Xyrath the covetous

Hat-Coveting Putin - If it fits, on Putin's head it sits

2014.06.07 04:21 Shappie Hat-Coveting Putin - If it fits, on Putin's head it sits

A showcase for Vladimir Putin, his hoard of hats, and his other crazy adventures. He travels all around the world, occasionally through time, other dimensions, and even spends time in the kitchen. Follow along on his adventures and see how covetous and competitive he can really be. Where will he go next? Any questions? [Message the mods!](http://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2FHatCovetingPutin)

2023.06.01 10:23 ElizabethRegina1 Pride/new premium pass

The first item on this month’s premium pass is the rainbow smoke and the daily is a Pride challenge, it all feels a bit shamelessly money grabbing, even for Covet!
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2023.06.01 10:06 Lovefool1 Favorite Set of PvP Gear?

Whatever that means to you. Best looking / favorite mog? Best feeling to get? Strogest?
S1 Warrior is forever in my heart. I coveted the classic grand Marshall gold eagle set, but I was ass at pvp throughout vanilla, mostly because I was a literal child, and didn’t hit 60 until the pre-patch for tbc.
I practiced a lot and got the full set near the end of Season 1 on my first warrior with what looking back was a probably a carry from my guild mate 3s teammates. Arms ret Rsham.
I always thought it was funny that I had to buy the set again to get the appearance bc I vendored it before that was a thing. I still have the helm and shoulders in the bank.
Also S3 sham forever goated
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2023.06.01 09:20 crazyei8hts rBBL Season 10 League Leaders

The season is over! Check out who led the leagues in the different statistical categories and snatched up those coveted Player of the Week awards.
An *asterisk denotes a 9th round pick who is eligible to use batting power ups.


American League

Stat # Player Team Coach
H 58 Fay Dawson Astros Freakshow55
-- 58 Ruth Proutt Giants Itaniium
1B 58 Ruth Proutt Giants Itaniium
2B 15 Larry Walker Astros Freakshow55
3B 6 Jane Davis Royals Vissery
HR 22 Henri Deschenes Royals Vissery
RBI 69 Jose Canseco Marlins Loba
R 41 Henri Deschenes Royals Vissery
SB 13 Zoe Mallory Giants Itaniium
Avg. 0.866 Fay Dawson Astros Freakshow55
-- 0.866 Ruth Proutt Giants Itaniium
SLG 1.952 Henri Deschenes Royals Vissery
OPS 2.702 Henri Deschenes Royals Vissery
RC 96.1 Fred Benson Rockies crazyei8hts
K 148 Amanda Hellerman Twins MikeMadness
ERA* 0.65 Frank Thomas Astros Freakshow55
WHIP* 0.67 Mandy Coolidge Devil Rays AnjouPays
* minimum 28 IP

American League Players of the Week

Week Batter Team Coach Pitcher Team Coach
1 Jane Davis Royals Vissery Randy Johnson/Thor Herring Blue Jays/Royals Eauxps I. Fourgott/Vissery
2 Joella Minotti Giants Itaniium Amanda Hellerman Twins MikeMadness
3 Jane Davis Royals Vissery Chad Koppel Cardinals Chellow
4 Parker Collum Giants Itaniium Mandy Coolidge Devil Rays AnjouPays
5 Cheryl Reynolds Giants Itaniium Randy Johnson Blue Jays Eauxps I. Fourgott
6 Henri Deschenes Royals Vissery Frank Thomas Astros Freakshow55
7 Jane Davis Royals Vissery Amanda Hellerman Twins MikeMadness
8 Lance Lambert Giants Itaniium Randy Johnson Blue Jays Eauxps I. Fourgott
9 Randi Uno Astros Freakshow55 Maria Luna Rockies crazyei8hts
10 Jose Canseco Marlins Loba Amanda Hellerman Twins MikeMadness
11 Lance Lambert Giants Itaniium Thor Herring Royals Vissery
12 Sophie Meyer Astros Freakshow55 Amanda Hellerman Twins MikeMadness
13 Henri Deschenes Royals Vissery Mandy Coolidge Devil Rays AnjouPays
14 Jose Canseco Marlins Loba Chad Koppel Cardinals Chellow

National League

Stat # Player Team Coach
H 44 Stuart Sullivan Fishes elchrisblanco
1B 42 Stuart Sullivan Fishes elchrisblanco
2B 9 Ray Tran Fishes elchrisblanco
3B 5 Pete Wheeler Fishes elchrisblanco
HR 19 Sammy Sosa Mets Wizard
RBI 57 Mark McGwire Angels bobbyBONES2370
R 33 Stuart Sullivan Fishes elchrisblanco
SB 11 Pete Wheeler Fishes elchrisblanco
Avg. 0.746 Stuart Sullivan Fishes elchrisblanco
SLG 2.000 Sammy Sosa Mets Wizard
OPS 2.700 Sammy Sosa Mets Wizard
RC 68.6 Sammy Sosa Mets Wizard
K 130 Sonja Hagen Mets Wizard
ERA* 0.43 Sonja Hagen Mets Wizard
WHIP* 0.64 Curt Schilling Red Sox alex7456
* minimum 28 IP

National League Players of the Week

Week Batter Team Coach Pitcher Team Coach
1 Pete Wheeler Fishes elchrisblanco Kenny Kawaguchi Padres benjaminion
2 Maya Woodruff Mariners GSchlim Dominic Hoskins Braves Natetastic28
3 Tonya Lesco Reds personizzle Sonja Hagen Mets Wizard
4 Sammy Sosa Mets Wizard Sonja Hagen Mets Wizard
5 Mark McGwire Angels bobbyBONES2370 Angela Delvecchio Cubs mattitude
6 Rafael Hendrix Red Sox alex7456 Sonja Hagen Mets Wizard
7 Rachel La Buena Braves Natetastic28 Dominic Hoskins Braves Natetastic28
8 Tonya Lesco Reds personizzle Angela Delvecchio Cubs mattitude
9 Sammy Sosa Mets Wizard Tiffany Bosworth Bombers jakerthesnak
10 Mark McGwire Angels bobbyJONES2370 Angela Delvecchio Cubs mattitude
11 Jorge Garcia Braves Natetastic28 Dominic Hoskins Braves Natetastic28
12 Jay Green Monsters Yurya Kenny Kawaguchi Padres Toast
13 Marsellus Marx Padres Toast Sonja Hagen Mets Wizard
14 Sammy Sosa Mets Wizard Curt Schilling Red Sox alex7456

2001 Playoff Bracket

American League
  • #1 Giants (11-3) vs. #4 Cardinals (8-6)
  • #2 Astros (11-3) vs. #3 Royals (10-4)
National League
  • #1 Braves (11-3) vs. #4 Reds (8-6)
  • #2 Monsters (9-5) vs. #3 Mets (9-5)


