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Forum for those who believe all the Catholic Church teaches, prefers reverence at Mass, rejects modernist (heretical) morality and theology, prefers older Catholic literature (e.g. Baltimore Catechism).

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2023.03.30 00:35 Robocentric Technological advancement is inevitable

One recurring theme in humanity is the technological progress opposition.

Radical technological advances happened in the Western civilization over the past 200 years or so, and the Western technological advances gave the Western civilization its global reach, prominence, and dominance. But, there were always groups of people who opposed technological progress even within the West.
A quick advertisement before I continue on this topic. You can invest in my startup company with as little as US$100, for supporting advancing AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech. Visit to invest in my startup.
I've a multidecadal commitment to advancing the transhumanistic technologies. To learn more about my cause, check out my books, which are available at, Amazon, Apple Books, Spotify, and other online audiobook retailers. Now, back to the main content.
I’m a big believer in the future technologies; that is why I produce and publish books and videos on advancing AI, robotics, human life biotech, and nuclear-fusion outer space tech; it’s exhausting at times, it’s time-consuming, but I do it, because I truly believe in it; but there are people who oppose technological advances, just like there always have been; there are people who laugh at the notion of brand-new technologies, even though brand-new technologies constantly came about over the past 200 years or so–to some people, brand new things are laughable, especially technology, although brand-new things constantly come about.
In the 19th century England and France, there were people who opposed steam-engine powered textile machinery because it was making the old way of making textiles obsolete.
When the British Empire conquered China and installed the British steam-engine powered trains in China, some Chinese laborers destroyed the trains because the trains were new and something radically different, and they wanted only the traditional things.
When the automobile first came about in Europe and America, there were people who opposed automobiles because automobiles were making horse wagons obsolete.
50 years ago, when the first personal computer came about, a vast majority of people laughed at the personal computer, saying that nobody would need such a stupid, unnecessary thing. Now, in AD 2023, everyone has and carries a personal computer, in their pockets, as a smartphone; nowadays, nobody can live without a personal computer in their pocket; there are 7.8 billion people in the world, and 6.8 billion people use a smartphone–kids, adults, men, women, all of them; nowadays, nobody is without a personal computer in their pocket.
It’s human nature to dislike radical change, at first, but eventually, everyone chooses new technology, if it is beneficial enough, useful enough, convenient enough, and affordable enough. Things of the past eventually become a nonsense; that’s how it always works in humanity. Nobody drives horse wagons anymore. Even outside of the West, such as East Asia, India, the Middle East, and Central Asia that vehemently opposed the Western technological advances, now embrace the Western technologies, even more so than the West in some aspects. People everywhere, in the West and outside of the West, once opposed automobiles. Now, there are over one billion automobiles in operation in the world across the entire planet as of now in AD 2023; now, you can’t stop people from buying and driving automobiles; China has a lot of automobiles, so does India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Central America, South America, even Africa. Who opposes the automobile now, other than for the greenhouse gas emission? Nobody. Eventually, nobody opposes great technologies, and everyone embraces great technologies. Now, you can’t stop people from buying and using automobiles, smartphones, and commercial air travels.
Looking at history, I cannot help but conclude that technological advances and mass adoptions are inevitable, because that’s what human beings keep on doing. There are some people, who still oppose new technological advances, now; some people either really oppose or pretend to oppose AI, robotics, human life biotech, and outer-space tech; I’m certain that all the people who either really oppose or pretend to oppose the brand new technologies of the future, will eagerly embrace the future technologies when those technologies come about; nobody will oppose AI and robotics when those technologies double and triple the human worker income; nobody will choose to die from cancer when the cancer cure biotech comes about; nobody will choose to not go to outer space when the artificial nuclear-fusion powered mass scale outer space humanity expansion technologies come about. There is a lot of burden on the people who invent and market brand-new technologies, especially at the beginning, but eventually, everyone, I mean literally everyone, adopts and embraces useful, beneficial, and convenient brand-new technologies, and those technologies eventually become mundane technologies that everyone uses. I’m 100% certain that AI, robotics, human life biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech will eventually come about, and eventually become mundane technologies that everyone uses everyday; because of that conviction, I do my part in advancing those technologies. I’m confident that there will be 300 million or more robot workers in America that are operated and managed by the American human workers; there will be tens of a billion nuclear-fusion powered interplanetary spaceships in the Solar System; there will be hundreds of a billion humans living across the Solar System, especially in mass-scale outer space human habitats; there will be transhumans who will live for centuries or more via using the human longevity biotech; I’m confident that transhumanism will be the future of humanity; I’ll keep on doing my part in advancing transhumanism, come hell or high water.

You can invest in my startup company with as little as US$100, for supporting advancing AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech. Visit to invest in my startup.
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My contact info is at Contact me if you want to discuss investing in Robocentric.
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2023.03.30 00:32 FreedomVegan Ayahuasca and shrooms are some of the most powerful and direct antidotes to the cult of elitists / NWO

Mainly, these entheogins provide a direct path to God. They inspire people to live in harmony with others and to do good - they will inspire people to live right and not to live by the toxic systems set in place by the NWO.
The use of these medicines is growing exponentially in recent years and will invariably lead to a collective increase of awareness and goodness that is directly opposed to the NWO.
The “elites” are on the opposite side of the spectrum- they do not respect humanity or life, they do not know God, and they are embedded in toxicity. They will begin waking up on an individual level as they are personally exposed to the medicines, but sooner than that, the masses will be waking up together and denying these systems. All over the world, these medicines are waking people up and inspiring communities of healing and self-sufficiency - a true counter culture of the current system.
I rxcxmmend everyone get their hands on some shrooms - it’s cheaper, easier to order online or find locally than Ayahuasca (if you live outside South America) but they can do pretty much the same things- cure depression, connect you to your highest self and humanity and nature and God etc… if you’re not comfortable getting “high” you can still benefit greatly from consuming tiny amounts at a time, where you don’t feel anything but you are still receiving many of the benefits.
There is a war, and entheogins are a super weapon of the light.
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2023.03.30 00:32 Tremaparagon What's with the bizarre hate-boner people outside of MBTI circles seem to have for personality tests?

I'm compelled to make this post after the THIRD time this has happened to me in the past year for daring to casually speculate on the hypothetical personality typing of a person or character just for funsies.
Mentioning it outside its strongholds seems to draw out these guys who seem to relish springing a GOTCHA on me, explaining how MBTI is debunked, and therefore anything I bring up is total rubbish on the level of flat earth, I am a clown comparable to "the sky is falling" conspiracy theorists, etc. And it's not just lone haters because they'll be upvoted and I'll go negative.
My views on MBTI are far from elitist and zealous - in fact I view it as a very grey/fuzzy framework which has many flaws. On 16p, mistype, sakinorva, IDR, and Michael Caloz I consistently test as ENTP, but I understand that for other people things may not be so clear, things may not fit perfectly. I've only ever championed MBTI as a lens, a tool for social/personal reflection, never something near like an inescapable DNA-coded box that will rigidly predict someone's life.
In other discussions, I have literally agreed with people that MBTI is pseudoscience and not connected to physical measurements formally published in psychology/neurology. My ONLY assertion is that since personality tests ask questions about how you really think about things or act, that the lose bins it ascribes to people can be interesting to discuss, and of a morsel more value than astrology. THAT'S IT. My assertion is not that people ARE their type inherently/physically, but that they TEST AS their type. All I've ever said is that there is some finite, nonzero substance to how one tests, even if flawed/fuzzy. For example your test result can be nice in terms of tailoring your use of the internet e.g. how I might decide to ask something about a career path to ENTP to curate an audience of people that TEST LIKE I do. To me, this example is very intuitive. MBTI does not have to be a hard science to have basic utility like that. All I've ever said is that using MBTI like that is a logical tier above astrology - again because basing it on your actual thoughts/behaviors is more meaningful than the stars/planets.
The response? Any nuance of the above paragraph is lost on deaf ears. For the above described extremely soft defense of MBTI, I've been called a "spreader of bullshit religion", compared to a proselytizer or snake oil salesman, driven out like the town witch. Some of the people who do this will genuinely assert that astrology or phrenology are better than MBTI. I'm non-religious, a scientist, and a skeptic, but they'll characterize my attempt to get a little enjoyment about a hypothetical fictional typing as being a fanatic preacher, a greedy ideologue who wants nothing more than to brainwash the masses into my deplorable cult.
I guess this is just the nature of people chronically online who have already made up their minds. Generally people don't want to concede a simple "well ok I'm still not a fan personally but I can see how you'd get some amusement using a hypothetical personality result like that". That's all I would need to/love to hear. Nope, if they are already in the anti tribe, it means that there will be zero acknowledgement / sign of understanding of my very grey/soft position - only vitriolic denigration, only a complete and total haughty "I scoff at this intellectually-stunted fool who probably also believes in bigfoot. I'm so clever and enlightened har de har"
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2023.03.30 00:03 bids88 Resentment towards my mother is eating me

My mother (76) is a devout Catholic, I (35f) am so sick of the constant little hints and jibes and reminders about going to mass, and what holy days are coming up etc. It is just wearing me down.
My mother is such a good, kind hearted woman, but when it comes to religion she is like a different person. I can't even have a conversation with her about it, questioning god or the church is utter blasphemy. I literally don't understand why she is so devout in the first place, apart from it just being beaten into her as a child.
I don't want to upset her, she's worked hard all her life and I don't want to cause her any grief in her twilight years, she's been through enough - finding out that I am increasingly anti-religion would be some serious upset. I just feel so resentful every time religious events are brought up- shining example is holy week & Easter coming up shortly.
I just wanted to have a bit of a rant and get this off my chest. I will probably just continue to play things close to my chest as realistically that's all I can do.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.29 23:42 Tony_ya94 Made Griffith from Berserk and with this character it is impossible to stay below the the limit although I am not surprised at all.

