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2023.03.30 00:26 Orphanhorns According to my Bernie Bro ex-manager there is no difference between a 60k and 200k salary. Why do so many “socialists” think like this???

Just had to bail from an argument and come here to vent. “200k isn’t even a lot, that’s just what normal people make” was the phrase that set me off. I tried to explain that from my perspective, making less than a third of that, it’s absolutely insulting to pretend 200k isn’t a ton of money that puts you near the top. Even in a city like Los Angeles, 200k is way more than enough to get by.
I was told to “think about how much money the top 1% have” which just made me want to scream. The fact that someone else is richer than you does not mean you are not also doing pretty damn well for yourself. I even tried to say that I don’t take my 60k salary for granted, I grew up pretty poor but my parents worked hard and climbed their way up into middle class which helped me get where I am and I’m not ashamed of it, but I know what it’s like to have nothing and it’s AWFUL. 200k, even 100k is nowhere close to “normal”.
Almost every socialist I’ve met is like this, coming from an extremely privileged background which let them dick around through their 20s doing internships and low paying jobs until their dream job shows up, while I had to work full time at an exhausting and soul crushing office just to pay rent.
This is the lie Bernie Sanders gave them, that someone else always has more money than you which makes THEM the enemy who must be destroyed and all your sins are absolved. Fuck that.
I feel better now, just needed to get that out.
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2023.03.30 00:26 Bakub_ M. shadows' 2000's side project as a producer: The Confession

If you like A7X, check out The Confession. Produced by M. Shadows himself in California early 2000s

Posting this to spread knowledge of one of Matt's projects and the band. I believe he produced most of it. The Band never took off but the songs are fantastic. Perfect mix of Waking the Fallen, self titled, and City of Evil. If you like those albums you'll love this band.
On another note, anyone have any guitar tabs that are not available online?
And what song is your favorite if you have listened to them?
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2023.03.30 00:25 TreeLeaves0 The painting in the back

A few years ago I worked at this strange American Eagle store not that far outside my home town. I was short on money and figured the job would be fun considering my love for fashion. During my first week there I was informed by one of the employees (who we’ll call Dave) about a creepy painting in the far back near the changing rooms. Dave advised me not to look at it for too long and to pretend it’s not even there. I found this a little unsettling at first but ultimately forgot about it. In my mind I figured Dave was just a jokester and was trying to scare me for his pure amusement. A few weeks later another employee (who we shall call Kate) started to talk about the painting during our lunch break. I laughed thinking her and Dave were pranking me or something but her face turned icy and cold. “Don’t believe me, then look for yourself!,” she said before getting up for the bathroom. I was intrigued so out of pure curiosity I walked over to the back where they both told me it would be. I haven’t really had the need to go back there yet so this was the first time I saw it. The painting was of a man walking his dog. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. I stared at it and shook my head. I was a little disappointed. I went to walk away but this chill ran down my spine that made me turn around. The dog that was once on a leash held by the man, was now walking freely with his teeth in a snarl. The man himself seemed to be looking into my soul. My lunch break was soon over and I tried not to think about the painting and how it seemed to change by itself. At the end of my work shift, before heading home, I decided to check it out once more. To my surprise the dog was back on its leash and looked as happy as ever. That’s when my eyes jumped up to where the man was. He was smiling with all his teeth showing. He was not like this before. His eyes looked to be the darkest shade of gray and he was holding the dogs leash with just one finger. I closed my eyes trying to remember if this was what it originally looked like but my gut told me to keep my eyes closed. I started to hear shuffling in one of the changing rooms closest to me. The only ones left in the store were me and Kate. I said her name out loud hoping to god that she was the one I was hearing. There was no response. A cold breeze washed over my face. I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter out of fear. After what seemed like hours I opened my eyes. I let out a gasp as I looked at the painting in front of me. I know this is going to sound crazy but you have to believe me. The painting in front of me was of an old women holding a basket of flowers with a bright smile on her face. She seemed to be smiling back at me. I ran over to Kate who I knew would believe me and told her what had happened. She nodded and said, and I quote, “It does that”. I asked her why they don’t just take it down and she froze. Her eyes started to tear up and she looked over my shoulder. I don’t know what it is she saw and I guess I’ll never know, because at that very moment I grabbed my jacket, phone, and car keys, and walked out the door. I know it sounds like a bitch move, but by the look In Kate’s eyes it wasn’t her that was in trouble. I waited in the parking lot to make sure Kate got out ok before driving off. I quit a few days later. Those last few days I avoided the painting with great ease. That is, until Dave asked me to get a few hangers from the back. I hesitated but decided it wasn’t that big of a deal. As soon as I made my way to the back I halted to a stop. The painting was gone. I asked Kate and Dave about it and they both looked at me confused. “What painting?,” Dave asked tilting his head. I stared at him in shock. I looked over to Kate for her help but she seemed just as confused as Dave was. I begged them both to tell me they were kidding but they seemed really adamant on the fact that there was no such painting. A month later I came to the store with my little cousin to get her some clothes for the summer. I let her do her thing and looked around the place. Come to find out Kate quit shortly after I left without any explanation. Dave however was still folding clothes in the mens section. I walked over to him and we started catching up. My little cousin signaled that she was done and I said goodbye to Dave. However, as soon as I turned to leave he grabbed my arm firmly. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He pulled me close and whispered something in my ear that I’ll never forget. “It waits for you in the back”. He then dropped my arm and picked up another shirt to fold. I slowly walked away and headed for the cashier, but something pulled me over to that back area. Maybe it was curiosity or maybe it was pure stupidity. When I got there I was met face to face with with the painting. It was just black. A black background in a frame on a wall. I looked at it contemplating whether or not I should inspect it. That’s when my cousin ran up to me with all her clothes in hand. She turned to see what I was looking at and smiled. “What a nice painting of a man and his dog.,” she said. My stomach dropped. I pulled her by her arm and quickly paid for the clothes. We got the hell out of there as fast as we could. Its been a little over 3 years now but the whole situation still makes me nauseous. I haven’t and will never go back to the place because I never, and I mean NEVER, want to see the painting in the back again.
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2023.03.30 00:25 StepwiseUndrape574 One of the biggest debates among fans is the game's setting

