Medvedev vs kyrgios head to head

@>England vs Pakistan T20I LIVE [email protected]

2020.08.28 04:45 nbfdsaser @>England vs Pakistan T20I LIVE [email protected]

England vs Pakistan T20I live: ENG vs PAK 1st Live Head to Head Statistics, LIVE Streaming Link, teams stats up, results, Date, Time, Watch Live

2015.07.20 03:41 MNGaming The Red vs. Blue RP!

We have moved! Head on over to /RvBRP for the new Red vs Blue RP experience!

2010.06.13 20:56 jesuslol deadmau5

just deadmau5 things

2023.06.04 04:58 sakurasalmon Going back to dark brown?

Hello all!
I'm currently a fake blonde. went all the way from a really really dark brown. Whats the process of going back to dark brown? doing some sort of highlight from the top of my head??
I'm also studying abroad in January. would the highlights grown out look fine??
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2023.06.04 04:58 FuckTheArbiters My horse story

Not quite sure if this fits here, but here goes:
In my first semester of college, I would take my car to a small clearing off of a backroad I found to smoke weed (sketchy, I know, I was dumb). I went there almost every day for a few weeks. One day, it rained until around 11:00 AM. After it stopped, I went out to the spot for the usual. I pulled up and noticed, on the ground, a fresh, decapitated horse corpse. The head was cut cleanly off. The edge of the neck stump looked smooth. The corpse was not rotten at all, in fact apart from the missing head it looked pristine. The head of the horse was nowhere to be seen. I remember that it rained that day because I poked the corpse with a stick and it was disgustingly squishy from the water. After I did this, I also noticed a "no trespassing" sign on a nearby tree. I had just been at the spot yesterday, and both the sign and the horse were not there. I quickly got back in my car and drove away. I never went back.
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2023.06.04 04:57 Knightmare25 Possible telogen effluvium after taking NSAIDs?

My father and grandfather both had a thick, full head of hair their whole lives, and so far I (31) have had it too. Starting around 3 months ago I started taking ibuprofen almost daily to deal with headaches at night after work caused likely by not wearing sunglasses (I work outside much of the day in a hot state). I noticed around a month ago a lot more than usual hair on my hands after washing my hair. Then I noticed a lot of thinning. The only change was taking ibuprofen which I read, while uncommon, can cause telogen effluvium as a side effect. I'm otherwise pretty healthy (got blood work done not too long ago). I started to take supplements associated with hair growth (iron, biotin, etc) as well as rogaine. I went to the dermatologist, who I think wasn't that great. Just asked me a few questions, and gave me clobetasol propionate to treat it. Anyone else have this happen?
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2023.06.04 04:57 RM_Official_Thread [Pre Match Thread] Real Madrid vs Ath Bilbao (LaLiga - Round 38)

LaLiga - Round 38

Real Madrid vs Ath Bilbao

Match Info

Kickoff: 04-06-2023 18:30 CEST
Competition: LaLiga - Round 38
Referee: Diaz de Mera I. (Esp)
Venue:Estadio Santiago Bernabéu (Madrid)

