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2023.03.30 01:31 true_shittygamer Should I go through insurance or wait for the other people to submit a claim to their insurance?

Saturday, March 25, 2023, I was planning to go to 7-Eleven to pick up water and a couple of snacks. I was going west on Rosecrans street turning into the parking lot. I noticed that I was boxed in with cars. The next thing, I know I was front bumper to front bumper with the car in front of me. There were cars that were not parked in designated parking spaces along with pedestrians that were in the middle of the road not getting out of the way. At this point, the road was one-way traffic and I had to make a U-turn/3-point turn. My foot was on the brake the entire time. I barely lifted my foot off the brake. I was going 3 mph the entire time. There was a bystander and they said that I hit the car. The bystander was trying to wave down the owner of the car. Again, I was boxed in with pedestrians blocking me. I am not from the area, and I didn’t feel safe getting out of my car to take pictures right then and there for many reasons. One, the fact that it was a car show by 7-eleven and Mr. Rosewood restaurant, and people were consuming alcohol. Two, I am not from the area. Lastly, I was by myself with nobody with me. I did not feel safe getting out of the car because pedestrians were mobbing around my car, and I was scared for my safety. In fact, they were getting aggressive and trying to intimidate me by puffing out their chest to make themselves look big. In the meantime, I am having a complete anxiety attack and I was in flight or fight mode. I didn’t want to leave the scene until the Sheriff showed up. On the other hand, while I was on the phone with 911, the car owner’s girlfriend took pictures of my license plate and VIN. I had scratched the side of my front bumper before the accident from other people that made a hit and run to my car. Shortly after the girlfriend was done taking pictures, she instructed me that it was okay to leave and everyone was pressuring me to leave. I was also told that they didn’t want to get the police involved. I didn’t want to leave the scene until the sheriff arrived, so I could feel safe to gather the information that I need. I was only presented with the car owner’s girlfriends’ contact information, but not the car owner himself. Even though the sheriff was there at the scene I was frazzled and emotionally all over the place not thinking straight to get the other person's insurance information. So I didn’t get the person's insurance information, registration, and driver’s license. I just got pictures of the car and license plate. The sheriff arrived but he did not file a traffic report because you really have to look hard and know what you're looking at.
My curiosity got the best of me and I reached out First to the number that was given to me. I am under my mother's insurance and she is instructing me to file a claim right away. However, everyone else is telling me to lay low and wait for them to make a move.
Exactly word by word this is our conversation.
Hi, I would like to know if you are going to make any claims for the car

Car Owner Girlfriend (COGF):
Ok so I talked to him and he asked me if you want to do it through insurance or just through each other. Like you just pay for the repair

What needs to be repaired?

The bumper filler would have to be replaced and painted
And also re-chromed
To fix the scratches
Do you want my boyfriends number so he can just tell you maybe that will make it easier?
The estimate for parts labor paint and everything it’s $2500 because it’s a show car everything is custom the chrome paint has to be matched
So it’s up to you if you want to go through insurance or if you just want to pay the shop to fix it

Can you give me the insurance information please?

Ok so you want to go through insurance then?
I’ll be able to send it to you tomorrow he’s at work at the moment
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2023.03.30 01:31 Hopeful-Net-604 55% Off PuTian Merino Wool Blanket - 63" x 51" Thick Warm Soft Twin Bed Throw - Great for Camping, Outdoors, Travel, Car, Couch, All Seasons Houndstooth Grey uz

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2023.03.30 01:30 Delicious_Reply7780 Help I feel stuck and frustrated

I have been studying for a year. Eight months with Duolingo and then I read that Duolingo wasn’t the best resource. I then started listening and repeating single nouns and verbs in my car, one at a time, to try to build my vocabulary. I don’t know how to make proper sentences with grammar. I did buy the blue Modern Brazilian Portuguese grammar book but it is overwhelming.
I read online that the best thing is immersion. I have been trying to watch movies and listen to podcasts and YouTube videos but everything is in Portuguese and I don’t understand anything. I can’t pick out a single word. I am very confused and upset with how this seems to help others but doesn’t work with me.
How do I build vocabulary if I need to learn it in context, but I can’t understand what I am hearing?
I have no experience learning languages and I am stuck. In high school 20 years ago I could not get good grades in languages, though I excelled at math and science.
Can somebody please please help me and recommend a podcast I can listen to in my car when I drive to work, so I can learn? It’s about the only time I have free right now and I want to use it for learning Portuguese.
Immersion just isn’t seeming to work for me because I am too much of a beginner, probably way more so than anyone here, and I just don’t know how to properly learn a language it seems. I only know American English.
Please help, what should I do?
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2023.03.30 01:30 throwawaycud12 Cannabis Use Disorder Help