One of the biggest debates among fans is the game's setting. Many are hoping for a return to Vice City, the iconic location of GTA: Vice City, while others are hoping for a new location altogether. Whatever the setting, fans are eagerly anticipating exploring a brand new world in GTA 6.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.30 00:25 DLConspiracy 4k UHD City Of The Living Dead - Lucio Fulci - Cauldron Films

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2023.03.30 00:24 Rowsdower32 What is the SOL for private student loan debt in CT?

Not here to give a long sob story, but long in short, about 5 years after we graduated college, wife became disabled. Even with the small amount of SSDI we got, I was having a hard time paying bills each mo. With my 600-850 a mo interest ONLY payments - after about 4 years of working two jobs of about 60 hrs a week, I found that we were just living paycheck to paycheck just to pay interest only. Had a job scare at work, and due to potentially losing my job and feeling like we were always going to be living hand-to-mouth, I decided to default on my loans.
I dont remember exactly when, but I know it was very close to 5 years ago.
I thought I heard somewhere years ago that the SOL to file suit was 5 years, but I couldn't find anything online to confirm this. It seems like many states have 10 years now, so I just wanted to ask to see if anyone can confirm this? I'm more than certain I'm still screwed, but I am hanging on to a glimmer of hope that the SOL is about to expire - but more than likely, I am sure I'm the one whose SOL haha
Thanks in advance for any input!
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2023.03.30 00:24 dontjudgemycatsname 26 F looking for girl friends!

Hi, I'm in Florida. I have a partner but we're apart a lot because of our jobs, and I kinda struggle with the lonelies sometimes! I dont have a ton of people that i hang out with regularly so I'd love to find some cool girls to chat with and share fun stuff with or whatever. Just be over 18 please!!!
Lmk if anyone's interested and ask me something interesting!
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2023.03.30 00:24 pharm888 Help me pick my next credit card!

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had some recs for another credit card to maximize my spend. About me: income 255k, credit 785 Experian In the wallet: CSR, freedom flex, freedom unlimited, citi custom cash(grocery card when not getting a category bonus on a 5% back card), discover it.
Areas of spend not optimized (anything that gets 1.5x on FU year round (I consider this 2.25x for point redemption value with CSR). Obviously if these areas fall into a 5x quarterly category I swap cards for that quarter.
Electricity/internet (codes all as electricity) ~200-300 a month Mobile Phones: 275 a month Gas: 25 a month Streaming: 90 a month Occasional Costco/BJs wholesale run: ~125 a month Amazon: ~30 a month 40 a month when you include dog food/meds etc Dog boarding: ~200 a month Groceries: ~100 a month Heating oil (utility): ~2k per winter EV charging away from home: ~15 a month. Insurance payments: ~2k each December No rent/bilt card as I have a mortgage
I don’t have a business currently but could easily do a sole proprietorship
1 new card in last 24 months
Banking Relationships: First republic (lol), Chase, DCU
Is there anything in the above spending that jumps out? I’ve considered one of the Wells Fargo cards that gets 3x on streaming. Perhaps a different 5x rotating category card to catch more bonus areas. Really if there’s a random card that gives good points on utilities/phone bill it would be perfect. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 00:24 enigm1984 Dystopian work environment

