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This is a place for people to ask and answer questions to try to ruin a day out of the ordinary. Maybe it's fumbling the basic framework, maybe it's cramming in one more impossible puzzle, clue, or step. If you want to create an overwhelming and awful day for someone, we can work together to help

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2023.06.01 10:26 TachyonProductions ICAO Shitstirring incident widens the gap between Sierra Group & ICAO

Earlier today, AeroFanCEO#2213 and his "team" of self proclaimed "elite investigators" made bold accusations against Shiba&Co and attempted to suggest AirAlps and other airlines terminate their codeshares with ShibaFly SA. They claimed to have "Concrete evidence" that over 15 flights were faked, purely because they lacked an image, and Camcherta, ShibaFly's Owner, usually posts an image with her flights. The message I recieved involving Shiba&Co is below.
" Fraudulent Activities by Codeshare Partner Shiba&Co
From The ICAO Inspection Team TarunBeast, Sunrise4, Sunrise 6 and AeroFanCEO
To Air Alps TheJeremy#9894 & Icyy
We are writing to provide you with crucial information regarding your codeshare partner, Shiba&Co. Our investigation, conducted by the ICAO Inspection Team, has uncovered concrete evidence of fraudulent practices involving the falsification of codeshare flights. We have also learned that the chairman of Shiba&Co, Camcherta, shrewdly de-recognized her airline from the ICAO upon discovery of these activities. While this warning message does not imply any direct action from the ICAO or force you to terminate the partnership, we strongly advise you to carefully consider the implications of these findings. ⁠𝘼𝙞𝙧𝘼𝙡𝙥𝙨⁠. The investigation team found 15 FAKE FLIGHT LOGS. The discovery of Shiba&Co's fraudulent activities, and Camcherta's active involvement, is both alarming and concerning. We understand the significance of your partnership, but it is essential to prioritize the integrity and reputation of Air Alps. We urge you to thoroughly reassess your codeshare agreement, taking into account the risks these actions pose to your airline's image and the trust of your passengers. Transparency and decisive action will be crucial in navigating this challenging situation. Message by AeroFanCEO ICAO Administrator"
Not long after, Sierra Group was defending Shiba&Co, and quickly disproved ICAO's report. ( enough, Camcherta also happens to be a moderator of this subreddit.
ICAO also seem to have said multiple transphobic slurs to Camcherta, which I can image would have been quite concerning to recieve. Cam responded with a petition( to force the investigation team to Apologise for their accusations and language, and a stern announcement, Following.
  1. 📷 everyone 📷 Good morning all! As Shiba&Co flight 12 (SHB12/SX12) leaves Marseille for Alicante, cruising over the Mediterranean Sea, I'd like to take a moment to share a message and further news of urgency and significance; please read by! Yesterday noon, a group of ICAO administrators barged into the Virtual Airline Hangout server (of which we are recognised in) and began writing as such: The ICAO investigation team has diligently gathered and verified the evidence of Shiba&Co's fraudulent activities. This serves as a stark reminder that our industry must remain vigilant and committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency. As an esteemed member of the aviation community, we implore you to stay informed and exercise caution in your business relationships. While this warning does not directly pertain to VAH, it serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining ethical practices and safeguarding the reputation of your airline. These shocking findings have left us astounded and deeply troubled. It is disheartening to discover that an airline would resort to such deceptive practices, undermining the trust and integrity that are fundamental to the aviation industry. Moreover, what is particularly alarming is the knowledge that the chairman of Shiba&Co, Camcherta, was heavily involved in perpetuating these malpractices. This "investigation" and ensuing claims did not have any evidence to support them, and we were at no point alerted that such an investigation was taking place as to be able to defend ourselves. The group followed by using harassment, sexism, racist and dehumanising language and slurs, even towards innocent spectators - and creating a DM hate group for Shiba&Co which I am currently the only member of. The current major concern is that the group published a report publicly in VAH and ICAO, in which:
    1. Zero evidence was given that we faked flights
    2. Zero defence from us was sought
    3. They have personally chosen to gamble their argument in an inappropriate tone
    4. The document uses inappropriate tone and consistency throughout
    5. Shiba&Co was given zero chance to defend ourselves
    6. A "conclusion" was drawn before the investigation began
    7. 15 flight log examples taken from our own ⁠flight-logs
    8. Such a course of action is grossly negligent - and the investigation was insufficient, as I thereafter found 15 pieces of evidence that the 15 flights had been done fully in a flight simulator. Additionally, the claims were certainly not backed up by evidence - therefore, we had 100% the right to refute the claims, given the lack of effort by the investigation team. Eventually the matter was transported to ICAO, where the final verdict was given: Shiba&Co has not conducted fraudulent flights. Seeking an apology, the team attempted to blame us for "extending" the matter, even claiming that we were "inferior beings" and supporting Nazism. I'm just going to be blunt here and say that the actions of the "investigation team" were purely disgusting. Thats the only word for it. Disgusting. They have breached several rules of conduct, created fear within the CRP community, defaced ICAO, shamed themselves, defamed Shiba&Co and made outright ridiculous childish behaviour part of CRP. ICAO and the SG have showed negligence on the matter, delaying the immediate ban of anyone who condones publicly any policy of the Nazi kind.
  2. [19:39] As follows, Shiba&Co has launched a petition that demands:
    1. The investigators publicly apologise for every single misconduct
    2. The investigators are sanctioned
    3. Those at the sending end of racism and sexism are immediately banned
    4. ICAO implement proper rules for investigation
    5. Compensation is warranted to Shiba&Co for defamation
    6. To be entirely clear and transparent, Shiba&Co's policy has always been to fly and let fly. Our entire basis, foundation is to reject silly competition; set aside our differences; do what we love. And to be honest, I see no fun in copy-pasting and changing flight logs in a channel - and I think you'll agree. Our fights are done to the very degree of transparency; there are screenshots of departures, arrivals, wing views, cockpit views, complaining, swearing at A320s, sim crashes and all of that. It's what makes us, us. Note that this announcement mentions no name - this is because we, in fact, respect others and look up to our public image and portrayal. The final message here is that no matter how successful or unsuccessful one is, there will always be someone trying to fuck you up. You cannot always anything about them; but you can prepare, be honest to yourself and take responsibility. With that, the reports from ICAO and our petition I have attached under this message. If you wish to sign the petition, DM me or ask in ICAO or VAH. If you have questions or seek evidence, DM me or ask in VAH, not ICAO. Thank you, Camcherta Long live the Shiba Republic xo"
ICAO has since backed down.
They claimed Shiba&Co left ICAO after they made the accusations, which ICAO said raised suspicions. However, Sierra group agreed to derecognise themselves from ICAO a long time ago, a long time before the accusations were made. whether they knew this apon making the accusations is unknown, but why they thought ShibaFly left after the accusations were made is also unknown.
VAH's response follows. "
Announcement from the VAH Administration Team Following the events that happened earlier today, the VAH Administration team would like to say that we are absolutely disgusted by the messages sent from the 'ICAO investigation team'. I put it in quotes because the group of individuals who decided to go out against our members were not authorized by ICAO administrators, and the so-called investigation had no purpose. Shiba&Co is no longer in ICAO, meaning that the ICAO had no right to investigate Shiba&Co. Instead, the investigation led to an attempt to defame Shiba&Co, while also including transphobic comments from 2 of the members of the team. After realizing their mistake, they decided it was not their problem. We trust that ICAO will put in measures to ensure that no member of VAH would be treated like this. Here are the list of members who were included in this 'investigation'. We expect ICAO to ensure that they are held responsible for all of their actions. List: TarunBeast
Humzah QE201
GreenWilson (Not include in list)"
I think Sunrise4's transphobia is unrelated to the accusations, however that is a different story, and I am still unsure about who said what, and where. I am writing what I am sure of.
VAH's Follow up announcement:
" Follow-up Announcement Since Shiba&Co brought this up in ICAO, 2 people on the list have continued their behaviour in ICAO. Before, I kept certain details hidden in privacy for the individuals, but here I don't see a need too. Sunrise4 and GreenWilson have been racist and transphobic to our members and our admin, and even went as far as supporting Hitler (I kid you not, it's in ICAO). Sunrise4 has been removed from his position of DSG, and GreenWilson is soon to be removed of his admin powers as well. The group of individuals above came to VAH to 'warn' us about how Shiba&Co were faking flights. Here, we now give a warning to all airlines, not just those in VAH or those just in ICAO, about these two members and their behaviour towards other. They continued to violate rules of ICAO, VAH, and fail to maintain basic rules of respect in general. Any airline that continues to let these individuals be without any warning or punishment for these actions are considered to be airlines that are allowing it. As for the previous announcement, I would like to say that Shiba&Co was completely innocent. While the inspection should not have happened in the first place, the members of the team stated that Shiba&Co was innocent on all charges, before that there mess was not their problem. We, as an admin team, will stand with Camcherta and Cactus, because no one should have to experience racist or transphobic words. We all have one thing in common, which is the enjoyment of flight simulators. No one should have their experience flying be ruined by things like this.
SkyExpress's Response, By skrobl:
" Important Announcement The SKYexpress administration team would like to express its complete disapproval of the actions taken by some members of the ICAO administration team yesterday during their “investigation” of Shiba&Co. This “investigation” had this group of people looking into the airline’s server to determine if “fake flights” have been posted because screenshots of them weren’t attached. Even after proof was provided for all of them, they continued to doubt the integrity of the flights. At this point I must stress the fact that SHB had nothing to do with ICAO as it has been derecognised. This means that these people had no authority to question the airline’s practices, much less to write a “report” about it and proceed to call certain members of our community names no sane person would even think of. Since we support transparency, here is a list of all people involved in this predicament:
Please be aware of their activity and report anything suspicious to us. Thank you for your understanding. Signed, skrobl, Co-Owner"
Further updates will appear here in AirlineRP, Thank you. Please contact Icyy#5516 or Καμτσέρτα#8456 for any Questions.
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2023.06.01 10:25 Signal-Macaroon-5075 My partner M29 isnt ready for a happily ever after with me M27