Apologies is this isn't allowed or is the wrong sub to be asking about this -throwaway because my bf uses reddit-
So, some background both me and my boyfriend have been smoking weed for 4-5 years now. Over the last 2 or so my boyfriend has been talking about wanting to stop and how much he hates that he smokes. He and I have made multiple attempts to stop together, we talked about him not smoking with his co-workers anymore or on his own, there have been times where he's gone days, weeks, sometimes even 1 or 2 months without it but always fell back in. My longest attempt was probably 3 weeks. However I've probably gone on more breaks than he has and generally have no problems spending a majority of my time sober. I also did my best to not smoke weed around him, mention it around him, go buy it with him, or have it sitting out where he can see it. Since last summer he's been more upset about it and there had been a few times where I caught him lying about buying weed/pens and smoking them in his car.
Today he came over and talked about how he's been lying to me for months, that he doesn't remember the last time he was sober. He said that he was sick and didn't know what to do, that he felt ashamed and didn't want us to break up. It was a lot to take in, but I remained as calm as possible and did my best to remind him that he's loved and that we'll figure something out. Today I also learned what Cannabis Use Disorder is and I believe my boyfriend is dealing with it as he displays a lot, if not all, symptoms for it.
-Using more than intended -Trying, but failing to quit -Spending a lot of time smoking it -Constant cravings for it -Giving up time with his family, friends and I in favor of smoking -Possibly using it in high risk situations -Continue uses even though he suffers with depression and anxiety -Does experience some withdrawal symptoms when not smoking
What I want to know is if anyone else has ever had this or know someone who does? What is it like? Is there a way to treat it? He did say he had looked at some programs, but... I'm a little iffy on those. I know some of them aren't exactly the best. But I want to be able to help him, I hate seeing him hurt this way.
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2023.03.30 01:30 Defiant-Efficiency76 How many miles more can i drive the car after i get the “Engine oil services required” notification?

Hey y’all, i got a 2022 x5 x40i a while ago and they told me to come in on the first 10,000 mile for a checkup complimentary and to get it serviced. I was at 9600 a while ago so i gave a call to schedule it, they told me it was too early and too call around -100 left. I called and they gave the appointment for weeks ahead due to lots of people booking. I’m at 10,160 right now, should i just park the car and leave it till the service date? How many miles can i drive the car after i got the notification to service it? I also called like 2 times to see if they had any openings and they dont. Thanks
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2023.03.30 01:30 RacerM53 Game crashes when I load a tune (xbox)

Since the new update I can't load a different tune on any of my cars without the game crashing. I only use a handful of cars with multiple tunes for each so this has rendered the game completely unplayable. It crashes whether I'm changing tunes through the start menu or at the festival. I've tried clearing the data cache but it's still crashing. Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.03.30 01:29 IWasRightOnce Is Jail/Prison in the Your Honor-Universe some sort of hostel for the self-loathing?

It’s kind of hilarious that Michael has now been to Jail/Prison twice, with virtually no explanation.
First time (start of S2) he presumably got locked up for a year for tax evasion, despite the show not providing any inkling of detail to that charge. Like, what taxes did he evade that resulted in a prison sentence that was minimally a year (he got out early), the repossession of his home, car, belongings, etc.
Second time (end of S2) we can assume he goes back to jail/prison for the main crimes surrounding Adam’s hit & run + the ensuing cover-up, but…what about all of the other fall-out from that? Has Michael been to court this time around, plead guilty, been sentenced?
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2023.03.30 01:29 StepwiseUndrape574 One of the most exciting possibilities for GTA 6 is the potential for more diverse and interesting vehicles

