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A little grace needs to be given

2023.06.04 05:59 No_Fux_Given_2Day A little grace needs to be given

There are speculations as to who the mole is. There are been many accusations against Melissa tonight. I personally hope it wasn't her. With that being said, can we please give Melissa a little grace right now and refrain from making nasty posts about her. Her wife is sick, please allow Melissa to focus on that right now. There will be time for all this at a later date.
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2023.06.04 05:57 Wooden_Desk_2389 Advice for how to help my husband after he cut off his father

Hi there. Just as the title of the post says, I’m looking to get some perspective on how I, as a wife, can best support my husband as he has recently cut ties with his father and is taking it pretty hard. I’ll provide some background in the hopes that some of y’all have had similar experiences/can relate a bit more.
My husband lost his mother when he was very young. His dad never fully processed the loss, obviously it was traumatic for all of them. My husband enlisted in the Marines to cope. His dad remarried and got a whole new family to cope (new wife with three kids and a boatload of grandchildren)
Over the years, his dad began distancing himself. Getting rid of all belongings from his life before he remarried, taking down all the photos of my husband and his brother (replaced with photos of his new wife’s children), only talking to them on their birthdays once a year, etc.
Fast forward to the most significant events over the last two years. Two years ago when we got married, my husband and I were invited and then uninvited from Thanksgiving with his dad. It was a big thing, turns out it’s because he didn’t like my new Longhorn skull tattoo because he thought it was a pagan symbol (he went so far as to talk to his priest about it…I’ll let you unpack that one), and he didn’t want his precious grandchildren being influenced by a “devil worshipper” (mind you I’m a former special education teacher and all of their grandchildren love me…but I digress)
Husband and his brother tried to tell their dad that his behavior over the years, including this holiday debacle, was putting a lot of strain on their relationship and that they needed to fix this. They told him they felt abandoned. Their dad did nothing to change. Finally, on my husbands birthday this year, he couldn’t take it anymore. He ended up completely telling his dad off and he did not hold back even a little. It was brutal, but not out of line all things considered. The whole thing ended with my husband telling his dad that he can come to our house and apologize face to face so that this can be put behind us once and for all, or he was done. His dad once again chose to do nothing, so my husband has decided he’s done.
Grieving the actual loss of one parent is hard enough, but grieving the loss of another while they’re technically still alive has got to be even more of a mind fuck. I want to do literally anything and everything that I can to be supportive, so I’m wondering if any men out there have any advice for me (bonus points if you’re also a veteran who understands the struggle to show vulnerability/emotion)
Thank you in advance, I just want to help my best friend get through this 🖤
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2023.06.04 05:56 sister_moon1 My Story of Growing Up With Psychics and Mediums

This is a true story of my young life growing up with psychics and mediums and I believe it was a necessary experience for me to have, in order to adjust me to being a psychic and a medium, it is both a very fortunate, and an unfortunate story. I say it was fortunate because it gave me a strong foundation of knowing and believing in spirit, and a family that never doubted me when I began having psychic experiences, and of course it was unfortunate because I got to experience such things that most young children should not ever know.
I came to realise that spirits existed from a very young age because my grandmother, mother, uncle and his wife, my aunty, were all open to spirit in one way or another.
And we all lived together in the same home within the UK.
My cousin lived there too, he was my uncles son and he was 18 months older than me.
My earliest memories of the house was around the year 1967 when I was 3 years old. My mother had her back to me, she was sitting in a chair holding my new baby brother, and he was looking at me over my mothers shoulder and smiling, I was smiling back at him and I was very excited to have a baby brother, but sadly this joy didn't last long as he died tragically, when he was only 3 months old. Looking back now on that single memory, I often think of how old and intelligent his soul was for a young baby, to be aware of me at such a tender young age.
Has I mentioned, I was very young and the house we lived in was haunted by at least three spirits. I never actually saw any of these spirits myself, and I don't believe my cousin did either, but I heard lots of screams and screeches from my mother and my aunty, whenever they witnessed an apparition. !
My Grandmother was the sober, and less excitable of the adults, but even she had a few funny turns from time to time, and I often overheard stories of a young child that was seen playing in the garden (she was a girl) or of the red haired women that had been seen on the stairs.
On one occasion, I remember I was sitting playing in the kitchen, it was a bright summers day and my aunty and my mother were busy spring cleaning the house. The door in the kitchen lead into the lounge and there was an old wooden door to the right, when you entered the lounge that lead to the stairs leading to the upper bedrooms. The door to the kitchen and the stairwell door were both wedged open, as my aunty was busy brushing the stairs with the tall handled broom, the atmosphere was pleasant and happily busy, when out of nowhere, I heard a terrifying scream coming from my aunty, followed by running as she flew down the stairs, my grandmother was up and out of the kitchen and I overheard my aunty talking to my grandmother about seeing the lady's long red hair floating as she looked up from her brushing, just when it disappeared down the stairs.
There were a couple of other instances of the little girl being seen in the garden and the red haired lady on the stairs, I only ever heard my grandmother and my aunty talk about seeing them.
The most scary of all the incidents that ever happened in that house, happened when I was about 5 or 6 years old, and it had me terrified of the stairwell right on up until we finally moved out.
Before beginning this terrifying story, I do think I should mention that the house never had any creepy or eerie feeling and the overall atmosphere of the place was pleasant. I should also mention that my mother was a lazy selfish women, and this story is her experience alone, although, by default its mine too.
It was a terribly wet, windy day, it hadn't stopped raining all day long and now it was late in the afternoon and the shopping needed to be done for us all to have dinner. My uncle and aunty had moved out at this time, so there was just my cousin, me, my mother and my grandmother who was 70 years old that were still living there. My selfish mother did not want to go out in the pouring rain and so it was left to my grandmother to have to get ready to go, I did not want my grandmother to go out in the pouring rain, she was old and wind and the weather was very bad. I think I asked if I could go with her, but I wasn't allowed. I remember looking out the window at the grey sky and all the rain, worrying about my grandma, for what seemed like forever. then finally I saw her shadow arriving back and coming up our path, and I ran to the door to greet her.
When she got in the lounge she looked very ill and her poor face was ashen white, her coat and clothes were soaking wet and I was very sad to see her looking so ill, and my mother ran around to make hot tea and get her dry clothes and towels.
Much later that evening I'd fallen to sleep on the coach, and my mother was carrying me up the stairs to bed, she had nearly gotten up to the landing when I was awoken by my mother screaming for her mother on the top of the stairs.! I woke up and tried to look to see why my mother was screaming, but my mother held my head pressed in her chest, so I could not see anything, then I heard and saw my grandmother shouting and waving her umbrella in the air, has she came up the stairs to the rescue, My mother came down the stairs with me and that night we slept in the lounge on the sofa.
I don't recall when I heard them talking about that night, but I know I was still in the house as I was terrified to go up those stairs at night after hearing that, so I was still very young.
what I heard was terrifying. !!!
My mother said she was climbing the stairs the light on the landing was off, but there was a full moon out illuminating through the landing window, so it was bright enough to see as she walked up the stairs towards the landing, she said she heard someone breathing and has she looked up she saw a figure coming out of the spare room that was at the far end of our hallway, the figure was covered in hair right down to near the floor and she couldn't see its face, she saw it put it's hand on the banister rail as it was moving towards her, and she said the nails were long, yellow, and twisted around like a cork screw and she could hear the breathing getting loader as it was coming towards her
This is the point when I heard my mother scream for her mother, and she added that when grandma opened the stairway door it started to move back towards the room where it came from and finally disappeared just before grandma had gotten up the stairs, so grandma saw nothing.
I believe I overheard repeated pieces of conversations about this at different times, when grandma and my mother were talking in the lounge, unfortunately in those times the assumption was that younger children didn't really understand what you were talking about. but I did, and I was terrified I would see the same thing too, but no one ever did.
My grandmother concluded that it was her dead husband, my grandfather, that had scared my mother that evening for her wickedness of letting her poor old mother go out in such weather, and I have to agree, especially after having a psychic encounter with him myself years later.
It was not a terrifying encounter, but he warned me very softly but seriously of the dangers of dabbling with drugs and the effects it has on the soul when you pass, I understood then that my grandfather was the patriarch that kept the family all in check, and even after he'd passed on, he was still watching out of us.
It sounds very strange to say this, but besides all the things that happened, I did love that house and have some of my fondest memories there of when all my family were happily together, unfortunately there is only me, my cousin, and my mother left who remembers those days in that house.
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2023.06.04 05:48 GrandObvious3849 MIL making negative comments to me.

