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2023.06.01 18:11 Weird-Ad3410 Next time he returns to the shop will it be like this or will I have to do the first step again I only have him on level 1

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2023.06.01 18:10 infofactshub The Top 10 Must-Have Tech Tools for Remote Workers

As more and more people work from home, the demand for technology tools that can help remote workers stay productive and connected has skyrocketed. From communication and collaboration software to time-tracking and project management apps, there are a variety of must-have tech tools for remote workers. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 tech tools that every remote worker should have in their arsenal.
  1. Video conferencing software: Video conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are essential for remote workers. They allow teams to connect face-to-face, collaborate on projects, and hold virtual meetings. These tools can also be used to conduct job interviews and remote training sessions.
  2. Collaboration tools: Collaboration tools such as Slack, Asana, and Trello allow teams to work together on projects in real time, regardless of their location. These tools facilitate communication, task management, and file sharing among team members, making it easier to stay on track and meet deadlines.
  3. Cloud storage: With cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, remote workers can access their files from anywhere with an internet connection. These tools also make it easy to share files with team members, clients, and stakeholders.
  4. Virtual private network (VPN): A VPN is essential for remote workers who need to access company resources securely. VPNs create a secure and encrypted connection between the user and the company’s network, protecting sensitive data from hackers and other cyber threats.
  5. Time-tracking apps: Time-tracking apps such as Toggl and Harvest help remote workers keep track of how much time they spend on different tasks. This can be useful for billing clients or tracking productivity, ensuring that remote workers are using their time effectively.
Read the full article here:
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2023.06.01 18:10 DagothHertil MoonSharp or How we combined JSON and LUA for game ability management


During the development of our card game Conflux we wanted to have an easy way to create various abilities for our cards with different effects and at the same time wanted to write smaller amount of code per ability. Also we wanted try and add a simple modding capability for abilities.

Format we introduced

Some of you may be familiar with MoonSharp LUA interpreter for C#, often use in Unity engine to add scripting support to your game. That's what we took as a base for writing the code for abilities. Each ability can subscribe to different events such as whenever a card takes damage, is placed on the field or ability is used manually on some specific targets. Besides having event handlers we needed a way to specify some metadata like mana cost of abilities, cooldown, icon, etc. and in the first iteration of the system we had a pair of JSON metadata file and LUA code file.
It was fine initially but we quickly realized that abilities typically have ~20 lines of JSON and ~20 lines of LUA code and that having two files per ability is wasteful so we developed a simple format which combines both the JSON and LUA.
Since LUA code could never really be a valid JSON (unless you are ok with slapping all the code into a single line or is ok with escaping all the quotes you have) we put the JSON part of the abilities into the LUA script. First LUA block comment section within the script is considered as a JSON header.
Here is an example of "Bash" ability in LUA (does damage and locks the target cards):
--[[ { "mana_cost": 0, "start_cooldown": 0, "cooldown": 3, "max_usage": -1, "icon": "IconGroup_StatsIcon_Fist", "tags": [ "damage", "debuff", "simple_damage_value" ], "max_targets": 1, "is_active": true, "values": { "damage": 5, "element": "physical" }, "ai_score": 7 } --]] local function TargetCheck() if Combat.isEnemyOf(, this.event.target_card_id) then return Combat.getAbilityStat(, "max_targets") end end local function Use() for i = 1, #this.event.target_card_ids do Render.pushCardToCard(, this.event.target_card_ids[i], 10.0) Render.createExplosionAtCard("Active/Bash", this.event.target_card_ids[i]) Render.pause(0.5) Combat.damage(this.event.target_card_ids[i], this.ability.values.damage, this.ability.values.element) Combat.lockCard(this.event.target_card_ids[i]) end end Utility.onMyTargetCheck(TargetCheck) Utility.onMyUse(Use) 

Inheritance for abilities

It may be a completely valid desire to have a way to reuse the code of some abilities and just make some small adjustments. We solved this desire by having a merge function for JSON header data which will look for a parent field within the header and will look for the data based on the ID provided in this parent field. All the data found is then merged with the data provide in the rest of the current JSON header. It also does it recursively, but I don't foresee actually using this functionality as typically we just have a generic ability written and then the inherited ability just replaces all it needs to replace.
Here is an example on how a simple damaging ability can be defined:
--[[ { "parent": "Generic/Active/Elemental_projectiles", "cooldown": 3, "icon": "IconGroup_StatsIcon01_03", "max_targets": 2, "values": { "damage": 2, "element": "fire", "render": "Active/Fireball" }, "ai_score": 15 } --]] 
So as you can see there is no code as 100% of it is inherited from the parent generic ability.
The way a code in the child ability is handled is that the game will execute the LUA ability files starting from the top parent and will traverse down to the child. Since all the logic of abilities is usually within the event handlers then no actual change happens during the execution of those LUA scripts (just info about subscriptions is added). If the new ability you write needs to actually modify the code of the parent then you can just unsubscribe from the events you know you want to modify and then rewrite the handler yourself.