1 M27 have been dating my partner M29 for almost 4 years and finally had the guts to tell them what I never told them from the beginning. Let me say that my partner has been the great first for me. They've tried showing me a good time since we've first talked. We are always learning new things about each other, keep each other company just because we love spending every waking second. They've been so helpful during my time of trouble and I couldn't thank them enough for supporting me. Coming into this relationship, I wasn't sure whether it would be a long term or a "good time" thing. When we first chatted, I mentioned I wanted a fwb strictly. To no surprise. I ended up being in this relationship. However I wasn't entirely truthful. Being gay and closeted for my whole life, l've missed out on high school romance, having those moments that are intensely intimate, and all that jazz. So I never really experienced a real relationship. It wasn't until two years after high school where I started to explore with my sexuality. It brought some insights as to what I was looking for in a relationship. A happily ever after. Two months ago, I spoke to my partner and let them know the truth. I told them that I didn't come into this relationship just to enjoy the time we have with each other. I came into this relationship to have a happily ever after. After I told them, they said "I can't give you that but just know l've been really appreciative of the time we hav spent with each other and I love you deeply". To me it sounds like they're not sure whether they are wanting what I want. Am i being a little too much?
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2023.06.01 10:25 Ashamed_Ad_5563 if it sounds too good to be true it always is and always will be.