Match Preview

Much of the build-up to Real Madrid’s final La Liga (LL) game of the season against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday evening has been dominated by what may happen off the pitch once the transfer window opens, particularly concerning Karim Benzema’s future amid strong speculation about a possible move to Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittihad. But there’s still one more job to do as they need to win here or hope city rivals Atlético Madrid drop points against Villarreal in order for Los Blancos to secure second place following their 2-1 comeback win over Sevilla last Saturday.
Despite winning three trophies this term, Carlo Ancelotti’s men will no doubt feel a sense of disappointment about the way this campaign has ended, given how far behind Barcelona they’ll finish in the league and the manner of their UEFA Champions League semi-final exit to Manchester City. However, the 35-time LL winners should still be motivated to make it five home league wins in a row ahead of a busy summer of transfer activity.
Thanks to Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey win over Osasuna, Athletic can still qualify for Europe, but as one of several teams chasing seventh place. They must better Osasuna’s result and at least match Girona’s, with those two sides coincidentally facing each other this weekend. A win would also prevent Rayo Vallecano and Mallorca from pipping the Lions to the post, but three points is a tall order for Ernesto Valverde’s side as the Basque outfit haven’t claimed a LL H2H victory since March 2015 (D4, L11)!
And you have to go back ten years further still to find the last time they triumphed against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu in Spain’s top flight (D2, L15 since), highlighting how hard it will be to end a three-match winless run in LL away matches (D1, L2). In fact, they’ve won just once anywhere across their last seven games (D1, L5).
Players to watch: As he weighs up a big-money offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittihad, this could be Karim Benzema’s Bernabéu farewell as he looks to add to his tally of 18 league goals this term, the last ten of which came before half-time. Similarly, Iñaki Williams, who’s scored two of Athletic’s last four goals, opened the scoring in seven of his nine goalscoring outings this LL campaign.
Hot streak: Athletic have lost each of their last six LL final-day fixtures - and the last five of them ‘to nil’.

Players Sidelined

Will not play

Ath Bilbao: Alvarez Y.(Injury), Garcia D.(Knee Injury), Martinez I.(Muscle Injury), Morcillo J.(Broken collarbone)

Last matches: Real Madrid

Date Competition Result
27.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Sevilla 1-2 Real Madrid
24.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Real Madrid 2-1 Rayo Vallecano
21.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Valencia 1-0 Real Madrid
18.05.23 Champions League (Europe) Manchester City 4-0 Real Madrid
14.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Real Madrid 1-0 Getafe

Last matches: Ath Bilbao

Date Competition Result
28.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Ath Bilbao 0-1 Elche
26.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Osasuna 2-0 Ath Bilbao
20.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Ath Bilbao 2-1 Celta Vigo
13.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Villarreal 5-1 Ath Bilbao
05.05.23 LaLiga (Spain) Ath Bilbao 0-1 Betis

Head-to-head matches

Date Competition Result
23.01.23 LaLiga (Spain) Ath Bilbao 0-2 Real Madrid
04.02.22 Copa del Rey (Spain) Ath Bilbao 1-0 Real Madrid
17.01.22 Super Cup (Spain) Real Madrid 2-0 Ath Bilbao
23.12.21 LaLiga (Spain) Ath Bilbao 1-2 Real Madrid
02.12.21 LaLiga (Spain) Real Madrid 1-0 Ath Bilbao

Live broadcast listings (TV, live streaming, radio)

Where to watch this game in your country
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2023.06.04 04:56 Ezemartinn Hello, I just purchased Cookie Duster and it appears on Opensea in my collection but not on my Reddit vault. I’m lost, looked it up how to do it and said I don’t own it. Can someone please help me, I’m new to this and just hurting my head with this, I’ll appreciate it…

Hello, I just purchased Cookie Duster and it appears on Opensea in my collection but not on my Reddit vault. I’m lost, looked it up how to do it and said I don’t own it. Can someone please help me, I’m new to this and just hurting my head with this, I’ll appreciate it… submitted by Ezemartinn to avatartrading [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 04:56 rahul535 For anyone going through a flareup right now.

Hugs, so I honestly had the absolute worst flare up of my life, I actually thought i would not be able to survive this, weeks of constant diarrhea, i even smoked weed and have been doing yoga for years but diarrhea just wasn’t stopping,
What helped me was Morning Walks, simple as it is and we’ve all heard it but please try it, i wasn’t able to sleep anyway cause the pain and mental exhaustion, i woke up early ish like 7:30, did my thing, drank some water ate like 3 dates and then just head out for a walk, 35 min to an hour is good, It completely got rid of my mental stress, my mind felt much more relaxed throughout the day, and my sleep got better as well, i would come home, take a nice shower and then eat bananas with some peanut butter, then just not do anything remotely stressful at all, i would just lay in my bed I completely dropped the expectations of performing in life and stuff, took a complete break, just relaxing and eating healthy and take your meds ofcourse, after 4 days i have started to feel a little bit like a human again lol, i still feel really weak and have a long way to go with recovery but for anyone going through a flare up, its gonna be ok, take care of yourself and be gentle and give yourself time, i know this is not fair but you gotta make the best of what you got, if anyones going through a flare up rn, try morning walks, am up for chat as well, hope you feel better soon.
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2023.06.04 04:56 octoberrrust internalized misogyny kicking my ass