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2023.03.29 23:35 vegasbm Brazil’s 85% e-payment adoption rate shows what’s possible for Nigeria

Brazil population: 214 million.
Nigeria population: 214 millon.
Nigeria always copies other systems, without considering difference in infrastructure first. Nigeria wants to jump into e-payments, without taking into account the fact that Nigeria has no electricity. How will the masses be making e-payments without electricity? Also, Nigerians are poor. How many Nigerians can afford smart phones for electronic transactions?
Brazil has the largest electricity sector in Latin America. Its capacity at the end of 2021 was 182 GW. The maximum electricity ever generated in Nigeria is 5 GW.
Brazil: 182GW
Nigeria: 5GW.
That is the country that Nigeria is comparing itself to.
Brazil electricity access for 2020 was 100.00%.
Nigeria's electricity access is probably less than 30%.
Francis Onyemachi and Chinwe Michael Mar 29, 2023 Share
Africa’s biggest economy has grown e-payment adoption to 39 percent year-on-year, according to data released by the Nigerian Interbank Settlement Scheme.
Despite the rate of adoption, Nigeria still falls behind when compared to a country like Brazil, which has grown its e-payment adoption to 85 percent.
The South American country, housing a population of 214.3 million, shares a similar population with Nigeria, which has a population of 219 million, data from Worldometer show.
The surge in Brazil’s e-payment system represents one of the highest increases in the banked population in decades. According to a World Economic Forum report, over 16 million Brazilians have embraced the country’s financial system since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 and this increased migration to online services.
However, the rise in Brazil’s e-payment adoption is attributed to an overhaul in the country’s regulatory framework, consistent use of technology, entrepreneurship, and commitment to creating products that address the needs of Brazilian customers.
On the other hand, the 85 percent adoption of e-payment has created an innovative financial ecosystem that works for everyone in Brazil.
According to Risus-Journal on Innovation and Sustainability, payments from electronic methods have enabled greater government control and supervision, as well as provided banks with more information about the consumption pattern of users, compared to payments via bank check and physical currency, which generates positive impacts on the Brazilian economy. This is because it encourages the formalisation of businesses, reducing the occurrence of tax evasion, and resulting in higher tax collection.
In order to achieve this milestone, Nigeria will have to strengthen its payment regulatory policies which will create a more enabling environment for e-payment, adopt more innovative technologies that will enable e-payment to thrive, and push more toward digital entrepreneurship.
David Velez, CEO of Nubank, said at the World Economic Forum meeting that the above-mentioned would facilitate innovation in the payments ecosystem, allow individuals and businesses to take advantage of new innovations, and facilitate investment by intergovernmental and multilateral institutions in the development of fintech and other technologies, which are essential for financial inclusion in a digitalised world.
To further develop digital payments in Nigeria, the federal government must come up with regulatory frameworks that support the adoption of e-payment while organisations at all levels must adopt more innovative technologies like Brazil to help modernise payments and grow e-payment adoption.
Oyindolapo Olusesi, co-founder of Mustarred Crest, said the major regulatory issue facing e-payment is the expensive cost of licence, which most of the time hinder the ideas of innovative citizens.
“The major problem is that licences are expensive. The call is that there are some people who have the idea but are withered out because they don’t have the necessary access to capital to be able to get the licence required. These could be either in payment or lending in the Nigerian fintech space,” Olusesi said.
Olusesi said the Nigerian market is still very young, and the infrastructure for mobile money is still at the infant stage, which is critical to the growth of e-payment.
“Looking at the cash crises that have affected Nigeria in the last three months, we realised that our infrastructure in Nigeria is not enough to accommodate the level of transactions that took place as a result of traffic.”
According to him, there is a lot to be done in terms of financial education in Nigeria to strengthen the trust of many uninformed Nigerias in using various e-payment channels.
“There is still low orientation of how people can trust the fintech providers; although due to the cash crisis, there is an increased adoption so far among customers and merchants in the likes of Opay, Kuda, and the others. Although there is still a lot to be done in terms of the rural areas, which are more dominated by the unbanked population in Nigeria, as they are seen to be highly illiterate and lack financial expertise,” he added.
Over the years, Nigerian banks have exposed NIP (an account-number-based, online-real-time interbank payment solution) through their various channels including internet banking, bank branch, kiosks, mobile apps, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, Point of Sale, and Automated Teller Machines, among others, to their customers.
A 2022 report by ACI Worldwide ranked Nigeria among the world’s most developed real-time payments markets. The country ranked sixth behind South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, China, and India.
“Nigeria is one of the countries for which real-time payments provide the biggest economic growth opportunities. Its transactions in 2021 resulted in an estimated cost savings of $296 million for businesses and consumers,” it said.
“This helped to unlock $3.2 billion of additional economic output, representing 0.67 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).”
The report projected that real-time transactions would rise to 8.8 billion in 2026 and net savings for consumers and businesses would climb to $2.3 billion.
“That would help to generate an additional $6 billion of economic output, equivalent to 1.01 percent of the country’s forecasted GDP.”
Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) latest move towards a cashless policy has seen Nigerians embracing the available online platforms.
As a result, the volume of transactions being carried out has caused the banking infrastructure to experience technical downtime as these platforms are unable to process such transactions seamlessly.
For Tajudeen Ibrahim, director of research and strategy, ChapelHill Denham, the robustness of this e-payment platforms to accommodate a large number of users and transactions simultaneously has been a significant challenge in the rise of e-payment in the country.
“Failure in electronic transactions is also a major challenge that poses a threat to electronic transactions and adoption and more Nigerians keep facing these problems.” Gloria Fadipe, head of research at FCMB, said.
She said these challenges could be addressed by improving technology, and banks employing credible hands on the IT team just like Brazil has adopted innovative technologies to strengthen their e-payment platforms.
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2023.03.29 23:10 docXfamas [H] Bundled Games from HB and Fanatical [W] Wishlisted games, PayPal/TF2 keys



MARCH 2023 games
Safe in Our World Charity Bundle 2023
FEBRUARY 2023 games
Survival Instinct Bundle
JANUARY 2023 games
DECEMBER 2022 Monthly Bundle Leftovers
Black Friday VR Voyager's Pack
NOVEMBER 2022 Monthly Bundle Leftovers


Biomutant - LATAM/RU/CIS/SEA/IN key Hero's Hour - TR key
Mainly looking for PayPal (accepting most of the currencies, fees may slightly differ)
MY REP Wishlist
TF2 keys/ Csgo keys
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2023.03.29 23:09 gloss22 Haidilao Hotpot Price

Looking to go to Haidilao in Toronto for the first time. Except that I can't find any reviews or menu online that gives you the average pricing / how is much spent on average. I'm looking to go with another person- so 2 in total! Anyone have experience there and remember how much they spent? Thanks!
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2023.03.29 22:48 Angry_Cornflake Advice for 2 year old who has trouble at bed time

