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This is a subreddit to serve the traditional running mate role: drawing contrasts with the opponent. Sanders' supporters are proud of Bernie Sanders for running an issues-only campaign, but many are also frustrated by the issues of character and judgement left on the table, like conflicts of interest in accepting donations from foreign governments to the family foundation at the same time HRC was SOS with input on arms sales. Trump doesn't wear kid gloves, and neither does this subreddit.

2023.03.30 01:47 Pupwich Me and my sister

De is so much prettier than me. She’s a good body size, gets attention from guys, has amazing fashion sense and she looks amazing in everything she wears
I feel ugly compared to her. We are only 18 months apart (I’m older) and she denies how alike we look (people confuse us for twins).
She just looks so much more amazing than I do. I’m trying to lose weight and get skinnier and I just feel ugly compared to her. She has the most amazing wavy hair and I have thick ass straight hair.
I just hurts knowing she’s the pretty sister
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2023.03.30 01:47 hshzhsnnahsbs Partner chews with mouth open. I just can’t do it anymore but don’t know what to say.

I’m in a pretty good relationship with a very caring, loving partner. It’s been about a year or so and it’s really been great. However, they chew with their mouth open at every meal and I’m really starting to not be able to handle it anymore.
I haven’t been the best at communicating it. My natural mode is to just do what I can to not hear it. So I’ll eat at a separate time or put in headphones with a fan noise on blast. Just anything to drown it out. But I’m becoming tired of always having this noise machine in my ears.
They are not dumb. They see I wear these whenever we eat. They haven’t said much on it and they know I’m sensitive to some sounds. It’s just an extreme sensitivity. I lose it. I need to go sit in the bathroom for 45 minutes to calm down. I’ve mentioned I use them for my own eating sounds (which is partially true, although I can eat quietly). I can hear the eating noises a room over.
We did speak about it once. I said it’s a me problem, I can’t control it, I have misophonia and some sounds just cause me to break down. I haven’t however really ever put blame on them. I mean, it is what it is. It’s my thing and I need to maneuver it. One time I did mention that they chew with their mouth open and they immediately got very upset. Not that I called it out, but it’s a huge insecurity they have. I guess they were always told they ate loud at a young age and thought they broke the habit.
It wasn’t a big conversation but kind of something just in passing. I didn’t ask them to do anything different. But that’s the first time I did mention it. Nothings really changed though. It’s sort of out of mind. They aren’t being selfish, I just don’t think they understand the magnitude of this. I just can’t take it. I need it to stop. I can’t eat with them at certain points and sometimes want to hear the tv.
I’m not convinced they’ll stop or can stop. I’m not sure this habit can be broken. Does anyone have any success stories? I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want them re living this awful insecurity that clearly makes them feel awful, but i don’t know what to do. I really can’t and don’t want to end a relationship over something so small. It’s not even really a consideration. But can I do this forever? I’m not sure. It’s obviously unhealthy and I don’t like making people feel bad or insecure about something that’s not really their problem. But the only time we can even eat without an issue is when we’re out because of all the noise in the background.
I’m just not sure what to do. Obviously they know somethings up. I just sit in the bathroom until they’re done. We’re usually good communicators and we talk through and work through a lot. But this is feeling hopeless and I’m tired of every time they want to eat or have a snack that I need to reach for headphones. It’s just hard. I wish my misophonia wasn’t so bad and I resent myself for it daily. I just need it to stop but feel like I can’t do anything
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2023.03.30 01:47 Exciting-Standard-72 Thoughts on this capsule wardrobe so far?

I'll be living in an area with four seasons. Trying to keep things relatively minimal. I want a wardrobe that isn't too casual but isn't stuffy; I'm thinking a business casual blend. I will need professional clothes a few times a year. Thanks for any advice. I'm 20s, male


professional wear:

casual wear:

thoughts? am I missing anything? thanks for any advice. I figure I'll do laundry once every 1-2 weeks
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2023.03.30 01:46 TrippingStardust What do I wear??

I have my surgery tomorrow morning and for some reason I’m so worried about wearing the right kind of clothes there?? I’m planning to wear a button up/zip up for sure, but I wanted to ask if any of you had any recommendations of what to wear to and from your surgery. Sweatpants and a hoodie? Pajama set? I’d love to know. I want to be as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.
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2023.03.30 01:45 ArchiveSlave Stained Glass Ch. 3: Exhibition

