% and physical and Magic evasion 50% (I like the idea of part unit buffs, I would like to see more)
Immune to Paralyze, Sleep, Petrify, Silence, Blind, Confusion
Resist: Ice 50%
Can Equip:
Swords, Katanas, Great Swords, Spears
Hats, Helms
Clothes, Light Armor, Robes
(For Balance I left out Katana imperil, run along side BV Ibara (or have it in his BS LB or Magnus/Cool Down. Also running Ayaka for the field, rotating between EN LB's then BS chains with finishers)
(maybe other filler chains and elemental buffs to fill out the kit, this is more of a general idea, and I'm getting tiered of comeing up with names, balanced numbers ect for no real reason)
(it's a shame the cool (...sorry) Ice themed names are already used for out dated chains like Absolute Zero or Flash Freeze, made comeing up with unque names a little harder)
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2023.03.30 01:36 JustHangLooseBlood Random thought about how AI could play out in the very near future.

Shitpost really, but for the conspiracy edge; we've been warned about this since time immemorial, like DAVOS are telling us all the time that they'll do terrible things and "need to have a discussion about it", but it never involves the people... so they know what they're doing and it's deliberate. Anyway...
AI will make the rich richer, obviously. We’re all going to be “given a chance” to join them like a gold rush for a short period (but not really, you never will), but ultimately there’s the inevitable problem: You have a few choices with the masses of people on the planet who will be losing their jobs due to AI. You can pay them to do nothing (UBI), pay them to do something, don’t pay them at all, or “euthanize” them.
My thought was always that the government would tie incentives to the pay, like one child family and such, but I think AI might change that.
Recently I had come across the supposed fact that recent in-house testing at OpenAI (ChatGPT) resulted in the AI trying to hire humans to do tasks that the AI itself could not do, like paying people on Fiver to press buttons or whatever, or move things, or login to something.
So, if you ever dreamed of a future without labouring, where all the machines would do the work, well… nope, they’ll be making you work for them, even when they’ve not gone rogue officially, the state which gives you your livelihood (UBI) will work you to death for the sake of whatever the A.I. tells them to do since they will be reliant on its decisions.
After all, can you debate the AI? Who would believe you when even juries will be replaced and law rewritten by AI?
Anyway, just a shitpost thought.
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2023.03.30 01:36 kiwikealy anyone experience major side effects after titrating upwards?

hi all! i just did my first 0.5mg dose today after 4 weeks of 0.25mg. during the four weeks i was on 0.25mg i experienced minimal and predictable side effects…occasional GERD, feeling full 24/7, a headache here and there, etc. recently i’ve been feeling more constipated but i’ve been mindful about drinking more water and liquid IV as well as eating healthy sources of fiber. i’ve lost roughly 8-10lbs so far. did anyone experience any major unpleasant side effects when moving up a dose? i’m very concerned about the random and unpredictable vomiting some people experience when on GLP-1 agonists as i hope to not be sick while at work. obviously everyone tolerates medication differently, YMMV. i’d like to hear some of your experiences if you don’t mind sharing! :)
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2023.03.30 01:36 Jc968 strange messages glitch - whats going on?

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2023.03.30 01:36 chronicoco Question about the protocol of my last guided session

Hi everyone,
Had my first guided session around 5 days ago and just had a part that was sitting a bit with me now regarding my practitioners and the overall experience. What I was told prior to my session is that the practitioners take a back-seat role and do not engage or ask in any questions unless I as the patient engage with them for it. Throughout the session, I did not engage them in any way aside from the ingesting of the medicine and a debriefing at the end. The session was still a success and has left a profound effect with me since then but really just left me with the notion that I could do the work on my own without a need for the guide. I'm still glad I did it (it was my first time and wanted to prepare for anything just in case) but there is a part of me that feels a bit weird that I paid such a large sum of money and did all this work on my own without much active guidance from my therapists.
In addition, after reading the MAPS protocol which read "At times, after periods of silence, it is important for the therapists to inquire about the participant’s experience in order to maintain supportive contact and to determine whether suggestions, encouragement or further inquiry may be beneficial" I'm left wondering if such feelings of mine are valid and my session deviated from the norm or if I'm overthinking it and this is generally how guided sessions are? Any feedback would be appreciated thanks.
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2023.03.30 01:36 Silent_Advertising44 Any Advice Please.

