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2023.06.01 10:00 AutoModerator CHAT Community Thread - Thu Jun 01

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Coping with infertility is complex, and it is our imperative to create places where we can honor the distinctly unique needs created by infertility. Sit beside us and share what’s on your mind and going on in your life. This is a great place to get to know your fellow members outside the gravity of treatment. Discussion here includes, but is not limited to:

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Above all - Science minded perspective and respect for others is important here. Please treat your fellow peers with compassion.
Last reminder - this is the CHAT thread. Not the place to discuss anything focused on treatment.
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2023.06.01 09:51 Ewhitfield2016 Skin rash or bug bites help

My dog has either a skin rash or bug bites(probably ant bites as we live on basically a giant ant hill in my town. We don't have things like fire ants though, just the standard black and red ant.) It's on her belly, upper legs, and vulva. If anyone knows any good(and affordable as I'm broke af) lotions or other home remedies please let me know? Not asking for medications, just what I can do to make her feel better. She has already been gently bathed last night, and I noticed them today. She hasn't been itching or licking any more than normal, but they did just appear and she doesn't like them touched.
Age: 1 and a half
Weight: ~65-70 pounds
Sex: intact female
Breed: pittbull, English bulldog, great pyrenees, bull mastiff.
Location: Central Saskatchewan, Canada
Name: Bum
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2023.06.01 09:34 WaifuFromStateFarm Undertale Candy Bag Keychains?

I read the rules. But I’m still not sure if this is an ok question to ask here. If it’s not then it’ll be deleted and I’ll know my answer. And I apologize.
I just wanted to ask if any of you knew where I could I buy an Undertale candy bag keychain? I know it sounds like such a none issue but here me out if you can.
My little sister saved up a lot of her own money to go to Anaheim to visit the Requiem Cafe while they were doing their Undertale event. Her and her friend went and ate and had a great time. She even spent about 100 dollars on the Undertale merch they had there. The acrylic stand, a t-shirt, and a temmie flakes candy bag keychain.
Fast forward to right now and Requiem Cafe has lost her order. She’s not the only one by the way. Mind you, she gave them the benefit of the doubt for months. And not a single email. It wasn’t until my sister emailed them recently asking about her items that they said “Sorry, we don’t have your order. It must’ve been lost. Do you want a refund?” Yes, if she’s not getting her items than give her a refund. She’s really bummed out. And I tried to see if anyone was selling them online. At least the keychain, but that’s going for about 90 dollars. Aka, way to much.
It makes me sad to see her so excited for something that she really loves and then just have the floor yanked right out from under her. So I thought maybe I can buy her something similar. Some fan merch maybe? I’ve scrolled through Etsy for hours, and I can’t find anything similar. It won’t be the same as having the official merch, but I just want to see her happy.
So if you guys know of anyone making Undertale candy bag keychains, or acrylic stands if that’s allowed, then I’d be so very thankful.
Thank you for your time, this is a long shot and it might not even be allowed but I thought I could at least try. And if this post gets deleted then at least I tried.
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2023.06.01 09:13 S3mP1E_ 5x5 monthly albums

5x5 monthly albums
I hope you like my music taste
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2023.06.01 09:11 Water-Shark7 Still a bit bummed out Cruise quoted me $13,000 for my unilateral surgery so only on 1 side. I wonder what he wouldve quoted me if i needed surgery on both sides :(

Any other surgeons yall can recommend ONLY around Los Angeles? Thanks.
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2023.06.01 09:09 technosufi Bad reaction to Berberine

I have been experiencing bloating and motility issues for quite a while and recently began taking Berberine. I noticed a quick positive shift in my eating habits and motility but unfortunately could only tolerate Berberine for a few days before I became majorly irritable and depressed -- it felt like a switch flipped in my brain and my mood was entirely off the rails. I stopped taking it and the symptoms went away, but just wondering if anyone knows why this may have happened? Should I try another brand? Another supplement? I'm really bummed that the first thing that's given me some digestive relief also made me feel like I was going crazy.
For reference I began taking L Glutamine and a digestive enzyme at the same time and have continued them after quitting the Berberine, but they don't seem to be doing much if anything for my digestion. I also suspect I have a histamine intolerance but this has not been confirmed.
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2023.06.01 09:09 in_fidelity2060 How much did I miss out on 🫣