(All my stuff is here)
Implacable had been a pleasant houseguest. As flirtatious as she was, she wasn’t the kind of person to leave things out of order or cause a mess that she would expect the owner to pick up. The most she did was tease others and flaunt herself, and if that was basis to condemn a fellow shipgirl, then Richelieu mused she would have to keep an entire book of condemnations, which would be a waste of time and would, at the very least, be a poor showing of a defender of a faith that preached love and patience.
One thing she did learn from the encounter is that it was getting easier and easier to know Implacable’s mind, or perhaps more importantly, her heart. Everything she did seemed to be filtered through her urges, so there was almost nothing she did that wasn’t tinged with eroticism. Richelieu had started to interrogate the idea that Implacable’s lewdness was a deeply held part of her being, and an inseparable part that was best left untouched.
Richelieu began to go through her mail with this on her mind, and she found an invitation to one of Queen Elizabeth’s Royal balls. Her majesty held these now and again, probably on the assumption that it’s just something a queen should do every now and again to show off how much of a queen they were, to be able to have such a thing arranged at the drop of a hat. It wasn’t really something Richelieu had much experience with herself- Her country had made it very clear on more than one occasion that kings and queens were not something they wanted to have.
She would go, of course. People on the base were always looking for some way to unwind, and even people who one wouldn’t normally expect to put on something fancy could find some way to get their hands on something fancy.
Richelieu looked through the rest of her mail, and found that there were only a couple of things of immediate importance. Her workday was effectively over, and if there weren’t any more pressing matters, she would simply spend more of the day with her cats. It was at that moment that someone was polite enough to actually ring her doorbell, so she had to go and answer it.
Algérie was standing there, wearing a smile. Of all of the visitors she could have had at this hour, she might have been one of the most welcome. The cruiser prided herself on cultivating a certain level of maturity, so she wasn’t going to be someone who would be cavalier about doing things that would stress her out. “Good evening, your holiness.”
She stepped aside to let her guest in. “Good evening to you, too. To be honest, I was hoping that someone might stop by, and it’s even better that it’s you. My sister is a rather intense person, and though I love her, I don’t think I would like to chance another argument at this hour.”
“Don’t you worry, I fully understand. Foch is off having an evening of her own, so I started to wonder who else might be free. And then I thought of our hardworking holiness, so I couldn’t help just coming by to see how, and what she was doing.” She looked at the mail on her table, easily picking out the invitation. “Another royal ball? Well, one thing you can say about the queen is that she’s certainly energetic.”
“With the addition of Implacable and other ships to their forces here, I think she has some excuses to celebrate.” Richelieu replied. “And it’s not as though the rest of us are going to turn down a party, are we?”
Algérie giggled. “I think that it took until the others saw you in that swimsuit that they began to understand what kind of person you are. Now, we knew about it even before then, but I think some people needed evidence they could see with their own eyes before they could truly understand our beautiful Richelieu.” She walked over and opened a cabinet. “You don’t mind if I pour myself a drink, do you?”
“You can go right ahead. And feel free to pour me some, too. Not too much.” She watched the cruiser go about the business of getting some glasses. “To be honest, the homeland sends me so much of it that I hardly know what to do with it all. You could probably take a whole bottle home with you, if you liked.”
“I appreciate your offer, but I prefer to make my own choices. You could donate some to Eugen’s bar, if you liked- I find it doubtful she would turn it down.”
“Perhaps.” She replied, and watched as the cruiser took her time going through each bottle before she found one that received her approval. “You look like you’ve been well, so I guess you’re not here to talk about some troubles.”
“Hm? I was just paying a visit. We are from the same country, after all, and it’s not as though we’ve ever butted heads with each other.” She giggled a little. “Ahhh, there we go. Sometimes people think that the most expensive wines are a good gift, but whoever had this one sent to you must have had an eye for quality.” She poured a couple of glasses. “…As does that royal woman who seems to have taken a liking to you.”
Richelieu pouted a little. “You…” She cleared her throat. “Ah… Well, Implacable does seem to have something she’s after, but I don’t think she wants me as a prize she can boast about to others.”
“Fair enough. But I think it was only a matter of time until you caught someone’s attention. If it wasn’t her, I’m sure that someone might be clawing at your door sooner or later, once they understood who you are when you’re away from the altar.” She poured a glass for both of them, and then walked over to hand one to Richelieu. “Here.”
She took it in one hand. “I didn’t know you had any kind of interest in my potential romantic life. I thought you’d confine yourself to your own pursuits.”
“Your holiness, the two of us live under the same roof. I don’t think I can escape hearing about what happens in this dorm.” She sat down beside the cardinal, and tapped their glasses together with just the lightest touch. “And I think about whatever I hear, especially when it’s about to happen to someone important to us.”
Richelieu took a sip from her glass. Algérie was right, and the cruiser certainly had her own eye for quality. “So, I’m assuming you’re here because you have an opinion?”
“No~” She said, and utterly indulged in the contents of her own glass. “…I mean it when I said I just wanted to see how you were. You don’t look like you’ve been stressed by this turn, and that is what I’m happiest to see. It’s not often that someone in your position for an outside stranger to approach you without seeking favor. At least, no official favor. It seems to agree with you.”
“…It does, honestly.” She replied. “…I don’t know if she’ll consider it, but I find myself hoping that she will also show up at this ball that Queen Elizabeth is throwing,”
Algérie leaned forward a little. “I see, and what might you hope to do with her, if she does show up? Especially if she’s in that nun-inspired dress she wears practically everywhere?”
Richelieu blushed a bit. “…Whatever my mood takes me to do, I suppose, but I’m not going to leave her alone in the corner, if that’s what you’re asking.”
“I figured you wouldn’t, but I’m sure you don’t really mind you might get some looks. You’re like your sister, in that you’re a woman of strong beliefs.”
Richelieu sighed a little. “If people decide that be keeping company Implacable is worth clicking their tongues over, then I shall have to prepare a very special sermon for the base after the fact about the callings of the faith.”
“Hehe, no doubt. Anyway, I’m not here to have an opinion on what you’re doing, just seeing if what you’re doing has treated you well.”
The cardinal sat back, and smiled. “Since fair’s fair, why don’t you tell me more about how you’re doing?”
Algérie giggled. “Oh, you want to hear about that? Well, why don’t I just tell you all the ways that Foch is just the most delightful little housemate~”
Richelieu was quite comfortable with going to Queen Elizabeth’s ball. Even though her majesty tended to use these occasions to boast about the ability and achievements of the Royal Navy, there wasn't much difference between what she was doing and similar events held by other countries. All that was really differed was the level of ostentation, as well as how many maids happened to be involved. In fact, she began to wonder what would happen if such a ball happened back in Paris, and figured that it wouldn’t be any less extravagant.
Richelieu didn’t even have to change much about her regular appearance to fit in to such an event, as the only alteration she made to her normal attire was to wear a longer skirt for the occasion. She didn’t really need to go all out, or even refrain from wearing something revealing. After all, the dresses worn by Massachusetts and South Dakota for formal occasions like these seemed to pass social muster, so there wasn’t much she could do so seem out of place as long as she didn’t show up in her casual sweater and pleated skirt.
It didn’t take long for her to get herself in order, as she was quite used to keeping up outward appearances. She welcomed dressing up, as it tended to put her in the right frame of mind for whatever she was going to do- When she put on her swimsuit, it immediately put her in the right mood for fun at the beach. When she put on her new year’s dress, it was hard to think of anything other than enjoying a festival with the others.
And for now, it meant she was just going to enjoy the celebration, as well as the excellent cooking of the Royal Maids.
She looked at herself in the mirror after putting on her earrings, was satisfied with what she saw, and then headed over to the Royal dorms.
She was greeted in front by Belfast, and conducted herself inside under the lights and fixtures of the royal ballroom that her majesty had insisted on building. An open floor, a buffet, plenty of room for anyone and everyone who wanted to dance, and the maids ready to serve. Southampton had been pulled into conducting the manjuu band for the moment, but she would be able to escape those duties once she had gotten them in order. Richelieu herself found that, over time, the Royals had managed to learn to adjust the lights to not be too bright, as someone had explained that dazzling the guests was only a figurative aim.
The first thing the cardinal did was grab herself a glass of wine while exchanging the usual pleasantries to whoever wanted to say hello to her.
“Heeey, Riche!” Came a cheerful voice from someone who wanted to do more than just say hello. Even if Hornet was something of a stranger, she would still find it in her to find the union carrier amusing, and even found it in her to admire the fact that Hornet would never surrender her sense of fashion for anything. She was probably the only person she knew who would find a way to incorporate hotpants into formal wear. “…Waiting for someone?”
“Maybe I am.” She said. “And you?”
“Enty feels she has to show up to things like this. Or that’s what she says, but she’s always liked to find something to do that’s not fighting. And York also wanted to come because she likes the wines people always seem to show up with, so...” Hornet blushed a little. “Well, maybe I’m here to also make sure that Yorkie finds her way home all right. Once she ended up accidentally following Rossiya home.”
The cardinal hmmed. “On the face of it, that doesn’t sound too terrible. Rossiya is also responsible, so I don’t see something like that turning out poorly.”
“Yeah, but she just takes things at value sometimes. She just assumed that Yorktown going to bed with her was part of some kind of deep training program.” Hornet shook her head. “Buuut, that’s a whole other thing. Mind if I wait with you?”
“There’s no telling if she’ll show up.” She hmmed. “…But I won’t stop you.”
Hornet giggled. “Thanks. I’m just waiting for Northie to show- I think she’d knock it out of the part if she found something fancy to wear, ‘cause you’ve seen what Massachusetts and South Dakota look like when they put on their duds, right?”
“It’s… Difficult to forget.” She said. As much as those two were mainly focused on their strength and protecting others, those warrior women also looked splendid in their formal wear. Some might say it was almost unfair to everyone else. “As much as they feel out of place wearing such things, it’s easy to see them turning heads.”
“Ahh, yeah, I know, right?” She blinked. “So… Who are you waiting to see, anyway?”
“Hm?” She didn’t even hesitate. “…Just staying a moment to see if Implacable shows up here. It could go either way- Either she doesn’t find a setting like this to be intimate enough, or she isn’t worried about making a spectacle.”
“Haha, I get it.” Hornet then stretched, Richelieu’s eyes darting over to watch the fit carrier do so. Richelieu was starting to think about Algérie’s words from before, and began to wonder who else she might have caught the eye of, if not Implacable. It was merely a thought exercise. “…But seeing as she’s part of the reason we’re even having this in the first place, it’d be weird if she didn’t. And she doesn’t exactly seem shy to you, right?”
Richelieu blushed a bit once more. If anything, Implacable might not feel she was being ogled enough. “That is true…” She took a deep breath as she thought about the ways that the royal carrier liked to draw attention to herself.
“Ahhh, I get it!” Hornet put on her widest smile. “…You actually like her, don’t you? Don’t even worry about what I think about it, just you do you, okay?” Her eyes roamed around the room. “Oooh, there’s Northie! See you later~”
Richelieu finally treated herself to her wine, and found a place to set the empty glass, and it wasn’t long after she finished up her drink that Implacable showed up.
The woman was still dressed in her own version of a nun’s getup, and it was under the light of the ballroom that Richelieu finally registered exactly how bare the carrier’s outfit was. The woman’s detached sleeves made it look like there was far more dress than was actually there, in the front, in the side, in the back… All around. There was some formalwear that the others favored that could be just as scanty, but tonight her focus was Implacable.
And Implacable returned the favor.
She smiled, and walked over to Richelieu with that eye-catching sway to her hips that even Richelieu couldn’t really resist watching, if only because of how naturally it seemed to come to the woman, and she seemed to make her way across the room as if there wasn’t even a crowd at all. It didn’t take much more than an effortless stroll for the voluptuous carrier to find herself in front of Richelieu. “Hello again~. Fancy a moment, or his her lovely holiness already spoken for, as far as the evening goes?”
“I think I’m willing to give you more than a moment.” She smiled. “I thought that if you chose to show up, I might have your company?”
She giggled. “Oooh, has her holiness gotten a taste for courting scandal? If so, consider me an eager participant.”
“It’s not something that should be as scandalous.” She shrugged. “If they see it that way, then there’s going to be some very pointed preaching in everyone’s future.”
Implacable took one step closer. “Mmm… You’d do something like that for my sake? How sweet of you. I knew you were a kind person.”
Richelieu’s blush remained small but became a darker shade of red. “It’s… It’s not just for you, it’s for anyone that follows you that may seem a bit odd in some way to others. If being around you was sinful, that would have some rather earthshaking implications for the foundation of the faith, considering the company kept by our savior in his living ministry.”
“Well, we can’t have that, can we?” She looked at Richelieu. “Now… Won’t you make me your date?”
“Of course.” She put an arm around Implacable’s waist, and she felt the carrier shiver in delight under her touch. It was impossible to avoid touching bare skin no matter how she chose to hold her companion, so Richelieu decided to just go with it- After all, it did seem to be the kind of touch that Implacable wanted. The carrier even briefly snuggled up to her.
“Ahhh… It feels like you wear gloves all the time to keep your hands warm for others… I like it~”
The cardinal couldn’t help giving the carrier a friendly squeeze. “Thank you… I want every part of my presence to feel welcome.”
“Ahhh~. But don’t worry, it’s not like I’ll post a review all over Juustagram of her holiness’s warm, graceful hands.”
Richelieu went around the room with her date in tow, the cardinal giving the usual greetings while Implacable would give a little wave to whoever the cardinal ended up talking to. It wasn’t long until Seattle and Southampton got the band in tune, and Implacable tilted her head to listen. “Ahh… People here always seem to make such lovely music of all kinds. I wonder how many of us share this gift. But, I wonder what you will do?”
“The only thing to do in a ballroom, when there is music appropriate for the room.” She took one of Implacable’s hands in hers, and led her onto the dance floor.
It became very apparent that her partner wanted to hold her close. Or be held close. One of those. But either way it resulted Richelieu being pressed by Implacable’s substantial curves, and she had to steel herself to avoid looking like she was getting hot and bothered by the physical friendliness of her dance partner. She wasn’t entirely successful, wearing her blush the full time they were together on the dance floor.
The carrier giggled. “Hehe… People are looking. But you don’t seem to mind.”
Richelieu shook her head. “I don’t think I can bring myself to believe that anyone would mind. Besides, if they want to misunderstand me, then they are free to do that. I can always educate them later.”
“Oooh… Well, I’m sure you don’t plan to educate them the same way that Chapayev might.” As close as they were Implacable was taking great care not to step on her partner’s feet. ”Mmm… Everyone has their own reason for pursuing physical touch… Now, what’s yours, that you would hold me this close? You didn’t even flinch for a second.”
Richelieu cleared her throat. “I won’t say I haven’t been curious, but in your case it seems to give you comfort, and, like the others here, I want you to be able to live a fulfilling life. And this seems to be at least a part of what that means to you.”
The carrier then leaned in. “If I were to offer myself to you, then, would you accept it, no strings attached?”
Now, that is what it took to turn Richelieu extra red, and she shook her head quickly to regain her famous composure. “Ah… That’s a heavy question to ask.”
Implacable giggled. “You don’t have to answer it now, of course, but there may be a time when you’re going to have to have an answer ready on your lips… One way or another~” Implacable then decided to discreetly grind her hips against Richelieu, mixing it so easily into the dance that the cardinal really was the only one who knew it had even happened.
Richelieu was now completely wound up, her heart beginning to outrace her head. As much as she was off the clock at this time, she wasn’t about to let someone fluster her without a response, as well as let this woman know she wasn’t going to surrender the initiative to a foreign carrier. She breathed in, and gave Implacable a kiss on the lips in front of everyone. Implacable shuddered in a mix of surprise and joy, and Richelieu pulled back, only really registering what she had done after the fact.
It did have the desired effect, though, and Implacable put on a warm smile of her own. “Ahh~ I know that wasn’t your answer, but… I still feel as though I’ve been blessed by her sweet holiness. I’ll remember that, when I think to give you some blessings of my own.”
After that, Implacable decided to let Richelieu take the lead on the dance floor.
The rest of the party proceeded largely the same from there. Queen Elizabeth gave a speech, as it was a privilege of her position, and it wasn’t that much different than speeches Richelieu had heard before from any kind of leader she could name. But she wasn’t really done with her companion, and the reverse also seemed to be true.
“Not interested in calling it a night?” Richelieu began.
“No, not yet. I just wanted to have time with you away from the crowd- All to myself, perhaps.”
Richelieu walked along with her. “Nothing wrong with that. It’s no problem with me to have you as company.”
“Ahh… You made that quite clear.” She put her hands behind her back, and kept her eyes on Richelieu. “I think I’ll walk you home, and leave at that. As I said, there’s no need to rush.”
“Of course.” She smiled. “It’s unusual to meet someone like who’s willing to take their time.”
Implacable giggled. “Are you disappointed?”
“Not at all… I’d guess you’re just as curious about me as I have been about you.” She had a stretch. She did want to just lay down after a socially demanding evening. “…And I don’t think I’d respond as well if you walked into my church and decided to ask to just jump into bed with me.”
“It’s true, I wanted to know more about you.” She said. “I wanted to know what made you flustered, how fast your heart beat when you were in close company, and more besides, slowly enough to savor every little bit I learned.” She gently bumped her hip against Richelieu. “I was happy to just soak in everything I could find about you.”
Richelieu found herself putting her arm back around Implacable’s waist. “You know you make me blush… And as for that question you asked, I don’t think I’ll have an answer for you until something like that happens. But… I think I would like to find out together, once you’ve found out everything you want to know about me.”
She gave Richelieu a kiss on the cheek. “Mmm… For now, my curiosity is satisfied… We’ll see about everything else later.”
The two of them parted ways once they reached the Iris dorm, but they would not remain apart for long.
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2023.03.30 01:45 cetacean-station Partner questions the way I do things, doesn't understand why it bothers me