kind of just wanna write my thoughts down and vent. Recently I’ve been getting very outdated, misogynistic notions about sex stuck in my head and it’s making me feel horrible about myself for no reason. I hate that men both online and in person have made me feel this way. I’m about to turn 20 and I’ve had a total of 4 sexual partners. 2 of those were long term relationships, the other two were hookups when I was heartbroken trying to feel better after said relationships. I know 4 is still a pretty low number and this shit literally doesn’t matter but for some reason I keep hearing that misogynistic rhetoric in the back of my mind telling me that I’m used up, ran through, etc etc etc I fucking hate it. I guess it makes me especially feel bad because the 2 hookups weren’t even very gratifying, it really was coming from a place of heartbreak and so I was kindof desperate as teenagers often are lolllllll so it feels like it wasn’t even worth it. I did it to escape myself. I’m still dealing with a recent breakup so all this negative self talk could still be because of that but damn I hate feeling like sexism is winning 😭 I know there is no logical reason for me to feel this way because I am confident in my overall sexuality and how I view relationships, I know I respect my body and value it deeply, I know that the entire concept of “body counts” only exists to punish women for exploring sexuality on their own terms, but it’s still there in my head. If any of you have struggled with this, some kind words would be greatly appreciated.💜
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2023.06.04 04:56 Moha0733 I don't enjoy my toddler as I used to.

I have a almost three months old, since having number two things have gotten worse with number 1.
She turned three last month. She whines almost everytime she talks. Whines about wanting things now. She wants to go to the park and we explain to her there's a heat warning and that it's dangerous to go. We show her the temperature on our phone and tell her it's too hot and that we will burn and not feel good. Still cries and whines she wants to go. We explain many times and she keeps at it.
Or it'll be night time and she wants to go.
When we do end up going when it's nice out she whines about getting dressed, takes forever to get ready even though she's been dying to go other days. Comes back very whiny and rebellious as well. Everything I tell her not to do and do this instead she just says no.
Like she will chop on her toothbrush for example and I tell her that's not how we brush we brush like xyz. She just says no and keeps doing it.
She'll try shoving her whole hand in her mouth sometimes and I tell her hand don't go in the mouth, you'll get bacteria and get sick...etc. No. Continues doing it. Or whines.
She doesn't want to go to bathroom before we head out and whines the whole way. I give her choices sometimes. Like do you want to hop to your room or hold my hand...etc. she'll just say no, none. In the end I tell her since she isn't choosing I'll choose. Then she throws a tantrum.
I know the lifestyle has changed with second one now. I also know she isn't getting as much attention as she used to which could be why she's acting out.
Im exhausted and don't enjoy my time with her like I used to and I feel terribly guilty of how disconnected from her I feel. It's extremely heartbreaking. We used to go on girl dates to cafe and walks to ice cream shop...etc. im far more exhausted with a second one now...
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2023.06.04 04:55 mr_beyonce_always Reporting healthcare law violation

Hi all - I want to report a private company that (I believe) is committing fraud/violating the No Surprise Billing Act on a massive scale throughout major MN area hospitals. This company is run by top heads of these hospitals and has hundreds of complaints online from similar patients that were taken advantage of because they were not aware/scared to ask questions.
Does anyone know where to report this? I filed a complaint with the AG, & dept. of commerce so far. Media outlets, politicians, and agencies are appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 04:55 Beautiful_Money_2628 Learning Klipper

