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2023.06.01 10:46 Krysis_88 [UK/NI] "Finished" in September 2022 - I need refinements... But

The dental practice I done my initial treatment with no longer offer Invisalign because the dentist who could offer it left that practice after fitting me with a wire retainer on my upper and lower arch, from canine to canine, and ordering my night-time retainers. He now works for a private dental practice elsewhere but I definitely need another round of refinements.
** TLDR: Need refinements, bite is off. Original dentist moved practice. Old dental practice no longer offers Invisalign. Being told I need to pay around £1900 per arch to start new treatment plan with private practises. **
I'll try give some background as to why I'm posting here:
My night retainers weren't a great fit when I got them - one of the lower molar moulds was too tall, which meant that when I wore them I couldn't close my teeth fully as this higher moulding/ bubble was in the way.
Also, after wearing my night retainers it felt like they shifted my bite slightly "off" - almost like it was offsetting my bite to one side. Throughout the day, after removing the night retainers, my bite seemed to settle and my bite would feel more "normal" but still not 100%.
This "normal" is something I raised to the dentist when I was supposed to have finished my treatment. I told him there was some contact preventing me from biting properly and asked if I could do more refinements as I didn't think I'd finished. He seemed a bit hurried. He told me that was his last week at that practice because he was going elsewhere but he said he didn't think I needed refinements and that my bite would settle in a few weeks, or whatever, but he got the contact paper and had me bite a few times and he buffed/shaved/ filed or whatever the areas to make the bite feel more "normal" at that time and it felt ok so he fitted me with a wire retainer and done my moulds for the night retainers.
Anyway, after about two weeks of wearing my retainers at night I got fed up with how my teeth felt the next morning & I just didn't wear them again because it just seemed that my teeth were constantly in a state of moving - it's that feeling the day after fitting new trays... But every day. Also my lower teeth are now hitting the upper retainer wire and I'm worried about chipping my teeth & can definitely see some scratching already.
So about 3-4 weeks ago the wire attachment to my lower right canine came loose. Since then I'm noticing my canine rotating right/ clockwise to a point that I'm sure the side of it will soon be facing outward.
I called my dental practice to get this reattached but they're booked up until the end of the year. They only have 2 part-time dentists working because there was another dentist that left as well as the one who done my Invisalign (not even joking, the health services here are in dire need of funding and it's falling apart).
The girl on the phone told me to call the new dental practice that my original dentist went to but I have to sign up as a new patient to their private practice. It's £80 for a new patient consultation, then about £50 per 30 min appointment. On top of this they said that because I'd be a new patient I need to go through a new treatment plan with them which is £1900 per arch - even if it's only refinements. I already paid £2700 for the initial treatment.
Do I have any recourse here, it seems a bit expensive for requiring a few trays of refinements which I requested before "finishing" my initial plan.
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2023.06.01 10:45 dreamingofislay Feis Ile 2023 - Bonus Notes from the Festival's First Half

Feis Ile 2023 - Bonus Notes from the Festival's First Half
Going off schedule! I still plan to recap Kilchoman day later tonight after doing dinner at the Bowmore Hotel, but I'm collecting some stray notes from the Feis here:

  • Laphroaig and Bowmore both do their own floor maltings but to quite different ppm levels, with Laphroaig being about double Bowmore. The difference is that Bowmore has a special machine that squeezes more moisture out of their peat (described as akin to a sausage maker, but for peat), so they burn much drier peat, which combusts more easily and so produces less smoke.
  • At several distilleries, visitors asked whether Islay is running out of peat. No, not for a long time. There's enough peat to last 500 years, and a lot of effort going into rejuvenating the existing peat bogs, which grow back at a rate of about a millimeter a year.
  • But there is a resource crunch coming to the island. When Port Ellen distillery gets going, possibly later this year, Port Ellen Malting is going to shut off the spigot to all the non-Diageo Islay distilleries. The guide at Laphroaig mentioned that this is a big topic of discussion among the other distilleries, and it did not sound like they had a clear solution. Fingers crossed they figure this out.
  • People on Islay pretty clearly have mixed feelings about all the new distilleries opening. Apparently, Islay is having trouble attracting workers due to its remote location and high cost of living. The islanders are skeptical about how all these new distilleries are going to find enough labor.
  • Ardnahoe's gift shop had one of the best games on the island. They set up six whiskies in dark blue glencairns and ask visitors to guess which region each one comes from (one from each of Scotland's six major whisky-producing regions). There's a prize for getting all six right. Such a fun experience for dedicated whisky fans, although I knew my nose wasn't good enough to pick out such fine distinctions like Highlands vs. Lowlands. We did pretty dreadfully -- I only identified the Islay and Islands whiskies correctly -- but got an Ardnahoe pin anyways.
  • Don't sleep on the non-distillery-based events on the main Feis Ile website. We went to a Laphroaig-sponsored trivia night on Wednesday night held at the Gaelic Center close to Bowmore. It was loads of fun, and some new friends from Newcastle were nice enough to form a team with us. We did alright at the trivia, but the whisky highlight was that Barry MacAffer poured a single cask after each of the four rounds, and we got a bonus point for correctly guessing the finish. We got 2 of 4, and then guessed the yeaage right at the end (it was four 2014 single casks).
  • u/capriceragtop asked for pictures of the event spaces to get a sense of how busy the Feis is. Spoke to some regular attendees, including a woman who's been coming for 14 years, and they remarked the festival is not busy this year, perhaps because so many came last year for the first one after the pandemic hiatus. Anyways, here are pics of several distilleries at the height of their open days. Long lines for food and some carnival games, but the crowds have been pretty reasonable. For individual events, they are much smaller groups, and the distilleries have ample room for hosting those.
Laphroaig on open day around 12 pm
Caol Ila open day around 1 pm
Lagavulin Open Day around 2 pm
  • Fauna note of the week: Highland cows apparently prefer poor, rough pasture, as we learned from a conservation group at Caol Ila's open day. When Highland cows are led to rich fields, they get surly and irritable, whereas they are delighted by sparse Scottish hills, where they are very calm.
Bonus Whisky Notes:
Bunnahabhain Feis Ile 2023 Canasta - This is a fun dram to drink, but it doesn't stand out as a special or exceptional whisky. It comes across like a lot of cask-strength sherried whiskies, with a drier and funkier nose but all the archetypal dense raisin and fig notes you'd expect on the palate and finish.
Bunnahabhain Feis Ile 2023 Moine Triple Cask - This is the middle child of the festival bottlings, between the sub-100-pound Canasta and the super-premium 1998 Manzanilla. The hallmark of this dram is balance between nuts, caramels, oak, and smoke/incense. One of the most pleasant, well-composed, and complex whiskies we've had.
XOP Port Ellen 40 y.o. (Douglas Laing) - This was the second Port Ellen beauty we tried on Sunday. Before this trip, we'd never had Port Ellen, so we're still getting a feel for its distillery character. Both of these were ex-bourbon casks, no finishing. To our surprise, Port Ellen maintains its smoky character with hints of petrol on the nose for longer than other Islay whiskies. By age 25-plus, many Laphroaigs, Caol Ilas, etc., get very fruity and soft on the nose and finish, but PE is still quite robust, while still having a good, mellow, waxy citrus fruit body. PE smoke also seems to be very spicy and fragrant, like a pull from a good cigar.
Laphroaig 2014 Single Cask #1 - The first mystery pour at trivia night, and our first wrong guess. We said Fino because there was a little dryness, but we overthought it. It was an ex-bourbon cask, and in retrospect, this did drink a lot like a Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength.
Laphroaig 2014 Single Cask #2 - Oloroso finish, which we did recognize quickly. Oloroso-finished Laphroaig develops this wonderful hazelnut note, and this one showcased that flavor.
Laphroaig 2014 Single Cask #3 - Barry gave us a hint on this spice-drawer dram, saying it was finished in a different type of fresh oak, and we just had to guess the region/country. The realistic options were American, French, and Spanish, with us excluding Mizunara (Japanese oak) because that's such a hard thing to get. Spanish also seemed implausible since the only Spanish oak we've ever had has been sherry cask bottlings; no idea what fresh Spanish oak would produce. Since spice is a French oak hallmark, we guessed that and got it right.
Laphroaig 2014 Single Cask #4 - Blew this one badly, but it was strange. This was a PX finish, but it was not dark in color, nor did it have those treacle and fruitcake notes that are common to PX finishes. It did have a bit of that funky, burnt matchstick scent to it, and a hint of extra sweetness on the palate, but overall a surprising expression, and one where the finish did not add that much influence.
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2023.06.01 10:45 VergilPrime Fill Tool Anti-Aliasing not working?