Hi y'all, i could use some advice/insight. My partner (autistic) & I (ADHD) have been together 12yrs. We've always been very different, and have managed it well, but lately we've developed this dynamic that's really hard for me.
He asks questions about nearly everything I do; things like, "why do you want to do X in that way?" Or "why are you taking this route home?" These are open-ended questions, and as far as i can tell, he's genuinely seeking an answer. He has made it clear that he is not criticizing me, and while i don't understand his perspective, i do believe him. He is simply asking because he's either curious or confused, and trying to understand where I'm coming from.
But yooo, on some real shit, i need him to chill out. I don't know how to get that through to him, in a way that doesn't feel censoring or disconnective. He doesn't understand why i find it annoying, so he doesn't know when to not ask questions. He just asks whenever he's curious, which is often. Then i get defensive, cuz i feel criticized, and then he's confused about my defensiveness. When i explain that the question itself is the reason,he feels defensive because he wasn't actually criticizing me. The whole situation ends up causing us to withdraw from one another.
The reason I find the constant questions annoying is because my parents regularly criticized me for the way i did things. They would often ask me to spell out why i was doing it my specific way, as if i would simply understand the grave error of my ways if I tried to explain my ridiculous logic. But i often didn't understand, so they would shame/ridicule me for not knowing the "right" way.
I get that my partner isn't doing that. I also get that he's unable to understand why people feel certain ways, if he hasn't personally experienced those emotions. But I'm feeling pretty helpless. I feel like he doesn't see me. I feel like he doesn't understand what the issue is, simply because he doesn't understand why the constant questions hurt. I know he's not trying to be hurtful, and of course I want him to ask questions if he's confused about something. But it's so frustrating that he never seems to accumulate any knowledge on this issue.
Can anyone help me look at this situation differently or something? Ngl i feel pretty lost about it
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2023.03.30 01:44 xorox11 Detailed Nullifier Guide Thread