So along with my "I'm stupid" post I have discovered another thing that I did not know would affect Klipper prints as much as it does. I have spent all day trying to figure out why I was getting a butt load of filament at the start of each layer during my calibration cube print. I double checked the extruder calibration and when I command 100mm of filament I get 100mm of filament. So, I was scratching my head and thought well I have not completed pressure advance yet maybe that needs to be done. It helped but the print were still a face only a mother could love. In my scrub of the internet, forum, discord, and reddit someone mentioned a setting that some slicers have about extra filament at start of...... I use Orca and it wasn't enabled. While I was messing with the slicer I figured I would change the retract settings because I have a DD now. Low and behold that was the cause of this monstrosity called a calibration cube. I went from 6mm retraction to 1mm. This, for some reason, does not affect Marlin as much as Klipper. So, if you are coming from Marlin to Klipper and also change from bowden to DD and can't figure out why your print is so ugly you want to kick your dog, double check the retract settings.
Yes, I know there is more calibration I have to do especially flow rate for this filament, but at least I can look at this print and not hate my mom,

Left - 6mm retraction, no pressure advance.
Center - 6mm retraction and pressure advance.
Right - 1mm retraction and pressure advance
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2023.06.04 04:55 OverallBat0 If a car gets stuck you can go out and push it

Im at a new store and I find that my everyday coworkers are quiet. I dont mind it. It would be different If we had issues with each other but we dont. I find that less is more when it comes to sharing things with coworkers at work. I find that my SM sometimes dosent have a response to what Im saying sometimes If its not work related so he will just look away and nodd his head until I stop talking. But whenever its something non work related that he wants to talk about Im suppose to answer, its selfish. Dont bother me and I wont bother you.
Ive found that in the past Ive gotten bullied for being quiet but Ive been around my group and some of my coworkers wont stop talking about me even If no one else is talking either. Ill be doing my own thing and they will say that If a car ever gets stuck, I would be able to push it myself.
I like support because in a way I feel like Im working by myself, I can get everything for everyone else so that they can do their jobs properly.
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2023.06.04 04:55 Absolutebrent Best picks at Ribfest this year

Heading down to the NAC tomorrow and thought it’s a perfect opportunity to hit Ribfest
Any standout vendors/grub/must trys
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2023.06.04 04:55 phunky_1 54" to drive the new dino ride at SFNE?

So today my kids waited like 30 minutes to go on the rethemed dino driving ride at SFNE.
They have driven it before, are over 52" and go on scream, riddler, etc.
They get to the front of the line and they say they aren't tall enough to go on without an adult, the stick they were measuring with was 54"
Even though the ride signage and the measuring stick at the front of the line is 48" to ride alone.
The ride attendant wouldn't budge and said they would bring it up with their supervisor.
Just figured I'd give a heads up that an adult might want to minimally wait in line go on with your kids if they are under 54"
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2023.06.04 04:55 Gongarious_Bug Alpha roar question

Conflicted with how to interpret the wording for this.
Does it mean you can only use one alpha roar per battle even if you have multiple models with the ability or that each model with the ability can only use it once per battle.
Really hoping this stacks because I think there's some very good potential lists if 2 heroes can use alpha roar in one turn.
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2023.06.04 04:54 Sasquatch_Nurph First timer here

Headed to Ballahack Airsoft tomorrow for the first time. This will also be my first time ever actually doing airsoft. I’ve used my pistol for training with my gun belt (it’s a LOT cheaper than real ammo!). Kinda nervous & kinda excited all at the same time. My wife & son are also going. Did I mention that I’m 50yo?! I’m gonna get slaughtered! 🤣
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2023.06.04 04:54 42790193 Debilitating anxiety for days after bat exposure. Can someone please help me understand how/why I’m not going to die and leave my baby alone? Messaged my doctors with no response yet.