Im sure this is pretty cliche but I work in a records job in a major hospital chain and I just learned a pretty dystopian thing. Apparently, they grade your work style and if you get too many negative points you get fired. Or if you do things like call in sick or are too slow some days even if there is a crapton of work, or "insubordination". One worker said it was 6 points so apparently if I'm sick for 5 days its basically just fuck me. Or if I have a shit boss which I do and I back talk to her or call HR, odds are I would be the one to get in trouble for it.
For my job I'm not really trained in clerical stuff, so I try to take my time with the papers, since they always say no mistakes but I apparently, I need to be the flash to. The thing that really pisses me off is the fact I said in my interview, I wasn't trained in paperwork and my boss said that was fine. So, I guess it's like even though I said I'm not as perfect at clerical stuff as everyone else, its my fault im not meeting shit even though you guys hired me. Im sure this is pretty stereotypical but this is my first 40hr grind job, so im learning for myself how insane and dystopian all this shit is.
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2023.03.30 00:24 unemployedloser3 Can't find an internship... starting to panic

I am a 1Y at an M7 school who cannot find an internship. I was a tech hopeful, but that hasn't panned out - it is a barren landscape. My school's career portal does not have much, and I am doing my best to network on LinkedIn (and broaden my scope), but nothing is materializing. The MBA is only good at placing students into banking and consulting, neither of which is a career that I am interested in. I apologize for the venting, but I am very frustrated and disillusioned. I regret leaving my well-paying job to do an MBA at this point.
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2023.03.30 00:24 myelin-symphony I had a glow up but I still get sad going through old photos of when I was ugly.

I have PCOS. I was not aware of this/ did not show any symptoms until towards the end of my first year of college. I gained a lot of weight (went from 130 to 160) and always had heavy bloating in my face and stomach. I began to have facial hair including a full moustache, and I got VERY severe cystic acne, especially around my face and back. This all happened very suddenly (I looked like myself in the March of that year, but had entirely changed by May) and it was very shocking. I hadn't been doing anything differently than usual (same exercise, diet, skincare, etc.) Also my skin turned VERY pale. I normally have naturally warm, tan skin (foundation color would be somewhere in the exact middle), but suddenly I was the color of a sheet. Changing my diet, working out, and using skincare products didn't help at all. To compensate for all of this, I began wearing baggy clothes. I also decided to try makeup for the first time to change my appearance, but my bumpy acne was still visible underneath my foundation. I was also terrible at makeup at first (I had gone through high school without makeup because it was expensive and not interesting to me) so I was putting HORRIBLE winged eyeliner, lipsticks that did not suit me, awful blending etc at first.) This only served to make my appearance worse, I now see.
I noticed a shift in how people treated me. Someone who had previously been flirting with me suddenly seemed disgusted by me and rejected me when I asked them out. Peers and managers seemed annoyed with me more easily than previously. People started leaving hate comments on my tik tok about my acne/facial haietc (never my actual content). It was harder to make friends or garner respect from others, which definitely taught me a lot about "pretty privilege" (it is real, y'all!)
I went to an endocrinologist about a year ago and found out these issues were due to PCOS. I started taking hormonal birth control and over the course of a year went back to normal- my skin cleared, I lost the weight, my face shape completely changed even from my high school shape (it became more adult and womanly and elongated). Also due to my year of experimentation and overcompensation for my appearance issues, I got quite good at makeup and found a better haircut. Now, I look even better than I did in high school. Suddenly everyone wants to be my friend, random people I have known throughout college are flirting with me, I get asked to give more presentations at work, etc. I also have strangers call me pretty very frequently. I appreciate this glow up- I am glad that my health issues were resolved and I look nice again. However, I often still feel sad and panicked. I hate being around people who saw me before the glow up. I become obsessive about the way I was rejected and cannot stop ruminating over "would I have been dating this person/working this job/etc had I looked more like myself that year?" Looking at old pictures, even of fun memories or interesting things I did, makes me extremely sad. I hate that I looked gross for so long throughout my sophomore year of college (and my first year off zoom) and I wish that I could have been the person I wanted to have been during such a socially-crucial time.
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2023.03.30 00:23 Snoo_32652 Decrypt and Load data in BigQuery