Hello fellow folk of TrueDoTA2, I decided to make a post about Nullifier because I think this item is criminally underrated by most players, especially in brackets below Legend/Ancient, also its worth noting Nullifier got changed multiple (?) times since its release so there might be people who isn't exactly sure what is the main purpose of the item currently.
Firstly, lets look at the stats Nullifier bestows.
Nullifier gives +20 more damage than its component Sacred Relic, and +4/+1 armohealth regen than Helm of Iron Will, despite NOT having a recipe, meaning you get a free +20 damage, +4 armor and +1 health regen for FREE once you combined the components, its is exceptionally rare for items to give much more stats than its components if they don't have recipes in dota, so Nullifier by default is a pretty worthful item.
Before proceeding forward, please note Nullifier is an item designed for core heroes (pos1/2/3), not for supports, avoid buying it on supports under regular circumstances.
Lets take a look at its active, Nullify.
So basically, when you cast Nullifier on an enemy, if the projectile hits the target, they are debuffed for 5 seconds, and this debuff cannot be dispelled by ANY means, it also pierces BKB so once enemy is affected by this debuff, its impossible that they get rid of it, and as the description states, the debuff placed on enemy constantly checks the status of the target and dispels any dispelable buffs, so you don't need to wait until enemies pop Ghost Scepters or any other dispelable ability/item before you use Nullifier, using it when initiating is enough.
Other details that are worth noting:
Now I'm going to list ALL (big apologizes if I miss any) hero abilities or items that are countered by Nullifier (abilities that are dispelable by a basic dispel, while also being self buffs):
I will also put a " " symbol on abilities/items that I think are worth using Nullifier in most situations, the more stars I put on them, the more I value Nullifier against those abilities.
Please note that some abilities may be undispelable with certain talents or agh/shard upgrades and I might miss on them.
Abaddon's Aphotic Shield (when the shield is dispelled, it immediately explodes, dealing its usual expiration/max absorption damage)
Alchemist's Berserk Potion
Brew's Cinder Brew
Brew's Storm Cyclone (doesn't matter as it cannot target allied units)
Centaur's Double Edge (Centaur loses all strength he gained via Double Edge's Agh Shard upgrade, and immediately loses any new stack upon acquiring as long as Nullifier's debuff is present)
Clockwerk's Jetpack
Earthshaker's Enchant Totem
Elder Titan's Astral Spirit
LC's Overwhelming Odds (both the move speed & agh shard armor bonus)
LC's Press the Attack
Mag's Empower
Mag's Reverse Polarity STR Bonus from agh shard
Marci's Sidekick
Marci's Rebound (move speed buff)
Omniknight's Heavenly Grace
Omniknight's Guardian Angel
Primal Beast's Onslaught (it surprised me greatly seeing PB not being able to charge forward when affected by Nullifier, it seems Nullifier counters PB so hard since it pierces BKB and removes his damage output from Uproar too)
Primal Beast's Uproar (tooltip states its undispelable but it refers to the 1-5 counter instead of damage buff when granted upon activation)
Slardar's Guardian Sprint
Snapfire's Lil Shredder
SB's Bulldoze
Sven's Warcry (is undispelable once he has agh shard)
Treant's Living Armor
Anti-Mage's Counterspell
Bloodseeker's Bloodrage
Drow's Gust (removes move speed buff)
Ember's Flame Guard
Gyro's Rocket Barrage
Hoodwink's Scurry (this is instead of if HW has +40% Scurry Evasion and you don't have any way to pierce through evasion.)
LD's Savage Roar buff from agh shard
Mirana's Leap (atk & move speed buff)
MK's Mischief
MK's Jingu Mastery (when you are broken, your soldiers can still stack Jingu if you have agh scepter)
Pango's Shield Crash
PA's Phantom Strike
PL's Phantom Rush (normally it would be but since its extremely hard to use Nullifier on real PL I won't put any stars on it)
Sniper's Take Aim
Sniper's Concussive Grenade (he pushes himself only very slightly if he is Nullified)
Spectre's Spectral Dagger (this interaction is ultra weird because spec constantly loses and gains move speed when she is walking through Shadow Path while Nullified)
TB's Demon Zeal
Ursa's Overpower
Chen's Penitence (this is also weird because even though Penitence debuff is still present in your hero, Nullified target attacking you won't benefit from the attack speed bonus)
Chen's Hand of God (heal overtime is dispelable)
DS's Ion Shell
DS's Surge
Disruptor's Thunder Strike (atk & move speed bonus granted from agh shard is dispelable)
Grim's Ink Swell (immediately explodes if dispelled)
Invoker's Alacrity
KotL's Recall
Lesh's Nihilism
Lich's Frost Shield
NP's Wrath of the Nature (extra dmg is dispelable)
Necrophos' Ghost Shroud
Ogre Magi's Fire Shield
Ogre Magi's Bloodlust
Oracle's Fate's Edict
Oracle's Purifying Flames
Pugna's Decrepify
Storm Spirit's Overload (this would be if Storm wasn't so difficult to use Nullifier on, as his ult disjoints projectiles and makes him untargetable)
Techies' Reactive Tazer
Tinker's Defense Matrix (so the f***er doesn't get to use Rearm + Blink in middle of a chaotic clash)
Grave Chill (only removes the atk and move speed bonus of Visage, doesn't remove the debuff from yourself)
Void Spirit's Resonant Pulse
Warlock's Shadow Word
Windranger's Windrun
Zeus' Heavenly Jump (+30 move speed after H. Jump talent)
(I'm going to skip consumables such as Healing Salve or Clarity as they are irrelevant)
Mask of Madness
Glimmer Cape
Force Staff (since FS takes 0.5s to travel full distance and Nullifier dispels every 0.2 second, enemy will be pushed slightly forward depending on when they used Force Staff)
Eul's Scepter
Medallion/Solar Crest
Wind Waker
Ghost ScepteEblade
Boots of Bearing
Crimson Guard
Aeon Disk
Hurricane Pike (Pike still pushes full distance if the user uses it to push both themselves and the target, it behaves the same way as Force Staff if its cast on self or an ally)
Arcane Blink
Swift Blink
Book of Shadows (Book of Shadows turn target into untargetable state, but if target is already affected by Nullifier's debuff Book of Shadows is dispelled)
Trickster's Cloak
Closing words...
Keep in mind Nullifier is a situtional item, it isn't a mandatory item for any hero in the game, but its a very valuable late game item that can decide the fate of the game.
The earliest you can buy Nullifier is as a 3rd item, but mostly you want it as a 5th or a final item when enemy supports actually get farmed and they can afford items to save themselves and get their spells off.
Heroes that can make the best use of Nullifier are:
(The ones with the stars are excellent Nullifier buyers and they most likely want it on their 6 slotted build in most games)
Lifestealer ( )
Marci ( )
Night Stalker
Faceless Void ( )
Juggernaut ( )
PA ( )
Riki ( )
Spectre ( )
TA ( )
Ursa ( )
If you have any further questions, or found that I've stated something false, let me know in comments, hope this thread was helpful.
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2023.03.30 01:43 ThrowRA77163 23m she’s 22f, thought she had cancer.

Crazy relationship story
So I don’t know how much I can go into depth but I’ll try. I just got out of a 2 1/2 year relationship where she was living with me 2 of the years. I was told she had cancer about 4 months into dating. I have always been working and I really thought she was my best friend. We would do everything together and we went on some wild adventures because I was working my ass off to spoil her. (Busch gardens, Miami, cruise, dinners, but also not expensive things like fishing all the time at the beach.) Basically this went on for two more years until 2 months ago when something clicked and I suspected she was lying. (My family told me some shit.) I confronted her about it and she admitted she never had cancer. I had to kick her out while she was crying throwing a fit grabbing onto me trying to stop me. Her parents were in on it, I’ve talked with them about getting a better specialist. (The parents are rich as fuck, they bought my ex a 2020 Mercedes c300.) She would say she’s getting chemo and I’d be working and she’d sit in the parking lot of a drs office for two hours. She had other health issues so we were in and out of drs but she had several prescriptions. (Like metropolol for heart and acid medications) it’s crazy because i just recently went to pa with her parents to meet her family to escape ian, and a cruise. There’s so much more to it but it could be a whole Dr Phil episode.
Edit: in her defense she comes from the most evil family I’ve seen. I’ve seen some shit but not like what’s she’s described but who knows what’s real at this point. If what she says is true the grandma raped her, the cousins as well who slept with their parents until they were 18. Her parents told her yo shut the hell up about it because her grandma is rich as fuck. Her dad also has for sure beaten the shit out of her because I saw the mug shot. Ironically they’re all Jewish and the grandma is the “practicing” one. Acts religious, very dark family. Not an excuse for the shit she pulled at all but it’s a little bit of background. (I’m Christian I have nothing against Jewish people nor any other religion.)
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2023.03.30 01:42 nameisEmery Best position duo on the Detroit Lions?

Shout out your favorite duo on the squad (to date).
There's two that definitely stick out to me, but both pairs haven't played enough to know for sure...
On offense, St Brown and Williams-- the potential with these two is sky high.
On defense, the same can be said for Joseph and Walker III. I think Tracy Walker being back for the beginning of the season is seriously underrated, as it indirectly gave Kerby Joseph so much playing time, and we know Walker is a special player already. Joseph will be a year 2 player playing more like a year 3 with all of that experience under him.
What's your pick for best duo? For pairs that haven't played as much together- who do you see having the most potential together?
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2023.03.30 01:40 wuntunearlybko newbie to smartwatches - recommendations please?