Hi everyone. UK couple here with a nearly 2 year old girl . Looking for any advice, tips, tricks, or even just someone to say "hey that's normal, it'll pass".
Firstly I'll just say I'm coming to Reddit to see if we can get some more specific advice, because everything online is very generic and based on the "average" toddler, which isn't a great help.
Then there's all the websites that talk about the dreaded sleep regression, which seems to be every bloody month! The presence of a regression suggests that there should be a PROgression sometime right?
Anyway...onto our little bundle of joy, who I'll call L. She really is a joyful little thing. Masses of energy and imagination.
The odd thing is that she'll nap easily. So so easily. We can have 10 minutes of quiet time with a book, op her in her cot and walk out the room, and she'll be fast asleep in minutes, and do a good 1.5 - 2 hour nap.
But might time is the problem. It seems the separation anxiety kicks in and she doesn't want to be left alone. Specifically she wants mummy. Me and my wife take it in turns to do the bedtime routine, but even when it's her turn, L still screams bloody murder when she leaves the room.
The bedtime routine is typically like this: - 17.30 evening meal - 18.00 play time downstairs - 18.30 head upstairs and run a bath. L continues to play while bath is running - 18.45 bath time. Tends to be quite active - 19.00 out of bath. Get dried and dressed - 19.15 read 3 or 4 books. Very low light - 19.30 we place her in her cot
At this point she's almost always yawning and rubbing her eyes. We have kisses and cuddles, say goodnight and sing a couple of lullabies and/or talk about her day in hushed soothing voices. Often she'll be calm at this point as long as we're in the room (though sometimes if it's my turn she'll already be crying for mummy).
But just when it seems she's asleep, we stand to leave the room and then the crying starts and takes ages to get her back to her previous calm state.
Eventually she will go to sleep, but seemingly only once she's tired herself out from all the crying. At the moment it's around 20.30 by the time we can successfully leave the room and she stays asleep. That's 1 hour of trying to negotiate with the non-negotiable.
Neither me or my wife are night owls. We like an early(ish) bedtime anyway, so this puts a real dent in what is meant to be our downtime after a day of parenting. It's not really an option to just stay up later, especially with L typically waking at 5.30am most days.
So that's where we are. We're considering taking bath time out, as that seems to be the only difference in routine between nap time and night time.
But any other helpful tips would be massively appreciated.
Yours sleepily,
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2023.03.29 22:41 56_5462602 Is there a way to prevent a possible romance scammer from entering our country?

My mother has been talking to this guy from Argentina for the last 5 or 6 years. I think they met on Twitter or something. I've discovered over the years that she's given him money (almost monthly) and a couple iPhones.
Mom got diagnosed with cancer in 2020. Last year the doctor discovered another large mass and stated she was now stage 4 and they were unsure of the time she had left.
She started very aggressive chemo and it seemingly "worked" in that it decreased the size of the tumor. She's supposed to still be in treatment till July or so and then we're supposed to reevaluate her situation. This was after her treatment already got extended a couple months ago, so this has been ongoing.
I moved her 550+ miles away almost exactly a year ago to be near my sister. We were both taking care of her and this is where she began her "working" treatment. Before this she was in chemo in our home state and the doctors missed the large mass that was growing (that's a whole other thing). Point is that the care she's receiving by my sister is better. She's improved tremendously in several months than she did in a year back home.
Over the course of all this she's been talking to this guy. I found out in the beginning of her treatment that she was still giving him money. It got to where half the time my SO and I would have to pay for her medications because she couldn't afford it. I repeatedly told her that if he truly loved her then he wouldn't be taking money from her while she's sick with cancer (or at all, really). She'd dismiss me and say it was for both of them, meaning for him and herself. He apparently bought a car "for them", rented out a new apartment "for them", and a couple other things in 2020 when my mom was supposed to move down to Argentina (which I was desperately trying to stop). COVID happened and then she was diagnosed with the cancer, leaving her bed bound, which solved that problem.
Initially we lived with my grandmother (her mother) and my aunt (her sister). Like I said previously, I moved her several states away to be with my sister. Logistically speaking it was the best move. Back home she had to climb 18 or so steps every time she needed to leave the house (which was often for appointments) and it'd be like a full work shift equivalent to help her with this all day. It was exhausting for everyone. It'd lead to several instances where she'd cancel appointments because she'd be too tired to leave. But by my sister she's on the first floor of an apartment building (she stays with her ex husband) and the most difficult part for us is getting her into the car. It's way, way easier for everyone and she's never missed an appointment. She also seemed a lot happier. So I always saw this situation as ideal. I quit my job last year to stay with them, it been a whole endeavor that everyone contributed to.
Well a week ago she called me (I'm back home right now visiting my SO) saying she's coming back home. She convinced her ex husband to drive her the 10 or so hours. I was livid and we got into a huge fight. I told her she's playing fast and loose with her treatment and this is a critical point as it seems to be working, it can't be interrupted, and that I don't trust her doctors up here and their treatment was insufficient. This was the experience we had with a few doctors up here, not just one, so I don't feel comfortable just "switching" around since it was the entire hospital system. Also, I'm goddamn tired. There's no one here anymore. My SO and aunt returned to work while we were gone. Literally no one is home to care for her and I can't do it alone. I don't even have a car to take her to her appointments. She's also physically worse than before due to the aggressive chemo. She's in diapers and has new restrictions. My grandmother is home but she's very elderly and can't go downstairs.
It was all manageable at my sister's. We had a whole system worked out. Everything was perfectly fine and whenever there was an issue we'd resolve it. But there's no one to help me here.
After a bit of thinking I realized she's coming back because her "boyfriend" from Argentina is supposedly coming and she wants to move him into the house. She started repeatedly telling me that we don't have to worry about her anymore because he said he'll take care of her when he arrives. Obviously I'm offended whenever she says this since my sister, SO, and myself have happily sacrificed so much for her sake over the years and she's essentially dismissing us and making decisions on our behalf (her stating that she's a burden to us). She'd say he's a "caregiver" and that's who he is as a person. By the way, my sister has worked 20+ years in healthcare, and her daughter became a nurse tech several months ago. I also worked in a hospital in my early 20s, so none of this is new to anyone.
She tried saying her ex-husband is returning to work, so he won't be home to care for her, and dismissed me when I said Medicare will likely have programs for visitation nurses.
I don't want this guy coming, to say the least. I don't like him, I don't trust him. From what I can find online the name he gave her is of a real person (who's actually pretty established and easy to find online). He also doesn't seem to be "struggling" where he needs funds as he sells prints and other original works for hundreds of dollars. Dude has had art shows in Italy back in 2018 or so. I graduated from an art school, I know how this all works, and he seems pretty damn successful to me. Like accolades basically on par with my professors.
His profiles say he's from Argentina. His only social media is also high in followers, promoting his art, and are the same accounts my mother follows and frequently interacts with. So I think this dude is who he says he is. But imo that doesn't mean he's trustworthy.
My mom has told others that she wants to marry him so she can share her SSI with him and that she wants him to be able to collect her earnings after she dies (like how she's currently collecting from my dead father). My SO and I are worried this guy, if he moves in, could claim squatter's rights and essentially take the house. Mom has said she asked her mother if he can continue to live here after her death. I don't know what came of that conversation as it was he hearsay.
I don't know what to do. I highly doubt this guy truly loves her. She can't even get out of bed. She can't be intimate. She's also like a decade older than him. He's still very active (as he sends her shirtless photos sometimes and she forcibly shows me) and clearly someone who socializes and goes out often, which my mother is completely incapable of. He's supposed to come here with no friends, no family, no work connections, and be okay with that?
He has a son in Argentina and is apparently a professor at a college. Why tf would he give that up to come here? I sincerely think he just wants her money and citizenship (which she received this past August, finally).
We'd always push back whenever she'd discuss these things but now it's apparently coming to fruition as she's told her sister that he bought a plane ticket for May. I told my SO who then flipped and said we're moving out ASAP. We can't trust a stranger living in our house. We don't know what he's capable of, he could steal our things or hurt our dogs (which I had happen with her ex's before)
I initially took her debit card in 2020 and that stopped the money for a while. But she figured out a way around it and started using Venmo or something similar instead of her card. So that was a bust. At this rate I'm contemplating just taking her smart devices and blocking those apps and websites.
We all sort of ignored it over the last year. She'd get upset if we opposed anything, so to placate her we'd be all, "yeah that's nice" and only push back when she'd ask if he could come to America (we'd always say no). We didn't think she was capable of doing any of these things. But apparently she's tenacious.
She's also missing treatment now. She was supposed to go a week ago and hasn't. So she's at least a week late now and knowing her it'll be a while before she can get going again. But even so, she has no way of getting there.
I told her before she left that no one is here anymore. I can't afford a car. I repeatedly warned her that if she came back I wouldn't do anything to help her (like feed her or mundane things like fix her phone charger). We got into an argument and she said I'm being mean because she's not doing what I want. I had to explain to her that she's essentially killing herself by doing this and there was zero issues with that we had going on (I felt like Mike in Breaking Bad berating Walter after that big incident. "We had a good thing going!"). Her words also upset me, as this is the first instance I can think of where I tried forcing her hand. I typically always do what she wants.
She repeatedly told me that was fine, she was better, and can care for herself. Over and over, saying she's better, but then she gets here and, surprise, she can't do anything. My aunt has had to feed her and everything and told me she's agitated because this isn't playing out how my mom said it would. I told everyone, especially my aunt, that she's actually NOT better and last time I saw her a month ago she was still in a wheelchair. My sister confirmed it saying they were using the chair a few days before she left.
I'm 99% certain she came back here because this Argentina guy is coming. My sister, very sternly, told her she would not let him into her home and I repeatedly told her I wouldn't let him near her. So I guess the next best thing is here at home. I'm assuming she thinks she can get him to just show up and my grandma will let him in?
I'm livid. I don't know what to do. Can I contact immigration or something and tell them what's going on? Do I contact the Argentinian embassy? He's apparently using his real name and all, so it's not like a catfish thing. Does anyone have experience with this?
I'm also worried he may be feeding her ill ideas. When we were fighting about her coming home I told her that she needs to understand that her actions/decisions are affecting other people. That she can't just be fickle and make drastic decisions like this and dismiss everyone's feelings and situations (like imposing herself on my aunt and SO back here). She said, "No it doesn't. My decisions don't matter to anyone. It's not like anyone thinks of me anyway".
This was the first time I ever heard her say something like that. She usually has a list of phrases and such that she recycles in these instances. This one was new. I obviously refuted that and reminded her that everyone's been essentially revolving around her since 2020. I quit both my jobs to care for her and postponed starting a life with my SO. I moved myself 500+ miles away from my SO and our dogs to care for her. Not to mention what my sister has also done, especially after I moved us down there.
Everything was completely fine before this. I hate this man. It's adding so much unnecessary stress for everyone. Before this started a week ago my sister and I were discussing trying to get power of attorney so we could stop her from giving him money. But we have no idea how to go about that.
Apologies for the length. I'm very aggravated. I'm literally sick from the stress and have to go see my doctor tomorrow morning.
tl;dr: Guy from Argentina has been taking money from my mom for years. She's now dying of cancer and said he's supposedly moving here in May. Is there a way I can stop this by contacting immigration or something? He apparently used his real name and such from what I saw online. He does the stereotypical crap of "I need an apartment", "my son needs surgery", or "my dying mother needs medicine", which my mother would then give up funds for. My sister and I believe he's using her for money.
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2023.03.29 22:39 PyrpleForever The future of America