Frontyard League

Stat # Player Team Coach
H 48 Kathy Wolf Mets Vissery
1B 44 Kathy Wolf Mets Vissery
2B 11 Henri Deschenes Diamondbacks KingPepsi
-- 11 Ken Griffey Jr. Padres mattitude
3B 5 Gwen Sears Rangers Wizard
HR 18 Henri Deschenes Diamondbacks KingPepsi
RBI 63 Parker Collum Mets Vissery
R 35 Henri Deschenes Diamondbacks KingPepsi
SB 17 Stuart Sullivan Giants crazyei8hts
Avg. 0.842 Kathy Wolf Mets Vissery
SLG 2.077 Henri Deschenes Diamondbacks KingPepsi
OPS 2.865 Henri Deschenes Diamondbacks KingPepsi
RC 85.2 Henri Deschenes Diamondbacks KingPepsi
K 129 Frank Thomas Padres mattitude
ERA* 0.50 Brad Radke Diamondbacks KingPepsi
WHIP* 0.57 Brad Radke Diamondbacks KingPepsi
* minimum 28 IP

Frontyard League Players of the Week

Week Batter Team Coach Pitcher Team Coach
1 Julie Dunkel Melonheads Eauxps I. Fourgott Todd Xavier Giants crazyei8hts
2 Henri Deschenes Diamondbacks KingPepsi Brad Radke Diamondbacks KingPepsi
3 Barry Bonds Giants crazyei8hts Frank Thomas Padres mattitude
4 Claudia Villarta Royals arcothunder Todd Xavier Giants crazyei8hts
5 Jimmy Rollins Mets Vissery Julie Dunkel Melonheads Eauxps I. Fourgott
6 Claudia Villarta Royals arcothunder Frank Thomas Padres mattitude
7 Zoe Mallory* Diamondbacks KingPepsi Matessa Sturges Astros bobbyBONES2370
8 Mikey Thomas Cubs Heinz Brad Radke Diamondbacks KingPepsi
9 Lindsy Felgate Melonheads Eauxps I. Fourgott Frank Thomas Padres mattitude
10 Fred Benson Giants crazyei8hts Frank Thomas Padres mattitude
11 Ronny Dobbs Padres mattitude Christina Beattie Orioles SilverBullet102
12 Parker Collum Mets Vissery Todd Xavier Giants crazyei8hts
13 Chico Pappas Padres mattitude Betty Houston Indians Madoc
14 Zenon Estrada Cubs Heinz Carlos Delgado Cubs Heinz

Backyard League

Stat # Player Team Coach
H 48 Marilyn McDonnell Red Sox lillwaws26
-- 48 Alexis Weis Twins Toast
1B 42 Grace Tipton Marlins personizzle
2B 10 Pete Wheeler Marlins personizzle
3B 4 Davy Marian White Sox MelloMathTeacher
HR 18 Achmed Khan Red Sox lillwaws26
RBI 55 Zena Fromme Twins Toast
R 34 Achmed Khan/Marilyn McDonnell Red Sox lillwaws26
-- 34 Cheryl Reynolds Braves Natetastic28
SB 14 Pete Wheeler Marlins personizzle
Avg. 0.846 Olga Tollefson Pirates shrewsbury91
SLG 1.759 Achmed Khan Red Sox lillwaws26
OPS 2.484 Achmed Khan Red Sox lillwaws26
RC 78.4 Cheryl Reynolds Braves Natetastic28
K 110 Angela Delvecchio Angels alex7456
ERA* 0.53 Whitney Singh White Sox MelloMathTeacher
WHIP* 0.58 Yvonne Carter Wombats Marco
* minimum 14 IP

Backyard League Players of the Week

Week Batter Team Coach Pitcher Team Coach
1 Cheryl Reynolds Braves Natetastic28 Tom Glass Expos jyknight
2 Cheryl Reynolds Braves Natetastic28 Mr. Clanky Fishes elchrisblanco
3 Marsellus Marx Fishes elchrisblanco Jerry Winchell Pirates shrewsbury91
4 Wally Evans Expos jyknight Tom Glass Expos jyknight
5 Wally Evans Expos jyknight Whitney Singh White Sox MelloMathTeacher
6 Debby Nagasawa Braves Natetastic28 Angela Delvecchio Angels alex7456
7 Mike Piazza Marlins personizzle Jerry Winchell Pirates shrewsbury91
8 Zena Fromme Twins Toast Angela Delvecchio Angels alex7456
9 Sammy Sosa Pirates shrewsbury91 Jerry Winchell Pirates shrewsbury91
10 Chipper Jones Wombats Marco Tim Hudson Braves Natetastic28
11 Cheryl Reynolds Braves Natetastic28 Angela Delvecchio Angels alex7456
12 Sophie Meyer Twins Toast Angela Delvecchio Angels alex7456
13 Sammy Sosa Pirates shrewsbury91 Nancy Chin Twins Toast
14 Achmed Khan Red Sox lillwaws26 Judy Abwunza Marlins personizzle

2003 Playoff Bracket

Frontyard League
  • #1 Mets (11-3) vs. #4 Rangers (9-5)
  • #2 Astros (11-3) vs. #3 Diamondbacks (9-4-1)
Backyard League
  • #1 White Sox (11-3) vs. #4 Pirates (8-6)
  • #2 Twins (9-5) vs. #3 Marlins (10-4)
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2023.06.01 09:17 BadDoctor2 [PS4] can aneybody help aganst deathbard. Can’t seem to get the coveted W against the brid…

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2023.06.01 08:04 rajdubey123 One Good Earth: Where Nature Meets Urban Living

In the bustling city of Gurgaon, amidst the concrete jungle and fast-paced lifestyle, there exists a sanctuary where nature and urban living seamlessly converge. Welcome to One Good Earth, a residential project that offers an idyllic blend of modernity and tranquility. With its prime location in Sector 71, Gurgaon, this development has captured the attention of homebuyers seeking a harmonious balance between a sustainable lifestyle and convenience.
One of the most enticing features of One Good Earth is the availability of residential plots under the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana (DDJAY) scheme. DDJAY plots in One Good Earth offer a unique opportunity for aspiring homeowners to build their dream abodes in a planned and regulated environment. This scheme aims to provide affordable housing options to individuals from different income groups, promoting inclusive urban development. By offering DDJAY plots, One Good Earth fosters a sense of community and belonging, creating a vibrant neighborhood that is diverse and inclusive.
Sector 71 in Gurgaon has emerged as a coveted residential destination, known for its well-planned infrastructure and proximity to essential amenities. This sector enjoys excellent connectivity to major commercial hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment centers. With a DDJAY plot in One Good Earth, residents can relish the advantages of living in a well-connected location while enjoying the serenity of natural surroundings.
One Good Earth in Sector 71 Gurgaon presents a range of residential properties that cater to various preferences and budgetary considerations. Whether you are looking for a compact plot for a cozy home or a more spacious plot to accommodate a larger family, you can find suitable options in this development. The project offers flexibility in terms of plot sizes, ensuring that homeowners have the freedom to design and construct their dwellings according to their specific needs and aspirations.
What sets One Good Earth apart from other residential projects is its commitment to affordability without compromising on quality and amenities. The residential plots in One Good Earth 71 Gurgaon are competitively priced, making it an attractive proposition for budget-conscious homebuyers. The project offers an exceptional opportunity to own a piece of land in a prime location without burdening your finances. With the rising cost of real estate, such affordable options are a boon for those who aspire to own a home that they can truly call their own.
In addition to its affordable price point, One Good Earth boasts a range of amenities that enhance the overall living experience. The project is designed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, with ample green spaces, landscaped gardens, and tree-lined avenues. Residents can enjoy leisurely strolls, engage in outdoor activities, or simply unwind in the lap of nature after a long day. The development also includes amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, and sports facilities, ensuring a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents.
As the demand for affordable housing continues to rise, One Good Earth in Sector 71 Gurgaon stands as a testament to the possibility of combining affordability with quality living. The project offers residential plots under the DDJAY scheme, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals to build their dream homes in a well-connected and sustainable environment. With its competitive pricing and commitment to creating a harmonious balance between urban living and nature, One Good Earth is truly a haven for those seeking a residential property that offers both value and a sense of community.
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2023.06.01 07:33 baldindian The coveted Meringussy

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2023.06.01 06:39 Amenable2Mischief What do I (the client) do about a commissioned piece I don't like?

