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2023.06.03 23:56 Moncurs_rightboot Season Review 22/23

Season Review 22/23
Wow wow wow wow wow. Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming. Ow ow ow ow ow, stop pinching me, OK, I'm obviously not dreaming.
We actually did it. We managed to get promoted through the playoffs. It's absolute madness. I had watched us compete in 6 playoffs, and who would have thought that 7th time is the charm!
Before I start you can read the 21/22 season review here from our season where we finished 6th and got dumped out the playoffs by Huddersfield.
You can also read the 22/23 season preview here where I predicted a very optimistic top 8 finish. No one could have predicted the season we were about to have. I'm not going to discuss promotion in depth, because it was only a week ago and probably won't sink in until the fixtures are released on June 15th.
In case you didn't know, this is what our away end looks like

Overview and Pre season thoughts

As mentioned above, I knew we would manage to keep the momentum going into this season. I just didn't expect us to gain this much momentum. Having finished 6th and on 75 points in the 21/22 season. Everything was kept steady in the off season, we recruited well, and only lost one significant player (discussed below). Throughout the off season though social media was awash with speculation that Luton Town would do a Barnsley (meaning losing in the playoffs and then battling relegation/getting relegated the following season, which Barnsley did in the 21/22 season), this was speculation was further fuelled by the signing of two of Barnsley's relegated front three (more on that later). However, one bright spark in the off season was the lads from the Second Tier Pod who went bold and predicted a solid season for Luton Town, with Ryan predicting 2nd and Justin predicting 3rd. These guys know ball. Nathan Jones was keen to kick on with the squad, and was 110% committed to the cause...

Who left, and who did we sign?

The most significant outgoing was that of Kal Naismith, who was the fans player of the season in 21/22. The manner in which he joined Bristol City left a sour taste in the mouth of the Hatters, with the club not knowing he had agreed terms, with the Welsh wannabes announcing him a whole 24 hours before Luton Town. Also the fact that he was chatting some boilerplate shite in his introduction interview, about being excited about getting to work with "the best manager in the league". A truly absurd statement that even Stevie Wonder could see was the dumbest thing that anyone could ever say in the history of mankind. Regardless, Hatters were annoyed and concerned, mostly because Kal was a good player, he made that LCB role his own, and was a vital cog in our 21/22 playoff machine, and scored a significant and wonderful goal against Bournemouth that pretty much kickstarted our playoff push after the long covid/midseason break - hey guys, remember covid?
Less significant outgoings on the pitch were Peter "I should be starting every game" Kioso (to Rotherham) and Danny Hylton (to Northampton). With Kioso leaving, we were losing depth in the defensive unit, whereas with Danny Hylton, we were losing part of the furniture at the Kenny. Sure Danny had never hit the heights of his League 2 bagsman days after his nasty injury in League 1, but he scored some vital goals in 21/22 - grabbed the point at Bristol City and sealed the win against Derby with a wonderful strike. Also his head of hair is one of the greatest come back stories in modern times.

We brought in some numbers in the off season, although as discussed on social media, these players seemed to be "for the future":
  • Alfie Doughty (undisclosed) - From Stoke, he hadn't hit the heights expected following his transfer from Charlton, having spent the season on loan at Cardiff in 21/22 (along with Cody Drameh - more on him later). Regardless he was one Nathan Jones was tracking for a long time.
  • Cauley Woodrow (undisclosed) - From relegated Barnsley, it was a little homecoming for Cauley having come through our academy and left us for Fulham as a fresh faced 16 year old.
  • Matt Macey (undisclosed) - From Hibernian, the former loanee raised eyebrows amongst the fan base. People said, well he's shit, and then others said, nah that was Stuart Moore, Matt Macey was the decent one. Spoiler alert - they are both shit.
  • Louie Watson (undisclosed compensation) - From Derby, we capitalised on the financial straits at Derby and came out with one of their prized academy assets. He was seen as one for the future.
  • Luke Freeman (free) - From Sheffield United, he was seen as a broken thing, with injuries having caught up with him during his time at Sheffield United, again one that Nathan Jones was very keen to work with, having played together at Yoevil.
  • Carlton Morris (fee in region of £1.5m) - From relegated Barnsley, we didn't know what to expect from him considering he was a striker that had never scored more than 10 goals in a season. Also he had just been relegated with Barnsley. However, he added much needed depth and support up top for Elijah. At this point we knew him as the player that scored that wonderful goal in our 2-1 victory over Barnsley in 21/22, where he skinned Naismith, and sat Osho down before dinking it over Shea.
  • Ethan Horvath (loan) - From Nottingham Forest, fresh from having won promotion through the playoffs with Forest last season, he was seen as a good keeper to have in the team, and he was desperate for first team football. Rumours were that there was an option to make the loan permanent. After last season where we went through 6 keepers, we needed consistency between the sticks.
  • Then we had some strictly developmental signings; Tobias Braney (who looks a proper player and has been bagging goals out on loan), Daniel Idiakhoa (who has since been released in the retained list), Jayden Luker (who remains under contract at the club), John McCatee (who was immediately loaned back out to Grimsby) and Aribim Pepple (who was loaned to Grimsby, but they sent him back, regardless, he's been good in our development squads).

How did we do?

I write this with a big smirk on my face. Because it still hasn't sunk in.
Like the 21/22 season, it was a season of two halves (and two managers), unlike last season whereby there was a covid break, this season we had a conveniently placed World Cup. I always thought Winter World Cups were the greatest idea, and certainly never ever criticised FIFA, The Qatar WC bidding buddies, or the countless executives that have become incredibly wealthy from the previous World Cup who effortlessly and repeatedly moved not only the goal posts but mountains in order to give us what we all wanted, the first World Cup in the Middle East - in the middle of fucking winter.
Anyway, I'm veering off topic. I'm not doing a monthly breakdown by the way, you can get that off wikipedia. I'm sure the 10 people who read this will be wildly disappointed.
We can break the season down in two ways - Luton under Nathan Jones and Luton under Rob Edwards. I'll do the stats after this overview.
Nathan Jones took us almost the whole way to the World Cup break, but he was just itching to move. Our start to the season was mediocre, we were struggling to win games. In fact we didn't win a game until our 5th game of the season against Swansea, with 2 draws and 2 losses to start the season, including the second worst performance of the season against Bristol City, leaving us 23rd in the table. After that we had a mini purple patch, completing the welsh double beating Cardiff and drawing with Sheffield United. Which took us up to 9th in the table. Before throwing the game away against Wigan "prompt wage payment" Athletic. Fortunately we then hit a 7 game unbeaten run, which shot us up to 4th in the table. Which took us into the match against them lot down the road. We were in great form, they were already on their second manager (more on that first manager in a bit), everything was aligned for us to go there and turn them over. But disaster struck, we were utter shit and lost 4 - 0. On the bright side it gave them a high point for the season. Post match, Nathan Jones had plenty of excuses, mentioning stomach bugs, he couldn't fill the bench etc, but the eventual reality was more concerning. We only picked up 1 win from the next 4 games, culminating in an abject display against his former side Stoke, where it all but confirmed that Jones would be leaving the club. This would take us to the end of Nathan Jones' tenure. Jones moved (amicably and with massive compensation) to Southampton - where he wouldn't stay for long, but reports surfaced after his move that Southampton had been in negotiations with him for 5 weeks prior. No surprise he didn't give a shit post match against Watford. Regardless, he moved in in better faith than when he did against Stoke, He left the club in 9th place, and paved the way for Mick Harford to coach for the last game before the World Cup break, a 1 - 1 draw against Rotherham. We entered the World Cup break in 10th place, and it gave us time to pick our manager properly.
Nathan Jones stats P20 - W7 - D8 - L5 - GF 22 - GA 21 - Pts 29 - WinP 35% - PpG 1.45 Mick Harford stats P1 - W0 - D1 - L0 - GF 1 - GA 1 - Pts 1 - WinP 0% - PpG 1.0
At the end of last season (I know this narrative has been done to death, but keep with me here). Watford appointed Rob Edwards from Forest Green Rovers, a young up and coming manager, to take over from Roy Hodgson, a legend who got Watford relegated at Selhurst Park, and then had the balls to clap the Crystal Palace fans (as his last season there was behind closed doors), whilst ignoring the Watford fans who had travelled to South London, because they were too far away. This is made even funnier due to the fact that he returned to Palace, and absolutely turned their season around. Anyway, Rob Edwards was the man to replace the Hodge. Scott Duxbury, Watford CEO stated "Rob will be backed through hell and high water". It turned out that translated to 10 league matches, of which he had only lost 2, this included beating Burnley, who would go on to leave the Championship quivering in their wake.
During the winter break, the Luton board were very impressed with Rob Edwards as a candidate, and made the bold decision to employ him. In addition to this our January window included the loss of James Bree, who moved to Southampton to join up with Nathan Jones and Harry Cornick to Bristol City, fair play to them, they signed our best striker. Cameron Jerome also left by mutual termination, as he wanted to move back up North to his family. We replaced Bree with Cody Drameh on loan from Leeds and replaced Cornick with Joe Taylor, an unproven striker who was yet to break into the first team at Peterborough. However, Big Mick swore by him, and has been tracking him for years. We also brought in Marvelous Nakamba on loan from Aston Villa (who would turn out to be the difference maker, more on him later). Although, the general consensus was that we were too threadbare at the back, and up top, as injury could expose our lack of depth.
But in Rob we trust, and we haven't looked back since. Since his appointment, we have only lost 3 matches in the league, one of which was his first game in charge, and even in that game we played sensational stuff for the first 35 minutes against Middlesbrough, our eventual opponents in the playoff final. After that loss we had a great Christmas period with 3 wins against QPR, Norwich and Huddersfield. Before a loss against WBA who were in phenomenal form. They managed to overturn a 2 nil deficit in the second half, and fair play to them. We then won another 3 in a row, drew 2 in a row before a hard to take defeat against Burnley, where the fair result would have been a draw. But then we didn't look back, finishing the season with a 14 game unbeaten run, which led us to our highest finish in the Football pyramid since, well, last season. Which was our highest finish in the football pyramid since the 1981/82 season where we also got promoted to the top tier. This was made all the more sweeter by getting some payback against Watford, sure it wasn't 4 - 0, but it was a significant moment for the fans and Rob Edwards, as that was when a lot of us felt, we would be making the playoffs. We eventually finished 3rd, thus making it 8 successive seasons where we have finished higher than the previous season.
To cap off a totally wizard season, we then had the playoffs, and the rest as they say, is history.
Rob Edwards stats P25 - W14 - D8 - L3 - GF 34 - GA 16 - Pts 50 - WinP 56% - PpG 2.0 *Excluding playoff results

Time for some RAPID STATS

  • Luton Town lost 18 points from winning positions under Nathan Jones
  • Luton Town lost 9 points from winning positions under Rob Edwards
  • James Bree still leads the team for chances created (60), he left in January. Next highest is Alfie Doughty with 54.
  • Luton Town had the second best away record in the league (41 points), only behind Burnley (47 points).
  • Carlton Morris is the first Luton player to score 20 or more goals in the second tier since Brian Stein (1981/82 season).
  • Luton Town were joint second in clean sheets with Coventry, our eventual playoff final opponents, with 20 apiece.
  • Luton Town had the second lowest xG conceded (44.6), behind Burnley 39.1. Meaning we didn't give away many chances to the opposition.

How did our players do?

