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Anything related to comic book conventions.

2023.06.04 05:48 Bubba-Wubba0013 My roommate treats me like her maid

I (F21) and my friend/roommate (F20) have been living together for 3 years now (since second semester of college). We were pretty close friends up until this past year I would say. After moving into an apartment together, our friendship has dwindled quite a bit and we feel more like roommates anymore than anything. And that is okay as we have totally different schedules, friend groups, and activities. However, she isn’t even treating me like a roommate anymore. I feel more like her live in maid and servant.
I’d like to say that I am a pretty easy going and nice person, but I have been hanging on by a thread due to my living situation. We moved into our apartment about 8 months ago and things were tense at first because it was a big change and a lot of things to organize and put in the proper place. However, she barely if at all contributed to the apartment. I brought all the cookware, furniture, etc. The only things she brought was a microwave and toaster that I rarely use. She didn’t bring cleaning supplies or even her own dresser. The frustrating part is her family makes so much more than mine, yet she expects me to buy everything for the apartment we share!
I remember her throwing a whole ass hissy fit when I asked her to buy a trash can for the kitchen as that was one thing I did not have or buy for the apartment. Didn’t know that would be such a big deal when I bought everything else.
Not to mention she doesn’t clean whatsoever. She has yet to pick up a vacuum or dust or anything even though she makes most of the messes. She will leave dishes in the skin for a week, soak the bathroom floor from her showers, and leave the living room a mess. She has yet to clean any of it.
I have told her multiple times how I am a clean freak and cannot stand being in dirty living conditions. The funny thing is is that she said she was too! Apparently living like a slob is clean to her.
She also uses toilet paper like it just magically appears in the bathroom at no cost and leaves piss and period blood all over the toilet seat! She doesn’t clean any of it up and has yet to buy toilet paper.
She also has two scrappy dogs that she expects me to take care of when she is not here. The dogs don’t listen and piss and shit in the apartment constantly. I have told her multiple times I don’t want them on my furniture or in my room because of this and guess what… she still did. Her one dog recently pisses on my couch and she did nothing to clean it. I had to spend my night cleaning it while she comforted her dog like it was okay for the dog to use my furniture as a bathroom. And a couple weeks ago she left her other dog on my bed without my knowledge and it puked all over my comforter. She never said sorry and asked to wash it for me (we have to pay to wash and dry our clothes at my apartment).
I am tired of constantly cleaning just to have my efforts obliterated by her, her dogs, and inconsiderate friends. I have had enough and do not know what to do or how to confront her about these issues. Any advice would be appreciated. Our lease is up in 3 months, but I need this solved asap before I blow up in her🙃
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2023.06.04 05:47 Electrical_Rabbit471 Could she be pregnant?

Could she be pregnant?
Really looking for some advice. So I bought this mare 10.5 months ago. I just got told a few days ago that she may possibly be bred bc their stud got into their pasture last June or so and they had no idea. However all the other mares that were in that pasture dropped surprise babies Thursday. So I went out Thursday evening to feed and found that her nipples are engorged and are doing this. I have attached some videos and pictures for reference. Is it normal for mares not bred to expel fluid of that color and that amount. I have checked everyday and her nipples are full and squishy but no bag. My vet can’t come out till next week or so to palpate but I was wondering if based on this info if this is normal for horses not bred to expel like that? I really don’t want a baby as this would have been her half brother. 😬 advice please. She’s 5 and has never been bred.
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2023.06.04 05:44 primealx proof of residency for license while subletting

I'm trying to get my driver's license this summer. I'm a US citizen but I've lived in a different country from ages 10-18 and now I'm here for uni. The issue is the license asks for proof of residency. I've lived in an apartment for the last year but my lease is ending soon and I'm living in a sublet for the summer. Is the sublet agreement (which is "cookie cutter" in that clearly the tenants found something on the internet) enough? I also have a year's worth of proof of residency at apartment whose lease is ending, but I didn't know if the residency had to be "current" since I won't be living there anymore by the time I get my license.
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2023.06.04 05:42 TwylaL NASA task force: They are not NASA employees, not all scientists, and are not all in agreement