So I’m the world’s dumbest person and just now realized after the Fidelity app redesign that most of my Roth IRA contributions have been sitting in SPAXX (the Fidelity government money market fund) and not being invested anywhere due to me incorrectly setting up my account.
There have been small dividends being reinvested into FXAIX so the account has a tiny bit of growth, but I’m still bummed about all these years of doing next to nothing.
I’m currently 26 and had around $7k in SPAXX. Started in Dec 2019 and contributed $100/mo for the first 2 years, then $3k in 2022 and so far $2k in 2023. I’ve learned my lesson and will now focus on maxing out my Roth every year from here on (and making sure my contributions actually gets invested)!
But just out of curiosity… how much did I miss out on? 🫣 Am I still on track to retire ok?
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2023.06.01 09:09 Thin-Friendship5691 Question about anal beads...

Hey, my fiancee and I are together since we where teenagers over 13 years ago, we have kids and full time jobs. We have to make time and effort to keep our sexlife sparkling and so far so good 🙂
A couple of years ago we thought we'd try anal sex, you know, to bring something new and existing to the bedroom. After some finetuning we both enjoy it, but because it requires some prep it's something we do like once a month.
Throughout this journey of exploring anal, we used buttplugs as a sort of gateway. When we do doggy, from time to time she likes a buttplug up there just cause it feels nice, even when anal is not in the menu, which leeds me to my question.
Couples who use anal beads on her, do you only do it for warming up to anal, or is it also nice just during foreplay or sex? Does it feel like a buttplug, is it more intense or a completely different feeling?
I know reddit will say that I should try it myself, insert prostate argument. I'm not dissagreeing, but not my question right now.
I just want to know if couples use it on her cause she likes it, even when it's not leading to penetrating anal sex. I do like her booty, and playing with it, even when I can't cum in it. And she likes a bit of stimulation up her bum, but doesn't always have to be lot.
Thanks in advance for the answers 🙂
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2023.06.01 09:07 paperhatrat Still upset that class of 2020 didn't get a graduation.

I thought the feeling would have gone away by now, but around this time of year, I tend to feel pretty bummed out. I'm upset that I, nor my friends, and other students in 2020 didn't get a graduation. Around this time every year, I see videos of people graduating. I get a bit upset and start to think about other 2020 students that are probably going through the same thing. I don't really let it get to me; I usually feel pretty awful about it for two weeks while people are graduating, and then once it's over, I continue on and forget about it until next year. I just hate that it's been three years now, and I still feel hurt watching people graduate. I'm thankful that they get graduation, but I can't help the feeling of FOMO.
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2023.06.01 09:01 phillyjilly13 ¡Help! Snapped old, thick Hoya vine.

¡Help! Snapped old, thick Hoya vine.
¡Help! I snapped 1 of my oldest thickest vines on my Hoya Obovata the other day & I can’t decide what to do. Has anyone dealt w/ this before? I can’t decide if I should leave it alone & hope it heals or try to mend it somehow w/ plant tape and/or a splint (which would be difficult because it’s location at the edge of the pot) or cut it off & try to propagate. Any ideas, advice or experience is appreciated. The vine snapped right at the base as you can see and this particular vine is about 15ft long with tons of offshoots and blooms and peduncles galore. It didn’t completely snap in two, it’s broken maybe halfway through the vine but it’s a very mature, thick, woody vine. I’m so bummed.
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2023.06.01 08:43 ballbalson richard burns

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2023.06.01 08:36 anonymgr End of the month alternatives to hotel?