money does not buy freedom

if it sounds too good to be true it always is and always will be a slave to the jews...and when I do become free they'll make the currency worthless and see how I react and keep a record of it...because they have done it all and seen
it all and they are stronger than me and have more teeth than me which means they have an advantage. When I become financially free women and girls will steal my money so that they can go off to the sunset or send men disguised as women after me...or diseased women and/or girls so that I am forced to pick up shit or nobody.
either way the goal is to control my life..but everything is out there to kill me
the goal was to control the population so we don't fuck and mate and is a crime because they ate meat rather than fish.
death and taxes and cease to exist await me. if it sounds too good to be true it always will be because I am restricted to where I go and what I can do because the person above knows this.
either way this reality does not want me to get away with anything and that fake is the new real and I am not sure if the person you are seeing is really that person or old farts or men and/or boys disguised as females...and that fake is the new real. I'll eventually end up in politics i won't have a choice...
either way this place is to hide the real world and when I do get it they'll kill me off either way or they'll frame me something i didn't do even if it's a thing of fiction...or it will be indian men disguised as females otherwise the disease women and/or diseased females whoever made this matrix did it to screw with me because of religion. I am my own worst enemy anyway...because the information is purposely hidden and the food I eat will make me mortal either way or no fucking..
either way I am my own worst enemy because other men and gay people the goal is to kill me off or if not then and they will devalue or turn me gay or kill me off and she will because she created this and she owns it or nature will...if not other men will get in the way...or the person above will
The goal was to hide the truth and prevent freewill and freedom because rightfully so and limit our free will and freedom because she owns this place - they need me for something...I did not make anything gay people did and that's why they have rigged this game..otherwise use this as target practice i was brought here because they needed me for their political ideology...otherwise eat boys.otherwise fuck my family or turn what the fuck - is this taboo subject line
besides other men will see more boobs than me because of the jews and men they got that - I won't be able to shapeshift either and they are watching and reading these notes and preventing me from getting a good night's sleep and they have purposely shoved me into a corner because they own this place and are only playing me money to keep quiet so that I push their ideology and they are
the goal is to kill me off so that I can be used part of their game otherwise get run over buhahahha and then they take my place ubhahhaa
A slave to nazis and jews who are smarter than me and hindus and muslims and big brother..
Time has no meaning here and someone is fucking with time and space on purpose...otherwise she kills and tortures each other.
The goal is simple when you can control time and space you can pretty control everything including when I die and they will kill me off buhahahahahahah
hahahahahhahahaha hahahahahhahahaha otherwise leave me all alone buhahhahahahaha
the goal of it was simple to play god with my life and limit my powers on purpose and the scientists and others won and if they conceed to me it's fufilling someone else's ideology....
A slave to friendly fascism...buhahahhaha - I won't have a choice but to join god one group controlling the other..
whether I go left or right or up or down the game is rigged A slave to the male diseease and the adult disease and the boy and gay and parents disease
they purposely injected this virus because they needed me for something the goal was to slow me down or kill me off which they will and when I am born I'll die so that I get recycled I won't have a choice or open my eyes where I won't know and feed me fake stuff appearing real.
The goal was to hide the truth because the truth would hurt and come at a shock...
it's never been to benefit me - I got tortured alright the goal was that there is money to be made in middle the goal was to kill the sex drive otherwise shove it my face so that they can publicly embarras me.
A slave to religion and/or science and they will fuck with me because they have fear buhahahaha because they have the ability to if not then my parents or society or nature will.
which wins every single time...I got turned into a mess because of my father and it's apparently my fault... I won't ever be as handsome because of my race and when I do I'll have to give up more of my privacy for the illusion and they will use this against me in the court of law.
either way I am blacklisted...if not they'll beat up girls
if not then humans will eat for dinner so that i get reunited in america and the way that they got that pretty was because they ate babies...
and this is to benefit others and I'll turn myself into a programmer - i won't have a choice.
only big sister and girls will enjoy real freedom because everyone is diseased if not the gay people
either way this matrix is rigged and that I'll kill myself eventually because of the mango which is money...and then basically become one of the stars
my mind is enslaved and the goal is that i am my own worst enemy...Only the catholics will ever be free or someone close to me or both. Either way the goal is that they'll eventually steal my hard earned money and rightfully so or otherwise destroy me
buhahahhaha nice try bro better luck next time buahahhahahahahaha
hahahaha as long as I accept this form of slavery because they know I am completely defensiveless and that the ball is in the hand of other men and women
The goal of them bringing me here was to avoid the chaos buhahahha
hahaha a slave to the environmentalist who needed me to do their dirty work otherwise pull the plug and then take me away and destroy and ruin the place.
They will drug me or I'll self destruct myself or they'll steal stuff away or they'll take away privileges and ask me to work in the mines. If not then I'll keep working because of my father so that I join their social cult.
The game is rigged whether it's in my favour or not the game is rigged this matrix is smarter than me and they want me to turn against my father in so he either turns against me or continues to look after me and keep me under containment because they needed me to contain a virus and otherwise take over and play this bullshit game of red vs blue vs black - so that the chinese and whites can continue fucking and I am left with the diseased - and I won't have a choice - they will drug me because of other men or eat me for dinner.
Or otherwise torture me so that women can steal my sperm from me...The game is rigged whether it's in my favour or not the person above is stronger than me...
A slave to the pedos who get off to raping kids because they own this place...because other men
They wil torture me because I don't have a choice which is why they turned me into a wuss - my parents know that I am powerless and the person above the same thing buhahhaha
otherwise be on the street naked giggling at me shitting because they own and rule this place because somebody is going to get a hurt real bad.
Money does not buy freedom and when it does it pays for my funeral. If not the jews and others will get in the way or nature will. The game is rigged buhahahha
hahahhahahahahahhahahahaha hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha
but women and gay people and boys and our parents will get a free ride in life. The goal is to control nature and basically play god with my life and they won...I am a prisoner of my own home.
I won't have a choice but to get tortured otherwise they'll send the diseased after me if not other men will torture me or women and girls who are diseased will be sent by the orthodontics and dentists...
I am basically a prisoner otherwise dump me to take over a system so that when I am done rebuilding it it they can take over.
death and taxes and being brutually tortured and kept silent awaits me all and they won otherwise or turn me gay which I won't have a choice because of my parents who set these standards. buhahahha because of society...I got turned into a wuss so that it benefits my parents so that my father is either reborn as a female or he fucks me...
ahahahhahahahha hahahahahaha. They have a script for a beginning and an end to my life so that I can be recycled...
Freedom died a long time ago...This matrix was designed to torture me psychologically.
The goal was to silence nature and when I do wake up they can giggle at me exploding buhahahha
ahahahhaha hahahahha HEHHHEHEHE hehehheehehehehehehe. This matrix purposely lays traps in this reality to lure me into a trap of self destruction and disorganisation and slow me down so that I get sick and fat and so it funds their organisation or i am falling for a similar trap here..
Either turn gay or accept this form of slavery buhahahhaha hahahahha hehehhehehheehhehehe
Otherwise they'll really show whose boss and shut me up for good because rightfully so my parents are stronger than me.
When I become free I'll become a product or a product on their cell phone, newspaper and advertisement buhahahhah...otherwise get turned into a padlock on the internet or the font or the colors on the internet because rightfully so they own and rule this place. The goal was to devalue me and then take it away otherwise prop me up to see how much shit I can tolerate until they take it away from me...if not other men will come after me...or copy or steal my idea. They rape mother earth and mother earth is being raped too.
Otherwise shove gay porn down my throat because they want me to do something wrong but the real owners can get away with having cake and eating it too.
The goal was to delete me so that I cease to exist and they will make me mortal and they won. They experimented on me so that I am given a short self life and or otherwise they blend into the crowd so that they are reborn or I left all alone..
or when I reborn I am born with diseases and genetic defects...
women and girls run this matrix and there are no females in this matrix and if they are they are men disguised as that and they have purposely made it that way....and when I do break free I'll die whether it's here or outside this matrix so that i get recycled or cease to exist or get turned into a less useful forms of life or get raped from behind....buhahahahaha or get eaten by women and/or girls because they are stronger than me...Otherwise force to eat the diseased.
hahahahahahha. Otherwise stare at a computer screen all day long so it protects my parents. Utopia is dystopia...otherwise get raped in jail for their own entertainment.
They will torture me buhahaha whether I like it or not. The goal was to make me mortal and they won...
The goal was to turn me into an illusion and then keep me barely on life support so that they can live in the fantasy land...they did this to other worlds and they'll do it to this world.
or cut my body and my limps. IF not face the diseased...otherwise eventually replace someone or get tortured when I get replaced or get eaten buhahahaha...
otherwise use this against me in court or ask me to take over this dying system...or have those privileges taken away or send the diseased after me when i do break free buhahaha...
either way my own stupidity costs me my own free will...because AI is controlling this system you can feel it..
The goal is to keep me as a prisoner here because theyy own and rule this place otherwise forced to eat shit, sewer water, diseased stuff expired products garbagee soils and dead people.
If it sounds and feels too good to be true it always is and always will be.
The goal is that they own this place and I won't be able to be immortal and do whatever the fuck I want and the only thing free I have is a thing of fiction and when I do break free they'll send the diseased after me or the real people appearing to be real but they are diseased and expired themselves so that they next generation turns against me...
Only AI, Women and god and gay people and my parents and animals will ever have real free will. Fake is the new real.
Other men and gay people and black people will get in the way and the chinese people and the brown assholes that will turn me gay.. If not then my brothers will and/or motther or father. If not then religion will get in the way or otherwise I'll be forced to join their social cult of big brother..
or send down the rabbit hole and that I'll be forced to eat shit and turn against my family and my people - I'll be forced to eat the diseased/old farts and expired people
I'll never be free because of the judges and lawyers and the person behind me who wants to use me for his ideology otherwise ask me take over.. The goal is to kill me off otherwise torture me from behind forever buhahahahha
hahaha - the goal is that it does not want me to die but wants me join their social cult until I take it extremes and have her take me away and then eat me for dinner. The goal is to divide me and/or turn me gay so it's easier to rule me - I'll never get to live forever and have more power because they'll eventually take it away or limit the number of people born. Only AI, God, and science will ever get away with everything because rightfully so - they own this place.
If not then society and the diseased and the people who have expired will come in the way otherwise the person who has enslaved my mind wants me to play justice or otherwise women will just all the girls away and leave me with nothing buhahahahha
They are taking notes of this and trying to drive me mad and or otherwise make me mortal so that cyberspace takes over the real world and that I am fed fake stuff and then eventually they can take me away...
Otherwise turn gay or lose my dick, and my nose because these assholes purposely want to kill and control the brown population because the racist piece of shit.
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2023.06.01 10:24 THEGONKBONK Disney Villains: Maleficent #1 Comic Review (imo): Would you want to be Maleficent’s apprentice?