Hi all, I’ll try to make this brief- but please bear with me. I’m looking for some reasonable suggestions how to handle a situation with my mother-in-law or wondering has anyone else been through something similar? At 42 I recently discovered I have ADHD moderate inattentive/hyperactive. I have always tried to live a healthy life through good diet and exercise but I do enjoy treats too. I don’t typically keep the ‘good stuff’ in the house because once I actually open it, I finish it. As I now understand that’s part of my ‘all or nothing’ mindset and dopamine seeking satisfaction. I used to be a healthy looking weight, but developed bowel disease which actually caused me to gain weight (a less common side effect some people suffer. Yay for me!😒). I have also had periods of needing to be on steroids for my bowel which caused me to gain weight and it’s really hard to lose! But after all my health issues, and learning about ADHD instead of striving for ‘slim’, I’m more focused now on balance and overall health. Whatever size that may leave me, so be it.
My husband is a beautiful, kind, supportive man. He is my cheerleader, and always makes me feel beautiful. His mother is a bit ‘nutty’ but used to also be very kind and gracious towards me- making me always believe she was happy for me to be her sons wife.
Recently however, she has started making comments about my ‘size’. I am an Australian size 16-18. My husband has gained a couple of kilos, but also a significant amount of muscle as he is weight lifting some huge weights! At 46, I think it’s quite normal that he might become a little ‘rounder’ in the middle, but he doesn’t drink much alcohol, and we eat pretty healthy 85% of the time and exercise approx 5 times a week with weights and cardio.
It started at Christmas last year, she commented my husband has put on weight and looks pregnant (which is an exaggeration), with the veiled implication I’m feeding him, so I’m making him fat.
Then there was a comment that I shouldn’t worry, my husband has ‘always been attracted to big girls’.
Then another comment was that she was ‘my size’ when she was about 14yo and cut down her meal sizes and has been small ever since.
Then last week, we were at a family BBQ. I was talking with a nephew when a few other family members did a squat challenge to a song. It looked like it was pretty tough going for them, and I have never done this challenge before but I have been weight lifting for 13 years (I have pretty strong legs) and so I was curious if this would be something I could have done too. So I asked my husband (my MIL was near us) if he thinks I could have done it since we train together and he knows what I do in the gym. She butted in with a scoffing “Noooooooooo, hahahah”. He defended me and corrected her, telling her I would have been better than all of them as I’m strong and have really good endurance and recover quickly. She just said “oh” very disinterestedly.
I know I tend to be a little sensitive (probably partially because of the ADHD, and partially because of what I’ve been through with my body and the lack of control I’ve had over it through the years) but is this something? Am I overreacting? I don’t think she’s maliciously TRYING to hurt me, but why has she suddenly started down this path? We never had issues before, I used to even like her! Now I’m fighting back from giving her a tongue lashing she won’t forget. I even find myself having pretend conversations in my head so I can rehearse things I could say to her.
I don’t want to cause problems, she’s my husbands mother and he loves her. But I’m also not ok with how she’s starting to treat me. She has sometimes stayed at our place in the past for short visits (his parents are divorced and she’s on her own) and she’s has started saying she’s going to come over again soon but I don’t want here here in my safe space!
Help! How should I handle this???
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2023.06.04 05:38 MartyMcfly918 New Owner of a 2022 JCW

New Owner of a 2022 JCW
Just brought home this 2022 JCW. Excited to join the Mini group! Already bought a Dinantronics X for this little beast. I’m excited to get to modding but have noticed the LCI platform isn’t the best. Oh well, still loving the car!
The Alfa is my wife’s car.
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2023.06.04 05:37 ray0840 Need an advice on best route to go on with Divorce

Hi everyone, Lately things haven't been the same between my wife and I. We both argue on little things. She definitely has high anxiety that was stated by her family doctor. Her anxiety is effecting my mental health too. We have a daughter that is 1 year old. I'm gone most of the day since I work from 8:30-4:30. Best part about my day is spending time with my daughter once I come home from work. But weekends is hard for me since my wife and I argue and will fight over little things. I do not want my daughter to witness her yelling and screaming and slamming doors when she has stress and anxiety. Sometimes I wish I could just spend time alone with my daughter since she is so happy around my family. Anyways we both own a house together. She runs a wedding photo and video business. I been handling video side of things for business. But i do want a way out of this relationship. Financially it's been tough so I was hoping to have a reasonable rate for divorce. I live in Ottawa, Canada. Please let me know with any ideas you might have. I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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2023.06.04 05:34 Bronze_Age_472 (Spoilers Extended) A Red Woman, A Second Son (who would be a Usurper Uncle)

