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DessertPorn: "The stomach is a dream factory."

2011.04.14 16:39 MissSophie DessertPorn: "The stomach is a dream factory."

Cakes, pies, ice cream, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and even breakfast foods that are sweet (pastries, pancakes, waffles...). Eating them is great, but desserts are also delicious to look at. Post your pictures of them here! You can post art of desserts as well.

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Karina Kozyreva Images and Videos

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A Fan Subreddit dedicated to Blackpink's member Jennie Kim!

2023.06.01 18:31 ComeAndSeeth How can I create a Carousel Indicator at the bottom of the Carousel?

Hi guys, Can i see a draft or sample code that has Carousel Indicator in it? I tried searching for it in documentation of Kivy MD and found nothing, I wanna try to add a indicator to see where the current active slide is at. Thank you!
here is my code:

from kivy.uix.screenmanager import Screen from kivy.lang import Builder kv=''' : canvas: Color: rgba: 0.941, 0.886, 0.835, 1 Rectangle: pos: self.pos size: self.size BoxLayout: orientation: "vertical" # pos_hint: {'center_x': 0.5, 'center_y': 0.7} Carousel: direction: "right" Image: source: 'images/cacaostart1.png' size_hint: None, None size: "300dp", "300dp" pos_hint: {'center_x': 0.5, 'center_y': 0.7} Image: source: 'Images/cacaostart2.png' size_hint: None, None size: 300, 300 pos_hint: {'center_x': 0.5, 'center_y': 0.7} Image: source: 'Images/cacaostart1.png' size_hint: None, None size: 300, 300 pos_hint: {'center_x': 0.5, 'center_y': 0.7} MDLabel: text: "Welcome to Cacao Guard" halign: "center" pos_hint: {"center_x": .5, "center_y": .4} MDFillRoundFlatButton: text: "Start" font_size: "18sp" font_name: "Raleway-Black.ttf" text_color: "white" md_bg_color: "#A08264" line_color: (0, 0, 0, 0) pos_hint: {"center_x": .5, "center_y": .2} on_release: root.go_to_login_screen() ''' Builder.load_string(kv) class Start(Screen): def go_to_login_screen(self, *args): self.manager.current = "login_screen" 
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2023.06.01 18:31 SnooCauliflowers3903 Best bakery cake to get 18 small slices

It's my dad's birthday and we live in Blue Bell, PA. I want to get a cake from Costco. Would that be a good idea? Which cake should I order? We have 18 people but not all will eat cake because they have diabetes and are health conscious.
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2023.06.01 18:23 RosieChow My mum is annoyed that I didn't want her guest to come to dinner

Basically, me(26f) and my boyfriend of three years are visiting my mum and brother (who live in the same house) for a couple days. It was recently my bf's birthday and when we arrived yesterday, my mum had cooked a lovely meal and even made a cake.
Tonight, we said we would invite my mum and brother out to dinner somewhere. So I booked a table for 4 at a nice restaurant nearby. However my mum phoned up a few hours ago saying that she was going to invite a friend she recently met. She's been doing a training course for work all this week and has met some new people.
This friend had invited her out to dinner yesterday, but she couldn't make it so she said "it was polite to invite him to dinner tonight". Also he had traveled a long way for this training course apparently, and didn't know anyone and didn't know where to go. My mum said she felt bad as he was alone, and said he would pay for his own food.
I felt a bit annoyed, just in the way my mum phrased it. "I've invited a friend to dinner tonight that's fine yeah?" I'm a bit of an introvert, so is my brother. We both don't really like socializing with new people, especially last minute with no warning. I was wanting it to just be a family thing. Also it would be weird him paying for his own dinner?? Surely we should pay for him. Also why can't my mum just go out for dinner with him separately on another day?
My boyfriend didn't really mind this new friend coming along, but me and my brother told her no, as we wanted it to be just family and felt weird inviting a brand new person. The conversation would be around "So what do you do, where are you from etc", and I just can't be arsed having those types of conversations tonight, I'm exhausted and it's been a long week at work. Then my mum was upset because she said now she has to cancel with him?? Like this random guy was never even invited, what the hell.
I feel bad because obviously we're in my mum's house as guests and she made a nice meal last night and she can do whatever she wants. But this dinner was OUR invitation not hers. I feel like a bad person.
Cut to about 10 minutes ago, my mum is now saying that she was wanting to invite this guy because he has cancer and only 3 months to live??? WTF. Now I feel guilty for saying no to this person I've never met but who is probably really nice and has cancer. But now if we invite him it's like a pity invite. I don't know what to do. And I'm really annoyed at my mum for making it awkward!!