As per my writer idol Mister PDW, these ratings were picked on a whim, don't shoot the messenger. This shows appearances (sub appearances), minutes played, goals, assists and WhoScored rating. I'm using a letter grade system for the squad, this is down to a whim and may contain some bias, take the ratings with a pinch of salt. Stats from WhoScored - League stats only (including playoffs). Sorted by most minutes played.
Ethan Horvath 47 appearances/4261 minutes 19 clean sheets - 6.48 B It was a steady enough season from the US Stopper. He did make some absolute howlers at some points during the season, but never went full 19/20 Sluga (look it up, his howlers were legendary). Although he finished with 19 clean sheets, a lot of his shortcomings were covered up by how the team defended as a whole, shown by our very low xG conceded. I appreciate his time at the club, but I wouldn't take him back here permanently.
Amari'i Bell 46(1) appearances/4167 minutes 1G/1A - 6.78 A+ Amari'i is quite literally the unsung hero of the playoff winning campaign. Having played at left wing back last season, and filling in for Alfie Doughty when he was unavailable this season. He played the majority of the season at left centre back, the position vacated by Kal Naismith. He was spectacular and offered so much more from that position than Kal did. He could carry the ball infield, he had the athleticism to make penetrating underlaps into the box and after all the stick he got from Blackburn fans, he can now stick two fingers up at them, and show off his medal.
Carlton Morris 44(3) appearances/3693 minutes 20G/7A - 7.21 A+ It was a slow start for Carlton as he bedded into the Luton lineup. He didn't make an impact until he scored his first goal of the season against Swansea, which was also our first win. But, after that goal he didn't look back. He also managed to kick on further under Rob Edwards. He is simply a player that has a bit of everything in his locker, able to score from 3 yards or 30 yards.
Tom Lockyer 42 appearances/3638 minutes 4G/1A - 7.13 A+ Considering Locks couldn't buy a game at the beginning of the season, having only come in to the squad for the Carabao Cup game against Newport, where we lost. Swansea was also a watershed moment for him, just like Carlton. This season Hatters saw the finest defensive displays courtesy of Locks, and absolute colossus at the back. It was very concerning when he collapsed during the playoff final. However, we have been told that he is absolutely fine, and will be ready for pre season. Hopefully meaning we will tie him down with a longer contract.
Elijah Adebayo 42(3) appearances/3523 minutes 8G/4A - 6.72 A Sure Elijah didn't hit the heights (goalwise) that he did last season. However, he formed a solid partnership up top with Morris. Fortunately it meant that the heavy burden didn't all sit on Elijah's shoulders. If anyone doubts what Elijah brings to the team, just watch his assist for Jordan Clark's goal in the playoff final. His run, his feet, his turning Kyle McFadzean inside out before his pass to find Clark, shows you what he brings to the team. Even playing a three at the back system, any defenders are going to have a shit day trying to stop Elijah and Carlton from executing their movement. Also, it was great to see him get a stab at the playoffs this season after cruelly missing out last season.
Jordan Clark 37(4) appearances/3390 minutes 3G/4A - 6.83 A This season, we all saw what Clicker was about, his movement, intelligence and passing were fully on display. It's remarkable that he was signed as a right winger and has been reboxed as an attacking midfielders, he brings the attributes and movement of a winger and takes it between the lines, making him nigh on impossible to pick up for the opposition. Having a similar trajectory to Luton, having been playing for Hyde against Luton in our final conference match. He deserves a shot at the Premier League, and his journey is also remarkable. Just like Luton making it from conference to Premier League in 9 seasons.
Allan Campbell 38(5) appearances/3273 minutes 3G/2A - 6.52 B+ I'm being incredibly tight with these scores. Sorry Wee Al. He had a good season, not as stellar as last season, but he brought the same attitude on the pitch, he runs and presses like he has 5 lungs. He also has an eye for goal from midfield with some spectacular hits, most importantly putting the cherry on top of the Watford game, and forever writing himself into Hatters folklore. Unfortunately, with Nakamba entering the fray in January, he was the unfortunate one to miss out on those two remaining midfield spots.
Alfie Doughty 28(3) appearances/2438 minutes 2G/5A - 7.14 A+ What a player we have on our hands with Alfie, he will seamlessly move up to the Premier League like he's easing himself into a nice warm bath. Pace, trickery and a delivery to match, he has been a joy to watch play this season. Fans were concerned about the speed at which he was being eased in at the start of the season, but I guess when you have had the injury record that Alfie has, it just makes sense. Also, that goal against QPR was just spectacular.
James Bree 27 appearances/2430 minutes 0G/4A - 6.99 A Football can be a cruel game, it can also be incredibly ironic, and that irony can be absolutely hilarious. James Bree was both promoted and relegated this season. He did well for the first half of the season, needing to fill in right centre back, which he did well, whilst also contributing many key passes to the Hatters cause. However, the simple fact is, when Osho came in to the right centre back role, we looked a lot better defensively, and that showed with our climb up the table. I'm still disgruntled about the fee being £750k, what with his contract expiring. But sometimes the grass isn't always greener, is it, James!? Well, at least he's getting a promotion medal.
Pelly-Ruddock Mpanzu 27(6) appearances/2394 minutes 3G/1A - 6.62 A This man is a modern Luton Legend. He gets better every season, and he has been worth every penny of the £50,000 that John Still paid for him as a 19 year old back in the Conference. Did you know if plays one minute in the Premier League, he would be the first player in history to have played in the top 5 levels of the English Pyramid for one club? Of course you did, it's been all over the news. He deserves everything he gets, and I'm delighted the club have offered him new terms, Pelly deserves the world.
Gabe Osho 25(5) appearances/2273 minutes 3G/0A - 6.64 A The only reason this isn't an A+ is because of his first half of the season. He is the biggest beneficiary of Rob Edwards coming in at Luton. Under Nathan Jones he looked edgy and shit scared to make a mistake, however, under Edwards he was calmness personified with his big runs out of defence with the ball seemingly glued to his foot. He also scored some vital goals, the first against Watford, and then the goal against Sunderland in the away playoff leg to get us up and running. He is another that his currently being negotiated with for a new deal, and he deserves it.
Dan Potts 24(2) appearances/2020 minutes 1G/0A - 6.84 B Another player who has been on a spectacular journey with Luton after being signed by John Still in League 2. He started as a left back, but with our formation change over the last two seasons has been re-engineered as a left centre back, which in my opinion is a much better position for him. He doesn't give you the athleticism that Bell gives, but if a ball comes into the box, he will get his absolutely beautiful head onto that ball. He had solid performances this season, however, the emergence of Bell as well as a pesky back injury kept him out for a good chunk of the season. He also scored what turned out to be the winning penalty in the playoff final.
Marvelous Nakamba 19(1) appearances/1726 minutes 0G/0A - 6.93 A+ I remember saying on the Oak Road Hatter podcast when Marv came in, he was the difference between getting into the playoffs and not getting into the playoffs. How wrong I was. He was an instrumental cog in the machine that got us promoted. I hope Villa are sensible with their valuation for a player that they simply don't want, so we don't have to shoot our transfer load prematurely on a player that wants to be at Luton. Marv also stepped up in the playoff final shootout and cooly slotted away his pen, which was remarkable considering during games he would always pass the ball rather than shoot.
Cody Drameh 19 appearances/1581 minutes 0G/2A - 7.19 A We were all very nervous when Bree left, because were losing a solid option at right wing back. However, enter Cody Drameh. Another bitten by the cruel irony of football, with Leeds being relegated as he makes the step up to Premier League. However, Cody will be alright, with Luton attempting to re-sign him as well as Burnley having a go too, he's got a Premier League move lined up. As he started with Luton you could see he had not played a lot of football, but he found his feet very quickly.
Reece Burke 15(7) appearances/1417 minutes 2G/0A - 6.71 B+ At the start of the season, if you had asked me who our best centre back was, it would have been Reece Burke. However, he seemingly has hamstring issues that have prevented him from being a top defender. Remember Hull signed him for £2m as a highly rated 21 year old. Regardless, this season he has scored 2 sensational goals; the piledriver against Blackburn, and then the intricate passing play against Huddersfield where he was instrumental throughout the build up. It would have been a B, if it had not been for his display in the playoff final, where he came on much earlier than expected for Tom Lockyer. If we can stay injury free, we have a Premier League quality defender on our hands.
Sonny Bradley 14(5) appearances/1219 minutes 0G/0A - 6.56 B- Sonny is leaving Luton Town at the end of his contract, and he has been a stellar figure for Luton Town. We won promotion to the Championship in his first season at the club, he was key in stabilising the club in the Championship, before pushing on up the league, and eventually winning this second promotion. However, it is known the personal issues he has been experiencing off the field, with his father Ray passing, suffering from long covid and issues with his child's health. No matter who you are, if you are hit with that many gut punches, you will stay down. But Bradley didn't because he's a hard bastard. The cherry on this cake was, a disgusting aerial challenge from Yakou Meite, from which Bradley landed horrendously, and it looked like a season ending injury. But Bradley being the hard bastard he is, he recovered, and plugged gaps in our defence towards the end of the season. Regardless, Sonny was getting exposed by some of the better strikers in the league, Gyokeres and then Archer had a lot of luck running beyond him, but in all fairness, they are both exceptional players. I'm delighted he's leaving us on a high, as he deserves it, and I hope he stays in the Championship and gets a move that works for him.
Luke Freeman 10(16) appearances/988 minutes 2G/1A - 6.41 C+ I wasn't expecting Luke Freeman to pull up trees this season, we all know about his injury history that restricting his appearances at Sheffield United. He showed glimpses of what he could do, the goal against QPR was a highlight for me. However, a troublesome groin kept him out for the majority of the season. He does a good job of looking busy on the pitch, without he had a flurry of creating chances at the beginning of the season, but went off the boil fast as his groin caught up with him. The + is purely because he managed to bag some goals and an assist.
Cauley Woodrow 5(22) appearances/741 minutes 2G/1A - 6.35 C+ I was expecting a lot from Cauley this season. Certainly more rotation with the front two, who ended up playing a tonne of games, because Cauley was picking up niggling injuries, with the last one keeping him out of the playoffs completely, he couldn't get any momentum during the season. He offers something completely different to our attack and his special touches can be seen at times. Regarding Nathan Jones deciding to play him as a 10, no. Just no. He is not a 10. Look at the goal against Norwich, what a strike. I hope he stays fit next season, because he has unfinished business in the Premier League.
Harry Cornick 7(12) appearances/740 minutes 1G/3A - 6.31 C- After his barnstormer of 21/22 I thought maybe Harry would kick on, but unfortunately not. He has always been very streaky in front of goal, but his finishing looked to have gone up a notch. Regardless, he wasn't getting enough first team minutes here and Bristol City needed a striker. So they signed Harry. Allegedly he went for more money than James Bree, which is absolutely criminal, considering they both had 6 months remaining on their contracts. Regardless Bristol City got a good, honest, hard working lad, and I hope he has a good season next year. Fortunately we sold him for more than we bought him, which is a great return on investment.
Fred Onyedinma 6(13) appearances/696 minutes 0G/2A - 6.35 C There is most certainly a player in there. Unfortunately with Fred, he is such an athlete he is prone to many injures. When he sets off one on of his sprints you just worry that he's going to pull a hamstring. If he can get through an entire season without injuries he would be flying. Perhaps his best role is as an impact sub, because currently he is unable to string back to back 90 minutes together.
Luke Berry 4(19) appearances/695 minutes 3G/0A - 6.43 B We know that Luke Berry is now mostly an impact player, who will happily step into the starting lineup when required. He is yet another that has been on a fantastic journey with us from League 2, and for him it's even more impressive because like Clark and Pelly he has made it from Conference football too. He is a scorer of vital goals, his three vital goals this season were; the late levellers against Rotherham and Millwall, as well as the winer against Blackpool. Love Bezza.
Henri Lansbury 6(4) appearances/458 minutes 1G/0A - 6.65 B When required Henri did a job, however, it is clear to see that he has lost his legs and maybe his passion for football, considering he has a new passion, mowing lawns. Although, he will be remembered this season for his absolute shitpinger against Hull City. He's now leaving the club, I don't see him joining another team, I reckon he's going full time lawn lad now.
Cameron Jerome 0(21) appearances/333 minutes 1G/1A - 6.22 C+ Considering his extremely limited role purely as an impact sub, Cammy J was an exceptional professional. Unfortunately the distance between his family up north was too much, therefore we agreed to mutually terminate his agreement. Shame he missed out on promotion with Bolton. I feel he would have continued to be a great depth option for us in the second half of the season. His legs have most certainly not gone, he is still a supreme athlete at 36 years old.
Louie Watson 3(2) appearances/220 minutes 0G/0A - 6.51 B- Most definitely one for the future, but in his little flurry of starts around the time of Rob Edwards first games was a great indicator of the tidy passing he could bring. However, the signing of Nakamba pretty much put a ceiling on his minutes with the first team, also I think the Grimsby FA cup replay might have given Rob Edwards second thoughts about playing him, I don't know, I'm not part of the Luton coaching staff! He can still continue to develop, and I would like to see him get first team minutes next season in the Championship.
Joe Taylor 1(5) appearances/130 minutes 0G/0A - 6.02 B- Definitely the best beneficiary of Cornick and Jerome leaving in January and Cauley's injury issues, as it immediately propelled him to third choice striker. However, Edwards was very reluctant to chuck him on the pitch. He was highly spoken of by Mick Harford and Darren MacAnthony, I don't put stock in what DMac says (although he does have an eye for attacking talent), but Mick knows recruitment and had been tracking him for years prior to the move. Joe was unfortunate to have his strike ruled out in the playoff final, but he showed great big balls to step up and take the second penalty. I reckon a championship/league 1 loan is in the pipeline for next season.
Admiral Muskwe 1(1) appearances/105 minutes 0G/0A - 6.51 F I'm at a loss with Muskwe, considering he is more senior than Joe Taylor and was recalled from Fleetwood on the same day we signed Joe, why wasn't he anywhere near the squad? He's most definitely one that we will be looking to cut our losses on next season. He had one flurry of good form, prior to AFCON last season, and since then, he has not hit the heights expected. His loan spell at Fleetwood consisted of 14 games, 3 goals (2 of those being pens). I wouldn't expect to see him here next season.
Harry Isted 1 appearance/90 minutes - 5.78 D I like Harry, but his only match this season was the 2-0 loss against Stoke, sure the rest of the team didn't do him any favours, by letting Stoke score two unmarked strikes from two crosses that were allowed to be sent in. I feel the club have done him a disservice, he has obvious talent, reflexes and shot stopping ability, he has shown that at Barnsley, and against Chelsea last season in the FA Cup. However, we opted to bring in emergency loans instead of giving him a chance (I know it was risky considering in 21/22 we were going through keepers like Spinal Tap go through drummers). He's left the club now, and I hope he gets a chance with a Championship club, he could do it.
James Shea 1 appearance/90 minutes - 6.54 C Shea got a chance with the final game of the season against Hull and managed to keep a clean sheet. He did really well to come back from an awful injury. However, I do not see him being first choice next season. Potentially second or third choice depending on how good Jack Walton is...
Elliot Thorpe 0(3) appearances/68 minutes - 6.19 C His season got off to a shit start, being loaned to Burton and not played. However, I don't know what we do with Elliot Thorpe, he was brought in with high expectations from Tottenham, he dropped down so he could stand a better chance of playing first team football, and he's ended up getting shunted out to the right wing back position. He look great in his cameo against Hull, but I thought we were getting a box to box midfielder. We've triggered an extension in his contract, I don't know if that means we are looking to get a fee by selling him, or whether we want to keep him about for further development.
Joe Johnson 0(2) appearances/38 minutes - 6.28 B I'm very excited about JJ, he's 17 and managed to not only break onto the bench, but get some vital first team minutes, with his first minutes coming in a high pressure game against eventual playoff winners Middlesbrough. Lots more to see of him, and possibly the start of the academy assembly line roaring back into gear.

What next?

One thing that is guaranteed is that we will be finishing higher than we did this season, Even if we finish 20th. You know what, I'm sure we are going to give it a good go. I don't think we will try and sign proven Premier League talent, but we are more likely to hoover up some of the hot talent in the Championship and League 1/League 2 for further development.
I expect quite a big clearout with lots of the players who haven't gotten near our squad to be moved on; Glen Rea is all but gone (well done to him for recovering from his horrendous injury too), Aribim Pepple needs a loan and Dion Pereira, who Bradford were begging to rejoin has barely played this season. Carlos Mendes Gomes is one I would like to see around the first team squad next season. Lots of headaches for Rob Edwards, Richie Kyle and Paul Trollope.
Exiting news to look forward to, the renovations are under way at the Kenny to welcome Premier League cameras and media teams, and ground will be broken at Power Court on 19th December 2023. These are amazing times to be a Hatter.
Bold early early early pre pre season prediction. Luton Town are finishing 17th next season!
I hope you enjoyed reading this.


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2023.06.03 18:46 dreamingofislay Feis Ile 2023 Day Eight - Ardbeg Day Recap (6/3)

