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2023.06.01 11:35 freepain1059 Got a ticket for holding phone and driving in tn. Wish to not get points on driver license.

So to start I 100% did have my phone in my hand when a trooper saw me, I was looking at the GPS as I didn't hear the exit, and wanted to check it.
My court date is the 30th the ticket is cheep, but adds 3 points to diver license, I wish to even if I have to pay extra or go to a class to not get points on license so insurance don't go up.
I've never been to court and this is in Nashville, (I'm from a small city) I really don't know what to do, what to say or anything. What should I do? Do I have to state something to ask for no points? Should I say nothing and hope for no points. Last time I got a ticket was 12 years ago, and it was just an auto go to diving school over court. I've called the county clerk that said I do have to come to court for this, but is easy to just get the diving course and no points hit on license.
Anyone have any advice for someone that's never been to a 35 year old that has never been to a court in his life.
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2023.06.01 11:11 martinsallai666 Anime Season 2, my thoughts [anime only]

Man. I am utterly floored by this show. I was binging the two seasaons with a friend because of the new season announcement. I liked S1, but it was nothing special. It was a good epilogue like part. In S1 everything was in the background for the big reveal in the last 2 episodes. Which were a 10/10 episode. But I rated S1 7/10 as a whole.

On the other hand, Season 2 His games and manipulation were pretty clear troughout the show, which doesnt left me confused (like S1 did sometimes) So i was glued to the screen for every episode.
Especially when Kushida's lore started, that was a 11/10 episode. She set up Suzune and Kiyotaka to a game played in her field, and she thought she has the ball in her court. (s2 spoiler) Kushida is a monster created by expectations everyone had towards her. She went insane trying to be "Ms. Perfect" But in reality, it made her a toxic bipolar individual. Hooked on attention and praise, she poisoned herself. And once it become too much and crushed her completely, she revealed to everyone. And because she knew everyone's secrets she turned everyone against eachother.
Ryuen was very close to indentifying the mastermind, which was a great deal of adrenalin as an anime only. But you know the GOAT is always 5 steps ahead.

Kei sacrifcing herself and breaking down was a heartbreaking moment. But her trust towards the mc kept her in check.

And, so after a bit of intentional delay, the curtain rises on the mastermind: Ayanokoji Kiyotaka. The perfect human with no connections or emotions towards others. After defeating Ryuen, and if i understand correctly he gaslit him trough emailing him as the mastermind, to and manipulated him into using Kei as bait for him. So he can make her a pawn. He played even with him. Everybody under his control, even teachers, the most powerful guy everyone.
This guy is a beast holy shit.
but than the last ep come around: "Can i change? When can i loook at people without thinking of them as tools?" which will provide a good character growth path in the future i think.
And so the curtain rises on a new tale: How does the principal's daugher know about the white room? And how does she think, she can challange and defeat the one in control.

Final thoughts: This season was much more complex, entertaining, and interesting than before. The mind games are more visible, making it accessible even for those who may not be as sharp. However, there are some elements that remain in the shadows until the end. Definitely better than the first season, for sure. Even though it's a bit more "in your face," there were still secrets kept until the end of the season. And the reveals in the last three episodes were mind-bending.
One of my favorite moments, other than the ending, was how Ayanokoji played with Kushida. When Suzune set up a game to defeat her, Kushida thought she had the upper hand. The twist with the exam papers left me speechless. Kushida believed she could outsmart the one in control. But the goat is always 5 steps ahead.
Conclusion: I will definitely read the novel; I've heard they butchered it in the anime very much. If the anime was this good, I can't even imagine how great the novel must be. This show defiently earnd 2 new fans, my friend and me.
Score: Season 1 is 7/10 Season 2 is a 9/10 without knowing the LN
I am eagerly awaiting Season 3.
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2023.06.01 11:02 Money-Shock-4157 The Justice Department sued Mr. Bannon in connection with his friend Guo Wengui. 'Xi Guo' is at the cusp of evil deeds; there comes the catastrophe with horror.