A batch process in my company creates approximately 1/2 mil files that are stored on a Google Cloud storage bucket. Each file is in JSON format with following structure:
{ "order": { "id": "12345", "customer": { "attributes": [ { "name": "CustomerName", "value": "Encrypted name" }, { "name": "Address", "value": "Encrypted Address" }, { "name": "dateOfBirth", "value": "Encrypted DOB" } ] } } } 
As you can see, each file has some data that is in clear text, but sensitive details like name, address etc is encrypted in AES128 bit encryption.
To do some analysis on this data, I am planning to load all these files in a BigQuery Table., so that I can query based on Consumer name, or Address etc to see different trends. My challenge is, I am not able to understand how to handle this encrypted value?
One way I could think of is to run a Dataflow job that read these files, decrypt the payload and then populate the BQ table with decrypted data. That will require an additional Dataflow job to be created. Do you know of any other simple process in GCP through which I can achieve this?
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2023.03.30 00:23 N00d1es1 App for Finding Independent Contractors and Small Businesses

+ This media app is specific for people looking for specific workers and small businesses/contractors in the area to be easily found
+ (different from yelp as you only need to make an account to write any type of review; different from Craigslist as we try to aim for less sketchiness)
+ Accounts will have to be linked to the business to post on behalf of the business; deed or title would need to be overlooked to verify the business
+ Writing reviews will only be allowed by verified customer
+Verified Customers: To post a review, businesses will be encouraged to give "codes" which when inputted into the app, will direct them to a "Write a review" section and allow them to post their review
- The issue with this is that businesses can monopolize when a job goes good or bad and decide which customers to give the code to, for this reason a lower section will be made for unverified customers to give an "opinion"
+ App will have IP checks, in which the reviews must be written within a certain radius of the businesses designated work radius
+ App will also check for increase in traffic, and restrict to a certain amount (possibly 12-15) of
unverified reviews for every 4 hours

+ Advertisement will be for bigger companies and would come up every other 7 small businesses posts on the home page and appear on the search grid under "Sponsored"
+ Regular Accounts: Limited to 3 posts per week, 4 pictures per post
+ Plus Accounts: will allow for 7 posts a week, 8 pictures per post
+ The limit is to restrict spam and overwhelming presentation of work over small businesses who may be getting started

+ The app will work by asking for a location in which they are looking for specific workers
+ The app will filter businesses based off of price, location, reviews from verified customers

- App will be broken up in similar format to Instagram, all categories on the bottom of the app
  1. Home page, businesses you support/"follow" and sponsored businesses
  2. Searching for businesses
  3. Enter code, Write a review
  4. Messages, communication between companies and customers
  5. Business page

*Business Page would also be representative of Instagram's format; posts from your business, supporters and a biography allowing for a description of the business and links to external websites.
*This media is aimed towards general services; with restrictions towards sexual activity as this is not the reasoning for the media

*Looking for feedback on the media, possible holes in theory or separate medias that have perfected this idea.
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2023.03.30 00:23 Environmental-Leg180 how to manage mental health struggles while in grad school?