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2023.06.01 10:45 AutoModerator [Download Course] Travis Stephenson – Simple Profit System (

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Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.01 10:45 38arman62 Pinto I know you are here, but this is just for me! Also for other fans maybe...

Pinto I know you are here, but this is just for me! Also for other fans maybe...
Sell: Abraham (25 - 30 mm) Ibanez (20 - 25 mm) Spinazzola (10 - 15 mm) Kumbulla (10 - 15 mm) Celik (5 - 10 mm) Camara (5 - 10mm) Rui (1 - 3 mm) Dybala (20mm)
Overall 100 - 135€ millions
Get rid of: Wijnaldum
Buy: Davide Fratessi (15 - 20mm) Yassine Bono (15 - 20mm) RB (top class, experienced, fast) Winger (high quality, promising, superfast) few more backup players for the deepness
All the respect and gratefulness to Jose Mourinho - the true Special One. Now it's the time for Daniele De Rossi.
For briefness kept a lot of explaining and details for the comments.
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2023.06.01 10:44 Kingofskullservants Using AI to make full art cards

I've been using photoshops new AI tool "generative fill" to make full art cards and want to take a few requests for cards here, just be aware I'm watching my 2 kids today and it goes without saying they are a bigger priority than making yugioh cards so please be patient. Couple of rules:
I'll only make a card if you can link a high resolution image of the card you want.
Its not going to work 100% with all cards, I'll try my best.
Be patient, this is gonna be a slow burner of a thread, will probably be working on requests through till Sunday (if I get any lol)
Also please be critical, is there something I can do better? should I add a border? rounded corners? Would love to hear what you guys think.
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2023.06.01 10:44 FormalWrangler294 Other than the Warriors, which NBA teams attach computer-controlled electrodes to stimulate their brain to help their shooting?

It seems like the Warriors are literally working on Cyborg Curry.
DARPA basically hacked a reporter’s brain. They strapped a bunch of electrodes onto the her head, and he went from someone who sucked at shooting guns… and they turned her into sniper-level accuracy in 20 mins.
I was very frustrated and had made a lot of bad decisions in the run up to the simulation. After chasing the story for four years, I had done the dumbest thing imaginable: I booked myself on an 11-hour flight from London to California and not given myself even a day to recover, which was so stupid. Then I tried to save New Scientist [magazine where Adee was an editor] $100 for the hotel room. So, I stayed with a friend who lived in the mountains and got altitude sickness. I hadn’t slept, had jetlag, and was running on this wild amount of coffee. When I showed up to the simulation, I thought what am I doing? how can I report a story in this state? I was so freaked out and they [the Darpa contractors] said “okay, we’re going to put you into this simulation.” Absolutely wired from the coffee, exhausted, and my circadian rhythm messed up, I did such a bad job. It’s not like I’ve ever been any good at first-person shooter games, but I was somehow even worse.
They kept putting me through these training exercises and I kept failing and being really overwhelmed. Everything was happening all at once—the fake people were running at me, and I didn’t know what order to dispatch them in. It was incredibly frustrating, and I had this entire script of self-recrimination running through my head the entire time. It was just vicious. Then I started just having really negative thoughts. I was thinking this is all garbage, my whole job is garbage—just catastrophizing.
Then the tech came in and switched the current on, and it was like somebody had put noise cancelling headphones on me. I couldn’t hear any of that [negative thoughts] anymore. I did the training again and thought this is completely fine; I know exactly what I’m doing; what’s all the fuss? I was actually really enjoying it. After three minutes, the tech came in (normally, the runs were taking about 20 minutes to get through), and I had dispatched all the bad guys and was waiting the next wave, and said, “it’s done.” I was really surprised—actually, really annoyed—because I was thinking so now, I get it right for the first time and you stop it early. I said, “but I’ve only been here for a couple of minutes.” She said “no,” and I looked at the clock and was shocked to find that 20 minutes had passed. The researcher [in charge] said it was a common response that time starts to fly quite quickly.
It seems like this would massively improve shooting skills and shooting accuracy.
Interestingly, it seems like the Warriors are already using this technology:
There’s a reporter called Alex Hutchinson, who wrote about tDCS being used in sports because for a while, a lot of elite athletes—like the U.S. Olympic ski team, the Golden State Warriors, and cyclists—were using tDCS kits. He was talking to ethicists about the psychology of this and they told him, don’t kid yourself, once one person uses it and gets results, it’s no longer optional. It’s no longer a matter of free will saying I’m not going to use it. Now, compulsory use is the new baseline.
Are there any other teams using this tDCS technology at the moment? Are there any articles/research on how effective it is at increasing basketball shooting accuracy?
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2023.06.01 10:44 ImaFireSquid A tremendously casual player's view on tiers.