Bannon, 67, was indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of contempt of Congress related to his refusal to testify and his refusal to provide documents for failing to comply with a subpoena before a House select committee on January 6, the Justice Department said on Friday. Bannon's indictment which spread like wildfire, is bound to hit his gay friend Guo Wengui. Recently, Bloomberg mentioned the connection between Guo Wengui, Air Coin, and Bannon. You can't be lucky to be around Guo, and you will get hurt for connecting with Shit Bannon. Now is the time for investors whom Cheater Guo has cheated to report his violations.
After Trump removed Bannon, letting Bannon without a place to rest, Bannon happened to meet Guo Wengui, who had no political asylum ,handed over the 'pillow.' Then, the two allied. They have lovely time since then. But Bannon, a white supremacist who has remained loyal to Trump from the White House, did his best to keep him in office, inciting the January 6 storming of Congress, and so far, the evidence is clear. To support Bannon and give Trump, who Guo Wengui thinks will surely win the re-election, a good impression, in addition to increasing the chance to get political asylum, Guo put his all eggs in one basket. He ordered Luther and Bannon, a group of 'Ants' gangs, such as Xia Chunfeng and more than ten others, to attack the Capitol building, among which "Sister Liu" was wounded in the leg by a rubber bullet from the riot police. Cameras capture all these. In short, Once Bannon's assault on the Congress case is found guilty, Guo Wengui is destined to be punished by the law.
With a good friend, Guo Wengui naturally overjoyed, since the beginning also ushered in the highlight of Guo's scam moment. Therefore, in terms of importance, Bannon to Guo Wengui is delicious to eat and a pity to discard. To be sure, Bannon is not xisi Xiao Ge, Gong Xiaoxia, Guo Baosheng, Zeng Hong, and other minions. His name is a life-saving straw, and he is a great helper in self-promotion and in promoting recognition of Guo's deception. As everyone knows, Bannon did his best for Guo Wengui in establishing the New Chinese Federation, the fraudulent donation of the legal foundation and the legal society, the fraud of G-series, and the publicity of Xi coins. Bannon worked so hard. How could Guo not reciprocate? So he gave Bannon a luxury yacht for enjoying and served Him with good wine and food. Bannon was pleased about this, and Bannon's nephew also became a designer of Gfashion. Reputedly, Guo Wengui recently announced that Bannon's eldest daughter would train the national Defense Force. There is always another side to the story. With Bannon's mess on the surface, the dirty scams like G-series, Coin, Newgettr, The Legal Foundation, etc., will no longer be covered by them. And with Bannon's indictment, 'Xi Guo' built by Guo Wengui will be in jeopardy.
Mr. Guo was involved in two counts of contempt of Congress against Mr. Bannon. Guo Wengui, Giuliani, Bannon, and others are deeply engaged in discrediting President-elect Joe Biden. That is the malicious arrangement of Henry Biden's 'Hard Disk gate.' This initiator is Giuliani, promoted by Bannon, Guo Wengui, and 'Big Ant' Lude. The FBI raided Mr. Giuliani's home in April, and there were signs of that before then. Although Guo Wengui ordered to take down all the videos on Gnews, the evidence was already there. Moreover, many Former Trump associates, including Bannon, Giuliani, and others, are still nominally on Guo Wengui's payroll. Therefore, once the Biden family cares about the 'Hard Disk Gate,' Guo Wengui will surely suffer revenge. What's more, it's not just a smear on private reputations. Like the assault on Capitol Hill, 'Hard Disk Gate' is hard evidence that foreigners meddle in American elections, a federal crime. So, as Bannon falls into the law, his ally, Guo Wengui, will naturally be punished.
In addition, after Trump's demise, Guo Wengui still grudgingly invited the former president to join The New Gett. Whether the intention is to promote New Gett, defraud, gain political patronage in the future, or enhance one's status, it is a significant fault and courting death. Now, the Biden administration is bound to overthrow Bannon. The reason is that Biden does have the purpose of crushing Trump and preventing the latter from making a comeback. Deliberately acts as a warning to the opponent. Beat the enemy through another man. Trump will face a punch, so will Guo Wengui, related to Trump, have a good life?! In short, Guo Wengui, who has already been Mired in the vortex of the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States, has no way to extricate himself, and the opportunity to get out has been completely lost. He will await his doom.
In short, because of Bannon, Guo Wengui was into the 18 layers of hell, ultimately could not turn over. Bashing Guo, by contrast, will get bad luck, but at least there is the hope of redemption. You victim who cheated by Guo,Guo Wengui fraud factual evidence is in the rule of law foundation, G-series, Xi Coin, New Gett. Only We determined and report, prosecute Guo Wengui now is the right way. Why don't we all take action now?!
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2023.06.01 11:00 law2conf Experts At Law 2.0 Conference Reviews Jury Duty Scam Offense

Jury duty scams are a growing concern that can take various forms, from spammy court summons to demanding personal information. Explore the legit tips as reviewed by the experts at Law 2.0 Conference against such legal fraud.
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2023.06.01 10:47 Avilcollege Premier Law Institute in Chennai Admissions Open for 2023 Enroll Now!

Looking for a reputable institute for law in Chennai? Look no further! Our premier law institute offers a comprehensive and esteemed legal education that prepares students for a successful career in the field of law. We are excited to announce that admissions for the academic year 2023 are now open, providing aspiring law students with the opportunity to join our esteemed institution.
At our law institute, we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment that fosters academic excellence, critical thinking, and practical legal skills development. Our experienced faculty members, renowned for their expertise in various legal domains, ensure that students receive the highest quality education and guidance.
Aspirants seeking to pursue a career in law can choose from our wide range of programs and specializations, tailored to meet the diverse interests and aspirations of students. Our curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical exposure through moot court competitions, internships with reputed law firms, and interactive sessions with legal luminaries.
By joining our law institute, students gain access to state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped libraries, and a vibrant campus life that enhances their overall learning experience. We also provide career counseling and placement assistance, enabling our graduates to secure rewarding positions in prestigious law firms, corporate organizations, and the judiciary.
Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a fulfilling legal education journey. Enroll now at our esteemed law institute in Chennai. Secure your future and lay the foundation for a successful legal career. Admissions for the academic year 2023 are open, but seats are limited. Apply today to secure your spot!
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2023.06.01 10:39 sueyourdealer44 "Sue Your Dealer: Unmasking Auto Fraud and Seeking Justice"

When purchasing a vehicle, we all hope for a smooth and fair transaction. However, auto fraud is a harsh reality that many consumers face. From deceptive advertising to odometer rollback schemes, unscrupulous dealerships often exploit unsuspecting buyers. Thankfully, there's a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos – the Auto Fraud Attorney at Sue Your Dealer. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of auto fraud, explore the various tactics used by dishonest dealers, and shed light on how this dedicated legal team fights for justice on behalf of consumers like you.
Unveiling the Dark Side of Car Dealerships :
Car dealerships, the very places where we expect to find reliable transportation, can often be the breeding ground for unethical practices. As consumers, it's crucial to understand the common forms of auto fraud that can occur. From undisclosed salvage titles and VIN cloning to hidden mechanical issues and undisclosed previous accidents, dishonest dealerships employ numerous tricks to deceive buyers. These deceitful practices can result in significant financial loss, endangerment, and immense frustration.

Sue Your Dealer
The Role of the Auto Fraud Attorney :
Amidst the tangled web of auto fraud, the Auto Fraud Attorney at Sue Your Dealer emerges as a beacon of hope. With a wealth of legal expertise and a deep understanding of consumer rights, they specialize in combating unscrupulous dealerships and empowering consumers. These attorneys possess a keen eye for identifying fraudulent practices and employ a comprehensive approach to build strong cases against deceitful dealers. From gathering evidence and analyzing contracts to negotiating settlements and, if necessary, litigating in court, the Auto Fraud Attorney is a relentless advocate for justice.
Fighting Deceptive Practices: Strategies and Success Stories:
Sue Your Dealer's Auto Fraud Attorney is no stranger to fighting against deceptive practices. By relentlessly pursuing justice, they have earned a formidable reputation in the field. Armed with in-depth knowledge of state and federal laws, these attorneys employ a range of strategies to take on dishonest dealerships.
One of the key strategies employed by the Auto Fraud Attorney is meticulously analyzing contracts and documents to uncover hidden clauses, forged signatures, or false representations. This attention to detail often serves as a powerful tool in revealing the true extent of the fraud. Moreover, they collaborate with industry experts to conduct thorough investigations, including vehicle inspections and title searches, to unveil the dealer's deception.
The success stories of the Auto Fraud Attorney speak volumes about their dedication and proficiency. Countless clients have been able to recover significant amounts of compensation, including refunds, repair costs, and even punitive damages. Through their relentless pursuit of justice, they have not only helped individual consumers but also played a pivotal role in exposing fraudulent dealerships and preventing further harm to unsuspecting buyers.
Auto fraud is a pervasive issue that can cause substantial financial and emotional distress. However, with the Auto Fraud Attorney at Sue Your Dealerby your side, you can fight back against unscrupulous dealerships and seek the justice you deserve. Their unwavering commitment to protecting consumer rights, combined with their extensive legal expertise, makes them a formidable force against fraudsters. So, if you've been a victim of auto fraud, don't stay silent. Reach out to the Auto Fraud Attorney at Sue Your Dealer today and take the first step towards reclaiming your rights and getting the compensation you deserve.
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2023.06.01 10:25 Ashamed_Ad_5563 if it sounds too good to be true it always is and always will be.