One of the most exciting possibilities for GTA 6 is the potential for more diverse and interesting vehicles. From flying cars to underwater submarines, fans are hoping for even more outrageous and over-the-top vehicles to explore the game's world with.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.30 01:29 synkdve First time builder, need your opinions

Hello! It's my first time building a PC and I'd like to ask for insight regarding the parts/specs I've chosen.
PC will be used for some games and coding, won't mind if graphics isn't at the highest setting, though it's important everything runs smoothly. I'm on a pretty tight budget so I'm hoping to get a PC with decent quality parts without having to go broke.
CPU - Ryzen 5 5600G - 8000 MoBo - Asus Prime B450M-K II - 4000 RAM - Kingston HyperX 2x8GB 2666Mhz - 2350 Storage - Kingston 250GB SSD - 1200 PSU - MSI MAG A550BN - 2700
I already bought a case which can only fit MicroATX MoBos along with 3 case fans. Are these specs alright for my intended use or should I change some of it?
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2023.03.30 01:28 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar Remastering GTA 5 For Xbox And PS5 In Glorious 4K60 With Ray Tracing

Did you imagine when Grand Theft Auto V came out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013, that we'd be seeing a fresh retail re-release of it nine years later? Much like The Elder Scrolls Part V: Skyrim—which hails from the same era—GTA V has been an enduring success and is about to get its third re-release.
There's no fancy subtitle or name change; Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series XS consoles on March 15th. That's not to say it's exactly the same experience, though. The versions for the current-gen consoles support 60 FPS, HDR output, ray-tracing, "improved texture quality," faster loading times, "immersive 3D audio," and support for platform-specific features, like the PS5's DualSense haptics.
gtaonline carwash Specifically, there will be a fidelity mode that targets native 3840×2160 resolution with ray tracing and a 30 FPS cap. (Xbox Series S will use upscaling to hit 4K.) Before you sneer at that, note that console versions of GTA V have always had a 30 FPS cap—until now: the new release's "performance mode" will target 60 FPS with dynamic resolution scaling up to 4K, but without ray tracing.
Most interesting to the majority of gamers will probably be the "Performance RT" mode. This mode, available only on the PS5 and Series X, is basically just performance mode with ray tracing enabled. Most likely, it will simply use a lower dynamic resolution to achieve higher-than-30 FPS while keeping ray tracing features. Depending on the upscaling method Rockstar uses, this mode could still look quite good.
Of course, the whole reason that Grand Theft Auto V is still the sensation that it is lies in its online mode. Rockstar has always talked about Grand Theft Auto Online as if it were an entirely separate game, and that's understandable given the differences in their content. But after the re-release launches, it will in fact be available as an entirely separate game—and it'll be free for the first three months after launch on PS5.
gtaonline fukaru The technical changes to Grand Theft Auto V largely apply here, although there's probably still not going to be any animals in Online. Instead, Rockstar is implementing several content updates for the re-launch. The Los Santos Car Meet expansion is getting an expansion of its own called Hao's Special Works, and a "Career Builder" feature will be available for fresh characters to help them get a foothold in Los Santos' seedy underbelly.
If you're already an accomplished crime boss in GTA V or GTA Online using an older console version, you can transfer your progress to the new systems. For story mode, open the game and go to "Game" in the pause menu, then select "Upload Save Game" to send it to the Rockstar Social Club cloud servers. GTA Online progress will transfer automatically, although Rockstar cautions players that purchased GTA$ won't transfer across platforms (i.e. PlayStation to Xbox, or vice versa.)
You'll be able to start playing the remastered version of GTA V on March 15, with physical copies coming available In April. We asked Rockstar when these changes would be coming to the PC version, but haven't heard back yet. We'll update this story when we do.
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2023.03.30 01:28 kamrkaptain friend states it’s a miata. i know it’s not a miata, but for the life of me cannot figure out what kind of car it is. looks like some sort of 90s plymouth or something.

friend states it’s a miata. i know it’s not a miata, but for the life of me cannot figure out what kind of car it is. looks like some sort of 90s plymouth or something. submitted by kamrkaptain to whatisthiscar [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 01:27 CarlessInColorado AITA For defending my girlfriend even though she lost my car