All of these things started years ago but it's gonna get especially bad within the next 2 years. By 2025 you'll come home from work and on the news all you'll see is people dying.
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2023.03.29 22:26 NeonDaThal We need to build more real-world solutions that normies will use, otherwise we’ll be here in 10 years time having the same conversations

Id say building and discussion across the whole Bitcoin Cash eco-system is split as follows:
(Real world being solutions that someone walking down the street would understand or be familiar with)
If we truly believe in making Bitcoin Cash the freedom money for the world, the P2P electronic cash that anyone can use regardless of location, and trust that this will create a boom in mass adoption, this ratio needs to change.
Alongside the incredible tech development from incredible developers in our space, we also need entrepreneurs building real world solutions that the grass roots free market will choose to adopt. If we don’t have this, we will be here, or in the Telegram group in 10 years time having these same conversations and wondering why Bitcoin Cash isn’t gathering momentum or market share. It would also be a travesty if all of the incredible tech being developed simply struggled because there aren’t enough users to truly appreciate it or test it’s full capability.
Even though there are glimmers of light with various personalities from other coins or projects posting favourably about BCH, It feels fairly clear to me as to why more people are not adopting; we are preaching to the choir. And it’s a very tribal choir at that.
I see posts on Twitter saying @BSVers or @BTCers …… why don’t you come on over to the superior Bitcoin etc. But even if you get the odd one or two out of these crowds who jumps ship, this isn’t going to move the needle by any considerable amount. And the energy wasted fighting with these other tribes to attempt to steal their women, just isn’t worth it.
So where does the mass adoption come from? We know we have the superior tech and imo, the superior community.
To me again, it feels fairly clear. In business, you keep your current customers happy and constantly seek out new markets.
There are flags waving before our eyes, screaming for real-world solutions….
I’m a true normie, but a normie that gets excited by identifying demand and figuring out how to provide the supply in the most efficient way. Most of my time lurking on the Bitcoin Cash Telegram group is reading conversations that may as well be in another language(a language that I’ve managed to understand key elements of). But similar to me, there will be others who are in search of things that they can do with their BCH in the real world, and not just under the hood.
There is a huge market out there for BCH to take over but currently, we’re just not doing it(at scale) It is the failure to solve real world needs and problems that is the reason we aren’t exploding. But it doesn’t need to be like that. It’s my belief that we have the talent and vision within our midst to completely change the whole game.
Our competition isn’t only BTC or Dash or whatever other iteration of P2P digital cash, it is the fiat cash system itself. A system that is collapsing before our very eyes. If we provide real world solutions for this market, this is where an explosion of new adoption will occur.
The evidence for the above is that there are whole teams of people all around the world working hard to on-board people. Something that had recently been framed as something of a fools pursuit due to those who adopt BCH, giving up after a period of time because…… “well, what can I do with my Bitcoin Cash once I have it?”
The fact that people are willing to adopt a new form of cash in the first place is testament to their being a demand for an alternative. In Argentina, Venezuela, Nigeria, Australia, there are loads of "normies" who excitedly and enthusiastically understand how easy Bitcoin Cash is to use and instantly understand its potential. But once the excitement has subsided, they’re left with a wallet of BCH and very little they can do with it in the real world. This is why we so urgently need real-world market solutions for the normies who are the majority. Solve these puzzles and the mass adoption will follow and be unstoppable.
This is the reason and inspiration for AgoraConnect - the online marketplace for Bitcoin Cash. Once people are onboarded, they now have somewhere to spend their BCH or if they want to make more, sell their goods and services. It’s a missing piece of the puzzle. There will be no need for people to post asking for donations of BCH. They will now be able to sell something or offer a service. There will be no need to cash out on exchanges; you buy and sell online.
The more real world solutions we have, the better!
Paytaca rolling out their vending machines is very exciting and I know there are others working on exciting real world applications that Jose or Josefina Normie on the street could use with very little education.
I would love to hear about other real world businesses that are providing solutions or ideas you have.
Please feel free to drop yours in the comments or let me know your thoughts on any of my opinions in this post.
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2023.03.29 22:07 ironhalo333 Rejoining the faith

This is a very hard post for me to make. I was born and raised catholic. I’ve been baptized, had my first communion and confirmation. I grew to resent my church and my priest because of his rhetoric regarding the amount of money the parishioners put in the collection basket each week. This priest would guilt trip us in to putting more and more to help pay off the mortgage of the church that we funded. I went down a dark road and lost faith. I completely turned my back on the church and became an atheist. I hated the way our priest would base his homily on the importance of giving the church all our money. I had a mental break down due to work stress and finally began to pray to God again. I’ve found that letting God back into my life has been such a stress reliever for me. I’d like to fully embrace the faith once again and was wondering if I can get some help re-entering Catholicism. Are there any good books (besides the obvious one), I really want to learn HOW to be a catholic again… just went to my first mass in about 10 years
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2023.03.29 22:04 ArcAngel98 Dracula: World of War (Chapters 15-17)

Dracula: World of War --- The Violet Reaper ---- Humans Don’t Make Good Familiars Book 1 ---- The Lonely World --- Discord ---- YouTube --- My Patreon --- My Author's Page --- ArcAngel98 Wiki ---- The Next Best Hero ---- HDMGF Book 2 ---- Jess and Blinx: The Wizard ---- The Questing Parties ---- Previous