So I’ve seen a few similar posts about this same problem on the sister sub, but I think my situation is a little different. I commissioned some artwork from a very famous artist. They have a very distinct style, and it’s all based on a couple of characters they created. I have purchased at least 15, maybe more pieces from this artist through several different galleries. I once saw a sketch of theirs that I fell in love with, but it turns out that it was a piece made for their child, not for sale and not replicated.
Years later and I have now met the artist several times at various gallery showings and they were kind enough to sign pieces I had previously purchased that I had brought with me. This artist is known for being gracious, patient, and generous to their fans and the galleries they work with. A few years after that, I was still coveting the simple sketch I saw and so I contacted the gallery I purchase from the most and asked if the artist would do a commission. I couldn’t find the original sketch I fell in love with after a LOT of looking, so I described the piece to the best of my ability and even included some other work done by the artist that is very similar as an example. The sketch was very simple in that it didn’t have a bunch of stuff for me to describe. No background, just the character and one object. I specifically said that I didn’t care about the medium used, but that the situation the character should be in should be the same as the example piece I sent them and that I wanted the character to be wearing a specific hat, also the same as what was in the example piece. (The example piece just had a different character.)
The gallery told me that the artist doesn’t take commissions, but they would ask about the piece I had once seen. After speaking to the artist, the gallery told me they had good news: the artist would take the commission and they knew the piece I was referring to. That’s how I found out it was a sketch for their child and was not included anywhere in their works for sale. The gallery actually forwarded my email with all the description and example artwork to the artist.
They required half as a deposit. This amount alone was several thousand dollars. I agreed to pay the other half when I received the artwork, as is usual. I did not ask for a mid progress update because the piece I wanted replicated (essentially) was so specific, and the artist said they knew which one I was talking about. Their style does not ever change, no matter the subject. I have never commissioned anything before, and the gallery did not suggest it, so we did not have a contract. I didn’t even know that was a thing, although it makes total sense now.
Fast forward 6 months, and I just received word from the gallery that the piece is done and on it’s way to the gallery. The artist snapped a pic and forwarded it. I cannot even express how disappointed I am with it, especially after being so excited to get it. The situation of the piece is fine, but they didn’t just put the hat on the character, they changed the character! I don’t know how to explain it without identifying the character, but the artist put, let’s say certain features on their original character that changed it into a mixture of their creation and another very well known character from a major franchise who normally wears the hat I asked for. I hope that kind of makes sense. As an example, Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat wears a distinctive hat. I essentially asked for the artist’s character to wear an iconic hat, like the one from Cat in the Hat. But instead, they took their character, and combined it with the Cat plus the Hat. Like they took the tail and ears from the cat and put it on their character along with the hat. Anyway, I think it looks absolutely horrible and has ruined the character and artwork altogether, IMHO. The medium is pen and ink, so the artist would have to redo it completely.
I don’t know what to do. Who am I to critique an artist’s vision, their hard work, their creativity? I have since found a picture of the original piece that they did for their child. I like it 10x better than what I will be receiving. A friend suggested that I don’t say anything and just keep it because the artist is so famous that maybe the piece, being a one and only original might increase substantially in value, but I wouldn't know. The artist has become so prolific in the years since I first started collecting their artwork, that I don’t know if that will hold true. (FYI, I know nothing of art value, I just know what I like and I buy it when I can.) I could always talk to the gallery, who will then no doubt contact the artist, but the biggest problem with that is that the artist doesn’t take commissions, made an exception for me, and now I’m telling them I don’t like their work. I would feel absolutely terrible, and even if they took it well, I think how that would work is that I would be out my deposit at the least, and that’s a whole lot of money to lose. I don’t know if I’m allowed to sell it, and even if I am, is that morally ok? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.01 06:36 Typical_Balance3892 Evolving Skies boxes $600 ???

When did Evolving Skies become such a coveted set? I saw in my local TCG store that booster boxes are now $599. Why lol? Everyone knows you cannot pull any decent Rayquaza's in that set because the pull rate is so low.
What's the appeal if you're guaranteed not to pull a coveted Rayquaza?
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2023.06.01 06:21 whyshouldthefiredie I asked ChatGPT to explain DMZ lore

Prompt: In a post apocalyptic world, Karl trades hand cream, batteries, and hard drives for high-grade military equipment. Write a story about Karl and his backstory.
In the desolate remains of a post-apocalyptic world, where chaos reigned and survival was a daily struggle, there was a man named Karl. A survivor of the cataclysmic event that had torn civilization apart, Karl had learned to navigate the harsh reality that now enveloped the remnants of humanity.
Karl was a resourceful individual, with a keen eye for valuable items that had become scarce in this new world. His journey to become a trader began years ago, after stumbling upon an abandoned warehouse. Within its decaying walls, he discovered a treasure trove of forgotten goods—a collection of hand creams, batteries, and hard drives.
As Karl ventured deeper into the wreckage of the warehouse, he realized the true worth of these seemingly ordinary items. Hand cream became a precious commodity in a world plagued by dry skin and cracked hands. Batteries held the power to bring light to the darkness, keeping hope alive during the long, cold nights. And the hard drives, remnants of forgotten knowledge, held secrets that could change the fate of the few who dared to harness them.
With this newfound understanding, Karl set out on a mission to trade his discoveries for something of even greater value—high-grade military equipment. He knew that in this brutal world, the power to defend oneself was paramount. It was the difference between life and death.
Karl’s journey took him to the outskirts of shattered cities and the lawless territories in between. He encountered dangerous gangs, ruthless scavengers, and desperate survivors. But armed with his wits and an unwavering determination, he navigated these treacherous landscapes, seeking out those who possessed the high-grade military equipment he coveted.
Each trade he made was a careful negotiation, a delicate dance of bartering and persuasion. With the allure of hand cream, he enticed those desperate for relief from cracked and bleeding skin. Batteries became a lifeline, a symbol of hope, traded to those yearning for a flicker of light in the darkness. And the hard drives, filled with forgotten knowledge and untapped potential, intrigued the few who understood their true worth.
As Karl’s reputation grew, so did the value of his trades. He became known as the “Merchant of the Wastes,” a moniker whispered in hushed tones among those seeking his services. With each successful transaction, his arsenal expanded, and he transformed from a mere survivor into a force to be reckoned with.
But behind Karl’s trading prowess and his seemingly endless determination, there was a deeper story. Beneath the gruff exterior and the calculating eyes, lay a man burdened by the loss of loved ones and the weight of guilt. The cataclysm had taken everything from him—family, friends, and a world that once made sense. His relentless pursuit of high-grade military equipment was driven not only by the need for survival but also by an unspoken promise he had made to himself—to protect those he cared for in this dangerous world, no matter the cost.
As Karl continued his trade, he became more than just a merchant. He became a symbol of hope, an embodiment of resilience in the face of devastation. The items he offered held more than just practical value; they carried with them a glimmer of normalcy, a reminder of the world that once was.
In the end, Karl’s story was not just about survival or the pursuit of material wealth. It was a testament to the strength of the human spirit, the ability to adapt and find purpose even in the darkest of times. And as long as there were those who sought protection and salvation, Karl would continue his trade, weaving his story into the tattered fabric of a post-apocalyptic world.
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2023.06.01 06:19 cromatkastar Any chance that Tom goes to jail?