I'm a grad student that has about 15 months to go until I graduate. Soon after starting grad school I was formally diagnosed with several mental disorders. Some of it is genetic and some of it stems from trauma from my past.
I've been diagnosed with adhd, depression, anxiety, ARFID, PTSD. I'm medicated for adhd/depression/anxiety. After beginning medication, my doctor has been seeing symptoms of high functioning autism which were previously masked by adhd until I started medication.
I've always been quite resilient and excelled under high pressure due to previous experiences with traumatic situations. Now that I'm in a safe environment it's as if I don't know how to function and I'm having breakdowns frequently over tiny inconveniences. Several months ago my doctor told me my mental condition is bad enough that I should be in an inpatient facility but I declined because of the shame associated with that as well as the fact that I'd have to drop out of school. I've fought hard to be where I am now and I don't want that to be a set back.
I know I should feel safe but my body is over reacting to situations and now that I no longer feel the need to walk on eggshells I'm getting massive feelings of regret due to things I've said and done and am now second guessing myself, my professional image, and my capabilities as a student.
I recently found out my advisoPI is leaving for another job and that sent me into a breakdown to the point of wanting to quit, but by that point all I'll have to do is write my thesis and take a few more classes.
I feel ashamed because there are at least 5 professors who have seen me full on ugly cry in their office (which I generally view as unprofessional) but it just happens whenever I admit I need help with anything even just homework. I have a difficult time allowing myself to be vulnerable and asking for any help because I'm so used to being independent because I couldn't trust my family/previous partner to help me when I'd ask without endless judgment and in some cases mental/physical abuse.
People keep telling me I'm smart, capable, hard-working etc but I just can't bring myself to believe them and inside my head I'm constantly having feelings of worthlessness and failure. I know that impostors syndrome is normal but I believe it's more severe than that.
I'm in counseling and am medicated and I don't know what else I can do. I think most of this stems from previous trauma but I can't just undo my brain wiring over night. I've been away from traumatic situations for 8 years now and I'm still not close to being normal again.
I'm just hoping someone can give me some advice on how to handle this and what I can do to try and be successful as an adult because at this point I'm broken down and ready to quit before I've even started a career.
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2023.03.30 00:23 AllTomorr0wsParties [USA-OR][H] 16" MBP M2 Max [W] Paypal or Local Pickup

Imgur Timestamp Link:
2023 16" MacBook Pro M2 Max 32GB RAM, 1TB HDD. Silver. Includes 11 Months of AppleCare. Includes original box and receipt (If desired)
There is a very tiny scratch on the top surface (Shown in the photo) Otherwise condition is perfect.
Price is $3000 Shipped via UPS Ground w/Full Insurance or $2900 pickup in Oregon.
Missed my return window on this unfortunately and need both downsize and go back to Windows for a new job. Please comment before PM.
I don't have trade history here, but I do have history on photomarket in the same price range.
Repairs: none
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2023.03.30 00:23 catthekid need help saving transportation

hi guys, i’m looking for help to keep my car from being taken from me today. it’s my only transportation to work that won’t take almost 2 hours (like the bus would). my car insurance basically doubled my payment for the month from around $430 to $927 and i just can’t afford that right now for this month, even with the 2 jobs i’m working. anything helps but i’m desperately in need of help here. i have venmo and cashapp and paypal! i wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t an absolute emergency. thank you
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2023.03.30 00:23 justinvoelker Accidentally published .git directory with CI_JOB_TOKEN

I screwed up. I threw together a placeholder website with just a single static HTML index page, some CSS, and an image. This was built into a Docker image via the GitLab CI/CD pipeline with a two-line Dockerfile that included `COPY * /usshare/nginx/`.
Last night, my hosting provider forwarded to me an email from an outside company explaining that I was exposing my .git directory. I guess the answer to "what could go wrong, it's a single static HTML page" is "you can expose credentials."
The email included the content of "www.\[domain\].com/.git/config" to show what I was exposing. Sure enough, that file existed, visible to the public, and included the URL of my remote branch with username and password.
Luckily not my username and password but the username "gitlab-ci-token" and its password. After fixing the leak, I tried to dig up information on the CI_JOB_TOKEN which is what that Git remote was including in its URL. From the GitLab doc, it seems like the CI_JOB_TOKEN in my .gitlab-ci.yml is "valid as long as the job is running." Sounds like this shouldn't pose much of a security risk to my project repository.
However, in my attempts to fix the original leak, I noticed that the value of that token didn't change across multiple pipeline builds. Perhaps it is a fixed value ans isn't rotated (or isn't rotated frequently) and perhaps it does expose me to at least some risk.
How bad did I screw up here and how can I ensure that the value of that CI_JOB_TOKEN is either changed or otherwise made to not present ongoing risk to my project?
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2023.03.30 00:22 Subject-Afternoon127 How much money will OSAP cover for rent and how does it work?