I'm seeing significant misconceptions about the members of the NASA Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Study Team (UAPST). Some of that is from sloppy writing in the mainstream media, some is just assumptions.
This group is individuals chosen by NASA from outside NASA reflecting a variety of opinions, approaches, and expertise to apply to the question of UAP. Some are hostile to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis; some are willing to accept it as a possibility. Not all are scientists, though all have science training. They have not seen classified material. I get the impression they haven't had many meetings and haven't actually discussed much to come to consensus. The budget for the committee was only $120k. Some have worked for NASA in the past. One interesting point is that all sixteen were NASA's "first picks" -- no-one who was invited turned down the opportunity. They have received harrassment from both the "believer" and the "conventional academy" sides of the spectrum; possibly also hostility from the Fundementalist Christian leadership who consider UFOs to be demonic manifistations.
Contrary to news reports, their mission was not to solve the UAP problem, but to to come up with ways to solve the UAP problem using NASA's publicly available data already collected in various Earth and Space surveys (satellite stuff). A historical review of NASA's photography and videography and of statements made by astronauts in the past wasn't in their remit. (Though let's face it nothing was stopping any of them from picking up a book.) AS far as I know, no public statement has been made outlining what evidence they did review; I certainly hope it will be in their report.
The members of NASA’s independent study team on unidentified anomalous phenomena are:
David Spergel was selected to chair NASA’s independent study on unidentified anomalous phenomena. He is the president of the Simons Foundation where he was the founding director of its Flatiron Institute for Computational Astrophysics. His interests range from the search for planets and nearby stars to the shape of the universe. He has measured the age, shape and composition of the universe and played a key role in establishing the standard model of cosmology. A MacArthur “Genius” Fellow, Spergel has been cited in publications more than 100,000 times.
Anamaria Berea is an associate professor of Computational and Data Science at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She is a research affiliate with the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, and a research investigator with Blue Marble Space Institute of Science in Seattle. Her research is focused on the emergence of communication in complex living systems and on data science applications in astrobiology, for the science of both biosignatures and technosignatures. She uses a wide range of computational methods to uncover fundamental patterns in the data. ​​
Federica Bianco is a joint professor at the University of Delaware in the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration and a Senior Scientist at the Multi-city Urban Observatory. She is a cross-disciplinary scientist with a focus on using data-science to study the universe and find solutions to urban-based problems on earth. She is Deputy Project Scientist for the Vera C. Rubin Observatory which in 2023 will start the Legacy Survey of Space and Time to study the night sky in the southern hemisphere and discover new galaxies and stars. She has been published in more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and received that Department of Energy’s “Innovative Development in Energy-Related Applied Science” grant.
Paula Bontempi has been a biological oceanographer for more than 25 years. She is the sixth dean and the second woman to lead the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island (URI). She is also a professor of oceanography at URI. She spent eighteen years at NASA and was appointed acting deputy director of NASA’s Earth Science Division for the Science Mission Directorate. She also led NASA’s research on ocean biology, biogeochemistry, the carbon cycle and ecosystems, as well as many NASA Earth observing satellite missions in marine science. She is a fellow of The Oceanography Society.
Reggie Brothers is the operating partner at AE Industrial Partners in Boca Raton, Florida. He previously served as CEO and board member of in Columbia, Maryland. Brothers also was the executive vice president and chief technology officer of Peraton, as well as a principal with the Chertoff Group. Prior to his time in the private sector, he served as the undersecretary for Science and Technology at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research at the Department of Defense. Brothers is also a Distinguished Fellow at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology and he is a member of the Visiting Committee for Sponsored Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Jen Buss is the CEO of the Potomac Institute of Policy Studies in Arlington, Virginia. Before she became CEO, Buss worked extensively with NASA to explore policy issues and strategic planning processes for astronaut medical care and cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. She is nationally recognized as an authority in her field for science and technology trends analysis and policy solutions.
Nadia Drake is a freelance science journalist and contributing writer at National Geographic. She also regularly writes for Scientific American, and specializes in covering astronomy, astrophysics, planetary sciences, and jungles. She has won journalism awards for her work in National Geographic including the David N. Schramm Award from the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society and the Jonathan Eberhart award from the AAS Division of Planetary Sciences. Drake holds a doctorate in genetics from Cornell University.
Mike Gold is the executive vice president of Civil Space and External Affairs at Redwire in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to Redwire, Gold held multiple leadership roles at NASA, including associate administrator for Space Policy and Partnerships, acting associate administrator for the Office of International and Interagency Relations and senior advisor to the Administrator for International and Legal Affairs. He led for NASA, jointly with the Department of State, the creation and execution of the Artemis Accords, which established the norms of behavior in space. He also led the negotiation and adoption of binding international agreements for the lunar Gateway, the creation of new planetary protocols and the first purchase by NASA of a lunar resource. Gold was awarded NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal for his work in 2020.Additionally, Gold was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to serve as Chair of the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee from 2012 until he joined NASA in 2019.
David Grinspoon is a senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tuscon, Arizona, and serves as a frequent advisor to NASA on space exploration. He is on science teams for several interplanetary spacecraft missions including the DAVINCI mission to Venus. He is the former inaugural Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology. His research focuses on comparative planetology especially regarding climate evolution and the implications of habitability on earth-like planets. He was awarded the Carl Sagan Medal by the American Astronomical Society and he is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is also an adjunct professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Science at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, as well as Georgetown University in Washington.
Scott Kelly is a former NASA astronaut, test pilot, fighter pilot, and retired U.S. Navy captain. He commanded the International Space Station Expeditions 26, 45, and 46. He was also the pilot of Space Shuttle Discovery for the third Hubble Servicing Mission. He was selected for a year-long mission to the space station where he set the record at the time for the total accumulated number of days spent in space. Prior to NASA, Kelly was the first pilot to fly the F-14 with a new digital flight control system. He flew the F-14 Tomcat in fighter squadron VF-143 aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. He is a two-time New York Times bestselling author and was recognized by Time magazine in 2015 as one of the most influential people in the world.
Matt Mountain is the president of The Association of Universities for Research and Astronomy, known as AURA. At AURA, Mountain oversees a consortium of 44 universities nationwide and four international affiliates who help NASA and the National Science Foundation build and operate observatories including NASA’s Hubble Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope. He also serves as a telescope scientist for Webb and is a member of its Science Working Group. He is the former director of The Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, and the International Gemini Observatory in Hilo, Hawaii.
Warren Randolph is the deputy executive director of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Accident Investigation and Prevention for Aviation Safety department. He has an extensive background in aviation safety at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is currently responsible for setting and implementing safety management system principles and using data to inform the assessment of future hazards and emerging safety risks. Prior to the FAA, Randolph served as an aerodynamicist for the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Air Force for multiple flight simulations. Walter Scott is the executive vice president and chief technology officer of Maxar in Westminster, Colorado, a space technology company that specializes in earth intelligence and space infrastructure. In 1992, he founded DigitalGlobe which became part of Maxar in 2017. He has held leadership positions at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California and was the president of Scott Consulting. In 2021, he was inducted into the David W. Thompson Lecture in Space Commerce by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Joshua Semeter is a professor of electrical and computer engineering as well as the director of the Center for Space Physics at Boston University. At Boston University, he researches interactions between Earth’s ionosphere and the space environment. Activities in Semeter’s lab include the development of optical and magnetic sensor technologies, radar experiment design and signal processing, and the application of tomographic and other inversion techniques to the analysis of distributed, multi-mode measurements of the space environment.
Karlin Toner is the acting executive director of the FAA’s Office of Aviation Policy and Plans. Previously, she served as the director of the FAA’s global strategy where she led the FAA’s international strategy and managed threats to international civil aviation. Prior to the FAA, Toner served at NASA in multiple leadership positions including director of the Airspace Systems Program at NASA Headquarters. She is a NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal recipient and is an associate fellow for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Shelley Wright is an associate professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego’s Center for Astrophysics and Space Studies. She specializes in galaxies, supermassive black holes and building optical and infrared instruments for telescopes using adaptive optics such as integral field spectrographs. She is a Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) researcher and instrumentalist. She is also the principal investigator for the UC San Diego Optical Infrared Laboratory. Previously, she was an assistant professor at the University of Toronto’s Dunlap Institute.
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2023.06.04 05:42 quadshock [439 South 4th Street] EIR Published for 25-Story Apartments in Downtown San Jose