He's now in charge of a company that put out literally fake numbers with living plus and altered Logan's last words
AND literally put out fake news to claim Mencken won, causing the country to go into disarray.
Wouldn't it be hilarious if Tom finally gets his coveted CEO role only to go to prison for it, the thing he has been the most afraid of for the past few seasons, and what he thought he finally dodged?
Ironically I think Kendall would have been great here. He's always the best when his back's against the wall and would have managed this potential crisis way better than Tom would.
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2023.06.01 06:19 cromatkastar Any chance that Tom goes to jail?

He's now in charge of a company that put out literally fake numbers with living plus and altered Logan's last words
AND literally put out fake news to claim Mencken won, causing the country to go into disarray.
Wouldn't it be hilarious if Tom finally gets his coveted CEO role only to go to prison for it, the thing he has been the most afraid of for the past few seasons, and what he thought he finally dodged?
Ironically I think Kendall would have been great here. He's always the best when his back's against the wall and would have managed this potential crisis way better than Tom would.
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2023.06.01 05:30 Odd_Consideration986 [USA-CA] [H] MacBook Pro 14” 10/16Core/16gbRAM/1TB w/Dbrand skin, OLED Switch Bundle [W] Local Cash Pickup, Local Delivery

I have hardly used the Macbook, its been in my hands a handful of times after putting that skin on. The OLED switch has really just sat there since I discovered emulation.
M1 MacBook Pro 1TB/16GB/16 Core GPU 10 Core CPU has Damascus D - Brand skin will also include the obsidian one should you want to switch it up. Includes all OG accessories except the MagSafe cable is the blue one from the M2 Air because I liked it better… Includes OG Box + Receipt
Asking - $1700 open to ALL offers
OLED Switch with all OG parts including box and dock & wrist straps
Has screen protector Hand grips Clear case The bigger hands controller Carrying case Pokédex game case filled with Tony hawk pro skater 1+2 Pokémon Sword Pokémon Shield Mario Golf Sonic Colors And the ever coveted SMASH BROS
I also have the original cases for the games!!!
Asking - $350
I am in the bay area/95405 willing to meet at Apple/PD/Bank, I'll deliver all over the Bay and Sac, I'm also traveling down to LA / San Diego weekend of June 10th.
Time stamp:
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2023.06.01 05:18 userrrrrrrr2013 Who should pay the bill when dining out with friends?

My close group of friends and I (about 10-12 of us) tend to dine out often. It’s become a habit where I will usually pick up the tab and everyone will Venmo me/pay in cash and I’ve realised I do it because the bill is usually ignored when it arrives. We will all do eyeball gymnastics to avoid acknowledging the bill as if the person who notices it first has to foot the bill.
Now everyone does (eventually) pay their share. Personally if anyone coveted me up front I would pay them back while they are making the transaction or immediately after. I will make the effort to look at the bill myself, confirming my share if it’s not split evenly and paying them. My friends will ask after the bill is paid and will take maybe a day to pay me back.
2-3 in the group tend to delay their payments and usually need reminding. They are also more laid back if ever money is owed to them and will calculate a sum over a few months and so their approaches with paying back is the same. On some occasions, I have forgotten what they owe me and realise too late and write it off as they haven’t brought it up either. I also don’t like to remind/ask more than once as I believe if you owe someone money, it is your responsibility to pay them back and not mine to chase them up.
For some time I started to bring cash with me and pick up the bill and put in my share and let someone else pick up the total. It would be such an awkward situation though as we would sit there, chatting and continuing to ignore the bill until someone else decides to do it.
Recently we celebrated a birthday and I had my cash ready however the birthday girl eventually pulled out her card to pay (this being one of the few who tend to delay). Her fiancé has been having it rough with finances and I assume they share their finances. I didn’t feel it was right for her to foot the bill just out of consideration and decided to pay upfront and the group including the fiancé could pay me back. We agreed to an even split later with everyone covering the birthday person. It’s been a few weeks and the fiancé has not paid me back or brought it up.
I am choosing to leave it so that is not my question or issue. I am just curious to know how others deal with situations like this?
It’s been mentioned by a handful of us that with the delayers we prefer to have cash or let them pay. But in a big group when no one brings cash, someone does have to foot the bill first. It feels too awkward to suggest we all do bring cash as I’m not wanting to highlight any ‘issues’ or single anyone out. I think it’s unspoken that I’m the one who usually picks up the bill and sometimes it’s easier to just do it and also there’s the awkwardness of lingering while we wait for someone or me to pay.
I didn’t mind it at first because I would usually receive the money but I dislike having to follow up on, check in weeks later.
Please share your opinions on this. It would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.01 05:15 SwiftwindAlacorn An increase in homosexuality is a sign of judgment from God

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse - Romans 1:20
For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. - Romans 1:26,27
Do not think that things are going to get better. As we more and more move way from God, things like this will increase.
And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. - Romans 1:28-32
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2023.06.01 04:02 Few-Candle-4308 How much percentage does the covetous gold serpent ring increase?

Since it has 300 instead of the usual 100. Would the swag sword have a 3 percent drop rate instead 1?
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2023.06.01 03:34 harry-jg How to Pay Hulu Outside in USA