Feis Ile 2023 Day Eight - Ardbeg Day Recap (6/3)
That's a wrap, folks! Feis Ile 2023 has been an incredible experience, and it ended with a bang on Ardbeg's open day today.
The chosen crew for Operation Smokescreen, a free single-cask tasting panel
  • Ardbeg Committee members could enter a lottery for a free experience called "Operation Smokescreen" in the runup to the Feis. I signed us both up, and my wife won a place! Here's what she could disclose to me. During the Operation, the fortunate 50 or so fans entered an elaborately decorated mad scientist's lab, where they tried samples from five Ardbeg single casks and Ardbeg 10 at cask strength. The mad scientist in question was Gillian Macdonald, the company's master blender. Working in teams, the lucky ducks offered tasting notes on the five casks using Ardbeg 10 as a reference point. My wife guessed that the Ardbeg crew will blend these cask types to make a new expression, perhaps an upcoming Committee release.
  • This year's open day single cask release (495 pounds) was an 11.5-year-old whisky aged in a first-fill amontillado sherry cask. Even at that steep price, the line was massive, and it kept up all day, never letting up as new arrivals joined in. I saw stray bottle flippers grabbing as many as they could and then immediately leaving festival day, which is a real shame.
  • I missed Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain days doing activities at other distilleries, but I cannot imagine anyone does it better than Ardbeg. Their day is a fitting capstone to the week because they go all out. Elaborate decorations (this year, giant green octopus tentacles hanging from the windows, and comic panels all over the walls); staff in sci-fi and superhero costumes, along with savvy guests; and by far the most activities and games of Feis week. The entry ticket was 10 pounds but was a bargain: two drams, a "smokie" (a smoked fish), a mini-glencairn glass, and a scavenger hunt-style game that could earn another dram. And the crowds were the biggest we saw all week, by far.
  • Aside from offering the whole core range and the Heavy Vapours festival bottle as those two included drams, Ardbeg also had a cash bar with very reasonable prices for rare or pricey whiskies, including Ardbeg 25 for 20 pounds and Supernova 2014 and other old Committee releases or Feis bottles for 10 pounds. The bartenders also had very heavy hands. A single pour was enough for my wife and me to split, with me filling up a 20 ml sample bottle and still having leftovers to nose and sip. There was also a fun game of chance where, for five pounds a play, we drew a surprise dram from a set of small mailbox-like lockers. The pours ranged from the standard Ardbeg 10 up to Twenty-something, Renaissance, Alligator Committee Release, 25, etc. In our three plays, we got the Heavy Vapours, 8-year-old For Discussion, and Traigh Bhan 19-year-old Batch 4. Not too bad!
  • There were tons of games and activities. One of our favorites was a comic workshop where people could draw this year's "Heavy Vapours" villains or heroes (from the Planet Ardbeg comic book series) on merchandise they purchased at the gift shop. In my wife's case, she got a free lab coat from Operation Smokescreen and later added her own hand-drawn touch to it.
The angry smokecloud residing in every bottle of Heavy Vapours
  • In contrast to other distilleries, Ardbeg festival day tastings are booked day-of. We jumped on the 1:30 tasting, led by distillery manager Colin Gordon and two employees, including Emma, our tour guide from yesterday. The tasting covered (1) new make; (2) Heavy Vapours; (3) Blaaack; (4) Supernova 2014; and (5) this year's Amontillado single cask. The price was 50 pounds, up from 40 pounds last year, and was held outside thanks to the spectacular weather. While it was nice, it was also mobbed - there must have been over 70-80 people in our tasting group. The pours were well worth the cost, although I preferred other experiences earlier in the week with smaller groups or more organization.
  • We saw the swan couple again alongside the Ardbeg pier. Throughout the week, they proved themselves more dedicated festival attendees than we were.
  • Note from last night: Lucci's Bar at the Bowmore Hotel is another iconic Islay watering hole, and Peter is an absolute encyclopedia of whisky knowledge. The bar had live music on Friday night; we left around midnight to a heartwarming rendition of Auld Lang Syne.
  • Looking back at my notes, I tried 85 whiskies in 8 days on the island, so I'm ready for a vacation from this vacation. We're heading to Skye next and will visit three more distilleries in the next week or so, but nothing like this pace (thankfully).
Farewell to another spectacular week with the best whisky-makers in the world
Ardbeg Heavy Vapours Festival Bottling - This is the 46%, slightly diluted version of the Committee Release we tried yesterday, but it's very similar. It has a dry presentation missing some of Ardbeg's brighter fruit notes, so it almost seemed to have a hole in the middle of the palate. I'm not a big fan, so I wasn't tempted by its 120-pound price tag.
Ardbeg 8 y.o. For Discussion - I'm wondering why Ardbeg would release an 8-year-old whisky, but it's hard to complain about a new, age-stated, higher ABV (50.8%) Ardbeg at a fair price of 60 pounds. This pretty much tastes like a champion's breakfast of a lemon muffin and two cigarettes. If released in America, we'd call this "Ardbeg Bottled in Bond." Good stuff.
Ardbeg Blaaack Committee Release - Alright, hello, this is different. This has lots of ripe orchard fruit, berries, and other rich flavors. On the finish, moreso than on the nose, I get a healthy dose of vanilla. Subsequent sips got more acidic and less pleasurable.
Ardbeg Supernova Committee Release 2014 - This whisky epitomizes what it means to be peaty, not smoky. This whisky is a blend of very peated barrels (or barrels that expressed that character more than normal), but the type of peat is a vegetal, floral, and earthy melange, not the ashy smoke typical of Ardbegs. It's surprisingly mellow on the palate, and on one particularly good sip, there were hints of Boston cream donut on the finish.
Ardbeg 11 y.o. Amontillado Single Cask Feis Ile 2023 - In watches, one way to distinguish between quartz watches and mechanicals (which are more of a luxury item) is by the movement of the seconds hand. Quartz watches tick, while mechanicals have a sweeping, smooth motion. But some super-high-end mechanical watchmakers include a feature called a "dead-beat" seconds hand, which ticks like a quartz watch. So for an extra $10,000 or $20,000, that feature makes a very expensive luxury watch look, in one way, like a regular quartz. That wasn't just random wristwatch trivia, folks; it was a very long metaphor for the fact that this single cask tastes a lot like my favorite bourbon, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. It has a very oaky but sweet nose, and then a mix of fruit, brown sugar, and more charred wood on the palate before wrapping up with a dried-fruit-and-oak finish. On the one hand, I love every part on it. On the other hand, why would I pay $620 for a scotch that tastes like my favorite $80-100 bourbon? This is the dead-beats seconds hand of the scotch market.
Ardbeg Traigh Bhan Batch 4 - I started getting palate exhaustion by this point. This dram seemed very subtle and balanced, especially in this day and age when almost all Ardbegs are well under 10 years old. The dried glass surprised me with a distinct deli ham note when we got home from festival day. This is a savory Ardbeg, and pretty different than the original Traigh Bhan from 2019.
Ardbeg 10 Cask Strength - OK, one quick pour at home, just to confirm this is as good as I would expect. It is. The "soot and fruit" core character of Ardbeg shines through. Yesterday, I almost asked our tour guide yesterday whether Ardbeg would ever consider doing a 10 at cask strength, since Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength is my favorite series of whiskies. After tasting this, I am holding out hope. Delicious.
And some stray notes from the Bowmore Hotel last night ...
Bowmore Vault Edition No. 2 Peat Smoke - It's so funny, this dram was supposed to highlight the peaty/smoky side of Bowmore's moderately peated spirit. Instead, it hit me with the clearest, most powerful prune note I've ever gotten in a whisky. Not the most complex, but a delightful surprise.
Kilchoman STR Cask 2019 - STR is an experimental cask finish involving shaving, toasting, and recharring (hence, S-T-R) old wine casks to mature whisky. Based on this one, I'm not the biggest fan. Like a dried-out bourbon that had its sweet notes sucked out of its nose before mummification.
Arrrrrrrdbeg! - This pour was pretty pricey, but damned if it isn't worth it. The nose is minty and features starfruit, anise, and mukhwas, with more of those fresh fruit and spice characteristics on the palate, along with a balanced dose of cigar smoke peatiness. A mellow and self-assured Ardbeg, and a fitting tribute to longtime distillery manager Mickey Heads.
Bunnahabhain 12 Cask Strength 2022 ed. - Aberlour A'bunadh is like the Two Face of whiskies for me; half is amazing, but half is harsh and hot (even though we mostly drink cask-strength whisky). This dram is the good half of A'bunadh: spiced cider, sultanas and trail mix dried fruits, cocoa powder, all in a rich and syrupy whisky.
The complete week's recaps are here:
Day One, Lagavulin
Day Two, Bruichladdich - but we skipped and did Bunnahabhain
Day Three, Caol Ila
Day Four, Laphroaig
Day Five, Bowmore and Ardnahoe
Bonus notes from Days One through Five
Day Six, Kilchoman
Day Seven - Bunnahabhain Day, but we did Lagavulin and Ardbeg warehouse tastings
Slainte all, and thanks for reading! I plan to do two followup posts. Tomorrow, I'll compile a "best of the week" list to recognize which distilleries did which parts of the week well, and then I'll do a writeup in the next few weeks with some booking and logistics advice, if people are interested.
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2023.06.02 12:08 thejoshway Luton Town FC - Squad review ahead of our 2023/23 Premier League season

As the retained list has been released, I thought it would be fun to write a series on pieces on (1) the state of Luton’s current squad in a Premier League context, and (2) some potential transfers that could strengthen our squad ahead of the current season.
In this first post I’ll look to evaluate our current squad, noting who should be kept, who should be moved on, and what areas are in need of strengthening. This is based off Rob Edwards’ preferred 5-1-2-2 formation, with wing-backs and a defensive midfielder.
James Shea & Jack Walton appear to be content with being #2 and #3, so I would keep them for these roles. I would look to stash one of these goalkeepers out on loan, as they have not played a lot of first-team football in recent years, replacing them with a veteran goalkeeper that is content with being on the bench. I would therefore look to offload Matt Macey, especially as there’s interest in Portsmouth to sign him permanently. Evidently, this is a position of need.
Central defence
I am hoping Tom Lockyer and Amari’i Bell both accept new deals. I am of the belief they are capable of starting centre-back and left centre-back in the premier league. Reece Burke and Gabe Osho are capable rotating in-and-out. I probably would have moved Dan Potts on, but at least he provides left-sided cover for Bell. Accounting for all of this, I think we could do with one right-sided centre-half.
Wing backs
Alfie Doughty is a Premier League quality left-wingback. Bell can cover him there, but I prefer him at left centre-back. Fred Onyedimna can cover either side, and is useful on the bench if we need an attacking option there. Clearly, with Drameh and Bree gone there’s a huge gap at right wing-back.
Defensive midfield
With Nakamba returning to Villa, and Lansbury released, there’s a huge void in front of the defence. Pelly deputised here before Marvelous joined, but I prefer him as part of the 2 midfielders ahead of the DM. Rea should be moved on. We perhaps need two players added to the squad in this position.
Central midfield (and attacking midfield)
Jordan Clark deserves to start in the premier league. I hope Pelly Ruddock-Mpanzu stays, and sets the record of going from the 5th to 1st tier with the same club. I’m also of the belief that Luke Berry is settled here and should stay, providing a useful squad option off the bench. Controversially, I’d look to cash in on Alan Campbell, as its evident Edwards isn’t hugely keen on him, so Luton should profit from him before his contract expires. I’ve never been convinced Luke Freeman fits into our 5-1-2-2 shape, so Luton should look to offload him also. Elliot Thorpe, Louie Watson, and John McAtee are not at the level quite yet, so should gain experience out on loan. Given all the outgoings I have suggested, we should look to sign a central midfielder, preferably with creative quality.
Carlton Morris and Elijah Adebayo have proven to be a formidable option in the Championship, and should be given a chance to prove themselves in the Premier League. Cauley Woodrow seems happy being a squad player, so I’d suggest he stays as backup. Carlos Mendes-Gomes and Admiral Muskwe appear to be decent players, but aren’t of premier league quality and are more wide-forwards than #9’s, so I’d look to sell them and cash in. Aribim Pepple and Joe Taylor should be given the chance to experience first team football out on loan. We should look to sign at least one and possibly two Premier League starting level striker(s) to compete with Morris and Adebayo, with the second being a young prospect that has scope to develop.
Overall assessment
My suggestions indicate that we should:
Sell: Campbell, Freeman, Mendes-Gomes, and Muskwe.
Loan: one of Shea and Walton, Thorpe, Watson, Pepple, and Taylor.
Purchase: two Goalkeepers, Centre-back, a right and left wing-back, two defensive midfielders, a central midfielder, and two strikers.
That’s just my opinion. What do you think? I will probably follow up with suggestions for each position I have identified – so keep an eye out for that.
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2023.06.02 01:18 Alphaeboy Mod Organizer 2 help

I keep trying to play my game with the mods but it kept freezing on the black and have to constantly restart my pc.
I need help do I need to add or delete any mods.
Here's the list of mods I have downloaded in: +Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP
+You Go To My Head - A Vanilla-Style Legion Quest Mod
+Yes I Would Actually - A Legion Quest Mod
+Working on the Chain Gang - A Powder Ganger Quest Mod esm
+Working on the Chain Gang - A Powder Ganger Quest Mod
+Wendy Gilbert Companion
+Voiced Doc Friday for New Vegas Bounties II
+Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus
+Unofficial Patch NVSE
+UIO - User Interface Organizer
+TSC Vegas
+truth and lies death crossover
+The Someguy Series
+The North Road Remastered
+The Mod Configuration Menu fix
+The Mod Configuration Menu
+The Initiation
+The Inheritance
+The High Desert
+The Depths of Depravity
+Th3Overseer's Core ESM
+th3overseer Quest Mod Bugfixes
+Tammer's Customizable Companion - Jessica
+Tammer's Customizable Companion - Fletcher
+Tammer armory
+Tammer guns
+Stronger Traveling Merchants
+Sierra Madre Grand Entrance
+ShowOff xNVSE Plugin
+ShowOff xNVSE
+Sarah Weintraub Sexy Sleepwear Fix
+Sarah Weintraub Companion - More Than Just a Classy Chassis
+Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas
+Restored Papa Khan Armor
+Quick Fix
+Perk Styled CCC Icons
+Pepper Companion - hair
+Pepper Companion - Fully voiced with quest
+Old Abraham - Companion for Freedom and Liberty
+Of Truth and Lies - New Quests. Weapons and Armours
+NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix
+NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash
+New Vegas Bounties III - Marko Story Rewrite Edit
+New Vegas Bounties III
+New Vegas Bounties II Fixes
+New Vegas Bounties II (NVBII) transition to New Vegas Bounties III (NVBIII)
+New Vegas Bounties II
+New Vegas Bounties I - Immersive Start
+New Vegas Bounties I
+NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta
+Mojave Reloaded (Factions Reloaded Series)
+Mojave Raiders
+Masters of the Madre main file
+Masters of the Madre -- Player-Elijah Alliance and Cloud Ending Continue
+lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes
+Lime's Old Mormon Fort Overhaul
+Leanne Companion FULLY VOICED
+kNVSE Animation Plugin
+JSawyer Ultimate Edition Patches
+JSawyer Ultimate Edition
+JohnnyGuitar NVSE
+Joey - A Companion Mod
+Joana Companion
+JIP Companions Command and Control
+JAM - Just Assorted Mods
+I Fought the Law - NCR Start
+Humble Goodsprings Bungalow
+Hope Lies - A FNV Companion
+Herbert - A Bounty Quest Mod
+Hall Of Face
+For the Enclave
+FNV Mod Limit Fix
+FNV Mod Limit
+Faster Start Menu (Skip Splash Screens)
+Factions Reloaded - Raiders
+Factions Reloaded - Legion
+Factions Reloaded - Followers of the Apocalypse
+Faction Wasteland Presence Compilation
+Faction Wasteland Presence - Improved Edition
+Eve's Vacation Fund Weapon Pack
+Eve's Vacation Fund Weapon
+Emily Ortal Standalone Doctor Companion
+Eden - A Vendor Mod
+Easy To Find Hidden Valley Bunker - ETFHVB
+Death's Last Whisper - lines
+Death's Last Whisper - Hugs AND Death
+Death's Last Whisper - fix
+Death's Last Whisper - b2
+Death's Last Whisper - b1
+Dagger- The Fully Voiced Super Mutant Companion
+Chem Control - A Fully-Voiced Quest Mod
+Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul
+Brotherhood of Steel Unforgotten
+Big Mike - A Fully Voiced Ghoul Mercenary Companion
+Better Brotherhood
+Bees For Sale. A Quest For Bees
+Battle For Bitter Springs Campground
+Base Building (FO4 inspired)
*DLC: CaravanPack
*DLC: ClassicPack
*DLC: DeadMoney
*DLC: GunRunnersArsenal
*DLC: HonestHearts
*DLC: LonesomeRoad
*DLC: MercenaryPack
*DLC: OldWorldBlues
*DLC: TribalPack
*Unmanaged: FalloutNV_lang
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2023.06.01 13:21 eZGjBw1Z New and Changed Products - June 2023

Usually around the first of the month we have a batch of price changes and this month is no different. According to the "How to Become a Contract Liquor Agent" document, "The Agent must also complete price changes that occur at the first of the month..."
Number of Price Increases: 2 Number of Price Decreases: 136 Number of New Products: 44 Number of Status Changes: 4
I plan to reply to this post throughout the month if I notice other significant changes happening or at the end of the month before the next update to keep the changes in one place. Here's a link back to what changed in May 2023: American Whiskey, Brandy, Canadian Whiskey, Cordial, Gin, and Irish Whisky, Rum, Scotch, Tequila, and Vodka.
For each category I've sorted by the amount of the price increase or decrease. New products are shown first, then price decreases are shown in decreasing order followed by price increases in increasing order. At the end are products with other changes unrelated to price.
Current product status is indicated on each line as follows. OHLQ hasn't publicly explained what these things mean but I've included my best guess below.

American Whiskey


Canadian Whiskey



Irish Whisky





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2023.05.31 16:03 EddieMunson221 Current YJ chances for Emmy Nominations, according to awards experts

Ok so this is the state of play according to experts and Gold Derby rankings, ahead of the July 12th nominees announcement, with 3 locks for YJ's in the bigger categories.
Best Drama Series:
Locks: 'Succession', 'The White Lotus', 'The Last of Us', 'Better Call Saul', 'Yellowjackets', 'The Crown'
Next best (2 remaining spots): 'House of the Dragon', 'Andor', 'Yellowstone', 'Handmaid's Tale'
Best Actress:
Locks: Melanie Lynskey ('Yellowjackets'), Bella Ramsey ('The Last of Us'), Sarah Snook ('Succession'), Imelda Staunton ('The Crown')
Next best (2 remaining spots):, Emma D'Arcy ('House of the Dragon') Elisabeth Moss ('Handmaid's Tale'), Sharon Horgan ('Bad Sisters'), Keri Russell ('The Diplomat'), Sophie Nélisse ('Yellowjackets'), Helen Miren ('1923'), Juliette Lewis ('Yellowjackets'), Hilary Swank ('Alaska Daily'), Kelly Reilly ('Yellowstone'), Tawny Cypress ('Yellowjackets')
So we (YJ community) have an outside shot at 3 noms in Best Actress but that's not realistic. Melanie, for sure, then hopefully 1 more from Sophie, Juliette and Tawny.
Best Supporting Actress:
Locks: Jennifer Coolidge ('The White Lotus'), Rhea Sheehorn ('Better Call Saul'), Christina Ricci ('Yellowjackets'), Elizabeth Debicki ('The Crown'), Aubrey Plaza ('The White Lotus')
Next best (3 remaining spots): J Smith-Cameron ('Succession'), Meghan Fahy ('The White Lotus'), Carol Burnett ('Better Call Saul'), Sabrina Impacciatore ('The White Lotus'), Milly Alcock ('House of the Dragon'), Simone Kessell ('Yellowjackets'), Lauren Ambrose ('Yellowjackets'),
We've got a shot at 3 here but most likely just Christina. I feel like Sophie Thatcher should be higher on the list of contenders.
Best Supporting Actor:
Locks: Matthew Macfadyen ('Succession'), Giancarlo Esposito ('Better Call Saul'), F. Murray Abraham ('The White Lotus'), Alan Ruck ('Succession')
Next best (4 remaining spots): Jonathan Banks ('Better Call Saul'), Alexander Skarsgard ('Succession'), Stellan Skarsgard ('Andor'), Tom Hollander ('The White Lotus'), Michael Imperioli ('The White Lotus'), Will Sharpe ('The White Lotus'), Elijah Wood ('Yellowjackets')
Best Guest Actress:
Locks: Melanie Lynskey ('The Last of Us'), Harriet Walter ('Succession'), Cherry Jones ('Succession')
Next best (3 remaining spots): Anna Torv ('The Last of Us'), Fiona Shaw ('Andor'), Hiam Abbass ('Succession'), Hope Davis ('Succession'), Betsy Brandt ('Better Call Saul'), Storm Reid ('The Last of Us'), Claire Foy ('The Crown'), McKenna Grace ('Handmaid's Tale'), Ella Purnell ('Yellowjackets'), Carrie Preston ('The Good Fight')
Note - Ella hasn't been confirmed as a submission, which isn't unusual for a show to not confirm all submissions, it's still believed she will be on the June 15th ballot and have some chance of nomination.
I really hope some momentum builds behind Sophie Nélisse and/or Sophie Thatcher, one of the younger cast deserves a nomination.
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2023.05.29 15:00 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/22/2023 - 05/28/2023 - OTAs are Back!!!

