Fezibo electric standing desk manual

Dealers hate EV as they don't bring after-sales income.* NADA Show 2023

2023.06.01 10:55 Ashwin253 Dealers hate EV as they don't bring after-sales income.* NADA Show 2023

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2023.06.01 10:19 agm_electrical-au Maximizing Electrical Convenience: Discover the Top 6 Spots to Install Power Points in Your Home or Office

Maximizing Electrical Convenience: Discover the Top 6 Spots to Install Power Points in Your Home or Office

Installing power points throughout the house when building or renovating is essential, both to make life safer and to save time and effort in terms of frustration. Extension leads or double adapters on single plugs may prove hazardous; installing them properly ensures no such hassles arise.
Locating PowerPoint shouldn't be hard if you take some time and consider all options carefully; here are six key locations where PowerPoint should be installed.

Electrical Power Points by AGM Electrical Supplies

Bathroom Power Points

Bathroom powerpoints must have enough capacity to support all necessary grooming tools such as straighteners, dryers, and razors - as well as be used frequently enough. Consider what appliances will be utilized within your bathroom space.
Clipsal powerpoints near a bathroom vanity can be useful, although slightly above the sink in case of leakage. For an uncluttered appearance, power outlets could be hidden within a cabinet instead. Use power point coves to reduce the risk of electrical shocks, especially in households with children or pets.

Power Points in Bedroom

Bedrooms can become power-hungry environments when filled with devices that require charging - iPads, Smartphones, laptops - plus bedside lamps, clocks, and televisions...the list goes on and on!
Installing multiple power points near the bed is the ideal place for charging, but if you prefer more discreet plugs, considers installing USB sockets directly into the wall instead. Don't forget power points for vacuum cleaning either - install at least one double socket in each corner of the room!

Sparkelec Double Power Point With Extra Switch 10 Amp - White - SGPO2X

Kitchen Improvement Project

For your own safety in the kitchen, more power points are always better. Think about all of the major appliances you use regularly before adding one or two extra points. Also keep in mind small appliances like a toaster, blender, and kettle that can all require separate power sources on a bench at once.
Island benches provide the ideal solution for adding additional Clipsal powerpoints for mixers or blenders when other power sources in the kitchen are being utilized. It is important to use power point covers that are specifically designed for the outlets in your region and meet relevant safety standards.

Power Points in Living Room

A living room should be used for relaxation and entertainment, which means a multiple power point is ideal. People will also use it to chill out; being able to charge devices for surfing the net or reading can come in handy here too. Lighting needs also need to be considered; installing a double power point will reduce space requirements considerably.
Clipsal Power points by AGM Electrical Supplies should be situated near or behind a couch for lamps and phone chargers; TV, DVD player, and game consoles can be located behind their cabinets/stands.

Clipsal Saturn Glass Range Double Power Point + Extra Switch 10amp - Pure White

Home Office

Addition of a spare room as an office is becoming increasingly common, but to make it sustainable you will require upgraded power points. Your computer, printer, Smartphone, and scanner all require electricity; one suggestion would be placing power points just above desk height so it is easy for plugging and unplugging portable devices.

Power points in Outdoor Settings

Avoid running an extension cord into your kitchen just to power fairy lights or an outdoor theater; be mindful of what Clipsal power points by AGM may be necessary for your entertainment area - even for just bug zapper use!

Clipsal Iconic Double Power Point 10A With USB Charger Horizontal - Vivid White 3025USB2-VW

Why to Choose AGM Electrical Supplies?

AGM Electrical Supplies offers an impressive selection of superior power points to meet all of your electrical needs, from traditional outlets to more advanced ones. Their power sources are designed with durability and safety in mind to deliver long-term use and reliable performance, coming in various styles, colors, and functionalities to suit decor needs and electrical requirements alike. Trust AGM Electrical Supplies for all of your PowerPoint needs today - experience their convenience and functionality every time!
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2023.06.01 10:16 Wise_Break8868 Is it hard flaccid or not?

I am 28 yo healthy fit man.
My conditions:
-Not any pain below the naval.
-If i stop fapping for a week, i will get Morning word.
-After stopping masturbation, i can get it hard without manual stimulation. Just read an erotic story or sexual thinking and it will get hard.
-If horny, i can feel my dick and can feel it warming.
-The erection can be upto 6.5~7 inches.
-Sometimes when i stand up and not horny, it is short and dead. Once i am horny and statred thinking sexual, i can feel getting it erected but once i stopped thinking it comes back to its normal shape.
-I did fapped for 12 months straight than on and off did it till now. Total fapped for 16 months.
Please answer me is this hard flaccid syndrom?
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2023.06.01 10:13 MacaronImpressive234 Substitute teachers are people too.

Hello teachers!
It’s the end of the year and I like to leave you some food for thoughts.
As substitute teachers, we show up so that you can have a day off, especially when you want that extra day out of a 3 days Memorial weekend. We want to have that too, but we do not have any benefits at all and have to work everyday to make a living. Know that we make a fraction of what you make and that is already a small amount. Many of us choose to do this because we need the flexibility, and we want to be of service to a profession that we love.
Please understand that when we showed up we have very little time to get to know classroom, the students, and the lesson plan (especially when many of them are several pages long). I know you think because you wrote it all down in the manual that you called a lesson plan that we should know it, but it’s really impossible to remember everything in there when we have so little time, especially when many of you like to take the day off when you have duty in the morning. That means we have to stand duty for you while we’re trying to read your lesson plan to prepare for class.
Then throughout the day we have to deal with students’ bad behaviors because it’s the first day we meet them and do not have the time to build rapport and understand them yet. It’s hard to figure out which student has a 504 or an IEP when you are just barely learning their names. Also not everyone could put up a grim face all day to scare students into behaving well. That shouldn’t be how teaching works and if we have to do that all day, we mind as well sign up to be prison guards instead. On a good day the students are talkative and just need to be redirected back on task. On a bad day they spit on you, kick you, punch you, called you a racial slur, and threaten to have their parents sue you for enforcing the no phone policy.
You might think that it’s really easy to just send a disrespectful student up, but, believe it or not, most admins do not like to be bothered. Many of them couldn’t even handle those students themselves. Just think of how supportive your admins are to you, they’re not going to be anymore helpful to a sub. If your admins are great to you, then you’re very lucky.
At the end of the day you should be thankful that we are able to covered everything on the lesson plan. Especially if your class is an elementary class with multiple subjects. You might have days and weeks to prepare for the lesson and maybe even years of experience teaching it. We have about 10 to 15 minutes to understand it.
As long as the materials are covered and nobody got hurt then it should be a good day. Don’t threaten us with a long email about how we didn’t reprimand a 5th grader for giggling, making fart noise, secretly making a paper boat, or peaking at their phone. It’s very difficult to keep track of all that while trying to teach the lesson. You should know, and it’s a lot harder when you barely met to the students. Remember your first day?
Anyway, a teacher threaten me today after I subbed for her yesterday. She decided to suspend 4 students 2 days before the end of the school year because she was told by another student that they snuck their phone out to P.E., which was the last 10 minutes of the class. I didn’t see it because they’re didn’t do it in front of me. She told me that I shouldn’t subbed upper grades anymore and informed me that her principal is upset with me. Insinuating that I could lose my job. As a substitute I have no labor protection and could be let go at anytime. It’s already at the end of the year and students’ bad behavior is a daily occurrence for a substitute teacher. I’m burnt out like many of you are. I just want you to know that substitute teachers are people too.
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2023.06.01 10:04 moneywanted Is there a deadline on payday for pay to be received?