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2023.06.04 05:41 l1mitl3ss_ STUDIO or 1B/1B SUBLEASE FA23??

Hi all, I'm looking for a STUDIO or 1B/1B apt for fall 2023 and/or spring 2024 as well (ideally a full year lease but i need something for at least fall asap)- with parking!
Ideally close to Illini Union/Green but not too far off campus, and modern with in unit laundry. Please let me know if you have something available!
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2023.06.04 05:41 latestbot AITA for not helping my long time friend by refusing to sell my car to them?

I leased a car & it’s lease was about to end a few months back & given the current market here in Canada & it being a Japanese, I decided to keep it until I get my own home.
That’s a big goal for me personally and I would like to get approved without bank objecting about any liabilities. I am also financing the buyout that I intend to clear off as soon as possible.
I was meeting up with a couple of friends & mentioned that I was keeping my car to one of them who then told me that I should sell my car to him instead. He’s been looking for a car for his sister but can’t find a Japanese brand in a reasonable price range.
His sister for context is a new immigrant and doesn’t have enough credit to buy a brand new car yet and has to travel a couple hours one way to get to work. I asked him why can’t he cosign for his sister instead and he mentioned that he bought an investment property that he intends to close in a few months so can’t really sign for any other loans.
He even went on to say that I should think about our friendship and since we have known each other for more than 10 years, I should help him out. He even offered to help me with the new car purchase and told me he has contacts in nearby dealerships that can get me a brand new car in few months.
I told him sorry I can’t because I don’t want to create a liability until I buy a home. I stuck to this even though he kept asking me to reconsider.
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2023.06.04 05:41 TheMotionChronicles Race Report Trail 5k

Race Information
Name: Thundering Hooves 5k Trail
Date: June 3rd, 2023
Distance: 5k
Location: Mount Airy, MD
Time: 23:34
Goal Description Completed?
A Top 3 Overall Yes
B Sub 21 No
Mile Time
1 7:27
2 7:42
3 7:41
Started running August 2022 to run an October marathon with a close friend. I got hooked and after following online advice to take it easy for a couple of weeks I downloaded Strava and began serious running on November 24th, logging about 700 miles since then. I accompanied my friend on another marathon in April and decided I want to run a race on my own pace. I went into this 5k expecting about 150ish ft of elevation according to the website. As you will read by the end the information I had was not correct. Since the marathon I had a week at 4miles but with 2 Soccer games which were 9 miles total followed by 15, 18, 34, 28 and the week of the race up to Saturday race was 17ish miles. Since the marathon all runs have been easyish pace with some Strides once to twice a week.
I've done a 22 minute 5k on 80-130ft as part of a tempo beginning of march so I thought 21 minute would be doable at this point.
7am wakeup, ate some cookies for breakfast, had some electrolytes and plain water before I left. I got the race around 8am to pick up my packet and enjoyed the scenery and the horses waiting for my friend to arrive. Goal was to get at least 2 miles of warm up including some Strides but somehow time ended up getting away from us and I settled on half a mile of warm-up with 1 stride, 2 minutes before the 9am start. Lots of lessons here in the pre-race for me.
Started of really fast and was first across the line but got it under control after the 2 minute mark. The start was downhill so that played a part in my going of faster than expected but got it under control at half the mile while people started passing me. I slowed down a bit on the hills and sped up whenever I saw flat surface ahead of me in order to keep my desired pace. At the end of the first mile I was thinking 7-7:30 min/mile pace feels not great and almost "foreign to me" and I had some doubt about my ability to hold on. I then thought of all the miles I put in over the past few months and decided to give it my best.
Around the 9 minute mark I could see the people who passed me slowing down and I overtook about 9 leaving just 2 up ahead. I Kept them in my line of sight for a couple of minutes and saw they were slowing while I was feeling pretty good so I overtook them pretty quickly and in my head I thought I could end up being the 1st to finish.
That lasted about 400meters until one of the volunteers said "good job you are only the second one to pass through here!". Sort of laughed a bit a myself here and did my best to chase this guy down but he was nowhere in sight. With about half a mile left I finally saw how far 1st was and it was clear that my objective was to secure second place. Crossed the finish line at 23:34!
Did not do some slow running after I crossed the line which i'm a bit disappointed about. Got my banana, water and waited for my friend who finished in 28:30. Later on I looked we looked at out watches garmin 255 and garmin 245 and they gave both of us 360ish feet of elevation which I thought is a lot for a 5k and very of from the website.
I'm pretty happy with the result and it was awesome to run on my own pace and pass people midway. Can't wait to add some speedwork and try another race soon, maybe a flatter one.
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2023.06.04 05:39 Salty_Special_1105 Landlord's plants