MoonSharp in practice

MoonSharp as a LUA interpreter works perfectly fine IMO. No performance issues or bugs with the LUA code execution as far as I see.
The problems for us started when trying to use VS code debugging. As in it straight up does not work for us. To make it behave we had to do quite a few adjustments including:

What is missing

While we are mostly satisfied with the results the current implementation there are a couple things worth pointing out as something that can be worked on:

Why not just write everything in LUA?

It is possible to convert the JSON header part into a LUA table. With this you get a benefit of syntax highlight and comments. The downside is that now to read the metadata for the ability you have to run a LUA VM and execute the script if you want to get any info from it. This implies that there will be no read-only access to ability information because the script will inevitably try to interact with some API that modifies the game state (at the very least adds event listener) or you will need to change the API to have a read-only mode.
Another point is that having a simple JSON part in the file let's you use a trivial script to extract it from the .lua file and it then can be used by some external tools (which typically don't support LUA)


Adding JSON as a header to LUA has following pros and cons compared to just writing C# code per ability:
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2023.06.01 18:10 Sufficient_Concept98 [WTS][ON]vfc hk416, kwa radian,SAI GBBR,HPA ronin,more parts

$450 VFC hk416 Like new with one brand new mag Stock internal Wire to mini tamiya
Reasonable offer only
VFC hk416:
$600 kwa radian, full steel internal (steel bolt/hammer trigger) with upgraded hopup unit(not those trash wrenching stuff!) comes with 3 pts mag
$60 Aimpoint reddot
$70 3x magnifier
Kwa radian:
$660 Kjw m4 gbbr v3
SAI with jailbreak gbbr
Upgraded ambi latch Angel custom 6.01 tightbore barrel Magpul grip, guard Also comes with 2 mags and a extra npas nozzle And a bag of spare parts
$860 p* Jack ronin pdw
Kwa ronin T6 base Polarstar Jack HPA system Amp line Ambient mag release PTS grip
Currently set semi-semi(no full auto allow in field)
Shoots like a laser
$190 APS smart shell with co2 charger
$65 perun mosfet with trigger unit
$35 mp7 sling swivel
$40 polarstar trigger board
$35 g&g mosfet
$36 battlebelt
$35 shs long type motor
$19 magpul iron sight
$15 keymod foregrip
$15 shift foregrip
$5 keymod pad
$10 red mag release
$20 bad lever
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2023.06.01 18:09 FrozenBeast9159 Random Unit Growth

So I decided to start my second playthrough and after some minor research I decided to go with Random Unit Growth as it sounded like it would make subsequent playthroughs more interesting, but I don't quite understand it.
What exactly does it affect? Does it just randomize the growth rates of every unit at the beginning of the game and let that effect them for the rest of their level-ups (taking class into account ofc since that affects it).
What I'm really trying to figure out is if it's worth considering who's good with what class this time around, (i.e. is Louis still a beastly Tank or could he become a thief somehow?) or if I should just wait and pay attention to stats before transferring. If someone could explain it to me or point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.
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2023.06.01 18:09 Famous_Speed_5537 Self-regulating your emotions when a student is giving you attitude