I’ve been going to Fort Walton for ~22 years with extended family. Haven’t had a vacation since 2018. We typically would all stay in a couple of the big FWB condo resorts with multiple rooms and a full kitchen and a patio you could see the ocean from.
I’ve been swamped with work so when the family said, we’ve got it taken care of, I thought we were good.
Mistake one.
Apparently, taken care of means a $1200/night Destin hotel room with “beach service” they can bring their 4 dogs to. And they booked us a room next to theirs, so I can listen to their purse dogs yap all night while they get drunk and yell at each other. Additional cost to use the beach and resort fees too.
I thought we were doing a AirBnB or something. No kitchen, not even a fridge or microwave. Which adds even more to the trip budget, since now we have to eat out every meal.
I’m an old beach bum who grew up going to the beach as a kid and just wants to walk on the beach or sit on the patio and chill to the sound of waves. Maybe rent a pontoon and head out to crab island for a day. FWB was the sweet spot of semi affordable and amazing beaches, and cool people.
Am I screwed at this point, or can I maybe find a reasonable AirBnB or something that has beach access or a golf cart or something that isn’t funny money expensive?
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2023.06.01 08:36 FrequentDelinquent Has anyone else's FW13 batch 1 order been stuck in customs?

Framework took the rest of the money for my batch 1 DIY FW13 + beta HDMI adapter on the 15th, and after some back and forth they were finally able to get it shipped out with priority international shipping on the 25th. I was bummed to have waited so long, but was glad to see it was sent with Priority and should normally arrive in a few days.
Unfortunately it was immediately flagged by FedEx the same day, and hasn't changed since the 25th... I've been in contact with support since the beginning, and they have all been very nice and helpful to the best they can (shout out to Kevin). The shipment is marked to only be delivered on weekdays, so now the soonest it could arrive is next week if I'm lucky (over 3 weeks since the full payment was received).
Is anyone else in the same situation? I haven't been this excited for a computer since the first Librem, and have been telling my IT coworkers about it since day 1. Sadly as they receive more updates on my situation, they went from being ready to purchase after hearing my experience, to writing the entire thing off as a scam and just make fun of me for it now. Which is a nice perk of me trying to reach and push "right to repair"...
Thanks again to the support staff, and I apologize if I came off grumpy at all. I hope you understood the situation and initial lack of communication due to a mixup.
Can everyone please say a prayer to our silicon gods for me please? I'd truly appreciate it!
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2023.06.01 08:11 Chiiaki [Product Question] Do I use my SPF lotion and then my CeraVe on top in the morning? How exactly do I use my spf lotion?

I've been slowly adding and trying different products to my skincare routine. I've just discovered Thayer's witch hazel w/ rose water and I love what it does for my skin.
I'm starting to leave the house a little bit now and I'd like to keep my skin healthy so I bought Baby Bum Mineral 50 (spf 50). In the morning I'll rinse my face w/ water, apply toner and then CeraVe before putting makeup on top of that. Do I use the SPF and then CeraVe and then makeup or can I take off the CeraVe and just use that at night and the SPF during the day?
All these products are getting so confusing.
Thank you ahead of time for any advice!
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2023.06.01 08:05 Middle-Grape-6508 Reader Lectures Author on how to Write about USA - Story was not about USA

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2023.06.01 07:58 dOmOlz27 Need help accessing my Year 7 Deluxe edition content

I bought the year 7 deluxe edition through steam back in December during the winter sale, then proceeded to forget I had it and not play the game until about march, but when I was searching for my operators they weren't unlocked. It bummed me out and I requested a steam refund, though as I haven't received it yet I don't think I'll get it.
I checked in the Ubisoft Connect Rewards tab and there wasn't a "Deluxe edition operators" option like I read in a help page answers, and when I looked in the Ubisoft connect>Account information>My games tab the year 7 Deluxe edition content doesn't appear, but the steam game properties window says I indeed have the activation dlc installed.
I don't know what caused it, but I do remember while launching the game for the first time I accidentaly didn't click the "link Steam account" option initially, and in the steam game properties window it says it is a Uplay activation.
I want to ask here first to see if I can contact Ubisoft support to get a solution or if it's one of those "Sorry the multiple stores/launchers complicate things" problem that is only solved by buying the game again. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 07:52 Delicious-Fly2587 Employer is not paying the variable