I... like it when some characters suck. For competitive, obviously it's not good, but there is somethihng very special about Dragon Ball games. Your character choice is your handicap in all but FighterZ.
For example, in Xenoverse, I was playing against a friend who didn't understand the game. He picked Beerus, I picked a Saibaman, and I knew for a fact that I would lose but it was a good challenge because one of those characters looms way larger than the other.
In Smash Bros, there is less of that but there are spirits, and picking different spirits totally changes the game. While my wife still loses to me in Smash even with the strongest spirit because she panics and forgets how to recover the moment she's off the stage, other family members tend to beat me. It gives me a lovely time.
So like... I'm not saying Street Fighter should be unbalanced. I see the value in the competitive community. While casuals pave the way for games to be made, competitive players let that same game persist for way longer. I do wish that we got a "lore accurate" option in fighting for my own amusement.
I mean, Ryu killed M Bison last game. In lore, there is a 0% chance that he's losing to the new characters who have a legacy behind them.
Kimberly is not as strong as Fei Long
Jamie is not as strong as Yun and Yang
Luke is not as strong as Guile
Lilly is not as strong as T Hawk
Ryu has personally outperformed all of the above. That's not to say that they won't eventually outstrip their masters, Ryu has absolutely outdone Gouken, but like... they're just starting out. This is their Street Fighter 1 and Ryu's Street Fighter 6.
I'd argue that in the story, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and Guile are going to be absolutely the pinnacle right now, but for competitive players obviously you're going to want a roster of balanced characters so the small Mexican child with a camera can beat the guy who saved the world and defeated two immortal beings consecutively (though Necali barely counts). I just want a party where someone pulls out their Manon and everyone laughs until she starts absolutely messing people up.
Anyways, I think Dan Hibiki and Akuma were great additions to old Street Fighter for that reason. They were very similar to Ryu, but Akuma looked scary and was aggressively powerful and Dan looked goofy and was weak. It's kind of a way to give a handicap to people who decided they liked Ryu or Ken.
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2023.06.01 10:43 Sigmund_slayer Aftermath of a Hydra attack...we started with 120 dwarves btw. My Count actually killed him, and then immediately died to blood loss right after.

Aftermath of a Hydra attack...we started with 120 dwarves btw. My Count actually killed him, and then immediately died to blood loss right after. submitted by Sigmund_slayer to dwarffortress [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:43 NewlyUpdated Blizzard Gives Players a Hardcore Contest to Reach 100 With a PrizeWorth Fighting For

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2023.06.01 10:43 Plus_Part988 Ikapu VS Abuloyan

Ngayon darating na mga pagkakatipon ay ituturo na ang hiwagang nakapaloob sa 2Cor.9:7.
"Magbigay ang bawa't isa ayon sa IPINASIYA ng kaniyang puso: huwag mabigat sa loob, o dahil sa kailangan: sapagka't iniibig ng Dios ang nagbibigay na masaya."
Ang binibigyan ng diin ay ang salitang IPINASIYA na ang kahulugan di umano ay past tense na. bago ka pa magbigay ng abuloy ay may amount ka na nasa puso mo. At ikokonekta sa paglingid ng isang bahagi ng halaga nina Safira at Ananias, injecting na abuloy ang ginawa nila at kasalanan ang pagsisinungaling sa espiritu santo ang maglingid ng bahagi. Pero kung babasahin mo ng hindi out of context na pagbababsa ay hindi yun abuloy dahil ang emphasis ngayon ay ang pasiya ng puso mo ay "buong sweldo ang ibibigay mo" dahil yun ang pasiya ng puso mo.
Kahit sinong fanatic na ditapak ay hindi makakagawa ng pag-abuloy ng 100% ng sahod, sa dami ba naman ng tulungan, lambingan, mga ticket at pa target ewan ko lang kung makapag-abuloy ka ng 100% ng sahod mo.
Maliban na lang yung mga free labor, tantamount to saying na 100% na talaga yung pagkaalipin nila.
Lumalabas mas okay pa ang ikapu na 10% lang ng sahod kaysa sa 100% na abuloy. Naku patawarin.
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2023.06.01 10:42 Renolon How do I increase player spirit?