Any advice on how to regulate your own emotions when a student is being rude?
For context, I teach one class 4x a week for one period, so the kids don’t know me super well and vice versa because we don’t see each other that often. Needless to say, building rapport is really hard when I have to spend the period just trying to get through content. One student in particular whose home life is difficult tends to give me a lot of attitude and pushes back about a lot of things. Today, it so happened to be that she didn’t want to participate in our final dance unit. She threatened that her mom was going to report me, said that she really dislikes me, said “shut up” under her breath every time I spoke, etc… I’ve had an incident with her before where I spoke back to her and told her that I didn’t like her tone and that she needed to speak to me respectfully and it turned into a pretty explosive argument. I’m a fairly soft-spoken person but when someone pushes my buttons that much, I refuse to be spoken to that way and I will definitely stand up for myself. It’s been really hard for me to do that in the past, but I’ve been trying to do that more lately.
I’m not entirely proud of how I’ve been handling the situations with her thus far, and also other students who have given me attitude before. I’ve tried the tactic of pulling them aside and trying to have a conversation with them but that just ends up being awkward and confrontational somehow and it just doesn’t seem productive. I really would love some advice on how to go about this because it adds a lot of unnecessary stress and definitely takes a toll on my mental health. I do care about my students, but I also care about myself too and refuse to be spoken to disrespectfully.
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2023.06.01 18:08 HogueOne 2023 Kia Niro PHEV Recommendations

--- * **Disclaimer**
Thank you for taking the time to read into this. I apologize if anything I say sounds misinformed or uneducated. I admit that I'm not really an expert in audio software/hardware, but I'm ready to learn. I've copy/pasted the recommendations form and I hope it provides enough data for you.
--- * **What are your goals?**
Sound Quality (SQ) is my main goal. I enjoy solid bass in metal music, but extreme bass trap music doesn't appeal to me. I also enjoy soft orchestral music and I appreciate clarity in stringed instruments. I really don't want a system that rattles the whole vehicle. I plan to implement some sound deadening methods and improving insulation, but I won't be taking it to an extreme measure and taking apart the entire cabin.
Balanced approach to power usage is a secondary goal. The vehicle I plan to install the equipment in is a plugin hybrid with limited electric range, so I would like to preserve as much power as possible for transportation.
Efficient space usage is a tertiary goal. I would really like to not sacrifice space in the main cargo area. I often travel long distances with several hockey bags in the trunk, and they can take up a lot of space. I'm willing to consider a custom solution that will fit into whatever nooks I can find.
As a side note, I plan to run a dual channel dash cam with a parking monitor. So I will have to factor that in when calculating additional loads on the battery in terms of security and sound.
--- * **What Vehicle?**
2023 Kia Niro PHEV EX. I recently purchased this crossover SUV but it will not be delivered for another month or so, so I'm trying to prepare before it arrives. I recognize that the rarity of the vehicle at present limits the amount of information available. I tried checking crutchfield for compatible equipment, but sadly there's no data.
Another thing to note is that it will not be possible to replace the head unit, and I would like to use as much OEM equipment as possible to interact with the sound. Preserving the steering wheel controls is a huge factor for me. That being said, I assume I will need to purchase an amp with an integrated DSP - But I'm willing to be corrected on this.
--- * **What is your maximum budget?**
I'm not certain. Maybe somewhere between $2000-$3000 CAD.
--- * **Will you be installing the gear or are you going to a shop?**
I plan to install it myself.
--- * **What gear is in your existing system? (Is it stock? List any aftermarket gear.)**
Everything is stock, and I don't have any equipment to transfer to the new vehicle when it arrives.
--- * **What is your country of purchase?**
--- * **End notes:**
I'm not sure if this will help me, but I have skills in drawing in 3D. Unfortunately I don't have a 3D printer, so that really limits the usefulness - But maybe it will matter if I need to design custom enclosures, equipment mounting brackets, etc.
Thank you so much again for taking the time to read! I look forward to hearing your ideas.
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2023.06.01 18:08 enz092 116519 ☄️

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2023.06.01 18:07 Star_fruits officer question

The bylaws state President cannot also be Secretary. Our bylaws also state there shall be a Secretary (for instance, they also say there need not be a Vice President).
I see the recently filed annual report, the President is also Acting Secretary. It isn't like he needs to be, in that there is a director who has no officer position. So anyone have any experience with two positions together not being allowed, but are doing so as "acting" position?
It might seem persnickety, but ot sure how it could trip us up, but the bylaws say certain documents signed by the President would be also signed by the Secretary. He is also doing any functions of Treasurer, as the director holding that position didn't want to be, and hasn't gotten any orientation or familiarity in an entire year, he does not even give the treasurer's report. So the president is doing everything, as the director with no officer position also does nothing. How does anything get done? The president or the association manager, but the president has taken advantage of moving accounts around to look like we have reserves, etc., the treasurer has no clue of what is going on.
But we have lost a lawsuit on a technicality before, and an attorney once told me he wins a lot of lawsuits for unit owners because the property managers and boards have a lot of errors that they can have actions, votes, etc. declared void.
The annual report also doesn't have the current association manager or their email, so not sure if anyone using the Sec of State records to email them we would be considered on notice? For instance, town officials often email out documents that are considered official, such as the fire inspection reports.
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2023.06.01 18:06 Th3SkinMan Space to restore small camper?