Pro tip: if someone invites you out to dinner, don't invite a random person.
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2023.06.01 18:22 RunFickle Help with cake business name

Need help deciding on a name for my bundt cake business. I’ve got a few already. You can take a vote or think of something better!
Enchanted Bundts Sweet Bundt Bundts With Flair Eat my Bundt
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2023.06.01 18:22 BlueJayin NightOwl July 4th Drop Info, FAQ, & More

July 4th Drop List

Daz is still deciding on what to drop and this list will be constantly updated:
Freebie/ Promo List *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*
The next drop is set to be July 4th. 2023 on TheSeedBazaar. If you need any NightOwl seeds before this drop, please visit one of the Authorized Seedbanks.
Phenohunting Club t-shirts will be available this drop.
At the moment there's no ETA on the NighTOwel V2, Night HOwl speaker, NightOwl Backpack or NightOwl Headlamp, but details on a bundle are soon to come.
If you missed a chance to get a FunkOwl, they may make an appearance for the July 4th drop *subject to change*.
Next big NightOwl drop should be the Halloween 2023, but things can change.


"Do I need TSB Premium to make a purchase, or do I purchase through Premium?"

No, you don't need TSB Premium to make a purchase. If you purchase regularly from the breeders on TSB, you may benefit from some of the features offered. Premium for the NightOwl storefront gets you 48 hours early access to drops, but you will be competing with other premium members who may want that limited cultivar. Having a Premium membership doesn't guarantee you the drop.

"How do I register for a free account?"

There should be a sign-in button at the bottom of the page, or the NightOwl Store page. Look at this image to help

"Where does everyone get all the NightOwl Merch (Stickers, Ashtray, Patch, Pins, Plant tags, Rolling Papers, FunkOwls, t-shirts, hats, etc) ?"

The Seed Bazaar, that's where you can order direct with NightOwl. Most items are given as freebies and while supplies last, except some items like FunkOwls, hats, and t-shirts.

"Does TheSeedBazaar ship worldwide?

NightOwl ships worldwide

"Do I have to pay customs?"

No user has confirmed being charged any custom fees.

"Are NightOwl packs sealed?"

None of my packs are heat sealed due to the design of the packaging. I've reached out to a few different places to help design a security seal sticker, but there have been no options yet that don't take away from the design of the packaging and interrupt the strain label or text. When I figure out a solution for this you guys will be the first to know!
When you order from one of my distributors the packs will come with 3 seeds. I do occasionally throw a few extra seeds in random packs that are sent out to distributors, but don't expect more than 3 unless you're ordering direct from me through the seed bazaar. Other than that the packs are true to their labels, 3 seeds.
Link to Daz' comment

"My pack has a blank label, how do I know what I have?"

Those are the "Secret Owl Society" packs, they come labeled with UV ink. Daz/ Seedbanks almost always provides a small blacklight keychain, use it to reveal the pack name.

"Are there any freebies?"

IF YOU ORDER DIRECT FROM TSB, Nightowl will give you two extra feminized seeds with the three feminized seeds purchased. Only applies to fem seeds not regs.
Most of the time there's a promo if you purchase five packs you can earn a tester pack.

"I made X amount of orders during the drop totaling 5 or more packs, do I qualify for a tester?"

If the promo is active, and If you made your orders during the same drop, you qualify for a tester pack. To ensure you get the tester mention it in the comments of your last order, or send an email.

"I got a confirmation email, it still says "processing", should I be worried?"

As long as you have a confirmation email, then there's nothing to worry about your order has been received.

"Received tracking, no movement on the order since being scanned into Denver, or not scanned at all"

Sometimes USPS does not update the location of the package, please be patient and allow at least 7-14 business days before contacting for support.

Order related issue?


"What do I do with my Coupon/ Redeem/ Scratch card"

Mail it in for the next drop, or any future drop NightOwl has specifically on TSB. When checking out select "mail-in cash/ money order". Once you complete the order, you should then get an email with mail-in details. Seedopoly prizes/ discounts had to be claimed by August 2nd, 2021 they're not valid anymore.