We live in Ontario and rent a condo townhouse. When we rented the place we assumed that we will be able to plant whatever flowers we want both in the front and backyards. However, the landlord appeared quite unreasonable in general and in regards with gardening (asked us to remove our flowers shortly after we planted them), was giving us an unsolicited advice one evening, while we were trying to calm down a crying baby, on how to take care of their bushes, which was never mentioned to us and is not part of our lease agreement. One of bushes is ugly and half dead (just a few branches coming out of a stump), which makes it asymmetric and visually unappealing. I guess it has some sentimental value, but it is just slowly dying. We got no joy taking care of someone else's ugly plants also we get to look at them every time we come or leave home.
From what I understand, all the plants in question are located on a land that belongs to condominium, not to our landlord, as we got a letter from condo board advising that any landscaping must be approved by the board first.
We want to get rid of that bush and to plant another one without having to negotiate with the landlord. From the legal perspective, what are possible fines? Is the bush considered landlord's property? Can the act be a reason for eviction?
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2023.06.04 05:38 KingoftheRednecks The Void Hunt, ch 5


The route they chose skirted the borders of Sovereign space. It cost them an extra two weeks of travel, but avoided contact.
The delay chafed at everyone except for the mercs. Their contracts offered nothing more for prizes, so for them it wasn't boredom but safety. They didn't have to worry about what happened when they reached their destination either, for that matter. They spent their time doing their jobs with neat, quiet efficiency, and helping to train the San.
The humans had gone through training, but their total education was three months of being self-taught from holos and six of formal schooling, and for many of the duties that only gave them the barest outline. Mogan needed engineers who could do more than simply consult the checklist, and mechanics who could tell what was wrong with a system from small sounds the way he could tell at the first strike when a node of flint was flawed and what to do with it.
To Logog's chagrin, he put his marines to practicing again with atlatl and sling, making sure their skills hadn't atrophied. It sharpened skills, but it also kept them from getting into trouble. Drunk sailors fight, Shett had told him, and bored sailors fight, and bored sailors also find surprisingly creative ways to get drunk.
Nonetheless, by the time they reached the planet of Goretia, the entire crew was bored and ready for a change of pace. Six weeks of doing nothing felt like a poor way to begin a career of story and excitement, but the more experienced warriors knew that this was the general trend of any campaign; long periods of boredom when one wishes for action, followed by short periods of action when one wishes for boredom.
Once they found the planet on their sensors, the crew scrambled into action. The eight boarding craft could hold one hundred men each, slightly more warriors than the San had. Instead, each held fifty men and fifty dogs.
Any pup was trained to not leave a mess in the hut, but with the ability to simply go outside denied to them the San had had to devise a latrine they could use. Beyond that, the dogs had been trained for hunting for generations, farther back than any of the San's songs could remember, ever since that day when the Unrevealed had decided to test humanity by choosing out the cleverest and kindest of the wolves to come to them in peace.
Nor were they strangers to war. The orders that could command them to flank or attack a deer could make them do the same to men, and they had proven their worth more than once on the battlefields of Noepe. They were even more effective here than they had been on Earth. Any other humans, including the Animal People, had dogs of their own, but the very idea of a beast obeying a sapient being was beyond them. The closest anyone had come to the idea was the secret sapient species, and they were only able to do so because they knew the Vishtali and the other two—the other three, now--were no animals.
Men and women had been trained and conditioned to clamber into the trees and fight other soldiers, or to stand under laser fire, or almost every circumstance but to be charged by dozens of wolf-like, snapping, snarling beasts. Not many could stand against that, and those that could had the dogs to protect the gunners and the gunners to protect the dogs. The dogs took more losses than the humans, but that was to be expected—and much as they loved the dogs, better to lose them than the people.
They generally had the run of the ship during the last few weeks, and one was as likely to see a dog fetching things or playing keep-away with a tool as curled up in the habs. They were even made to exercise as much as the humans.
At least it made the dogs less bored than the humans, and they seemed to have adapted to the routine better. They were still happy to do something different, however, and getting them onto the boarding craft turned out to be fairly easy.
Mogan knelt on the floor of one boarding craft himself, quiver on his back. The air on Goretia was breathable, and that was a blessing. He had a hatchet on his hip instead of his pistol, as did the rest of the warriors.
Alone among the warriors, he didn't have a dog. Knucklebones had been the best of dogs, and had died four years ago. Mogan had not gotten a new one, and he couldn't say whether it was because he had to some extent given up, or whether he couldn't summon the energy for something that wasn't for his daughter or for his tribe.
He had a dog now, one he had purchased from one of the others just after weaning and named Blueknife, as her eyes made him think of the knife he had made of blue-green obsidian for Hyeshi. He thought Hyeshi would approve of the name as well, and had to smile. He was going to be able to ask her himself, whatever it took.
But Blueknife had been born about six months ago, and that meant she was too small for combat. Next to him were three of the Vishtali, and they too had no dogs. In fact, they seemed to have a hard time getting used to the concept of having dogs everywhere. They carried modified shoshir and shields, but seemed to have no confidence in their ability with them.
Logog seemed to have none either, for they were away from the front with him. Mogan presumed he needed to be present to make the action official, and it would help in calming down their new wards, but Logog had absolutely balked at the idea of putting him in the front lines.
Were the Vishtali not there, he would have used the holo at his left hand to show where the craft were, but they were nervous enough already, and it was best he didn't add to the stress.
Burya sent a signal to Logog, who in turn signaled the pilot, and the boarding craft lifted and then eased out of the Semiramis. This one was the Knucklebones—Logog didn't feel comfortable with the craft unnamed, so they had spent a little time devising and painting them.
The signal meant they were on the far side of the planet, where it would be harder for their targets to detect them. Mogan could see nothing except the walls of the craft, but he knew that all eight were flying directly towards the planet, their goal to get close to ground quickly. The Semiramis itself would fly past, and then double back in time to pick up the craft on the way back.
Soon the craft began to tremble as it entered atmosphere and had to push itself through the air, and they slowed as they reached the ground and fanned out slightly, keeping low.
The flight was slower, and not as smooth as in the empty void, but all the same the vehicles could move far faster than anyone could on foot, and in a surprisingly short time they were settling into a clearing. In the front of the craft, a holo projected from the ceiling, showing the area as if from a distance.
“It's a short run to the mines from here. Higa, your unit will guard the Vishtali and hang back. We'll need you in there, but they'll still have their shoshir, and that'll be no bargain in tunnels. We won't build any confidence if we get their people killed. Barab, you and the Second are the flint, Third is the bone.”
It was a simple enough analogy, hopefully enough that anybody not of the San who heard it would get confused. In days gone by, the tribe had made their spearpoints out of flint, creating razor-sharp blades that could easily pierce through the thick hides of their prey. But flint was fragile, and anything from a missed cast onto a stone or hard tree to an accurate cast that hit bone could cause it to shatter.
Long ago, the people that would thousands of years later be called Magdalenian devised a better way. Tiny blade blanks were made, some not as long as the thickness of his thumb, and the ends pressed away to create bladelets, most shorter than the width of a pinky nail. These were carefully glued into slots cut into a weapon. For a spear, these were usually points of bone with at least six, sometimes up to three times that, in bladelets.
A single spear created more cutting edges, and if one broke it was a simple matter to work it out and fit a new one in—and since they were smaller, they were less likely to break. The new technology was an improvement in every way.... up until they reached the stars and it was made pretty much obsolete. That was still difficult for Mogan to deal with.
It also made for an oddity that his handiwork was in evidence today. Some still had the old-fashioned spears, from more than two years ago back on Earth. Others had spears that he had designed and had manufactured, thousands of the exact same dimensions and weight, tipped with titanium-gold blades.
Mogan had devised other spears and spearheads as well—flash-bangs, spears with small explosives that would sink into whatever they hit and then riddle it with shrapnel, spears that would leave a small tracking device in the target, and of course the application of high explosives. It was difficult to go wrong with the application of high explosives.
Except here. Magnetic activity in the mine tunnels meant that any such devices were likely to go off at the right time, and the fact that there were tunnels in the first place meant that there were few if any actual right times for an explosive to go off.
That activity was the real reason there were Vishtali in the first place. They didn't have any particular history or skill as miners, but even well-protected drones would be rendered useless in minutes. Instead, they were reduced to using pneumatic drills to chip away at the rock. For the San, this was a technique thousands of years in the future, but for anybody else among the stars it was terrifyingly barbaric.
Mogan had hoped he could raid the spoils of the mines as well, but their information indicated he'd have no such luck. The mine was rich enough; the kh'ler crystals within were gemstones of extraordinary quality and value, such that particularly large and fine specimens had been used to rent planets from the Sovereign. Unfortunately, they were rarely, if ever, simply found in the mine.
Instead, the Vishtali mucked out tons of stone pried loose by hand-tools and pneumatic machines—even small explosives might shatter the crystals—and pushed heavy carts to the surface, where it was loaded onto ships. A facility off-world was easily able to locate the crystals and extract them from the stone, and to help hide the origins as well.
He would have to settle for killing all the overseers and guards, stealing anything of value, and freeing their slaves. Mogan believed it would suffice.
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2023.06.04 05:35 thaslaya [USA-CA][H] Switch games, Wii bundle, Headphones/IEMs [W] PayPal