My girlfriend (F25) and I(M24) have been seeing each other for about a year and a half, and things have been great. We fight like all couples but we are both good people and would do anything for each other.
This last weekend I let her borrow my car to visit her sister down in Denver (We live in the mountains about 2 hours away) which she has done plenty of times before. This time however shit hit the proverbial fan.
While visiting with her sister they had some drinks (lots of drinks) and started to get into a fight. My girlfriend stormed out of the house, got in the car and presumably drove away and coincidentally also blacked out. Fast forward a few hours and I get a call from a random number and it is my girlfriend, she had no idea where she was or where she'd been or:
Where my CAR was.
From what I understand she spent the rest of the night actively searching for my car with her sister.
This is where my mother and family get involved. Exactly three years ago I had gotten into a car accident and totaled my car. To help me through that my mom co-signed a lease for me for a brand new Honda Civic (36-month lease expires FRIDAY lol). Because my mom and I are both financially responsible for the car she is obviously super worried and protective of me. So much so that she does not believe my girlfriend's story of how the night went down, mainly because my girlfriend claims she does not remember a single thing from the night. My mom and the rest of my family fully believe that she purposefully lost the car or sold it to someone else and even were wanting to go as far as calling the police on her. While I understand their concern I do not find this to be true at all and it is causing a riff between us.
We have done everything we could have possibly done, filed police reports, searched the area, and checked video camera footage. Based on what I saw when she got home I am concerned that she was mugged and the car was stolen or she was possibly assaulted. For these reasons and for what I have experienced firsthand with her, I think she is telling the truth. I do not condone her driving my car in that state and putting herself in serious harm's way and we have addressed this, but I still love and support her.
It really bothers me that my mom and family will talk in their echo chamber about what they think happened when they are not the ones who are actively dealing with this situation. They choose to believe each other more than they believe me and my girlfriend. This is why i am furious with my mother.
While I understand she is only trying to protect me I can't help but feel like her judgments are unfair and creating an uncomfortable environment for us all and I have angrily confronted her about this to no avail. My mom and I have always been very close and she has always protected me but I believe she is out of line this time.
Am I the asshole for being upset with my mom for not being understanding during this fiasco and calling my girlfriend a lair?
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2023.03.30 01:27 RizenDayz PC US Rizen CHERNARUS Custom Arsenal KOTH Warzone Traders Friendly Admins Custom Armor and Vehicles PC

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2023.03.30 01:27 DayzCanibal PC US Rizen CHERNARUS Wiped Friday! Custom Arsenal KOTH Warzone Traders Friendly Admins Custom Armor and Vehicles PC

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2023.03.30 01:27 manikands 3-D Models

I am very interested in doing a 3-D printing a F1-75 or SF-23 or any other older car. A friend of mine owns a 3-D printer and they were open to helping me with this project. They asked for an STL file to see if their 3-D printer can handle it. I have no clue about 3-D printing. Can anyone point me to good 3-D models that I can download
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2023.03.30 01:26 Mxcrasher69 Looking for advice. LONG STORY