— Individual Team News + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Washington D.C.
Arizona Cardinals:
After some decent news the last couple weeks for this organization there wasn’t really anything great from this week besides maybe the fact that if WR DeAndre Hopkins was a distraction to the team he now no longer is one. It will be interesting to see how things play out this year.
Atlanta Falcons:
It sounds like the situation with Keith Smith should get resolved rather quickly and was more of a misunderstanding than anything else. It will be fun for this young team to have joint practices with Miami and it will be a good way for their defense to get an initial test from an elite offense. I am sure the Dolphins won’t reveal all of their tricks but either way they will have to worry about guarding an elite offense with elite playmakers.
Baltimore Ravens:
It is crazy to think about how just about a month ago the news around the Ravens was all negative and that it seemed like the relationship with Lamar was fractured. Now here we are and Lamar seems about as happy as can be and is excited about the offense that is being installed under new OC Todd Monken. It will be exciting for him as well to have WR Rashod Bateman back who I still think can be a key playmaker on the team. It appears the Ravens could be set for big things even in a tough division.
Buffalo Bills:
Great to see the that S Damar Hamlin was back out practicing. I know it has been some time since his collapse on the field but it still feels like yesterday that I was watching that game in complete shock at what I had witnessed and worry for him and his family. WR Stefon Diggs being absent at OTAs is not a big deal to me. QB Josh Allen has a lot of other guys he needs to get familiar and work in with anyways and a lot of star players don’t attend OTAs to either get rest/recovery or to do their own workouts with their private coaches. I imagine he and Kincaid will be deadly this year and who knows they may even have WR DeAndre Hopkins joining them as the Bills were one of two teams that inquired and had talks about a trade for him.
Carolina Panthers:
Not too much news here other than what we saw and heard from OTAs about Bryce Young getting to take most of the 1st team reps. It appears that he looked good and his teammates were saying great things about him. It is tough to judge any quarterback though in the offseason because no matter what folks always say their young or new quarterback is looking amazing and things are progressing nicely. I will say though I have heard the most good things coming out from camps about him and Anthony Richardson of the Colts.
Chicago Bears:
Good news for Chicago fans who are excited for their move. It seems that things are proceeding nicely with the process of moving to a new stadium. Also, great to hear that Chase Claypool may be able to make more of a difference this year. It would be hard to be less effective than what he was last year for this team. I still believe he can be a major impact player like many expected him to be when he entered the league. It will be key for him to become Fields’ go to receiver over some of the other talent they have on the team.
Cincinnati Bengals:
This team has a lot to do in terms of contracts that they need to get figured out. The team view Tee Higgins in very high regard and so does Joe Burrow as they should. They also really want to get Logan Wilson signed. However, what will come out to being the biggest of the contracts they do this offseason is that of Joe Burrow. What will continue to make things tough here is the longer it takes for Justin Hebert to get his deal done because Burrow will likely be the last of the 4 quarterbacks to sign his because it is presumed he will get the most money and has an agent who like to wait til the last minute.
Cleveland Browns:
All good news for Browns fans so far. The team is looking good and their appears to be a lot of good vibes coming out of practice. WR DeAndre Hopkins is even considering coming to Cleveland for the chance to play with his old QB. Also, WR Elijah Moore is looking crisp and at least for the moment it appears he is much happier. It will all depend on if he actually gets the ball thrown to him during the season though.
Dallas Cowboys:
Not too much news here which is good for this franchise because they are almost always the center of attention. The main thing I took away from this week was just that things seems to be going well with McCarthy and Dak working together on the offense but that there have been some growing pains at least initially getting used to new systems as expected.
Denver Broncos:
It appeared to shock just about everyone when the news broke about K Brandon McManus getting released because he had become a fan favorite over the years in Denver. QB Russell Wilson has lost a lot of weight and it is evident just from seeing him this offseason. I didn’t think his weight was the issue hindering him last year but hopefully he can feel he is playing at a healthier weight. What I think most Denver fans were excited to see was RB Javonte Williams back on the practice field. He is going to end up being the real difference maker this year and whether this team competes with the top of the AFC or not will largely depend on him making the rest of the offense’s life easy or not.
Detroit Lions:
A lot of news here. Let’s start with the bad news. It appears that they may be having more penalties come down on their team/players due to the league’s gambling policy as their is an ongoing investigation into a 5th player from the team. Also, David Montgomery and Malcolm Rodriguez left the field with injuries. It is still early though and they appear to be minor injuries so hopefully it won’t affect them in the long term. Now some good news. It sounds like WR Jameson Williams is progressing nicely and the team got a new kicker in Riley Patterson from the Jaguars who should help the improve there. Lastly and maybe the biggest news is that Calvin “Megatron” Johnson was at OTAs hanging out with coaches and players. Many are hoping those good vibes carry over into the season.
Green Bay Packers:
Exciting news that Green Bay will get the draft in 2025! I was thinking they would try and stick to more southern states but they clearly are willing to go North with Detroit and now Green Bay being the hosts of the next two. HC Matt LaFleur appears to be being honest with everything and trying to temper expectations a bit with Jordan Love taking over. This could be to help take pressure off of Love and also just be the flat out truth that with any young quarterback it is going to take some time.
Houston Texans:
I am not surprised about DeMeco Ryans hesitancy about pursuing Jadeveon Clowney. First of all he just may not want to reveal his cards to others in the league about what he is thinking. The other thing is that he is one that likes for his defense to have an identity and a really good work ethic. I am not saying that Clowney can’t fit that mold but it just makes the selection process for what Ryans wants on defense that much more thorough. The other news that surprised some but something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is that QB Davis Mills will compete with Stroud for the starting job and is viewed as a desirable QB to other teams around the league. I know his stats haven’t been the best but I am not sure any of the young quarterbacks would have done well with what the Texans organization has been the last couple years. At the end of the day CJ Stroud will end up being the team’s starter due to draft status and probably will be the more talented, better option.
Indianapolis Colts:
Overall things seems to be good for the organization. The main thing we are all waiting on is when Shaq Leonard will be able to get back out there and start practicing. It makes sense not to have him practicing now since things are optional anyways. The hype has been there for QB Anthony Richardson thus far and it appears he may be closer to starting right away than a lot of people thought.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
Not too much news out of Jacksonville other than the change at the kicker position. Things got busy and they were able to trade K Riley Patterson to the Lions rather than release like the reports had said prior. Then they went out and got a proven veteran in K Brandon McManus who had just been released from the Broncos squad. This team is going to be interesting this year and will go as far QB Trevor Lawrence can take them. Does not hurt to have the veteran kicker for the big moments that could be coming for this organization.
Kansas City Chiefs:
HC Andy Reid who normally is pretty quiet and doesn’t get too involved was in front of the media a lot this week it felt like. First, he is not a fan of the new kickoff rule and it appears most coaches are not. Second, he talked about how the team will not be using a FB because they are being phased out of the NFL and he feels that the TEs they have on the team can play the role when needed. Overall it seems things are going well for the Chiefs and things could be a going a lot better here soon as they appear to be a top option for WR DeAndre Hopkins and one the few teams that had trade talks before he was released.
Las Vegas Raiders:
It appears there is never a dull week with the Raiders. The news this week about Jimmy seem to add context potentially to what Davante Adams’ comments were about recently. With Tom Brady recently joining the ownership group here it makes us all wonder if the injury is not cleared up is there a way for him to un-retire once again…only time will tell.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Big news here getting the deal done with Austin Ekeler even if it still only keeps him around for 1 year. Thankfully now he should be semi-happy for that one year before he can go out and chase a big contract if he wants to.
Los Angeles Rams:
Not much news here really. Sounds like Matthew Stafford has taken Stetson Bennett under his wing and started to work with him and help him learn more about the transition to the NFL compared to college.
Miami Dolphins:
I loved seeing Tua wearing the helmet cam. I had not thought about it before but it should be great for him to be able to show McDaniel exactly what he is/was seeing out on the field to add context and allow McDaniel to better coach him and understand what is going on. I think this should be something all quarterbacks do and especially the top ones because it could gives coaches that much more information and a better understanding of how to help young quarterbacks in the future.
Minnesota Vikings:
All signs appear to be pointing towards RB Dalvin Cook getting released. In other news it will be good for the defense to develop the aggressive mindset that Brian Flores wants and should bring in the attitude from Miami that wad established during his time there that was so effective and led to them winning games.
New England Patriots:
The Patriots seems to always be up to something. It sounds like they were penalized the 2 days of OTAs and fined because of a meeting that Joe Judge held that lasted more than the permitted amount of time. Other tough news came when Raekwon McMillan got injured.
New Orleans Saints:
What a story. TE Foster Moreau finds out he has cancer in a physical with the team a couple months and gets ahead of things and is now practicing with them at OTAs. Interesting story here about former HC Jon Gruden working with the team because during his time with the Raiders many said that he and Carr did not get along. This team has a big opportunity to take over the NFC South and is probably the bet setup to do it with the team they have.
New York Giants:
It seems that everything is going great except the Saquon Barkley situation. There isn’t much new insight into it either after HC Daboll refused to speak on anything contract related. In good news it seems like TE Darren Waller is really enjoying being with the team and working with QB Daniel Jones. This is a team to me that is going to play inspired football like they did last year no matter what is going on because their HC.
New York Jets:
I imagine Jets fans held their breath when they saw Aaron Rodgers get injured as well as Allen Lazard. The good news is that those are not going to be issues in the long run. However, it reminded us all that QB Aaron Rodgers is not a young guy anymore and there is always the possibility that he like any other player in the NFL can get hurt. Hopefully the deal with Quinnen Williams can get done sooner rather than later. I am looking forward to the joint practices with the Bucs because they have a solid defense and it will be fun to hear how they fare in the early phases of implementing a lot of things from both Nathaniel Hackett and Aaron Rodgers.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Jordan Davis is going to be a key piece for the team this year in my opinion so it is great to hear he has made major strides. He is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his sheer size and the more he can be weaponized the better.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Great move to get Markus Golden. He can be dangerous in this defense and is only one season removed from a double digit sack year. Also, good to see that Robinson and Pickett appear to be getting along. I am curious to see who shakes out to be the #1 receiver on this team but have a feeling it will end up being Pickens because of how good he was last year and the chemistry he and Pickett already have. A QB likes it when his receiver makes life easier and bails him out. Pickens has already done that on multiple occasions for him.
San Francisco 49ers:
It is official the 49ers will host the 2026 Super Bowl! After speculations and rumors it finally became official this past week. Also, there was a lot of good QB news this week with all 3 of the QBs on the roster. Sounds like Brock Purdy is healing properly and as expected, Trey Lance is looking really good in OTAs along with Sam Darnold. Once again this offseason no one is sure who will be starting for the team come week 1.
Seattle Seahawks:
Good news for Seahawks fan that Tariq Woolen will be back around training camp time after his procedure. Other than that there was not much news here. They got a solid rotational/depth player in Artie Burns though.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Great to see that Tampa has joint practices with the Jets. They have a tough defense and it will be good for Baker and the offense to get some work against that defense early on. The Bucs have some great weapons on the offensive side of the ball to really compete with those top defenses and if they can all stay healthy this team could be a dark horse team to watch. Overall this should be a good all around team.
Tennessee Titans:
Interesting to see that S Kevin Byard was not at OTAs after earlier this offseason it was rumored he was asked to take a pay cut. Definitely a situation to watch. The main news that came from OTAs is that QB Will Levis appears to be looking good and some folks think he could be putting pressure on Tannehill early on and moving himself up the depth chart.
Washington Commanders:
Feels like a lot happened with the Commanders. First off, I think QB Sam Howell is in a great spot to learn and develop this year with mentors like Jacoby Brissett and then his OC Eric Bieniemy. They will hold him accountable like has already been happening and help bring out the best in him. Now it definitely is an organization surrounded by distractions. First off the trademark application for the team’s name was denied and they hope to get something figured out but could lead to another name change. Also, the team is still working through the Josh Harris bid and there need to be some adjustments in order for it to get accepted by the other NFL Owners and the league. These distractions even though they may not always be good for the team they probably do help a young quarterback because he is not the only thing to talk about at this point in the offseason.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:

Restaurant of the Week: (Washington D.C. - TACOS 5 DE MAYO)
Don’t really have a great picture of this place but that may be a good thing. Often times I find that the places least advertised and that are holes in the wall is typically where you get the best Mexican food. This place is about a 10 minute drive from the stadium and probably closer to 15-20 minutes on game days depending on the time you go. Personally I recommend the Tacos Al Pastor. Those are basically a marinated pork taco that is slightly spicy with some sweet pineapple flavor in it. You cannot go wrong with Tacos Al Pastor and are by far my favorite. The other thing to keep an eye on is the Pupusas. While Pupusas are from El Salvador this place actually does a pretty dang good job of making them. For those that don’t know what Pupusas are they kind of resemble a stuffed pancake but are made of corn in most cases stuffed with either just cheese, cheese and beans, or cheese and pork. My order here would be 3 tacos al pastor and a cheese and bean pupusa. Enjoy!
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2023.05.29 13:06 TELMxWILSON NEW MUSIC from En:vy, Fred V, LSB, J:Kenzo, The Upbeats, fresh Noisia & London Electricity remix and more.. With a heavy Hidden Gem in review [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 22)

Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Youtube Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass YT Music
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Retroactive Playlist H2L: Retroactive New DnB
Last Week's list http://reddit.com/13oo14r
Follow us on Instagram TELMxWILSON, lefuniname, voynich

Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

1. Frannabik - The Savage Kingdom LP 💎 [Expedite Records]

Recommended if you like: HighThere, Absu_NTQL, Cyntax
Let's continue the Hidden Gem™️ weeks with another name I have been meaning to talk about for quite some time now: Frannabik!
Straight outta the Almerían province in Spain, Francisco Garcia Herrada has been building up his musical muscles (his Frannabiceps) from an early age. First by attending various underground Hip-Hop events, before making a smooth transition over to DnB, with him first entering the gladiatorial DJ arenas himself in 2014, as part of the Brain Holes group. Word of his dancefloor-destroying (Frann-)abilities got out quickly and by 2015, he also became a core part of the Private Room event series and gathered all sorts of accolades from the International Breaks Awards. Soon enough, you could also (Gar-)see him wreak havoc all over the continent, from Granada to Bristol, from Seville to Bratislava, from Prague to Valencia. It wasn't just enough to cause panic at the Frandiscos all over Europe though, he wanted to create some banging beats himself!
In 2019, the first of many fruits of his labour saw the light of day: Liqua! The following year saw him not just expanding on this freshly cusping flowery arrangement of gratis downloads, he also entered a couple of remix competitions, eventually even winning the one hosted by fellow Spaniards Save The Rave. It was at that point that he had firmly planted himself onto my and, considering the timing of it all, maybe even Expedite Records's radar. I'm of course referring to Francisco joining the Expeditian family of sick Neurofunk producers with his smasher Corruptions at the tail end of 2020! From there on, he would keep oscillating between the expertly done Neuro and the dastardly Deep stuff, with releases on Close2Death, South Yard and Zer0'2 Soul Collective, but Expedite would remain his favourite place to release on. Which is also why his debut album, The Savage Kingdom, is dropping on there!
But wait, we gotta catch up on the latest Expedite developments first. Surely you will remember the Bristol-based label from me raving on about label bossman XAETIS' banging double single or me falling in love with Niallo's bleeps and bloops, but it has been a good two years or so since then, so, what have we got? Their first label takeover, their first remix competition (for Frannabik's Down!), the rather huge PARAGONS compilation, the equally large REVISIONS remix project and releases by KRYOS, SYNE, XAETIS and TREMR. Okay, Tremr is usually not in all caps, but it just looked better in the sequence of events, alright?
With that out of the way, let's finally take a look at what our franntastically fresh friend has cooked up on this 10-tracker, the first solo artist album on the label! We make our way into this realm of the Neuro with the title track, The Savage Kingdom, with great atmospheric work and all sorts of ferocious animals creating a rather cinematic auditory jungle thicket, before the savage bass cuts through it to lay waste to them all. Our boy Keeps Em coming on the followup, with fast-paced nightmarish melodies infiltrating our brains while their accomplices, the distorted basses and the bonky snare, keep us on our toes, and even if you don't Believe me, you'll still be quickly met with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson introducing the next fonky-flowing back-and-forth between the chonkiest of basslines and a flurriest of stabby stabs. Watch out for the second drop on that one!
It seems like we have strayed too far from the beaten path, as we have completely Lost The Way we intended to follow, and after a while of keeping up the pace thanks to the distant tribal, rolling drums and fighting off the ever-present and quite aggressive biting bass snakes, we simply Must Stop. Why? Because of the humongous, hostile, big bad evil bass completely steamrolling everything in its way! One by one, the trees just snap over, and before we meet the same fate, we run away as fast as possible, into the next best opening we find. In our rush, however, we didn't realise we were running straight into an Ambush! Machine gun fire everywhere, several of them coming very close to ending our mission here, fired off from the infamous A Coruña based Neuro veteran Loop Stepwalker, only giving our group the tiniest of breaks in between each salve. While mostly focused on the speed of it all, this one still retains a solid sense of rhythm and flow, even going into a little 4x4 excursion in the second half! One could say we stole one of their 4x4 trucks to get away. Yes, I like that.
With the added horse power of our escape vehicle, we finally make our way to our next destination, the Dealer. What does he deal in? Hefty basslines and hard-hitting snares, of course! While we have been supplied with a more than healthy dose of both so far, Frannabik luckily doesn't make the Dumb Assumption that we have had enough and takes us on another newschool-inspired, distortion-overflowing joyride, on which MC Kenna (who he met at a Zer02Soul Collective event!) provides an additional infusion of sick lyrical fuel to stoke the flames, resulting in a proper bonfire of a tune.
Before we get to the grand finale, we take one more breather, in the relative sense, on Only U, which ironically enough doesn't only feature Fran himself, but also his fellow Spaniard, Helium! With some more four to the floor action, some distorted bits and bops and the drums whipping us into shape, we ride through the beautiful guitar-laden scenery, until we finally arrive at our destination: The Prophet. Not just any old one though, the Prophet, one could even say the VIP of prophets! With Caliban's precise-as-ever lyricism, but nitroboosted, relentlessly rolling drums and all-around heavier instrumentation, we end our trip through the Neuro jungle on a high note. But what will come of the prophecies? Will we get out of the kingdom in one piece? What a cliffhanger!
Distortion en masse, chonky basslines out the wazoo, phat drums, a frannkly frannabig album.

New Releases

General DnB / Mixed

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2023.05.28 12:00 AutoModerator /r/Spacehey Weekly Question Thread

SpaceHey's Weekly Question Thread

The purpose of this thread is to avoid cluttering up the subreddit with quickly and easily answered questions. This thread is monitored by many helpful members of our community and questions that are asked here have a very high answer rate assuming you provide enough information for our answerers to work with.
Before asking your question...
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2023.05.28 03:56 JackSpadesSI I'm a noob and I need help, please! [FNV]

So, I followed the Viva New Vegas guide and that seemed to work fine. Then I got greedy and added a bunch of texture mods.
My PC has an i7-8700K and a RTX 3070. What's happening is that textures of the floor and walls inside buildings pop between all black and several versions of images. Also, some crashing when exiting buildings.
What am I doing wrong here? Help is greatly appreciated!!
Here's my mod list from MO2:
+Interior Lighting Overhaul
+FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting
+Brave New World
+Audleys Misc Textures
+Improved OWB Robot Textures
+Improved LR Robot Textures
+Improved Robots Textures
+Roberts Male Body FNV
+TYPE4 - Body and Armors
+NVR2R - New Vegas Redesigned 2 Revised - Viva New Vegas Patches
+New Vegas Redesigned 2 Revised
+Weapon Retexture Project - WRP
+Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul
+MGs NCR Pack Ojo friendly 7
+Ojo Bueno Texture Pack for FNV - ULTRA
+Water Tower Clark County Fix
+NMC New Vegas Patch for ALL Sized packs
+Naval Chair Fix
+NMCs Textures NV LARGE Pack Part 3 of 3 FOR NMM
+NMCs Textures NV LARGE Pack Part 2 of 3 FOR NMM
+NMCs Textures NV LARGE Pack Part 1 of 3 FOR NMM
+Climate Control - Rain
+Interior Rain
+Cloud Upgrade NVSE
+Cloud Shadows
+High Resolution Bloom NVSE
+Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks - FNV
+Strip Street Light Corrections
+Improved LOD Noise Texture
+NVCS Vanilla Weights-68776-13-1675087221
+B42 Weapon Inertia
+Bonus Patch-72320-1-3a-1623348069
+AnniAnimPack_BugFix 1.3-72320-1-3-1621469381
+Anniversary Anim Pack
+Faster Pip-Boy Animation
+Mojave Raiders - EVEM Patch-77945-1-0-1684073983
+Mojave Raiders - JSUE Patch-77945-1-0-1684073969
+Mojave Raiders Tweaks-79358-1-0-1671399167
+Mojave Raiders
+Essential DLC Enhancements Merged - JSUE Patch-77945-1-0-1684072975
+Essential DLC Enhancements Merged
+Functional Post Game Ending Lite - JSUE Patch-77945-1-0-1684072565
+FPGEL - Functional Post Game Ending Lite
+Perks every level with or without level cap increase
+Easy Unlocking - Easy Hacking - Guaranteed Pick Pocket
+Navmesh Overhaul VNV Patch-79358-1-0-1684233389
+EVEM - Mojave Arsenal Patch-77945-1-0-1684071790
+EVEM - JSUE Patch-77945-1-0-1684071773
+EVEM - Crafting Consistency Fix Patch-77945-1-0-1684071745
+EVEM - YUP Patch-77945-1-0-1684071731
+Vanilla Enhancements Merged-78877-1-3-0-1676720992
+Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged
+JSawyer Ultimate Edition - Push's Tweaks-61592-5-5-0-1671394573
+JSawyer Ultimate Edition
+Better Caravan
+Follower Tweaks
+Real Recoil
+Clean Just Weapons Wheel
+JAM - Just Assorted Mods
+High Resolution Screens
+High Res Local Maps
+Clean Companion Wheel
+2. Consistent Addon Icons-65046-4-2-1652355224
+Consistent Pip-Boy Icons
+Clean Vanilla Hud
+Vanilla UI Plus (New Vegas)
+MCM BugFix 2
+The Mod Configuration Menu
+UIO - User Interface Organizer
-User Interface_separator
+Strip Lights Region Fix
+ExRB - Extended Roombounds
+Crafting Consistency Fix
+Exterior Emittance Fix - NVSE
+Fog-based Object Culling
+Aqua Performa - Strip Performance Fix
+ActorCause Save Bloat Fix
+Elijah Voice Audio Files Fix
+Climate Control NVSE
+Improved Lighting Shaders
+New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod - NVMIM
+Vanilla Iron Sights Realligned
+ISControl Enabler and Ironsights adjuster (now ESPless)
+Combat Lag Fix (NVSE)
+Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI
+lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes
+Improved AI (Navmesh Overhaul Mod)
+Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus
+Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP
-Bug Fixes_separator
+ShowOff INI
+ShowOff xNVSE Plugin
+Console Paste Support
+kNVSE Animation Plugin
+FNV Mod Limit Fix
+NVTF - INI Presets
+NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix
+Crash Logger
+JohnnyGuitar NVSE
+Fixed ESMs
*DLC: CaravanPack
*DLC: ClassicPack
*DLC: DeadMoney
*DLC: GunRunnersArsenal
*DLC: HonestHearts
*DLC: LonesomeRoad
*DLC: MercenaryPack
*DLC: OldWorldBlues
*DLC: TribalPack
submitted by JackSpadesSI to FalloutMods [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 18:26 viewless25 Defending the Draft 2023: New York Jets

”Short” recap of the Jets' 2022 Season

The Jets had a noisy offseason in 2022 as they were big spenders in free agency, bringing in CB DJ Reed, TE CJ Uzomah, and OG Laken Tomlinson. The also had 3 first round picks and an early second rounder to give the team one of the youngest roster in the NFL by snaps given. The main headline going into the Jets regular season was, like most NFL teams, centered around the quarterback position. The Jets drafted BYU QB Zach Wilson #2 overall in the 2021 NFL draft. Statistically, Zach's rookie campaign was off to an abysmal start with 4 TDs and 9 picks in his first Five starts before having his midseason interrupted by a knee injury. Zach would return and threw 5 touchdowns and just two picks in his last seven games, playing less dynamically than he had in Tennessee but smarter and safer. Zach went into the 2022 season looking to improve on his 2,334 yards passing, 55.6% completion percentage, 9 passing touchdowns, 4 rushing touchdowns, and 11 interceptions from 2022.
However, Zach would miss September due to a miniscus tear he suffered in the preseason. The Jets started Joe Flacco at the quarterback position for their opening three games; going 1-2 with a historical comeback win at Cleveland (I didn't have to mention this but it's the most exciting Jets football you'll ever see). After Zach returned, the Jets opened out on a winning streak. However, this had more to do with the star performances of the Jets rookies, namely WR Garrett Wilson, RB Breece Hall, and CB Sauce Gardner. In Denver, the Jets suffered a pyrrhic victory at hands of the Broncos as the team won 16-9, but suffered season ending injuries to OL Alijah Vera-Tucker and Breece Hall. Hindering the offensive line and prematurely ending Hall's OROTY campaign. This altered the course of the Jets' season for the worse. While young stars Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner continued to shine, the team's offense couldn't make up for the loss of Breece Hall as they were forced to look to Zach Wilson to lead the passing offense. Zach Wilson regressed heavily from his already terrible rookie season and as a result of his poor performance and attitude, was benched. The Jets attempted to salvage their season by looking to Mike White, who almost immediately went out with injury, and then later to Flacco (and at one point, Chris Streveler, fresh out of the CFL). Only two seasons into Wilson's career, he's cemented himself among the greatest draft busts in NFL history and for the sake of playefan morale, is completely unplayable in 2023. He isn't going to be cut until at least August, as there's no financial incentive to give up on him until after next season. The Jets missed out on the playoffs in 2023 for the 12th straight season, the second longest drought in North American sports. The silver lining for the Jets this season is that their roster is still full of young talent across the board, as AVT should be back by the preseason, Breece Hall should be back in the early regular season this year, and Garret Wilson and Sauce Gardner are back for their sophomore seasons after winning Offensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the year, respectively. The Jets had very little coaching staff/front office turnover from 2022. The main exception is the Jets moved on from young offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur to sign veteran OC and recently fired Denver Broncos' head coach, Nathaniel Hackett. This move was met with middling reception by fans. As many cited him as an underwhelming retread, though there was potentially one huge upside to signing Hackett and his name is...

Aaron Freaking Rodgers

After acknowledging his failure in drafting and developing his franchise QB, New York Jets General Manager Joe Douglas, scrambled to find a QB the Jets can compete with during their current window where their most talented players are on rookie deals. Joe Douglas doesn’t have the luxury of trying again with rookie QB roulette as he’s already four years into a rebuild that has yielded zero winning seasons. Many considered his huge failure with Zach Wilson to be a fireable offense, but due to his success in building the rest of the team, Jets owner Woody Johnson publicly voiced his confidence in Joe Douglas and let him have another offseason to try to pull a rabbit out of his hat at the QB position. The Jets were connected to almost every veteran QB that might conceivably be on the market from January to March. Around the time of the NFL Combine, the Jets had their options narrowed down to Tannehil, Cousins, and Aaron Rodgers headlining the group. With Rodgers’ ending his career in Green Bay, he then descended into a Darkness Retreat. Afterward, Aaron decided to tell Schefter to lose his number and went on the Mcafee show to announce that he had decided to play for the Jets, despite still being on contract with the Packers. After a month and a half of Jets and Packers fans taking to Reddit and Twitter to argue endlessly about Leverage, the Jets and Packers finally worked out a deal on April 24th, just days before the 2023 NFL Draft. The Jets acquired Aaron Rodgers and a 5th round pick in 2023 in exchange for a 1st round pick swap (Jets go 13 to 15th overall), a 2023 2nd round pick, a 2023 6th round pick, and a 2024 second round pick that can become a 1st if Rodgers plays >65% of snaps in 2023. Many were quick to declare an immediate winner to the trade, though I think with trades like these, you need to see how things play out and what will happen on the conditions before knowing for sure. My knee-jerk reaction to the trade is that it’s an overpay if Rodgers were to retire after 2023, but if he comes back for 2024 like he says he’s going to, then this is fair overall. If Jordan Love doesn’t pan out and the Jets make a Super Bowl over the next two years, people will look back on this trade as a steal for the Jets. Time will tell.

Jets Free Agency

Contrary to popular belief, the Jets did more this offseason than roll out the red carpet for Aaron Rodgers. In free agency, the Jets rolled out the red carpet for all of Aaron Rodger’s favorite teammates. In Free Agency, the Jets brought in:
Over half the names on this list have some kind of connection to Aaron Rodgers. Allen Lazard was the biggest swing for the Jets in free agency with $44MM over 4 years. The Jets cut bait by trading Elijah Moore to Cleveland, but are going to keep Corey Davis for the third year of his contract despite disappointing availability and stats by Davis. Lazard has experience in the slot, despite being primarily an outside the numbers receiver. With Moore and Berrios out, the Jets are a little bit heavier on outside receiver and light on slot receiver, so they’ll likely focus on size over shiftiness over the middle. However, bringing in Mecole Hardman brings a lot of the speed over the middle that the team is missing. Outside of WR, the Jets added more depth on the offensive and defensive lines. The main highlight of free agency for Jets fans was, strangely enough, the punter they signed- Thomas Morstead. Morstead punted for the Jets in 2021 filling in for an injured Braden Mann with an average of 48 yards/ punt and 7 punts within the 20. The Jets let Morstead go to let Braden Mann return. Mann was a decent punter for the Jets at best, but was infamous in NY for a shank a game that eventually became too much. The Jets have also worked out with P Matt “Punt God” Araiza, but that’s a can of worms I won’t get into. The Jets also brought back:
I have much less to say about these players. Ty Johnson has already been cut, which has been a small controversy due to his surgery that was allegedly recommended by the Jets. But especially after the draft, the Jets have a glut of runningbacks on the roster. I don’t see what the Jets see in Solomon Thomas but HC Robert Saleh really likes him. Greg Zuerlin has been a replacement level kicker for the Jets. Quincy Williams is back, which is mostly interesting as his older brother, Quinnen Williams, is in a contract holdout with the Jets. The number for Quinnen Williams is likely going to look similar to what Dexter Lawrence got from the Giants.

The New York Jets 2023 NFL Draft

Pre-Draft Needs

Positions of Need going into the Draft: OT, FS, DT, RB
The Jets' strength on the defense was on the outsides, both on the passrush with Carl Lawson and Jermaine Johnson coming back and in the pass defense, with Sauce Gardner and DJ Reed returning after being arguably the best CB duo in 2022. The weakness was over the middle in the passing game and between the tackles in the run game. The Jets have Quinnen Williams on the 5th year option looking for a new deal this year and don't have another quality DT to complement him on the interior of their 4-3 front. Jordan Whitehead was disappointing for the Jets last year at SS and Ashtyn Davis hasn't fully panned out at FS.
On the offense, the Jets have fewer holes, but have positions like RB, TE, and WR where they can afford to add more talent. The biggest liabilities for the Jets are on the offensive tackle, where Mekhi Becton is coming back from two whole seasons of injury and Duane Brown is 38 and playing likely his last season of Pro Football.