I am new to smart watches, well actually watches at all, and I am hesitant (not sure i will like wearing a watch) so i am wanting to start off on the cheaper side. I have recently fell in love with improving my health and have been interested to see if and how a smartwatch can help facilitate good health habits.
I do not mind charging frequently, i know this can really drive up the price.
would like a decent array of health related tools
i use a Google Pixel and will continue using an android device
taking calls and texting would be nice but not 100% necessary
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2023.03.30 01:40 Important-Photo7628 Beat Beat Fruit

Beat Beat Fruit
The Beat Beat fruit is a paramecia type devil fruit that allows the user to manifest a spherical space known as MP3 in which everything must move to the beat.
By conjuring a spherical forcefield that is centered around the user, they gain control over everything inside that territory, from living beings, including themselves, to nonliving objects. The size of MP3 can vary from a few meters wide to surrounding entire buildings and mountains, although larger MP3s require more effort to maintain. As long as the user's chosen targets are inside their MP3, they are within range of the user's techniques. MP3, unlike other spaces created by other paramecias, moves with the user, removing the need to constantly recreate it. This space is characterized by music the user has heard before being played in the encompassed area. This music can't be heard by anyone outside of MP3. The music most fitting to the situation is automatically played. Music is remixed to give it a consistent beat if it doesn't have one.
Within MP3, the surrounding environment will automatically move to the beat unless they are directly manipulated by someone. Everything that moves with the beat is rewarded. Rewarded actions will have greater effects and a higher chance of success than normal. For example, jumping higher, dodging an unavoidable attack, increased movement speed, attacks being stronger and more accurate etc. Anything within MP3 that isn't moving with the beat is punished. Punished actions have less effect than normal and a higher chance of failure. For example, jumps are lower, dodges fail, basic movements are slower, attacks are weakened, attacks that would have landed suddenly miss etc.
The user is able to force living beings within MP3 into a dance off by summoning the spirit of the fruit, known as DJ Professor K (See the Image). When a dance of is commencing, each faction of participants must wager something of equal value to each other. These wagers can range from physical objects such as money to intangible concepts such as pain. It is DJ Professor K who determines whether the wagered objects are of equal value. While it is called a dance off, the participants don't actually have to dance, they just have to step on colored arrows beneath them when theh flash at an increasingly difficult to follow beat. DJ Professor K is the judge of this dance off, and the faction that hits the most accurate beats will win the dance off while those who miss the most beats will lose. Those who win are given the choice to keep the prize pool to themselves of give it to the losers.
DJ Professor K is completely intangible, being just a projection with no true body. This means that not even Haki imbued attacks can harm him. Not only that, but even those with immensely powerful Haki will find it difficult to ignore the beat. When a dance off is about to commence, DJ Professor K will explain the rules of the dance off to everyone involved. Anyone that breaks the rules during a dance off is punished by DJ Professor K by lowering their score. Anyone attempting to harm DJ Professor K will also be punished.
The awakened Beat Beat Fruit allows the user to cheat by altering the rules of MP3. The user can remove the beat reward system from everyone but themselves and a select few, meaning only they can real the rewards. Others will still have to move with the beat or else they will still have to deal with beat failures. DJ Professor K will also go from a neutral entity to one who rigs the dance offs in favor of the user. This cheating can range from making the arrows flash off beat to choosing music the user is very familiar with.
Eating the fruit doesn't mean the user will automatically be able to follow the beat in MP3. This means that even they can miss the beat and be punished by the fruit. MP3 also does not prevent other people within it from using the beat rewards to their advantage. The user also possesses no significant advantage over others in a dance off as DJ Professor K is a neutral entity.
Maintaining the field takes up a significant amount of stamina, especially for larger instances. This constant drain combined with the drain of moving to the beat can quickly wear out an inexperienced user. The user of the Nagi Nagi no Mi is able to completely shut down this fruit by silencing everything within MP3. An awakened user of the Ope Ope no Mi is able to shut it down similarly.
Hi-Fi Rush: The user performs a combo of physical attacks to the beat. These attacks are much stronger and more accurate than normal due to the beat reward. The greater the hit chain, the greater the reward.
Hellsinger: Shots fired to the beat will be rewarded with increased speed, penetration, and aimbot tracking. Reloading to the beat will increase the speed of the reload and grant extra "phantom bullets".
Necrodancer: Basic movement such as walking and running are rewarded with greater speed, balance, and distance with each step. Movements such as jumping with have greater hight and distance, while dodged will grant temporary intangibility.
NSR: The user's surroundings will move to the beat. This can be beneficial to the user as normally difficult to follow phenomenon can now be easily tracked with the beat.
Parrapa: The user summons DJ Professor K to initiate a dance off.
I love the idea of a class of paramecia similar to the Ope Ope no mi. These paramecia allow for a lot of creativity as all someone has to do is think of an environmental effect of their choosing then confining it to a certain space.
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2023.03.30 01:39 Shadoremi64 Is Sonic actually fighting the Koco?

The four Titans are revealed to be commanded physically by Ancients themselves, with one of them being killed and sealed in Cyberspace in the process. Because of the reveal that Koco spend their time reliving the lives of the Ancients that carried them as lucky charms, does that mean that it's Koco commanding the Titans and fighting Sonic like big mechs?
I think the story does have a gap between the death of the Supreme commander, and Sage awakening the anger of the Titans against Sonic. I don't know if it's confirmed that the Ancients' defense enemies are initially within Cyberspace, but it was confirmed that Eggman reactivated the technology and that caused them to appear, including the Titans. Main reason I ask is, Supreme was binded and sealed in Cyberspace, but what about the rest? But that's a tangent.
Also, if the rumors of the remaking of the final boss turns out to be true, and we finally do get a fight where Sonic is actually working with the Titans, I do think this would be a case of the Koco reliving that fight, except next to Sonic this time around. But Sonic originally destroyed the Titans and saw their Koco's memories through the corruption, so are they dead now- I'm confused, sorry.
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2023.03.30 01:38 NondairyQueen15 Annoyed Employee Venting

So upsetting having only "aggressive hospitality," as our only defense against shoplifters. The same groups of women come in and fill bags constantly and we're not even supposed to acknowledge they do it. We should be able to ban repeat shoplifters at least. We should have security. What's to stop people from stealing if there's no consequence?
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2023.03.30 01:38 awkwardthrowawayoops Feeling shaken up after a scary encounter at the grocery store