I’ve just started work for a small company, and payday is the last (working) day of the month.
My mortgage also currently goes out on the last day of the month.
There weren’t enough funds in my account to cover the mortgage payment, and my bank requires funds to be made right by 3pm otherwise it’ll bounce requests.
I got my wages just before 6pm. As it’s a small business they are transferred manually.
I did move funds, etc, and obviously in the future I’ll be changing my important DD dates, but as far as banking is concerned that was after the working day ended.
If this becomes a regular thing I’d like to know where I stand.
Edited to add: Wales
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2023.06.01 09:52 Archtivant Pre-WWII German-language Jewish novel, Zaubbereich der Liebe / The Kingdom of Love (1928) by Max Brod relating to Franz Kafka. Looking for Advice in Archival

Pre-WWII German-language Jewish novel, Zaubbereich der Liebe / The Kingdom of Love (1928) by Max Brod relating to Franz Kafka. Looking for Advice in Archival
Hello everyone, I recently acquired an antique book that is fairly old (German, 1928), obscure, and in incredible condition. I am looking for how I should go about storing it properly. I am completely new to collecting/archiving so I did some preliminary reading online, but I figured consulting some forums would be more intuitive to answer questions I have. It's also printed in Fraktur, which is making it hard to decipher for me as I'm trying to transcribe it into a digitalized word file. I'm not sure if this subreddit is the best place to seek this information, but I thought this would be a start. If anyone has any suggestions for better places to ask, please let me know! Or if you know any individuals that could help me, please share it with them. Otherwise, I thought this find might be interesting to share.
Anyways, onto the details of the book itself:
Front Cover: Zauberreich der Liebe
The title is Zauberreich der Liebe / The Magical Kingdom of Love by Prague-born Israeli writer Max Brod, who is most well-known as the life-long friend and biographer of fellow Bohemian writer Franz Kafka. I learned about the book because it is mentioned and directly quoted in Franz Kafka: A Biography by Max Brod, where he says that this was the book he wrote to grieve after the death of Kafka, before he could write an "unbiased" biography in his honor. Brod said the main characters are fictionalized interpretations of himself and Kafka, and the novel deals with many of the features of their relationship and Jewish identities.
The book was published in 1928, four years after the death of the young Kafka from tuberculosis. If any are unfamiliar with the story of the publishing of Kafka's works, essentially he instructed Max to burn all of his papers in a fit of self-deprecation before he died. Brod could not bring himself to destroy his best friend's writings (he had always believed in Franz when he did not believe in his own worth). Eventually him and his wife were forced to flee Czechoslovakia due to Nazi persecution in 1939. He took the writings with him to Palestine, where he then published the majority of them posthumously.
Even though they were both writers, Kafka was vastly under published in comparison to Brod when he was alive. Brod was fairly prolific, and most of his works were either romance novels or philosophy on Jewish identity, Socialism, and Zionism (or sometimes all at once). This meant that as the legal persecution of Jews increased, his works were prime targets for Nazi book burnings. Consequently, a majority of his writings were burned in the war.
So with this context, this book strikes me especially for a few reasons:
1) It's first edition
2) It's in shockingly good condition for it's age
Almost everything about it is perfectly intact, including the spine and original book marker. There is zero bending or folding on any of the pages, just like how it was originally cut. There's a small layer of what I presume is just dust on the very top, but it makes me incredibly curious on where this thing laid for so many years. Was it hidden from Nazis inside a secret box or something? I have no idea. I'm scared to open the thing because I don't want to risk damaging the binding.
I noticed that there was almost no information online about this book, so I took it upon myself to see if it was for sale anywhere, and I ordered it from a vintage retailer in the UK. My intention is to scan it and upload it to a web archive. I mean this with no offense to the retailer who sent it to me, because well, I wouldn't have it without them, but when I received the package I was alarmed because I found it HAPHAZARDLY THROWN INTO A CARDBOARD BOX WITH ZERO PROTECTION WHATSOEVER. Knowing the story of this book, I am now extremely defensive and determined to preserve it for the future, which is why I desperately need help figuring out how I should store and handle it to prevent damage!
I have read that its recommended to handle it without gloves, and to keep it wrapped in cloth. Also to keep it away from acidic paper, which can age it. I am keeping it in the box it arrived in for the meantime to prevent possible physical damage from it just sitting on my desk, but I need to find a replacement because I also read cardboard is acidic. I've been taking pictures of each of the pages on my phone camera (I don't have access to a proper book scanner) and used blank pieces of archival paper I had from an old moleskin as bookmarks. I'm trying to avoid using the actual bookmarker because I don't want to risk pulling on it too hard. After taking the pictures, I've been transcribing the text in a word document while referencing some Fraktur typefaces online, though it's really hard to identify the letters a lot of the time (my German is nowhere near fluent, and the spellings are pre-reform). If there's a way to scan Fraktur to plain text through some sort of program, I'm looking for that as well.
side of book
top side of book with \"dust\"
My main questions now are:
  1. How should I handle the book? What can I use to prop up the edges to prevent stress on the spine and pages?
  2. What fabrics should I wrap it in? Will fabrics treated with detergents risk damaging the paper similarly to the acidic paper?
  3. What type of box can I buy or construct to store the book? I am looking to purchase a box specifically for archival purposes.
  4. What is a good way to digitalize the book? Are there certain programs I should use to convert images to pdf? I have access to Adobe CC applications. Is there a way to lift the Fraktur into plain text without typing it out manually? A solid Fraktur reference would also be of great help.
  5. Where should I distribute it after digitalizing? I was planning on Archive.org because I use it quite often, but I don't have any experience as a contributor there. Are there other places that would be good to upload it? I believe it falls in the public domain now, so I don't believe copyright should be an issue.
If anyone has information or advice, please let me know either in the thread or through DM.
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2023.06.01 09:42 Chance-Chicken-8135 I hate my job