30 female 200lbs 18 weeks pregnant No relevant daily medications
Situation: woke up at 4am with a bat behind my curtain. Near my head, but behind the thick black out curtain attempting to get back out the window. We stupidly released it. I didn’t not feel any bites, but I guess sometimes you don’t.
Tuesday night: went to the ER and received immunoglobulin in both legs (one leg got two injections) and my left arm. Got the first vaccine dosage of vaccine in right arm. Went day 3 for second vaccine in right arm.
Thursday night: woke up in the middle of the night and I have two bumps close to one another on my hip. Instantly panic thinking this could be a bat bite. I also was cleaning my freshly set up pool, they could be bug bites I guess.
This sends me into a bigger spiral because i know if there is a bite, the immunoglobulin directly into and around the wound. Apparently this can cause it to fail?
I sent a message to my doctor asking about this, no response yet. I’ve had two RNs tell me the treatment will still be effective on the off chance it’s a bat bite because the injections are systemic.
Is this true?
1 out of 15 bats in my county tested positive for rabies last year.
On top of normal pregnancy hormones, I am beyond anxiety ridden over this. I’m not sleeping. Appetite is decreased. I’m reading my situation is one of the most common reasons PEP fail, though it does seem those instances have bites far more severe than my potential bite.
I understand I’ve posted in the past couple days. Im just really struggling.
Thank you
Here’s the mark in question after I scratched it. Probably scratched the top of the skin off too.
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2023.06.04 04:54 MythicCell It's always my fault, isn't it?

Hey. I'm a 16 year old boy, living in Canada. Recently, we've had a huge upset with our housing situation, and ever since, my parents have been mean to me in many ways that I will be describing below shortly. But before I do, I want to cast your attention to before this all happened, when I was aged 11.
When I was 11 years old, my parents were warned by my teachers that I was struggling to pay attention in class and would zone out for multiple minutes at a time. They suggested I take performance-enhancing medication to help me concentrate better and break this cycle. Unfortunately, my parents decided to only threaten me with it, without looking at what could possibly be causing this. Because my grades improved after this situation, they completely dropped the concept.
Fast forward five years, I'm struggling like never before to pay attention. I can't look away from my phone when it's on me, and I can't concentrate at all in class, even when I don't. Back then, it was attention deficits that lasted a few minutes. Now, they can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes of a 75-minute class. I've been told by many this is an onset of ADHD symptoms, but I cannot confirm it with a diagnosis. For now, I'm just trying to push through, but not succeeding. (My grades are worse than ever.)
And now comes the more damning part of this. Ever since I was 14, I remember my parents yelling at me and grounding me for being slow to do something or understand things. Over time, it got progressively worse. I tried to ignore it, but it went beyond just yelling. (Screaming, long arguments, holding X or Y thing over my head and calling me lazy and useless for any slight inconvenience I cause/fail to act on, especially since our housing upset happened). However, they tend to act like nothing happened the very next minute after our arguments and bring up the bad parts of what I did in future arguments to shut down my points with yelling and using the you're lazy card. It's hard for me to not lash out at this point.
My mental health has been horrible since the start of this year, and I'm getting very tired of everything. (School, people, etc.) I know this thread was a long one, but I felt the need to vent about this, seeing as it's hard to be outspoken about such situations for me. So please, what should I do? I'm very lost.
I appreciate you fine people reading this. Have a good Sunday.
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2023.06.04 04:54 FishyMcBruh Could silent hill be considered therapy and could pyramid head be considered a therapist in sh2?