You know this story.
His name is Stannis. He is a second son. He is obsessed with his nephew, in particular this nephew's legal claims (to land, to wealth and power)*.
We the reader BELIEVE Joffrey is not legitimate, but that is not important. What is important is that Stannis is Joffrey's uncle. Joffrey is young (and the most vulnerable he will ever be in his life).
Stannis brings to the North a "red" woman. Men say she's essentially his "wife". She worships a foreign religion, alien and hostile to the gods of the North.
But he his not alone. As they say in star wars... There is another.
You know this story as well.
Tyrion is a second son.
He is also an uncle. This uncle toys with the idea (but as yet does not commit to the deed) of murdering and overthrowing his nephew. He considers the murder of Joffrey and placing an amiable younger brother who he could rule though instead. A usurpation... You might say.
While we the reader are biased FOR Tyrion because we follow his POV chapters, I can tell you as an uncle it is NOT NORMAL to think about murdering your nephew. And if you doubt that Tyrion is a would-be usurper Uncle... Why else was he reading about Valyrian machines of war IN PEACE TIME (Robert's reign has been peaceful for over a decade now)? This is a clear reference to Shakespeare's Richard III who says he cannot enjoy peace time.
Richard III's famous "Winter of discontent" speech
"...But I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks, Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass; I, that am rudely stamp'd, and want love's majesty To strut before a wanton ambling nymph; I, that am curtail'd of this fair proportion, Cheated of feature by dissembling nature, Deformed, unfinish'd, sent before my time Into this breathing world, scarce half made up, And that so lamely and unfashionable That dogs bark at me as I halt by them; Why, I, in this weak piping time of peace, Have no delight to pass away the time, Unless to spy my shadow in the sun And descant on mine own deformity: And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover, To entertain these fair well-spoken days, I am determined to prove a villain"
I admit however that this is subjective and that some uncles may have good reason to have these thoughts.... ;)
If we are to believe the results of his trial by combat, he succeeded in the murder of his nephew (for which he contemplated and threatened to do (before witnesses) and was formally accused).
Again, it does not matter if Tyrion ACTUALLY killed Joffrey. What matters is that he contemplated it. He threatened it before witnesses. And was accused. This puts him into the archetype GRRM has made.
What matters are Tyrion's incentives which place him in competition with his own young nephew. What matters is that Tyrion fits an existing pattern of second sons, who contemplate usurping their young nephews.
Lastly, Tyrion fits this pattern in another bizarre way. He married a red haired girl. A Tully girl to be precise.
The Bloodstone Emperor
The Bloodstone Emperor is a usurper. We know very little of him.
We know he usurps from his sister, the Amethyst Empress.
We also know he takes a Tiger Woman (aka a "Cat") for his bride...
Arnold Karstark
This uncle tries to usurp his nephew (the rightfull lord Rickard Karstark). He declares for Stannis on an attempt to get the rightful heir killed by his Lannister captors. Furthermore, once this rightful heir was killed it would make Alys Karstark the heir. She would then be married off to Arnolf's son.
We do not have many details about the Karstark family tree but it's highly likely that Arnold Karstark is a second son as well.
Arnolf is another example of these re occuring usurper uncles. For all we know he is also a second son... But we're not certain.
What's the point? What does all this mean?
J'accuse... Eddard Stark!
Who else took a red woman "to wife"? A Tully girl?
Who else took her North?
A woman with gods alien to the North... ?
Was she associated with "Cats" (You could call her a "Tiger Mom" by her personality type... Not for any weird reasons)?
Ned Stark... I accuse you of usurping your blood nephew Jon Snow. Or is it John Stark?
Jon Snow... Catelyn found it strange indeed that Ned declared the boy his bastard... "For all the North to see".
Jon Snow... They told you that bastards "grow faster" than trueborn sons... To hide your true birthdate...Jon Snow my boy, you know nothing... Not even your own birthday... Quite possibly you don't even know your true name...
Jon Snow... Who dreams of his place being in the Winterfell crypts... And not dragons or of Kindslanding or the Iron Throne... As would befit the son of R+L = J**.
Jon Snow... Who Catelyn and Ned Stark both dreaded as a contender for Winterfell against their own children. Why would they both dread this boy and his claims...? Unless they trumped the claims of the children of Ned and Catelyn?
Ned, Ned, Ned... You've been a bad boy***.
*I believe GRRM likes the usurper uncle trope. It's villanized in literature but it's very understandable from a human level. Consider; you are an adult man, a baby boy is heir to something valuable. Why not take it from him? He cannot defend himself or oven defend the thing of value (a lordship, a Kingdom, anything of value). You only have a small window of time to decide before the child grows to adulthood and the opportunity is lost forever. It's easier to understand than most "villains".
**Jon Snow has nothing in common with Rhaegar. No songs. No prophecy. He's a little angry at being a bastard but not Rhaegar's famous "doom and gloom".
***All these years I wondered how Ned was a "Grey" (morally) character. GRRM famously once stated he only makes characters that are a shade of grey. There are no black or white characters, just shades of grey...Just like real life. But how would Ned be grey? Unless...
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2023.06.04 05:25 lovehimorleavehim11 Need Some Clarity

Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can get some outside viewpoints to try and figure out if I'm being over-sensitive and selfish here, or if I actually have a valid reason to be upset.
So my MM (53) and I (38F) have been together 2 years. At 6 months he confessed his love for me, and since then he has talked about leaving his wife and our life together. Money is tight for him though, so there has been no headway towards that goal. He used to be amazing at communicating with me on our time apart, which made it easier to only see him 3-4 hours once per week. In the past year, however, he rarely texts or messages me, except for a good morning/good night text. We have had a few fights about his communication issues, and he will get better, but always goes back to not communicating.
So here is the main issue. His daughter got married yesterday. I have never met her, so it's obviously not a surprise that I didn't go to the wedding. It sucks though, because if he had started the process of divorce in the last 2 years, I might have been able to go as his girlfriend. But as he is still married, that didn't happen. He tearfully apologized to me that I will miss what is one of the biggest moments of his life, and acknowledged it was because he hasn't been able to divorce like he wants. Well, yesterday, unsurprisingly I didn't hear from him at all. He did call me for 15 minutes because he had to run to target by himself in the morning, and told me how nervous he was about his speech, and the timeline of the days events. I calmed him down, and he hurriedly said goodbye when he got home, telling me he would be thinking of me throughout the day. But then...nothing. No texts about how his speech went, how his daughter looked, no pictures of anything.
I know that I am probably being selfish and unrealistic in wanting him to take even a few seconds just to include me in any small way. He didn't even send me a picture of himself, let alone anything to do with the wedding. Did not tell me how his speech went, didn't tell me how it was seeing his daughter in her wedding dress. I felt more of a side piece yesterday than ever before. If someone loves you, wouldn't they want to include you in such an important life event in any way possible? You can't be there, well here are a few pictures/messages to let you know how it is going.
Am I being overly sensitive about absolutely no contact? I know it was a big day, stressful and busy, but absolutely nothing? I was devastated already that I didn't get to be there for such an important day in his life, and he obviously didn't seem to miss not having me there. Today he finally sent me a picture from the wedding, and told me that he thought of me often yesterday. But I can't help feeling that if he had actually thought of me, why couldn't he include me in some little way? If I am the love of his life as he says, it sure didn't feel like it. I felt like a discarded piece of nothing.
I feel like I may be over sensitive about this, as I am angry with him about his lack of communication and movement forward towards being with me legitimately. And maybe I was expecting too much to assume that he would want to send me anything yesterday, and he did call me in the morning because he had to run to target to get something for his daughter. But I feel like I was absolutely nothing to him on one of the biggest days of his and his daughter's life. So just trying to get some outside opinions on this, this feels like the last straw for me in this relationship. But I don't want to throw it away if I am being too sensitive.
I appreciate any advice :(
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2023.06.04 05:20 QUEENboooB Husband messaged my best friend.

This is going to be long I think so thank you if you bear with me. My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years. We’ve got a 3 year old and a 8 month old.
Before we got married he created a new Snapchat that I didn’t know about and snapped my best friend (who he was also friends with before we started dating). He said “shhhh don’t tell _____ (my name)”.
We’ll I didn’t find out about it until months later when my friend and I were hanging out and she told me. I was pissed, he said he was sorry and it’d never happen again. He said he was drunk and wasn’t thinking about anything. I told him he better never embarrass me or treat me like that again or I’d be done. He agreed and that was the end of it.
Fast forward to 5 years later, I’m 3 weeks postpartum, my husband and I are under a ton of stress bc we’ve just had a baby and we have a failing business and things are just looking pretty dark. We own a failing bar. Before I had a baby he was rarely interested in going to the pub but after I had the baby things suddenly changed and he “needed to be there for the business.” This meant leaving at night around 7pm and not coming home until well after the kids were in bed. As late as 2 in the morning. He’d get drunk and ignore my texts and calls. He also had his 9-5 job still so I was seeing him very little. He was also severely depressed and this was his way of coping.
I was struggling. Postpartum is hard and I already struggled with anxiety and depression so it was a pretty bad time. I cried all day everyday.
Fast forward to 3 month postpartum and I find out that my husband has messaged my friend (same friend) on Facebook. He said happy birthday, I saw your kids, I feel bad for my wife, hey what’s up. All innocent things except that he was messaging her while he was actively ignoring my texts and calls. She showed me her messages and I was angry so angry. I came home and confronted him. He said he hadn’t messaged anyone else but I didn’t believe him honestly. He deleted all his social media so I couldn’t look at it.
He felt bad, he cried and apologized. I told him I didn’t want him to sleep in the same bed as me and he slept in the living room. I can’t remember how long he slept in the living room bc I was so depressed and sleep deprived my memory is terrible. I really don’t remember if we resolved it or what happened but now here we are.
Our son is 8 months old now and I’m not over it but I feel like bringing it up now will do more harm than good? I love my husband and I don’t want to damage our marriage in any way. Maybe I’m looking for advice
A part of me is also taking comfort in the fact that he is capable of doing this to me. I feel empowered somehow? I’m really not sure what that’s about but I feel like maybe I came to the realization that he’s not perfect so it’s okay if I’m not (not in a cheating way but in an ‘I can’t make dinner every night or keep the house clean and that’s okay’ kind of way).
But a part of me feels like if we’re ever on the rocks again or if he’s drinking again or if he’s depressed again, he may message someone else and idk I hate that
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2023.06.04 05:16 Fit-Finger-6278 No frickin way!

No frickin way!
Automatic motorized pantographs that raise and lower depending on direction! What a cool bonus! Meet the newest addition to my collection, MTH Bi Polar “Little Joe”. (It ain’t so little!) Love that horn! And can there possibly be any more wheels? I can’t wait to weather it!
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2023.06.04 05:15 TranquilDev Non-mortgage loans in both names or one?

I bought a house last summer and since I was the only one working it's only in my name. My vehicle is also only in my name, other than ~10k on her car, our credit card and about $500 in student loans my wife doesn't have much debt with her name on it.
I'm thinking about trading her car in for something a little newer, her credit score should be good even though I haven't checked it in years. Is there any difference in our situation to just keep it in her name?
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2023.06.04 05:15 TheDrummingApe I have been collecting for a while but have no idea what I'm doing.

I have been collecting for a while but have no idea what I'm doing.
I've been collecting coins and random interesting tidbits for about 8 or 9 years. I have always enjoyed having a little "pirate booty" stored in my safe. To be honest, I find collecting to be much more fun than knowing what the fuck I am doing when I buy something or someone gives me a collectible. Any insight you experts can share would be extremely interesting to my wife and I. I don't think I have anything worthwhile but I hold incomparable value in it knowing that when I die, my daughter will have hours of fun someday thinking about me and researching my pirate booty and imagining the stories behind how I came across them.
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2023.06.04 05:13 SillyLilGoose123 My wife makes me feel unattractive