Can't access Hulu outside the United States? It's as if the universe has conspired against you, demanding you provide a US credit card and asking you to physically be in the country. This becomes particularly vexing when you're on a vacation in, say, Paris, and all you want is to binge-watch your favourite show while munching on a croissant. Turns out, renewing your subscription can be as complicated as explaining the plot of a time-travel movie to your grandmother.
So here's the trick: You need a VPN. Hulu, being the sly fox that it is, looks at your IP address to see if you're within the good ol' USA. But a VPN, with its digital cloak of invisibility, lets you masquerade as a Yank, regardless of your actual whereabouts. Meaning, you could be sipping sake in Tokyo or riding a camel in Egypt, but Hulu will think you're eating apple pie in the heartland.
Through diligent labour, my team and I scrutinized over 60 VPNs designed to finagle Hulu's geoblocks. And standing tall among the crowd, we have ExpressVPN. It's the Brad Pitt of VPNs, offering multiple US servers and lightning-fast speeds to let you access Hulu without as much as a hiccup. And just to sweeten the deal, you can take ExpressVPN for a spin without any risk, as it's protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If it doesn't tickle your fancy, getting your money back is as easy as pie.
Getting Cozy with Hulu Globally: A VPN's Role in Your Streaming Escapades
Ever tried to access Hulu outside the United States? It's like attempting to communicate with a mime—nearly impossible and often met with an unamused silence. Hulu, with its treasure trove of binge-worthy content, unfortunately, dons an armor of licensing restrictions that keep it securely tethered to the Land of the Free. Its digital gatekeepers, aptly called geoblocks, detect the non-US IP address and give you a digital cold shoulder. And if you thought that's the end of your woes, there's more! Setting up a new Hulu account would need a US credit card, a hurdle that's hard to leap.
In these dire times, one can count on the prowess of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Picture a VPN as a savvy undercover agent, masterfully disguising your IP address as if you're lounging on a couch somewhere in New York, even when you're actually sunbathing in Barcelona. A VPN juggles your internet traffic, directing it through a server of your choice, thereby replacing your original IP address with a shiny new one from the chosen location. This high-tech sleight of hand can bamboozle streaming platforms into thinking you're within their allowed borders.
In layman's terms, pick a VPN server located in the US and voila! You get a US IP address. When Hulu gazes upon this borrowed IP, it believes you're a proud dweller of Uncle Sam's land, lifting the barriers. Suddenly, signing up, renewing subscriptions, and accessing your beloved Hulu shows become a cakewalk, no matter where on the globe you're perched.
Imagine you're trying to sprint a marathon on stilts - pretty inconvenient and unstable, right? Now swap those stilts with a pair of world-class running shoes, and suddenly you're Usain Bolt. That's precisely the upgrade ExpressVPN offers when you're trying to subscribe to Hulu or streaming in Ultra High Definition.
In a test of virtual athleticism, ExpressVPN's New York, Dallas, and Chicago servers gave a stunning performance. Clocking in at an average speed of 91 Mbps, they fell only a hair short of my prime 100 Mbps connection. It’s like running a race and placing a close second to a cheetah. Given that you need merely a humble 25 Mbps to stream in UHD, this VPN crosses the finish line with excessive energy to spare. Even when I indulged in a hair-raising episode of American Horror Story, buffering was a foreign concept.
In addition to its impressive speed, ExpressVPN offers a roster of 24 US locations, akin to a digital buffet of options for connecting to Hulu on your world travels. Even from the other side of the world (9,153 km away, to be exact), my New Jersey server stood like a steadfast guard, ensuring my connection remained unbroken.
What's more, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer acts as a secret decoder ring, enabling you to watch Hulu on devices that usually don't shake hands with VPNs. PlayStation, Xbox, or even that one smart TV you got at a Black Friday sale years ago; all can be brought into the fold. The setup process was quicker than making a microwave popcorn bag. Simply jot down a code from your ExpressVPN account dashboard, feed it into your smart TV’s network settings, and voila! I found myself catching up on Hulu shows on my antiquated Samsung Tizen TV with no hiccups.
While ExpressVPN might ask for a few more pennies than its fellow VPN services, the sheer performance justifies the price tag. It's like paying extra for a VIP concert ticket - you're assured of the best experience. And with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test drive it on Hulu, no strings attached. And if you decide it's not your cup of tea, their customer support is there to process your refund without quibble. They’re rather nice about it, really.
Picture CyberGhost as the highly competent butler of your digital mansion, ensuring a seamless Hulu streaming experience. This ace up the VPN sleeve not only provides fast and reliable connections but serves them with a silver platter specifically designed for Hulu. Imagine a world where buffering is as extinct as dial-up internet, all thanks to CyberGhost’s Hulu-optimized servers. I frolicked in this paradise while renewing my subscription using their Miami server.
Using CyberGhost's Hulu-optimized servers is like walking through an automatic door; it's a breeze. The interface is as user-friendly as a Labrador puppy. A simple peck on your keyboard typing "Hulu" in the search bar under the "For streaming" tab, and you're given a list of servers that are specially designed to work magic on Hulu. Better still, some of these servers have undergone a digital personal training regimen to optimize their performance for Fire Stick and Android TV specifically.
While CyberGhost may not be as predictably consistent as ExpressVPN, akin to a weather forecast, its connections still hold strong. Think of it like a relay race with the US, UK, and Australia servers, each passing the baton without letting the speed dip below an 82 Mbps average. I was treated to uninterrupted feasts of "Santa Evita" and "House of the Dragon" in Ultra High Definition, without so much as a single awkward pause or hiccup.
Private Internet Access
Imagine a scenario where you have a myriad of IP addresses at your disposal for streaming Hulu like a monarch, that's exactly what PIA offers. This VPN is a playground teeming with server options in the US, reducing your chances of being in the middle of an overcrowded digital mosh pit. Trust me, you'd prefer your own breathing room when renewing your Hulu subscription, which I did with as much ease as butter sliding off a hot knife. With such an extensive server network, you have a buffet of alternative routes should Hulu unexpectedly pull the roadblock on one.
What sets PIA apart from the crowd is its penchant for personalization. Think of it as the bespoke suit of VPN apps. This little wonder comes with an array of widgets that are as flexible as a yoga instructor, ready to twist and bend to suit your interface aesthetic. Additionally, it hands you the reins of encryption, allowing you to choose between the Fort Knox of security - the AES 256-bit encryption, or the slightly more fleet-footed but still quite secure AES 128-bit encryption.
Now, this plethora of customization options could be a bit like being lost in a tech version of Narnia for the newly initiated. It's a lot to take in. But give it a little time, a few exploratory clicks and swipes, and you'll find the app's interface becomes as familiar and easy to navigate as your favorite neighborhood bistro.
Five Secret Passages to Hulu Land Without a US Credit Card in 2023
Juggling through the nuances of signing up for Hulu, especially without a US credit card, can make your head spin faster than a hamster on a wheel. So let's pop the lid off Pandora's box and unveil the five undercover methods to bring Hulu to your fingertips.
Before you sprint into action, let's cross off a couple of quick checks:
Make sure to equip yourself with a VPN. Any VPN on my coveted shortlist should do the trick, but I would tilt my hat towards ExpressVPN. It zips along at breakneck speeds and boasts a generous offering of US servers to select from
Now you're in the right gear, but you need to be in the right place. As Hulu only pays house visits to those who reside in the US (virtually, of course), that's where you should connect.
With these quick checks done and dusted, you're ready to proceed. Brace yourself as we unveil the five secret scrolls to gain access to the tantalizing world of Hulu.
MyGiftCardSupply: Your Key to Unlock Hulu's Magic Box
A Hulu gift card from MyGiftCardSupply is your golden ticket to the land of unlimited entertainment.
Step 1: Buying a ticket. Venture into the online bazaar of MyGiftCardSupply, and procure a Hulu gift card ranging from $25 to $100. The amount depends on how deep you want to dive into the ocean of Hulu content. Be sure to sign up if you haven't already - think of it as a friendly handshake.
Step 2: Sniff out the code. Once the gift card purchase is complete, you'll receive an email with the precious code. Open it, and gently copy the code.
Step 3: Claim your prize. Stride confidently to Hulu's redemption page, type in your hard-earned code, and create your account. Do remember to use a US address and zip code when signing up – they are quite particular about that.
Step 4: Let the show begin. Slide into Hulu's log-in page and gently type in your shiny new credentials.
Step 5: The Grand Finale. Now it's time to sit back, relax, and bask in the glory of endless entertainment on Hulu. Step into your personal streaming universe and enjoy the show!
Hitching a Ride on iTunes US: Your Unconventional Route to Hulu
Now, let's stroll down a different route, this time, a path known as 'iTunes US.'
Step 1: Set up camp in the Land of Apple. Visit Apple's website and pitch your digital tent by creating a new account. Consider this your personal American outpost in the universe of iTunes.
Step 2: Stock up on provisions. Replenish your digital coffers either directly through iTunes or via a US iTunes gift card, which is akin to your secret stash of apple cider in the cellar.
Step 3: Summon Hulu. Type "Hulu" into the search bar and download the app. Much like calling a pet, it'll come running and install itself onto your device.
Step 4: Enter the realm of Hulu. Use your iTunes funds to either get a shiny new plan or renew an existing subscription, and then log into your Hulu account. This is you officially checking into the grand Hulu Hotel.
Step 5: Savour the spectacle. With all these steps complete, you're now in a position to pay for and enjoy your Hulu account. It's time to kick back and indulge in the smorgasbord of entertainment that Hulu has to offer.
Hopping onto the Hulu Train with a Prepaid US Card: A Thrifty Globetrotter's Guide
Let's now venture down a pragmatic avenue, namely the 'Prepaid US Card' route.
The first station is "Prepaid US Card Central". You'll need to navigate your way to VISA or MasterCard, where you can choose your ticket – the prepaid card.
Next, we arrive at "Funds Station". Here, you need to fuel up your prepaid card. This can be done directly or by transferring money from your bank account, given that your card of choice supports such cheery transfers.
Having acquired your ticket and made sure it's packed with funds, it's time to board the Hulu Express at the "Hulu Account Terminal". Here, you'll need to check-in, select a subscription plan, and jot down the necessary particulars.
We're almost there. The last stop before you start your entertainment journey is "Registration Point". Here, you pay for the service using your shiny new prepaid card. Now, if this doesn't work for some reason, perhaps the ticket machine is being obstinate, don't fret – just try the gift card method instead.
With the ticketing process complete, you're all set to start watching. It's time to sit back, kick off your shoes, and let the Hulu Express whisk you away into a world of non-stop entertainment, right outside of the USA.
PayPal Your Way to Hulu Paradise: A Modern Maverick's Approach
Welcome to the "PayPal method", a trail favored by modern mavericks, digital nomads, and online shopping aficionados.
Begin this journey by constructing your own digital finance fortress – a PayPal account. You'll need to swing by PayPal and ensure you're setting up a US account. Now, it's imperative that you get this right, because Hulu can be a bit snobbish when it comes to foreign PayPal accounts. If setting up a US PayPal account starts to feel like trying to lasso a greased pig, simply revert to our old reliable – the gift card method.
Having established your PayPal account, you're now ready for the next leg of the journey. Head on over to Hulu, strut your stuff, and log in using your credentials.
Next up, it's time to pay the piper... or rather, the subscription. If your account is a newborn, fresh out of the internet womb, you can also kick off a free trial.
With these steps accomplished, it's time to kick back and start watching. Dive headlong into the ocean of your favorite Hulu shows, and swim around in the thrill of it all.
StatesCard: Your Magic Carpet Ride to Hulu Bingeing
Behold, the wonders of StatesCard, the 21st-century magic carpet ride to the land of Hulu bingeing!
Your journey starts at the port of StatesCard, where you'll need to carve out your digital presence by clicking the "Sign Up" button. Having successfully become a part of the club, add a little bit of that digital money to make it official.
Your next stop is Hulu. Log in with your carefully crafted credentials or take a bold step and create a whole new identity for yourself (strictly on Hulu, of course).
Once settled in, it's time to pay the virtual ferryman. Use the card information you secured from your new friend, StatesCard, to pay for or renew your Hulu subscription. If you do this right, you'll have successfully purchased your ticket to endless entertainment.
Having accomplished these milestones, you're now fully armed and ready to embark on the Hulu adventure. Sit back, relax, and let the world of your favorite Hulu shows envelop you.
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2023.06.01 03:31 CraftyBooze I know it's just phantom sealed, but this is the coolest MID deck i've ever played 8)