Disney Villains: Maleficent #1 Comic Review (imo): Would you want to be Maleficent’s apprentice?
Hey there! Here's my review of Disney Villains: Maleficent #1by Writer & Artist Soo Lee: Disney Villains: Maleficent #1 is the start of the fresh exploration of Disney's most iconic villains that promises to cast them in a new light, kicking off with the Mistress of Evil herself, Maleficent. This comic is brought to us by the singular talent of Soo Lee. Diving into this issue uncovers the world before the familiar story of Sleeping Beauty.
The Beginning: Maleficent #1 Soo Lee takes us back in time to a realm where Maleficent reigns supreme over the forbidden mountain. A young boy, Raynald, finds himself in her dominion, prompting an encounter that makes us question everything we know about this famous Disney villain. Raynald’s fearlessness before Maleficent and his bold decision to venture deeper into the forbidden realm will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Artistic Vision & Style Soo Lee is the writer, artist, and colorist for this series, and her incredible talent is shown through every aspect of this comic. The narrative is light on dialogue but heavy on visual storytelling-- giving us a sinister and haunting representation of the forbidden mountain under Maleficent's rule. Every page is a testament to Maleficent's sinister & cunning presence, and you can almost feel her influence in each panel, captured in chilling tinges of green and yellow:
[Image Credit: Dynamite Comics]
My Rating in Summary: Disney Villains: Maleficent #1 offers a new perspective for fans who revel in villain-centric stories. I personally like this idea and narrative. It signals a bold new direction for exploring the darker side of Disney's beloved characters. While we're only beginning to unravel the main plot, the first issue has established a thrilling atmosphere that promises wicked delights to come.
As someone who grew up both fascinated and terrified by Maleficent, it's exciting to see her story being explored in new and complex ways. Here's to hoping that the rest of the series offers the same kind of rush, with an exploration into the twisted possibilities of Maleficent’s story.
My Rating: Story: 8/10
Art: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Question: Would be you brave enough to venture into the Forbidden Mountain?
[Spoiler Alert: This review discusses plot details from Disney Villains: Maleficent #1]
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2023.06.01 10:24 mobties6969 How to deal with scammer ?

I got scammed, here’s the info I have on them ,
His phone number License plate number Facebook account LinkedIn account Name Workplace Cell phone provider And MAYBE his address
I have good amount of funds to hopefully ruin this persons life.
Let me know if you have any ideas,
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2023.06.01 10:24 EmpJustinian Ruining relationships

Here I am, 4am doing the job I worked so hard to get back. Everything at work is going great except for one thing, I'm pretty sure my boss is scared of me and hates me.
Why do I think this? Well, when I was at the worst of my active addiction she was unfortunately a casualty to my abhorrent behavior. She probably got it the worst second to my significant other. I verbally abused this woman making her cry multiple times - being on drugs and literally out of my mind is no excuse for the way I treated her. We've discussed what happened but she doesn't too much understand mental illness/addiction.
After I stepped down from the position I have again now her and I barely interacted. At this point, being in the position again she is back to being my immediate supervisor. I know for a fact she avoids talking to me as much as possible. I feel horrid knowing that she most likely gets massive anxiety seeing my name pop up on her phone. The thing is, before the worst of my addiction hit her an I got along great.
I honestly don't know how to proceed with making amends so we can work together easier than last time. I don't expect her to forgive me and she is one of those people who holds things over people's heads. So it's going to be difficult for who knows how long. It honestly destroys me that every time she sees me she goes "you were so mean to me, I can't believe how mean you were to me." Yeah I understand that it's not right for her to even "joke" about it but I completely understand where she's coming from. I was absolutely nasty to her.
But I digress, the point of this post is that you will ruin relationships on these drugs. From the isolation to the absolutely horrid behaviors you will end up destroying everything you built up. It's not worth the guilt. It's not worth the shame. It's not worth anything to destroy your life and the lives of people you interact with.
The worst part? The drugs convince you that the way you're acting is okay. It makes it so easy to ignore the way you intentionally destroy people to make yourself look better and to fill that narcissistic desire. It's easy to feed the ego on these drugs. The fake confidence makes it feel good, it makes it okay. It's not and it will make people despise you.
I now have to face the consequences of my actions and know that I will forever have a stain on my career due to the addiction I have. It will follow you for the rest of your life, people will be hurt. You will have to prove that you are not the person you were on drugs. I now have to work harder than everyone else to show her that I am not the evil person I was on Adderall. I have to come to terms with the fact that I was so nasty to someone that they are actually afraid of me. It makes it difficult to move forward in recovery.
So if you're not at that point, or even if you are, use this as a warning that you are slowly destroying any form of connection you may have with someone. The drugs make things that aren't okay feel okay. You will hurt others and not even bat an eye at it. Think about it. Is it worth hurting those you care about? Those you love?
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2023.06.01 10:23 interiordecor14 AITA for not wanting my girlfriend to do drugs?