"My pack of NightOwl came with 3 seeds, did "insert seedbank" take seeds out?"

No, authorized seed banks wouldn't take seeds out, they have a working relationship with Daz, their customers, and NightOwl.
When you order from one of my distributors the packs will come with 3 seeds. I do occasionally throw a few extra seeds in random packs that are sent out to distributors, but don't expect more than 3 unless you're ordering direct from me through the seed bazaar. Other than that the packs are true to their labels, 3 seeds.
Link to Daz comment

"Why 3 Reg seeds in a Auto reg pack"

Hey there! I do 3 seed packs for the regs for a few different reasons. For starters, I keep any males I’m using or testing as small as possible to prevent cross contamination between different projects. Since I typically only release fems (but constantly have photo x auto projects going on) keeping the males small makes isolation and clean up far easier. Small males offer less pollen so I make far fewer seeds, typically about an eighth of the number of seeds that I aim for with a feminized plant. In reality it is far easier to get a massive number of seeds from reg pollen, so I expect people that get these to be able to make a tremendous number of beans with them. I have never done a full on auto reg pollination. I’ve never smacked an auto male plant to let it’s pollen fly, as that would cause a logistical nightmare in my breeding program. All of my auto reg pollinations are very isolated, controlled, and precise. I’ve also never done a regular auto project for release. Each time I’ve released regs, including the upcoming drop, the seeds were made for my own personal stock to work from in the future. The Chem 91 x Chemdogging F2 generation provided a whole palette of flavors that I would never have expected to pop out, as well as some seriously impressive plants structurally. Out of the three males I kept from this line all three put out trichomes and intense aromas. They were quite possibly the nicest males I’ve ever encountered. I know some people won’t see the extreme value that are inherent with these seeds, but to me $50 isn’t nearly what they are truly worth. Their value is immensely greater than that, but every few years I like to put out regs at a more than fair price so that the auto gene pool doesn’t get stagnant, and so those that want to do true work to continue creating new photo x auto crosses can do that. I would have done just about anything to have access to regular auto genetics of this quality a decade ago, but they simply did not exist then. It took a lot of time, dedication, and work to be able to offer these today. If someone is unable to see the value in them then they probably wouldn’t want to be growing regs anyway. To keep up with inflation I should have already raised my pack prices to about $60, but I know it’s tough trying to afford to survive these days, and growing should be a respite from that, so I’ve stuck to $50 a pack. Every single one of my costs to produce seeds has increased significantly and I’ve eaten that instead of passing the costs on. I do what I do because I’m passionate about it. I love cannabis. I’ve dedicated my life to it and will continue to provide the absolute best of my ability for as long as I am able to do this.
Link to Daz' comment

"Where do I order bulk?"




Social Media Accounts for Daz and NightOwl

Daz' personal account was banned at 30k, a couple new backup accounts were created.
All the current IG Accounts:
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2023.06.01 18:19 Nosepik Fun/Romantic Birthday Party for my Wife?

Ladies and gentlemen, please point me towards restaurants or places that are loud as hell and crazy fun and/or romantic with birthdays for my wife’s birthday which is happening pretty soon.
I’m positive that she would be very happy if they sung, danced, drummed or whatever the hell they do in these kinds of places. Also please dont tell me mcdonalds, she’s not 9. Also bonus for places that can make the cake as well.
Really appreciate it guys 🙏
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2023.06.01 18:18 pluznar Question about Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Chrome Extension Removed

Hi all,
So I made a chrome extension as a personal project. The extension was up for a few weeks but then last week I got a notice of removal from Google. The reason was a copyright claim because I used an image under copyright as a loading screen. I am able to remove the image very easily but if I am reading the counter notification form correctly ( then I am just unable to ever republish my extension regardless of whether I remove the image or not since it was a copyrighted image at the time of the complaint.
Am I correct in my interpretation or is there some way to reinstate the extension?
Could I republish the extension under a new name without the copyrighted material ever being associated with that new extension?
Any help or direction as to where to find help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.01 18:16 palabrist Would this be "solarpunk"?