Hi I’m a 20m and I work at a hardware retail shop and I’m absolutely sick of working there but I don’t know where else to go. I get paid 18 an hour and I’m full-time with great benefits but every time I go onto that building I just want to die. I work evenings to night shifts, and with my insomnia it’s great, but I can’t have really any social life outside of work. when I first started, I loved it, I loved the people. I loved what I was doing even though it was retail, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to leave but it’s doing damage to my mental health it makes it so the benefits and the pay isn’t worth it anymore but with that I don’t know where to go if I left this is the only job I’ve had I have only than a high school diploma and I’m not interested into going back to school and I would rather die than be at a desk job with all of that it’s just is kind of hard to find a job that I would enjoy to be honest, I want to start a YouTube channel and start streaming. I have everything for it but I don’t know if people would watch me or anything like that so I can’t justify quitting my job to start being a YouTuber lol. And with my car payment and rent and insurance and everything like that I can’t take a pay cut and not many places are starting at $18+ which makes it even more difficult to find a job so I’m really asking is for suggestions where I could work or anything you think would be helpful to me i’m sorry if this doesn’t all make sense I’ve been very out of it lately so bear with me
Ps I guess I should add my qualifications haha I have two years of experience at the job I have now I am certified on most lift equipment, forklift, reaches, electric ladders, order pickers etc. I also helped my neighbor with construction when I was a kid and I’ve earn a little bit of money here and there so I have picked up on a few trades I can weld. but now that’s all I can think of lol also where I work all the lift equipment is named what I said I’m not 100% sure if it’s name differently anywhere else so again, please bear with me, and forgive me for my grammar and stuff like that and if you comment, I will try my best to respond and thank you for your time reading
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2023.06.01 09:36 Apaloapala Actually are these electric toothbrushes waterproof?

The electric toothbrushes are perfect. An electric tooth brush can clean our teeth perfectly than the manual toothbrush. I am also using an electric toothbrush . It has given me perfect result now. So I am using it happily. Electric toothbrush help to clean my teeth and help to maintain my oral health. Normally I am using my electric tooth brush under the shower in my bathroom. I just put my shower and start to brush my teeth while feeling that cold. Actually it has become a habit of mine. But I have a doubt about using my electric toothbrush under the shower. Are electric toothbrushes waterproof ? I want to know about this. Is there any matter with using my electric toothbrush while I am having a bath? And can this cause any damage to my electric toothbrush? I would like to know your idea if you'd like to share it.
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2023.06.01 09:33 DustyJonathon Case, a skilled hacker, standing on the edge of a vast and ethereal Colorless void, also known as Cyberspace or the Matrix.

Case, a skilled hacker, standing on the edge of a vast and ethereal Colorless void, also known as Cyberspace or the Matrix.
Case, a skilled hacker, standing on the edge of a vast and ethereal Colorless void, also known as Cyberspace or the Matrix. The location within Cyberspace or the Matrix, is the Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority, an electricity generating organization. In the Matrix it is represented with a burning scarlet pyramid Aztec-style in far reach. Before him are the the green cubes of Mitsubishi Bank of America within the background. The scene should evoke a sense of mystery, futuristic technology, and the boundless possibilities of the digital realm. The composition, lighting, and visual elements can be creative if brought to life.
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2023.06.01 09:20 Kotobukiya SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN Blog: Introducing Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes]

SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN Blog: Introducing Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes]
Originally published in Japanese on April 5, 2023
Some photos have been removed from this post to fit the 20 image limit. Please refer to the official translated post on our blog for the full post.
Hey everyone! This is SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN’s promotions manager.
Two products related to Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] have been released!
I’ve got a lot to tell you about Bukiko, since she’s been released as a plastic model kit, and I really hope you’ll consider building this kit after learning more about her!

Two Different Types of Kits for Bukiko!

One is the standard edition: Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes]
It comes with Bukiko herself and accessories such as her phone, nippers, and school bag.
The other is the limited edition: Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] Modeler’s Edition
Think of this as a deluxe version of the kit that comes with everything in the standard edition, plus a bob hairstyle, a work desk and chair, tools and paint, 1/10 scale Stylet, a large hobby knife (*), and Frame Arms Girl (“FA Girl”) compatible face parts.
*This accessory can be used to recreate the key visual from the FA Girl anime when posed with Hand Scale GOURAI. It is not an actual tool.
*The package design of the standard edition and the limited edition are different.
See the following guide to see which kit suits your needs!
ー I want Bukiko! ⇒ Buy either the standard edition or the Modeler’s Edition!
ー I want Bukiko with a bob hairstyle ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
ー I want her in a sitting pose ⇒ Either the standard edition or the Modeler’s Edition
ー I want to change her facial expressions ⇒ The same expression parts are included in both the standard edition and the Modeler’s Edition.
ー I want face parts that work with FA Girl plastic models ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
ー I want to pose her sitting at the work desk ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
ー I want the large design knife ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
ー I want a 1/10 scale tiny Stylet ⇒ Modeler’s Edition
Please be careful that you’re ordering the kit you want!

Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes]

● Scheduled for release in September 2023 Product page
Personifying her namesake with our company name, she’s a hard-core hobbyist with plastic models in her blood! In the FA Girl anime, she helps Ao, a newbie modeler.
You might be surprised to learn that the character “Bukiko Kotobuki” has existed since 2014. This is before the release of the FA Girl anime. She was originally introduced as the PR ambassador for our Kotobuki Nipper!
Animator Satoshi Koike designed the character for us.
What kind of character is Bukiko? Character Design: Satoshi Koike
And now she’s made her big debut in the FA Girl anime!
The plastic model kit features this anime version of Bukiko.
“Bukiko Kotobuki” anime version Character design: Kosuke Kawamura
The cute round face and mischievous expression from the anime version of Bukiko have all been sculpted into a model that loses none of her charm!
Given her origins, Bukiko and nippers are, of course, absolutely inseparable. This kit comes with two pairs of nippers! That means you can skip the old “double peace” pose and show her off like this, doing a “double nipper!”
*The nippers come in green only. The blades have been painted in this image.
Even her smartphone case is designed with a nipper motif! Bukiko’s originality shines through in every detail.
*The smartphone and its case are sculpted as a single piece.
*The smartphone comes in white only. The phone in this image has been painted for illustrative purposes.
She comes with a total of five facial expression parts: smug, poking tongue out, grinning, crying, and smiling.
The way her mouth is portrayed is quite unique, and really brings out the personality of Bukiko that we all enjoyed in the anime! Of course, unpainted versions of the same face parts and expression decals are also included, so you can create your own looks for Bukiko, too!
In order to reproduce the more rounded, soft contours of her face, the design of her face parts differs from that of Madoka, Koyomi and Ritsuka, and also somewhat from that of Ao. There’s no interchangeability between Bukiko and the previously mentioned first three characters. However, it is possible to exchange facial expression parts between Ao and Bukiko, so you can enjoy trying things like this:
Currently M.I.A. Producer Kameyama’s Model Mix-and-Match! “Bukiko and Ao each have their own facial parts’ design standard. Bukiko’s face has a more rounded chin, so it’s not a perfect exchange, but I’m happy to report that I was able to swap their face parts.”
The uniform is made in all the colors you see, except for the black lines and the gold buttons on the sleeves and back. The six gold buttons that run from her chest to her tummy and the checkered skirt are all pre-painted, so even without coloring it yourself, the model will look great!
(Producer Kameyama posted a whole article on how he painted Ao; click here to see his work) (Currently available only in Japanese.)
The school emblem on the back of the collar can be reproduced with the decal that comes with the kit.
There is a 3mm hole in the center of the back for mounting with the display stand. Bukiko’s stand is a fresh spring green color.
*Product includes parts from Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] Modeler’s Edition only. Other parts/products shown are not included.
She has a special skirt and parts for her waist and thighs, making a seated pose possible. And don’t worry, even the skirt for the sitting pose comes pre-painted in the checked pattern.
Bukiko’s sitting pose is sculpted with her legs apart so she can also be posed sitting cross-legged. Feet parts without shoes are also provided, so she can be posed in indoor settings.
She looks great sitting backwards on her chair. The slightly unorthodox position matches well with her naturally chill personality. Note that the chair is not included in the standard edition. You’ll need to buy the Modeler’s Edition to get this accessory.
Twelve different pairs of left/right hand parts are included.
In addition to the nine types included with the Ao kit, three new types were created just for Bukiko: a grabbing hand, a hand for holding nippers to allow recreation of the opening of the anime, and a hand compatible with holding an airbrush! You’ll need to pick up the Modeler’s Edition of the kit to get this airbrush accessory, however. It is not included in the standard edition.
Her school bag features “Sana-chan”, the mascot character from HEXA GEAR, made possible by an in-house collaboration here at Kotobukiya!
The zipper on the school bag is sculpted as a separate part in silver, so it looks really great even when just assembled out-of-the-box.
*Products in this image have been painted and modified for illustrative purposes.
*The Sana-chan part is made in one color (cream) in the actual product.
*The school’s emblem on the bag is recreated with the included decal.
How about a cute dance pose with Ao?
(The microphone and tambourine come from After School Ritsuka’s Karaoke & Recording Set (released July 2023), which goes great with Bukiko, too!)
Although the two girls are wearing the same uniform, most of the parts were newly sculpted due to the difference in their body shapes. Our team put a lot of effort into accurately recreating the anime version of Bukiko, and we feel pretty sure that fans will be pleased with the result!
We look forward to your pre-orders for our namesake girl, Bukiko Kotobuki!