Ive been thinking about it and it kinda makes sense
James sunderland, a man facing immense guilt and depression goes to a town after hallucinating a letter from his dead wife
it transports him to his own personal hell dimension where creatures that represent his emotions and his dead wife try to kill him
pyramid head kills those monsters
james hallucinates maria- an image of mary
pyramid head kills her and rids james of his coping mechanism even when she comes back
james finds out the truth and faces his guilt in the double pyramid head fight
the pyramid heads kill themselves upon serving their purpose- making james confront his darkness.
Sounds like a big, dangerous, tramatizing therapy session to me. How kind of pyramid head.
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2023.06.04 04:54 bigjohn14325 P.U.R.E - Booking Drew McIntyre’s Return

Money in the Bank 2023
In London, Seth Rollins defends the WHC agains Finn Bálor in a banger of a match, and retains the title in the end. After the match, JD attack Rollins until Drew McIntyre comes out and fights off the heels. But, in a shocking turn of events, McIntyre claymores Rollins and holds up the WHC.
Summerslam 2023
Drew McIntyre vs Finn Bálor vs Seth Rollins(c): World Heavyweight Championship
Drew McIntyre explains that he’s been under appreciated for far too long. He carried this company through a pandemic yet he doesn’t get the appreciation that he deserves. McIntyre says that he’s done doing a damn thing for the fans and that he’s going to get the moment that he’s “owed” any means necessary. Bálor has a bone to pick with Drew for attacking him and so does Rollins which leads to a huge triple threat at Summerslam.
This match at the biggest party of the summer is a classic. Bálor & Rollins for a temporary alliance to take down the psychopathic Scotsman but Drew is on the warpath for that moment he feels that he deserve. Rollins gets taken out at ringside which leaves Drew to hit a Claymore on Bálor but as he pins Bálor, Rollins hits a Curb Stomp on Drew and pins Bálor narrowly retaining the gold which enraged McIntyre who goes on a rampage at ringside.
Clash at the Castle 2023
Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins(c): World Heavyweight Championship
As you’d expect, this match is a certified banger. While Rollins does great as usual, McIntyre is on a whole different level. Rollins goes for a springboard knee but McIntyre catches him in mid-air with a Claymore but he doesn’t go for the pin, instead picking up Rollins and hitting a Future Shock DDT. One year after falling to Roman Reigns, Drew FINALLY gets his moment in front of the fans. Despite being a heel, McIntyre but still celebrates the W like an emotional babyface.
Crown Jewel 2023
*Drew McIntyre(c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura: World Heavyweight Championship
On Raw, Shinsuke Nakamura triumphs in a #1 contenders battle royal. Champion McIntyre, dismissing Nakamura as past his prime, attempts a Claymore sneak attack but Nakamura artfully dodges and counters with his own Claymore.
Understanding this might be his final shot at WWE glory, Nakamura gives everything in his duel with McIntyre. The match is a thrilling, hard-hitting spectacle with Nakamura nearly snatching the title. But McIntyre, resilient and fierce, lands a second Claymore, securing his victory. Post-match, McIntyre brutally traps Nakamura's head between the ring post and steps, aiming for a final Claymore. It's then when old rival and friend Sami Zayn confronts the champion.