I want my scifi fantasy world's cities to harness, highlight, and preserve the nature and landscape rather than obscure or damage it. I know arcologies are a thing but when I image search them they seem to mostly be a city inside one large self sustaining building. I'm picturing more like... If you zoomed out far enough it might just look like an Ancient Greco-Egyptian city or Native American plain settlement or something, but when you look closer, there's advanced technology. Like hmm that looks like Rivendale (LOTR) but oh, wait- they have electricity and hovercrafts and such. Harnessing natural resources efficiently but keeping a green aesthetic and breathtaking landscape instead of lots of ugly hyper urban decay. What are some keywords for this? Is solarpunk a good description?
ETA: other keywords you can think of? I like to image search for inspiration so any related vocab or names of existing worlds helps.
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2023.06.01 18:07 fluffybunny359 I'm not going to be able to draw an image for Deuce's birthday, and possibly Kalim's.

Sorry guys.
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2023.06.01 18:03 transcribersofreddit NotHowGirlsWork Image "No man wants a lady over 30 who has a lot of letters after her name."

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2023.06.01 18:02 AutoModerator [Weekly Hardcore Cemetery] Remembering the Deeds of Valor of those that perished

Let us here honor the Deeds of Valor of those that have perished in the fight against the evils of Sanctuary.
We collect here in this thread, the names and images of those heroes who have fallen during this dark time.
Each Sunday in the Holy Church of the Subreddits Discord, Reverent Zeegers will read their names, so together we can remember them and pray for the salvation their souls... and those that will inevitably follow them into the eternal dark.
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2023.06.01 18:02 aeroaca9 Regarding the name Ryuzaki

Beyond Birthday gave himself the name Rue Ryuzaki before L used it supposedly. BB couldn't take the fact that he wasn't as good as L and became a serial killer to try and make an unsolvable case for L, proving his superiority supposedly. After his arrest. L takes the name Ryuzaki in the Kira investigation. Why exactly is this? Is L making a homage to his lost successor? Does he use the name in a form of respect for BB? Or is it more a last middle finger to BB, like L saying "I beat you, you weren't as good at me, your name is a trophy."?
I know the point in the novel is to confuse the reader, and make them never consider the L in the story is really BB, but I still feel it holds some significance. What do you think?
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2023.06.01 18:01 ratmeleon His name is my name too

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2023.06.01 18:00 jenandtonicz Best Bakery for custom desserts?

My boyfriend’s birthday is next month, and I love him too much to subject him to my sad attempts at baking. He’s not big into cakes or cookies, so I’m trying to see if anyone has any recommendations for great local bakeries that could do something like a little lemon tart with fresh berries or something else light and fresh and sweet like that.
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2023.06.01 17:56 Guillotine-Glytch I need a little help if you don't mind.

I am new to this band but instantly addicted.


That being said, I THINK I attached a photo. I am crap with reddit though, I never use it. I digress the photo is the band all stood side by side in their usual gear, CAN SOMEONE please take the pic edit it with their STAGE NAMES ONLY!!!! MEANING Vessel ( I know which one he is obviously), ii, iii and iv.

Put those above their heads in the photo please? I vehemently do not want to know them beneath the image THEY want to give the worshipers. I just want to know who I am looking at on stage. I am fairly certain ii is the drummer, but he's obviously not always near the drums.

The (hopefully) attached photo/link to the photo is of the band in their usual stage attire. Please just write their STAGE NAMES above their heads. Again, I mean Vessel, ii, iii and iv. THAT'S IT. That's all I'm asking for.

I don't know how to make that any clearer. NO 'real names' JUST stage names please don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I am not trying to catch trouble.

Thank you. Truly,
A new Worshiper.
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2023.06.01 17:55 logicalbread1 I. Give. Up.