I have quite a few things for sale so bundling would be great for shipping costs and priority will go to bundles. All prices listed include shipping. I'm in the San Diego area if anyone wants to do local deal.
Switch games: $400 for all together Grandia HD Collection - $80 Fire Emblem 3 Houses - $30 Pokemon Pearl - $30 (damage to cover art) SMTV (loose) - $15 FF9 (loose) - $15 Undertale ( loose) - $15 Persona 5 Strikers - $20 Astria Ascending - $15 South Park TFBW - $15 The Outer Worlds - $15 Assassins Creed Rebel Collection - $15 Battlechasers Nightwar - $15 Valkryia Chronicles 4 - $15 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - $25 Tokyo Mirage Sessions - $30 Ni No Kuni - $15 Ni No Kuni 2 - $15 Sakuna of Rice and Ruin - $20 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim - $30 Cris Tales - $15 Final Fantasy X/X-2 (with unused code) - $15 Dragon Ball Fighterz - $15
Wii console bundle - $140 Includes all accessories, 2 third party gamecube controllers, Metroid Prime 1 and 2, and memory card
Sony MDRXB950N - $50 Nice BT over ear headphone with ANC and extra bass boost functions. Great condition. Minor scuffing on the headband metal. Includes box but no charging cable or 3.5mm cable.
Bqeyz Autumn - $115 Neat little iem that has swappable magnetic filters. I demoed these briefly and found that the tuning discs actually do make a decent difference. Excellent condition. I don't have original box but will come with case, iems, oem 4.4mm cable, filters and magnetic tool. No tips included but I'm sure I can throw in some random ones if needed.
Truthear Hola - $10 (will only include if something else is purchased otherwise it won't be worth it for me to ship separately) Tuning is nice on these and for the price I think they are great. Great conditon CIB set with case, cable, and tips.
iBasso DC03 Pro - $45 This is a great little amp! I bought this NIB to compare against my hipdac. I just personally prefer the warm tone of the hipdac and the option of 4.4mm. CIB in excellent condition. Used < 5 hours total.
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2023.06.04 05:35 CyclePersonal8 Hate that I drank today