My wife and I have been married for 7 years. We are both in our mid 20's and besides this one thing I'm really happy in our marriage. My wife has a condition that makes sex difficult, even to this day we haven't had sex in a little over a year. I am okay with this as it's not a necessity for me to love her and how she makes me feel. She used to actively do things, like hand stuff and BJ's and things like that. I don't want to go to into detail and this become inappropriate so I'll just say alternatives to sex.
I've been trying to make it a big thing to tell her how beautiful she is and makes sure she still knows how I view her regardless of these things. Maybe a part of this is just me wishing we still had some type of sex life but mostly I just wish I felt wanted. I wish she felt crazy about me like she used to.
I really just want her to want to do things for me even though it's just for me, and maybe I wish that the idea of me enjoying these things made them enjoyable for her but she doesn't express interest in these things anymore. There's never any spontaneous moments anymore. I never feel like I'm attractive enough for someone to just want me. She never tells me I look good anymore, or compliments me unless I express that I'm feeling unattractive.
I also actively want to do things for her, I know penetration isn't a solid option but there are other things I can do and I want to do them but she always says no even though I offer often. I love going down on her but she isn't interested anymore. I know she still masturbates often but she wants nothing to do with anything sexual if it involves me. So now when she does do it every few months I can't enjoy it because I feel like it's out of pity or she is just actively wanting to be anywhere else at the time. She makes me feel like she doesn't enjoy it.
I just want to feel like my wife wants me again. Like I'm even a little attractive and I don't know how to communicate it to her anymore than I already have.
Edit: Apologies, Together for 7. Married for 5.
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2023.06.04 04:58 LayanDimplez I’m not Rihanna, so I don’t love the way you lie. I’ll block you

I’ve been dating a guy I’ve met online for the past 2 months. He charmed the heck out of me but lied about his whole life and background. Little did he know that my father’s family and his family were neighbours from the same home town and have known each other since 1954. All his lies were debunked within a week once I got suspicious about his unusual silence. Some were big lies and some smaller silly ones. Here are few of the lies he told me:
  1. He lied about his age and made himself 5 years younger ( from 47 to 42).
  2. Lied about his marital status (He’s still married).
  3. Lied about at what age he got married. Said he married at 22 and his ex wife was 18. They were 28 and 32 instead and are still married.
  4. Gave me a fake home town that is close to the town my father and his family are actually from.
  5. Lied about his family’s trade and pretended to be from a nomad family. His father owned a clothing shop and my grandfather was a business tax collector for the city council and used to collect taxes from his father’s shop.
  6. Lied about being financially well off and able to retire whenever he wants. He’s a professional working a 9 to 5, supporting a family of 5 and paying a mortgage Nowhere near financial freedom.
  7. Lied about having attended an Ivy League university in Boston/Cambridge area but actually graduated from a normal state university in the Midwest.
  8. Lied about his current employer and mentioned a previous company he worked for.
  9. Lied about his father being alive in his 60s and having a second wife a decade younger than me. His father passed away long time ago. His oldest siblings are in their late 60s as his father married few times. Some of his older siblings and cousins went to school with my father and were childhood friends.
I’m sure there are more lies he told that I can’t think of. What serious and silly lies did your narcissist tell during the love bombing stage?
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2023.06.04 04:53 Gotham_City_Mayor Nail Care Question

Nail Care Question
Hi! Posting for my wife because she’s a non-redditor. She’s trying to figure out why this always happens to her cuticles after she gets manicures. It’s annoying and those little pieces of skin can get so tender. Is it the cuticles being cut too short? Or is it there something else she should be doing?
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2023.06.04 04:50 LNG FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW: WE FOUND WAYNE! At the top of Tumalo Mountain!!!!

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW: WE FOUND WAYNE! At the top of Tumalo Mountain!!!!
The feeling I have is unreal. The best in the world. So story: I followed all the outdoorsy Facebook groups in Bend to post about him missing and yesterday on a hiking group page someone said that their husband hiked Tumalo mountain yesterday morning at dawn and he saw a scruffy little dog that barked at him and then ran away. He found it really strange and out of place so his wife posted about it. As soon as I saw that post when I woke up, I figured it had to be Wayne because I don’t know what other dog would be up there. So anyway, yesterday after seeing the post we hiked up but we didn’t see anybody. We sat there for hours. So we left and we decided that we would go again in the morning to put up a trail camera and a scent station. So we went up in the morning today and as soon as we got to the summit, we decided to sit down and take a break, and within three minutes of us sitting there, Wayne just runs up to us, like nothing happened, wagging his little butt. It was the most surreal moment of my life, I can’t even explain it. Just wanted to give y’all the good news!!!! Never give up on them!
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2023.06.04 04:40 cocacolavore Wifes

My wife and I (both ladies) both have EDs lmao. I can not talk about my ED habits because I'm better at it and can not be giving her tips and make her relapse even harder. Her relapse makes me relapse. She's a lot more open than I am, a little more of a 'braggy' kind of anorexic. I'm a 'secrety' one, you'd never know. Love her, we're in danger. Happy Pride Month!
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2023.06.04 04:40 BLACKWOODisbest Rodrik Blackwood, The Brute of Blackwood

Discord Username: RW#4211
Character Name and House: Rodrik Blackwood (pinging Lirabear for confirmation)
Age: 38
Appearance: Ser Rodrik Blackwood is a hulking, bulging, beastly man. He is near 7 feet tall and embedded in his skull are cold and beady black eyes. Rodrik's scared visage frames a permanent scowl and a hooked nose. His looks and imposing stature make the Brute of Blackwood an intimidating foe.
Gift: Monstrous
Skills: Swords, Knightly
Talent(s): Hunting, Tracking, Interrogation
Starting Title(s): The Brute of Blackwood
Starting Location: At the feast, along with the rest of the Blackwood party.