I (18M) have been dating my girlfriend (18F) for a few months now. An ongoing conversation of ours has been the use of drugs. (Just weed and alcohol.) For some context, a drunk driver killed a cousin of mine whom I was very close to. My closest friend started smoking weed when we were about 14 and it spiraled him from a great kid to someone who spent all his time in his room and never had a dollar to his name and his life was totally ruined. My parents started smoking when I was 15 and they wouldn’t do anything but smoke, sit around, and sleep every day. My dad lost his job because of this. (We live in a 3 story house with my grandpa who built it 50 years ago, so rent wasn’t an issue.) I had to pay for food and some of the bills and health insurance for my little sister. So, I’ve developed quite a hatred for drugs as a whole. I still hangout with my friends while they smoke and my parents have since come back around and gotten jobs, I just don’t want smoking or drinking g to be in my life. So now moving onto my girlfriend. She’s amazing to me, a couple hiccups along the road for unrelated stuff but overall it’s been amazing. I’ve always been open with her about my feelings on the topic, and she is open with me about her past of smoking and drinking pretty infrequently. I told her that I don’t want drugs in my life and she said she understood my point, but that she enjoyed smoking a lot. She says she doesn’t do it often. I told her my honest thoughts on not wanting her to do any drugs and that I know it’s unreasonable and she can walk away from our relationship at any moment, it’s just a no for me. She said she would do her best but no promises, and I thanked her for trying. So, she went and talked to her sister about it and she said that I was a huge asshole and was being very controlling. My girlfriend brought this up to me, and told me her thoughts, which were the same as before. I can’t help but feel like I’m being toxic and controlling and I really like my girlfriend but just can’t have that stuff in my life. AITA?
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2023.06.01 10:22 amitheahore WIBTA if i made him sleep outside in a makeshift camping tent?

my life sucks. my mom (32F) and my dad (75M) are relatively nice to me usually. they plan all of my birthday parties, i can go to my friends out whenever i want (when i had a friend), they always say that they are proud of me, but secretly i know they despise having to watch my at home fashion shows.
recently, my brother (10M) had his room infested by these little dung beetles which broke in from the hole that i dug out when i got really mad at him for spilling juice on my fursuit. technically it wasn't me, it was my fursona, but that's a discussion for a different post.
so now my parents asked if he could stay with me, but i said "no way josé, i don't share rooms with stinky little 10 year old's with cooties." they said they were super disappointed with me, even though they said they always admire me for my honesty. i always knew they had a favorite, and i know its because they have finally learned to live with the fact that they have a transgender autistic furry as a child.
after my brother came back and begged me to stay in my room with me, he started to really piss me off. i already told my parents that i didn't want this little nincompoop in my room with me because i needed space for my interactive cosplays. if he moved his waterbed into my room and accidentally brought one of the dung beetles, the stinky ones by the way, into my room there was going to be a big problem. i am not able to manage all of that.
WIBTA if i made him sleep outside in a makeshift camping tent? don't get me wrong, i love my brother and all, but there are certain boundaries he can't cross.
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2023.06.01 10:21 Savage-September Baby left in car for a few minutes

I regularly drop my child to school in the mornings and one of the parents told me that a complaint was made about them because they left their baby in their car for a few minutes to drop their other child off to school. I know where they usually park and it’s about 20 yards from the gate. They said they were approached by one of the teachers who said they won’t report it as a safeguarding issues “this time” because they [the teacher] have done it before themselves. The report came from another concerned parent.
I thought the whole thing was quite bizarre as I do this myself sometimes even if I pop into the shops or refuel at a petrol station. If my little one is asleep I’m not going to wake them up, unbuckle them from the seatbelt just to be in the shop for 3/4 minutes. It’s completely unrealistic, surely the car is safer. It’s not like they are left in the hot sun for hours. It’s a few minutes while you sort some things out 20ft away. Additionally I have seen this from other parents too so this must be a normal thing everyone does.
They are worried because they think that if they do it again the school will call social services or something. I wouldn’t have asked but I feel like they are now increasingly anxious about this whole report having to prove their other child who doesn’t attend the school is with them at all times, having brought up the issue again.
I pondered on it over the weekend and thought Is this practice illegal, would this be something social services are called for? Has the school got grounds to inspect your vehicle and make reports to social services?
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2023.06.01 10:21 Adventurous_Item1316 My girlfriend broke up with me after 4 years because she needs to fix herself. (M 21, F 20)

Where do i start, i don’t even know if this is the right place to ask for advice. But here we are.
Me and my girlfriend/ex had been together for a bit over 4 years, sure we had our ups and downs but we always got over them and even when we broke up or tried other people we eventually got back together again. This time its a different reason, not your typical losing feelings or that there is another, but she broke up with me because life is getting to hard on her and she just wants to escape it.
A little over a year ago my whole friend group ditched me 2 days before my birthday, so i didn’t really have anyone else but her because before i was with her or my friend group. Not a moth later her dad died of cancer (nothing sudden but still feels like hell of course) so she had a lot on her plate too.
For the past year we stayed together to thick and thin but for the last few months she’s been way more distant then normal, when i asked she told me that she had no energy for anything left and doesn’t even feel her feelings at all anymore! I never understood what she meant because i work 5 days a week and she stopped everything she had in her life (work, school etc.)
I kept asking and eventually she said she can’t be in a relationship right now because it would put pressure on her to be okay again. Since then I finally understood how you can feel so down you don’t even want to leave your own bed, told her i know now. But she still thinks that if we get back together right now, things will turn out worse for both of us.
Now we are almost 4 weeks after the break up and we had a lot of ups and downs again. We agreed to be friends for now and that we do nothing with anyone else. But when i say that even that is enough for me to call it a relationship or anything else instead of a break-up, she backs out again to the statement of having to much pressure with anything love or relationship related.
After a while we brought each other stuff back, she told me that it is mostly because of my mom (alcoholic and trauma patient) is not predictable in what she would do to her stuff right now, my mom is playing the big motherly defender of me and because my girlfriend/ex hurt me. My mom now almost wants her dead and almost can’t hold herself back of any negativity toward my girlfriend/ex. Only thing standing in between is me and my word that im done with my mom forever if she comes in between me and the people in my life again. (She did so too with my friend group. Sending multiple messages while drunk, and therefore people started to think I’d sent her!)
Luckily my girlfriend/ex told me she doesn’t even look at the messages anymore. We even started seeing each other more and more in the last few days, even made a promise that if she really doesn’t see anything with me anymore, she’ll give my jacket. (Last piece of clothing she has from me). We also had some moments where she would randomly call me “baby” in a sentence or talk about our future still!
But for the last 2 days its been a lot less, and i don’t know if i should give her more space and not text her at all, or that it would only make my chances of a future with her any smaller.
Oh and a final thing, she wants to escape this world, shift to another because everything goes wrong with this one and of course because her dad got taken away from her.
So what do i do now? Some people say ditch her entirely. But my heart still wants her and us. Others say that i should have faith and wait for her to fix herself and then she will come back. But the negative people around me speak louder.
So i ask your advice, does anyone know what to do in a situation like this?
(Sorry for the biggest story ever, still haven’t told everything but thats the gist of it.)
(Please understand that this is my first ever post on the whole of reddit!)
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2023.06.01 10:21 Throwaway-1994-xX Need HELP on how to raise children as an atheist while every family member is religious and in a country with 99% religious people.