There. I give up. For 5 years I’ve been just trying my best to help my partner. Cleaning closets, making sure my stepson has clothing, toys, taking care of him when my spouse has to go to work, potty training, pick up/drop offs, making sure he eats well enough, packing lunches, laundry, teaching a second language, planning surprise birthday party (because we NEED to have 2 bday parties), you fucking name it. Now, my stepson is just the king of his mom’s house (I guess from ours too), he comes here and complains how he gets everything he wants at his moms but not at school, our home and friends. He will talk back even if you ask him to pour the dog some water because “why do I have to do it? He’s not my dog”. Last week, he came complaining and crying because the Warriors lost and followed up with “this is the worst year of my life”, walked away and slammed the door of his bedroom… oh where was my husband? In his man cave. I went in the room and talked to him, said I understood it was sad his team lost but for him not to slam the door like that. Out of the sudden, there’s my husband saying “oh it was the wind, he didn’t slammed the door”. My stepson goes and says “I actually did”. I’ve said nothing. If you’re a stepparent, while you’re serving, you’re welcome to do so! But dare to discipline the kid, ha. If I attempt to give any discipline to my stepson, my husband will come for his defense. So now moving forward, I’ve decided I will do NOTHING. It’s dinner time? I’m not getting up to do it. Laundry is pulling up? Oh well. Want to just eat junk and watch tv? Whatever.
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2023.06.01 17:54 hoorahjencar Need help with USB Flash Drive

Need help with USB Flash Drive
So, few months ago I transfered most of my files from Macbook to a Kingston USB Flash Drive, since I was switching laptops. Today was the first time I wanted something from the USB, so I put it in the laptop and opened the folder, all the files were there, but most of them kinda seemed broken? When I previewd pictures they had weird black lines through them or part of the image was black. Most .ai files that I had just opened in Illustrator as a picture and got error that Illustrator couldn't read the file. Also when I open a picture, under the file name it says ''Locked''.
Can anyone tell what's the problem exactly? Is it something to do with the premissions of the Flash Drive or are the files just corrupt? If so, is there a way to fix it or thats just it?
Thank you in advance.

That's most of the files and pictures, not all of them tho, some still work and open just fine.
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2023.06.01 17:53 ThrowRA-PrettyBat I need advice on what I should do. I (25F) am questioning my marriage to my partner (24M).

Let me start off by saying that I do love my partner. About 3 months into our relationship he lied to me about something and I, following intuition, found out he had lied to me, obviously this upset me, it wasn’t what he lied about, it’s the fact he lied at all and that I knew he never had any intention of telling me the truth. This obviously put a real damper on our relationship and I did try to break up with him but he was begging me not to and was crying his eyes out and so I felt bad and decided to stay but lying is something I have a really hard time recovering from because I already have a really difficult time with trusting people and he knew this but he lied anyway. It’s not just the lying that bothers me though, in the 2 years we’ve been together he’s complimented me MAYBE 3-5 times, he didn’t even compliment me on our wedding day and yes I’ve talked to him about this honestly more times than I can count and nothing ever changes. Our living situation is also weird, we sleep in the same bed but we never spend time together, he stays on his game in the other room and I stay in another room by myself watching movies and yes I’ve tried to get him to spend time with me and the only time I can get him to spend just an hour with me is to play whatever game he wants to play even though I’m just not a huge gamer but he never offers to watch a movie with me or join me for one, and I’ve asked him to watch movies with me on multiple occasions and it’s always “I don’t like movies”. I’ve asked him to go out on dates with me and he’s always like “Maybe next weekend” but of course it never happens. So, basically to sum up our living situation, we are roommates who sleep in the same bed and on rare occasions “passionately hug”. And something that I know probably sounds really petty but is what I think has really sent me into this increased sense of rethinking my marriage is that he didn’t even wish me a happy birthday. However, it’s not just the happy birthday it’s every thing in this post combined but the not wishing me a happy birthday was like the icing on the cake. All these things have been brought to his attention far more than just a few times and at this point I just feel like he doesn’t care, I feel extremely alone in my marriage and I’m at a loss as to what to do. So, here I am on Reddit asking for some advice. What do y’all think I should do? Am I being overdramatic?
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2023.06.01 17:51 HumanSpawn323 Would it work to ice a cake with mousse?

So I'm making a cake for my aunt and uncles wedding. I was thinking of doing something like this but maybe with some chocolate covered strawberrys incorporated.
My aunt is lactose intolerant. She says that a little bit of dairy baked into the cake is fine, but lathering the cake in buttercream is obviously not the best idea. I was thinking I could use chocolate mousse instead. It tasts much better than icing in my oppinion, and the recipe I use requires whipped egg whites instead of whipped cream.
I don't know how well it would work, though. Mousse is much softer than buttercream, and chilling is not going to help much with that. Would it still be possible to do a crumb coat? I'm thinking I might freeze it overnight after the crumb coat, and that maybe that'll stiffen it? I've accepted that it won't be as smooth. But I'm hoping it'll be acceptable.
Also, additional question: Is it okay to just melt the chocolate for a chocolate drip, or does it need to be tempered. I'm doing a smaller practice cake before the actual wedding, and it's pretty casual.
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2023.06.01 17:50 laufsteakmodel AITA for being angry at my fiancée for not eating a cake I worked hard on, due to her superstition?