Limited Edition: Modeler’s Edition

● October 2023 Scheduled Release Product page
This is a deluxe edition kit.
In addition to the contents of the standard edition mentioned above, the Modeler’s Edition comes with all of the other parts and accessories listed here!
  • Unpainted Face Parts Compatible with Frame Arms Girl: Smug, Poking Tongue Out, Grinning, Crying, Smiling x1 Each
  • Work Desk x1 Set
  • Desk Chair with Wheels x1 Set
  • Airbrush Set x1 Set
  • Airbrush Cable x1 (To be cut to the desired length.)
  • Brush x1
  • Paint Bottle (Large) x2
  • Paint Bottle (Small) x2
  • Frame Arms Girl Stylet (Unarmed Mode) x1
  • Display Base x1 Set
  • Decals (for Compatible Expressions) x1 Sheet
  • Large Hobby Knife x1
Since Bukiko loves to build models, you want to provide her with a working environment, right? The desk drawer can actually be opened to store nippers, brushes, and other small parts. Large and small paint bottles (2 each) are included, and the bottles are made with clear plastic, with the lid in silver, so you can paint them any color you like The airbrush set parts are made in multiple colors, and come with an air hose that can be attached. You can cut it to the desired length.
The height of the chair is actually adjustable in three different levels. That way you can change it to fit other SOUSAI characters of different heights and seated poses at just the right height. The parts are individually sculpted in color.
Here we have a plastic model painting a plastic model…!
This should be a very familiar sight for modelers, right?
The wild pose of her legs is so cute, with all that Bukiko charm!
In her left hand, Bukiko is holding a “1/10 scale Stylet.”
It’s very small at just 1.5cm!
This piece is made in just one color, so you can try your hand at painting it.
The kit includes hairstyle parts with her pigtails down, as seen in the public bath episode of the anime.
It is a simple bob cut, so it will look great with other school uniforms such as Touou High School and Ryobu High School.
Also, in one of the key visuals from the “FA Girl” anime, GOURAI is carrying a hobby knife,
To recreate this scene using the Hand Scale GOURAI, a large hobby knife is included in the kit. Here’s what it look like when actually held:
*Product includes “Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] Modeler’s Edition” parts only. Other parts/products shown are not included.
↓ I’m sure many of you have purchased the Hand Scale series to pose with Ao like this! We hope you have fun trying to recreate scenes from the anime at home!
*Product includes parts from Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes] Modeler’s Edition only. Other parts/products shown are not included.
She comes with five expressions: smug, grinning, smiling, poking tongue out and crying.
5 pre-painted expressions + 5 unpainted parts + 5 unpainted expression parts compatible with Frame Arms Girl for 15 face parts in total!
Facial expression parts and decals compatible with the Frame Arms Girl plastic models are also included. You can have a lot of fun enjoying the various combinations possible with your favorite FA Girls!
We look forward to your pre-orders for Bukiko Kotobuki [Wakaba Girls High School Winter Clothes] and the Modeler’s Edition!
For overseas users, check out this page for a list of our international distributors!
This blog post is part of our recent project of officially translating select blog posts for our international audience! This official English blog post can also be found on our website here. We hope you'll look forward to more!
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2023.06.01 08:53 Globepull Premier Goliath Crane, Hydraulic Winch, and Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers in India

Premier Goliath Crane, Hydraulic Winch, and Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers in India
In the world of industrial manufacturing, having reliable and efficient equipment is essential for maximizing productivity and ensuring smooth operations. When it comes to Goliath cranes, hydraulic winches, and material handling equipment, Globe General Industries stands out as a prominent name in India. With their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Globe General Industries has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the country. In this blog post, we will explore their expertise in manufacturing Goliath cranes, hydraulic winches, and material handling equipment and why they are the go-to choice for businesses across various industries.
Goliath Crane Manufacturers:
Globe General Industries specializes in the design and manufacturing of Goliath cranes that are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and precision. These cranes are extensively used in heavy-duty applications, such as construction sites, shipyards, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. With their advanced engineering capabilities, Globe General Industries ensures that their Goliath cranes Manufacturers are built to withstand the harshest working conditions while maintaining high efficiency and safety standards. The company's Goliath cranes are custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of each client, making them a trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable lifting solutions.
Hydraulic Winch Manufacturers:
As hydraulic winches play a vital role in various industries, including construction, mining, and offshore operations, Globe General Industries excels in top-quality hydraulic winches manufacturing in India. Their hydraulic winches are designed to deliver robust performance, superior load capacity, and exceptional control. Whether it's heavy-duty lifting, pulling, or positioning, the hydraulic winches from Globe General Industries offer unmatched reliability and efficiency. The company's in-house team of experts ensures that every hydraulic winch is precision-engineered and thoroughly tested to meet stringent quality standards, providing customers with reliable equipment that boosts productivity and safety.
Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers:
Recognizing the significance of efficient material handling systems in modern industries, Globe General Industries also specializes in manufacturing a wide range of material handling equipment. From conveyors and pallet trucks to stackers and forklifts, their equipment is designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and optimize resource utilization. With a focus on ergonomic designs and cutting-edge technologies, Globe General Industries' material handling equipment is built to withstand heavy workloads while ensuring operator safety and comfort.
When it comes to Goliath cranes, hydraulic winches, and material handling equipment, Globe General Industries emerges as a trusted and renowned crane manufacturer in India. Their commitment to delivering high-quality products, customized solutions, and exceptional customer service sets them apart in the industry. By choosing Globe General Industries, businesses across various sectors can be confident in the reliability, efficiency, and safety of their equipment. Whether it's for heavy lifting, winching operations, or material handling needs, Globe General Industries remains at the forefront, providing top-quality solutions that empower businesses to thrive in their respective domains.
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2023.06.01 08:41 WolfhoundmotorsIndia Wolfhound Motors Best Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer in India