This is probably going to be kind of long (tl;dr at the bottom!! haha), but I feel like I just need to write all of this out so that maybe I can stop thinking about it so much and get on with my day. I think this kind of person would probably be really satisfied by the idea of ruining someone's day, so I want to try to make sure that doesn't happen.
Anyway! I went to the grocery store with my mom earlier today. This was pretty out of the ordinary routine-wise (thankfully, I guess?), but we needed a few things and it was good timing in between other things we had to get done. I needed to be home at a certain time for a scheduled video call. When we went to check out, something we were buying didn't ring up at the right price, so we called for the attendant to come over. There was a little back and forth conversation of explaining what the problem seemed to be, but for whatever reason, he couldn't fix it. I think he was going to call for a manager or something to do it instead, but my mom explained that we were in a hurry and we would just try again next time. That wasn't intended to be insulting or snarky or anything, but he obviously took it super personally and told my mom she was pissing him off and said something like "if you're in a hurry why did you come here." There was more (I wish I could remember because it was similarly outrageous and involved a lot of uncalled for swearing lol), but I didn't catch all of it. I was pretty stunned by this because, well...who acts this way at the drop of a hat?? Like, I understand having a bad day and being a little huffy or something, but to automatically start swearing at customers and being overly defensive is People are also usually pretty nice and easy to get along with at this store, so this was just totally unexpected. I was standing back a little bit, and being totally caught of guard by this, said "oh my god what a jerk," trying to be quiet enough for only my mom to hear it, but I THINK he heard and thought I called him a dick because he then said something like, "yeah I'm a dick" twice. He said a few other inflammatory things and called my mom a bitch, and then as he was walking away he shoved our grocery cart and tried to push it over. It didn't fall all the way over, but it tilted over and went sideways and my mom's phone fell onto the floor. Someone else was nearby (I think it was another employee who was about to go on break or something?) so presumably because that person saw it he tried to make it seem like we had called him names. Which, even if that wasn't a complete lie, I still don't think that excuses all of this lmao. As we were about to leave he said "you suck dick" to me, which I inexplicably got him to repeat twice because I was legitimately so stunned that I was just like, "what?" I didn't know what else to say lol. This was just too outrageous, and I'm kind of a shy/introverted/somewhat socially anxious person anyway so uhhh, I guess I'm not used to random strangers picking a slightly violent fight with me in their workplaces for no apparent reason.
I know this could have been a LOT worse, and I'm very thankful it wasn't, but something about this whole experience was just super disconcerting. I know that, unfortunately, there are probably potentially dangerous people living in just about every location you could possibly think of, but coming face-to-face with someone who is clearly unhinged, showing signs of violent behavior, and antagonizing you just makes it all too real. It's worrisome to think that this person lives in my town. If he gets THAT aggressive and violent over a simple interaction that didn't even need to be noteworthy or unpleasant in any way, what else is he capable of and willing to do?
We called the store on the way home and described what happened to two different people but I'm honestly not sure what will come of it. It should be really obvious on surveillance that he was being super aggressive, so I would guess that he probably won't be working there anymore, but I guess I just wish something more could be done because it just seems like someone who would behave this way could be REALLY dangerous. Like, maybe next time it won't be an inanimate object that he shoves around. With so many shootings and other violent events going on, it seems like a bad idea to take something like this lightly.
I hate to admit it, but any kind of interaction even remotely like this also always makes me feel kind of embarrassed and almost irrationally guilty(???) and I have no idea why. There wasn't really much that I could have done differently that would have actually helped the situation, and he was obviously the asshole here. I'm not even sure why it bothers me so much other than just being a nerve-wracking thing to experience. I guess it just hurts to be insulted even when I know the other person is in the wrong. It also kind of shatters the illusion that being a reasonable and unassuming person will more or less illicit the same from others. Some people are just looking for an easy target for a fight, I guess.
TL;DR: a guy working at the grocery store started swearing at my mom and I when we had a problem with the self checkout, wouldn't let it go, tried to knock our grocery cart over, knocked my mom's phone out of the cart and onto the floor. then he kept swearing at us while we were leaving. all of this was super wild and unexpected and it got me thinking about what kind of threat a person like this could be.
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2023.03.30 01:37 BananaHead1233 I just started playing STW today and doing the 2nd defense mission and someone gave me these plus some swords. Is this normal?

I just started playing STW today and doing the 2nd defense mission and someone gave me these plus some swords. Is this normal? submitted by BananaHead1233 to FORTnITE [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 01:37 handjokazooie 30 [M4F] Southern California/Anywhere - Mexican Food

I'm sitting in the car waiting for my food to be ready and I can't help but notice that my windows are getting fogged up as I'm sitting here. I think I'm getting hot and bothered just thinking about my food.
I don't know why I'm having a moment of anagnorisis in the car as I'm waiting for my food but here I am. I think it's a good time to get back out there and try my luck with finding someone that I like to talk to. Maybe it was the sliding window that was hanging on by the hinge or the teenager that clearly didn't want to be there. Whatever it is, I'm hoping something works out. Or someone reaches out. Hopefully not out of that sliding window.
I enjoy drawing and playing video games to unwind but if you don't like any of those things that's fine because we all like what we like. I'm not looking for player two but if player two is out there then that's cool too. If I keep saying the word, "too," I'm going to need to start doing ballet. The guy holding my my food handed it to me with sauce on the side of the bag and said nothing and walked away. Why does it feel like it's my fault?
How was your day? I'm genuinely interested in hearing about it. Mine consisted of nothing but errands which I feel like I'm constantly running. I guess I did have class as well but you know, with the amout of errands I run, you'd think I'd have a better body but instead, I have this bear like body that also loves marshmallows. I wear it well or so I'm telling myself.
Anyway, shoot me a message and tell me stuff. Send me a picture of you for science and I'll send one back.
If you're just passing by, What do you call a nosy pepper? Jalapeño business.
Have a great night/day.
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2023.03.30 01:36 Traditional_Brief806 The highest block percentages of all time: Manute Bol 1986: 10.6%; Jaren Jackson Jr. 2023: 9.88%: Serge Ibaka 2012: 9.82%

Jaren Jackson Jr. is having an all-time great defensive season. He is the only person ever to do this while averaging 15+ ppg.
Even after missing 14 games at the start of the season, he's 2nd in total blocks and 4th in most shots contested. He's also averaging 1.1 STL and 3.2 BLK which has only been done once before by David Robinson in 1995.
This stat compared to other DPOY candidates:
Brook Lopez: 6.8
Nic Claxton: 7.4
Walker Kessler: 8.6 (!!!)
Source 1
Source 2
Edit: My point was just to point out the season he's having. I don't mind if Brook wins DPOY. I added that part comparing other candidates just to add Kessler stats because they're so impressive.
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2023.03.30 01:36 handjokazooie 30 [M4F] Southern California/Anywhere - Mexican Food

I'm sitting in the car waiting for my food to be ready and I can't help but notice that my windows are getting fogged up as I'm sitting here. I think I'm getting hot and bothered just thinking about my food.
I don't know why I'm having a moment of anagnorisis in the car as I'm waiting for my food but here I am. I think it's a good time to get back out there and try my luck with finding someone that I like to talk to. Maybe it was the sliding window that was hanging on by the hinge or the teenager that clearly didn't want to be there. Whatever it is, I'm hoping something works out. Or someone reaches out. Hopefully not out of that sliding window.
I enjoy drawing and playing video games to unwind but if you don't like any of those things that's fine because we all like what we like. I'm not looking for player two but if player two is out there then that's cool too. If I keep saying the word, "too," I'm going to need to start doing ballet. The guy holding my my food handed it to me with sauce on the side of the bag and said nothing and walked away. Why does it feel like it's my fault?
How was your day? I'm genuinely interested in hearing about it. Mine consisted of nothing but errands which I feel like I'm constantly running. I guess I did have class as well but you know, with the amout of errands I run, you'd think I'd have a better body but instead, I have this bear like body that also loves marshmallows. I wear it well or so I'm telling myself.
Anyway, shoot me a message and tell me stuff. Send me a picture of you for science and I'll send one back.
If you're just passing by, What do you call a nosy pepper? Jalapeño business.
Have a great night/day.
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2023.03.30 01:36 Scottishboy112 This is the best Nier event so far

This is the best Nier event so far
Song of the Ancients (Atonement) Intensifies.
No, but seriously, the Tonberry outfit (Head especially) looks so close to the Machine Lifeforms from Nier Automata. Almost makes me wish to do an Alliance Raid with lots of people wearing the same thing, different races and jobs for different models for a big screenshot.
Also ‘Small Stubby’ with the ‘Smaller Stubby’ minion.
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2023.03.30 01:34 Novel_Ad_444 I had a green out (I think?) And convinced myself I went insane.