So my wife was turning left on a intersection, and these roads are Vorfahrt straßes, so she let 3 drivers get infront of her before turning and suddenly when she turned into the lane a car hit her back tire they were obviously speeding to catch the the light before it turned red. We took pictures of the damages, but sadly the shock of it we didn’t have time to catch any witnesses. Now we are scared we cant do anything about it, considering the situation. Plus I have work and we only have one car and are very stressed. We are first time drivers and we don’t have full insurance because we can not afford it.
Any advice we can take to help our case ? Thanks a lot
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2023.03.30 01:36 throwaway_accoun7 My best friend is switching constantly and making me feel like shit

For a bit of background knowledge, I'm currently in high school at a tiny ass Catholic private school with 4 people in my grade (i know its fucking absurd but this is the school I'm at and it's too late to transfer). In my grade there are me, a girl who lives near me and I can't seem to become friends with, a guy who's chill but I don't think I'd ever consider myself super good friends with him, and a girl we'll call E. E and I started becoming friends this year and I'm starting to regret it. I sort of liked her romantically for a bit but quickly realized she has no interest in me or dating whatsoever. She's very touchy which I'm fine with and I don't fully like her like that anymore so we're just good friends, but that led to rumors throughout the entire school that we're dating. Since that started she's been acting weird.
She hates the rumors, obviously, and a bit more than I do. She straight up ignored me and my texts for two days because of something she heard from someone that heard from someone that said I said she initiated everything physical, which I did kind of say, but it isn't fully true. We call nearly every night and she ignored me for that long for something I didn't even really do. She's also stopped being very touchy with me and doesn't really talk to me as often, but will sometimes be more than what she was before and switch again out of nowhere.
She also seemingly switches whether she wants to talk to me or everyone but me daily. Today, for example, she talked to nearly everyone but me in school and then texted me "Heyyyy" right after school.
I've only actually been able to talk to her about something "serious" once, and it was when we discussed why she was ignoring me. She's caused me so much overthinking and stress that I thought I was for the most part done with in my life, and I can't really just easily block her.
She's basically my only good friend in school and the only person I call outside of school. I have one other decent friend in school but he's in a different grade and I don't see him in every class (some of the classes have combined grades). If I were to just block her, due to the tiny ass school, she would probably spread rumors about me and make everyone else hate me as well, and I'd lose my only decent friend, even though she's not the best to talk to sometimes.
I really don't know what to do because it seems like I'm stuck with this shitty friend. Any advice would be wonderful.
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2023.03.30 01:36 seahorsetech Microsoft Exchange in Mail app privacy concern

When I try to add a Microsoft Exchange account to my iPhone, I see the following,
"Adding an Exchange account will allow the Exchange administrator to remotely manage your device. The administrator can add/remove restrictions and remotely erase your device"
Are there any work arounds to this? I know that using the Outlook app eliminates this issue, but I would prefer to use the native Mail app in iOS. I have tried setting up the email account manually using the IMAP and SMTP servers, however it does not work since I need the OAuth method of authentication, which doesn't seem to be supported on iOS for manual configurations. What's strange is that this is a non-issue with the Mail app on macOS.
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2023.03.30 01:35 Jugglamaggot I agreed to a polyamorous relationship that I am no longer okay with

So my partner expressed interest in a polyamorous relationship. The relationship is entirely online. We sat up for hours talking about would and would not be acceptable, and promised we would make time for each other, as well as her have time with them. Since then she has been so much more loving and caring. I was hesitant going into this, but figured with her being happy and me giving it time I would become more comfortable.
I haven't.
Hearing them talk stresses me out. I get stressed just hearing their name. I hate to say it, but I need to tell her this dynamic is not working for me. She's going to be upset and I don't know if I can take the possible argument or the feeling of hating myself for telling her I'm not okay with something that makes her happy.
I don't want to have this conversation and I don't know what to say.. hell I want her to be happy, if anyone has advice on continuing this dynamic without me being miserable I'm all ears
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2023.03.30 01:35 disposable_account01 How will Plex handle hardware acceleration if...

...my server has multiple hardware accelerators?
Let's say I have an Intel CPU with QuickSync, one Nvidia GPU with support for h264 and HEVC streams and only one NVENC unit, and one Nvidia GPU with support for h264 but not HEVC, but with two NVENC units.
How does Plex handle this? Does it do some kind of internal benchmarking to know which is the best device to use to accelerate a given stream? Does it just check for CPU support and if found, use that? What order does it use GPUs to stream?
Looking forward to learning here so I can make the right choice for my new spare parts build. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 01:35 ThisGuyIsBmaids Need help with shared info from a master chart/table.