1st Round (15th Overall) Will McDonald IV, EDGE – Iowa State

Before discussing McDonald as a player, we should discuss the Steelers’ trade with the Patriots at 14th overall. This trade led to a lot of criticism of the trade back with Green Bay for Rodgers as well as Joe Douglas’s composure as a drafter. The main thing we know about Broderick Jones is that the fact that Pittsburgh was interested in trading up for him long before the Rodgers trade. Jones to the Steelers was one of the worst kept secrets of the NFL draft this year and the New England Patriots (while not to pretend that Belichick doesn’t love to screw the Jets over) are notorious for trading back in the first round. I’m not going to assert that the Jets weren’t interested in landing Broderick Jones, I think the people who are skeptical of Douglas’s claim that McDonald was their top target are missing two things: the first is that Robert Saleh is a defensive minded coach who is obsessed with having an excess of edge rushers with good bend. Saleh and Douglas are still on good terms, and I would be very surprised if during the draft Saleh wasn’t pounding the table in Joe Douglas’s ear for Will McDonald. The second is that while Jones was on board, Douglas himself said that McDonald was his number 1. You can debate if the Jets should’ve taken Jones if he were available, but he wasn’t and so, the Jets picked McDonald. Will McDonald is a 6’4” 236 lbs Edge rusher from Iowa State University who turns 24 years old June 6th. He was considered a high draft prospect after his 2021 and 2020 seasons where he had 11.5 and 10.5 sacks respectively, but still decided to come back to school in 2022. This, plus the fact that he didn’t begin playing football until he was 17 years old, contribute to Will McDonald IV’s advanced age as a prospect. Some might have called this pick a reach due to his age, but it’s worth noting that McDonald isn’t exactly a “late bloomer” as a player, but rather he has been a competitive pass rusher in the Big 12 since about 2019 and is tied for #1 overall in the Big12’s career sack list. Another reason why Will McDonald IV is an underrated prospect is that many people aren’t familiar with the defense that Iowa St. and how it deflates pass rusher numbers. Iowa State runs something called a STAR defense, or a 3-3-5 (3 DL, 3LB, 5 DBs). This helped the Cyclones against pass heavy, air raid and/or spread style offenses, but means that a premier pass rusher like Will McDonald will get basically zero help in the box. The traits that scouts fell in love with that made Will McDonald IV a first-round talent were his bend around the edge, his top end speed, and his usage of his hands. The weaknesses that were brought up centered mostly around his smaller size, power, and lack of body of work on run defense. But his overall athleticism and potential to bulk up are the main thing the Jets are banking on as they look develop him going forward. McDonald’s athleticism is so over the top, that he’s made a hobby of jumping over cars and doing other acrobatics that will keep the Jets management up at night if he keeps it up through his rookie contract.
The main thing to understand when watching McDonald as a prospect is that the Jets are going to play him a lot differently than the Cyclones did. Due to the ISU 3-man front, McDonald was often moved inside if he wasn’t double or triple teamed as a 5 tech. When Robert Saleh called Will McDonald to let him know the Jets were drafting him, Saleh said “We’re getting you out of that 4i and into that Wide 9”. That meaning, that instead of playing him between the guard and the tackle, they’re going to put him as far out as the o-line is built. I think the Jets will try to get him standing up; even though they typically have four defensive linemen down as I trust Robert Saleh to not pigeonhole a guy to a set role and will just try to set him up to succeed as a pass rusher. The important thing to remember when evaluating McDonald’s upcoming rookie season (or Jermaine Johnson’s rookie season from 2022), is that the Jets have a religious dedication to cycling their defensive linemen in and out regardless of how well or poorly they’re playing. So, for young players like McDonald, Johnson, and Michael Clemons, they’re guaranteed to get a shot, but even if they succeed, they’ll get cycled out. But this does mean that in 2023, we’re guaranteed a chance to see the speed and shiftiness that Will McDonald IV will be bringing to the Jets defense for years to come.

2nd Round, 12th pick (43rd Overall) Joe Tippmann, C – Wisconsin

After the first night of the draft, most were shocked over the Jets’ selection of Will McDonald. And many more in Jets land were disappointed that the team couldn’t find any offensive line help for newly acquired QB, Aaron Rodgers. Fortunately for the Jets on night 2, the board broke their way positively, unlike on night 1. With most of the premier tackles off the board, the Jets then turned their attention interior offensive line. The Jets re-signed Connor McGovern to a 1 year $1.915 million deal after the main rush of free agency subsided and McGovern was unable to find a better deal. McGovern was a serviceable Center for the Jets on his previous 3 year deal, but at 30, the Jets are starting to look for long term options with higher upside. With McGovern making barely backup Center money, the Jets had basically no assets committed to the center position. With every center in the 2023 NFL draft on the board, I don’t think I need to do as much defending of the positional choice for center as I had to do for Edge rusher in the first round. The Jets selected Joe Tippmann with the 12th pick of the 2nd round. The Wisconsin Badger is one of the taller Centers we’ve seen at 6’6” (not including the mullet) and 313 lbs. However, Tippmann has shown on film that he’s able to get low off the snap off the height and in the later block can leverage his size. He had the highest athleticism score at his position (which is going to be a consistent theme for the Jets in this draft). He started his last two full seasons at Wisconsin, shining as a run blocker and allowed only on sack and five pressures over 338 pass blocking snaps. His strengths coming out of Wisconsin are his fluid movement and rotation, his high football IQ, and his size. His main weakness is his sense of balance and his high point of contact. Some might have questioned why the Jets chose Tippmann over John Michael-Schmitz and, while I would’ve been happy with either, I personally believe the Jets made the slightly better choice in banking on a player who is younger, bigger, healthier, and possibly has higher upside. The Jets have been looking for the heir apparent to Nick Mangold since he’s retired. While McGovern was a serviceable stop gap for the last three years and will get a chance to compete with Tippmann this summer, I believe this pick is a great chance for the Jets to find a new leader of their offensive line for years to come. The Jets are at their best in their franchise history when they have a Center with leadership, strength, and durability to support the offense.

4th Round, Pick 18 (120th Overall) Carter Warren, OT – Pittsburgh

In 2022, the New York Jets offensive line was a revolving door as the offensive line was decimated by injuries before they even started the regular season. They were able to mitigate these issues for the first few weeks of the season by deploying Alijah Vera-Tucker as a Swiss Army Offensive Lineman, but when he suffered a season ending injury, that had to come to an end. In this offseason, the Jets didn’t add many players who will contend for starting positions at guard or tackle in 2023, but Joe Douglas has made a point to bolster the depth at these positions so they’re better prepared for when Mekhi Becton, who hasn’t played a full game since mid 2020, or the 38 year old Duane Brown get injured.
To prepare for this, the Jets picked New Jersey native Carter Warren in the fourth round out of Pittsburgh. With his 7 foot wingspan, core strength, and leadership experience, Warren has the traits of a prototypical NFL Tackle. Carter Warren’s athleticism graded highly at the combine at the workouts he performed despite not being 100% from his shoulder injury. He fell to the fourth round in the draft as expected due to his season ending injury in 2022 and his overall lack of power and ability to sustain blocks for longer drives. The Jets are looking for Carter Warren to develop into a capable swing tackle or high end backup LT. The team is possibly still banking on Becton serving as the long term starting Left Tackle, but we’ll sort that out when training camp gets here. With veteran Billy Turner on the team and second year Maxx Mitchell returning as a swing tackle, the Jets are hopeful that they won’t rely on a rookie tackle in 2023. But if they do, Carter Warren has the traits needed to keep the offense on schedule when injuries inevitably come.

5th Round Pick, Pick 8 (#143rd Overall) Israel Abanikanda, RB – Pittsburgh

After selecting the Pittsburgh Panther from New Jersey in the fourth round, the Jets elected to take his teammate, RB Israel Abanikanda from Brooklyn, with the very next pick. In the last two years the Jets have brought in a lot of young runningbacks from the draft such as Michael Carter, Breece Hall, and Zonovan Knight. The Jets running back room looked like it was on the road to being elite after Breece Hall’s early career breakout before his tragic season ending injury. Breece Hall had emerged as a physical, downhill runner for the Jets and Michael Carter and Bam Knight were capable change of pace backs, pass blockers, and receiving backs. Breece Hall is going to go back to being the Jets premier runningback if he comes back to be 100% of what he was last year, even with Abanikanda on the roster. But what the Jets were lacking, even with Hall on the roster last year, was a shiftier, higher end speed running back that can break open in space. Hall checks off a lot of these boxes, but did so by being more physical over the middle. In 2022, Izzy Abanikanda’s stats were impressive. He reached 100 yards rushing in 9 out of his 11 games and rushed for 20 TDs on the season. With Hall, Izzy can be a dangerous lightning to Breece Hall’s thunder as the Jets look to round out their offense. Izzy’s athleticism is (say it with me now: ) really good. He ranked 5th out of running backs in this draft despite being a 5th round pick. The biggest weakness commonly cited about Izzy Abanikanda is his pass protection. This has been a recent focus on running backs in the NFL and something that will likely limit Izzy’s day one impact. But the Jets can keep things simple on the offense and just focus on getting the ball of playmakers like Abanikanda. The most exciting thing about Abanikanda is that he’s young, not turning 21 until October 5th of this year (making him born in 2002, if you wanted to feel old today). Abanikanda is an extremely speedy player with home run ability. The value in the 5th round is great for the Jets here and they are now hedged against a key RB injury like they suffered last year. This pick may spell trouble for fans of Michael Carter and Zonovan Knight (apologies to /DynastyFF), but it puts the Jets in a position to be dynamic in the ground game to capitalize on defenses thinking they can afford to sell out against the Aaron Rodgers-led passing offense.

6th Round, Pick 7 (184th Overall) Zaire Barnes, LB – Western Michigan

Getting later into the draft, the Jets start to look for roleplayers and positions where the team is light. Zaire Barnes fills both of these criteria with his special teams experience and coverage linebacker experience. The Jets have Quincy Williams and CJ Mosely playing in the box to handle secondary running coverage. The team may still bring back Kwon Alexander to return as the WILL linebacker in space, but the Jets are looking to bolster their coverage over the middle. The Jets have arguably the best cornerback duo on the outside with DJ Reed and Sauce Gardner and a capable slot corner with Michael Carter II. This means that most of the teams that threw the ball on the Jets did so over the middle.
At Western Michigan, Barnes lined up close to the line of scrimmage and focused mostly on man coverage. In order for him to unlock his potential and make this pick a steal, he needs to unlock his ability to use lateral movement to help in zone coverage. At 6’1” his height is unremarkable but more than adequate for a linebacker within the box. If Zaire Barnes can make himself valuable on special team and take advantage of the opportunities to make a play in coverage over the middle or to make an impact in the run game where the Jets are also light, Zaire Barnes will be able to be a part of this Jets team for a long time.

Round 6, Pick 27 (#204th Overall) Jarrick Bernard-Converse, DB – LSU

In writing Bernard-Converse’s position on the headliner, I opted to just write DB, as he’s played all over the secondary. Looking at JBC’s skillset and the holes the Jets have in their roster, it would seem Bernard-Converse’s best outlook on the Jets is to move to the Safety position. With good tackling ability, high athleticism, and four years of starting experience at the Power 5 level, the Jets are banking on Bernard-Converse’s ability to adapt to a new role as opposed to being a true CB. In coverage at LSU, he did have some issues letting players get behind him due to his ability to trail and backpedal, another sign that he’s likely better suited for the safety role. With Jarrick Bernard-Converse, the Jets are banking on his adaptability and Robert Saleh’s ability to develop a player with raw talent into a contributor on the backend.

Round 7, Pick 3 (#220th Overall) Zack Kuntz, TE – Old Dominion

The Jets have looked to rebuild their TE room after years of it being in disarray. Unfortunately, the group that Douglas has put together, CJ Uzomah, Tyler Conklin, and Jeremy Ruckert, didn’t quite pan out in 2023. Part of this was on the quarterback play, but part of this is that the tight ends on the Jets didn’t quite have the plus abilities the team needed to get production from their Tight Ends. This is just the beginning of why Zack Kuntz is an exciting pick for the Jets. Kuntz (pronounced KOONTS, unless you’re Australian) was primarily a receiving tight end for Penn State and Old Dominion in college. At 6’8” 255lbs, Kuntz has more than the prototypical size of a blocking Y tight end, but he instead spent his college career using his 4.55 speed to be a menace over the middle. His most productive season was only 692 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns, which is a bit less for the insane athleticism that a speedy and shifty tight end such as Kuntz possesses. Still, it’s hard to imagine how 32 GMs looked at Kuntz and decided over 200 times that they don’t need this freak of nature on their team. The Jets may look into developing his blocking a bit more, but I think they’re probably more excited by refining his hands and getting him over the middle to create some size mismatch. With Zach Kuntz elite size and speed, he’s truly a menace with the ball in his hands.

UDFA Rapid Fire

The Jets traded back in the 6th round at a pretty heavy loss. I believe this is because they wanted special teams and depth and were relatively satisfied with most of the starters they had going into the NFL draft. So, the Jets will likely not have a ton of contributions from UDFAs this year. Here are the 13 players the Jets have currently signed as UDFAs and I’ll highlight a few of the ones I think I have a chance at making the 53 man roster below:

53 Man Roster Projection

POS 1st String 2nd String
QB Aaron Rodgers Tim Boyle Zach Wilson
RB Breece Hall Israel Abanikanda Michael Carter, Zonovan Knight
WR Garrett Wilson Corey Davis Mecole Hardman
WR Allen Lazard Randall Cobb Jason Brownlee
TE Tyler Conklin CJ Uzomah Jeremy Ruckert
LT Duane Brown Warren Carter
RT Mekhi Becton Maxx Mitchell
LG Laken Tomlinson Wes Schweitzer
RG Alijah Vera-Tucker Billy Turner
C Connor McGovern Joe Tippmann
DT Quinnen Williams Al Woods
DT John Franklin-Myers Deslin Alexandre
DE Jermaine Johnson Isaiah Mack
DE Carl Lawson Michael Clemons Solomon Thomas
ILB CJ Mosely
OLB Quincy Williams Bryce Huff
OLB Will McDonald IV Zaire Barnes
CB Sauce Gardner Michael Carter II Brandin Echols
CB DJ Reed Bryce Hall Javelin Guidry
FS Ashtyn Davis Jarrick Berndard-Converse
SS Jordan Whitehead Justin Hardee Chuck Clark
K Greg Zuerlein
P Thomas Morstead
LS Thomas Hennessy

Notes on 53 man roster

Final Thoughts

This offseason will be remembered as the offseason where the Jets made a huge swing for a future Hall of Fame QB. It’s impossible for me to try to put this draft class up against that. But the Jets got a lot of athleticism in this draft that can set them up to be competitive in the long term. It was surprising that they traded back, seeing as they’re in a win now mode, still. I think the Jets got 2 or 3 starters from this draft, likely some combination of Abanikanda, Tippmann, and McDonald. Certain players like Warren and Kuntz do have some longer term potential, too. Nothing will ever touch Joe Douglas’s 2022 draft class, but I thought this class was solid and built a lot of overdue depth. Still, when July rolls around and it’s time for camp, it’s going to be the QB that all Jets fans are looking at.
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2023.05.27 16:28 awilliams215 1 Move Away from Contending?