To give some background, I am 18 years old currently, this had happened about 2 months ago now, and I had been smoking for half a year before this actually happened, on average, a good high for me would usually be about two 10 MG edibles. I'd smoke about 2-3 times a week max and so my tolerance was pretty high, my friend invited me to go on a trip with him to a city about 2 hours from where we lived, it would be me, him, our other friend, and our other friends girlfriend, names don't really matter but for the sake of it we'll call my two friends B and N, and his girlfriend A. While we were preparing for the trip, A bought edibles with a med card she had and was willing to share it with us as long as we payed her back, and so I decided that I would be doing my average good high amount of edibles, that being two 10 MG edibles, but to prepare for this I wanted this to be one of the best highs I'd ever had so I decided that since the trip was 3 weeks away, I would stay away from weed completely until then, hoping to lower my tolerance in the process and in a way proving to myself that I wasn't addicted, 3 weeks later were driving there and we arrive in the city.
The plan was to unpack our stuff into our hotel room, 1 room we all shared mind you, and go out to eat, come back, do the edibles, walk around the city and have a good time, then in the morning we would go to a museum and then leave, very solid plan, except the fact that A and N who had planned it all didn't realize how much food costed at most of the restaurants and we all decided we would just hang out in the hotel room. After we had all our stuff unpacked, my best friend since childhood B got his computer out immediately since he had an essay that was due that night apparently, N and his gf A left to do whatever, not sure what at the time and still not sure now, and so it was just me and B hanging out and talking, we talked about the past few years and honestly had really good conversations about how we eneded up where we were.
After about an hour of just talking, N and A came back and decided it was time we did the edibles, so we all said fuck it and did it, except for B he was the only sober person, they had a really shitty citrusy taste which I still remember tasting as if it was citrus dish cleaning soap or something, but I couldn't care less, it was weed after all so I swallowed the rest of it down after chewing a bit with water, the hotel had a pool and we all decided we wanted to go swimming in it when we were high so after about 30 min we went out to check the pool, and as we walked through the entrance, the previously completely empty pool was filled with what seemed to be every single person at that hotel and their kids, so we decided to just head back and hang out in the hotel room, I couldn't tell at this point, but the edibles had definitely kicked in, but I couldn't care less as I was just watching family guy on the shitty hotel tv, I got bored of that after a few minutes and decided to walk over to the other area of the room and sit down and talk to B. He thought it would be funny since I was high to have me do his homework for him by asking me the questions he had to answer for his essay, and this is where I consider shit to have started to all go down, the questions he was asking me was some of the most existential questions I have ever though of in my life such as "what really is consciousness?" And "how does the brain process memories to you" and although seemingly basic questions, the way I thought about them while high felt life changing, I was thinking of all the ways that I couldn't put in to words well but how the human mind actually works, like when you thunk of a machine, you think of wires and circuitry and electricity and the code running it, and we can understand that, but what is the humans code? How do humans work? What is consciousness keeping us inside our bodies and why am I actually able to witness understand and do everything I can when all I am is a walking meatsack, eventually leading us to come to the conclusion that that is the point of life is to not understand this stuff, that the human body was made specifically so you werent able to comprehend what you are, and that as much as you tried you could never understand what you are, and thats fine, as long as you live your life, thats whats truly important.
It was very in a way eye opening to me and it definitely was me being high that amplified how I thought about it, but we kept on talking about that stuff for about an hour, unti I felt like I had shit myself lol, after sitting there for a while I guess I started sweating, but I had genuinely thought I shit myself because where I was sitting had felt wet, and I knew I definitely did not piss myself, so as casually as I could I walked over to the bathroom and went to use the toilet. Thankfully I didn't actually shit myself, but I really did have to shit, after I was done I walked over to the sink and washed my hands, but as I was doing thought I couldn't help but look at myself in the mirror, I had always heard about looking into the mirror when on psychedelics and so I thought to myself that I was perfectly safe to do so, after all I was just high, what was the worst thing that could happen? I stared and stared into my own eyes, I leaned in closer and closer until I could see the rivers of blood flowing through each of my veins in my eyeball, I then snapped out of it and stepped back, but after seeing my blood up that close and realizing how cool that was I decided to try it again but this time look into my pupil and try to see what I could find in that deep darkness, and so I leaned in again, staring and staring as much as I could into it, until I looked at the part right next to my pupil, that being the color of my eye and realizing that it wasn't the color of my eye, but what I was looking at was my brain, I was looking at my brain through my own eyeballs.
Now obviously, this clearly isn't true, but I dont know how else to explain what I saw in that moment, it was as if my eye ball wasn't a ball, but instead it was merely a lense that stopped all my brain fluid from leaking out my eye holes. I immediately stepped back and took about 5 seconds to process what just happened and decided that I was going to step out the bathroom not knowing what to do now, I walked over back to the same spot I was sitting in next to B and told him "dude, I think I just saw my own brain" to which he responded by stopping dead in his track on his computer, looking at me, and immediately getting up to talk to our friend N. This in my head made things even worse, and as the realization of what had just happened was setting upon me, things only seemed to get worse, I couldn't stop looking at my own hands, almost disgusted with myself for no reason, I couldn't move because I felt like if I tried I would end up throwing up all over the place so I just sat there and started thinking about anything and everything, my mind was just running free at this point, my friend N decided to get me some water, and my friend B asked me if I wanted anyone in the room with me to which I could only respond by saying "it's fine, just do whatever" to every question they asked me. Now the thing is, I've never greened out before, I had always thought greening out was just a genuine sickness where you feel like you have the flu or something, but this, I couldn't compare it to anything I felt in my life, nor did I realize it was a green out, and because of this, I genuinely was convinced that I had gone insane, the main thing I was thinking was that, I had just understood something that was meant to be incomprehensible to humans in the process of seeing my own brain, and this thought only caused my thoughts to spiral further and further, I was convinced that I was going insane, I was convinced that I was never going to be the same after this, I was convinced that I was going to a mental hospital, I was convinced that my brain was broken and it was never going to be fixed, I was convinced I was never going to see my mom again.
As I was going down this spiral of thoughts I started getting tremors, my entire body just couldn't stop shaking, and my veins, it felt like I could feel the blood traveling through each and every single vein, like I could feel the electricity traveling through each nerve to contract each and every single muscle, the best way I could describe what I had felt like physically at the time would be the skinless man from the lateralus album cover by tool, except instead of feeling spiritual awakend, I felt mentally fucked. This exact feeling, this pain in my stomach, the electricity flowing through my body, was the worst feeling of pain I've ever had in my life, and I couldn't not snap out of it.
As this was happening to me, B had gone over to N again and was talking about something, it sounded far away, but I thought I could make out words they were saying (which btw wasn't true, I was actually putting words I was thinking they said in to their mouths in my head) such as "hospital" and "laced" and "leave him" which had made me thought they were going to abondon me or something so that they wouldn't get into any trouble, I felt alone, I accepted that because after all I didn't want my stupid mistakes to ruin the rest of their lives, and so I just sat there feeling the most isolating sadness I've ever felt in my life along with everything else I had been already feeling, after 2 hours straight of just sitting there looking back and forth at the walls and my hands I decided I wanted to try to lay down, even if it meant I was going to throw up, so I got up, moved over about 4 feet on to the only couch in the hotel, and layer down sideways, as I was walking by I grabbed a Popeyes bag just incase I actually did throw up and placed it on the floor beside my face.
As I layer there I decided that I wanted to try and fall asleep instead of being awake during all this and tries to make myself fall asleep, again it was me thinking that normal green outs, people would just fall asleep and feel better after as if just being sick, but instead I immediately thought of all the horrible things that could happen if I actually did fall asleep, "what if I fall sleep and I end up in a dream where something incomprehensibly worse is happening to me, or what if that dream lasts for ever, or what if that dream leads in to me falling into a coma". I wasn't willing to take any of those risks and thought it would be better to live through this pain then to sleep through it, and so I stayed up, almost forcing myself awake, it was around 2 am at this point, and the one thing that finally gave me hope was when my mind trailed off to completely random topics in my head, I'd forget about what happened for seconds at a time and feel better for those moments, but I'd immediately come back to those exact bad feelings, but knowing that I could feel better did genuinely give me hope so I stuck it out and stayed awake knowing that it was possible that I could feel better, and so it was just me in the room laying down, and to my left, in the corner of the room on a desk was B, now playing some game on his laptop (I think bloons tower defense) clicking away on his mouse pad and occasionally typing on his keys, it was oddly calming being the only noise in the room, but also freaked me put since I was wondering how he could be acting so normal around me with everything that was going on, I tried not to think about it, but obviously my mind was not able to do so at this time and so I started spiraling again and again down dark thought paths, this went on for hours, until it was about 6 or 7 am, everyone but me was asleep at this point, but even I was struggling to keep myself up, the pain in my stomach was getting worse and worse until i realized i had to throw up, immediately i tilted my head to the side and throw up a bunch of almost lentil soup looking luquid all inside the bag, this happaned a second time and after that i coudlnt keep forcing myself awake anymore and passed out.
When I woke up, the first thing I heard was the family guy intro playing very distantly from the TV in the other room which had been left on all night, it made me feel at home as I was feeling better, but still not normal at all, far from it, after laying there and looking at my phone for a few hours, everyone else was awake and we packed up to leave, or I thought we were, instead they all decided they still wanted to go to the museum, I went along with them, and honestly I was doing OK, but the thing is I couldn't look a single person in the eye for more than a second, so after the museum they went to get food, and after what had happened last night I didn't order anything. They ate and finally we drove home, when I got home I went to my room and looked at my siblings, almost feeling like I could never look at them the same, I went to my bedroom and laid down and stared at my phone for about an hour again.
I didn't eat for that entire day, and I couldn't look anyone in the eye the same for a week, as well as I couldn't look in the mirror the same without fear of something like that starting again, to this day I still haven't figured out what happened or why it happened the way it did, but I now realize that green outs are much much much worse than I had originally though them to be. I have been way more open about my drug use to almost everyone I know, including my own mother, and I hope that everyone does research and everything and anything they do, because I know if I did just a little research, I could have had while still a bad experience, a much easier and lighter experience than what I had. I hope what I have told people I know in real life, and on here helps them avoid going through what I did, and if you ever find yourself in the same situation do these to things (which would have helped so much if I had known this) focus on your breathing, I know meditation might seem stupid, but it keeps your mind and body occupied and stops you from having negetive thoughts that spiral into worse and worse thoughts, as well is it makes you feel much better, and always remember that no matter what, the trip will end eventually and you will feel better. I've made sure to research every single drug I've thought about doing, or have done since this has happened and honestly, I'm quite glad I went through this, because if I hadn't, I'd still be as ignorant as I was back then, so in a way I'm grateful it happened, but I pray if it happens to anyone else, you are better equipped than I was to handle it.
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2023.03.30 01:33 Oreyges [WTS] Pants, Shirts, Layers, and Objects from Outlier and non-Outlier size 31, 32, 33 and Medium