I know it's just phantom sealed, but this is the coolest MID deck i've ever played 8) submitted by CraftyBooze to lrcast [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 03:04 Verdaunt If you believe you can't get better, you won't get better.

Every day I see several posts and comments about hourglass and they all have the same general idea: "I play against players who are so much better than me that I sink in x amount of seconds and I don't have the chance to learn anything!"
You guys, if you don't put enough effort into getting better, you won't get better. This is a skill based game, it requires a deceptively large amount of skill, time and dedication in order for it to reach it's full potential. If you are unwilling or unable to put in the time and effort required to learn the skills you need to be successful, yes! It's not very fun! That is by design. That's the way this game works. It is a harsh pirate themed world that gives you challenges that you have to overcome in order to earn the rewards you want.
That's the beauty of this game, yet so many people get lost in their own desire to get gold/cosmetics/achievements and they forget what the game is designed to be. It's not supposed to be easy. Some cosmetics aren't supposed to be earned by every swabbie who can pick up a controller or keyboard. The best and most coveted cosmetics and achievements are earnable only by the best/most dedicated and determined players. If you aren't one of those two things, you either need to become one of those two things or accept the fact that you don't have what it takes to earn those cosmetics and achievements.
I want to stress that It's okay to not be the best player around. But you don't deserve to have every cosmetic in the game just because you want it. If you aren't willing to go through the trials and tribulations of earning something, you don't deserve to have it. A harsh truth but a necessary one. If you want to earn these curses, but have little to no experience in PvP, that is where dedication and determination come in. Watch YouTube guides and tutorials, don't give up, go into battles with an open mind and willingness to look back on what you did wrong. This mentality of "It's not my fault, they're just way better than me!" It is your fault. You can get better and suffer through all the trials of doing that but you don't want to.
Just don't give up so easy. Don't just chalk up every loss to "Welp, they're just better". Go into with it with an open mind, if you go into every battle using the same strategies and continually loss, those strategies are bad. Change them, watch a few YouTube videos. Play to your strengths. You got this.
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2023.06.01 02:51 AslandusTheLaster Another story about an annoying narrator