Introduction: In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Wolfhound Motors has emerged as a trailblazer in the Indian market. With their commitment to innovation and sustainable transportation, they have positioned themselves as the best electric motorcycle manufacturer in India. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Wolfhound Motors and explore their flagship model, the E18R. From its impressive charging capabilities and range to its luxurious and premium features, Wolfhound Motors is redefining the concept of electric motorcycles in India.
E18R Charging & Range: Unparalleled Performance: The E18R from Wolfhound Motors boasts exceptional charging capabilities and range, making it a game-changer in the electric motorcycle segment. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the E18R offers fast charging options, allowing riders to charge their motorcycles quickly and conveniently. With an extended range, riders can enjoy longer journeys without worrying about running out of battery power. The E18R sets a new standard for electric motorcycles in India, combining sustainable mobility with practicality and performance.
Innovative Luxurious Electric Motorcycle in India: Wolfhound Motors stands out from the crowd by delivering innovative and luxurious electric motorcycles in India. The E18R exemplifies their commitment to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. From its sleek and aerodynamic design to its premium components, every aspect of the E18R reflects Wolfhound Motors' dedication to creating a truly luxurious riding experience. The company's relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that each model is at the forefront of electric motorcycle technology.
Luxury Electric Motorcycle in India: Wolfhound Motors has carved a niche for itself by offering luxury electric motorcycles in India. The E18R embodies opulence and elegance, catering to riders who crave a premium and sophisticated riding experience. With state-of-the-art features, including advanced connectivity options, high-quality materials, and refined aesthetics, Wolfhound Motors has redefined the concept of luxury in the electric motorcycle industry. Owning an E18R is not just about transportation; it's a statement of style and exclusivity.
Premium Electric Motorcycle in India: As the best electric motorcycle manufacturer in India, Wolfhound Motors focuses on delivering premium motorcycles that surpass customer expectations. The E18R exemplifies the company's dedication to engineering excellence, performance, and reliability. With powerful electric motors, responsive handling, and advanced safety features, the E18R provides a thrilling and smooth ride. Wolfhound Motors' unwavering commitment to premium quality ensures that each motorcycle delivers unmatched performance and satisfaction.
Embracing a Sustainable Future: Beyond their exceptional electric motorcycles, Wolfhound Motors is a catalyst for change in India's transportation sector. By promoting the adoption of electric vehicles, the company is actively contributing to a more sustainable future. Electric motorcycles, such as the E18R, offer a clean and efficient alternative to traditional gasoline-powered bikes, reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Wolfhound Motors' commitment to sustainability aligns with India's vision for a greener and cleaner transportation ecosystem.
Conclusion: Wolfhound Motors has established itself as the best electric motorcycle manufacturer in India, pushing the boundaries of innovation and luxury in the industry. With the E18R's remarkable charging capabilities and range, along with its innovative design and premium features, Wolfhound Motors has revolutionized the concept of electric motorcycles in India. By embracing sustainable mobility and delivering superior performance, Wolfhound Motors is paving the way for a greener and more exciting future of transportation.
Obeya Verve, Ground Floor, No L-376 /A, 5th Main, 14th Cross,
Sector 6, HSR Layout,Bangalore 560102, Karnataka.
+91 901 936 8900
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.01 08:38 WolfTickets-209 WIBTA to tell my flatmate to not use my desk and gaming PC during the afternoon while I'm not home

Me and my flatmate, who is also one of my long time very good friends, live in an apartment and we have a spare room that is used as my office space and gaming PC, while he has his piano and standing desk with a monitor.
We get on really well and I'm very tolerable if he's using his piano out loud or if he's gaming with a friend on his laptop on his standing desk as I usually just use my noise cancelling headphones.
However, he's been playing a lot of League of Legends and decided to install it on my PC and told me over WhatsApp while I was out of the country for work for 2 weeks. It didn't bother me at the time.
I told him he could use my gaming PC whenever I'm not using it or if I'm not at home. However, recently I think his use of my PC has been excessive and he uses it more than I do. He will take any opportunity that I'm not using it to game on it even though he has his own laptop that he plugs into his monitor on his standing desk. He prefers to use my PC since the game runs a lot better.
I work another job where I work remotely and I always tend to get back home in the early afternoon and I use my PC and desk to work every afternoon, as well as gaming once I finish work.
He's got a flexible schedule but recently it's been bothering me that he's home in the afternoons early gaming on my PC most weekdays and he knows that I work every afternoon. Recently, I'v have to wait for him to finish his game which could be a 20-40 minute wait. Also whenever I finish using my computer, even for a short break to eat, he will ask if I'm done with my PC so he can use it as soon as possible.
It's starting to annoy me that I have to wait around to use my own computer for work or gaming. I'm thinking about telling him to leave my computer alone on the weekday afternoons when I work, so that whenever I come home I can use my desk straight away to work. I have no problem with him using it once I'm done for the day or on weekends as I don't work and I will be out of the house. He also can game on his laptop whenever which also bothers me.
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2023.06.01 08:24 starbuckslemonloaf HR Help