money does not buy freedom

if it sounds too good to be true it always is and always will be a slave to the jews...and when I do become free they'll make the currency worthless and see how I react and keep a record of it...because they have done it all and seen
it all and they are stronger than me and have more teeth than me which means they have an advantage. When I become financially free women and girls will steal my money so that they can go off to the sunset or send men disguised as women after me...or diseased women and/or girls so that I am forced to pick up shit or nobody.
either way the goal is to control my life..but everything is out there to kill me
the goal was to control the population so we don't fuck and mate and is a crime because they ate meat rather than fish.
death and taxes and cease to exist await me. if it sounds too good to be true it always will be because I am restricted to where I go and what I can do because the person above knows this.
either way this reality does not want me to get away with anything and that fake is the new real and I am not sure if the person you are seeing is really that person or old farts or men and/or boys disguised as females...and that fake is the new real. I'll eventually end up in politics i won't have a choice...
either way this place is to hide the real world and when I do get it they'll kill me off either way or they'll frame me something i didn't do even if it's a thing of fiction...or it will be indian men disguised as females otherwise the disease women and/or diseased females whoever made this matrix did it to screw with me because of religion. I am my own worst enemy anyway...because the information is purposely hidden and the food I eat will make me mortal either way or no fucking..
either way I am my own worst enemy because other men and gay people the goal is to kill me off or if not then and they will devalue or turn me gay or kill me off and she will because she created this and she owns it or nature will...if not other men will get in the way...or the person above will
The goal was to hide the truth and prevent freewill and freedom because rightfully so and limit our free will and freedom because she owns this place - they need me for something...I did not make anything gay people did and that's why they have rigged this game..otherwise use this as target practice i was brought here because they needed me for their political ideology...otherwise eat boys.otherwise fuck my family or turn what the fuck - is this taboo subject line
besides other men will see more boobs than me because of the jews and men they got that - I won't be able to shapeshift either and they are watching and reading these notes and preventing me from getting a good night's sleep and they have purposely shoved me into a corner because they own this place and are only playing me money to keep quiet so that I push their ideology and they are
the goal is to kill me off so that I can be used part of their game otherwise get run over buhahahha and then they take my place ubhahhaa
A slave to nazis and jews who are smarter than me and hindus and muslims and big brother..
Time has no meaning here and someone is fucking with time and space on purpose...otherwise she kills and tortures each other.
The goal is simple when you can control time and space you can pretty control everything including when I die and they will kill me off buhahahahahahah
hahahahahhahahaha hahahahahhahahaha otherwise leave me all alone buhahhahahahaha
the goal of it was simple to play god with my life and limit my powers on purpose and the scientists and others won and if they conceed to me it's fufilling someone else's ideology....
A slave to friendly fascism...buhahahhaha - I won't have a choice but to join god one group controlling the other..
whether I go left or right or up or down the game is rigged A slave to the male diseease and the adult disease and the boy and gay and parents disease
they purposely injected this virus because they needed me for something the goal was to slow me down or kill me off which they will and when I am born I'll die so that I get recycled I won't have a choice or open my eyes where I won't know and feed me fake stuff appearing real.
The goal was to hide the truth because the truth would hurt and come at a shock...
it's never been to benefit me - I got tortured alright the goal was that there is money to be made in middle the goal was to kill the sex drive otherwise shove it my face so that they can publicly embarras me.
A slave to religion and/or science and they will fuck with me because they have fear buhahahaha because they have the ability to if not then my parents or society or nature will.
which wins every single time...I got turned into a mess because of my father and it's apparently my fault... I won't ever be as handsome because of my race and when I do I'll have to give up more of my privacy for the illusion and they will use this against me in the court of law.
either way I am blacklisted...if not they'll beat up girls
if not then humans will eat for dinner so that i get reunited in america and the way that they got that pretty was because they ate babies...
and this is to benefit others and I'll turn myself into a programmer - i won't have a choice.
only big sister and girls will enjoy real freedom because everyone is diseased if not the gay people
either way this matrix is rigged and that I'll kill myself eventually because of the mango which is money...and then basically become one of the stars
my mind is enslaved and the goal is that i am my own worst enemy...Only the catholics will ever be free or someone close to me or both. Either way the goal is that they'll eventually steal my hard earned money and rightfully so or otherwise destroy me
buhahahhaha nice try bro better luck next time buahahhahahahahaha
hahahaha as long as I accept this form of slavery because they know I am completely defensiveless and that the ball is in the hand of other men and women
The goal of them bringing me here was to avoid the chaos buhahahha
hahaha a slave to the environmentalist who needed me to do their dirty work otherwise pull the plug and then take me away and destroy and ruin the place.
They will drug me or I'll self destruct myself or they'll steal stuff away or they'll take away privileges and ask me to work in the mines. If not then I'll keep working because of my father so that I join their social cult.
The game is rigged whether it's in my favour or not the game is rigged this matrix is smarter than me and they want me to turn against my father in so he either turns against me or continues to look after me and keep me under containment because they needed me to contain a virus and otherwise take over and play this bullshit game of red vs blue vs black - so that the chinese and whites can continue fucking and I am left with the diseased - and I won't have a choice - they will drug me because of other men or eat me for dinner.
Or otherwise torture me so that women can steal my sperm from me...The game is rigged whether it's in my favour or not the person above is stronger than me...
A slave to the pedos who get off to raping kids because they own this place...because other men