I was raised a muslim in a muslim country and when i had 18 years old i was officially an atheist. Now, i'm married with my wife and she's recently agnostic and we are from the same country (same tradition etc).
We are now 28 and we are thinking about kids. But the major problem that we face is how to raise children knowing that our parents and environment are very religious. Also, the environement of our future kids will be probably filled with children who are muslims. Therefore, we don't want our kids to be excluded from the sociaty because they are brought up as atheists.
The conclusion that we have made is that we should probably raise them as moderate muslims with heavy focus on eduction and science. And we supose that it will probably lead them to the truth (atheism) when they become more mature (as we did). This will help them to have the same believe as other children/ teachers/ grand parents / future friends thus having a normal/easy childhood.
We think that this is the best solution. If you are a parent that delt with this problem please feel free to contribute. Also, if you can recommmand some books to read that would be awesome.
PS: Please i'm looking for functional advice based on experienced parents.
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2023.06.01 10:21 Plane_Effective3847 AITA for wanting my fiancés friend out our house

My fiancés friend moved in with us and the very first week she got a dog, she kept pushing the idea that it was my fiancé fault bcuz they mentioned wanting a dog which gave them the idea which was terrible bcuz I already owned a dog and she wasn’t very good with other dogs, then the dog she got made a disgusting mess and ruined one of my rugs and a dog bed my mother had bought for my dog when I went to visit her across the country when I told her she’d have to replace what the dog destroyed she initially refused and then eventually she just never did get it after time I just figure she wasn’t. Through out the time of her being here she would slam doors and be very rude and even raise her voice whenever she felt we were wrong about something most recently we got back at 3am from the gym and came in a little bumped from working out she was the only one home and she was upset that we came in loud but instead of saying anything she storms downstairs and takes her dog to use the restroom not before he pees on the floor and makes a mess and as she goes out she slams the door when she comes in I ask her not to slam the door like that and she tells me that I could do it myself I figured she thought I was asking her to lock the door so I reply “I’m not telling you to lock the door I’m saying don’t slam the door” then she tells me that it’s rude to come in loud and that she’s going to slam doors and I tell her she is in my house and can’t slam doors just because she’s mad and she tells me I’m not her father and l reply “you’re right im not. Im the man whoms house you live in. Your father would probably forgive that” and she gets angry and says goodbye and storms into her room for the night she does pay rent but she pays less than everyone else there are 5 of us including my fiancé, her friend, and me, we all pay a fixed rate of 550 a month in rent and she pays 415 she only came to stay because her family kicked her out and it’s been half a year and she doesn’t seem to be trying to move out I’m tired of her attitude and ruining my homes energy #AmITheAssH for the argument and wanting to kicking her out
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2023.06.01 10:20 PeevishBoi Tyrone brought a different point of view to their debate.

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2023.06.01 10:20 dohansohn AITA for setting a boundary with my roommate?

So me (19F) and my roommate/bestfriend (21F), "Christine" have been living together for less than a year, but have been friends for 3+ years. We decided to move in together when I got into a college near hers. When we were buying the things for our apartment, me and my parents ended up buying most of the common area stuff that we share (kitchen utensils and living room furniture and other things as well). It has been going pretty great, up until now. She has been seeing this guy and they have had a sort of friends with benefits relationship for a little bit, and have mostly been hanging out at our apartment. This is totally fine with me, doesn't bother me one bit.
But... I was going home one weekend, and she had let me know that she was planning on having him come over to hang out, and had been excited to have more freedom for intimate things in our apartment (implying they'd have sex on our couch). When she told me this, I got uncomfortable and laid out a boundary and explicitly told her to not have sex on the couch. We argued about it for a while, but she eventually gave up and we both agreed to just making out, and once things got heated she'd move it to her room (which is what she would do when I was home anyway, but I had no problem hanging out alone in my room).
I went home, thinking that my clear boundary wouldn't be crossed, because I trusted her. And didn't think about it anymore.
Until... a few weeks ago me, her, and our other best friend were hanging out. We were talking about random things and chilling. I don't even know how it got brought up, but Christine started talking about how her and her friend "did it" on the couch. I was livid, I blew up on her and asked her why she crossed my one and very clear boundary on the couch that ME and MY PARENTS bought. She explained that they were making out and things got hot and heavy and she told him that they had to take it to her room becaused I asked them not to have sex on the couch, and he said "she'll never know" so Christine went along with it. I got very angry and asked why she brought it up and told us, when she knew I would get angry. She claimed she thought it wasn't that big of a deal, and asked why I cared anyway. I told her that wasn't the point, my boundaries shouldn't be crossed, no questions asked. She continues to think it isn't that big of a deal and says that I am being childish for being so upset about it. I've been icing her out since and she hasn't apologized or anything once.
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2023.06.01 10:19 No-Tooth-3046 Lv Pin,The shit stirrer