169 - Rodrik Blackwood is born, the final child of Lord Hoster and Lady Zia. Already a risky pregnancy for the aging Zia, Rodrik is a hulking and screeching baby. As he enters the world, tearing and clawing for freedom, his poor mother succumbs to a loss of blood from the procedure.
174 - Huge for his age, Rodrik bullies other children, ignoring rules and taking as he likes. His father neglects punishment for the boy in lieu of his own sadness at losing his wife. His only friend is his sister Bethany.
176 - Rodrik finally stops breastfeeding from his wetnurse
177 - Growing into a spoiled and impudent young boy, Rodrik easily bests boys of his age through his physical strength in lessons of martial skill. Neglectful of other lessons, Rodrik boasts and brags.
179 - in his lessons, Rodrik takes pride in knowing he is of the stock of the first men... perhaps the only part of lessons he takes seriously. He adheres to the old gods.
180 - Rodrik throws a kitten into the bakers oven. His sister is furious and slaps the boy, leaving a lasting impression.
182 - Rodrik is developing into an impressive fighter, but is known to disregard technique in favour of brute strength. When offered constructive criticism, he flies into fits of anger. The boy is already hefty and extremely tall for his age - in an already tall family.
184 - Refusing to attend the wedding of his sister, Rodrik instead remains at Raventree hall, causing trouble. Rodrik has grown into a huge young man, strong as an ox and with the temper of a lion.
186 - Rodrik rides to war, at the side of his brother Samwell. In the fighting, Rodrik callously charges enemy lines upon his mighty warhorse without any assistance, and Sam rides to save him. In the ensuing melee, Sam is killed, but Rodriks slaughters his foes, taking many wounds in the process. Offered a knighthood for his bravery, Rodrik refuses, as he still follows the old gods. He fights in many battles, his presence striking fear into the enemy at his great size and bulk. His grasp of tactics however, is severely lacking.
187 - Rodrik returns home from the war. Jealous of king Maelors marriage to Bethany, he refuses to attend the ceremony. He is wed to Serra Vance. It is a loveless marriage, with Rodrik secretly pining after his sister from afar.
187 - Rodrik returns home from the war. Jealous of king Maelors marriage to Bethany, he refuses to attend the ceremony. In an attempt to keep Rodrik from siring more bastards, he is wed to Serra Vance. It is a loveless marriage, with Rodrik secretly pining after his sister from afar.
191 - His brutality with the smallfolk and extortion of the poor earn him the moniker 'The Brute of Blackwood'
193-197 - Rodrik begins tutoring his nephews Tytos and Brynden in the ways of the sword. His style is at odds with his brother Roose. Rodrik pushes the two into a style of extremely agressive swordsmanship, while Roose teaches them proper fighting technique. Through the balance of teachings, the two become expert fighters. Rodrik and Roose, though very different men, develop a strange brotherly bond. His two nephews aswell, develop a twisted bond with their villainous uncle, who endulges them in any vices.
198 - Rodrik impregnates his wife, this time delivering a healthy baby, who he names after himself. The baby is as big as he is, and it takes a heavy toll on his wife. Rodrik is now content with his legacy. He also attends the wedding of Tytos, giving for a large sum of gold and trinkets that he extorted from smallfolk.
201 - Little Rodrik drowns in a freak accident while playing near the river. Rodrik hangs the nurse who was supposed to be minding him, and the already quick tempered man becomes truly and deeply violent.
202 - Rodrik accompanied his brother Roose, as well as his nephew Tytos on a hunt for brigands. At Pennytree ford, the small party was ambushed by a much larger Bracken force. Tytos was killed, and the Blackwood party narrowly escaped with their lives. Benjicot Blackwood places a bounty on the head of Raymund Bracken and his associates. Rodrik swears revenge.
204- Upon receiving word of Queen Bethany's death, Rodrik has a brutal tantrum that lasts a fortnight. At the end of his period of mourning, his own wife Serra passes under mysterious circumstances.
205 - Rodrik is an accomplice in the murder of Harry Bracken. Fleeing home to Raventree, Rodrik prepares for war, elated at the concept of spilling Bracken blood.
206 - Rodrik is remarried, this time to Alyssa Vypren.
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2023.06.04 04:40 Enemyinsid3 A split Position

Hello all. I'm currently looking for a game that my wife, my 11 year old nephew, and myself can play together. My wife enjoys games like Minecraft and a little to the left. My nephew enjoys games like Overwatch, Rouge Company, and general shooter type games. I have no preferences, I'll play anything.
We have tried Minecraft with him and he would rather kill the wildlife then build or dig. Terraria was fun for awhile but my wife refuses to play it. She particularly dislikes shooting type games because they make her anxious. As I said before, I don't care.
I know it sounds crazy but there has to be something we can all enjoy, right? I'd prefer it to be free or cheap and on Steam considering I'll be gifting everyone it. TIA
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2023.06.04 04:35 samsharksworthy North NJ

Do I have a chance? I feel like this might be the one of the toughest markets around and me and my wife are just normal people trying to buy a not shitty house for a not outrageous price. I'm feeling a little depressed about our chances of landing anything good. A friend of mine had his house double in value since 2020 but how can I justify paying so much more for for the same thing?
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2023.06.04 04:20 LeeCloud27 ACT 2-11-1: Ropeway to False Divinity