How much of a case do I have to tell HR about a TL potentially targetting me? I'm a Front of Store Attendant and I've had many bad experiences with our store's closing TL and I'm starting to think he just doesn't like me and is being particularly vigilant to try and catch me slipping up. Every compliment he has ever given me about my work is always back-handed and followed up by new things he wants me to add to my, already long, to-do list. Yesterday I had to cover a service desk TM's 15 and a drive up TM's 15 all while making sure I got enough carts to last me that long + making sure I get to take all of my own breaks. As I was covering the service desk 15, drive up had a rush and the closing TL walks over to me and says "If you're just standing there, we could really use your help prepping orders for drive up". Truth be told I was caught a bit off-guard and asked if I was supposed to be covering the service guest to which he got visibly more annoyed and told me I could just do both. His tone of voice with me is like that of an abusive dad and it threw me off my game for the rest of the night. He does this often, he will constantly add things to my workload while expecting me to do everything I usually do during a closing night. A couple of my co-workers are talking about telling our HR ETL about it because they've noticed that he is harsher on me than he is on other front of store attendants and/or other team members overall. One of my co-workers actually had to calm me down from having a panic attack in the parking lot after one of his many remarks. I'm scared of going to HR myself because I think it might just get worse if I report him. Some of my older co-workers don't think I have any grounds to report him in the first place and I truly don't know if I'm overreacting or if I'm right to be thinking about this as I have anxiety and work has been making it a lot worse because of him. A short summary of other things he has done: Got me in trouble with my ETL for not staying past my shift, blamed me for a team member slipping, got mad at me for not asking for more work when i got done with my tasks 5 minutes before my shift was over, got mad at me for a tm taking three orders out because "it wasn't fair to them" even though said tm was doing it because they had falled asleep on their 15 and felt guilty, "jokingly" told me he was disappointed in me for not looking around the store for stray carts when i was 15m late to clocking out, got mad at ME for ANOTHER TM talking to me while I did carts outside, among other things.
Side note: Our HR ETL was his TL when he was a TM, which adds to my fears abt reporting him.
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2023.06.01 08:19 Mundane_Ambition_886 Best Computer Training Institutes in Laxmi Nagar , Delhi

Are you looking for the best computer training institutes in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi? With the advancement of technology, having strong computer skills has become a necessity. Whether you are trying to enhance your career or just want to learn new skills, taking a computer course can be extremely beneficial. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right institute. In this article, we will guide you through some of the best computer training institutes in Laxmi Nagar that offer top-notch courses at affordable prices!
Which course of computer is best?
When it comes to choosing the
there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It all depends on your interests, career goals, and current skill level. However, some courses are in high demand and can lead to rewarding job opportunities.

If you are interested in web development or software engineering, then learning programming languages such as Java or Python can be highly beneficial. These skills are in high demand and can lead to lucrative job offers.

For those interested in graphic design or video editing, courses focused on Adobe Creative Suite or Final Cut Pro X may be more suitable. These programs offer a wide range of tools that allow users to create stunning visuals for various purposes.

In addition to these options, cybersecurity has become an increasingly important field due to the rise of cybercrime. Taking a course in cybersecurity will equip you with knowledge and skills required for protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Choosing the best computer course largely depends on what you hope to achieve with your new skills!
What are the 3 months computer course?
If you're looking for a short-term computer course to enhance your skills or get started in the field, then a 3-month course might be just what you need. These courses are designed to provide basic knowledge and practical training in specific areas of computer science.

Some popular 3-month courses include web designing, digital marketing, programming languages like Python and Java, and accounting software like Tally. These courses cover a range of topics from basics to advanced level.

Web designing involves creating attractive websites using various tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Digital marketing covers online advertising methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing etc.

Programming language courses teach students how to write code for software development projects while Tally is an accounting software that helps businesses manage their financial records.

These 3-month courses offer quick but valuable training which can help improve your employability and skillset in today's competitive job market.
Which 6 month computer course is best?
When it comes to computer courses, a 6-month course can be the perfect option for individuals who want to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise. In this duration, one can learn multiple skills and techniques that are relevant to their career aspirations.

One of the best 6-month computer courses is Advanced Diploma in Web Development. This course provides comprehensive training on website designing, development and management using various programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

Another popular choice among students is the Diploma in Software Testing. This course covers all aspects of software testing including manual testing, automation testing with Selenium and QTP along with performance testing tools like JMeter.

For those who want to specialize in graphics or animation industry can opt for a Diploma in Graphic Designing or Animation & VFX respectively. These courses cover everything from concept creation to final output using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

Lastly but not least , a diploma program focusing on Networking also serves as an excellent option for individuals looking for lucrative job opportunities .

Overall , choosing any of these 6 month computer courses will surely help you develop your technical skillset which could lead towards better employment prospects .
How many months is a computer course?
One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to computer courses is, "How many months does a computer course last?" The answer to this question varies depending on the type of course you choose.

There are several options available in terms of duration, ranging from short-term courses that last just a few weeks to longer ones that can take up to two years or more. It all depends on what you want to learn and how much time you have available.

Short-term courses typically last between 1-3 months and cover basic topics such as MS Office, data entry, or programming languages like Python. These courses are great for those who need specific skills for their job or want an introduction into the world of computers.

On the other hand, if you're looking for an in-depth understanding of complex software development tools like Java or C++, then a six-month course may be more suitable. This type of program provides students with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience necessary for building robust applications.

Ultimately, it's important to consider your goals before choosing any particular computer course length. Whether it's career advancement or personal growth, make sure that your selection aligns with your desired outcome!
Artheducation - Computer Institute in Laxmi Nagar
Artheducation is a prominent computer institute located in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Artheducation has become one of the most sought-after computer training institutes in the area.

The institute offers a wide range of courses that cater to different skill levels and interests. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Artheducation has something for everyone. The courses offered include web designing, graphic designing, digital marketing, animation & multimedia, programming languages like C++, Java etc., hardware networking and many more.

One of the biggest advantages of joining Artheducation is their experienced faculty who are highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in their respective fields. They provide personalized attention to each student and help them achieve their goals by providing practical training sessions.

Another advantage is that they offer flexible timings which means students can choose batches according to their convenience whether it's morning or evening time.

If you're looking for quality computer education at an affordable price then look no further than Artheducation - Computer Institute in Laxmi Nagar!
Why to join ARTH?
When it comes to finding the best computer training institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, Artheducation stands out from the rest. With experienced and knowledgeable trainers, state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of courses to choose from, Artheducation is one of the most sought-after institutes for computer education.

But why should you join Artheducation? Here are some reasons:

  1. Experienced Faculty: The faculty members at Artheducation have years of experience in their respective fields. They not only possess theoretical knowledge but also practical experience which they impart to their students.

  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: The institute boasts of modern classrooms equipped with projectors and audio-visual aids which make learning interesting and engaging.

  1. Affordable Fee Structure: Despite offering quality education with top-notch facilities, Artheducation offers its courses at an affordable fee structure so that every aspiring student can pursue their dreams without any financial burden.

  1. Placement Assistance: One of the biggest advantages of joining this institute is that they offer placement assistance to all their students after successful completion of courses.

If you're looking for a reputable computer training institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi then look no further than Artheducation – where knowledge meets excellence!
td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}best computer course in laxmi nagar
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2023.06.01 08:05 BennieBoo113 I need someone to take over my lease at Arbor of Denton (or how do I cancel the lease without getting charged?)

Hi, I have to suddenly move to another state due to family reasons I have already signed the lease for next academic year at Arbor of Denton, and I heard that they will charge me if I cancel the contract so I need someone to take over it. The price for one month is $620 + $40-50 utility depends on how much you use. The room is pretty spacious and new, has a closet room. You're going to share the bathroom with one other person (male). I'm going to leave you my furniture that I've only used for less than a year (2 desks and chair, 1 queen bed, 1 carbinet, rice cooker, electric kettle ,etc.). Please DM me if you're interested in the room or if you know how to cancel the lease without getting charged. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 08:00 EightFolding Setting your camera to recreate the film experience. Which settings would you change?