All items are bought by me, all items are non-WTF (unless otherwise noted). I will try my best to reference the year these were bought and correct me if anything doesn't seem right. Most of my pants were professionally hemmed which I will note. I don't fit into these anymore unfortunately due to weight gain.
All prices are below + shipping to the lower 48 CONUS at this time. All prices are F&F. You can add 4% for G&S if you would like. I will do deals when multiple items are purchased together. USPS with tracking will be used. All Sales Final.
Also please note that all pieces I have worn were washed cold and tumble dry low.
I'll be prioritizing responses to those who are looking to buy immediately at the listed price and multiple items. For all other messages (offers, measurements, pictures etc.) please be patient. It may take me some time to get back to you.
Thanks for looking!
Strong Dungaree (2018) - 31/Dark Olive - 9/10 - Hemmed to 28" - $100
Strong Dungaree (2018) - 31/Navy - 5/10 - Hemmed to 28.5". I had to get this patched up on the right knee as I scraped it falling down. The extra fabric was given straight from Outlier. - $50
OG Classics (Secondhand) - 32/Black - 9/10 - Hemmed to 28"- $130
OG Classics (Secondhand) - 32/Concrete - 9/10 - Hemmed to 27" - $130
NWS (2018) - 32/Refraction - 9/10 - $70
NWS (2020) - 32/Flat Black - 9.5/10 - $80
Duckworks (2019) - 32/Black Navy - 9/10 - Hemmed to 29" - $200
Futureworks (2018) - 31/High Khaki - 8/10 - Hemmed to 29" - $80
Experiment 152 - Free/Co Leans (2019) - 32/Black - 8/10 - $150
OG Free Ways (2020) - 32/Black - 9/10 - $110
OG Free Ways (2020) - 32/Navy - 9/10 - $110
Futureslimworks (Secondhand) - 33/Sandstorm - 5/10 - Previous owner said had zipper replaced - $50
FU/Cotton GT (2021) - M/Dark Navy - 9/10 - $80
S140 Hidden Pocket Pivot (2019) - M/Dark Navy - 9.5/10 - $160
S140 Hidden Pocket Pivot (2019) - M/Medium Gray - 9.5/10 - $160
S140 Two Pocket (2019) - M/Dark Navy - 9/10 - $160
Cottonweight Cut Two (2020) - M/GD Dry Rose - 8/10 - Size tag coming off - $80
Cottonweight Cut Two (2020) - M/GD Gray Light - 9/10 - $90
Cottonweight Cut Two (2020) - M/GD Charcoal - 9/10 - $90
Nyco Freeshell (Secondhand) - M/Olive/Charcoal - 7/10 - Rare piece. Has lots of pilling and wear marks from previous owner. Worn by me once - Catch&Release - $260
Warmform Merino Qzip (2019) - M/Dark Gray - 9/10 - $300
Warmform Zip Front (2019) - M/Matte Blue - 9/10 - $330
Experiment 208 - Warmform Pullover Hoodie (2019) - M/Dark Gray - 9/10 - $275
Gostwyck Alphacore Vest (2020) - M/Black - 8/10 - Some holes near the top back otherwise good - $250
Mask 001 - Ultrasuede Snaptight (2020) - OS/Black/Gray - 9/10 - $55
Mask 002 - Supermarine Shield (2020) - OS/Cobalt Blue - 8/10 - Worn around 5 times - $35
Mask 002 - Supermarine Shield (2020) - OS/Cobalt Blue - 9/10 - $40
Mask 002 - Supermarine Shield (2020) - OS/Cobalt Blue - 9/10 - $40
Mask 004 - Ultrasuede 3Bar (2020) - OS/Fuchsia - 9/10 - X-Back - $40
Ultrahigh Rolltop V1 (Secondhand) - OS/Black - 9/10 - Catch&Release - $270
Mission Workshop
The Shop Jacket (2018) - M/Carbon Blue - 8/10 - $120
Align MX - 34/Olive - 9/10 - Catch&Release - $175
Pistol Lake
Long Sleeve Henley (2017) - M/Charcoal - 8/10 - $30
Long Sleeve Henley (2017) - M/Steel (Short Run) - 8/10 - $30
Long Sleeve Henley (2018) - M/Faded Navy - 8/10 - $30
Long Sleeve Henley (2018) - M/Clay - 8/10 - $30
French Terry Sweat Shorts (2018) - M/Charcoal - 9/10 - $40
Popcorn Stitch Turtleneck - M/Dark Gray - 9/10 - $160
Hawaii Line Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater - Semi-roll - M/Gray - 9/10 - $110
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2023.03.30 01:32 nishidake Help choosing a first wheel?

Another noob here looking for some advice on choosing a starter wheel.
Price is not a factor as long as it's money well-spent. I see people talking about buying the wheel they want to end up with. While that is tempting, and I would do it if it made sense, I don't want to have a bad experience because I bought too much wheel out of the gate. I also don't want to feel like I wasted money on something that I outgrew too quickly and couldn't put to another use case.
Thanks in advance! You guys are awesome and I've already learned so much from reading this sub!

The Use Case:
Commuting mostly, with some mixed-PEV group rides. My commutes vary in distance and location, and I never really know what I'll encounter. Streets are rough, the weather is wet in my neck of the woods. Lots of good bike infrastructure and a friendly attitude toward PEVs, though. I have access to a lot of great trails in my area and would like to take advantage of that. I guess I'm looking for an all-rounder. Storage space is at a premium.
Any wheel I buy will be primarily a tool, not a toy.
I'm interested in an EUC to have fun learning something new, to have a backup electric vehicle to my ebike, and to fill in some gaps where the ebike is not so great due to access limitations, weight, portability, size, etc.

What I think I want (as a noob, I may have this all wrong):

The Wheels I'm Considering

Am I missing anything that should be in the running? Any models on the list I should stay away from?

A little about me:
I have no worries about learning to ride the wheel as I'm naturally athletic and have always picked up new physical skills easily and been able to progress quickly. I am, however, not as young as I used to be and therefore I'm less inclined to do dumb things and more likely to prioritize comfort and convenience over raw performance. I do need enough speed and acceleration to be safe on mixed-use surface streets and to handle vehicular-style riding.
I'm not entirely new to PEVs and I've been all-in on that car-free life since before it was cool. I've been riding an ebike (Super73) as my main mode of transportation for about a year and half. Prior to that, I've commuted and gotten around solely by motorcycle for over a decade, rain or shine. I've already got the gear, the traffic awareness and defensive riding chops, and am equipped physically and mentally for everything that comes with traveling on two wheels all the time.
I've been into inline and quad skating since I was a kid, I jamskate, and I played roller derby when I was younger. I know the skills aren't directly transferable, but I figure the balance and stability, and understanding of edge control, weight transfer, and carving should help. Ditto with all the motorcycling experience, since I'm very familiar with the physics of gyroscopic action, counter-steering, traction management, and how a single-track tire's contact patch changes with input.
I've got access to a very active community of PEV riders of all sorts, and with the riding season starting I'll have plenty of opportunities for learning from the EUC gang.
I'm short and stocky, around 5'4" and 170 lbs, and strong for my size.
submitted by nishidake to ElectricUnicycle [link] [comments]