They wil torture me because I don't have a choice which is why they turned me into a wuss - my parents know that I am powerless and the person above the same thing buhahhaha
otherwise be on the street naked giggling at me shitting because they own and rule this place because somebody is going to get a hurt real bad.
Money does not buy freedom and when it does it pays for my funeral. If not the jews and others will get in the way or nature will. The game is rigged buhahahha
hahahhahahahahahhahahahaha hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha
but women and gay people and boys and our parents will get a free ride in life. The goal is to control nature and basically play god with my life and they won...I am a prisoner of my own home.
I won't have a choice but to get tortured otherwise they'll send the diseased after me if not other men will torture me or women and girls who are diseased will be sent by the orthodontics and dentists...
I am basically a prisoner otherwise dump me to take over a system so that when I am done rebuilding it it they can take over.
death and taxes and being brutually tortured and kept silent awaits me all and they won otherwise or turn me gay which I won't have a choice because of my parents who set these standards. buhahahha because of society...I got turned into a wuss so that it benefits my parents so that my father is either reborn as a female or he fucks me...
ahahahhahahahha hahahahahaha. They have a script for a beginning and an end to my life so that I can be recycled...
Freedom died a long time ago...This matrix was designed to torture me psychologically.
The goal was to silence nature and when I do wake up they can giggle at me exploding buhahahha
ahahahhaha hahahahha HEHHHEHEHE hehehheehehehehehehe. This matrix purposely lays traps in this reality to lure me into a trap of self destruction and disorganisation and slow me down so that I get sick and fat and so it funds their organisation or i am falling for a similar trap here..
Either turn gay or accept this form of slavery buhahahhaha hahahahha hehehhehehheehhehehe
Otherwise they'll really show whose boss and shut me up for good because rightfully so my parents are stronger than me.
When I become free I'll become a product or a product on their cell phone, newspaper and advertisement buhahahhah...otherwise get turned into a padlock on the internet or the font or the colors on the internet because rightfully so they own and rule this place. The goal was to devalue me and then take it away otherwise prop me up to see how much shit I can tolerate until they take it away from me...if not other men will come after me...or copy or steal my idea. They rape mother earth and mother earth is being raped too.
Otherwise shove gay porn down my throat because they want me to do something wrong but the real owners can get away with having cake and eating it too.
The goal was to delete me so that I cease to exist and they will make me mortal and they won. They experimented on me so that I am given a short self life and or otherwise they blend into the crowd so that they are reborn or I left all alone..
or when I reborn I am born with diseases and genetic defects...
women and girls run this matrix and there are no females in this matrix and if they are they are men disguised as that and they have purposely made it that way....and when I do break free I'll die whether it's here or outside this matrix so that i get recycled or cease to exist or get turned into a less useful forms of life or get raped from behind....buhahahahaha or get eaten by women and/or girls because they are stronger than me...Otherwise force to eat the diseased.
hahahahahahha. Otherwise stare at a computer screen all day long so it protects my parents. Utopia is dystopia...otherwise get raped in jail for their own entertainment.
They will torture me buhahaha whether I like it or not. The goal was to make me mortal and they won...
The goal was to turn me into an illusion and then keep me barely on life support so that they can live in the fantasy land...they did this to other worlds and they'll do it to this world.
or cut my body and my limps. IF not face the diseased...otherwise eventually replace someone or get tortured when I get replaced or get eaten buhahahaha...
otherwise use this against me in court or ask me to take over this dying system...or have those privileges taken away or send the diseased after me when i do break free buhahaha...
either way my own stupidity costs me my own free will...because AI is controlling this system you can feel it..
The goal is to keep me as a prisoner here because theyy own and rule this place otherwise forced to eat shit, sewer water, diseased stuff expired products garbagee soils and dead people.
If it sounds and feels too good to be true it always is and always will be.
The goal is that they own this place and I won't be able to be immortal and do whatever the fuck I want and the only thing free I have is a thing of fiction and when I do break free they'll send the diseased after me or the real people appearing to be real but they are diseased and expired themselves so that they next generation turns against me...
Only AI, Women and god and gay people and my parents and animals will ever have real free will. Fake is the new real.
Other men and gay people and black people will get in the way and the chinese people and the brown assholes that will turn me gay.. If not then my brothers will and/or motther or father. If not then religion will get in the way or otherwise I'll be forced to join their social cult of big brother..
or send down the rabbit hole and that I'll be forced to eat shit and turn against my family and my people - I'll be forced to eat the diseased/old farts and expired people
I'll never be free because of the judges and lawyers and the person behind me who wants to use me for his ideology otherwise ask me take over.. The goal is to kill me off otherwise torture me from behind forever buhahahahha
hahaha - the goal is that it does not want me to die but wants me join their social cult until I take it extremes and have her take me away and then eat me for dinner. The goal is to divide me and/or turn me gay so it's easier to rule me - I'll never get to live forever and have more power because they'll eventually take it away or limit the number of people born. Only AI, God, and science will ever get away with everything because rightfully so - they own this place.
If not then society and the diseased and the people who have expired will come in the way otherwise the person who has enslaved my mind wants me to play justice or otherwise women will just all the girls away and leave me with nothing buhahahahha
They are taking notes of this and trying to drive me mad and or otherwise make me mortal so that cyberspace takes over the real world and that I am fed fake stuff and then eventually they can take me away...
Otherwise turn gay or lose my dick, and my nose because these assholes purposely want to kill and control the brown population because the racist piece of shit.
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2023.06.01 09:49 TangoBolshevik A Disturbing Look into the Current State of Legal Aid Family Law Practice