Self-proclaimed as a Chinese feminist and columnist, "Women's Boxing" leader Lü Pin was invoLued in planning extreme feminist activities in 2015 and was arrested by the police, but fled to the United States and stayed there. She co-founded a new organization in New York to support China's feminist movement and has long been funded by overseas NGOs such as the Ford Foundation, the UN Women's Development Fund, and Oxfam. She has incited extreme feminist activities in China many times and fabricated numerous false reports about Chinese women, attacking and smearing China through foreign media.
Lü Pin once published an article titled "Fake Feminism and Real Online Violence: The Truth Behind the Slanderous Article on 'Philosophy Society'" on her WeChat public account "The Diary of the Goddess and Cousin." In the article, she harshly criticized the Philosophy Society and condoned verbal violence against harassers, causing secondary harm to the victims. Comparing the statements of both sides, it can be found that the Philosophy Society's attitude is fair. While exposing the problems, they tried to avoid making untrue attacks on Lu Pin and clarified some exaggerated accusations, calling for everyone to remain restrained and calm.
But when it comes to Lu Pin, she ignores the good intentions of the Philosophy Society and starts distorting right and wrong, recklessly accusing the Philosophy Society. Clearly, it was Lu Pin's own wrong behavior that brought about the condemnation of righteous netizens, yet she flails about and accuses netizens of cyberbullying. Lu Pin is not a victim of cyberbullying, but rather an enabler of cyberbullying against the victim.
Lu Pin seems to be helping women establish fairness, but in fact, he disregards the facts, distorts right and wrong, and many feminist groups have been exploited by the "politically correct" pseudo-feminism of pro-Western countries, becoming a platform for smearing China and distorting social values. Lu Pin is the representative of pseudo-feminism that appears to support but actually undermines women's healthy ideological consciousness.
Recently, Lu Pin once again acted as a troublemaker. Upon seeing the notification of a student strike at Rutgers University, where she is studying as a graduate student, she decisively joined in and tweeted, "I am the first day of the strike as a graduate student at Rutgers University", "I am so excited to be standing among these people today", and "there are many inspiring scenes in this strike. The day after the rally, I saw college students enjoying a spring afternoon without classes on the lawn. This is probably the first time I have appreciated the beauty of Rutgers University". She seems to be always seeking chaos, and wherever there is turmoil, she goes to join in the fun. However, in the process of participating in the strike at Rutgers University, Lu Pin did not forget to criticize her own country, saying "As international students, we cannot easily drop out of school, nor can we secretly work off campus. As any Chinese student will tell you, the prices at Asian stores have risen especially high".
Here, I only hope that Lu Pin, who likes to stir up trouble, can read more useful books at Rutgers University and do less useless things.
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2023.06.01 10:18 yyuyuyu2012 Suggestions for Finding More Jobs Like This?

Long story short I was looking on Indeed to keep an eye on my industry (I have a Series 7 and 66). While I typed in a new term, I found a Business Analyst role that needed regulatory experience (I have that) and a job of data management for a fintech company. The first one had two interviews with me but I had that interview in their office Thursday and I have the interview with the other one tomorrow. Both seemed interested in my experience with regulations and said they would be ok with teaching my (I know python and SQL and working on doing better in Excel, but it is a work in progress), but I am wondering if there is any other way to look for jobs like this as it seems like most business or data analyst type jobs that need financial industry experience, as it seems like most other roles like this low ball or expect 7 years of experience for the amount of money I am making now. I may eventually move from the area I am in, but for now I am staying put as it is more of a minor tech hub. However, even putting in my salary requirements seemed to bring up the same things my first queries brought up. For now I will plonk away at learning new skills and adding to my portfolio while I work and look for new positions.
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2023.06.01 10:17 idunnoman696969 Apparently I "play the victim" to "avoid taking responsibility for my actions"

My mom physically, emotionally, financially, and sexually abused me. She let my sister beat me up constantly to the point that, looking back on it, I should have been going to the doctor with those injuries.
My mom would whack me in the head with a hairbrush when she felt like it. She slapped me across the head in a parking lot because she thought I lost money (in front of my high school ex, who brings it up to this day). She put a shock collar on me and zapped me. She would wake me up by flashing the lights in my room. I hate my back being touched, so she and my sister would take turns touching a mole on it and laugh when I panicked. She made us have a competition to see who could jack the dog off the fastest. She would walk around naked and yell "my pussy juiced" whenever discharge came out. She never bought enough food, but always had a full head of salon highlights.
She made fun of my teeth ("shark teeth"), called me fat (had a BMI of 18.8 and at one point 15.5 and at another 28.5 because EDs are not fun). She told me I couldn't sing and that I would embarrass myself if I tried.
I brought up a mild transgression today because she had seemed open to resolving things. She DARVOed the situation so well that I actually told her I had to cut contact with her.
Apparently, it's easy for me to blame her because I don't want to take responsibility for my actions. I have OCD, so guilt always eats at me. Now I see why. This clown wants me to apologize for her abusing a child. She was, of course, "just joking" and I was taking it too seriously. No shit. I was 8. Never once in my adult life have I made fun of a child. Not in front of them and not behind their back. She even took it so far as to make fun of me on Facebook to her adult friends when I was 13.
Apparently, I just used her to get what I need financially. My grandpa did give me a significant amount of money. My mom claims to have come from nothing, but he literally bought her a house. She stole money from my grandpa (he's going senile) that was intended for me and my sister. She has given me money, but that's not enough. It has always come at the cost of my happiness.
Apparently, I also should have let her into my doctor's appointments when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Because, as you know, she would "have been able to fix things more". Clearly, I was doing it wrong and my world-renowned doctor was missing things. When I was down to 100 pounds, she gave me a cookbook on how to cure my illness through meals (incredibly restrictive as well). Meanwhile my doctor had told my partner to get me to eat or I would die. Didn't matter what. But that didn't matter to her. She needed to be right.
I asked her what she wanted for me in life. She told me I should lower my career standards and my dating standards because I'm miserable and will never be happy. When I told my friend that, she laughed and said "Girl, you need to raise your dating standards". And who would lower their career standards?
Not fucking me. I am the proud holder of 2 Master's degrees and in 2025 people will be calling me "Doctor". I am childfree and want to spend my life, if not with one life partner, then with many people who enrich it.
I deserve the world. Anyone who needs me to want less is no longer welcome. Going VLC for a month, and then NC.
Thanks for listening.
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2023.06.01 10:17 Koltoon Anyone Ever Had A Whole Community Defimate Your Character?