So the company that I have been working for used to pay the variable on quarterly basis. Last quarter they made a casual announcement that they won't be able to payout the variable to anyone. Citing the bad market conditions.
Fast forward to two months, I am asking the HR to give me the same thing in written along with the reason if they are not paying me. To this the HR is trying to beat around the bush and trying to denying. I smell something is fishy.
I did some research and found out that a few employees have received a part of their variable pay which bummed me out. What should I do in this case?
In my job letter it is clearly written that the variable is dependent on employees performance which was on point.
Any advice on how to combat this situation.
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2023.06.01 07:41 batcatspat Songwriters in Cimorelli

Back on gurugossip a while back I posted a list of Cimorelli's original songs, along with who wrote which ones. I think it's interesting to see who contributed most to what we think of as their best/worst songs. Help me fill in the gaps?
edit: formatting

Hello There EP (2008) - written by Christina and Lauren, harmonies arranged by Lisa

  • Singing My Song
  • On the Radio
  • Delaney
  • Hello There
  • Everything Has Changed
  • Do You Know

CimFam EP (2011)

  • Million Bucks (all sisters)

Believe It EP (2012) - probably all written externally

  • Believe It
  • You Got Me Good
  • Wings

Made in America (2012) - probably all written externally

  • Made in America
  • The Way We Lie
  • Whatcha Think About Us
Everything You Have (2014)
What I Do (2014)
Come Over (2014)

Renegade (2014)

  • I Got You
  • That Girl Should Be Me
  • Renegade
  • You're Worth It
All My Friends Say (2014)

Hearts on Fire (2015)

  • Hearts on Fire - Christina
  • I'm a Mess - Christina, Lauren
  • Before October's Gone - Dani, Christina
  • I Like It - Christina, Kath, Lauren, Dani
  • Move On
  • Good Enough - Lisa, Christina
  • Unsaid Things - Kath, Christina, Lauren?
  • A Lot Like Love - Dani?
  • Someone to Chase

Up at Night (2016)

  • Up at Night - Christina, Lauren, Dani
  • Make It Stronger - Christina, Amy
  • I Know You Know It - Christina
  • Sunsets and Heartbreak - Christina
  • Acid Rain - Lauren
  • Easy to Forget Me - Amy, Christina, Kath, Lauren
  • Fall Back - all
  • Headlights - Amy
  • Brave Heart - Christina, Kath
  • Worth the Fight - Christina, Dani?

Alive (2017) - mostly written in sessions together

  • Your Name is Forever
  • One More Night - Dani
  • Alive - Kath
  • Never Let Me Fall - Lauren
  • The Love of a Man - Lisa
  • My God is Here
  • Hope for It
  • Kick the Habit
  • Find Me - Amy
  • Love Song (Over Me) - Lauren?

Sad Girls Club (2017)

  • Sad Girls Club - Dani
  • Cars + Parking Lots - Christina
  • If It Isn't You - Dani
  • Last Summer - Lauren
  • Boy in a Band - Kath +?
  • BAD - Lisa, Lauren, Dani, Christina
  • ok well i guess that's it then - Dani
  • Kryptonite - Christina
  • Blue - Lauren
  • Galaxy - Dani
  • Girls Like Me - Amy
  • Wrong - Lisa
  • Where It All Ended... - Kath, Lauren
  • Who Told You - Kath, Christina?
  • Pretty Pink - Lisa
Single on Valentine's Day (2018) - Lisa
Thirst for Life (2018)

I Love You, or Whatever (2018)

  • Superstar - Lisa
  • 32 Degrees - Christina
  • What Kind of Girl - Lauren
  • No Good - Dani
  • Minefield - Dani
  • Summers in a Small Town - Amy
  • To Be a Human - Kath

Here's to Us: Wedding Songs (2018) - Christina

  • Here's to Us
  • The One
  • Stay Together

Christmas Lights (2018)