Whilst there might be some additional exposure in this sub due to BRS verdict,I felt the need to share my recent experience after applying to the legal aid panel for family law earlier this year. I’ve been practising for over a decade, primarily focusing equity division cases, but I thought it was about time I ventured into the legal aid family law sphere, having done a bit of FL as well.
Over the past six months, I've been involved in a number of interim trials and have so far maintained a 100% success rate, with my first final hearings set for the beginning of next year.
However, I can't help but express my disappointment in the financial remuneration associated with legal aid work in family law. Honestly, it's abysmal. It's gotten to the point where I've stopped claiming the fees because it just doesn't seem worth the effort.
But what I find even more troubling is the apparent low standard of practitioners in this field. It's not unusual to find a practitioner using a cafe as their "office" during a conciliation conference because they lack a proper workspace. Gmail accounts are not the exception but the norm.
As for sections 60CC and 60D of the Family Law Act (concerning the best interests of the child), it might as well be a foreign statute, given how often I've had to remind my peers of its existence. In my 12 years of practice, I was recently compelled to lodge my first complaint against a fellow lawyer, I was so appalled by their conduct.
At the heart of all this, we mustn't forget that there are children caught up in these conflicts. It's distressing to think that their futures might be in the hands of lawyers who can't even be bothered to read an affidavit prior to a hearing where life-changing decisions for these children are being made.
Getting on the legal aid panel is a straightforward process and the workload is flexible. I’m currently juggling just two cases. But the current situation makes it clear why Legal Aid NSW and the FCFOA were virtually begging for more Independent Children's Lawyers at a recent court seminar.
In conclusion, our profession, and more importantly, the families and children we serve, deserve better. We must strive to raise the standard of practice in family law, especially in legal aid settings. Otherwise, we risk failing those who rely on us most during some of the most challenging times of their lives.
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2023.06.01 09:47 Thatguy69buttsecks Did I make the correct decision?

So I have to make a final decision by my court date on Friday . I was given the option of either Felony Drug Offender Probation or Felony Drug Court . Originally I was going to just do regular probation because I didn’t wanna deal with the phases , the spontaneous nature , the extra regulations etc . However I got assessed for felony drug court , and apparently in my county they have a high level and a low level drug court. Since I pissed clean, no traces and did well on their “personality check” or background checks . They assessed me at low level . Which means there’s no “phases” at all. Generally less court dates and drug tests, way higher chance of weening off counseling and only needing it once a month, non enforced curfew (curfew is placed but it isn’t enforced for low level, meaning you can’t violate a curfew) , PO on my ass less , even less than if I were on regular probation, and freedom of travel within the country as long as the PO knows, and instead of 16-24 month graduation it’s 12 months on the dot, I’m not sure if every county or state has this “low level” assessment option . However I’m now rethinking my decision. Now that I know my options aren’t FDOP and High level drug court rather than FDOP and low level drug court I’m thinking about taking low level drug court. Any opinions ? Would I make the best decision taking low level drug court? I don’t have a substance issue , I was caught with some trees because I wanted to blaze up after Ramadan but obviously never got the chance to , prior to that I haven’t smoked in 5 years and never touched alcohol or other drugs . So I thought just taking probation is more convenient. But now weighing my options it seems low level drug court is way easier (minus the inconvenience of calling daily and meetings) plus I get to knock a year off being on papers since FDOF is 2 years as opposed to one on low level. Anyone have experience or any opinions?
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2023.06.01 08:49 jessica55kaitlyn Facing harassment from county judge, can he affect my law school application?

I have been facing harassment from my local county judge after reporting him to animal control for his off leash dogs charging me and my small dog multiple times. I have him on recording saying he doesn’t need to leash his dogs (we have a local leash law) and calling me a moron and drunkenly yelling at me. I really want to file a complaint against him but am worried because I am applying for law school soon and am worried about this situation affecting my applications in some way. If I report him am I at risk for retaliation in any way that could harm my ability to get accepted into law school?
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2023.06.01 08:47 jessica55kaitlyn Facing harassment from county judge, can he affect my law school application?

I have been facing harassment from my local county judge after reporting him to animal control for his off leash dogs charging me and my small dog multiple times. I have him on recording saying he doesn’t need to leash his dogs (we have a local leash law) and calling me a moron and drunkenly yelling at me. I really want to file a complaint against him but am worried because I am applying for law school soon and am worried about this situation affecting my applications in some way. If I report him am I at risk for retaliation in any way that could harm my ability to get accepted into law school?
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2023.06.01 08:25 Sephronar B1533 - Cornwall Bill - Second Reading

B1533 - Cornwall Bill - Second Reading

Due to this bill being too long to fit in a post, the Bill as amended can be found here.
This Bill was written by His Grace the Right Honourable Sir Sephronar KG KCT GBE LVO PC MP MSP FRS, the 1st Duke of Hampshire, 1st Marquess of St Ives, 1st Earl of St Erth, 1st Baron of Truro as a Private Members Bill.
Opening Speech:
Mr Deputy Speaker,
Members of this esteemed House, the Devolution of powers to the proud people of Cornwall has been a great ambition of mine for many years now - devolution of services, of fiscal autonomy, and of a proper democratic voice. I initially drafted this Bill in 2015, taking quite a different form then - albeit with similar aims. So I am pleased today to reintroduce this Bill to this House. I have worked hard to get this right for weeks, and we hope that we can rely on this House’s support to help it become law.But first, please humour me in allowing me to give you a brief lesson in Cornish history - The area now known as Cornwall was first inhabited in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. It continued to be occupied by Neolithic and then by Bronze-Age people. The first written account of Cornwall comes from the 1st-century BC Sicilian Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, supposedly quoting or paraphrasing the 4th-century BCE geographer Pytheas, who had sailed to Britain:
The inhabitants of that part of Britain called Belerion (or Land's End) from their intercourse with foreign merchants, are civilised in their manner of life. They prepare the tin, working very carefully the earth in which it is produced ... Here then the merchants buy the tin from the natives and carry it over to Gaul, and after travelling overland for about thirty days, they finally bring their loads on horses to the mouth of the Rhône.*From the Roman occupation until the 4th Century CE, to the split from Wessex in 577 AD - we have always had a proud sense of national identity. The name appears in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 891 as On Corn walum. In the Domesday Book it was referred to as Cornualia and in c. 1198 as Cornwal. Other names for the county include a latinisation of the name as Cornubia (first appears in a mid-9th-century deed purporting to be a copy of one dating from c. 705), and as Cornugallia in 1086. The 1508 Charter implicitly recognised Cornwall's ancient elected Stannary Parliament and accepted its right to veto English law that was prejudicial to the interests of the tin-mining Cornish people - who comprised much of the local population at the time - and to their heirs and successors in perpetuity. By including this veto in the 1508 Charter, the English monarchy was, in effect, guaranteeing a substantial degree of control over Cornish affairs to the Stannary Parliament. Indeed, in 1977, the British government acknowledged that recognition of the Stannary Parliament and its right of veto has never been withdrawn. Cornwall County Council commissioned a Mori poll in 2003 which showed 55% of Cornish people in favour of a democratically elected, fully devolved regional assembly for Cornwall. The people want this to happen, and we are elected to represent the people - who are we to deny them their freedom? Malta, with only 400,000 people, is an independent state within the EU. Why not Cornwall?My point is that Cornwall has never simply just been a ‘part of England’, our Celtic nature has always stood strong and prevails to this day - although I understand that our biggest hurdle now is convincing many of you who rather see us remain under the overlordship of England. However I implore you to reconsider this position, and give us the freedom to decide our own destiny - as we do with Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Allied with this economic impoverishment has been the centralisation and transfer out of Cornwall of decision-making institutions and government offices – together with the skilled jobs they entail – to various undemocratic and faceless south-west England regional quangos, which are run by unelected, unaccountable London appointees. Westminster's frequent concern for poverty and under-development in the north-east of England is not replicated when it comes to the relative lack of state resources earmarked to tackle deprivation in Cornwall. Successive London governments have shown little respect for distant Cornwall, or its people, identity, history or culture. It is a far away place about which they know little and about which they seem to care even less. How else can the decades and centuries of neglect be explained?Please, give us a chance to decide our own fates.
His Grace the Most Honourable Sir Sephronar KG KCT GBE LVO PC MP MSP FRS, the 1st Duke of Hampshire, 1st Marquess of St Ives, 1st Earl of St Erth, 1st Baron of Truro.
With special thanks to KarlYonedaStan and miraiwae who assisted with researching and drafting this Bill before they became members of the Quadrumvirate, as well as SpectacularSalad for their check and support particularly with Schedule Two
Lords can debate and submit amendments by the 3rd of June at 10pm BST.
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2023.06.01 08:16 Sand_cham Famous actor Danny Masterson convicted for raping three women, including his longtime girlfriend.