tbh i've been doing well for the past week. I've been going through a lot of bad stuff, but last week I met the most beautiful woman. She's drop dead gorgeous, blonde and most of all actually seems to like me. So that has really lifted my mood and helped me stay sober because I've been so happy that I didn't even feel the need to drink.
However I went to a live music show at a brewery with some friends tonight and dang it they were all drinking and I was just chillin' but then one of the guys said "the beer here is really good!" and I was vibin' with the music and the whole atmosphere of being surrounded by fancy people on a night out made me want to drink and I wanted to enhance the experience and i ended up having 2 beers and sure enough I ended up saying something stupid that made everyone kinda just pause and look at me (thank god that girl wasn't there tonight because i have lost my last relationship thanks to acting like an idiot while drunk, WHY DONT I LEARN!!?) - and i also suffer from GERD and drinking especially on an empty stomach gives me the WORST acid reflux. And of course my head is killing me now, i needed to also take pepcid and tums and my sleeping pills cos its literally midnight now and i cant sleep.
And I'm lucky I was able to stop at 2 because lot of times I cant stop and if i ended up getting a DUI and ruined my chances with this girl I couldn't live with myself especially since i lost my last gf from drinking and this woman is literally my dream girl! She's beautiful, athletic, i love the sound of her bubbly voice, literally everything about her is perfect i can't mess this up!!
And of course after i drink i get hungry af so ended up at wendys and ate my whole days calorie limit in a matter of minutes. Trying to get lean for my beautiful blondie and this damn beer set me back!
Hopefully i can learn now. I really have trouble adopting the identity of a guy who doesn't drink because internally I fear social disapproval, but ironically drinking causes me to lose social standing!!
Back on the horse tomorrow though. This girl really seems to like me, its a night and day difference when a girl actually likes you. With most girls I feel like I am chasing them and have to convince them to want to go on dates with me, but this lady actually seems to like talking to me and asks me how my day is going.
I feel like if i tell people i dont drink they will get disappointed in me or annoyed, but ironically its when i drink that people actually get annoyed!!! NO MORE I NEED TO BE A TEETOTALER I DONT DRINK I DONT DRINK I DONT DRINK!!!!
Addiction is giving up everything for 1 thing
Recovery is giving up 1 thing for everything.
My blondie is the only thing that I really want in life right now, F alcohol!!
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2023.06.04 05:32 Beawoo12345 First car question

I’m gonna start looking for a car soon and I was gonna try to finance but I was told I should lease. Which one would be better? Keep in my mind I just turned 18 and don’t have any credit score. Also, What price range would I be able to look at considering I have no credit?
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2023.06.04 05:31 Seleucus06 Florian I - Wandering Far From Home. (Open to Riverrun)

The young knight lead his horse through the chaos of an army rushing to rest after a long march, the great host had arrived at Riverrun and the fateful movement was ever closer, He prayed for peace but so far nothing was slowing down. Florian let a tired sigh exit his lungs, he was clad in his shining armor still, the cleanliness and brilliance of the metal almost made him look out of place amongst the muddy army.
He took a sit in a secluded part of the keep and looked to the skies for answers, none came not from The Seven, not from the heavens and certainly not from his heart. Thus, Florian simply took off his gloves and started playing music to pass the time.
There is a house in Oldtown
They call the Rising Sun
It has been the ruin of many a soul
And Lord I know I'm one

Mother was a tailor She sewed my chaperon My father was a gambling man Down, in Orléans....
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2023.06.04 05:27 Initial_Solution1837 Costa rica itinerary

Hi everyone, i will be going to costa rica in 2 weeks for 8-10 days and really not sure where to go? My main purpose is to visit all the natural side (jungle, falls etc). I know not to stay in san jose. Anyone has an itinerary ? We will not take a car rental. We will use airbnbs, we are 2 male friends early 20’s. We will be travelling from Colombia. Thanks all in advance
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2023.06.04 05:25 MoistLeadership6676 Solid rusted metal tool handle?

Solid rusted metal tool handle?
Found on San Diego beach. Curved, perfect for hand. Notches for finger grips? Been soaking in vinegar to hep with rust. Please help me figure this out!!!
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2023.06.04 05:25 entertainingeletrnx What’s the best way to get a car for rent/lease in LA for under 6 months?