Survivor Series 2023
Drew McIntyre(c) vs Sami Zayn: World Heavyweight Championship
We get McIntyre some real heat by going after one of the biggest babyfaces on the roster. When Sami makes his entrance, McIntyre attacks him from behind, bashing him into the ringpost busting him open. Despite doctors telling Zayn to forfeit the match, he refuses and fights valiantly and even nails a Helluva Kick nearly winning the title but the loss of blood wears Zayn down and he manages to nail him with a Claymore to retain the title once again.
Royal Rumble 2024
Drew McIntyre(c) vs Kevin Owens: Falls Count Anywhere for the World Heavyweight Championship
Kevin Owens is up next as he wants to avenge his fallen friend. Drew calls Kevin a hypocrite for after all these years standing up for Sami now. Owens took years off of Sami’s career reminding him of putting Sami on the shelf back in NXT. Kevin says that he wants to make things right, he’ll no longer put championships above those closest to him and instead he’ll win them for those he cares about. KO wants blood and he challenges Drew to a Last Man Standing Match at Royal Rumble.
This match goes over 20 minutes and it is a brutal affair. We see all types of weapons including a reverse Alabama slam from McIntyre through the announce table. But that’s not enough to put KO away, and he starts taking the fight right back to McIntyre. KO hits a powerbomb on Drew in the stage area and he does the unthinkable. He climbs the tron and goes for a massive frog splash off the tron but Drew manages to move out of the way in just the nick of time. Drew McIntyre narrowly retains the World Heavyweight Championship.
Elsewhere on the card, Gunther does what he failed to do last year and he manages to win the 2024 Royal Rumble from the #1 spot.
Elimination Chamber 2023
Men’s Elimination Chamber Match
Drew McIntyre steps into the Elimination Chamber first, defending his title amidst steel and danger. He battles past Seth Rollins, Finn Bálor, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Damien Priest, one after another. The final hurdle, Ricochet, pushes McIntyre to the brink, almost clinching an upset. Despite his successful defense, exhaustion begins to show on McIntyre's face showing more cracks in the armor.
WrestleMania 40
Drew McIntyre(c) vs Gunther(c): Intercontinental & World Heavyweight Championship
Over the past six months, Drew McIntyre, Raw's reigning terror, begins to show signs of wear. His sternest test lies ahead - Intercontinental Champion, Gunther. Sheamus steps into Raw, intent on realigning Drew's compass. He admonishes Drew, reminding him of his blind ambition turning him monstrous, mirroring Sheamus's own past where his ruthless drive for recognition cost careers and left him just another face in the crowd. These words resonate, sparking a change in McIntyre as he transitions towards becoming a face and gears up for his colossal defense against “The Ring General.”
The two main event Night One of WM 40. Gunther & McIntyre have a huge hard hitting match. They light the hell out of each other with chops. But at the end, Gunther proves too much for true hitting a Last Symphony from the top rope to win his first World Championship in WWE.
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2023.06.04 04:54 Devonsterling123456 What if Vegeta Went to grab Goku before heading to namek? (Namek to Buu saga)