12 Team, 1 QB, PPR. Starting Roster, Bench, and Taxi listed below. Finished 10/12 last year
QB: Jared Goff
RB: Breece Hall
RB: Tony Pollard
WR: AJ Brown
WR: Jaylen Waddle
WR: Treylon Burks
TE: David Njoku
W/T: Rhamondre Stevenson
DST: Dolphins
Bench: Tannehill, Lance, Javonte Williams, Jamaal Williams, Devin Singletary, Malik Davis, Devante Parker, Elijah Moore, Cole Kmet, Jake Ferguson, Steelers
Taxi: Anthony Richardson, Charbonnet, Puka Nacua, Marvin Mims, Michael Wilson, Jake Haener, Jalen Tolbert, Kyren Williams
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2023.05.26 20:24 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 91. Louisiana

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
I love UL Lafayette. They rebranded as just “Louisiana” in 2017, but growing up I knew them as UL Lafayette. I was weirdly obsessed with 2005-08 starting RB Tyrell Fenroy, who I thought looked cool in the Ragin’ Cajuns uniform. Fenroy ran for 1000+ yards in each of his 4 seasons, only the 7th player in NCAA history to do so. Outside of that, Louisiana’s been a fairly solid Group of 5 team, especially in the 2010s, with their top 6 seasons all coming after 2010.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 2020: 9. Louisiana: 10-1 (29.225) 2. 2021: 12. Louisiana: 13-1 (28.062) 3. 2019: 26. Louisiana: 11-3 (18.851) 4. 2012: 48. Louisiana: 9-4 (3.915) 5. 2013: 53. Louisiana: 9-4 (1.628) 6. 2011: 45. Louisiana: 9-4 (1.519) 7. 1993: 37. Louisiana: 8-3 (-2.034) 8. 2014: 57. Louisiana: 9-4 (-2.942) 9. 1989: 47. Louisiana: 7-4 (-6.348) 10. 1988: 63. Louisiana: 6-5 (-11.636) 11. 1995: 63. Louisiana: 6-5 (-13.591) 12. 1986: 64. Louisiana: 6-5 (-14.435) 13. 2005: 72. Louisiana: 6-5 (-14.835) 14. 2022: 80. Louisiana: 6-7 (-14.930) 15. 1994: 64. Louisiana: 6-5 (-16.360) 16. 2018: 87. Louisiana: 7-7 (-17.372) 17. 1987: 64. Louisiana: 6-5 (-17.851) 18. 1984: 68. Louisiana: 6-5 (-18.497) 19. 2006: 72. Louisiana: 6-6 (-19.290) 20. 1996: 69. Louisiana: 5-6 (-19.519) 21. 2009: 79. Louisiana: 6-6 (-20.292) 22. 2008: 80. Louisiana: 6-6 (-20.693) 23. 2016: 83. Louisiana: 6-7 (-20.829) 24. 1990: 80. Louisiana: 5-6 (-23.602) 25. 1983: 84. Louisiana: 4-6 (-31.122) 26. 2004: 92. Louisiana: 4-7 (-33.474) 27. 2015: 104. Louisiana: 4-8 (-36.373) 28. 1985: 87. Louisiana: 4-7 (-36.501) 29. 2017: 111. Louisiana: 5-7 (-37.171) 30. 2003: 93. Louisiana: 4-8 (-38.467) 31. 1991: 89. Louisiana: 2-8-1 (-40.047) 32. 2002: 101. Louisiana: 3-9 (-44.093) 33. 2007: 108. Louisiana: 3-9 (-44.428) 34. 2010: 109. Louisiana: 3-9 (-47.670) 35. 2001: 103. Louisiana: 3-8 (-48.348) 36. 1992: 101. Louisiana: 2-9 (-54.925) 37. 1998: 108. Louisiana: 2-9 (-55.934) 38. 1999: 109. Louisiana: 2-9 (-56.273) 39. 2000: 112. Louisiana: 1-10 (-62.113) 40. 1997: 110. Louisiana: 1-10 (-64.028) Overall Score: 7653 (91st) 
Like I alluded to in the intro, Louisiana would be a lot lower without the past decade. They’ve gone 98-57 since 2011, and just 123-190-1 before. 3 conference titles have come in the last decade, 1 in 2005, and 2 Big West titles under coach Nelson Stokley in 1993 and ‘94. Nelson is the dad of Louisiana all-time leading receiver and 15-year NFL veteran WR Brandon Stokley, who won 2 Super Bowls, had a 1000+ yard season with Peyton Manning at QB, and was the recipient of the famous “STOKELY! SIDELINE! TOUCHDOWN! WOW!” call from Gus Johnson on a winning TD in 2009. Stokley’s just one of many notable names to come out of Louisiana since 1983, others including QB Jake Delhomme, CB Charles “Peanut” Tillman, CB Ike Taylor, and RB Elijah Mitchell.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 1997 (1-10 overall, Independent)
Speaking of Nelson Stokley, in addition to winning 2 Big West titles, he had the worst season here. And I tell you what, the bar for failure just seems to keep getting raised for the “worst” teams on this list. UL Lafayette, back then known as Southwestern Louisiana, scored just 16.3 PPG while giving up the nation’s worst 50.3 PPG. It’s somewhat excusable given their first 4 games were against Pitt, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M, but it’s like they didn’t even try, losing 14-59 to Tech and 0-66 to A&M. WR Brandon Stokley did set the Louisiana school record for career receptions in the game against Texas A&M, with 173. The game was personal for A&M—just last year, Louisiana had beaten #25 Texas A&M 29-22 in the second week of the season, sending the Aggies into a tailspin and finishing just 6-6. After Louisiana started 0-5, they got their only win over eventual 2-9 team Arkansas State. They quickly followed it up with a 42-48 OT loss to FCS North Alabama, and lost the rest of their games with the final 3 weeks consisting of 0-56 to Tulane, 7-77 to #16 Washington State and Ryan Leaf, and 24-63 to Louisiana Tech. Nelson Stokley had built up enough good karma to stay for 1998, but was fired after going just 2-9.
5. 2013 (9-4 overall, 5-2 Sun Belt)
Most people think of 9/4 as Bo Pelini day for his time at Nebraska, but Mark Hudspeth and UL Lafayette were right there with him. Hudspeth led the Ragin’ Cajuns to 4 straight 9-4 seasons from 2011-14, so this was the 3rd iteration. A lot of talent returned from the 2012 team that finished 2nd in the Sun Belt, so the media picked Lafayette to win their first conference title since ‘05. After an 0-2 start against Arkansas and Kansas State, they locked in for conference play, winning 8 straight to improve to 8-2 with a 5-0 Sun Belt record. For no reason, they lost their last 2 games against 5-6 ULM and 5-6 South Alabama to fall to 8-4 and 5-2 in the Sun Belt, but thankfully on the final day, Arkansas State gave up a TD to Western Kentucky with 10 seconds left to have them fall to 5-2 just like UL Lafayette, and the two teams shared the Sun Belt title. Louisiana won the New Orleans Bowl for the 3rd straight year, 24-21 over Tulane, and they’d win it again next year for the 4th time. Both UL Lafayette RBs Alonzo Harris and Elijah McGuire made 1st Team All-Sun Belt with a combined 2219 yards and 25 TD from scrimmage.
4. 2012 (9-4 overall, 6-2 Sun Belt)
According to my algorithm, the 2012 team’s resume was ever so slightly better. A 5-3 UL Lafayette team had mostly beaten the teams they should’ve and lost to the teams they should’ve. They then took a trip down to Gainesville to play #7 Florida, who had one of the top defenses in the country but one of the weaker offenses in the Power 5. As usual, Florida was playing in the sand, down 13-20 with just 2:00 to go. Florida QB Jacoby Brissett fired a 2 yard TD with 1:30 left to tie it, and with just 10 seconds left, Florida blocked a punt and Jelani Jenkins took it back 36 yards for the winning TD. By some Will Muschamp black magic, the Gators had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat no matter how hard they tried to give the game away. Lafayette didn’t let the loss bother them, and finished the regular season on a 3 game win streak. They finished 2nd in the Sun Belt to Arkansas State, who won their 2nd straight title, and would go on to win 3 more over the next 4 years. Louisiana won a 43-34 shootout in the New Orleans Bowl over East Carolina and OC Lincoln Riley.
UL Lafayette kicker Brett Baer finished his career as the NCAA’s all-time leader in FG percentage (minimum 50 attempts) at 90%, going 45/50 over his career and 20/23 in 2012. He’s still #1 to this day. Sophomore QB Terrance Broadway completed 65% of passes for 2847 yards 17 TD 9 INT, and ran for 769 yards and 9 TD on 6.5 YPC, earning 2nd Team All-Sun Belt. Broadway would go on to throw for 7985 yards and rush for 1936 yards in his career, ranking 15th in Sun Belt history in total yards.
3. 2019 (11-3 overall, 7-1 Sun Belt)
Now we’ve entered the Billy Napier zone. His final 3 years at Louisiana, 2019-21, all show up here, just slightly out of order with the last 2. 2019 Louisiana had a DANGEROUS run game combined with super efficient passing from QB Levi Lewis, and a very good defense as well. Just a 28-38 loss to Mississippi State on the opening day was a sign of things to come. Louisiana beat up on their early schedule, including a 77-6 wipeout of Texas Southern, racking up 748 yards of offense. A 7-17 loss to Appalachian State was the projected Sun Belt title game coming into the year, and gave us an early taste of where the two teams stood. The two had a date with destiny, as Louisiana rolled through the rest of their schedule to finish 10-2 and face #21 11-1 App State in the title game. App took an early 21-0 lead and the Cajuns had to play catch up the whole time, scoring late TDs to make it a 38-45 result. App State was just a team of destiny that year, going 13-1 and finishing #19 in the nation. UL Lafayette still finished how they usually do—with a bowl win, this time over MAC champion Miami (OH).
This 2019 edition was (arguably) better than the top 2 seasons on this list. The offense averaged 37.9 PPG (10th in the nation) and gave up just 19.7 PPG (18th in the nation). Like I said, the run game was stacked. The offensive line consisted of OT Max Mitchell (4th round NFL pick), OG Robert Hunt (2nd round), OG O’Cyrus Torrence (2nd round) and OG Kevin Dotson (4th round). Starting RB Elijah Mitchell (6th round) ran for 1147 yards and 16 TD on 5.8 YPC, backup Raymond Calais (7th round) ran for 886 yards and 6 TD on 7.6 YPC, and 3rd string Trey Ragas ran for 820 yards and 11 TD on 7.1 YPC. Overall, Louisiana ranked 6th in the nation in rushing YPG, and 3rd in YPC. Pretty unstoppable. Levi Lewis was a great QB for the team as well, taking care of the ball and throwing 3050 yards 26 TD 4 INT.
2. 2021 (13-1 overall, 8-0 Sun Belt)
It was getting hard for Louisiana to hold onto Napier, and the 2021 season was the final straw. #23 Louisiana at #21 Texas was one of the more underrated non-conference matchups of the season, with the Longhorns taking it 38-18. Afterwards, Louisiana lived up to their preseason ranking and then some, going on a 13 game win streak that overlapped to next year for a total of 15 games. After losing the conference championship game in 2019 and the game being cancelled in 2020, 3rd time was the charm and UL Lafayette was the sole winner of the 2021 Sun Belt title, beating 10-2 Appalachian State 24-16. Louisiana was never in danger of not making the title game, as the 2nd place team in their division, Texas State, went just 3-5 in the Sun Belt. But the road to the title didn’t come without struggles—close wins were 27-24 over FCS Nicholls State, 20-18 over South Alabama, 28-27 over Arkansas State, 21-17 over Georgia State on a late TD, and 21-16 over rival UL Monroe. Still, they won the title, and won the bowl game to boot, 36-21 over Marshall.
QB Levi Lewis finished his career with a 2917 passing yard 20 TD 4 INT season, totalling 10,291 yards from scrimmage for his career and ranking 10th in Sun Belt history. Lewis also had a record of 34-5(!) over his last 3 years as a starter. A whopping 6 players on offense and 8 on defense were 1st-3rd Team All-Sun Belt. Napier won Sun Belt Coach of the Year for a 2nd time. 4 players from the team have been drafted in the last 2 NFL Drafts, including 2nd round pick OL O’Cyrus Torrence, who transferred to Florida in 2022.
1. 2020 (10-1 overall, 7-1 Sun Belt)
And in the 1 spot, we’ve got 2020 Louisiana. The Ragin’ Cajuns made a statement in week 1, beating #23 Iowa State 31-14 thanks to a 95 yard kick return TD and 83 yard punt return TD. Iowa State would go on to win the Fiesta Bowl and finish #9 in the nation, with their only other 2 losses coming to top 10 teams by a combined 4 points. Louisiana gave Iowa State their toughest test all year. After that came wins over (final records) 6-4 Georgia State and 8-5 Georgia Southern. A 27-30 loss on the final play to Coastal Carolina, who finished 11-1, was Louisiana’s only loss all season. A mid-season win over 6-3 UAB and a last week win against 9-3 Appalachian State built a very good resume. Unfortunately, the Sun Belt title game against Coastal Carolina was cancelled, and we were robbed of a potential classic. Even though Coastal had beaten Louisiana earlier in the year, the two shared the Sun Belt title. A 31-24 win over UTSA in the bowl finished off a 10-1 year, and a #15 finish (9th in my rankings).
Louisiana’s numbers weren’t eye popping—just 33.6 PPG to 22.0 PPG allowed. Only 1 player, RB Elijah Mitchell, made 1st Team All-Sun Belt on offense and defense. Most of Louisiana’s success came from key contributors playing as a team, as they dominated the 2nd/3rd all-conference teams with 6 players on offense and 4 on defense. This was the first season Louisiana was ever ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee, and the first time they had beaten Appalachian State (0-8 previously). Chris Smith was an All-American kick returner, averaging 26.8 yards per return with 2 TD.

5th Quarter

How would you rank the 3 best teams between 2019, 2020, and 2021? The 2020 team had 3 less wins than ‘21, but was better in my algorithm. Who’s your favorite all-time player from UL Lafayette? And just how good were the Billy Napier years?
If you appreciate the effort, please consider subscribing on substack!
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2023.05.26 20:16 Marzman315 Defending the Draft 2023 - Cleveland Browns