Hello! Sorry if this question doesn't make sense.
My players have a team spirit of 100 and yet refuses to receive their teammate passes, actively blocks their own teammate shots, refusing to man-mark strikers whilst trying to act as a makeshift keeper, etc.
May I ask how do I get my players to not self-sabotage? I've searched forums and such but even Div. 1 players seem to have this problem of their players refusing to listen to orders
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2023.06.01 10:42 Sulavius DRG meets Uncle Roger (AI)

The following text is AI generated. I just find the idea funny and wanted to share this short story with y'all.
Uncle Roger: Hello, hello, hello! It's Uncle Roger here, and today we're going to be talking about something very important: rice.
Cut to Mission Control from Deep Rock Galactic
Mission Control: Roger, this is Mission Control. We've detected a significant amount of rice in the area. We need you to investigate and report back.
Uncle Roger: Wait, what? I thought we were just going to talk about rice. I didn't sign up for a mission.
Mission Control: Roger, this is important. We need to know if this rice is safe to eat. We're counting on you.
Uncle Roger: Okay, okay, I'll do it. But I'm not a rice expert, I'm just a comedian.
Uncle Roger heads out to investigate the rice
Uncle Roger: Okay, so I've found the rice. It looks like it's been cooked, but I don't know if it's any good.
Mission Control: Roger, we need you to taste it.
Uncle Roger: What? No way! I'm not going to risk getting sick.
Mission Control: Roger, we need to know if it's safe to eat. You're our only hope.
Uncle Roger: Fine, fine. I'll taste it.
Uncle Roger takes a bite of the rice
Uncle Roger: Oh, wow. This is actually pretty good.
Mission Control: Excellent work, Roger. We'll send in a team to collect the rice and bring it back to base.
Uncle Roger: Wait, what? You're going to take my rice?
Mission Control: Yes, Roger. It's for the good of humanity.
Uncle Roger: But I wanted to eat more!
Mission Control: Sorry, Roger. Duty calls.
Uncle Roger: Well, there you have it folks. Even in space, rice is important. And apparently, I'm a rice taste tester now. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time.
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2023.06.01 10:42 One_Operation_6863 Will my surgeon go through the plan on the morning of surgery?

I’m getting a septorhinoplasty because of breathing problems , my consultation lasted maybe 20-30minutes including pictures being taken , it’s via the nhs. My surgeon told me what he was going to do but I’m very anxious about it scared to much will be done. I trust him 100% but I need reassurance if that makes sense. My nose is crooked with wide nasal bone at one side due to trauma and I’m scared he will take both sides in to much and make my nose to narrow, I’ve also got the slightest hump that’s going to be shaved down I’m scared incase it’s scooped out.
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2023.06.01 10:42 Acceptable_Mode_9961 Poor working memory tips please!

Hi all- I totally understand the stitches and what I am doing however I have seriously poor working memory where I cannot basically count nor remember what I am doing. E.g for flowers if I am DC x3 I may do it once and think I've done it twice, or skip it, or even when i am chaining I miscount :(. I literally struggle to count :( I am not at a stage where I can visually recognise what I have done aside from counting chains. Please help I do not want to give it up!