Original prompt: [WP] You're just living your life. Calling friends, doing your job, getting groceries. Alas, your narrator is unbearably pretentious, and is trying their best to frame this as a deep metaphor for the human condition no matter how much you try to make them stop. (link)
Catherine walked through the grocery store, aisles extending before her like the endless paths of the eternal labyrinth. Somewhere within this great dungeon of comestibles were the coveted items she sought, to extend the lifetime of her fleshy vessel for a few more moons. Harrowing, it must have been, to walk those aisles, to seek those Cheez-its, knowing that they would offer such brief reprieve for her hard-earned money.
"Okay, I get it, my shopping list sucks, can you please shut up? I just want to get my groceries and go home..." Catherine said, having clearly become delusional from hunger.
She rolled her eyes, almost certainly at her own foolishness, and strolled toward the bakery section of the store. There she spied a box of doughnuts, tempting her to stray from her prepared plans. They reminded her of herself, those doughtnuts, soft and spongy with a veneer of sweet sugar on the exterior, but ultimately devoid of any true nutritional substance. Even the hole in the center seemed representative of the void within her own soul, a yawning chasm leaving her gasping for-
"Jesus Christ, are you my mom or something? Can't I even buy some fucking snacks without you judging me?" Catherine demanded, shouting up at the rafters. They offered no response, obviously.
She placed the doughnuts back on the display with a sneer, the pastries surely reminding her too much of the part of herself she preferred to ignore. Instead she moved to the produce section, and began perusing the fruit. She felt herself drawn to the bananas, which reminded her so much of her good friend Kristine. Soft and sweet on the inside, with a leathery yet smooth and pleasant exterior that meant it didn't need the protective packaging many other sweet treats came with. She contrasted them with the coconuts that brought Charles to mind, with their hairy covering and hard shell that made it nigh impossible to reach the sweetness she was so sure was hidden beneath, but would likely be underwhelming when she finally made it through.
"For the last time, Kristine and I aren't like that, and I'm not breaking up with Charles just because you don't like him!" Catherine said to the lights hanging overhead. One of them flickered slightly, offering the silly girl some response for her trouble.
Catherine placed one of the bunches of bananas in her basket, as well as a head of broccoli, the many florets of which represented her unwillingness to truly let herself blossom for fear that it would make her unpalatable to those around her.
"Oh for fuck's sake! I do not need a therapy session right now!" Catherine said, to the nozzle spraying a fine mist over the vegetables on display. The other customers surely had doubts about her assertion, given her penchant for shouting at random inanimate objects.
Catherine then grunted and began walking off in a huff, snatching a package of ground beef off the shelf. While not representative of a person, the meat being processed to the point of being unrecognizable, which then had to be cooked until it was even more unrecognizable lest it cause health problems for whomsoever ate it, perfectly illustrated the tragic disconnect between people and the food on their plate.
Indeed, as she grabbed a pack of her favorite artificially-flavored fizzy drink, Catherine couldn't help but recognize that cruel irony of spinning her wheels at a job she didn't like to get food she didn't understand to sustain a body she never asked for. All so she could continue working that same job, with her days off being filled with meaningless frivolity and pointless busywork. If ever there was a time when poor Catherine needed to take a few days off, and perhaps reconnect with some family members she hadn't interacted with enough in recent times-
"Yes, I said I was going to help out on my grandparents' farm this weekend! No, I wasn't planning to shirk on it! I already told Kristine I couldn't come to the party! You don't have to guilt trip me on this one!" Catherine shouted at the shelf.
Finally, Catherine walked over to the freezer section, examining the frozen pizzas carefully. Their disk shape appealed to her inner tech geek, while the roundness foreshadowed the effect the food would have on her body.
Catherine stuck her middle finger out, holding her hand aloft and seemingly directed at an angle above her. Finally, she could resist the temptation no longer, and returned to the doughnuts. They cried out to her, spiritually drawing her into their glutinous grasp.
"Fucking asshole..." Catherine mumbled to nobody.
She proceeded to the checkout, where one of the cashiers began scanning her groceries.
"Paper or plastic, Ma'am?" the young man asked.
This drove Catherine's mind into a flurry of activity. Paper, a biodegradable material made from the pressed carcasses of the world's ever-dwindling supply of trees, or plastic, a plentiful waste product which caused more problems after it had served its purpose than it ever did before?
"I actually have my own bag, hang on," Catherine said, refusing her revelations and checking her satchel. She quickly realized that, much like her wallet and her dignity, she had left it in her car. Her head immediately snapped up and she stomped on the ground before yelling, "Goddammit! Now you tell me?!?!?!?!"
"Uh, Ma'am? Is something wrong?" the cashier asked.
"I left my money in the car, give me a minute to go grab it," Catherine said, ignoring the plight of the people behind her so she could avoid facing another harrowing excursion through the endless aisles of the labyrinthine supermarket.
She sprinted out of the store, leaping with a flip over a cart a woman was returning to the corral. This too could be said to represent Catherine's approach to life in general, wildly dodging simple problems that could be easily circumvented without such action. She grabbed her wallet from the car, along with her bag, and rushed back to the store, avoiding any distraction along the way.
Finally, she paid for her groceries, handing over her hard-earned cash for the food she had worked so hard to get, and began heading back for her car. As she went, she realized that the cashier vaguely reminded her of an apple. Sturdy, with a sweetness about him that would surely be easy to find through the thin, shiny layer of-
"Nope, not even going to consider it," Catherine said to nobody. She knew the truth deep in her heart, even if her brain was too stubborn to accept it. Holding another middle finger to the sky, she did what she always did when faced with existential questions of herself, her past, and her place in the world. That is, she left without thought or comment, climbing into her car and pulling out of the parking lot.
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2023.06.01 02:19 InconsistentWeirdo The Sun And The Star reads like a fanfic (unpopular opinion?) [General]

So about a week ago I finally got my hands on a coveted copy of TSATS and I was honestly really disappointed. I'm an avid consumer of fanfiction, especially of fics in the Percy Jackson fandom so I'm no stranger to the plot lines and holes of many fanfics on my preferred reading site. It may be because I had hyped the hook up in my head so much but I just found it lackluster. It lacked Riordan's typical style and the characters all felt underdeveloped and immature. I appreciated the attempts to include the many different aspects of the LGBTQ+ community in the forms of non binary, and gay characters throughout the book but overall I just found the whole concept extremely contrived and flimsy. It seemed more like something I would find online than something I would find in a published book in a popular series. It honestly upset me that the book is considered canon because it strayed so far from Riordan's other books that I've even speculated that he didn't even write the book at all and that Mark Oshiro wrote it all. I just don't know. Am I alone in thinking this?
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2023.06.01 01:30 CornSquashBeans A Social Star in a World of Loners: Part 36