  • Christmas Lights - written by all, produced by Lauren & Christina, melodies by Christina
  • Christmas of Love - Lisa?
New Year, New Me (2018) - Lisa
Believe in You (2019) - Dani, Christina & the rest
All the Days of My Life (2020) - Kath
I Am Enough (2020) - Lisa
Kills Me Just the Same (2022) - Lauren
You Don't Miss Me at All (2022)
SKIN (2023) - Kath with everyone?
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2023.06.01 07:41 -knightangel- I’m going to have to start telling people

I’ve been putting off telling family/coworkers because I’m not visibly trans and I’m worried about their reactions. I thought I could just get top surgery non chalant and hope most of them wouldn’t notice, but I live in Florida and will be moving back to my home state soon and I am not good at lying and they’re all going to wonder why I’m leaving and truly I just think the year I get my surgery my mental health will be better elsewhere.. I’m also getting increasingly nervous about being here… the friends I’ve made are going to be bummed I am leaving and want to know why… family is going to have to know too because I’ll now be recovering near them. My stomach is a mess trying to decide how to go about this I don’t even know how to bring it up to most of them…
Former closeted people, what was it like breaking the seal? My found family knows, so I do have a small but powerful support group, and I’m financially able to carry myself I am just SCARED.
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2023.06.01 07:19 masterdevlin Weird issue with Mono 6k

Weird issue with Mono 6k
I unboxed a Mono 6k about 3-4 weeks ago, and i've been using Anycubic Water-wash resin + for it with no issues then all of a sudden my prints started to come out odd.
they looked like they were falling apart, the edges look frayed or there were weird lines through the whole thing.
These are the settings ive been using with success up until recently. Every test print after a point started to look degraded. I've changed the resin with fresh resin, same thing.
So in an act of desperation i ran an LCD exposure test to see if its the LCD. Oddly, i noticed something during the exposure test.
The block would appear on screen but the left and right edges had black lines that extended out about half an inch and would flicker.

i dont have a good picture but ive tried to approximate it with this screenshot:
The areas highlighted in green approximate the issue. it happens no matter how long the exposure is run.
Does anyone have a clue as to what's going on? i would love some help!
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2023.06.01 07:00 Basic_Assistant_1431 Kids causing trouble at my apt, and possibly getting jumped tomorrow.

Me male (13) have been having some trouble with kids at my apts. About a week ago a knock a my window could be heard I got startled so I looked out my window I after the fact realized that they knocked on my window to steal my schooter as I was distracted. I noticed this after the next day after the kid rode my scooter down to the bus stop and ditched it. I was intelligent in the fact that I didn't get a recording of it. I got home from school then the scooter was gone I was bummed since that was a 400 dollar scooter. luckly I found it ditched again a few days later and got it back it was a scary couple of days tho.
Last Friday I was in my ss class and I had requested to use the bathroom. While I was walking towards the bathroom there was a teacher walking down the hall and eating the hall. I get to the bathroom and I walk in to see the bathroom flooded by these kids and I run out behind them to stay what the hell man. but I know that the teacher that was there was still there and it was me or them that was gonna get in trouble. So I tell the teacher what happened the teacher imiditly take them th the in school suspension room and I go back to class. Two days later I run into the kid in the hall from in school suspension he looks at me then goes f*****g snitch I ingnor this and I'm like oh crap I might get jumped soon.
Today these kids at my apts were suspicious around my apartment I got up then told them to leave and to go from my apartment. The same kids who sold my scooter so I wanted them gone that denied talking my scooter and they yelled at me and told me that this is America and this is a free state. And I got while sounding like a Karen I go I pay rent here this is my apt please leave they proceeded to flash a knife a me then I was like leave or I'm gonna call the cops I get on the phone to call my father they think that Im gonna call the cops so they booked it from there. Later I run into these kids again and they start making fat, homophobic remarks btw I'm straight when is weird that they are making fun of me for being gay so I guess that's that. But they start to throw rocks at us but they suck with a passion so they didn't hut me but they also say that they where roumers that I was gonna get jumped tomorrow then the other kid looks at the kid that said that and said you idiot your not supposed to say that. That's the end of that confrontation.
I'm just wondering if I'm the a hole in in this situation and what should I do.
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2023.06.01 06:54 lilan28 Why Don't We Songs A-Z today's letter is M

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