Over by the outskirts of the human village, a large chunk of land was burnt, singed, wiped of any living no matter how small it may be. This was due to the power of the supposed current Shrine Maiden. Though none of the buildings or infrastructure was damaged, it was still a sight to behold; a sight that seemed unbelievable to witness many months ago.
A bit further away from the sight of the charred land, the group consisting of Sumireko, PB, Ko, Rumia, Cirno, Satsujin, Mary, Gummy, Suika, Shanghai, Meiling, Wakasagihime, Youki, Kosuzu, and Kagerou. What had started as just one person, turned to two, then three, then eight, eleven, and now fifteen people. Each of them started their journey one way or another, but they all hope to end it the same way.
“We’re here.” Sumireko said.
Everyone looked up to stare at the foot of the mountain, tilting their heads until they could see what they believed to be the tip. The view up there must be extravagant, but there was no time to sight see.
“The ropeway should be somewhere around here.” Sumireko said. “It’s usually close by.”
“Do most people take the ropeway?” Rumia asked.
“Well, people from the human village do, since most humans can’t fly. But unfortunately for us the option to fly isn’t available at the moment.” Sumireko said.
“I still kinda wonder why we can’t do something as simple as that.” Satsujin said out loud.
“Perhaps it was because-” Wakasagihime began.
“ZIP IT!!!” Satsugrim shouted at Wakasagihime. “One more word out of you and I’ll turn your tail into sashimi and sell it for dirt cheap!”
That made the mermaid quiet. Not another word dared come out of her lips.
The group wandered around between the foot of the mountain and the edge of the village. It wasn’t long before they came upon what they were looking for.
An aerial tram, made of wood and nail and designed to resemble that of a shrine, sat on the ground with a small staircase that could be walked across. A bit further away was a small little sign, looking shabby and worn-down, but it was clear it was there to help keep people from trying to climb up the mountain by themselves. After all, what kind of person would be naive to scale up a whole mountain when there exists a much easier and less physically exhausting option?
The group got on, making sure to check if the ropeway was still functional, though they kept their expectations low on purpose anyways. Luckily everything was working. And after pulling the lever to go, they were off.
The tram began to move upward in a diagonal direction. Slow and steady it was, but that was all everyone needed for now. They had a lot on their minds, yet no one said a thing. Everyone stood around; either staying in the middle or leaning back on the rails of the tram, some even taking a look down the mountain.
The slight creaking of the wooden structure was all that was heard, with a slight breeze that blew. The ride wasn’t necessarily bumpy, but it wasn’t smooth as ice either. Even then, everyone remained quiet, not saying a word.
Sumireko stood a bit away from the railing, looking at everyone else to see what they were doing. Some were standing around minding their business, others looked at the landscape below; how far they were from the ground. Despite the mutual silence, she felt like now was the time to say something; anything really.
“...I remember the day when Inco first arrived at Gensokyo.” Sumireko spoke, drawing the attention of everyone who wasn't expecting anyone to say anything. “I was in the dream world, talking with Doremy when two people suddenly showed up out of nowhere. One of them looked like a kasha, while the other an angel. Then three more people appeared, one of them being Inco of course. Doremy and I fought alongside the former two figures, but upon realizing it was going to be a losing battle, Doremy sent me away with PB.”
“And ever since that day, I wasn’t able to enter Gensokyo anymore. I tried everything I could. I prayed at shrines, tried to locate where Gensokyo would be geographically, pulled out every single occult book I owned. But nothing… And I was alone. The only thing that I was physically able to do was focus on school.”
“It made me realize that… I didn’t have anyone outside of Gensokyo who I could rely on. Sure, I had my mom, but for the most part I confined myself up in my room playing games and browsing the internet. Before I realized it, I was preparing for an entrance exam to the university of my choice. It seemed like my life in Gensokyo had already ended, almost like a dream.”
Everyone kept looking at Sumireko as she finished, some thinking about what she said. And when it seemed as though everyone was going to go back to silence, PB spoke next.
“Even though I was deactivated when I came here to Gensokyo, I blame myself for what had occurred here. If it wasn’t for me, then none of you would have to be going through all of this trouble. Our universe’s problems were not yours to burden; you did not deserve this.” PB said.
Everyone had their eyes directed at PB this time as they spoke. But while they kept their gazes, Ko decided to speak up.
“U-Um… I still hope that… once all this is over, if I ever get the chance, I like to see my mom and my older brother again.” She said. “They both did their best to make sure I am still alive to this day. A-and now I’m going to make sure that I’ll continue to live for them. And should we ever meet again, I want to greet them with joy in my heart!”
After Ko finished, Satsujin spoke.
“I wish to find my brother again. From what I know he’s still in the universe where I came from. I hope to bring him over here so that we can live together, and not have to worry about the torment of our parents or the rest of our family.” Satsujin said.
After Satsujin, Rumia spoke.
“When I arrived here, all I could think about was trying to find Reimu, or rather my Reimu. It was the only thing that I could remember. But… Now I realize that she isn’t here, nor is Minako… I hope that if I ever see them again, maybe… we can be a family once more.” Rumia said with genuine in her voice.
After Rumia, Cirno.
“I used to be something called a SOLDIER. I would be sent out on missions to deal with monsters and other phenomena. My mentor Letty taught me everything she knew… But then something happened. An incident occurred, something that changed everything… That’s when I became a mercenary.” Cirno said. “But I wasn’t alone either.”
Cirno looked over at Meiling, giving her a smile. “In my universe, you and I were close. You ran a small bar and were an excellent fighter. You were someone I could always look up to, no matter the occasion. You were a ‘Big Sis’ to me, Meiling.”
Meiling’s expression widened a bit, with a blush that came after as she turned around while scratching the back of her head. “The me of your world sounds like a really nice person.” She said. Cirno laughed a little in response.
Now it's Mary’s turn.
“I think about what it might’ve been if I hadn’t been forgotten all those years ago. Instead of collecting dust I was actually used for what I was made for. The kind of people who might’ve used me in combat or honor instead of being kept as mere decoration for some Russian Mafia. But then again if I did, I would’ve never met Satsu.” Mary said, glancing at Satsujin momentarily.
“Ribbit.” Gummy croaked.
“Um… Gummy says that he is very proud to have met everyone. He thinks you are all great people. He wishes that he could be something equally great.” Ko explained.
“Ribbit ribbit.”
“Yes yes, here you go.” Ko fed Gummy some candy.
Suika decided to speak up next, as it seemed like everyone was bound to say something during the ride up the mountain. She pulled out the item which she’d been carrying ever since they left Hakurei Shrine.
“I have something to show everyone.” Suika said, pulling out the ring box. She opened it up, and inside was a glistening gem, bright like a star. Everyone was stunned to see the item, with the exception of Satsujin.
“A ring!?” Sumireko asked loudly. “Where, when and why do you have one!?”
Suika smirked. “I got it from Kourindou by pure chance. He said it was an item that people use to propose in the outside world. I got it right before winter ended, and I was planning on giving it to Reimu.”
“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!?!?!?” Sumireko went over to Suika and shook the Oni. “You mean you were going to propose to her! Why didn’t you tell me sooner!?”
Suika stopped Sumireko shaking her, looking her in the eyes. “Ahh! Stop it Sumireko! Geez… I didn’t want anyone to know at first, honestly… I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to.”
“Eh? What do you mean?” Sumireko asked. “Aren’t you and Reimu…”
“...” Suika’s expression turned into a slight sorrow, which was enough for Sumireko to get the right idea.
“You… aren’t dating Reimu.” Sumireko said. “She isn’t even aware that you did this.”
“Correct.” Suika said. “It sounds dumb, I know. But…” Suika looked back down at the ring in her hand. “I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try… Even if I’m not the one she loves most.”
After Suika finished, the ride went back to silence momentarily, with the sound of creaking wood and gentle winds. Shanghai thought about Alice during said silence, thinking about what her creator could possibly be doing, and whether or not she’s okay.
But again, the silence did not last, as Meiling spoke up.
“When Inco took over Lady Remilia’s body, everyone in the mansion was forced to do her bidding, else we risk losing her forever. I myself was tormented by her, used like a punching bag. There were so many moments where I felt like my life was at its end, yet I always heal back.” Meiling said. “But now, I wish that I hadn’t stayed quiet the whole time. If I knew what was going to happen, I would’ve asked for help, get Reimu or the Sages or really anyone who could face that demon. Maybe that’s what Remilia wanted instead of the months of torture we received, even if it costed her life.”
The Gatekeeper showed a level of guilt on her face, though it lessened when Cirno placed a hand on her shoulder, which softened her expression. When it seemed it was back to silence, Wakasagihime spoke up.
“I can remember the day when I was attacked by that man. He shouted something nonsensical, ‘sugondeez’ or something similar. If I had reacted sooner to his actions, then maybe I wouldn’t have been bashed by that rock he held. But instead, I was a literal fish on dry land.” Wakasagihime said.
After the mermaid was done talking, Youki decided to speak.
“Hm…I have been debating on whether I wanted to mention this or not to the rest of you. I only told the boy half of the story regarding the fate of my son, my wife and my daughter-in-law. But I have yet to mention the man who did it… The reason being was because even I myself was shocked when I found out the culprit, and I feared if word got out, it would forever tarnish the name.” Youki said.
“The name?” Satsujin asked. “Who was it?”
Youki paused, the silence returning for five seconds before he answered.
“He bore the title of ‘The Priest who even the Dragon God Feared’, Sendai Hakurei.”
And immediately, Sumireko, Satsujin and Suika quickly felt a striking moment of realization, remembering what they had seen deep inside that lab, and the man who spoke to them. None of them knew what to say about it. Satsujin was well aware of Youki’s backstory, so he believed him, as did Suika who was familiar with the ‘Shrine Maiden of Paradise’, the ‘Iron-Fisted Demon Shrine Maiden’, and even the ‘Blood Flower Maiden’.
Everyone else wasn't exactly sure what to make of that kind of information. They just remained silent.
Well everyone but Kosuzu.
“...Everyone I ever knew in the Human Village… Akyuu, Kiene, Mamizou, My Mom and Dad, my Grandfather… I don’t know what happened to any of them. I don’t even know whether they’re still alive or if they met the same fate as I. What if I never get to see any of them? What if they’re already dead? I just… want everyone to be safe.” She said with slight tears in her eyes.
The mood had turned gloomy. The mood had begun in an aloof setting, made its way up to being bright, only for a sudden drop in the atmosphere. Everyone couldn’t say anything else during the ride whilst they listened to the consistent creaking of wood, the slight sound of wind, and felt the gentle motion of the tram swaying.
Kagerou, being the newest to join the group, noticed how everyone was acting. She knew that they had already been through a lot as is, but also knew that letting it remain would be bad for morale and motivation. She had to say something.
“I know I’m new here.” She began. “I know you all have already been through a lot. But we can’t let the past, the mistakes, the failures we suffered through affect how we are right now. We should keep on moving, continue no matter how many times we get hit. There is nothing wrong with feeling down, but we shouldn’t let it decide whether we win or lose either.”
Everyone listened to her speech, and a few heads perked up. They realized that they shouldn’t be so down about the matter, knowing that bearing a mind filled with negativity would only hinder their progress.
“You’re right Kagerou!” Wakasagihime said proudly. “We should all think positively!”
“Stay Positive.” PB said. “That was a phrase someone I knew said many times every chance they got. We should all keep that in mind.”
Everyone else agreed, right as they had finally reached the end of the line, with the tram coming to a slow halt.
“Oh, we’re here.” Sumireko said. “That didn’t take as long as I thought.”
“Guess we should get off now.” Mary said.
They went over to the gate, which kept the doors closed. After opening it, they were greeted with a familiar face, staring up at them from the ground.
It was a half-cyborg cat.
“A-Amai!?” Satsujin asked upon hearing her.
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2023.06.04 04:20 ArthurMidian A Walk in the Park