Memory transcription subject: Josak, Arxur-Human Cultural Exchange Member
Date [standardized human time]: November 11, 2136
As crude as the comparison is, it was almost like wrestling Gojid trying to get Moss back onto the RV. She and her dad kept getting roped back into conversation with each other. Carmen described it as like a “midwestern goodbye” even if they were from the eastern portion of the North American landmass. Eventually the goodbye finally ended and Mr. Lykaios offered a final farewell to us all and a thanks for my help fixing the door.
In all truth, I felt it was unearned. He did most of the work. I just held up the door so he could balance it on the hinges. I did learn from him though. Still, I didn’t know exactly how useful it was to know how to repair a doorway.
“Aight. We got, uh, like 15 minutes until the stop and shop. That’ll be the last place ta piss, shit, or release other fluids until we reach the ranch.” Moss questioned.
They had taken up the driver’s seat with Carmen.
“Noted!” Geo yelled in response.
“Can you please not swear around my kids so much?” Carmen solemnly asked.
Moss raised their fist as if to flip the bird to Carmen, but instead, they held up a thumbs up and spoke. “Sure thing, toots. My apple hoagies.”
“Ugh. You’re supposed to be a therapist, and you’re honestly helping by just talking to me, but you make it unbearably hard to respect you.” Carmen whispered.
I figured it was best for me to stop listening even if it meant leaving the comfiest spot on the bus. Carefully, I crawled on all fours towards the other end. The other three of the family were all lazing about in the camper’s spacious sleeping cabin. I crossed through their cabin area and into the final section of the moving house. Mara and Dani were sleeping while Geo listened to little videos from a place called “youtube”.
I left them to themselves and closed the door between their room and the place I wanted to myself. I wanted to figure out how to play the guitar that Moss had stolen for me. I had no idea how to, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard. I sat down into the worn chair in the corner and picked up the flimsy wooden instrument. I didn’t even know entirely how to hold it. Everyway I tried to hold it felt wrong in a different way. I settled on the way I had seen Cris hold it. It still felt off, but it was what it was.
I tried to hold the guitar pic in my claws, but my fingers simply weren’t meant for such a small thing. Instead, I thought for a second and then tried my own strategy. I beated one of my claws against the strings, making sure not to snag it. The strings gave out a twangy sound. The heavier strings were lower in pitch while the lighter ones were higher.
I still had no idea how to play the dang thing, but I knew what sounds I liked. I tried to keep them quiet though and I tried and tried again to recreate them the same each time. Even if I didn’t know what I was doing, I still enjoyed it. It was soothing to hear the ornamental sounds. The few minutes spent alone felt euphoric. I think it was because I didn’t feel alone with the guitar. I felt as if I was with a good friend. One that I hoped to see again eventually.
I put the instrument back down as the bus rolled to a stop in a very large battery station. I walked out into a strip of shining LED lights and a few neon signs too. Despite the fact that humanity had nearly been bombed to oblivion, the station was still packed full of travelers and freight drivers. It was 20 separate lanes of chaos with batteries charging on electrical racks all the way down. There was a market and a restroom next to the lanes.
To any other Arxur, the place would seem comparable to a small military camp, but I knew better. Humans were decadent in the best of ways. The whole place was for everyone to enjoy, and that was honestly beautiful. A whole station full of cheap food for weary travelers and plenty of amenities for any sort of situation.
“Joe, you get battery duties. I already swiped the card and everything. Don’t electrocute yourself. I’m gonna grab some grub for everyone.” Moss declared.
I followed the therapists orders and carefully replaced the batteries in order to not electrocute myself. The humans used some sort of hydrogen cell instead of the usual diesel powered vehicles I was used to. Regardless, it wasn’t too hard to figure it all out. The battery symbol on the bus was quite recognizable and with a quick flip of a hatch, I found the 4 packs. It took a little out of me, but I managed to replace the heavy contraptions with freshly charged ones from the charging wall. As I was about to place the last fresh battery into the bus, I heard a voice yell out from the lane over.
“Holeeee shit! Is that another Arxur I spy? Jesus, you guys sure are finding your ways around the states, huh?” the voice inquired.
I placed the battery into the compartment and finished the job of locking it up before responding. Though I was curious as to his mention of another Arxur, I didn’t want to forget to close up the compartment. Getting stuck on the side of the road wouldn’t be fun. As I completed my task, the man grew impatient and questioned me again. I feared he would respond with anger, but he instead seemed worried that he had offended me.
“Hey! You ignoring me? I wasn’t trying to be rude or nothing.” the man declared.
“No, mister. Just making sure I close everything up. My apologies.” I replied
“Oh, sorry then.” he babbled
“What did you mean by another Arxur? Am I not the first one out here?” I asked.
“Oh, uh, hell nah. Plenty of y’all have been seen trying to head inland from the coasts. Heck, I just dropped one of yas off in the Appalachians. Feller said he was trying to escape some government fuckwads or sometin. You trying to do the same, boy?” he inquired.
“No. I am merely trying to make a better life for myself and a family I found here. My family.” I said with a smile.
“Well good on ya, buddy. Hehehe. They told us before y’all came here that you were all a buncha psychobillies or somethin, but y’all don’t seem so bad. Ya just need some meat on your bones and you calm right down. That’s how that other feller was. He was as ornery as could be, but once I got some food in him, he cheered up quite a bit.” the chunky man laughed.
“I apologize on behalf of our species if he gave you any trouble. We’re… we’re not good people.” I admitted.
“Arxur, you fellers ain’t that bad. So don’t apologize like that. I’ve met worse in my own family. My daddy, he was a very brutal man. Mean old drunk. He would beat me, and he was family. That feller I picked up, he described the same story. I related to him. I relate to you all a bit, I spose. You fellers are just a buncha fellers that found themselves in a bad situation. Sure, you’re a little less moral than the Donner party, but ya still are trying to be better. I see that.” the man cheerily declared.
“Mmm. You have my sympathies. No child should have to go through that.” I replied.
“Eh, I won out in the end. He’s long dead from cirrhosis and I’m off saving the country and giving rides to aliens. It’s fun times. But this ain’t about me, bud. Don’t be calling your race bad people. You’re good people as long as you can see that you done bad. You yourself, you seem good.” the man declared.
I smiled sarcastically and responded similarly “Well, thank you, sir. I will try to prove you right. I don’t entirely think so though.”
“You have a right to think that, but I hope you change your mind one day. Have a good one, boy.” he said.
After he got done with his talk, the man returned to his hauler. He lumbered in and started the beast up. It gave out sounds of steam almost like a boiler whistle. Slowly, it lurched forward and started the man off on his next journey. In my head, I wished him the best.
As I turned to leave, I heard another more familiar voice from Geo. He ran up to me with flailing arms and yelled. “Josak, watch this!”
The kid put one of his arms in an L shape and pulled it down as if to signify something. The trucker rolled his window down and stopped his journey short for one last bit of speech.
“Sure thing, kid! You take care of that lizard, ya hear?” the trucker yelled before tugging a string within his rig.
The beast of a truck let out a loud and bellowing noise. The horn was almost painful to listen to, but the kid loved it. Geo burst into laughter and it only amplified as the rest of the trucks in the joint started joining in. It was a chorus of painfully loud horns and blares, but Geo loved it. He was happy and that was good.
The trucker gave out a final loud bout of laughter before rolling up his window and heading off into the world for good. I waved the stranger goodbye as I would probably never see him again.
The bustling port fell into its more usual noises. Carmen, Dani, Mara, and Moss all returned in due time. I waited with the kid in the camper until they finally got back in.
“Joe, catch!” Moss blurted as they entered the carriage.
They tossed a bag of unknown contents into the air and I did my best to catch the thing, but failed due to my inability to raise my arms up so high. I shamefully yoinked the bag from the ground instead. Inside there were glorious blessings such as jerkied meats and the treat that I coveted most, corn bread.
I opened all the packages and combined a little bit of everything into a mash before shoving it in. The flavors of the bread and the meat mixed together well enough. I loved it. With a mouth still full of food, I started yelling to the cockpit. “Thanks, Moss. The snacks are good.”
“No problemo, croco. Enjoy and bone apple teeth.” Moss chuckled.
I did enjoy it as they had asked of me. I put aside the rest of the cornbread though so as to not disturb my stomach. The jerky was delicious. The sausages were delicious. Even the SPAM in it’s uncooked form was delicious. What made it even better was that I was not eating alone. Everyone else was eating too. Charging port chicken wings, sandwiches, and vegetable chips. The atmosphere was something that could not be known in the Dominion.
They did not eat with shame on their minds, and as a result, neither did I. I knew that I was eating with a clear conscience unlike the times before. I only wished so much that the others could have experienced such luxuries, but at least the trucker had given me some hope. There were other Arxur out there on Earth. Others were trying to leave and to find new lives away from the horrors of war.
That restored my faith in us a little. We weren’t all like Idokam. We didn’t all need convincing to know that we needed to change. Some of us just needed a chance, and now that the gates were open, at least a few were taking it.
Other rejects and empaths were probably out there, just like me, trying to live one day at a time and trying to find a new way. Cheers to the draft dodgers and to the AWOL hunters. May the assholes who started the wars be forced to fight them so that they finally end.
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Josak has a talk with a trucker. This chapter is kind of a mix between filler and actual content. I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it, but I didn't want to skip out on the entire journey back to the glove. I hope you all don't mind it too much.
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