Chapter 15: A Vile Night for the Living and the Dead

I injected some extra venom into the three dead bodies of the German soldiers before bounding over the wall and injecting venom into the nearest guard. He was standing by a metal building urinating when I quickly slammed my fangs into his neck and pumped venom in. He fell to the ground frozen but continued urinating for another few seconds. I fought off the urge to feed and instead let him live. He remained still, ten minutes passed, then twenty, then forty, until finally he stated to move again. Slowly he curled up into a ball and started clawing at his head. I watched as he hissed and rolled in pain for several minutes until finally stopping and lurched from side to side until he stood up in a hunched position. He stood, no longer a man, but a mindless beast, growling and snarling. Foaming at the mouth he turned to me and lunged like a rabid dog.
I let the power flow through me and raised a hand, “Halte.” (Stop) He fell to his knees and his face plowed into the dirt and gravel. Slowly he stood up, calm, just like the three men from earlier. Aside from his pants around his ankles, a new set of fangs, and blood red eyes, he seemed like any other fellow. “Mach dich anständig.” I commanded. (Make yourself decent) His head tilted to the side, as if to think about my order, then he reached down and pulled his pants up as well as fixing his belt and tucking in his shirt. This time I spoke in English, “Raise your right hand.” He did nothing. “Hebe deine rechte hand,” this time he followed orders.
“So, you follow my orders, but you have to understand them.” I said to him, even though he had no idea what I was saying. “Kannst du sprechen?” I asked. (Can you speak?)
In a low growl, the creature’s voice strained and twisted out a single reply, “Ja.” (Yes.) His cognitive abilities were limited but still there. In this state, thinking must have been rather difficult for it. It would never be a scholar, but it might make a fine warrior. Its muscles pulsated with every movement, but I heard no heartbeat.
“Ich möchte sehen, wie geschickt Sie als Krieger sind, gehen Sie und töten Sie so viele Leute wie möglich in diesem Lager.” I told it. (I want to see how skilled of a warrior you are, go and kill as many people in that camp as you can.) In a flash, it turned and ran towards the nearest group to us. It was not a quiet ordeal, it snarled and howled as it tore into their bodies with it hands and fangs. It didn’t fight like a soldier, with skill and trained techniques; it attacked like an animal. I heard their screams, and the confused shouts of others who witnessed the carnage, but they were quickly silenced too. Gun shots and yells polluted the air, until a few minutes later an eerie calm settled on the camp. A lucky shot had caught the beast in the heart, but the damage was already done. I counted thirty-three mangled remains. “A single monster is worth over thirty men.”
I left the camp and found the three dead men I had injected with venom fighting with one another as if they were rabid dogs. “Genug davon,” I used my power on them. (Enough of that.) They froze, one’s mouth was around another’s neck and black blood dripped from it. I looked them over, they were so different from the other one that someone could have honestly questioned if they were ever even human in the first place. They were shriveled up, like the creature in the morgue. Their greyish skin had become dried and cracked. Their eyes were a pale grey, with narrowed pupils, even though it was dark. I reasoned that they were either currently blind or hypersensitive to light. Their clothes had been torn to shreds from the fighting. One by one they let go of one another and faced me. “Kann einer von euch sprechen?” (Can any of you speak?) They all growled, but none said a word; like they understood what speaking was but were unable to actually do it. They truly were different from a living specimen. I looked at their bodies, each was covered in wounds, but none of them was healing like I would.
“Time for a test. Geh ins Lager und töte alle.” (Go into the camp and kill everyone.) Unlike the living one, these three were slow. They didn’t move anything like it did; instead, they scrabbled around on all fours like some kind of demonic dogs. Their fangs bared, they charged into the camp.
By the time the sun rose, I had performed several tests of this nature and had fifteen total creatures, seven created from the dead and eight from the living. The camp was in ruins, parts destroyed from battle, other parts were aflame. What was left was covered in blood and severed appendages; these creatures were viciously thorough. I could see unbridled malicious behind each of their eyes, so much so that it unnerved even me. They had my unsatiable hunger, but also a roaring fury. I don’t know how to describe myself, maybe as broken or vile, I know I’ve certainly been called worse, but them… they were evil. I knew they wanted to kill everything they saw, even me, but my abilities kept them in check. I couldn’t help but wonder… if I was a monster, what did that make them?
“How many beasts like you have I unknowingly released on this world?” I thought aloud. I decided that once the war was over, I would need to search everywhere I had been throughout my life and make sure I didn’t leave any behind. I may be long lived but I try to stay in the same ten countries; those are the countries whose languages I understand and speak. Which would be Romanian, Spanish, English, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, German, Polish, and French.
I watched the sun just begin to peak over the mountainside and took shelter in what remained of one of the barracks. “Only one test left to perform.” I had given orders to all of the beasts, in fact I gave them all the same order… not to move, no matter what. The sun crested over the top of the mountain’s snow-capped peak and the light bathed the creatures. At first, smoke rose from their exposed flesh, then blisters formed, then each and every single one burst into flames. To my surprise, none of them moved, or even reacted to the fire and burns. I began to question if they could feel pain. The ones made from the living held out the longest, twice as long as the dead in fact, but within minutes all of the monsters were ash, not even the bones remained. A part of me was mortified at such a violent reaction to sunlight, another part of me was fascinated. I had spent time in sunlight before, it definitely has an effect, but nothing like that. I become weak, too weak to move if I stay in it uncovered long enough. Once during a test of my endurance, I even suffered blistering, but nothing like what I had just witnessed. “I must remember to run tests on this.” I told myself.
I turned my attention away from the ashes and corpses and towards my current situation. I was days overdue to meet up with the rest of the team, my partner was dead and rotting in the forest, and I have to explain how I managed to singlehandedly wipe out an entire German army encampment. I had at least half a day to think of a lie to tell that would be believable; that’s how long it would take me to rendezvous with the others. Since I was in the barracks, the was plenty of materials to wrap myself in, although some of it was burned it was still better than what I had now; a bloodied and bullet hole ridden German army uniform. I found a spare beige shirt and some light grey trousers; I traded the boots I had for a nicer pair of black, officer’s boots that had a much better fit. I also found gloves that went about halfway up to my elbow to protect my hands. For good measure I also put on a black button-up trench-coat and an old patched grey cloth hat; it reminded me of the type a newspaper delivery boy would wear.
Once I was as covered as I could manage, I set out and began my trek up the mountain to my comrade’s position. With blazing speed, I ran up the cliff, leaping over boulders and going in as straight a line as possible. I stopped only twice. Once to feed on a passing moose and again on a deer. By nightfall, I had the meet up location within sight. We had agreed on a signal that let them know that we were coming. If they were still there, they would see it. I was hopeful I had moved fast enough to meet the original deadline, but I was fairly certain I was still at least a day late. I pulled out a small square mirror from my pocket and aimed it towards their position. I placed my hand in an L shape and flicked the mirror up and down three times, then paused before repeating it twice; that was the signal that it was me and not an enemy. A few seconds passed and I saw a flash repeat the pattern from their position; that was the return signal. I walked slowly now, or at least at a normal human speed, and arrived at the campsite an hour later.
As I approached the camp, I smelt Reynolds and Baker before I saw them, one was in the camp and the other was behind me. I heard the chambering of a bullet into a rifle then, “hands up, and turn around.” It was Reynolds’s voice. I did as he instructed. As soon as he saw me, he lowered his gun and sighed. “Dang it, Alucard; you nearly gave me a heart attack. What are you wearing, and where is Akerman?”
“It was this or a German officer’s uniform that was a size too small.”
“Okay but where is Akerman?”
“He didn’t make it; he was shot in our escape. He’s dead.” I explained.
He lowered his head, “dang, that’s too bad. Was the mission a success at least?”
“More than expected, we took out the entire place, not just the artillery.”
“Whose there?” Baker called from the camp and poked his head around the entrance to the small cave.
“It’s Alucard,” Reynolds told him then slung the strap his rifle over his shoulder.
“Just Alucard?” Baker wondered.
“Yeah, Akerman didn’t make it.” Reynolds explained. Baker shook his head and performed a catholic cross, then pulled a cross neckless from inside his shirt and kissed it. “Alucard, you mentioned that the whole camp was destroyed, but how?” Reynolds asked as we walked over to Baker.
“I’ll explain while we pack up, let’s get out of here.”

Chapter 16: A Hero’s Welcome?