You are out with your family having a picnic at the park. The sky is a happy shade of blue. Lazy whipped cream clouds glide above. You take a sip of your beer. It's a cold and bitter India Pale Ale - your favorite. Your wife is smiling at you. You smile back. She is beautiful with the sun's glow shining on her dark, curly hair and her pale skin. Now your kids have run off for some play. You remember the days when you could rush off and have fun like that right after eating. With the thought, a twinge in your back reminds you that you are getting older. Your daughter is chasing her younger brother down by a narrow creek bed. The smell of barbecue fills the air from neighboring picnickers.
A shriek pierces your ears. You stand up. "Moooooom! Daaaaad!" You feel your heart leap in your chest. Then, the sound of laughter. You turn to your wife. She smiles. She knows you always worry. "Come heeeere!" You and your wife head off to where your children call you from. You try to keep smiling to calm yourself down. Nothing is the matter. You've got a very minor heart condition that freaks you out on occasion. Deep down you know nothing is wrong, but that doesn't stop you from worrying. Everything is fine. As you crest the hill, you see your children holding something black. "Heyooo! Look what we found!" Your kids turn toward you and rush up to you. A small box turtle lies in your daughter's grasp, the shy critter's head withdrawn into its body.
"Come on now, Maddie, you should put that poor thing back. You're scaring it!" "Okay mom, ugh," your daughter replies. You wonder if this is an early sign of what is to come. Teenage attitude - your colleagues at the office warned you repeatedly what lies ahead.
You feel something slam into your abdomen. You look down. Your son is looking up and smiling, his arms wrapped around you. "I love you, daddy!" Your heart melts. With that, he runs back up the hill. "Can't beat me to the car Maddie!" Your wife laughs. "Well I guess we know who Joe's favorite is. What am I, chopped liver?"
You look down at the turtle that your sister put back into the creek. It has begun crawling again. Your daughter is running back up the hill. As you follow your children back up, you think about how you have a wonderful life.
Your mind wanders to current events and to what the future holds for your children. A good number of people these days think it's better to not even have kids because of climate change. Even more important - were we entering World War III? After what happened in Moscow last night, you can't help but wonder if this was really finally it. You feel your chest tightening as you recall just how close you live to Washington D.C.
You curse yourself. "I can never feel truly happy, even on a beautiful day like this with the people I love the most." No - All the terror in the world, all the evils committed throughout history by evil men - none of it can make you unhappy today.
You hear a tremendous CRASH. What the hell was that noise? A breeze has picked up. A hot air pierces the wind. As you finally reach the top of the hill, you see your children back by your picnic bench under the large elm tree. You smile at them. They are smiling back.
Another crash. Someone is screaming. Another crash. To your right, along the horizon, you see a red mushroom blooming. You turn to your wife. Her deep brown eyes confirm your fear.
A flash of light, then you are nothing.
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