Please help!
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2023.06.01 10:42 givmedew Tune: World Rally Challenge Barcelona-Catalunya Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evo 2

So I have struggled and struggled with finding an existing tune for this car that would win on the highest difficulty. After spending a lot of credits and trying several tunes I gave up!
I decided that the lightest AWD extremely powerful car in my inventory was most likely going to be the best car to go with because this track is just absolutely tiny.
So the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution ‘86 was ultimately the car I won with. I tried several other cars including the Audi Pikes Peak and someone’s recommended build using the ‘17 GTR.
Those cars just didn’t work for me!
Anyways this car drifts effortlessly and it engine brakes and brakes easily while in a drift so you can still easily hit your apex.
This car can also be used for the PP600 World Touring Car 600 Dirt Tire event at this track just reduce the power a little bit.
Also you’ll notice that I have the restrictor set to the 70% and even reduced the power a little more on top. That’s to give you a nice flat power curve. You could win this event with the low turbo at 100% honestly but this gives you quite a bit more power and still gives you a very easy to control power delivery.
The gearbox settings are specifically made for this track. On a much large track even if you like this vehicle I’d probably move over to the Audi Pikes Peak if you have it.
Lastly the car will drive on Tarmac very easily using the same settings so it will decimate PP700 and PP730 on mediums.
When on tarmac at high speeds if you start to drift on accident DO NOT FREAK OUT!!! The car will NOT SPIN OUT. Just carefully and slowly real the car back in.
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2023.06.01 10:42 Wildfire-Man How can i get the 100 award trophy?

It almost seems impossible to get 100 awards in one month.
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2023.06.01 10:42 HowRYaGawin Is this how to play the opening game in an AoEO tournament or showmatch series? "Make your first hit your best" as Jack Gibson would say to his footy team!

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2023.06.01 10:42 HowRYaGawin Is this how to play the opening game in an AoEO tournament or showmatch series? "Make your first hit your best" as Jack Gibson would say to his footy team!

Is this how to play the opening game in an AoEO tournament or showmatch series? submitted by HowRYaGawin to projectceleste [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:42 Doreevee Sa D Bo Agenda

This is just a quick recap of the info we have regarding Sabo's power thanks to the Reverie.
Morley and Karasu held off a conditioned Ryokugyu and a conditioned, likely holding back Fujitora in two respective 1v1s. From the perspective we get from 1082 onwards with the scene with Dragon, the dialogue between Sabo and Karasu, and simpler things like Sabo's position in the army and the drawing of the vice captains (with Sabo jumping over people like Ivankov), we can assume that Sabo > Karasu/Morley.
So sure, he didn't stall two admirals alone or injured Fujitora like everyone thought before we saw the events at Reverie, but it's still easy to take a conclusion that Sabo might very well be closing in on Admiral level from the information we have.
Now, onto the latest chapter, two things to notice. One, Sabo isn't detected by Gorosei nor Imu. This isn't the biggest feat ever since neither was fucking WAPOL, so clearly this was made for the sake of narrative, and you can make arguments like "they had their observation haki turned off", which is a faulty argument since people like Zoro use observation while sleeping, but, let's just move on. Count this as a feat for the Wapol agenda.
Second, more obvious, is Sabo getting hit by Imu's arrow and losing 90% HP. This seems like an antifeat, but, I wanna bring a similar situation up to compare. Shanks, another character that's easily between the current top tiers, one-shots Kidd. Kidd gets covered by Killer, someone easy to argue in the YC2 range. He faints and Killer does with him. Sabo gets attacked by Imu, along with Cobra, basically a pedestrian. Sabo gets pierced first so Cobra is a non-factor for Sabo's defense here. Sabo managed to stay on his feet and is able to run away, not just from Imu himself, but from other 5 characters that we can easily assume are somewhere in the top tier range (unless you really want to downplay them based on Kizaru 'escorting' Saturn).
Conclusion: Sabo only caught Ws from this arc. We're not ready for Flame Himperor Sa D Bo to beat Akainu on the final war.
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2023.06.01 10:41 HowRYaGawin Is this how to play the opening game in an AoEO tournament or showmatch series? "Make your first hit your best" as Jack Gibson would say to his footy team!

Is this how to play the opening game in an AoEO tournament or showmatch series? submitted by HowRYaGawin to AOEO [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:41 HowRYaGawin Is this how to play the opening game in an AoEO tournament or showmatch series? "Make your first hit your best" as Jack Gibson would say to his footy team!

Is this how to play the opening game in an AoEO tournament or showmatch series? submitted by HowRYaGawin to AgeofEmpiresOnline [link] [comments]