The idea of Vegeta stealing one of friezas flying saucers (with healing pods) and hovering above the hospital gokus in while all the other fighter's are on way to namek. Goku still in a body cast as Vegeta breaks into the room.
Since the saucers are faster I would think Vegeta get to earth before Frieza or z fighter's reach namek.
Vegeta would explain Frieza going after the dragon balls, know I think king kai would explain frieza's true power to goku and Vegeta. Since Vegeta wants to kill frieza no matter what. Goku would explain gravity ship but know there's doubt if they'd be strong enough. Goku has an idea but he needs to heal Vegeta would mention the healing chamber and goku would be good in a few hours.
Maybe chi chi makes Vegeta a meal while Goku is healing. (Knowing Goku there hoping food calms Vegeta down) once Goku is out he would mention the timchamber to Vegeta.
This is only being brought up do to friezas power being explained to Vegeta wanting to battle not move around frieza.
Similar to how Vegeta and trunks trained goku and Vegeta will be training separate. This is until Goku catches up to Vegeta. Goku would be adiment saying they would both grow fast. But unlike trunks I don't see Goku backing backing down from this. Vegeta reluctantly would agree. But kio Ken being a thing they may not have to wait.
Super was the first time Goku and Vegeta trained together and it showed they both push each other to get better.
I think 3 months on King kai was 20x and goku on his way to namek was a 9x we could give boku and Vegeta a high number. Knowing how crazy growth is in Namek saga
If we use 40x Vegeta would be at 1 million Boku would be be 400,000 if we went of his 1000 power level after zenkai. let's put Goku at a million as well do to him being able to catch up or effect of kioken.
If we used 60x is a million and half for both.
Know big question is if Vegeta would learn the kioken? considering main story probably not. This is where we have to ask considering Goku and Vegeta have extra time would they use there second day ? If this happens there is a good chance they Both get super sayian.
Again thinking of when Goku and Vegeta were training before they got blue they See the energy I'd think they'd both have a moment where they flicker gold shocking them both. Vegeta would know and explain what he thinks it is. Know this is an interesting concept because Goku didn't get it first they both did would Vegeta rivalry be healthier?
Vegeta would want to immediately go to namek but Goku would push to learn the form. We could have Vegeta leave without Goku. but Goku has pushed him this far so I could see him waiting.
Let's go the route of using chamber because king kai would encourage it. If we go the 40 again both Goku and Vegeta's base forms are at 40 million but considering super sayian training I imagine it be higher but let's use low ball for know.
Once king kai feels super sayian frieza would be done. Knowing the dragon team on namek would be slowing frieza down and if dr.Briefs increases Vegeta's ships speed they'd get to namek no problem.
Know if we have Vegeta stay on earth I don't see a future timeline unless we have Goku and Vegeta get the heart virus which could happen if they continue to train together. Know let's go with Gokus death events would be similar to original timeline uptell Android attacks Vegeta would most likely have mastered if super sayian if not recently gotten super sayian 2.
So androids are dead we skip 7 years some Big changes happen here depending on z fighter's training. If they haven't this includes Gohan if he never continues training he hasn't trained since namek. But since Gokus dead and we don't have goten let's have Bulla be born in the middle of the time skip.
Trunks and Bulla would be trained extremely well by Vegeta here. Goku would come back for a day as he does. Videl may put up better fight against Gohan do to him not training.
Everything goes same tell tournament except for Vegeta gets stabbed and who follows shin to Babiddi it would be Goku Vegeta and Piccolo not Gohan and krillin in this timeline. Piccolo turns to stone and so does Goku. Since krillin didn't follow. Vegeta would be mad but they'd sense Buu awakening. Do to this much stronger Vegeta he is awakened early.
Dabura gets eaten freeing Goku and Piccolo. Vegeta and Goku would battle Buu both super sayian 2 being near Buus level. Know piccolo would probably have trained with Goku even if he's weaker to his Canon kamicolo self he's unfused self would be stronger. Piccolo kills Babiddi.
Know Goku and Vegeta could probably kill Buu but there's a chance Buu spits and super Buu is born. Goku and Vegeta would probably discuss using super sayian 3 But not sure if they have enough time. BUU doesn't give them much time but Shin would save them piccolo manages to escape to look out with the rest of humans.
Not sure if Vegeta and Goku are alive Piccolo wamts to take Trunks and Bulla into the timechamber. Videl and Gohan may want to train since Gohan hasn't trained in years. They begin there two day journey. While Goku and Vegeta break the z sword in 5 minutes of getting to the planet.
Super Buu would be burning cities but remember he hasn't been promised a strong fighter yet. Vegeta would have his potential unlocked then Goku would Go. Vegeta would probably kill super Buu. So the timechamber crew come out after a day. Know there's a chance Goku is revived by elder kai. So we have a good end to Buu saga I may do super later. But Goku and Vegeta have there potential unlocked.
Do you guys have additional ideas or diffrent directions this could go?
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2023.06.04 04:54 Thisisanaccount2317 I have four Minccinos all in different poses

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2023.06.04 04:53 Scatter-Brains "About a girl"

My eyes slowly open and stare at the ceiling. My vision is blurry, my mind begins reeling. It's dark in my room, I dont want to be here. These days aren't the same since you've disappeared.
There's no more phone calls, or sharing our songs, so I stay in my bed, right where I belong. I don't want to eat, I just want to sleep, for if I stay awake, all I'll do is weep.
I'll admit, what I'm saying sounds weak and pathetic, but all of these feelings are true and authentic. You mean so much to me, I wish you would call, to say "I'm still here! You're just dreaming, that's all."
You brightened my day with each word you would say. The uneasier the heart, the more it will weigh. I question the sun, the wind and the trees, trying to see how you fell away from me.
I feel like a fool for falling head over heels, I wanted to see what taking a chance could reveal. At least I tried, because that's all I could do. This hurts so bad, I still care about you.
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