Famous actor Danny Masterson convicted for raping three women, including his longtime girlfriend.
Danny Masterson famous American actor, 47, was led up to 30 years to the prison by putting handcrafts. This famous star is found guilty in raping three women between 2001 and 2003. Danny has declared as the convict in Los Angeles court. There were seven women and five men in the jury, they have come to the decision after considering this serious case on a famous star for seven days that spread over two weeks. Among from these women one is his longtime girlfriend. However they had given their statements to the court to catch up the Danny smartly. It is said that he raped these three women in a retail. There the Church of Scientology played a major role. That was highlighted during the case frequently.
Danny’s wife is also a famous actress and a model, there she also had face to a great convenient because of her husband. His wife Bijou Phillips, 43, sobbed while he was accusing as the convict person for this raping case. She had wept while the jury was reading the verdict in courtroom. The other family members also were there. All of his familiar ones’ faces were filled up with sad. However, the court in the Los Angeles has given him a punishment for 30 years’ imprisonment. When the judges taking statements from victimized women, two of them had said that Danny gave drug with their beverage to intoxicate. Danny had raped them forcibly in his Hollywood Hills home. He had given drug to these women to rape them easily without any obstacles. Because of his prominence in the Church Danny had done this to these three women without any doubt. However, all of three women had given statements in front of the court very bravely. So the lawyer has praised their strength and braveness at that time. They did not appear in front of the court only for them, actually they put their steps forward to preserve all women from like this way terrible situations bravely.
These all three women also members of the church. The first accuser had said that Danny raped her by giving a drugged-drink when she went to his home to take some keys. She has further reveled that he had raped her in his house upstairs bedroom. And the second victimized woman is his former girlfriend. She said that he had raped her during their years together. Also she declared that he abused her both physically and sexually. The third accuser also had reveled this dark character to all. She had got to know about this Danny Masterson via his mutual friends. One time he had invited her to his home while he was spending time in his home lonely. He had raped her there without any willingness of her. She had said strictly to the court that she didn’t has any idea about having sex with him. However, with all the factors and statements of women the famous actor had arrested and had sent to the prison for 30 years. As I think the law has taken the right side of the case without giving priority to any party. Also as an actor he has to be somewhat polite in his behavior, otherwise he can’t live in people hearts forever. Because an actor has to be a great character which can show the right path to the life. Not as the Danny Masterson.
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2023.06.01 07:37 This_Mess_5601 My boyfriends ex, prosecuting attorney and the police are ruining my life long read but please help me!

So, it's a long story but interesting enough for most ppl to read, keep in mind this is really my life and I am in DANGER. In January of 2022 my now boyfriend and his wife legally separated, we started dating shortly after. We kept it pretty hushed at first because we didn't want to make a big deal if it went no where because he shares a child with Heather (the ex) but we are perfect for each other and we fell in love pretty fast, in April of 2022 he told her he was seeing me, she acted ok with it but then pretty quickly she decided that he couldn't see his 11 year old son anymore. It was really hard on him and so in June 2022 I broke up with him and told him to go back with her. He reluctantly went because he wanted to see his son. On June 5th (my birthday) I woke up to several phone calls saying there were naked photos of me and videos of me and my bf having sex on Snapchat, I looked up the public snapchat and sure enough there were probably 15 photos and 5 videos where you can see everything of me and only my boyfriends penis. I was well aware she posted them and I took it to the police department to file charges, I was told it was a civil matter and there was nothing they would do, Heather worked as the court clerk at the city police department and now at the county sheriffs department. Fast forward to October we get back together, He was ready to fight for custody and be together, I wouldn't do this bs with anyone else but I love him like I've never loved anyone, it's been hell though. In October she starts calling, texting, and fb messaging me, i block her she spoof numbers me. I tell the police they again say it a civil matter, in December she winds up sending a long message and deleting it then she tries to get my bf to fuck her so he blocks her, she calls me 27xs in a row and on the last call I answer because I thought what if it's an emergency. She says a bunch of stuff like they're fucking Yada Yada, I get angry yell at him he goes to her home and I follow in my car he keeps yelling telling her to Apologize she won't I finally get him to leave. A few hours later police are surrounding my home, she called and told them he kicked the door in and stole her ring doorbell (never happened,) and that he shot me (also never happend) he's a black man in bfe hillbilly hell, they didn't even ask his side or my side they arrested him, charged with a DV for yelling, Burglary (he owned the house she was at and nothing was stollen) stalking and harassment (which is literally what she's been doing.) That night she repeatedly texted me to kill myself said the most disturbing things to me, I again tried to file a police report and was met with the same response. He bonds out of jail. In February she makes another fake snapchat and starts sending me horrible messages again. Police refused to help me again. My bfs bond gets revoked he goes to jail. While in jail he asks me to throw away his phone I didn't know why he was asking because he literally knew u had no access to them so I just said "ok," sarcastically next thing I know I'm being arrested for tampering with a victim, tampering with evidence, threatening to put her nudes online, and harassment, none of which I have done, in fact the phone is currently in my bfs possession and he has no idea they even want it because my bond restrictions won't let me speak to him even though we aren't on the same case. She's using the police and prosecuting attorneys office to break us up and bully us, and they're doing it because they work together. She calls the police on me at least once a week and drives by and photographs me and my children playing in the yard... idk what to do the police are snakes the prosecuting attorney is a snake all of this has made me lose my job, I'm at risk of being homeless because I can't afford rent without him, and I lost custody of my children because they told me if I didn't sign the kids over to their dad the state would take them. I've never hurt anyone, I've never broken the law, I never was anything but nice to her... and now I'm facing 7 years in prison... and because they're all buddies I'm probably going to go. I'm in fear everyday I leave my home to the point where I don't go anywhere at all.
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2023.06.01 07:36 Gist_it A South Carolina store owner accused of fatally shooting a boy is charged with murder