I recently moved here for college and got an internship , so wanted to know if I could rent a car and do my commute to the workplace.
What would be the best option for me? I saw the lease option, but nothing is under 12/24 months?
Please feel free to provide insightful and practical suggestions.
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2023.06.04 05:22 rigov2046 35 [M4F] DMV/Anywhere 6’2, Kinky Gentleman for Future First Lady Material

Good Evening-
BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Stats and Interests Below the Cut-Line. Rationale and Compatibility Analysis Directly Below.
I am seeking monogamy and commitment from one lady and I am willing to show the same. Currently located in Northern Virginia, but will undoubtedly re-locate due to my career within the next 18 months or so.
I think that the only reasons we might not be compatible are preferences for looks, our careers (especially me in the Navy), sexual compatibility, and how we spend our free time. As for other reasons- I pride myself in communication, problem solving, patience, chivalry, authenticity, and being altruistic.
Statistics: 6’2, Soon to be 36 YO, 196 lbs, 34 waist, Pulse 52, BP 118/72, Shoe- 12, xxx-7.25, Credit Score 807. Foster Homes Lived In-28, Schools Attended- 23. 43 countries visited, Deployments (USN)- 5, Kids- 0. Black Hair, Hazel Eyes, Lean-Athletic Muscular build. Sweet smile, great calves, aging grey temples, youthful/positive face. The usually response I get is either “fuck yes” or “fuck no” - I realize I am not everyone’s type. 5k PR: 1557- college. Mile-4:17- high school (RI all-state). Undergrad: USNA. Master’s: GWU, USNWC
Red Flags 2 Marriages, 1 other Engagement. Broken hearts- many. Times broken-hearted- 2. Currently separated. Introverted and Calculated decision maker due to upbringing. Analytical for good and bad reasons. Harry Potter House Ravenclaw Hat-Stall to Slytherin. Left-Handed, 800M SAT Score. Have won over 600k lifetime gambling (A hobby now, used to be a matter of life/death when I was youngehomeless as a teen).
Personality Assessment: Altruistic and Thoughtful people-pleaser. Detail-oriented and sexually charged gentleman. More cooperative and curious than critical. Constantly self-assessing and self-correcting, reflective and strives for improvement. Aims to use own experience to better others in close proximity and to scale. INTJ, love languages physical touch and quality time. Future POTUS, RI GOV, or Government SES, Navy Ship Captain. Vulnerability, Passion, and Compassion are Hallmarks (See Brene Brown/Esther Perel TED Talks).
Interests: Sports fanatic- specifically Boston teams. Board/Card games. Intellectual/Philosophical conversations. Human Behavior, Running, Walking, Pokémon Go, improving my teams around me, including family. Road trips, traveling- especially San Diego, Miami, Vegas, NYC, the beach, kissing, giving massages, finding a partner who wants to deeply connect romantically and physically and discuss and act out our fantasies. Improving our EQ and erotic intelligence together.
Someone will really like this and I hope if you are interested, we could write our success story here. I am an eternal optimist and I realize that you can’t small talk on apps the way I would really like to get to the heart of serious issues. If you are genuinely ambitious yet humble from our beginnings- maybe one of us is the First Spouse to the other, or, the half of a great partnership and earn the title of best parent, or co-chefs in our house together. Coach of the kids’s sports team is cool, too.
I have almost all the pieces I have to make life great and for me it is- just hoping to find that force multiplier where we can enhance our lives and take each other to a place of leadership and bliss that not even we can imagine right now!
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2023.06.04 05:17 EmptyCharity9014 I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh or Cry

(REPOSTED) I (F28) went to my girlfriend’s (F29) province the other day kasi graduation nya from Law School. We’ve been together since 2018 and she wasn’t out yet to her parents then they finally knew kasi chinika ng mga kapatid and she really like parang made me believe that her parents knew she’s dating a woman. I’ve never met her parents so this is going to be the first time. So pag dating namin, ang pakilala ng nanay nya sa tatay nya a girl friend not girlfriend but like girl na friend AAAAAAAAAAH!
So you know I thought like they are going to correct it but nahhhh— we just had synchronized side-eyeing.
Alam ng dad nya na may jowa na anak nila pero di sinabi yung gender. So when they were asking kung kelan papakilala yung “gayyem” (in Ilocano it’s gender neutral), my gf the mom and her sisters just kept quiet. (Another synchronized side-eyeing)
Then tinanong ako ng dad nya if may bf na ako sabi ko wala tapos halla si tatay nagrereto na. Nirereto daw nya sa gf ko pero kasi may jowa na daw si gf.
Tatawagan nya daw itong guy na ito para makilala ko. Omg I thought he was kidding hanggang dumating nga yung lalaki bumyahe from other side.
I was so uncomfy talaga pero di ka masabi sa gf ko becoz I’m so pissed. Makulit yung tatay jusko. Anyway, nag-iinuman kasi sila nagluluto kami sa kitchen tapos yung dad nya tawag ng tawag para ipakilala ako.
Parang for me dahil first ko naman silang mameet kaya sige na nga, I’ll just talk to guy then reject haha pero nagdabog yung gf ko sinigawan nya na wag syang namimilit kung ayaw kasi nakakahiya and hindi daw nya ko inuwi dito para maghanap ng jowang iba. Nagsalita itong si pudra na pakilala lang naman wala naman masama.
Tapos sumigaw si gf ng ; masama kasi girlfriend ko sya or gayyem ko sya (yung term kasi na gayyem is pwedeng friend or jowa— so pag sinabi mong gayyem mo yung opposite sex— matic jowa pero pag same sex— eh friends lang)
Nagsumbatan pa sila. Yung nanay inaawat na yung mag-ama tapos ako nagiistress eating na lang ng lumpiang shanghai sa kitchen kasama yung ate nya may dalang sweet and sour na sauce. Tapos si nanay na nagspill kung ano talaga kami. Nalito ngayon si tatay parang nagkakamot ng ulo. As in para syang pinanganak kahapon habang nageexplain nanay nya na meh jowang girlaloo ang kanilang junakis.
Nagsalita na sila in their own language. Konti lang naiintindihan ko. Eh di pumasok na si gf sa kusina umiiyak tapos nagsosorry.
So ayun after magluto, kumain, umalis kami ni gf magkakaraoke sa malapit. Palabas namin ng gate ayan na naman ang tatay nya. Hinila hila nya yung irereto nya. Tangama naman si tatay— yung nirereto nya matandang walang ngipin (sorry sa mga matatandang walang ngipin pero— not sorry— pero sorry kung naoffend kayo) like srsly. Pinapakilala nya, hinila na ako ng gf ko palabas, hinahabol pa din kami hahah— Anyway, nagexplain explain naman girlfriend ko kung bakit. Akala din daw nya alam ng tatay nya. Nabanggit na ata daw nya ako pero akala nya lalaki ako. Gender neutral kasi din yung name ko hahah— tsaka yung tatay nya eh hindi tolerant sa mga lgbtq daw talaga. Di daw sya naniniwala eme.
So we spent our time outside and around, nagjoyride muna kami and car fun bago umuwi. Kinabukasan, mga hapon na— nagising yung tatay tinatanong kung magjowa ba kami, kung tibo ba yung anak nila (technically she identifies as bi pero di ata nila alam yun) So sabi ng gf ko, hindi Dad sinabi ko lang yun kasi ang kulit kulit mo eh hindi na comfortable si .
Sumikip dibdib ko dun-nagsolo side-eyeing ako. Mag-iistay pa sana ako dun kasi gusto nya ako ilibot sa sitio nila— kung san sya nagschool and yung community pool nila etc etc — Sabi ko wag na alis na ako. Kinuha ko talaga yung bag ko tapos sabi nya sya din so hatid ko sya sa apartment nya pabalik ng Baguio City. Di ko sya inimik the whole 1 hr ride kahit nangungulit sya. Masama kasi ako magalit kaya natuto ako magtimpi kesa makasakit.
Di ko pa din sya iniimik hanggang kahapon. Nag-aantay sya sa bahay namin, nasa bahay naman ako ng sisteret ko para iwasan sya. Pero nag-usap na kami kanina and Sabi nya pag nakapasa na daw sya ng bar saka sya mag-a-out kasi hindi daw maiintindihan ng tatay at wala daw sya courage to do so.
Nainis ako kasi ganito din yung sabi nya na mag-a-out sya totally sa fam nya pag graduate na sya. Kaya nga akala ko yun yung reason na ipapakilala ako.
Ayun larngz on— Happy Pride Month!
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2023.06.04 05:15 Stalker_Six-Two Decently historically accurate mexican bandido