Restoring a small camp trailer and need an area to work on it. Does anyone have a shop or storage space to disassemble and rebuild it in?
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2023.06.01 18:06 anarchyart2021 WaPost: Iran plans to escalate attacks against U.S. troops in Syria, documents show - Covert plan to kill Americans is seen as part of a larger Russian-backed strategy to oust the United States from Syria

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2023.06.01 18:06 Superior_Light_Deer My first child will be born in a couple months. Looking for advise on safe but quickly accessible storage for my nightstand gun.

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2023.06.01 18:06 PassionateCucumber43 Would it be a positive or negative thing for the United States to lose its position as the sole superpower in the world?

View Poll
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2023.06.01 18:06 fixthat Storage upgrade question

Hi all. I have a DS918+ with 4x4TB WD in an SHR Raid with 1 drive fault tolerance
I am thinking of upgrading to 3 Larger disks (10TB to 15TB).
This would give me a lot more storage and if the need comes to expand, I only have to buy a single disk and not another 4.
My question is, can I replace a 4x4TB SHR Raid with only 3 larger disks that would cover the data already in the current setup?
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2023.06.01 18:05 GukeLangl Worth Greens/blues?

Worth Greens/blues?
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2023.06.01 18:05 EmreTuranofficial 37 people got arrested on the 10th anniversary of the Gezi Park protests.

On the tenth anniversary of the Gezi Park protests, 37 individuals were apprehended by the Istanbul police. The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) organized a demonstration in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district to commemorate the event. While marching along Istiklal Street, TKP members were met with immediate police intervention, which involved the use of pepper gas.
In response to the situation, the TKP reported the detention of 37 of its members and declared, "We stand united at the very place where our honorable resistance began a decade ago when millions took to the streets in opposition to the reactionary Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. Those who refuse to comply will prevail, and we shall emerge victorious!" As a symbolic gesture, TKP members unfurled the same banner that had been displayed ten years ago at the Atatürk Cultural Center in Taksim Square. This time, it adorned the Demirören Shopping Mall on İstiklal Avenue.
During the protest, party members passionately chanted slogans such as "Everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance" and "Defy authority, reclaim your nation."
The Gezi Park protests originally commenced in Istanbul in May 2013 as a response to the ruling AKP's plans to construct a replica Ottoman barracks on one of the city's few remaining green areas. Over time, the demonstrations expanded into a nationwide movement, reaching various other cities. Protesters were met with severe police brutality, resulting in the tragic deaths of eight civilians.
Presently, notable figures in civil society, including Osman Kavala and Mücella Yapıcı, remain incarcerated on charges of "attempting to overthrow the government of the Republic of Turkey" and "providing financial support to the Gezi Park protests."
#Gezi10Yaşında #BoyunEğme
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2023.06.01 18:05 Ruspandon Church unit shrinkage in Latin America

Before the growth in Africa, Latin America was touted as the greatest success story in missionary work: the “Lamanites” were accepting their forefathers’ message and it was great evidence that the prophecies of the Book of Mormon were true. Since Thomas Murphy’s essay in American Apocrypha (2002) we know that Pre-Columbian people don’t have any Jewish or Middle-Easterner DNA, but it’s not the only surprise from that time: the neck-breaking congregational growth has slowed down and in the vast majority of cases peaked.
The only countries where units have not peaked yet are Bolivia (272 units in 2022), Brazil (2,176 units) and Haiti (50 units). We also know from multiple censuses that only a fraction of people counted as members by the Church actually consider themselves LDS. Some places like the French territories (Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe), Puerto Rico and Venezuela are heavily influenced by their rate of emigration.
Country peak (year) 2022 diff. %
French Guiana 3 (2010) 1 -2 -66.7
Guadeloupe 7 (2009) 3 -4 -57.1
Martinique 2 (2010) 1 -1 -50
Chile 951 (1999) 572 -379 -39.9
Panama 112 (2001) 72 -40 -35.7
Puerto Rico 55 (1999) 38 -17 -30.9
Uruguay 176 (1999) 129 -47 -26.7
Colombia 329 (1997) 257 -72 -21.9
Peru 974 (1997) 779 -195 -20
Ecuador 383 (1997) 317 -66 -17.2
Venezuela 283 (2011) 235 -48 -17
Argentina 863 (2007) 726 -137 -15.9
Paraguay 149 (2010) 133 -16 -10.7
Mexico 2,016 (2016) 1,863 -153 -7.6
El Salvador 164 (2017) 155 -9 -5.5
Guatemala 451 (2001) 439 -12 -2.7
Nicaragua 112 (2019) 109 -3 -2.7
Costa Rica 80 (2010) 78 -2 -2.5
Honduras 239 (2019) 236 -3 -1.3
Dominican Republic 205 (2014) 203 -2 -1
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2023.06.01 18:04 MinePROS19 Taking a Puppy to the US