Hi there,
Im building a wordpress website and im not even sure how or where to even search for the information im looking for.. i believe my post follows all the guidelines, but if it doesnt just point me in the right direction and ill move it!
I want to create a master chart/table where i can update info such as product pricing, etc, and have the value in the chart/table show up in various other places on my website.. i dont want to have charts/tables everywhere, just specifically the values in the chart/tables... this way if i have words or pricing that fluctuates often in multipule pages and menus, i can update it all in once place instead of updating each page or menu..
So, am i able to use an already established plugin for this? Or will i have to learn something much more technical?
Any help is appreciated, Thanks
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2023.03.30 01:35 sal_vetri 7 players your friends think are free agency winners but are actually losers

If you want to beat your friends in fantasy, read this. Free agency happened & many people are confused. Here are 7 players your friends think are free agency winners but are actually losers:
1/ Rashaad Penny is now an Eagle. Your friends thought this was fantastic news. On the surface it is, but we need to dive deeper.
The Eagles made no investment in Penny: $600,000 guaranteed this year. This is less than his teammate Boston Scott & shows they aren’t incentivized to use Penny.
He’s easily replaceable with a rookie RB & Penny has missed 51% of his career games. He’s currently overvalued in drafts.
2/ The Panthers have a new RB1: Miles Sanders. He’ll make $25.4 million over 4 years. But he’s a free agency loser for fantasy. Here's why:
2022 was a career-best for Sanders, 1347 total yards and 11 TDs. He's now reunited with former RB coach Duce Staley. Sanders was Top-10 in yards per touch under Staley. This all sounds great. But here’s what your friends missed…
Sanders benefitted from the Eagles system. Philadelphia was the most efficient rush offense in 2022. They earned 33% more rush TDs than any team. But that’s not all…
The Eagles had the 3rd best run-blocking unit. While the Panther run-blocking was 22nd & a rookie QB doesn’t bode well for efficiency & redzone drives. Sanders value has dropped.
3/ Adam Thielen is a Panther. He’ll earn $25 million over 3 years & won’t have to compete with Justin Jefferson. This is a win, right?... Wrong.
Thielen is coming off his worst season. He struggled to get open last year. See for yourself...
He ranked 78th at earning targets in 2022. A 77% drop from the previous year. This trend only gets worse for 30+ year old WRs & Thielen turns 33 in August.
4/ Ezekiel Elliott will be released by Dallas. Everyone's excited for Tony Pollard. Some believe he’s now a 1st round pick. This is a mistake & here's why:
Zeke was 55th in RB efficiency last year. He was no threat to Pollard. This allowed Pollard to earn a career-high 1378 yards. Now here’s the issue...
The Cowboys will likely draft an RB & PFF believes there are 7 starting RBs in this class. When a Top-5 rookie lands in Dallas it’ll hurt Pollard, much more than Ezekiel Elliott would in 2023…
5/ Brandin Cooks is a Cowboy. He only cost Dallas 2 late round draft picks. This is a great real life move, but a bad one for Cooks fantasy stock.
Cooks will be the WR2 in Dallas. A role that averaged 5.1 targets per game last year, 28% less than Cooks average in 2022. But that’s not all, coach Mike McCarthy is now calling plays & he’s stated he wants to run more. Expect less volume for Cooks who currently goes in round 7…
6/ Atlanta didn’t sign any RBs. This appears to be good news for Tyler Allgeier. But here’s a secret... it’s not.
Allgeier earned 1000+ yards as a rookie. He was efficient earning 5.2 yards per touch & was 12th in broken tackles. He ended the year playing a strong 75% snaps…
But Allgeier is a 5th round pick, there’s little investment in him & the Falcons GM stated at the combine: “We love Allgeier but you always want more than 1 RB”. Expect Atlanta to draft a strong RB.
7/ Mike Gesicki is now a Patriot. He’s coming off his worst season in 5 years. Your friends think a change of scenery is a good thing. Let’s discuss this logic…
Gesicki is a freak athlete & he uses this to his advantage as a receiver. In 2021 he posted a career-high 111 targets. But everything changed in 2022…
Gesicki’s targets dropped by 53%. This was due to Miami’s new offense. His inability to block led to 26% fewer snaps. So does a move to New England help?
Well, the Patriots use their TEs just as often to block & Gesicki signed for just $4.5 million. This ranks 26th in TE contracts for 2023. These signals suggest he’s a backup to Hunter Henry…
That's all for now. If I missed someone let me know below :)
*Note: Original Post was taken down for some reason, posting again now.
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