Some I'm dealing with a bit of a fresky situation here... to say the very least.
My family started defaming my character and got a community not against but definitely played a part in ruining my reputation. I'm at a loss for words and am completely lost around the situation. (My own family was a part of this)
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2023.06.01 10:17 cccasperr update on washing!

update on washing!
just wanted to give an update that all the squish survived the agitator without a laundry bag. evita didn't lose her antlers, feet, or any hair. I can run a comb through her hair with no snags.
but I just really wanted to say that some of the comments were rude for like no reason. I'm not stupid. I've been collecting for over a year now (and doing laundry for over a decade lmao). everyone has their own way of cleaning their squish, and there really was no reason to treat me lesser than just bc I don't wash a toy the same way some do. the post was supposed to be funny and ease some people minds on using the washing machine. not all of us are lucky enough to have the time and space to handwash. some of us have pets and/or kids that get our squish dirty frequently. (I have a good chunk literally locked in my closet so my kids won't ruin what I try to sell/trade). I work a full time job, in law school, and a single mother to twin toddlers that have autism. I definitely am using the washing machine everytime, and it would be cool if comments weren't so rude bc thats not what the community is about. thanks!
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2023.06.01 10:17 Dihkal22 Im parent, in negotiation with the private practice insurance. Cant find attorney willing represent and need help. How much settlement should request? Is this a qui tam worthy’s claim? How do I initiate one? How do i proceed if NDA is involved?

ase description: Pediatric dentist via non profit organization that goes to schools performed unecessary fillings on my kindergartener. She was physically restrained from point of administering of anesthetic to completion of fillings dug and filled by two adults physically holding her arms while dentist did his work. She Had her teeth cleaned the week before by same people at school afterwards they gave her a paper that was sent home summarizing the results. Sumnary: It stated no issues of presence of decay or needed treatment. I initiated follow up with call and was told Everything is good they said she just needs normal cleaning in six months no needed treatments nothing concerning found.
2nd time they pulled her from class there was no paperwork provided or sent home. There was no consent, no need for any treatment, and no knowledge of incident and only vua my daughter describing it nit and having the comprehension to understand because she’s had no prior treatment serving routine, cleans, and medical appointments. Financially, I understand it as you’re talking about the first appointment until she started to talk about the numbing part and how scared it made her and how long it lasted. Then i went into question mode and discovered this was separate from first cleaning. Via reviews they have prior past I believe whistleblower case exists in fraudulent pediatric medicade charges. they have been in business 15 years. My Child is traumatized. Displaying behaviors and outburst in issues with emotional regulation extremes NEVER present before. Also, she doesn’t want to go to school missing 1-2 days week since march Im afraid we are going to be charged with truancy. I sent demand letter to dentist via legalshield, thier private practice insurance responded is investigating. Wants a monetary value i have no idea what's appropriate, and fact they have done this before is more then likely. So I need a idea of what monetary wise what is acceptable I am missing work. Still not successful in my child started yet into therapy, can’t find somebody that is accepting patients to take us and that specific to ptsd.
Also discovered a different local school district via public memorandum that they approved the same non profit to PAY the district 10,000 a year for letting them provide care to students. And director of education for the school districts it’s on the board.of this non profit.
Now my child no longer trust any adult unless it was one that she’s previously known. Every day is a battle to go to school because it happened at school and it has upheavaled our entire life. She’s never had any shots prior or anything but regular checks up medical and dental. All for 500 they got reimbursed.
THERE WAS NO CONSENT, physical restraint possible assault, uneccesary treatment, now child is reeling from the effects. I cant find attorney’s for malpractice suit. So im trying proceed prose. Insurance providers ended one only conversation prior to investigation of this with asking basicslly how much to make it go away? I saus ill have consult attorney and therapy fees as minimal amount to assess and left it at that. Its been a month now and insurance is calling wanting to talk, i haven’t answered yet and am stressing about it.
Lastly since initially contacting insurance company with one only conversation 1 month passed now. Its came my attention the non profit has shut down former website, rebranding under now the former private practice name as now non profit title, new site, new social media accounts. And added vision services onto thier roster in non profits services. Does thus seem suspicious snd obviously try to separate the group from affiliation with former name they went by when my daughter incident occurred?
i have proof of document via own non profits paper they sent home stating nothing noted, no need for ANY treatment. And of the other school memorandum.
Please any help or just another person to talk thus over with. I have no clue what im doing, my daily life and child has permanently been altered. Im trying to get my child into therapy.
So monetary value wise what is this worth? Regarding if required or asked to do NDA, how do I avoid release of my right to participate in further litigation if whistleblowers case started? Consequences of violating NDA? How/can school be held accountable to? How do i initiate a qui tam investigation? Is it common to have a non profit pay others for access to population to provide services? While board members is part of this school district isnt this a conflict of interest? How would you recommend proceeding here with any part? Sent from my iPhone
Sent from my iPhone
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2023.06.01 10:16 Stupidredditor_ Some wisdom please :(

24F and my bf 23M have been dating for 7 months. We’ve broken up once around 3 mo because he was uncertain if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He wanted to be with me but unsure of forever. I felt like it was his way of telling me he wasn’t in love, despite him saying he doesn’t think it’s that he doesn’t know. He came back after about a week after breaking up.
The next month to two months. he was convinced he wanted to marry me. In fact I was more hesitant but he kept asking for it. Kept saying he pictured a life together.
So I’m a convert and soon he told his parents and we hit a bit of a roadblock. My parents also were giving us issues. We knew we’d have to fight for it.
Yesterday he tells me he isn’t 100% sure or as sure anymore. He says it comes back and goes, the sureness and uncertainty. And this happened about a month ago, a little before our 6 month anniversary. Around the time his parents found out. And my dad was told. And my dad gave the most pushback. The pushback comes from us being from different countries and me being a convert. We’re Muslim, my family is hindu. My mom has been very accepting though.
It’s good to note around a month ago before the doubts came we made our relationship “halal” no touching no sayinf I love you. Acting as friends mostly. No romantic stuff. Nothing absolutely nothing sexual.
I asked him why what happened what changed and he said he doesn’t know. He IS going through stress and at 3 months when I thought he lost feelings he said he was going through mental stress too, wether it’s regarding us or other events in his life, my pessimistic side always jumps to “it’s me”.
When I asked him why and to tell me if I’m the girl he wants to marry he said he always needs time to think but I wasn’t giving it to him time. I said you either know or you don’t and he said I don’t know I have no thoughts I’m numb. He said he was so sure before. The sureness comes and goes the unsureness comes and goes too. I know he’s been hearing stuff about marriages not working etc and we have our battles. So I stormed out, upset.
He hadn’t voiced this until I brought it out of him because I could sense something and was already upset.
I need advice what to you men/ married men think?
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2023.06.01 10:15 Rohan_Marathe AS Saint Etienne road to glory.

I added financial takeover of 50 mil and brought in 7 great potential youth players and one retiring biscuits.
Got promoted to Ligue 1by winning the ligue 2 and in the second year won the ligue 1.
Settings - World Class, 4 mins, default sliders.
Signings - Joao Pedro, Balde, Gabriel Veron, Pablo torre, Mainoo, Garnacho and Kiaky
I know its not realistic but my squad has 80+ players in second season so I think it as more like leicester city winning the prem.
What do you guys think ?
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