The lie I had decided on was simple, the artillery was close enough to the munitions that when they detonated the explosion took out half the camp. In the chaos Akerman and I had stolen two high caliber rifles and picked off as many as we thought necessary. Once we had done so we started to run, but one of the soldiers that remained shot Akerman as we fled. They seemed to believe me, and only asked a few follow up questions. “Why not run after blowing the artillery, why stay to pick off stragglers?” Baker wondered.
“We realized that there could have been someone who knew how to repair them, so we thought it was worth the risk… I still think we made the right call.” I said.
“Even with what happened to Akerman?” Reynolds asked. “We both took one look at the camp and knew it was probably going to be a suicide mission. Honestly, I’m amazed I survived.” After that they were satisfied, and we left the cave to go back to base. Just like last time, we traveled only under the cover of darkness, at least for the first half. Once we had left the danger zone, we felt it was safe enough to travel during the day too. That took a day off of our journey. Three days was all it took, and we were safely giving our after-action debrief to the captains and majors in their tents in the trenches. The fighting had stopped for the time being, but I could tell from the smell of hormones that tensions were still high.
Our debrief was given to Captain Lance, the man who originally gave us the mission, as well as Major Blanchet. We sat around a table, each giving our version of what happened. Once the others had finished, they were dismissed as they didn’t need to be there for the rest of it and were ready to shower and get a full night of sleep. Only The major, the captain, and I were left. I detailed the mission exactly as it happened up until the detonation of the artillery. I made sure to tell them the same thing that I told Baker and Reynolds, including the slightly altered details of Akerman’s demise.
“Perhaps we can locate Lieutenant Akerman’s body for a proper burial once we march through there.” Major Blanchet stated.
I was surprised to hear this, and it must have showed on my face because Captain Lance felt the need to explain. “With everything you have told us, the destruction of the artillery as well as most of the encampment, we have a clear shot to take the enemy by surprise.”
“They will be expecting an attack from the front, not the flank.” The major added. I was slightly worried, the camp was in ruins, but I neglected to do away with any of the bodies that I didn’t turn into undead. If they were inspected then it would be obvious that they were not killed by bullets or explosions, but it would seem as if they were mauled to death by animals. I even feed on some of them and allowed my creations to feed as well so I could observe, meaning many of the corpses would be without blood.
A soldier walked in and announced, “Major Blanchet, a letter has arrived for you sir. It’s marked urgent.”
“I can handle the rest of the debrief major,” Captain Lance said.
“Thank you, Captain,” the Major said and excused himself walking out of the tent.
Captain Lance turned to me, “tell me Alucard, is what you have told us today the truth?”
“Yes sir.”
“Then please explain to me why I keep getting the feeling that you are lying. Not about everything, but as soon as you and Akerman go off on your own I feel like that’s when the lies start.” He said and stood up.
“It’s the truth sir, every word.” I lied. The captain walked away from the table and turned his back to me to look at a chalk board with pictures and diagrams hung up on it by strings and clothespins. He removed several pictures and brought them back to the table.
Pointing at them as he spoke, he said, “these are stills taken by scouts of the camp you were sent to. Here is the artillery and here are the munitions building that our scouts spotted. They are nowhere nearly close enough to have detonated due to the TNT we gave you. So, something doesn’t feel right.”
“Sir, the scouts were wrong, or they moved the munitions building.” I told him. He was getting too aggressive, and I had decided to use my abilities to make him believe me. I didn’t want to as I prefer to only plunder around with enemy minds unless absolutely necessary. But then something I never expected to happen… did.
His eyes flashed a pale green and he spoke, “tell me the truth, tell me what happened at the enemy camp.” My brain felt foggy, and I began having thoughts enter my mind that I did not think, but I never lost control of myself. I fought and wrestled control of my mind back from the captain and his unforeseen power.
I was in control, but not of my emotions, “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I bared my fangs and slammed the table, breaking it in the process. Captain Lance quickly stepped back and drew his pistol, pointing it at my head. He lost his concentration, and his power left my mind, allowing me to regain my composure.
“What are you?” He asked. The captain reached into his pocket and pulled out a small silver cylinder. I watched as it melted and reformed into a long thin metal stick of some kind.
“Apologies,” I said and retracted my fangs, “I did not mean to yell, but if you attempt to use Mind Magic on me again, I will be forced to hurt you… badly.”
“You are not human, and you know of magic, I will ask again… who, or what, are you?”
“My name is Vladimir Dracula, and I am what you may know as a vampire. Now you will answer my question; did Merlin send you?”
His eyes widened, “you know of Merlin?”
“You didn’t answer my question.” I said.
His gun was still aimed at my head, “no, Merlin did not send me. I haven’t seen him in a very long time.”
“I take it that means you are one of his knights then, yes?” I asked.
He nodded, “I didn’t think vampires were actually real.”
“Well until a few years ago, I didn’t think that Merlin and King Arthur were real either, so no hard feelings.”
“If I put my gun down, are you going to try and eat me?” He asked.
“I don’t eat my allies; I do have standards.” He put his gun down and we both sat in our chairs at the destroyed table.
“So, what really happened at the camp?” Lance, who I found out later was really named Lancelot, asked.
“Up until the artillery, everything I said was true, but the explosion didn’t destroy the camp.”
“And Akerman?” He wondered.
“He really was shot and killed, but it didn’t happen like I said.” We sat there for an hour, I no longer had a reason to hide the truth, so I told him everything.
“So… you created undead monsters to destroy the camp, then you let them be killed by the sun?”
“Did you do that to Akerman?”
“Of course not, he was an ally.”
“How did you get these abilities?” He asked.
“I don’t particularly feel like telling you my life story, just ask Merlin when you see him.”
“Speaking of which, when did you see him last, and where? I have been searching for him for a few years now, ever since my memories began to return.” He questioned.
“The last time I saw Merlin was in Italy back in the 1910s, and he was old then, so he has probably reincarnated by now.” He seemed disappointed to hear that. “Aren’t there supposed to be quite a few knights, where are the rest?” I asked.
“I haven’t located any of them yet.” He said. We talked a few more minutes about the mission, and what I knew about Merlin.
“I think that’s everything Aluca- uh... Dracula.”
“Just call me Alucard, in fact… forget you know anything about me. It’s what’s best for everyone.” I told him.
He took a deep breath and stayed quiet for a moment, “fine, but I’m keeping an eye on you.”
“Fine, but if you insist on watching me then I have a request. I work better at night, you’re a captain you should have the ability to switch me completely to night shifts.”
“…Fine, I’ll see what I can do.”

Chapter 17- 1915

Everything went back to normal after that, I was issued a new weapon to replace the one I lost and for my actions and the success of my mission Major Blanchet gave me a promotion to Lance-Corporal. Captain Lance was able to get me moved to night shift as I requested, and true to his word he kept a close eye on me by also joining night shift. He had me switched to his platoon so that he would be my superior. We stayed out of each other’s way as much as possible, as long as I followed the orders I was issued by my Sargent, he seemed happy. Although I think having me around still worried him, but he seemed to trust that I wouldn’t eat any of the men.
The enemy had been attacking sporadically, short bursts to test our defenses. I was patrolling one night, not getting ready to hunt just watching for enemies, when I heard a few officers talking about news from all over the world. It was the first time in a while we had gotten any news at all, and most of it was bad. Zeppelins were dropping bombs on England’s coast, a submarine blockade had been declared by Germany against British shores, Britain had responded to a call of air from Russia against Turkish attacks, Russia suffered heavy losses after the battle of Masurian Lakes, and Germany had released hundreds of tons of poison gas against allied French and Canadian troops.
“Can you believe this, it’s only July and the world’s already on fire?” One of the men said.
“It’s been on fire, we are only just now hearing about it,” the other man replied.
“You two realize we are in the middle of a war-zone in a foreign country and have been for nearly a year right? We already knew the world was on fire because we have been in the middle of the flames.” A man, who was not a part of the conversation and simply interjected, said.
The other two stayed quiet for a moment, “…good point.”
I walked over to them, “where did you hear about this from?”
“I heard I from Captain Lance, and he said he read it from a stack of newspapers that got shipped to us.”
“Thanks,” I said and went back to my patrol. After my shift finished, I went to find these newspapers. I was just as interested to read what was happening as everyone else was. If Captain Lance had them, then they would probably be in the officer’s tent, or the communications tent. I checked the officer’s tent first. Captain Lance was there drinking coffee and reading a letter. Things weren’t as tense between us as they were at first, but that didn’t make them comfortable. “Captain Lance,” his eyes lifted from his letter, and I noticed he gripped his mug slightly tighter.
“I was told that a shipment of newspapers arrived, are the men allowed to read them?”
He relaxed a bit and loosened his grip, “oh, yes, but they were taken to the mess to be put on display. We figured that was the best way for everyone to get a chance to read them without having everyone coming and going from the tent all day.”
“Thank you,” I said and left. The “mess” was at the back of the trenches. Really it was just a shack that cooked everyone food and handed it out on steel trays. I walked there and next to the shack was a wooden fence that was not there the last time I was here. It was about shoulder height and over twenty feet long. But the biggest eye catcher was that every inch of it was covered in newspapers. They had been nailed down at the top and sides so that people could flip them over and read the backs. A crowd of five or six people was gathered around the fence, some reading the same page, others were reading alone.
I’m not one for sentimentality, but there was something I wanted to know: how my home was doing. I was born in a small Russian village that I later learned became a small Polish town called Osowiec. I had heard that Russia was having a hard time against the Germans, and I wanted to know more about it. “Anybody see anything about Russia’s front?” I asked.
“Over here Alucard,” one of the men said and jerked a thumb at a page next to him.
“Thanks.” The article was about how the Germans had been trying to take several key positions over the last few months. The Eastern front was apparently nothing like it was here in the West, there were no fights ending in stalemate, no truces, and nothing even close to civilized combat. We had heard that the Germans were employing chlorine gas attacks in mass, but no one here had ever experienced it. It was commonly employed on the Eastern front, as well as other unsavory tactics. Then I read it:
German forces are still attempting to take multiple forts across Russian provinces. Retreats have been ordered from many areas, but some still remain. Most surprisingly is Fort Osowiec in Russian Poland. This fort has held its ground longer than anyone has expected it to, German troops try almost daily to take the fort but to no avail.
My home was under siege. It was surprisingly distressing to read; everyone I knew from there has long since died over a thousand years ago. Yet, those words bounced around in my mind, I couldn’t seem to let them go. Days passed, and I grew more anxious the more I thought of it. Perhaps it was some long dormant territorial instinct passed on from the beast that transformed me, the Bestia Krwi, or maybe it was some flicker of my former human life crying out. Either way, no matter how I tried, I simply could not put it out of my mind. I needed to act, lest I lose my sanity thinking about it. I decided to talk with the only person I could about it… Captain Lance.
I went to his private quarters and knocked on his door, which was a privilege the officers had that the rest of the men did not. Most of us made do with old blankets to keep our privacy, and to keep the bugs out. “Enter,” his voice called from inside. I opened the door and walked in. His quarters were bare, except for a single bed and trunk at the foot of it, as well as a desk laden with paperwork. It was a small and dimly lit room, but being so empty, it did not feel claustrophobic.
He turned and seemed rather shocked at seeing me, “Alucard? Did you need something?”
“I need to talk to you about something.” I said seriously and closed the door behind me.
“What’s wrong?” He asked and spun his chair around to face me.
“I think I need to leave for a while.”
His eyes widened, “What happened?”
“Nothing, I just have business I need to attend to.” He relaxed, perhaps he thought that his worst fear had been realized and I had eaten one of his men.
“What kind of business?”
“My home, where I was born, is under siege from German forces. I feel I must go and do something.”
He scoffed, “what do you plan on doing against an entire siege?”
“I don’t know, but I feel I must at least try to help them.” I felt like a sentimental fool; I knew I could do nothing against an entire army, yet every cell in my body screamed for action. The captain looked at the pile of paperwork on his desk and sighed.
“A soldier cannot simply leave his post… however, you are not a normal soldier.”
“I imagine if I were you would never even consider such a request, but let’s be honest… I scare you.”
“More accurately, what you might do to my men scares me.” We looked intensely at one another, as if daring the other in some way. “I will approve it on one condition.”
“When you leave… don’t come back. I will tell everyone who asks that you grew ill and were rendered unable to fight and were shipped home. So, when you leave, stay gone.”
I thought for a moment, “…agreed.”
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2023.03.29 21:19 Jammy-Gamer Just alittle about me