A South Carolina gas station owner faces murder charges for shooting a 14-year-old boy he suspected of shoplifting.
The backstory: Rick Chow is accused of chasing and fatally shooting Cyrus Carmack-Belton, whom Chow believed had shoplifted water bottles from his store, but the boy reportedly returned the items before he ran away and was shot. * Sheriff Leon Lott said a gun was found near the teen's body, but it wasn't pointed at Chow or his son at any point during the incident.
In court: Chow, who had a concealed weapons permit, was charged after an autopsy showed the middle school student was shot in the back, and law enforcement spoke to witnesses and reviewed surveillance footage. * Self-defense law in South Carolina requires the shooter to not instigate the incident and believe they're in imminent danger with no way to avoid it.
Community response: The sheriff and coroner have asked for calm from the community, as social media posts have falsely claimed the teen was kneeling or had his hands up when he was shot, and Chow's store is now guarded by deputies after being broken into and looted.
View original article on NPR
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2023.06.01 07:29 Deadfo0t Pointers for small claims court

I can not afford a lawyer and my landlord kept my double deposit of over $3400 and I left the house immaculate. He also claimed damages of an additional $2500 claiming my dog destroyed the carpets (he did not, he's been an apartment dog for 8 years and has had maybe 5 accidents in that entire time). The carpets were professionally cleaned prior to move out. I did a video walk through the last day of the lease and showed every inch of the house and submitted the video with metadata as an exhibit.
I am looking for some tips as far as etiquette, calling witnesses, and how to generally prepare. Any resources you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
I am suing for the deposit plus the deposits value in damages as the law allows and the statute was cited in my court filings. My hearing was continued to the 16th as the defendant did not file anything with the courts.
I plan on calling witnesses and am not sure what I need to give the court to do so and the girl at the small claims desk seems exacerbated by my questions and stated she thought I needed to seek counsel but again, I can't afford it, especially now since he kept my deposit. I'm happy to provide more details should anyone want them but any help everyone is willing to provide is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.01 07:24 everygoodnamegone Am I legally required to pay for summer camp enrollment if the charge never went through and I want to back out?

I submitted paperwork to enroll my children in a 1-week sleepaway summer camp out of state. A non-profit organization runs the summer camp annually but it is located at a third-party dedicated camp facility (similar to YMCA campgrounds.) My teens have never attended this camp before and are in the upper age range of accepted campers.
The paperwork I signed has space for credit card information, and the line underneath it reads, "There are NO refunds after (date)." I submitted the paperwork via email after the specified no-refund date. I only included half of my debit card number on the form because sending that kind of information online is not secure. I sent the remaining half of the card number from my phone via text message.
After submitting the paperwork, I received an email with some surprising and very strict camp rules that I am not a fan of, particularly the "absolutely no cell phones allowed whatsoever during camp." Further details say that mp3 players, kindles, etc. are prohibited, as well. My daughter has ADHD, and when she needs downtime, she will use her Kindle or phone to unwind or listen to music at night to help her fall asleep. Taking away her coping mechanisms while in an unfamiliar place is basically setting her up for disaster. The paper also says that if kids have them, their parents will be called to pick them up immediately, and their time at camp is over.
There are also very specific rules regarding food. My daughter is a picky eater and the summer camp we sent her to last year had no issues with bringing electronics or snacks. I never dreamed it would be a concern to send her with cliff bars and such. This camp says absolutely no outside food is permitted due to attracting insects in the cabins. After reading all the information, I realized this camp would be a terrible fit. If this had been disclosed upfront, I never would have sought to enroll them.
I was notified via email a few days later that my card did not process correctly, and I was never actually charged the fees. They waited a while to charge the card, and in the meantime, I had an issue with my bank. A new debit card is coming in the mail, but now I don't want to hand these people $2,000 and a backup credit card number. What I want to do is call the airline and cancel our flights in exchange for future travel credit. I want to reiterate that the camp NEEDS to include these strict rules upfront on its website so parents are fully informed before agreeing to enroll their kids.
The fact that I cannot check in with my kids daily, especially being so far from home surrounded by strangers, does not sit well with me. Even more so on account of my daughter being neurodiverse. The paperwork states no refunds, but technically I am not asking for a refund because the charge never went through. I told them so much via email, and they basically said it was too late to cancel because they had to give a head count to the camp facility. Regardless of what THEY told the facility, MY transaction was never actually completed.
I never even thought about it until now, but I have no idea if the staff and/or volunteers running this camp have successfully passed a background check. Shame on me as a mom for not considering these things before and asking, but I just "assumed" everything would be safe and the rules would be reasonable.
No verbiage on the enrollment form says, "By signing this form, I promise to pay this fee" or anything of that nature. Literally, it is JUST a spot for a credit card number and "No refunds after X date." The rest is all medical history questions, medical release in case of emergency, etc.
  1. Am I legally on the hook to pay for this camp I no longer feel comfortable sending my kids to? Can I be summoned to small claims court out of state, or can they report this on my credit report?
  2. Does a non-profit need a business license to "sell" camp enrollment fees to customers from out of state? Because I cannot find any business license under their name.
  3. Is there a law requiring staff and volunteers to have completed background checks on file and how can that be verified by a parent?
I don't want to be a jerk and leave them on a hook owing money to the facility, bu full disclosure would have prevented ALL of this.
TLDR; I submitted forms to enroll my kids in summer camp but the strict rules disclosed after the fact were a dealbreaker for me. My card was never charged due to a bank issue, do I still legally owe these people money?
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2023.06.01 07:21 Wonderful-Board-4992 American Airways will attraction JetBlue's choice to dam NEA