Coming up on 20 years. Second marriage for both of us. Children Hers 1 (26)mine 2 (25)-(22) and ours (18). I am no saint. My first marriage I had an affair. It was a bad marriage almost from the start that I think lack of self esteem for both of us kept us in for 12 years. Yes the children came later in that marriage. We dated briefly and married 4 months into. I work long hours and occasionally out of town. The first time was shortly after the birth of our son. I can’t exactly remember how I found out but I believe it was the phone. 2008 happens with the housing market, She ruptures several discs in her back, my industry goes out on strike. We lose everything. Through marriage counseling (many weeks and many counselors) we worked through it. We’re both alcoholics (functional) at the time and both have tough childhoods. Several years later an old girlfriend reaches out to me and pretty much have an emotional affair. I get caught ( phone again) and I am confronted. I admit to it and never slept with her but of course that isn’t believed. I stop and continue counseling to try to fix what is broken. I quit alcohol and attend meetings (NA) to figure out what’s the behavior that I’m trying to medicate.
We both dive into work and she gets involved with a non profit organization. There’s always fundraising events and mixers that I’m never around to attend with her and of course alcohol. I end up going on location out of state for 8 weeks. Things are ok at the time and we have connection while I’m out of town. Calling almost daily. Life’s good 👏 so I thought. While I’m out of town she starts hanging around a friend who’s an alcoholic and was going around hooking up on hook up sights and constantly boasting on all the fucking she’s getting. One weekend before I come home the wife is unavailable. I always seem to get “gut” feelings with this stuff. I come home and after a week or two I see her phone on the table and decide to look. Talks of having to cool it with someone on the board of directors as to not raise suspicions. And a sleepover with my husband calling over and over. Life Blows up and I confront. Denies denies denies. I’m paranoid. Turns it around and never admits it. Again more work on myself Months later my wife tests positive for the breast cancer gene and with her strong family history decides to have a double mastectomy. At the time she was helping an elderly couple and had befriended this family. They lover her like a daughter. One of their children committed suicide and had another son in their family. This goes on for months and everything seemed ok as she even took our youngest over for visits. Surgery after surgery with reconstruction and still helping this family one day the youngest son commits suicide. My wife is devastated. She’s blaming herself for it because she was the last one to see him alive. She said that he wasn’t doing well and needed someone to talk to. Truth be told it was right after they had lunch together and she told him that she wanted to give me one last chance because I was turning my life around and I was a good man. He went home and shot himself.
The mother was calling hysterically, and that she couldn’t get a hold of her son. My wife and over to the apartment and the door was locked so she called the police. The police went in and everybody found him. For weeks and weeks hysterics sobbing and all the time I was there telling her it wasn’t her fault. She couldn’t have stopped him when somebody decides to do that you can’t change their mind. She wasn’t invited to the funeral. The family was blaming her, and I had no idea why.
Several months later, I was out of town and I heard on the ring camera her in the kitchen with a friend telling her how much she loved him and how crushed she was. So I decided to confront her asking her. Did you love him she replied, not the way you think he was there for me and made me believe in myself I said all that time I was consoling you telling you it wasn’t your fault staying up with you all night with your pain and your tears, you were having an affair with him boy did I feel stupid. She finally decided to get sober.
She started a program. She realize that driving the children around and being a drunk wife wasn’t good I just see my life changed for the better. She wanted the same. So here we are five years later we moved out of state I still work in California. I drive home on weekends unless there’s work. AGAIN…… there’s that gut feeling. Shortly after the new year I realize there was car had come by. I figured it was one of the clients from her work didn’t think much of it came over a few times as a matter fact OK maybe it’s work related. At one point this gentleman came over she invited them in and about two hours later he left with her saying bye love. This weekend or should I say this past weekend I look at the camera and lo and behold at 11 o’clock at night on Friday there is This guy is coming over and she goes out to the car with him and brings him in to my house. He leaves at 6 o’clock in the morning, The next day, the same person brings a package over to the house and goes to walk in like he owns the place. With the front door locked he goes to enter the apartment in the front ,both locked. She comes outside goes to the car or somebody else’s and five minutes later comes back in the house.
I noticed her wedding ring isn’t on all the time on the ring camera and of course, her texts and her passwords are none of my business. I’m starting to go distant. I know this is marriage is done. I keep getting asked what’s wrong what’s wrong but I’m not gonna do this long-distance. I’m not gonna do it over the phone. I’m going confront her at home. I guess this is a long story, but I’m looking for advice how do I confront her? Do I give her enough to her to hang her self or do I just straight out say I know what you’re doing and see what happens and then lay out the proof. Nobody I talk to you can tell me any reason why a man would come over at 11 o’clock at night and leave in the morning besides what it is!! With work slowing down and the possibility of a strike I may have to stay in the apartment until the dust settles but until then , until Saturday I have to play nice and try not to raise any ideas. How would you confront your spouse? Any and all ideas are welcome.
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2023.03.30 01:26 Prestigious-Duck-875 Best Autobody Shop?

Hi folks
I’m in need of some body work on my pride and joy, but I’m new to the Valley and don’t know where to go. I know it’s silly to get attached to a car but my vehicle means a great deal to my family — it’s more a family member than a tool my family uses, so getting good quality work is important to us.
Can anyone recommend an exceptionally good and amazing auto body repair shop in the Valley or beyond? One that, were they surgeons, you would trust to operate on your child? Or imagine you are a devout Catholic, and the Pope himself is asking for a referral for the Pope mobile, and your ability to get into heaven depends on how good a job the body shop you recommend does. I can keep going with metaphors and analogies to express how particular I am hoping to be with whomever repairs my vehicle but I think you get the point. The cost doesn’t matter, only the care of my vehicle and the quality of work they do.
I’d also be grateful to hear horror stories so I know who to avoid.
Thanks all!
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2023.03.30 01:26 caitmr17 Road trip assistance!