Hello there, I turned 25 this year and realised I need some friends in life if they are online or in real life.
So about me I'm a gamer who loves the gym, gaming and watching anything non reality, my top games are halo, mass effect, dragon age, fall out, dark souls, elden ring, destiny, star wars knights of the old Republic and assassins creed.
I'm literally sn open book and will genuinely chat about anything so please hit me up with a message and let's get some convos going.
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2023.03.29 21:17 Setsunin News: Good Smile Company revealed to be significant investor in 4chan

I posted this on MFC as well, but it seemed worthwhile to put this out there on AnimeFigures as well.
The Wired article can be found here: Wired Article. And for those who might be paywall'd on that direct link, here's a link to the article that gets around that potential paywall so you can read the whole thing (thanks to MFC user vhs in the comments section on that site):
Per an article that just dropped from Wired, Good Smile Company has been revealed to be a significant investor in 4chan. GSC was revealed to have "acquired a 30 percent share in 4chan for its $2.4 million investment," which helped finance the deal for its current acquisition. Wired discovered this as more and more parties are investigating the money behind 4chan's continued existence amidst the myriad controversies 4chan is currently mired in.
As a synopsis, I'll include the following from the article here. I encourage everyone to read the full thing themselves.
Toxic image board 4chan has managed to stay online for the past seven years—amid boycotts and advertiser flight, after being implicated in several mass shootings, even as it was identified as a source of the conspiracy theories that inspired the January 6 insurrection—thanks, in part, to a $2.4 million investment from a major Japanese toy company...
These documents for the first time confirm the opaque corporate partnership that has run 4chan since its 2015 acquisition, just as scrutiny increases on the money behind the long-running website.
That scrutiny may be weakening the resolve to keep 4chan going. According to Nishimura, Good Smile is in the process of ending its partnership with 4chan—this comes as the company’s lucrative deal with The Walt Disney Company is set to be terminated.
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2023.03.29 21:16 Nelom Canadian Disc Golf Stores

Aside from the Big 3 (Ace Runners, Disc Republic, True North) there are many other places to shop for disc golf stuff throughout Canada. By my count eight provinces have at least one dedicated store, so I've put together this list in an effort to help people shop more local. If you know of a store that's not listed, I'd appreciate a heads-up. Ditto if you come across a store on the list that's no longer in business.
NOTE: Stores with a 1 has a physical store in addition to their online store. Stores with a 2 has no physical store, but offers local pickup in addition to online. If there's no number, it's online only.
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
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2023.03.29 21:09 merwyndsilva How do I offer intentions at a mass at the Vatican?

Hi everyone,
My uncle and aunt will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year. They are devout Catholics and are like parents to me. I want to make their anniversary as special as I can for them. So, I am planning a gathering of their closest friends and family with food, drink, dancing, games and a renewal of vows. I also plan on gifting them a papal parchment with the pope's blessings commemorating their Silver Jubilee.
In addition to this, I had another idea for a gift that I think might mean a lot to them. I would like to offer intentions at a mass at the Vatican in thanksgiving for their union through all these years.
So... you guessed it, I don't have the first clue about how to get this done. Or if it is even possible for that matter. I tried a bunch of online searches and browsed the Vatican website. But, I didn't find much. I read somewhere that you can offer masses at the Vatican by donating to certain charities and relaying your intentions to them. But, I have yet to find a charity that explicitly mentions that on their donation page. I must also add that I am in the United States and do not plan on visiting the Vatican anytime soon. So, I am trying to get this done remotely.
I would be so grateful if someone who knows how or if this is possible, could enlighten me on the process and point me in the right direction. Thank you so much in advance for your help!
PS: I posted this to Catholicism yesterday but, haven't gotten any responses. So, I decided to try asking the question in other subs like this one. I apologize if this is the wrong sub for this type of question. If there is a more appropriate sub to direct this question to, please do let me know.
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2023.03.29 21:08 merwyndsilva How do I offer intentions at a mass at the Vatican?

Hi everyone,
My uncle and aunt will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year. They are devout Catholics and are like parents to me. I want to make their anniversary as special as I can for them. So, I am planning a gathering of their closest friends and family with food, drink, dancing, games and a renewal of vows. I also plan on gifting them a papal parchment with the pope's blessings commemorating their Silver Jubilee.
In addition to this, I had another idea for a gift that I think might mean a lot to them. I would like to offer intentions at a mass at the Vatican in thanksgiving for their union through all these years.
So... you guessed it, I don't have the first clue about how to get this done. Or if it is even possible for that matter. I tried a bunch of online searches and browsed the Vatican website. But, I didn't find much. I read somewhere that you can offer masses at the Vatican by donating to certain charities and relaying your intentions to them. But, I have yet to find a charity that explicitly mentions that on their donation page. I must also add that I am in the United States and do not plan on visiting the Vatican anytime soon. So, I am trying to get this done remotely.
I would be so grateful if someone who knows how or if this is possible, could enlighten me on the process and point me in the right direction. Thank you so much in advance for your help!
PS: I posted this to Catholicism yesterday but, haven't gotten any responses. So, I decided to try asking the question in other subs like this one. I apologize if this is the wrong sub for this type of question. If there is a more appropriate sub to direct this question to, please do let me know.
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2023.03.29 21:08 Altschulinho My thoughts on the current state of the game.

Yeah, I know. Another "my thoughts on x" post. Yet I wanted to share with you guys and know what you think.
Got a good number of hours spent in the game and came back after a two months or so break.
Current run: I play with mods, most of them cosmetic, but the important ones here are More Game Rules (for reduced seduction schemes) and Less Artifact Claims (game is unplayable without at a certain realm and family size).
Started as a custom Count, Bosnian culture, in Lower Bosnia. Formed Duchy, later conquered Upper Bosnia and Zachlumia as well, formed Bosnia via Decision. Created custom faith, formed custom Empire of Yugoslavia with the kingdoms of Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary (You really need Hungary for the province number required). Later added Wallachia and Bulgaria, added via de jure drift. Created hybrid Yugoslavian culture, with Greek and Bosnian. Not historically correct, but anyway. As Byzantium collapsed, added Constantinople without resistance. Bit cheesy, I know, but it's too good to not have it. Right now, I'm in the late 1200's and I added Italy to the mix. Bohemia, Poland and Moravia's rulers are also of my dynasty. But let's get to the point.