Hey everyone, I'll try to make this short.
I'm a pretty good cook, but I suck at baking. It was my fiancée's birthday last week and I know that pears are her favorite fruit. So while she wasn't home, I baked a pretty good fancy pear tarte. While doing this, I snacked on a few pieces of the pears I used.
When I presented her with the cake on her birthday, she was super happy and thanked me. I told her I hope she likes it, and that I tried a few pieces of the pears I used and they were great and sweet.
Her smile dropped and she said "Did you cut up the pears and ate some of it?"
I was confused and said "yes".
She said she cant eat it, because sharing pears is super bad luck in her culture (she's half chinese).
The cherry on top was that I got a reservation in a restaurant that we've been wanting to try for ages. She looked at the menu online and said we cant go there, because they dont offer any pasta or noodle dishes. Its important to eat long noodles on one's birthday for a long life.
I was dumbfounded. I even offered to make her some spaghetti or udon noodles at home and she could eat them after or before our dinner. She refused.
She's a great person otherwise, super intelligent, has a good position in a STEM field, doesnt believe in horoscopes etc, but she really holds on to those beliefs. Even her license plate says "8888" in the end, because apparently thats good luck or brings wealth or something like that in her culture.
I respect preserving one's culture, but like I said, it sucks when it's interfering in your regular life.
I tried to keep it together because I love her and it was her birthday, but the day after she asked me why I was so quiet and I told her what I said here.
So am I the asshole for being hurt and for telling her that it makes me sad that I worked hard on that cake and she wont even touch it, because its bad luck, whatever that means.
Thank you.
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2023.06.01 17:50 NostraSkolMus Spicy 🌶️

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2023.06.01 17:48 foxyboomer6789 Potato Head

The potato. A staple in people’s diets. An ugly mass. But one that can cause beauty in others if you follow the instructions.
Melinda walked into the store situated in the middle of nowhere, the land dried up and barren. It Painted a swamp green with windows not allowing you to see the commodities inside. As she entered there was all nature of things. Packets of Vitamin Powder labelled ‘vitamin H’ which were a bright purple as if it was shouting at you that it most likely contained a bunch of E numbers. Lemons placed individually in a jar with a skull and cross bones. And lastly a basket of potatoes which were labelled ‘name your price’.
She picked one up, and seeing as it was name your price she decided to pay nothing and left the store with the complimentary instruction manual. An instruction manual for a potato.
When she got home she sat in front of the potato staring at it as if she expected it to magically perform some sort of act for her. Because Melinda wasn’t a fan of reading instructions. They were just so tedious and boring, but alas the potato did nothing so she had to open the manual.
“Want to be beautiful?”
Melinda was not fond of her looks. So she continued reading.
“Open the back of the potato and remove pins and desired features”
Melinda did not care to question the absurd instructions and opened the back of the potato which seemed to have a little door which it certainly didn’t have before. She pulled out some pins and the ‘desired features’ which were large luscious lips, pink like the roses that grew around the house opposite her. Home to the most beautiful woman. The next feature a small button nose followed by fox eyes. Ingredients for the most beautiful woman in Melindas eyes.
The next step. “Prick finger with one of the pins and place blood on the top of the potato”
Melinda did this, the blood somehow absorbing into the potato. The next step instructed her to pin the desired features on the potato. She pinned the lips, eyes and nose onto it. And waited. Soon her whole face began to transform, warping and twisting from her previous appearance to the new ‘improved’ look. But although she loved the look she wanted more.
She removed the features from the potato ready to put even better ones in their place. But she should have read the warning at the beginning of the manual.
“Under no circumstances remove desired features from the potato once placed”
The new features upon her face began to decay, rotting like a corpse. Falling upon the floor. Her face now completely blank. Just skin. And slight indents where her nose, mouth and eyes would have been. The potato opposite her now a spitting image.
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