Question: Has anyone ever made a list of all the settings you could change on an X series or other Fujifilm camera to make it as much like shooting film as possible?
The ones that came to mind right away are:
  1. Turn off the LCD screen.
  2. Change the EVF to Natural Live View.
  3. Turn off the EVF if you have an OVF.
  4. Set the ISO and don't change it until your next roll of film.
  5. Change to manual focus.
  6. ...?
There are so many more settings... and questions...
What settings would you change to get closer to the film experience? Which ones would you leave alone?
Do you shoot in RAW only or in one film simulation/recipe only?
Do you set a small pile of cash on fire for every 24 or 36 or... photos you take?
Do you set the SD card aside for a few days before looking at it, or do you set a larger pile of cash on fire because you're going to develop and print them yourself?

More for those who are curious what made me think about this:
I thought of this because I was taking some photos tonight in Acros of the moon and evening sky outside, the sky and silhouetted trees were framed by the bright white paint of the window frame and the old luxo lamp on my desk was black against the white wall - and shooting in black and white made me think of when I first learned to use a camera that wasn't a point and shoot, in the 90s in school, when we would develop and print our photos.
I was thinking about how incredibly different it was to take a photo while imagining what it was going to look like and trying to superimpose those film characteristics onto the image you saw through the viewfinder, and hoping that you got your exposure right, and it wouldn't just be blown out or all black when you developed it.
So vastly different. And it didn't so much make me nostalgic as it made me think about the way the intense current nostalgia for "filmic" photography with digital cameras doesn't always embrace those real aspects of it. It focuses on the simulations and recipes, the physical design of the camera body, but not the actual process of taking the photos which was so different.
Obviously some people [ billionaires ;) and pros ] still shoot film, but most of us can't afford to do that the way we once did. And a whole generation, the same generation that has driven the X100 and retro camera/film/photo obsession, didn't grow up with film at all!
So it made me wonder, what would it really take... beyond just recipes and simulations... to make an X series as much like shooting film as possible. Like it really was back then?
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2023.06.01 07:55 RejectedResume Converting my description and skills into clear bullet points.

I need help with creating bullet points. I received advice from a recruiter that it would benefit me if I condensed my skills/description section into a summary of bullet points that include the two together. I was told to describe your achievements and responsibilities in terms of impact and results. Use the PASTAR method: Achievement/Responsibility, how/what you did, and results. Keep each bullet point clear, concise and 1-2 lines max per bullet point. I have tried a few times but I was told each bullet point should have more of an action emphasis and be an attention grabber and my points were just boring and vague/unclear. I am at a loss here and would appreciate any help with making these descriptions into bullet points. Thank you in advance to anybody willing to help.
Job 1:
Responsible for the safe and precise assembly and disassembly of various gearboxes. Held to a high standard of quality while working efficiently to reach deadlines as required by individual contracts. Quality is an extremely critical process and adhering to planning and blueprint specifications aids in this. Inspecting for installation damage or imperfections in the machining process and communication with quality inspectors for repairs is important. Familiar with many practices for installation of gears and bearings requiring thermal fitting and tight tolerances in backlash between gears for proper alignment and meshing. Knowledgeable in the qualification processes of different sub-assemblies and assemblies requiring keen attention to details, often working with special instruction in the case of modified gearboxes. Knowledgeable in many tool combinations and custom fixtures used for specific gearboxes. Involves use of precision tools such as depth mics, calipers or inneouter micrometers for custom clearances and proper documentation of results for later use. Experienced in preparing gearboxes for shipment as well as receiving gearboxes and unloading for installation into stands for assembly/disassembly.
Job 2:
Follow engineering procedures filling out reports to remanufacture gearboxes from new components as well as refurbished. Often speak with engineers to discuss possible improvements, discovering new ideas to incorporate efficient work methodology. Responsible for inspecting imperfections in various sized gears and bearings during and after installation, keeping quality at top priority. Held to a high standard of precision and efficiency with minimal supervision during all aspects of the assembly process, daily use of inside and outside diameter micrometers, calipers and various gauges all used to keep hundredths of millimeter tolerances. Familiar with positive as well as negative fit, heating bearings for installation and freezing pins with liquid nitrogen for installation etc. Crimping and wiring electrical junction boxes with and without diagrams troubleshooting along the way. Additional experience in fully or partially disassembling gearboxes as required; installing, and uninstalling gearboxes on test stands, and troubleshooting issues found during tests. Always looking towards personal improvement, gaining as much knowledge as possible to make the best use of time and technique. Due to the nature of disassembling and assembling gearboxes, I am often facing new complications and using my own knowledge and abilities to solve the problems that arise.
Applies to both, if it fits.:
Tools used on a daily basis include but are not limited to: various sized cranes, mixing lubricants/sealants, precision measuring instruments, manual/power mechanics tools, torque wrenches with custom torque specification, pressing fixtures, heat lamps/guns for thermal fitting, lifting fixtures, and safety wire.
· Mechanically inclined
· Highly self-motivated
· Adaptability to work under pressure
· Problem solving / Analytically minded
· Blueprint / Procedure comprehension
· Precision instrumentation experience
· 50 Ton overhead crane experience
· Computer literate
· Some CSS / HTML
· Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint
· Proficient typing skills
· Inspection / Quality experience
· FOD Prevention Trained
· Custom wiring harness assembly
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2023.06.01 07:48 Organic88 120+ dollars a day setup?

Hey, I want to make a setup that can make around 120+ dollars a day, electricity is not a problem as long as it is normal 220 Volt, but i want it to be as quite as possible. Im not sure if the portable is profitable or if it should be a still-standing rig any tips to what setup it could be and how much it would cost?
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2023.06.01 07:47 booandmoothecats I'll Call Him Jeremiah