Decently historically accurate mexican bandido
Hat - Bolero Hat No. 4 Bandana - Bandana No. 28 Bandoliers - Espinal Double Bandolier No. 4 Coat - Leather Jacket No. 2 Vest - Traditional Vest No. 2 Shirt - Collar Over shirt No. 11 Gun Belt - Bandit Gun Belt No. 1 Offhand Holster - Bandit Holster Pants - Cabrera Pants No. 3 Spurs - Vaquero Spurs No. 4 Half Chaps - Military Half Chaps No. 2 Boots - Stovepipe Square Toe No. 2
I based it off of the how to make a historical Vaquero video from Man vs History and from what I gathered from historical photos of bandidos and Mexican revolutionaries I found that these options were viable and the bandido just like the vaquero was utilitarian instead of trying to find a fashion sense. The sombrero was obviously used for the shade and rain which it comes from the word Sombro which is Shadow in English, these men would wear neckwear for the dust and to put it over the horse's eye. The Bandoliers were common just for more ammunition and storage of smaller items, bandits/vaqueros would wear leathewool for the warm weather, they used vests with standard equipment so the traditional is bests for this particularly Tan, Black and Brown. Collar over shirts were common amongst bandidos in Mexico and Texas during the last 1800s around the time period of red Dead and we're also common for businessmen, gamblers and cowboys. The gun belt and holster were the ones I found on some photos of bandidos and revolutionaries such as Emilano Zapata and were also found in some del lobos in New Austin. The Cabrera pants were based on the Calzone pants but could also work with the leather pants and bandito pants. Spurs were pretty much a standard for pride at least with vaqueros but they used it for better control of the horse as to not full kick the horse. Half Chaps and Stovepipe Square Toe Boots were found on revolutionaries, bandits, and Vaqueros were using this for leg protection and leg support. That's the basic history of these clothing but if you would like to see more Mexican inspired outfits or america outfits I would be happy to show y'all more, I'll try to make Emilano Zapatas clothes next post and have a good day y'all. Here's the video for a vaquero - >
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2023.06.04 05:15 FairEscape7956 18m looking for some dirty older fun

Im in San Francisco but I can make it to just about anywhere in the Bay Area. Hit me up if you’re older and looking for some fun. I’m a young stud and I loooove a firm hand on the wheel.
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2023.06.04 05:14 LanaDelMantaRay Planning a move next year!! I’m a soon to be registered nurse, and I have some questions about how to move and about applying for jobs before moving.

I’m reaching out to anyone out there, but also if you’re a nurse, it might help based on my situation. I’m currently a nursing student, and I’ll be finishing school March 2024, and hopefully taking the NCLEX right afterwards. I’m planning to move sometime during the spring or summer of 2024.
My current situation is that I live with a couple of roommates, and I’m moving to a new place with said roommates this August after finishing up the current lease, and by the time I plan to move, there will still be a few months left. My first question is, how do I sublease for the following months I won’t be there? Or should I simply pay the remaining months while already being moved out (I don’t want to do this)?
My second question is, when should I start reaching out to hospitals when I haven’t finished school or taken the NCLEX? I would really like to be able to leave within a couple weeks of completing the NCLEX.
I have a contact in the city/state, so I am planning on reaching out to them to see if they can help me find a place or potentially room with me if they’d like.
My third question is, what do I need to get in order before moving? Is there some sort of checklist I can find online to facilitate the move? It feels like a huge process, and I don’t want to forget anything.
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