American Airways will attraction JetBlue's choice to dam NEA - An American Airways airplane takes off close to a parked JetBlue airplane at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Worldwide Airport on July 16, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Joe Rydle Getty PicturesAmerican Airways plans to attraction in opposition to a current court docket ruling that may block the partnership with jetblue
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2023.06.01 07:11 mathfem [EVENT] Recess of the Diet of Augsburg

While the agenda set at the Diet of Frankfurt in 1517 was not completed before the dissolution of the Diet, the Diet of Augsburg succeeded at passing three reforms, two of which were originally proposed in Frankfurt.

Imperial Officers Reform

Preamble: The impeachment of Eitel Friedrich II as President of the Reichskammergericht was unprecedented. It brought to an end the ongoing trials against the King of Bohemia and Elector of Saxon and brought accusations of corruption against what should be an unimpeachable democratic system. This reform is designed to prevent unjust removal of Imperial officials from their posts, either by an Emperor seeking to subvert Imperial Law or by a Reichsregiment motivated by corruption. While we do not believe that tyrrany or corruption is part of the current state of affairs in the Empire, it is necessary to take steps to safeguard the Empire against the spread of tyrrany and corruption. Making these posts permanent may be necessary if the Reichsregiment is to acquire more power as a true Regency Council.

Counts’ Representatives

Preamble: While the Free and Imperial Cities have enjoyed limited representation on the Princes’ College since the Diet of Konstanz, this has led to uproar among the Counts of the Empire that the Cities get representation and they do not. Thus, we have decided it is the appropriate time to add representatives of the Counts of the Empire to the Princes’ College.

Amendment to the Reichsregiment Constitution

The King of Bavaria, who does not recognize the authority of the Reichsregiment, will no longer be entitled to a seat in the Reichsregiment.
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2023.06.01 06:52 OkayCondition My [25F] boyfriend's [25M] sister [28F] is upset that I used her desk in her room without her permission

I work from home and my power was out due to impromptu electric work in my neighborhood a few days ago. The workers told me I'd have no electricity (and thus internet) for the whole day, so I went to my bf's [25M] place to work rather than driving 2 hrs to the office since he lives close by. (He is also WFH). He lives at home with his family, and I was told by my bf and his aunt who was also home that day that I could use his sister's desk and chair since she was on vacay that week.
Later, I get a FB message letting me know that she's extremely upset that I was in her room. In hindsight, I should have asked for permission from her directly before using her space. I assumed it was ok since it's just a desk and that my bf / bf's aunt wouldn't have offered if it was not ok - I acknowledge that and have apologized and said it wouldn't happen again (at this point, I've sent 3 messages explaining myself and apologizing).
She has implied that I went through her things - and I did no such thing. I feel like she has blown things out of proportion and accusing me of something I didn't do. I simply just needed an outlet and a work surface for a couple of hours. My bf definitely has my back in this case and has assured me it's not my fault since they also mistakenly thought it was ok to use her desk.
I feel I have done my part by apologizing, but I feel SO uncomfortable about this whole thing. Me and my bf have been dating for 3.5 yrs, though his sister and I have never been close and I find it difficult to get along with her. I think that the ball's in her court, whether she wants to accept my apology or not, and that I'm not obligated to continue trying to patch things up if she's not receptive to my apology? I'm also worried about our future interactions since I will inevitably see her again. What do you do when you and your in-laws mutually dislike each othedon't get along? This is really mentally exhausting.
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2023.06.01 06:49 FitBag3145 Professional Line of Credit Loan for Medical School, now in a civil court case Ontario

From the reading I've done so far, it is my understanding that I can't bankrupt on the professional loan, the next best thing is to file a consumer proposal. I called the probono law office for Ontario who suggested I file "intend to defend"- although, it's ironic- there's nothing to defend here. I took the money, nor am I trying to evade payment.
  1. I already filed the intent to defend 2) also filed the defense form: do these need to be sent to the law office by register mail or will the online filing of these documents on the court system suffice?
  2. Represent myself in court? takes away time for my training. I cant afford a lawyer at the moment. I'm finding this whole thing pretty taxing, already.
  3. Find an insolvency lawyer or a civil lawyer?
Many thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 06:48 lothar_of_the_hill_p Court Next Week - Ex is asking for everything

Sorry for the long post. Not sure how to process this. Ex filed a year ago, both 41. 2 kids 11 and 7. She had checked out for years and I was basically a wallet and felt like a single dad. She has a teaching degree but refused to work for years. She filed after we discussed divorce. She wanted to separate but me to continue supporting everyone without any plan on working things out. Temporary order (WA) is $2k alimony and about $500 child support a month. I make about $100k and barely get by without digging into savings month to month with rent and very basic expenses. She makes about $50K but could get a better teaching job if she wanted to for $60-$70k.
I get the court default of every other weekend and alternating weeks in summer. I am also always on call for when something comes up and I get more time with the kids. I want 50/50, but she is still fighting it.
For court she wants $3k support now ($1k more), 100% of the house, same kid schedule and 60/40 of other assets. 12 year marriage, cohabitation in another state for a few years without common law marriage. Should be 3-4 years of support she is asking for 10. Almost the same duration as the marriage.
I just feel like I will get screwed here. Why would she be so aggressive if it would be seen as completely unreasonable by the judge? 36% of every dollar I make will subsidize her for the next 10 years?
I tried hanging in there for the kids for years. I wish I had divorced years ago. It's not worth trying to make it work- I was the only one trying. Let alone getting married at all these days.
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