We exited the hotel, her barefoot and dripping from her hair to the bottom of her dress - and, me, holding what possessions I was able to gather from that dark room. The full moon shone straight on us, not a bit of cloud or building obscuring us from its view. Devin began to talk to the sky as I called her an uber back to the hospital. Suddenly, we heard pounding coming from below us. We looked to our left and saw a man with dreadlocks, badly beaten in one eye, sitting on the ground with an electric scooter lying beside him. He was clinging to the [insert technical term for those big, tall boxes that are on the street sometimes] and drumming, drumming on it with his bare hands. It sounded primordial, desperate, calculated. The deep, hollow thuds of his palms on the metal was music to my ears. It was the most beautiful thing I've (sic) ever heard. He was calling out, to god, to us, to the moon, to the crowd of drunks in front of the Ace. Devin began dancing. I opened my bag, took out my last ODB sticker, and carefully applied it to the box, saving the last bit of application to include Devin's hand, Sealing Russell Jones into the moment. She began talking to the skypproached the man, put her hand on his back, and in some way she began communicating with him. He had a hood on, covering his eye. She had a bag of sunglasses. Devin asked for permission to pull back his hood. He nodded. She asked for permission to put a pair of sunglasses on him. She cried out and pleaded, why, why would they/He/it destroy something so beautiful? She kept her hand on him. The uber finally arrived, and Jeremiah rose and asked, "Will you go somewhere with me?" I walked as he wheeled over to the side parking lot, next to the burrito stand. We stopped and propped him up against a wall, I told him to hold on and I walked over to buy him some food. Two burritos in hand, I returned and gave them to him. He took one burrito out of its wrapper, put it to his lips and asked, "Do you want me to bite it?" I said yes, and he did. Dutifully. He bit it until he finished the whole thing. I was suddenly overcome with emotion. I embraced him, held onto him, told him I missed him. I thanked him for calling out to us, said I was sorry over and over, sorry that it took so long to find him. He said he missed me, too. He held me tighter and began to shake his body against me, 'dry humping' my leg. I thought to myself, "Bodies. We're just bodies. These things are borrowed, this thing is not mine. It is ours." Onlookers looked on. I waved and smiled, made sure they knew I was okay. I thought, ok, Jeremy. I know it's you. I know you missed it, but we don't have to do this. I would periodically stop him, saying that we needed to "refocus" on his leg, check out the injury. He obliged every time. After some time, he asked me, "Is it time to go?" I said yes. He hobbled back onto his scooter, grabbed his belongings, plus a burrito. At the edge of the lot, we nodded in agreement. Let's roll. Approaching the crosswalk, we said our goodbyes, our "i'll be arounds." We hugged and, just before we went our separate ways, he said, "Take me to Old Town."I told him that I couldn't, that I was sorry.
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2023.06.01 07:44 gunnerclark How much energy does an item use

I have in my head a perceptional problem. I cannot comprehend unseeble items like radio waves and electricity. I'm the guy that says "so the electricity is twice as fast or what" and ends up sounding stupid. so in a few areas I need to have it explained like I am 5 (ELI5)
From Manual
Typical power consumption: 53W (57VA)
Peak power consumption: 104W (108VA)
So I would need how many hourly amps/volts/watts to keep it going for 2-3 nights?
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2023.06.01 07:42 AzelfWillpower Who's your favorite villain (that isn't Ganon)?

Sorry Ganonbros, I love him too but EVERYONE loves Ganon lol

For me, it's Demise. In terms of objective writing, there's a number of issues with him -- like his true form coming out of nowhere, his rather unpopular design, his identity being unknown for half the game, the irritating Imprisoned boss fights, etc. But the thing that makes me like him so much is one thing; I think he's so fucking cool. Firstly, he's essentially the progenitor demon of the Zelda universe, spawned from a crack in the earth and waged a war so bloody that the Goddess herself was nigh-mortally wounded. And, while we aren't told much in-game directly about him, we learn from Fi that he's a barely-comprehensible ancient evil who appears differently to everyone who sees him. He poses so many unique questions (where did he come from, exactly? How powerful is he? What was his battle with Hylia like?) that (while they'll probably never be answered) are still fun to think about.

And, for the more superficial aspects of his character, I love him and the Imprisoned's designs. They're a bit edgy, but they do fit the "Pure Evil" bill quite well. It makes me wonder what exactly his form looked like in the ancient age, the form he would have taken had Link not stopped him? The corrupted, evil Master Sword/Ghirahim he holds is such a stereotypical "opposite" blade but I actually love it (and wish we got to use it in BotW!). It truly does seem like the opposite of everything the Master Sword stands for. The Master Sword, while powerful, is cleanly edged, bright, and designed for deft movements, swings, and the occasional beam of sacred light. Demise's Sword is a veritable spiked battering ram, thrusted upon enemies only with the intent to splinter every bone in their body with every swing. And this isn't to mention his boss fight -- I actually had a solid bit of trouble with it and I actually had to exercise patience, something scarcely necessary in many Zelda fights. You battle him in another realm of his creation, catching thunderbolts into the Master Sword as he rolls out of each and every attempt at a mortal blow. When the electric sword beams clashed and nullified one another as I was on my last heart on my final attempt, I realized just how much I liked this edgy, monstrous guy.

But what might be my favorite thing about Demise is the way he treats his opposition. During the era of Demise, humans resembled Link in only appearance, fleeing from him and hiding at every turn. But when Link comes around, Demise isn't just surprised. He's actually fascinated. I'm sure many of you are thinking that respecting a foe's power isn't new to Zelda -- Ganondorf does it in OoT, right? But with Ganondorf, his 'praise' is superficial. When he voices to himself the mere suggestion that he underestimated Link's power, he instead places that blame on the power of the Triforce of Courage. Demise actually finds it funny that a species of people he finds to be little more than cowardly vermin could possibly produce someone with so much valor. This doesn't just extend to Link, either. When Demise is released from his slumber that lasted for thousands upon thousands of years, the first thing he remarks on isn't how excited he is to be back to the mortal world, or what plans he has for the mortal beings of Hylia's land -- instead, he draws his attention to Zelda, commenting that her mortal "bag of flesh" pales in comparison to the "magnificence" of Hylia's previous form. He then proceeds to actually praise Link for arriving to fight him, even saying Link's "misplaced valor" pleases him. He carries himself with a sort of politeness one would never really see from any Ganondorf (except maybe WW), and his desire to battle Link extends beyond "I'm a bad guy and I like showing off my power". It's both his desire to inflict pain and crush opposition combined with a profound admiration for this one human who ever stood up to him.

Of course, Demise is ultimately still pure evil. His respect for Link's courage and his seeming appreciation for Hylia's previous form are nothing compared to his overwhelming desire to claim the Triforce (and his apparent "hate" for the Gods. I wish this was expanded upon!), so when push comes to shove, he only cares about slaughtering the hero, draining the essence of the Goddess, and claiming the world for himself. And, inevitably, the Demon King falls to the Hero, the first thing he says is not a scream of anger, or a refusal to lose. Instead...
"Extraordinary. You stand as a paragon of your kind, human. You fight like no man or demon I have ever known."
Let me put the situation into perspective here. Demise, a Demon King who has never known even the concept of death and has only been resisted once in his lifetime, someone who has "conquered time itself", has been mortally wounded. And with one of the last breaths he will ever utter, he chooses to commend the skill of his slayer with words of such high praise I'm surprised Link isn't blushing hearing them. The next lines are (aside from being badass) what kickstarts the events of the franchise, stating the doomed cycle those who carry the Blood of the Goddess and the Spirit of the Hero are bound to. Demise has elements that no other villain in the franchise possesses -- the honor of being the first, and a sense of corrupted respect for his enemies that I can't help but find endearing.

But mainly, I just think he's really cool. Anyways, with that monologue out of the way, who are your guys' favorite non-Ganon Zelda villains? I know there aren't too many options, but I think there are some really underrated guys in Zelda who aren't Ganondorf.
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