The good:
I really love taking care of my family. Children are cute, and I love to see them growing up and become a great steward, good queen of a foreign King, or becoming friends with them at a feast. Educating your kids and not getting the beating event always feels like a tiny success each time. Painting the map in your colours, a bit, not too much, fighting off the first crusade or just defending against a holy war against three attackers larger than your army really feels great. You won't get a lot of events, and you take your time to plan things and are happy if they come together.
The bad:
You don't realise it always at first, but there is a point where the gameplay swings. I don't know how to call it, but from one moment to the next most things feel tedious. I'm not gonna mention artifact clutter here, since this has been addressed by the devs and will be improved.
Every 30 years, the Pope will call a crusade against you, no matter how much you handed his ass to him the times before. Everything about it gets obnoxious. Catholics are only left in Scotland and Norway, yet they come in numbers of 300k. You stackwipe them each time, getting 50 prisoners. You can't execute them all in most cases, because suicide of stress. Or you get a random kinslayer trait, because one of your dimwit cousins ran away and became Catholic. Or you can't release them all at once, because, sadistic. But that's not the worst part. You know why? Because every one of them has 3 plots against them, which are of course discovered immediately by your hard working spymaster. Every couple of days you get a disturbingly loud popup that random unimportant courtier #3874 tried to plot against your prisoner Count Dumbass. I don't need this. I know there's a mod for stuff like that, but I tried it and found I was missing on a lot of other stuff which was more important in my opinion. I'd really love some improvement on spymaster notifications. Too much useless stuff gets popped up in your face (knight A fabricates hook on knight B or tries to kill them BUT if knight A succeeds in the murder, you don't get anything. Unless they had a position.) while valuable info is hidden from you. If your heir loses his best piece, you wouldn't know. The "Scandal" event only fires if your niece gets pregnant out of wedlock, not your daughter, wtf? The worst thing is, you can at no point do anything against any of it, since you have no power whatsoever. Some duchess killed my nephew? Bad luck, she's not of my dynasty. People killing each other in your castle, if they're found out, they just don't want to be arrested. Deal with it. This useless, meaning-to-be-immersive-but-fails-miserably plotting could be cut down by 95% and it would be fine. It's just garbage, especially during times where you have to focus on important stuff.
The ugly:
Even with less seduction schemes AND a faith where all adultery is illegal, you better pray if you're marrying 17-year-olds to another, because they already have someone on the side. Horrible amount of cheating going on, find secrets 3 times and you can arrest half your vassals. Is this how it should be? Also, the lack of respect everyone gives you. Everyone gets irritable and insults you without giving you the option to retaliate. You give one word back and you have a rival, who will now try to kill you, every time, without failure. You appoint one court position (because your last royal architect just decided to leave, without the courtesy to ask you first and no chance to get them back) and another random douce insults you and your princess in front of everyone. You hold court, because why not? You have avoided doing it because few good things come of it. 3 events? You can become your daughter's ward, because "her dear mama is no longer around", although you're it already. You can give some stupid knight one of your domains for free. And you can give 500 gold away for 20 years of 10% increased development in one of your counties. Next time I'll get something better, for sure. And what we really need, is a better stress management for the AI. My one daughter was ambitious, calm and humble and managed to flagellate herself to death before 30. I landed her, my fault I know, but still.
And don't get me started on personal artifact claims. -60 op for not giving them precious things (or just pressed flowers) without compensation. They are angry, start a faction, you have to take them down, their siblings do the same after the rebellion failed. I blinded and tortured the shit of three of your brothers and took their land, what does the fourth one expect to happen? Please make this stop. Please. Before anything else.
So what do I want? Less, but more useful events. There are some things I avoid (never hold court while romancing your wife, never get a pet cat, always tell the steward to repair the latrines, never investigate the mass murders in your castle. You know why).

Sorry for the wall of text, everyone. Thanks for reading and your input. Appreciate it. Until then, I'm putting my faith (not all of it, but still some) in the next DLC - and of course in the AGOT mod - , because it's still a great game.
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2023.03.29 20:52 JimmyRecard In Croatia: Why must we discuss paedophile priests abusing children now, right before Easter? Why can't we do it in September?

I thought I'd bring you a breath of... a different but equally disgusting air from Croatia.
The country is currently being rocked by revelations that the Đuro Hranić, archbishop of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Đakovo-Osijek, failed to take any action after being told back in 2016 that the local priest had been repeatedly abusing a daughter of one of the parishioners. The abuser has, since, gone to the lord, so to say, without any punishment.
This is, in itself, notable in a country like Croatia, where Catholicism is baked into the very identity of the people and where a decent chunk of Croats, perhaps even a majority, would tell you that if you're not Catholic, you're not a Croat. Something like 90% of Croatian citizens self-report as Catholic, and a career of any politician is basically scuppered the moment clergy, from bishops down, start denouncing them from the pulpit.
Here's the article in question, by a major centre-left online news portal: https://www.index.hvijesti/clanak/katolicki-profesor-tema-pedofilije-me-opterecuje-pred-uskrs-mozemo-o-tome-u-rujnu/2450203.aspx
Automated translation by GPT4, very lightly edited for few awkward turns of phrase:
Catholic professor: The topic of pedophilia burdens me before Easter; we can discuss it in September
Tonči Matulić, the head of the Department of Moral Theology at the Catholic Theological Faculty, was a guest on the Croatian radio show "U mreži Prvog."
When asked about how much the issue of pedophilia in the Church is kept quiet, Matulić expressed regret that the topic is being discussed now, just before Easter:
"It is mostly kept quiet.
Firstly, I am sorry that this topic has come up now, and I see that the media is very interested in it, and I also feel the public's pulse on this. In people's everyday lives, they mention it, comment on it, and I feel it personally as we are being pulled in all directions...
In these days of Lent, just before Holy Week, just before our foundational and starting holiday, Easter, we are dealing with this topic, but it is inevitable, we know what prompted it.
The reason is the utmost sincerity of the victim who showed vulerability.
I would say, this whole context weighs heavily on me, both spiritually and morally. We can talk about it in June, in September, whenever, we can discuss it for a whole week. We are a bit pressed for time now, but the reason is what it is, whether the timing was well chosen or not, whether it had to happen or not, but when it comes to victims, if we need to postpone the Easter Vigil, we should."
"The Church that speaks out about sexual abuse of children and minors talks only about the victims. It bows to the victims, apologizes to the victims, asks victims for forgiveness. They killed God in the victims, so let that God be revived in the victims," said Matulić.
Matulić stated that pedophilia is a general human phenomenon that occurs everywhere, and its percentage among the Catholic clergy is slightly lower compared to the general population. He emphasized that we should never reject or despise the perpetrator, but the victim must be at the center.
Matulić added that there is nothing holier in the Church than the inviolable, absolute, innate, inalienable human dignity of every person, especially innocent young children, minors, and vulnerable individuals who are not capable of defending themselves.
"Such aggression towards a human being leaves a mark on them for their entire life. You cannot simply erase it," he stated.
"It doesn't matter at what age and from what time the victim speaks. If the victim is there, we should bow before them, apologize, and enable that victim to obtain satisfaction. We cannot fix what has happened, but we can seek ways to alleviate all the consequences," said Matulić.
So, it looks like the old mate here had grand plans for his Easter, which have now been called into question by the need to explain why an archbishop saw fit to protect a paedophile. Don't you all just feel sorry for him?
Few select comments:
Oh, I'm sorry, when would you pedofiles prefer to speak about your pedofilia?

Catholic faculty? What do they learn there? How to spit three times when a black cat crosses the road?

Of course, let's hush up the pedophile's crimes, wouldn't want it to ruin our Easter, god forbid.

I will never understand parents who send their children willingly into the hands of pedophiles.
I will note that while these comments are pretty savage, they are probably not reflective of the attitude of an average Croat who would show you a world-class display of Catholic apologetics.
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2023.03.29 20:49 Equivalent-Ad-4448 [Online][5e][Saturdays 7pm CST][18+][LGBTQ+ friendly][Darkthemes] Castlevania campaign Setting

In 1475, in the capital city Targoviste, found in the Eastern European country known as Wallachia, the wife of Vlad “Dracula” Tepes was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. This horrific injustice performed by the holy Catholic church sparked the mass genocide of the human race.
This campaign is heavily inspired by the Netflix adaptation of the Castlevania games. Taking place in the country of Wallachia, the armies of Hell commanded by Dracula wage an unholy crusade against all humanity. Whether you come from a long family of monster hunters, are a de facto member of Dracula's court or are gifted with abilities, each of you are uniquely equipped to combat the armies of the night and a desire to stop the extinction of the human race.
This game will feature unique subclasses, backgrounds, races, and items found and inspired by the Castlevania universe.
This campaign will not be a one-to-one retelling of the show's plot. I will take elements, themes, and characters to craft a collaborative narrative with you. While some aspects of the story will be different, I will still pay respect to the original source material. The main goal is to create a fun and enjoyable experience, Focused around the world of Castvlania. This game will include dark themes, moral decisions, and a heavy emphasis on roleplay, with fun and challenging combat.
This game will have dark themes, moral choices, and elements of horror, as well as elements of classic adventure and finding joy and hope in dire circumstances.
Hi there my name is Rylan. I have been playing D&D for about 5 years, dming for 2 years. Im super into Heavy RP and Homebrew games, I love giving players the ability to make fun, creative choices. More so, I'm looking for some cool inclusive people who love this hobby as much as I do, and want to tell a great story.
If this game sounds like it's for you, please fill out the form below :)
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