Hi all! We are moving across the country, and will be taking Thorin on a road trip. We’re obviously excited, but also nervous as it is quite a long trip (full travel time works out to about 36 hours). Good news is, we’ve found a lot of dog friendly hotels and restaurants on the way, so we’re set there.
I’m looking for any tips and tricks for road tripping with your Danes. Thorin has dong an 8 hour travel before, and doesn’t get car sick. Obviously things can happen, so something to be aware of. But other than that, any tips for traveling? Any must haves?
For reference, traveling from Alberta to Ontario by way of South Dakota, Wisconsin etc!
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Text me if you're interested
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2023.03.30 01:25 Guilty_Chemical_8192 55% Off PuTian Merino Wool Blanket - 63" x 51" Thick Warm Soft Twin Bed Throw - Great for Camping, Outdoors, Travel, Car, Couch, All Seasons Houndstooth Grey 7G

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2023.03.30 01:25 Gilmoregirlin Peri has turned me into a basket case

I used to be the type of person that never worried. I was a go with the flow type of person to the point it annoyed people. Within the past year or so I’ve found myself incapable of coping with basic things that in the past would be nothing to me. Today I came out to a dead car battery and burst into tears. I constantly worry my cats are going to die with no good reason and often feel sad for no reason. I am thinking I may need medication. It’s just this new version of me is so different can anyone else relate?
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2023.03.30 01:25 Free_Box_1606 Someone used an audio recording of me as evidence to sue someone else.

For more context I used to stay with my sister about 7 months ago. She has 3 children. 2 of her own and 1 with her husband . one of the kids was her husband's son. He got full custody of him bc his mother was deemed unfit, for she was a drug addict and had several charges. Fast forward a couple of months later . I'm moved out already and I get word from my sister that her stepson is now staying with his mom. He's always been a troublesome kid growing up. He would lie, steal, and hurt others with little remorse. No form of discipline was working for him. He asked to move in with his mom permanently. My sister and her husband were so exhausted from him, they thought it would maybe be for the best.
Keep in mind that the terms to the agreement for him staying with his mother were that she was supposed to stay out of trouble and keep a job. Which she had proved she could do.
Now to the present situation. I work as cashier at a well known buffet in town. Last week I saw my nephew,( brother in laws son) with his bio mom) I hadn't seen him in awhile so I was happy to see him. We caught up a bit. I asked him how school was going and commented how tall he had gotten. And that was pretty much it. I got them cashed in, they enjoyed the food and left. I didn't think much of it until today. While at my first job I get a call from my sister around 3 pm. During the phone call she asked me if I had seen him and his mom at the buffet. Which I told her yes. She then goes on to tell me that, his mom was secretly recording our conversation the entire time. And used our conversation in court to sue and put my sister's husband on child support. I was extremely shocked but equally confused. We didn't talk about anything that could have possibly been incriminating evidence. My sister explained to me that the recording was enough to convince authorities to decrease his mom's child support by 8k dollars and start charging my sister's husband 500 dollars a month.. she also explained to me the reason this was happening was bc the recording also somehow proved that her husband gave up guardian ship to her for his own benefit. They claimed that he did it to live a life of lavish. Buying a new ca taking a vacation etc. I don't know what to do or if there's anything that can even be done about this. Do I need a lawyer? Was her recording me illegal somehow? Will I possibly need to go to court to testify ?
Some additional info about the mother - she initially lost custody of her son bc they found traces of drugs in his system at 3 years old - she manipulated her son into lying to the school and authorities that he was being abused by my sister and her husband. Child protective services were even involved and an investigation was opened up. This all leading to son eventually asking to leave home to stay with his bio mom. - she has stolen, lied, done drugs in front of him as well as things like allowing him to watch whatever he wants with no supervision.
Some additional information about the son.
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