So, I came to India recently for vacation and spotted a beautiful puppy out in the village side and I wanted to see If i could raise it in GA, but I was wondering if there are any travel requirements or restrictions I need to know about also any mandatory shot or items before taking it back to the US. Thank you 🙏
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2023.06.01 18:03 EdwardsLee2002 When the epidemic first broke out in the United States, Yan Limeng kept releasing various conspiracy theories and inciting hatred.#YanLiMeng

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2023.06.01 18:03 WorriedCondition6503 The Fusion Program

Throwaway because I’m still nervous to talk about this.
I was curious to know if anyone here was ever associated with the group known as Fusion. They are based in the Midwestern part of the United States.
Fusion is a program that trains college-age people (especially 18-20 year olds) to go overseas and become missionaries. The group has calmed down in recent years. But from 2007-2015 it was run on a system of isolation, intense religious doctrine, and a bit of a martyrdom fantasy (“to be a true believer, you must be prepared to claim Christ even if the enemy puts a gun to your head and orders you to renounce Jesus”). They put their members through rigorous training that included militaristic drills. It felt a lot like boot camp with humiliation and tight control, but with heavier religious overtones.
I was in Fusion from 2011-2012. I have since started to realize that there was something highly insular about the group, and the “trainings” involved very intense, grotesque, life-threatening exercises. At one point they slaughtered two goats in front of us and made us watch so they could give a lesson about how Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. I started sobbing and was told that I HAD to look and watch the life drain out of these animals, or I “wouldn’t get it.” Another time they made us do a week-long simulated role-play where we pretended to be secret missionaries in a made-up hostile country, and we had to practice evasion and hostage negotiations. They pretended to shoot our captors and rescue us. The list goes on and on. I was 19, new to Christianity and desperate to prove my love for Jesus, no matter what it did to my mental health.
Many people never left the group after the year-long “program” was over. They either became leaders, or married other Fusion people (usually very young, 19-21) and started having “Fusion purebreds.” (While this last part was a bit of a joke, the Fusion members were taught that no one will ever fully understand what they went through except for other Fusion members, so they really do tend to marry each other, which keeps the group very insular). When I chose to leave after the program ended, I was treated differently by the people I thought were my friends. Many of them went on to become full-time missionaries, and we don’t talk anymore because I’ve gone a little too far left for their comfort. Recently I ran into a few of them at a restaurant, and although I was friendly, they looked at me like I was a messenger of the devil.
I guess I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there like me. Questioning the ethics of what happened to them. I’m friends with lots of former Fusion people on Facebook, but I’m scared to ask any of them because I don’t want anyone coming after me if I talk to the wrong person. There are people I still love in the group. But I’ve spent the last ten years trying to deal with the aftershocks and lingering PTSD from my time in Fusion.
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2023.06.01 18:02 Ashina999 Should there be a Combat unit that can also Gather Resources?

Like there's already the Sicilian Serjeant who can build donjons, it can open many ways for Unique unit that can gather resources too, or perhaps a new unit?
Like the Fishing Ship could be upgraded into a Heavy Fishing Ship or something where it's a Fishing Ship can fight and also gather fish where they can retaliate when attacked, which made them into a Trash Combat Ship option in some way but the Japanese Heavy Fishing Ship might be the strongest.
However the Simplest Resource Gathering Unique unit might start with a Unique Unit who can gather Food and Build Farms perhaps it would make the Farming economy harder to Raid but those Unique Unit would not benefit from Wheel Barrow, Hand Card and Heavy Plus, thus would only carry 10 Food and being pretty bad at farming but that's still a Military unit who can effectively fight back when attacked.
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