My income last year was about 19k as I worked from out of province during the summer, but I got lots of medical expenses to cover so I don't have that much left. I was wondering if OSAP would provide me with a degree of coverage for my rent as I move from my current apartment and give the lease to my parents. Currently, I live far from uni and I want to focus on my last year. The commute is killing me, and my city is too expensive.
Will I get some money to cover my living expenses after my tuition? and how does the process go after I give the apartment lease to my parent who are staying permanently in the country?
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2023.03.30 00:22 Exciting-Standard-72 First time buyer, totally lost, wondering if anyone can give me some advice on this plan

I'm looking at chevy cobalt, Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla, and a few others in the durable sedan/coupe family. planning to keep it less than $4k. I'm currently working a job where I could save up enough to buy a car outright in a few months, but where it would be really helpful to have one now. can I put down what I have (say, $1k), take out the shortest loan term, and then pay the rest outright in a few months' time? will I just end up paying the interest from those few months, or do I have to end up paying the total interest of the loan. is that what refinancing is?
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2023.03.30 00:22 neamh26 Question on Medical Standards (Prior-E)

Trying to help a troop out, a member has been in for 10+ years and was diagnosed with both conditions (ADHD and Sleep Apnea) while AD. The member does not have any ALC-C type codes. Applying to a Non-Rated job that does not require additional medical considerations.
For medical standards, which DoDI 6130.03 volume applies to Prior-E?
Per DAFMAN 48-123 Ch 3.1.6, “Applicants for appointment as commissioned officers in the Active and Reserve components. This includes current DoD enlisted personnel applying for a commission.”
Ch 3.2 Medical Standards: “DoDI 6130.03V1 and DoDI 1308.3, DoD Physical Fitness and Body Fat Programs Procedures, establish the medical standards for accessions.”
DoDI 6130.03 v1 Lists ADHD(With medication in the last 24 months) and Sleep Apnea(Without surgical intervention) as disqualifying factors. But volume II does not list ADHD and only says it's disqualifying if treatment is not successful for Sleep Apnea via CPAP)
I’m leaning that he needs a waiver, but I know people that have commissioned with both and did not present waivers at time of application. Is there a secondary medical validation if he were selected that could Disqualify him through further investigation? Would he be offered a chance to submit the waiver during post-selection?
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2023.03.30 00:22 Careful-Somewhere-63 Streak 193: Writestreakers around the world

English is by far the most studied language in the world. You can say it's the "official language" of the western world. In many countries, you even have a higher chance of landing a job if you know English as a second language. Therefore, it would only be logical if this subreddit were the largest of the writestreak family.
That's not what we see, though. We are only the fourth-biggest subreddit. The third biggest subreddit, the French one, is 2k members ahead of us. They're approximately 40% bigger. It gets even more ridiculous when we compare ourselves to the Spanish subreddit and the German subreddit. The Spanish subreddit is three times bigger than this one. The German one is almost SIX times bigger.
It's easy to explain this difference though. The Reddit user base is composed mainly of North Americans and British people, all native English speakers. It's only natural that English is not the preferred language when it comes to language learning. Still, if you do some quick research, you'll find that Spanish is actually the most studied language in the US (and by a far margin), followed by French and German.
However, the German subreddit is almost two times bigger than the Spanish one. Why does that happen? Only God knows. Redditors clearly have some interest in German, but what's the cause of that interest? As far as I know, Germany isn't that strong in cinema or literature or any other art form. I mean, I guess they do have some interesting authors or filmmakers, but does that explain that huge gap? I truly have no idea why they are the biggest subreddit in the writestreak family.
There's also some interesting data related to Asian languages. The Japanese and Korean subreddits are quite decent in size, both with 2500 members. This is very easy to explain though, as Redditors, on average, are interested in Japanese and Korean culture, especially because of anime, tv series, and music.
(by the way, it was a coincidence that the topic of the day was somewhat related to this one. Our minds are connected)
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2023.03.30 00:22 workecash Why aren't economists sounding the alarm bells that the US economy is currently spiraling?

You could argue that the four key measures of an economy’s health are per capita GDP, labor productivity, the number of jobs, and median household income.
We know that output and productivity has mostly continued to rise. But the other two--jobs and median income--has declined.
If the 50th percentile of household income in 2021 was those who earned less than $75,000, then that is the same exact median as it was going back to 1998.
With that being the case and with the pace of inflation, let's call it somewhere around 2.5%/year, that means, median household income in real terms is equivalent to almost half today as what it was in 1998.
Labor force participation peaked around late 90s at about 67% but is down to about 62% today.
This diversion has led to theories like the "Great Decoupling" because while there have most certainly been gains in output and productivity, this simply has not gone to the average earner, and life for the average worker is actually in a worse place.
And, there's no reason to believe that a tide is coming where these dynamics will pivot for the better. In fact, it sounds like it will only continue and get worse and worse.
Yet, I don't see a major storm of people trying to figure this out. When I see politics being reported in the news, it's mostly hysteria around social issues.
Where's the outrage for this failing economy? I would think economists would at least be advocating for a healthier economy.
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