Marzman315 here again for this year's edition of Defending the Draft
Well here we are again. Once again I am here to talk about the Cleveland Browns offseason and draft, and this means I will be talking about Deshaun Watson. While I am a Browns fan I am completely sympathetic to the negative feelings toward this player. However I am not responsible for his actions or the team's decision to sign him so don't waste your time insulting me and distracting from the discussion of this post to address his actions, instead use that time and energy to donate to the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center using the link below, as I will not engage in any discussion regarding the QB in any off field capacity:
Brief Season Review:
The Browns entered 2022 with very ill-defined expectations. On one hand the roster looked fairly solid on paper, however the bizarre QB situation left many with the knowledge that success would be an uphill battle, and that inconsistent QB play would likely be our downfall.
And it most certainly was.
During Deshaun Watson's 11 game suspension, Jacoby Brissett took over as starting QB. He immediately became a fan favorite, as the Browns won their opening week game for the first time in seventeen years, and largely played fairly well in the opening weeks. Some poor performances against beatable opponents though saw the Browns as a pretty mid-level team as Watson made his debut.
To say he was underwhelming was an understatement. While flashes of the elite play that Watson has demonstrated in the past shone through at times, he was largely mediocre to poor for most of his abridged season, completing just 58% of his passes for 1,100 yards with seven touchdowns and five interceptions. He turned in decent games against Baltimore and Washington, and while most reasonable Browns fans expected him to have a bit of rust, it was hard not to be disappointed.
That being said there was still plenty of fun to be had during the Browns 2022 campaign as well. New receiver Amari Cooper performed as advertised, putting up an impressive 1,160 yards and 9 TDs, Nick Chubb was dominant once again rushing for over 1500 yards and 12 TDs, the offensive line continued to utterly dominate (including surprise breakout player Ethan Pocic). The defense regressed largely due to poor coaching and a down year from Denzel Ward (which could partially be blamed on said coaching) but another absolutely elite season from Myles Garrett, continued improvement from 2021 first round pick Greg Newsome and a fantastic year from third round rookie MJ Emerson kept things from being disastrous.
Coaching Staff and Front Office:
The major change to feature here was the welcome firing of defensive coordinator Joe Woods following the season. Woods' refusal to adjust his scheme to fit the skillsets of his players led to pretty poor results (hence the down year from Ward, an elite man coverage corner who played the vast majority of his snaps in zone coverage) and was replaced with veteran DC Jim Schwartz. Kevin Stefanski remains head coach and despite a few Browns fans losing faith in him, the 2020 NFL Coach of the Year remains a stable presence at a position the Browns have not had much stability in as of late.
Free Agency and Trades:
The Browns came into free agency this season with clear needs and GM Andrew Berry emphasized filling those needs immediately with the opening of free agency. Those three needs were Defensive Tackle, which the Browns basically had nobody playing, an edge defender opposite Myles Garrett, and a safety to replace the departing John Johnson.
The Browns opened free agency by signing Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, former Ram and Texan coming off two great pass rushing seasons, Dalvin Tomlinson, the solid and consistent defensive tackle from Minnesota, and Juan Thornhill, very good coverage safety from the Kansas City Chiefs. They then focused on re-signing players from their core like Ethan Pocic and Sione Takitaki, as well as rounding out their depth with more mid-level free agents at fair deals like Jordan Akins and Trysten Hill. Their final impact move before the draft was a trade for 23 year old slot specialist Elijah Moore from the New York Jets by exchanging their second round pick for the Jets third round pick. A low risk gamble for the high upside Moore who wanted to be featured in the offense a bit more and will be in the Browns offense.
Key Acquisitions/signings:
Dalvin Tomlinson, DT - Signed: 4 yrs $57 million
Juan Thornhill, DB - Signed: 3 yrs $21 million
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, DE - Signed: 3 yrs $19 million
Jordan Akins, TE - Signed: 2 yrs $3.9 million
Sione Takitaki, LB - Re-signed: $2.4 million
Marquise Goodwin, WR - Signed $1.7 million
Michael Ford, DB - Signed: $1.5 million
Elijah Moore, WR - Traded from NY Jets for draft picks
Za'Darius Smith, DE - Traded from Minnesota for draft picks
Anthony Walker, LB - Re-Signed: 1 yr, $1.2 million
Rodney McCleod, DB - Signed: 1 yr, $1.3 million
Trysten Hill, DL - Signed: 1 yr, $1.2 million
Jordan Kunaszyk, LB - Signed 1 yr, $1.2 million
Key Losses:
Jacoby Brissett, QB - Signed with Washington in FA
Greedy Williams, DB - Signed with Philadelphia in FA
D'Ernest Johnson, RB - Signed with Jacksonville in FA
Taven Bryan, DT - Signed with Indianapolis in FA
Chase Winovich, DE - Signed with Houston in FA
(The following players' deals have expired but as of now they have neither re-signed or signed elsewhere)
John Johnson, DB - Very unlikely to re-sign, replaced by Thornhill/McLeod
Jadeveon Clowney, DE - Very unlikely to re-sign, replaced by Okoronkwo/Smith
Kareem Hunt, RB - unlikely to re-sign, injuries/reduced usage in 2022
Deion Jones, LB - uncertain to resign, average play in 2022, probably redundant with healthy Anthony Walker
Draft Season:
The Browns entered the draft season without any major holes on the starting roster, although their depth at defensive tackle and wide receiver was still lacking. This was good, considering the team had no draft picks until the 74th pick. The Browns have had some mixed success in the mid rounds but ultimately most reasonable fans trust Berry to put together the best roster possible.
The Draft:
Browns trade pick 42 to NYJ for WR Elijah Moore and pick 74.
3.74 - Cedric Tillman, WR Tennessee
Receiver is an interesting position for the Browns because there are a number of guys on the roster that its easy to get excited about but also easy to write off as non-contributors. 2020 sixth round pick Donovan Peoples-Jones was a fairly solid number two with 840 yds and 3 TDs, but struggled to contribute meaningfully late in the season barring a pretty good game against Cincinnati. Third round rookie David Bell had some decent games from the slot but is limited as an outside option, and Anthony Schwartz is good for one or two huge plays a year thanks to his speed but his terrible hands and poor route running simply doesn't justify them.
Enter Cedric Tillman. The big bodied, 6'3" 220 lb outside threat was dominant for Tennessee before injuries saw him limited in his final season. Tillman has huge potential and while he may not play a ton of snaps in 2023 he is auditioning to take over at #2 if Peoples-Jones leaves in free agency following this year.
3.98 - Siaki Ika, DT Baylor
While GM Andrew Berry aggressively attacked the defensive tackle in free agency, the depth of the position was still lacking going into the draft, particularly an adept run stuffer to man the 1T.
And then the 6'3" 335 lb monster Siaki Ika just falls into their laps. Ika was widely considered a first round prospect going into the season, however some reduction in his production in 2022 as well as a disappointing combine saw him fall out of favor a bit, plus the natural lack of value of the nose tackle position he plays. However his good tape is astounding, as it features a very nimble big man who can not only absorb double teams and disrupt run lanes, but positively contribute to pass rushing as well. He will have a role on the Browns from day one, even if he cannot replicate his pass rushing from college, he will be an effective presence on run downs immediately.
4.111 - Dawand Jones, OT Ohio State
The fall of Dawand Jones on draft day was shocking to some and expected by others. He is a prospect of very distinct strengths and weaknesses.
His strengths are obvious from looking at him. Dude's big. At over 6'8" and weighing in at 375 lbs with monstrous 36" arms he's the premier 'first off the bus' guy and has inherent advantages at the position. His tape was very impressive in 2022 and 21, albeit a bit inconsistent at times.
Jones started rubbing people the wrong way at the senior bowl, after an impressive first day he quit on the rest of the program, then showed up seeming a bit out of shape at the Combine. In the fourth round however he is a no-brainer. With Jedrick Wills approaching the last year of his contract and Jack Conklin (despite his recent extension) being somewhat injury prone, Jones has a path to the field early and is in the hands of one of the very best position coaches in the NFL in o-line coach Bill Callahan. A gamble to be sure, but a very worthwhile one.
4.126 - Isaiah McGuire, DE Missouri
The Browns have certainly had a type with their edge rushers as of late. With the exception of Okoronkwo the physical profile of our EDGE rushers is often very similar and McGuire fits that mold exactly. Highly productive at Missouri, McGuire logged over 20 QB hurries in 2021 and 2022 according to PFF. While he did get shut down at times against top level opponents like Georgia, he was a very effective pass rusher and run stopper with a tremendous physical profile, even if his athletic testing was a bit more modest. He will settle in as a rotational edge rusher immediately and compete with Alex Wright for snaps.
5.140 - Dorian Thompson-Robinson , QB UCLA
There have been few QBs in college football over the past five years as modestly dependable and effective as DTR. Passing for over 10,000 yds and 86 TD to 33 INTs over his long college career, with an additional 1800 yds and 27 TDs on the ground, DTR has a pro level arm, excellent mobility, and is a very intelligent passer with good instincts and the ability to progress through his reads. With a QB that has baggage, a dependable backup QB is a necessity.
5.142 - Cameron Mitchell, DB Northwestern
There was a scandal at one point this offseason where one of Cleveland's many dumbass media personalities pushed a rumor that Greg Newsome was unhappy and was demanding a trade. This was immediately rebuked by follow reporters, sources with the team, and Newsome himself, citing a charity program he launched in Cleveland within the few months prior while reiterating his love for the Browns. The reporter was justifiably made a fool of and issued a half-hearted apology soon after.
However just in case, the Browns went ahead and drafted Newsome's best friend just to make him a bit happier. Mitchell was a solid coverage presence at Northwestern, who had some great games against good passing teams including Ohio State. However his tendency to disappear at times as well as his being a better tackler than coverage player (not exactly what you want in a cornerback) saw him fall to the fifth round. He brings solid size and athleticism to the position, and is certainly a worthwhile project.
6.190 - Luke Wypler, IOL Ohio State
A real curiosity of the 2023 NFL draft was the fall of Luke Wypler. The number 54 player on PFF's big board and considered a solid day two choice by most, Wypler found himself falling all the way to the sixth round where he was a welcome addition by the Browns. Perhaps a bit undersized for his frame, he brings solid athleticism and two very good years of production to the position at one of the top programs in the nation. With the team having signed Ethan Pocic to an extension and Wypler's profile locking him to Center pretty much exclusively, his path to the field is not exactly clear (barring injuries) but a player of Wypler's caliber is not often available in the sixth round so that seems like a good problem to have.
Undrafted Free Agents:
Lonnie Phelps, DE Kansas
Mohamoud Diabate, LB Utah
Ronnie Hickman, DB Ohio State
Jeremiah Marin, DE Washington
Hassan Hall, RB Georgia Tech
Tanner McCalister, DB Ohio State
Charlie Thomas III, LB Georgia Tech
Thomas Greaney, TE Albany
Caleb Biggers, DB Boise State
I don't see anyone from this list contributing meaningfully in 2023 barring injury. The days of the Browns depending on starting snaps from UDFAs is thankfully over. That said I can see Phelps and Hickman potentially making the team, perhaps Hassan Hall as well due largely to the lack of depth running backs on the roster.
It was also following the draft that the Browns traded two fifth round picks for Za'Darius Smith, a sixth round pick and a seventh round pick. Smith is an excellent pass rusher who will provide the critical third veteran presence after Okoronkwo and Garrett, allowing the young, more raw guys like Alex Wright and Isaiah McGuire to be more rotational.
Going Forward:
Browns fans that I've spoken to are largely extremely pleased with this draft and offseason as a whole. We came in with clear needs, addressed them definitively in free agency, drafted with a clear BPA approach, and came out of draft season a better team on paper than going in. The depth of the receiving corps is still a bit uncertain, and while most Browns fans may wish we upgraded at DT a bit more I think that the guys that have been starting are better suited as backups anyway.
The season is hard to predict however for much the same reason last year's was; the massive uncertainty at QB. While Deshaun Watson played quite poorly last year it is impossible to predict how he will play with a full offseason with his teammates and coaching staff.
The division and conference is brutally hard but if this team plays to its full potential it is easily a contender for a deep playoff run. If Watson struggles and the defense doesn't improve with the new coaching it could be a long few years ahead. Only time will tell and most Browns fans are approaching the year with a familiar cautious optimism.
Projected 53 Man Roster:
QB - Deshaun Watson, Joshua Dobbs, Dorian Thompson-Robinson (3)
RB - Nick Chubb, Jerome Ford, John Kelly, Hassan Hall, (7)
WR - Amari Cooper, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Elijah Moore, Cedric Tillman, David Bell, Marquise Goodwin (13)
TE - David Njoku, Harrison Bryant, Jordan Akins (16)
OT - Jedrick Wills Jr. (LT), Jack Conklin (RT), Dawand Jones, James Hudson, (20)
OG - Joel Bitonio (LG), Wyatt Teller (RG), Colby Gossett (23)
C - Ethan Pocic, Luke Wypler (25)
DE - Myles Garrett, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Za'Darius Smith, Alex Wright, Isaiah McGuire (30)
DT - Dalvin Tomlinson, Sikai Ika, Perrion Winfrey, Jordan Elliot, Trysten Hill (35)
LB - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Anthony Walker, Sione Takitaki, Tony Fields, Jordan Kunaszyk (40)
CB - Denzel Ward, Martin Emerson, Greg Newsome, Mike Ford, AJ Green, Cameron Mitchell (46)
SFTY - Grant Delpit, Juan Thornhill, Rodney McCleod, D'Anthony Bell (50)
K - Cade York (51)
P - Corey Bojorquez (52)
LS - Charley Hughlett (53)
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2023.05.25 23:04 StephAg09 Please help with baby name (boy)

Hi! I’m currently pregnant with a baby boy and my husband and I need name help! I had a long list of girl names I loved but I’m struggling with a boy name as I used my favorite for my 3 year old - Benjamin Ezra. Below is a list of names both of us like, I’m just wondering what others thoughts are… additional info: husband is Jewish but non religious, I am not but I do like Hebrew names. Husband is interested in using William or Arthur as an honor middle name - I might get on board with Arthur but my living brothers name is William and I feel like it would be weird. I’ll list some favorite girl names to show our taste a bit more in case anyone wants to suggest more names. Thanks so much in advance!! We like:
Fennick / Fennec (possible nn Fin or Nick)
Sebastian (nn?)
Lucas / Luke
Émile nn milo
Emerson (nn?)
Girls names - Lilith iris, Emerson/Emersyn “Eme”, Lyra, Everett “Evie “, Scarlet “Scout”, Charlotte “Charlie”, Lilah, Lyric, Olive, Evelyn “evie”
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2023.05.25 08:23 Initial_Tadpole_666 27 [M4F] Let's watch BLKD x Calix and Ena Mori live! - Makati

Hello. I am from the province and I will be traveling to Makati tomorrow (May 26) to attend The Rest is Noise gig. I play in a band and I listen to a lot of the bands in the line up, including the hiphop acts. One of gig/music bucket list item is to watch BLKD perform live.
Musical acts lined up:
BLKD x Calix (KOLATERAL set) Elijah ena mori Hey June! LONER Pedicab T33G33
About me: •5'8", 63kgs, normal BMI, Ave build, moreno •Readewritemusician
Sagot ko na one bott mo.
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2023.05.25 07:39 ItsFunToHateYou Shot in the dark.

In season 5, ep 10 “The List”…the third bank robber’s never caught. She escapes with the list and we never see what comes from that. Looking at the finale, I know this is a reach but could that have some play? We never knew who the buyer was and obviously there’s a bigger play in order. She essentially escaped and supplied the buyer with the list. Got paid and disappeared. The buyer could’ve used that list to get ahold of the CI’s and the cops they work with. Find out those cops cell numbers and coordinate the ambushes. How else did they get the drop, Harper’s house, Aaron & Celina, Nolan at home…& could be leading up to Lopez at home. To find out it was Elijah this whole time OR whoever sniped Rosalind…they never explored who killed her either. I know I’m shooting in the dark but rewatched that episode and it left me with questions.
Edit: so it was explained in a crossover episode on The Rookie: Feds. That’s dumb as hell if you don’t watch both shows lol
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2023.05.23 22:22 Haunting_Flounder_87 Holy Mantle not showing

Solved ! If anyone got the same problem, mine was the fault of "The Charred"
So, i got the Holy Mantle and it works (protect me for 1 damage / room) but it doesn't appear in my life bar. I got some mods and i dunno which one cause the glitch, here's the list :
- The Lost Heart Token- Explorite Utility- Andromeda- Animated Costumes (Not activated)- Animated Items (Not activated)- Arachna- Bertran- Better Character Menu- Boss Rush Wave Counter- bygone Characters- Cadaver Rotten Expension- Damage Multiplier Stat- Dice Room Description (Not activated)- Diesaac- Divided Path- Dr Fetus Synergies- Duke Character- Eclipsed- Edith Classic- Elijah- Enhanced Boss bar- Epic Fetus Synergy- Epiphany- External Item Description- Fall From Grace- FF Reheated- FPS mod- Giant Props- Glare- Godhead Character- Hanging Dream Catcher- Job character- Lairub- Maid in the mist- Mastema- Mei- Minecraft mod (Not actived + weird thing)- Mini Map API- Modjam (Dunno what it is)- Music Mod Callback- Musicar- Nemesis (Not activated)- Planetarium Chance- The Pogging of Isaac (Not Activated)- Rainmaker Character- Regret Pedestals- Samael- Sewing Machine (Not activated)- Shotty's Stranger Megapack (Not Activated)- Siren Character- Sodom and Gomorrag- Stage API- Taunts (Not Activated)- The Deleted- The Depressed- The Hollow- The Charred- The Punished- The Stranger (Not Activated)- Tractor Beam 2.0 (Not Activated)- Zombie Mod (Not activated)- Zach Character
There is alot but if someone know which one make my Holy Mantle glitch, i really need to know, using T. The Lost with this glitch is terrifying.
Anyway, Thanks !
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2023.05.23 11:44 New_Low_2902 Middle name for Russell?

I've come to love the name Russell though it seems no middle name truly fits it. If anyone has suggestions they would be appreciated.
I'd love to stick with an "Eli" middle name as it runs in the family but none of those are fitting either. Examples- Eli, Elijah, Eliot.
Other names I like for inspiration purposes- Isaiah, Noah, Luke, Liam, Stone. I tend to like Biblical names even with a lack of religion.
Thanks for your help, even if you think two that I have listed sound good together let me know. Maybe your words sound better than mine.
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2023.05.23 07:34 BilboBaggs69 anyone else having issues where on random servers the chat box is covered by the crews but on some it isnt? and how do i fix this.

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2023.05.22 23:42 Lemonmule69 Imagine sacking your coach when the entire team is injured and you’re getting pumped week after week. This coach got you to two grand finals, and the team won in 2018. This is all after what is considered one of the biggest scandals in afl history which almost sunk the club.

Not only that. They got fucking pumped by hawthorn in that first flag attempt under Simpson. Got back up and did it again and snagged victory in one of the most clutch finals moments ever.
This is a borderline wafl team right now and the media are lapping it up. Real big brain carlton move written all over it if they sack Simpson and I think it will damage the club for a long time.
Geelong went to the bottom without Henry, Stewart, SDK, Duncan and an unfit Hawkins. West coasts injury list is wild.
Rhett Bazzo - Concussion Test
Coby Burgiel - Hamstring 1 week
Tom Cole - Ankle 7-8 weeks
Jamie Cripps - Ankle 10-12 weeks
Jai Culley - Knee Season
Jack Darling - Arm 3-5 weeks
Elijah Hewett - Ankle Test
Jamaine Jones - Nose Test
Noah Long - Hamstring Available
Jeremy McGovern- Hamstring 5-6 weeks
Nic Naitanui Achilles - 6-7 weeks
Samo Petrevski-Seton - Quad 3-4 weeks
Liam Ryan - Hamstring 8-10 weeks
Luke Shuey - Ankle/Hamstring 3-4 weeks
Jack Williams - Spleen Available
Isiah Winder Knee - 8-10 weeks
Elliot Yeo Groin - 1-2 weeks
Shannon Hurn - Adductor 1-2 weeks
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